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Alexandria gazette. [volume] (Alexandria, D.C.) 1834-1974, October 10, 1843, Image 1

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Alexandria Gazette Sç Virginia Advertiser
Κ η G A II S Ν () \V 1) κ V ,
At Kijht dollars per annum, payable half jrearly.
Alexandra Gazette fy Virginia Adccrtiwr
(for THE COUN'Tftv)
At five dollars per annum, payable in advance.
Terms of Advertising.— Advertisements not
••treed ins one square, inserted Jthree times
for one dollar. Advertisements continued
after three times, for 50 cents a square far
e tch insertion inside, or 25 cents out tide. Six
teen lines are counted as a square.
Advertisements by the year, at prices to bs a
trn-ed upon, having reference to the usual
amount of spare they may occupy.
Persons advertising by the year not to advertise
articles not included in their regular business,
nor to insert in their advertisement, any other
names than their own.
Nor. 24, 1842. S
Northern Mail closes daily at 1 o'clock
P. M ; arrives, and ready for delivery, every
fiiortiir?~, at 7.J o'clock.
fT^C-outhern Mail closes daily, at ">J A. M.j
arrives daily from 2 to 3 o'clock, P. M.
Winchester Mail clones Mondays, Wednes
days, and Fridays at 9 P. M.; arrives Wednes
days, Fridays and Sundays. *»\ » I . M.
Warrenh.n Mail closes T:«» s« hi ν -, Thursday»»,
ond Saturdays, at 7 A. M.; anivt.jj Sundays
Wednesdays, and Fridays, by 2 P. M.
Falmouth Mail, via Occoquan, &c., closes
Tuesdays, Thursday*, and Saturday*, at 9 A. M.;
orrives Moi»da\s1 Wednesdays, and Friday· by
11 9 t
9 * · .»«·
Northern Neck, Va., Mail, closes on Mondays
and Thursdays, .YJ Α. M.; arrives with the South
ern mail on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Jjeesburj; ( Va.,) Mail clones Mondays, Wed
nesdays, and Fridays at 1 F. M.; arrives Mon
days, Thursdays, and Saturdays, with the North
era Mail.
I'poer Marlboro' (M»|.) Mail closes Sundays,
Tuesday*, and Thursdays, at 1 P. M.; arrives
Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, at 7$ A. M.
Nottingham (Md.) Mail closes Sundays and
Thursdays, at 1 P. M.; arrives Wednesdays and
iStindays, at 7^, A. M.
Port Tobacco (Md.) Mail closes Sundays and
Wednesdays, at I P. M.; arrives Sundays and
Thursdays, at 7.J A. M.
J| FOR NEW ORLEANS,·—The fir>t
VTy c.lnsq coppered Ship ΡΙΟΛ EER, Gra
ham, Master. For freight or passajre, applv to
sept 6 W M. F( ) WLΕ vSl S » Ν S.
4£§r FOR ST. JOHNS, Ν· Β.—'Πα* cop
ÏH^pered Bri^ CJTHERIYE, Winslow,
Master, will haye despatch, tor Freight or
Passage, apply to
THE Steamboat and Railroad companies be
tween Wa^hiifglon-and Richmond, Virginia,
are now prepared to receive and forward freight
of all descriptions between the city of Washing
i m and the other towns of the District, and Fre
dericksburg, Richmond and intervening points
Freights delivered on board the Potomac steam
boat on the aftemoou of Tuesdays are forwarded
to any of the above towns without any de
lay. Freight- sent on other days may probably
t>e more or less delayed at the railroad wharf at
\<juia creek, but in thi·* case there is a safe store
house for their reception on the wharf, from
which they will always be forwarded by the first
- - * · « * 1 ί 1
freight trail», ami iftej can m nu ca;c υ* ui kucu
beyond the following Wednesday
For further information apply to the Captain
on board the boat at Bradley's wharf.
X. IJ. Boxes, pa«*kat;e*, and parcels not too
unwieldy to go in the baggage car of the mail
train, go forward immediately without anv delay,
and reach Richmond on the afternoon of the day
tvhieh they leave Washington.
je *Ji—fim F. BLACK, Agent
FMΥΓΗ>E.—The SteuNf
PHKMX, will resume her
Ψ ·
,_aregular trips, this morning,
Leaving Alexandria at b aud 1U o'clock, Λ. M.,
half past 2, and half past 4, Γ. M.
Leaving Washington at !> and 11, Λ. M., and half
past 3, and half pa^t 5 o'clock, l\ M.
She w ill also make one trip to Georgetown
daily, (Sundays excepted,) leaving Alexandria
at 12 M., and Georgetown at 1 o'clock, Γ. M.
aug —tf JAMES GUY, Jr , Captain.
— - The Steamboat COLLW
/»/.?, Captain Guyther, will
h ave every Wednesday morning, at 7 o'elork, for
Baltimore, taking freight, very low; and will land
at the different landing)», to take off passengers»,
jy 4
α If'teit.—The new, fast,
and superior steamer OS
CKOLA. will leave Wash
ington every Tuesday and Saturday at i> o'clock,
A. M., and Alexandria at 10 o'clock. Returning
will leave Norfolk, and Portsmouth every Mon
.day raid Thursday at 6 o'clock, Α. M Passage
and firent). The Osceola will arrive intime
f"r t!ie Portsmouth and Roanoke Railroad cars.
