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T7 i ? * ?'
jr-: Iyy -
Th« foli^ *'1^ '*** ’ **.* J 1. 4.
4 m»v *** hDUlid R* ?*|ir '* ** *'*’ ‘J
nnd*o»" * rYerv country M«sc ..<
KeiHCfnber and nrfrr i;*" i.;< »i* m» ' 4 *
KiVf the fac-simife m < t
0:1 !l"'' '• "
by ihi same iwuitw ore base .. .I • • •'
felts. If the merchant nearest you has
urge him to procure hum at - I Mni.n . •.:
Mil lime he visit* .New York, or to write l»r
Vo family should ie a ir« -i /.W r-o«V
which will mop «t if *»«•* out-,,r rc'u,; '- “ " ..
-l)1Trf. „d on children make it grow rapi-hy. or .
Ihoee who hare tost the hair froni any ear.se.
^XeL VfiRMlN that uXst the head'* of <*
« school*. are prevented or killed by i> at
find the name of idCV/t'fCX-O "
or never iry it. AVmem.W this aitotyi.
l>0tt»iv«iy cured, f»ud ill shrillllud muxclt* mid tin. V.
are r**tor*d, m the oid or youngs by the i >r.
VfiGETABL* fcUXIR AXD NttRVE A .YD lh>.YK I .l.v*v K.Yi -
but never without the name of Comstock Sc Co. t.»i a.
• ■■ -
are wholly prevented, or govern U tl.o a Hark 1 a
tome on if you use the only true Hays’ I.indikn i\f: *;t.
•e^ioct A- $»■’ ispriSR
and every thing rclirved by it that admi s of an <,ur
ward application, it acu like a charm. Use it.
HORSES ihat have lunrXom*, Sja*.id,
Wind-Galls. &c., are cured by Roors* Sn tu< ; ate
Foundered horses entirely cured by
Founder Oiutment. Mark this, all horsena n.
Dailey's Magical Pain Ex
tractor Salve. ••The most CAiraordi.to
Temsdy ever invented for al! new or old
thousands. It will take out ail pain in t* u n .u;« •
and no failure. It will cu*e the v;]
A better and more nice ani useful article n* > t >
made. All should wear them nguhulv.
on the principle oi substituting the tonic in p. »«
the stimulant principle, which has reformed o :n :
drunkards. To be used with.
LIN’S PILLS, supetior to ,
others for cleansing die system and the hutn.r
ing the blood, and for all im-gaiarities of the 1* w. :
and the general health. Sa *
[S«e Ur. Lin’s «ig. ^tCCUt- Q> l' * ; .
nature, thus:} "
if pa t®WW
UlllA &£ )V^J &£
will effectually cute sick headache, cith« r in-m o
““ or bilious. Hundreds i t»i ; • 1
- using it witii great j y.
>« _e __
for the certain prc\cation of g,w, ,r :i
general sickness; keeping the st-Mnaeu in nn s’. ;« t
feet order, the bowels regular, and u dofe :n:i:t:«n**n
the surface. ELi’L: *±±-Lf.^Xi ^■2^-^^LJLjJzZj'
peine in tlic bones, hoarseness and k;<s'
are quickly cured by it. Knew this by ’tying.
CORNS.—The Fn non ringer is a Mt.e »■*.!« .
Jjs&ittt*r:ri~; *• ^ —
i 4 ^ v- ^ A .., _««L~ ' v> ^a v: v.' __
1 >. *>: _ * ' Z>*
i>air any shade you wish, but will not color :h*' >\;u
FOUND EXTRACT. There is no otrn r pupam
tion of Sarsaparilla (hat can exceed er c ;ual tins
If you ire sure to get Comstoc k’s, you will find
superior (o all others. It does not inquire pot' *,;.
IBB W^£**3
or CHINA. A poss five cure tor the pile*, and *»;■
external ailings—ail internal irritations brought to du
ewrficc by friction with this Balm;—so in c«u.-u^,
•welled or sore throat, tightness ut the c.'n si, '.Ins Kdm
Applied 01/ e flannel will re hoc and curt at one*,
fresh wounds or old sores are rapidly cured bv ir
Dr. Jiart'iolrmrD's
• ill prevent or cure all incipient c. w . >:»
rt^ri yif ■ r; wirwy^^; ‘>f. *
taken in time, and is a delightful rtnn / ■mem.
her the name, and get Comstock's.
•radicate all in children ox adults
with a certainty quite astonishing. It is the same as
that made by stock, and sella with a rapidity
aknoet incredible, by Comstock Co.% New York.
TOOTH DROPS. KLINE’S —cure effectually.
aoeionTirr t* of Cor.*rea», in the year !dl£. by/'*
yTv, rrtarh’eoffice «f UM UouU»«m l)i«tnct uS Nrw W*
By applying to our agents in each town am;
Tijligt, papers may be had tree, showing the most
respectable names in the country for these facts, so
that no one can fail to believe them.
Be sere yon call for our articles, and no!
bi off with any stories that other* are a*
f*o4. HAVE THESE OR NON E, should be
yOOf VOttO^aad these never can be true aft'l genuine
mUkmit oar names to them. All these articles to be
kmd wholesale and retail only of us.
