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THURSDAY MORNING, JULY 27, 1843. \ NO. 175. j
mvtfm .. 'f > m immmt t —— i nnfMT, Ml i— ————
Alexandria ^ ^'%;/<l 4'l' n
pt’BLlSiIK> I* AH* V B1
r.I)(iA H S .N O U i ) V. X ,
At Eijlit dollars p *r ■ :m. ;nya:.!c -a'! y,- >rly.
Alexandria (la-.elte vV I'iri'inia Advertiser
IS 1M*BL!SHKI>, Kl'.i. t l.Mil.Y, < »N
At live dollars per annum, payable in advance.
Pkrms (»f Advkrtisin ;.— VdvertisenienN not
exceeding one vpinr *, • verted three times
for one dollar. A 'vertis<-nua:t" continued
after three times, for .Vd cents a square ./>
eirh i isertlm tii . or \i*> cents Six
teen lines are counted as a .square.
Advertisements by the v*.u;\ at prices to : * a
arced upon, hiving reference t<> toe usual
amount of space they may occupy ,
persons advertising by the year not to advertise
articles not inclu d«* i in tin Sr regular hu-im-'S,
nor to insert in their a 1\« rU'Ciu- id. n* y oimi*
s.ar.i.> than their or. n.
POST OFU'i; Ai.M.X ANIM'IA. l>. C. >
Xov. 21, 1'1‘i. S
ry 7'* XortVnr > A’ r! rla-* - t: ii1 v at I o c!<adc
I*. 4\1.; arrives nr* ! iv !v ! >r delis, ry, * scry
mornir at *. \ oY >H*-.
jX^L-outh rn Mail < ' >-•" dally, at .V. A. M.;
arrives dails from V* h o'. :■> f. M.
Winchester Ain <’• * *1
days, and Fiiday> at 1* i\ M.: arri- " M.» s.v
days, Friday" and Sond'S", *»\ > i . M.
Warn nb>n Mai! < Io~i" 1 a-."days, 'i 1 ■ •-lays,
and Saturdays, at 7 \. M.: nrriv. s Sand »*>
\\ ,*«i ,esdav<, and 1 r»da •s bs *. F. M.
Falaioiitf Mail, i < .* On a. cc
Tm "das>, '1 huV.'daVs, Sa n i '•
arrive? Monduv>, Wedne- iass, and iniay, by
10 P. M.
A N M cl • ’•"
and IFnnMas .» \. .S'.: ; is ■ *•» s» ..a ili ' ■ .»
era mail an I'ae-d.iv^ uuu f in-ey. .
he«*" - ‘ A a., inn e! * M"« ■ a .\ *
liesduys Frid ■ : ' y
i • •
era Mail.
tapper Marlboro' ■
T ' ! • s, and T - ■ ! •
\v, ■ - i o A. >1
\otiI*: Fiaia id
1 ys, I Ft ’M; * ' d" '
S'lidaS", at 7 ', A. A:.
port Tobacco ( Aid.) AT iI e! s.*> So..!.-\ s nod
\V» iaesd iys, at 1 F. V.: arr " Snada;." nod
Tl»ni‘"da\s. at i .A. •
G*" -r\*S _ —. 4J#
l \ \ 17 T( > FF ! ■ ■ ' * F d d \ F
MD.M), AM) i’ili lFv.' TC, \ iiUFM \.
f 1M117 St. and.* at IFF : i :
ivvrcn \\ :»'!»!' •• » • ' ' F A i; ;
me now prepared t > tan < ive •: i• ?rv a'.: !m Ft a*,
of all il '••r.j tin1
f*n ights
boat on lIk* after..' • a id iY< . » «i
iO anv ot the ab >vc ! i a‘‘d v Vv •;
Jay. Fi-eiyi.t <cnt *>n eF. •*. »y-n-.s ;
be uc >re nr 1* " • ** s *■ t
A(ju«a h'pcF ’■•il i . ... '
botne bn tin*u* l’
svbicb l!i '\ will a! v . ^ • 1 .
freight train, a -i d
btsot i th • i : •
I or id: t . r i. a . •
on board l1 »* t ' a ‘ : : •
v :
aavviddy t*> in n e . y. ‘ » t*’*•' :
(rain, lorsvard imin' >i».»ie!y v. i.at ut ai s ,.i »,
and reach Ricbmord < a the afternoon of l»i ’ 'lay
whic h thev leave \Aa"t.c,. n*. .
ie —tint 1 • F»l A! !v, .V.:
‘T *» Steam? it " •'/ • «'/
/’A /, <’apt .in fiuyther, v. hi
leave cverv NVovhu *■') i v m -t in., a’ • *.• t• 1«*• .c.
Baltimore, taking IW '.hit, very K*\v: an*! will Ian !
at the <hlh rent lai to ! ike oii pa — - :ers.
jy t
~ cor noko i k. r
x e ?r,tA.- The i: *. to
t Vv;. “■: ,v> rvK"l i ■ ■ P*'I
-Vj- ** . . ; y.« a \'.\)! '•, \\ ih !• '.v* V\ a -l>
jiigtoneverv Tuesikiv a . 1 C.> e n. a' n o rj
\ M.,a I \ •.
will Not
\ ■ I
ami fare ^b. I 1 ( ^ v
for the IVrtsm *■•.h ■ ' i lion • iv«* I*ai; 11 ■ •
Iriso v through t*‘ A « »* M. •. !' re: .t • -
etl for the r M t'inoi.t'i ai l Koanoke rtiirua1, 1 V
ter>hur^, or Itiehrn ' ; ?, me-t he j-ai i tor af V ib'i*
I i s' ■
tied at the deferent {.imii ^ on the I’ *;*o.. -a.—
She v I . - ' * .
tiavs returning.
apC’JOawtf .1 \Mt'.S .MITCi I KC!.. i ohm
-«■ •. ■ w ' roN \i>
au:.\am>ui \ ISO Vl\
s - r. v*l I e >:• >: ir o. t M • 1
pl\ ht t'"« a t .«• above ;>!•<*>*•*, a .... unlit it ither
liotiei ’ lop ,rt a.> f »!inv. ^ :
I. . aohhutmial 5, h>. \. M.. lOT-l, and
ile\atuU*ia at b. 11, \. 1., l'.o’, :. * ui
f»*. 1 . i. tC.% \Tll S AiJ.K.N,
ap U—tf Captain.
