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fOFAmi mj i.vvalids.
**^Î3Fpetf Aiinily rcnip
Λΐ the Yilhkgç iiruç ntorc»,
<x>m*wj store ia the state,
fet tkm itaZces they
^ ^e-einiie M^mtsre of
oo die wrmppww, m ail others
base Μφοβκ&οαβ aad oMutier.
Merest yoc he· tbwM aot
New York, or te write for them,
i* β *wi wtiÂsmi IAim remedies.
which will clap Μ if feJMag ow* or noter· it on bold
fine; «ni oa ckùàmn tack* it grew rcpdlr, or on
tktfi wfco her# ioct the ker from cay ccuce.
ALL T*RMIN that iafo* the heeds of children
«M pnrcateë or fc&cd by it ci o«c«.—
pmi&*·Ij ■■»<, m%i jll cancelled wnucUs mnd timbs.
arc metered, m the oid or yoaof, by the Impian
Vamcau Euxim aws Man ajtt Bonn Likimx.vt—
but ceret wilhomt the mi of Come tuck Λ Co. on it.
are wholly prevented» or governed if the attack ha»
com* OB, if jrou unt the only true Hay»' Liniment, from
9eméio*4 $ Ήο. jBUhsiwass^
and every thing relisved by it that admits of an our.
ward application. It acts like a charm. Use it.
HORSES îhat hare Ring-Done, Sjaviiu
Wind-Galie, &«., ara eared by Roofs' Specific ; una
Foundered hones entirely cured by KV>I>
Founder Ointment. Mark tbiv ail horsemen.
Dalloy's magical Fain
tractor Salve. ••The moat extraordinary
lemedy ever invented for aû new or old
mid sorti, and ^It lias delight.',
thousands. It will take out all pain in ten min i'« ■·
and no failure. It will eu.*· the
'»W. >'
il ■ l'i
A better and more nice and useful article nevvr *:·.
made. All should wesr ths'm regularly.
on the principle of substituting the tonic in plm ·
the stimulant principle, which has reformed so nn
drunkard». To be used with
LIN'S KfRKgl PILLS, supenor to
others fur cleaasing the system and the humors a:Vt
ing the blood, and for all irregularities of the bow*
end ihe geneil health.^^ #V"
[See Dr. Lis's sig.
nature, thus :]
ï s it
•fill effectually cure sick hcttdache, cither fi*»m ?>.·
or bilious. Hundreds of 'uin;!»?'* u:»
using it with great joy.
for the certain prevention of |^or nu>
general sickncss ; keeptug the stomach i:i iimîî prr
fcct oxder, the boweU regular, and u dtU>ri:iinssii»n to
the «uifac».
pain» in ine bones, hoaraenefa, and
aie quickly cured by it. Know tlris by trying.
f»atr any shade you wish, but will not coior the shin.
POUND EXTRACT. There is no other prépara
lion of Sarsaparilla that can cxeied <>r equal this
If you are sure to i;et Cojkstock's, you will find
•upenor to all others. It does not require poT'-Mg.
OF CHINA. A positive cure for the piles, and air
external aiiings—all interna! irritations brought to ihc
•wface by friction with this Balm ;—so in coughs,
•welled or sore throat, tightness of the chest, this Balm
applied on ψ flannel will relieve and curt· at oner.
Fmh wounda or old toree are rapidly cured by it
Br. l$artholnncto's
nil prevent or eure ail incipient consumption,
Uktn ω time, and îa a delightful renie*'ν iv tiueni
|«r the name, and {et CmhIoc&'#.
eradicate all BBBBIfBi in children or adults
with a certainty quite astonishing. It is the same as
lhat made by stock, and sells with a rapidity
tfmoat incredible, by Omstock tj· Co., New Yurk.
ΪΟθΤΗ DROPS. KLINE'S—cure effectually.
eirt^Wfeco^linf t° artoi'Concfws, in th« y«u 1H*2, bjrCunw«»*4
^ Q».. fclh· Citr k'· office of the Southern District of New York
By applying to our agents in each town
village, papers may be had free, showing the most
vsspseiable names la the country for these facts, so
that no one ean fail to believe them.
09· Be sore yon call for our articles, and not
fee pat off with any stories that others are as
food. HAVE THESE OH NONE, shonld be
your motto—and these never can be true arul genuine j
«ptfcmf our nam*t to them. All the*e articles to be
wholesale and retail only of us·
λ\ holcealo Oruggisia,
SI, Courtlané-Street, near Broadway, New-York.
Tor sale in Alexandria by JOHN I. SA^RS
and WILLIAM HARPER; in Wastaineton,
by G H. JAMES; in Georgetown, by J· A.
