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mitting, as wc suppose he does, to the practical
application of those theories of living and heal
ing, and laboring as he does he is oertainly a
suong proof of ttie great capacity of man under
thein; but then he may be only an exception. We
must see many Greeleys before we would give
up good mutton, beef stakes, oysters, tur-kies, and
soon, and it must be a very hot d^Y to induce us
to resort to the "Wasstjr Cur.,v But neverthe
less let us never lose sight of the scriptural a*?
da^o, ''search all things and hold fast to that
which is g<'«ad.—York Vommtraal.
J *43. Suu Sun J
DF/ΈΜΒΕΚ. rivs. seJs. Mauhf's Phasîs
Γ» Tuesdav Τ }î \ 4*-2 D; H* J1, ,
$ Wednesday. J 1*14 4*3 Full...· U 6 54 ε |
r ΠιιιινΙα.ν... 7 Im 4 4·> l-ast (|r. 14 7 46 f ,
« Fridav..,,. 7 18 I 42 New. m 31 13 μ ι
9 Saturday... f }<ι 4 41 Kl,'st (lr 9 4Ji2!
10 Sunday 7 l!i 4 41 High WmUr:
11 Monday 7 xiO 4 40 Dec'r. 5—5h f>8m.
London Nov. 4 j Havre. ..·»· . .Nov. f>
Liverpool Nov. 3 I Ν Orleans.. ,Νον. 2'i
AllUIV !'.(>, DfCK MliRIl 4
Sfhr. Amelia, Eldridge, Boston; to Lambert Sc
.Me Keiiiiie.
Sehr. Cladiator, Baker; Potatoes and &.c. to
Lambert and MrKenzie.
steamer Columbia, Guythcr,Baltimore; freight I
foi ihe District.
·— -1 - <"ί:—..w 1}.%%.-*,^·» \ Τ. 1 Pr»int wliont nrwî
By the Southern Mail j
Genera! Assembly meets this day, at lSJq'clocV· ;
A quorum of both branches is, we believe, al
ready in the city.
The organization of the two Houses, by the !
election of officers—adoption of rules, &c..T?ith j
the reading of the Governor's Message will pro- :
bably constitute the business of the d$y.
In the Senate, the late Speaker being no lon
Î;er a member, there will be a fqll competition
or a successor. We have hçard some half dozen
of the Democracy named, who have aspirations; j
but wfro will be the lucl^y man, we have no means
of judging. The merit of each is so nearly upon
a par with that of the other, that the Whigs, we
presume, will tjc indifferent to the success of ei
In the Houào, the late Speaker, Mr. llolle
inan, it js supposed, will be re-nominated. If
the pei^ocrats present no better man, the Whigs
wjll cast their votes upon Mr. Southall, or some 1
other of their own number.
The subordinate officers of both Houses, λ γ i 11
probably be re-elected without opposition.—Hid,,
mond llhii*.
It is to be. hoped that the Legislature npy let the
Ranks alone tins winter. They qre Raying spe?
cie and are getting on safe at\d $οηηφ Let tbem
alone. The Ranks afe pever ^e^f-ed hy being
submitted to thejr Im^rçering. 'j'hpire wi" he
an attempt made to induce tlieifl to taj^e up these
institutions wijji tjie view of coercing a reduc
tion of salaries of their oncers, with other mat
ters. \ memorial for this purpose [together
with the objecj of makjug war on the James Ri
ver Company j has been gotten up, as was the
case last Nc:\r in Norfolk. \Ve hope that the Le
gislature will ijecljne any fijrther dry nursjng of
tr4c Ranks nQtwj^hst^riili^S ihc urgency of this
luemoi ial. Leave the Ranks to the stockholders.
Richmond Compiler.
that there are flow 1">0 Students at the Univer·:
to the Whigs the 'COOX, and takes for the Lo
cofoco party in general, the COCK. Th^ £ nol
altogether right; and as we are in favour, of· "f^iç·
play," we insist on an equitable dit&oft of &c
emblems. The 'Coos* is, most unquestionably
Whig property, and though he doe* strollo'night^,
occasionally—what of that' he
ând affects the "sfripcs" upon his ^
Republican, he is found, we believe, only on the
North American Continent. He is ^ gallant fel
low into the bargain, and whips a puptfty^t each
paw, easily! And homely though co:^ be,
His worth money in the market. Gi>e *ht.
*Coovbyall means! t&e Linden wo Id folk^
must let go the C^cç—he's rço.ue of
the exclusive properly of the^· Stale Right al
lies. The Cock is v^ir> of n*i!itary c^otfvea ;
flaps his winçs li^e a gasco^d^^rs^gaçtf cr^w^
defiance to t^e vy.orlfJi ar«4 oJtei\ ry^^i ψ lip pmch >
Who shall s$y ihenO^UteNHHlfyWg B^n^h^r*
not entitled \ç\ t^uar^r hin\ Hpi>a thpir co^ è
for the Van Bmenites tfcey roust content then»:
selves vvith ^he W£A*e{, long ago presented ta
them by Mr. Calhoun. I^et them fca^e the {ftascl—
he's a tittle fellow, foml of creeping ^h^o1 ci^cksj
qnd η^ρβ, thpr£fore,may dispute their title tft him.
||μ^ |i\e yery '4ηimai too, that they want at U;is
particular juncture—he's so α;οο<1 at throttling
Cççksy that we are certain they'll find him u?«efql.
In thii Senate, yesterday, the President of the
Senate, pro. tern., the Hon. W. \\ Mangum of X.
('., took the chair at 12 o'c|op|(, Hn^, ιφοη prct
ceeding to call the roll, a quorum speared. The
usual resolution informing the House of that fact,
was passed and the Senate adjourned.
FOR NORFOLK.—The schr. PRO- ;
TECTOR, (Xpt. Hudgins, will sail for
Norfolk, ttys wee*. tor frçight apply to
^ciec $ ' A. G. CAZENOVE k Co.
VHSaBL WANTED.—A vessel of
may ο b t a m a goo J freight for
St. John's, Ν. B. Al^o., a small Vessel, for East
port, from [dec \) A. C. CAZENOVE & Co
Ρ EACH BRANC|Y.—5 bbls. pure G years old,
just received, and for «ale bv
SUGAR—£hhd§ prime Porto Rico, just re
ceived, ar.4 far sale hv
Sk. SHAY, will open XtGHT SCHOOL,
• for one garter only, 1st Monday in De
cember. dec 1—3t
BACON*.—A very superior lot of Middlings, j
for sale in quantities to suit dealers, bv
dec ) Α. Γ. CAZENOVEfr C6.
H00 fjR{jMF· HAV ORANGES, lot
nçtv 2"*
r><ale by \YM. F. MeLEAN άί. Co.
BIRD SEED.—-a ftvsh supply of Hemp,
R;i e. Canary, and Millet Seed, ju*t receiv
I pd, and for salent HENRY COOK'S,
dec i Drug Store.
OIL.— 10 bblv o| Linseed Oil, warranted of
best quality: 4 tierces Fall straineu Sperm
(.ill—reeejvud qud lor sale by
dee i Λ. C. CAZENOVE & Oo.
