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Tlip J'oltowiag Lidispetsabte family reme
dies may be found at the village drug stores,
and soon at every country store in the state. !
Remember end ne^er s*et H»eni unless they
^ve the fac-simile signature of
cn thr wr»rP^rs, as all others »
by the same names are k:.-c impositions ami counter,
leits. If the merchant nearest you has them not
urge him to procure their
next time he visits New York, or to write for them.
.Ye family should be a week without thrue letncdits. .
_□ |
which will stop il if falling out, or restore it on bald j
places; and oh children make it grow rapidly, or on
those who have lost the ha»r from any cause.
ALL VERMIN that infest the heads ol children i
in schools, are prevented or killed by it at once.— j
Find the name of r*® ;
it, or never try it. llevMVthtr Lais altrnys.
RHEUMATISM, «n<t m {
positively cured, and ill shrivelled muscles and limbs j
ar?restored, in the old or younsr, by the Indian j
Vegetable Elixir and Nerve and Bone Liniment—
but never without the name »>! Com tuck s.V Co. uit it.
arc wholly prevented, or governed it the attack has
tome on, if you use the only true Hays’ Liniment,from
WomotocA g %*. I
and every thing "elisved hv it that admits of an out.
«rMr*d i»r»ni)p>*tior>, ** arfs hkc a charm. L se it.
at have Riu: -!»oae, *iv
Wind-Galls, &c., are cured by Roofs’ Sr»:> me ; ar:»
Foundered horses entirely cured by Ruoim* j
Founder Ointment. Mark this, all h>i>em* n.
— ■ -o
Magical Fain Six-!
tractor SalVC.—The ni-.it «.\traorU.;;u:« I
temedy ever invented tor all new or old
____ j
and svresy and sore It has deiigliteu
thousands. It will take out all pain in ten minutes. .
and no failure It wiii cu.*e the jg ft
— —
A better and move nice ani u>elul article never wa?
made. All shuuid wear them regularly.
on t!ie principle of suustimtmg the tonic in pnu o of :
the stimulant principle, which has reformed so many
drunkards. To he used with
UX\S PILLS, superior to a;.
others for cleansing the system and the humors affect,
jng the blood, and for all irregularities of the bowels,
and the i»t Rcr:»i hraith. * fa
[Sec Dr. I.in’s Mg- i&efo
nature, thus:]
1 I
I _ j
will effectually cure sick heailaclit-, either from the |
using it with great joy. ' j
.. k f M <sjr mf; •'•rj ’.vf ..nl, i
l«»r me certain prevention of Mf ,li>
pcnernl sickness • keeping the stoma m iti most per- ,
f ct order, tin- how; !s reguhr, and a determination to .
KT-, . v \ V £ *; C w C .VS ^ * S
five surface, Ekkh:d j
pains in ill** hones, hoarseness, and i
«rt* •juirklv cured :»y it. fvn«»w ;!it-» i*y isv.ug.
CORNS.-' The !'reach blaster is a sine cure.
"v5t.l«^fW^. 4&<&3a*.-*.*>sJU &o-jiisrjr — i
■w »•«*
Hair any shade you wish, but will not color the skin.
INK’S!) KXTUACT. There is no *thor prepara i
lion of Sarsaparilla that can exceed or equal this
If you are sure to get Covsyi «k’s, you will iind
superior to ill others. It do;4* not re«p«.U‘ poi ng.
» jH ?9t+3*i£
OF CHINA. A positive cure lor the pules, and all
external aihngs—ail internal irritations brought to the
km face by friction with this Hahn;—•» i:i e.*u«rhs,
k we lied or sore throat, tightness ut ttie cues’, this Halm j
Relied on * flannel will relieve and cure at once.
Fresh wounds or old sores are rapidly cured by it
Dc. JJavtholrmOu's
: l
vfll prevent or cure all incipient c v ->n;i;cinn.
I [*«rai*™“5r§ri
4akvn m tunc, and is a delightful rein* .v ‘ineiu.
her the name, and get Cvmstock'*.
K8LMST8CKS ViSm>'£ *»
eradicate all iVfeULSg? in children or adults
with a certainty quite astonishing. It is the same as
4hat made by stock, and sei:-* v. uh & rapidity
jfotoct incredible, by Cotnslock *£• Co., New \ ork.
room drops. KLINL’S—euro eflectuaily.
f_I ia notiif IP TV*.«• ’ •‘’•41*7 {.< K».C'V‘d
respectable names in the country lor thc^e tacts, so
usat no cue can tail u>A>eiievc them.
save yon call lor our articles, and not
be put oH with nay stories, that others arc h>
good. HAVE THESE OK NONE, should be
your motto—and the*e netztr can l* true and genuine
trtfkout uur names to then. All these urticlo to be
had wholesale and retail only ot us,
21, Courtland-Strcct, near Broadway, NT. York
For sale in Alercaidria'bv JOHN I. SAYRS
and WILLIAM Hi RPER; in Washington,
ty C H JAMES; » Georoet'>,vn, hy J. A,!
KTDvVEIL;in Fredericksburg Va. byJAS.j
G )OKE liOTp
in whatever regards the happiness and
welfare of our rave is constantly on
march to perfection, and with each succeed*
ing dav some new problem is solved, or some
profound se«re» is revealed, having an impor
tant and direct hearing over maR’s highest
destinies. If we take a retrospective view
over the past twenty years, how is the mind
struck with wonder! What rapid strides has
science made in every department of civiliz
cd iite! pailicuhrly in that which relates to
the human system in health and disease.
