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< · —
Mr. Webstkkn—The resignation of Mr. Web
iter as Secretary of State, and his return, for the j
present, to private life, has been the signal for .
several demonstrations on the part cf his friends, !
which we feel bound to notice.
Mr. Webster's commanding and unquestioned
talents, his situation, the influence he has acquir
ed inconsequence of his ability, and his previous
services, all combine to make his political atti
tude of great importance.
It will be seen, from an article copied in ano
ther part of to-day's paper, that some of his
friends have forthwith nominated him as a candi
date for the Presidentship. One surmise is,
and not an improbable one ! that he will ultimate
ly take ground in favor of Mr. Calhoun ! Another
is, that he will continue so to act as to advance
Mr. Tyler's prospects. And, another is, that he
will boldly throw himself again into the arn:s of
the VYhigs, and ultimately stand by their candi
date and their principles.
All these suppositions, and others that might be
mentioned, have been talked about and discussed.
But, it is lomewhat remarkable, that, however
men may differ as to theni, all s^em to ajree that
it is Mr. Webster's present intention to operate a
gainst a nomination of „Vr. Chy now, and espe
cially that his interference, to accomplish 3uch a
result, will be mad· manifest in Massachusetts,
at an early day, and through the Whig State Con
vention that is shortiy to assemble in that Com
mon wealth.
!♦ «· nrr»r»Ap for thU rn.itter tn in understood at
— t 1
oncc, anil throughout tho country If injustice
has been done to Mr. Webster, it is time that he
should be placed rcctus in curia.
The Whigs of Massachusetts, wc hone and
trust, will remember, that much of firmness, of
decision, and of energy, is expected from them,
and that they ou^ht to permit no man, however
great a favorite, to tamper with their political in
tegrity. 1 he friends of Henry Clay—the Whigs
of the Union—who have alone, hitherto, sustained
Mr. Webster against the most violent and vindic
tive assaults of his enemies—nevertheless, do not
court his alliance, or fear his open opposition.—
All they want is for him to act as they think he
ought to act, openly, fairly, and honorably We
shall recur to this subject again, as circumstances
may seem to require.
The Superior Court of Fairfax County, com
menced its May Term yesterday—Judge Field
presiding, during the temporary absence of Judge
We are iudebted to the New Orleans Tropic
for an extra containing the official account of the
late fight between ihe Texan and Mexican squad
rons ofT Campeachy. The Texan fleet were at
Campcachy, and it was stated that Commodore
Moore would probably attack the Mexican licet
on the night when the Octavia le!1!.
Various commercial and statistical articles of
interest will be found under the Commercial head,
in to-day's paper.
The Convention of the Protestant Episcopal
Church of Virginia, which recently assembled at
Richmond, adjourned on Saturday last. There
was a very large attendance both of clerical and
Uy-delegates, and of visitors. The next meeting
of the Convention will bo held at Lynchburg.
w Ο
A brilliant ball was given on board the United
States ship Pennsylvania, at Norfolk, on Wed
nesday evening la^t, by Captain and Mrs. Zant
JOHN Κ. rtTF.KS, jr. nus oeun appomieu uj uic
American Institute to proceed to China with mod
els of American ingenuity. He is to go under the
auspices of the American Embassy to the Celes
tial Empire.
The citizens of Washington gave the officers
of the U. S. steamer Missouri a splendid com
plimentary ball last evening, 4as a manifestation
of the sense entertained of the polite attention
paid them by the officers of the Missouri."
The "White Sulphur Springs in Frederick, Ya.,
arc now accessible by railroad, being only one
mile distant from Stephenson's Depot, on the
Winchester and Baltimore ïîailroad.
Goods that were brought by the Caledonia,were
celling in Boston at retail at 2\ o'clock on Satur
day afternoon. These same goods ^ere in Glas
gow, Scotland, on the 2d inst Î The Caledonia
arrived at East Boston at about G o'clock in the
The Caledonia brought out a large amount cf
speeic, $959,561 of which ha\e been entered at the
Boston Custom House.
We learn from the Boston .Mercantile Journal
that a number of the friends of Mr. Webster in
that city, are to hold a meeting on Friday eve
ning, "for the purpose of adopting measures to
extend to him a welcome on his return, and to
express their appreciation of his charact ?r and
The Boston papers contain a list ot the t- es
pies elected to represent that city in the gran
Whig Convention at Worcester. It consi>ts <>
one hundred and sixty names, embracing some
the old Bay Stated best and most distinguish^
meu. Nathan Appleton, James T· Austin, Thos.
C. Amor?, Jonathan Chapman, Rufus Choatc,
Abbott Lawrence, and indeed ever) name in t îe
catalogue affords sufficient guaranty of the *n*e ι
ligence, virtue, and patriotism which Boston wi ^
carry into the Convention, and of the spirit whic ι
will characterize its proceedings.
An American fishing schr., the Washington, j
was seized on the 10th instant, oif Annapolis, N.
S., for an alleged violation of the treaty in re
gard to the right of fishing vessels.
Business atCincissati.— The li ^et ot t.ie
17th instant says:—"The protracted Spii^g wea .
ther, with the frequent recurrence of hca\ > rains, (
has kept up the River, and ailords a prospect of ;
continued navigation throughout the season. The ,
steamboat business has been unusually brisk, and ,
the shipments of producc largo. An active busi
ness is also doing in.the way of sales ol goods to
country merchants, who purchu.se for cash or
short cred it." _
Mission· to China.—The Washington certes- j
jondeut of the Philadelphia Mercury says : k*Mr.
