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Ui«:\'AiMi»3ilA %i\I» Ht!>?lA!A AISVIiliTlSHK. ._
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Tht AI.BXANIHUA OAZKTTK, for l he conn- j
try, is printed on Tuesdays, Ihursdays and
Saturdays. . , c
ihc Country Taper (iri-vve< klv) is furnished tur
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Subscription —the Daily Taper is furnished at ^
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No subscription is received from the country, un
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sible name.
Correspondence of the Charleston Jlhrcury.
Sarvtooa Si*aiNi.% Aug 4, 1FH
[ h ive been dretching my leg* and resting my
Plain, for the last week, by a rustication. Throw
ing jnvself carckssly into ti<e *urrent ot tiavel,
the tide has landed me, after one or two gurgles
and eddies, by the way, hiph and dry,in t ’engross
Hall, Saratoga. It has been high and dry liter
ally; high—because the place is so crowded that
one can get a sleeping place only in the tenth
stoi y, or rather only above the tenth layer ot un
man strata which constitutes a story at the hot 1
Spa, dry, although a watering place, because
there lias been no rain for two weeks or more.
If you ever saw a comcrib of one of our Jersey or
Dutchess County farmers, during harvest, you
can have souiii idea of the manner in w hich pe o
ple are stowed away in the Congress Hall caia
van or the United States menagerie. Men and
women are actually bursting out of windows and
doors, as cotton will sometimes burst out ol the
scams and holes of an overstutfed bale. 1 Here
arc said to be no less than four thousand strange rs
in the village at the present moment. These wa
iters ootnc from all parts of the i nited States,
and indeed of the civilized world; they embrace'
men of every character and profession; they me all
full of love of excitement and pleasure. Some
have been drawn hither by the tumous virtues ol
the medicinal waters, to attempt to neowr
health; some come to display their persons and
their wealth; some to attend the State courts
which are in session; some to attend the tempt !- j
unco convention, which is also in session; some to
r.el hui'bandsand wives; some, professional peo
ple and gambler'*, t<» m • U«» money; and some,—
because they have nothing else to do. 1 he \a
riety of character and conduct is then, tore im
mense , annd furnishes a prodigious hue opportu
nity to those comical or satirical gentlemen who
delight in the observation of human nature.
Among the more distinguished visiters here i>
Mr. Van Buren, late President oi th ' Puitcd j
States. Me lodges at the IVin-d States Hotel,)
and looks as fat as a buck m the beginning of the ;
hunting hmsoii. His retirement certainly agiec;? |
w ith him marvellously- - so mm h so, that a ung j
net very fiiendlv to him as apolilu ian,say * that it
is a pity he should, ever leave it. t >t coum , we all
speculate as to the obj. cU that may Invc brought
him here—a politician, you know, never being
able to move, or even tie his shoe, witnoiU hav
ing some sinister and pels nal de-i mi f Ua* say s
tlmt he is arranging the hoaid lot !h* next pohti
cal campaign; another, that he is in -aan h ot a
wife; and a third, that, being tired of the duji i
routine of a farm, iie wishes to break the* m- not- j
onv of his late htc by a little oissipation. I <u- j
haps they aie all light. Melody has a better j
right to either, or is more likely to succeed m j
cither, than the ex-President I be mercwhis-i
per that he has an eye to the s* x, has, ot com sc,
act the women ^itie m: rrugable ones, 1 mean) all
in love with him, so that the very dandies hang j
their heads with shame and envy.
Mr. TV. P. Willis is another of our notable per
sons. Me seems to stand on the lead ct those
loungers who combine tin* literary w ith tkclasn
ionablo, he Lj^ingrjUite a- remarkable an u,huttt
tle^nntunum in waiseoats ami nnaun.' as ne ^ iv
tresses and smiles. He is also a dciighltul Ui|»ei, j
and alxva\s manages to suuound lumscil v. hh a
crowd of attentive admirers and heaters.
As to our entertainments in the musical wax,
have we not the Castellan? and is not that glory
enough for one place? It is astonishing now popu
lar she is in mere report. AM tLc way coining
here, \ am told th,*t the people ol the towns and
stopping-places on the lineot the ladioaus lushed
to get a sight of her At Bullion, the beaux lit
erally covered her with bouquets and wicathes.
Site sings to-morrow night, and everybody thinks
the time moves slow, so cugci 16 hn* expectation ^
of bearing her. Ii xxiM be another two thousand ,
dollar job! Her notes arc quite as valuable as j
any ever uttered in Wu'l street. Ghat a bn kv ;
old fellow that ugly husband ol the charming
In the theatrical line, the cl.a t iv| rcsedative
is that exquisite performer Mr. Henry l‘iaci«lc—
who is not here, Iiowevci, profes-mnuhv, 1 u- as a
private gentleman- An at tor ol so muc h talent,
and a man of such sterling worth, attracts no*
small share of our regards.
The clenty, too, have their representatives in
the Kev. George lioth.unc, of Philadelphia, as
.witty and agre cable a coin pardon as he is a hi
ved and eloquent preacher; and the venerable lh*
Rice, of Princeton, N. J. 1 should, perhaps, re
fer in the same category to prophet Geo. M unday,
of Philadelphia, who is here discoursing of'king
dom come,* and selling newspapers. Geergc is
about three feet high,has long hair, and w ears no
hat. His beard reaches down to his breast; and his j
doctrines are of the strictest sort ot the anchorites, j
He not only does not shave his chin; hut he eat'*
no meat, drinks no wine, siccps with no wile,
lies upon a hard bed, and reasons of righteous*
ness and judgment. What is a hide remarkable
about so rigid an ascetic, he is always cheerful
—cracks his joke, if he cracks no bottles; and
while stiff as a poker against all manner ot sin, is
soft and fonder as a child towards ail living tica
turcs. He steps out of the vu) of the worm m
his path. • . . ,..
In contrast with George and h.s simple ha ;«>
and strict notions, are the lots ol dandies who
throng these nests rl his species ot animal is so
common, and the varieties of the species aie so
much alike all over the globe, that you need no
description of them : suffice it to say, there i?
a master specimen of this sort here, who is a
noveltv in his way. One feature will do tor
your readers—and that is that he siccps aii nigut
with gloves on, and with leeches applied to the
ends of his fingers, to make his hands delicate and
wniio: . . ,
There are fewer Southcners here than have
been customary in former years. What is the
reason? Have you found better places ol en
tertainment ? or have you grown wise eiu»ug.i to
spend your surplus cash among yourpvvn p< e
ple? If the latter let me congratulate you upon
the acquisition. Depend upon it, that absenteeism
of any kind is not the best way ol promoting
prosperity. The thousands of dollars which your
rich rnen have been in the habit of spending at
the North, will be much more usefully employed
at home. _ __
THE NEXT STEAM EH.—The small a
mount of domestic news w hich has been current
/or some weeks past, has made the public impa
tient for the arrival of the next steamer. The
Hibernia is now in the 12th day of her voyage,
and h8r arrival in our port may be expected in a
day or two more. She may' perhaps biing the
contents of another overland mail Irocn India,
and will doubtless bring a volume ol news ol in
surrections and treasons in Spain—reports ol im
mense repeal agitatiou meetings in Ireland—and
a mass of miscellaneous nevva ot greater or le.^s
interest, the nature of w hich of course cannot be
foreseen —Boston Advertiser
BW IIP"1! I — MW ■ i P I»*w*™*w»* *—-< •‘ —7
IIOKACK WALD>1 .K.—A new scries of the | <
ttcr r,t th:> | C* ';M btV' mjde llS 31*
>t aranee ei Ivj ’hiial, tea,dung down to lmb.-~
iVe hi id some extracts m the Lund *n ^pcctatoi, ^
vhHi we transfer to our columns.