Passage through to Weldon £i). Freight destin
ai for th? Portsmouth and Roanoke railroad, Pe
tersburg, %r Richmond, must be paid for at Wash
ington. UTr"Passengers will be taken off or la»
ded at the dvlfereηt landings on the Potomac.—
'she will stop in Cone, Saturdays going,and Mon
days returning. '
- 4Λ ^ « a Μΐ'Ρ/ΐίΐι,Μ f
steamboat JOSEPH
* he%'agfe^ J 011X SOX. continues to
ply between the above. jjUccs, and, until luitker
notice, will depart as follows :
Leave Washington ut 6, 10, Λ. M., L2V^> and
4 J, P. M. * "
Leave Alexandria at 9, 11, Α. M., 1 -U, and
3i, P. M.
HEAT purchased^
>ep 14 B. FORI).
HORTS.—4000 bushels for sale low, bv
sep 11 POW ELL & M A RBU Κ V .
ANTED.—A good second-hand jron Ci.est
Apply at this oiiice. $ep 15—eo(Jt
CIOFFEE.—50 bags prime Green Rio Cotiee,
J just received and for sale bv
sept 19 Ο.Ί. THOMAS.
I FLAXSEED.—500 bushels rough, wanted, for
which the highest price will be paid, in spe
cie, in any quantities. THOMAS \ OVV LLL.
I^RICTION MATCHES.—Friction Matches
manufactured by steam power, just received
and for sale at $t per groce, or 12} cents per
Jo/cn boxes, at HENRY COOK'S,
iep 22 Drug a tore
SEALED PROPOSALS, will be received by
the undersigned, until Wednesday the 11th
în*t, at noon, hv either of the Committee, for re
building the STONE BRIDGE, at the west end·
of Duke street extended. There will be requir
ed a timber foundation, composed of oak logs 9
by 12 inches, and 30 feet long, and of North
Carolina G inch plank, not less than a foot wide,
the whole to have a covering of 2 inch North
Carolina boards, and to be well spiked and nailed.
The foundation walls, to be of Potomac Stone, of
the best quality, laid in half and halfceroeni, wilt
I contain about 40 cubic yards of masonry. The
! arch to be of good hard burnt bricks, >aid in the
(same cement, will be 18 feet wide, in the clear,
jand will require about 38,000 becks, (kiln count.)
The bids must state the prices of the foundation,
! timber, plank, iron and laying; the price per cubic
' yard for stone masonry, and per thousand for the
I brick (kiln count,) laid in the arch. The rubbish
- from the old bridge will have to be remo/ed, and
i such of the stone as ii suitable must be used and
allowed for. There will also be about 120> cubic
! yards of earth tilling; the prices of these two
last items n>ust be given. Plans and specifica
tions may be seen in the course of the present
week, at the residence of William Ν. Mills, who
will give any further information that may be re
Pjf oi-der of the Lew Court of Alexandria C*y.
\VM. N. MILLS, )
CHARLES SCOTT, ' Committee,
oct 4—dtd ISAAC KELL, Sen. )
Alison's Europe. 25 cts; No. I of AJcCuI
loch's Gazetteer, 2Γ> cts; Part 2 of Chuzzlewit,
with 2 engravings, price tof ct:·; and BRAXDE'S
i:\CVeLOPEDIA, COMPLET Ε, bound in one
I splendid imperial 8 vo. volume, price $4>ί$> just
received, and for sale bv
Ο 20 ! Ihils. P. R. and X. O. Sugars
1Π»> bags OM Java, Rio, and Havana CoiFee
20 hiiXrs h;rge and small plugs Chewing '{"or
IUU prime bacon uams, lor lamuy use.
Received this day, and for sale by
i sep 30 Κ Κ il 11 & Mc LEA Χ.
(1 ROC&RIES.—3 hhds of Pick!ir>^ Vinegar;
Χ 1 excellent Cooking Stove, with abundancp
of large pipe; cut and gross Herrings in barrels,
, with b» ine; Spinning: Cotton; Cotton Yarn, No 16
downwards—\eiy cheap; Coiiee of various quali
ties; Suguis—Loaf and Brown; Sperm and VN hale
Oils; Sperm and Mould Candles; with numerous
other articles in a Grocery Siore, (except \\ ines
Mum, and Biaudv.) will b<> sold cheap fort ash.
oct2 " THUS. VOYV ELL.
4 LMANACS FOR 1841—The American
. V Agriculturist's Almanac for 1S44, by A. B.
Λ lion, editor of the American Agriculturist, price
I*}A els; also, ttie Farmer's Almanac for ls>44,
price (')} cii.j for sale bv
(1 LOTUS.—The subscribers are just opening
J ii tine assortment ot RLl Ε-BLACK, OLl V£,
i some of the au very line, and will be sold at very
I low prices.
ovt'A-iUit \VM. GREGORY k CO.
1 V Persons desirous to obtain either of the
above kinds of Coal will please leave their orders
with the subscriber*, who are now discharging the
cargo of Peach Orchard Anthracite Coal of the
schr. Eliza, [oet 3] A. <\ CA7.EXOVK & Co.
Î7MIESII DUUGS, ^c.. &e.—The subscriber
has just received a FlttlSlI Si'PPLY OF
DR I (iS, ,MFJ)ICLVKSy consisting in part of
the following:, all of which are of the best uuality
am! will be sold on moderate term*.
