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AB<«~LASnil)flM» B>° 1>_
Virginia Rank Dividends-—The Bank oi the
Valley has declared a half yearly dividend ot 3
percent—3 per cent of which is payable to the
stockholders. «
The Farmers’ Bank of Virginia has declared a
half yearly dividend ot 2^ Prr cent 2| Pf 1 <tI1^
of which is payable to stockholders.
The Bank of Virginia has declared a halt
yearly dividend of two dollars per share, of which
$1,73 payable to stockholders.
The members of the Legislature of Maryland
have formed a temperance society, and an invi
tation has been given to the Hon. T. F. Marshall
of Kentucky, to deliver an address betore them.
Henry Johnson, one of the individuals recently
convicted of the murder of Major Floyd, near St.
Louis, has been sentenced tube hung on the 17th
day of February next.
There is in Maine, u quarry of Slate, suitable
for rooting purposes s > productive, that it is
thought there will he no necessity in luture to
import this article. Above two hundred tons
have been quarried during the present season.
\ Mr. Preble has notified the destruction i t
the world for the loth February, 134:1, instead of
in April, as predicted by Mr. Miller. It is unfor
tunate for Mr. Preble, that be did not enter the
field earlier, for if he had done so. he would pro
bably have run Mr. Miller off the course, the
most popular prognosticator being he who pro
claims the most speciv disaster. Miller hu> been
near being out-gene railed.
• — ——
The New Orleans Picayune states that a num
ber of the most respectable shoe dealers in that
city, had come to the determination to close their
stores on the Sabbath, and exprissis tie hoj>*
that the example will be followed by person's in
other brunches ot business.
Naval*_The lr. S-ship Falmouth has arrived
M the Baiize, below New Orleans, from Vera (>uz
and Tampico, liaving cxpeneced very seven*
weather on Ihu* passage.
The 1'. S. ship Marion, Pom. Armstrong, ^ab
ed from St. Pierres, Martinique, on the lbth ult.,
for the leeward island'*. Otheers and cievv al!
Mr. Wise, in Cham hers burg, Pa-, against whom
a late verdict of $1500 damages was awarded for
a breach of promise of marriage, is paying it
through the medium of the Bankrupt Law.
'The rouges who recently robbed and tired the
Exchange office of Mr. Hollander, in New Or
leans, have been arrested, and >22,000 of the sto
len money recovered.
It lias been ascertained from odieiai or authen
tic documents, that the total indebtedness ot all tie
States and Territories in this flourishing Union is
$198,818,37b, 35.
Accidf.nt.—Tlie Pittsburg Morning Post, states
that in the ( ireus in that city on Saturday nign»
last, young McCollum, while performing his feat
on four horses, was thrown and had hi> aim luo
kcn. 'Hit* horse on which he was standing fright
ened at something iu the pit and started hark,
which was the cause of tin* accident. \
Accident wmi Fihe Aum>.-A youth named
Taylor, residing in New Albany, la., was tiring a
pistol which h * had overloaded, when it Durst, so
mangling one of his hands that amputation was
rendered necessaty, and injuring the other to
such an extent that fears were entertained
would have to share the same tate.
4 _ __ __
At Charleston, S. C„ on Christmas day, a lad
named Samuel O'Neal w as throw' from a horse,
which was frightened by tire crackers thrown at
him by boys, and killed.
Campbell's Foreiun Monthly M \ oazi\k. -
The January number of this excellent periodical
has been issued. It would have appeared cat lici,
but was kept back for the purpose of gleaning
from the foreign magazines for December, and it
will be found that tin* selections thus presented,
have consequently the advantage ot both novelty
and merit, a number of them having never before
been published in the United States. They have,
as usual, been made with mu di taste and ju Ig
ment, and are w ell calculated to interest and gra
tify the general reader.
From C ampeachy.—The schooner Emily,
Capt* Thomas, arrived at New York on Friday
from Laguna, ( apt. T. brings no non s of impor
tance from ('ampeachy. The city was still sur
rounded by Mexican troops, reported at Laguna
to be 15,000 strong. Some skirmishing had ta
ken place, and some bombs had been thrown in
to the city by the Mexican steamer, but no ma
terial damage had been done. It was reported
at Laguna that the wells at (’ampeachy had been
poisoned, ('apt. T. carried a cargo of water
from L. to Campeachy for the Mexican block
ailing squadron.
It was very sickly at Laguna. Numbers had
died of yellow fever and black vomit, both on
shore, and on board of vessels in the harbor.—
About 500 Mexican troops had recently died at
L. and the rest had nearly all left.
Capt. T. stated that American ('onsul, Mr.
Lharlcs Russell, was very popular, not only with
all the Americans, but with other foreigners and
the natives.
Jl ST received from St. Louis, via Pittsburg, a
handsome assortment of Britannia Ware,
which wit! be sold low, viz:
lea Sets of extra weight and good quality, con
sisting ot [ Coffeepot, 2 Teapots, l Sugar, 1
t ream and 1 Slop, for the low price of $9.
