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eViiers ami of course exposing himself to the just
censure w hich he sought to bestow upon others.
Washington L'trr. tht A. 1. Express
<;OV. DORK —This defunct functionary writes
fruin Newport prison to his political friends:
uThe Algerines profess to have a claim upon
me, which they are very slow in bringing to a set
tlement, and for which i urn detained w ithin pris
on walls. 'Hie Algcnnes'charge me w ith treason
against their old defunct charter system. My
friends will only charge me, 1 trust, with having
rendered imperfect services to the cause of De
mocracy and Equal Rights.”
Very imperfect indeed! “The Democracy”
that wv uId not stand a little powder on Cliepatc.U
et hi’l, is a very imperfect “Democracy.’ A. 1.
Express. _
OfTvphoid fever, on the2f>th ult*, at the resi
dence of R. Smith, Es<p, of trie County of Dal
las, Alabama, and late a member of Mrs. Kings
ford’s Seminary in this town. Miss MARY
ELIZABETH WVEKOEF, aged 14 years. She
was a young lady of uncommon endowment* ol
mind, which were in a high stale ot cultivation i
at the time of her decease. She gave many
pleasing evidences that she died a sincere chris- j
tian. May her young companions so follow her
as she followed the saviour,
rr r»A funeral Sermon will he preached by
the pastor, at the Baptist Ufcurch, on Sunday
right, the 21st inst., principally addressed to
young persons.
At Warrenton, on the morning of the 17th inst. j
hr the Rev. George Lemmon, ALEXANDER S. j
CAMPBELL to MARY TYLER,the only daugh
ter of the late Robert R. Horner, both of that
place- __
——p—mmm1 Tm *'* j
1844. Sttu
APRIL. rises, sets. M oov's Phases
19 Friday.5 23 6 37 ®; H„ J*
SO Saturday... 3 21 6 3:) J,"*1 *»r 3 '
21 Sunday..... a 30 6 40 f ! *
22 Monday.... 5 19 0 41 l-.a>t,lr- 3 3 ’’ M
23 Tuesday.... 6 ISC 42-N ew'* 1' 3 47 »
24 Wednesday 5 17 6 4 5 Water:
25 Thursday. ..5 16 6 44 April U—Sh. 01m
London.March 12 Havre.March 8
Liverpool... March 13 N. Orleans-April 11
Arrived, Apt il IS
Schr. Hope and Susan, Winslow, Nantucket;
mercer Potatoes to Lambert & McKenzie.
Schr. Ann Maria,-, Pomonky; Wheat to
Schr. Permittance, Pearson, Yeocomice; Corn
to master.
Schr. Intelligence, Reid, Mattox; 2100 bushels
Corn to S. Shinn.
Schr. John Emory, Wood, Baltimore; Lam
bert &. McKenzie, and freight lor the District.
Schr. Cnha««et. Sears, Providence, R. 1.; by
Wm. Fowle & Sons.
Ilr. schr. Susannah, Lanagan, Halifax ; by
W m. Fow le Sons.
Brig Temperance, (of Georgetown, I). C.)
Dillaway, at Kingston, Ja., 16 uIt. from Pensa
cola, had been condemned, and would be sold
for the benefit of underwriters.
Brig Virginia, cleared at Boston for this port
15th in*t.
Brig Mary, Mathews, hence at Boston 14th.
Schr. Pocasset, Coffin, hence at B uton 14th.
Schr. Cotuit, Nickerson, hence at B< ston 13th.
Schr. Emerald, Snow, cl’d at Boston for this
port 13th.
At Bermuda, 31 inst., schr. Gen. Warren, ;
Titconib, hence.
-—--- ;
fL.j=*PFTHEL.—Divine service will be per- ,
formed on board the ship Robert, on Sunday af
ternoon, 21st inst., at 3$ o'clock. After the ser
vice, an opportunity will be given to sailors and :
•others who may wi*h it, to sign the Temperance
Pledge. It is sinc» rely hoped that the friends of j
religion, and humanity, w ill exert themselves to ,
induce all the sailors in port, craftsmen, fisher- ,
men, and all persons who are either directly or
indirectly connected with the water, to attend up
on this occasion.
April IS, 1844. y
23* Northern Mail closes daily at 1 o'clock
P. M.; arrives, daily about at 7 o'clock, A. M.
JCJ^outheru Mail closes daily, at 9 P. M.;
arrive* daily from 2 to 3 o’clock, P. M.
Winchester Mail closes Mondays, Wednes
days, and Fridays at 9 P. M.; arrives Wednes
days, Fridays and Sundays, ’>v o i . M.
Warrentor. Mail closes Mondavs, Wedj°.sdays,
and Fridays, at 9 P. M.; arrives Sundays, Wed
nesdays, and Fridays, by 8 P. M.
Falmouth Mail, via Oecoquan, &c., closes
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 9 A. M.;
arrives Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays by
10 P. M.
Northern Neck, ^ a., Mail, closes on Mondays
and Thursdays, 9 P. M.; arrives on Tuesdays and
Thursdays, with the Southern mail.
Leesburg (Va.,) Mail closes on Sundays, Tues
days, and Thursdays, at I P. M.; arrives Sun
days, Wednesdays, and Fridays with the North
ern Mail.
