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Alexandria gazette. [volume] (Alexandria, D.C.) 1834-1974, January 31, 1844, Image 1

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' (-,11. 1 >V>nriir fliTA At--^
^?44k J4 444 ^44^4) 4 44 -
\ v.y i v^—v "-"■
\. __^ s
._,.___,.* ^-*~**_—M<^.ira^yv^«n«-y^-'Tn'»t~*,'fv«r-• aHtgaMao~33«a^^.5argraj.iaeiar-^asiaaaPry3aEg3CK-,agag-g2ac?ia»gg^g'^tT J
^^aLLiriniriiii-rr ~~ — - - - - - *'
\ » ; Ij. a v *-ii * • ^
j'^tanirit Gtnsttf <$• Virginia Jldctrlistr
E P O A II S N () W I) E X ,
\t Iv. ;*:t Fill'iW per rvvrirn, payable half yearly.
] !r r i ’ll r * a f»'tzrt** Tv I > r IT' w fa.? V rerthrr
(for, the • >C\* I KY )
is iM'MUsnpn, Kwiiri.\ut.v, o\
n'KSl)\YS, Tll-TR >I> ws Sc - \TFHDAYA,
\t five <1 >!tars per v v\ u, payaVe iv.i !vance.
r , iv %oykht»sivo.— A ftrertisei its
cveHin^ one v; jure, insert ad thro*- ?’ m s
for on- dollar. \dverti^rm-' co::ti*.uH
after three ti.ucs for All €<•?>♦* a /y
: VV'*b/»)t Jiisj or *'.» •'!•*!». 'fits'* . - • N“
...... >r * c-'T'?'* 1 :l v{" !!V
Adv rsvi.- -.t> hv t ie vy r, it price* io b." a*
gm \ upon, h i-.i'-X r o-rc n o to the usuul
of spa^« they may occupy.
Persons adverti<i«!'JT f>v the year not ioadve:r!;e
articles not included in there reJC-dur ouMiiys,
nor to insert in their advertisement,any ot mr
names than their or/n.
Nov. 24. 1' 12, S
Not them XI iil closed daily at 1 o > *,K E
f.M': arrives and ready for delivery, every
mornir", at 7} o'clock . . .. . .
?£^»L:oiitlierii Mail closes naily . at •>. A. . 1.,
arfiv.% dailv from 2 to 3 o’clock, [>. M.
' Winchester M; II cl o M - - W. «es
•lavs. ami Fridays at 1* I’. M.; arrives W dines
Warrcnl i Mail closes Fucsduys, rhursday ,
V„1 Sat.ir-bvs. at 7 A. M.; arrives Sundays
AVi-dues lavs, nod F^ays. by a r. .1.
! t ihil. « ■ " ' '
Tucsdai s, 'i Kuis l>' s. and Saturdays, at. A.
arrives M ei.lays, 'A vda« -oa> s, and 1 11 'A » .
iu 1‘. M. ,, , _
Northern Neck. \ a.. '■ >< '
and Thursday ...V. V M.: * *'/* v-h »>“•’ Sf,,lUh*
ei ■ T sdaysand ml »>*•
hit < - - '
nesdays, ami Fridays at I :5. M 5 rr res M -
days, Thursday-, an-1 rsaVirJays, y.ttiam.-ri
l p.„.r M ir'h r >’ (M l.) Mail coses S-iiu. }',
TuAtavs. ami Thursdays, at I f‘- M-; arnr^s
\Ve*hv*« lays, Frida vs, and Sundays. ‘ < .a. '1.
\ . : on Mail closes
T rsilavs,at ! I ■ '1 : w s M • ■
i i _ i. *■ i V j
3*- ^ x }
|*„rt - > t \i 1.) Mad r•••.<•<
Wednesdays, »t i P. ■ ires sun .
Thursday '. at "i A ■ M
“ Vw.l .\Oi;F‘>l,K.—i'he
, ^%tr tt..i>- .1 "i-" siM'.N.v.ili
t;.- ‘-2th .. Mart, waKe
bntone trip a week to the above pi " i; "in ’
\\ tsiii.i rt'«» evvry Thursday poo: >iii- a'S; i- ct" m.
ami Alexandria at id o'clock tv! »n«»*S
N trfolk ev ry ■ at t o '
i„r. Passage aid fare *‘i. S:.e wnl <•"
| land Pass
the Potomac, and e »1! i’> t' >m- Aiver. cmi ; an..
I \ . I i ' n V: * 1 V * i ! .1 - la,
returning. a.\ «... A-‘
.. 1 » ( 'VA 1 r*
nov 1 »
•,I ,KX s. > !>!*.! \ 1!'> Vl\
:x a.iy. c • I - to
ply between the t*:> *ve i J *>, nn I, 1 *.t^. 1 : -
notice, will depart •*> t •” ’•
Leave Washington at ‘A 11, A. I . 1A -h<“ J. >
P. M. , ,
Leave Ale\m:A i x af I‘ . »*A A A1.. t i
f. M. A ANA
C [\NLLOF linl'PsS.
.$>%„, -A'; -! Tom and alter tr.i- dtite
';v* ta,—the in» t;-> o! t!.*j»;u ‘ure ot tii<>
Steamer P1IKN1NA • * as to!lows; ^
Leaving Alexandria at > and il o\!oe!\, A. M.,
and ball pu^t 3, P. M*
Leaving VYa>!itn;.^* o at 1 • ano 1 -, A. .d., un .
half pu*t 4 oV!»»*' k, i . d.