Mi Walpole himself, that p.i ti di:.’.'M th: - di*
:rimi:u*th*g character: <
U Walpole 1ml a genius A it iva- \ho geni ;
us of a pennv-a liner, elevated ii) cdueati m«, tor i
tune, and position, and expanded by a knowledge
of the world and cf books; but instinctively rev
elling in an “awful event” or a “melancholy, in
cident,” a “sight” of any Kind, and above all in a
talc of scandal; all which, to do him justice, he
was unrivalled in telling; the ciivurmtanccs that
gave character, life and interest to the story, arc
preserved ns by our best reporters, but in t^r tet
ter style; whilst all their prolixity , minuteness,
frivolity, and vulgarity are discarded. Vet was
not the journalist Walpole a mere newsmonger.
And his sheet had these great advantages—he
was mostly terse, often elpgaqt, always genteel,
and always readable. At this point of time, the <
matter does not alway s repay the primal; but
there is nothing which obviously says upon its
face —“to be skipped by the general reader.”
From the Xeic Saits <J Letter3.
iJtr \p,n\ ai. and ! m; wedding or *u r.t.N cuxfi
She arrived at St. James's a quarter after three
on Tin : day the 8th. \\ h»m she fust saw the pa
lace she lurncd pale : the 1 lutchcss, ot llami'.h'ii
smiled. uJMy dear Dutchess.” said the brim-ess,
''you may laugh; you have been married twice;
but it is no joke to me.” Is this a had proof !•» i
sense? On the journey they wanted Ikt to curl
her toupet. “No, indeed,” said she ; “t think it
looks as well as those oi the ladies who have
been sent for me: if the King .would In'*’ me
we*a a periwig, l will ; otherwise 1 sliaii let my*
« r* « • « mi i v „ r . v. I. «*.k lioft* l.lw
SPJl U10IIC. I no lywht: ..
hand at the garden-gate : her lip* trembled, but
she jumped out with spirit- In the guidon the
King met her • she would have (alter*, at his fc< t.
he prevented and emoraced her, and led hei into
the apartments, where she was received by the
Princess of Wales and Lady Augusta: these
three Princesses only dined with the King. At
ien tjie procession went to chapel, preceded by
unmarried daughters of Peers and Peeresses in
plenty. The new Princess was led hy the Duke
of York and Prince William; the Archbishop
married them: the King talked to her the whole
time with great good humor; and the Duke ot
('umbcrlatid gave her away. Sin* is not tall, m i
a beauty ; pale, and very thin ; hut looks sensi
ble and "is genteel. Her hair i3 daii;t*h m d line;
her lore head low ; her nose vet' "cd, < \< i pi
the nostrils spreading too wide, her mouth ha*
the same fault, but her teeth air good. She talk*
a good deal, and Frci;< h tolerai 1> ; po>* s hc:
*elf, i> frank, but with gieat respect to the King
After the ceremony, the whole company came in
to the drawing-room for about ten minutes, but
nobodv Was presented that night. 1 Im Queen
was in white and oilier; anendiess mantle ol vi
oiet-cdorcd velvet, lined with ermine, end at
ti nipt id to be fastened ( n l»er shotik.ler by a buiwli
of large {.earls, dragged itseit and aln.e-t the- r* -t
of her clothes half-way down bet waist. On h r
head was a beautiful little lias a of diamonds a
diamond necklace, and a stomacherof diamond*,
worth tliret* scorce thousand pounds, \v hii h she is
to wear at the coronation too.
As the supper was net ready iiio Queen *stl
nown ,sang', and play.cd on the haijide: oiu *<* i..c
Loyal Family ,vv ho all supp- d v ith her in | rivate.
They talked ot the ditlirent Hei man dialects: the
King asked if the Hanoverian was not pme. ‘ U1!,
iu), sir, said the Queen, ‘‘it is the wui_-l <-*i ai.
She will not be unpopular.
’) he Duke of Cumberland tool the King that
hitnseli and Lady Augusta weio sleepy. I be
Quc.cn v, as vci v averse to leave tlm company ;
and at I a.* I articled that nobody should nc.ecmpa* |
ny hei but the Pi iucess ol Wales and her own
two (o rman women, ami that nub >dy should be
i i _ ..... I tl..L I-, in r ' I I • > V i * 1. ! I! < »I '
■ lUHIlUCU.nn i Miinii 'MU I'll' -
» ctne till between two and tbrcc.
A lHAirOK i'JL L.It.VK'k , I.OIi!' HATH.
Lord Bath's r xtravagunt ava. ice and mdci ling;
ness on his son's death rather mcrcnscs. Lmd
Lullem y kit a kind of will, saying he had no
thing to give, but made it his ivipiest to In?* talker
to give his post chaise and one hundred pounds to
his cousin Holman; ihe same >um and his pic
ture's to another coii-jn; and is cmnuiendcd tin*
Lukes, his other cousins, to him. Lord Buih
sent Holman and Hickman wind they mi ;ht get
iheir hundred pounds as they could; ami lor the
chaise and pictures they might buy them il they
pleased, lor they would be sold !"r hisbmia
debts; and lie expressed great anger at the la?-t
aitide, saying that he did not know what huoinoss
it waj of his son to recommend heirs to him.
This hero is as bad a fellow as ever hero was,
abominable in piivate life, dull in rarliament,1
but they say, very entcitainij'g in a room, and
certainly no bad.writer, o**1 Ides haying hcdtboj
honor of contributing 1 great deal to Lord Mule's
fail. Wilkes fought Lord Talbot in the autumn, j
whom lie had abused, and lately in ('alais, when j
the Liinec deCroy, the Go'fcnior, asked him how
far tlie liberty of the press extended in Lug- ;
I and, replied, I cannot tell, but lam trying to
The Whig aristocrat pci ps out in the following ,
wcil-brcd contemptuous notices ot Garrick;
which Walpole might not have liked the player
to have known.
‘•We are sending you another couple, the fa
mous Garrick and his once famous wife. He
will make you laugh as a mimic; and as he know s
we are great friends, he will alfect great partia
lity to me; but be a ldtlc upon vour guard, re
mumber he is an actor.”
*■* + -* -
“Jf the honors l have told you Mr ..Garrick has
received in France do not obtain him a chair in
a Florentine conversazione, l think you must
threaten them with the thunder of the Vatican,
which vou see we have at command; but to be
serious, j would not 1 ave you get into a squabble
about him; he is not worth that.”