Coffeepots and Teapots of various patients and
Creams, covered and uncovered. Sand an
Wafer Boxes
Lamps ot various patterns and sizes, some ex
tra large for Taverns
Castor frames from si to $4,40per set.
The public are invited to call and examine these
£ pee i mens of the manufactures of the ** Far
12mo 26
VJ ER Y white, and of the best quality, in Hogs
head", tierces and barrels.
Sperm and Mould Candles
Boston and Philadelphia Soap
For sale by A. C. CAZKNOVE & Co.
With Linseed. Refined Whale; Elephant and
other Oil, jan .S
From the X. Y. Courier Sc Enquirer.
Oh the assembling of the Court the records of j
yesterday’s proceedings were read and approved.
Passed Assistant Surgeon Leecock was direct
ed to be called; previous, however, to his being
-worn. Cbm'r. Mackenzie submitted the proposi
tion mentioned in our report of Tuesday’s pro
ceeding, to show that the mutiny on board the
Somers did trot occur through any acts ot cruelty
or oppression on his pmt, or want ol a propel te
gml for the comfort of his crew, or by any
weakness or incapacity in him as ( ommander.
lie felt the more anxious to establish these
facts, as statements had gone the rounds of t he
papers that he was cruel and inhumane m his
treatment of the crews of the independence, when
f»r»t Lieutenant—the Fairfield, when acting
( ommander, and the Dolphin, when Commander.
11c was prepared to prove the reverse ot all
these statements, and desired to have the oppor
tunity of so doing, as he had witnesses in atten
dance who were about to leave the city.
Com Stewart said the Court could not travel
out of the record to show any evidence of chat ac
tor or previous acts, but he must confine himself
to the more transaction- of the cruise of the Som
s Mr IIo*r"ian coincided in this opinion, and
at'the request ot' Coul 31- the proposition which
h- hud submitted, wa« inserted in record
Passed Assistant Surgeon, A u • lAl
sworn—1 was on board the Somers ^
\—istant Surgeon #on her last cruise. * 1
intimation 1 had of the contemplated mutiny "“5
on the evening of the 2«th ot .November. i\\d*
i called on deck at evening quarters, Com. Mac
kenzie then accused Mr. Spencer of .an intention
to seize ami take the vessi4 out of. possession oi
the ot!ieei*s. He also accused him ot having a
conversation with Mr. Wales on the subject.—
He acknowledged he bad held such a convcrsa
tion. but I believe he said in was in jest or joke. -
QbvCom. Steward—Was any reply made by
Commander Mackenzie.
\ I believe he sai l * Vou confess then, you had
such a conversation:’ Af
Witness—Ho confessed tnat he had. Mi.
Wale-uas called up. but l did not bear what
M. said to him. He was the n put in irons.
On the evening of the next day the main royal was
carried away.
D l>y ('em* Stevvai t—'W'ere you on deck and did
vou see it carried away :
\_\0 I was below and did not see it.—
JuM before dark the men were piped down.—
Arms were put in my hands, and l was ordered
to keep watch while"Croiftwell and Small were
, arrested and put in irons.
On t hs 29th, 1 think, "wne other prisoners were
put irons. On the 31>th, Commander Mackenzie,
addressed the letter to the council of otlicersof the
Somers. I was called on deck on the 1st Decem
ber to witness the execution.
0. by Commodore Stewart—Were \ov, at the
council ?
A_Yes sir. 1 formed one of them.
0_State the proceedings of the council.
\_A1J the evidence we could come at .was
laid before us. Several seamen were examined
The point discussed was whether the men could
be carried home, and we concluded that it w'quld
be eminently hazardous and almost impossible
for fear of a re-rue being made and the vessel
seized. 1 wtts called on deck to witness the exe
cution of the prisoner-, and heard Mr. Spencer
request to speak to .Mr. Wales just before his
execution, and l also heard him a-k seaman
Small to forgive him, buLd did not bear bis
re|*lv 1 merelv heard the words l have nu ntiois
ed. * 1 heard Cromwell say he was innocent. 1
think I have mentioned all i heard at tnat tmu .
About tw o or three davs before bis arrest, Mr.
Spencer was in the wardroom, and i 'omo lie is—
ki ll and mvselfvvcre there; l was at a table look
ing at the eouise of the vessel on sonvo ( harts ot
the const ot* Africa and the West Indies; Mr.
Spencer asked me. if 1 knew where the Isle ot
pines was: 1 t<M him it was somewhere on the
Coa-t of Cuba, and i believe 1 asked him at
the time if he knew anv hotly there, and remark
ed that l had heard it wa> a great piratical ren
dezvous. Mr. Spencer made no further obser
vation that I know of but continued some time j
looking attentively.over the chaitsof the West
Indies, and then spoke ot the homeward course ot
the Potomac from the Brazils.
I recollect asking Cromwell when he was
•oil the sick INt, off (’ape Normatulo, if he had
over been on the ( oa-t of Africa bclore; be said
he had, and 1 asked him what vessel he was in;
he salt he was in a slaver, and was taken by a
man ot war.