SID WEIL; in Fredericksbutg, Va.,by JA
«X>K£ nov 3
Liver Complaints, Asthma,Bronchitis,Pains
or weakness of the breast, Chronic coughs,
difficulty of breathing, spitting of Mood,
and all affections of the Pulmonary Or
In setting forth the virtues of this tru*y val
uable medicine, we have no desire to deceive
the afflicted, nor do we wish to eulogize it
more than it justly deserves, yet when we
look around us and see the vast amouut u(
suffering occasioned by ihe various diseases
in which it has proved so pre-eminently suc
cessful, we feel that we cannot say too much
in its favor. Various remedies, it is true, have
been offered and puffed into notice from time
to time, for diseases of the Lungs, and some
have undoubtedly been found very useful, but
of all thai has been yet discovered, it is uni
versally acknowledged that none has ever
proved as successful as this. The medicinal
virtues of the Wild Cherry Bark have long
been known and highly extolled in many dis
eases, by some of the most hminent physici
ans, but in this preparation its powers are
greatly increased, and its superiority at once
made manifest. Besides possessing all the
virtues of the Wild Cherry Bark, in a highly
concentrated form, it also contains an ex
tract of Tar, both of these being prepared by
a new chemical process, by which their me
dicinal properties are scientifically combined
and associated together, with such other me
dicinal substances, as to render it far superior
to any form in which it has ever been cm
The universal celebrity which this medi
cine is rapidly gaining in every section of the
country, and the many surprising cures it has
effected,has indeed established its efficacy be·
yond all doubt, and clearly proves 1 ha ι "Con
sumption" may and can be cured, even in
some oi its most distressing forms. We are
not, however,skeptical enough to suppose that
this or any other remedy is capable of curing
every case, and all stages of the disease: on
the contrary, we are well aware that there'
are many cases beyond the power of medicine
Lo cure. Yet while there is life there is hope,
md from practical experience in the efficacy
>f this medicine, we can safelv say there are
few cases in which it will not alleviate thesuf
[ering, and may prolong life for years. Such
indeed are the astonishing healing and resto
rative properties of this Balsam, that even in
the worst forms of "Consumption,'' when the
patient has suffered with the most distressing
cough, violent uains in the chest, difficulty o!
breathing, night sweats, breeding of the lungs,
Stc., and when the most esteemed remedies o|
">ur Pharmacopias had iaiSed to afford any re
iiet, and after numerous other remedies iiad
been u*ed for many months in vain, this in
valuable remedy has been productive of the
[Lost astonishing relief. In the early stages of
the disease, proceeding from neglected colds,
termed Catarrhal Consumption, it has been
used with undeviating success, and in many
instacnes when this disease seemed to have
inarkedits victim for an early grave, the use
jf this medicine has arrested every symtom, '
and restored the lungs to a stale of perfect
In that form of Consumption, so prevalent
amongst delicate young females, commonly
termed debility, or ''going into a decline,'' a
;omplaint with which thousands are lingering,
it has also been used with surprising success,
and not only possesses the power ol checking
the progress of this alarming disease, hut at the
same time strengthens and invigorates the
whole system more effectually than any renie*
Jy we have ever possessed.
As a remedy in Liver complaints, Asthma,
Bronchitis, &c.,especially when attended with
a cough, hoarseness, soreness of the throat, or
oppressed breathing, it has been used with
equal success, and cured many cases of years
standing, after every thing else had failed.—
in common coughs and colds croup in children
which prevail so extensively throughout the
winter, it will be found much more effectual !
than any remedy in use, and when colds set
tle upon the lungs,causirgan inflammation with
pains in the breast, difficulty or shortness ot
breathing, &c., the use ol this Balsam will
suppress the symptoms immediately, and at
the same time prevent the lungs trom becom
ing more seriously diseased.
Such In fact is the nature and simplicity of
this medicine,so powerful in action, yet so
mild, safe and pleasant in its operation, that it
might be justly termed "Nature's own pre
scription," and although but two years have
elapsed since it was first made public, we can
proudly say It has acquired a celebrity unpre
cedented by any medicine in use, and is evi
dently destined to become the most popular
and valuable medicine ever discovered.—
0Φ- For particulars see Dr. Wistar's "Family
Medical Guide," a treatise on Pulmonary dis
eases, which may be had gratis ol any of the
CAUTION.—As several attempts have been
made to prejudice the public against this med
icine, by an obscure illiterate quack, calling
himself Dr. Swayne, (the proprietor of a nos
trum called Swayne's Svrupof Wild Cherry,)
who has asserted that Dr. VVistar is not the
inventor, and otherwise resorted to the most
palpable and malicious falsehoods, it is neces
sary to put the public on their guard, and re·
quest purchasers to be very particular to ask
CHERRY," and observe these words blown
in the glass of each bottle, and the signature
of lleury Wisiar, M. D., on the label, without
which none is genuine. It is a!?o enveloped
in an engraved wrapper, representing a jubi
lee under lhe Wild Cnerry Tree, and a pam
phlet descriptive of the diseases, with full Hi.
rectionslbr using, copy rights of the same be
ing secured according to law. i'jp» In or
der to protect the public from imposition, we
will also give a reward of Five Hundred
Dollars* Tor the conviction of any person or
persons detected in counterfeiting the genuine
S'ZP'Remember, 'here is a medicine adver
tised called the 44Syrup of Wild Cherry,"
which is entirely diHerent from the Ba'sam,
and has no connection wih it whatever.
The genuine Balsam 19 prepared for the
proprietor, and sold at wholesale by WIL
LIAMS & Co., Chemists No. 21 Minor Street,
Philadelphia, to whom *!l orders must be di
rected, (post paidO Sold also by Druggists
and appointed Apents in ail the principal ;
Towns in the United States. Retail price,
$1 00 a Bottle.