This is a neat characteristic of U'chardson—
“There is a Madame do Beaumont who has
lately written a very pretty novel,culled “Lottie*
du Marquis du Kosse 1c.” It is imitated, too,
from an Knglish standard, and in my opinion a
most wofulone; 1 mean the vvoiks ot Kichaidson,
who wrote those deplorable tedious lamentations,
Clarissa and SirChas. Gr.mdison, which are pic
tuicsof high life as conceived by a bookseller,
and romances as they would be spiritualized by
a Methodist teacher.”
The name, family, and event, which Walpole
so contemptuously dismisses in the billowing » x-,
tract, hassir.ee acquired an interest from its con- j
nexton with another Lord Byron, and its fancied in- j
fiuencc upon iiis fate.
We are likely to have another solemn puppet
show, the trial of a Beer. Lord Byron has killed
a Mr. Chaworth in a duel at a tavern. I, who
should like the trial of a Laud or a Stratford, as
a wholesome spectacle now and then, am not in
terested about an obscure Lord, whose birth
alone procures his being treated like an over-!
growu criminal. This quarrel was about game;;
and the very topic should send it to the Quarter
For some time I had nothing to tell you; but
the trial of Lord Byron, a solemn scene for a j
worthless man, but whose former faults had given
handle to ill natnre to represent him as guilty j
of an event which truly it had been very dillicult
for him to avoid. He escaped with life; and re- j
covered some portion of honor, if that can com
fort him after the publicity made of his character,:
and the misfortune of killing an amiable man, j
but one not blamcss in the late instance.
The hero of the day was the famous Colonel j
Barrc—a man, or 1 am mistaken, whose fame;
will not stop here. Ho spoke with iniinito wit j
and humor, and with that fust of merits to me, j
novelty: lus manner is original, lie spoke too |
with extreme bitterness; which is almost new a-J
>uin so civil have Parliaments been oi late, lie *
3f • *
•ommendi d the prc:cnt ?ecrct u ics of State, 1 nit •
foresaw it possible that, if one of them should die, j
kE successor might he. the must dis>cdutc and a
bandoied sad dog m the kingdom. 'I here sat
Sandpit h under the gallery, while liic "hob
House applied the picture to him! Not w word
was oilered ir. his defence. You will ti^ls d hi
was thunderstruck"" yes, say those who wire near
him. Yet so v% ell did he recover the blow, trial
at three in the morning he comm -need an m
trigue w ith a codec girl, who attends m the
Speaker's chambers.
i: \KUC. AND Wil.KLs is* l'RIVATE.
Colon.cl 1‘aiTC arrived last hi. ht,but had sent a
refusal before him to England of the plane et
Irish Vice Treasurer. 1 dined win re he did to
day, and thought he was not quite vo determined
as he had imagined. 1 never was m a room with
him before. lJis style is vulgar: but that did not
surprise me. Wiikes is here too; ;n the same
tone, and with less parts. One likes to see men
that posterity wiil wish to have seen: bate that
curiosity, and they are commonly not just the
men volt would wish to see much. \Y ilkes'sday
is over; lktrre's, 1 think, to come.
FOr.KtO.X FEAR of M i T.
On every occasion 1 beg you to he as haughty
! as may he: son no longer rej resent the King, hut
Mr. i*itt;nnd fray keep up ail the. dign;t> Ins
erowu. It v.'ii 1 be vourovvn taidt it you don t
hull’s ourself into a red riband. fl h; - is my s n
(ni- ; dviee; as well as my temper. You know i
If. v'c to have th«* majesty el the people it Eug
land dictate to all Europe. Nothing would Imvc
divci ted ms* more than to !rivo been at 1 a11* at
this moment. Their panic at Mr. Kill's name K
not to b ' described. \\ hem vei th< y vv* iv impei
t iik nt, ! usftl to drop, us ny < h:*ikv, t!t !ic wu»uiti
he Mmisti r in a U vv ua\ : and it never laded to
« ivaMfij a dead silt tree.
A few (,oor n:r,v.'.
We have nn instance in i'ur ta miy *<f r< at o!.,
nity of mind, and 1 set it down as tno mo, t hot <.i
able alliance in tne pedigree. I :ie i/ow.iu.i
Lady Walpole, you know, was a L reiirb -t ■
maker's daughter W hen Amruasmb'cs. l>1 1 1 »mee
the (<uccn expressed surpi i -e u» tier ^peaking .-**
•good French. Lady Walpole said she was a
Firm h woman. ‘ FraneuiseT leplied the <jweom
“Vous Franeaise, Maihirne.' ct de <;m lie t.uuilh :
“D'nmuiue, Madame,'' ui)«Wiicd nu a,mt. Don t
you thi:i;i that au*mic sounded greater than Mont
iiii reney would have doner One must have a
gre.it soul to he<d the uucvnc family; whieli is
tied npcc-s;ijy to he a llowaid.
Smiif truth there was, ! am assured by a person
j U > t returned troin frame, in the iYinrc o! ( on
ti's stoiy. M. de ISartine, Licute riant de lcdiee,
went with his oUiccrs to liie Temple to search im
libels: tise 1'rinee immediately shipped shirK, aim
shewn! he had no! a rag ol paper about him He
told M. de Sin title, that knowing him bu a man
of honor, he w mild dispense w ith bis shipping: he
hclicvnl the oilier rent'amui wen-also men ot
honor: hut not being acquainted with them, and
I having braid ol otliecrs ot justice, who, being
I >ent tu houses id obnoxious persons to search loi
j . ii»el -, bad eont ri\ cd to tind line Is win h h ic \ h a!
I brought w *t!i tin m on purpose, he imbsti d on
1 Ikir -■1ripping to the skm likewise, ami when
they nad deni1 so he bade tnem g*> and n< h
w herever tin y pleased. For my part I dpi m>!
expci t so murli cleverness hem Ins lliglmc'.-.
I/idy t intrude Mothum, (Lord ('licstcrLi Id's
sister,') one of the few* whom perhaps you re
membi r, I- dead ; she set her ruble and tin m e
the r» -t * I her dress on lire, and du d o! n m l« n
({avs. She had wit, like all in*! hiotueia, Lut lei
many \» uish.nl hm n a .Methodist. About two
v» ijago, as tliC Laid was i i 1, s!ie \\e*11 w 11b hei
JYimale, l.adv ! hint jug/bui. to try to tempt him t>
one i f t be ir si ininane'in W a !• s, liopim.; to get to
hi- soul I v a < lanny in his Leu I lb. i L« y ext d
jS‘(l i};•». oiospc<*>.>, and th* u there wi re sir b
< !i inning mountains 1 ‘‘iioM, kulies, said hr ; 1
don't love mountaini: when you* I .ndyshipT l.*itii
j»ia removed the mountain', I will go thiihci wit!)
ali my heart !-’
A M Jl!( Al MAXIM 1 ! ' 1 , W J Mi I'.S.