.1 -7-At *■'( )'»’ M*)A \ I'b Os —
M" 1'N On ml after Monday
ryV; :: - v>y rV- m-\*. try lU:b in-tar t.
swS5%.ihd*:.■MT.iv M r:f Sr ’Tv d
i'HEN l\, will until fin k t notice t*o a- follows:
Leave Vlexamlria, a*"u !**, A. M. and’J , 4 ,
L M. ior \\ nTd* art *n.
Leave Wa-M* ’ton,at 1L 1!. A. 31 3A ur-d oh
L- AI., t »r Alexandria.
Leave \i. vuidna 1 r ('<1 ,gft'vvn at 1*2 o\ lock.
Leave v»c-»rgei>*wn 1-.t VScxundria at 1 o'clock,
ap 8—tt JAMES Ol V, dr.. Capt.
OISIK usw • m7n
I) 31 VTlON, !.“ i :g Ah). *2 of ike Tracts on the
Church, price A> eh., foe ?ale b\
jv 7 BELL x'ENTWIS! \\
Vr.WMAN WDM At AH K. -At inker sup
ply of Newman*- Y : c! ml S Taon* un i
3!:iurice's Kingdom of I'hri-t, \ >i ivc. Red v
concentrated iluhl Extract of Sar-apari!la,
prepared by the suo*enber. is warranted o> con
tain ali the active prim ipU - of th e medicine in a
concentrated form, so that a tea-poonfui is a dose,
it is prepared with the greatest p; -<il>Ie care from
ttc’ best imported Sarsaparilla, and by a piee» s>
ditferentfrom that whhh is generally u l0pted —
As a remedy for the cure of Rheumatism. Scrof
ula, Tetter, Eruptions of the skin, and it. pi riiie*
"t the blood, , and • a general purifier ^ 1 *' '
blood at all times.—parti ml »rly spring and fall,
no medicine can be more effective. It is offered
t1 tue public at one third the price of Sand's Sar
saparilla, and is warranvd equal to any prepared
i!i I nited State*. Eor sale by
HENRY ( oa k. v'licin'st »v Oniggi-t.
0 l*> - King-street.
; jysrBlCT OF COLUMBIA—Alexandria]
5 3 Cor sTY. to wii: May t erm, 18-io. John
inst, William C. Gard
' : r. J.mi's Mandevill.e Mary Mandeviile, Julia
V *n : • \ i Ip. \«m '*1. Carlisle, Sabrett F. Scott,
a: ! Ann Mria Sc tt his wife, Sarnud B. Lui
Mi ur. Robert M. l/armour, Joseph M. Larmour,
J M. ILm-nm, and Mary Houston, his wife,
Samuel 15. larmour, Jr., William Larmour, Ca
tharine Dali n, Henry T. Wiibar, William King,
i S.ttnuc! X. (’iiipley, Charles Morris, Margaret
I Pa) Barth cmew Delphy, George Bltsh,
George Scut -ai, Robert C. \ lolctt, John Bontz,
1) mid ( awe.-d, John Butcher, Alexander Lam
mum!, < >j)F ii Cu Ci on, John Hasson, William
! M» ' -ho:;. .h-nn'S Stoops, Justis Bobbins, George
P. Wise and William Trammelll, ljenn 'lunts—In*
i ( ’ll Wfl.iU .
Thi defendants. James Mandeviile and William
M**r-h. i, t having entered their appearance to
ini- auL ami giwm security according to the stat- |
ute a id the rule- of tins Court; and it appearing |
the -at i-!a( tion of the Court that the said James '
Ma id* vi!i».“ and William Mershon, are not inhab- ,
it mt- of the District of Columbia, on the motion
of * complainant by Ids solicitor, it iscrdered
th.a the - tid df-ent defendants do appeal liere
on t r b fi re the first day of the next October
t, r. i t,f tiu { .’iiand au-werthe complainant - ;
bill, au i ;:vc -.;*; -;ritv f -c performing the decrees
t the ' ' urt: end that a copy of tliis order be
hed, for two m rnths succei sively,
: \ \ ia < Ja/.- ii*. and another copy post
i:t th“ ip*n* door of the Court House ot said
1 }♦* !’>—*jm
g>]SifV’l <>F PULI MB1A—Ai.exnxdkia
$ (' " \; \.. •<. / Ti nil 1813, to wit * Alexan
i ml a James E.
Mm::!.!.:. II: .. h M dfitt, and Lewis 1 lipkin:, de
fendant — i\* t ii \\*( eitv.
'I • a-iriid.»Ait {larmah Moflit, not having en
ter* ice to thi • suit, and given sceu
• :;y • ■ ; s ; th • statute and rules of this
( >i.: »; ■ | i? p] • at it. r t<> the satisfaction of the
t • : ■ • , ,t * d • - I If. nnali M dlitt is not at. in*
i. : . » of ?’ * IF-triet • f Columbia; on the tno
t: • • •’ *'.• . ms:.!:.inant i»v his soli itm\ it i- < r
; - : •»' Vh ' hb absent do fern had. do apt ear
.■ io a* u* - i “ thi first day of the next Oeto
! t ‘ft '' i ni t. and answer th»* eomplain
- ! i',i. -iv ? security for performing the
r of tl *• ’ ' »»:rt; ; nd that a eopy of this or
d v f uu i ,vi a published, fui „wo month-suc
• - i v* !, in t:a* \!<' unn :' in (ia/.r11e. .tin. i.ne *n
, " c j ‘ V. at the front door ot the Court
i ■ •11. .* . -a.d t * till*\.