How valuable and indispensa hie are ihe cura
tive means recently discovered through the
agency oT chemistry! How does the imagi
na >inn kindle and our adtniralion glow at the
ingenuity, the near approach to the standard
of perfection, of the present time! T hmugh
the elaborate investigations of Physiology,
or the science of Life, and the Pathology (>f
prevalent diseases, much valuable practical
knowledge has been gained. Inconsequence
of besoming acquainted wiin »ne org*n t
lion, the elements ol the various tissues aim
Structures of the svsiem, remedies have been
sought after and discovered exactly adapted
to combine with, neutralize and expel mor
bific matter, the cause of disease, and substi
tute healthy actionin its place. The beauti
ful simplicity of this mode oi treatment is not
grateful to the suflerer. but perfec’lv in conso
nance with the operations o' Nature, and sa
tisfactory to the views and reasonings of ev
erv intelligent, reflecting mind. It is thus
that Sands's Sarsaparilla, a scientific com
bination of essential principles of the most
valuable vegetable substances, operates upon
the gysten . The Sarsaparilla is combined
with :he most effectual aids, the most saluta
rv productions, i tie most intent simples ol the
vegetable kingdom; and its nap ec^dent* <•
success in the res-oration to health “t tno-e
who had Ions pined under the most distress
ing chronic maladies, has given it an exi ted
character, furnishing as it does evidence or its
own intrinsic value, and recommending it to
the afflicted in terms the afflicted only can
know. It has long been a most important ;.e
sideratum in the practice of medicine to ob
tain » rfiredv similar to this-.—one that tvou.d
acton the liver, stomach and bowels with all
\he precision and potency of mineral prepara
tions, jet without any of their deleterious el
fects upon the vital rowersof the system.
The attention of the render is respectful! v
called to the following certificates. Howev
er great achievements have heretofore been
made hv the use of this invalunb’e me :icme,
vet dm!v experience shows results still u ore
remarkable* The proprietors I.eie avail
themselves of the opportunity of saying it is a
source of constant satisfacMon that they are
made the means of removing such un amount
oi built*nug. _
NEWAtlK, N. j. uec. 15,
Messrs. Samis: Gentlemen—Words cannot
express the gratitude 1 feel for your t rent rue iff
to me, «i strange* suffering under one of the
most loathsome diseases that nature is capa
ble of hearing The disease with which 1
was afflicted commenced with imfiam motion
ol‘the eves, in the year 1S.46, which caused a -
mos* total blindness. For this 1 was treated
and finally relieved, but. the remedies were
such as to cause the developemfut of a scro
fulous affection on mv left arm near the elbow.
The pain extended from the shoulder ;o
the end of ir.v fingers, and for iwo years mv
sufferings were beyond description. I tried
va riows rented ips and consul ted d ifie ren t Ph v -
sicians in New N **rk and amongst them the
late Dr. Bushe, who told me the disease of
the arm was caused bv ttie large quantity
oi mercury taken to cure the inflammation of
mv eves.
My sufferings continued, the arm enlarged,
tumours formed in different places, and in a
few months discharged, making ten running
ulcers at one time, some above and some
below t he el how, and the discharge was so
offensive that no person could bear to be in
the room where l was. 11tien applied to an
other distinguished ‘Physician, who told me
amputation of the arm was the only thing that
could save n»v life, as it was impossible to
cure so dreadful a disease; but as l was un
willing to consent to it he recommended me
to use Swain’s Panacea (reely, winch I did
without deriving but little bench*. “for
three years I ivasunable to rats* my hand to
mv head or comb my hair, and the scrofula
now made its appearance on mv bead, des
troying the hone in different flares, causing
extensive ulcerations and 1 leared it might
• • .i I * _ M
reach ami destroy the Drain—me neau s»ivrn*
ed very much, accompanied with violent pain
numerous external remedies were recommen
ded, hut they did no good. About n vear
since l was in ken severe! v ill with a swelling
of the body from head to fool, so that 1 uas
entirely helples*, the Doctor advised me to
goto the Ho pitaI. lor he d d no: understand
mv case; for the last few months 1 had been
afflicted with a severe pain in both sides, at
times so hard t could scarcely get my breath
A hacking cough constantly annoyed me,and
this combined with mv other maladies, ren
dered vne truly miserable. Such, gentlemen,
had been my situation for seven years of my
ttfc when l commenced the use ofvonrSarsa
r ardla, but as my case was considered hope
less, and the near prospect of a speedy disso
lution seemed inevitable, I felt but littie en
couragement to persevere. The persuasion
of friends induced me to try vour medicine,
winch in a few davs produced a great change
in my sys’em generally, by cans i*g an appe
tite. relieving the pains, and giving me
strength; as success inspires confidence, I
was encouraged to persevere, tuv paoisgrew
easier, my strength returned, food relished,
the ulcers healed, new flesh formed, and l
once more felt within me ihat I might get well.