{j&MSfyc/fcSc who,csa’c Dr,,^ie!s
II. Maideifc.Lane, New York, and of o^r agraits.
For sale in Alcxacdria by JOHN !. SAYRS,
d WILLIAM HARPER; in Wasbineioo.
by C. H. JAMBS; in Georgetown, by JAS
KIDWELL; in Fredericksburg, VaM by JAS.
COOK* nov 30—
I m
j Liver Complaints* Asthma,Bronchitis,Pains
I or weakness ot the breast, Chronic* coughs, j
: difficulty of breathing', spitting ot blood*
ami ail affections of the Pulmonary Or- i
In setting forth the virtues ol tins tnffy val
uable medicine, we have no desire to deceive
‘ the afflicted, nor do we wish to eulogize i?
more than it justly deserves, >et "lien we
I look around us and see the vast amount ul
| suffering occasioned bv the various diseases
! in which it has proved so pre-emmcmly suc
cessful, we feel that we cannot say too much
I in its favor. Various remedies, it is true, have
| been offered anti puffed into notice from time
■ to lime, for diseases of die Lungs, and some
; have undoubtedly been found very useful, but
! of all that has been yet discovered, it is uni
versally acknowle Iged that none has ever
proved as successful as this. The medicinal
t virtues id the Wild Cherry Bark have long
been known and highly extolled in many dis
eases, by some of the most hininent physici
ans, but in tiffs preparation its powers are j
?ren fly increased, and its superiority at once
made’manifest. Besides possessing all the
virtues of the Wild Cherry Baik, in a highly
i concentrated form, it also contains an ex
tract ot Tar, both of these beinc prepared by
a new chemical process, by which their me
dicinal properties are scientifically combined
and associated together, with such other me
dicinal substances, as to render it far superior
to any form in which it has ever been em
The universal celebrity which tins medi
cine is rapidly gaining in every section ot die
rmmlrv. and the manv surprising cures it has
; effected,has indeed established its elficacv be*
I yoml nil doubt, and cleariy proves ihat “Con
sumption” may and can be cured, even in
I some ol its most distressing forms. We are
j not, however,skeptical enough to suppose ihat
* this or any other remedy is capable ol curing
| every case, and all stages ol the disease: on
' the contrary, we are well aware that there
are many cases hevond the power ol medicine
to cure Yet while there is life there is hope,
and from practical experience in the efficacy
<>! this medicine, we can safclv say there are j
few cases in which ,t will not aheviate the vui
feeing, ami may prolong life for years. Mich!
j indeed are the astonishing healing and resto- i
1 rative properties ol ti»is Balsam, tliat even in
I the worst forms of “Consumption,'’ when the
patient lias suffered with the most distressing
| cough, violent pains in the chest, uifTicullv ol
• breathing, night sweats, bleeding of ihe lungs.
&.c , and when the most esteemed remedies ol
! our Pharmacopias had failed to afford any re
| lief, and after numerous other remedies had
been used for many months in vain, this in
valuable remedy has been productive of the
most astonishing relief*. In the early stages of
the disease, proceeding from neglected colds,
termed Otarrhal Consumption, it has been
used with undeviating success, and m manv
I instances when this disease seemed to have
! marked its victim for an eariv grave, the use
I of this medicine has arrested every symtorn,
t * i i I _ « .. .,f i.a - Lin t
ana resioreu me mugs a jiavc v/i
! health.
| In that form of Consumption, so prevalent
I amongst delicate young female*, common!v
! termed debility, or ‘‘going into a decline,,J a
j complaint with w hich thousands are lingering,
I it has also been used with surprising success,
| and not only possesses the power ol checking
1 the progress of this alarming disease, hut at the
I same time strengthens and invigorates the
j whole system more effectually than any rente- ,
! dy we have ever possessed.
( As a remedy in Liver complaints, Asthma,
i Bronchitis, &.C.,especially when attended with
I a cough, hoarseness, soreness of the throat, or
oppressed breathing, it has been used with
j equal success, and cured many cases ot years
1 standing, after every tiling else had failed.—
1 in common coughs and colds croup in children
which prevad so extensive! v throughout tne
winter, it will Ire found much mote effectual
j than any remedy in use, and when colds set
t tie upon the iungs.caush g an inffammation with
j pains in the breast, difficulty or shortness ol
1 breathing, &c., the use ot this Balsam will
suppress the symptoms immediately, and at
the same time prevent the lungs Irom becom
ing more seriously diseased.