Cushing, whatever may be said by some ol the
papers, w\\l take the overland route to Singapore,
which will enable hira to pass several months in
Europe, before the arrival of the squadron, so as >
to become thoroughly acquainted with the dispo-},
•ition of Franee and the other powers of the Con- ·
tinent with regard to the Celestial Empire.—
France has already despatched a Commisioner to
Canton, or is on the point of sending one, and it is
pr<, per that Mr. Cushing should know what de- ι
mands will be made upon the Emperor, in order
to obtain at least as much, if not more, than is
granted to other nations."
Tus Mackenzie Case.—This is a case, says
the Philadelphia Chronicle, in which a commis
sion was issued from the Supreme Court of New
Vork, to take the testimony of Captain Gwynn,
and Commodore Read, of this city, who eat on
the late Court Martial on Commander Macken
zie, in relation to the vote of the Court Martial.
These gentlemen refused to testify, upon which ;
the matter was brought before the Court of Com
mon Pleas, and a full argument heard on it.
On Saturday morn ing, Judge King delivered
his opinion upon the matter, and stated, that
the answers ought to be made, but that the case
should lay over for one week, for the purpose of
giving the parties interested, time to have the Com
mission vacated, if, as it is alleged, the commission
j is irregular or illegal. If not vacated, 111© an
swers to the letters interrogatory must be given.
The (J. S. schooner Grampus left Hampton
Roads for a southern cruise about two months
since, and lias bsen heard of but once.
i Tho New Vork Journal of Commerce sayi
that the story of the sinking of the Grand Cay
man Island by an earthquake is without founda
The Maison Rouge Property, La.—A new
1 ·
and most dangerous competitor for this immense
estate has recently been urging her claims in the
courts of Louisiana. This is the estate unsuc
cessfully claimed by Major General Gaines. The
present claimant is Margaret Maison Rouue, as
daughter and heiress to the late Marquis, and as
yet the preliminary portion of the case has only
been reached by the Court. The Ouachita Cou
rier says : "The question determined by the
Court at this time does not go the length of es
tablishing the right of the plaintiff to the proper
ty of the late Marquis, but clearly establishes
her ri^ht to be considered as the legitimate daugh
ter and heiress at law cf the deceased, leaving j
for future investigation all the various questions
of title to particular estates, whether by purchase,
inheritance, or prescription."
1843. Sun Sun !
MAY. 'rlvs.'i sets. Moon's Phases.
24 Wednesday. 4 45 7 11 f*· 11 ·
25 Thursdav... 4 44 7 11 New. m :.9 1 48 m
lae Friday.:... 4 43 7 12 Φ\£ <> 29 f
27 Saturday... 4 43 7 13 }' u^· · · ~ £ M
Sunday.... 4 47 7 13 Last qr. 19 3 ~ > a
29 Monday.... 4 46 7 14 High Water:
30 Tuesday.... 4 45 7 15 May 24—3h. 39m.
London April 13
Liverpool April 19
Havre April 3
Rio de Janeiro.Mar 18
Canton Feb. 1
Ν Orleans... May 16;
Arrived, Mav 22.
British sehr. Gen. Grant, Rowlings, Bermuda,
ballast to Masters Co.
Packet sehr. Repeater, Travers, to Lambert &
McKenzie, and freight for the District.
Sailed, May 22.
Brig Emeline, Hughes, to load below for Bos-1
ton, with timber.
Sehr Paragon, Wahab, Washington, N. C.
Swedish Brig, Kron Princessan, Schlor, from
j this por», at Ueheot, 29th April.
Sehr. Coral, Welsby, from Thomaston, for this ;
port, at Portsmouth 16th inst.
Sehr. Planet, Robinson, from this port, at Bath, 1
16th inst.
SutpwRVfk·.—The srhr. Ar?o. Russell Snow.
! master, sailed from Alexandria, D. C\, for Barba- '
does, on the 9th of May, with a cargo of peas,
corn and lumber. 11th, lat. 35 38, long. 72 47, at j
: 5 Γ. M., while in the act of shortening sail, was
struck by a sudden squall of wind, which knocked
h&r c:; her beam end?, when she instantly filled
The watch below had barely time to get on deck, '
! nearly naked, and with much difficulty succeeded !
in cutting the bout lashings, and freeing lier ,
; from water by hauling heron the weather side of \
ι the schooner. We picked up one oar and a buck- 1
I ct, bv the help of which we saved a small cask of j
water, and a barrel of bread saturated with salt
water, and the boat's sail, ur.d left the vessel at i
I sun set. At that lime about two feet of her star- 1
ι board bilge was above water. We hoisted our
. sail and stood to the northward ; throughout the
ni.^ht had fresh breezes, with showers of rain and j
a heavy swell from the eastward, and found it |
difficult to keep the buat afloat by one man con- 1
tinually bailing. llo*e part of the bread and wa
ter over to lighten her. At 8 o'clock fell in with
* the British schr. Amity, Captain Harris, from
! Laguna, bound to Cork, who kindly took us on
j board and furnished us with dry clothes, and paid
us every attention our desolate situation requir
! cd. 16th, fell in with the ship Waverly, Snow,
from Havre, for New York, who took us on board,
j to whose generous and gentlemanly treatment,
himself and officers, Capt. Snow shall ever con
sider himself under the greatest obligation.
IN COUNCIL, May 17th, IS 13.
