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The i.idispe*sable family reme
^ may be found al the villas* drug stores,
tiid soon at every country store in the state*
Kemember and never get them unless they
Hare the facsimile *ignalure of
on tke wrappers, as all others
* wine names are bai>e impositions and counter.
If the merchant nearest you has them not
ui; to procure their
.** he vvsais New York, or to write for them.
•Li’iy should be a week without these remedies.
wiil stop it if failing our, ejr restore it on bald j
ces; and on children make it grow rapidly, or on
ti who have lost the hair from any cause.
ALL* VERMIN that infest the aeads of children
schools, are prevented or kihed by it at once.— ,
,d the nime of ^ ^ ‘ir.
,r never try it. Remember this always.
c v cured, and ill shrivelled muscles and hyriba
tie re.«n*reM. in tiie old or yourg, by the Indian
* » r. -.k:i Elixir and Nerve and Bone Ll\:a*int—
bu • jve: without the name of Comstock Sc Co. on it.
art vs:, . 1 *y prevented, or governed it the attack bas
€ >r;e - n, if yv>u use the only true Hays’ Liniment,from
Vemotoct %o. r^fcgstgiaagj
and everv thing •eh^ved bv it that adnii’s of an out
ward application, .t acts like a charm. Fse it.
HOUSES that have Ring-Rout-. Sjavin. i
Wind-Galls. &c., are cured by Ruofs* Si:, up ; mu
Foundered horses entirely cured by l*o*if> ,
Founder Ointment. Mark this, ail hori'Vmui.
Dailey’s Magical Fain Ex
tractor Salve.—'!' iie mo«t extraordinarv J
remedy ever invented I t h.'I new or <*M
and sores, and soic I’ has m-bgn;:'*
thousands. It will take out all pain i.u vn niinn c>.
and no faiiuro. it will cu*e
A better and more nice and mu ful nr.*•!»• nev» !' v. i
made. All should wear them regularly.
on the principle of sub.uituting dm tonic in p a o • ■!
the stimulant principle, « iu< h has rclormed >»> 111*1:1}
drunkards. To he used with
LIN S QJjElSO I I Lr.S, suT.cn-jr (OH
others f*>r cleansing the system ami the humors nth cl
ing the blood, nnb f«>r ail irregularities of the bowels,
and the general heath. fa * fK
[See IK Lin-5 ?ig- ® @ jt I »V
nature, thus :] 9
.. . n- etuHily cure stek headache, • ith«*r irum t!;c
iJI—£0 or bilious. Hundreds d faimb* s arc
L11hu-mg it with great j »v.
f r the ret tain n i n ot "r
general si kness ; k*« : i: JT m»» y’o- r i-'.i in st per- :
Let order, tin bo.veb regular, and a de'eriiunarint; to
j. *n« in the bone®, rseness, ami
are quickly cured by it. Know this by tr\:i»g.
CORNS.—The Kr. uch Piaster is a sure cure. !
. j
'.;ade you wish, hut will uot c»*i\»r the skin.
KXTRACT. There U no mb* r .j.reparu
trsapariJIa that can excred ‘-r equal this
re sure tv get C*'itstick’s, vou vs til find
o all odiers. It doe.s not requit** puP’ug.
S3 ^ W "XJ <***>&
‘TUNA. A positive cure for the piles, and aP
:.ml ailings—all internal irritation.-* br >ugh* to she
•ir ice by friction wi’h this Li dm;—*o in coughs,
♦ elled or sore throat, tightness ol tiic eiic-t, his Palm
plied on * flannel will relieve and s uit u> <»m;c.
'fresh wounds or old sores urc* rupidiy cured Ly *t
TDc. linrtholnnrto’s
. .'I prevent or cure all incipient com-muipnom.
taken m nine, and is a delightful reni'*\ v ;i -mem.
fcer the name, and get Comstock's.
eradicate all >n children or adults
with a certainty quite astonishing. It is the same n?
that made by stock, and sells with a rapidity
jghnost incredible, by Loj/istock O?., New \ or*.
TflOTH DROPS, klin E’S—cure etfectuaily.
according toactof Cor are**, in the y^r IMi, plf**&*i*
• <3?ualhe(>rk,»office ot the Southern District «jI N* " York
By applying to our agents in ea«*h town am
village, papers may bo bad tree, showing M -
•eapectable names in the country lor these !ac:>, ><*
Uiat no one can fail to believe them.
(£^Be sure you call for our articles, and not J
be put off with any stories that othoi* are as
goo<l. HAVE THESE OK NGN E, should be 5
your motto—anti these new' can be true and genuine
ipthout our names to them. All these articles to be
tad wholesale and retail only ol us.
i Wholesale Druggist j
J, Courtland-SJrect, near Broadway, Xew-Nork
Tor sale in Alcxatdria bv JOHN I. SAYR^
and WILLIAM HI RPER; in Washington,j
ty C H. JAMES; I Georgetown, hy J. A.