Such in fact is the nature and simplicity ol
this medicine, so powerful in action, yet so
mild, sale and pleasant in its operation, that d
might he justly termed “Nature's own pre*
script ion,” a nd although but two vears have
elapsed since it wr.s first made public, we can
i proudly say it has acquired a celebntv unpre
! cedented by any medicine in use, and is evi
I denilv destined to become the most popular
and valuable medicine ever. discovered.—
DO* For particulars see Dr. Wist a r’s '‘Family
Medical Guide,” a treatise on Pulmonary dis
eases, which may he had gratis ol any of the
| OAU riON.—As several attempts have been
made to prejudice the public against this tried -
! icme, bv an obscure illiterate quack, calling
himself Dr.Swavne. ('he proprietor of a nos
i irum railed Suavue’s 5?vrup«>f Wild (.'berry,)
i who lias asserted that Dr. Wixtar is not iJw
inventor, and otherwise resul ted to the most
palpable and malicious laisehooiis, n is neces
sary to put the public on liieir guard, and re
quest purchasers to he verv particular to ask
CHERRY,” and observe these words blown
in the glass ot each bottle, and Use signature
of Henry Wistar, \1. D., <>n the label, without
which none is genuine. It is also enveloped
in an engraved ivrappe', representing a jubi
lee under the Wild Cherry Tree, and a pam
phlet descriptive of the diseases, with full di
5 reciions for using, copy rights of the same be
ing secured according to law. j'JjF* In or
iler to protect the public I corn import,on, we
will also give a reward of Five Hundred
Dollars, for the conviction of any person or
) persons detected in counterfeiting the genuine
! medicine
CP’Remember, there is a medicine adver
tised called the “Syrup of Wild Cherry,”
wh;ch is entirely different from the Balsam,
and has no connection will it whatever.
The genuine Balsam is prepared lor the
proprietor, and sold at wholesale by WIL
LIAMS & Co., Chemists, No. *21 Minor Street,
Philadelphia, to whom all orders must be di
rected, (post paid.) Sold also l*y Druggists
and appoicted Agents in ail the principal
Towns in the United States. Retail price,
§1 00 a Bottle.
A liberal discount to the trade.
N. B. Druggists and dealers in medicincs
will find tbisa very valuable and profitable ad
dition to their stock,and should always have it
on hand. An Agency may also be obtained
by a responsible person in any Town *her
none exists, by addressing as above, post
fxnd. For sale bv
J. R. P1EUPOINT, Druggist,
S->le Agent for Alexandria.
sept 30 —ly_
on Ruptures,by W. Lawrence, f . R. S. Sur
geon Extraordinary to the Queen, author of “ A >
Treatise on the Diseases of the Eye,” &.C., in one |
volume octavo, full sheep, from the fifth London
edition, revised, corrected, and considerably en
j larged. Just published, and for sale, price $*2,75,
by [mh 181 BULL & ENTWISLE.
1 i scriber having taken the Store, on South
side King street, just above the Marshall House
Hotel and directly opposite the Insurance Office,
has received diiect from New York and Philadel
phia, and is now opening a large, and desirable
assortment of SEASONABLE GOODS, consist
ing of: Blue, Black, Broun, Iiiv. Green and Cadet
mixed Cloths
Blue and Black Cassimeres
A handsome assortment of new style fancy, Lon
don and French Cassimeres, suitable for the
A large assortment of Blue, Black, and fancy
Fig'd and plain Silk, Satin, and Marseilles \ est
lied, white, and yellow, Flannels
White and unbleached Canton do.
Sup. plain and fancy Linen Drillings, a new ar
Fancy stripe and plain Gambroons
Blue and fancy cols. Jeans, yellow Nankeens
Kentucky Jeans, from Uo to 50 cents
Genoa cord and Beverteens
Mixt Chambrys, Cotton Camblcts & Cantonadcs
A large assortment for children's wear
Domestic, Manchester and Earlston Ginghams
Tickings, Checks and Plaids
Bleached and brown sheetings and shirtings
7-1 and 8-4 brown and damask Table Linen
6-4, 7-1 and 8-4 Cotton Table Diaper, from lfi j
Russia Sheetings, Diaparand Crash
Black and brown Hollands
Red and blue bor'd Towelling—a new article
Fancy bor'd Grass and Huckaback do.
Scotch Diaper for Towelling
Sup. 5-8 and 3-4damask Napkins
Birdseye Diaper
A large assortment of Irish Linens and Lawn,
Lawns, Cotton and Linen Osnaburgs
Mariners Shirting, plain and plaid Linscys
5-1, 6-1 and 1:2-4 bleached Sheetings
Buckrams, Canvass and Paddings
Mouslin do Laines assorted, ('rape Son Lons
Mosaic Lustres a new article, Bal/.orines, and
A large assortment of luncy ami chintz i rints
Sifecias, bl'k Lyons Silk, and bl k Tabby Velvets
Ladies fancy Silk Hdkls. and Cravats
plain and rich enib'd Mouslin de Lainc Shawls
u “ Satin bor'd do do
8-1 Cliene Cashmere do
8-4 Spun Silk do
8-4 bl'k k coPd Thibet Merino do
HenPd stitched and Linen Cambric Hluifs.
15Pk and white (’rape, Linen Cambric
15Pk Fillet Veils, Bonnet Lawns
Bonnet, Cap, Satin, and Mantuu Ribbons
plain and cross bar'd Jaekonetts and Cambrics
Plain and lig'd Swiss Muslins and Drapery
Bishop Lawns and Book Muslins
Black and white Bobbinctts
Black and white Thule for Veils
White Marseille* and corded Skirts
Jaekonetts rod Bohb't Edgings and Inscrtings
Platted Laces and Edgings, a new article
Ladies black and col d Kid and'Silk Cloves Mitts
a superior article
Fillet, Egyptian, Mohair, ListJc Thread and Cot
ton do
and Berlin do
Shirt Collars, Bosoms, Suspenders kc.