Blue Pill M( London), Ro<e Pink
Oxalic Acid, Pink !N>ot, Otto Roses, Arsenic
Ερ-οιη Salts, best Red Bark, Castile Soap
Volatile Salts Honduras Sarsaparilia
Fahnestocks Vermifuge, ( 'oehineal
English Mustard, Rowand's Tonic Mixture
Powdered Sarsapanlla, Gum Arabic
Gum Tragacanth, superior Slippery Elrrç nark
in very tine Hour
Gum Senegal, Carmine, Krcosot
Preston's Extract Lemûn, Nutmegs
China Rhubarb, root and powdered
Wis tar's Balsam Wild Cherry
Kxtract Monesia, Citrate Iron
Pay son's li.delible Ink, Extract Jalap
Cassarilla liar!;, Cum Myrrh, Garlic
Quiksilver, pi^per Pill Boxes
Swaet Spirit Nitre, Vanilla Beans
Yellow Paint, Jujube Paste
Precipitate*) Carb. Iron, Balsam Copaive
Pure Oil Lemou, Cachou Aromatic, Mace
i Liquorice Root, (Camphor, Nicaragua Wood
Logwood, Gulch's .Mutches, Beckwith's Pjlli
Pearl Barley, Tannin, H14IP» Palm Soap
Jayne's Carminative Balsam
Sherman's Poor Man's {Masters
Pan's Life Pills, Musk, Isin^IaàS
India Rubber Balls, Havannah Segar*
Keener's Ague and Fever Powder
White Windsor Soap, Green Ginçer
] Ixirioilate Potash, Pazeira Brava
Senna Leaves, ('oriander Seed *
I Paint Brushes, South American Soap
Dried Orange Peel, Poor Man's Friend
Principe Segars, Carbonate Potash, Aniseed
Pure Sulphate Iron, Linseed Qil.&c., ko.
oct 2 Chemist and Druggist.
LEARN TO LIVE.—Wherein is shown
that the Life of Christ is, and ought to be, an Ex
press Pattern unto the Life of a Christian. By
Christopher Sutton, L). D., author of "Lca^n to
Die", àic. 1 vol ](>ino. cloth. Si.
!THE CLOSET, or a complote Manual of Private
Devotions, collected from the writings of Arch
bishop Laud, Bishop Andrews, Bishop Ken, l)r.
llickes, Mr. Kettle well, Mr. Spjnckee, and other
eminent divines of the Church of England, Edited
i by Francis E. Paget, Μ. A , Rector of Elford.and
i Chaplain to the Bishop of Oxford, from the lGth
London edition—beautifully printed, price §1.
; DEVOUT Ι'ΚΝ'ΠΈλΤ.—A Book of Devotion.
containing the whole Duty ot a unnsuan in an oc
casions and necessities, fitted to the mam use of
-α Holy Life. By K. Sherlock, I). D. With a
: Life of the Author, by the Right Rev. Bishop
Wjlson, author of "Sacra Privata/'&c. Oncele
cant volume, 16:no. cloth. 87^ cts.
CHURCH.—By the Rev Wni. Ingraham Kip, au
i thor ofk*Lenten Fast. One elegant volume, Ιϋηιο.
of 415 paces. S I,*25.
books, by Thomas Keinpis. One elegautly prin
ted volume, 16mo. cloth. >|.
ThU is the first complete American edition of
this celebrated book, which may be satisfactorily
compared with the Sacra Privata of Bishop Wil
Francis E. Paget, A. M., Chaplain to" the Bishop
of Oxford. Iu three volumes, cloth. $1,70. "In
this work the author beautifully j>ortrays the con
trast of character between the Christian and In
fidel ; likewise the working of Church principles
as opposed to Romanism and Dissent.'"
For sale by [oct 2] BELL & EXTWISLE.
by Uep 26] B. WHEAT & SONS.
iLASTEft.—150 tons of Plaieter afloat, for
sale by [seP25] A.C. CAZENOVE & Co.
CEMENT.—30 barrels fresh Cement, for sale
by [sej> ft*] JAMES GREEN.
ANTHRACITE COAL.—60 tons yer.y supe
rior Anthracite Coal, now landing and for
sale by [sep 22] JAMES GREEN.
CAREEN COFFEE.—50 bags prime Green
F Coffee, landing this day, for sale by
sep 26 B. WHEAT & SONS.
NEW CHEESE.-A supply of new sort Cheese,
in boxes, just received per Schr. Dodge,
and for sale by [sep 26] WM. βΑΥΝΕ.
WHITE LEAD.—130 kegs extra, just re
ceived, and for sale bv
VANILLA HE ANS.—Fresh Vanilla Ba^n*,
also Extract of· Vanilla, for sale at
sep 26 J. I. SAYRS\ Drug store.
SHORTS.—Just received one thousand bush
els of heavy Shorts, 20 lbs. to the bushel,
sep 26 THOMAS DAW.
FCKLING VINEGAR.—On hand, ten hogs
heads pure Cider Vinegar; mv own make,
sep 26 THOMAS n\VY.
ESS PORK.—Qji hand a few barrels i>f
Mess Pork.
ιιι/λτ ι π η ι \f\r
àCp I ι·
CHEESE.—SO. ba\0s Ciieese, some q! very
ρNi^a (ju^Iiiv, received· and for sale bv
WHISKEY.—10 hhls. of Rectified Whiskey
superior to any in tiiiô market, just re
ceived and for sr»le, at Baltimore prices, by
sept -27 W. P. McLEAN, McVeigh's wharf. !
WHISKEY in hogsheads and barrels. Penn- '
sylvania cupper distilled, a very nice arti
cle, at 26 ceuU by the single eallon, for sale by
sep 27 corner of Prince and Fairfax sts,
BACH?* AM) LARI).—ΙΟ,ημΟ lbs. Shoulders
and sides; 2,000 lbs. small Hams, 7 to 10 lbs. !
6 bbls. Λ'ο. I Leaf Lard; 7 kegs do. For saie low !
by [sept 26] B. WHEAT & SONS.