Resolved, That Lhe Council will sit as a Court
j of Appeals, to hear appeals from the decisions of
, the Assessors, on the Jilth, 13th, and 14th days of
June next, from 10 o'clock, A. M., until 1 o'
clock P. M.—arid that the Clerk give public no
tice thereof. Teste: R. JOHNSTON, C. C.
my 24—eoGt
VMT> HAT Tl \10R 15 —Ssiifiintnii .Mm
27th.—The Line schooner REPEJTElï,
Travers, master, will sail on her regular day.
For freight, apply to the master, or to
my 24—4t Union Wharf.
HAMS.—3000 ibs. Ham Bacon, averaging 10J
lbs., for sale by THOMAS BURNS,
my 24 Coiner Prince and Fairfax streets.
f jiftESH SALAD OIL.—Fresh Bordeaux Oil
of best quality for sale at
my 24 HENRY COOK'S Drug Store_.
LAMP OIL.—Bleached Sperm Oil, of very
best quality, for sale at 65 cents per gallon,
cash or to punctual customers, for saie at
my 24 HENRY COOK'S Dru? Store.
IriOR KENT.—The Goose Bay Fisheries, late
ly fished by Messrs. Watson À Farrell, Shinn
& Guy. Apply to CLAGETT & PAGE,
my 24—colm
FOR RENT.—The Office on Fairfax
Street, recently occupied by F. L. Smith,
_ q. Also, the House on Prince Street, opposite
the Alexandria Gazette Office, now, thoroughly
repaired, will rented a§ a dwelling, or as two
offices, low to good tenants. Enquire of
my 24—tf B. WHEAT & SONS.
SALAD OIL.—Fresh Salad Oil, of superior
quality, just received, and for sale at
my 23 J. R. PIER POINT'S, Drug Store.
SANGER'S MUSTARD.—10 boxes contain
ing 12 lbs. each, assorted cannisters, just re
ceived and for sale by t
my 23 A. J. FLEMING.
SAND S SARSAPARILLA.—a fresh supply
of Sand's Sarsaparilla, just received, and for
iale at $1 per bottle, or 6 bottles for $5, at,
my 93 J. R. PIERPOINT'S Druggist.
Messrs. BoTTdfew Jones.—This contest is in
regular course, am the results of scrutiny are e
ren more favorable to Mr. Botts than he had an
ticipated. Mr. Botts yesterday served Mr. Jones
with notice of contest, and & list of270 odd names
objected to.—Rich. Whig.
The Episcopax Convention.—The Convention
terminated its labors on Sunday night. The
great multitude of strangers is dispersed, and our
streets have already resumed their still life and
their listless tranquility. Tgbe five days of the
Convention pi«senied a mosïanimated spectacle.
The exercises of the Church commenced every
morning at 6 o'clock, and continued in most of
the Churches in the forenoon, evening and night
—bringing out several of the strongest men and
best preachers of the Episcopal Convention. On
Sunday morning, at 6. A. M., the solemn rite of
Confirmation waa admjnistered by Bishop Meade
to about 25 persons, and notwithstanding the
early hour, the Church was crowded in every
quarter with an at attentive audience. The con
couse in the same Church in the midday service
was very imposing. Mr. Slaughter commenced
an eloquent address, but before he had completed
one-third, he was forced by a severe attack of in
disposition to desist. It was, however, conclud- i
ed at St. Jarae's the same afternoon. The num- !
ber of communicants (several hundreds) was so i
great, as to require more than two hours to ad
minister the sacrement.
In the course of the Sabbath, the four Episco
pal Churches were opened, and sermons were de
livered in the forenoon and night. It is delight-. !
(ul to see the courtesy and liberality which ani
mated the Presbyterians, Baptists and Methodists,
in throwing open their churches to the Episcopa- j
lians, who freely availed themselves of their of- |
ftrs, to fill their pulpits. In some cases the ofli- i
ciating ministers would wait on their Episcopal
substitutes, to conduct them to their churches and
introduce them into their pulpits. This is a spec- !
tacle of christian feeling, which reflects great
honor upon the religious institutions of our coun- j
The final scene approached, nnd the Monu- '
mental Church is crowded, for the last time, on
Sunday nignt, by a aenseanu anxious muuuuue. n
was the most crowded congregation we have ever j
seen in the Church. Some have estimated the 1
number at near 2,000. So many voices joined in
the music, that the noise of the organ was drown
ed in the melody. The evening service was well
read by the Rev. Mr. Beall of Norfolk, and the
valedictory discourse was pionounced by Bishop
Johns, without a MS. or note before him. It was
an extraordinary effort, and it had all the clear
ness, tiuency, elegance,and condensation of a writ
ten composition, with all the force and eloquence
of a spoken speech. The text was those remarka- j
ble and appropriate words, from the latter clause
of the 4th verse, and 17th chapter of St. John's :
"I have finished the work which thou gavest me
to do." He sustained his distinguished reputation
as a pulpit orator, and all went away filled with
admiration for his talents, and love for h's vir- ,
tucs. He left the final appeal to be made by
Bishop Meade, who delivered himself with great
feeling, and calling the Ministers around him,
gave them his last charge, and bid them an af
fectionate farewell. Yesterday morning the
different lines of communications carried off a
large proportion ol" strangers, and this morning
our streets are trodden by but few pilgrims to
the Convention.—Richmond Enquirer.
A public meeting of the Democratic party will
be held at June Court next, in the Courthouse at
Warrenton, to take into consideration the propri
ety of holding a National Convention to nominate
candidates for the Presidency and Vice Presiden
cy ; and of proposing the time when the Convention
shall assemble, and the best mode of selecting Dele
gates to the Convention. Other matters connec
ted with tUh important subjcct will be brought
before the meeting, and full a attendance of mem
hen of the party is earnestly requested.— Warren
ton Flag of '93.