Satin and fancy Stocks, Searls and Cravats,
A large assortment of ladies and gentlemens Silk
Merino and Cotton Hosiery
A handsome a>sortmcnt of Cotton Fringes
Parasols, Sun shades and I mbrcllas
Sewing Silk, Spool Cotton, Linen and ( btton
Tapcsf Thread, Buttons, kc., kc. All of which
will he sold at very reduced prices for (’ASH
ap 15—tf
in.MII i>CU I IMA, Mil .1 ...... I '
sortment of Saddlery, which he otters for sale,
very low, to tlm^c who may favour him with a
call, lie lias also on hand a large assortment of
the follow ing articles, which he w ill sell r* very
reduced prices:
Pe>t Shaftoes, second and third quality da.
l>est plain Saddles
Second, third and fourth quality, do.
Pest pad Saddles. Second quality do.
ltcst side Saddles
Second, third and fourth quality do.
Carriage harness, best and common
\\ aggon and ('art Harness, do.
Portmanteau, and common Trunks
A large and general assortment ol v\ hips and
Valiees, flair and Fancy Trunks
A neat and genera! assortment ol riding bndio
and martingales
A good awu tment of plated and steel Hitts and
Saddle Pugs of every description
And m.uiv other articles wnich ho will sell on
the most Mural toms. Country Merchants, Sad
dlers, and others, w ill do w ell to call and exam
ine his assortment before they purchase, as he is
determined to sell linccr for CASH, than can be
had elsewhere. <*P 15 dm
rp 11 ESI', well known and valuable Medicines,
JL w hich are prepared by a new and improved
process, over all others are the most active pre
parations of Sarsaparilla now before, the public,
aial are recommended for all disorders arising
from an impure, statu ol tlu* blood,‘ &c., &.e. I o
the good quality of the root and the peculiar
manner of their preparation, is to be attributed
the success that has unilorinly attended their ex
Price of the b\rup 1 per bottle ; the Extrao
75 cents.
Is recommended to parents, nurses, and others,
who have the management of children a.^ the
most sate and elicetual onn Destroying Medi
cine. \ct discovered. This Medicine is so plea
sant, that no child will refuse to take it. It is
happily calculated for removing many other dis
orders, such as Summer Complaint, Diarrhea,
&c.; while from its innocence it cannot do any
harm. Price ‘25 cents per bottle.
This valuable Embrocation has been used with
great success in the cure of the most troublesome
diseases with which the horse is effected, such as
old strains, swellings, galis, strains of the shoul
der, etc. It is highly recommended, and should
be constantly kept in the stables ot all persons
owning horses. Price 50 cents per bottle, pre
pared only at Marshall's No. 31*2, Market Street,
a few doors above Ninth, Philadelphia; and sold
in Alexandria, by J. II. PIERPOIN P,
Corner of King and Washington streets,
oct II—tf
TWTEW BOOKS.—Judah’s Lion, by Charlotte
11 Elizabeth, price 75 cents; Meditations and
Addresses on the subject of Prayer, by tbe Rev.
Hugh White, A. M. Curate of St. Mary's Parish,
Dublin, 3d American, from the 10th Dublin
edition, price 50 cents; Adolphe Monod on the
Reading of the Bible, price 50 cents; Old Hum
prey's Observations, Addresses, and Thoughts
for the Thoughtful, each 50 ccms; the Retro
spect, or Review of Providential Mercies, with
anecdotes of various characters, by Alicuis, for
merly a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, and now
a Minister in the established Church, from the
17th London edition, price 50 cents; Antioch, or
Increase of Moral Power in the. Church of Christ,
by Rev. Parceling Church, with an introductory
essay by Rev. Baron Stow, price 50 cents. Just
published, and for sale by
ap 14 _BELL S; ENTWiSLE.
BACON.—Just received2000 lbs Prime Wes
tern Bacon, hog round; 500 lbs Hams, small
size; 400 lbs Jowls; 300 lbs Chinns a prime ar
ticle. [ap 8] THOMAS DAVKY.
1 IVTEw GOODS.—AVe have opened our supplv
of S r IIIXo G 0 O D S, which is very |
large, and will bo sold at very low prices.— j
Blue-black vnd other Cloths; Nankeens,
(^ambroons, white and brown Drillings,
French Linens, plain &. twilled Summer Cloths
Super black and invisible green Drop d’Etc for
summer coats
Erminctts, Thibet ('loth, and other goods for
gentlemens’and boys’ summer wear
Marseilles, A'alencia. Satin Sc tig'd silk VTest’g
Irish Linens, very cheap and large variety
Brown Hollands, Long Lawns
Linen and Linen Cambriek hdkfs
Silk pocket hdkfs, black lustring cravats
Shrmncr Stocks,blue-black and other bg d silks
Italian Lustrings, Gros De Rhine
Blue-black Silk, white and black dik hosiery,
ribbed and plain
‘ Handsome assortment of Lawns French & Engli
Alpine Muslins, Manchester Ginghams
Prints, very cheap and large stock
| Bleached Long Cloths, several cases, very low
j Cambric and Furniture Dimity
J Checked Cambrics and Muslins
Jaconet and other Cambrics
| French Dimity, Dimity Bands
Silk handkerchiefs and scarfs
A’crv superior French kid Gloves for ladies
Thread L u cs and Edgings, very rich and cheap
| Biue-bl vk veil (‘rape
G«-i.tkmei;s’supcrb Bordeaux linencamb. hdkfs
( bi (’loti 'i for tabh s
Table Diapers and Damask table cloths
and } Damask Napkins
Russia Diapers, ( rash, col'd Cambrics
Silcsias, ( hut ks. Bed-ticks, Parasols
Sun Shades and 1 bnbrelias, silk and cotton
Several bales of heavy Canvass, Burlaps
4-4 and ; Linens, super Sackings
Osnaburg Cottons, all w idths and qualities of
Sheetings and Shirtings, with many other arti
cles not named, making their assortment very
ap 13—3td&c‘ol:-a AYM GREGORY & Co.