(CHEESE.—Just received a lot of prime{Jo
J 5>hpn Cheese, of a very superior quality
which will be sold low.
1 dec 1 J. NEWTON H AII PER,
J a Life Before the Mast, edited fey J. Fen- ,
I imore Cooper, price 37 J cents.
J "Thou unrelenting Past!
Strong a> the barrier* round thy ùar^ (^ιι,^η, 1
And ίt· 11t*rs sure and la>t
11 11 II . I
PUBLIC SALThursday, 7th of De
cember^ 1I o'clock A. M , on tbç prçifti*··,
I will sell by virtue of an execution issued by
Olias. Scott, E«u., in favor of John Douglass,
Trustee of Thoma* Vowell, against Josepli Har-.
ris, a Jot of ground 23 feet front, by 123 feet
deep, on Fairfax street, between Gibbon and
Franklin street*, and immediately in the rear oÇ
the residence of Edgar Snowdrn, Fsq. Terms at
sale, [nov 06—did] HENRY CRISS, Bailiff.
PUBLIC SALK.—The subscriber will sell atf
public s*ih% on a credit of six ivOwtWs, ^
Salisbury, near CcntrevUjIy, Vuirfax Vouoty^
Virginia, on the \*2lh o;t D^e.fiber ntxt*,sexçça\ 6n^
Horses. 80 barrels Corn, Hay% Fodder, Shucks,
Straw, kc..; also. farniiug utensil*, 12 liaad fat
( 'a 11 le. 2 y ok e fi nç. Ο χ c a ad a ço<xi ftnçk South ·.
down Sheep. .-\LEX. BUCKLEY.
Salisbury, Fairfax County, Va.,dcc i—eo3^
1 On H'tdiit sJjit, I)< cnnh?i '2i)th, al 11 o'clock^
will be sold at the Wart-bouses ofVVm. Fowled
Sons, 20,000 W 'SUELS. BRIGHT A^VD HEA
VY TfRKS IsLIXD &4LT. This Salt is in
store, and will be *old in lots of suitable size, de*e
liwraole when wanted lor liie Spring Fisheries.
Terms at sale. nov 28—eots.
ant to a decree of thy. I -i**<·*!it Superior Court
of L iw and Chancery for thy v'-oyny çf Prince
William, the undersigned will sell ^nçcask on tfa
first Monday in January next, at HrenU^ifle, in said
the interest which was devised to Geo.
.y. Douglass, by <ieorgeTennil, incertain &laV4î%
auM Re^l Estate, or so much thereof as may be
sufficient to satisfy a decree of said Court, pro-,
riounect, on the day of Mav, 1H43, for the,
sum οι c< n^ with interest on the same
from tiic 13tl, of lune, i*»l, and six dollars and
L· ——»
The Circuit Court for this county has adjourn
al ur,i,! ilio next term in course,
\ J train of drays loaded with flouts fr-*»m
f;. „ fini rY' ight ( anal boat, which has reached our
, λ . w»mf rhrough our streets yesterday, with
j! > ν Cîfui |fI great
TKX \S.—It was (recently published that the Bri
.. * %t vernment had claimed as the propony ofcer
N twouty or thirty million ac:t>a «1 land
in W (■sfr.rn Toxas, accompanied, in ca«e the claim
;Vt, η >r ai■■ !('»'■)wled*rfI, 'with a positive threat of
, ,.Ti*i »'t.: This fiction hid its origin m the fol
; simple facts: Certain British speculators
.;,-λarde-d to a merchant in (îalfoston— whose
ι en · ι* ·ι τι be furnished, if required—aotue old Km
, <ι·i<> claims, w ith directions to a^coi-tain their
v.'i'lity. This agent applied to (apt, J^Ilioii, who
». k proper steps to as^^rtain from tho Iexian
ι, vernment whether the cla.ms would he recog
, / }. The reply was positively in th», negative;
ι■ ; j if can be established that tl^> for the
i,:-,îi'»fi elaiiiiints has since t^jven as his opinion,
, t-r considering all the ojroiimstunct*s ot" tho
^ ,<t\ that the claims wore not worth açroat, ant|
, » î;u· matter rests. Of a piece wjth these, we
» ni ire t » affirm, ;»!«. ;»!] tl»U v.oek arid bull' 5,1°
, , > with which ti»o public u»ind has recently bei>n
I tied.
< >i'i'KU UO('l\»S.—The. Wisconsin Demociut,
,ι'ιjc to the < >nun;»£on "copper rock'and rojjKt
\η·χ tiiaf it had passod from the hands of.\lr.AI('|red,
! ν wh >in it w;is removed to Detroit,adds; k*\Ve ht,
1 i-vc, h f'Vcvcr, if lepoM he true, that t»oppci· i-ocfcs
- « - i, i.i.I I
η ill err low* »'»·;ΐ5ΐ· ιυ ι»ι- vi » ·μ ι - #.—·. . . ν
ι , tr.ii > .1 > ι ·■». ·>Ι Π Ίιoit, wh > last went» pulsed
1 this pl;,«.e < ·: ι Ku way t > ΛI i r ) £> Γ α 1 l'oint
n i I'iattevillc, infoiuied us t'r^t ^'»c»lher n*ass i»f
,· .{«;»» r, much larger and p»n*i Itiin that taken
l mi tii»: < >at eii'on, had recently been discover
L- i. h iv^ »:* l to t !ie prospoc »a <»t: II» >se who are
I» ■ »h •c-itin'i tfieir researches after copper ore on
r'i · s >·ι*ϊ» sh >r · of Lake Μ ip'iior, (1 >lon«l Jones
, h » γ «ι- · ι s tint they are pi-etty fair."
Γ >PV li!< riI Γ MU\ KMHN'!'.—The ptiMish
t. -< π:„! ν ι ' ■ 11 ν ■ : - ot: I> >oll3 hr»\\. <*<A up a l'etition to
• '. f >r au international copy ri^lit act. The
r.wnia^ i*v>-1 suy> "that thjs application has been
sj^ ! · i hv t\v<.nt\ tw > of the principal booksellers
fî <>t · thirty s|\ in t!.e c.|ty of \ew York ·
eighteen in rhila vlelphi^ ; twenty in .New Haven,
llirtford ami Salem: be>u|es a larjje number of
<. * fio in \ tie a. Ilu lalo, a?» » other cities anil towns
ι:ι the ii|teri »roftho ι ountry \\'c see on it the
ii unes ni firms thut may ht. supposed to da thrce
{ 'urtîiv it not m >re. ot ail the publication that is
ii >ne i i t!e« ! lit» 1 St^b-s."· Ί hey tce.o amend the
j» of a law establishing the s'>!e ri^ht ol tht>
writers of all nations t j dispute of their composi
The Missionary Soeiv-ty oi t»ie Methodist Lpjs
copal Church, >ayu the New \oik Courier and
Kaipiirer, h ^:ni ihi, Ijt.v. John Sey* to At
riea. anil the lîrv. < it'Oi-£e < iaiey to Oregon, as
superintend*.aU ot tiιl:ir foi-ei^a stations. Mr.
