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A] 5XANPMA. »• C.
'['he Potomac being irozeu over, the "hole
iniU arrangement lias been disordered, and v. e
receive the mails now at any hoar when the) can
The lee float Delaware, went dow n to
Potomac Creek yesterday, without stopping at
tllis place at all, carrying the Northern mail, and
intending to bring back the delayed Southern mans.
made slow progress, the iee being very thic*,
p.,,j did not appear to he very successful. 1 here
u*^ a considerable change in the weather vested
. The sun came out. the temperature of the air
a.-, d, and it thawed to some extent. In the mean
active exertions have been made to till all the
ice!'mscs, and, even if this should be the last of
h irj winter weather, the blessing and luxury of iee
v ,11 not be wanting to those who may live to sec
the next summer.
We understand that the Town Authorities have
/• termined to open the Soup House, at this in
r\ sent season, for the benefit of the poor.
Boston Atlas says: “It is now confidently report
ed in this city, upon the authority of letters ic
o Wed from the Hon. Rufus Choate, Senator in
r,ngr. s; iV >m t!i:s Slate, that he will, ere long,
resign his seat in the Senate—the resignation to
t ike effect on the first day of March next.
C ’• P dated January b>,
Siiy<, ‘-he is still in die hinds of his friends,” and
h ,, authorized no one to withdraw ids name as a
candidate for the Presidency.
a « \ great meeting of the friends of Hen. Cass,
f,r the Presidency, is to take at Boston, this
evminr.ia Fanout! \U\l A great meeting of
friends is also to he »ielJ in-MW \o»k,
,;c\t Tuesday evening.
-v ;it Ir.dianapoh:, or. I uevlay be tore »ast.
It was a noble gathering of patii<»ts. It consisted
* .'at ■ *.i«t a thousand delegates, being full Coe
i3 large as the L>cofoco State Convention
ru in a few days previously at the same place.—
(i "*t Bigger was President. Several exci»ieut
5:, cches were rr.u do, and an admirable address to
the people of the St.wCe was adopted. A strong
electoral ticket was put m nomination.
TUB BLIND.—There was an exhibition in the
11 ill of the House of Representatives, Washing
ton Hty, on the 21th infant, of the proficiency
, j th ' pupils of this institution In music, and the
, •< , hi mem s in v. hieh they arc educated. S*\
t mof the pupils took part in the exercises of,
the evening. A brief sketch of the history,
• rogr- ss, objects, & \ of the institution, by H'*n
MrMl iranid, of Albany, preceded the exhibition, ;
in which lie’stated the principal object of the J
present entertainment to be, the making of the j
institution known t» members of Congress, and,
through them, to the country. . j
The notes of the Exchange Buu;v o* '• irginia,
; j \.->rfoik, are : >h < no l at par am! received on j
dcpoMte at the Bank of Baltimore. This ar-j
n mnioiit docs no*. 1 >uever, include me branch* !
c- of said bank.
y|t,re disgrace!u: • v 1 s \* i.n ice ILea.i ri cd 4 im
adclphia on Sued iv 1 iM.
\ 1 til l fr 'M 1.! .va.*i 1 a-ster, L—j., .\meri
c v:i < \*r»s»ii at Leu >a, announces that l*.c- v alua
ble Library of the Duruzzo tamily in tbai o>t}, is
now for s ilc, at the low price cf $3C.00Q, and ex
pressing an earnest de iu* that it may be purchas
ed by Congress.
TIic Boston Mercantile Journal of Saturday
s-AV-i. “The weather for two days past has been
cold in this city and vicinity. This is a point on
which all parlies agree—there is no diversity of
• pi if n. The thermometer yesterday morning,
ia this city was at ztrj—last evening, st 10
o'clock, it was at :Av>—and this morning at sun*
rise, it \va> ane degree below zero. In Cambridge,
t'ais morning, the mercury stood at eight degrees
below zero, leer i> rapidly increasing in our har
bor, and vessels find much difficulty in coming
land Bulletin of the *Jdd says: We have expen
, rt>cd for two or three days past severe cold wea
ker. T he harbt r is frozen over so that people
cross on the icc to and from Capo Elizabeth.—
Tib* has not been the case before for several
years. •
DVUKNE^S.—The cold was so intense last
evening, that many of the gas lights around town
were put out by the water freezing in the gas
ometers. Candles and iamp oil w ere in demand.
—.V. V. Sun cf Stiturdivj.
GK\* JAOkSOV—I no Legislature cl 1 en
i»ev*ee, in session at Nashville, adjourn«d on tho
glorious eighth of January : many of the nv'm- i
b r<, the military, the citizens trom Nashville,
and the Surrounding country called on the old!
->l !ier and patriot, to pay their respects. 'Hie
house was open during the day; tho table boun
teously loaded; refreshments in abundance both
to*eat and drink. The doors of his room were :
ope 1 during the day, and, as the the people came i
iu at one door and passed out the other, he shook
hands and spoke to ©very person. It was evi
dent was fatigued and failing, and it was
thought prudent to close the doors; but the Gene
*ai said, “*\b; let the people come in; they are
mv friends; 1 may not live to see another8th of
January.” He was evidently much excited at
the firing of the cannon and the appearance
of the military, b :t, alter the day was spent,
his strength failed; nature gave way, and he
sank down, and, for several days, strong fears
w.'ie entertained that he would not survive; but,
through kind Providence lie* has for the last
few days been rather improving, converses but
little; his spirits far above his power to sup
port. His communications are still very nume
ral'. lie will open a few letters, read a short
tune and rest; he cannot at present answer them.
\t ms MORM< >\ Dll FIC1 LI IKS.—We
learn that there was quite an excitement at Car* j
tha^v yesterday,- in consequence of the arrest of a
citizen of that place, by a posse of Mormons from
Nauvoo, on a charge of bastardy, i he citizens
declare that the individual shaJl not be taken to,
Nauvoo f\>r trial, and were under arms in his de- |
fence. We do not hear that any fighting was done.
