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The V. S. store ship Lexington, Lieut. ConTg.
t»lendy, arrived ai Newr York on Monda) fiotn
The Columbus Robbert.-AVc learn from Co
lumbus that, besides Thomas C. Me Keen and Col.
John'!- Lewis, two other persons, named AN illiam
N. Jackson and Alien O. have been arrest
ed as participators in the late Bank robbery at
that place. The latter was the bookkeeper ol the
institution, and was one of the officers who was
locked up in the vault. It appears that he let hi
accomplices in before Mr. Murduck, the secreta
ry, arrived from supper, and then gave a signal,
when the light wusddown out, and Murdock uu"
seized. Bass put the money into a bag ft;* the
robbers, and then laid down again, and si.dcivu
himself to be put inta the vault.
A letter published in the New Orleans I ropic
states that since the late earthquake the Island ol
Martinique had changed it" level; on the northern
side it is two feet higher above high writer mark
than formerly, and on the opposite side *t is sunk
two feet. The letter adds that all the hotisCj
have an inclination from the perpendicular.
An examination of the condition of the Bank of
Illinois has been made by a Air. David Prichett,
who was appointed the Commissioner to wind up
the affairs of the Bank. ? non entering the vaults,
instead of finding specie to the amount ol $307,
1M(), as reported by the Cashier, Mr. Prichett
found but $188,000, leaving a deficit of $121,000,
which the officers of the Bank refuse to account
for. Of course this dcvelopement has produced
great excitement at Shawncetoun.
Ot'TRAGR ON AN AmKRIC W \ 1>>M. —HiC brig
Ceylou, arrived at Salem, on Sunday la-t, brings
accounts of an outrage on an Am -rican vessel by
British boarding officer-. The Regi.-t-r states
that the Captain of the CeyIon reports that the
barque Roderick *>hu, of Providence, ( ’apt. P.:*-h
ard T. Si ns, of Salem, was at Accra, I Member
10, t‘> sail for \vindward c-»ast. Captain Sims
had been boarded by an officer of II. 13. M. br.g
Spv, and treated in a next shameful and in-u!i
jjig manner, insomuch that ( 'apt. S. had Kit
bound to make a rcprrvmt.ition oi the case to
the British commandant of the station. Capt.
Sims' statement was fully c »rro!>-.»rated by an
Kngli'h gentleman, a p tase^ger with him at the
The testimony taken at Harrisburg in the ca-c
of Mason, charged with the murdered the Par-]
th'onores, goes very clearly, to prove the inno
cence of the accused. An alibi at the time the j
murder was committed is clearly made out r«\
two respectable citizens.
Mammoth Stk.amko at.—k i-state . in the New
York papers that Mr. Burden, a most ingenious
and enterprising citizen of Troy, in that State,
“is about to construct a steamboat to run between
the above- two cities, to be su hundred Jbf Kmg.-—
She is expected to make tie trip from Xew York
to Troy, 160 miles, in a hours !*"
It is computed that there are GO,Odd Jews-in the
t'nited States. _
A Stow.—We see by a /I mtreal paper that a
gentleman with wooden leg-, i:i that city, ha->
challenged a friend in the same condition to a
race, which was to come oTin a few days.
Stf.muoat Kxclosiow—One ot the boilers ot
the steamer Mohcgun, which left New \ urk for
Stoning ton, exploded on Monday afternoon, the
steam escaping outwards, t hree or four persons
were slightly scalded. About one hundred and
seventy passengers were on board, who were, of
course, greatly alarmed. The damage to the
boat w as very trilling, ami she will be able to re
sume hei trips in a day or two.
The Cincinnati Gazette states that upwards <>:
100,000 bushels of iee hue** been pack' d away by
dealers ot* that city, f»>r th ‘ consumption of the
ensuing season. One deal* r has 140,000 bushels.
The steamboats, it will be recollect* d, require,
large quantities during the summer months.
The amount of specie imp u ted into Boston
from the 1st of January, I$13, to the 221 instant,
was $3,949,739 in gold, and $>9,320 in silver.—
These imports were almost exclusively from Eng
land, by the Cunard steamers.
The statements and counter statements of the j
newspapers in relation to changes in the Cabinet,
removals and appointments to otlr*e, &e., are
amusing enough—showing how greedily ith-iv
rumors are sn itched up, arid how little is realty
known out of the “conclave" of what isg Map on
nt hea*l quarters.
Ohio Banks.—There are now only ten Tmk>
in the State of Ohio. A state meat ( f tneir con
dition for the quarter ending on the 31st March
shows that their aggregate capital was then $3.
491,307;deposit'*? $>03,247; da ‘ t > bank* s92,lt»>;
other liabilities $513,43*1. Their assets are.
notes and bills discounted $3,929,374; specie,
$G30,72G; bank notes $295,(H)9; due from banks
$.352,000; other resources >I,12G,G;9.
Death from Locokoco Matches—A coro
ner's inquest was held in New-York on Sunday
laM on the body of a child two years old, named
Bridgett Greenan, w ho on Friday evening got
hold of some locofoco matches and hit off the phos
phorus on the ends of them and swallowed it.—
l he child was almost immediately affected with |
severe vomiting, winch continued with little in
termission fur several hours, and eventuate i in
its death on Saturday. Verdict, death from swal- |
lowing phosphorus.
A letter from Berlin, March 2, says:_“The !
Protestant Missionary, M Cu/.latr, who has iu-t
been named Consul-General of England in China
is a native of Dussledorf, (Prussia,> and :\b >ut-10
years ol age. He has been twelve years in China,
and has published important works on the coun
try. It is he who acted as interpreter in the ne
gotiations between the Chinese and English. 1 \c
gave a new testament in the Chinese language to 1
each of the delegates, who promised to examine
it with much attention. He also sent a Chinese
Bible to the Emperor. He receives a large sala
ry from the British Government, which he spends
almost entirely in advancing the missionary cause
m China. lie resided as Consul m the Island of
Amoy, in the Gulf of that name, on which is sit
uated the province of Fo Kien, solan*! for it>.