1 was not ini-t ikeu in annouueing to you the
approaching expulsion (.*1 \\ dkes. li j ns-ed m
Friday night, or rat hi r at tniie on baluiday
on ram :, by a majority ol ‘ill* again.-1 1 o/, :i11* r
four days ol such fat igue and long sittings as nevei
wne known together. His behavior, in every
respect nut confidence, was so poor, that it Cot; -
tinned what I have hue; iltoimhl, that Ins would
!<liiiii.cli .-n Mr m the Douse ot ('ommt.TS
thrin he tail In: crushed any when- • i-e. lie ha->
so quh’kru>s or talent lW public spe: kin
that in* would inn In.* heard will; p.dance. Mow
he. has all the e<*lal th;:t sulicrings, boldness, rr
11is writing') ran give him : not Inal 1 think tin:
hitler have other merit than bt mg calculated for
the nu ll and the moment, lie stands again lor
Middlesex, to he again expt !hal; yc! nobody
dares oppose him ; and he is as sure el recom
mending his successor. Still tin. re arc people so
wild and blind as not t.'» r« e that i way tiiumpii
against liim is followed by mortification and dis
grace. in this country every v:ch ?u c turns ha* k
upon its authors. My father, who gnu n: d for
liu* iongost time, end Mr. Pelham, who enjoyed
the quietest ad minimi atiori, always leant d to
lenient measures. They who thii k tia'iinilves
wiser, have, not met with equal success. As
worth less a fellow as WiTesis, the ligors exer
cised fowaida !;im have raised a i-yirit that will
require $t ill wiser head.) to ..11: v. Men have a
gain turned seriously to the study *>! these c ontro
versies tint agitate d thiiicountry an bundled v* ars
ago ; and instead of dipping in Roman and .Greek
h istories for flowers to decorate the speeches of
false patriotism, principles art; revived that have
taken deeper root; and 1 hope we may not see
quarrels of a graver complexion than the dirty
squabbles for places anti profit. Persecution fm*
polities has just the same i">ue as for religion ; it
spreads the oppressed doctrine ; and though I
think Wilkes as bad a man as it he were a saint,
lie will every day get disciples who w ill profit by
his martyrdom. Thank God that be bats not
turned Methodist!
ROADS ASP I’OLlt E J\’ 1771.
In the midst of this combur.tion, vve are i i pe
rils by land and water, it iias rained lbr tins
month without intermission: there is a sea be
tween me and Richmond; and Sunday was sen
night 1 was hurrkd d^wn to Islewsrth in the fer
ry boat by the violence of the current, and had
great d.flu ally to get to shore. Our roads are so
infested by highwaymen, that it is dangerous stir
ring out almost by day. Lady Hertford was at
v « t r r it ii _ r it .
lUCtkCli on ilOWIialOW Jic.un.il tiil'vH. Ill HI'; ai.il
noun. Dr. Eliot was shot at times*. diyf ago,w•!Ii
out !ia\ iiiic k si -led; m.d the day bthno Ycsh l'day,
we were near losing our Prime Minister, Lon!
North : the robbers shot at the Postilion, and
wounded the latter. In slant, nil the Ireebnnters
that arc not in India have taken to the highway.
'1'he Ladies of the Bede hand*]* dare not go to tiic
Queen at Kew in an evening. The lane between
me and the 'Thames is the only safe road I know
at present, for it is up to the middle of the horses
in water.
It is curious to read such complaints ns the
following about the size of Lond» n, when Lon
don was bounded by Oxford street on the North
and the streets and squares of Bond street on the
“London increases every day: I believe there
will soon be no other town left in England, lbr
migrations increase as fast as buildings. All the
Scotch and Irish that don’t come to London go to
America. Jf you ever return, as I devoutly
wish, you will find a larger city than Florence, of
which you never saw a street; without including i
half the adjacent villages, which the town has!
surrounded or joined. Perhaps it will be at ia^t i
like Falmyra, in the midst of a vast desert.
* * I remember when my father went i
out of place, and was to return visits, which i
Ministers are excused from doing, he could not
guess where he was, finding himself in so many
new streets and squares. This was thirty years
ago. They have been building ever since, and |
one would think had imported two or three cap- (
it.ds. London could put Florence into its fob-J
pocket: but as they build so slightly, if they did j
not rebuild, it would be just the reverse oi Homo, j
a vast circumference oi city sutrounding an a- |
rca of ruins. As its present progress is chicdy ;
North, and Southwark marches South, fhc n-.v.-j
Uopohs promises to bo as broad as long. Rous j
of houm-s shoot out every way like a potypu*: and j
so pent is the rage ul budding everywhere, that, I
if ! stay here afoitnight without going to town, l j
look about to see u uo new bouse is built "U1 lc I
went !astF?
THL ,\KTS.—The New York correspondent
of the National intelligencer writes—
The annual engraving of the picture selected
for libs honor by the Apollo Association is to be
published in a few days, it is said to be unsur
passed even by Durand’s engraving oi Vander
iyiPs Ariadne.
Weir, the painter, is moving bis glorious pic
ture to Huston for exhibition. It will be open to
visiters there by the first of September. It is to
ho exhibited afterwards at the National Acade
my in New York—the first home cl the pilgrims
having very properly the honor of the first sutit
of it. Weir will steep himself in his country
j men’s heart, as hi, picture shows then, hnw’liun
! * -1S y, as we I! as with what >p!cmbi nt genius, he.
has’ executed their commission. 1 understand
that Ynndt rlvtFs picture is vcryj.uc. 'I n‘*re are
j several j" rsous employed in filling up bis design,
! Mr. V luder’.vii’s oVn pencil is to harmonize
| ;um! lirisb. i(. Mr. ?*Iurse uas g.v^n u}> hi^ pat
. ji-tte and brushes to deyota himself to hi< electro
1 rr j»\ tele :,i\iph which i, now bring laid down.
• T.h.- visit uf Inman tha painter, to Fngiand, is
I »■ ;irtIv an in m \ for t ic study oi costume aac
I tV.»a "re.|uiied lor bis picture lor the Rotundo.
1*( >TATORS. The tewn of Moutdiddier, in
! tlm Department of Suiimr, in Frame, is about
erecting a broil/** statue it honor of the phil-wo
nlo r and phik.iithropU, Harmeidier, who mtro
LgiOcd i ilu Fram e the culture, of Potatoes It
| was to him and in rcicrcuce to his introduriion
! of the petal->, that Fouis the loth, once said—
I “ France will one d :y thank y hi for having found
! bread lor hoi pour/’
Tj.c subscription for the statu® is headed by
Fouls Hiullippe, and is circulating throughout
This {. f. r< nee to Parmcnticr, recalls the name
of the celebrated American, Benjamin Thomp
! son belter known a> <’«-unt Rumford, v\ ho intro
i ,]iic< d the potato into Havana, toward the close ot
ttu* last century, not far, it we mistiwx net, trom
! 17D0. For this and other important services at
| Munich, v. hither he had been invited by the E
i le< t'»r of Havana, lie wai crofted by that Hi meg
! a {’ount of the Emphe, selecting for Ins title the
j name of the town ot Kumbud, now Concord, i*S.
j whore he bad in early hte been employs d u<
! ;i Teacher. flc w.n- horn at Woburn, Mass., in
; IWm; and died at Antreuill, in France, in Hll.
JLbuiui !)<:':!>! • Mr* rli>. i.