T. i ) — .ha! C. F. LEE, C C.
C<ILUMBIA— \lexan*dhia
to wit: M i\ T< rm, 1843. Daniel
t, ’• aua u.-t Jo!in Mclh Brien. i
, d William 1 »\vie, M i'li.aii. »i. ».uw!e, ai.u
• ’> 1-h -a h . « • i tner- in trade unnei tnc
<d hb uni Fovvle cv Sons, Dijindunts—
\ \ < hi \ M I KV -
'I’!.-.* d. iVn hi!:', John Mel*. Bricn. not having :
, :« ill ; nance to this suit, and given .<e- !
i,;\ -■••• *iiug to ihe statute and the ihilt ot 1
t: 11 appearing to the satisfaction of
the C :■ that t! •* said John Mcih Bricn is not
. h. .ho .. <the ! istriet of Columbia; on
?h :u i *:» . ! u.e < .mplniuaiit by his solicitor, it
j. . i <. iv,' s' >t * s iid absent defendant do ap
«■ , . iv i i < r :■» , re the first day of the next |
. U*». : (i r >'1' thi- e"U) t, ,.nd answer I he corn
• ; hi:!. i • ive securi?v t u performing
, . . ( !•.>«•■> < ; tUs < \>u» t : an-l that the re.-idcnt
t \v ,t am lh ’.vie Sons do not eon
u v. j V awi.v, or secrete, the debts by them
:■> i . • state, m mey, or etfecU in their
• * ) t1;,' -aid absent defendant.
; i r Oi l* r and dceivo ot the t i»urt; i
• v >i v i f thi- order he forthwitn [uih
i ,• -.a.atfi- su« • c:jsi>e!y, iii the* Al
: ■ ia-/a in* : and anot! e' a ;»y posted at
’ * c if •ut do->r ot the (hmrt i louse of-aid ( ountv. ■
U st«: CASSIUS F. LEE, C. C.
».* lo— \hrt __
J VS TRiCT of GOLEM M \—\i.i \ winn\
i > ( ia m, to wit: May Penn, 1 ^ l*>• Eliza
• • tin nt—against, John B. F. Rus
k:m 1 J >Jm Richards, Jr., Defendants—J\*
On w kf, :
'fin defendant John B. F. Russell, not naving
I his aratu e to this suit, and giv< n se
, a ii a •-until a to the statute and the rules of
• m»d jt appearing t > the satisfaction ot
• . * ■ th* said John B. !■. Russell is not
c the District of Columbia: on the
• ( f *1, • ,v lainant h>\ her solicitor, it is
:.a - : 1: 1 the -aid absent defendant cio appear
« > . a i,r it'i’t' ti e lust dav ot tm* next Get*- .
,• : ra» .(hi- (V-urt. and an. . cr the complain- ’
■ \ yx r iritv for pen *rm«ng t; • <m- ,
* ' • the < and that the resident dclVn.,- j
ird : not com ey, j ; i\\ay, ;
,.r m 'eh e »: la- hv him owing t• >. <the es
t >; • - /- ev. ( ;• «*th**i ts irt hi> hands belonging to ;
- u,. • <.eh n -ant, tin, l the luiit.er order 1
» l eh a ri«\ the ( h *urt: and that a c*»pv ot tins'
* i i h * f <fthwith published, for two m >nth> sue
— v dv, in rhe \h-\ae Iria Gazette: and aue.her!
•> -. i (1 front door of the Court Uou^c
c a hi i . *u» a v. Tt st:
-.si EEL FENS, \\ \I ERS, &c.—
\ j gojii‘0 K11 _ia Quill-, of good quality ; 10,
nnn q h,s. \ >. *J ». a good article for schools : 10
. Marl ’,e\y'sLidy's and S< h< ol Pens; l1'
’ r 1, v,hue, and black Wafers: 10 ll»s. best
i ; oh s» le g W ax, assorted colors. Jist re
,..v <!,: r-, hr. Frank, ’Von New York, and
v. .h be - hi voia low tm cash, or to punctual
m a 27] BELL & ENTWl^LE.
/ 111 • \ \ (:' \SS, BI UE PRINTED AND
V G \ VE W ARE. - l*n ssed Glavs Tumblers
• Gn Jelly or lee Groa n Glasses ; French
Ghii... Geos and Saucers: blue printed Plates,
v ;ii ,w p.Irtcri : Sprig Granite do.: ratio colored
Ph.ch'Ts;«! >. -’-out and other RowEtdo. d ep and
G a!' w R-iken: fine proof Gh»-s Lantern^ >4 ,>t
rcc-i e ! au-l for sale low, ey
| «>,y GOODS.—Calicoes, Lawns, French
iy Hr-nvii Linen, Bleached Cottons, Linen
Diaper Table Cloths, Union Table Covers,
Brown and bleached Twilled Cottons, Silk
O' ,vesam! Mits. white, black, Narkecn and colu
.pod Cotton, Cotton Shawl-, Cotton and Linen
Tapes, ('.Hum Corua, Lin^n Napkins, Bed-ticks,
\» leneaii and En^li-h Pin^, bo^es C otton C ords,
Fine Linen Collars, Shirt Bosoms, common and
li i.i»i • t in Jeans, suspender Buttons, liat Brass
C’ai dicstinks, ^c., Fv. Just received and for
i d- GEO. WHITE.
HKhKl'C^L BROTHERS' improved Patent
S unnier Cook-stoves. 1 he subscriber has
i M re< p.id a lot of the above Stoves; they are
male * f the be*t double tin plate; suitable for
■ t-itlie r \ntbraeue or Charcoal, and for economy
| of i t: i cannot be supasssed by any in the C rated
S* .u 1 hoy can be used with or without giving
| .u\ additional heat in the house; or may be used
i in the open air. For Stile very cheap by
Fairfax st., next to Dr. Stabler's.
?>. is. lieu renees can be given to those who
have u>«*d and approved Uiij excellent summer
baker in this town. niv 1(1—3m
xr barrels, of the best quality; BORDEAUX
SAI..ID Oil. in baskets; WIX'TER and FALL
SFFRMAf ETi in tierces and barrels; ELE
I'DAX'Tund \YfLil.E OIL, in hogsheads,—all
warranted pure, for sale bv
je J7 A. C. CAZENOY E & Co.
BORROWS WORKS.—Borrow’s Bible in]
Spain, and Gipsies of Spain, both bound in
one volume, price in full cloth, $1,00: in half
cloth 75 cents, for cash only. For sale by
LOOKING BOARDS. —160,000 feet Floor
ing Boards, cargoes Schr. Falcon and Win.
Burke, from Charleston, for sale bv
piASTOR OIL—A supply of superior Castor
\J Oil, just received, and for sale low. by the
barrel or gallonJ at HENRY COOK'S
je 14 Chemist, and Druggist.
PM NT AND OIL—100 Kegs Extra White
Lead ; 5 bbls Linseed Oil—now landing and
for sale low by |je 2] B. WHEAT k SONS.