She will also m ike one «»tp to A ’ > '
daily, (Sundays ex.-epte l.) leaving X txatHtna
at 1, and tieor^v-towo * o't !o a, )*.
oct 16— J A d v, l
vgiHE ii \ M)soMr.>vr iyll i • R
l HSU Li) IN A M K\\V[\ Ibr^r's' ///«
MUI llfd and P . •1 •
R<ir<? </ coytj.— ! he pet ‘tr a** >n ol bn
Bible is at length comm
vr is now lor sale. it wo! >'h* emm iU vl1 ^ m Uo
sixteen hundred Li~t >rie ! *.n.u s
h an Initial L* tte to e lch ,’
_*iams, more than ] I * t * > n* v/lori art* !■ *my >£*'
uil designs by our townsman. Jouv <i. * n\e
:jam. The work will be printed from the Man-‘
dlTvl copy of the American FiSle ' ;cic?v. and
CXitain the Apocrypha, a Concord.ir.ee, ‘ hr
.radical Table, List ol i roper Name's, &e. i ae
1 ir^e Frontispieces, Titles to the Old and Nr w
Testaments, Family Records, 1* re sent Mi n Flair,
Historical Illustrations, Initial Lcttess to tne
^napters, Ornamental borders, wi:l be M'»:n
firiginal designs, made express’) tcrl'u* eom.uu
.j; J. (r. Chapman; in addition t » vh*ch‘here u i.;
N* 110 large Fn^ravinss, from d..*?u,n ->y c1 > hu
riish**d mm!f,r:i ar**s;s su Lu;.land ! t'^am
* *->. Vp> :u;;i i.,o * hide ;v iil be completed
*i uol o*cr50lw. be is, ut io cts. cat - I 1 h
i.'bii-ousof subsetiomd A,il
ames to [dec 30] Li: N.? - & E VV LH -
Just received a supply of tne a(> *'C near ai
•icle: for bedchamber Lamps, or small h ire I Lui*
i.iern, it is the h* st and cheapest article yet ofL
i\ It) bbls.; 10 A do.; 10 } do., of a very supe
rior quality and warranted lree trom errit, and
for sale by J. NCAA i ON HAKl LR,
jan 9 _ . Fairfax st.
If A HEAP SI (; Alls.—lioou l or to mcocmgar,
Lv H lbs. for $1, sup 'i'i >r light and dry do. 11
hm! I*d lbs. for Si- For sal© by j
ian 6 A. S. W1LUJ
lllTKETSand Brooms Iron and Wood bound
-li ware, Fine and Coarse Salt, for sale b\
jan 8 corner ot l'rinee and Fairfax-sts.
'PEAS.—Superior Pout hong, (or black Tea.'
A Gunpowder, Imperial and Young Hyson
leas, at verv low prices. For sale hv
lanG A. & WILUS.
A heads and barrels. For sale bv
jan 6 corner Prince and Fairfax Streets.
0 DOZ. iron and wood bound, ware, now land*
'0 ins:. Also, an extra size, for sale bv
jan 10 McLEAN &. HURDLE, j
V boxes No. 1 fresh Chocolate
6 4* American and English Mustard, a j
superior article
300 lbs. Poland Starch, warrented
30 boxes double refined l abie Salt
Far sale by (jan 8) A. S. W I LETS.
V ails and widow glass.—50 boxes
- * 6, 8, 10 and l*dJ nails a?id brads
30 boxes and 1 j!f bo.ses 10 and 10^
* ;ndow glass, received and for sale low by
bl.vj.vmix 7:
'4*il VoweH's w haTf
SUGARS.—Very superior New Orleans and
__ Porto Rico Sugars’.—also, a few quarter
|h »\es of Bunch Raisins, lor sale by
jm 5 Cos'u-r Prince and Fairfax sts.
A f \s >\ ~! o ialllngk blacking.—
; \es Mason’s iniinjt abb • 'll illenge
‘ )v a, t or tvi'c at the lowest prices by the
>f. .} »n, or single box, o\
r ILL! A MSG . S SA PON ACE )US, a sav
V, ^ in c 0>:r»p uind,—a further supply of the
: ve. j ».*t iveviv. » an 1 lor \ale at
C. (\ BERRY'S Cheap Fumy,
, j 3 -v d Vahe St >re.
, : Bu i 1 isins, Kreisbery Brand,
. 1V« Ai vmreu Figs, Zante Currents, soft
V.S,.}! Mn:omls ' JJcnoa Citron, and Apples, for
1 sale bv T. AI. WHITE,
j t;j )3 corner Prince ami Pill sts
X EV\ RVE FLi UR.—< U I and a lot of very
| 1 superior W'v R\c Flour, put up expressly
far family u^e Those who desire a a*od article
can he supplied bv calling at W ILLIS’S,
’ jan 11 * King street.
\ j FEU'HR POTVTOKS.—A s ipply of Maine
iVl .7 rcer Potatoes ju-t received end for sale
n $] A. S. WILLIS, King Street.
MEAL.— A lot of very superior white
V; Omi .Mjal in store and for sale low by
j m 15 V S WILLIS, King-st.
7 At L \U!\ U FA. of a very superior quality, put
^ i? up in 1 pound papers—for sale at
j a, j r> .r.’NEWTOX H YRPKK’S, Fairfax st.
T7lRGl.\! \ PIPPINS.—5 bbls. prime Yir
V giniu Pipping—received and ior sale by
yi wv SCHOOL SATC! 1 ELS.—A lew
nt* ?- of the above, received and f**r sale by
1HK RECTI >,: t < F VALEHE VD, by the
■* it *v. *t(,i)*Tt WiG ii Evans, M. A-*: another
v ]*nne o! \fv’th't*'■ t k • t nurchmaii s Library,
iVo::i the 1:2th En glish edition; just published,
at ! f *r sale, i ri* e To cents, by
Lectures on the Principles ami Practice
't P v'if*. . b* t: v**r«': I «t f\ iiv.Cs College, London,
■ - . . M. D., t el low of the Roy il
• h*p‘t * (11 I »'■:’* l • i, v*CC. J I■* t JmI • ii ' ht d I* ’ I a
wC i'.aocbiii'd, in wiv 1.«r_:»• octavo volume ot 1100
oa r irid i\j;* - lie, nr see 'C,o0, 1>v
*. -.'I 1 ELL & EN[WISLE.
\ I ■ .R jEi G< : ■ . —Jet < ' >mbs,
. V.ii ,h t Sikh 1 v the Neck, do 1 lair Pins, do
Recast Pins, vorvcheap. lar^eJct Ptbtons, black
and v.1 P* !*u. !v : Hair Pit*-- Gold ( .unco
':)■ . t ; >, f. , k, to ■*■), and mu' \ uil.ei iVh
i > ; *i)io eh j ) u >o*:.Ju-t rue* iv d, ire!f.*r sale
at 1 ~ *•• IL MILLS',
|3 Fanev Emporium.