Mount vernon races.—second
Μ Ε ET I KG y Spring 1343.—The races over
{lie Mount Vernon Course, near Alexandria, will
commence on Wednesday, the 31st of May, 1843,
and continue FOUR days.
First day—Wednesday.—1st race, Jocky Club
purse $10.0, free for all ages, mile heats. Second
race, same day, mile heats, for a saddle of the
value of $40, free for saddle horses only.
Second day—Thursday.—Jocky UluDpurse $1J!»,
free lor all ages, mile heals, host 3 in L. Second
race same day, Booth Keepers1 Purse, one mile
out, for saddle horses only.
Third day—Friday.—Jocky Club Purse $-00,
free Tor all ages; two mile heats.
Fourth day—Saturday.— Proprietor's purse *>300,
three mile heats, free for all ages, the second
best horse to receive 15 per cent, in all cases.
\VM. MER S HON, Proprietor.
The second meeting is given in consequence of
the late spring season, and a prospect too, of fine
sport. Maj. Dos well's stable, Col. Thompson's,
Col. Johnson's, Col. Kendall's, Mr. Dorbaker's,
Loudoun Stagers' and others will attend the meet
ing. Good sport maybe expected every day, and
particularly the 3 mile day; as I am fully author
ized to say, that Sarah Washington, Prior, Blue
Diclc and Hector Bell, will come together the
last race, 3 mile heats. The course will be in
complete order. [my 24—td] W. M.
Alexandria Lottery,—Extra Class No. 122,
i v> oeUi mined by the drawing of the
Mil. ConsolM. Ly,—Class L,
To be drawn in Baltimore,
on Wednesday, May 24th,
100 Prizes of 1000.
Ί ickets $10—shares in proportion
For sale in great variety by JNO. CORSE.
Drawn Nos. of the Alcx'a Ly.—Extra Class 120.
4 74 2(i 56 35 3 1 33 75 49 4* 52.
Alexandria Lottery.—Extra Class 122,
To be determined by the drawing of the Mary
land Consolidated Lottery—Class L,
To be drawn at Bait, on Wednesday May 24th.
100 Prizes of 1000.
Tickets $10— shares in proportion. !
For sale in great variety, by EDW. SHEKHY.
IMPORTED SEGAKS.-Genuine Principe, Kc
galia and Havana Segars, of various qualities
and prices, just received, and for sale at*
my 23 J Ji. PIERPOINT'S, Drug Store.
COTTON GOODS.—Cotton balls and wick- j
ing in small bales; Cotton seine twine; Carpet
warp; Yarns oi all numbers. Always on hand, fur ,
sale by [my 23] A. C. CAZENOVE k Go.
Γ Gardener's Assistant containing a catalogue :
of Garden and Flower Seeds, with practical di- I
rections under each head, for the cultivation of !
culinary vegetables and Flowers. Also, direc- !
tions for cultivating Fruit Trees, the Grape Vine ι
&.c. &c., to which i* added a calendar, showing
the wo k necessary ίο be done in the various
departments of Gardening in every month of the ;
year, by T. Bridgeman, 8th edition, improved I
and enlarged. For sale, price §1,25, by
my 22 BELL k ENTW1SLE.
THE present engagement of a lady of experi
ence as a Teacher, will expire in the Sum
ner, and it is desired to obtain a situation for her
u a Seminary for Young Ladies, or in a private
iamily. T1 e lady instructs in all the branches of
in accomplished English education. For address
ipply at this office. a ρ 27—2aw26M
WilyL BE SOLD.—On Thursday, the
iîiif 25th inst at 12 o'clock, if not previously
isposed of at private sale, that desirable house
md lot now occupied by the subscriber, situated
it the northwest corner of King and Wishing
on streets. Terms made known at time of sale,
my 2—co3wdlw JOHN GRUBB. j
It^The above sale is postponed until further (
iotice my 24—3t ι
of the Disasters in Afghanistan, 1S41 and
842, bv Lad ν Sale, price 16 cents. For sale bv
mv 22 * BELL & ENTWISLE. "
The sloop MJIRY, Capt. Scott, burthen
about 400 bbls. under deck; will take freight for
any port within the bay, or the Capes of Dela
ware. Apply to th e captain on board, or to
may 18 A. C. CAZENOfVE &. Co.
LOAF4SUGAR.—5 boxes Loaf Sugar, superi
or quality; 40 sacks blown Sait. Just re
ceived by [my 22] R. & W. RAMSAY.
FAMILY FLOUR.—20.barrels family Flour,
just received bv
my 22 * R. &. W. RAMSAY.
HERRINGS.—A few barrels Herring, head
ed and gilled—also, a few barrels of Gross
Herring in good order.
SHORTS.—Arrived and ready fcr delivery
this morning, 1000 bushs. Brandy wine Shorts
in lots to suit purchasers, at A. C. Cazenove
& Co.*s wharf. [my 17] THOS. DAVKY.
SHORTS.—4000 bush Shorts, now landing
from Schr. Dorchester, from Richmond, and
for sale, bv POWELL & MARBURY.
my 17
FAMILY SECRETS,—a scries of Temper
ance Talcs, by Mrs. Ellis, author of the
"Wives of England," &c., in two vol., pricc 50
cents, just published, and for sale by
Harris on the maxillary sinus.
Dissertation on the Diseases of the Maxil
lary Sinus, read before the American Society of
Dental Surgeons in Boston, July 20, 1942, by
Chapin A. Harris, M. D. D.; D. D. L.; just pub
lished, and for sale, price $l,3Ti, by
COMPANY, are notified to attend a regular
Quarterly Meeting cf the Corapauy, on (this,,)
Monday evening, 22nd inst., at 8 oclock.