CsC^" A liberal discount to the trade.
Ν. Β Druggists and dealers in medicines
will find thisa very valuable and profitable ad
dition to their stock,and should always have it
on hand. An Agency may also be obtained
by a responsible person in any Town jphere
none exists, by addressing as above, post
fmd. For sale by
J. R. PIERPOINT, Druggist,
Sv>le Agent for Alexandria.
sept 30—I ν
HE BUILDER'S GUIDE,—containing Lists
of Prices and Rules of Measurement, of
Carpenters, Bricklayers, Stonè-ioasons, Stone
eutters, Plasterers, Slaters, Painters, and G la
sers, Building Regulations, Lien Law, &c., com
piled by W. Q. Force, of Washington D. C. A
fresh supply of the above valuable work received
and for sale, pricc 75 cents, by
mv 3
in whatever regards ihe happiness and
j welfare of our rare is constantly on the
march ta perfection, and with each succced*
iugday eome new problem is solved, or some
profound secret is revealed, having an impor-1
taniand direct bearing over man's highest
destinies. If ive take a retrospective view
over the past twenty years, how is the mind
'struck with wonder* What rapid strides has
i science made in every department ot civiliz
ed iile! paiticulariy in that which refutes to
the human system in health and disease,
flow valuableand indispensable are (he cura
tive means reeentlv discovered through the
i agency of chemistry* How does the imagi
ί naiion kindle and our admiration glow at the
j ingenuity, the near approach'to the standard |
of perfection, of the present time! Through
the elaborate investigations of Physiology,
or the science oi Life, and the Pathology of
'prevalent diseases, much valuable practical
1 knowledge has been gained. In consequence
'of becoming acquainted with theorganiza j
I lion, the elements ol the various tissues and
structures of the system, remedies have been
j sought after and discovered exactly adapted 1
to combine with, neutralize and expel mor j
bific matter, the cause of disease, a nd substi- ;
tute healthy actionin its place. The beauti
ful simplicity of this mode of treatment is not1
grateful to the sufferer, but perfectly in conso
nance with the operations ol Nature, and sa- j
nsfactory to the views and reasonings of ev
ery intelligent, reflecting mind. It is thus j
that Sands's Sarsafarilla, a scientific com- 1
bination of essential principles of the most ι
valuable vegetable substances, operates upon
the systeu;. The Sar«aparilla is combined
with ihe most effectual aids, the most saluta
ry productions, the most potent simples of the '
vegetable kingdom; and its unpreeedvnted
success in the restoration to healtn 01 inose
who had Ion» pined under the most distress
in? chronic maladies, has given it an exa<ted
character, furnishing as it does evidence of its
own intrinsic value, and recommending it to
the alllicted in terms the affcicted only can
know. It has long been a most important de
sideratum in the practice medicine to oh-!
tain a remedy similar to this—one that tvould
acton the liver, stomach and bowels with all
the precision and potency of mineral prépara· ;
lions,yet withoutany of their deleterious el· I
fects upon the viial powersof the system.
The attention of the reader is respectfully;
called to the following certificates. Howtv- I
er great achievements have heretofore been 1
made by the use of this invaluuble medicine, i
yet daily experience shows results sull more ι
remarkable. The proprietors here avail !
themselves of the opportunity of saying it is a
source of constant satisfaction that they are j
made the means of relieving such an amount
oi suffering.
Newark, N. J. Dec. 13, 1S-12. ·
Messrs. Sands: Gentlemen—Words cannot ;
express the gratitude 1 lee! for your treatment j
to me, a stranger suffering tinder one of the
most loathsome diseases that nature is capa- j
ble of hearing The disease with which I j
was siHtcted commenced with imflammction
of the eyes, in the year 183G, which caused al
most total blindness. For this* i was treated
and finally relieved, but the remedies were
such as to cause the development o! a s<ro- ,
fulous affection on my left arm near the elbow.
The pain extended from the shoulder ;o I
the end oi my fingers, and Tor two years my
sufferings were beyond description. 1 tried
various remedies and consulted different Phy
sicians in New Y»»rk and amongst them the ί
late Dr. Bushe, who told me the disease of
the arm was caused by the large quanti!}
oi mercury taken to cure the inflammation of
mv pvm
My sufferings continued, the arm enlarge*!,
tumours formed in different places, and in a j
few months discharged, making ten running
ulcers at one time, some above and some;
he low theelbow, and the discharge was so:
offensive that no person could bear to be in
the room where 1 was I then applied to an
other distinguished Physician, who told me ·
amputation ol the arm was the only thing that
could save mv life, as it was impossible to
cure so dreadful a disease; hut as I was un
willing to consent to it he recommended me
to use Swain's Panacea freely, which I did ι
without deriving but little benefit. "For
three years I was unable to rais : my hand to
mv head or conil: my hair, and the scrofula
now made its appearance on my head, des- j
troylng the bone in different places, causing!
extensive ulcerations and 1 feared it might ι
reach and destroy the brain—the head si\ ell-!
ed very much, accompanied with violent pain
numerous external remedies were recommeu- i
(led, but they did no good. About a vear
since I was taken severe!ν ill with a swelling .