( in the morning ol the ~(>th ol November,
Small represented himself t«> me to go on the list,
complaining ot nausea and vomiting. 1 put him
oil the list and gave him some medicine. ( hi the
evening of the mimic day, Mr. Wales’s evidence
on Mr. Spencer " case « aim* to my know ledge,
implicating also Small. On tire next morning
again ho represented himselt to go on the list,
anil still complained of vomiting. From his ap
oenrance, tone of voice, and quivering: of his
hands when 1 felt his pulse, l perceived that he
was labouring under manifest tear and anxiety.
1 then made some inquirv of pi rsons on the berth
deck, as to whether he had been seen to vomit,
an bad noboby seen him do so, and believing that
he w as feigning siekifess, l refused to keep him on
the list a;iv longer and discharged him. 1 be
disorder he complaine I of would u<it have produc
e l -itch appearance- a- 1 noticed in him; bis tone
and appearance betrayed more than sickness; l
doat k ow whether he took the medicine 1 gave
him the dav previous; 1 think lie was ironed tlie
next even ng; thi-couver-atiou took pla.ee oil the
morning ot the *2711» Nov.
\ftor he was in irons lie never requested any
: medical aid.
tp Relate any conversations you had with the
crew, or a * t - vou observed, tending to shew a
m;h« ’i millin' •
\. | never hud any conversations with the crew
before or alter She arrests
<T. What circum-tances induced you to unite
in the opinion that the satety ot the*Somers re
quired the execution of the prisoners.
A* i here were a great many prisoners on the
quai ter deck in irons and l considered it almost;
impu»sh!c to keep them there, we did not know
1 how'taanv more were leagued w ith them at the
lime, and 1 had seen the prisoners trying to inter
change signs with each other. Also, lrom the
wimes-es who were examined beiore the coun
i ii. The old seamen considered it highly dun
gc rous.
Q. 1 s that all ?
A. I thought the crow were also dilatory and i
surly in the performance of their duties, during
the time the whole ot the prisoners were in irons.
This l think disappeared entirely at the exeution.
Cross examined by Com. Mackenzie—Q,. Wa
ttle Commander attentive to the comfort of thb ••
sick, and did he send to you to o-k leave to fur- .
nidi the sick with food from the cabin table ?
A Lie was uniformly kind to the sick, and 1
recollect his sending them food from the cabin
Q. l)»d the Commander order you in going inh*
everv port to provide fruit tor the sick, and tor
the health of the crew generally?
A. lie did. Hodireeled me to make requisi
tions h r fruits and such other articles as woul i
minister to the comforts of the sick.
Q. Was any of the fruit thus purchased fur
nished to the Commander or oificers.
Ar No sir.
PamphltLt, Circulars, Iickets, Handbills, Warrants'?
HI tnks, Hu>in s> Cards, \c., of n\ry description,
dan ' a* the shortest notice.
Jw. 3. ^ —eoly
Suddenly in New York.*m the 4th instant STE
VENS THOMSON MASON, late Governor ot
the State of Michigan, aged 31. _
Price of PRODUCE in Mitmdri* from Wagons
and Vessels.
Maryland Tobacco, - - $3 00 a 6 00
Flour, per btd. - - X in a 0 UU
\VHfcAT, (red) - ' - 0 IS a 0 00'
i>YF _ - - - 0 4*> • a *0 50
Corn, (white,) - - * ^ 4 P PP
Do. (yellow ) - 0 a (. 00
Oats, from wagons, p*.r bushel 0 2o a 0
Corn Meal, per bushel, - 0 50 a 0 oo
Butter, roll, per lb., - - 0 lo a > 20
Do. firkin, do - - - U 10 « 0 b
B\co\ - - - - - 5 50 « b 00
Lard. ’ do. - - - » ^ * ® ®9
Clover Seed, - - - f <>0 a o CO
White Beans, - - 0 75 a 0 00
Plaister, - (retained) - 4 00 a 0 0o
Flaxseed, - " ~ ~ a P P?
Pork, (wagons,) - - - .1 50 u o <J
Flour—We reduce our quotations from wa
gon?, to 3,75 with small sales from stores, at $3,
SO little-or no demand.
Grain—The market is bare of both Wheat,
and Corn, and our quotations are entirely nomi
Pork.—Sales Irom wagons, at. $o,25 a
market dull. _.
' ,gg. ship news. /
Ship General AVashington, Marbury, ol this
port, at New Orleans Dec. 29th, for Baltimore.
Schr. Edinburg, Decker, hence at New xork,
the 3d inst.
At Lubcc, Dec. i?3d, Schr. Eliza, fcsay\}ei,
hence. xr ,
Schr. Red Jacket, Jarvis, hence at New \ork,
the 1th inst.
U3-*The drawing of the Alexandria Lottery
for Internal Improvement, &c., ( lass No. J, tor
1S43, will take place at the Mayor’s Office, (this ;
dav) Jan. (3, at 1J o’clock, P. M.
jan D—It Managers.