AN HoNES r ii‘ >V.—Vnat “honesty is tin:
; best policy” wa«ilh: I rated some ye >is nitice on
i d«T the following eh cum-tanecs, detailed hy Ihe
I Ko -holer 1 Senior rut: \ lad w:i- proce* ding to mi
: uuelc's to petition liim for aid for hUsie.k sister and
!i( 1 child »;, when he found a pm kct-walh t con*
t taini:wr faJ. 'The aid u ns iviusid, and the dis
1 tr< *.scd in’Tiilv was piiwhed with want The boy
; revealed hi* fortune t > hr, mother, hut o.pre.-xed
I a doubt about using any pm lion of the money.—
■ Hi* mother confirm d bis good resolution; tie
| pocket bo.,k was advertised, and the owner found,
i Being a man of wealth, upon learning ihe hi-iorv
of he fam il\, he pre.scnUd the s50 to the sick
i motherland to >k the boy into his .-uj-v and. lx
i- now one < ! the mosj -ueresdi.j nicrcl.ants in
( }i (, |!• ?n» at y al w:i\ iu mgs its re wind to ihe
mind, d not to the pocket. 1
... ... ... -
Finn t‘!C • ^liddhl'jV'ii [ - Co.) A. V.
M loir some men were engaged in a mar! hoi
!■• ar Sc. t« i»!<tvvii. in tin- minty, they lound an
ii,iiticii:( i', large skull, \v!m h ha, proved lobe
tii,.i , t a mammoth or i.iustcdoti 1 he tu-ks,
w it•« h w ci e ht'ou.eii uii It! the «u I cl i * n'im..t am,
ar. ol ivfi v, at.d ,incut five U .1 in leng;i:. I he
' v. iada ol ihe head i said to ha io n 'ich ns I hr* a
I nn n < an oiri y V» e avv one ol tlie l ibs, w iiu h
1 is four feet long, and somewhat deemed at the
! lower t xf. emi* y. It i roidbieinly Relieved that
the \v 11; de ske!eIon can betaken I com lfie g■ onitu.
bum a wilting the above, nil uMeulivo corrcs*
ponded ha- layered ns with the tollow ing :
i “ The >ke!« tun oi a imge annual, supposed to
be a mammoth, is being exhumed on the laim ot
\lr. \V. (ki.mior. a‘piarter ot a mde east ol il.n
! Village. .\s lew of tin* bone >, e\t,cpt tuu head,
have hern brought to light, rnv de-criptinn 11111->t
tnercl*»re ii**i mo m.m maunu <o
vour ;•(. adeis 1 subjoin tV' follow ir*g :— Length of
{-.j.].., J it. p ii•.; cireumlYmice *»f Iu.'k nt the root
! hi, length » ! skull including tu*ks 7 ft. [) in;
! leu. ti. bciw.in the » yes 2 ft; across the cavity ot
the e\c IT in; h■: gtliw i.e <;a\it} ofthe c\e Ti in;
length c> 1 principal grim*. » T, in; length ot uud* j
i jaw between the sot kcu *J ft* gu t of .^kuil ovci
| the e\C' in* ludiag uinlef jaw is It. j in.
| The Jiove. was lound embedded in marl from
! f» to 7 feet below the surface. The dimension'
| <4 the remaining parts will be iurnLhcd w hen
j :hcv arc brought to light. Yours,
J). W. b.MiTII. I’.
t eotchtown, N. Y. August 7. l^J-’b’’
I ■* - • — •
; LOOT)<>F THK CMi.VLSE.—Mmiyf nVYoy
! a ;e round tin* W orld,' luruishcs the tallowing
paragraph * “The Chinese cat aim* st every tiling
that eoint s to hand, t pon tin* streetsrd tlie. city,
i hut p.u liculai !y on the large square before the
! factories, a i.wmhej <»t biA <Is are daily os nosed
for sale, which amongst us, have not yet gamed
much repute tor llivoi; among others, haw kv
ow Is, eagf. s, and storks. lo a Luropcan, noth
ing can have a more liughanle edect than to sec
the Chinese arrive with a earn ing pole, support
ing two bird-cages, which centum dogs and cats,
instead ot birds. A small, thin sort id a spaniel,
appeared to us to be most in request; they sit quite
| downen t in their temporary d wellings when they
|arc brought to market; while the rats make a
dreadful squ ibing, as if conscious of their fate.
Thc’ile.sh of these la>t, when they are well fed, is
much esteemed in China, and they are often seen
on the tables of the rich. Other Chinese bring
upon their c.irryins-prdc many du/.en ot rats,
which arc drawn’quite i lean; and, like pigs in our
! country, when they have been opened, are hung
up b> means of a cross piece o! wood, through
the hind legs. The rows of ruU look very nice,
! but they are only eaten by the poor *’
! —The following statement, on good authority,
! of a ease of spontaneous combusti u of bitumiu
ous coal, after being exposed to wet v/e.dhcr, is
deserving of notice. It is contained in a note
from (L orge Dariacott, L-q , Superintendent of
:IiC 'rUb MUltxry in
Dear Sirs—'The alarm of fire, yesterday morn
ing, iii:I not proceed from the Gas VVoiks, as
1 stated iri your paper of this da); hut from a shed
adjoining the Works, occupied for the ^c/iag of
coal, owned by iWr. ! irreil. I lie roof of ttic
shed being defective, the late heavy rains pene
trated the mass, and combustion commenced in
the Jewel part of the heap. Coal dealers should
be aware of this, for most kinds of bituminous
coal wi'l ignite spontaneously, if in large musics,
and exposed to the weather, or it very damp
when stored. 1 notice this that additional cau
tion may be used and danger prevented.
* ~ 1
A man was tried in the West Chester (Penn.)!
Court on Monday for cruelly beating a horse.— i
It appeared licit the miscreant', on fhe occasion ;
of perpetrating the offence, was harrowing corn j
with the animal, which he heat in an unmerciful
manner, and put out one of its eyes, though the j
testimony showed that the animal was a tr.ieta- ;
hie ami good woiker. Veidkt, Guilty. Scnicn- i
cod to one year’s imprisonment in the jail of
Chester county. “In administering this verdict
(saystho Village Record) the Court rcmaikedj
that regard had been had as well to the enormity |
of the crime, the reform of the evil pi«siunsof;
the defendant, as to tan wholesome influence
which Jhe, example would have* in detening
timu-ghless rind vicious person* from stmil.ii cl
fences ”
S| all) i ’it*, u.lt J at the Alexaiuln i 11 azotic f tfLce i
We arc tmlv 51 i‘i!iol in believing l^.t a revival
ot the former business ami social mt.-i course ^ ! ,
tween these two places is not very dMgnf I he , ,
fact ofscvci a 1 !VK rchatds from Alexandria hay mg ,
paid our town a visit, within g week or ten ?
|*a<t, and < xchanged intercourse upon bu-mess I
matters with our merchant.^ L a good "I'm i0
Iiicliest interest appears to be mandated upon
ail hands, and from what wc ore able to l,*‘*-#»
we third: the interests «d botii places v. ill be rt*.
long mutually identific I, In a h ttcr from 0 com
mercial hou-.e of Alexandria, wc find the follow- 1
ing extra, t in regard to supplies ol Grom i*i<p • !