The excitement ran. high, and may yet result in j
bloodshed.— Ifarsuw (Hi) .Message.
received from the Mediterranean, represent that
this noble ship of the line is in perfect order and
the admiration ot all visiters. I he statues of
Columbus and the Indian woman were taken on
Guard the Delaware at Naples, about trie 10th of
October, at which time Mr. Persico, the scuiptor
embarked. The officers and crew of the Dels-j
ware were ail well. At is known that this ship
* s been relieved by the trigate Cumberland, and
' expected to t^ach the United shoftlj.
w orfolk Herald. j
The Paris correspondent of the National Intel
ligencer writes under .date of 1st instant:
Forty-nine or fifty American gentlemen were
presented at Court,in a fine costume, the evening :
before the last. This week some thirty American
ladies will enjoy the same ceremonial. A ft rend j
who dined the same day at the p31a.ee spent;
last evening with me, and recounted the occur
rences. Nearly all the members of the foreign i
legation were present, with Marshal Soult, M. j
(ruizot. and some other French dignataries.— ;
The Austrian Ambassador ied the Queen to
tlie table, the King his sister, her Koval
Highness Madame Adelaide, Marshal Soult the
D rrhess of Nemours; the old, bent, owlish
representative of Turkey, the chief lady of
honor, a small and very erect, starch dame.— i
11 is Majesty cut up a uish occasionally, and
helped his neighbors ; he looked now and
then earnestly at a paper, which was ’pro
bably the bill of fare: he was throughout
the two hours spent at table, atlable^ and joy-.
ous, as host should be every where. The guest ;
who seemed free and easy abve all, and chatted
or coquetted most with the dazzlidg countesses j
between whom he sat was the new and young .
; (Iretk Charge d'ATaires, in the elegant national j
uniform. __
Another terrible instance of centrifugal force j
bursting a grindstone, occurred at the U. S. Wa- i
ter Shop on .Monday last. When going with
immense velocity it burst apart, onc-iialf going
through the side of the shop and over the pond
to opposite Lank where it lodged. The oth
er half, weighing about 400ibs.,~burst through
the il <*r ao«»ve, cutting a sleeper in two, as i! it
ue:v like a pipe -tern. The man who was gria
dnurat the stone, stepped on one side a moment, at
j the bursting, and thus his file was saved. £ev j
eral workmen, above the floor, when the stone
burst through, narrowly escaped.—Springfield
RepvbHco&* 20*/*.
take upon ourselves to say that the following an
ecdotes are entirely new, but v. e consider them
exceedingly good.—London paper.
A meeting in connection with the Rible So
ciety was recently held i » Paris, at which a gen
tleman appeared, who had been sent over from
England, bv the committee of the Eible Society
4n London.* This representative had been chosen
as we understand, lor his superior knowledge of
the French language, lu luin he addressed the J
Parisian assembly with fire and energy: but when j
he expected to see them beaming with enthusi- j
asm, or melted into tears, he observed a smile on
every face, and hoard trom every quarter t e
sound of suppressed laughter. This occurred so of
ten, that there was no mistaking it for any casual
p*f. et, and the gentleman w as, no doubt, mightly j
astonished at such a display, from people so well
bred a> the French are allowed to be. When he |
i; .(} finish* d hlo oration, he a>ked a fiutud whui
could p jssibly have created so much laughter |
while he was sp aking. He found to his utter
uisnnv, that in his eagerness to impress upon the
assembly the necessity of taking the water of life
, the scriptures) to the poor heathen, he had uncon
sciously been expiating with all his migl i upon the
virtues of brandy, (tan dr vie,) exh aling the
multitude to induce thorn to send brandy to those
w ho were a thirst, and telling th *t thousands of
their feliow-crcaturcs were perishing for the ,
lack cf brandy!
A French divine, preaching in England, full
iuio a mistake almost as amusing as the above.—
\- the English clergy are accustomed lo cull
tli >s© of their communion t*oir flock, the French
designate ail who Lv-umb!ed under their ministry,
s’neep. The French divine ailmied to Hirnnguing
F.i> hearers in English; but lorgetting that we
h ;ve in our language two translations for mutton,
r uh ^ i jiifving lift* dead, and the other the living
a.i!m J, continually addressed his congregation,
murk (o tiit*ir surprise, as ins dear muttons!
( Hppinz\f.'o,n the uPunch'-' .Ihnanuc fur ESU
— Ry a liicci tnnp: future i- meant too heat 1
of Area paid for by the day, in second-door ledg
• » • ■»» •
l»cv( kin" a Will sometimes recurs when the
person plays fake, and turns out a kn.v? when ho
should torn cut o trump.
Seniuntntfnr the ISth—The Heron of Water
loo; ami may the modal that adores the breast of ;
valor never he plegcd lor les_! than it s worth !
The general use of iron hurdles for cattle will, ;
in all probability, lead to the adoption of stet! pens j
for sheej—ismithfield Club, 1843.
Cocks in some establishments arc called “ar
tists," from the exceibnit manner in which they
; can limn' poultry.
! Hints for the ‘iPortruit of a gentleman"—As
likened > arc <rer orally taken to oblige intimate j
j acqu i in * u u * ess we should advise any person who
| L jlu\i• us to "ratify a large circle of admirers,
t > sit for a portrait of his back, this being the
I nv.st agreeable phase in which a man can appear
, t > bis friends.
i AJtiju 'i—Remember that time is money; but
! that does not follow a man is a capitalist wno has J
j a great quantity ot it on Ins hands,
j & Hicstic—Toast and Water is procured in j
| the speediest mariner by proposing i athcr A* a
! thew’shealth at the nearest pump.
| King of Candy taken prisoner by Gen. Brown
i ri^_the soldiers ot King Candy affording him
no sucker. Gen. Browm ig" licks him.
Jl'HiH'fu-ld—A tenant wito owes one quarter;
: ^nd knows if he stuvs anotiier he must pay doll- ,
ie before he can be quits, generally quits lir-t.
In Washington, on Sunday the 28th inst., by
the Rev. Mr. Donclan. Mr. JAMES MrGllAW »
to Miss ESTHER WOODWARD, all of George
town, 1). t
On.Thursday, 23th inst., at Woodbury Plain,
hv the Rev. Mr. l’rott, V\ ILLIAM W. i R1P
I’K IT to MARY A. MILL TV, all of Fairfax
County. ___
Yestcrdav morning, at 7 o'clock, AN TOO *, \
McLEAN KERR, s m of James [). and Lucre! ia ;
Kerr, aged 71 years and 3 months.
fl3=The friends and acquaintances of the fatn-!
ilv are invited to attend his funeral this afternoon
at 3 o'clock, from the residence of his parents on
Alfred street. I
1 Iim ill CM —W !■! —BF p—r ™
f Correspondence of t!u PUiladrlph»a L. X
Nkw York, Sunday, P. M.
The Cotton mark-1 was firm yesterday, and be
tween 3 and 4 H)t) bales were sold, a fair portion :
1 of which was for shipment. In the early part of (
the dav, Upland, ordinary to middling sold at 8|, |
a 9}; middling fair to fair, 9. a 10}, good fair
to fine, 10 . a 11; Mobile and New Orleans, or
dinal to middling 8] a 9 58; middling fair to.
fair 10} a 10*'; good fair to fine 11} a 12}. At
the close ’c. per lb. advance was obtained on
these quotations.