MIL \YM. PRATT, Professor of Music, King,
near Washington street; has just received
a verv splendid six and a halt Octave Ocin^an
Piano Forte, of very superior tone and finish,
for whh h the Manufacturer obtained a prize me
dal. Also, on hand several German, NcwjYork,
and Boston pianos—first rate instillments—which
will be sold on terms as liberal as they (an he i
procured in any city in the Union. j
,V. B. An assortment of Guitars, Violins, Flutes,
new and standard Music, best Italian Strings, tec. j
jan U—eoiyv
riMIREE good Horses—low, for C.lb'll,
J. .//..SO,
Three tons of Hay.
jan 9— 3t West End.
WINTER Strained Bleached Lamp Oil, of
Y V very superior qualitv, for sale low at
jull u Drug store King street. »
SEVERAL Volumes of Peter Parley's Mag
azine, neatly bound in cloth, lor sale at the
low price of 75 cents a volume, CASH. Apply
S°dec 31 BELL & ENT\V1SLE._ 1
lHIDS. prime Porto Rico Sugar
25 bags prime Green Col fee
b bags Java green Coffee
b ca-ks Cheese
50 kegs Nails
25 boxes- Window Glass :—tor sale low by
T\TE have a few copies of Sears’ Pictoral Ri
YY fde, on hand) which we will close at $1,7)0
per volume, cash. Also, Sears Wonders of the
World, at $2,25, cash.
__ _ <
DR. WA'IT’S plain ami easy Catechism for
ciiildreft, to wliich are added a Preservative
from the Sits and Follies of Youth. The .West- ,
mmster Asscmhlv’s Shorter! atccnisnif, with ex
planatory notes and Songs, Divine and Moral,
with some short prayers, lor the use ol childien,
all hv the same author, for sale, price 6 cents ,
each,* by BELL k ENTWISLE.
dec 27
A BAGS prime green Rro ) Coflee j
») I to “ Laguira do. )
5 hhds W. 1. Molasses j
5 “ P. R. Sugar, received and for sale t
by(!cr 19 \VM. BAYNE.
y' BAGS Old Government Java Coffee
20 boxes Old Castile Soap
20 bushels Timothy Seed
20 half barrels Buckwheat Flour
Nutmegs, Mace, and Fig Blue, received per
H.Jir L. L. Sturgcss, from New York, and for sale 1
dec 12 _;
| i w \ BBLS. Massaceusetts Baldwin Apples; .
HJU in prime order, just received and for
sale by
dec 23 A. S. WILLIS
**+ \ BAGS Rio Gr**en Coffee, part very hand-•
O/w some, just reccimi and for sale by
dec 23 WM. BAYNE.
/ BAG8 Green Rio, I^aguu’a and Java, in j
Ov7 -tore ami for sale by'
dee 29 _ A. J. FLEMING.
I X/A Blil-S- rceeixcd ami for stile bv
1 OU dec Si W.M. FOWLK & SON.
Alexandria Lottery—Class No. 2, tor 1813
Will in* drawn at the Mayor’s Ollice, (Tuesday.) ,
January 10. at 4A o’clock, P. M.
fiO numbers—11 drawn ballots,
HIGHEST 1’iUZE, $1(5,000.
'Pickets $5, shares in proportion.
For sale in great variety by
Drawn Nos. of the Maryland Consolidated LotCy.
Extra Class A.
ie 530 3U 01 15 19 t!b llo 11 73 74
? jj=»Nos. 5, 30, 36— a prize of SKlOO, sold at
Corse's Office, to a citizen.
rrj^Nos. 3}, 41, 78, a prize of $150, and Nos.
13, 17, 19, a prize of SlUlh both sold at Corse's
Alexandria Lottery—Extra Class No. for 184 3*
Will be drawn at the Mayor’s Oifica,
(this day,) Jan. !(), at U o'clock P. M
Gt) numbers—11 drawn ballots.
*'• Tickets $5 shares in proportion.
For sale in great variety, by * •
THE Grocery and Commission business, here
tofore conducted by Stephen Shinn & Co., j
was discontinued on the 31st ult. Those having J
claims against the concenuwill please present them
for settlement; and all those indebted, are reques- j
ted to make payment to the unifemgned, who will1
from and after this date, continue the business in
his own name. ^ ___ _
WILLIAM FOWLE k SON, having asso-.j
ciated GEORGE D. FOWLE, m the
business ot the House, it will, hereafter, be con
ducted under the firm of
1HAVE this day associated with me, in the
practice of the Law’, GEORGE W. BREN 1.
Lettei** addressed to Neale &. Brent., or confiden
tial communications made to either, upon proles
sional business, will receive prompt attention.
Otliec as heretofore, on Washington street, Alex
andria. C11R. NEALE. !
jan 3—l»wr4w __
THE annual meeting of the Stockholder* ert
ifie Washington and Alexandria turnpike
Road Company, will be held at Wise’s Hotel, on
Monday, Hth of January at 3.\ o’clock, i'- M., t°i‘
the election of a President, five Director*, a \ rea
surer and a Clerk, to serve for the ensuing year.
dec 28—cote Treasurer.
Murine Insurance Company <f .llexundriu.