JCIDWELL; in Foc i ricksburg, Va. >yJAS.,
200KE ' i0V 3
Liver Complaints, Asthma.Bronchitis,Pains
or weakness of the breast, Chronic coughs,
difficulty of breathing, spitting o» blood,
and all affections of the Pulmonary Or
In selling forth the virtues of this li val
uable medicine, we have no desire to deceive
ine afflicted, nor do ive wish to eulogize it
more than it justly deserves, yet when we
look around us unci see the vast amount ul
suffering occasioned hy the various diseases
in which it has proved so pre-eminently sue- j
cessful, we fee! that we cannot say too much
in its favor. Various remedies, it is true, have
been offered and puffed into notice from time
lotime, for diseases uf the Lungs, and some
have undoubtedly been lound very useful, but
I of all that has been yet discovered, it is uni
versally «ckno\vIe1ged that none lias ever
proved as successtul as ttus. The medicinal
virtues of the Wild Cherry Bark have long
been known anti highly ex ml led in many dis
eases, by some of the most hminent physici
ans, but in this preparation its powers are
; ?re»My increased, and ns superiority at once
I made manifest. Besides .assessing all the
virtues of the Wild Cherry Dai k, in a highly
concentrated form, it also contains an ex
tract of Tar, both of these being prepared by
a new chemical process, by which their me
dicinal properties n re sciermficall v combined
and associated together, with such other me
dicinal substances, as to render it far superior
toanvformia wbiuh it has ever been em
_. . . i . i • • .1 . »•
I he universal ceienrry wmrn meoi- <
cine is rapidlv gaining in everv section of !he
country, and the many surprising cures it has .
effected.fias indeed established its efficacv he*
vond all donht. and clearly proves that “Con
sumption” may and can he cured, even in
<ome oi it$ most distressing forms We are
not, however.skeptical enough to suppose that
this or any o’her remedy is capable of curing
every case. and all stages ot tne oiceaSe: on
the contrary, we are well aware that there
are many cases hevond the power of medicine
to cure Vet while there is life mere is hope,
and from practical experience in the efficacy
of this medicine, we can safely say there are
tew cases in which it will not alleviate ihemf
ferii g, and mav prolong life *V>r years. Such
indeed are the astonishing healing and resto*
ran ye properties of this Balsam, that even in
the worst forms of “Consumption,’’ when the
patient has suffered with the most distressing
cough, violent pains in trie chest, difficulty of
breathing, night sweats, heeding of the lungs,
, and i\ hen the most esteemed remedies of
nor PharmacopiaVhad failed to afford any re
lief, and after numerous other remedies had,
been iised for niany n'orrhs in vain, tfiis in ;
valuable remedy fias been productive of thej
most astonishing relief. !.r: the early stages of
rhe disease, proceeding from neglected colds, j
termed fh* an hoi Consumption, it has been
used with undevia’ing success, and m many
instacnes when ttrs disease seemed to have
marked its victim for an eariv grave, the use !
of this medicine has arrested every syrplom, |
and restored the lungs to a stale of perfect .
he si |th.
In that f>rm of Consumption, so prevalent
amongst dec,.ate voting females, commonly
termed debility, or ‘‘going i * * f o a decline,’’ a
complaint with winch thousand* are lingering,
tl has a iso been me I with surprising success,
and not oniv possesses ihe power of checking
the progress of ibis alarm'll*: b;;t at th?
same time strengthens and invigorates the
whole system more effectually than any reme
r!v ivh have ever possessed.
As a remedy in Liver complaints, Asthma,
Bronchitis, &c., especially ivhen attended with
a cough, hoarseness, soreness of the throat, or
oppressed breatiling, it has been used with
eque.l success, and cured many cases o? years
standing, after every thing else had failed.—
in common coughs and colds croup in children
which prevail so extensively throughout the
wiioer, u will be found much rnoie effectual
than any remedy in me, and when colds set
tle upon ’he lungs.rausu y an infiaruination Vy ith ;
pains in tfie breast, difficulty or shortness of
breathing, &c., the use ol this Balsam will
suppress the symptoms immediately, and at
the same time prevent :fit* lungs from becom
ing more seriously diseased.
Such in fact is the nature a nd simplicity of
this medicine,so powerful in action, yet so |
mild, safe and pleasant in its operation, that it
might he jus11> termed “Nature's own pre
scription,” and although hut two years have
elapsed since it *?s first made public, we can j
proudly *av it has acquired a celebrity unpre-;
cedented hv any medicine in use, and is evi
dently destined to become the most popular
and valuable medicine ever discovered.—
f;For particulars see Dr Wistar’s “Family
Medical Guide,” a ireatse on ZN.unonary dis-’
ease*, which may be had gratis ol any of the
CACJTION.—As several attempts have been
made to prejudice the public against this med
icine, bv an ohv.urc illiterate quack, calling
himself Dr. Swayne. (<hf proprietor of a nos-I
irnm called Swayne’s Svrupof Wild Cherry,) !
who has asserted that Dr. Wist a r is not the;
inventor, a nd otherwise resorted to the most;
palpable and malicious falsehoods, it is neces
sary to pul t{ie public on their guard, and re
quest purchasers to be very particular to ask
CHERRY,” and observe these words bjown '
in the glass of each bottle, and the signature
oi Henry Wistar, M. D., on the label, without
it.ino io no n tli HO I I 1C U 1 9/1 PflU^lonpH
VTIIIVU IIWIIV - - • — - w »
in an engraver* wrapper, representing a jubi-1
lee under the Wild Cherry Tree, and a pam-j
phlet descriptive of the diseases, with full di- i
rections for using, copy rights of the sa me be*
ing secured according to la w. j'.T6 In or
der to protect the publicHrora imposition, we
will also give a reward of Five Hundred
Dollar$, for the conviction of any person or i
persons detected in counterfeiting the genuine
*'IjPRemember, there is a medicine adver
tised called the “Syrup oi Wild Cherry,”
which is entirely different from the Balsam,
and has no connection wih it whatever.