Engine worked at 5 o'clock,
my 22 L. MARBURY, Jr., Secretary
rative of a Governess, by Frederika Bremer,
author of the Neighbors; and the H. FAMILY,
by the same authur; each 25 ccnts; just published
and for sale by BELL & ENTWISLE.
my 22
Congress, exhibiting a classification of the
Proceedings of the Senate and the House of Rep
resentatives, from March 4, 1789, to March 4,
1793, embracing the term of General Washing
ton's Administration; just published, and for sale,
price §1,75, by [my 25] BELL & ENTWISLE.
SERVANT FOR HIRE.—Λ person having no
immediate use for his dining room servant,
wishes to hire him for a few months. This ser
vant has l<,ng been accustomed to the duties of a
dining room, and is also a first rate carriage dri
ver. Enquire at this office. my 20—d2w
OIL.—Best Bordeaux, in baskets of 12 bottles;
' Spermaeiti, Winter,Fall and Spring strained
and clerified, in tierces and barrels; Linseed in
barrels warranted of best quality; Elephant's, do
Whale, do. For sale by
my 23 _ A. C. CAZENOVE & Co.
lias this day received the following articles:
Calomel Hydro suUin^ed, Acetic Acid, Distilled j
Vinegar, Adhesive Plaster, Oil of Vitrol, Balm of j
Columbia, Jayne's Hair Tonic, E. J. Senna, Kia- ;
der's Indcllible Ink, £ce. my 23 I
ses, Shell Side Combs, from 12.J to 50 cts. 1
per pair, ehiidrens Leather Belts, Oiled Silk, a
few Carpet Brooms, made expressly for the pur
pose, Manilla and Sheep Skin Doer Matts, a fc\v |
setts common Table Matts, 25 cts. per sett, India !
Cup Matts, kc. For sale low at J. B. HILL'S
Fancy Emporium, Kinp; street. my 23
HEAP SUGARS.—Coarse brown Sugar, 20
J and ^ lbs for $1
Bright and dry Ν. O. do. 10 lbs for $I
Superior light Porto Rico do 12 lbs for ^1
No 1 Single Loaf do 12J cts per lb
"2 do do 11 cts per lb
Best double refined do snow white 14 cts per lb
Also, 2 cases fresh Salad Oil. For sale bv
my 22 A. S. WILLIS.
1J 3000 lbs. Hoground Bacon
1500 lbs. superior family llams, weighing 8 to
12 lbs each
1500 lbs. Sugar cured and cased family Shoul
ders, 8 to 12 lbs. each
1000 lbs. leaf lard, very white and sweet
500 galls, best bleached and unblcached sperm
oil, very low
400galls. be=t pickling Vinegar For sale by
iny 23 A. S. WILLIS, Fairfax Street.
BOLTING CLOTHS.—The subscriber has
received an additional supply of the super
fine grade Bolting Cloth from the celebrated Ger
man Anchor Factory, and warrante:! superior.
He has also en hand a full assortment of the
coarser and medium numbers. All of which he
will dispose of at the lui?c?t Northern rales.
my *22—eo3t of the firm ofEaches&McCormick.
7* A LU ABLE LOT FOR SALE.-1 will sell,
for cash or on a credit for well secured pa
per, my loi of ground, containing fourteen acres,
situated on the west side of the Washington road,
adjoining the Race Course. This property is
so well known, that a particular description is
deemed unneccesary. \pply to R. Johnston, cr
to [may 19—eo3t] JOHN. T. MAN Κ IN.
EDMUND I. LEE has associated with him in
I the practice of the Law, his son CI MR LES
II. LEE. One of them will attend the Courts of ι
Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, \a. fT^Ofhce
on Royal street, over the new market house,
my 19—eo3w [Nat. Int. aaw2w]
NOTICE.—All persons indebted to the late
Col. John Stuart of King George Cy., Va.,
arc requested immediately to come forward and
settle with the Administrator, or legal steps will
be taken to compel them, as he is determined, as
quickly as possible, to close his administration ; |
and all persons who have claims against him, are j
also desired to present the same, properly vouch- ;
ed, that they also may be speedily settled, and in ;
every case of failure to do so, in duo time, this j
notice will be plead in bar of such claim.
Administrator with the will annexed.
King George Cy., Va.a May 13—wGw
Beds, mattrasses, furniture, &c.
wSl. H. MUIR respectfully informs the j
public that he keeps constantly on hand, or will j
make to order, at his establishment, on Kins I
Street, Feather beds, Bolsters and Pillows* of ·
best quality, Curled Hair, Moss, Cotton and Shuck |
Mattrasses and Cushions, Sofas, Tables, Chairs, ;
Bedsteads, Cots, &c. Feathers in lots to suit pur- !
chascrs, all of which will be sold low for cash, or
to punctual customers. Also, Curtains cut and
hung. Carpets made, Sofas, Mattrasses, Ciishings
ice, re-stuired and covered. [ap 29—lawfliw
LAND FOR SALÉ.—The subscribers are ,
authorized to sell at private sale, a Farm (
containing upwards of Two Hundred Acrcs, situ
ated about two miles west of Fairfax Court ι
House, and binding on the Little River Turnpike.
Said Farm is a part of the Carter Tract, and the j
greater part is heavy timber. To persons dis- ' j
posed to engage in the Coopering business, or who j
iesire a fresii Farm, yill do well to examine the j j
ibove. The terms will be made accommodating. ' j
For further particulars address
Fairfax Co. ap 18-1 aw5t H. W. THOMAS.