ι J/*EED, FEED.—Sbipstuffs, Shorts and cut (
Ι X Oats, for sale, at lowest prices, for cash, by i
T. M. WHITE, ι
sep 26 corner of Prince and Pitt sts.
metic Fle>h Ralls, used also as 3 Dentrifice,
' received and fur sale at J. 1. SAYRS', !
j çcp 2(> Drug store,
I ΤλΚ.—Wiseman's & Bee's superior black, blue,
; I arid red Ink, now offered for sale by the sub·
seriber at prices suitable for to sell again. Colors
warranted riot to fade,
sep 27 WM. F. M«-LEAN._
CHEESE, SUGAR, &c.—14 boxes new
10 barrels Ν Ο. Sujjar
5 kegs Garrett's Scotch Snuff—just receiv
, ed, and for sale by
I eep26 A. J. fLE^CNO.
LAWRGXCIi I!. TAYLOR, .Ut«r>\n, and
Counsellor at Lav·, will hereafter confine his
practice to the Suppi.ior Courts of Law and
Chancery, of Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, in
Virginia, and the Courts of the District of Co
lumbia. Alexandria, I). O,, July 20.—eotf
have associated themselves in the practice oj
. ..χ ι..,
Ine 1^3 W. I Mt" > ni μ,ι *c |M(»h|h uni iiin'i· ιυ t
; uess in the Courte of this County, and C. II. Lee,
will regularly attend the Courts of Fairfax Coun
ty. î'CPOflice on Royal street, over the new
Market Mouse. je —eotf·.
York Cheap Cash Store.—I have just return
ed from tho North, with a very lanre & well select
ed stock of Fall and ll'mLr (ϊοοψ, consisting of
10 pieces sup. French and w est of England Cloths,
all colors
1.) " " blue, black and fancv colors, Lon^
don and French C:»ssimeres blue bPk Pilot Cloths
30 44 hlue, bluclf, Cadet and Oxford r^ixe^i
5 " sup. striped and diagonal do new style
20 " blue, green, and Cadet ini\ei| l^e:i|tjcky ι
5 u Negro Cloths and Kerseys
25 41 red, whilej yellow, and grcon Flai^ncl®
10 " Karlston Ginghams
Γ» 44 Iîrocha do a new arfjclo
10 44 Manchester, do; 10 do Domestic, do
G 44 Roslyn and Tarlton Plaids, for. Childrens
5 " Mazarine blue and black, plain and
twilled Mouse lines
5 " sup. mode colors, do do
2 i* 44 7-8 black Ohalli
(J 44 44 (i-4 *4 Lunettas and Λ'pacha
Cloths, watered and striped
8 44 14 u mode colored, do do
10 t; Cre«sie Parisiennes, beautiful new §tyle
1Λ " Chusan and Pashnrçore Mouselin^s
Wellington and figured Velvet* and Mer.inoes.
A large and splendid assortment of dark Prints j
4 to rij, of Mouseline style and patterns, with a ·
lar^e assortment of dress Goods, of the latest
Styles, Cashmere, Mou^Jineand HiglandShawls,
very cheap. j
30 pieces barred and plain Cambrics and Jaco
netts, l*i.J to.r)0 cents j
25 44 Furniture Calicoes, ffoin 5e. and upwards
1$ do/. Ladies sup. white, pink, blue, and coPd
Kid Q) oves
5 ?ί " silk Fille do and i\litts i
20 " i% Sephyr, Wool, arui Worsted Mitts,1
from lUc. and upwards
4 " u velvet, silk, and plush Cravats and
10 (i " French hemm-d, stiphed, and linen
Cambric Handkerchief*
.S 14 14 Lace bordered and plain
White and black, English silk Hose, anil 4 Hose
Sup. ribb'd and plain, Mohair and Cashmere, do 1
41 Merino and worsted, do mode colored do, j
With a large assortment of white, black, mi·;- !
ed and colored Cotton Hosiery.
20 dozen Gentlemens angola, merino, worsted j
and woolen Λ Hose
3 " 44 sup. royal ribb'd Shirts and ;
12 " u Cashmere and Lambs Wool, do j
2 " u Cotton Knit, do do
120 u Î4 Gum Suspenders, Silk Hkfs. !
! 20 α Merino, Cashmere, Kid and Chamois !
! Linen Gloves, in çreat variety and price. V\nd !
lar?e assortment ofchildrens Woolen and Cotton
20 pieces Irish Linens and Lawns, very cheap
j Tickings, Checks, Linseys and domestic Plaids
White, red, unbleached and coloured Cauton
; δ cases bleached Shirting? and Sheetings
i 10 bales 3-4 4-4 and 5-4 brown Cottons
6 pièces passage and stair Carpeting ;
A good assortment Blankets, white and bl'k Wad- j
White ar.d col'd Carpet Chain and Cotton Warp
200 doz Spool Cotton, BallCotton, patent Thread,
Hemmings best Needles, Pins, Hooks and Eyes,
Tapes, cotton Cord, worsted and cotton Carpet
Binding:, &.C., &.c. All of which I will sell at pri
ces that cannot fail to suit the times.
sep 19—tf JAMES C. CLARK.