O SEI iS (’A II PET IN G S, fco. &c.— WILLI. IM
CUl'.iinUY Co. have received a large supplv
of STIUIV MJTTIXCiS -1-4. 5-4 and (j-4 white
and check'd OIL ( LO I IIS 1 ‘>r pnssjgcs, Rich
tiULSSELS CjMPETIXO, Passage and Step
Carpetings, ingrained Ditto. '[ lifted and Brussels
Hearth Rugs, Oil (doth Ditto, Matts, &c.
ap I.‘>—Gtd&eolm _
SCISSORS.— i have just received direct from \
the importer, a small and select assortment'
of Scissor-, which l can warrant as a good arti
cle, for sale at 0. C. Bl RRY’S, Fancy and Va
riety Store. ap 7
C\ ROWN GLASS.—Rcdford Crown Glass, a
J superior article for dwellings, shop fronts,
and hot houses, furni-licd at Factory rates, by
ap 7 HUGH SMITII & Co., Agents.
I \7 IN DOW G LASS.—Just received and for
v 7 sale at reduced rates, K)S boxes W indow
Glass N ^ 10; 7G boxes do 10 * 1-2. On hand,
and forsale low, all "i/.es Wiudou Glass, from
8* IQ to 24 * 30. [ap 7] HUGH SMITH & Co.
»<)()K HERE.—1 have this day received, a
_J few more reams of cheap Foolscap Paper.
ruled and warranted to write well, at >1,75 per
ream, at C. C. BERRY’S
mh 27 Comb, Fancy and Variety Store
1 \ EA\ 1 )A1S, or The Failor ot Brittany.—A
Historicarrale of the Fifleentli Century. Trans
lated from the French, by .Mi-- M. E W alley.—
This work is -aid to be full of dramatic points and
situations. It is the story of a man, who, born in
tin* humblest condition ot life, raised himsclt to
i 11 j(» highest rank in an aristocratic State; and
: . - „ ... • i i . l__\. i :.. <
mere are lew m-ioncai uui■inn.', nu.^
the romances of Scott, Janies and Bulwer, more
imposing: and more remarkable. Just published
m an extra New World, and for sale, price 1*22
. cts, by [ap ]:*] HELL & ENTWISLE.
f B 1|!E LONDON ITLIMT.—Bio-raphiea!
1. Sketches of the most popular London
Preachers, by James Grant, author of Random
Recollection-,” “Great Metropolis” fcc —lately
a dollar and a quarter book—now for sale, price
.*)i cents, by
ap | t RLLL l'.** i W ISLE.
! _iV)L R A PI 1Y —Comprising a complete dcscrip
j tion of the Earth,}>1;x -deal. statist ieal, commercial
ami political; exhibiting its relation to the hea
; vtnly bodies—its physical structure—the natural
! history of each countrv, and the industry, corn- j
1 nierce, political institutions, and civ 1 and social
state of all nations; by lfiiu.li Murray, f • R. L*
wiili 1 lt.it> enu;ra\in;j;s, and over SO map—to be
completed in 24 N >s, at 25 < ents each. No. 4
just published, and for !.• hv
till!N A C M E GL \>S \Ni) M AN'TEL Oil
/ N AM ENTS.—Gold banded French China
I 'Pea (’ups and Saucers, (’tit lilacs 1 uni birrs, and
handsome Gill Mantel (>n»amcnts—-just rccched
and for sale at reduced prices, hv
i ap 12 GEO. WHITE.
TTof chapters on Early Egyptian History, Arch
acolojrv, and other subjects connected with ll\
♦ rou.!vphiea! I Jterature, by Gcorju* R. Gliddon,
mim.r nf u I' r\ iiti:i• i S '•if i\&C.. and former]v
t nited States Con-ul ia Eg>pt: publi-hed in a
triple Extra New World, with many engravings,
price 31 cents. Just published, and for sale by
Imperial Printing Pap r, <>1 good quality, ;
suitable tor Druggists, 1«»i* sale very low. by
J A DID* BOOK for \pril, with splendid en
I J graving-, price 25 efut-, for sale by
mb 2<S I>M<L 6c l .A J v\ I.>Llv
completed in four A os, at 25 cts. each, Ao 1
for sale by 11 n11 29] BELL & EN i W ISLE.
i x., * '
* *•*'£'- . ”*< * . ..»■ 9 ” V . „•» - ' \ •
A ZT Vq Vv Vs?
-- - ’■-A >■* , i :
; ... - *:v-:*5 \
fc ■ v • ■ ? W g>
- . .. 0“ ... /- c ; ■... - ;
' ^ 1 ‘ v • • •• &9 v' " c - : 9"
HMHE subscribers have this day rceeiv ed
X Improved Double Corn Shelters.