/ 1 ,'.u ; , , ; i INK OIL LAMPS.—
1 * Gold's Patent i me Oil L irm art the only
,i“'.um» burners :n 4 vvorid ent rely elevated
vl the oil, which G in a fount tin free from
an*' mvta-k* sub*»t in c. Some ol the advan
\ , f this eoi iCik)**, an the prevention
... . t, and e e nission of no smell
**.•;; it- ; v »* »: i f.'.":' o' • MiOt ; the lit st pO’.Vcl'tul
l;.-ht,-u .Jy and imrceuCe to the eye, and the
. . ■. .. ; i i the v rid. The oil
burned :.i ii • lamps is composed of Carbon,
21 y\ u only, but aeoriv a!i carbon, ol
course it . • . , »the f<>uri(ain is at
%% c . i Pine Oii t;ivcs as much
tx:na I >il, and tin: price being
it is. tii'-roforc, the cheapest and best o* ad
li.dil cxc. > 1 ll; tt of tin: ifuu. ! be iJiae oil and
nv ■ ft r sale at itEA 11Y (X)<JK’.3
: • 1 >■‘ store.
rpin: \\i UOAA >URN \L OF THE
>10AJ ' CES, is published quar
ter!^ Iphia, by Lea & B1 inchard, and
, jjtVd ! , Loan 1; M. 1) , Surgeon b Wills
• .1. i !. 'i<-i oi t » the Philadelphia Orphan
use t orators
It was commenei d
'id »i* i ' : - *, a: 1 Hu-ref iv, the oldest Medical
J..• ir:. .1 i.i tb* !*>•:. b >!nb s an 1 ps ju njianency
ni:»v h<* < >••' !«•**. i cvai-h■ d. I ha j ol
1' ■ . .14 li?• i| c<i". :;ri ?he r C<U*t!- ! t.UC * Xp^netiCC
:;f \ ic i-> : t ■’tin1 members >f the Pr >
in cv< r\ pa: lot the l :.» m, or:j;ioa! cs>j\%
extended r* \ i* \\ < t’ the most important works,
Inbii'vjrrar! i,*n* iu ti •< a* .] a lull summary ct
; .rri^u 'o I d< mo-tic oitci 1 i '» nec. hh^r* i *rms,
advance, and the Nos.
tirhverc‘‘ in \bf\ tndria free of expense.
s ... N h'■ ■ w .. as' •; ublith The MEDICAL
NX ' X ,* i ’ .1* Y, 3 monthly periodical
of 32lares' * cl ■ l) } r?ntc ’ ; *.:• s, c >nUi
.. inte • nee, c m a! I tclures. notices of
cases an I o| rati >: s & \ VI ' • ' ; 'M » *>
compose i s -ri‘‘s of I ah turcs or wd» ks nr. tne
p?***i *ip il b“ of* if' d Medical beno* anX v'‘-l
i < rmp! te Lil ary f« r the stude: bi
.... r {• . w. ^ will 1'* t * if (if \V Lec
t»:i. tun ih inh - a«:d Practice o; Medicine.
‘ * '• • pr: r r : ll * A *.v- a::d Library, i** j* 1
inmnn i:t i iv u < . an ! the Nos. delivered in
Alexandria, if desired, free of expense. It is
subject t • > new-pa per i -tin* ot.!y. Subserip
t c " re eived bv KA 1 ^ iSLIn,
: m 24 [ \ en s for Journal of Med ca!S< ienees.
s\l)n: Lit UiXES-L AND TRLNK
f \VFS VA NS A NT, Kins Street. SAer.
rl anrfria. (/>. C. ) next door to the Mar
v ,an Mouse, in tendering his grateful acknowl
edgement? to ids friemis and the public for the
distinguished patronage lie has received from ;
‘hem. begs leave to assure them that, with an '■
ample supply of the most clioice materials, he j
will be able to render entire satisfaction to those
v. ho mav please to favor him with their business, i
cither bv order or personal application, and that;
he will sell all articles in IX one. as low as they j
can be procured in Baltimore or elsewhere.
He has on hand, at this time, and will continue ,
to keen, a Luo assortment of the following arti
rle< wholesale and retail #on the most moderate
’ i
term? :
Patent Spring Saddles
Men's Saddle?, host quality, stuff
Do do do plain Haps
Do do common do
Ladies’ do best and common
Plated and steel-bitted Bridles, of various
Plated and steel-mounted Martingales
Saddlebags of the latest fashion, & common
Pelisses and carpet Travelling Bags
t Lted mounted Carriage Harness
Do do Gig do
Brass and japan mounted Gig Harness
Plated, brass, and japanned mounted eariole ;
Wagon, cart, and dray Harness
Fire Buckets and Halters j
Also, a general assortment of elegant hard j
leather Travelling Trunks, and a great variety J
of the best Gig and Riding Whips ,
Plated, steel and brass Spurs
Platt d, steel and brass Bridle bits and Stiiups j
Saddletree* and Buckskins, assorted
ButfaL skip. S ddie covers
Old Saddles neatly covered with hog,'buck, j
and calfskin, and quilted at shortest notice.
Old Saddles, Harness, and Trunks, of ail kinds, I
repaired at the shortest notice. J* V. j
JfckS $ 9 nj
! CUAX1 TAILOR, respectful!v informs
i u ,e public that he has removed his FASHION
the new s?«<re adj-ining Mr John'Erse's Ex
change (Office, on King Street, where nis old
i customer-*, citizen* arid stringers, who wish to
h ue any di-crii,tion of gentlemens’ and youths
i clothing, manufactured in a fashionable, comtort
1 a ale and satisfactory manner, and upon rcason
j able terms, are requested to ca!!, being qo»te
«anguiue of his ability to plea-e in the fa-lnon,
* fit, finish arid priec. of all goriiients entrusted to his
| care; having v* ith even less experience than ho
: is now from considerable practice possessed of,
i been cr.tinly successful tliereiti, moreover being
1 w ry well aware that clothing is n cessarily cx
j pensive, and when its cost is ineured that a mis
fit is pr ivoking ; he requests. all who would avoid
the hazarl rf regretting having gong to ‘‘the
wrun: shop” to give him a h i.*!.