DOMESTICS See.—25 Bales 4-4 and 3-4
ITime Cottons, a full supplv of Osnaburgs
( <Hton Yarn, anu Seine Twine, fdr sale by
je 23 WM. FOWLE & SONS.
i^EAS.—100 six thirteen boxes Imperial and
. Gunpower Teas, for sale bv
je 23 WM. FOWLE c< SONS.
V E\V ORLEANS SUGARS.—50 hhds. of
i. l prime quality. For sale bv
je 23 \V.M. FOWLE & SONS.
M'ARYLAND TOBACCO—The subscribers
. are purchasing Maryland Tobacco a. usual,
je 22 A. CAZENOVE & CoV
13|AINTS AND OIL, constantly on hand, and
for .sale in quantities to suit purchasers,
je 21 B. WHEAT & SONS.
PRINCIPE SEGA IRS.—A fresh supply of ve
ry superior Havanna and Principe Segars,
in \ and j, 1000 boxe: just received, and for sale
at, ’ HENRY COOK’S, Drug Store
jy i-_
S TON PAY ARE.—Just received a full assort
ment ot' fresh made Stoneware of excellent
quality, which J will sell at prices twenty per
coni below former rates, carefully picked for
shipping or otnerwLe. R 11. MILLER.
7m 12
^YOOKING FFRNACES.—Just received a
V/ supply of cooking or preserving Furnaces,
all si/e«,—hooped and cased with sheet iron. Pri
ces considerably reduced.
7mo 11 R. H. MILLER.
QOAE, SO.AP.—3000, lbs. No 1. Brown and
tT Yeilow Soap at (>* cents per 1!)., awn, White,
Variegated, “Labor Saving*’ and Toilet! Soup,
for sale by A. S. \\ 1L1.IS,
jy 11 Fairfax-street.
\f’ON.—6000 lbs. prime bright country eur
i * d Paeon, Hams, shoulders and middling-.—
Hams weighing 8, Pi and i'2 lb.'., Ln.l entirely
lice from insects. Just received, and for sale by
jy ll \. S. WILLIS, Fairfax street.
\’"KK MIFUG E — Fahnestock’s celebrated Ver
mifuge, a safe and effectual medicine for
expelling worms from the system, warranted
genuine.' For sale at HENRY COOK’S
-. - i • i )rug Store.
ILMREk .*Ni> j^ATIlS.—63,000 feet white
J Pine Boards 66,000 .saw’d Laths; cargo of
sclir. Star from Ruth, tor sale by
| M PORTED SEGARS.—A fresh supply of
£ very supmor Regalia Segars, just received,
and lor sale at prices lower U.un they can be im
ported for. HENRY (*()6k, Kbig-st.
jy 12
T E\> |j.\M1'S.—Just received a new article ■
JLi of Glas> Lamps with single and double j
lens, which increases the I i:hanc\ and intensity j
of the light—an excellent mid cheap article for;
tailors and seamstresses. R. 11. MILLER,
jy 19 _ __
^RESERVING SUGAR.—Best go ton dou
I bit* refined Loaf Sugar a 14), ceri(,i lb, Sin
gle Lotf do. a io) cents ; Crushed do 1 ■]cent's; ;
] bid. Boston crushed do. very superior 14 cents;
1 bbl. Snow White Powdered do. a 14 cents; good
New Orleans do. a Cl cents ; superior light and
dij,’ uo 7 cents , a beautiful article West India
do. at (J cent;; fur sale bv
jy n ' THOMAS DAW,
Manufacture: C fin, Cupper, Zinc, and Sheet Iron
f u»c,
West Sid* of Fairfax ami isei.ond door North of
Win Stabler ^ Co.’s Drug Store,
Alexandria, D. (J.
\! 1 ord< rs in bis line will be thankfully received
...■•mjdeted when promised, and executes in the
ti« -t workmanlike manner.
Guttering and lit; fing in tin, zinc, 'r copper
done in the most durable style. atig 2 — 1 v
preparation has now stood the test of several
years’ trial, and is confidem!/ Keeon.mended as a
-nfe and effectiml'medicine lb* expelling worms
from the system.
The proprietor ha5 made it a -oint to ascertain
tne result of its u-e in such eases’as came wilr»in
his knowledge and observation—and he invaria
bly found it to produce the most salutary effects—
not unfrerpiently after nearly all the ordinary pre
parations recommended for worms had been pre
viously resorted to without ariy permanent advan
tage. This fac* 1. attested by the certificates ana
statements of hundreds of respectable persons in
dilfey.mt parts of the. country—arid should induce
families always to keep a vial of the preparation
in their possession. Lis mild in its operation, and
may be administered with perfect safety to tiic
most delicate infant.
The f Racing testimony cj its goodefrets is offered
to thc public :
1 do certify the.- I have u.;eq two vial- of B. A.
Fammstock's Vermifuge in my family with re
markable success. One of my children, about
two years old, discharged fifty worms, from one
and a half inch to six inches in length, and the
other about five years old, discharged thirteen
large worms, about one foot in length, and the
-ize of a man's little finger, besides a number of
, small ones, Jesse H. Bemax.
Newstcad December 30. 184:2.
JFa/cs, Erie Countu, A*. V., Jan. 1~, J843
We certify that we *.ave useq E. A- Fahnc
stock's Vermifuge in our families, and in every
case it has proved a decided and effectual reme
dy fur expelling worms from the system. We
cordi My rt:co*sur.end it to parents who havechil
1 dren afflieicd with that dangerous malady.
Elov Virgil, «Vw. B. Paine,
Robert Mat, Joseth Burroughs.
! Mr. C. C. Bristol:
Dear Sir—l certify that 1 gave Fahnestock'*
I Vermifuge to one of my children, and \l passed
| twenty-nine worms, some of which were a foot
! in length. I believe it was the means of saving
{the child's life* Having lost two children previ
, ous to this that wera attacked in a simiar manner,
1 feel constrained, as a matter of duty, to give
the above facts, that parents may know what to
use as a remedy for worms. ” Tiios. Miller.
