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Alexandria gazette. [volume] (Alexandria, D.C.) 1834-1974, September 05, 1843, Image 1

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S V()L >J li]- (_TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 5, 1843. j NO. 20!), j '
JUt Xanana hazcUe iY \ m*nua .idveru^r
At Ei^ht dollars p**r u-un n, payable half yearly.
Alexandria (iizettrSf 1 irgmla Advertiser
(yon i he cchn'tky)
At five dollars per annum, payable in advance.
T^rms of Aovkrtisivc.— XiLcrtisemenU not
exceeding one square, iuserted three tine's
tor one dollar. Advertisements continued
at ter three times, for at) cents a square fur
ench insertion inside, or 25 cents outside. S'.x
teen lines arc counted us asquuie.
Advertisements by the year, at prices to be a
ffreed upon, having reference to the usual
amount of space they .may occupy. ’*
r.ersons advertising by the year not to advertise
urticles not included in th»*ir regular business,
f.or to insert in their advertisement, any other !
names than their own. J
Nov. 24, 1342. $
53* Northern Mail closes (taily at 1 o'clock
iv. M.; arrives, ami ready* for delivery, every
n.ornicr, at 74 o'clock. j
Southern Mail close, <t nfv, at 54 A. M.; j
arrives daily from 2 to 3 o’clock, P. M.
Winchester Mail closes Mondays, W'ednes-«
days, and Friday> at b F. .M.; arrives YVednes- i
dubs, Fridays and Sundays, *>v o J . M.
Warrantor Mail closes i 'uesdays, Thursdays, ;
ana Saturdays, at ‘i A. M.: arrives Sundays
Wednesdays, and Fjriduys, by 2 P. M. j
Falmouth Mail, viu Oi coqur.n, &.O., close's:
Tuesdays, Thur *tavs, ami Saturdays, at b \. M.; j
arrives MondavV Wednesdays, and Friday* by j
10 P. M.
Northern Neck, Va., Mail, clones on Wmdays
; lid Thursdiivs, 5.4 A. M.; nrriu.s with the South
On mail <>u Tuesdays and Fridays.
Leesburg.(Va.,) Mail closes Mondays, Wed-j
itesdavs, and Fridays at ( p. M.: arrives Mon-'
wavs, Thursdays, aad Saturdays, with the North- j
1. IS I OK LETTERS remaining in the
J Post Oiuee, Alexandria, 1). C., up to the
monih ending August 31, 1313. Persons calli 2
| for Lutcrs will please say they are advertised, or
jUey may not get them.
Mary Allison James H Able
Susan Andrews
Christiana Burger Ann Berrv
I John Ball , William II Burke
i Henry Berry Mrs Sarah A Bush—2
1 Nicholas Butler—2 Hannah Bruce
! Samuel Church Emanuel G Compton
j Allen Clarke Marv Cooper
! Margaret Cow an Mrs Clapdoie
1 j J Case Cheneth Calloway
Ann Crook
Mrs C Parley John R Dale—J
Samuel H Pevaugan Esther Dorsey
.Martha Jane Deere Mary Dcwecs
John Dixu.
( ha ties Edwards Aquilla Emerson
Mary Franklin John Fearson
Margaret A Ferguson John Fisher
Arabella Faison Isaac Fox
Jcremish FugiL •
Mr Green (Lawyer) James C Garrall
Enoch Glascock
Bcv Wm [lodges Henrietta Hayden
'* a 1) Howell Anderson Hebron
Wdlis HcndersOii vhiiiu Hamilton
Th ouras Howe Moses Hepburn
William C HuiTington George G Harper
Lavinin Johnson Samuel (saacn
Isaac Jackson Caroline Jones
Amu tov Kitcucn Henrv Krebs
Martha Lomax Daniel W Lewis
Elizabeth Luckett Mrs Lawrence
Elizabeth L&wc
i O EG ARS.—100 M. Principe, Tere/R brand, ft
O sale by |>g(Jj POWELL & MARBUR1
BEDFORD water] by the barrel] half-ba
rel, gallon, and dozen, for sale bv
_6_ mo 1 :> W M. ST A HI. Eli ScOo^
LOT of vciv ni-'e small Hams at ft; real
il per lb. For sale by THOMAS HER VS,
j aug 13 Corner of Prince and Fairfax sts
J|CSECS SERMON.—i tre-h supply of thi
F celebrated Sermon, price fE cents, just rc
ceived by [aug lcj B1 L & LEN PWISLE.
|~AORV MEAL!!!—Best fresh ground Cor
v_F Meal, at 3G cents per bushel. by the te
j bushels, and upwards. [aug!2] B FORD.
j FJH RNIP SEED.—A fresh supply of Turni
JL Seed, just received and for sale, at
aug 19 HENRY COOK’S, Drug st n
lldrOLASSES.—28bbls. bright N] Oh Motes
!▼ F ses, received and for sale by
aug 19 M V,. BAYNjE.