~jôîTpwnti \g
Neath executed at the Alexandria Gazette Oilier
NOW FOU BARGAINS.—25 hogsheads
Porto Rico, Muscovado, and S. O. Sugars
10,000 lbs. double and single refined Loaf and
white Havana Sugary
25 hogsheads and barrels tf. Q. and W. 1.1
150 hasp sup. green Rio, old Java,Lr\guira,
St. Domingo, and old white Coffee*
85 half chests Gunpowder, Imperial, Y. Hy
son, and Pouchong T«as; a porliun of which
is very superior
25 boxes and cases Gunpowder. Tea
45 boxes sup. Cavendish and Plug Tobacco
45 kegs and jars Scotch and Rappea SnufT
10,000 Spanish and half Spanish Cigars
55 boxes Colgate ■§ and Baker's rosin Soap j
5ti boxes shaving So^ps, assorted
20 " white and rose Soap
Spe^m, Mould, and Dip Candles
^Imonds, Filberts, and Walnuts
40 hc^G9 and kegs Colgate's Poland Starch
1,500 lbs. Epsom Salts; 1500 do Coperas
1,000 lbs. Dutch Madder: 1000 do Salaratus
1,2}Q0 lbs. Alum; 20 dozen painted BuckeU
.SQ nests Hingham boxes
J,(HjO lbs. refined Salpetre
?5 nests Iron bound Tubs
10 bags Allspice and Pepper
10 boxes Ground Pepper
50 dozen pots British Blacking
80 do boxes sup. Paste Blacking
150 boxes 8* 10 and lOx 12 Window Glass,
tM«l rVh/\ ΛΙ1Λ Îl4«»
I'» nuv IJMU III y »
.SO keçs Lewis* pure White Lead
35 boxes No. ], Chocolate
15 do Sanger's Mustard 1*2 lb. each
50 dozen Bed Cords and Leading Lines
20 coils Hod Cord and Leading Line*
7»> boxes German Pipes
10 do Fiff Dine, (Colgate's)
200 lbs. superior Indigo
75 u fresh Nutmegs; 7.) do Cloves and Marc
1,000 " Bar Lead
* ι
150 bags Shot, assorted, Dupont Powder
1,0^0 lbs. Spanish Whiting, and Lamp-black
95 ke^s roll Brimstone, 2.000 lbs. Putty
15 barrels chipped Logwood
30 Mats Cassia
30 kegs Ground and Race Ginger
600 sacks Ground Alum, and fine Salt
Ground Alum Sait in bulk
150 reams ruled and plain cap, and ruled and
plain letter Paper
250 reams cap and double wrapping, and tea
3 cases table Salt in small boxes
20 barrels pure Cider Y'inegaf
10 boxes variegated Bar Soap
10 do Castile and Almond do
20 dozen Corn Brooms
2 Tierces fresh Rice
75 casks Qltj Madeira, Sicjly, Madeira, pale
and Brown Sherry, Port arid Sweet Mala
ga Win? 3
2.) ba>keto Champagne Wines
Together with a grpai variety of other i^oorls,
not here fvieniionud, now landing from Schooner
Frank, from New York, and in Storp. Âjl of
which wc oiler fur s;ile to c;i*-h dealers, qr punc
tual customers, at such prices as cannot fail to
please. Town purchasers are particularly inyjt
fid tp, examine c-ur ;loqk before purchasing
•vioViotmi & rmrvrifFjU,
ort Π Prince street Wh.irf
WILLIAM BAYNE, offers for sale,
2Vf,hds. and bbls. P. It. & St. O. J
j.") boxes double unt] dnzL Louf 5 ' ll=>ars
3>'l bags 1»'® tiiiceii '
20 u Lagtiira do
t?»> 44 Angostura [ Cofjefc.
20 li froirU Java |
3(| " St. Hon]ingo ]
Sjâ half chests (f. {*. and Y. If. ) Teq, part
]() 1.Ί lb. l^o^e; Imperial ) very i*ue. !
20 bbls. N. ('). Mola^cs
l}."j boxes Plug and C.tvcrwlish Toh:vr»
iiO kegs an<l jars Scotch antj Rappc Snuil :
30 boxes yellow and brown Soap
2:* " Ypr.iegated Soqp
2») " ai)d lialf bbls. Slarcij
Î2 cjozen painted Pails
Ipsom Salt, Copperas, Alum
Salaratus, Saltpetre
10 kegs Dutch Madder
20 " Allspice ar}d Pepper
boxes ground Pepper and Gingef
50 doz. Mason-S Chalenge Blacking
10 boxes IVo. 1 Chocolqte
10 (I04. Sanger's Mustard
23 kegs "extra" \\hite Lead
iJO keç'j $. F. Indigo and Fig Mue
7ô lhû Nutrnoirs, Cloves and Mac ρ
]λ niais ( 'innamon
2 tierces fresh best Rice
2.V) sacks fine and Ground Alum Salt
Mould and L}ipt Cantjltfi
f>0 bags shot assorted
Dupont Gunpowder
10 Coils Leading Lines
20 doz. Bed Cords and Leading Lines
4i0 Reams Foolscap and Letter Paper, rul
ed and plain
100 " Wrapping Paper
£000 Principe and Half Spanish Scgars
20 kegs Race Girder
10 bo$e« Pip^s, Lamp Blqck, Hjn^liam
Boxes, &.C., with other articles not herein enu
merated, a large portion of which was received I
by Schooner Frank, from New York, and in ;
daily expectation from Philadelphia, and as 1
have always been in the habit of selling cheap, 1
need not tell the public, that /, that old custom
keep. To be found at my old stand south side
i^ing street, opposite Die Custom House.
oct 5
This day landing per Schr. Bolivar, from ;
βθπ() gallons Winter bleached ) Sperm
2500 do do unbleached ^ Oil
of natural colors, and warranted good—,1LSO— !
3 ">00 gallons refined and coarse Whale Oil |
4 ίΟ boxes Sperm Ca{ldljS;,, patfcul
10 b!>Is. Tanners Oil
CO bfyls Blue Kisli. Apply to Capt. IUr*
nard, on board at Lon£ Wharf, or to
oct3—et LAMBERT & McKEN/HR
J Extract of Sarsaparilla, prepared Uy the ;
subscriber, is warranted lo contain all the entire j
principles of the medicine in a rîorjcenkaîçd form, 1
so that a teaspoonlul, is a dose. Jt is prepared
with the greatest possible n^re from the best im
ported Sarsaparilla, and by a procesk different
from that which is generally adopted. Tor the ;
removal and permanent yire of all diseases ari
sing from an impure state of the blood, or habit, t
or habit» of the system, viz; Scrofula, Rheuma
tism, Cutaneous Eruption*, Pimples or pus!»jlr*s
of the face, Blotches, Biles Chronr SorC F./es, ;
Tetter ος Ringworm, Scaldhead, Ulcers, and as
a general purifier of the Blood at all times, par
ticularly Spring and Fall, no medicine can be
ii)ore effective It is ottered to the public at one
third the price of Sands1 Sarsaparilla, and 13
warranted as eliiracious as any prepared in the!