H y<*uccee l« Mr. ( lei-··. I[" t >ol^ his depat tun
on S iturdav la .t, in îh». hri* Atlanta, (apt. Law·»
lia. Mr. tiarcy saiîe 1 yeVo.rJay in the ship Las
anne, (apt. S4>au|dini, foi ti.e ^newhieh Islands
»rid Columbia Ki«-«>r. He pH's to Oregon a$
Îlj* superintendent ·»i the njissi >n jn that country,
and will *uccced the Kev. m Ι^μ.
Letters from Kington, tin4 ( \na lean spat of
( i-»verntii € nt, anr*.laicc the tweaking up of t^e
Lafontaine ( abi,.« », v\ nich ha^ ruled ( 'anadu w ith
almost supreme p»»^et during Ihc l^t two ses.·
^i-»r»< of tj»*; Pajdi^mcni· Γ'1^ ΠΚ lube»'* of tho
Cabinet with α iJn^îe ^U'piien have resignedt
an ! tu»thiit£ h;i> \et Ueen ijune to replace them.
It i> ^a m ! th^t ihc H'ifi it, ^ number* have at t^»l with
great ftrairtei* an ! jud.*i:,£nf, and the Canadian
p«op!o uiil i'utviin titMru (M ihe course ti,e) j?ayp
\ new o->ei i hn;> · \% »n prep nation p. New
Ϊ >rk, at the (4!iau;bei^ strict Bathi, owned bv Mr.
l\thno. It is a private speculate c>l Mr Pa'?
ut >*\ and is to bo completed ft»»· thp fiui experi
ment in h;* un lei taking, it| January ne\t.
The in.;> rt.mce of dumestie manufactures to
• fit* a^rieultura! interruU i* conclusively shown
i ι the faet tb ο Massachipa'tt* alone bi,ys o! other
States moi'rt (irain than (treat Bpitain—and that
*die his done ><> for the whole ueiiod sir ce she
became decidedly a Manufacturing State.
Λ person calling himself f)r. Jiigeler, has been
arrested at K'w'iesiei, New·-York. charged with
7 " ι
erielly maltreating i.-» ait·», and selling hi* house
on fire. The evidence of arson is strong against
'Die am >unt of Tre iNurv noies outstundii.ar on
» «
t «e M ir.st ant, v, »s >4a;o(i.îkM ύ-·
lf >ra, the mudercr, n>w lyiag in lia ill mo to .
i »«!, h «ν it i* ·» κί i, m i<te a confusion of hi^ c: i:nes
which win be published in pamphlet ίυπη the pre
sent week.
ΝΤΛΥ \'(>KK C\N M.S CI.OSKl).—The \.
\ \ "L' N'lO η! χ > * 1 ι »· Ι» ν ι a vt'MOir ^ ι ^ · I * I » ** 11Ί Γ* I
Iront of Wednesd n* lu^t closed »iio C'unals of this
St ite for the se is >!». The produce liuttn lo had ;
been forwarded Ka*i, Κ >wever, and but a small
"* _ ι I
.»liantity failed to roach tide-watoi bulere the j
.clove ο navigation."'
The barque Helen Mar, of New Orleans troiu
New Yoik, bound to New Orleans, took fire t η
t ie ]tith instant, otf the Double Shot Key, and
burnt t > the water'"s edge and *unk. pa^^pgers
and créa stved. The captain and pavsengers
were carried into Matanzas in the 1. S. brig .
Β »\er.
The («rand ,lur\ of Mas >u county, Kentucky, ι
altera full and mature investira ion of the late
untortuate d \ith of Mr. M \V. Campbell, who j
was crushed to death ia a s:n ill b >at while an at- ;
leinpt was being made thus t.» land him from a
steamer at MaywilhO have found an indictment '
ngain<t J. Binir Summons, the captain of the
steamer, for manslaughter.
Hypkofatiiy, or the cold water cure, is to be
introduced into New York when the bathing sea
son of next year arrives. It has some friends in
the great Kmporium. The worthy editor of the
Tribune, Mr. Greeley, i> a believer in the theory
—anti says tie does not doubt that it is to work a
great revolution in medical practice. Mr. G. is a
most extraordinary man. He is a man ot great
ability, and is the greatest working editor we
know of. - lie is a man ol a great deal of common ι
sense in most maitters, but is an advocate of ma
;iy of the new theories of life which are peculiar
to this day. He is a Fouricrk»t;.<i. e. in favor of
association of many families holding property in
.common and laboring in common, like a commu
nity of ants.) He is a Grahauiite, eschewing j
meat in every form, and living on bread, milk,}
Jruits, vegetables, llower>, &.c , and has now em- j
braced the watery theory of Fuessnjtz.—Sub-j
U| · \ 1 U 11 1% Λ ^ i'U Λ VV I j V J
»»oi n to order.
Schr. Louisa, Crowder, Oceoquan, Hour, to J.&,
J. H. Jannev.
iSrhr. Waynrok, Dcrnington, Budd's furry,
wheat and corn to order.
S*·hr. Ann Maria, Dixon, Pomotiky, wheat and
corn to M. MaMerson.
Sehr. I i ν : i 1, (\iroon, Rdenton, N. C. shingles!
to ii. H. Smoot & Chler.
SaiI.KD, I >r Ch M|>ER 4.
Hr. ΠιReward, lui ton, Halifax, Lambert $«.
McKmz ie,
Srhr. John hiuoiy, \Vuod, Baliii^are, Lambert
Schr. Victory, Ivntleld, New York, S. Shinn.
Schr. (>raiot\ Holljnpjcr, Ρ»,;la*l-, S. Shinn.
Mrh»·. !· utnc, Thoiup^un, Hen^uda, ^i^ters &
( v>\.
BCCKWHhT Η,ΟΜΙ.—10 bbls Hurk-.vbeai ί
Klour r&cvivcd t|t«s dav. l'or sale t>v
/ 1 ΚΝΟΛ CITRON.—Jusi received a fresh
VT stipplv of (ieiioa Citron, οί 11»(' latest impor
tation. Families wishing: ihe article will eu II at
dee ;> .ï. MlWTi >X HARhKlCS, Fairfax st.
U( RWHEAT FLQltR.—Another supply of
- - » · - 1-. I
î) ι he New York h»Jled Ruckwheat Flour, j
warranted free tromscrit, for sale bv
der 5 J. ΝΡΛνΤΟΝ HARPKR, Fairfax st. |
/ ^ \KIJh'I I XiiS — The subscribers iiave just
V.^ received frem \ew York, three ply Ou*pcir j
nι_r^. v..i y ha'idsome, with several pieces of Yc
iiiinn ditto for passage* and *tcps.
dec 5—dtit YVM. ORBCiORY & CO.
< >TlCK.— Was taken tip on the first inst^uj,
ii a h\i i JLIRE, astray, wiih blacjy inane ^nd
toil, white nnrks on the nostril un;\ right hjpd j
The owner is requested ίο come forward j
a»;.i prove propertv, pay charges and take )\ey
away. jdec 5—31*] EGBERT£NYDER.