^...M.GaR.— Porto Rico Sugar in hogsheads
* 5 Philadelphia K< lined S arar in ’ ove-», forsah
hy_ [aug 21; A. ('. CAZENOV E & ( O.
FjRIME HAMS.—300 prime Ham in Linei
I. Bags, received, and ft., -ale bv
S \1L.—Linseed and Ca-tor oil, a supply of thi
\ y be-t quality, in barrel-: for-ale bv
aug Id ... C. CAZENOV t & ( p.
! \\Tl* TMFStOt vjt ! i LOZEVGES.-A fr.
• * * bt.ppiv carefully pr.-pur d by the sub-crib
ers. _ [8 mo 8] \ -1. ST \BI Elt & Co
I> EST _ BE It H DA \RROVV It *OT, ju
$ ^ rece ived, and foi ^»ie at
au i 0 J. It. PIER PON I'S, Drugstore.
j A< ON .—On hand and li*!* sale, about .’>00
aJ lbs. prime B; an. 1 .g .mud, piipcqaiil
*i. own ourittg. j.i' i g 1 • ?. . !V \ > •. .
W A f 1).—On hand and lor - Re, 3 kccs and 1
3 J barrel prime Lard, al-o, ;> barre's Me<
Pork. ■ 1'i THOMAS DAVY.
a .—b\) five- :!! I. mi: •• .. i
\ II 'III 1 t •
rpper Marlboro ^Ytd.> Mali closes Sundays,
Tuesdays, i.nd Thursdays, at 1 P. >1.; arrives
\V«‘d?i* sctiyk Fridays, and Sundays, ot 7 A A. M.
■Yoifin^hani (Md.) Mail closes Sundays and
Tin,, days, at ! P. M.; arrives Wednesdays nod
Sundays, at 7 k A M
Port Tohaceo ( Md.A Mail closes Sundays an.,
Wednesdays, at 1 1\ M.; arrives Sundays and
»i ursd i\s,at 7.1 \. M.
*5 tf—^ v; 5 l
l.INK TO i liKDKHK KSill KG. liiCil
y^o.ND, and ria iirKsm iio, \ iugixia.
> I HIM Steamboat nn.i Banco ui companies be-.
JL tween V\ U'hinjsoti and U;< hmon 1, Virginia, ;
are now prepared to receive and forward freight
«>i ad description* between, the city of Washing
ton and the other t >ua; ot the District, and Fre
dci iekshur*c, Kici.ui' rid and i:i?• i . cnime points
Freights delivered o: Loatu the Potomac steam-:
heat on the afternoon of Tuo>Jjvs are forwarded ,
tubinV of aAnVi1 n****wU t..v. .... - .
I v; Kreuht sent-on oth*r d. ys nny pro’uOly j
Jii* more or less deh»vcd at P»e railroad v. nail at j
/v.*4ia creek, hut ill liAs cp-e there »> a sale S.GW- ,
in rise for their reception on the v. vrta ,
which they w ill always be forwarded by the first ,
ficijilit train, anil tin-} i.i n« raic be delay til
b.i,mid the lollmvirit: Wcdm'xiay . 1
: ror further information apply p> me Captain
cu hoard the boat at.dl. day's wharf.
B. Boxes, pa< ka?'c*, and parcel not t< o
i.nwield) to Soin the ba^a^e nr of the r .ail
train, £0 forward immediately witfiout a» v e.*• !ii>,
U!id A-ach Kichmotul on the afternoon of the day
U jilil, thev leave \N u^hinob n.
Jc M —fell £; BLACK, ^CUt.
' NO i’l< h — l fie Steamer
Pill MX, will resume her
__ ■ trips, this morning,
Living Alexandria at c and 4 < l o clock, ,i« W*>
KJf past 2% and half p»ot 4, IX M.
Ledvitig Washington at *,) and 1 I, A. M., and nail
past 3, ai)d hail oa-t oVloek, 1*. M.
will aho make d..e trip t » Georgetown
daily, Sundays exeej uu.) leaving \h xandm
ai .2 M., and Georgetown at i oVloek, IX -M.
ah- _tf JAVuS Gl’Y, Jr , (’aptaim
The Steamboat ( PM .1/
leave fcvei» Wednesday morning, at 7 o’clock, lor
Baltimore, taking freight, very levy: and will land
i t the different landings, to take oft pavsongeis.
:M_il .
^ Ii 1 UKr\11.IV, i nan
ington every I uesduv and Saturday at 9 o tio* k, ,
aT M.,and Alexandria at 10 o'clock. Returning :
will leave Norfolk, and Portsmouth every Mon
day and Thursday at 6 o'clock, AM Passage
’and fare >G. The Osceola v. ill arrive in time
for the Portsmouth* iind Rotmokc Railroad cars
Passage through to Wehlou *»9. Freight doon
td for the Portsmouth and Roanoke railroad, lo
tersburg, or Richmond, must he paid fur at VV asa
iugtoo. Passengers will be taken on or lau
ded at the diderent landings on the Potomac.
' She wait stop in Cone, Saturday* going, and Mon
days returning.
ap 2'J 2avvtf J AMES MITCHI LU ntnMcr.