United States. For sale by HLNY COOK,
sep 10 Chemist ar d Druggist. King St.
LVG THE BLOOD—the greatest Medicine in the !
World for Coughs, Colds, Asthnja, Whooping
Cough, Pain and Soreness in the Breast, Con- ,
sumption, Hoarseness, and all diseases of the j
Breast and Lungs, is Hance's Compound Syrup of
Hoarhound· Received at J. J. SAYRS'S,
l)ru£ Siore, opposite tho MariiiJI llou^c.
scp Id
BY "two sisters of the west."
I shall not see again a brow
So pure and proud as thine ;
It seem'd an altar formM of snow}
For thoughts and dreams divine?
I shall not meet again an eye
So eloquent and bright;
The stars that gem the evening sky
Alone recall its light,
J ne'er again α voice may hear
Qf such a witching tone,
Or bask beneath a smile so dear,
As thine, my lost, mine own!
My beautiful, my cherished flower,
Thy footstep's lightest fall
Stirr'd in my heart a magic power,
And made earlh musical.
I know not why I yet live on,
Since thou art flrd afar;
The glory of my life halli gone
With thee, my morning star;
But thou, my bird, hast spread thy plumes.
In hotter brighter spheres;
Far from the dreary shade of tombs,
The bitterness of tears.
SUPER FIN EH Y.—We tike advice, as Mucins
Scaevola lent his hand for a gridiron—with the
β W t'l" c .1Γ I ΓΙΙΙΜ · . 1 IIIUL I II» (s' 1 * iUlll V I i «'III
ourcountenance that, we were hearing of a codi
cil In our favor. Hut we d ) not love a'vire ab
stractedly, and, that we scvm benign while il is
administered, is hut our. acknowledgment for the
disinterested expenditure of wind and lime in the 1
jnllrtor. F· >r, we m-;intain, that, as the person
most io be allccfe 1 by th<* consequences, ue are
the most on the alert, and-the best judgi< of what
js expedient in the given cirjergency. But this
wqs soniething we. meant t > say after we had fc\id
something else. Il i> so difficult begin at the ;
right end of a tangle of reverie !
Are you a guinea, οι a dear reader?—
Hid you ever settle, to your satisfaction, of what
rpctal you wen·, and whether, in the ill-lighted
pocket of society,yoi, were properly felt in vour i
relation to the change around your And do you think j
it wor.th while io hother yourself with regard to
>our.ringupon the i.onntcr — uneasy thatyoudon't
ua>s fur. more: l»e« au^i η ». take this to he the shape
of hun.un unhuf«piness which is mu·:» i;ojnmonlj
cho§e.n. (And that we do choose un happiness—
do help ourselves to the most we can get of it in
this otherwise very tolerable world, we uver as
ilic result of (jjvji' U'Jibei.^tc personal observa- ;
tion. )
Hut, as to the good of being superfine—as to the
feasibleness of altering, r:j any length of lime, or
to any satisfactory purpose, ifie le>\:l of one's spé
cifie consequence—(by exclusiveness, by the "dr !
kaut cn htts" in the demeanor, by taking cverybodv
m b<. vtiî-ίΐι CM j»:.oj cd io be •'genteel," by nut
being visible too otte.n io ihe natol ev c, am! by
such peculiarities of personal habit» as me pr^c- :
tised by self-ticketed superfine people!) Does ii ;
ever succeed? Is the world ever persuaded to put !
people permanently u/> a ^eg, (hang the p'*) at
tiitir ou π suggestion»
We will £ive yotj a little illustration of h»>W
we think it answers. Suppose Saratoga to be a
ilass vessel. Mr. Q,. (quicksilver) g'»cs there
tirst and sinks plump to the bottom. .Mr. S W.
(seq-watcr) follows and lies comfortably a-top of
Mr. Q. Then tumbles in Mr. E. (ether) ; Mr
Χ. Γ. \V. (nice pure \yater) ; Mr. Ο. O. (olive
r>ii) : Mr. N.X. (ôjsjy miptlci) ; ;ιπΊ Mr. S. Λ.
(strong alchohol). After the first confusion ot
comiii^ together is well over, this charming soci
ety finds itself very clearly arranged—Mr. IV.
;it tho top, p,r»d Ml. ft. at the bottom, and the
i»lh« r genilurju'u fallen, by some inexplicable law
or other, into very well defined relative positions
—apparent to the (jpinmonest observation. Hut
Mr. O. <). begins to be ipteasy. Me ijon-t see
vv||y Yjr. Χ. λ. should he above him, nor why
!\Jr. S 4. should be at the Iqp, and very soon he
undertakes to change places with ope or both
of these gep.tlcnjen 11^ makp* a nv.ye accord
mi:!)\ ijiid 4* the invasion is somewhat resisted,
Saratoga is put into a iV:ni^nt, and, sure e·
nough, ti]e ambitions Λ1ι% Ο. O. comes now and
then to {he airfare. And though every body
think? lh.it, «jomi'hiiu' or οΐΙ,οι., ·ί is all wrong,
and Jher.e is great about mixed society and
parvenus and pretenders, the very struggle to put
down the ambitious gentleman seems only to
raise him higher. And the confusions lasts—till ;
the parties become tired of debating the· matter,
and the upstart is let alone. Upon which désira- j.