“ \\, knew merchants can get their sti|»fdics.ol i
Groceries. &.C., here, on as good terms as in uny 1
other markcl.”
See udveitLement in mother column, < f lh«
great sale ot Liverpool fcalt <»n the ddth instant.
Winclusiii r l*tjA-^tuun.
r TuLLANVAriS IN M Ml VLAN I).- We arc
! pleased to find by our exchanges and from private j
j eone-pomlrnce, that the Whigs have b gun to;
1 organize- in severiloi the counties (d Maiydae.d . j
j ami while we cergratulate our friend- abroad on -
the \ v t, we deem it but justice to the cause to
I stat*1, t.ia r it is 11 mi: thit nth Whiusix* k*».kv
| COUNTY OF MaUYI.ANO HAD Fl'M.Y OU( V X' '7! i>-|
| Our opponents, with coinmenealde zeal, aie;,;-!
1 wavs ready for action ; but wo icgiol that vse
cannot pay the same e.omphnuuit t » <-uii:u.i |» r
tv, who appearonly lobe i*11 p"i•» l o\ eteat o4 -
ea^ions t ) the fullest e\/t‘!.ion ‘ t !hc;r st* rngth*
As the el.a :ion of cuming fall iuvolw- an
occasion of the lvir4d— as it ma\ »!■ pend up'm MJ' ’
j i \ land, to d< teriuino win tin r Lie v uih d Stales j
I Sen ite be Whig or i '»ccdoco— -we ly tru.-t j
j tl»tit every member of our p irtv u h<» h us hut o nce
I will exert it. Should tin* Locrt«;et;.. gam the as- J
I cendam v in the Senate of Log United States, as (
j they have it already in the Hon-eof Kepivsenta- j
j tivJs, :• tl the bad measures of Mr. Van Lurcn’s j
I admiiilstialien would be re-cna* led, to the u!t»u ,
rro'l r dion ot l:u muss and the i urn ot t4.c country. 1
As the n«*xt l rgLbdpte will have to lay <>il the i
Stale into (amgrcsdonhl districts, mis cireum-;
stance should act as an ;i Mitior::iI inducement, ;
' to arouse every man who claims to he a \V nig to •
prompt and vigorous action, tor, placed as Mary- ;
land now is, wennv red assured that the eyes oi |
our polipc;.! brethren throughout the K. public j
are fixed upon us with an infelicity <»! ga/e. Ia t.
as then, Whigs of .Maryland, oue and al!< act in a
way to prove that we stilt elm* to the spirit ami
patriotism, the principle-'and gmierous hearings,
(.1 t.hc Wlii *s of 177 ti-—• nc:ni \ \ ii'-'X
'{’be Van Ibircu men, looking to the ultimate j
prospect oi 4i« mat ;a I'cnuexsrro by lh* non el* e
♦ion of Mr. I'olk it is s i id. wif! propose a recon-1
i iiialioti to (loi John • >n, and iipiP ' pm; ’as in >
ti inti as \ !*;e to Mr. \ an iluici:. I his '-i b tine . |
abs dutels iieeos>arv by a pillion ot the \ an I»u
ren ii tcie.'t, bul another, and no iaeons: br-due !
i inti.rest, po ltively refu-so to tom h 1 im. b r t!» :*
or aits other 'fsc, because it would pul him, one*
more, in the due* ! hue oi -m re-M--n. I nr they
il not '•on-rad io < i * * - li.o pen.ip.P ioi, ol l !
J« !m.:*>! , Vue president, by a portion of N.e ;
Mi. oui i Legislature, at a H uira- iaM y« at, o; |
g',; Kited I’ i t aab‘« ;! <te tiere -;! s oi a 0* Hipr> *n»I *e, !
i,i order to sreure the nomination of Mr. \ :.n ibi- •
ren at .til! It was a rmi*« "h a tJ a j».u!y wl.eh
lluvaf <in« d to M?t Mr. \ ail ! lureii a-a !e ;. 1 to_n f h-T
i i. h .d t * peeepi ihe l•*i ufs, < j- tad <*f then oh
i j» et; but, it lime, hud been utiorded to consult ;
j (Ml il. u* m, be never world t tvo inL.a rd. and •
I would mi»e bhleri v opposed, (.ol. JPlm-mu . no- j
mmati '!! h r the \ ice Ida -salency, A; it i'. be J
i- -iIen;■ i*;g the .b»hson x/aoj'h / .all over the Slate, .
! and fie will not, if in ran lr ip it, sailer io-> n.im
i to be f till With ta.ll (d All’. \ .|!l L/iitvil.—o/. f.OllL
wNL * Em.
There i, 4 dearth of news just now, -o that it
;a iv not b * unintiTr's!j:,.; \,f Irani from the l*Ma- '
i »iisonia11that, within the- l i-t twelve inortb . :
tli»*re 11 ;ve |»ern ul’*)ity meetings” in vari a* parts
I of the I niou friendly to John Tyler, and tbit
1 one of these numb* red TlMKJ people ! The when
j and where is not s| P* d, bat the -d->ry crip indy
| u fait may be called a ‘*11 emendou- JohnJohn
! Jones and John Tyler. “M v gi undlatleu drew u
j long bow at Hastings, ? ipmth Hubert, ami he
miimt have add .1 t:»* • t direful Was ‘no tic an.
| ,o >uo|.
I {’ins same cabalistic number, tori) , i a tavcr- ■
; i4e with the ‘‘Madison ui It 11»i*i m oin’o ,
i **f"rt\ d< nM< iatic* puiimaN m i’*‘*iri-\ Iv.:; i» had ■
| declared in favor ol James M .dr-on BoHhrA a;. .
I poinlim id, and now “fori)" meetings arc out tor ;
: Tyler. Tiie ncwq-apeis q>eah of a little ho) — ■
! was he in anv way iciahd to the editor of the
“Madisoni iii?"—wl'O eame unite hr» a'jh'-- to
his mother one daV, .iiVl announced that there
; ware ‘ * T< * 11 n /•at:?” in the yard, (hi cr-;ss cxaa.i* ,
, nation, however, the lad conceded that lib ‘lofty j
| c:.;>M con-jirteii onL o, ‘oi.r rat and another one.’|
; Theme of the word “forty” was with hint a fash
i iwii of speech nn-anin;; no particular numr>< r. Il
I is hl;el\, therefore, u'u.t w itj. tl.« 4-mian” |
i it.-elf, tiiis “foi q “ is not :«:» arithmetical ipi entity :
! hut merely—“our (‘at and another one.”—/ana*
j .Ciicuiii'Ui
' ' i
'The (Jrent Western has a full enr^o of^oodn j
i Ah hr, >pa«v was engaged before the InM ut Ju- *
Iy. — ;**?•«5 imif tof course lake a larger supply of
* oal t ii ail usual, and will he so deep that hei voy- j
;u;e may reasonably be expected tube a little pro
longed. As the Boston boat started lir-t hy unc
day, find has no eurjjo, she wail probably arrive
first.—*N’ Y. Journal (j Ccmnurce.