Vpper Marlboro’ (Md.) Mail closes Sundays,
Tuesdays, and Thursdays, at 1 P. M.; arrives
Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, at 7$ A. M.
Nottingham (Md.) Mail closes Sundays and
Thursdays, at 1 P. M.: arrives W ednesdays and
Sumtoys, at 7 J, A. M.
Port Tobacco (Md.) Mail closes Sundays and
Wednesdays, at 1 P. M.; arrives Sundays and
Thursdays, at 7$ A. M.
PEARL STARCH.—A supply of that most
beautiful and superior article received and
for sale by [ep 19] A. S. WILLIS.
I REMARKABLE C*SE—A ease ba* be*n !
! brought before the U. S. Dhtnct Court of Lv,
which is quite remarkable, and i * a hi torv
out of which it has grown are sustained, a history
of almost unparalleled hardship and oppression
will be presented. The suit js brough by
Sally Miller vs. John F. Miller. The plaintiff*
her petition alledges that she is a native o j
mar.v, of honest parentage and legitimate birth
-that her parents came to this country diet
soon after their arrival, and that she. while >eV
too young to know or assert her rights, was
seized bv Miller as a slave,‘deprived of her natu
ral liberty, and made to hold a place with ne
gro. s and those bound to servitude—that she ha
been so held to slavery for more than twenty
years; has had three children by Millers over
seer, one died. the other two have made
slaves—that she was publicly sold in lt-33 to the
gentleman who row holds her m on a?e- .
damages in ihe suit against Miller are aid at
,410.(100. A suit is also brought against Be
lmont, her present owner—the object of which
is to recover her freedom. Able counsel
employed, and the case was to be conducted
with much energy. This might form the foun
dation for a romance. It would not require a
great stretch of imagination to make this poor
woman the child of noble parents, stolen by the
German emigrants—the skillul novelists could
till up a picture of startling incidents, and give a
sequel_and we might have another “Mysteries
of great popularity. Say what we will, hovever
.-truth is stranger than fiction.''—Richmond Coni’
pilcr. ___
Lieut. Governor Moore has commenced the
business of prophesying on his own account, and
we believe in oppositi n to .loe ^mith; having
published a letter in the Chicago Democrat, an
nouncing a revelation to himself on the subject
• • Ia t_— Ui./vn rrxlnnrvn I V
ol Ine next t residency n
reveal^ to him that Marlin Van Buren is to be in
augurated as President of the United States on
the 4th of March next. Joe on the other band,
vaticinates against «aid event. It is revealed to
him that no such tiling will take place, Mr. Smith
I intending to take the Presidency upon himself.
Our opinion shall be impartially expressed. V\ e
believe one of the seers just as much as^ we do
, the other except so far as it regards Joe s nega
! tive prophecy. In that, we have the utmost con
fidence he is right, and we believe farther, that
his chance for the post he prophecies about is
quite as good as that of Mr. \ an Buren, nor do
believe the people have much preference between
i them—unless indeed, the Merman candidate is
j considered a little less noncommittal than his
! competitor, and therefore, the best of the two.
*V. Y. Courier.
HIGH SANCTIONS.—As the Whig party
have incurred many hard names, such as federal
ist, Aristocrat, &.C., by their advocacy of a Uni
ted States Bank, it may he as well to record a
fact in reference to that subject which lias been
brought to our notice hy the remarks of Mr. Gar
rett Davis,of Kentucky, at the recent Whig meet
ing in New \ ork in honor of Mr. Clay s birth
•kiy. Mr. I). stated that of the thirty-seven del
egates who signed the Declaration of Independ
ence, thirty-two of them, together with General
Washington, supported the establishment of a U.
States Dank. We are aware that this piece of j
history w ill be considered a matter of little conse- j
quence by Uocofooo politicians w’ho aie imbued
with the spirit of “progressive Democracy, ’ but j
trust that it will not he without its weight with
the honest ami patriotic who constitute the great,
hotly of the party. Let this lact ho circulated
through the country, and we cannot well con
ceive how demagogues will he able to summon
the effrontery to denounce as enemies of the peo*
pie those who are endeavoring to restore the in
stitutions of their forefathers.— Whig Standard♦
SANDS’ S A USA PA K ILLA.-An eminent wri
ter observes, that if a man in Europe were to go
to bed with the conviction that China would be
swallowed up bv nn Earthquake that night he
would he less uflected than by the knowle ge
that hi^ own little finger was to he amputated the
following morning. It is strange with all this
selfishness, that men should take so little pains to
j guard against disease, and to arrest its progress,
j A speci c for that terrible scourge of the human
| family, Scrofula, has lately been discovered, and
! vet the statistics of our hospitals and other chari
1 table institutions, as well as the general hills of
! mortality, show that this disease annually de
! stroNs whole hecatombs of victims, in Samis1
Sarsaparilla a certain and speedy remedy is pro
vided for Scrofula and all other disorders origi
nating in unhealthy secretions and a diseased
condition of the vital fluid. The numerous testi.
momals of the extraordinary cures it has wrought
! and the increasing demand for this valuable pre
i paration abundantly attest its value,
j ■X'j*Perpared and sold by A. B. Sands $v Co,
Druggist,273 Broadway, New York; J. A. Heed
! sole agent for the proprietors, corner of Pay und
! Saratoga streets, Baltimore. Also, by VV m. Sta
bler & Co , Alexandria, agents for the proprie
: fors, and sold by Druggists generally, throughout
| the United States. Price $1 per bottle, or (> bot
ties for >5. ap —D j
Floi r.—Yesterday morning the;e was some
improvement in the demand for Howard street
Flour, and «ales of several hundred barrels w *re
made at $1,75, which was an advance. Today
there has been a good inquiry for t ie article, and
the sales embrace ncarl/ all that has been offered
at the same price. 'Hie principal pat t of the stock
on hand however is held on miller’s account
foi higher prices. There is no fixed price for re
A sale ot Patapsco superfine to day, at $4,87$,
and also at $5.