The genuine Balsam is prepared for the
proprietor, and sold at wholesale by WIL
LIAMS & Co , Chemists, No. *21 Minor Street,
Philadelphia, to whom all orders must be di
rected, (post paid ) Sold also t»y Druggists
and appointed Agents in all the principal;
Towns in the United States. Retail price,;
Si 00 a Boitie.
A liberal discount to the trade.
N. B Druggisu £.nd dealers in medicines
will find this a very valua hie and profit a hie ad •
dition to their stock.and should always have it
on hand. An Agency may also he obtained
by a responsible person in any Town *here
none exists, by addressing as above, post
THixd. For safe by
J. R. P1ERPOINT, Druggist,
Sole Agent for Alexandria.
sept 30—fy __
Dr. wistar’S balsam of wild
CHERRY, a valuable family medicine, for
Consumption of the Lungs, Coughs, Colds, Asth
ma, Influenza, Croup, Whooping-cough, Hoarse
ness, Difficulty of Breathing, Pains in the Side or
Breast, Liver Complaint, &c., &c. A supply of i
he genuine, just received and for sale at f ■
iy 26 HENRY COOK’S, Drug Store. I ,
O in whatever regards the b^pniness and j
welfare of our race is constantly oa *he
march to perfection, a ad wi^b each succeed*
ing day Rome new problem is salved, or some
profound eecre*. is revealed, having an impor
tant and direct bearing over man’s highest
destinies. 1! we lake a retrospective view
over the past twenty years, how is the mind
struck with wonder! What rapid strides has
science made in every department of civiliz
ed iile! patlicularly in tjiat which relates to
| the human system in health and disease.
I How valuable and indispensable are the cura
tive means recently discovered through the
agency of chemistry! How does the imngi
naiion kindle and our admiration glow at the
ingenuity, the near approach to the standard
o« perfection, of the present time! Through
the elaborate investigations of Phvs’dogv,
or the science ol Li$£, and the Pathology ol
prevalent diseases, much valuable practical
knowledge has been paired In consequence
j t.f becoming acquainted with theorgamza
lion, the element* ol the various tissues ano
su wetwes of the svstem, remedies have teen
•? ought a Per a nd discovered exactly adaptec
to combine with, neutralize and expel mor
bific matter, the cause of disease, and substi
tute healthy actionin its place The beauti
ful simplicity of ibis mode of treatment is not
grateful To the sufferer, but perfectly in conso
nance with the operations ol Nature, and sa
tisfactory lo the views and reasoning* of ev
ery intelligent, reflecting mind. It is thus
that Sands's Sarsaparilla, a scientific com
bination of essential principles of the most
valuable vegetable substances, operates upon
the fiysteo . The Sarsaparilla is combined
with the most effectual aids, the most saiuta
ry productions, ihe most potent simples of the
vegetable kingdom; and its unprecedented
.npnoc: in thp rp*?nratii>n to health ol tho^e
who had Ions pined under the most distress
ing chronic maladies, has given it an ex3.ted
character, furnishing as it does evidence of its
own intrinsic value, and recommending it to
the afflicted in terms the afflicted only can
know. It has long been 3 meat important de
sideratum in the practice ot medicine to ob
tain a remedy similar to this—one that would
act on the liver, stomach and bowels with all
the precision and potency of mineral prepara
tions, yet without ;»t»y of their deleterious ef
fects upon the vital rowers of the system.
The attention of the reader is respectfully
called to lhe following certifies»es. l-lowev
er great achievements have heretofore been
made by theme of thisinralnntffe me heme,
vet dadv experience shows results still more
remarkable. The proprietors here avail
themselves oi the opportunity of saying it is a
source of ronstant saitsfacMon that they qre
made the means of relieving such an amount
ol suffering.
Newatik, N. J. Per. 13, IS4*2.
J\fcsai's. Sands: Gentlemen—Words cannot
pxpress the gratitude 1 fee! for your treatment
to me, a stranger suffering under ope of the
most loathsome diseases that nature is capa
ble of hearing The disease with which 1
was affiicted commenced with in flammr.iion
of the eves, in the year 1836, u hich ca used a I
mos’ t(*taj blindness. For this I was tieated
and finally relieved, but the remedies were
such as trt came the de>eiopem?nt ol a scro
fulous affection on my left arm near the elboiv.