ONK >NS.- 1 Η ι ropes of beautiful white Onir !
or»s oi lar^i. <uean<t of prime quality; also, ·
a tew bushels of the same lnn*e, for sale by
dec r, Comer c,f Pi irtce ^nç) Fairfax street*. 1
¥^ocki\GIIAM m IThli. hACON AND
It L \\\ 1).— \ hhls Hull IjntL τ of prime quality j
Firkens rackcij
5>^ii lbs. B;»cot;
5t*t) lbs Tallow
â Firkins I.arcj
just received froir, lio'-kiniham Countv, and for
isale by [tiro Γη CLAGETT & PAGE.
1. fi.S ^Γ/.W respectfully announce*
!ih arrival at tlit* City Motel, and intends remain
ing at leasi one month >honΜ ho ohtain scholars.
(ieiuretnùn are ta-i^tit a bold, finished, and ex* !
^editions business like style of Writing.
Ln»ln- aiv taught a neat delicate epistolorv
band in Ten Lessor.s of an hour each. Those who 1
de«ire it er»n be instructed at their residences jr,
any part o! lue city.
i\ μ. \ Room i* wanted by C. Q. suitably fur
nished for a Writing Class, either day or eyeing. |
Frmn theiatt Π<γ Preshhnf. cfthe ShU^.-r
Mr. Char les U.uinu, who teaches wrjtmg t* well
qualified in lhat useful branch of ediictjun, and as
«uch is my opinion, 1 feel it my duty to recom
mend him to the public, as u man wormy of con
fidence and patronage. Κ y\. Johnson*.
September 25th, 183S.
Ft oui Scnofar Crittenden.—Mr. CijnrLâ (|uinn ι
bas given lesions in writing to qne of my sons, 1
who has greatly improved under bis instructions. I
Mr. (^uiiin js a very decent gentleiqqn que} v» cli
qua I i tied as a teacher of writing.
Oetoher jith, J. J. Crittkxdek.
h'ou\ (toi. l)l<:rk —Mr. CharlesQuinn has been
in t π is place giving lessons in writjng. He has
the i.epijtatjiM (4 having: greatly improved nis j
scholar. lie is considered a gentleman of cor
rect manner;·, una of gooiJ deportment, and is so !
held by flic^e tyiio qte acquainted with hjm in
this place. J^s. I
Frankfort, iyy., Qctober 1 Tith, Ic?3tS.
dec .r>—M
Alexandria Lottery—Kxtra ι
Co l,u determined I>\ the drawing ofthe Md. Con
solidated Lottery, —Extra Class HI;"*,
To be drawn at Halt., on Tuesday, December ά·
Whole tickets only S10.share's in proportion
For sale in great variety, by JOHN CORSE.
Lottery and Exchange Broker.
Unaivη Nus· of the .^icx. Ly.— Extra Class ^^5.
83 CO 83 Ç4 4fî m 3Q 4} 3H 76 70 38 35 7 4 4.
Alexandria Lottery—Kxtra Class 26V,
To be determined by the drawing of the Md. Con
solidated I.otteiy- Kxua Class i0 >,
To be drawn i:i Halt, on Tuesday, Decenjter 5.
W hole ticket* only *11},--shares in proportion. j
For sale in gre.it variety, by EDW. SHEEIÏ)
(1 OS H EN CHEESE.—5 casks, repeiyed per)
J Sch: Cheif, from New York, and foi - ale j
t>y [det j] WILLIAM ΒΑΥΛΈ. |
ITALIAN M AGO A !·- ON I.—10 cases çenujne|
Italian Maeearoni, just recciyeil, cnij lor sale '
hv (dec 2] ljïERR & McLEAN. |
HUTTRR—A few kegs froii, the 0Mes of
Ket.nsvh auia; aKo, u few hundred pounds
in RoiL, fuf sif'lc by THOMAS BURNS, ;
<jee 4 corner of Prince and Fairfax sts. j
PEASES lîORElK)UΝD.—This celebrated |
candy for coughs and colds may be had gerç- ·
nine at ' * ^ JUlJN ί. SAYRS· :
dee 4 Drus: Store, ί
. ι
j',s( feotiyed £'»d for bale by I
I, M. \\ ΗΠΤ., corner of Prince and Pitt su. ί
thi hundj strictly prime family GOSHEN BUT- ;
TER. (fee 4 ;
TO HIRE.—A middle aged wonjom, a good 1
cook, washer and ironer; the most satisfac- ;
torv testimonials of her character can be given. ; ;
Also, a boy about 13 years old, accustomed to ;
house work. Apply at this office. d£c j—eot <
^LGAUS.—10 hhds. consisting οί prirç;e St.
Croix, and PortoRico, and low priced, whjc,h j
will be *old low, by
oov28 A- J. FLEMINÇ. !j
i,ity. All tue Professors arc at their posts ir«
pood health and vigor. The Chairman, Judge
Turner, for wltoirt some aijxicty was felt, we are
gla 1 to say, js i m ρ loving in health; we understand
that lie lias not been a^ent fionj one lecture
since the commencement of the session the first
of October last. Iii his iutei'cQtij'^; with the
Student^ he liai gained their good will and pt^eem
by his polite, aiiabip ι;mi courteous n^nners. anj i
it is ίο bp hopp4 that this session will i,e|()iinate,
as it has progressed thus far, without ^ single
student being reprimanded, suspended, or exclud
ed for his conduct.— Oh<irlcttav'Me Jfrfftrsonian·
NKW YoKK.—We understand it is in content
plat ion to establish îi Line of Steamers, between
this city and New York, to touch at City Point,
going and returning so $s |o afford to Petersburg
the same udv^nt^ges (Ιμμ will accrue t > us fr.>m
ihe incrcaseu faciliijos. IVew Yorl{ will then be
within \6 hours o{ ^:id }]erehant> can always
calculât», within a few hours of ihe time when
theii good; will reach tuem,and also when their
shipment* will reach New York. The Boats will
be of tliu first class, and such as will command
the confidence of the Public. Passengers will be
taken fronj Richmond, Petersburg and \orfoIk to1
Λew York for ten dollar*. It is calculated that I
the trip from Hampton Roads to New York will j
U performed in 30 hours. And that in the Sum
mer season, many will prefer this, to the inland
route, particularly, as the difference in time is so
*ntall and expense abotit one half.—Hick, Whig.
LATEST FRO.M TKXAS.-We are indebted
to Mr. Wade, clerk of the steamship Neptune, for
a file of Galveston papers to tiie &|th ii)$l. Our
last papers from Gal veston were to the j.3th.
T.here is little in th^se journals to interest our
readers. The policy of Sam Ijou^ion and the an
nexation of Texas to this Uujorç foiai the pria.i
pal ecitorial topics.
The national naval vessels were ta t;e sold at
auction on the^id, and the (jjaJvoston Chronicle
of the 2i)th c ills its "fellow citizen^' *o prevent i
the sale—by force of amis, should it be fqi;nt) i^e- ;
cessary to resort 10 such means.