\V. A ke**ps constant!y on liund a hand-ome
assortment of Chubs, Cas-imeres, \ ^ Kc.,
which he will work up to order at prices so low
as not to he surpassed; also, Coats, \ ests and
Pantaloons always on hand at very low prims.—
Cutting and repairing neatly and promptly exe
cuted. dec II—J f
"I^TEWTON’S HOTEL.—The subscriber u
Ll sportfully informs his friends, and the pub
lic, that he has taken his old stand, at the corner
of Pitt and King streets, which having undergone
tlior ugh and extensive repair, is now open for the
reception of company. The furniture has been
! entirely renovated, and much new added, thus
: making it in point of comfort and convenience
! equal toany in the town. The proprietor, by ua
i ceasing aticmionto hi> business, hopes to merit a
■ share of the pub’ic patronage.
| Alexandria, my 2-—tl' A. NEW PON
JTI l ST MOT O F (:<.) 1 ,r M P, i A, \ikxam>rp.< v,
; U > to wit:—October Term, IMo— k.ehai'd lE
I lasretI. ami Sarah Chvju. tt his wife: Win. P ere
; ami Mars Pau»; his wife; Ann Id. Ramsay, Frcd'k
* Foote, and Colin A. Foote, Win. P. Foote, Jane
Eliza Foote, am! Frederick Fo' ic, ir-, infant, un
der thence of 1 years, !.v the said Frederick
Foote their father, O-'npkomm/i, aaiot Charles
.MeKnight, Wm. II McKnkht, Robert kirn; and
| Susan his wife, (form* r!y Susan Mcknight,)
John Fornance, and Arm his wile, : i >rmcny
Ann McKniuht.) Catherine Ciaudall, Martha !>.
Riunney. James MeivnUht, and Ceor^e P. Mc
knight, /Jc/RuCoi/4 — /.V ('If. /.VCR/* 1. I he dl -
l' nd ants Roh.-rt K inir and Susan his w :!e,a:;d John
F jrinime and Ann his wife, ami Gcr.o* P. Me
Kni-.Jd no* having entered, thesr appearance to
this suit, and "iven security according to ilea s‘a
tuf-* and the inks of this Coml, and it appear
ing to !ne sali-faction of the Court that Re* said
Robert k inland Fu-jn his wile, John Fornance
and \n;i hi> wite, ami C’*nr:.o P. .Me knight not
inhabitants of the ])i dri 't of C. Jmnhiu, on the
i'm t' :M of t ie rompiu munis by iheir so»;e»tor,
it js (-r.h red tiiai the -ni i an- ni defend.oils do
. appear here on or before the first day of the ne\!
I May Term of this Court, nnd answer the com
pl i\ . mts bill, an 1 ®ive - urity far f r >r i
’ the decrees of the (bud: and that a copy of this
order he forthwith puidiCnd, lor two months
.successively, in the Alexandria Caw'ie, and
another copy p .-{ed at the front door of the Court
House of said County C. F. REF-, 0. C.
j m 3 —d’-hu
'T or COM Mi'lA, A r ' \ wwo \
^ P Cv>r\ i y, i;» wit: (^■•■hr !'* i‘>,— 1 1: ■
t*!:i 1 \-vSMratwe Society, :teri:lire on build*
iti^s, in the State * i \ irvrln'n—i c??i;! a*
gainst, Sidney L. } j.»Dson. \’ irn* ' a ? M ahv a:,
<'n ). H ! 'S hi, at d J ill t A. llmig n
l)vt\ wl‘nX-iX <'!U.W'r}!Y.
The defendant Sidney 0. Hodgson, not having j
entered hi* appearance to this suit, and given se- !
rurity according to the .statute and the r iles el ,
this Court, anti it appearing to the sall-Taction ol j
the Court that the s tid Sidney !Hodgson is not
an inhabitant oflhe District of Columbia, on the
•n aioti of the complainants, by their h uior, it
i> 'ordered that the said a’ sent deli nd »nt Ho up- I
pear her* on < r bcf*»rc the br-i *1 iv <d the n \t !
Aiav t M’iii of this court, and m>.ver the complain
ants bill, and give security for perf ruling the de- ;
caves of!!e‘ C nrt; and thV the resident del. id- j
ant* t ormdia L , t ’aroline « > , and Julia A. i iodg- i
son do not convey, pav a wav, or ec rate, the d his j
hv them owing to, nr the e.-f.de. money, or ejects ;
in their hands, bei*>ntriM,g ! » tv.* * ’ ed *'ent deien- ;
dant. Until the. f ' ■: b * .and dcClVi of the j
Court; epd the ,t i •• d t* i- urdel* ! (. torlhv* ith j
. edislitrl. ?**r i.vi/ in'.'Jitits snecejsdveiy, m i
* » .
Alexandria <i izeUe; and another* eop\ posted at
tin* front door of th * Court I Iou.**p of vii! County. ]
Test: [dec 13-2m] CAS SUJSF. LEE, C. C. ;
T^ISTKIOT uf Cmld MB1A, Ai.nxwnrviA j
Cu;\T.u t> wir: — (h-toher Tmn !M3.— ;
Levi Woman r late Secretary of the Treasury, 1
for the use of the I nit *.I State*, fV.wi/;/ai»an/, j
agair.*t Uenrv T. Dun !a*>, Thomas Dundas, John
Dundas, Sophia M Pevtor., Aiancv M. Keene, !
and Eliza Dundas, IV C?I. IXCERY.
The defendant*, Henry Y. l> inda*, Thomas Dun
da*, Jvdm D mdas, Eis/.a Dund ;*, and Sf-phia M.
prMou, not having entered th ir appearance to
th's S',u, •)* il given * r-c:truly acconle g to the
... v ; m;As of this ( ourt; and it appear- *
irivT t » tin* satisfaction A* ‘bo Court that the sai l
timti v, Thomas, John, Eliza, and c»o;>> ia i:., me
not inhabitants of the District id ‘ oluinbbv, on •
motion of trie complainant by hi* >:»• ' do»u n i>
ordered that the said absent del end an is
pear here on or before the hr*.t day oi the f*cSt
term of this Court, and mower the complainants .
bill, and give security for perform ini' l he de
cree*' of the Court; and that a copy of th:.; order
be lorthw ith published, for two me-uri: sneers
sively, in the Mexandria Cazcttc: ami another
copy po>tod at the front door of u.c Court House
of >:» id i 'mint?. Te.'le :
dec lo—2m CASSIUS F. LEE, C. 0_ *
. The subscriber bus removed bis Paint
Shop, from Prince to Water street, second door i
from Princ e. With due the.nl; > for pant patr* n
age, he earnestly soiicites the continued calls of1
his iriends and the public generally. House, Sign, !
and Ship Painting,done on the n nst U‘Comn.cda
ting terms, and w arranted second to none.