Only a moderate business was done in I lour;
Genesee is held at $4 81} a $1,87}; Ohio $4.75
a $1,81}, but little, however, can be had at the
fi-nuer rates; Georgetown $5. Holders are not
anxious to ^ress sales, and purchasers lor exports
are unwilling to pay over $4,75. ;
The market is bare of Corn, which is wanted ;
at 50 cent. 40 bbls. Cloverseed were taken at
11 cts ...
Stocks improved; Ohiofi's 1}, Indiana E , Ken-,
tucky} Illinois J Canton}. j
Exchange on England was m demand at lla
a 109}, France 5f 30, Amsterdam 39 7 3.
^(jT\p_1700 lbs. of very superior yellow and
jan 31 Corner Prince and Fairfax street.
4 NEGRO MAN WANTED —I wish to hire
A j negro man about twenty-fne or thirty
years of ace, wiio is w'eli acquainted with tann
ing operations. One that can come web recom
uieiidta will lmd employment by calling at tins
office. 31—3t
* ‘The ALEXANDRIA MUSEUM op«n daily. \
. A-4. --‘ « •
CIOAL! COAL!!—'The subscriber has in yard
/ and for sale 2500 BUSH. RICHMOXD
VR.rrE C0.1L, very coarse. Thi- coal ha.- been
used by families, and by all, recommended as cl
superior quality
jan 31—tf .TAME-; GREEN. I
]%/I ORE CLOCKS.—Just received handsome
i VJL Alabaster and Ebony, 20 day Mantle
Clock?—Also, Mahogany framed 6 day and 30
hour Brass and Wood Clocks for sale from >2 ;VJ
to §30, at . J. B. HILLS,’ 1
jan 31 Fancy Emporium.
|._J EMIY FEARSOX,has applied to the lion.
L JL James S. Morsel!, A**«,istant Judge of Jhc
Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, to be
discharged from imprisonment, under the act
for the relief of insolvent debtors within the '
District of Columbia, on the first Monday in I e
bruary next, at 10 o’clock, A. M. at the Court
House in Alexandria, whes and where his credi- j
tors are required to attend . j
jan 31— 3t_Teste: C. F. LEE, C. C, j
C1UTLERY, 6lc.—Buck Knives and Fork.?, |
y ilodgers Razors, do pocket and de*k ^vnives, ?
Rodgers arid other Scissors, Herman Silver. and
Britania table and tea Spoon5, (lame Bags, Bow- j
der Flasks and Shot Jit Its, Percussion Caps, j
Waiters and Tea Boards, Britannia and Tin Spit- :
toons, Adam’s Co.iecnriils, Crumb Bru>:,e?, :
sup Whitewash*, d >, Dtch Brooms, Dueling
Brushes, Chess Men and Boards, Dominoes, a
further supplv of Jet Brea-t Bins, and Hair Bins, j
a variety of PRioh, Dirl: Knives and other wea
pons rf defence, Fancy Soj,/?, Cologne end vari- *
ous other articles Ju>t received and for SvJc at
right’prices for the present times at
jan 3d J. B. HU LI2S, Fat cy Emp r t m. ;
TRON.—A large and complete assortment ol
j. bar and rod Iron, constantly on hand, at low !
prices, (dec20) POWELL & MARBl RY•
T^|RIED PEACHES.—Ju^t received a lot of
Dried Peaches, Dried Apples, tresh K->11
Butter, Eges, edd white Corn Mmil — :or sal1*, low
by . " j. XEWTOX HARPER,
inn 30 I aii lax ?!• i
Y'lOTTO.V Y A it V.—A supply of all ii'inilu .
\y al-o, C. til VET of all colors; !
■S’E/VE TiriXE. A. C. CAZE.NOVK ;c (\>.
jan 29
' -
| ALL.— IloOO !bs. prime leaf Am 1 Far*!, ,
5 A farniles can be supplied at a low { l ice, at
WILLIS’S Clu-ap Family Grocery, King Street. !
BLCKWIlE.Vl FLOFiL-— Jimt received a*
wither supply ol 11 >it Sc Owens Family
lbickwheat, in sacks of about 2.a lb', muh, war
rrnted of a superior quality and In e from rrn, tor
5Yilc bv J X. H A i • I * F K, j
jau 29 Fairfax street.
QUG\us. ■—20 hhds. P i to Ri( o Su . irs
O 100 boxes, half boxes and barrels, Foal,
Crushed ami Powdered do.—for sale by
jan 27 \VM. F< >M ' E & S( >NS.
/ 1HKESE.—New York L'her*:e of prime quali
X..S tv, rmd fine f] ivor, for pale by
Thomas nruxs,
jan 27 corner of Prince and f airtax sts.
Ti BATCHES. — A few grocc of GoishA wuperi
L or Matches remuinimr, and for sa!c by
jan 20 corner of Prince and Fairfax sts.
t pONGU IS, SOUNDS L\D < '< >I> FISH.—
J. 2d ..i.mli kegv of that delirious ti-h, 'longues
and Sound-} 100ti it:-, God F i111, large and -upen
or o.ality. For sale bv
j . ; x » a. _____
v EW (>UU:A SIS ar i t bit); M la s< * Sv»
am! IFmev, oi supei eer quality l*w lainiiv
use, on retail at the lowest, prices, at
2G WILLI S’S, Kins >lre t.
y AMP OIL-«\ !i»t<• r Mr.micd, LSic c neu
.C J Sperm Oil <'f be^t quality at s!.12_ i
gallon—also, good bl<*aobed Sjcnn t bd at H p< r
gallon, nt HENRY COOiv’S Drug Store,
jan 26
O AN US’ S \1:;SAP MULLA.—Six dozen bol
>7? t!< s of this popular medicine, juM received i
and for sale by \YM. SI ARLLL cs C O.
jan 26
*7 Phis article has proved high a rjencheial i:i
Couubs and Colds and is kept constantly on hand
and for sale by \VM. 15 iAI51jl.lt CO.
jan 26
on nnn bushels \vm:rr want-;
lor which th- high.-st mar
ki t price Will be paid; •!*. iiveivd ; t * < «n;\tl * i
Cameron Mills, or at iv.y ‘tore, I. iH'Ui street, A !•*
exandria. (jan 17) P» * 1
rgMIE WTHO ALMANAC, Creely «L Mcdr.l
ratli’s edition, price 12fcent>; also, a lur*
th«*r supply of the Life and tyvcches > j ll>nnj a tiy,
in two volumes, price $1,25, just received ami ter
sale by (jan 25) HELL &. EVPW ISLE.
j" AMP OIL.— W inter strained bleach'd Oh.