I 1 ... t· IrUiwl in· «» iinmnnrliiii; «tnnm ι f '
" " "1 ~ · · . ,
rain and lightning on the l(>th jnst. .Mr. K. M. I
Decline wa>; severely injured by the lighVujug; ι
a!so a νοφ,ρ; man. n^me^ Ajoirj*, ami one or two |
others ^lightly. The rain continued.
On <i;v 6'ih, Oen. Houston ir^dc a lor}g, pr^jtjqn- ]
dcf;n;ng spt ccn in («alveston. lie blow^ to the
wituU the undue interveritjon of Fnçlqi^ vyi^h the I
internal policy ot. mstjtutions <>j; ιι,μ eoijutry, rtni|
μηΐρΐ.·» jnlo a long and i^ble defence of govern- ]
nu'iiial p«»|icy. He says—"I have {his day rcceiv- 1
eu r^w μ ν itU;m:c,4 <>i assistance iron} France? Frçg- '
lipid and the i njti.d j
\\r. Anson Jones is spo^u} of i^s the candidate
to succeed Houston, and cu t ν out his principles. '
(icn. I.qmai. decline^ t^inga candidate.—Λ'. O.
'Î Topic.
1· ROM ( AMI'EACHY.—_-Uipt. Arnaux, of the
sohi. (trecian, arrived at this p >rt yesterday from
('ain peachy, reports tnut sonte litige ;jgo the M ex- ;
icjns seized two schooners fyelquijjng μ) Cam
peachy, ami took them into Vera Cruz, and that
whet, ihe Yueai^ij Ο >upiis<ioners were qbout to
return lion; Vera Cruz to Campeachy, ^T|,y char
tered a Mexican hrig (formerly called ν'hurles
Carroll, of Baltimore) t^nd on their arrival it) Oam
per»ehy, the vessel w^ <|cfained to indenpnfy the
ownet>< oi the two $ehoonecs which the Mexicans
If · f^· Ί t cptç·
FROIVf ty^TANZAS.—By the senr. Ann A
Parkep, Cqpt, Brightman, (our days from Mqiar;
zasf we have advices to fh?e 23d ult., lrorrt Alqtan
zas and |jav^n^
Nothing new. The cargo ofRjce per Ann A.
Patkcr, sold atiij rials ca^h, qudthat of the Har
riet, from Charleston, son*e days previous, at ]()
rials. The market is now well stocked, there
being at least one month's supply on hand. i\ew
Molasses fiad not begun to come in and the |
stock of old being exhausted, the market was ι
completely bare.
American produce generally was dull of sale.
Potatoes, last sales, per bbl., the market
well supplied.
Accounts from Havana via Afatanzas, to the .
oi^tiit< i'iinr/»ei-rii ih»> mnrkcî lor Rir.p. in the!
r -
s^me dull and depressed state reported by last i
arrivals. Several cargoes had arrived and were
J \ i - » t t i » « '
be jug stored.- -Savannah Georgia)^.
X · I t . , » I « J
notorious frcebo^pr who for several years past
has g.ùji^y of the most daring atrocities on
the traveller am} citizen* upon the borders of ι
TeçaK, if^3 at last come to ;·; vjoient end. On !
buiii'uy the 51li instant, a person ifgainst whom he \
had uttered threats of violence came to \\ het
itorii 'scabin situated about ^0 miles from Shreve- j
po,t, and finding the door-closed, knocked tor ad-1
mission. As soon as \\ hehtone opened the door,
the stranger discharged a load of buckshot in hi*;
breast when Whetstone fell instantly dead.
Whetstone is represented to have robbed and
killed more than twenty different persons within 1
the last fifteen years, lie was about GO years of
age and was a> agile a> a buck and of an iron con
stitution. A citizen of Shreveport, a Mr. Shel
don narrow!) escaped being robbe'd and murdered
by Pete some nine years since.—As he was riding
along the road, Pete approached him and after
presenting a pistol, demanded his money or his .
jife. Sheldon preferring to seek safety in tlight
put spurs to his horse, and succeeded in escaping'!
after a chase of nirie rt*ites by making his horse
jump a ravine which the horse on which Whet
stone was riding refused to do. ·
The citizens of Slircvepcrt are greatly rejoiced
at haying finally got rid olf this monster.—Xeiv '
QfUffns Bec, Ί7th ult.
THE CUT DIRECT.—We like a good thing,
although our "own withers may not go un wrung," ,
ind wc therefore give place to the following from
)ur brother of the "East Alabàuiian," who is:
rery extensively and favorably known as the
'Chicken Man."—Augusta Chronicle.
PARTY EMBLEMS.—Some Democratic pa-' J
>er. discoursjogr lately*^bouf n$riysp)blems, eive$
-I ? ·.. . »ιΓ-Γ - r ; u ^ u.. J... r-ΤΓΓ- , . -«m "
« « « Λ *
Ill t!i£ Ifoutc of Itcprcsentutiri*, the rçll wc^s cal
led at 12 O'clupj^ ^embers aiiaWCf-ctf to
their names.
The House proceeded \o voie lor a Shaker,
and the following >vas the result:
jpUN W. Jones, of Va. 1*28
John White, of Ky. f>9
►So Mr. Jones was elected Speaker, and imme
diately took the chair, and addressed the Hou>e
|ii eloquent expression oi thanks.
The members of the House were then sworn in.
The rules of the ki>t House were adopted a* the
rules of the present, with the exception of the
one hour rule.
The President^ Menage will be sent in to both
Houses of Congress to-day.
Whigs of Fairfax County, wlio usually vote at tlȣ
Drauesville Precinct, are requested to atfc.iu] ^
public meeting to be held ^t the Tavern of Johy;
l>. Farr, on Monday, the 1st day of Janu:,rj, 1814,
for the purpose of considci ing the propriety ;(j
forming a Ci,ay Ciat, fo.· that Precinct.
Nov -j;>. 1813. AN OLD Wiuo.
Buckwheat flour, ^<·.—iooo il,<.
prime Country Buckwheat Flour,
2."> bush. Mercer Potatoes,
5 u Dried jV^. lics
fi 11 Prime Clover
No 2 and 3 Mackerel, fall caught
Prime P. R. feugi;r. .Inst r^cfu^ed, and for
sale by * JOSHUA H \K1)V.
dec corner. Wa^Mnglon and Κinz streets.
y A dtiMi.alde article f »r shaving or for toilet
nse. Wet the bru*h and rub it on Ihe soap till a
little adheres ^o it. then link·· the lather on li.e
Γ.» Λ A I? <K.i ι Ι-Λ/1 ·> rw ! ( ι M· C'l li · 111*
lUWt » \ u\<v J ' v v] «· < ι · w · » ». . — -» · -
dec 4 * JOffrS [. ^AViVS,
▼ V increased demand foç. Îyi^tqr's l.o^^c^
h ii 9 ι mi ucet} thj subscribe^. ^ ttya£e l,P u la^e
quantity, to prevent any djs^ppointmen^ on t!t^
part of thos·.·, who mav have i.eruive.<l beneiU fixjtt
their u_e. itjec 4] " M}\\^ ( S A vlfo '
(Ί Γ\ΡΟ\γρΚ!1 TEA —Jlj Ulf m*t
7} rccrivmi per schr. Phicbe Elu*, |i.otn Nc\v
York, ami fur sale by I '( ) W EUΐ & Λ J Λ It'lU Γ ft Y.