The pain extended from the shoulder .'o
the end oi mv fingers, and for two years my
sufferings were beyond description. I tried
various remedies and consulted different Phy
sicians in Seiv York and amongst them I hr
late Dr. Bushe, who told me the <1 seaie of
the arm was caused hv the huge quantil)
ol mercury taken to cure the inflammation of
my eye*i.
viJmit-rinne tiui ihp arm enlarged.
tumous formed i* different places, and in a
few months dtscharged, rucking ten running
ulcers at one time*, some anove and s<-me
below therlhow, and tbe t:rcje was so |
offensive ibai no person con d hear to be in
the room where I was l Mien applied to an
oifwr (iiaUr.guitbed Physician, who to d me
ampliation ol ihe arm w a* the only thing ihai
could save niv life, as it was impossible to
cure so dreadful a diseasej but as I was un- ;
willing to consent to itfse recommended me
to n»e Swain’s Panacea freely, which l d-d
without deriving but little benefit. “For
three years 1 was unable to rais my hand toj
my head or coml: my hair, and the scrofula
now made its appearance on my bgad, h(?s .
troyiog the bone in different places, causing ;
ej!£nstvje nlperations and I feared it jrvght
reach and destroy the brain—the head 8w ell* j
ed very much, accompanied with violent pain
numerous externa! remedies were recommen
ded, but they did no gopd. Abnpt a venr:
since 1 was taken severely ill with a swelling
of the body from head to foot, so that 1 was !
entirely he!p!e«*, the Due.tor advised me to j
goto the Ho pita I, for he d d not understand
mv case; for the la<l lew months 1 had been
afflicted wish a severe pain in bo'h s’des. at ,
tunes so hard I could scarcely gel my breath j
A hacking cough constantly annoyed me,and
ibis com tuned with my other maladies ren
dered me truly miserable Such, gentlemen, ;
iind been my situat on for seven years of my
life when I commenced the use of vour Sarsa
parilla, b«\ a< my case was considered hope- ,
less, and the near prospect of a speedy disso
lution seemed inevitable. I left but In tie en
couragement to persevere. The permas on
of friends induced me to try vour medicine, j
which in c few da vr produced a great change
in'my system generally, by cans i g an appe
tite, relieving the pains, and p»ving trie
strength; as success inspires confidence, I
was encouraged to persevere, m v pains grew ^
easier, my strength returned, food relished,
the ulcers healed, new flesh formed, and I
once more felt within me that I might get well.
1 havenmv used the Sarsaparilla about two
months and am hke a different beipg The
arm that teas to be amputated hoS entirely heal
ed, a thing ihat seemed impossible. I can
scarcely believe the evidence of my own
eye*, but such if the fact; and it is now as
useful as at any period ol mv life, and wy gen
eral health is better than it has been for years
Health! what magic in the word! how many
thousands have songnt it in loreign lanos a no
s^nnv cliques, and have sought in vaint Yet
it came to me wfijen ljiad given up to die, and
as I feel the pulsation of heaith coursing
though mv veins, my whole heart and soul
go Icfrth in,fervent gratitude to the ami or of
all our sure mercies.that he has been gracious
ly pleased to ble^s the means made use of—
“Truly have you proved the good Samaritan to
the abided, for next to my Creator my life!
;s indebted to you (or rather) the use of your
invaluable Sarsaparilla. The value of such a j
medicine is countless beyond price, money j
cannot pay for it. I hate been raised Irom i
death, I may say, for my friends and mysell j
throught it impossible I could recover And
now gentlemen suffer me tQ add another
proof certified too by roy friends and guardi
an? as a ;ust acknowledgement of ihe virtues
of your health resioring Sarsaparilla. That
the afflicted nay also use it and enjoy the
benefits it alone can confer, is the heartfelt,!
fervent wish of their and your friend,
I know Martha Conlin and believe what she
states in this document to be perfectly true.
Rector of St. Peter’s Church.
Prepared and sold by A. B. Sands & Co.,
273 Broadway, Druggists and Chemists, Gran
ite Buildings, 273 Broadway, New York -
Sold in Alexandria, D. C , by Wm Stabler &
Co., by Henry Cook, by J. R. Pierpoint, and
sold by Druggists generally throughout the
U. S Price 8; per bottle, or 6 botiles lor 85.
fuj2* Caution.—Purchasers are requested
to remember that u is Sands’s Sarsaparilla,
which has effected these important cures —
therefore ask particularly for Sand’s, as ther
ire various preparations, bearing similar
lames. ap 13—Jy
HANCE'S sarsaparilla vegetable
THE BLOOD, removing bile, correcting disor
ders of the stomach and bowels, costiveness, dys
pepsia, swimming in the head, &c. Persons of a
full habit, wlw are subject to Headache, Giddi
ness, Drowsiness and singing in the Ears, arising
from too great a flow of blood to the head, should ,
never be without them, as many dangerous symp- -
toms will be entirely carried oil by their immedi
ate use. . , .
As a pleasant, safe, ca-v aperient, thev unite ;
the recommendation of a mild operation with tne
most successful effect, and require no restraint ol
diet or condoement during their use. By regulat
ing the dose according to the age and strength
of the patient, they become suitable for e\er> case
in either sex, that can be required: and tor ekk r- ,
ly people, tbev will be found to be the most com
fortable medicine hitherto prepared.
For sale by Se^ S. Haxce, corner of C harlcs j
and Fra/- street-, Baltimore, and in Alexandria, (
Also,* bv Athev Sc Norman, O.c^oquan Mills,
Prince William County, Va. Price 25 cent- per
box, or 5 for §1. j>’ 13 1 y
BLOOD PILLS—Dr. Leidy’s Sarsaparilla or
Blood Pills, so highly and justly celebrated
for the cure of Rheumatism, general Debility,!
Disea-rs of the Liver and Skin, Scaly Frumps,
Ringworm, Erysipelis, &c., &c. A fresh supply !
thi<5 dav received and for sale at
HENRY COOK’S, Drug Store.