Henry f. Zimmerman, would infunn, ι
his old customers that he still continues J
ocarry on the UPHOLSTERLYJ *IVD CAB!- !
ΥΕΤ ΜΛΚΙλΌ BUSINESS at his old stand on \
\ing, between Columbus &. Alfred sts. recently i -
>ccupied by Ivoones & Zimmerman, where he
las on hand a good assortment of Furniture, s
vhich he will sell at very low prices. Ho will
dso, make any article in his line to order, which j
le will warrant to be of superior quality. r
my 23 — eo.7t
NEW GOODS.—We have opened our supply
of S PR IXG GOODS, which is very
large, and will be sold at very low prices.—·
In our Assortment xcill be found : ,
Blue-black and other Cloths; Nankeens,
Gambroons, white and brown Drillings,
French Linens, plain & twilled Summer Cloths
Super black and invisible green Drap d'Eté for
summer coats
Erminetts, Thibet Cloth, and other goods for !
gentlcmens* and boys'.summer wear
Marseilles, Valencia, Satin & figM silk Vest'g j
Irish Linens, very cheap and large variety
Brown Hollands, Long Lawns
Linen and Linen Cambrirk hdkfs
Silk pocket hdkfs, black lustring cravats
Stimmer Stocks,blue-black and-other figM silks
Italian Lustrings, Gros Dp Rhine
Blue-black Silk, white and black silk hosiery, !
ribbed and plain
Handsome assortment of Lawns French & Engh j
Alpine Muslins, Manchester Ginghams
Prints, very cheap and large stc.cfc
Bleached Lone; Cloths, several cases, very low
Cambric and Furniture Dimity
Checked Cambrics and Muslins
Jaconet and other Cambrics
French Dimity, Dimity Bands
Silk handkerchiefs and scarfs
Very superior French kid Gloves for ladies
Thread Laces and Edgiugs, very rich and cheap
Blue-black veil Crape ' j
Gentlemens'superb Bordeaux linen camb. hdkfs j
Oil Cloths for tables
Table Diaper* aad Damask table cloths
§ and ^ Damask Napkins
Russia Diapers, Crash, col'd Cambrics
Silesias, Checks, Bed-ticks, Parasols
Sun Shades and Umbrellas, silk and coticm
Several bales of heavy Canvass, Burlaps
4-4 and f Linens, super Sackings
Osnaburg Cottons, all widths and qualities of
Sheetings and Shirtings, with many other arti
cles not named, making their assortment very
complete [my 19] WM. GREGORY & Co.
received a further supply of most desirable goods,
consisting of
Organdinc Mouselines and a beautiful assort
ment of Lawns
111 l-rnpinr.a «-» ♦ 1 S nfi! nnd 11 nuro l'/l J
Λ large assortment of light colored Chintzes
Sup. Gauze and Welsh Flannels
Sup. Black DrapM ete. for Gentlemen's wear
Sup. Black Summer Cloths at 37J and upwards
Ladies Paris Kid Gloves at 37f and upwards
Twisted Silk and Ρi 11 ct Gloves and Mitts
Black and White Silk Hose and half Hose
Grass Cloth and Marseilles Skirts
Furniture Checks and Plaids
5 pieces Invisible Green and Black Cloths very
cheap,together with a beautiful assortm't of
I.inen Drillings, plain and fancy for Gent's wear
Embroidered and plain Silk and Mouslin Shawls
White, mixed and colored Hoseand half Iiose,
a large assortment
White, black and colored Fillet Veils ; also, a
splendid assortment of Bonnet and Cap Ribbons
which will be sold very cheap, for cash,
my 18—dtf
N-^TC^ CASH STORE.—The sub
scriber having taken the Store, on South
side King street, just above the Marshall House
Hotel and directly opposite the insurance Ofliee,
has received direct from New York and Philadel
phia, and is now opening a large, and desirable
assortment of SEASONABLE GOODS, consist
ing of: Blue, Black, Brown, Inv Green and Cadet
mixed Cloths
Blue and Black Cassimercs
A handsome assortment of new style fancy, Lon
don and French Cassimcres, suitable for t^e
A large assortment of Blue, Black, and fancy
Fig\l and plain Silk, Satin, &. Marseilles Ycstings
Red, white, and yellow, Flannels
White and unbleached Canton do.
Sup. plain and fancy Linen Drillings, a new ar
Fancy stripe and plain Gambroons
Blue and fancy cols. Jeans, yellow Nankeens
Kentucky Jeans, from 25 to 50 cents
Genoa cord and Bcvertcens
Mixt Chambrys, Cotton Camblets &. Cantonades |
A large assortment for children's wear
Domestic, Manchester and Ear lston Ginghams
Tickings, Chocks and Plaids
Bleached and brown sheetings and shirtings
7-4 and 8-4 brown ar.d damask Table Linen
G-1,7-1 and 8-4 Cotton Table Diaper, from 1(>J J
Russia Sheetings, Diapar and Crash
Black and brown Hollands
Red and blue borM Towelling—a new article
Fancy bor'd Grass and Huckaback do.