A Wild) BOY—The following extraordina
ry advertisement appears in the Toronto Chris
tian Guardian of the 12th ultimo: “A reward M
fifty dollars will he ^iven to any person or pei
sons who will find Thomas Spears, son of Y\ iltiam
Spears, who was loM in the I isn hip ol Caledon,
in the 4th concession, Ka<tof the Centro toad, on
lot riumhcr ‘20, on il e tdght of llie doth S plum
ber, H II. 'i iic hoy was -cen on hie 1th ol dime ,
1843, hy two sons of Daniel Mcl/tu^hlin. on
the town lino between Caledon and Albion, uiihin
iiali a in.iie pf Mono bill)*, Jjo vras Mtim^ on a :
: stone, iookimj: at h i- f**ct vv hi* h wore nr v ;s
quite naked, excepting .lie waiathnnu of a pili < .
trousers, of a dm* color, and about four it,- la * i
| on the 0:Ki t.hi:;h, i i ra *s, cunc*p jtidin^ wilh the
iamc he wore upon lest.
He was seen a rain on Wednesday, the } !th of ,
June !.»st, h i viui; on the pa it of chuhin^ Ian de
scribed, by Mr?. lltOvar*!, wife of iAIvvard How
ard, on the b »se line between Mono and < ah-dc■
ohoi;t the 3! concession numb, i*n me in ad
ol Caledon, w nidi is h-s than 'three miles from!
where he was lost; and tin* place where he w s
first seen did not exceed three miles lrom tin;
place where he was lost. Mrs. Howard came
elose to him and was iy t je ^ e; / *d until -he
came as near that she mfirtic have put t:« r harm
upon him; she v. as frightened, ami she stood to
look X- hi;ii, and he stood in the same manner
gazing at her.
Mrs. Howard, on observing such a fcaiful
sight e;tat it’d 1 ek and then the boy started into
the Woo<Is; she f!»» n went to the place where fu r
husband ba«i some men lodging, and they all Jett
work, and went in search of him; but they only
found his track in the swamp. The hoy h id
J :rk brown eyes, coarse black hair, two broad
teeth in front, large h nits, haig finger* and feet,
and the mark of the cut of an axe un i r one of
bis knees, and he u.u hard of hearing Mrs.
II. says that when he turned to run away from
her, he had a mane of hair growing down Li*
Wc understand that a gentcelv dressed and
<rood looking young stranger, tall in person, made
his appearance in this place on Saturday la>t, and
succeeded in palming off upon some of our citi
Zens several §5 notes on the Hank of Mankind,
which Bank lias long since failed. \ his young
in an would go into a store to purchase a <pjv*toi 1
oi halt dollar's worth ol something, at d ro.eivc
in exchange tor hi.-j bioken bank notes good \ it
ginia money. The l.aud was not du»coven d t;! 1
be had decamped to pail-; unknown. W i advice
persons to be on the look out, and try to put an
end to his operation j He is probably wen do..’
h>' a ay wtjiwaidl) -IVindu In iOyitblun**
I'l'Oiit /'•••. [\ jhl’tlin i ll i f A/. 7
OFFN'I \ L Ul l ICiGF —We h a \ c ti t*i {.
» ate 1 o<* aM.m to «* »t upon the petty <,,t
s ;i«id insult' otlclvd V’ueitean filt/a ii, |fy
Major Kirby, <’ >lk< tor of the port of Wat* rl0i
ii t ,iu,i! i, and we have to day a tre-h instance oi
like acts to record. Yesterday Captain^
A' the steamboat biwf \N ilktn^or. of it,,
sthambout Ferry, v.lio nerved nr the 4Ath and || ^
regiments at h c* t laic during the last )(
eompamed by Hop At. ll. 1 ildcu <.1 'j
judge Forsyth of iM am.iee, and a ti 5^,
fneiids, lo**k the y.A f boat ol the \v.iv!;e w 11p
the intcimon uf visiting And pointing out la u,c;,.
friend' the rains of the old lort, which lhc\ |llfj
not visited for many years. The steward ot the
Wayne threw into the boat some slight ufu*ii
mints'lbV the puity and th;y s« t oil
Arrived at the landing, limy kit one n
charge ot the boat, and went up to t!ic l< tt,>-./
dihg the time ptea;.*.r.t:v in pointing out th.
of the most Mi lking ment, of ;!ie siege. \V|;l»e
thus employed, the deputy ( t dajor knS* L..
ed the boat am! took it down to \V anu km. h aij,:,
the p arty to git back as they could. I:, \ U(.,
down to the village, called on 'daj* r Ki;h\, , j
repp^m ted the t icts to loin, that t o y \ • j .i(‘
over simply to natily their «tin >itv. th -,t y. y
had nothing coi.t J’-am! ubnaid, and tl. it a(,y
had 1 vnde'tl notlr'ng but l! n 0iv« , .tj . (\
coura* that he v/'Viid uidei the boat to In* 1.
ed, with a sharp rebuk* to his deputy t
c’oHjiiCsA. in P p«v, alajc-r Kilby , (, ^
deputv, and i.J the b >af would bo ajif • •. „
Alofi'l 1) morning, am! that the pa.ty evtu., J.jr„
i? at the apptaised \a»ue, or attend the ,«
Ni 1 gar a.
With this ans\v. r tin y v,■ re ditnksp!. ; •
'. resting * be feriy to i!ht< k flock, r. tin at A lii0
'These are the simple fa< in tin cuo*. |»
gro"s and wanton outrage. Ad .vho h.tu ! \
the misf; rtune to hold any iut* r* viu »** v. ul. \\
j.*r Kirby, have ceased to < Npecd anytl.i; ; li.„
courtesy or gent'tmaidy tj. A:' ••*■* 'n*tn | , ,
\\ Ijen be so lar trar scend> h»> <•*!;< *;.i j»* «»i.. e
a<*t calls lor the attention »*f !i: - • j ;*jp 1». |,.
a«ts hive, j’.re th: n any eke, b» • a »*.
cause ol intt'-h ill bleed het;».ren 0*11 j■■ 1, , ,
tdie Canadians, and a im.a \v«i'» wuil tim> ..
hk authority .-houli! no long* r !>*• <.»nid
11 ^ I .. 1... 1.. :i , . .1
v> » | , ill1 miivini ' «»•» (Kii. u y ;
bv all ‘let ent men on belli "id* > ,| ;),• r \» i
It i* a mutter m deep t>_i« t tb.it M .jor K.:
«*\bjbiLi ;•> Ji11!a courtesy lu \ - Irani \
l ulled States w ho occa.'ion i' Iy rf ...s the .\ . ..
to vi I lie < ina 1 i frontier. Ii i- ia*t muhi
of tie* line So let* :rs out l.nou ledcMetnH,
u!.u-»'t a tie n* ion is show n to ph a- no »'.* 111«-> ft .
the fieri i'!i ■*;de, and the haute urbanity sh “ii. .
e \tended to those who -o» Ir>an the I ’nite.i Sty
it persons \v ho ain < dire on the !fori*•» r r •
tin-M! to nantlest sin h los.Kdy :\< i* { it - tinal1,
•;-< in vi* ( i '«■ st .Led hy be ihifhd * t <m u:.u< )
thru * w jii jOt./ii Uj an end oi all n* i/.bh-a'y i * •
cont .-i.