X. B. The public are respectfully cau
tioned against purchasing a spurious article which
is frequently oalmed off upon them a* the genuine
Blood Pill. far. Leidy’* Saisap^lla or Blood
Pill (which are the onhj (rue, original, and genu
ine,) are put up in small square boxes, aiouno
which is a yellow and black labei, r.pntainmg on
two sides, the signature of Dr N. B Leidy, to
counterfeit which is a forgery and will be pun
ished ?s such, and the subscriber is appointed sole
agent tor Alexandria. HENR\ COOK.
jy 18_
17*EVER AND AGUE — Reward's Improved
; Tonic Mixture—a specific and lasting cuia
for Fever and AguQ, and for general weakness,
with their kindred complaints, so long, so exten
sively, and so ;*ccessfully employed throughout
.i ■** •. ■ n, a _ _ T_I__ /...../sntiAll,' r/M’Pil
ine l niitu uus uwu ‘**iv;**.1 "t*#*.
by the original inventor, l)r. John It. Rowand.
A supply of the genuine and ‘improved’ just re
ceived and for sale at HENRY ( OOK S
jy 26 Drug Store.
HOUND, for coughs, col^, spring of blood,
asthma, consumption, and all diseases arising
from a disordered condition of the lungs.
The following sonnet was addressed to the pro •
prietor by a young lady who was cured ot con
sumption by i>4 :
j Jo ! ye w ho pant, with failing breath,
And pine away, qnd die :
Hanre shall “put away” your ue*i!i,
And light anew your eye.
H<;\y sweet it melts upon the tongue
How grateful to the breast!
A clorifMjs theme for poet's song,
Soothing his cough to rest.
ilciAce ! favored of the gods, art thou!
A blowing to thy rare.
Let lam., is jilourisn on iny brow
And wealth, those laurels grace.
When heroes are forgot ton ; kings
Defunct; or ceased lo reign ;
Glory, for thee shall flap her wings ;
Thou conqueror ot pain.
Price 50 cts. per bottle. Por Pile ., i*oie»aie
and retail by Seth S. I lance, corner of Charles
and Pratt street5, Baltimore, and in Alexandria,
by JOHN R. PIKRPOINT, Agent; also, by
Athey & Norman, Occaquan Mills, Piincc W m.
County, Va. j)' U* 1)
JL On Lady do not leave us now,
We can’t afford to spare you,
Let nut the cold damp on your brow,
From this fair world scare you.
Wc love you in the woodland sweet.
And bv the moonlight shore.
But moiil of all u» Market street,
In our ow n Baltimore.
Then don't sweet maid depart so soon.
While there L ever) chance,
To rescue bcavty from t:• c tomb,
fly to mu friend Dance.
For I j(ivc and Art have both combined
To make him skilled and bandy,
To save the fairest of mankind,
If they will use his Candy.
{'rice 25 cents per package, or five forftl. For
sale by SKIT! I S. DANCE, corner of Charles |
and Pratt streets, Baltimore, and in Alexandria,
D. C. by JOHN It. P1ERPOINT, Agent;also,by 1
A they Sc Norman, Occoquan Mills, Prince Win.
County, Va. jy 13—ly
BLK, OR BLOOD PILLS, for the promo
tion of Health and the purification of the Blood. •
When the blood becomes impure or imperfectly
circulated, it givc^ rise to the following diseases:
When the. Mood (in an impure state) in traversing i
the body deposites its impurities on the liver, it
gives rise to liver complaint, the principal symp
toms of which aiC a h'dions hue of the shin,—with
dull, heavy, arid wardering pains about tl e right
side, shoulder and back,—by a loss ol appetite,
indigestion, occasional fevers, difficulty of breath
ing, extreme, debility, and many .times with a
cough, resembling consumption. This disease has j
long berni amongst the most uncertain objects cl
medical skill, and, being nearly allied to pulmona
ry consumption, is very difficult of cute; owing
also to the uncertainty wnich attends the use of
medicines in this disease, it is generally allowed
to take its own course unmolested. A few’ box- j
taken to purity the blood and purge away the im
purities, w’ill in all cases give immediate relief.
By the fgrg) is meant diseases of the skin, which j
always arise from some derangement ot the blood
{hereby causing eruptions, pimples, blotches, and j
excessive heat of the blood, accompanied by a vi- j
olent itching of the skin.
If taken according to the directions lor puriiy ing
the blood, will cftcct a cure in a very short time.
When impurities from the blood become deposit
ed on (hefdrum of the ear, it causes a peculiar ;
sound in the head, commonly known as “singing j
in the ears;” a few boxes of
>yill cure the most obstinate cases.
Is occasioned by the impurities existing in the i
J)locd becoming deposited around the eyeballs.
These diseases are caused by impure depositions j
of the blood settling o/i ihe brain.
will in all cases effect a radical cure.