1 have now used the Sarsaparilla about two
months ant! am like a different being The
arm that teas to be amputated has entirely heal
ed, a thing that seemed impossible. I can
scarcely believe the evidence of my own
eve«.but such is the fact; and it is now a.s
useful asm anv period cl mv life, and niy gen
eral health is better than it has been for years
Health! what magic in the word! how manv
thousands have sought it in foreign lands and
aun.iv climes, and have sought in vain! Yet
it came tome when l had given up to die, and
as l feel the pulsation of henith coursing
though mv veins, my whole heart and sou.
go forih in fervent gratitude to the anti or of
ail our sure mercies.that fie has been gracious
Iv pleased to bie.ss the means made use of —
klTrn*v have von proved tHt? good (Samaritan to
the afflicted, for next to my Creator my life
is indebted to yim(or rather) the use oi your
invaluahie Sarsaparilla- The value of such a
medicine is countless beyond rnce, money
. cannot p-jy h>r it. I ha^e been raided from
• death, 1 may say, lor my friends and myself
I through! \i impossib'e I could recover. Anil
| now gentlemen suffer me to add another
| proof certified too by mv friend? and guardi
| 8ns as a just acknowledgement ol the virtues
(<>f your health restoring Sarsaparilla. That
i the afflicted nay a iso use it and enyn the
ibenefitsr alone can confer, is the heartfelt,
fervent wish of their and vmr friend,
| Iltpow Martha Confin and believe whatshe
s'ateSoft this document to be perfect! v true,
Rector of St. Peter’s Church.
Prepared and sold by A. B. Sands & Co.,
273 Broadway, Druggists and Chemists, Gran
ite Buildings, 273 Broadway, New York.—
Sold in Alexandria, D. C.,bv Wm Stabler &
Co., by Henry Cook, by J. R. Fierpoint, and
i sold bv Druggists generally throughout the
! U. S. Price $1 per bottle, or € botdes lor $5.
.fCj** Caution.—Purchasers are requested
to remember that n is Sands’s Sarsaparilla,
which his effected these important cures,—
therefore ask particularly lor Sand’s, as then
are various preparations bearing similar
names. ap 19—ly
THE BLOOD, removing bile, correcting disor
ders of the stomach and bowels, costiveness, dys
pepsia, swimming in the head, &c. Persons of a
full habit, who are subject to Headache, Giddi- .
ness, Drowsiness and singing in the Ears, arising
from too great a flow of blood to the head, should j
never be without them, as many dangerous symp
toms will be entirely carried oil by their immedi
ate use.
As a pleasant, safe, easy aperient, thev unite
the recommendation of a mild operation with the
most successful effect, and require no restraint of
diet or confinement during their use. By regulat- i
ing the dose according to the age and strength j
of the patient, they become suitable for every case j
| in either sex, that can be required: and for elder- j
ly people, they will be found to be the most com
fortable medicine hitherto prepared. ^ j
For sale by Seth S. Hance, corner ot diaries j
and Pratt streets, Baltimore, and in Alexandria, j
D. C., by JOHN R. PIERPOINT, Agent
Also, by Athey Norman, Occoquan Mills,
Prince William County, V a. Price *25 cents pei .
box, or 5 for $ 1. jj J3 1J
HOlf N D, for coughs, colds, spilling of blood,
asthma, consumption, and ail diseases arising
from a disordered condition of the lungs.
The follow ing sonnet was addressed to the pro
prietor by a young lady who was cured oi. con
sumption by its use :
Ho ! ye who pant, with failing breath,
And pine away, and die :
Havre «hal! “put away” your death,
And light anew your eye.
Ibuv sweet it melts upon the tongue
How grateful to the breast!
A glorious theme for poet's song,
Soothing his cough to rest.
fiance ! favored of the gods, art thou!
A blessing to thy race.
Let laurels flourish on thy brow'
And wealth, those laurels grace.
When heroes are forgotton ; kings
Defunct: or ceased to reign ;
Glory, for thee shall flap lur \xings ;
Thou conqueror of pain.
Price 50 cts. per bottle. For sale wholesale
and retail by Seth S. ! lance, corner of Charles
and Pratt streets, Raltimore, and in Alexandria,
by JOHN 11. P1ERP01NT, Agent; also, by
Athey Sc Norman, Occaquan Mills, Prince W m.
County, Va. .j> U U
i Oh Lady do not leave us now,
We can’t afford to spare you,
Let not the cold damp on your brow,
From this fair world scare you.
Wo love you in the woodland sweet,
And by the moonlight si k >re,
Rut most of all in Market street,
in our own R tllimorc.
Then don’t sweet maid depart so soon,
While there is every chance,
Tu rescue bcavty from the tomb,
i Hi fly to our friend 11 anc e.
For Love and Art have both combined
To make him skilled and handy,
To save t he fairest of mankind,
If they will use his Candy.
Price 25 cents per package, or five for $1. For
sale by SKITII S. NANCE, corner of Charles
and Pratt streets, Baltimore, and in Alexandria,
C. bv .JOHN 1L PIER POINT, Agent; also, by
A they & Norman, Occoquau Mills, Prince Win.
County, Va. jy 13—ly
BLE, OR BLOOD PILLS, forthe pmmo
tion of Health and the purification of the Blood.