All orders thankfully rceei.ed, and prompijy
attended iv 19—lyl GEO. PLAIN.
THE!) CORDS, Lending Lines, Coil Hopes,
# \\ bite Beaus, Lviec Apples, ixc., &c. in
great vaiiety, for sale by THUS. HERNS,
jan 12 corner of Prince and Faiii’ax-st.
Ilf SYLVAMA W1JISKE1’—just received,
and for sale low by
jun 11 _ McLEAN Sc HURDLE.
11 IN’ MATCH S:\EES, a useful and convenient
article, containing one grore of Matches,
price 37’cents; also, FntmarPs Perfumed Matches,
and Patman's Patent Sealing Wax, which burns
without a light, lor sale by
j.itl 15 BELL cc ENTWISLE.
MOTTO WAFERS, kc.—Motto Wafers in I
papers of an 100, assorted; price Pif cents
per paper; Transparent and Note do; Glass Mot
to SeaL; Scaling Wax; Fancy N.oie Papers and ,
Envelopes, for sale by JOHN II. GIRL),
jan 15
Jl Porter's Patent Burning Flu-id and Portable .
Lamps, a superb article for family use. A fresh j
supply just received and lor sale at
~ jan 15 IIENRY COOK’S Hyug itort.
LAXSEED, purchased bv the subscribers,
[jan 2*2] McLEAN & HURDLE.
QAA LBS. of Cotton Yarn, f*»r sal * bv
,/A n 9 [j in 22] .McLEAN k HU 11 OLE.
Ot \ BONKS of soap for s*ie low by
i -L\) (jan 22} McLEAN & HURDLE.
! i ji y LBS. Madder, for «ale low to close, by
Jj r f j:,n 20 Mr. I .FAN & HFJFiDF.E.
! “T BBLS. Cider Vinegar, for sale bv
\r) jan 20 McLEAN nl HURDLE.
\\T \NTED, 100 bushe Is Clover Seed
\ V jan 20 McLEAN & HURDLE.
*_J\/received, and fur sale bv
^1I\' GIN!!—A few bbIs. of the celebrated
AC Black florae Brand, j/st received, and for
sale by (jan 9) McLE vN HURDLE.
TTCTR \PP1NG PAPER.—A further supply of
vt this cheap and excellent article received
by [jan !lj McLH\N Si HURDLE.
rn A BLE SALT.—Hope Mills Table Salt, put
l J. up very neath in papers, for sale bv
; jan 13 * ' J. NEWTON HARPER
TVTEW HAMS, and Smoked Beef of prime
quality, for sale by T HOS. BURNS,
jan I3 corner<>f Prince and Fairfax street.
(HIKEsL—12 b ’\cs prime Goshen Cheese,
_y for sale very low bv
jan 13 A. S. WILLIS, Kine; street,
/~lft<Ol ND PLAISTER.—750bbls. ofGrour l
j v'JI Planter, for sale bv
I i n r. 11 \ r'’fU7CVfUT f’H
i ,4 FEW KEGS of very nice GLJIDF.S BL T
\l\. TF.lt—for sale'Lv THOM AS BURNS,
i ian il Oorjierof Prince and Fairfax sts.
ntSII! FISH!—Fall oniisht N< . 1, 2, and 3.
I M.u'kt'ii'l, f!nn! Bank ('odfiili, Blue Fi.-h
and l ot mine Herring. ! i'-alchy
i inn 13 T. M. Will 1’K,corner Pitt 4 Princests
J AMP CHIMNIES.—Lamp Glares for Pine
! £ J Oil Lamp-, plain, also ground and cut, of
i:i!! the different size* and pattern-; for sale nt
| jan 10 H EX IIY COOK'S Drug Store.
! ^Y101‘ FEE.— 1 1 bag* of prime green Rio Coffee,
! a splendid article, for sail' by
| ian 10 corner of Prince and Fairfax -ts.
i • |
i v-/ fine quality—for sale bv
! jan 20 corner of Prince and FairfavM.
will i 11t: * 1 t! i * * S>.T»‘Tior and Inferior (.'nuts
j of Fauquier and Frederick Counties. Office in
H< fPs Row, Winchester. dec 8 —dly
Q f A B \RiHELS a; d ;} ■ hr a 1- < f Penrisylva
* / j:ia «• ;• j> i• r <Ji^111 it i 4 I.i ■«!.'♦* v, n nice arti
cle, ft.i wile ny THOM AS PUMN-,
j• 4r» !corncrof i'r::*• *“ •. ti Fairfax sts.
{, \ P! S' > API! SOAP!!!—2000 lb*. Country
Tj and No. 1 Rivan S :»p of ->m| •»ior quality
for sale-by A. S \A 1LL1S, King street.
>!* i ’ _
I7*LOoRiNG B()A RDS.~ 60 0 >0 fe* t I inch
I. flooring boanK, cargo of Eehr. lauac Jack
- r f: -‘>a < naiEMon, for bale bv
jan H G. *!. THOM AS.
i 5 LBS. uf wry superior old white
) v p\J Coni Meal, for sale by
jan IS Corner Prince and Fairfax ‘•treet*.
flODFlsii AND 1 )TATOES —3 0 i lbs.
Nv Grand Bank CodfiMi, .very large and fine ;
.">•> buMe.L Maine Mercer Potatoes, a pijme arti
cle— for sale Ly
j in 15 A. S. WILLIS, Kir :-st.
m J \I\E MLR< ER POT AT OE > rime
irl c]• i!:*y—foV^alt (-i. board i!ie -chr. Peru,
from Frank tort. Maine. Arp A to
la!) 9 I,.AMBER V k McKEVZIE.
' i OR RENT—The large rough-cast d weII
!•>».. iff? House at the corner of Queen and Fair
fax -tract;, w ith cumvenit nt store rooms attach
ed. S he dwelling and store may be had sepa
rately. . LOWELL t MARBLKY.
dec 20—tf
a J (Vnver>alions on ihe Parables cf the New
l’e"tanierit, lor the use of ( hi! Iren, by th° Rt.