The dawn of a cheerful day seems to be break
,ng> S,vmJ confidence to the hope that the de
pression which rested on the trade and prosper*
v of the city is fast passing away—to be follow
ed by even unwonted activity in business, and in
creased value m real estate. Already is the im
pulse of better tunes felt and manifested in all
the business portions of the city-improved pn
| res realised for property—and all around us giv
ing assurance that Baltimore is on the road to in
creased prosperity —7> ill. Pat.
New York Customhouse*—A larger amount
of business was (lone at the Custom House, Mon
day, than for a long time past. 1 ho amount oi
duties on the goods entered exceeds >100,000
f.V. 1'. Express.
i The line of Western Expresses is now extend
; e l and completed from tnc city ot New 5 ork
| northward and westward from Nev* i ori\ to
i Albany and Buffalo by Messrs. Pomeroy and Co.,
I and thence onward by Messrs. MiJer and Co.
to Chicago and Milwaukw, through Knc, ATua
* bu!a, Pairport, Cleveland, Huron, Milan, Sandus
i kvCitv, Toledo, Mo: ro<*, Hetroit, Pontiac, Aim
I Arh >r, Jiu ksi.n, Mnr>haii, Kalamazoo, St. do
I se»*!i and Michigan City, threc/h a country rapid
ly i reading in w< t th, b isiness and population.
i Haiti more < Jiurrica'i.
Cri.iivATiox or ~>u.k.—V\ o hu’.e been ini arm
ed tii.U Past Baton 1C ugc is soon to become the
regular ilk 11 mtation, whereby the
jnost ample tot will be given to the project of
making thi> article on> of the staples of the State.
\ ^cnJeman named. Yasseur, just arrived from
u ranee. has purchased land and is making rapid
arrangements to commence the business, in which
; be has the experience of many years.—Lat^n
j. Gori•
i Boston Bwks.—The Bank Commissioners, as
one ot their last oifieial acts, have just taken an
account of the specie now in the hanks of this city.
| the result of which shows that they are in a very
; gratifying condition. The gross amount ot spe
i « ie in all ot litem at the close ot business on the
21st inst. was >5,100,000; while the estimated
j circulation was only about >>2,CJO,UOO, or but lit
! tie more than half the amount of specie on hand. ;
Boston J&tvertisn'. j
; Father Mathew.—The Philadelphia U* S.
j Gazette of’yesterday says—W o learn that at the j
instance of the ddterent i e.mpenmee moeieue-, :
! attached to the Catholic Church in this city, the i
Right Rev. ili-lmp Kcnrick has addressed a let
ter to the wu\ Rev. Theobald .Mathew, request- '
; im t vis it • is city at as early a time as m • >
he convenient to him. It is eoniidentiy expected ;
that the distinguished reformer w ill respond in a
favorable manner to 'h:s ren lest,hut h:s presence I
cannot be looked tor be to re the lab. ii Juiy, or i
tK— first of Augu-t. In answer to a letter ad- ;
dres-e I to him by a gentleman oi JJoston, I ather
Mathew stated that it would alford him pleasure
to visit ihc ! . Slates, an 1 it was the knowledge
of this fact, we understand, which induced the
action of the societies in this city.
Tin: r ;:;v*> Smio rs. a ixk Uxii kd States
Risk.— .Judgment lias heen rendered, m tne A *'.1*
Orleans commercial court, in favor (d the l nited
States, against the bank, for >3>O.,0iKb It is be
ll ved that the fund-attached will realize enough
to pa\ this judgment.— /C/ut I'vs!.
The an »ve claim i>, we understand, the divi
dend- due the (lover ownt from tlie united
Slot*, s R irjlc, ;o; 1 wlo.oh were seized oy ’Ur. ili !- .
di • top's the d onate.' pivtel'.ded to be sustained
on the Frcmm bill oi exelia it-*.— '<>! >!>•:.
! Ir \ur-n .\u i>:u C'v u ivv.—\\ o learn Ir m
the W oo:.- xrhet, U. I. Rotviot, that an occurence j
of the m >-t pai it'ul n iture t >ok place at the |
Scythe M mule.-tore of dames Inman i.su., in ;
Furr:liv'd! •. on Saturday altera^on week. A lit
tle daughter of Mr. Dexter Cros-man, aged 6 ■
wars, in company with a small lad, went into the i
Scythe -ho;;.-, iri order to gratify their curiosity
bv looking nt tree machinery, Flicy proceeded '
to i xamine a trip hammer; ami as it was not in j
operation, the la 1 hoisted the gn*e hummer to
put it in moti ui. I nfortunatcly, at tliijuncture, ■
the little girl v.as standing in contact with the j
cogwheel which raised the hammer—her dress I
caught, and she was drawn in and mangled in j
the most Mi x king maimer. She was soon extri
cated, and we.- awe on Sunday, but cur infor
m nit thought it impossible for tier tosurrive long.
Smccthen we have not bear ! from the little sa 1
A: mu s. Fki -k m> \ \ Ri, \s Min.— V» o are lux
uriating on a basket ol U r* ] i• [>in-, presented to
. i ’i’i .»■* i.'.. il.ic i
III? V * l' * '. .1 ' IM IV-i IVU.U.III, 'i v ' 1 ..
luge. i hi v were pres; rveil in plaster, are p t
fi*( fly sound, and p:\- ut the fresh and jury ap
pearance of applet ju>t gat lie red Iron the trees.
JU^ Jan l lh mocnl.
/Vc'U the *\'>nr\ch (hairier.
S.wiV S.\Ls\i*Ait!i.i.v.—We have received*
some powi rfui documents eertilying to tiie won
derful effects of the ah >v • article, in two eases
ol Srrotul >u-di-* ;;>es, attended with intensive
idci rations, ur.: that after resisting many of the
: pop dor medii iue-of line iv, yielded immediate
i\ t * this vegetable preparation. The statemet.ts
! would beal:no-t incredible were it not ihat Gu y are
signed hy the following, with many other? v,hose
names are well known—the Very Rev. Dr. Pow -
er, Vicar Genera! of Xew York, and rector of St. :
Peters Church; Right Rev. Prelate John Dubois, 1
Bishop of New York* A Merman Purdy, of New
York, arid tin; Mayor of Brooklyn
For particulars see ad vertisi merit in fourth
page of this paper.