^^c^yg^^&^^r^cv-^The steamboat JOSLi 11
JsbJt MtXSi »■. ['untinues to
plybe tweentlie a nov c■ places, ami, until iutther
notice, vv ill depart as tolTovvs :
Leave Washington at 8, lU, A. >L, 12A,2L and
4J, P. M.
Leave Alexandria at 9. 11, A. M., 1A, • _« ^nd
11—tf f’apt am.
“ Burden s lmprov ed /a/
bout the'price of good Shoe Iron,
w ith holes punched and ready for
v setting, w arranted not to break in
? wearing—foi sale bv
i jv *26— tf
i _-d.
SAKSAPJ R1LLA.—Prepared in the mostap
1 proved manner, by which the whole of the
active principles of t!ie Medicine, ccm be gi'co in
a snub Jose This preparation made by us, is
warranted equal to any other made irom Sarsa
parilla. Price si per bottle or b hot if. ; tor So.
b ra<> t» " \VM. STABLER & Co.
rpm nn: \pXeaT>l\ie--w « SwM re
1 reived No. 12 of Alison’s History ot Europe;
No 2 of Hannah Moore’s Works, and a further
Ripply of Mbs BrcmeEs Homo, The Neighbors,
IE Family, ami President's Daughters; abo,
Ames's False Heir, Life before the Mast, Eal
EomPj Speeches, and the New World Life ot
E'laj, with that splendid portrait, prim only b els.
au*? BELL .N ENTW1S1 E.
in Search of a Wife, cad. 1?! cenC ; jud reci-iv- *
ed by [augdl] BELL N L.> 1 W l-J-’-v
ra 111j; \ Kiti BOOK THAT’ IS \\ AN l ED.—
JL No Book has been more wanted Or the !,.*t
An- yoa.-s'ti.rm a good modern (iJ/hT'J Ei.ly
That want i> about to he supplied by McCulloch’s
(iazelteer. now published l y the Harper*. li .s
nr,)i up in first rate style, pLnted on fine v.into
pane;', 'and will be complete.: in Nos. at ~*> l
cents each. It will be illustrated b\'s*ven large [
Maps. rldie articles relating to tl.e l mted .
States i.a.e been prepared by Daniel Hrsueo,
jNq. and are brought down to the pie^cnt t.uu .
No. o, for sale bv
a.lg31 * BELL Sc ENTWJSLE.
A >1 \|AL MAti.NETiSM.—PracticalInstruc
t»on in Animal Magnetism. by J. P. F. De
leiize, tianslated t y Thomas (•. Hartshorn ; r;
vised edition, with an appendix of notes by the ;
translator, and letters from eminent physician*
and others, descriptive of capes in the luuted ■
States. Just published, and tor sale, price si, j
bv [augdl] 1>LLL ^ KN * *• !sLE. |
rilHlK/A , or the attractive Power oi the Cross. |
| t translated from the German by blizahetn
Maria ldovd, a small volume, price 23 cent*,
just published, and for saC by
_ . . .... . , nnrii »%T V A 1 A
AW tOl 1UA AMM.U1 1^
!\ Tur'iou; numbers, Carpet chain. Lamp \\ wk,
for sa'r by ' THOMAS BU N*,
a, ^3 corner ol Prince ami r airlax
mi EW CliKESJ2.—50 boxes New Cheese, from
1 n the be l New York Dairies, just reed eu per
Schooner \ ictorv, and for sale iail tow, n>
\ * A S. WILLI an
Opposition to dickens:—Change for
the American Notes, in Letters tfou: Lcu
' t! jn to New Yiit,. by an American La>ly, [ rice
! Ui cents; 4 copies tor 50 cents. For sale by
i aug 18 BELL & ENTW1SLE.
BLEACHLD lamp oil, of very superior
quality at 87 A cts. per gallon, for sale by
I aiu 25 corner of Prince and Fairfax sts.
TEAS.—3. half chests, Gunpowder, Imperial,
and Young Hyson, part oi fine quality, lor
sale low to clo^e bv
aug 25 - t’OWELL & MARBURY.
ix NE SACK SALT AFLOAT.—500 sacks
i4 Fine Salt, large, and well tiiled, fur sale
bv fang 10] LA MBEK 1 ^ MpKINVIl
\ ; rid the C mils of t;. • His net of Co- :
lumbia. Ah . h ia, D. C., J d) 20.—: >tf
a (- \RD - R. JOHNST< >N & C. H. I EE, ]
IV have a^-ociah-d !!kt.M‘!us in the practice of
the Law. Thcv will give prmnp4 • u «.u to l.u>i- ,
in in the ( mirts ot iai*> * Mini s. and ( . ! 1 Lee.