.1 A unsurpassed in quality; Refined 1 lunchback,
v’lrvp r to \\ hale. at hu'rsl a.lcrrlised :>rie» ", for
saie by T. M. \V 1;1 ! id,
jan 22 corner Prince and Pitt sts.
1> LACKING.—Fatman & Brotl cr’s cel >rat
2 !■ ed Oil Paste RiavLh.g, warranted to give a
beautiful gloss in the slioitc-1 .pace ot time; tor
sale low by’ *L N. HARPER,
jan 2i Fair fa x st r< et.
IT^RUiT.—Just received a few bbls. of Van
M (lore Apples; also, a few drums oi Iron
Smyrna Figs, fur sale low by
jan 19 Fairfax Mint.
A TEAL, POTATOES. Sen.—50 bushels fresh
i)JL ground Corn Meal : 100 bus. Mercer Po
tatoes; 15 nests Cedar Ware—for sale law by
jan If) corner of King and Wash. Ms.
JAMP OILS.—Rest bleached winter Sperm ,
J nearly ns pale as water $1,121 cts. gallon, j
unbleached do*,I, refined winter Whale, for com
mon use 75 cents. Tor sale by
jan20_'* A. S. WILLIS.
Y| ALM. iMl'.m 1.11 nilAl'iLft.-A 101 ol
l prime Maine Mercer Potatoes and Grand
Bank Codfish, for sale low by
jan 25 Fairfax street.
LARD.—No. 1. Leaf Lard in birruN, a splen
did article iust received and far sale by
jan 25 Corner of Prince ami l airiaxstreuts.
boxes best quality Sperm and 'Fallow
candles, 4, 5, fi, and 8 to the lb for sale by
jan 15 \. S. W1LL1S.
. The complete works of Hannah More, No. .
8, 25 cis., Gibbon’s Rise and Fall of the Roman :
Fmpirc, No. 3, price 25 cts.; and Mcf 'ullorh's
Gazeteer, part 7, price 25 cents. . u<f published,
and for sale by BELL KNTWiSLE,
jan 25 _
r|MiE subscriber has on hand and for sale
X 5000 bush. Ship and Brown Stall’
4000 ao Shorts
2500 do Bran
800 do Bye Chop
400 uo white Corn Meal
o^LiSO, Corn, Oats, Family and Superfine
Flour, Buckwheat Flour, in half and quarter bar- j
rels, and prime Mercer Potatoes,
jan 22 BEXJ. FORD.
Life of James Arminius, 1). L , formerly ;
Professor of Divinity in the University of Ley
den, compiled Irom bis life raid writing, us pub- j
lisbed by Mr. James Nichols, bv Nathan Bang:, «
D. D. just published by the Harpers, and for j
sale, price 50 cents, by
TXT IIE VT purchased by
W jan 27 YVM. FOYVLE & SONS.
f '\ OSilF.X BUTTER, a few kexs, re-cived imJ
U fur sale by (jan 23) E. L. PRICE.
1 /A BUSH, of small black eyed Peas for sale
1U by [jan 23] McLEAN & HURDLE.
PINE OIL.—A fresh supply juM received—
and for sale hy II. COOK.
l^OII SALE—A fine riding Horse. Enquire
X at this office. jin 27—3t
TTY OR SALE—A good milch Cow. Enquire at
JE this office. j in 27— 3i*
1HEESE.—20 casks of New York Chesee;
\ J 40 boxes do. of -open >r quality, for sale by
jan 29J_A. C. CAZENOVE & Co.
rjlO FISHERMEN.—TOO) lbs. Bacon, Sides,
Ji. Shoulders and H.ims, in store, and f.>r sale
l w by (jan 29) ANDREW J. FLEMING.
CAXU>NS. — A lew bushels of )ar:e white On
I ions for sale by THOS. BURNS,
jan 29 corner of Prince hairfax sts.
TJOYYT)ER AND SHOT. —A full supply of
JL all sizes lor sale, by « i(4M AS BURNS,
jnn 39 cornel of Prince and Fairfax st*.
??1\NNEICS UiJ—8 bids TaunerR Oil, for
3. sale by A. C. UAZKXOVE & Co.
jan 29
jt iOD l IS!!.—4M pound? < f :nnd bank Cod
\y UPh, lor sale by* _ T!I >S. Bi RNS,
jan 22 corn r of Prince and Fair \ fax st«r
ICE.— 29 tierces l. -O* Rice iu ?tore and tor
X >1* j*aleby LA.'iliia.li Meiviu.s/\\E,
jan 22—6t i ni<>n \Y harf.
5 ». j'dlll A liLE ARilCLLM—Just received
1.® fine whbe Sheep-A'ins for infants u-e, for sale
ianllj J. R 11LLSM F me y Emporium.
\ FITITHER sup;’v of Seine and other
^; Jl rr w ine, by
V ^lNE < >11., a further "apply of the above ai ti
JL eh*, received and lor tala!-v
jan 23 *E. L. PRICE.
\ iiUHMA PH »MNS—2d barrel- of prime
V \ lr^inia Pippins, rcc- ived and for "ale hv *
jan 23 * L I.. PRICE.
| AMP < MLS— Of tac bestquality for sale as
A jt lo*.v as can b.* bea. lit in town, by
jan 2"> J. Ni A’m>.\ ! i A Ri'F.R, Fairfax st.
\ V/ ?. LLS ( >1 V Oil ujcdtlS-lof SUiC low
* s *. • h r to cii’H! bv
j 1123 * ■ M YN & VMM
[T ANTED- -Flax I and (v ;• ed, f- r
y V whit 11 the ///;, . ./ market price v-Mi be
- • m (jan 19) JOSH \ IIARDY.
( MM CANDLES —75 boxes 4’s, 5'-, and
O b'* —a superior at th !.*, for ?*n!e bv
j m 11 YV M. FOYY LE & S( )NS.
[ A H istorv of tin* Plant i M ;md I ra ini tip id the
f’ •la-tinU (Ihureli h\ 1 ie .\ties, b\ Dr. A'l^us
lu . .Meamler, ordin »ry PeM --nr of M heoloirv in
!. • l i\ e: • ’ v > i I Vj Ini t ! - 11. d 1. •.*ai • i.t' ! i. ii
[*i! ;t i. o < I t a* < rL it at, (. ( r.n.'. a. i; V J. L. Lev
land; com; te in oj;.* hami-mm <> ‘tavo vi/miic,
to Pint ii S m h-r‘- iiouea M'-tory. Ju^t pub
lish <1 ' v .fa*. A!. < ‘am p >>' \! ( o., pr ice *•. I .,)0.
\ . K.NTW1SL...