For sale by W.Yj\ STaBLER & Co.,
Agent for the Proprietor-, ifcle^andria, D. C.,
and by B. A. Fahnestock & Co., 100 Front street,
New York. _ jy 11—&awl4t
SALAD OIL—In bottles and flasks,
H nisi received and foi sale by
5ni 26 WM. STABLER & Co
"j^TAILS.—300 casks of Cut Nails and Brads,
11 for sale by
jy 6—3t A. C. C \ZEN< )VE & Co.
Liverpool factory i illed fink
SALT.—'2j sack- in store, and i’ >r ^ale, by
jy 3 J. FLEVII S’
TXT1NDOW GLASS of all sizes, or cut to
H any size, for sale ly ti;c box, halt box,
dozen, or single i
7 in-» 11 ^ R. II. MILLER.
JUST received a few more Velocipede*, a de
lightful article for the boy-,, also, a variety of
Fancy Baskets; !br sale, cheap, at J. B. HILI/S,
jy 4 Fane] Emporium.
^I XFAs.—30 naif . nc-L G .npowdor, Imp tiai
I. and Yot z Hyson, part very Mi:<r.ui*, in
store and on * 1c low, bv
jy_3_ A. J. FLEM1
r^OO LOVE* ( T SIJG \R, S ■ e -y hkh
price, am! smne very low. for - Re at tuo
corner of Prince and Fairfax Streets, bv,
jy 3 TIP >S. BERN S.
Harris great commission.pricej
'2~) ce: is, and his Gr at !\ icber, price 75
bents, ca>li; a further suppi\ r< cciv« u bv
% I 111GS A YD ri ORlES — Light*. Smuiovs, I
T ?. end Reflections on \Vh :gs ami lories, by
■a Country G< ntlenian. Just published, and h"’
sale, price > cents, bv
jy l BELL & ENTWISL1 .
Bleached lamp < i. of ,< ,y sup< i -
c uality, wui ranted to please, at 80 <:■ nts
pel gallon, other qualith - at buyer prices. Also,
;>00 llis. Jowls. Fur sale b\ '[ h'OS. jL 1,\.\
je 29 ( ( rneroflVn «m and Fairfax .Sireels.
/ N1IEESE. MOLASSES, &C.— boxes prime
Cheese, 1 hhd. heavy !h 1!. Molasses, • ca**
Linseed Oil. \!:oa Rw hatreds Family Shad
and Herrings, rt-<w receiving, and for sale low bv
je 29_J< >SHU \ 1! \RDY. ‘
4 CAPwD—R. K r< N & C. H. LEE,
i v in. »•«. -.i.socifitcd themselves in the practice c !
tne Law. They will give prompt attention to busi
ness in the ( ourts of this County, and (’. If. Lee,
will regularly attend tin* Courts of Fairfax Coun
ty. 'i pf-’OlIice on Royal r.rcei, over the new,
.Market I louse. je —cotf.
[National Intelligencer 2w2awj
. r«o. 8 of Shakspe ti e'* I)ramatie Worker No
9 of Braude*" Encyclopedia; No S of the Family
Library, Natural History of lu-ects: Yo. I of
I iannab Nloi Us complete \N ork>, to ne comph ted
in i-;t number.,; ami ,i furtbei nipplyof Mr*. Ellis'
Iron Rule ; each cent'', < a h u*i ret ruoui by
jy l BF.LLk EXTv\ISLE.
J.~\. A R.M \ . — Tmipcrance Prize lln };.—Apple
ton F Uob:. cheap edition of A Voice frm.i the
\ ii.tage, or ihe Force <>f j. xample. addressed to
those who think and feci, by Mrs. Lllis, author
of u W ives, Women. and !)a lighters of England,1*
price G cents, single copy ; .'>() cent*. per dozen.
For sale by [jy8] BELL & ENTWISLE.
SARSAPARILLA.—Prepared in llie most ap
proved manner, by which ihe jio
active principles of the Medicine, can be given in
a small dose TiiL piepaiation made b\ us. is
warranted equal to anv other made from Sirsa- \
parilla. Price* >1 per bottle orb*bottles tor ■so. j
b mob Vv'M. ST \ BLER L Go.
V T r’, i R.—dust recei d,fre-b from the Spring
and loV saii in bctreL and bottl**- by
i L.^Pam; Idcts concerning Jic medicinal qua 1
iii« s of this Sulphur Water distributed gratis, up- ’
on application. Gmo Gth
,H NO.V.S are now grinding Plaistcr at theii
AV11i (formerly Ladd’s,") on Conway’s wharf, and ;
will hr pleased, u; fhrnish tiiOjC ji w'ant,* w^h any i
quant ity by the bushel, barrel, or ton. It ran be
bad at all times at their store, foot of King-street, |
or at the Mill, as low ascan be bought any where. >.
% 12—tf
rpO WOOD-C! TTEIiS.—Scaled Proposals,;
i endorsed “I’roposals for Wood,” will be re
ceived until the iirst day of August for the fur
nishing end delivery, on the wharf at tl:c Peniten
tiary, fU the District of Columbia, between tlie
first of August and the first day of < )etober next,
free of all expense to the I nited SiRes, of 100
cords of sound, well seasoned, morchantabL Red
Oak Wood, and 1*2 cords of sound, well-seasoned
merchantable Eunice Pine Wood, the payment
for which will be made on the delivery of tlie
whole. JNO. R. l)Ai)K,
jy v—eot 3, Wat den of P. D. C
VTEGROLS WANTED -I wish to purch •
a lot of likely young Aegioc* tor the south,
as early as possible, and will pas Jic highcR nui
ket price. Call at the oh! tztul'ii'hn. f.ih west end
of liuke street, or direct to me by tiirtt! to tins
place, when all all communications will he
promptly attended to. Rear in mind, ail former
agents, are lmt doing business lbr me During
rhy absence, ad‘letters will be attended to by
some person kept at the house, with full power
to act tor me. GEORGE KEPI1ART.