In purchasing these pills, let me add
always ask for DANCE'S PILLS, and purchase
of none but those advertise/; 43 agents, and if con- j
venient, call and see the proprietor himself.— i
Price 25 cents per box for Dance’s Genuine Pills. 1
For sale by SETH S. HANCE,
Corner of Charles and Pratt sts., Baltimore ; and
in Alexandria, by JOHN R. PIERPOINT, A- I
gent. Also, by Athey &. Normas Occoquari, |
Mills, Prince Wm. County, Va. [ jv 1.3—ly
. denccs, on tlie subjects and mode ot Chris
tian Baptism, by C. Taylor, author of Crlinel’^j
Dictionary of the Bible, with \ '4 engravings.— j
Price 75 cent'., just published, and for sale bv
r INSEED, OIL —5 bbls. American Oil, j*«l
j received and for sale by
SpppM oiJ,—Winter and Spring, first quali
ty- Linseed—bcJeA and raw; be.,t (’rude
YVha£Ta»g It THOS. Y’QYYEKK. ■
SiORTS, kc—1000 bushels good Shorts;
200 bush. Cu; Straw. for sale Kv
PLUG TOBACCO.—20 boxes plug tobacco,
12's to tbeio. A good article andfor ^ale
cheap by [aug3] McVEIGH fc BRQ.
COFFEE-_100 bag* Rio, La Guyra andSt.
Domiiteo Coflep. In store and for sale bv
aug 3— 3t L'nion wharf.
IT INC’S GOLD I.EAV—A few pack* of the
I* above, of superior quality. tor sale by
aug 2_tf JOHN H. GIRD.
SNABl'RGS.— )0 bale* No. 1 and 2 Osna
bue^-: iu«t received from I'.icbmond, for:
sale by [a’«g2] A.C.CAZEM O' E A Co. .
('1RMNBYGS.—50o verv stout iwilbd cot* i
T ton Grain Bags, for millers and carriers of,
grain, for sale by A. C. CAZENOY E is CO.
jy 3i j
dailv expected, per schooner Pennsylvania,
which will be sold at low rates if takenfrmntbc
vessei. [jy 31—tf] JAMES GREEN
S' ~ ERVA.vT WANTED.-; A dining-room Ser
vant is wanted. A slave, and Worn t c
country would be preferred. Apply at tins <1
£ " i\2< — tf
nee. '•
BOWEL COMPLAINT.—Dr. Jayne’s Carmi
native Balsam.' a cei.tuia, safe, and speedy
cure lor Dvscnttrv Diorrhopo, ( h o 1 c i a - N
&.C., for sale at ' HENRN COOK’S,
’ ,v 1 )ru«r store.
aug >3_-1-T-,
Bobbin EDGINGS.—A supply of the above
new and fashionable style of trimmings, all
I widths r,n^ patterns. Just received and for sale
| low ac ' .k B. HI EES S
i auir j Fancy Emporium.
SHOETHREAD, &c.—loC^lbs. Sl.oc T»rcaH.
Nos. 3, to! ami 12. Also. Silk an'! Cotjon
I fioot Cord, and various other arti< les in the Mine
I finding line, for sale cheap at
I j|||<T J J. B. HILL*..
BACON BROOMS fcc.—1 lihd p^me hams
for family use
t|) duz. Corn Broom?,
r do:,. Fainted Pail;
70() lbs. Country Soap, recei*eb rr -! Of sate
by [aug 2] J< >S. HL MILLER.
ClOFFEE, MOLASSES, &c.—ad bags prime
/ Green Rio Coffee
5 hhds. W. 1. Molns<cs
2000 pound* double refined Eoyt > :g' r
Ju*t received per sehr. Repeater. and lor sale
by [au 3] Me \ EIGH & BROTHER.
' RINGS.—Fresh Salmon. lien.,c\icaiiy seal
| ed in small tin canisters, warranted to contain all
iN original fliy-v. arm nutricious qualities. 1000
New Ft gland Smoked Herring?, very large, rich,
. and of delicious flavor. Ju*t rcceiy< d and for
' saie by [aug 4] A. S. VY1E1JS, Family Grocer.
A COX.—f»0 hhrh. and boxes M id lib g- an 1
3 ShouMers. just received from t’ «* We«! atid
fur sale by "LAMBERT & McKKNZIE,
w'\: 3 f, nton Wharf.
El) SYllUP .1X1) EXTflJCT Ob'
»S 1I1S. lP.WlLl..-h
'THESE well known and valuable Medicine
J. w liieh are prepared by a new and. improved
process, over nil other* nrv the mo**, active pre
parations of Sirsaj nriilo :.^v? nefortt. the ptf lie
yre recommended lor all disorders ari*:ng
from an impure state o! blood, &<•., &.<•. |
the gooil quality of the root and the peculiar
manner of their preparation, is to he attributed
the success that lias unilonnly attended their ex
IWfl /.r li.p S\i‘!in 1 ner buttle: the ExtraC
D recommended to parent.*, nurses, and otuvr*.
wlio have the management ol' children a- the
most safe and effectual 'A Destroying Medi
cine vet discovered, t hts Medicine w so pka
sant/that no child will refuse to take it. It D
happily calculated for removing many other dk* .
orders, such as Summer ijomplaint, Dianne *.
&c.; while from its innocence it cannot do any
harm. Price 25 i cuts per bottie.