When the blood becomes impure or imperfectly
circulated, if gives rise to the followingH:aCa>es:
When the blood (in an impure state) in traversing
the body deposites its impurities on the liver, it
gives rise to liver complaint, the principal symp
toms of which are a bilious hue of the skin,—with
dull, heavy, and wandering pains about the right
.side, shoulder and back,—by a loss of appetite,
indigestion, occasional fevers,difficulty of breath
ing, extreme deidiitv. and many times with a
cough; resembling cunsuuipiioii. I his disease has
long been amongst the most uncertain objects ol
medical skill, and, being nearly allied to pulmona
ry consumption, is very difficult, ot cure; owing
also lo the uncertainty which attends the use ol
medicines in tins disease, it is generally allowed
to take its own course unmolested. A few box
es of
taken to purify the blood and purge away the im
purities, will in all cases give immediate relief.
By the term is meant diseases ot the skin, which
always arise from some derangement ot the blood
thereby causing eruptions, pimpies, blotches, and
excessive heat of the blood, accompanied by a vi
olent itching of the skin.
If taken according to the directions for purifying
the blood, will effect a cure in a very short time.
When impuritiesfrom the Mood becomo deposit
ed on the drum of the car, it causes a peculiar
sound in the head, commonly known as “singing
in the ears;” a few boxes of
will cure the most obstinate eases.
Is occasioned by the impurities existing in the
blood becoming deposited around the eyeballs.
These diseases are caused by impure depositions
of the blood settling on the brain.
will in all causes effect a radical cure.
Jn purchasing these pills, let me add
always ask for DANCE'S Pi ELS, and purchase
of none but those advertised as agents, and ii con
venient, cad and see the proprietor himself.—
Price 25 cents per box for fiance's Genuine Pills.
For sale by SETH S. 11 ANTE,
Corner of Charles and Pratt sts., Baltimore ; ar.d
in Alexandria, by JOHN it. PIERPOINT, A
i gent. Also, by Athf.y 6c Norman Occoquan,
Mills, Prince \\ m. County, Ya. [jy 13—Iy
Cl ASH FOR NEGROES.—Wc wish to pur
/ cha»e from fifty to seventy-five likely young
negroes of both sexes, for whom we will pay the
highest market prices. Persons having such to
dispose of will do well to give us a call before
they sell. One of us can be seen at all times at
our residence, West End, Alexandria. All let
ters addressed to us through the Alexandria Post
office, will be promptly attended to.
aug 3—d3m* BRUIN 6c JONES.
NEGROES WANTED—1 Wish to purchase
a lot of likely young Negroes for the south,
as early as possible, and will pay the highest mar
ket price. Call at ihe old esttfULdrntnl, west end
of Duke street, or direct to me by mail to this
place, when ail aB communications will be
* promptly attended to. Bear in mind, all former
agents, are not doing business for me. l>«ir*ng
my absence, all letters will be attended to by
some person kept at the house, with lull power
to act for me. GEORGE KEPHART.
je 17—tf __ _
*\TEWTON’S HOTEL.—The subscriber re
spectfully informs his friends, and the pub
lic, that he has taken his old stand, at the corner
of Pitt and King streets, which having undergone
; thorough and extensive repair, is now open for the
reception of company. The furniture has been
entirely renovated, and much new added, thus
making it in point of comfort and convenience
equal to any in the town. The proprietor, by un*
; eeasing attention to his business, hopes to merit a
| share of the public patronage.
Alexandria, my 2—tf A. NEWTON.
Affections of the Liver, Asthma, Bronchi
tis, Pains or weakness of the breast, or
lungs, Chronic coughs, Pleurisy, Hemorr
hage of the Lungs, and all affections of
the Pulmonary Organs.
A compound Balsamic preparation of the Pr«
nur, t irginiuuci or “Wild Cherry Bark, prepared
by a new chemical process approved and recom
mended by the most distinguished physicians, and
universally acknowledged the most valuable med
icine ever discovered.
Insetting forth the virtues of (his truly great
medicine, we have no desire to deceive iho*c
who are laboring under affliction, nor do we w Lb
to eulogize it more than it deserves. Yet when
we look around and see tiie vast amount of suf
1 fering arid distress occasioned by many ot the
disor ^s in which this medicine lias proved so
highly successful, wo feel that we eannet urge
I bs claims ioo strongly, or say too much rn its l'a
j vour. Such indeed, are the
i Of this BaNum. that even in the advanced stages
of ( On si mftion*, alter all the most esteemed re
medies of physicians have failed to effect any
change, the use of this medicine has been produc
tive of the most astouidiing relief, and actually
(Heeled cures after all hopes ol recovery had
been despaired of.
in the first stages of the disease, termed, ufV
Itn'ihul ConsutHpIlru,'' originating t’rom nt r^'ctul
COEDS, it iias beta i: c.-d with mmeviatiug suc
cess, and hundreds acknowledge they owe the
i restoration of their health to this invaluable med
: icine alone. In that form of Consumption «o pre
I valent amongst delicate young female • , common
ly termed debility, or
: A ron)j)!aiut with whwh (houv.in is :irc linzorifitr,
\ it h;i" a Do proved highly successful, and u »l only
j possesses the power of checking tin* progi »:v ol this
I alarming complaint, but also strengthens and in
I vigorates the system more effectually than any
! medicine we have ever possessed,
j pi.?* For particulars, see Dr. Wi-tar*- irealise
on Consumption, to he had of any ol the agents.
The case < f Thomas Po/vns is related by hun
?oil’, as follows, and acknowledged by ail who
knew him as one of the most astonishing cures
ever performed.
i I\M»0\*F!UJ r>. (X. J.,) April d!}. j'ld.