will regular:v attend the ( oucls ot bairtax Coun
ty. i " F-Office on Royal street, over the new ,
Slarkct l!ou-e. .h* •>—colt. :
•; f EM' )Vki>.—nonnrr rut rr:.u ,v so.\\
Ty« inform their friends and the pu -h 'gener
ally. that they have removed their Flour Store
Rom their turnvr stand, m. ! taken a. large lire
proof Warehouse at the foot ot tmice street,
near the wharf. Ey this change they hope to of
fer some better inducements to those sending
produce t> Alexandria, than heret-doro. And
now our C.r ..! i- about to be opened, v,e invite
all those sending Fl air, oi oilier produce, by 1 md
or water, • ) give u- a ca’I. We will ! cep con
stantly on ban i. Piaster, Salt, and (loeeri -, ihc
prices of which -hail be as low as can oe h el in
this, or any ntighborin ; market. We will iTo
continue the leeching and-iwrwaiuing im-tin ss
as heretofore. Just rertlvcd and f>r mA, puna
u'hile v'hcil l\t!nUn l'iour.
aug 10—cola. R. CRUPPER Sc SO\.
Prince street, ne\v the w inn [.
V LAV MFCK M ANTAL.— i he FarmrtT
; il Manual, a practie: 1 ireaiiw: on the nr..
j and value of A:AM KLS, foundi i i.por. c^peui
1; ments of ,ariuiis crops, with a brief account of
! the most recent discoveries in Agricultur d Cb.cm
istrv bv F Falkner, Esip, author ot 4*Rnti-h
Husban Iry.” Ju-t published by P. Appleton oc
Co., | rice 3i ’ cents, and for sale bv
aug 19 * BELL & ENTWISLE.
(1 AMi’BKU/S AiACA/MNlh— On the fu>t
j of September, this standard .Magazine, ron
' taining all choice articles ot the British Be
| views and Magazines, v» iil be issued under the
' title of “Campbell's Foreign S -mi-M )p.thly Ma
• iraziue,” and will appear on the 1st and loth day
of everv month. Kach No. will contain \ i royal
! octavo pages, and be emb, HAhed with a portrait
! of some dFtlnguss*ed po».v n, or a picture select
ed from the best masters. No expense will be
: spared to render it worihy of the pulrunage of an
l enlightened public. Tee August No., containing
f two magnificent tmgraungs may be <een at ou»
} store where subscriptions will rceeiw*:. I he
| Nos..if desired, will be (h 'iv-is l e \Jt saudri.i.
j free of expense. I eraj* u > p* r anunn, m
! variabh iti udvano*
| aim ?6 FBI .I N KN I A'F“j ! . V._ n'
Ann Matncy Anne R McDonald
John L Mattingly M ^ Ann Minor
Mary A Morgan
Ceorge II Norton—*4 .Martha N'cLon
i • p
, Ann V. Pc tilt
Octavius Rcggis
s O
s. .
(■ Sc hafer—2 W illiam Smith—2
| John R Swann—*J John Sumner.:
Mrs S.irMi \ Swann Mary A Simn.s
William Scott io.hu W Smith
Henson Simpson
Charges Triplett John Tay lor
P'.tcr Tress !er
Louis it Wilson JYiscella W illiams
Stephen Wools Charles M. Wright
W iii'am W.VMey Wane Waller.:}
Harriet Walsln v Matilda W ill in ms
l^ggY U V‘att ui ,
I II Zimmermrn.
,;.p \ ~3t DA NIKI. BRY YN, P* M
g\ i>a» t’> Chronicles of Ragland,.France, Spain,
,.:wj the adjoining countries, now issued iroin t.*e
ofli.-e of the New World, is said to bo the most
rare, valuable, interesting and celebrated work
uver published, i l is elegantly printed on csth-a
supcnine v. bite paper, ai d splendidly i..u>Uu (M
with <*ver one hundred am! twenty e:;gi a\ it.gs.
representing the scenes,costumes, >; 'jrsbuties,
u tva.l engagements, and to urnauu um ol Inc no 1
, U ages, eiigr ived at a cost of one thousand d *!
has!' Price of the Lnglid. edition, >12—the
New World edition, only .A cent* per No., to be
completed in yd Nos. U can be sent p> any [ art
of the United States for b cents, per No., under
100 mile’s, j cents. No. just received by
| PtfLL 5. LNTW 1SLL,
1 X ' 1 . 11 f. u’ () l 111 C l’ l» ^
i «■* *. r
s. oo as tiu-s a c issiji... aw»* **
M ore of the cueap publications.
\<>. 8 of tin* N'-’.v World Supplement, con
' minin' Mauin < In v::-. lew it, $*e.; Id cents; Wv
V\\wi Poeti V of Lite, a*. 5 cents ; r.r.vle s
! pa*tand Present, lb cent? , Marmaduke W>viil,
the Maid's Kevengc, .*17edits; the ln-h Sketch
i Look, hv Tittmarsh, ‘17; cent'; W in Nor La>»
1*24 cent's; Carr« ro, the Prince MinLter, by r-d*
i muiMi Fla^ir, IT. rents: Morley KrnsUun, by
i Tun *s cents The Twins and other Tales
! v Frederik"* Bremer, ;d.l Cw'iib , and a turb.ei
■>> Slivitvli'nl n.^UUTKl and 1 til !|
*pr * w .j • i
i received and fur <*;t!e bv
I aug 10 1 f T < ’ i 1 SMITH, & f\>
I -----
j \ ^7"HlSu Jj\ LN I P -H SI j I •] \ DS.—ivnn^ylva
I * ^ uia copper distilled, a very nice article, for
i sale by _ H ii ) '\) AS BURN S,
a»ws 15 Corner of Prin > and Fail
TfORSE ID — On In and f< r $n p • it
! i i M.i.ij bo.:!;*. I.; S!i >Vs and Bran, fj I bnHi. H
i j” in»(‘ H\<■ .deal, Hi• j S'jj i", bii'oieis \\ lute
; {torn. : : ; i THOMAS 1)AVY.