of the body from head to foot, so that I was j
entirely helpless, the Doctor advised me to
goto the Ho-piial, for he d d not understand
mv case; lor the last few months I had been
afflicted with a severe pain in ho'h sides, at
times so hard I could scarcely gel my breath
A hacking coogh constantly annoyed me,and
this combined with my other maladies, ren
dered me truly miserable Such, gentlemen,
had been my situation for seven years of my j
life when I commenced the use of your Sarsa
parilla, but as my case was considered hope· ,
less, and the near prospect ol a speedy disso
lution seemed inevitable, I fell but lutie en
couragement to persevere. The persuasion
of friends induced me to try your medicine,
which in a lew davs produced a great change
in my system generally, by causing an appe
tite, relieving the pains, and giving me
strength; as success inspires confidence, 1
was encouraged to persevere, my pains grew;
easier, my strength returned, (bod relished,
: the ulcers healed, new flesh lormed, and I
! once more ielt within me ihat I might get well.
1 havenow used the Sarxaparilla about two
months and am like a different being The;
arm that was to be amputated has entirely Ileal - '
ed, a thing that seemed impossible. 1 can '
scarcely believe the evidence of my own
eyes, but such is the fact; and it is now as
; useful as at any period ol my life, and my pen
! era I health is better than it has been lor years
Health! what magic in the word! how many
thousands have sought il in foreign lands and
sunnv climes, and have sought in vain! Yet
; it came to me when I had given up ιc» die, and
as 1 fee I the pulsation ot health coursing
though my veins, my whole heart and soul
go lor ι ft in fervent gratitude to the au«f or of
all our sure mercies.thathe has been gracious
ly pleased to ble^s the means made use of—
'*TruJv have you proved the good Samaritan to
the afflicted, for next to my Creator my life
is indebted to you (or rather) the use of your
invaluable Sarsaparilia. The value of such a
medicine is countless beyond price, money
cannot pay for it. I hate been raised from |
death, I may say, lor my friends arid mvseif!
throught it impossible I could recover. And
now gentlemen sutier me to add another
proof certified too by my friends and guardi
ans as a just acknowledgement oi the virtues
of your health restoring Sarsaparilia. That
the afflicted nay also use it and en^> the
benefits it alone can confer, is the heartfelt,
fervent wish of their and your friend,
I know Martha Conlin and believe whatshe
states in this document to he perfectly true.
Rector of St. Peter's Church.
Prepared and sold by Α. B Sands & Co.,
273 Broadway, Druggists and Chemists, Gran
ite Buildings, 273 Broadway, New York.—
Sold in Alexandria, D. C , by Wm Stabler &
Co., by Henry Conk, by J. R. Pierpoint, and !
sold by Druggists generally throughout the
U. S Price $1 per bottle, or 6 bottles lor $5.
lûp1 Caution.—Purchasers are requested
to remember that it is Sands's Sarsaparilla,
which has effected these important cures,— j
therefore ask particularly for Sard's, as there ;
are various preparations bearing similar'
namçs·. an 19—J y
A valuable medicine for removing Worms
in children. This Medicine is strongly rccom
mendeé wherever it has been used, as the best
article for destroying those pests of the system. I
It has been in use for several years, and one of
the proofs of its efficacy is, that the demand is ra
pidly increasing:. Physicians who have seen the
good effects ol this Vermifuge, do not hesitate to
recommend it in their practice. The following
certificates, from gentlemen of Williamsport,
where the Medicine was first introduced, and is
now well known, will serve to show the efficacy
of this Vermifuge.
Certificates.—We, the undersigned, do certify
that we have used in our families the Worm De
stroying Drops, prepared and sold by Charles
Κ ice, Williamsport, Maryland, and find them to
be a highly efficacious and valuable Mcdicine.—
Dr. Van Sear, N. Hammond, A. Friend, Hugh
Long, Henry Stinemetts, P. Summers, Michael
Krefs, George Stake, H. Grosii, Jesse Long.
I do hereby certify, that a few days since, a co
lored child belonging to me, about two and a half
years old, by taking part of a vial of the Worm
Destroying Drops, prepared by Charles Rice, of
Williamsport, expelled one hundred and eighty
three worms, and is now doing well, although for
a week or two previous, was not expected to live.
I am confident there is no Medicine, that I have
any knowledge of, to be compared to those drops,
for expelling worms from the human system.
Feb. 7th, 1835. John Buchanan.
I do hereby certify, that a child of mine, three
years old, by taking a phial of the above Drops,
expelled better than f'aur hundred vcorms. The
first passage about eighty were removed.
James Dugan, Berkeley Co., Va.
I do hereby certify,that a colored child belong
ing to me, about eighteen months old, by taking
part of a phial of the above Drops, expelled one
hundred and twenty worms,of about eight or nine
inches in length. Henry Dellinger.
Charles Rice having agreed with the subscri
bers, to manufacture the above Medicine, it will
in future be manufactured and sold wholesale by
them. WM. STABLER & CO. Alex'a, D. C.
It can be obtained of R. S. PATTERSON,
corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street; Z.