A sale of 900 bhls. City Mills Flour, not fresh
ground, was made to-day at $4,75. Fresh ground
is held at $5. A sale of 800 bbls. J. P. Miller’s
extra% at $5,25.
Sales of TOO bbls. Susquehanna Flour at $4,75;
and of 400 barrels, extra ditto at $4,874, $4,94
and $5.
Gr\in.—There is very little Maryla d Wheat
offering. We quote it at 100 a 106 cents for
good to strictly prime quality. A sale of 2,000
bushels prime Pennsylvania red was made to-day
at 109 cts. Sales of Md. White Corn at 43 cts,
and of yellow at 47 a 48 cts. Sales of 2,800
bushels Pennsylvania yellow Corn at 49 cts. A
sale of 1,000 bushels Penna. Rye at 61 cts.—
We qjote Md. Oats at 27 a 28 cts.
THE schr. AMR Y ELIZ-1 and sloop AMR Y
JXX, will take freight on accommodating
term*5 between the above places. T he schooner
Mary Eliza, will leave Alexandria, (I hompson’s
wharfl this dav (Friday) at 12 o’clock; and the
sloop on Saturday, at the same hour. Persons
having freight to Georgetown, will apply on
board either vessel at Thompson's wharl, Alex
andria; and for Alexandria, at Scott's wharf,
Georgetown. E. ANDREWS,
ap 19—3t Master and Agent.
FOR BALTIMORE, Saturday 20
\r^TThe line schr. JOHX EJIORY, Wood,
master, will sail on her regular day. For freight
apply to LAMBERT k McKENZIE,
ap’ pj—2t Union wharf.
~ FOR RENT.—The two story Brick
_i!tLDwelling House, north side of King street, I
between Alfred and Patrick streets, now in t‘ e I
occupancy of Miss Elizabeth Smith. It is on the i
highest square of the town, and in the neighbor
hood of the best water, has a Stable and Chair
house on the alley back, and a cistern in the yaid
Possession can be had as soon as Miss Smith is
ready to remove to the house she has purchased.
Also, a large BRiCK STABLE, in the alley,;
back of the adjoining lot to the above, capable of
containing four horses, four cows, and two car
riages. For terms, which to good tenants will
be reasonable, apply to
ap 19—tf_A. C. CAZENQVE.
BUTTER.—A supply of good butter, just
ceived from Loudoun county by
ap 19 A. S. WILILS.
BACON.—7000 lbs. Shoulders Bacon, of large '
and small sizes, at 4$ cts. by the 50 or 100
lbs. Also superior Family Hams, and Middlings,
received and for sale by
ap 19 _E L. PRICE.
MERCER POTATOES.—800 bushels in
prime order on board the schr. Hope and
Susan at Union wharf. Apply to
ap 19—3t LAMBERT & McKENZIE.
IARESH DRUGS, &c.—The subscriber has
just received his full Spring supply of Drugs,
Chemicals, Dye Stuffs, Paints, Oils and Colors, also, j
Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Fancy Articles, Win
dow Glass, <Vc. Sfc., all of which he has selected
personally, with very great care,
Englisn Mustard, very superior
Brown's Inexhaustible Salts
English and American Caiomcl
Adhesive Plaster spread, Alleppo Galls
Gentian Root, superfine Emery
Low's White Windsor Soap, do Brown do
Chrome Green, of best quality
do u ground in Oil, French Green
French Green ground in Oil,
Pure Verdigris iw Oil
Baltimore Chrome Yellow, No. 1
i Lamp Black in papers, do very sup. for Painters
| Refined Borax, Socotrine Aloes
i Evan’s Crown Lancets genuine
I Paper Pill Boxes English, Chipped do
Spatulas assorted sizes, Poor Man's Plasters
Curraway Seed, Squills, do in fine powder London
Sherman’s Worm Lozenges, do Cough Lozenges
! do Cathartic do, Gum Gamboge, Pearl Sago
j Barley, Long Pepper, Tacked Boxes
Gum Guiacum, Quassia, Principe Segars gen’e.
Woodville do do, Gum Camphor
Brandeth’s Pills genuine, Strychnene
Hydriodate Potash, Pure Areter Acid
English graduated Measures, Pill lills
V\ edgewood Mortars, Horn Scoops, Cork Presses
! French Iodine, Military Blacking, Manna
Precipitated Curb Iron,Bull’s Extract Sarsaparilla
French >oaps in variety,
Apothecaries Seal sand Weights
“ Furniture &c., Hair Gloves
Toilet Bottles China, English Cut Punjents
Moelle de Boeuf, Delaselles Perfume Try &.