Scotch Diaper for Towelling
Sup. 5-8 and 3-4 damask Napkins
Birdscye diaper ;
Λ largo assortment of Irish Linens and Lawns 1
Lawns, Cotton and Linen Osnaburgs
Mariners Shirting, plain and plaid Linscys
f>-4, G-l and 12-1 bleached Sheetings
Buckrams, Canvass and Paddings
Mous!in de Laines assorted, Crape Sondons
Mosaic Lustres a new article, Balzorines. and
A large assortment of fancy arid chintz Prints
Bombazines, Alpacha Lucres and Silk Serge I
White and colored Florences
Furniture Prints, coPd Cambrics & Paper Muslias 1
Silccias, bl'k Lyons Silk, and bl'k Tabby Velvets
Lndies fancy Silk Hdkfs. and Cravats
Plain and rich cmb'd Mouslindc Laine Shawls
" " Satin bord do do
8-JChene Cashmere ci ο
8-4 Spun Silk do
ti-4 bl'k k col'd Thibet Merino do
Ilcm'd stitched and Linen Cambric Ilhdfs.
Bl'k and white Crape, Linen Cambric
Bl'k Fillet Veils, Bonnet Lawns
Bonnet, Cap, Satin, and Mantau Ribbons
Plain and cross bar'd Jackonctts and Cambrics
Plain and fig'd Swiss Muslins and Drapery
Bishop Lawns and B)ok .Muslins
Black and white Bobbinetls
Γ-iick and white Thule foi- Veils
White Marseilles and corded Skirts
Jackonetts and Bobb't Edgings and inscrtings
Platted Lacei and Edgings, a new article
Ladies black and col'd Kid and Silk Gloves Mitts
a superior article I
Fillet, Egyptian, Mohair, Listlc Thread and Cot-i
ton do *
Οentlomeii Λ hid, Lisie 1 hreau, silk, Cotton
and Berlin do
£!iirt Collars, Bosoms, Suspenders &c.
Satin and fancy Stocks, Scarfs and Cravats,
A large assortment of ladies and gentlemen? Silk
Merino and Cotton Hosiery
Λ handsome assortment of Cotton Fringes
l'arasols, Sun shades and Umbrellas
Sewing Silk, Spool Cotton, Linen and Cotton
Papes, Thread, Buttons, ice., kc. All of which
ivill be sold at verv reduced prices for CASH, i
my 19—2a*.ytf " JAMES C CLARK.
1V1 gate's Travels thrpugh Armenia, Kurdis
an, Persia, and Mesopotamia, illustrated with
iteel plates & a map, in two volumes, price 75 cts.
On Heroes, Hero-worship, and the Hcroic in
listorv, bv Thomas Carlyle, price 50 cents.
The"Life of (he Rev. Τ 'Γ. Thomason, Μ. Α., ;
ate chaplain of the Hon. East India Company, j
>y the Rev. J. Sargeant, Μ. Α., price 25 cents.
The Women of England, The Daughters of ;
England, and the Wives of England, by Mrs. El- !
is, each cents.
Pictorial Napoleon, with 500 illustrations, vol. '
», price 50 cents.
Harpers1 beautiful edition of Ilome, or
family Cares aud Family Joys, by Fredrika
Sremer, translated by Mary Howitt, price ordj
16 cents.
The Past φ \ Present, by Thomas Carlyle, price j
5 cents. *
Letters from a Father to his Son in College, by
îamuel Miller, D. 1)., price §1.
Appleton & Co.'s handsome edition of Milton's .
'optical works, to match Cowper and Burns, al- !
eadv published. For sale by
my 23 BELL'fc FA'TWfSLE
SUGARS, COFFEES, TEAS, &c., At Auction.
ON WEDN ESDAY next, 31st instant, at 10J
■ o'clock, A. M., will be sold at the ware
houses of \VM. FOWLE & SONS,
100 hhds N. O. Sugars of prime quality, just
landed from brig Virginia
350 bags prime çreen Rio and other Coffees
20 half chests Young 1 iyson
100 13 and 6 lbs box. s Gunpowder and Im
pel ial Teas
25 boxes and barrels double and sin^lo Loaf
Crushed an-i !V<vd red .Sugars
10 hhds Sûgar ! foi ' : · *
500 gallons super.' ν r " Ν·ΐ
250 casks NaiN :·. < - : rieÙ sizes
30 boxes Malam ι . oi«:s
.2/so, ι.τ pi,-ted iu time,
150 boxes Oranges arid L,*!ii of \ rime qual
ity. Terms at sale. may 21.
teen Shares of Occoouan Manufacturing Compa
ny's Stock, will be oiiered for sale at Mr. George
White's Auction Rooms, in Alexandria, D. C., on
account ol whom it may concern, on Monday the
23th day of Mav next, at 11 o'clock, A. Mf
ap 24—eotd * G. C G RAMMER
President of the Pat. Hank of Washington
PUBLIC SALE.—By virtue of the last will of
Capt. Joshua Hutchison, deceased, late of
Fairfax County, Va., I shail on Monday, the 19th
day of June next,bein^ the first day of the County
Court,for the saidCoi:nty, at Fairfax Court House,
oiier for sale, to the highest bidder, at Public
Auction, the following tracts of Land, viz:
One tract containing about 180 acres, lying in
the said County, on the Little River Turnpike
road, and on Cub Run, about nine miles west of
the Court House, adjoining the lands of Mrs. Har
riet Lee, Elijah Hutchison and others. It is of
good quality, well adapted to wheat and grassj'
divided into four fields, under good fence, has on
it a good proportion of excellent timber, and a
good orchard.
One other tract, in the same County, and neigh
borhood, ad joining the lands of Silas Hutchison,
Wm. S. Daniel and other.·»; lying on tue old road
leading from Lcesburg to Centrcville, about 4 or.
5 miles from the latter place; is well adapted to
grass, has a !ui\;c proportion of çood meadow land
on it, a sufficient supply of timber, two fields un
der good fence, is well watered, and contains a·
bout 180 acres.