In Store.
Slater's Corn Shelter arid Grinder
Gold-boroughs’ Iiu-ker ann Sbeller
Straw Cutter-—various patents
Hay Knives—together with a large a--vrtment
of Worcester Peck-kill and I)avi-"s Ploughs. All
of which are ottered on best term-.
12th mo. 15—tf_
FRESH GARDEN SEEDS-ls Retjhi. I'arcels i
_ j
TTTTM. STABLER 6c CO., in addition to their
V f stock, lately advertised, have within a few
days received a further supply of fresh seeds, viz: j
In retail parcels.
Lima Bea s, 30 papers
Early Sugarloaf Cabbage 144 44
Late Cauliflower 12 “
Royal Cabbage Lettuce 26 “
Early Frame Peas 125 4,
Imperial Peas 30 “
Early Sugar Corn 21 *•
Adams’s Early do 36 “
White Flint do 14
In Bull:, tor Gardener>\ <S*r.
Long Scarlet Raddish Round Spinach
Red Turnip do Citron Melon
Yellow Turnip do Sugar Parsnip
Early York Cabbage Early Turnip Beet
Long Blood Beet Long Orange Carrot
3d mo 3d i
EG ALIA SEGA RS.—Genuine imported
Regalias, of very superior Haver,—just re
ceived and for sale at HENRY COOK’S
ap 15 Drugstore.1
OPRTNG SUPPLY.—The subscriber having;
received per schooner Dai], from New York,1
a large addition to his stock in hand, he therefore, \
offers for sale, the following articles:
20 hhds St. Croix, N. O. and P. R. 4
10 bids Clarified I j
10 do White Brazil !> Sugar
5 boxes White Havana
20 do double and single Loaf J
25 hhds. and bbb. N. O. and W. I. Molasses |
25 half chests Gunpowder Teas, part very sup.
15 do do Imperial and V. Hyson Teas
40 bags Green Rio
20 do do LaguirS
30 do Old White [ Coffee
20 do good Java
22 do St. Domingo J
5 do black Pepper
10 kegs Alspice
10 boxes Ground Pepper
20 boxes and kegs Ground and Race Ginger
31 do Mould Candies
25 do No. 1 Brown Soap
15 Colgate's Starch
50 kegs extra pure White Lead
20 dozen Painted Pails
21 nests Hingham Boxes
3 tierces fresh Rice
\ cask Salermus
5 kegs refined Salt Petre
pl ibs Nutmegs
30 boxes Sanger's Mustard
40 reams Ruled and Plain Writing and Letter
GO ream' Wrapping Paper
25 mats Cinnamon
600 lbs I'psom Salts
* 1
5,00 do ( opperas
300 do Alum
150 do S. F. Indigo
brS OavciulMi ! Tol,;*C0- l’art s,,Pc,ior
18 kegs and jars Garrett's Snuff
5 casks Cheese
50 sacks Salt
5 coils Leading Lines
5) bids Logwood and Madder
Putty, Fig Blue, Gloves
Principe and half Spanish Segars
r> ( 'h:»lh n«rn Rhiclvifl'*
Lamp Black in small papers,—which lie offers to
his ohl customers, and dealers generally, at re
duced prices; he earnestly solicits a call.
mh IS opposite the Custom House, King St
T is now receiving from New York, per ScLr.
Thomas Deil
f> hhds. prime St. Croix Sugar
tO boxes do. white Havanna do.
10 bbls. do. do. Brazil do.
f)' boxes double refined Loaf do.
4 bbls. rrushed brown do.
10 bbls. New Orleans Molasses
20 bags Green Rio Coffee
10 do. do. Laguavra do.
10 do. o!d government Java do
10 do. green St. Domingo do
to boxes Colgate’s Starch
*20 do. do Soap
5 do. mould Candles
10 doz. painted Rails
d<t. nc>ts lligham Boxes
f> boxes ground (linger in papers
20 Reams ruled letter and foolscap Raper
10 half chests (Gunpowder Tea
o do. do. extra tine do. do.
2 do. do. “ “ Rowcbong do. in paper
;\ do. do. “ “ Young Hyson
1 bid. Saheratu>. All of which are offered
for sale low, for cash, or to punctual customers,
mh lb
^ x I.Oil have received, and arc now opening a
port of their Spring stock of I )ry Goods. Amongst
these tliat have already arrived, arc
Sup. fine and low priced wool dyed black Cloths
Invisible Green blue and olive do
Wool dyed black and fancy Cassimcro
Li pieces lig'd Mouslms all v;ool
20 do do Cassimcro. mid other patterns
Foulard Silks, Sueai.s
Ladies light fcriev Cravats, dimity Ruffles
. i ... i . 11 i i _
1 Ianusnme ernnroiutmi cioi.i i ame eu\cis
lllack lace and fih't Veils
Gentlemen's fancy Scurfs
Sto; ks Collars and liosoms
Ladies ami Gent's. Ji^ht col’d and black French
Kid (iloves
Irish Linens lonix lawn, bird eye Diaper
S-1 damask table Linens
8 and H -4 brown table Cloths, some v< ry fine
{9 arid a-4 bleached Cotton sheetings
5 and 0-4 unbleached do
Yellow Nankeens
Calicoes from 4 ct-u up to 124
} crises bleached Cotton
10 bales bro. Cotton, Osnnher.cs Ko.