. n in
Jivrnjes an asioruneru, i>eu i an*
Cupping Instruments, Medicine Chests
l Ede’s Patchoulev, do Hedyosmia
Jow land’s Lotion genuine, Rowland’s lvalydor
Guerlain's Shaving Cream, do do Tablets
Black Pomatum, Hair Brushes, do French
do English, do American, Varnish Brushes
Honduras Sarsaparilla, Shellac, Alcohol
Sal Soda, White Jamaica Ginger
Jayne’s Hair Tonic, do. Expectorant, do. Car
minative Balsam
Tapioca, very superior, English Venetian Red
Ext Dandelion, Cooper’s American Isinglass
Powdered Rhubarb, Superior Castor Oil
Colombo Root, Aqua Ammonia,
Slippc rv Elm Bark, African Cayenne
Genuine Bear’s Oil, Bay berry Bark and powder, j
Chinese Vermillion, Superior Gum Arabic
Valerian Root, White Pepper, Balsam Copaivai,
Copaiva Capsules, Extra White Glue
Logwood, Nicarauga do.. Bed Saunders
Phosphate Iron, Fenugreek Seed
Tortoise Shell Combs, English do.
Fresh Chamomile Flowers, Citric Acid
Benzoic Acid, Carbonate Magnesia
Frankinserice, Tartar Emetic', Comb Brushes
Shaker's Shoe Brushes, Ivory and Tooth Combs,
Pocket Combs, Heifers’ Teats, Chinese Musk
Gum Tragaccnth, McMann’s Elixir Opium
Taylor's Balsam Liverwort, Myrrh Tooth Paste,
Bed-Bug Poison, Sec., Spirits Turpentine, Glue
Fresh Salad Oil, Chloride Soda, Blue Mass
Nitrous Ether, Sulphate Quinine, Orange Peel
White Wax. Whit ng. Night Tapers.Castile Snap,1
Oil Cinnamon, Palm Soap in liars, Indelible Ink,
Alexandria Senna, Henry’s Calcined Magnesia,
Oil P< pj ern'int, Smith's Varnishes,
Pesteles de Paris, Hull’s Soap, an assortment
Demijohn Corks, Vial and Pottle do.
Perfumed Chalk Ralls, Sheep’s Skins
Gum Elastic Teething Rings, German Cologne,
British Lustre, Salmratus, Pearlash
Morphine, Poor Man’s i riend
Gallic, Lima Bark, Hair Dye, Balm Columbia,
Otto Roses, Citrete Iron, Kreosot, Scarificators
White Diachylon, Surgeon's Lint, Oxalic Acid,
London Wine Colohicum. \ olalile Salts
English Calcined Magnesia, Red Thread
Stephen’s Blue W riling Fluid, Note \V afers
Arnold’s Steel Pen Ink, India Ink, Oil Vitriol
English Tooth Brushes, do. Nail Brushes
Stephen's Red Writing Fluid, Cremor Tartar
Fpsom Salts, Quicksilver, Cochineal, Copperas
Terra de Sienna, Nursing Buttles, Breast Pipes
Terrant’s Indelible Ink, Chloride Lime
Beckwith Pills, Gulch's Friction Matches
Lowe’s M) rtlo Pomatum, Gum Elastic Bougies,
j Gum Elastic Catheters.
rrlf»The subscriber respectfully solicits Phy
sicians, Country Merchants, Heads ot Families,
1 &c., to give him a call before purchasing else
i where, as he is determined to sell articles of the
I very best quality, at the lowest price, and will
have them put up in such a way as cannot fail to
give satisfaction. HENRY C OOK,
ap Id—tf Chemist and l)rug;i<t.
▼ ▼ added to their stock of DRUGS, DYE
STUFFS, P.liVTS, b'' , a large assortment, se
lected personally, of the best articles, at the
lowest prices. Country merchants are. requested
to call on them, for their aim is to sell as low as
articles of a like quality can be purchased in Bal
timore. Among the goods received and on hand
are the following, viz:
Fresh Salad Oil in large and small bottle*,
Epsom Salts in barrels, Houck’s Panacea,
Cochineal. Pearl Barley,
Sand's, Bull’s and our own Extract of Sarsa
Bermuda Arrow Boot just imported,
T me f Y 1 I
Apothecary’s Glass Ware, at a large discount
from the' factory prices,
Glue, Judkin’s Ointment,
Brand’s Anodyne Plaster, Fresh Oatmeal,
Salaeratus, Bath Bricks,
Cooper’s Isinglass for jellies. Blancmange, &c.
Russian do.1, Tooth Brushes, Hair Brushes,
Bice’s Worm Destroying Drops, a much ap
proved medicine,
Verdigris in oil, White Lead in oil, various
Twine, British Lustre, German do.