I! n. Lord Stanley, from the 5th London edition.
.?u*t published bv Messrs. Campbell U. Co., and
for sale, price 57 j cents. !>\
I thoi^e v;li > would make II >:ne happy, by
Mr« EllK. author • t “ Worn -n ol England,” co*.;
;i»! itL r vokiui!' rf \pp!cton& CM1* “ Tales hr
the h opbj and Children,” price 37 ' rents. Just
published, and for sale In
jun iu hell &. entwislk.
7 >LI E INK.—A few groce of ChSippell &
\ i Co*> celebrated l»!ue Ink. FIu^ Ink retains
its beautiful color fur any length of time—flows
freely, ami is particularly adapted to the steel
pen a" it is entirely free from any corrosive ma
terial. I’Vr sale very cheap by A S. WILLIS,
jan 13 * King-street.
^ H\Cl' *.— This t baceo L confidently re
commended to those who use lobar-} in the p’pe,
as the b^tartHe to he irl '*'c "r *"V ot!le\
ovittiy. Its principal uuaiR'es are mildness, and
a mostagie?ah!e fra^rancy; a« to the quality i! is
equal to llu omt jJavaaa, and much chKM'er. One
quarter pound at 12- res ts being equ »l to «> Us*
vana Segars, costing 30 cents. For sni< by
jan 20 A. S. WILLIS.
Sound Protestant Episcopal views of the
Lord's Supper, or Holy Communion, in an ex
tract from lhf> second volume of the “Divine Rule
of f aith and practice,’’by V* illiarn Goode, .v.
M of Trinity College, Cambridge, ia pamphlet
form, price 12! cer;*s.
Cicr^vman of the E[ "copal Church, a par pi.let
of (if pages, price \3 cent*. For -y * by
1:u; oj BELL EN FW iM_E.
%J _. . — --
f XTRO.TS, or Ante-Communion P-alm* i<u
1 the Sundays and Holidays throu^aout the year,
publiMied in a Inndsome volume, by Lind.viy 4c
lilu'kiston, Philadelphia, and for sale, price \y>\
j.eiIts, by BELL & EXTVY ISLE.
jan 15 _
phyr Worsted, and Canvass
Patterns for Slippers and Ottoman*
Perforated Card Paper
Gilt, Silver, and St, e! Beads
Purse Twist, and PPtgs—f°r sa1® hv
jan 15__JOiIN PL OHIO,_
rflHE W< RKS < P MATT IEAS.--The
8 various writings of Cornelius Martin v-;,t
emhracirtp the Mutiey P > dr. xN’ben.'tt, e 1 >*u
t i 4! i a ns, i oem^pn Man in the Republic, Y\ afe >n«
dat, Putter Hopkins, Miscellanies, &c., complete
in one voiiftnc, price <>1, published by Har
per & Brother., and for >Be by ; ,,
£<iix Ubdl~iiu & L*i> i
"File Lord-in Torres ponde tit of the New York
I Evening Tost says:—
A capital p^cm lately appeared in the publica
tion called “Punch,” entitled “The Song ol the
Shirt.” It is from the pen of the facetious Tho
mas Hood, of punning notoriety, but whose hap
piest efforts, after all, are in the serious vein
witness his noble poem of Eugene Aram. The
circumstances which have called forth this
“Song of the Shirt” are of a very painful char
acter. It appear* that the slop-sellers of Lon
don (mostly Jews) have actually succeeded in
break in; down the price of female labour to
that mockery of remuneration—three half pence,
(ornot quite three cents) per shirt! True, the
s* -.iris are rut* together in the slightest manner,
an I then palmed o f upon the unwary sailors,
but -titI. the money to be earned by this sortot
• work will hardly suffice to keep body and son!
i You may see some notice in the papers of shirts
made c,t a firth'ing a-piece!—but this is not so
than! a cave as the other, because, in the latter
! instance, the makers arc women, supported by
j the parish, whether they make shirs or not, and
■ these farthings were more i. the light of “pocket
‘money.” It L a nii-eruble thing, however, to
see labor thusde »reciMi*d. Hut it is a true say*
j inir. that "eric half of the world knows not how
the other lire**.'1 Yet the gigantic mctiopolL
wiiere these things arc done, increases in wealth
and daity. If appears, from a recent gc-v
• cru.nent r« turn, that since 182‘J no le^s than 15,
! 0-){I houses, forming new streets and squ irt..?,
have been add' d t<> if- huge proportion
tup s >xg op Tin; shirt.
it! t fngtrs wear van! worn,
i VN ith eyelids heu«y and re !,
; A woman <ut, in uuwomvilv rags,
Plying her needle nmt thread—
Pt.tch ! stitch! 1";!«• m !
i lit poverty hunger. and dirt,
j And sti!! with a voire of dolorous pitch,
She sang the “o mg of the shirt! '
“Work! work! vvoik!
1 While the rock is eidwjng aloof;
Anj work—work—work.
Til! the s*ars shine through tue root!
It's o! to be a slave
Along with the harhemus Turk*,
Where woman ha - never a soul to save.
If tliis is Christian work i
‘•Work— \v ork—work,
: Till the brain he in> to swim;
\\ of k—v, o» k — wen k,
! Tiil the eyes are heavy ami diui.
j fc?eam. and gii'-wt. ami hand,
Hand, and gusset, arid seam,
11 ! oVt i tihe buttons 1 lu'i asleep,
And sew them o \ in a dioaml
“O! Men, with SUlers dr :\r!
O! >.en, \\ »*..»•.iloUtv l'C* and h ivi r>!
It U not 1m. o yarr e wearing old,
j Hut hur.ian ereuMues’ lives:
Stitch—stitch—sti tel i,
! In poverty, hunger, mi l dirt,
Sewing at once, with a double thread,
A Shroud a.-» vveii as a {Shirt.
“IhdHvhv do I talk of death —
'I hat Phantom of grisly hone
I ha:dly fear his terrible shape,
Jt u*e:ns so like my own—
!b seems so hke ray own —
Heoause of the fasts i keep,
() God’ that bread should be so dear,
j in* 7
And lb sh and blood so cheap !
“ v» ork—work —work!