je 17—tf
FAMES VANS A NT, A’lbtg Street, Mev
an dr ifl. ( /). C. ) next door to the Mar
shall House, in tendering his grateful acknowl
edgements to his friends and the public tor the
■ distinguished patronage he has received from
j‘hem, beg* leave to assure them that, with an
j ample supplv of the moR choice m .terials, Ve
will he able to icndcr entire satLfuRion to those
| who may please to favor him with their business,
| either by order or personal application, and that
: he will sell all articles in his line, as low as they
'can be procured in Baltimore ui elsewhere,
i He lias on hand, at this ume.anu will continue
i to keep, a large assortment of l*ie following arti
; cles, wholesale and retail on the most moderate
; terms:
j'atem spring sraames i
Men’s Saddles, best quality, stufi daps
l)o do do plain
!>o do com frioii do
Latffes’ do best and common
Plated and steel-bitted Bridles, of various :
Plated and steel-mounted Martingale.,
Saddle-baps of the LtCrU lushioii, an l com
Pelisses and carpet Travelling Bags
Plated mounted Carriage Harness
Do do Gig do
Bras? and japan mounicq Gig Harness
; lated, brass, and japanned mounted cariole
Wagon, cart, and dray Harness
Tire Buckets and Hulteia
Also, a general assortment of elegant hard
leather Travelling Trunks, and a great variety
of the best Gig and Riding W nips
Plated, steel and brass Spurs
Plated, steel and brass Bridle bits and Stirups
Saddletrees and Buckskins, assorted
Buffalo skin Saddle covers
Old Saddles neatly covered with hog, buck,
and calf skin, and quilted at shortest notice.
Old Saddles, Harness, and Trunks, of all kinds,
repaired at the shortest notice J* V.
sept l 0— 5 y
A \ ILW OF LONDON.—Rome was called
;tr Mistress of the World, yet in its palmiest day
i'A-p? not equal to Britain in power or dominion:
r can any of the boasted cities of antiquity—
( arthm-e, lyre, or Alexandria, or in latter times,
Venice or Henna—when their maritime great- i
ness was in its g’ <.y, ami iheir trade the wonder :
and adm'ualiuii of their respective ages—not one ,
can be- r a moment's comparison with London. '
Britain's trade claims the whole habitable globe 1
for us opera:; • s. Her colonies Lie placed In '
every direction where man can exist. Upon her
dominion the sun m-versets; her llag waves upon
cv* i v >e:i; and a v dume would be required tode- 1
tail the results of her maritime enterprise and in- 1
‘i!.a! trade upo;; the aspect of the oily which!
bonus the '( m.e *»f iLo-•* mighty operations.
in population, Lot ! n is a nation in herself,
Lae i nub r of i abitants has doubled in forty
vt and ti ■ ;■ mounts to one million nine hun
dred thousand. In 1>43 it will contain two mil
lions 1 In length, from cu*t to west, the houses
extend in one line between five and six mills, and
in breadth, from nth to south, marly four. But
if .ve im-l id* 1 hei m at o e xtremc, and B'aclc
wah a' the 'her, and take the breadth from \V;,1
worth to Holloway—ami these are now ceitainlv
portion < i lue (Ir» at (hty—we shall have London
covering above thirty square miles of ground!—
And then her river, bearing upon it' surface the
ships of every nation : and lur d<;t!;-the lv **t
ft! » West India Unci;:, dm London Dock-, the
( uiiiinercial Dock1-, and the St. Katherine*-Docks 1
together covering more that) five hundred acre?,
teuning with valuable commodities; and one of
them, the W est India Docks, capable of accom
modating fi*e hundred large cbip
To the port of LontJ »n alone, in 18 iO, theie
belonged 20’d) skip of 301,000 ton , burden, and
outlined by 32,000 seamen; in the -atm* year
there entered the \ at from ilnti-h colonics ln>3
ships! from her own coasts, including coilicu,
20,203 ships nom In land. 1VJ7 -hip-: from for
eign countries, ; which, with 3100, llrithh
vrs-el-. toruu d one year s it ade. W hat can com•
pare with this? Londmi eoi.t '.ins one hundr* u
thousand inha I 1 . ot ■ 1 • them hav
ing ' c.pj ntiached. The yearly consumption
of porter ai d Me is 2,00 >000 of barrels, all
brewed i.i t ac pi a c; :f -hi cp, one milieu lour
hundred a id three thousand four hundred
and sl'.’.l\ *ji: 1: ve heen sMd in Smithfield t
one year, t«»geuii.-r with om* lu.nhren and eighty
three fcliou-and iiead of e.iit.'r Many miles o 1
ground in the vicinity are occupied a- market
gardens, and have ?v ead over thmu many hundred
acres of grass. *'*0,000,000 of foreign egg- are
imported, to -nv nothing of the million-' pum bleed
at home; I2,U»H) cows aihud >n uisuliWu! sup
ply of milk: tin: lri-!i and Datm send immense
(juantities of butter, Ireland also supplies bacon
and poik.
The water companVs send into *bc bouse-:
23*,000,000 of Vigsijcuds ui wale: in year, tim
gas companies produce 10,01)0,003 cubic IV * t of
gas daily, which feeds 100.000 lights; the paving
for a year costs above JL’kOO.'M'h the sewer rates
fj 100,000. There are six thousand hotels, tav
erns and coffee hou-es, and twenty theatres, bc
-ide- concert rooms and exhibitions of variou
dira,,;. London ..sfues nearly 3G.ObO,ObG. ol
newspapers ; has steamboat aecom nodations for
ten thousand pa-sengers daily; from London
extends one thousand miles of railway, laid down
at an expense of d40,000,000: with fifty-nine ca
nals, at a (ost of 4. 1 LOGO,000. Through the post 1
office pass70,000.000 of letters in a year, w hilst ,
the amount of cash paid h_, the London bankers j
•hrough the clearing house in 1711. averaged L1
0 f'hOOO monthly. \\ ill not these lew la#i- a-sist i
in giving some idea of the immense scale upon
which ell that relates to London imm be eon-ad- j
ered, before a correct knowledge of its state can,
be arrived at!—lllustiutul Acuv. |
^T. bOMIXCO CU ■ EEL.—40 bags part ve- !
O rv green, in store, and for salt- by
jy n A. J. FLEMING.