Prepared and s M by \. B handset Co., Drug
gists, 273 Broadway, New York—J. A. lteed.
• • t r the proprietor-, e >rner of Gay amt
Saratoga streets, Baltimore. Wm. Ft abler Is. Co.,
Alcxandri u agents for the proprietor-, and s >ld
by Drug * - . > rally, throughout the United
States.' Price $1 per bottle, or G bottles for v*5.
ap 2F — 11
* saw jr*. > *. • a-w-vs s-:.-; ’■ T- —v ■—
(bD M V I vun h\ l
C v / . ■ i A! r j iY Kj JtJ l i j •
II »l < r, v I > I • VII" -VP V T > I 1 ]
-it* .! . •: •. «\ j. i» I , A l !x i I j - < •
Fi.oi .:.—F\i!i s (.1 iiUv) to PiGo barrels liow
ard M. Flour, of go. d standard brands, were
made from More ye-terb iv .real to-day at £ :, 1 •" v •
v. hi* h wc ipjvte as t o uniform a-king price now.
The demand is not active, however, and there
are more selleia than buyers at that rate, i he j
receipt price is unsettled.
1 folders of City M ills ask £4,50, but wc hear of j
no transactions.
Susquehanna Flour is held lirmly .it £4.2a.
Chain.—Wheats continue scarce and are
wanted. We quote as before common to fair
good Md. reds at 75 a 92 cts. and prime at 97 a
9$ ds. Sales of both white and yellow Corn at
.54 a 55 cts. We quote Oats at 27 a 29 cts.
Ccrrcspondt Acc ij ihc f ailed Stales tldzettc.
Xtiv York, Tuesday, P. M.
Tim weather has again become mild and clear,
i i...- ...v .v/l.l i* i< ,n'*l imoohe to IniMIlOSS. i
>> »l; v: t •»^ ^ i ▼ v »» ii** -- - [
Great activity prevails ammisrst our Dry Goods
merchants, and an astonishing (juantity of doincs
tr* and foreign produce is being "hipped \ ia the j
canals for the W est. !
But little has been done in Cotton ; the sales of ,
the last two duvs do not reach 1090 nalc.*-. ; the
market is linn,* an 1 several holders ha\c w ith
drawn their samples troni the market. 1 itjur is :
inactive ; sales ol Gcnesse have been made at j
s*>'25; Obi » *5 a >5 ; 300 bins Michigan sold at (
the latter price; there is no demand for Pennsyl
vania, it is held at s4 50 a >1 0*2 ; Georgetown,
Richmond county, at the >amc prices. 1500 ImMi
e!s Rye sold at 03 cents « the slip; and iJUOU bus.
Northern Corn at 50 cents.
Provisions arc rather dull. Mess Pork s9 i ;
Prime do >5 aO; Mess Reel a^; Lard O4at.Cc,
A few barrels Pot Ashes ^old at >5;: Pearls arc
sot, nominal.
The sales at the Stock Exchange were heavy,
upward" of >153,000 in State stock" lm ing chang
ed hands; Ohio advanced 1]; Kentucky declined
, and State 7's *.
Exchanges are fum and in demand at yester
day's cjuot it ions.
rpifE MAN OF THE PEOPLE, by C. (7. Ro
1 "etiberg, mthor of ‘T)»c Prince Luke and the
Page,’' double extra New World, price LSj cts.
A further supply of all the Nos. ol Alison's
History, Arnold's Lectures on Modern History,
Williams' Missionary Enterprise*, just received by
up 23 ‘ BELL vN ENTW1SLE.
At Petersburg, Virginia, by the Rev. Mr. Baily,
Mr. HENRY HAMMETT, formerly of George
town, D. C., to Miss MARY A. ROBINSON,
of Greensville eounty, \Ta.
On Tuesday, the 25th instant, by the Rev. Mr.
Edwards, Mr. JOHN LANG, of Georgetown,
! to Miss ANNA E. VONSSON, of the same place.
At Little Rock, (Arkansas,) on Friday morn
i ing, the 7th instant, after a painful illness, WIL
i LIAM CUMMINS, Esq., in the 43d year of his
I age.
j On Tuesday evening, the 25th instant, Mr.
CHARLES KING, in the 36th year of his age.
Tr ir'fhe friends and acquaintances of the fam
ily are invited to attend his funeral, this (Fri
dav) morning, at 11 o'clock, from his late resi
dence on Prince, between Alfred and Henry
j streets. *
' ~ ‘ .
^Copies of the Alexandria Gazette, envei
oped, for the mail, for sale, every day, at this of
fice. Captains of vessels bound for the West In
Ii European, or other foreign ports can, also,
always be supplied with tiles of papers of differ
ent kinds, by applying at this office.
ap 28—eo3t _
>r^=» The Alexandria Gazette READING
ROOM is cq>en daily.
In consequence of the recent change
]n tin? mails our former country days of pub
lication will be resumed, and the Gazette for
the Country will be issued on Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and Saturdays, [ap 25—eo3t.
asmr-is. awMWMfcM
1843. , Sun' Sun [
APRIL. rises, srls. ' Moon’s Phases.
28 Friday.:> MG 1G' '»• "• M'
2.) Sutuulav... 5 1!G -i<; Ncw.m 29 11 12 r
3u Sunday.".. 12 G 4-8 * "g qr < J 19 m
2 Tuesd iy.... 5 9 G ,M Last qr.20 10 48 k
3 Wednesday. 5 8 5' 52 High Water;
•1 Thursday... 5 7 6 53 Ai»ril2S-61i. 07m. a.m
Latest dAte§T
London.April 2 Riode Janeiro. .Mar 3
Liverpool.April -1 Canton.Dec 30
Havre.\pril 3 N. Orleans-April 16
Arrived, April *27.
Sloop Samuel Southard, Parker, Baltimore;
to Lambert 6c McKenzie, and freight fur the
Schr. Armiada, Francis, Richmond, Bran to
%f l \ O. McCurmick.
Sailed, April 27.