U ho Ikivc in store—
q j half chests of £Oud and fine. ηη<| çïjCS ^ne
(•Imps, (ji,npow:ler, imperial ijud V0hij£ Mvson
TEAS. " dec, \
2ÔO0 pounds Shoulder^,
2Û0U lbs. .Middlings,
ϋΛΟΟ Hams, sm;||! jpui h^ndsome
l4 eut. In store, nnfj foj* sale in loj.s tu suit
purchasers, at Ji:»lt iijjuie price*.
' ||pc 2 ANQRBW j. PL^M{XG.
ByNCH RAISINS.—35 boxes, new crop
'launch Raisins, received to-dqy, rpid for sale
by [ii'»v il] KBRR \ ftfpLjSAN.
4 barrels* ol Apples of various
Λ qualities, also very çood at retail. For salç
dec 3 corner qf rtn(| Fuu.1%x greets.
Ί Α ΠΓ|| j ΪΙϋ^ΙΙ of>|jll Feed, of the vari·
1 4rV7v/\/ ous kinus, for Qak. AJs°> Family
Flour in barrels, and hqlf do; 111: llcci iiftc'kwheat,
superior in barrel^, haljre*, qnd nuai.fei\>; Corn
Meal, Ct,pi, Oats, pjjt Uajs, rfnd Straw, Corn in
the ear, &p., c|tçupei. t»,an the phcapest. "(ίο
ahead.1' v mec2.J Β fQRD.
ON. JONS.—4u*t received q lot of Onions
which arc'very fine, and lacge full bunches;
for sale b> 1 VNK\y ION li^RPER, '
nov 30 F^irfax-if
Wf||SKEy, jn hffds. i^ntj bbjsT Pennsylvania
cppRpi (lf^jlle^ 4 f'i'jy nice ;ji tjc]^, just
landed and for ^le 1^ THOMAS )il. KNfr,
ηο» 2L| corner IVince am] Fairfax-sts.
S;\LT.—4M) sacj>s of Liverpool filled fine salt,
(KM) do. do. Ground Alum,
SU00 bushels of d<>. in bulk,
3U(|0 bushels of Cadiz salt. Fur s.^l^
by [dec 11 A. C. ( AXENQVE (\>.
BACON.— jOOUlbs. of Middlings qf Bacon, of
prime quality at 5 cents by the lifty qr one
hundred pounds, tor sale i>v
di:r 1 Corner of Prince and Fairfax street*.
T, . <·''·»
DIES.—10 half rhests superior Gunpowder
and γ. If. Tens, 4 half pipes old Cognac Brandy,
just received and for sale bv
nov 27 KERR & McLE\X.
I^iXE AM) G. A. SALT—61)0 sacks, Fac
tory filled Fine and G. A. Salt
£00 bushels Liverpool (/· Α., in bulk; if» *tore
and for sale by McVEiGH 6c 1ÎRO.
nov *JU
RAPITV , now completed! in throe oclavo
volumes, price'published by Lea Blan
chard, an'(! for sale by
nov 30 ' "·' ΙΪΚΙ.Γ. & K.VTWISf.K. |
jf >|>y . li ι .·
J AMP OIL — I ne subscriber has just recciv
_J èda frésh supply of Bleached \*'inter Sfrajii- -
ed Sperm Oil, of very best quality. wjjiefi wjll he
sold as low as it can he bought*' f< /; (jf the'sa:, y ,
quality in this city. ΙΙΕΛί ftV'f ·ΟΟΚ,
nov .SO Lhenij^ çôd Qru^ist. i
JUST IN TJMi:.- Nfrw s'j-lt i4 and Gilt
' Hair Pins; Slid';^ for neck ribbons; Jet Breast j
Pins; do. Buttons various sizes; handsome Orangs
and Blacji, (Grange and Blue GitnJs, Cojxls arid
Ta^els: a £urjhj?r supply of Orri- Flesh Powder1
fur the'Toilell. All for sale verj rjfcap at
dec 1 J· Β· 111 f -1 ^ fancy Émp.
Richmond guati: lqal afloat.— .!
17QU bushels selected GrateCo^l, said to by.
ι superior article, now landing and for sale by
CI HEESE—30 boxes Prime Goshen Cheese, !
J iust received per ichr. Alexandria from
Yew York, and for sale bv ,
hqv25 McVeigh & brother
iiuiu un nuti emu ll,J viiiuivmu^ii, »■■·
ki w r.t.
Just published hy M<**r;. Len S. Pl^ncirjrù '
ί art»! I or sale by " i\FLL K$vr\ViSLK.'
j nov .'JO
PKPPKK, ΛΊΠ MLGS, &c.—4U ba^s Peeper,
70 pound* fresh Xutmeg;;
,')() reams ( rown Wrapppyiij I'-anyr
2.") boxes S.':n«jrr>· ^iustarci
■ 7 n · »
3D do KostnSoap
!."> (I») (» rotund Ivppcr.
1.") barrels L'nipped Logwood
].">()() pounds Roll lîrun^tone.
7Λ kc^s Lc\vi>> extra White Lead
1000 pounds Kpsorn Salis
j JiM received per schooner Alexandria. ΙΊ0111
.\cw yorîi", ami for sjle t>v
noy ^ M< VE1GH fc BROTHER
II^ALI^ UHS—Thft ;utt'ii»:on «.tf qll Wiug§, J
▼ ▼ i*nû especially of the ^-lay Clubs of the 1
ad joining ctiiiiif !«*> ol Virgin!· and .Maryland, i*
requested to the IIL.NKY CLAY \LMW\C
for 1S44, now tor sale at the low price of 14 cts.
j per dvj/en, or >4.00 by the proce, cash. Thl·
I Almanac contai!»" S m.£s and Anecdote", a Bi< -
! graphical smutch of llcnry ( lay, and a handsome
; likeness of the illustrious Orator, Statesman, ;
i Patriot and Farmer of Kentucky. Also, tin. 1
New World Life of Ci.iv. prie» ΓΗ ceet.-; and
the LI F Κ and Si'Llv Ί ILS of ΙΙΕλΚΥ Π ΛΥ,
ι in two volumes, neat!ν Ιιοψι I, for s I,*-·^ cash,
rpilL FARMERS' Al»L\M ΚF. a praetiej
X treatise (n the nature, and valuy* ci'Ma,i^;c β
founded on cy[eiimcnts on various ( ro^>s, with :
an ueconni of :,ll the ino*t recent discoveries in
A^r^cul^ura 1 Chen, >!rv. by F. Falknor, Isq. to
wj.ieh is added, PKO,l U ( Tl\ I» FAll.MlVuV by
! .kVwcph A. S^it!.; b<,ih essay* neatly l;ou'.d ;u u:ie 1
j volume, full eloùi. price 70 cents.