ILM< >.\S.— 12.') boxes, received per brig CO- j
J ELM 151 A, lor sale bv
jy 18 WM. FQWLE k SONS. ;
SALT.—630 bbls. 5 bushels each, Salina Salt,
cargo of Schr. E. B. Caldwell, for sale bv j
f 101’FEE.—19*1 bags Maraicaibo, Laguuyra,
it io, and St. Domingo, for sale bv
\*7 EXTERN BACOX.~25,nO ) pour-L Sides
t and Shoulders, rrreived from’II.e u’c-i;
1 mding this mo.ning, r.i d tor sab.* bv
jy 13 LAMPER r & McKEXZfE.
r g 11 i ♦ )MAS I’OX LI ME.— 475 Casio Fresh
JL r\ homaMon Lime, cargo Sehr. Coral, lor
> ,tle !.v [ jy 17 j LAMBERT k McKEXZIK.
| AA RESII. of Oats, good quality,—just
14rv received z .d fur sab bv
jy 12 WM. [• M •: \\.
IIM E.—300 cask" ficsh Lime, cargo ol scbi
J Sea Fan, fot sale bv
jy 12 LAMBERT k MrKLV/Ih.
T.71XEGAR.—5 bbl.s. of fine cider Vinegar,
V received and for sate bv
jy o W. r. McLEAX.
f^OFFEE, COFFEE.—50 bags Green Rio,
St. Domingo. Java and old white, in store*
and on sale, by [jy 31 A. J. ! LLMIXG.
I IXSEED OIL.— 10 bbls. of beat rpialiiv, just
j received, and for sale bv |
’ jy 6 A. C. C\ZEXOVK k CD.
VV in pamphlet form, price 50 cts., for sale bj
FJEFIXED SUGAll.—3Q boxes of d able ^4
Angle L »if Refncd Sugar, (or sale ay
jy 7 A. C. CAZEXOVE a Co.
(lOUXTRY KMT SOCKS.—A supply of
j (Country Knit (Alton S •. bs, always on fund,
and for sale low, by [ jy oj GEO W HI! E.
POTATOES, 25 bushels of Yellow and Mer
cer l.omtocs, at 25 and 37 J cents per bushel,
for sale at the cornei of Prince and fairlux Street,
by, [jy 3) THOS. BURNS.
N'hW Ci iEE.SE, oi very superior quality,
_ Sinok a! Beef, first quality, 200smJi Harm,
averaging 10 ih^. for ^alo at the corner oi f inicc
•if airiax Streets, by, I HOS. BE RNS.
.)A j] \GS('()FFE£, Rio, St Don ingo, La jui
7; a Old White Codec, fursaleat the coiner of j
Pi in. e anti Fairfax Streets, by.
i : v q It IOS. BTj RA *?.
tTEGALIA SEGARS, &c-- 1 have just re
11 reived a fresh supply of very superior hn
po,ttli Regalia Segars. and have on nand Principe
and Havana Segars of various qualities and pri
ces Also, best Chewing Tobacco
| jy- J. R. p.IERPO|NT, Druggist
Cl OTTO?! G< )01RS.—Received this day, 5u
/ bales of Manchester (Virginia) Good1, con
sisting of—7-8 and 4-4 Shirtings, Sheetings, and
heavy Osnaburgs; 5 bales colored Carpet Warp,
which, with a large stock from the Petersburg,
Et trick, and Matoaca manufactories, are for sale
at Baltimore rates, by
jy 14 A. C. CAZENOVE k CO.
Ti.e Alexandria G&ztue READING
' ROOM w open daily.
C1 HEAP READING.—Gliddon's Ancient E
/ gypt. 25 rents; Burrow's Rible in Spain, 3/
| cents: Burrow's Gypsies of Spain, 31 rents; Ar
nold's Lectures oil Modern History, 25 cents,
Lorry's Climate of the United States. 25 cents
Idle ot’the !>uke of Wellington, 25 cents: Liebig's
Agricultural and Animal Chemistry, each 25 cts,
Letters of Mary, Queen of Scots, 2a eU. Lives of
the Queens of [ ranee, by Mrs. Forbes Bush, 25
cents; Amigo's History of Comets, 12$ cents;
James' Forest Days, H> cents; Bianca Capello,
10 cents; Factory Life in New England, Pilgrims
of the Rhine, and Eugenia Grandet, each 12}
^ms New World Annual, 10 engravings, 25 cts.
Dickens' Notes, Franklin Evans tlie 1 lebnatc
The Conspirator, and Pierre Landais, each 12}
cent-; Man of the People, lSf cents; Last of the
Barons, 1" $ and 25 rents; Life of Louis Philippe
and Madden's United u Lumen, each 25 cents.
Massacre of the Hugenot’s, 6 cents; William’s
Missionary Enterprises in tue South Sea Islands,
2 vol*., 75 cents: Moffat's Southern Africa, 50.
Southgate's Missionary Tottr, with maps and
plates, 2 vols., 75 rent*; Lives of Munson and
Lyman, 12$ cents; Life rf Thomason, 2» rent.;
Liicretia Maria David-on, 50 cents; Fox's Rook
of Martyr*. 8 Nos., si: Lite of Jonathan W’ildc,
50 e‘‘rit-; L;<e of John rC>lor, 12$ cents; Mrs. El
hV Wives ot England, Women ot England, ui d
Daughtcrscf England, each 12$, 25, and 50 cents;
Grant's Metropolitan Pulpit, 37$ cents; Fay's
Hoboken. 50 cent*: .Mi[man’s History of the
Jews. 3 vols.. 75 cents; Lockhart's Napoleon, 2
vols., 50 rent-: Pictorial Napoleon, 50 cents a
\ol.; Met .»u!e\L .Miscellanies, 1 vols., paper, $i;
La-t year in China, 25 cts; Military upCit^KHS
in Oabul, 25 ct*; Lady Sale’s Narrative of the
Di-asters in Atlhlianistan, 16 ct*.; Frudoricka Brc
mer*' 1 Ionic. 1,: <'-• Neighbors, ol; II. family
ami lYt-adt jiiA t Gughtei, e.ic’n 25 rents; Handy
Andy, 70 ets; Ho//' Curb sity Simp, 50 ets, Mu;*
rav's Encyclopedia ol Geography, Alison’s 11i>
torv ot Europe, lb unde's Encyclopedia, and
ShakspcareY Dramatic woiks, each 2\> cents per
No.; Life of Mrs. Fletcher, full hound, 571 cents,
•7 copies h ;• ; \ic.rof Wakefield. 25 cents;
Char! t‘..' Tempi**. 12 cents, Koval Hook of
Hi earns, 2.» * 1 Hasil Hall * Fateh Work, 2 vols.