hie consummation, dow n sinks Mr. O. O. to his j
old place again, and ail the [est resume their
placet', according to their original §trqlifieatiori. 11
No—no ! Life is too short for supecfuicry !— |
True philosophy is to live as much as you |
can, leaving the gods to determine how /<">£, 1
and hp who crowds into hi* day t!;e most events,
the most variety, the. most contact with hi·» spe
cies, learns, thinks, feels and lives the most—be
his conversance with rich or poor, with high or '
humMe. Life for us—(us individually)—-is a'
sea, into which we piuuge ou fed f, after our day's
work is done, to swim till bed time. Let what J
will float up to us. We cannot but knqw the !
thing that touches us and that knowledge'repays
us for the contract; and we rise or sink, in ref» r- |
ence to thi> neighbor ijjloat with us in life, accord- 1
ing to our specific gravity, (or if you like the j
word better, specific levity!) If God designed !
us to hold our head higher than another above!
w^ler, weswun in a truth-telling element, and the ι
world has found it out. We will take the world's
word for it—meantime, however, buffeting away
after what we like, without much heed of nh'ît is ·
thought of oui MViiun.ing. ('unie anybody uiou0- .
side that likes our company.
We may say, however, lhat we h^ve suited
1 ' 1 I. .. » I. . „ iiii.iftfit ♦«» tlri/1 mo I
uur μιιιιυ-vijMi> »ίι ii I I 1 CH t' jVi I I |,«F illy II,. t *>··«*·* ι
wp live i|n.ler. Therein a·» cvus»» I « »r a*nhjii. i> ·
nessof association in Upland— for the highest, !
there, are the best born, and the best burn h a ye a I
family pride to sustain, which i* to then) the foun- '
tain of cultivation, refinement and cour.esy.— j
The scale μΐ tlie^e companionable qualities i>
graduated very much altera pacallel of high sta- |
tion, and of course the Knglijh exclusive shuts,
with much propriety, tT«e door behind him.—
But in tUu country of equai advantage*, Î .«·
qualities we fjeed for the pleasantest intercourse ;
iire found in almost every stratum of society, ar<d
perhaps least in the m»»st fa>hionable. You may
iliifi as cultivated companions among the cici
of rleail street as among the dandies at Saialo^a
—quite as charming women who are never heard ,
of beyond their family circle, as the belles at
Rockaway or Xevvpo:!. Λ man who ί« fine
m this country—who slight-; or reje· b the s<>c!e- (
ty of men or women because they are not 4*l'a<>h- :
ionable," is a shallow observer, and, to say the ;
least, has a very limited chance of good coinpan
Now the te\t upon which we have written this j
sermon is a paragraph in a late paper, sneering at
ui for ktlivingata hotel and picking up consider
ed trilles"—showing very clearly that the waiter
(in supposing us, by so much, out of place; puts
a higher value than we on the dignity of our po
sition—-judging of ir, that is to say, by bis own
standard. \Yc thaijk hjm humbly, us befits us.
ROBERT H. MIÏ.LER, has just received,
Piir Sil·ip Alexandria, a part of his FALL SUP·
PLIES, comprising a complété assortment of
uew and desirable goods, of handsome patterns
and shapes. It is unnecessary to enumerate
them, as any tiling: in his line may be had, and at
prices, which will compare advantageously with
those of any similar establishment, here or else
where. 9th mo 13
/ lIUGii SMITH & CO, have just import
ed, per ships Alexandria, and Maryland, direct
from Liverpool, the principal part of their Fall
supply of China and Earthenware. These goods,
with those on hand, make their stock very com
plete, and will be sold at rates to suit the times.
Dinner and Tea-sets of every kind
Castors, best piateJ and Briltania
Glassware, every article of all kinds
Window lilass at reduced pr ices
fled ford Crown Glass at Factory rates
Pipes in boxe$
Stone ware at reduced prices
iJemijohns, (.i gallons)
Quart Wiitp Bottlçs
Solar and Astral Lamps—Hall Lamps
Best English Brittania Tea-*Pts. sep 18
W7 ILL! A M PR ATT, professor of llttMO, King
ν ν near Washington street, Alexandria, re
spectfully informs his pupils and the citizens
generally, that be is prepared to resume the du
ίκ-s of his p? nfcs*io(|. Wm. Pratt's course of in
biruc.ti«ui, impaits a thorough rudimental and
" ' If^ a
tncoretieai Knowledge, practically excmyiineu
and explain^ with simplicity and clearness,
çuitahîe t<» t tie comprehension of each pup»· Fa
cility and ca-c of c\ce;ilion ou the piano, ob
tained by particular attention being paid to a
graceful position at the instrument, and the beat
mode of lingering. Λ strict regard is maintained to
accuracy oi time, ami v^fues^ion, without which
a performance is devoid ol interest. in hji
Vocal instruction, W. P. is particular, in develop*
ing and strengthening the Voice ar.d cultivating
a refined and expressive mode of siting. Tq
improve and gne confidence to his pupils, W. p.
will after the lirct of October, resume his musi
cal weekly soireea, to which the parents and
friends of the pupil* are n>p» < ifuily invited.
\V. P. giver, le-sons on the Put o, Organ, Harp,
Guitar, \ ιοί in, Yiuicncello and Flute.
W. P. is prepared to receive night classes οη
the Violin, Flute and Violoncello.—Terms low.
Λ juvenile singingeja^ of children, from about
3 to 14 years, is proposed.
Also, an adult class of ίtidies and Gentlçmptj
for sacred music. To promote the knowledge
of rnu^ie and improve the style of singing, W. P.
will make hi> terms very moderate. It is pro
posed to commence the classes after the firsi of*
t >ctoIjcr. ΛρρΙ ications may be made at the. M^siç
st< , and it \> reonetted that they be made ^arly.