My I't'ii>r never l! ug<;
And what are it< wages? A bed of straw,
A crust of bread—and rag-,
A -batter’d roof—acd this naked floor—
A table—a broken chair—
And a wall -» blank, my shadow* I thank,
For sometimes failing there!
‘4 vr o r k—work — work!
From weary chime to chime;
\V ork— work—work,
A* prisoner" woik for crime!
Hand, and gus"et, and m am,
Seam, and g'i--ct, and band.
Till 'hr* heart i* sick, and the brain benumb ti
As well as the weary hand.
MV ork—wo i k—w ork.
In 11.r dull I)ecc h;:mt light,
And work—work- work,
V* nen the weather is warm and bright—
While undent; :th thf*t.a».*3,
J fie brooding swallows cl;ng.
As if uj show me fla ir sunny buck;.,
And tw it me will* the spring.
“Old but to breathe Ihebiealh
Of the cow:,lip gr. 1 primrose sw eet—
Wilh the sLv ab. vc mv head,
j And tlie grass beneath my feet,
For only one short hour
: To feel us 1 :. a ci to feel,
| Before f knew f .• woes of want,
And the iv.dk lhatco-tsa men !
j “Oh' but one short hour!
A respite how .a r Uriel!
No blessed him. ; far l/v s or Hope;
But only In .e tor Grief!
A little vvh would tu c* my heart,
But in then hrhiy bel
Mv tears rni.st stop—for ev®rv drop
Hinders r.eeclta and thread:’’
With finders v/c *.ry and worn,
| Wilh eyelid v heavy and red,
A woman sat, in unwomanly rags,
Flying her needle and thread —
: Stitch— stitch—stiw h!
Tn poverty, hunger, and dirt,
I And still with a voice of dolorous pitbh—
i Would that iu tone could reach th * iVieh! —
She *-mg this “Song of the Shirt!”—i’nnck.
. HOUND, for rough5, colds, ‘pilling! f blood,
asthma, consumption, and a!i di casts aiding
■from a disordered conditn a of tor lungs.
4 The follow big sonne t was addrt-ed to the pro
pr (dor by a young lady who was cured ul con
gumption bv b* use : ,
i lo! ye who par.t, with fading breath
And [;inaaway, and dir :
JJir. 't shall “pet aw.g ’* v ;ur death,
And light anew your eye.
How sweet it upon th«* tongue
i low grateful to the «■Trust I
A glorious theme for por t’s song,
Soothing hr* cough to rest.
li<n\ce ! favored of the gods, ai i tnou
A blessing to thy race.
Let laurels flourish on thy brow'
Ami wealth, those laurels grace.
\S hen lie roes are forgotten ; kings
• Defunct; or ceased to reign ;
GJoi for thee dial! Cap hu wings;
rl non ec.ifp.cpof ol pain.
I r.ice: .rni Uc. per hdri *. Por sale wholesale
' nnfi retail by riem S. Dance, corner of s ar e*
and Pratt street*, Baltimore, and in Alexandria,
: ;,v j• »H\ ft. PHLvPOlNT, Agent; &lv#, b>
. vt' ’•» iv N >rt! an, 0 /- 5! . Pr* n
iCountyAu. jy Li ly
TJRINCIPE SEGARS.- iucipe -~*j
j JL ^ars, jUat received, and for sale at I
1 ‘ jdnG HEX RY COOK’S Drug Stor«.
4 NDRF.W .T. FLEMING offers for sale
^ JL 1 1 idols l i ini;' MaLin/.as and New Orlcan#
1 <3> d') S . ( i'OiX 1
I I m v-> ; t‘ \ \\ ’lift' ! I iv:inA ' ST'GARS.
•iScht-ts -i .i che.-C ano 13 !b boxes Pou
chun»7, Vounz Ily-on, Gunpower, and
Imperial—7 F. IS.
■, box* -s Cavendish & Small Lump Tobacco
13 M Soper *r M lvam and Half Spanish
in qrs. S**jars
10 ke;4> and j »r> Garrett's Snutl »
tiO ho\«‘> Vrii. \V S‘ tp
xil) d > Sr\ •• ! and Variegated end Cakes
and j\.r> *n>
1 l do Fatiiiiy Starch
10 do (Ground Pepper
10 do X kc d.o v \. ; if c
3 do Sa vU*.''' > Misii d
liOOO ins ». t.n .. mi (iii.m 5 fv shoulders, Bacon
10 doz. Painleu 1 »i s
•23’ n«Ms Irm and Wood bound ware
1 :> 1 lin'd.am Su^ar i> \< s
3 k< i- S •’! i’< ’. (• and Sakerutu*
i! i * ti i! t! t • v
12 do Alum
u tier. * > !t ice; Alum and Blown
Sad, d!) reams u nidi* :u.»! (down wrap
ping, Id do letter and Foe Neap wiiting Pa
per; 400 1! >. F, - >;«» S ill-; b boxes Fig Blue; 0
k* .> Sj :r i-!» Fi< taut h.d go; d boxes Cayene
Ptpjer. *J0 k di' b :m 3 Y.'.u Class, fi* 10; 5
do Sperm t’u i.ilcs !tl d.» i /»• pi d do: 10 dozen
Bed (Virds and L<..dui# Lines 1 hbi>. No. 1
■Shad: d i'ii Fii'kir- No. 1 Lod; d dozen corn
Iii > < 7 u4*s- com e*»d S .par i urkeN—togelli
ee with Vi.•.'•i( irn• 1 • *.tit• • !»k»ek.r»jr, C love**,
Maec, \i1tmcgs ( ! Mia', Fi[ i s P'llty, Shot —
! ris-nrted: Table Salt i i h >\* km ke. jan |f>
' » OM.U 1‘ rt*» Iti*.» \suum.