OOAPS.- - Best wl ite and vari< 1 Bar S ■
> . ; '<o best (\>P; ■ do. .-t ;:ved, an.! 1 r
salt* at j. R. i iidii Oi.\ i '6 lirug Store.
aug 10
*|7*LO<>RIXG B • \RD A—30 : . ; FUh -
i.1 inx Boards, cargo ui .>• do. L. Ii. ( aluwul,
from ( ! -i rii stoi . for s * It* bv
aug 10 LAMPORT ;s McKRYZ!
I jf MILAM ( : 1 U'>.L.—A supply of this new,
! v,' and most delicious article, r» *civ d ai d f< r
sale by A. S’. WJL1.LS.
Ll \ i*;K r« >( Mb > \ I. I — \ l i_A - A i .
!‘)AOn HACKS iil/AVN
oTt/v/H h::,< s\< »*s coarse s\j.T, all
i in bpct t.ii'i'i'lieu -.iciiiii.r, (ii' ■ iry cv 1- tb1' r:,*_
1 r0 i f ship i i :iec r, from ! iv< f >i ■ »)’ ,
' m„9 wji. f >’i'j.e & s
LUMRKR, LIME, I. Vi ! O, SinM-.l O.A.M)
0 oao ooo mr,\°F
J / Bn / t /G aciur; c * v:\ .u ici \
: r, q ui re cl foi b cilui i r, ■ i ithcti i ui pose s, v. I ■■!, i
will seli low. ft-r CASH, or, the tisuii a ■ c'ii to
punctual customers.
: V 31—tf •> (‘ A’O’
: /Op.H/w r.L).-Aim subscriber bis
1 imbed Central Mill for a term of years, and
i Cameron >*ui im* one year, ( nont m *
ci itv of Al x mdria,) and now has them both in
full o|'Or.ili >ri, l..i»1 can nv.inufu tun* sovtn‘\-li've
thousand bushels ed uiu tt tne *’ siiiiii m ?., »• i
i \ li'ch liberal place Will be paid at ail tbnea at
’either of sai l mills or at ins store on i soon at.,
nmrJanuev's v.be.il, Alexandria, ib * .
: ang 2—if ' B. FORD.
. GUK & 1* i'A' Lit FILLS - -Th <
/\ prepared by ! h >s. J Ncavitt & ( (»i 1 ' ■
' hot Countv, Mb., is rep ese: tod a - \- Meet!y s tie,
and very efli ja i ms in relic*ing the A..• and
! e.'cr. i or sale bv* \\ M. Si \ALLR> *'U ,
Smo A ’,v. < • i ■*■
T AWi'LVCK B. TAYLOR, .‘lUornnj u'.ui
Jj ^ Cvimsviln) u! IjUK'j vvil: hen atter co’m ■** hu
( : practice to the Superior Conns of Law and
/ m .r o. iI I <,»i J , 111» i ' i
I') ceive.l a -upph of l ie above abides, at a
reduced price. for cadi a! f v • 1 *■**' ^' °
jy 2(5 Fyi cy <} ' iri St ire.
m jrjc XUIXYVS Ml; <'E!.LA.V1ES, complete,
jy J ucatlv humid i.i oi.c voluri.c, price only;
s i .,’>0. lor c?aio by .......
jv -J"/ Bl ,LL Cv i-.A i >> ••
CiTO.YKW \n.K.—JuM received a full as>ort
^ moui of fiv>h m ule Stoneware of excellent
quality, which 1 will sell at prices twenty per
rent below former rales, earcdiiPy } .v« a I or
shipping or otherwise. L 11. MtLLL. .
/BOOKING FURNACES.—Just received a
suppiy olcooking or T < • ‘ ^r v 1 • — * f
' a][ Si/a.s_ hooped and cased witn slice* UGn. 1 41_
‘ ces con^i lei dbjy reduce L
i i ft. II. MlLLI.lt.