D. GILMAN. near Brown's Hotel; and FAR
QUHAR Si MORGAN, near Τ buildings, Wash
ington City; G. M. SOTIIORON. Georgetown.
apr 25—dly
THESE well known and valuable Medicines,
which are prepared by a new and improved
process, over all others are the most active pre
parations of SarsaparilJa now before, the public,
and are recommended for all disorders arising
from an impure state of the blood, &c., Sic. To
the good quality of the root and the peculiar
manner of their preparation, is to be attributed
the success that has uniformly attended their ex
Price of the Syrup 1 per bottle ; the Extrac
75 cents.
Is recommended to parents, nurses, and others,
who have the management of children as the
most safe and effectual Worm Destroying Medi
cine yet discovered. This Medicine is so plea
sant, that no child will refuse to take it. It is
happily calculated for removing many other dis
orders, such as Summer Complaint, Diarrhea,
&c.; while from its innocence it cannot do any
harm. Price 25 cents per buttle.
This valuable Embrocation has been used with
great success in the cute of the most troublesome
diseases with w hich the horse is effected, such as
old strains, swellings, galls, strains of the shoul
der, etc. It is highly recommended, and should
be constantly kept in the stables of all persons
owning horses. Price 50 cents per bottle, pre- j
pared only at Marshall's No. 312, Market Street,
a few doors above Ninth, Philadelphia; and sold !
in Alexandria,by J. It. PIERPOINT,
Corner of King and Washington streets.,
oci 11—tf
House" sign, and ship painting.—
The subscriber has removed his Paint :
Shop, from Prince to Water street, second door j
from Prince. With due thanks for past patron-j
age, he earnestly solicites the continued calls of
his friends and the public generally. House, Sign,
and Ship Painting, done on the most accommoda
ting terms, and warranted second to none.
All orders thankfully received, and promptly
attended to [ap 19—lyj GEO. PLAIN. )
Cl Ul'l'iNU· ΛΛ U \Λ\ΥλΑ Ι1Λ U.—*ΊΙΙίδ. J>.
y SMITH thankful for past patronage, still
continues the above business. With a complete ap
paratus, and a constant supply of foreign Leeches,
she flatters herself to give general satisfaction to
those who may favour her with a call. Residence
on Water between King and Prince streets,
ap 21—eoGm
CLOTHING ! CLOTHING ! !—Gentlemen's ;
Dress and Frock Coats, assorted colours; j
Gamboon Pants, Cassinet and Cassimere Do. fig'd !
and plain Satin Vests, Merino and Yalcntia Do.,
Grass Linen Roundabouts, brown and bleached
linen, do. and Frcck Coats, Cotton and Linen
Shirts, Bosoms, &<\, &c., received and for sale
low, by [my 15] GEO. WHITE.
— ι
open this day, a further supply of fashiona
ble Bonnets, consisti&g of Shell, Shell and Impe
rial, Shell and Albert, French Chip, &c.; also,
Ribbons, Flowers, Silk Gimps and Fringes, Curls,
Fans, and numerous other articles which will be
sold low. my 13
NEWTON'S HOTEL.—The *ub£criber re
spectfully informs his friends, and the pub
lic, thai he has taken his old stand, at the corner
of Pitt and King streets, which having undergone 1
thorough and extensive repair, is now open for the !
reception of company. The furaiture has been
entirely renovated, and much new added, tlius
making it in point of comfort and convenience
equal to any in the town. The proprietor, by un
ceasing attention to his business, hopes to merit a
share of the public patronage.
Alexandria, my 2—tf A. NEWTON, j
MORE FANCY GOODS — Gold, Silver and !
Steel Beads; Purse Mountings, (new style)
Benedick Pincushious; Scent Bags, (a preven- !
five of MotU;) Aromatic Salts; French, English
and American Soaps; Farina's Cologne; Macas
sar Oil; Bear's Oil; French Marking Cotton;
Ribbon W ire; Silk Wire; Corset Lacets; Silk
Cords, for hats; Gloves; Mitts, French Dimity,
$1 per yard; Dimity Bands, 25 cents; Blond
Thule, and numerous other articles which will be i
sold low at J. B. HILLS1,
may 16 Fancy Emporium.
ST. DOMINGO COFFEE.—bO bag. St. Do- ;
mingo Coffee, landing from brig Mozart, !
from Boston, for sale by
—Who h we in Store—
Old Government Java and Rio Coffee. [my 1C
Alexandria .agricultural ware- I
HOUSE.—The subscribers have received ,
per late arrivals from Boston and Worcester, a !
variety of Agricultural Implements, which they
offer to their friends and customers on favorable
Ploughs.—A large and well selected assort
ment, amongst which are the Flat Furrcrc and
ΗΐΙΙ-ήάε Ploughs.
These Ploughs have gained a deservedly high
reputation with those who have used them, and 1
we can recommend them with confidence to all 1
Agriculturists. 1
Cultivators and Harrows, Seed Sowers, ;,
Corn Planters, Corn Shelters, 1 1
Straw Cutters, Wheat Fans, Grain Cradles,!