Sept Ô — tt
\MKRIUAN nisroKV—History οΓthe
lTnilt.d Spates, illustrated l>y a series pf
Maps, in which li»o Ancieni, .Middle a,id Modern
Geography <>!' cm '»u:mr \ is progressively die
played, by Miss Kmu.a Wilfard, founds pf the
Γιο ν Seminary /·«»*»» ir» %»ne volume, όνο·—j
î iiis work embraces about ôtjQ p'^î. U is av
rau^cd on a plan entirely new. It coipmence^
with the discovery ol America, 4192, and goes
flowi, ί > the death of General Ijarrison, 1642,
(,'fàO yours.. The originality of (lie plan consjst^'
in dividing (he S !**·«, it »t « » of which jhe be
;iiiiii;i^j and terminations -.re marked hy nnpor
din events, ana constructing usnus oj maps u
lust rating the y regress i>f t!if «rtilmunt nf the country,
ïU</ thr rrgvlar ailvanns uf civilization.
There is sppendul to tlie work the Constitutioi,
ί/ tin· Un'tUd States, and a scries» of questions a
lap ted to each chapter, so that the work may
used in schools and fi»r private instruction.
fl' -·-■*'! in· uhovc \v«>:"!<—of which i>uiiii-l
* t I )
«ter k,l Leep it l>ini; on rny lubie for ily
reference and instruction11—and also an bridge·
nent of the same, lor Itie u-e of school (l for sale
)y [<ςρ 21] HKhl,& ENTILE.
PKUTTV Ρ it ES EN Τ S.—.Λ pp le Jou Co. S
beautiful Cabinet editions o| .\|ilton's Para
lise Lost and Regained, and Scot's Marrnion,
Lav of the last Minstrel, and Lady of the Lake,
for sate by l*cp -il ] BBLL £ LNTW ISLE.
PACKAGES OF TRACTS of the American
Tract Society—each package containing
In ο pa^ of Tracts, assorted for distribution—·'
it the Society's price of cents a package,
[sold only for cash.) A supply ju^l recived by
scp 2\ "■ J J ELL k ENTWjSLE. '
The 12th No. of Brandcs1 Encyclopedia, be<|
ii^ (he corn hiding No. c»f*that valuable work;al*^
V<>. 4, uJ Hamuli .More'-4 Wotks, just publish·
•(1, and for sale by !>ELL k Μ Ν l'WJSLL·.
WOMAN AX ENIGMA, pr Life and its K*T
vealings, bv t he : « · ; t h « » r of "Comjuest and
Self'( oiKpi' st,·1 prier» 4ί) cents.
LETT EU Ιί ΙΊΊΊ.να, by Charlotte Ktiza
jetli, price rJ."> cents, iu^t published, and for sale
:>y " [sep i>I] " 1}ELL& ENTWJSLE.
J. heretofore çheriMjch ^e ieial satisfaction ir)
:uriri£ Pickles, the subscriber a^ain oilers foc
•ii!»: by fî,e barrel or gallon, al ;i reduced pria'.
-· ;» 21 A. 8. WILLIS, Fairfax itrwt
SEEDS.—2' (I bus. Mover i^eed, Timothy.
Orchard Grass, Jîird-Grnss, Blue Grass^
S ward Cr:i*s, and .Millet S'ee<Js—Also, a few
xishels prîiséO while WheaL Ι /Γ seed, for salt^
!ovy by [sep JJ] B. WHEAT k SONS.
— Baltimore eured ί i a in.·, and Smoked Beef,
liccarlidcs. For sulc by T. M. WHITE. '
sep lô corner Prince and Pitt Street*.
I AMP OIL.— Hlevued fall arid winterstrain
J e»l Sp^rni {«:!. {or l<#\v. :it
Μ·ρ ilKNRV ( ■< m )K'S I>r«*ir Store.
IINSEK1) OIL.—Linseed <>il, for sale low by
the barrel or gallon, at
sept?i IJK.VRV LOOK'S Drugstore.
BACON Silii.o.- 7<jUU ibi. Siucs, landing
and for >ule bv
sep .v: LAMRKRT k M-KEVZ'E.
i'!U Sf!L>. An excellent asscrt
jL l&enl at \ari >«i, K i iMVed and for sjle
by i«cp 22] JOflV J.SAYR9.
f « P. EEs G!\GEÎÎ.-A -mall*upplyofGrt?UI
<_ 4 Giri^r, ju»t rrreived. and lor *aie at
sep m±.\ 1 (ENRV COOK'S, Drugstore.
F\LM S<) \·'.— White bar Soip, ί 'a?»liie Soap,
oid at-.d pu;e, with an asaorimenl of Fancy
Soajs, f< rsale by [yp2^) J. J. SA i'RS.
Τ half «'bests Gunpowder arid Imperial Tea.
* J v»r\ low pii' {. !. jn-t ree<-i\ra a .<1 t irsak,
:>·.· * H»"] McVeigh & rrother.
Of >ATS ! OATS! !—1200 b.H» ·!- heavy Oats
in prime order. Just received and formal·;
ly (sep |(j) 15. FORD.
1PERM OIL AND < "\NDU;s.—btiOO jçalls.
5 Winter bleached, JiAii) do Fall do Sperm
Oil, of natural color and w arranted quality
4*10 Sperm c ti»dle>
New lied ford aiid Nantucket Urands, daily ex
peeled to arrive.— WLS'O—
10 bols. Tanners Oil
(ii) bhU. Fi>h. f r by
itv *2i LAMLERT <x McKLNZIE.

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