Packet Brig Columbia, Kent, Boston.
Schr. Perfect, Rich, Kingston, Jamaica._
TJKrr( )RTAL NAPOI>E()N,—Vol. 2d, price 50 :
fl. rent-i* iu>t published, and lor sale bv
-^T 1A.V SHAD AN D HERRRIXGS, in bbls. j
i. ^ put up e:rures:>ly fur family use. For sale. |
3p 28 ‘ THOS. VOWELL.
riV) MONEY LENDERS.—A small sum can
J.. be safely loane 1. at 6 per cent, interest, pay
able 1 alf veariv. Apply to
a|) 23 ’ ’ THOS. VOWELL.
rpi{l) W[YEST)F”ENGL7\\I), by Mrs. El
c. lis. in paper, 16 cents; halt bound 25 cents;
full cloth 50 edits. For sale by
up 28 BELL 6c EX fWfSLE.
V EW World edition of BLACKWOOD'S j
11 A/JM/Z/A'/' for April—price only s2,00 I
per annum, attu .no's ucinm-u m nic\tuiuiu, |
free of expense. Single Nos 184- cts, for sale ,
by [ap 28] BELL & ENTWISLE.
Bushels Richmond B»*an ; 500 bush- I
^>wUU els Brown stuif; 150 bushels Rye |
Meal Just received, and for sale by the sub
scriber JNO. McCORMICK,
a]> 2-—oo3t Corner of King and St. Asaph sts.
b j( )DA WATER.—Soda Water, prepared with j
t A thr most approved apparatus, and Syrups of i
dhibrent kinds, prepared by the subscriber with j
double refined loaf sugar. HENRY COOK,
ap 2"' Chemist & Druggist, King-street. |
R A1 RST DIYii)END7^(7n~vhimlay, the 8th ol*!
JA. of May next, the creditors of Mrs. Geor- j
giuna Monroe may call on me at the office of
Charles MoKnight, Esq., cm Royal-street, fora;
•livid* ad of the asscsts thus lar received by me
ap 28— 3t&eotd ISAAC ROBBINS, Trustee.
Alexandria Canal ( fmc l, A
2(ith April, 1843. \
SEALED Proposals will be received at this of- !
lice until noon, on the 4th May next, for the 1
erection jf a bridge over the Alexandria Canal at
the Poor House lane. The bridge to be of wood (
85 feet span, on stone abutments elevated 17 feet
above the water, and skewed about 30 degrees. *
A bid to be made per yard for
‘.tOO yards earth excavation,
400 “ Masonry,
And a separate bid for 7000 feet board measure !
of North Carolina timber.
0000 14 “ Eastern Shore Stuff, ;
400 lbs Iron work,
The timber t » he framed, and dressed for pain
ting, and put up. Drawings, and Specifications
mit' he seen on application at thi? Ghee, to
dt4M M.< • EWING, Assis’t EngT.
a •h!i;;<;i i>ur<;s, a. riEunohvr\
j }: is jii-i l.Tnivtvl from New \ ork, ;m ;ulJi
lional supply of Drugs, ^.c., of the best quality, 1
which be oilers for sale at moderate terms.
Rclincii ( amphor
Turkey (-phnn
Do. Rhubarb
Blue Pill Mass
Aloes, Soeotrinc
Do. Cape
Cooper1* refined Ameri
can Isinglass
East India Senna
Evans’ Lancets—genu
(.Sum Gamboge
Carrageen—or Irish
Po \v d c r e d Sarsaparilla
American Fish Isin
Sulphuric Ether
Oil Peppermint
“ Bergamot
•( Lemon
u Lavender
kl Croton
('arbonate Ammonia
Poor Man’s Plaster
Sup. Curb. Soda
Rochelle Salts
German Cologne, gen
Tartaric At id
Gelatine Capsules
Roll Sulphur
Jamaica Ginger
Spanish Inuigo
Tooth Brushes
Powdered Gum Arabic
Sai /Eratus
up 23
iViand Man n
Parr's Life Pills
Hooper’s Pills
Quicksilver l
Ralph’s Pills
Prot. Iod. Mercury
Red Precipitate
Refined Saltpetre
Buehu Leaves
Cream Tartar
Liquorice Kuot
Spts. Hartshorn
Sweet Spts. Nitre
Gum Arabic best white
Powdered Cinnamon
Covert’s Bairn of Life
Slippery Kim Bark
Cum Myrrh
Baltimore Chrome Yel
Philadelphia Chrome
Yen. Red
Pure Palm Soap
Low’s Br. Windsor do.
Taylor’s transparent do
Prussian Blue, No. 1
Sugar Lead
Powdered Rhubarb
African Cayenne Pep
Thompson’s Eye Wa
Canary Seed
llemp do
TO RENT.—The convenient two story
hIiJj Dwelling Mouse, on ('amenm street, recent
ly occupied by the Rev. l)r. Dorsey. It is situa
ted in a good neighborhood, and is rts*
idence. Enquire of EDYV’D CJ. 1* ELK MLR,
ap *>7_t f Agent for Chas. Bennett's Lx Vs.
n”ERREV(i AN D POTATOES —50 bbls. of
No 1 New Gross Herring; 50 bushels ol
Mercer Potatoes. Also—•? (iLY .IS
FIXE ICOOI). just received at McVeigh’s wharf,
and for sale by Jap —oodtj \V. b. AIcLLAN.
Late from Guadaeoupe.—The brig Rapid,
Capt. Mountfort, has arrived at Savannah from
Point Petre, via St. Thomas, having left the for
mer port on the 30th March, and the latter on the
4th instant.
Point Petre was recovering very slowly from
the late calamitous earthquake and but a moder
ate progress in re-buildiug it thus far, had been
made- The inhabitants we re principally employ
ed in digging among the ruins in search of their
embedded property, and the remains of their
friends and relatives. From five to ten bodies,
w’ere daily recovered. It is estimated that up
wards of six thousand persons lost their lives.