n.iv.rs ΛΗ,ν-Κ· M LYIïM Ïoç farmers, a I
I small volante, |.'/ir<' ^ *L* cents. u|t i^ usual to
help tin* ground vv;;ii mucl., and otherwise to rc
comfoit \i ilh muck, pti^ ^o vhe roots but to v\ m
ter it with muck wr^er, v/h^cli h like t^> be more
forcible, is riot pracli-'rd."—bacon Formate bv
nov 21) HELL & EXTWISLE. "
(\ .1/ V F Ί i\Uk1t at thnr old stand, cor
1 ntr <f kin % and Pitl s^rt;';>v, ιο^ί iwcctlij o/ipnitr
the .Vtrshnll Hnnac, Μ,ϊ£ »'.eeeiv^^ lari^e additions
to their tonner heavy stock, to which they re
spectfully call the alter,t on of their customers
and dealers generally H»eir slocj; j<o\y consists
in part, of a Iar^e a.a* <;};^u.al ^ssorlmeiH
Cloths and ( assia^r.e^ of every color & u^li|y
Also, Wave and plain Heaver, J'iJc'l and
Flushing ( Mollis
Silk. Satin. and Mi^'j·:^ i-estjiig
ι SO pieces Satinef, eyery coior
xM) do ♦»-4 !<-1 heavy all W'o^I do iot -e^vt's
Tweed Cashmere;', Kentucky, and Glasgow
*■ « · ' · ° ;
( Limlsey, and other. |.^#ν Ware for «ervants
White, red, yellow, green, çilji and dot met
I'M I, and 10-4 Rose and Whitney Hlariltets
Green and Servants do, large assortment
For Ladies Dresses, πikJ nelis^, a Iv;r^e ;♦*
sortment of French Njerjiios. nlr.in, frz'd.
and striped Alpacas· ('imihon fl.orades, a
new k hund^ofiie argile for I<adi*·^. D^es^es
Cashmere d'licos*i; Ca*)infere m Lr,ij.s'c
Cl.nsans and Kojion*; also genera I assoi t- j
ment of plajn fji'd and striped Mou»lir.s,
oud Crape d'Laij..j Orleans anc} Savon
Clothe, Fn^lid; Merino kc.
• .i * * I
Victoria.'J'arton, He?!} η and other Plaids for,
('hihjrens I)res»rs, ke.
ι 300 niece;. Mngiish, L*rencl« and American Calicoes
Ri,'d K}>.\ K'lsvj;.-jjd 'jV»i!e Diapers
i^resu d ami unJresseu Jrish Linens, .V4 β-1 :
In.h Sj.cetj;:ft.
C«)»Imi> Diapers, Crashes, Napkins n\l Towels
rj*icJ:in«^s, ( "j,eci.-, ( -a^ton Flannels, and Γ« nn
çylvania Jeans
ca^es bleached, and 20 bales Hrown Collons
Ladies and Gent's. (ίloves, in eve··λ vaji«tv,
swell as hi'k and light French Kid, fitu k,
plam and lined Heaver, Merino, Thibet,
Silk, and Cotton ' ΐ loyes
Ladies and Children's Worsted :» p<l Si κ Mitts
Ca^iimere, Lambs Wool, Haw Silk, I hi bet
and Cotton Hosiery j,j çrcat variety
(Gentlemen's Hnekskin Shirt·; ai.d Drawers
Lam1 s Wool, Sagov ja, and Cotton \ctt Shirts
! and Drawers
Siiirt Collar.^. Ho$on;s an<J S'l^penders
(gentleman's licit Salin Merino, Alpaca and
ί Moin if Scarfs
Ladies V<»lv:.t Plush.Merino, ί ^«!}ί Xerj; I i'-s
Honnci, \ee}., and Caj, Ribbands, \elvetdo.
Ê 1-4 Silk, Mouslin, Thibef, Knbyie, Daniaik
Parisian and other fashionable Shawls i ι :
i^re'u variety
12 du/ French iJirnitj Collarrcts
Thread, Li !v. £., d Ivcneh I Ma it L; < .'S and
I.d/ings, Fringes, C imps, Tassels ke.
Ml!1!>Γ Ladies, Γν11<I Children*, Gernia^.lowp
' ·* : i r..n^j ι .
do χ. Weired ;i rid Merino (Jnmfor, ι
^ picppj LI'k and blue 1>Γ!: &L· Vulve; fut. i,on
I' iù-U and Cardinal· '' ' U
Silk, (li/tçhan). and Motion ( uihrell-i^
Λ laree assortof Gentlemen s :hi>| Hoys
Wave, Ueavcr, Pilot, and Hushing Ovcrcouts
TogrtiiCfc ν» iih ix iuli ajournent of 'fine and
low pçîcèâ Carpeting, ColojeJ, while Lupcl
Warns, VVooll^n V ârn, frnit^inç (.'otton, iiaj.tiri£,
\eedles, Ph. · Tapes, Buiion^, spool an.j Laij
Cotfo,., ' VVhLfc Hones, Carpet and i ui ni lure !
JJin^ii»^*, ' With a grea'i, vafietv of oîhrr nr- |
tides not enumerated- All ot wjiirh v. ♦· it^pcêt- .
fully invite huvers to call and examine L»< lor*'
making their purchase* el-eu !»c:rr. <!.<· ei>.Y ν ,
Of E\?ni description, lU<r· t d iCitU Atours arj j
despatch at the Office of tir
Pamphlets, Circulars, Tickets, ffandbills, Fferren/f,
Blanks, Business Cards, 0/ every description, I
itiiy-iwo eo*ι>, tuso ine v'osv;> \ne suu
in whit ii said decide was pronounced apçl
expenses nienunt to the exe^ukio^i (hereof. The
in te ι ,· t οι <ιι.» l)oti£lu>s ι* ue lyycrsif η in sun
dr\ Slaves, l^n<i a tract of Lund in the County of
I't incv. VVillnr*». to ia*e etteel aÎtyC ibe death of·
the wiiio\» oi C■ t <\\^o i$ aow far ad
vanced in M< . 1 he ..ge <){ lue I lie »c'»uiit togetn
er with a particular description of the property
aforesaid will be made known on the day of sale.
novtil—cots JOHN W. TYLKR, Comm'r.
W I "Si ϊ ΙίΓΛΝ ΛΚΙ) -—Kaiuway from the,
Ο ■ * ' subscribers, living near Oak Hill,
rauijuici County, Va., on Saturday, 18th instant,'
negroes '/'(/.>/. U'I.YI>S(H{, (itnl Ton^
ij aliont .rars ot aj^<·. ùc*, \0, i>r 11 inches
i.igh, cjrs rather rcd;al>o_ a projection of the çy#
ιοοιίι and the light iou finger otf'at the first joint.
Windsor i- about !7 year* old, 5 feet 5 or G in
fi.v · hi„':, likely ;.mi oft»o(jd countenance—rather
;ii^iin(d to d<»\, η look when spoken to, had oi\
wneu κ» lelt a >.iiit of hall ηοπι Us iJled cloth, his
» f
coat, a fro» k, of mixed, pantaloons dark, shoes
heav\. doiihlr *oled, and ; ··_cζ*'«Î; and a cap.—
\\ indent*, it ι .ι ν. however, exchange liis clothing.