\ j’ ji;,* i •".) a* e; lamed ly actual calculation,
£ tiiai live de: of r a-u option iii every Twcnty
} i v e t! ■ a' U > i! i t i * hi. S‘ t i t u . p s'o v«* m I! i a t !»v
times more <ii f i • ■ • ■ ' y < < il r.
'tv rfiiTt'*h'o to !h ■ !e;j;irs,v»ii* Sun, ;t vvi!! he
■ • : . t t ; inpl
p: [1 .o (■ i I v. i }**.!, i •. ! : 1 til :i;i UllUi ui *».>U
v:i i • in*; iom • it: r, i..ni. .. » i • ; ;.s, c« !«.i«, i i.u
in tdt b<\ a***, cC<*., i< id to *';e !au*i disease.—
. ■ . oe's ■ i n . ■ w o
,S.c., w iii pr-’Vfrd it, ami enre y n, it talon in
turn : y. < .m r« f«*r v i t » o * v.dm i, no ^un
ci »• \ »,*• id.. Friee only nQ cts—and for sale
at * iIMXiLV l UdKs
jan 1 d ! )ru c »* ton*.
* iC U1LKT F. A ‘ • • .— i u iiwii •
r 3 lion, or Scarlet Fever Drops, mvouling
to the presetij.t ('ii of an » \pcric. * -1 ph\-i
ciar.; A now prepared by Luc su:#-< nbcis,
n «! put up in vin!> will; nporopri »te oi:\vtions
t -r u*c. All persons Jiving in the neighborhood
of 111 is amrmm.',* d»>- a.* , would u*c a * but try
caution t v t.ik.i 4' th • drops, which in ll.e>:ua!i
d ivcouirm i. h i a mild ami ; lea-ant medi
cine, and may bo piveii to t K: iii i a. ;» ol aliases
with impunity.
E\tnct !i\ tu t!;c ddcrlica' i Atamincr, published
in riiihtilciphi i, D< rcnih'W 3»Ha, ir Id.
“An i ;.idcmio Sear! !u a : ivn .'1 duriiez tin
w irit< r »f i 10-11, several villa in th ■ - .
borhci/d « i \ ah mu ; . t •>, w nett Sr. S: . •» . v n
wa- induced to try the pr -phy i ac.nc properm-,
\vLit h He!! ;d • i is -a: 1 to j - -c-* : upai.i-t thi
disease. i he clicmn-t mccs ivnA red < , < ry trial
of tiiis Kind * f doude value, ; tc.i account o!
the fatajjt. of the • ; ... nic —30 { iti nt> had
aiii.’.d* di* d i ut oi 9j teu.' 1. In a sunn! v i I -
layc, ( ;t o» ..i■. :iai11.vIu t! * .v.11* look A- liadon
pa, i" I v.'erc all pi; c; ; ; horn tan attack; (if
th fever. Of the 50 other 14 w< re . z
, - th • ■ . the village of
i;! -.us, Dr, *'' ■ v < l m r; on • . ' * i > • «•.'1 i»■' i: a -
na to the hildren t , chool, and
allowed tin ni to cotdinuc -:i !e • • and .have
< mnnvini'with tin* c.-tliei inlria. ol the
viliaye ; niitowiiom the 1!;dladouna w;.s jjiv'en
cscopcil the l t vrr; but a lew u .ho ru
fused to take it \vi ;v sciycd witl: the disease.1
'i his ai liclc has bia n u-cd and rccommciidi-.u
in hiyh ii rms by uv.iny < mincut medical men in
I !u ro|>c, a i i •! minis emu' as u pie*mii»ic < i
>>< nrh-t I h•' e . .
/*i Ik. A\.:Yt Fever Drop.-:, carefully pre
pared a d for suit 1 v
iV; o > ' W *. S r \T>LER & C >.
0 \ •. i1 /'>■!.! S;V1, or Lij si » ■ ol th inn I
dinertn s betw on ( 1 oli< ■ Pi tes
!it ts a< rvi Ynced irt tin ir Sync ii • writings, by
: . i ler D. D. D . f V\ ■ •
;,Md 1 »!;• Professor ol i in oh;gy 0;. t»i•: ( invu r-i!*.
1 f Munich ; translated from the German, witu a
memoir ol the author, preceded by an historical
sketch of tlie “talc ol Protestantism and < bit:>*
is;ii i;j Ccrniany for the ia>! hundred year**, by
James Burton Robertson, !>'{., i ransmtor <d
h cl . P ... phy Hist ry- • t : ibliahed
in one hamL one • tavo volume, pi ice "yi.-h), ai.d
for sale hy (jan 25) BERL & EN 1 \VJSLE. v
IjL system of French Grammar, containing the
(ir-t part of the rehbrattu! Gr unm; " < I Am ] and
(’haps b. arr ing *d v» qi • :
English; also, an abridge m< nt oft y ax a
Grammatical Analysis of the same authors to
which arc added lesions in roaning am!-peaking,
forms ol drafts, idvertisem uts, &c., designed to
CacHitate the student in the use oi'^ trie iYench
Language,' v nicking it a medium ol cornmunn a*
t i ? i b< tuecn himself ai ! t: m her, a i by
blir * him t • ad, write, and ; ak • c
i js, by Sat ah E. Seaman, r Red and < r
0. P. Boi re, Pro ft r ol
gua ■ •. 'Just p ;b!. h d, by the Harpers, and f* ’
sale, i •• A cents, (
jan an L- G _
ClOEAPt L A MTS.—Lately i r iv. I ,t R*sb
supp'v of S<’>lur Lamps •■>{ lm e.-unu patterns
Solar Lamp H t ‘ , y whh h Asti i) in soon
be made into Solar Lamps; Lath]1 S.i.i.^s ol cue
ry variety, cutting and plain; B icAs, «Yc•, Sfc
Half a pound of common lard wiil m these Lamps
rive a beautiful and clear light during a v. hole
evenin'1*, as has lutciv been tiicd >.-y te-id* n«s ot
Alexandria. [jan 13] H SMITH &: Co.
I’OSEPH COLUER having removed from his
old stand on pal; fax St:cet, to King Street,
one d n l b« low Roy al, North side, is now pre
pared to make LOOTS and SHOES in the latest
French sty* 1c, si 1 on tk( i • • • ;; . le . -.
Gentlemen wishing a neat am: substantial article
would bo well to eaii^ai u -.ce mine -elore pur
chasing else w here.
N. B. 1 am also prepared to wholesale Hoots
as cheap as they can pur.u»iised in the Lriited
States. Also, two Rootmen wanted. None need
a npl v except the bait M orkmon. .tan 22 t!
km* *
FOR SALE.—A schooner, burthen j
tons, carrying 3«‘00 bushels: now lying ;
' at the wharf in Alexandria, in good order. SI e
will be sold a great bargain. Apply to A. S.