Or. or about the idih dn\ ot < ><**<>;»»-r, ' ^ 4 1, i
j was taken wi‘h a violent pain in tin* side near the
, liver, which continued for about live days, and
! was followed by the breaking of an ulcer, or
I something inwardly, v. hieli relieved the pain a
little, but cau-nl me to throw up a great quanti
ty ot offensive matter and also much blood, lin
ing greatly alarmed at this, I applied to a physi
cian, hut lie .-aid hr thought h“ could do but little
for me except give me some /»/rrciinj P«7/., v. hieh
1 refused to take, feeling satisfied they could do
no good; many other remedies were then procur
; ed by my wife and friends, but none did me any
good, and the discharge of blood and corrupt: a.
, -till continued every few class, and at last be
came so offensive I could scarcely breathe. I wa»
! also seized with a violent cough, which at times
caused me to rahe much more blood than 1 had
done before, and my disease continued m this way
^till growing worse until February, when all
hopes of my recovery were given up, and mj
friends all thought ! would die of a con
sumption. At t!.i- moment, when my !.:c war
apparently drawing near its close, 1 henid ot Hr.
Wistnr's itaham of Wild (Terry and got a bottle,
which relieved me immediately, and by iho use
of or.Is three bottles of this medicine, all my
pains were removed, my cough and spitting ot
blood and corruption entirely stopped, and in a
few weeks my health was so far restored as to
enable rne to work at my tr.iue <v which is a c ir
penter) and up tothN time 1 have enjoyed good
W itness—I am acquainted w itn Mr. Thomas
Pozens and having o rum dm.ng his illnes-, 1
think the above st .w in i' entitled to full cred
it. SAMF. IF 111 It ROUGHS.
Gloucester Caunty, F.S.
Personally carnc before m-\ the subscriber, one
of the Justices «>t tin* pr.nctt in and ('•;* the said
county, Thomas (’oxen-, ar;d being duly affirmed
according to law, saith the above statement is in
all things true. THOMAS COZENS.
Affirmed before mo on tkerJOth of April. 1S43. I
J. Clement. >
The following is from a distinguished lawyer of
j lie city of .New York, v* ho had been attiieted
with the asthma for upwards of “ Twenty
Years” and who after reading such cases can
doubt the efficacy of this medicine?
Nf.w iDee, Jan. 25, 1S4‘>.
1 have been afflicted with spasmodic asthma
for twenty-tour years—sometimes so severely ns
m be confined to mv room for weeks; and a d hough
attended by various medical advisers, < ! the high
est reputation and skHi in the country, the relief
was but partial and temporary—twice the disease
proved nearly fatal to my lit**.
Some few weeks ago, I commenced taking
\Vistar’s Balsam of Wild Cherry, which ga'.e
me instant relief, and a single bottle produced ii.
a few davs what I believe to be a radical and
perfect cure. A. 5\ If.El AMS, .*.1! y at Haw.
No. 55 Vv illiam street, N. \ -
We are acquainted with the writer of t' c a
bo^ e certificate, and ins statements arc entitled
to the full conlidencc of the public.
Recorder of the City of New York.
Vicar Gem ral of N<w York,
p. s. The above certificate may be seen at No.
1*25, Fulton street, New York.
The following certificate was given to
Messrs. Knowh ;& Cheeseman, w ho are < d and
respectable merchants at l\now!esvi!ic, Orleans
county, State of New York, whose attestation is a
sufficient guaranty of its truth.
KNCiv.'i.r.sv it .Tune 20, ! ?1*$.
This ocrlilkvs that lor several y c ;rs l have been
at times subject !<> a \iolcut cough and occasion
ally a high fever; raised much corrupt matter, and
was finally thought in the last stage of convimp
lion. At ibis time I heard of l)r. V* istar s Bal
sam of Wild Cherry, and commenced taking it,
and finding immediate relief from it, 1 put all
other medicines aside. I took several bottles,
which entirely cured ruv cough, the fever left
i me, and mv appetite was soon restored, f rom
its good effects in my case 1 would recommend
this medicine to all who arc afflic cd with an af
fection of iiie lungs. JONA 1 H AN F LKRIS.
, The above certificate is strictly correct.
D^OHROXiC COUO11.—Ten yearslanding.
Mrs. Van Deventer, re?idiug near Bound Brook,
New Jersey, was alllicted with a very obstinate
cough for about ten years, w hich v. as also cured
in a few weeks by this valuable medicine.
N. B. Those who wish to be vitiMied of the
truth of the above case, may refer to Dr. .Skill
man of Bound Brook.
Agents.—J. R. PIER POINT, Alexandria; R.
' S. Patterson, Washington City; E. S. Wright,
Georgetown; and Seth Hance, Baltimore. La
boratory, No. 21, ?»linor street. Philadelphia.
oct 11—dfim
rpiIESE well known and valuable Medicines, j
JL which are prepared by a new and improved
process, over all others aic the most active pre- j
parations of Sarsaparilla now before, the public,
and arc recommended for all disorders arising
from an impure state of the blood. &c., &c. To
the good quality of the root and the peculiar
manner of their preparation, is to be attributed
j the success that has uniformly attended their ex
hibit ion.