This valuable Embrocation has been used with
acreat succc4-* in th e yuKr Oi o.c nin-t troublesome
difCaSr^ with’ which the horse i« etfvcted. -uch a*
old strains, swelling*, gall*, strains of tee shoul
der, etc. It is highly recommended, and Mould
he constantly kept in u-S ?!;.bks of all person*
owning horses. Price .»** eenti* per bottle, pre
paredonlv at Marsh.tlPs No. 312, Market Street,
a few door* above Ninth, Philadelphia: and sold
in Alexandria, by J. Jk PILKPuLN T,
Corner of king arid \V asiiington street*,
oct }1—tT
V A valuable medicine for removing Worms
jn children. This Medicine is strongly recom
mended wherever it has been u*ed, as the bgrt
article for destroying those pe*ts of the system.
It has been jn use fo* ieyeral war*, and one cl
ti;e proofs of its efficacy is. that the demand is ra
pidly increasing. Physicians who have seen the
good effects ol this Vermifuge, Jo not hesitate to
recommend it in the ip ^acnee. The following
certificates, from gentlemen of Williamsport,
where the Medicine was first introduced, and is
now well knew*, will serve to show the efficacy j
of this Vermifuge.
Certificata.—We, the undersigned, do certify
that we have used in our families the Worm Pe
s troy in* Drops, prepared and sold by f’harle*
Rice, Williams pork Mai viand, and find them to
be a highly e*»ctcious and valuable Medkin;*. —
Du Van Hear, N. Hammond. A. £*i*nd, Hugh
Long, Henry Stinemetts, P. Summers Michael
1 do hereby certify, that a few days since, a co
lored child belonging to me, about two n/.d a half
years old, by taking part of a vial of Ihe Worm
Destroying Drops, prepared by C harles Rk*\ of
Williamsport, expelled one hundred and e’ghty
thrcc worms, and is now doing well, ujihoujrh for
a week or two^evibus, ws* not expected to live.
J am confluent there is no Medicine, that I have
any kntwledge of, to be compared to those drops,
for exnellim? worms from the human system.
Feb. 7th, 1835. Buchanan*.
J do hereby certify, that a child of mine, three
years old, by taking a phial of the above Drops,
expelled better than four hundred norms. The
first passage about eighty were r ^ovcJ.
James Dug a Berkeley Co., Va.
1 do hereby certify,that a colored child belong
ing to me, about eighteen months old, by taking
part of a phial ot the above Cxpellcd one
hundred and twenty worms,of about eight or nine
inches in length.'** Hbnrv Dellinger.
Charles Rice having agreed with the subser;-.
bers, to manufacture the above Medicine, it will
in future be manufactured and ?old wholesale by
thnu. VVM. STABLER khO'. Alex’*, D. C.
It can be obtained of R. S. I*A I I hR SON,
corner of Pennsylvania avenue- and jih street, f4.
D. GILMAN, near BrownV; Hotel; and FAR-j
QUHAK &. MORGAN, 7 buildings, Wash
ington City; G. M. SOTHORON. Georgetown.
apr 25—dly
House, sign, and simp painting.
The subscriber has removed his Paint (
Shop, from Prince to Water street, second door ■
from Prince. With guethanks for past patron
age, he earnestly solicites the continued calls of
his friends and the public generally. House, Sign,
and Ship Painting, done on the most accommoda
ting terms, and warranted second to none. * | :
All orders thankfully received, anii promptly'
attended to [ap 19—ly] GEO. PLAIN.
tvo.les, to g»ve him a call. elir.*z con:irir*>t
he can give satisfaction as tr> qtnli’N s*ru* pr rf
X. B. The highest market price given ['< r
trv produce. froy 4—>1 J. If
'XTiRESil URL’OS, &c.—The -u^^rii.er hai
f received a Irish suppl) ci the f»!’ w ^2»
tides, all of the be?t quality, and for sale <■>, 0c.
derate terms ;—Oxalic Acid. Bt*t Red Birk.<
phate (Quinine, Turkey Opium, L gl A B..
Rose Rink, Principe Seg.r*. Regalia
iyir o Root, Si gar Lead. Ar>ciic, { ,.uJ. I. 2.
euaniia, .dot:.. Olio Rose•*, do. in cut gV* \ .
KpS'm Sails, Slippery Elm Bark. F.vglid; ;.
eined Magnesia, S.ved Spirit* Nitf. f|;. ir.. > .
'mailed (’Jomel, Chinese Veriaibon, f’rt ;
Tarter, Senna, Aur.mg t la*k*. .1 n**.v
(•;*■; (Rnuii e Harlem Oil. ( :: . re *. <'
Pota*h IIydriodate do.. Turkey Hum Ara
.Muriatic Acid. Xitrie do., (Yuro*i\e Sui arm
Cammouiile Flower*. Me i. d. Onvi-odhy
■ iiJiGU. »..,•>« Salad Oil. < ad-rOi'. U .;
I'hapmaijV Razor Strop*. Lngli* l'< M !)r.*:>
Peruvian Bark, Hutch Metal. \ .in. a R n •=*. V -
ridg“'* I > a!:: v oft oiumbi 1. Sami*’ Sai - :par;i t.l •
dmn Vegetable I ill*. Jayr.e*‘ C.«rm:n mve V *
ture. t ’a< h< »u \ romat.se. Brand; ct * |\ U. gnti
me; Extract ol b liau llt-mp. I.ia*c- H
je .0 i 1! F,.\ R\ ( MOlv. ( t*• * 1 i:*>T l) gg 1 -1
1 ) \ SL.Y S SLUM ».\. Ar-ph’toib* edit! n. r,
1 1 1 rvc t\ pc, p: it-, id ccr.r» ; Harp* \■'*»
price cents lor *.ih* *y BF.LLfc E.\ IAVlSI.E
who have re ci i v * ti a further s' pp'\ oi Hr. A
thou M Smith's case a* it i*. f ri r Id cei.**
|> A. I' Mi\EST<KIK S V E
preparation has now stood the t» *t <•(
\oar*‘ trial, and I* confidently rccomui* :,d e.