: nno ll
; > ^KSMBKIC SUKGBllY.—rVumcn.prase..,
v j .*• . . . ati >ns w itho K pain
Mf.niciie .'mate, with reiimW* uno.( i..e o; . > '
t o;, of marv members of the Loyal Meui \i! a i *
PJiirur ’iraI Society and others, to the reception
of the In ssings of Mesrrerw™
Mobil Mliot^,:. M. i;., i'tiAjh. b. L. S., p».(t
,• JU3tpUb^BELl a°ENTV\]SU
! BOr.Vf) PL MS’i’Kil.—JW.XO.M U/lt.’I'J
^ '# A* SO,VS are now grinding Jdai-ter at tueii
Mill /formerly Ladd's,) on Conway’s whan, arm
'win be phased t* furnish tiio-e m wan:, wu;» an»
qui tity by the b ••• ■• !- 1 r 1 . * 1 \/ ‘ \,
hod at all times at their .tore, toot of King-strut.
M .;. is U .. as< n be 1 glitanywhei
1 on i rotracicd I'migct.jn, « no
queue.-s, li -in. tl.capplication ti i « IT"'g‘'!l ‘i1'
priiltiuiii of Medicine, of the re-nnts of at. oa,uo;
into tl.e law* of the \ it il Fnnctions. by A. 1 • ^
j Philips, F. R. S., price si 50, i«BtpnWishaidam
i for sal by - BELl fc ES rVUbLb._
CH \RL< i l :■ El \Z VBE1 it S M \G !g:!N '
_\Ve have received tin- Jniy of Mason
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__ ^ , i • i w ivi’O v-,._f itovo i’i - ♦ rc
i roih ike Dublin L'niversity Stlagaziuc
In Venice once there lived a sootv fellow,
By trade a soldier, and by name Othello; ’
lie wood tnc gentlest damsel ever known, a
| Bair, virtuous, bloon ing maid called Desdamom
[ Ter father would as lief Old Nick had had her:
f Some one fine night Othello brought a ladder
j Beneath her casement, and without much troubh
j The pair eloped, and got themselves made double
j(Hhello's ancient was a cunning rascal,
I A deep, designing villian, who could mask all
jilisglccmy treachery, so that, pool Othello
: J bought him a most surpassing honest fellow,
j This villian, finding that his General granted
j A post to Michael Cassio which lie wanted,
i Determined, without making any pother,
To be revenged on both one and t’other,
Aim the first thing the malicious brute did
1 Was f hint that Cassio had the Moor cornulcd
Hie Moor, however, looked for confirmation,
I Not trusting c.'iite lago’s information,
i:igo being a confounded swiper,
i One night makes Cassio as drunk as anv piper;
W hereon tiic latter got into a hobble,
* By stabbing one Montano in a squabble.
I he .Moor dismisses him tor this aggression,
Hut Dcsdemona tries her iuUrcession
To have his rank restored, and grows so zealous
In his behalf, Othello becomes jealous,
j Meanwhile logo got a certain kerchief,
(Which De-damona had received from her chief,
I In Cassiu’s chamhcr and contrived to leave it.
! Toon tells the Moor it was his wife who gave it
| Othello, living in a wondrous passion,
j Attacked his wire in most uncivil fashion;
Call'd for the hankerdiief. she tried to find it,
! Hut could not, so she begged him not to mind it
• And sought in vain to soothe Mis Ixm ller.cy,
] Who left the loom in r. confounded plnenzy.
1 i nor kesdemona passed the day in weeping,
! Then went to give her heart relief by sleeping,
| And -ought the couch, upon whose downy feather
! r*T lord r.nu slie had oft reposed together.
| t here while in sluml.ci, soil ant. pure icclining,
| Ihight holy visions o’er her fancy 'shining,
She lay, in came her husband with a candle,
! Mi-eyes dilated, and hi? dngg» rThandle,
( la-.pc ; i.i one hum.. Cn tiptoe }*»* advances
To the i;< d*idc, and on her sweet face glances;
\nd after divers doubt* and much irisgit ing.
Swears that the shan't stay longer with the i!\
Wal:cs her, andsays li<({uartei past eleven,
An*! l.iils her pray tout her *o”l tor heaven,
lie’ll give herjust fue minutes to get ready.
Foor D.vsdcmoii i\s head grows rj iitc unsteady;
She sig’is and sobs, assures him he’s mistaken,
Hut. spite oi all the rascal is unshaken;
An though hei tears would make a lump cf cuu
st ii,
i to smothers the poor creature with a holster.
The -servants hearing all this noise, and thinking
dkcie'u something wrong, break thicugl the
door like winking.
In rush the ia !y*s father, Gratiancp
la.iilia, !ago, and .Montano.
Moriba sny:» she gnve tier loid and nn*t« r
t he* landkaguljki’tlial caused the sad disinter.
J he people «. :: 7V quite severely.
Spea'-c r fir - k < tlmn draw: out ms dagger
i;egrets that he should have u-cd his wile so
Then stabs himself, to end the story sadly.
This talc is writ in Sluk-pearo’s lyric tine is,
liut his account .* not so good vs mine i-.