The market was well supplied with almost ev
ery article of American produce. Liberal con
tributions, from various sources, of provisions,
have been made, and are daily distributed by the
authorities to the indigent. This has created a
dullness in cargo sales—and only moderate sup
plies are required. The latest sales of Flour
were at $5 pcrbbl., Mess Beef $8, Pork $9, Rice
3 cents per lb., Fish $3 per cwt., White Pine and
Pitch Pine Lumber, was selling at $18 a $18,50—
i i_
sates stuw.
We hear that a must dreadful murder was
committed a day or two ago in the Hawfield set
tlement, in Orange County, by a man named
Steele. He had an altercation with his brother,
and had actually raised his gun to shoot him,
when, at the moment of firing, his mother ran be
tween them and received the load, which imme
diately put an end to her life.—Raleigh Register.
Alexandria Lottery,—Extra Class No. 100,
To be determined by the drawing of the Mar'ld.
Consolidated Lottery—Class 78.
To be drawn at Baltimore, on
Friday, April 28;
| HIGHEST PRIZE £10,000.
10 Prizes of 1,500.
Tickets £5—shares in proportion.
For sale in great variety, by EDW. SIIEEIIY.
Alexandria Lottery—Extra Class 104).
To be determined by the drawing of the Mary Id.
Consol'd. Ly,—(-lass 78.
To be drawn in Baltimore on Friday,
April 28, 1843.
10 Prizes of 1,500.
Tickets §5—shares in proportion.
For sale in great variety by .LVO. CORSE.
Drawn Nos. of Alexandria Ly.—Extra Class 98.
83 19 14 55 26 15 54 67 10 70 77 2 7 79 33
n(\fi HUSI1ELS Turks Island and St.
^jU^UUuUbes; 500 sacks extra size Liver
pool COURSE S»J 1/1\ for sale by
ap 4—dtTM WM. FOWLK 5c SONS.
I THRESH DRUGS, &c.—The subscriber lias
_ received per late arrivals from Philadelphia
and New York, the following articles which will
be sold on moderate terms.
Cooper's refined Ameri
can Isinglass
Oil Bergamot
White Chalk
Carbonate Ammonia
Prots Iodide Mercury
Orem or Tatra r
Havden’s Odontalgic
Philad. Chrome Green
Tiornaifs Xo. 1 Chrome
Green in ()il
No. 1 Prussian Blue
Refined Salt Pctre
Window Glass
(Albert’s Starch
Rochelle Salts
Roll Brimstone
Irish Moss or Carrageen
Swain’s Panacea (genu
Oil Vitriol !
Hall’s Palm Soap
il White Bar Soap
“ Variegated do
Sal JEratus
Gum Aloes
KofPs Tills
Parr’s Life Pills
Gum Myrrh
Brown's Inexhaustible!
Iodide Iron [salts j
Sweet Sp. Nitre
London Mustard
Jaynes’ Carminative
(’y ami ret I\)tash
Metal Bismuth
Althae Root
Hydriodatc Potash
Tartaric Acid
Poor Man'- Plaster
Jamaica Ginger
i't. A ..,.1.0.
Extract Ilyosciamus
English adhesive Plaster
American Calomel
English do
Grilhth’s adhcs’e Plast’r
Tooth Brushes
Flesh Brushes
Small Tooth Combs
Dressing Combs
Hair Brushes
Acetic Acid
Vial Corks
Sands’ Sarsaparilla ,
India Rhubarb
Pearl Barley
Powdered Galop
Slippery Elm Bark
Wild Cherry 'Free Bark
Dutch Metal
Liquorice Root
Linseed Oil
Croton Oil
Powdered Gum Aiabic
Saln>! Oil
Nail Ilnishcs
Arnntt >
Spanish Float Indigo
Sugar Lead
Palm Soap in bar
Taylor's Balsam of Liv
Saratoga Water
Canary Seed
Hemp do
Spirits Hartshorn
Rice’s Worm Destroy’g
German Cologne
English Blue Mass
Bleached Lamp Oil
Swcedish I veches.
II V VI* \r ('{
14*4111 J \ k Ui/IU *• *-* ‘ ’ “ - - " 7
nj>2fi Chemist ami Cru^Kt. King-street.
1 j her having filled the above named large es- :
tablishmont, with good, pure ICE, from limiting
Creek, respectfully otiers it to customers, and
guarantees a lull supply for the season, at the
lowest rates. Tickets lor sale at my Store, on
Royal street, opposite the New* Market—Where
the l (' E r in note be hud.
ap 19—eolmo. .1X0. LAPHEX.
NOTICE—Wishing to remove nearer to
Washington, the subscriber oilers for sale or
exchange, the highly desirable property, onwhieh i
he resides, and which has recently undergone ex
tensive repairs and improvements. |t is situated
in Fairfax County, V a., in a pleasant and impro\- ,
ing neighborhood, 10 miles from Washington and ;
Alexandria, * miles from Georgetown, and 2 j
miles from the Falls Church. Containing 244 ;
acres and having on it two tenements, it is sus
ceptible of division to suit purchasers. The land
yields to none in this vicinity, in fertility and im
provcability, and has on it a mill seat, which, at
small cosi may be rendered valuable. Sixty
acres are in wood, and a like quantity well set in
Hover and timothy, besides natural meadow.—
The buildings and garden are extensive, and con
tain many requisites for comfort and economy.—
Between four and five hured trees of various and
select kinds have been added to an orchard already
containing choice fruit. The whole tract is en
closed with a good fence. The stock ar d im
plements, and if desirable, the furniture will
be sold with the land. A. B. FAIRFAX.
in .» '• Volirmol I 11 r !
iiu —-/.»•’»* I** — _____ ---L
Doctor r. h. stabler offers Ms ser
vices to the citizens of Alexandria, $nd itj
vicinity. Office on Fairfax street, between King
and Prince. He may be found at J. Leadbea
! tf.k*s on Prince Street, during the night,
i ap 4—eo3t2awlm
land for sale.
rill IE subscriber offers for sale, the tract of
JL Land on which he resides, adjoining the
town of Centrcville, on the Fauquier and Alex
andria Turnpike road, and about twenty-one miles
from the latter place. This tract contains three
hundred and ninety-seven acres, .about 150 o!
which is in wood; it is well watered, ami the
! cleared land is under a good fence. The build
! incr* consist of an excellent frame dwelling house,
1 ami every necessary outbuilding, 'flic land is
; we)] adapted to the growth of w heat and clover,
and. by a judicious system of cultivation, can he
made a very desirable farm. Its situation is re
: rnarkably healthy. Should it be desired, the a
bove tract can be divided into two farms of con
venient size. For terms, be- apply to the sub
Urriber and direct to Centreville, Fairfax Oy.,
i Virginia. WALTER POW.ELL,
i jam 28—eots Fairfax County
[ap 251 WM. KOWf.K & SONS.