- 4 DIVIDEND of twenty-live (•♦cuts on each
share of stock held in this Institution, has
been declared, payable to thi* Stockholder*, or
tlieir legal representatives, on and alter lhurs
dav the5th krHunt. N. WATTLES,
jan 3—eo2w Present.
npHE Jurors’ summoned at October »nd No
| vember Terms last, als >, Jurors, and Witnes
ses, summoned on Juries of Inquest, and Witnesses
summoned in the Criminal Court, on the part of
t)ie United States, are requested to attend at the
Marshal’s office, between the hours of 1) and 3
O’clock, from day to day, for the purpose of re
ceiving their per diem. D. ML\OK, 1). i 1.
jan 5—3t _ _
Murine Insurance Company of .llexundriu. '
4 N Election for fifteen Directors, to serve m
J\_ this Institution for the ensuing year, will he i
held at the office of the Company, on Saturday the ;
14th January next, between the hours of 10 and :2
The transfer Books will be closed three days
previous tu the election. N. W A 1 I LL8,
* dec 29—eote _ _President.
4 FULL supply of Appleton’s 1 ales for the
i\- people and their children; Library for
Young Countrymen, containing Captain Smith
and Captain Hudson, and Miniature Classical
Library—the cheapest Books published in the
country- Just received and for sale by
dec 30_BELL & EN l WiSf^
rp/lESE well known and valuable Medicines.
I which are prepared by a new ami improved
process, over all others arc the most active pre
parations of Sarsaparilla now before, the public,
and are recommended for all disorders arising
from an impure state of the blood, &<•., r\ o ,
the good quality of the root and fhe peculiar
manner of their preparation, is to be attributed
the success that has uniformly attended their ex
Price of the Syrup 1 jKjr bottle ; the Extrae
15 cents.
Is recommended to parents, nurses, and others,
who have the management of children as tl*
nw)st safe and effectual Worm Destroying Medi'v
cine yet discovered. This Medicine is so plea
sant, that no child will refuse to take it. It is
happily calculated (or rent wing many other dis
orders, such as Summer Complain!, Diarrhea,
$cc.; while from its innocence it cannot do any
harm. Price 25 cents per bottle.
This valuable Embrocation has been used with
great success in the cure of the most troublesome,
diseases with which the horse is effected, such as
old strains, swellings, galK, strains of the shoul
der, etc. It is highly recommended, and should
he constantly kept in the* stables of all persons
owning horses. Price 50 cents' per bottler pre
pared only at Marshall’s No. 312, Market Street,
a few doors above Ninth, Philadelphia; and sold
iu Alexandria, by J- R. PIERPOINT,
Corner of King and Washington street*
W’t 11 — t f _
SUPERIOR Vanilla Cream-Cream Braid, Su
gar Almonds, White Rock, Lemon Lumps
and Peppermint do. Just received and for sale
at the Drug Store of
BY virtue of an order of the Honorable the
Orphan’s Court of Charles County, the sub
scribers will sell at Public Auction, at the resi
dence of Susanna Cox r on 'Thursday, the 10th
day of January, 1843, four Negroes, belonging
to the estate of Jesse Cox, deed, viz : One old
man, one boy, about 18 years of age. one woman,
about 20 years of age, and one girl, about 13
years of oge.
The above negroes, will bo sold on a credit, of
six months, the purchasers giving bond, with ap-,
proved secur ity, bearing interest, from the day
of sale. Sale to commence at 11 o'clock, A. M.
SUSANNA COX, Administratrix.
JOHN H. COX, Administjutor.
Charles County, Md. dec 23—cots
rilHE Book of the Chinch, by Robert Sou’bey,
I L. L. 1)., abridged and adapted to the young
and for Sunday Schools, by the author ofi
“Wreathes and Branches of the Church,” in va
rious bindings. i
The Wreaths and Branches of the Church, by
a young lady, in neat binding. Also, a new'edi
tion of My* Saviour, in neat and fancy bindings, j
just received and for sale by
dec 30 BELL & ENTW1SLE.
.A X CASKS dairy, m si-orc and for sale lowby
£0 dee29 A. J. FLEMING.
1~/\ KEGS Lewis’ extra White I<cad
Ou 10 “ Blue
10 “ Green
5 “ Yellow
2,> u Black
Faint Oil in barrel*, Constantly on brin'd, for sale
by B. WHEAT & SON.
dec 20 i
A LOT of verv handsome, in store, and for sale
Arteo* by ' WM. BAYNE,
dec 28 __‘
1 YYA BOXES bunch Raisins, just received
iUVprrSchr. Frank, from New York and
ou Side by
OK A A GALLONS Bleached i
O0UU and Unbleached Sperm , OIL.
6000 gallons Winter Elephant V
100 boxes Sperm Candles*
Received per schr Hope & Susan, from Nan
tucket,Tor sale bv *
dec 24 * LAMBERT & Mr KEN IF.
■ h ThcDwelling House aud Store, on
4 Prince street, now in the occupancy of
j BWm. Powell. Possession had in a few
jan 7— Iw
n n A comfortable and convenient brick
dwelling house ou St. Asaph street, ad
joining the residence of Mr. I. Robbins,
to a good tenant, with a small family, the rent
will he moderate. Possession given 8th day ol j
next month, apply t:>
dec 8 W. & .1. 11. McVEIGH.