James U a cupper color, about years of age,
and near six feet high. No marks recollected.
A- Tom ha ί several suits witjji him, among
a gre\ mixed I'll! cloth, a > », a brown cloth close,
coat, with a hole in the body.
We will give the above reward for thcirappre
Mention, and all reasonable charges paid, il de
livered to u* ι»··:«ι Tr> «k Mill, or ««'cured in an\.
iil W.M. K. GLASSCOCK, *'
(>•4; II.II. I an^nier t'y.. Va., Vov. *2\—eol m
1Λ ι V ι : l.<d ι Λ US ItKWAIU>.—Ria\ away
from tlie subscriber on thc^ithof Augusta,
hired *il;\ve the property of Mr, John Athey, by
the nana* of J< Ml; call** hiin-»elf ./OfJ H II.I.LLWS.
jl's age io not known by ine, but supposed to be
nineteen, Is- about live feel, light copper color,
Ιι ο · »: h 'en lie it'll rctriHtm [jam.-, aiiu umo
picket. ίί»' ii.i" relations :it Washington. I will
■jive tl>e :«l ,»ve (cwiin! «n lue a^pp;heitsiou of
said bov, iiutk alt tea^o table charges puui when
delivered to ire ' " Κ. Λ. C. MASON,
uov Hî—co ι m ueaç Oreoquan, Va.
Vf οκκ (ί»ιj ν»', ι. \{ i:st i;ix;ixc;.sf &e -
xi I Ju-t received French Plait Edging 3 to^
ct«., do. do. Lace of to fjl]\ ets, Li^lr Kdging I to
'J ets., Γνχ i-t Ivl^irig ^ v() ·{ ^ S)IIA Cpvaje 31
et-, a square, ChiMieiT- lïiid^s. ^ ets./See^nu
.Mourning ( oJlar- -J ets., Freneh-woi ked Collars,
new style 31 et- . Dimity <'oll»»v:i Dimity
Hand- rivets , Night Cap* * cl-., (*4iil Iren's Pan
tilettsv>"i «-is.. Si ! U M i*i- 1:2 et·., YYotstyd
,»( el^., bl"k Si!k (ilu\e- ets , Keticulej 4'i
et-., Flowers 8 to ·*5 ets., Lare Capes andCol
lars, ( '!icrni"-tî-. Ruok* and S wis* .Muslins, Tarlc
ν";ί Λ1 ii-tin and uhi»e Nctt- of all descrip
tion.-, Poiiuctt- a no u..p R:hb<>ns, Silk Fringe,
Catnbriy, Fil'jir \r. and Inserting, $>c., kç.
New \f lU Che ij> I/ire Stntv, laii ftix-str et t, ntr f
tjj *( il I. »y uhl· r vV ( V\ Dru-j; Slon.
Kail R >a<4 taken at par for goods.
nov kj j
Ο ..ub c^if.t lia. m,v.*on hami :.n<i willcontiri
uc to keep SMOKFJ) HtiBF Λ Ν ί A TUNGl'ES,
of hi* own curing:. warranted of superior quality,
to be had at hi - >ta 11 in the Market, ever)' morning
dm ι*;_ς mar ket hours.
»oht :JU—eo'im J JOHN P. Κ M Fit SON.
< Π A r> I ; ι;—> ν. ι-I. t >-/1Ι α yal^ble farm
in .icli'er.on county, Virginia,(.onfainirig, by a re
eent -uryev, five hundred and seventy-six acre»
and a half. The abo\e land lies on the Shenan
doah River, about live mil· s from ( harleslown,
two from the Shenandoah Spr.nirsunti seven from
liai per- ! ci ιy; ill· good roads, to ij.c fwo former
places, ami an ea-y water c<,n.inunica(ion witn
the latter, l#y in· -an* of ,, r ,1 >ei, wiiich is naviga
ble. I pv> urci- o;' ion» η wild fed a ere* of the laii'j
are v.; II wooded v.iiii oak, hiejtory, walnut, lo
eu*t ie., wiiieii are valuable, in a neighborhood
where there is a lar^e a» i i lereasin^ demand for
timber, and but a limited supply. Several Hour
ίηΐζ and saw mid- are near it on the river. I
ι 1.1., is ua.il watered bv sever.il fine -prints and
vtrcams upon it. while fÎkî low ground* a»e no&
subject to 111:1 t<*r iai owvilovv the river.-—
There are two dwelling on ihr f.i,m, uiili out
budding*, ii 11 <1 there uie^f ·.♦ 11 fine orchards, one
of thorn a yourig peach o,chard. With an abun
(!*: f( c oi fiih ;γμ! u'i'i fowl in tho i#ver, and game
011 the Mountain, : hd (oirrm . r»:;jç #· ν·· ι y advan*
ta^o ol r>o«ilion In the rnov fo'.^.ie* ôud healthy
0ourijy fn \ ii^irju, £ood oci. „j, 'cheap and easy
trait f )fl;tjion to Biltimoje andtne District, and
ready ileal tit»· Sprint and ίίΰΓ|)6Γβ F« rr" for
all lipids of marketing, lb*'» property ptCîents m
ijuccnierils ihat aie rarely met with. For the
tonus apply to the Mibvi ihrr at Ml. Vernon near
Λ ! .· vndri:!. or to H. /»· W a diin^lon near ( harlct
hnvnj J |ί··ι*.«on count), who uiil miow the prcmi
s< s. I v. ι ί ! «ί·11 on accommodating terms or ex
change for other properly on the ti'Je water o|
\ irJ.iia or .Von l.m·!.
juil.v. λ \y.).siiiK(;roy.
oct ι Ian 3m [Nàt. fût
/fë, FOR Uk\T tin· en ujng year, my Tav
orn. at BrenNnlJc Jie county [own < t
I'rinoe William County ί i. liiiia. 'J i.e 'j'·.»\«·rn
Hou^e, .1 ini S f.'l"· are ,ι.ίί eiently comipodioii*,
for th<* aeeoninio iation ot ull wuo usually attend
:hr courts. an I th.-re i- in t κ: south east corner
>fihe Hou.:t\ a Stop· and f ου η tin?-room, with a
* I ·
jood yy celhir under ihem, sufficiently roomy for
iti extensive Country .Stop ·, where, at this time, in
n\ opinion, a profitable b»ninc*«> could ho dorej
md »1 a person w ell rpialdied, and calculated to
•ondm.t a Tavern and Stoi»-, would unite |he two
tranche» ol busme^ h» could certaial) do well,
ί «■ h η 11 he at feront-ville, during the οθ·>ΐοη oi tho
"•up'-rior (\iurt, w h i h c>m minces <»r 1 the 17 f ri
■ij-^ant, when 1 -i»^ll he glad to meet '.vit η a suita'
de person w anting *ucti property. 'My Post Of
V'e, is '«Thoroughfare,' Prince William County»
Prince William, oct JO—eo2t&\vtf
» · · ·
SACK SALT —lôUU s-atk<> Liverpool coarse
and fine Salt, oi largest bize, and be-t quali
ν, lor '•ale by
nov 24 W M FOvVLE fcO.V-'

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