: YY 1LLIS, or to the captain on board, jan 19—tf.
<br^c VESSELS WANTED.—The suoscri
,bers want to charter two good vessel",
for the North. Despatch \s ill he given.
J jan IS_A. C. CAZBNOVE & Co.
FOR BARBADOES.—The fi c cop
! *liU£pered barque GEXER.IL lURRlSOX,
D. B. Smith, master, will *ail for the above port, ;
i on or about the 1st February. For freight or pas
i sage apnlv to the master on board, or to
i TMJR SALE.—A valuable tract of land,con-j
! 1 raining 101 acres of wood, and arable.—
3.$ tniles of Alexandria, and joining the land- ol
Mason, J ih i'ton. Rnoker, and Tracy. «//.>’*h
| OR RENT, the Globe Hotel, opposite
: r j\ij^ the Market House, formerly kept by .
j J. M . Smith, in Alexandria.
jan 10—tf Locharbour, near Alexandria.
1 , P\ 'L FOR RENT—An ICE HOUSE, in good
; ^ h’ijj repair. Apply to \Y1. LIAM PAGE.
jaojj'J—3t ' __
It ■ . • ' >—- .V * ' W.l .. v, »
I ... ^•r'-.’-r' «• •>■ '
- i - r ' * t i
I : I
i . I
gTjilONOi .>'« El) the ple.i'-ar.teR and most cf-1
iL ticanous now in use for the cure of Coughs, I
Cold*, Hoarsen;***, influenza, Tickling Serisu
■ tions of the Throat, Whooping Cough, *Sc.
! S. T. Trimble,—Sir: h he bottle of Seller's
; Imperial Syrup v. hbh [ purchased from you,;
! had the desired chert in relieving the oppression
of tie* hrcaM, and eltt-.ciually driving away my
rough. 1 believe it to he the best mixture in
, u-e, and feel confident that a fair trial will pro
: ducc the same belief in o*! ers.
i LriJgexcatcr, JLtrch hS, ltRI.
1 Fellers' Imperial though Syrup, sold by Mr. S.
1 T. Trouble, h js been used in my family in cases !
1 of coughs and cold. I believe it to he a good
j medicine. THOMAS CAMPBELL.
iiri l.'t iraUr, .*•/ nrh l.'-tb.
Prepare.! and sold by It. E. SELLERS, ;
X.i. *Jd, \Vood street, Pittsburg, P.».
And for sal •; HENRY Ct 'OK, Alexamit ia,
and EARQi IIEP, t MORGAN, \> adiington
City. jan 30
M 'I OSIIEN DAIRY I>t rTER, by the keg or
I \T at retail, Id. sale by TM WHITE, !
j• in 16 coii*..r of M ince ur.d PiUit-*. =
I 1)0RTO Rl( O S( G\B.—20 hhds. of g od
! £ quality PorT Rico s.ugsts, for *;"lc by i
jan 1 : A. (J. < VZFNOVE fcCo
piOARSH SALT.—SdQQ bushels .cry coarse
Vy at .! !.*‘aw Sail, suitable f«u stork, for suie !
%y (jan IS) WM. FOWLE & SONS. I
• )/» \ { VLL< of pure Cider \ :m g\r, for i
i m /sale by THOMAS BURNS,
jan 17 corner rf Prince and Fairfax M.*.
r •! A A R.— 100 bb! . landing and fc* sale low from
i the wharf by
| ? Alii 11 IUSHES. —A lar^c ; ply of Hair
u iL Brush. , bN received, and for air at
jan (j HENRI* < • HUTS Drug Store.
S' Wll.Y IilIIKiXGis.—ji) hi,!-, very supo
d riiir I'amily :i.„ *|erri igs, in store ai d for
sa ie by [ <! * *■- -11 j POiV.EU MARiii RY.
( \ Rf JCEKIES of rciy si.j.t rior quality and at
piLm mil the time*, for uh* by
jan 24 I orner of Prince and F lirlf^x t?
i OT. DOMINGO GOH-'Fi:.—30 bags St. it«
0 migo Coiiee of prime quality. For sale by
f jan 22—»»l Union Wharf.
rnURKS ISLAND SALT.—3000 bushels'
A. 1 urks Liar d Salt, in store, and for sale by
jan 22—(U 1 r.i:»n Wharf. \
L'M LAPSES in barrels, and on retail bv
jan 23 corner of Prince and Fairfax-sL. I
1 . Ml BRANDY, Peach Brandy and 4lh |
. i_ proof Spirit, for sale by
j »m 19 corner <d i rincc and Fairfax -G.
fEVV VOl’K PIPPINS.— Another supply cG
' i l those prime N. V. Pippin*, )nc!;nt in .» rr |
(/,»■■(, f r sale low bv J. NEWTON MARUFR, )
laii 1 i i a»11 a. *.-t
j . ...
^ N F.W L!)l i I )N of Robinson * Hebrew an i
; 1 V English Lexicon of the Old i\ • dan.t ..t. in
chiding the Biblical ( baldec, just published, and
for sale, price bv
\ | \N: FA(' rURED T<>BA( J('A20 b . -
_Vj 12 s an i HP*., Lump Tobacco, of the brands !
of ;o: v,"b, A*, if and St. John, a arood article: ■
’ ioi sale by 1 AM BERT L Me KEN /IE,
! jan 22- Ct Union V: barf.
i riENTHAMIANA. or Select Extracts from
| iLo Works of Ji.remy Bcntham, with on
i oulliuu of hi- opinions on the principal subjects j
di-rtr. oh in id* work*, edited by John Mill Bar- 1
ton, Advocate, ju-t publiJicd, in a neat volume,
1 bv Messrs. Lea G Blanchard, price SI.50, and
: 1r - Be by ' m2 )) BELL & ENTWISLE.
- • EVV STV * E DI fING SETS - i i. m .
» j_ N received per Bri# James Gray, via. Balti
more, a turtle r supply of'Rmlin, or i:nit itioi* j
t.vii-i Chiu’f luiiii:^ >*• t.y; also, Ewer* and Basins,
I i!: hf r-, Mu^s, a;.d inr^n Gups and S-.ucers.— j
G .in. i i'l. a but very hanLomo and de-,
sirible as>!>, tmei.t ol choice t'O' tL.
jail IJ—e 3t KGiW. li. MiiAAAl.
LVjl ional Intelligencer.]
2 '? p.lo/vi' r A ported ic Order an 1 if^ Advo
(•'if. in ;» m:i i*;s <f letter* a Id rested to tfu* Kev.
John M. M.;-o !, 1> l>.. by Right Kev. John Hen
ry Hobart—a new cdicon, just published by !