Ground Dyewonds. viz:—Logwoood, Fustic,
Hvpcr-Nicaraeua Wood, &c., Aloes,
Cantharides, Pink Root, Syringes,
Dentist’s Gold and Tin Foil, Gold L^af,
Odontine de Pelletiere, Elixir de Pelletiere,
fresh preparations for the teeth, much ap
Cupping Cases, Scarificators,
Cologne Water, Jamaica Ginger, superior,
Flake M .nna, Oil of Cloves, do, Cinnamon,
do. Lemon,
Gum Mastich, Vermillion, Castile Soap,
Gum Tragacaucth, Gum Ammoniac, Indigo,
Opium, fresh, Shellac, Alcohol, Cassia,
/A . !aI..!I../.« IT inn ^nomvo Rlir(Xll Hfl V Pitch.
Balsam Copaiva, Assafetida,
Best Mustard (a very superior article)
Rochelle Salts, Tartaric Acid,
Super Carbonate of Soda, Refined Borax,
Blue Pill, best London manufacture,
Citrate of Iron and Quinine, a new tonic,
Pill Boxes, Scales and Weights,
Graduated Measures,
Adhesive Plaster Spread, Wafers,
Thermometers, Perfumed Soaps, a variety,
Perfumes, a variety, Liquorice Root, Segars,
Copal Varnish, Spirit Turpentine,
Castor Oil, by the dozen bottles or barrel*
Chrome Green. Peruvian Bark, Quinine,
S^eet Spirit Nitre, Oil of Vitriol, Whiting,
White Skins, Tongue Scrapers,
Chamomile Flowers, Indelible Ink, &c.
Particular attention i$ paid to the execution of
orders from Physicians and private families^ in
neat and convenient style. 4m<> 1 <
[Winchester Virginian, Warreaton Flag, and
Upper Marlboro1 Gazette.]_ __
few packages of genuine Bermuda Arrow
root, direct frooi that Island, and warranted of
tl»is years Crop. Apply to I
ap 17-lw MASTERS fe CQX.
Furl KENT.—That desirable three sto-;
_ry brick dwelling house on Cameron street,
now occupied by Mrs. Ann Mason. Possession ;
given on the. 26th June next.
ap 19— lawt26J_ _'
rv nice article, just rec’d and for sale by
I^TeRCER POTATOES.—An additional sup
JLV_1 ply, rec’d this day, and for sale by
stantly on hand, and for sale by
MERCER POTATOES.—Just received 100
bushels prime .Maine Mercer Potatoes, of
a superior quality for planting or table u<c, lor
an 19 _ Fairfax st.
LAMP OILS AND LARD.—Bleached Sperm,
very pale, $1 per gallon; patent Bleached,
nearly equal to Sperm, 80 cts. per gallon; refined
Whale, 62] cts per gallon; Lard suitable for
buring, at * 7 cts. per lb. also, Train Oil, for
Leather, Harness, &c. lor sale by
ap 19 A. S. WILLIS.
Qnn REAMS News and Writing Paper, j
Z\J\J lor sale low, to close,
WOOL.—Washed and Unw' shed W’ool pur
chased as usual by
ap 18 A. C. CAZENOVE & CO.
NE. RUM.—1« hhd-. and 25 bbls. jusl re
• ceived and for sale by
J UST received a good supply ot good roll but
ter, for sale by J N. HARPER,
ap Fairfax street.
1 SAf \ BUSHELS Maine Mercer Potatoes,
1 Vy" r just received, and for sole by
ap 1G R. &. W. RAMSAY.
T1TOOU WANTED—We are always in the
VV market for Washed Wool,
ap 16—tf_POWELL & MARBURY.
O0UND OLD BACON HAMS, at 5} cents
per pound, for sale by T. M. WHITE,
ap 16 corner Prince and Pitt sts. i
rrUBLE SALT.—10 bbls and 100 small bags
JL of Table and Butter Salt, of very superior
quality. For sale to dealers by
ap 18 A. C. CAZENOVE & Co.
Onions for planting.—a few bush.
small Onions, for suitable planting—for sale
by • T. M. WHITE,
ap 18 comer of Prince and Pitt street
Tobacco and segars.—40 boxes pound
lump and plugtobarco; 260,000 Principe and 1
Florida Segars, for sale very low by
SALAD OIL.—Marseilles Olive Oil, war- j
ranted fresh and superior, just received and !
for sale at J. R. PiERPOINT’S,
ap 16 Drug store.
BRANDETH’S PILLS entirely vegetable, j
warranted genuine. Just received and for
sale at J. R. PIERPOINT’S
ap lfj urug «ioro i
v_' hii'hels very nice white Corn Meal, and
extra quality Rye Flour. For sale by
ap 16 A. S. W ILLIS.
Sweet potato planting an heat
ing ROO TS Also, a further supply of
those genuine Maine Mercer Potatoes, for sale by
ap 1H A. S. WILLIS.
SWEET POTATO MOOTS in prime order,
fine for planting, just received and for salt; by
ap 16 corner of Prince and Fairfax-sts.
\\1 RIGHT’S Indian Vegetable Pills, warrant- I
\ V ed genuine—just received and for sale at
ag 16 Drug Store.
\\J ANTED.—A nurse for a young child, a
\\ girl from 14 lo 17 years **1*1; one irom tin* ;
country would be preferred. Enquire at thi-oi- 1
flee. aplli—- eo3t
4( i LOAVES of double and single refined
O M r loaf sugar; al-o, c rushed and powder- -
ed do., of the very best quality, for sale bv . I
ap 18 corner of Prince and Fairfax
OOAP AND CANDLES.—60 boxes No. 1 ;
O Brown and Yellow Soap
18 do Dipped Candles (8s)
10 do Palm arid W bite Soap,
in store and for sale low by
ap 17 A. J, FLEMING.