Price of the Syrup 1 per bottle : the Extrac
| To cents.
j is recommended to parents, nurses, and others,
j who have Hie management of children as the
I most safe and effectual Worm Destroying Medi
i cine vet discovered. This Medicine is so plea
t sant.'"that no child will refuse to take it. It is
| happily calculated for removing many other dis
orders", such as Summer Complaint, Diarrhea,
&c.; while from its innocence it cannot do any
harm. Price 25 cents per bottle.
This valuable Embrocation has been used with
great success in the cure of the most troublesome
diseases with which the horse i> effected, suck as
old strains, swellings, galls, strains of the Shoul
der, etc. it is highly recommended, and should
be constantly kept in the stables of all persons
owning horses. Price 50 cents per bottle, pre
p;ir»*il onh at Marshall's .No. o]2, Market Street,
;i fi*\v doors above X intn, Philadelphia; and sold
j in Alexandria,by J. K. PlERPOlNT,
Corner of King and Washington streets,
j octll-tf
i "I I(11« S WORM 13Mij 1 KO\ 1A Cj DROP*,
i I\j A valuable medicine for removing Worms '
| in children. This Medicine is strongly rccom- I
! mended wherever it has hern used, as the nest
I article for dt stroving those pest* of the system. |
it has been in use for several years, and one of!
‘ the proofs of its efficacy is, that the demand is ra-1
! oidlv increasing. Physicians who have seen the j
j good efieet.' oi th^s \ ermili.gc, do Jiot hesitate to
i recommend it in their practice. The following
i certificates, from gentlemen of Williamsport,
j where the Medicine was first introduced, and is
now well known, will serve to show the efficacy
• of tfiis Vermin go.
Ctrt’ficalcs.—We, the underpinned, do certify
I that we have used in our families the Worm De
! Mwoyieg Drops prepared and sold hv t’h.udes
Williamsport, Maryland, and find them to
be a highly eliicac.jous and valuable Medicine.—
Da. Van Si.ar, IV. Maumoxp, A. Fmnvn, Jlrou
I .UNO, Ifr.VRY StINKMKTTS. P. S: M '!!’ , M.l I! ». L[.
Kerrs, (KciioK F; Mvi:, it. (J :;osu. v .v Fox:,,.
i de hereby certify, that a few days since, a co
lored child belonging to me, about two and a half
1 years old, by taking part of a vial of the Worm
Destroying Drops, pn pared by ("r u Fs Rice, of
V, iliiam ; i t, expelled one hundred and eighty- i
three worms, and is now doing well, although for
a week or two previous, wa* not exprc*cd t<> live.
1 am confident there is no Medicine, that ! have
a: v !, !gv; of, t > he *n me! to those di*uj)s. !
for expelling worms from the human system.
Feb. *3th, lcvk>. Joiiv UtMiAVw.
I do hereby certify, that a child of mine, three j
year.' old, by taking a phie! of the above Drop*, j
■ *\p* ib *1 belt*, v ill,,!! four iyUm\i.'d iforms. 1 lie {
first passage about eighty were removed.
James Drew, Berkeley Co., \ a. |
1 do 1 < reby certify.that a col red child belong
ing to me, about * ig; 'ceil month- i Id, by Inking
part of a phial of «;.e above Drops, expelled one
iiundred and twenty worms.of about eight or nine
inches in length. 11 r:\rv Dfi.uvuf.u.
Ci!\:;» ho 11, .. |,;v ;.,gagreed with the sub>eii- !
; her'*. to mum. fatlure ti,e unove Medicine, it will
in future he manufaetured and sold wholesale bv
tin to. \VM. STABLER L (■<). Alex’a. I). C.
P can he obtained of B. S. PVi’TKRScV, ‘
eoii: i ni Pi iiii**\ Ivan; i avenue an*! !Hii street;
D. GILMAN. near Ibowii’s Hotel: and FAR
1 (TollAlt & MORGAN, near 7 buildings, Wash-1
jngt in City; G. M. SOTHORON. Georgetown.
"jijOOIv BINDING, Paper Ruling, and Plunk
k J Hank dddnufartunj —'{he subscriber respeet
fulfv inform- the citi/.en- of Alexandria, and its
vi iaify, lu.t la: i- prepared to execute all kinds
of work in the above line of business, with neat- j
ness and despatch. Having been employed in
some of the principal Binderies in the i’nitel
States, be is confident of giving -afi-faetion, and
respectfully solicits a continuance of the verv 1 i 1;
cral patronage heretofore extended to Inc concern.
*1 '/^Orders left with Messrs. Bell cb Mntwisle, or
afj.the Bindery. Fairfax strei f, oppo-ite Wm. Sta
bier & Co., will meet with prompt attention.
All kinds oi Blank Books used in Court I looses
made of the best materials, at the shortest notice, I
and on reasonable farms.
A. 15. ()i‘i ilooks an 1 PtrioiiDnls neatly re
bound. |oct J7—dla\v3mj W. C. JOHNSTON.
y J [*F*()Cil (> F/• is desirous ol infamiiug
Ids friends and the j»;.iI)»ic generally, that he J».is
just r< reived from tin* north, a splendid selection
C* >AL, which lie olf.*** for sale on v* ry reason i- ;
ide terms, viz: Cooking Stoves of variou* do-|
script ions; Parlor Stoves; Franklin Stoves; 9 ;
Plate Stoves; iO Plate Stoves ; Splendid Radi a- ;
i tor Parlor .' loves; Coal Stoves, of sheet, or cast
iron; Air-light Stoves; ('ambose Sto\es,f<>r ve -sels.