1 ;<' !n Out pet «>!i it Uriowh-! ol il»<: !:?<•/♦. t
< j. 11 e i • j we ave pi t >11 a i led he w ill it'a‘i >; i I.« t • •
si:< h a i.oiji • o! e mduct a-, that wt ithu h tin1 col
it » i.jt at Waterloo It.is I) *cn guilty.
rJ he iiliavc wa.s in type yiVe : day, bat w itli-m
rrai otii- r at ti« le * < row del out t «r u jut »d io"ii
'I be Ihdlalo ite received IhK n. •fiiiti; .si-ii
in** • dlow ine;:—
A few l.#!e • and ^cuHemen ol this place* t
« v : 11» f* • •rt hi m* on ;i };'• i -•’u'e ex«airmat, t *V j
-vi?h them refr* -hniei.t * f u the pnrpo a- of « u, *•
m; a jiirnir. They had n«*t be: n b»n ' ! i' :■
when thi' depute eh-erved them, atid m’•.
\\ a > cut the point of seizin' Hu if boat, u bn
a riti/<tiol Waterloo, a stranger, out el Ktie
to them, pi efended Hint there w as armtbi r
hifiditei lii’ii) v. and directed the (b'pidy ' s’t'
lion to it. inke the d*»£ m the fable, be '‘r .
;-ed th-° Mjb't ineo and pursued t!»«• shadow. I
Hi * meantime, the party tumbled tliem>e!vr- r
t > the boat us speedily as possible, and ptisi •
oli. the depotv ret’.niiiri^ just in time !•> see ?
n i<n tli.it w played up m him. As it Ii »p|»*»•
this i a -«* ended very wo II, and wn t * He' pe
someihi at' adventure, especially t > th«*
di. who . nyocd it well, alter the) were <~-u'
ddli idly.
Aluvwa!: ia Lottery.— L\tt t (’lass \o. I'1".
J f.-t tint e<j by the draw imr of tic
Md t \ nsoiM. Lv,—HTws 171,
'ft; bedt .i*».i Ihiltiiiiore, on Mouil.it.
Au;ust Ml, HU.
7' n imbrr>- —1.7drawn bol'ots.
IlitillLsr I'iilZL >IT.r) M>.
'{*n k« I > -shat t i in j/fop n 11 ei
Hoi salt', in jjre it vai ie.Jy, by J» Hl\ t OK '
|)i„an N »s. ot the Ale\\u ia - Lvtra * !•" I l
:/-■ n'i l a M.i IM 7 l ml ', \ 47 LH 7D TM bh »1 I
l i, »u t. A uuib.us of Alexandria L*n . < s t«
37 2.i id 7 is :n Mi :»i 11 ;>i \yj n s
! > f‘ombm.itioii AoS. 37, h.*, ^i, a i ti/a •
^ ■) *. t n ■ i w fi i 11111.I f .1 1111• .1 i fi:eo 11 i!
Oll.WVS I Ills DAI .
Alr\:indi ia Lottery. -IvJra t hi** I
T t bo :h ■ *1 hv tji;• «J. ; *.;i; ' o! th 'i »;
Con- »I71. I y.—Clue 1-21
7' uii!ii!m rs— 15 drawn ballot ••
I’ t i;t* iii tu n in !i »Itim'*r<‘ on .M >: ! ,
August. *21, |c;4,d
niDHKST HUZi!, Sl7,.VKh
Tick*. Is '*>, — slier* * in proportion.
Fot ale in ‘iri-al vaii»v..bv KD»V. Sll:/.”'
A XT1 I) — \ y it *i it i<>n a* Xi.T"C. *. 1
f ▼ stn.ill a IX*-p* c table. lam i!y. I i b
rclcn r.n .. its-i*i*: pply at t..is o|!i*
i 1—Co it
\ FlliST ii VI'K CliAXCK I'l. •
f\ .a-il:'; ar.rJoj* to <:lo>e, l’[» hi* biMM* " i” *
ph.« r, will >< 11 his stork ol Sc'/ ii*, L* >1
(‘hew if»^r Tobacco. ami fixtures fur mnmiL t ■?
ini' solars, m y ! ,w. {'o a prison "I cm • :} '
enterprise, a "ood open in;- is now ofh i ••!,
am; 8—cofit (‘/I \S. i'. lSIIAw
MAR(iAR!-;T DA V 1 DSoX'.-S I*- ;t
. from the writings of Mis. Marian ^
Davidson, the mot! * t <>1 I ana* I ii, ami d n
M. wifli a pr«Ta< c, by di*- 1
ScihMvi.-k. .■<: ? t iihh'.'o I in a IumL *i*•' '
lime, price , ’“1 lor •*!* hv
auk !.U. - KXTWfSI
t \ r il! h MV. i. . ! I i *>L
» ? k. y, <\.ol Sprio r In am!; n ,L oi »! •’
more 'A lo-Iv- .: ill ol which I \»,;l * d J bo
mote priced. 'I’liose vv!.<> want the nti i* .
. tir/JI ill' tr * x I r nr f»h » • > < ill n* t I 111 ! ’ I * 1 •
eisuwliei^ ' V/M. F. M.i.KW.
a jg ! I • Me Vci lf; s v
. Jify ot* the .Mei|iodi l Fpwopa! *
the V riitf «I Slates exposed, to IRv. lb ^ '•
grave, URhop oj* the Thh'd Rr«‘*d*\tcriaii 1 1 t
Baltimore. Just publ • J and for sale. prif
ty fang i1] RKRL k KX'HM^d
SCCAKS, M« )f \SSF.S, COKKKK, • •*
10 hhw .. y. R. s .gal -pail prime
-•? ,l,!,l,S' ! V. Oilmans ami W. I. Mol.*-' •
o- hrids. »
b boxes* Fain dy and single I/.afSig e
db bag* St. Dofiiingo t'oiiic
si) “ superior (»m n l.aguawa *! o
bm 44 oh* whiiu Angostura *iu.
lb 4* A/Yeen Rifj d«>.
Id 44 Gov* n.intuit.) iva d ».
:2o ‘■a* Ls lactol) Idled line Salt.
zii boKt-s superior ('avendidi and aid I ■
l< 'baccoc
lb M. Havana and Principe St -,»• ’
30 chesU arid bail ele. A' Cui»! 1 at! :
;d, Young 11vson, an I R. »m hong i » *. *’1' '
nor, lor family * * -r* with m my «»!h.i o'
inimrrous to monlion, ail l a sab , on
terms, by |aug 1»] A J Hd/di. *
(1A MR MKKTIVC - A t amp n^v.
J J*c held nfldci ihc (fiiet turn tltljo 1 ^
d the Melh>dr?t Kpi e pjl Cm.icn.mii *
iround,” a few rod-* licm die 1 n 1 ,
i lou e, Fairfax County, Va.,lti4 oio 1
! i\. t: j o tii t day “J Sc pit ml cr. I
fr< m the 1 Natrfc t, and a I j ining ( ■
public are jl!eeii**:» »*ely im in d to riim
ider ot the r, ;r>r.Ofo*'t hr
M( I 1 - \v 11 *»S

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