2 ilo 4-1 twilled Ha^Fm-C mb 17
/ im:ALlUv\DL\(;—NKW WOKKS.—Fae
tory Life in New Finland, 124 cents f
Francis ot \ ah>is 124 ccnt-f
New World Annual—4n engravings 25 eentsf
Memoirs of tin- Queens of France, 2.">
Life and Times of Loui- Philippe, 25 etsf
1 setters of Mary, Queen of Scots, 25 etsf
The Neighbor's, by Mary ffowitt, 20 etsf
Franklin Kvans, a Temperance Tale, 124 etsf
The Nuutillus a Sea Story. 12'etsf
American Notes, by l)iek< ns, 124 etsf
The Western Captive 20 etsf
Pauline, a Talc of Xormundv, 12 4 etsf
Live- of the Cnited Iri-hmen, 25 etsf
T’lic Conspirators, a Tale ot Hun’s d imes, 12*.
The Massacre of the Jlngenots, 8 etsf
I land v Andv, 50 cts, with plates ^I
Sell 1 )evotion, 25 cts
Nabob at I Ionic, 2.5 cts
Pcrcival Keene, by .Marvatt, 16 ctsf
Black wood's Magazine, Jan. 25 ctsf
liOtidon Christian Observer, for Feb. 25 cts
Brando's Encyclopedia of Science, Literature
and art, a valuable publication, to he com
pleted in 12 Nos., at 25 cts. each; 3 Nos.
now ready
All-on's Hi-dory of Europe, from 1780 to 1815,
a magnificent work, to 1m* completed in 16
Nos., at 25 cts. each, 5 Nos. now ready,
price of the English copy, >50!
Liebig's Agricultural Chemistry, 25 ctsf
Liebig's Animal Chemistry, 25 ctsf
Life of Clay, with splendid portrait, G ctsf
Life of WcHington 44 engravings, 28 ctsf
Bankrupt Law, with Commentary, 12! cts
Bianca Capello, by Lady Bulwer, 25 ctsf
Alice, or the Mysteries, 25 cts
Penny Magazine G cents per number
D’Aubigne’s Reformation, 15 cts per No.
Jack Hinton the Guardsman, .00 cts
Cooper's Home as Found, 50 cts
“ Deerslaycr, 50 cts
Last of the Barons, IS.' ctsf
Adam Brown the Merchant, 1G cts
Fielding’s Amelia, 25 cts
Sketches by Boz, 37) cts
Dickens’ Oliver Twist, 25 cN
u Old Curiosity Shop, 50 cts
“ Burnaby Budge, 50 cts
“ Pickw ick Papers, 5u cts
Vicar of Wakefield, 25 cts
Charlotte Temple, 12! cents
Edinburg Review, for January, 25 centsf
Eugene Grandct, 12) ctsf
Murrray’s Encyclopedia of Geography, 25 cts.
a No. Forsalebv
H^Those marked thus (f) are subject to news
paphr postage only.
I FRINGES, GIMPS, kc—I have just received
a fresh supply of Fringes and Gimps of al
most every shade and quality. Also, a few' fancy
Silk Buttons. For sale at C. C. BERRY’S
ap 1 Fancy and Variety Store
We have now on hand, a full supply of the
Bible in Spain, bound, at 75 cents, and in paper
it 50 cents; and Campbell’s edition of D’Au-;
bigne, in full cloth at §1, and in half cloth at 75
:ents; also in numbers, at 50 cents, cash only,
PICKETS.—30,000 4 and 44 feet Pickets, for I
sale by [ap 1] WM. FOWLE & SONS, j
STABLER & Co., have just received
▼ V apart of their Spring supply of Garden
SEEDS, from Landreth's—composed of the fol
lowing, viz:
Asparagrus, large ’Okra or Gombo
Beet, long blood Nasturtium
Do early turnip rooted |Onion, silver skin
Do French sugar ;Do Wethersfield red
Beans, six weeks Do large yellow stras*
Do red speckled valen-i burg
tine Parsley, curled
Po brown speck'd do Parsnip, large sugar
Do early yellow Peas, Lannreth's extn
Do scarlet runners caily
Do white dutch Po early frame
1 o horticultural Do do charlton
Broccoli, purple capo Do blue imperial
Borecole or Kale Do dwarf marrowfat
( abbage, early York I)o large marrowfat
Do Landreth's large do Pepper, large sweet, for
Do early sugar loaf pickling
Do do Battersea RADISH—
Do large drumhead Long scarlet short top
Do flat dutch Long Salmon
Do drumhead <avoy White turnip—rooted
Do green curled Savoy R«*d turnip do
Do red dutch, (for pick- Yellow turnip do
ling) Summer white
Carrot, long orange Black k white Spanish
Do early horn jRhubarb, for tarts
('aulillowcr, early jSalsilv, or vegetable ovs
Celery, white solid l ter
Cucumber, long green jSpinach, round savoy—
Do early frame j leaved
Egg Plant, large purple Do, Prickly seeded
Endive, curled iTomatoes
Lettuce, early cabbage Turnip, early dutch
Do large curled India Do red topped
Do Green (’os Do Rut a Baga
Melons, water 2 kinds Herb Seeds,-varioui
Do nutmeg (Cantelope kinds
Do citron do
Catalogues can be had gratis, upon application.