ALSO, all kinds of TIN WARE for family
use, wholesale and retail. Makes to order, TIN
WARE, suitable for Cooking Stoves, HOUSE!
article made of sheet iron or tin.
?Tf»lie is also prepared to execute TIN,
ZINC, and COPPER ROOFING, which from
hi" creat practice in tout branch, he will warrant
»o le* ir -hr and Jire-prvof. Old Stoves repaired,
cleaned, and put up at the shortest notice.
'I hankful to his friends and the public, for their
former favours, he still solicit* a portion of their j
patronage, a* a compensation for his persever
ance and attention to business
£3“ STOVES, and TIN' WAKE, at the nor-I
them prices—One door north of Wm. Stabler’? 1
Drug S’toiv, Fthfai :Ae>d,.F xandri *, S) ('.
set) cobm
___________________________ _________________ _ __ ____ ♦
i .rp^ FOR RENT*—The large and pleasantly '
j£_Htuated I) IVELI.tXii HOUSE, at the cor
ner of Prince and Ft Asaph .*.reels. No dwell
ing house in town i* better situated than this for
health and comfort. Possession may be had, fjtii
September. It is <;»* .ruble either for a Hoarding
hou*'.\ or for a Hoarding; school. Apply to
aus 9—tf ' II. R. CLAGETT.
Apt FOR KENT.—The Office on Fairfax
. Street, recently occupied by F. L. Smith,
l>q. the House on Prince Street, opposite
the Alexandria Gazette Office, now, thoroughly
repaired, will be rented as a dwelling, or u«» two
offices, low to good tenant^. Enquire of
my 24—tf B. WHEAT & SONS.
^}![p./u!jscribcT otfers for sale, the Tenement and
Lot of groun 1 on King stree t, between Piit and
Ptovul streets, now occupied by John J. Sa>rs. as
a Drug Store, [jy 27—eotf L. B. TAYLOR.
Axi. FOR RENT, the two stoiv house on
{!]«*, King treet, reecrth occupied by Edward
. C. liorwell; a good stand for any kind of busi
• ness. Possession can be had on the 1.5th instant.
Apply to [oct 10—tf j R. H. MILLER.
. \zi. FOR RENT.-—The largeand convenk nt
1 three story brick dwelling on the south
side of King and 2d door west of Water street,
lately occupied by Samuel Harris Esq.
: ALbO toe two story brick dwelling on
jjy.lt. King, between Patrick and Henry streets,
] 3nu adjoining the residence of L. A. Cazenove,
Esq. Possession given immediately—For terms
apply to ROBERT. M. LARMOUR,
oct 1G—eodtf
I QA ^ KSTS of Iron and Wooden Bound
/wv Ware, also 10 dozen Corn Brooms. For
i sale by THOM AS BURNS,
•,cr 23 corner of Prince and Fairfax Streets.
CHEESE.—30 boxes New York Cheese, re.
ceived per Schr. Phebe Eliza, and for
oct 23 _ WM. BAYNE * f
Blue fish, another supPLY._5bbir
of this excellent fish, just received and fGi
sale, by A. S. WIFJdS,
oct 23 street
BACON.—2500 lbs. shoulders Bacon XrnaTl
size, suitable for family use, for sale at \
very low price by A. S. WILLIS,
oct23 __ King street,
COFFEE AND TEA.—25 hap old govern
ment Java Coffee ; 15. half chests Gunpow.
Jer, Imperial and Young Hyson Tea, landingfroir,
Schr. Phebe Eliza, and for. sale by
Young hysqn tea.—5 fatf chests land*!
ing from Schr. Phebe Eliza, from New
! York, nnd for sah? by
OHIO BUTTER. -JO kegs prime family But
ter, landing this day, and for sale by
oct 23 KERR It McLEAX.
PAINTS AND OILS.—IGQkeTS extra white
Lead, 0 bbls. Liinecd Oil. For sale low by
oct 21 B. WHEAT & SONS.
prime quality, for sale Aar, to close, hv
oct21_ WM. FOWLE U SONS.
17»EED! I'KKI)'1—2500 bwb.CMB. OatL
Rye, Chops, Ship Stuff and Shorts, all of
which will be sold low for cash ; 50 hush, fudi
ground Corn Meal.
net 24___JOS. H. MlfLLER.
r EECHES! LEEC11 ES ! !—A fresh supply of
E J line healthy Spanish Leeches, ju*t receiwd
and for sale at HENRY (BOOK’S
oct 21 Drugstore.
O HATH PENCILS.—Silver ever-pointed pen
O tils, of tin* be.-t quality— tin* silver warrant
ed equal to specie—of the iate-t patterns, for sale
low, by [oct 16] BELL ft ENT\VISLE.
CtARPpTlNG.—Just receive^ L^OjO yd*. In
\J grain, Venetian, Stair, and ilc^ip Carpeting*,
for sale cheap, by U. M. &. Y. TAYLOR,
oct 23
jY A ui barrel;* and by retail, uf prime quality.
and of line flavor, for sale by
oct 2o corner of Prince and Fairfax st*.
j.# IV A PR’S THEOLOGY, English edition, in
j\. one splendid royal 8vo volume, lor sale^
price s4.od cash, bv
oct 20 REEL 5c ENTWfSEK.
r C IE AS — Spii mini Gunpowder, Imperial, and
1 Young Hyson Teas, in half chests and b>
mail, at unusually low prices, for sale by
oct IS Corner of Prince and Fairfax streets.
rlUTTER, MEAL AND SOAP.—Just rectir
3 cd. ID kegs Shenandoah Rutter, suitable fia
family uze: nKo, 1 barrel country Soap, and .'»()
bushel* lYe*h .round Corn Meal.
oct 21 corner of King and Washington <ts.