71 ic good Brig .MARTHA KINSMAN, j
Dennison, master, will be ready for a
1 cargo in a few days, and would prefer a
freight to the South or the West Indies.
jan 3—7t * Chiion wharf.
Who oiler said Brig's cc*ygo, of Planter lor
sale—TOO tons
4 T the annual meeting of tfie Company held on
i'V. Monday evening, k?d inst., ar the Hall of the
Lyceum, it was resolved—
“That a Dividend of 3‘ percent, on the Capi
tal Stock, be paid on the 1 jfh inst. at the ollice of
the Treasurer of the Company.
The follow big persons were elected lo manage
the concerns of the Conipanv, for the ensuing ' ear
WILLIAM 11. FOWLE, Prlswkn’t.
Rev. Elias Harrison,
Robert 11. Milller,
Willium Morrell, i>tle, ,.,r.
Edward S. Hough, |
Thomas W . Smith, [
S.vniuel iv? iiler,
jam 7—d3t Secretary Treasurer.
VS MRE OFdlWUXP, enclosed by a sub-1
sfuntial feme, distant one. square North |
Wcvf from the Market-1 louse. Possession given i
immetift^telv. Apply to
yan G—eo9t J* K J. H. JANNEY. j
RYE FLOCK of superior miality, for sale by
jan :_,_; WILMS. |
RANAWAY from the *ibserjber, li\ tog near .
Warsaw, in the county of R’whmo'w, \ it, I
on the 23d of Nov., last, my negro man DAN
IEL. He is of a tawny color, and of mx'omon- j
ly low stasure, with large creast and sbowldeis, i
about 30 years of age, with a large lump on tl«
right sipe of it is back, which makes his appear
ance uncommon. Daniel took with him vv In n
he went off an old blue cloth frock coat, and a j
drab over-coat, that hud been ^plit up m the j
fL'he above reward will he paid tu any person
who may apprehend and secure the said ne
gro. so that 1 get him again, if taken beyond the
limits of this state, and twenty dollars if taken;
within this state. I have every reason to be- i
lieve that Daniel w ill endeavor to get to Alex- 1
amlria, 1). C., w here he was partly raised.
Warsaw, Richmond cy, V a., Dec. 8—eo4w, !
rplIE Mount Vernon Guards, respect hilly an
1. nouncc to the Citizens oj,' the District ol
Columbia, that they will give a Military and j
Civic Hall, on Monday evening, the Mi of Jan
uary 1843, at the Alexandria Theatre. The fa
vourable attendance which was 1/estowed upon
the Ball, given by them on the 31st October Iasi, j
lead litem to lu* lieve that their fellow fcmldici’S j
and Citizens of the District, will again favour
then* with their company.
The following committee Ivavr l>t*eii appointed ,
to manage the Ball:
Capt. M. Snyder, y ILWu't. W. W. iWk,
Lieut. A. Lammmwt, Ueu’t. <’-S. Price,
S *rg t. 1 IA \ Ilorwrlly Serg’t. G. Harper,
S -rr u Lntwisle, ;Sorg't. L. II. Slayton, f
Sftrg t. S. Taylor, J Robert Ha^betf,
L twin R. Violett, Charles C. Dfrry,
Uxnard Hill, jJ<d»n Pu«ftgctt,
,o>epn W. Nicholas (David L. Irvin.
j,tuHipkinsjc, W m. B. hntwisle.
Wc.v tl. liei.semkilter, ; Bernard (’rook.,
janies V. Stevn.*>un, |George Dulley,
ri. Higdjn. ' J P. Headley
A miiftcvtnii nnrwl «r of servant* will be. *«£«:> i
ed lor tH*r orr.rdou, thcBvdW* rtM other* w i.ll I*; :
Tj'kets S*2; to* be tinvi) at ( harles C. Ber
ry’s and .1. B. Hill’s Fane) Stores’, aiwi at tL»
door on the ovmind of tihe fVdh
J larks will he engaged) to convey the Ladies j
to and from* the Ball. dee ‘J t—^otd*
Ladies'wishing to attend the Ball. wii‘l ploa>e 1
have their names and places ot residence left
with some one of the Commissioned Officers of
the Corps, in order that a carriage may he sent
for them. . . \
N. B Lloyd IViUimixi's celebrated cotillion t
tmiul* has been engaged Cm The occasion.
The Dress Parade will come oH’at o'clock.
Tresh nitres, <s-,-.
III. PiFJtPOINT has ju>t received from ,
• New Vork.au additional supjdy of Drugs.
Medicines, &x., warranted to be of the best
qrmlity, and for sale on the most reasonable
terms*. The following constitute a j-.art of them, j
Flowers of Sulphur Chamomile t lowers
Uva Crsi Creasotc
Castile Soap Golden Snip. Antimony
Cubebs Gold Leaf
Gum Klastic Balls Bronze
Cuttle Fish Bone Paint & Varnish Brushes j
Canary &. Hemp Seed Copal V arnish, best
Turlington's Balsam Poor Man’s Plasters
Thompson’s KyeW ater Prentiss’s Pearl Powder
Turkey Opium, Hydriodatc of Potassa
Sulphate Morphine Balsam Cbpaiva
Hydrocyanic Acid Ifenn’s Magnesia
Carbonate Ammonia, Oil Lemon
Sweet Spirits Nitre Oil Almonds
Sup. Carbonate Soda Oil Peppermint
Calcified Magnesia Oil Bergamot
Kinetic Tartar Sennit, Last India
Powdered Rikiherb. ; (to.- Alexandria
Orris Root Mace, &c. ^c.