Grass Scythes, Patent Snaiths,
Scythe Rifles and Stones, ,
Hay Forks and Rakes, Manure Forks. ! ]
Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Friction Rollers,
Ox-Chains, &c. &c. 1
3mo 2 WM. STABLER & CO.
scriber having taken the Store, on South ,
side King street, juat above the Marshall House ;
Hotel and directly opposite the Insurance Office,,
has received direct from New York and Philadel- j
phia, and is now opening a large, and desirable
assortment of SEASONABLE GOODS, consist
ing of: Blue, Black, Brown, Inv. Green and Cadet
mixed Cloths
Blue and Black Cassimeres
A handsome assortment of new style fancy, Lou- |
don and French Cassimeres, suitable for the
A large assortment of Blue, Black, and fancy ι
Fig'd and plain Silk, Satin, & Marseilles Vesting*
Red, white, and yellow, Flannels
White and unbleached Canton do.
Sun. plain and fancy Linen Drillings, a new ar
Fancy stripe and plain Gambroons
Blue and fancy cols. Jeans, yellow Nankeens
Ken tuck ν Jeans, from 25 to 50 cents
Genoa cord and Beverteens
Mixt Chambrys, Cotton Camblcts k Cantonades
A large assortment for children's wear
Domestic, Manchester and Earlston Ginghams
Tickings, Checks and Plaids
Bleached and brown sheetings and shirtings
7-4 and 8-4 brown and damask Table Linen
6-1,7-4 and 8-4 Cotton Table Diaper, from 16$ j
Russia Sheetings, Diapar and Crash
Blactt and brown Hollands
Red and blue bor'd Towelling—a new article
Fancy bord Grass and Huckaback do.
Scotch Diaper for Towelling
Sup. 5-8 and 3-4 damask Napkins
RirHs»>-«e DiaDCr
y λ
A large assortment of Irish Linens and Lawys
Lawns, Cotton and'Linen. Osnaburgs
Mariners Shirting, plain and plaid Limeys
5-4, 6-4 and 12-4 bleached Sheetings
Buckrams, Canvass and Paddings
Mouslin de Laines assorted, Crape Sonisons
' Mosaic Lustres a new article, Balzorines, and
; Λ large assortment of fancy and chintz Prints
Bombazines, Alpacha Lustres and Silk Serge
White and colored Florences
Furniture Prints, col'd Cambrics & Paper Muslins
Silccias, bl'k Lyons Silk, and bTk Tabby Velvets j
Ladies fancy Silk Hdkfs. and Cravats
Plain and rich emb'd Mouslin de Laine Shawls
I 44 44 Satin bor'd do do
! 9-1 Chene Caslunerc do
! 8-4 Spun Silk do
• 8-4 bi'k & coPd Thibet Merino do
Henrd stitched and Linen Cambric Hhdfs.
Bl'k and white Crape, Linen Cambric
1 Bl'k Fillet Veils, Bonnet Lawns
! Bonnet, Cap, Satin, and Man tun Ribbons
Plain and cross bar'd Jaekonetts and Cambrics
Plain and fig'd Swiss Muslins and Drapery
j Bishop Lawns and B^ok Muslins
Black and white Bobbinetts
; Black and white Thule for Veils
I White Marseilles and corded Skirts
Jaekonetts and Bobb*t Edgings and Inserting*
Platted Laces and Edgings, a new article
; Ladies black and coPd Kid and Silk Gloves Mitts
! a superior article
Fillet, Egyptian, Mohair, Listle Thread and Cot
; ton do .
ι Gentlemen's Kid, Lisle Thread, Silk, Cotton
; and Berlin do
; Shirt Collars, Bosoms, Suspenders
Satin and fancy Stocks, Scarfs and Cravats,
A large assortment of ladies and gentlemens Silk
Merino and Cotton Hosiery
A handsome assortment of Cotton Fringes
Parasols, Sun shades and Umbrellas
Sewing Silk, Spool Cotton, Linen and Cotton
Tapes, Thread, Buttons, icc., &e. All of which j
will be sold at very reduced prices for CASH,
my 19—2awtf _ JAMES C CLARK.
_J Concentrated Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilia,
prepared by the subscriber, is warranted to con
tain all the active properties of the Sarsaparilia
in a concentrated state, being prepared with the
greatest possible care fiom the best imported :
Sarsaparrilla and by a process différent from that
which is gene rally adopted. Sarsaparilia as it is ;
generally prepared, is rendered almost inert by
the process to which it i> submitted, whicn is tt.v
chief cause of its so often failing in its effects.
As a remedy for the cure oi Rheumatism, Scrofu
la, Tetter, Eruptions of the Skin, Impurities of
the. Blood, &r.., and as a general purifier of the
Blood at all times, and particularly Spring and
Fall, no Medicine can be more effective. The
Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilia, prepared by the
subscriber, is warranted equal to any prepared '
in the United States, and one third the price of
Sand's Sarsaparilia, the high encomiums of which
will meet your eye in almost every paper in the
Union. Fie pa red and sold only by
HENRY COOK, Chemist & Druggist, j
je 2 King-street I
C. RAIN CRADLES, &c.—Just received at !
18 superior Grain Cradles, (from Dutch ess ;
County, N. York,)
Grain and Grass Scythes
J 2 dozen wooden Rakes
Patent and Common Scythe Snaitlis, Svc. *
6th mo. 1st WM. STABLER U Co.
ERRINGS.—50 barrels Nctt and Gross
Herrings, No. 1, for sale by
my 31 B. WHEAT S. SONS.