TURK.—Inhere is any place under imaum
where the h«::irtre;mmg pangs incident on tnc se
paration <*t neat and dear f riends arc acutely fylt,
it is in Nantucket. Tnc young wile, who has
bfccn married scarce two mouths, (eels li.at the
is called upon to paiiwilh ml that vo hci faCkm^
worth living for. when she learns ih.it in a tew
day-p her husband leaves fur a lour ycai** vo>*
. r\** \\ hat -ad re lections c.iowd Upon uc* m.nii
ns she makes the necessary preparation lor his
departure. She feat s to thinly that death mav o
vertakehim ere the voyage is ended, and that lie
mav never return. She tries to be cheerful, at
least to appear so, in the presence oi »*cr l.u^h u. l,
,'tmt ihe m.bidder terns will gu-h fouh and chase
! ca< bother down tier cheek, until at last she is
! compelled retire to the privacy of her eham
i ;md there give vent to her fecimga. And
: Jims she goes on from day to any, until at la>t the
j drcaucd hour approaches v. lien they must part.
; wit.* but the wife herself cun describe i*cr leer
‘ in-rs at such a painful moment? Thank Itcavcu.
we have neither experienced nor witnessed such
a separation, and we hope we never sua.l. J oin
warx! think of it ye who have your hu^ai n
, 1 frirnd>, and all that g<> to matte home liapp*
i vc-ir after year, think what would he your feci
ings were you placed in like situations with out
Nantucket women. We will not attempt tone
' scribe the anguish of parting language woulc
, ' _v.UiO t
i fail O' were we to aiicmpi u. .;
I who have pissed through such atrial im'i l> d
i how much they sull'cr. I low gloomy does every
thin? npoear as night draws nigh to Ine mrimy
I wife. 1 low docs tin*, merry laugh of a p- scr-b,
i »n;« upon her ear; for to her it seems downright
sacriie :<• to bn gay at stum c moment. Jjui n‘ the
approach of night is gloomy, wlmt must her fee1
i,,es he when she retires to her chamber lor toe
nii*htr tied and long arc the hours of tpat night,
and mcirning nods her very li.lie more resignee
than she. was the night previous. I ime mouei
iates her grief, but never obliterates her fcclm„s
of sadness. Month aftei rnonti. passe- away, ana
ti e time mi-arrived wi.en her (msbar.d ought to
' be beard from. Km h n haling report is perused
with anxietv and frnr, m hopes th is .ntehigenc
I ,,,aV he gleaned of the absent or.-e. tmt sue is
doomed*to farther disappputineni; there .s t.o
: * ± use fearful that the next intelligence
wiil b*i that the iliip in which he euAaitvetl ^
io>t. Hv-anil-liy a vasue rumor is circulated
ih it 1 er liuVoaftil W3S heard of, bui where, when,
1 *or hy wiioh.. she cannot learn Her anxu-ty i->
. increased, and she prays most fervently for a let
ter I. rh tps at the expiration of Inel.e 01 Bt
icon months, the long-wishcd-for lettjr reaches
, hcr—some six or eight months a.ter it was .
ten—which is the fir-t intelligence she has had
She feels thankful, hut a feeling of saoncss v .,1
come over her as she thinks ol tnel «uj
ious.monlh£ she has yet to pass ert i*e*
. tu. time has at length arrived when toe I mg
• absent one may be daily u\.peclec. ' ~
• staff—on v.birh the Amer.rai. fl. S is| .m.iea
: -hen.ship i - - y;--1:,;;"; X*££
rit^fi^Brrives. Frequently however, after *
• tnitVor two of anxious loohmg for, some slop
1 arrivin'’ l.rm.~tl.r , nweh ..me uformaUon thu
), r -Vo..! »il. r.ot he at home for six or eignt
i ’ if i> a frt'b fli'3i,{»,'Mi'.tnicr»t, and ^nc
T ■ .
• ‘ vnen himeserv day. “H >pe deferred maketh
’ ,1,,. heart sick." and the lonely wile feels this to
' t.'fue in herryse. She feel* that ft is bars'
3 fu- she sh mhl he so disappointed, yet dm rds t,
' , ,Deai signed W< • ■ < — «r resign id, for i
3 < !ii)| 0"ihle th;.l -ne -Imuhl be roUu, resigned U
' her hard fate. The additional months have gla.
,-d jrn and again i' the wife watching tneflag
' staff hoping emy moment to seat a Mgnal for I
d,;p tn di-playtc A tew weeks passed m tl.i
selection of fine toned be t made til 11 All.'',
from <.7 to - G. AU, VIOLINS of superior ti
ui h, fr tin to GO—well made common \ minis
from vl to I'LL'IKS from H to $3—4
|. v- from • .7 to vO— fi and r keys from Id to $30.
I'll- KS, L|. \R|c.\ KTS, Ki. \C KOl.KTS, AC
' C Oitl>f ■’ &o. first Violin, Guitar, \iolin
:cello and [farp STRINGS. Or, hand, an exten
sive 'lock of (’receptors. Standard and New Mu
sic, Boston Ar.adcmv, Music I’aper; also several
German and American HANGS, of lines! tone
ar.d fmi-h at very reduced prices; and a good se
cond hand I! AIL to te sold cheap.