Virgin'a Sm4<» Bout [j:|n4
Importer t. (nnl interesting xrorfc, embellished icith sev
' ' crctl hundred fine engrarin^s.
BIBLE BIOGRAPHY; or. Lives and Char
acters of tne Principal Personages recorded !
in tfrr Sacred Writings; practically adapted to
the uis'ructroft of youth and privarte familes; to
gether with an Appendix, coutaimng thirty Dis
sertations o» the Evidences of l divine Revelation,
from TimsonN Key (o the hible; being a com
plete summary of Biblical Knowledge, carefully
condensed and compiled from Scott, Dbc-Mridge,!
.Gill, Patrick, Adam Clarke, Pool, Low tK Horde,
Wall, -Stowe, Rolwnson, and other emir'eut wri
ters on the scriptures; Embellished with several
hundred engiaviugs bn wood, flli/stratrivc of
Scriptuve Scenes* Manners, Customs, etc., by
James Sears, author of the “ Pictorial JkHc.*’—*•
For s-tle hv
dee 30 ' BELL & ENTWlSLE.
FRESH Vanina Beans, and Gregory's- Com
pound Fluid Extract of Vanilla, jvist receiv
ed and for sale by R PI Eli POINT •
Mavnf&tw* of 71*.- Copper Zinc, and Sheet Iron
Wb*.t Side of Fairfax and Second door North of
Wm Stabler & Co.?s Drug Store,
Alexandria, D. C.
All orders in his line will be thankfully received
completed when promised, and executed in the .
best workmanlike manner. ’• * *’ *
Guttering and Roofing in tin. zinc, or copper
done in the most durable style. aug, —ly
WP be sold on Monday, the 9th day
▼ f January next, at 3 o’clock, P. M., at ir.
Auction Store, the following articles of Saddle! *
4$ Men’s Saddles
J9 sets Bridle Leathers
1 u BreechhancU
2 pr. Hip Straps
2 pr. Backhands
4 Belly Bands
2 pr. Pipes
16 Blind Bridies
2i Dozen Whips, a^uitni.
5 Horse Collars
I Halter Collars
S Martingales.—Terms CASH. •
dec 30—ts . . Acctionei
Ilf ILL he ottered for sale at Public Auction
▼ ▼ on Saturday, the 24th instant, at the Mai
ket Square, at 12 o'clock, M. all that laud at th
south end of the town, extending into Huntin;
(’reek PfttoifrAe River, heretofore knOwn $
the property of the heirs of Stephen Cooke, d« -
c«^s*d, excepting such part thereof as the\ in;»\
have tofore sold—a particular ^etcriplkm of ait
which will be given at the salt*
1 ' Four iHoiitfis credit will be allowed, and sati**
»factory Sec drily required.
This property w ill lu* sold in such lots or si: -
divisions as may appear expedient at the tune ..
dec 14:—e,otd .. AVAL. II. MILLER.
The abo^c sale is po$fpofred until Mol
day. ttie 9th day of January next,
dec 26—cots
. • JPIjBLIC sale.
T1T1LL be sold Cor cash, at 12 o’clock on Sa
VV turday tix* 23th of January 1343, a squar<
of ground on the^north side ot Queen street, and
b'efween Henry aiicf ‘Patrick streets, to satisfy
an exeeutfavoi of*CL 1. Thomas*, and two
in favor of Kerr & McLean. Sale will place on
the premises, opposite Jesse Skidmore’s.
dec 29—cots HailiQ
.77’ AUCT10X
ON Tuesday next, lOtli insf., at ll o'clock.
will he sold at the warehouse of \V m, Fowb
it Sops, on Union street:
100 hhds. (new crop) Orleans Sugar
. .30 Dbls* (H)1 no Molasses
C argo of brig H. P.. Summer.
hnns (ct Sale. Should the weather prore k*
c lenient on flic 10^h insf., the sale w ill take pla<
on the first fair day thereafter, utsame hour,
jun .3—dts
(AIKI-'AX LAM) fCr fcSAl.l'.
IN pursuance of rr decree of the Circuit Superb
Court of law ai.d Chancery lor ’he county m
Fairfax, pronounced in the case ot John Milne
vs. G. Fox, and others, at its October Term ISC
tin* undersigned, (’utHpiissioncr tHerein named
will offer at public sale at Fairfax .Court Hous
on Saturday, the 4th day of February, 1$43, tl
being court day, the tract of land in said die •
mentioned, containing 204 acres, lying about t '
miles northwest from tin*. Court flouse, and iq a*
immediate neighborhood of a grist and "av. mill.—
The said tract has the usual and accessary im
provements, together with a large, proportion,
heavily timbered whieh renders it more valuable,
as the timber will always find a ready sale at tin
Court House. The open land i'- in good heart uih
u-ry susceptible ot improvement.