Vle--j-. Stanford Swords, price 50 cts. Al-o,
rjLMEWS hcci.esustic.il history, j
from the caflie-t period to tin* uresent time, with !
a ; re face and notes by an American editor, with '
a mu ies of question*, adapting the work for para- i \
cLi.il instrueti m—5th edition, just published by \
Me--r-. Stanford & Swords, price only 51) cent-, j
and ter sale by KELL k ENTWISLE.
ir^.y-As these works will be fi t quently referred
t > in the controversy bet;een Drs. Wainwright j
an i P these new and cheap editions wiii )C j
quite convenient. jan 21
O AHU.JCR I > i ;«t received a further sup
p y of (i ill and Bi ::.r.o Solar Lamps, of various
'-i/.t'S nr.tt' re- and prices, with rich cut Gothic
Glob- *, or [ Gin roughed, at price* varying from
ZA to $*,$10 at;d<id
Gilt and Bronze Reading Lamps, rf new and'
handsome patterns, 1 r oil or lard, the latter rc- *,
commended to burn well; Side and Suspending j |
Lamps, Hail Lamps. On hand a beautiful as-j .
M.rtinent of Gira* doles from $7\ per pair, to $05. | ,
Call and s« c _^
J’ amp OIL.—Winter Strained Bleached Oil, '
unsurpassed in quality; Refined Hunchback, ;
superi r to Whale, at tUclvr*sl advertised prices, 1
received and ter sate by
jan 23 g. L. PRICE. !
TEM—An E--ay towards a correct theory 1
of the Nervous System, by John Harrison/M. [).
professor cd limnology £nd Patholrgy in the
Medical College ul LouuiauS, just published by .
Lea & Blanchard, and for sale, price $2,25, by !
jan 20 . BELL &. ENTWISLE. *
/ . JL Fell S \u:—T. e 1M *c and Lot on
„ *’$£, Water street, between 1. lime and Duke
strci ts, oertiph d bv M i«> Kintr.
Tin: ItUU K ItuLSi: .1X1) LOT, on Princi'
nVc f ocri'»'i’ .1 » I\«-; *:• t*.
7//E l • ?( t • i LOT od j i . *. dd fee-f,ontj
in depth-feet, to an al‘< y. l'i; . indisputable.
fll.J1* Offer* w id l».* r< •« ivc i i r private sale;
it no! not -«•!<! I>* for • the Iiim dnv ot February,
it will tiieo be olicrt.il at p i * • • ’ j• * *.)vi. Terms
at sale ^ THUS. VOW ELL,
Agwr.t for the be.is of J »i':.iua Kiddle,
ian 19—eoU
FIllH oTEE’15 SALE—i on the 6th day
JL of February, oiler for rum at public auction,
for cash, two lots with F e buildings and im
provement* therm i, , i 4n%:v occupied by the
firm of Dean, Harr o.. i*. Milo r, as a Shoe Facto
ry. The properly is situated at the comer of
(Ydumbus and King streets, and is bounded a*
Minus: JDginniig at the ii.-t* r*ection of the
west* tii and north* rn lire* ot the above streets,
an i th* r.ce extending u < *t on K inj *tre* t 74 feet;
thence parallel with Oolijinhu* north Htf feet,
tin me w est II ft. 7 in, them e r ith 3y ft! 3 in,
• !ie.iC«» ra*t S'» feet 7 iru .ft > to Columbus street,
ai d vviiii it to tin: ae^intiin^ i r tine erst lot. I be
said Jot i* subject to a rent charge ot m*J, payable
\ uui.JIv on the l*t ol .Mar* h. 1 be uGwriJuiy of.
tfi' «ta-ci.u co*i:i;u :c( s ai line r.ot th-east corner
of the ab< vc lot. a; .1 runs u* A with tho line of
ihe f«>ni:er lot. c.*» »Y< t 7 iii* f * t ire north 13
feet, then ea*t to (Yil’iiub ; t tlien with
(.'• lumbiis street 13 feet to the starting point.—
l'\k above » ropi itv is *< i*i »n in* the provision®
r.f a certain <‘*m (l of tru t dated J3d .November,
]>3S, from Win Dean, Aaron i>. Harmon, and
.11 seph ll. Mill• r, t > X\ i'.liam Harper as trustee
to secure a oertai Yd t to l!.o \ huio.-tratrix of
John Harper, dm.Yi. v. iff. a pov. * v < f ca!“ on th^
request of the above aTu.i.l irai.ix. The sale
will take place on tt^- premisi * at ) J o’clock,
i in S— cots \\ M. W. 11 \ *1 HKK, 'Trustee.
Al^ Full BK.Vl.— \ iruM desirable resi
■Jh: dcncc tii Mi idled rg, X a., occupied for
# 7 1 *
many y.ari by the lai«* Edw in < . Broun, and re
cently by the i■> Skinn r. It E located in a
pleasant part of the vi;I gc. '1 be buildings are
..iMUu.c arid would are - in tale a large family
— the garden i> large and the oul-hoimes are con
venient. idle eMab idm, :h 1 • well situated fora
irdi ; . re-house at
t.;< bed to 1 a dwelling . uhl lea .i]v be ronvcited
into an excellent Eehe 1 Boom. Ik >.«esMon will
be .•iv* n immediately. Pe:tih uv derate. Apply
in m) absence to XX in. IE f»« -r: rs.
AS \ IlOCEBS, F.xerdrof
Middleburg. Xb\., jan 5—cnlw lb C. Broun.
A LEXANDRJA COT b b\ . ro wit :—May
* 4. Term I *id —(d a r! t s Xian!- ..s A dm nist r,
( ■ .’ .y/tbyga; .-t .1 antes lb M • kin and. then,
i’lii» day came the ]). t\mlauis XX illi.im XIankin,
John Mankin, and William ! temaine, at:d Eliza
beth Pis wife, 1 v ti ir solicitor t,\ Aeale, and
filed their r.:, • • fi, t> which no exception being
taken, it i* ordered th t the orl-T taking the bill
for confer ed as t<th*:a in; .■* t aside; and the
hill .viicg b»*en re uhn I. t ji.< i Iv_*r e«.niched and
Set (o,* d«Cl ee v. s t» the a t .<’,IH'S .Mankin*
and the order of publi.Mti »;» ti. • at tho last
term as io the a* •0- :t deb i i nlsdl-onias Ihroop,
and ii'ev Arm hi* nito, !i \v;r-; 1 duly execu
t'd a i»i the t r n ov • dug *i To b<* .beard
upon iho I ill I answers :»•: } . it*, it is de
emed and on.m u lhat .X1 . ‘cr t cuimi-Moner
F .«• i.:■ j u > st ;:t::d oU ! 1:. j a«• ■ • < • 111;t ot tho
aiPair tr..1, V < f sail ( iun hM mkins deckl,
a d t.f the v id »*v, and the several di*tnhulGCS of
said diaries Maid.ins, showing u hot advance#,
as aller'g d in the bid am chargeable to- them
re-pcetividv. inelud.ag a ! ti r**i• t I a* the housed
n«-r". d hv i I.»* !< i.-no i .t > vViliion Mankm and
John XI a akin, for the ti ao tiny ! a w occupied
the same respectively, t •;g<*thcr\v1111 all such oth
or matiem as he in in think material, or either
of th'* jv.rEoi* un\ r-.p:.m to l ■ reported; biul
bnat he raalitf a. report to die next lern*. A copy
Teste. ‘ M F..LEE, C. Ob
(' fi V'hr. • 0. ] - 11.