[Winchester Virginian, Lees. (i. of Liberty and
Warrenton Times.] 2nd mo 1st—tf
f I'M IE subserih t has now received a full sup
CORDEX SEEDS, which he will sell, either in
small papers, or by the pound, consisting of tho
following choice varieties:—
Artichoke Seed LETTUCE—
Asparagus Seed (Royal Cabbage
BEANS— Brown Dutch
Broad W indsor Ice
Long Pod Large Curled India
Green Non pari ic MELON—
Early Yellow' Siwvceks Spanish Water
Do Chine Long Island
Do Mohawk Nutmeg
Do Half Moon Nusturtuim
Do Refugee or lOOO Large Yellow
to one Do Crimson
Early Blood Red Turnip Silver Skin
Long Blood Red \\ eatherstield Red
Mange! Wurzcl Yellow Strasbury
True Sugar PARSLEY —
Earlv Cape Broccoli Extra Curled
Early May Pine Sugar
Do York Large Dutch
Large York PEAS—
Early Sugerloaf CedoNulli very earliest
Do Battersea Extra Early
Large Late Drumhead Early Washington
Fiat Dutch True May
Large Bergen Bishop's Dw arf Prolific
Green Globe Savt>y Marrowfat Dwarf
Do Curled l>o Early Golden Hotspur
Red Dutch for Pickling Dw arf Blue Imperial
Drumhead Savoy PEPPER—
CARROT— * Large Pickling
P.irly Scarlet Horn PCMPKIX—
Long Orange Connecticut
Alteringharn finest Yellow family.
(’aulitlowcr Mammoth
Celery RADISH—
White Salad Early Frame
Rose Coloured Long Scarlet
CRESS— Do Salmon
Early Curled Scarlet Turnip
True Water White Turnip
CUCUMBER— Yellow Summer
Early Frame Blac k Spanish
Long Green White Do
Green Turkey SALSAHL—
Small < lei kin for Pick-Spiriack
ling Round Leaved
Egg Plant Prick ley
Early Sugar Early Bush
Golden Sioux Vegetable Marrow
K \EE— Lima or Cocoa Nut
Green Curled Scotch TOMATO—
German Large Red
LETTl 'CE— Early White Dutch
Early Cabbage Red Top
Green Cos Large English Norfolk
White Do Ruta Baga.
Orders received for Trees, Shrubs, Gicci*
Mouse Plants, Agricultural Seeds, &r., Svc.
HENRY CoOK, Chemist and Druggist,
ap tl kin ' street.
IK. PI Kit POINT, lias just received from
• Wm. G. Comstock's celebrated Seed Gar*
dens, Wethersfield, Connecticut, a supply of Gar
den Seeds, warranted to be of last Summer'*
growth, consisting of the following varieties, viz:
Windsor Green Citron
DWARF BEANS— Nutmeg do
Early Mohawk Pine Apple do
Early China or Red Eve Long Island Water do.
’ do * j MUSTARD—
Early Yellow or six White
weeks do Brown do
Large white; Kidney do NASTERTIUM—
I » . C . _ TL.I / l V I / » V
• ^-v I • J ' " Wl I IIUUMliU l'/ 1 / 4i -
One do New Early Red
POLK BEANS— Wctherlield I/geRed do>
Large Lima White Portugal do
Dutch Case Knife do •Yellow d<4
Scarlet Runners do PARSNIP—
Horticl Cranberry do Long Smooth
Early Blood Turnip Curled
Long Blood Red do PEAS—
W bite Sugar do Early Frame or June
Early Y’iow Turnip do Dwarf Marrowfat do
BROC JLI— Large White Marrow fat
Early Purple Cape do
Early York Long or Cayenne
Large York do Cherry do
Early Sugar Loaf do Large Sweet Spanish do.
Large Cape Savoy do PUMPKIN—
Large Drumhead do Connecticut Field
Large Flat Dutch do RADISH—
Green GlobeSavovdo Early SearMShort lop
CAULIFLOWER— Early Long Scarlet do
Early Scarlet Turnip do
Late do White Turnip do
CELERY— Yellow Turnip do
White Solid Black Fall or Spanish do
Red Solid do RHUBARB
CUCUMBER— Early Tobolsk
Early Frame SPIN AGE—
White Spine do Round, or Summer
Early Cluster do SALSIF Y,
Short Prickly do Or Vegetable Oyster
Long G’n Prickly do ISquash, Early yellow
CARROT— i Bush Scollop
Long Orange Early w hite Bush Scol
Early Tuscarora Bergen do
Early Sweet or Sugar do WHITE TURNIP
KALE— Early Flat Dutch
Green Curled Scotch Red Top Flat do
LETTUCE— Large Flat do
Ice Head Long Tankard do
Early White Cabbage do YELLOW TURNIP*
Fine Mixed do Early Dutch
Imperial Head or Sugar Purple Pop Rutu Bafip
Loaf do do. [ap o
Ice Coss do_ _

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