PLAISTER, LATHS, &c.—175 tons planter
200 M. Sawed Laths
30 barrels Herrings, cargo of schr Rich
mond, from Eastport, for sale hv
oct 18 WM. FOWLE & SONS.
t LMANACS FOR 1614.—The Farmers
1\. House Keepers, and Henry Clay Almanac;
Also, German do., for sale bv the dozen or single
copy, by [oct 21] JOHN H. GIRD
J 3 A( ON.— 1100 lbs. of Shoulders, sugar cured
JJ — a splendid article at 4 \ cts. by the 50 or
100 lbs.—for sale by THOMAS. BURNS,
net 21 corner of Prince and Fairfax sts.
1AR1).—400 pounds of No. 1. Leaf Lard, a
_J beautiful article, for sale by
oct 21 corner of Prince and Fairfax sts.
CU)i) FISH of prime quality, in fine order for
1 family use,—just received and for sale at
oct 19 corner of Prince & Pitt-sts.
SALT, NAILS, &c.—500 bush. G. A and T.
I. Salt, 100 sacks fine and G. A. do
15Q kegs Nails and Spikes
2000 lbs. Cotton Yarn, assorted. For sale by
' i -1 B. WHEAT k SONS.
\ \J INTER SPERM OIL.-One hhd. Nan
v ▼ tucket Winter Sperm Oil, branded ^A,)
will b»* so! I at one dollar p«T gallon, bv retail, in
its pure state, by THOS. VOW ELL,
oet 1!) corner Prince and Water streets.
jffERRINGS! HERRINGS!!—20 barrels
5 S gilled Nova Scotia Herrings, fresh caught,
ami very fat, a very superior article. For sale by
the barrel or dozen at WILLIS’S Cheap Store,
on King Street. oct 19
f 1 DRAPER THAN EVER.—\YulUr’3 No. 3
v J Shoethread, hy the bundle, at 75 cts. per lb.
(cash;) Wooden (’locks, Mahogany C.iscs, from
v2 to «*! each, for sale at J. if. MILLS'S,
oct “0 Eaney Emporium
4 .ME RICAN IS IN GLASS.—Cooper’s lain
1 V glass, w arranted equal in strength to Rus
sian Dinghies for making table jellic*: also re
ceived Uinglass for clearing entire. For sale at
oct 120 J. 1. SAYRS’S, Drug Store.
J HOREUOUM) CANDY.—For the cure
ol Cough*, Colds, Spitting of Flood, and all Pul
monary Complaints, Sore Throat, and for clear
ing the Voice, ko. A fresh supply, just received
and for sale at J. It. PJERPOJNT’S,
oct 19 1>« ijg Sto* e.
PLOWS from the manufactories of “Reg
gies, Nourse k Mason, ’ Worcester, Mass.;
“Minor, Morton k Co.,” “It. R. Finch,’’and “Obi
eon Freeborn,” New V irk ; “Sinclair k Co *
Baltimore; arid “Levi D.ivF,” D. C.,—lor sale
at the Agricultural Warehouse hy
9th mo, 5th WM. STABLER k CO.
£5 k W. RAMSAY, have removed into their
$ V* new Store, at the old stand, at the Ferry
Slip, Ramsay's Wharf, where they wbllbc pleas
ed to sec all who may favor thery with a call.—
They offer for sale FAMILY CROC FRIES,
as low as can he purchased elsewhere. oct!)
H RY‘—For Consumption of the Lungs, af
fections ol the Liver, Asthma, Pains or weak
ness of the brea-t or Lungs, Chronic Coughs,
Uemorahge of the Lungs and all affections of the
pulmonary organs.
Allures own irrempticn.
A Compound Balsamic preparation of the Wild
Cherry Bark combined with another extract
prepared by a new chemical process, approved
and recommended by the most distinguished
Physicians, and universally acknowledged tho
most valuable medicine ever discovered. Prico
one dollar per bottle. A fresh supply of the gen -
uine article this day received and for sale at
oct If] HENRY COOK’S Drugstore*
rjlHE POOR MAN’S FRIEND*—A unirertt!
-it remedy for wounds of every description, a
certain cure for ulcerated sore legs if of 20 years
standing, Cuts, Burns, Scalds, Bruises,Chilblains,
Scorbutic euptions, Primpleson the face, and par
ticularly for sore arid inflamed eves, for sale by
oct 23 Chemist and Druggist
BEVERIDGE fc CO., would respectfully in
form the inhabitants of Alexandria, that
they have taken the stand formerly occupied by
Mr. Horwell, on King street, West of the Mar
shall House, where they are prcpaied to make
up CLOTHING ofall descriptions in the most
fashionable style, and at the shortest notice, and at
prices to suit the times. Ail work warranted to
fit in a superior style, and not surpassed in work
N. B. Gentlemen and Children's clothing cut to
order in the most modern style, [oct 21—3iu

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