11 and rich Rerages, for ladies’ dresses, new j
style and cheap—just ree.d by
an 10 a f»*w doors above Pitt on Kinc-st.
N. B. Call and judge for yourselves.
ICE.—The subscriber has his ICE I IOC ^E
filled with the thickest and purest ICE he has j
ever had had, (the Northern Ice not excepted,) j
which he will deliver to his customers every
mornin (Sundays excepted,) at *1 for 100 half
peck tickets, or by the bushel at i cents, anti
warrants a full supply to the 1 st of November, j
ap 18—3t* JOHN LAWSON.
CABINET MAKING.—The subscriber would
y respectfully inform bis friends, and the pub
lic generally, that he lias commenced the above j
business, on King street, directly opposite Jos!
H. Miller’s Grocery Store, where he is prepared
to mako up to order, any article in his line of bu
siness, in a workmanlike manner, and at the
shortest notice: and he respectfully solicitsa share
of public patronage. Old Furniture repaired at
reasonable prices, and in good style,
ap 18—1 yr NEWMAN CROSS.
! , SACKS._The subscriber has received by j
ship Robert, from Liverpool for the Canal trade:
1000 sacks Blown Salt,
1400 do Ground Alum, in best bleached ar.d
half bleached Sacks, 10 to the ton
10,000 bushels do in hulk.
The s<\( ks arc large and well filled, put up ex
ores*Iv by his order and branded with hi* name. :
* 4mo IS R. H. MILLER.
rp Williamsport Banner, W inches. Virgi n, j
Hagerstown Torch Light, Martinsburg Gazette,
and Cumberland Civilian, lawjvv.]
&c,__We have received, and are now open
ed a large and well-selected assortment of hand
some DRESS GOODS for ladies, among which
3re French and low priced garages, Wool and j
Lawn Balzarines, French Tarleton Lace, and i
Gingham Lawns, White, Pink, Blue, and Bud j
Tarleton Lace, Striped and Band Muslins, I car- j
toon fine Embroidered 10*4 Thibet Shawls, 10 j
doz. 5-7 and 10-4 do and Plain Muuslin do, 1 ;
Cartron more of those rich 10-4 white Silk ,
OL....L r^p Clip hv
ap 13 C. M. & F. TAYLOR j
Just received bv late arrivals, my spring
supply of Combs, 'direct from the Eastern .
manufacturers, comprising every variety, also
Brass and Wood Clocks, all kinds of Brushes,
Cutlery, (real) \ irginia Hooks, Gold and Gilt ; ^
Jewelry, Gold, silver, and Steel Beads, German <
silver, Plated and Steel Spectacles, Music-Boxes,
Accordeans, Flutes V iolin strings, siik, cotton,
and thread Purses, Pocket-hooks, Card Cases and 1
Cards, jet Breastpins, do. Hair Pins, Soaps, 3nd
Perfumery, Sun Shades and Lmbrella3, Fancy
Vest Buttons, Pins, Needles, Tapes, silts and
Straw Gimps, Whalebones, 1,2, and 6 barrel
Pistols and Pocket Rifles, Percussion Caps, V el
lose pedes and and an endless variety not enumer
ated, which have been purchased on the best
terms, and will be sold at the lowest prices,
wholesale or retail,at the pancy Ltnpoium.
N. B. Wood Clocks $2,50 or $2 by the case,
ap 18 B- HILLS.
. at the residence of Capt Jos, Smoot, on Pitt !
it., on Wednesday, 24th April, commencing at half- |
past 9 o’clock, if fair—if not, the next fair day, j
all his Household and Kitchen Furniture: Con
sisting in part of—1 splendid 6^ Octave Piano,
made in Vienna, nearly new, of superior touch
and tone, with metallic plate and bar; Piano
covers and music stool; Pier and Centre Tables,
with Marble tops and Glasses 9 Curtains, Pari
sian Transparencies, (some very handsome;)
large Mirrors; Union Chairs; Mahogany Rock
ing Chairs, (one of new pattern and metallic
springs;) Oil Paintings and Engravings; Marble
Vases; Astral Lamps, and Passage Lamps Gi
randoles, Gold and Silver, plated; plated Candle j
Sticks; Snuffers and Tray; Mantle Ornaments; I
Fruit Baskets; Parlor Stoves; Andirons; Fenders;
Shovels and Tong*; Cane-seat Chaire; Hearth
Bugs; Brussels and other Carpet*; Oil Cloths; 1
Stair Carpets; 1 pair Mahogany Dining Tables. >
(extra large size;) Breakfast Tables; 1 Side
Board, (marble top;) Hair Mattrasses; Feather
Beds Bedsteads; Washstarids Bureaus with mar
ble tops and glasses; Mahoga.,y Wardrobe, 1
pair Mahogany Stands; 1 Mahogany dinner Tray
and Stand; Cut-glass Ware; China and Crockery
Ware; and a variety of Kitchen Furniture,
most of which has been but a short time in use,
and well taken care of; 1 first rate Milch Cow;
and a servant boy used to house work, to hire
for the balance of the year. Terms at sale,
ap 19—(its [Nat Jnt.—21st. U2d. and 23d,'1
V LIC SALE.—The subscriber will sell at
public sale, on Monday, 17//i day of June, at I’J o’
clock, on tbe premises, (it n< t previously sold at
private sale,) that valuable FARM called Pope’s
Creek, now in ?he occupancy of J W. Hunger
ford, Esq. It is situated in \\ estmorelaud Co.,
Virginia, near the mouth of Pope’s Creek, 80
miles below Alexandria, D. C. 0 from Oak Grove,
and about the same distance from Leeds town,
and fronts one mile upon the Potomac mer.—
This Farm contains 1,869 acres ot land, lying
beautifully lor the purposes of agriculture; a
large portion of it is river bottom, and equal in
productiveness to the best lands in the Northern
neck. 700 acres are under cultivation, and the
remainder in wood, principally oak ar d pine of
heavy growth, for the sale of which Baltimore and
Alexandria afford ready markets
/rv^ti The improvements consist of a FRAME!