One other tract, adjoining trie last mentioned,
on the confines of Loudoun and Fairfax, being a
bout half in each County, and may bj sold with
the other, or separately, to suit purchasers. It
contains about 1 V2 acres, has on it a comfortable
dwelling house, kitchcn and other out buildings.
It is of good quality, a part of it red land, well
adapted to the growth of wheat and clover, and
the residue good grass land. There is on it a
good you!.· orchard, und an abundance of timber,
and is under good fence.
A credit of one, two and three years will bo
given on the sales, the purchasers giving bond,
with good security and deeds of trust on Uie pre
mises, to secure the purchase money.
Mr. Redding Hutchison, or Mr. Silas Hutchi
son, living near the land", will show them to any
one desirous of purchasing. The sale will take
olace about mid-day.
i '· Μ.ΊΙΚ W. Π Λ ItRÏSOX, Executor.
Lcesburg, Loudoun C'y., Va., my l(j—eots.
X PEltTY.—By virtue of a Deed of Trust,
executed on the :21st day of August, ^£41, by
Charles Turner and Wife to the subscriber, to se
cure several sums of money therein named, duo
to William Sealon. Xoble Ifoveridge, Francis W.
Luekctt, Samuel Lodge and others, which trust
deed is of record in the ( 'l-rk's oflice of the coun
ty court of Loudoun; I will, en the *22(1 day of
June next, on the premise, in Millsville, at pijb·
lic auction, proceed to,.nil to the highest bidder,
the property in said deed conveyed : consisting of
a valuable brick Merchant Mill; Country Mill,
built of stone; an excellent Saw Mill; a Brick
Dwelling, and other buildings, now in the pos
session of said Turner and Moses P. Watson.—
This property is at this time in good repair—lies
on the waters of Goose Creek, in a wealthy and
fine grain growing section of Loudoun, and is es
teemed generaliv as one of tho most valuable
mill properties in the county. It is deemed unne
cessary to give a further description of this val
uable property, as it is supposed those desirous
of purchasing will \iew tht- same before the day
of sale. Mr. M. I\ Wat-on, or Mr. Charlci
Turner residing ο:ι the premises, will shew the
same to any who may leej disposed to examine it.
Selling as Trustee no other tiile will be given
than that conveyed to the undersigned, by said
deed of tru-t. The title is however, believed to
be good. 'term-.—One-third of the purchase
money will be required in hand, and the balance
in equal annual payments of one and two years,
with interest from the 0 ty of >a!e. the deferred
payments to be secured by a deed of trust on the
premises, or other sa lis far· tor γ security.
F. LirrLKTON, Trustee.
Loudoun County. Va., May 17th—cots
|/1ΛΙΚΙ'ΛΧ LAM) Y · -The *ub
JJ scriher is nut h ri·:. !r et A' (/and,
in the County of Fair: ·· : o< .ween
twelve and f(;init? η . i^uid land
adjoins and was ori/ina' t t ,:i trie Ravens
worth estate. It i:;t wn·^ t.t divided into two
tenements, with confortable buildings and good
orchard* on each, but if desirable could be very
conveniently sub-divided into six or eight farms,
having a great abundant of valuable timber for
fencing, building imd other purposes on it, and
various springs and rivulets parsing through it.—
It is bounded on two sides by pu1 die roads, arid has
a further advantage of hein;; in sight of a good
grist and saw mill. Said land lies about four
miles southeast from Fairfax Court House—and
is about twelve miles from the Town of Alexan
dria, in a very healthy and agreeable neighbour
hood. Gentleman from the north wishing to pur
chase will do well to call, o> I am sure I am off
ering a better bargain linn has been sold in the
County. S|LAS BURKE, Agent.
Ravcnsworth, FairfaxCy, Va., my 20—2awlm
Ran oil' fro m the subscriber, on Sunday the
10th of April, negro WELLINGTON. He is
very likely, about six and twenty yean of age,
and of the darkest shade of mulatoci. His cars
η re bored, and they atlurd the only distinguishing
mark about his person. He is about five feet
nine inches in height, hi? figure is remarkably
fine, as also his address. lie is an accomplished
house-servant, and wears a very full suit of hair.
It i> the third time he has run ο if, and from the
eircumstancc of his having free relations living iti
Washington, I am inclined to think he has taUerç
that route. He was caught last summer iu the
neighborhood of Baltimore. Also, absconded on
Thursday last, MARIA, a s^ter of said Welling
ton, a very lively girl, about IG years of age, with
a fuii huit of hair, and also very likely. She was
seen on the following day on her road to the
District. Her dress was of blue striped cotton,
and his was of gray easinet. The above reward
will be pai l for the two, if secured so that I get
them, and all reasonable expenses paid.
St. Bernard, P'au'juier c'ty., Va., my 1(J—eolm
\7: ALU ABLE LOT FOR SaLe.—I dFer far
sale that highly productive ond beautifully
situated tWQ acre lot. or square; of ground, lying
immediately in front of Mr*. Judge Mason's resi
dence. ll not bold entire, before the last day of
June, I will sdl building lots, in fee simple, or
leas * on ground rent for ever, to any who may
wi*h to build in that most healthy and desirable
part of the town. This location affording Ihe best
building sites in the vicinity of Alexandria, will
soon become the most fashionabje location for
residences, besides having *·' its immediate neigh
borhood the best water in the town.
my 17—eo2w ISAAC GEORGE.
Neath* «xecuted at th*· Alexandria Gazette Office

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