I INDEED OIL in barrels,—for sale by
J aP24_A. C. CAZENOVE & Co.
]VEW Orleans molasses.—lobbhf.
ver) prime, just received and for sale by
_ aP 27_ A. J. FLEMING.
Ground alum salt, bnotTTo iuit
purchasers. For sale by
QL ILLS AND ink;—I grocc Stereos and
Kents Blue Inks; 5000 Quills, No. 20, 40
and 50, for sale by Jap 20] JOHN H. GIRD.
UNPOVV DER.—A full supply of Dupont's
VT Brandywine Powder, received per schooner
Orator, [ap 251 A. C. CAZENOV E Co.
Monongalia whiskey.—20 bbisToU
and very fine, just received and for sale bv
| ap 25 KERR & McLEAN.
HEWING TGBA( JC()—10 boxes, asuporior
J article, received to-day, and for saiebv
ap 25 KERR & McLEAN.
I^EATHERS.—500 lbs. prime Tennessee Fea
thers. received this day and for sale by
• ap 25 KERR & McLEAN.
j CODA \\ ATER.—Prepared w irti superior ap
I iO paratus, and flavored with syrups ot the best
| quality, for sale at J. R. PIERPOINT’S,
a-p-22 Drug Store.
I FLOORING BOARDS.—31,000 feet South
Carolina flooring boards; cargo of schooner
Amelia, from Charleston, for sale bv
Liverpool salt afloat.— 1000 bush
els Liveipool Ground Alum Salt, on board
, brig Seaman. For sale by
ap 2(1 A. C. CAZENOVE & Co.
BLANK BOOKS.—An assortment of half
bound Blank Books, Ledgers and Day Books,
; 2, 3 and 4 quires; of good quality, for sale by
ap26 Jtmn h. limu.
SANDS’ SARSAPARI1d \.—A further sup
ply of Sands’ Sarsaparilla,—just received
and for sale at *A ,00 per bottle, or six bottles for
>3. ap23 HENRY COOK Chemists Druggist.
I A LOWER SEEDS.—2UU papers Annual and
. Biennial Flower Seeds, containing many
beautiful varieties, juM received from Landreth's
and for sale, by [4m 23] WM. STABLER & ( o.
( i ARDEN SEEDS.—A full supply of vegotu
I blc Seeds, also Herb and Flower Seeds of
the finest varieties.—received and for sale by
i ap 25 HENRY (X X)K, (Temist & Druggist.
(GROCERIES.—We are selling Groceries,
Jf Bacon, Lard, Sec., ^c., very low for CASH.
■ Country dealers and families will find it to their •
| interest to call. [ap21] R. &W RAMSAY. '
Brown and yeEZoW soap, &c.—iooo .
lbs Dry Yellow Soap; 1U00 lbs Brown ditto;
also, just received 200 doz. fresh eggs, 10 doz.
pair Cotton Socks,—country knit,
ap 20 THOMAS 1)AVEY.
KTIEKRTuTTLoUERS.—1 have this day,
received a handsome assortment of wreaths,
and face Flowers; also, 2 pieces superior quality
Oiled Silk. For sale at the Fancy and Variety
Store of [ap 25} C. C. BERRY.
(COTTON.—Cotton in bales, Cotton Yarns,
J Seine Twine, Cotton Warp, and every de
scription of BRO If .V C OTTLKY HOODS, con
stantly on hand and for sale on favorable terms,
by [ap 2.i| A. C. CAZENOVE &. CO.
J AFLOAT.—2300 Bushels Ground Alum
Salt, the Cargo of Sehr. Perfect, Rich, Master,
from Savannah, for sale by
ap 20 LAMBKRT& McKEXZIE, Union wharf.
OPRINR sVITLY7— 7i\ //. \Vll.LEU has just
lO received an additional stock ol Earthen W are
arid (Tina Glass, which makes his assortment com
plete, and which will be sold at low prices for
cash. None but punctual customers need apply.
Orleans Sugar; 2Q bids ditto; lOdbbls New'
Orleans Molassess; G tierces Sugar House Mo
lasses; 10 bags old White Laguira, Codec,—this
day receiving, and for sale by
i\ 1. Massillon’s Sermons, with a lile ol the Au
thor, a new' edition, complete in one octavo vol
ume, London edition—usual price $3. A few
copies for sale, price *s2, cash, by
1.1 kc.—119 bbls. of New Orleans Molasses,
f\ i. 1. J^ ^tvMinn \. f\ Sb urn j* 1rrc St
aJ mmo* \j i ▼ v i f j/i > ■ * • • ' •- ' o ' ■
Domingo Coffee, f>0 bags Rio Codec.5 bbls. ot
Tanners Oil, 4 casks Unseed ()il, warranted pure;
landing this uav. Fur sale by
ap 25 ' A. C. CAZENOVE & Co.
WLNTmTw GLASS.—Sti Boxes Window ;
Glass, assorted sizes and qualities. A sup
ply constantly on hand, and will be sold low.
Orders received for any size, and forwarded to
the Manufacturers. On hand sizes, from 8x10 to
24x30 inches. [4m 25>—] it- H. MILLER.
'ru:X \\l)!llACAXAL COMPAXY.—‘The
t\ annual general meeting of the .Stockholders
of the Alexandria Canal Company, will he held
on Monday, the first day of May next, at 12 o’
clock, M., in the Council Chamber, in the down
of Alexandria: when the report of the Board of
Directors w/ill he made, and an election for Pre
sident and Directors tor the ensuing year be held,
ap 25— did it- JOHNSTON, Cleric.