PAINT AND OIL —100 Kegs Kxtra White
Lead ; 5 bbls Linseed Oil—now landing and
for sale low by [je 2] Β. WHEAT k SONS, ι
ll Sugar. Just received by
jc 3 R. &
R. &. \Y. RAMSAY.
. —The May Nos. of Mason's splendid edi
tion of Blackwood & Dublin University Maga
zines & Christian Observer, and the April Nos. of
the Foreign Reviews, just received by BELL &
ENTWISLE, who are the Agents for these
works, and deliver them in Alexandria free of j
expense. Terms, always in advance. \ye 3
LABOR SAVING SOAP.—The manufactu-j
rers in presenting the public with this new
article of SOAP, say, "that in washing linen, it
will b,e found an unexampled eradicator of grease
and dirt, without that labor and rubbing, wfe.i,e&
is destructive of fine linen." It possesses the fi
nest bleaching qualities, while it is not composed
of any materials of the least injurious tendency.
It may be used in HARI) WATER with the same
effect. A supply just received and for sale by
june 5 A. S. WILLIS, Fairfax street.
SUGAR, MOLASSES, LARD, fcc—16 hhds.
N. Orleans and Porto Rico Sugars
1000 galls, bright N. O. Molasses
1700 lbs Lards
]">0 bushs. Mercer and yellow Potatoes
400 gals, bleached and unbleached Oil
20 sets of wood and iron bound ware.
For sale by TIIOS BURNS,
je 5 Corner of Prince and Fairfax sts.
MEDICINES, &,c.—Sarsaparilla or Blood
Pills, 12JJ cts. per box
lteckworth's and Crumbackcrs Pills
Lees, and Peters's do
Wright'· Indian Vegetable do
Keener's Worm Syrup
Bed Bug and Roach Bane, celebrated
Rowands" Tonic Mixture, warranted
Sands and Marshall's Sarsaparilla 1
Jayne's Carminative Mixture
Cachou Aromatise, improved, for diffusing ;
an aromatic flavor in the mouth,
Also, best Salad Oil, Seidlitz and Soda Pow- "
iers; and a general assortment of Drugs, Medi- j
sines, Chemicals, Dye Stuffs, &c., 8lc.,&c., of,
-he best quality, at moderate prices. For sale by
JOHN I. SAYRS, Druggist, KiDg street, Alex- ! -
indria, D. C. je 2—eo3t
THE MAN OF THETeÔPLE.—A~further i]
supply of thc^ Life of John Tyler, with a v
portrait, price only 12£ cents; also, the Life of 11
IOHX C. CALHOUN presenting a condensed 0
ùstory of political events from 1811 to 1843, pricc j s
12A cents. Just received by ! r
N^ew grocery store.—as chmp
Λ S THE CHEAPEST!—The subscriber
respectfully informs his friends and the public ge
nerally, that he is now receiving at the Store,
formerly occupied by Mr. Edward Smyth, S. \V.
corner of King and Washington streets, a well
selected stock of GROCERIES, consisting in
part of: West India and New Orleans Sugars; best
Family Loaf and Lump Sugars; sugar house, N.
Orleans and W. India Molasses; Ouup. Imp.
Hysoa, and Pouchong Teas, of various qualities
and prices, part very superior; Mocha, Old Gov't.
Java, white Maricabo, white Laguira, green and
white Rio and St. Domingo Coffee; pure Ground
Pepper and Ginger; Spices of various kinds; coarse
and rine Suit; Sperm, mould and dipt Candles;
rosin, castile and fancy shaving Soaps; pine ap
ple and Goshen Cheese; table Suit; superior cav
endish and plug Tobacco; Cigars and Snuff', prime
Baltimore cured Hams; Western Bacon—Ho;
round; Rice, Colegate's and Poland Starch; Ba
ker's and Homapathic Chocolate; best bunch Rai
sins; S. S. Almonds, best Smyrna Figs, preserved
Ginger, Lemon and Oranges, Cayenne Pepper,
Sanger's Mustard, refined Saltpetre, Epsom Salts,
Chip'd Logwood, Alum, Brimstone, Indigo, best
fig Blue, Madder, Copperas, Window Glass and
Putty, Salaeratus, Cloves, Nutmegs and Mace,
Spires, raw Cotton, coil Rope, Powder, Shot and
bar Lead, Bed Cords and Leading Lines, Cider
Vinegar, Painted Buckets and Sugar boxes, con»
Brooms, *up. pot and tin blacking, Lamp Black,
No. 1 Lard and Butter; ruled, cap, letter and
wrapping Paper, Ink, Cotton \arn, lrom No 4 to
IS; Corn, Corn Meal and Flour, Mercer Potatoes;
together with almost all articles usually kept in a
Grocery Store, including a general assortment of
Paints and Oils, in which will be lound superior
Winter bleached, Sperm and Summer Oil>, Sp'ts
Turpentine and Tar. All oi which lie is pre
pared to stiï as luw as they can be purchased in
the District, and pledges himself to do so. He
respectfully invites families in town, and persons
from the country, desirous of purchasing good ar
ticles, to give him a call, feeling confident that
he can give satisfaction as to quality and price.
Ν. 15. The highest market price given for coun
try produce. [my 4—tfj J. H.
Ο Pill Ν G SPERM OIL.—10 casks of superior
Ο quality, will be sold rent low, to close, by
my 17 * WM. FOWLE & SONS.