DWELLING, Clusters. Stabling, &c. ne- j
cessary tor the use of a farm of its size
Terms of sale—One fourth cash, and the bal
ance in 2, 4, and 0 years, with interest from day
of sale.—Notes with approved security will be
required for the credit payments. Persons wish
ing to see the property can land at Lord's town
from the stenu boat Rappahannock, which leaves
Baltimore every Saturday in the afternoon.
Reference is made to W. R. Mason, Esq. of
King George Court House, Va.
Possession will be given on the ]«t of January !
ap 19—2awts Baltimore *!d.
J scrihers have received per Ship Robert,
from Liverpool, the remainder of their Spring
supply of ('MX. 1 . IXD E.W'l 1IEXIEJKE. \
Their stock is now very complete, comprising ;
every article in the line of the latest styles, and
best quality, for sale at as Imv rr/fosns in any city
in the union. Among the Goods will he found j
Dining Sets, blue arid fancy, Imitation China, 1
Lime Stone China, white, blue, kr. kc.
Tea sets, Ch'ina gilt ami plain in every variety
Glassware, cut, plain, and pressed
Stone Ware—an excellent article
Window glass, warranted the best quality—
every si/e
Bedford Crown Glass at factory rates
Best English plated kc., Castors
Dixon k Son’s celebrated Brittania Tea Sets
Solar Lamps—cut and plain shades kc.
Hall, wall, and shop Lamps
Pipes in boxes
Toilets Set*—some very handsome
Girandoles latest patterns and low prices,
L ^Jr Leesburg Washingtonian, Martinsburg
Gazette, and Charlestown Free Press once a
wcek^for three weeks.
li The subscriber has received and is n< v% npenins,
comprising a full and very desirable assortment
of new goods, of excellent quality, and of the
ft i I,. ns t a lOintinc n.il lurnc *in.f <<nl/>rk
It is unnecessary to enumerate the articles, as
his assortment contains almost every desirable
article tint can he railed lor.
He has always received and vvjll continue to
receive full supplies of Glassware, from the
bett manufactories in the country—and in addir
tiori thereto, lie is now opening; a lot of the very
best Pressed or Imitation Cut Glass Tumbler*,
purchased at auction, which lie will sell at unu
sually low prices.
Window Glass, of all sizes, constantly on hand,
which will be sold by the manufacturer*' Ii>t.
Private families wiil find it to their advantage
to lay in their supplies with him, as his assort
ment of Dining and Tea Sets, Solar Lamps, Gi
randoms, &.C., ccc., is very runusome ami will lie i
put at very low prices. Country merchants on
the line ot the Canal are earnestly desired to cal!
and examine his goods and IBt of prices—the
former, he flatters himself, is rather superior to j
what they have usually seen, the latter will he
made as low as they can be purchased in any
other market—whilst the transportation by the
Alexandria Canal, and Chesapeake and Ohio
Canal, will save them expense and risk of
breakage. f4mo 18] K. H. MILLER.
[Williamsport Banner, Leesburg Washingto
nian, Martinsburg Gazette, Hagerstown Torch
Light, and Cumberland Civilian ] a vv3 w, and
charge R. H. M.]
Mount hepburn ice housed Friends
will you encourage us:— I he subscriber
respectfully informs his last year’s customers,
that lie has greatly enlarged the above establish
ment and tilled it With the purest and best of ice,
arid would he pleased to turnish it every morn
ing, (the Lord's day excepted, arid to provide fur
which lie will send it on Saturday evening,) at
the houses of his subscribers, at the low rate ol
twenty cents per bushel, wheie a peck or more
is taken at a time; or three cents for a haif peck.
Gentlemen or ladies wishing the subscriber to
supply them, will please leave their orders w ith
\ir. James Shcehy,at his Family Grocery Store,
on Camernn-street, or with Mr. J. Arnold at his
Fashionable Hat Store, on King-street—stating
when, where, and how much, and they will be
promptly attended to. MOSES HEPBURN
jj^l^The subscriber can supply any quantity
of Cirt Straw' at 4 cents per bushel. Please send j
as above. [ap I ?-~tf j _H.