3l OXNETSY BON.VZTri !!— \\ c arc now
AJt opening a larg<* asorimentof fashionable
Florence B’d, Shell, Gimp, and Straw Bor.net>.
4 cases Womens’ and MUses white and col\l
Palm Leaf H cods.
5 eases Mens’ and Youths tine and coarse Palm
Leaf Hats. Al-c, *»n asortiru Jit <•( hoy*.’ Leghorn
Hat-, all of which will he sold at a very j mall
advance, by. ap 25 C. M. R F. I VYLQK.
\ y ^c.—China 'iYa .sets, 4fi pieces; Painted do.
32 pieces, Rust’s pa’ent Study Lamps; Retlec- ,
tors do.; Britt mia do.; Printed Stc.iewaro, ioilet j
Sets, (Hass Dishes, covered Dishes, and .Sauce tu
reens, 6 doz. h imte Moulded 1 utnhiers.— just, re
ceivd ande for sale by [ap25} GKO. WHIT L
DRAWING MATLIU \LS.—Newman’s and
Osborne’s superior colors
Monroe’s drawing pencils, assorted
Came! Hair and Sable Brushes
Ivory for Miniatures
Carmine and other ooh rs in cakes !
Bristol board and dm", ing paper. Received
and for sale by [ap 2f5) JOHN If. GIRD, j
4 gricuLtur VL WAREIJOUSL.—The 1
l\~ subscribers ha*e just received, an in\oicc j
of the celebrated I) OliC AS ri.ll 1*1.01 (>HS,
which, with their former stork, renders the. as
sortment complete. Als >. Davis's Plough-, ami
Castings, Harrows, ( ulli\ators, Gai h'nmg Irn
plements, &c., [ap 25] A vj. S FABLER v\. < o.
/\_ (\,\SII _\ndraiPs Pathological Anatomy, :i
vols. Hvo, s2,75, usual price s'1,-’*''; Bell’s \nato- I
mv, *2 vols hvo, 8-RM5, usual price >5: Mutter j
! on’dub Foot —usual price Si,2')— 50 cents;1
Cooper** Surgical Dictionary, 2 vols. in one—a
1 live? dollar hook—on!1. v..i,.>.b 1 or -ale, for ( as.li
i only, by [ap -- >1 BELL & L\ 1 \v ISLK.
I -v . * .. .. mttn .'ll,' i m a_a' I 1
Wi ^ I nrjciua.—a |ii,n.in .u ,u:u
W theoretical Treatise on the Diagnosis, I’a
i thology, and Treatment of msea-es of the Skin,
arranged according to a natutal system ot clas.d
fication, and preceded by an outline of the anat'H
i my and phisiology of tin* Skin, by Erasmus \Y il
; son, Lecturer on Anatomy and FhLiology in the
j Middlesex Hospital School of Medicine. Just
! published, and for sale, price *2, cash, by
r ap26 BELL & ENTWfSLK.
scriber lias just received, a further supply ot
i Sperm Oils, ofdilfercnt kind';. Auk ng tnem, an
! article decidedly of very superior quality, manu
factored from the head of the Sperm VY hale, free
i from all impurities, burns with a clear brilliant
iight, without crusting the wick, and only r5 ets.
! per gaiion CASH. Consumers arc invited to call
| and give the article a trial. Also, SPERM GV7A
i DLES, the best quality, 2* cts. per pound.
| \ S. WILLIS, Temperance i.itccer Oil Dialer
j 26 Fairfax Street.
auction sales.
» ? be sold without reserve, to close sales, on
I Friday 28th inst. at 10 o’clock, at my Auction
Rooms, upstairs, an extensive assortment of Pa
per Hangings and Borders, embracing fine glazed
and common pap^r do., Cloth and common Bor
ders. Terms of sale cash. Dca’cnkand others
wanting wall paper, would do well to attend the
sale, as so good a change will rarely occur, ami
supply themselves at prices to <uit the times.
tejr* Ladies especially are invited to atU :ul t :0
}sa^. [ap22J GEO. WHITE, Au ioncer.
: 1. ' lo-morrow morning, at 8 o’clock,! 'hall soli
i in the Market square, Household and Kitchen
I f urn it lire. A lot ot Seasonable Clothing. Also,
: a second hand Cart, and Gear, ^c. &e.
j ap28 GEO. WHITE.
1 £ jj ROl ND RLN l.—Ac public auction, will
t he sold on tue premises, an annuity of
\EI('*HT\ DOLUiHS, payable on the first day
| of May, in each and every year, secured on the
| lot of ground and frame buildings, situated at the
intersection of Water and Innce streets, in the
town of Alexandria, about 70 lcet on Water and
f>0 feet on Prince street. Terms at sale, which
will take place on Saturday, the 20th day of
April, at 12 o’clock, M. The above is the pro
perty of the Rev. Wells Andrews and Wife, of
Ohio, who will give a good title for the same,
with right of re-entry m case of default inpayment
of said annuity. JOHN C. VOWKLL, Ati'v.
ap 2,—du ' GEO. WHITE, Aucfr.
ITU’RXITrRK SALE.—Will be sold in front
of my Auction Store, on Thursday morning,
: 27th in^t. at 10 o’clock, an extensive assortment
of Household Furniture, consilingin part of Side
boards. Tables, Bureaus, spring-seat Sofa, 2 ex
cellent Beds, hair and shuck Mattresses, cane seat
and common Chairs, wire Sat's, brass Andirons,
Shovel and Tongs, Teabourds and Waitcri, Lock
ing Glasses, &.e. 4ce. [up 21] GKO. WHITE.
• Ltr' Tiu; above sale on account of unfavorable
■weather, is postponed until Monday morning, 1st
May, at same hour. np 23
CHANT.—Thesub-eribcr, having regular
ly (jualtfud for the above business, ofliys bis ser
vices to the public for the sale of Merchandise,
Beal Estate, Household Furniture &.e. \e.; and
promises to use his best exertions to give satis
faction to those those who may entrust him with
their business, ap 22—tf A. J. FLEMING.