Notice i« In retiy giien that I shall at the hour
of 10 o'clock, A. M , on Monday ;he jib day ut
February next at m> other adj^.nin/the Council
Chamber, (Market S-juan*. in the io.vnof Al
exandria, | roo cd tocyriv into clR< l tec ab#v«#
order, u hen and where h r parti* s an* requested
to aliped. Sho il l the * f hu‘‘i,» **s i;•»l i»c com
pleted on that di» \. it wid be co:.; ;;,n*-.l from day
to day until c mrdelcd. RV’lii.S,
dec *^l—cu.'it.vw.d M •*>'.»:r < ornm’p-ioiicr.
TuRACCO W A K Kill Af I'.X \\i)R!A,
J\;;i ;n» Ihlh, IMl.
X N it: cu,.’ .ik’p v i t;,c I h s* rtion * l a I ,u \Y
1 . d :I . • poration, entit I “An Act to r« gu
late tin* ir-pcctioii « f /■*■«• on, ; d tie \hJnd
June. I'hJ i h *ia by a . u h it ri.« re is
!Ui);iii:i o in this VV.nh . . ,i. ! anie ! ‘-if.re
the v. {-sib.a- is-lip. »-«• o ft V. ad of J obac
ro marked and lamr . j*. ••! a- i .oh-,. * i/ :—G.
A. i'jt an! Wcij’.uu !(i./ 1 :,!• -3, ] ’ tire, 030
hint. I be CWinn * i th* it.! ! o. ! ot 1 obac
cn, is now, then f* re, ie-.p.'.:ed h, apply !• r the
said hoti'dic * * i within ~i\ < . r month*) from
tic' dale In r.of, prove his p*« t t y in tin -am'*,
pa v ,::.« i.ai :• - mm:urn- ’. a. . i. ci -l o! this ad
vertisement. In del i lit oi u hiidi application, I
‘■hail [iiac ed kj s* i! t e ah r -aid hothead of
Tobacco at public ;.ucW n, t » the highest bidder,
in pursuance cf the jaoWMOU* of the law abovo
stated. 'I’llOS SWAN N,
jan 17—Ia\v3m liuptrlor of lobarco.
ORPHANS’ C( RT,. / . ' Jan
miruTerm, 1' 1 « I -. i' !! I. \ ’H 77f .V. I\ IUl]
and U ! 1.1. US 1 /'. Kill. lixccijf rs of Ch *rliM
i a^e, deceased, l^avc rendered to the Court
these f itrlli account, with th** v.>« -hers i i sup
port thereof, v. hi h v.*i!i he p;i-o d, nr d duly re
corded, unir-s cause be Mown to the i ? ntrary, o»i
>r In fore th ’ Hint Monday in .Match m*\t; of
which nil person- n terc>i« «! or concerned will
:jko notio* .
j *!i 10 —w( w J). Ith>Oi\, RegTofWilN.
vi;w i>\l/:im >ri; acaiu.mri;isin.
i_ a stilution, sjiuritfd 3 miie> ca .t of Warrtn
lon, P.iuijtiier f’nunty, wih v mmiic'Icc its n» xf
u-ssion on the l.'jtii of .hmuary, i - *-i, •:« !• s tin*,
supr rinfondence of 11’ hr J.*! r.1 )eiiv;c, as hereto
fore. I iiitiMi from to idj. ij penesn^ on the
annehes. Roan! pi r l m: often mouths,
arices u: proportion t »r b*s* t
CIIAS. II! \ TOY, President.
YVw Raitimnn . dee 2'2— 1 sw Im
I rOt'SifAYD EOT l on s \i.K. — W iil u
1 1 sold on the o.i Tua ii i, ‘JOPi /A.,
it 12 *>\ /ut/;, the dwtliin•: h w4-<* ifld 1 tof grow d,
>n the well tide of V* aAdrv/b ,t ct, helong
ng to Mr. 4 hornas Whittington, frontier < n
Avhingt n street 24 f< et, *i ir. depth fib hot
A inches, to a three feet alley—thi whole sub
ject loan annt.al rent of .rfiJ '■[ Terms made
snown at sale. GEO. WHITE,
j m 23—wts Auctioneer.
| 4} OBERT BLf AY, ( * n .V<nhu it, Aeo/
h tj Ymk, will give *j;*m iti a’t- n*ion to ail ur
ic r-> for mcr h:ioii«<*. <>r • , the il >ai of any
ip ■ ertv cal: -tc i t 1 •!» m inagem* fit for sale.
7*14*5?!s. A. ( ( a/ .i o\ ^ ( o., Mexondria.
44 Y. Rogers k Co. Baltimore
•• ''!•!• If ' ■
Robert r. AVdreu ^
/ having located in Alexandria, D. C7., w iit
ittend the Courts of the District. Office on
Fairfax street, near the corner of King stin t,
Hid nearly opposite the L)»ug rite* . tf ’**• dhaiu
Stabler k Co.
REfEREJ>'CES:—Uon. R. M fh Hurter,
Essex County, V3.It. V. Waring Esq., do. d* .;
Mon. Willoughby Newton, House ef R [• escnia
lives,WestmorelandCounty, Va.; William Hut?,
Escj-Clerk of the County, and Circuit Superior
Courts of Low ar.d • Chancery, v\ tMmoriAan'i
County, V:».; S. B Atwell, IGq , Merchant,
Westmoreland Court Hus*5*4, Va: Col. \V. G.
Walker, M* re , 4t*f. G k G:-*v.‘*, Westmoreland
County, Va Hon. John TYiaf/ero, King George
County, Va.; George C. Harvey, [>q.f of the
Arm of Harvey k Adams, Alexandria, D. C.*
William Bayne, F»q., Alexandria, D. C.
jan3—lawf4w R. P. ANDREWS

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