]o u ■ • v > !). a ,e k ;a red d )
.id b:;js Km. ;,*) do. J.»ui, ) COEEFE
\N hi <• ;o d St. D > ■ , )
- - 1 TEAS.
|:i .!••. <!•>. Imp. a. .1 \ . II. )
jil til)!". \. <). Mnlns-es
l ) hoxe- Small Lump. ) TOB 1CC0
1 d do lb. do, part tr e ^
id be ’v and j »r- • i'.-nVik Snuff
jd [. «\. s V* !i ‘.v .o: i arii Soap
l j .j,, y . . ‘ d, iii lulls and cakes
| i) i\- >. f* !n 1 Stai !i
: i > a:; , <• . *> v: -iv; per
1 1 !. .. k.b , • :n I Cinger k Pepper
1 ' I 1. \< ' . '.tn.a I 3 .'I'l'iilld
Jl» h<‘_'■ n* * • * ia ratIs
i ,d !.i > 1 . i.i ... »
) dk. '.'s re in if i Sai’.p tro
i 1 (I 1:.: I Ills. U i iOi i'
B) cods Le: img S /nm •
I JO d »/.. Bed *' rds an \ • a ailing Lines
dO h \e< t;c-‘. i 11neh LaSii;***
S.»ft Shell A.nwnds Nutmegs, Mace,
('!i nubile, Cinnamon, Lice, Dupont's
j Powder
10 kegs Baer C ’’ rer
10 boxes' Dnt. it I ijn.s
50 «aeks (i. /• . SaL
75 reams V/rappii j I'ijh r
40 “ Fooi.,e:ip .>«.• Lett, r «1 *Lto
White Lead and .. L assorted
Win !o v CL’n-s and Petty 10 d >/.. Brooms,
Fig Blue. M a - i) - k.: ir, N •.
King-'-!.. J d :.;i3 :dn >\c l ibum M., oj»j ositc the
I Custom House. jan 8
j \JFOROF.S U A N . !ii> -! %«. i-v’i to purchase
j 1. si .) lot el ! k y •.(*.;»: j NVgroe ♦ for the south,
as early as possible, a: i sdi; *v il h.xhcst mar
ket price, ( a.! at il <-l.! i l h .in.-. nh west end
of ljiike street, or direct to me !y mail t‘> this
place, when a!! a:! < i r. c ■ t*• >f;^ v*ill he
promptly attended 1 P ■; in i.; .. !,a!l fWmei
agents, are not n ' Ic c • l r me. i)uiing
mv absenee, aH \.x!l he n't m'cd to hy
some person k* pt _t the mm^e, m tu»i power
to act for me. t’lAP ' / h LiJ*I.kKI.
je 17—If
j i 1 AS 11 FoK NF/MIOKS.—YVe are at all
( v J times i i the ra uk -t a i wi*h to purcln-o
i likely young negroes f-»r t! e A ' ; >mi u ill p iy
; life ra! prices fop uP negroc* • m ]•; n> \i:} years
I of age. Our lemse is in W« st e.vl, Alex i.xdria,
j a few s{(‘ps c i't of ihi'n a*!f ’ A* • • • i:i. Persons,
j laving negroes for an.'.* w hi i • .i>v ovc i;> a call;
we want oO iinmedi .t"!v. Yli c■* hi.oum u’-ations
through the Alex in Ilia .o Oih»;e will meet
with prompt attend u. Mi!' I N &L JOXLb.
Alexandria L). 0. Jan
I \ MP ()fL.~ i .h i v. I..: T sA dried Lamp
J Oil, warranted lo j. u ; x! o, fall strained
do forsalcjby dd Pi HAS,
jan lo corner ( f Pi an and I nufaX -ts.
S FRY7 A NTS FOR HiiUk—A likely young
Man and YVomnn for I Arc ; they have botfi
been accustomed h> h *n w ,!;. \*p' v to
jan 10 P#F\J. T. FidND ALL.
'I'JACON.—A fev. hundred [ e.i.vh < ! verysu
I J^perior Paeon at 4’ el-, hv thy f1.'1' ot hun
dred pounds, fut w ile y J i ) • *A L‘ HAS,
jail 1 i d iner of Prirceatnl Fairfax sts
: \\7Asm:i) wool. am; raw cotton.
i ▼ ^ A lot of the above for a «• l
j'.n 1 l nu-r of Prn <’ r I Fa rlax sts,
.J V K -OX OX TIfiM !A fp IP 1 V. iTrrnr
• ? tb'*> on file .<;h« rH: A.- fi L hy YhomaS
! Jm k'«>n, I). D., cor.im. i dc : -y P .-;■•} as “one
of the greatest mind . < :r * » has nurtured;'*
the sec* oh hy P ' .■ .u ' , O })., i >rmer
|y Lord ludioo o! f.i c > '»d *cn is added a
fiCtterof Bishop ( lily of lha
j Orders (>f the For* *.’,ii L :• txned L'hurches;
■ ted with inti odiictoi v i m.i>y William
t froode, M. A., <il 1’rinit.* ■ h **‘?e, and Itectnr ot
! St. Atholn, l.ondori. .)x^i p .,: *i-h• i. and for sale,
j price T.icts., i>y Pl.LL wv LX i W 'SJ^L. #
I n.r. in
J ... * ,
TIRANTX .MWKR'S Mi:\lf Alexiroat
_5 it was
t'lf’V <>t J .** J..11. t * tl.it f > * '• • i •4 ••’ • o “ * -»
I with ’ o.-r.ti- i!h.'<r T - <•• •'.< ••- ’ enj'tvvcd by
! Ruth i j(■ < • 11 (1 .■ i*' !* • y a• *i *i hand
j sonic or t ivo v< !■! it*. . i.i 11. ■ .*• ■ *v lv' r!d pt-n
| a n 11 1 ISLI
! ,fci. 0K.S1R\RLR \Vii\KK i MR'IRUT
'I i —To rriit the • xltf -i\V,i1 A ih/7»/<
f {OHSH, covered v.ilii Mate, and *.v barf, laitljf
occupied by Mr. John R. IIA ses
sion cau be bad at shore M./ior.
The convenient llUH't* R.lUh.t/he • L and
Wharf, now in the occupancy of Mr. IN ary hm -
ceifield. Possession will be stiver? R' Vav
The wharfvc•» a r*; of space n • ! **01.' n nt 1 n
■ >fwaleftoac
i ind t . «v»*r\ re* t v.vll :* ! : <o an **v>
[ tensive who!
' 5 od ': lei . . r d ' ■ ■
i t*ir the or'r cc- !•
; AI.SO,—A'! • t •' • • - • • • v/ -
' HOUSE1 ■ <- • ‘‘T . ’■ ‘ ' . r
, arln » « ■ ■ * < . ' v e
• i t.
. i.: t ♦ i t i.. a X.
Nkktfy «x*s«fcd kt th« AWjundrit vkitRU (>rl«t

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