Mile ;i:td < llectual niedicims for expelling w-::..
ti ni.i *.[:<“ S\ '’cm.
The prop! i. for ha* made it a point to a*r»r
the iv.*u!t of it* u*e in *u<h ca*e* a* came
hi* know ledge and observation—and he invar
S)!\ ft un.i L in produce the tie *t *alutarv 1 :!< *>
noi uufrequenti) after nearly all theorlinnr) ;
p H'.iti*>n.* recommended lbr worms had b-tn;
.4..1 . . . . _ . * . _
\ 1 i ' . » I 1* | UU IV > • I l t I 1 SI i l tl i ) J't 1 lit.t IK III II . •
tnge. Thi* fjrt is aUt-led by the ce[ tifjcat*.* s
"tnt« meets of hundred" of resectable p< i"cr*
;Ji!i-rent parts of the country — ami should if. ;. :
farii he* alu av" to i-.ei p a vial of the prcnmuli
in Uu if po«"c*"i'*n. !t i" mild in «>p* r Ui< 3'.
uiay lx adniini-tered with perfect safety to t
rno'U dclicah infant.
Tin t1!' f‘ing ti.'timonif if its gocdfjJ'Cts rf r .
to the public : %
I do certify that l have used two vials of B. A
FahersstocVs Vermifuge in my family with r*
markable *ucce."*. One of mv children, abou
two year* <dd, dixdiarged fifty worm*', lr m one
and a half inch to *;x inches i'i length, and the "
other about five year* old, discharged thir’oet.
huge norms, about one fo. t iu length, and thf
size of a man s bw.b linger, b< -ode*1 a numbi rot
small one-'. Jk*>e If. Bem.vv. *
Nev."tead December 1-17.
ir<tlrs. Frir Cmoi/j;. .V I ., Jt-i. 17. I"ft
We certify that we have u**-d B. A. j’.'f 'u* p
stock's Vcitnff;.ge iu our families, and if. every j.
f.i"c it ha" proved a decided and effectual rcn»c j
dy for ex pc I l.ng worms from the* system. Vr 1
cordially recommend it to parents who havecliil- |j
drtn addicted with that dangerous malady.
tii.on Vutuii., W m. B. Punk.
ItoKKRI Mm, J'*‘ni*!l BlKK‘»f‘.ftc
Mr. C. C. Bi istoi.:
/hnr Sir—I certify that I ga ve FaViest' fA ‘
Vermifuge to one of my children, and if p'»"*•
twenty-nine worms, some ot which were a t >
in length. I believe it was the means ol sav: g
ttie chihi o,o. Having lo*t two children previ
ous to this that were attacked in n simiar m ir.n^r
I feel constrained, as a matter of duty, to go*
the above fact*, that parents may knoww h;/'
use as a remedy for wflrm*. i no*. Mnu.s
For sale by * W.\l. STABLER & Cn.
ikg* ..* for the Proprietor", Alexandria. D (
and bv B. A. Fahnestock & Co.. IOJ Front "tr^ t I
New York. y Il-7awl4i 1 I
r A VIES VANS A NT, Kin* Street* Jl<T'
andria 11). C. ) next door to the Ma. ^
shall House, in tendering his grateful a* known
edgcr.f>/.L to hi* friends and the public for ti.t ^
distinguished patronage be has received frorr ^
‘hem. begs leave to assure them that, with ai1
ample supply of the most cnoiee materials, hr ^
will be able to render entire "atisfaetion to tho^e
who may please to favor him with their bu-iijc'*4
either by order or personal application, and that i
l«c will tell ctl titles in h». line, as low a« they V
can be procured in Baltimore or elsewhere. f
He Ims on hand, at thi" time, and will continue I
to keep, a large assortment of the following arti
cles, wholesale and retail on the most moderate
terms •
latent Spring Paddies
Men’s Saddles, best quality, stuff flaps
Do do (Jo plain
Do do common do
Ladies’ do best and common
Plated and steel-bitted Bridles, of vari'-u4
Plated and steel-mounted Martingales
Saddle-bags of the latest fashion, an 1 com
Pelisses and carpet Traveiling Bags
Plated mounted Carriage Harness
Do do Gig do
Brass and japan mounted Gig Harness
Plated, brass, and japanned mounted corsole
Wagon, cart, and dray Harness
Fire Buckets and Halters
Also, a general assortment of elegant hare
eathcr Travelling Trunks, and a great varied
jf the best Gig ar.J Riding Whips
Plated, steel’und brasi Spur"
Plated, steel and bi as- Bridle bits and £tir q *
Saddletrees and Buckskins, assorted
Buffalo ■skin Saddle covers
Old Sadd;c*s neatly covered with hog, i'510*’
md calfskin, and quilted at shortest notice.
Old Saddle*, Harness, and Trunks, ol all k|*' '
■epaired at the shorn t notice. J*
sept l 0- iy

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