Looking glasses at half price.—
I liave just received a supply of the above
from Auction, which I enn sell very low. Per
sons in want will please call at C. C. BERRY'S,
my Î7 Fancy and Variety store.
complete in two volumes of Harpers' Fami
ly I .ibrarv, handsomely done up in French covers,
price only 50 cents, cujh, ju·»t published, and for
sale by * [ray 17] BELL & ENTWISLE.
URE'S DICTIONARY of~Arts, Manufac
tures, and M mes, cheap.—Complete in one
large octavo volume, 1.340 closely printed pazes,
and over l,20Qcngiavity;s, full bound in leather,
pr ice only vi. Ju>t published, and for sale fev
IIFE OF JOHN TYLER, the Democratic
.J candidate for the Presidency, his History,
Character, and Position, with a splendid portrait.
Just published m Harpers' usual elegant style,
and for sale, price only 1:21 cents, cash, bv
BKt .SUES! BRUSHES!— A fresh supply of
Hair and Paint J'ru^hes: just received and
for sale at IIENRY COOK'S
my IS Drug Store.
\ TERCER PO TATOES.—50 bushels Pinkeye
ill ."Mercer Potatoes, in prime order, a superi
or article to the blue Mercer, for table use. Try
them, [my IS] Λ S. WILLIS, Fairfax street.
SHINGLES.—54,000 9 10andl2 inch Bunch
►Shingles, of good quality, for sale low, for
cash by [ap Pi J G. I. THOMAS.
Ρ LA 1ST EU.— l.'iU tons Plaister, cargo Schr.
Pilgrim. For sale by
f ^ RESi 1 RICE.—.'i0 tierces prime fresh Rice,
Λ ihy s:«.le by LAMBERT & McKENZIE.
HAMS.—3000 lbs. Ham Bacon,averaging 10}
lbs., for sale by THOMAS BURNS,
my i24 Coiner Prince and Fairfax street*.
1,HORRENT.—The Goose Bay Fisheries, iatc
. iv fisîojJ by Messrs. Watson &. Farre II, Shinn
κ Guy Apply u> CLAGE/IT k PAGE,
m ν 24—eolm
IOOKING GLASSES.—Mahogany and Gilt
J Pier Glasses, assorted sizes; Toilet, do. se
lected Plates, neatly made, for sale as low as any
η ί-.c market. [p)y 26] GEO. WHITE.
phur Water from Greenbrier County, Va.,
or sale by the barrel, half barrel, bottle or do
sen, at ' J. R. PIERPOINTS
my & PnyStore.
70 bas^s Lag»lira, and Riocoflee
12 do old Java do
1 ()"0 lbs. crushed Sucrar, very handsome
10 boxes very line old Cheese
15 do Poland Starch
1 bale Cotton wrapping Twine, just receiv
ed and for sale by KERR ϋ Sic LEA Ν.
my 2 j
1MIUIT.—100 boxes Oranges
70 bbls. Apples, landing from Schr. Eliza
)eth, and for sale by
C1 LOCKS, CLOCKS ΗHandsome mahogany
/ case Clocks, warranted to keep good tun#4,
or the unprecedented low price of for sale at
my 4 J. B. HILLS'» Fancy Emporium.
Rosin and spirits turpent ne.—
103 bbls. No. 1 and 2 Soap Boiler\t Rosin;
10 " Spirits Turpentine; for sale bv
my 5 G. 1. THOMAS
NC. LUMBER.—12,G00 feet 2$ art1 3 inch
• Joists; 3.500 feet 1J inch strips, :<,.!· -
ng—very handsome quality; for sale bv
myj^ __ G. L THOM \
of this great work, for sale, price 20 cts, bv
PRESH SALAD OIL,—In bottles and fla«k*.
L just received and for sale by
5m 26 WM. STABLER k Co.
^ALAD OIL.—Fresh Salad Oil, of superior
T5 quality, just received, and for sale at
my 23 J. R. PIERPOLNT'S, Drug Store.
FAMILY FLOUR.—20 barrels family Flour,
just received by
my 22 R. &. W. RAMSAY.
^IIOHTS.—4000 bush. Shorts, now landing
^ from Schr. Dorchester, from Richmond, and
or sale, by POWELL & MARBUKY.
my 17
Y/TORE SHINGLES.—44,000 12 inch Bunch
^▼1 Shingles of excellent quality, just received
nd for sale low, apply to G. I. THOMAS·
my 30
LJ kc.—A general assortment of Lumber,
-.ime, Laths, Shingles, &.c. For sale by
may 30—tf JAMES GREEX
BACON.—16,000pounds Shoulders and Mid
dlings; 400 Hams, bright and handsome, av
raging 10A pounds; t?0U pounds JowJs,small size,
or sale by THOMAS BURNS,
my 29 corner of Prince and Fairfax Sts·
BED BUGS & ROACHES.—The surest poi
son for the destruction of these troublesome
isects, is Monroe's Bed Bug and Roach Bane,
rhich has been in use here three years, and has
ever been known to fail in ridding the household
fthem. Two applications of this Banc during the
sason is sufficient. Put up in bottles with full di
ctions, price 25 rents. For sale by
my 30 H. COOK, Druggist, kr.

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