PCRLIC SALK.—Pursuant to a decree of tho
Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chance
ry, for the County of Loudoun, made in the case
of Nathaniel S. Oden and others against Samuel
.1. Tebbs, Administrator of Fouchee Tcbbs de
ceased, and the !. irs of said Foimhue '(’ebbs, at
the last term, will be sold, on Tuesday the 13th
day of April next, that valuable / man called TK
CUJISrih which lies in the Count its oil oudoun
and Prince William, on the Bull-run,’adjoining
the lands of George Hancock, Stuart (L Thorn
tori and others. Said farm contains about 341)
/gr;*. Herts <f L'tn i, ha" a good stone 1 louse therc
_ fijt; on, an excellent t>rchard of Apples and
Peach trees, some sixty to eighty acres prim*; bot
tom land ka fair proportion of Timber. When in
good order 1 am informed it was one ot the bc->t
and handsomest firms in that section of the coun
try. 3 he sale w ill be mode on tr** premises at
li o’clock, A. M.
Ti rcn—One third cash, the remainder m two
equal payment-*, atone and two years, trom the
day of sale without interest. The title of the
land to he retained until the whole of the pur
chase mon**y is paid.
mh 13 T. ROGERS, ('rm.nis*ioncr.
»' J/“In consequence of the above sale being
advertised to take place Tuesday, the 13th in
stant, instead of 'fhursd iy the l.’Uh, is \> POST
POX PI) until the IS'/* d-i'j <•/ Ahw, when it will
be made as i.lxne advertised,
ap 17—eots T. ROGERS, Cmflmimon*
Occoquan manufactc rin j com
teen Shares of Occoquan Manufacturing Compa
ny’s Stock, will be offered for sale at Mr. Gcorgo
While’* Auction Rooms, in Alexandria, 1). ('., on
account of whom it may concern, on Monday the
S&th day of May next, at U o’clock, A. M.
ap 124—cotd G. (' GRAMMLR
President of the Pat. Bank of Washington.
1> RKISS, Professor of the Piano. Guitar, and
Jf • Singing, has again commenced, at the re
quest of his friends, to give lessons in Music, and
would be glad to have a few more scholars.—
Terms moderate, to suit the times. Orders to he
left at l). Appich s (AnfecUonary.
ap x*d—eo*dw _
oplknTTiT) TirENTiT“\Ni) Tmerioan
has just received, and is now opening, at his old
stand, four doors west of bth street, Pennsylva
nia avenue, on additional supph of fifteen cases
of French and American Paper Hangings: this,
added to his former stock, makes the collection
more extensive and complete than on any iormer
occasion ; all of which was bought for cash at the
lowest prices, and will be sold at a very small ad
vance, for cash, or to punctual < u>toniers. i ho
assortment comprises every at tide in the one of
Paper Hanging, from the cheapest t • enty cent A
merican, to the richest i ari-i i'i and f resco papers.
S.'P. F. has ah-> on baud, and continues to
superior as-ortment of’ 'IV in parent Paint
i.l, Sltisli'i, and Linen Window Shades, very
cheap. Venetian and other W indow Blinds, Fire*
boaid Prints, Borders, etc.
Washington, ap xV>—euilw
^ T ()TI< 'E.—At the Lim • of rnv a< eepting the
agency <d Mr. F. (\ Horwell, (on hi- reuo*
val from town,) ! considered the li-t of debtors
p:\ s« nte«! to me, to lag in general, as good as any
merchant in town could m ml out, and Puttered
rnv self there would he no necc-sity for coercive
measures in the collection of the same, -hut as
unpleasant such a step would b< to me, I shall
be compelled to report to .t after t!*: ‘doth of the
present month, with delinquents after that dat<;.
apIS—d3t&eodlw ISAAC ROBBINS.
\m ILL1NERY.—MRS HILLS will this day,
iVfl. open her second supply of Spring Milline
ry, consisting of—
Sup. Shell Bonnets, Sup. Wave k Imperial
do. Shell k Imperial, Bonnets,
do. Fancy Pedal, do. Gimp and Pedal,
do. Shell & Albert, do. French ( hip,
do. Fancy Oriental, do. '/epherine,
do. Oriental & Imp'l, do. Lawn,
do. Ladies.:*. Child 'ns L)cv m .
Ribbons, Flower-, Gimps for edges, ( urN, and
a var iety of other arti les her line, all of which
will be sold as low’«i- the lowest. Old stork will
he sold without reference t(> cost, at the I ancy
Store of Jo-iah l». jf i!!-. ap 21—eo3t
H 2 (’ampbcIPi edition of the (iip-ics in Spam,
price 31 c« nts: <’rimpbcll’s edilion of the Neigh
bors, .31 cents; Fox's Book of Martyr*, 15 cent>
per number; Euerctia 1 )a\bison, .>0 cents; Coo;
(r’>Ifeidenmain r, 2 vols. 50 eon!-; t o pet’s Pi
lot, 2 vols 50c.nts Irving’s Rocky .Mountain*,
: 25 cents per vol; Euui.eeiol Greaves, 2.# cents,
Jonathan Wild, 25 cents; Murray's Kncyon.pcdia %
I of Geography, N i*. 5, price 2> cent-; Eulwei s
j Pilgrims of th^Rhinc, 12’.cents; 11 aider's spten
! did Shakspcare, No. 3,25 cent-: Martin Ohuzzlo
! wit, No. i, m the Extra New World, 12* cents.
| For sale by [ap%]_ BELL iw EN I'WISLE^
XT 01 ICE. The -ubscriber hav ing undertaken
i_N the Conjieriu^ Inisintss. on Ins own account,
in the old Maud, on Fnion street, lonneriy occu
i pied by hi* father, hopes, by -trim attention to
business, to merit a share of the public patronage.
1 —He I' prepared to execute ail order* u>i wu» ♦
! and hopes that the old friends ot h;* lather w :U
I give him a call. , . ... .
For sale now% belonging to hi€ Motiier, at the
Shop—700 Fish barrel*
100 Flour do
(I FiaXsctd easitS. rur sale by
Executed. af Mi€ Gazette Ofnc* v,f lb* \

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