William H alt' gives lessons in Singing, both
sacred and secular music; also instructs on the
I'iano, Organ, Harp, Guitar, Violin, Violmcello
and I* inti , in cl: <■*, or -fparatH.v. ?*u?
1> \CON, kc.—10,100 Ihs. prime bright and
15 dry Bacon; UiU superior Hams It GO Ihs.
Cordage; 100 bids. Tar; 100 kegs Spn.cs and
f vy.i 1 n ce:vi’ r, and in store low.
jti3, it.cc o, - \mr\T t' S
a,jcr OJ lg. » » 1 1 !•» A I ^ ^ *~*
! TvTw. PennsvIvatTi^Ii A MS, perfer tly free from
j aug Corner ot Prince k ! airfax-strcct*.
i /]|H1 ..S10 \MI SMOKM) iTTT, kc. W
Ivy poxes (*!i •»: -e, *i0») pounds Smok'd Beef,
j inor, noi •id vc!low and lircv. n Soap. For sale
^ hv * Iyr2.il THOMAS liWKY.
! I tfTIfRAdTE COAL.—A cargo of the *
I i\ h ,vo coal of the “ttutler Vein” is expected
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r'VjiS"®.. ‘‘ua,ity- v j rbEMWo.
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Gla-s Salts oh fool: do. I-thorns: do (
bottle-; Fluted Tumble.*. Tavern d.« til. Gr t
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inn Toilet Sets: raised htfut. d »«*
eeivetf and lor sale by " *H * &•
aug 2D
I 1\SKFI»0M it >;■(. M; -JO hhN «d I.i»
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, best <|ua!it>: ! -of, btap and Cm-! . d Su?an
04 hh«N. Porto Uico Sdgarisi m.l and . j.ui-,
j.i^t landed and lor sun* hy
; AI^0..)0t!.h,olin-KA<oV.&ro
*vay ana he r troubles appear about to eoa*e, for
u messenger bn* brought the news that her hus
band is nearing ihe bar, and in a few hours she
will see him. The heart bounds with delight,
and ohs gives utterance to her feeling* in deep
and fervent thanks to the Ruler of heaven
j and earth. But alas! that we should be com*
I pel led to chronicle another disappointment; it is
• ' r.ot her husband’s ship, a* *he learns at the oxpi
j ration oi an hour or two from some friend who
! bad been down to the u harf to greet the expoct
i ed husband. The report was premature. What
.; a change come> over her at the intelligence.—
j ^he feels her spirits sink w ithin her, and dark
and sorrowful are her thoughts. The next day
she again informed that her husband is ap
proaching the bar. Between hope and fear site
parses a lew hours, until at kst she actually sees
him from whom she has been Separated four nears,
approach the house. She briefly ejaculates her
.hanks for his sate return us sne hears his well
known step when he epeno the outer door Wo
leave tne meeting scene to be supplied by our
Such • n fee ole ph turo of what those women
undergo whose hu'bunds do business on the migh
ty deep. Certainly their trials are neither few
nor Cr Li tween. It is often the case that a hus
b..nd i»epat ts on another vavaze in six or citzht
weeks alter his return.
the apple worm and the plum
WORM.-—We have never known tho apples,
| says the Genesee Fanner, so much atfeeted by
' worn:* <’.s they ere at tlie present season. We
j hav* seen sen.e orchards where a laige po rtion
i of the young frail has fallen olf from this cause,
j M^ny persons suppose that the worms in apple*
! are the same kind as those that de-troy the plums
I (Ourrulio larva*;) but such is not the" ca-e, for
they are an entirely different insect. We have
I examined thorn closely of late; and although we
j do find some ol the Curculio larva* in apples,
j they are by no means the chad cause of the inis
ichief in tins tr«.it. The remedy or preventive,
j however, must be the same in the main, namely :
j keeping le gs in the orchard, or picking up the
fruit as soon as falls and giv ing it i> the hogs,
j so as to lessen the number of depredators the
, succeeding vear.
G(. ii: i’ll-, in tIn Roatuu ( ultivator, describes
tlie apple worm thus:
“ J his is a kin 1 ol caterpillar, is provided with
sixteen legs, n d imO other caterpillars has the
’ power of spinning silken thread-, wherewith it
| makes its pod or cocoon when it leaves the wind
1 truit. It changes, within its cocoon, to a
' hrys li.g and finally to a little brown miller or
moth, decked with numerous grayish spots, and
having a largo oval-colored spot near the end of
its upper wings. I he moths lay their eggs in the
j apples, in June and July; and from their eggs
are hatched the common apple-worms, which
cause: the fn dtofall before its time.
k> 1 tiff grub in the plum is much smaller than
. the apple-worm, it has not any legs, and it doei
n >1 spin a silken thread. Very soon after tho
fruit lulls from tlie tree, the grub within goes
into the ground, where it remains till it is chang
ed into a little brownish hard-shelled beetle or
emeu!io. Ti ost crreulios may be found cn thu
trees horn the fust of April to the middle of June
!iv i’iSV- ,iL'/r/vum.- t>r pierce the plums, and
g>A t ()k, hu»e just opened in addition to their
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