hound, s| Jamo'd . quire, 2 vols. bound, 75 ets;
M.i'tcr Humphry-' Clock, 2 vols. bo mid, 5 b.
e. nt'i Caroline Fry’* ! i't* uer, 2 vols. bound, 75
ct*: Mudie's fie; ,cn- and Lmth, each 'V ( cents
LvudF I fc •»! j h . taught- n, *25 edits; Co\ and
I! d ev's fGplid' in America, 50 cents; Aneel’s
IF ideiiee in China, oUef*; Komaine on Faith, 6k.
et'- Spur/!.*-im on Insanity. wdh copperplates, a
London hook. si: Frown's Christian Fastor’s Ma
miM, 50 cU; l.i.M l).t\' ol H: .hop Ileber, 25 ct.\
Dwight** 11ebrew W ife, 50 .U': Southey > late of
NeLon, 25 < t>; LarkhaiTs Napoleon, 2 vols. 5b
ct*.; I!I'torv of Insects, 25 ct*; Hannah MooreY’
Woru'. 25 ets a No. to be completed in J Nos.;
Mrs. 1.1 iis > Iron Rule, 2a ets; Mrs. Ellis’s Voice
from the Viio.tge, 6 ct*; Father Clement, 25 ets,
I lector < VI Lilloran, 50 ets; M< ( ’ullock's new Ga
/ettccr. 27 ets per No; Whatcly's Kingdom ot
< hrist, 50 (•'■-; dames* False. Heir, 10 cents; 'Flic
Lost Ship, 27> etv. W averlev Novels, 25 ct«. pc;
No; v. /' man\ olht, at the same lj\y rate, for
sale by ‘ HEkL ENTWTSLE.
jy \l
tion, price jO cents: and Carter’s edition
of IFAubi^i.e’s Reformation, 3 vols for$l, ras!
only, for sale'by BILL EXTWTSLL
jy 8 , .
j milt'd on a!! bat «!>, to be one of the mos,
valuable works c( n feivnm ever issued, and the
low piic.e A it i puhii-bcd.—if) cents pei
number, put- t wit ,in the. reach of every body.
it will be com; !e*e in }*] V . All the AuS. di
far ; s published, for s Re bv
J\ seribeis have just received at the Agricultu
ral Wart bees" ♦he Revob ing Horse Rake. This
implement is deservedly popular, and worthy the
attention of every farmer (with whom the saving
of Libor is an object.) It is capable of perform
ing with one man, and a horse, the labor of ten
men. [timoib) WM. STABLER be CO.
Removal.-it. v if. yhave /m
/ jtorarily removed, to that part of the Ware
liou.se occupied by Mr. Wm. H. M.liru, which
ft mils on Fayette Alley. SEAHL Y 01T0SITF
Til Hilt OLD ST.IXI), where they will be plcu
sed to sc 2 thcii i ’tends and customers. (jc <8—dtf
OR PH \\S ( '()t KT,. lUxandna County, June
Term, l-;3, Sct.-ll'ILLUM (\ (TJltl)
A I'.R, Kxcr uter r.f Joseph Mandeville, dee’d,
rendered t«»the Court his fifth account, as exec
utor afore-aid, witli the veuchcrs in suppor.
111 * * i r-.»«, whb b v, ,j{ be pa!»s--d and duly recorded,
unless cau.-c be shown to tm* o.iivryy, on, or be
fore »lie first Monday in AuguG next, of which
all per-ons interested or com erned will take no
tice. A copy, Teste : B. HOOK,
j inc *0—wrw Kcg'r of Will;
if ERPHAXS’COI RT, . tUxandria County, July
V" 7r*m, i - IS- l\ 11. HOl'FM.'lX, Executor
oi \v iiliaiJi L. HoOgaon, deceased, has rendered
lo the (Jourt Lis m i account as Executor, afore
said, with the vouchers in support thereof, which
account will be passed and duly recorded, unless
cause be shown to the contrary, on or before the
first Monday in September r.s/f, of which all
nervous intere-.c! or concerned will take notice.
A copy, Fcste: B. HOOK,
jv fp—wtiw R»*g\ of W ilK
/ ppj| WH1 ('A KRT. A'jrttndiia County,.July
V ) Term, 1 i 13.—SAMUEL M JAXXE Y, sut
viving Executor of Jonathan Janney, deceased,
lias rendered to the Court his second account as
Executor aforesaid, with the vouchers in support
thereof, which account will be passed, and duly
recorded, unless cause be shown to the contrary,
on or before the first Monday in September next,
of i.hicu all person.-. intcre-dea or concerned will
take tjotice. Aeopv, Tcsic: B* HOOL,
jy 10— wOw RcgVofWilhi
OR PH \\S‘ ('<>TRT, Alexandria County, Ju
ly Tern:, 1*13 -WILLIAM //. MIU.EK
and JOlIX lihoCF, Executors ofSam‘1 Messer*
sn)itli, deceased, have rendered to the Court their
third account as Executors aforesaid, with the
vouchers in support thereof, which account will
he j-av.cU, arid duly recorded, unlcrs cause be
diown to the contrary, on or before the first Mon
lf.. v io September next; of which all persons in
>t«.Te»fed or concerned w ill take notice. A copy,
Pe-te: B. HOOE,'
jv 10—vvGv/ HcgT of Wills.
ORPHANS' OOLTRT. Alexandria County. July
Tt rut. 1*43 —SAMUEL M. JAX.\EYt
Executor of Mary LilicoJ, deceased, b.as render
ed t > the Court his fn>t account as Executor
jaforesaid, w-ith the vouchers in support thereof,
I which account will be passed and duly' recorded,
unless cause be show n to the contrary,on or before
the first Monday in September next; of which, all
[persons interested or concerned will take notice.
A copv, Teste : B. HOOE,
jv 10—w6w _ RegV of Wills.
ORPHANS' COE JIT, Alexandria County, July
Term, 1443.—.LIMES ROACH, Executor
->f Philip Roach, deceared, ha-j rendered to the
Court his third account, as Executor aforesaid,
■.vith th: vouchers in support thereof, which ac
count will be passed and duly recorded, unless
cause he shown to the contrary, cn or before the
dr?t Monday in September next; of which all
person:? interested or concerned will take notice.
A copy, Tfste : B. HOOE,
jy 10 -wGw KcgT of Wiili.

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