The t^rm? of sale are, one fouith in hand, and
the icniaiiwle.r in two **qnal annual instalments,
without interest. The title to he retained until
the terms of saltan complied with.
dee 21—tawts • Commissioner.
PriRU ANT to a ilorm; of tUc Circuit Su
perior Court of Law and (-haneery,ot Fair
fax (*01 mt\, made at the October term. 181*2, in
11 u: ( aise.of Samuel Bear'll * ml wife, 6li\, against
U illiam ?fc. (Jarrell and wife, &e., the Coinmis
>ioner tlwrcin named', will V> ft* highest
bidder, at f'ubli‘% Auction, oipTuesday, the 3I*1
p>.*V of January 1*13, on the premises, the tracV
of* Laud, and its appurtenanc* s, Sv Midi* was ow:f
«•<) and occupied by John S. Cranford at the time «
of his death, situated and lying ui *he County (d
Fairfax, ami containing two hundred and thirty
six acres, ir*oFfc w lest, I toe tracp i-d land wH!
hi’ sold subject to the dower ol Jolu> C. ( ration'd »
widow, therein.
It is situated near Pohiek ( hureb, about a1,
jfiller- (roiii Occoquan Mills, and about 1*2 un!c
tVem A lexandria and Fairfax t om t-house, and
liri in mediately on f'ohick creek, which admit
of boat n;*.\ rgation. There :.fp fwo dwelling
houses on this tract* of'Land, (one of which is on
the dower portioir) and other necessary I uildings.
The* land' %<*/. ptlme quality, is well watered
and Umbel ee, and is justly regarded rrs the most
vahiable and desirable farm in that neghcorhood
'1 lie terms util be—one hundred dollars in
cash, tbe holauee i:Y twelui moi tbs, the pi ire ha
s*r giv itg bond and ^ppYovcd security; the titi‘<
will be jet-ainod untd thifynirehasC motley is paid,
and tlie land will he lesuld it .the terms ol sale
are hof complied uitn in hvc days from day o
-ah-, upon a notice ot thirty day-. 1*or further
information application may bo made to Vi.
Samuel'Beach, who resides un the pre.mi.scs, ami
who will show,them to any. person deposed t<.
dee :23■—<*ois • TIIT, CoMMI'SiO.VKR.
S\EE of.vam:abj.e property.
UNDER authority of a deed of trust from Jas
Irwin wud wile tomc,d ited August 1. I83£.
and duly recorded, and for the purposes therein
mentioned, I urlisdl. at public auction, to tlir
liinvest.bidder on Saturday, 28th day of January
184.3, r.t II oYloek, A. M, in front of th*
City Motel ^Wise’s.) in Alexandria', tjie following
real property in the town of Alexandria, viz:
t. An undivided third par} of an annuity ei
rent-t barge of $311* per annum, issuing out of
quarter finite of ground, w ith seven (element
thereupon known tts “Daugherty's Row,” anr
situated, art flYe Southwest corner of King nn<;
\YYft sheet1, together w ith the right and title to
the ’ premises charged by virtue of a roentn
mode thereupon by Thomas Irwin, Sr.
An undivided third part of a lot'ot ground
on the north side of Cameron street to the east
ward of St. Asaph street—in front 2f> fact, and
]!»i) deep, with a small brick H>nonwmt then -
upon, now occunipd by Hatb<.ef)a Oibson.
Terms made Known st Die sal**.
Sellmg Tntstee, 1 will convey only sucY
title as T vested in me by the deed atforesai .
which C believed to he unquestionable.
dec —eots I i ,"i ■
PFItSl ANT t*7 a decree c.rf the four.
of Fairfax count*, made at Dccend’Ci •
1*41, in the case of Daniel Kineheloe : •; '
&c.7 gainst Ale\an**ria .w fiddafh and v :
thr Commissioners therein named, will ci;
the higliest bidder, at Fairlax ( 014rt h
Monday, the 20th day of February, ls33. *
being Court day, the tract ot land rectal!) o 4
copied by Mrs* Priscilla 'Calvert def'eafed, an*
of uhieh George Calvmtdiod seised, situate a.* *
‘heing mtlie' county of Fairfax, and contain!:* ;*
one hundred ‘acres more or less. 'Ibis lies ii*
mediately on Oeeoquan run. about three mib *
from Occ-oqpnn M ills, and thirteen from Occ; •
fjuan Mills, and thirteen from Fairfax com. -
house—it has on it a comfortable dwelling horn r
and is well watered and timbered, t he terms • !
sale will be a credit of twelve months, the pi.
header giving bond and approved security. 11
land vail be resold, if the terms of sale are u
complied with, in five days from da.'of silc, 1.
on a notice ef ten days, and the nth wpl he r
tained, until the purchase money is paid. I 1
further inform iti >n, application may he m idr
Mr. Daniel Kineheloe. living near tlic ]»remu<*
dec 23—coC TflE CO\lvil3?IO‘MtH.

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