LOOK HERE!—I respectfully |
r.tinf voiifur een
^W^tlemen, who wish lobefirst in fa*h
ion, to those beautiful hRhXCII
which I am now making—unrivaled in quality
and price in the Lnited States. Ak‘- > * l’u J
I;« wenerallv to my assortment ot bt^ylLt.
mekTudies\^ss:s, boys Sc enn,
DR EX'S SHOLS, which I will sell at the low
est possible rates-^at my old stand, on I rmce
street, one door West of Union street, and third
loor from Mr. McVeigh’s store.
loor irom A [} COLLINS WORTH.
rr^ Coarse shoes, for fishing shores, ten per
-entTless than last year._&P 3—ly
\ lbs. of Shoulders of Baconof strictly
O vJ LH I prime quality, bright and handsome,
jt 4A cents, by the 50 or 100 lbs.; also a few nests
extra and small sized Iron and Wooden
aound Ware, just received and for sale by
ap ]7 corner of Prince and F airfax sts.
LACKING—-51 Tozen boxes superior Oil
Paste Blacking, just receited and for sale
low by [ap 17] A. J. FLEMING.
DRY GOODS S\LE.—This evening, at 7 o’
clock, 1 shall sell at my Auction Room a
variety of Dry Goods, such as Brown Cloths,
Stripes, Plaids, Tickings, Vestings, Shawls, and
Handkerchiefs; Spool Cotton, Hoisery, Artificial
Flowers, Colored Thread, Needles, Pins, Ready
Made Clothing, Clocks, &c. &c.
ap 18_GEO. WHITE.
Will be sold in the Market Square, on Sa
turday morning, 20th inst., at 8 o’clock, a va
riety of Household Furniture of dilFerent kinds;
a lot of Seasonable Clothing; also, a small lot of
Cheese in boxes, tic., kc. GEO. WHITE,
ap 18 Auctioneer.
AND SLAVES.—By virtue of a decree of
the County Court of Prince William County, pro
nounced on t1>o 5th of February, 1844, the un~
dersigned will sell at Public Auction, on the pre
mises, Saturday the 2()//* of . lyril next, a tract
of land lying in the county of Prince William*.
nnr. n •'i ! In.rA nf I I Cflllt'l IMIIWT 'lhllllt
MV til IMV/ » » vii ** • * J ' v...v ......p — -
fourhundred acres, being the tract owned by
John Floretra, dec’d, and on which h:s widow at
present resides. T he dower of the widow has
been allotted and embraces the dwelling hou«e,
hut the barn ami stables are on that portion of
the land not embraced by the dower land. The
dowrr land contains about eighty acres. The
said tract will he sold subject to the right of dow
er and on the following terms. For, cash suffi
cient to pay the expenses ol sale and costs uf
suit, and ior the residue of the purchase money a
credit of one, two, and three years will be given.
7 he purchaser being required to give personal
security and a deed of trust on the premises to
secure the purchase money. The buildings are
large and in pretty good order, and the land is
situated in a healthy and agreeable neighborhood,
and very susceptible of improvement At ttie
same time and place, the undersigned will sell for
cash four likely ana valuable yotityx male slavet
about sit) years of age. J. B. \V \K1)ER,
Prince William County, mh 1.1—cots
LAND FOR SALE.—Pursuant to a Deed ex
ecuted by Robert Hunter to the undersign
e«l, in trust, tor certain purpose* therein mention
ed. and which is recorded in the Clerk's Office of
Fairfax County, liber F, .No. 3, folio 28.1—we
shill, on the 31 Uh day of slpril next, on the pre
mises, ot!* r for sale the /..j.V/) conveyed by said
deed, containing as specified 343 acres, more or
le-s. 7’his Land is situated nuitlv in the conn
lies of Loudoun and Fairfax, the lint* dividing
said counties running through it. The greater
portion of the land i-» red soil; an excellent stone
l')\\'ELLLV'd HOUSE, with the necessary out
houses; good orchard; first-rate water;—and about
one mile from the* Leesburg turnpike road, lead
ing to Washington and Alexandria, and In ui ded
hy the county road. The greater portion of this
land is ina good state of cultivation, easily im
proved, and would suit any person wishing to
purchase for farming purpose . Any information
relating to the land will he given hy Thomas Da
vy of Alexandria, or (L o. W. Hunter, Jr., at
Fairfax court house, or on the premises. Sale
totake place between 12 and 2 o’clock of that
dav. Terms—cash.
F. D. RICHARDSON, * 1 rUslees
Fairfax County, Ya., Feb 20—eots
SALE OF PROPERTY.—In pursuance of a
Decree cf the Circuit Court, of the District
of Columbia, for the County of Alexandria, ren
dered at the October Term. 1^43, of the said
Court, in the suit of ♦he Bank cf TolumaCytt als.
against Edward Sheeliy, it ah., the undersigned,
Commissioner under said decree, will proceed
to sell, at public auction, on Thursday, the 2id day
of May next, at 12 o'clock 3/., on the premises,
two lots and tenements in the town of Alexan
dria; the one on the .North side of Prince street,
to the Eastward of Water street, and bounded
as follows : beginning on Prince street at the
East lire of the lot sold hy John Harper anti II in.
II right, supposed to he ill) feet It inches, to the
Eastward of Water street; running thence East
wnrdly w ith Pr ince street, and binding therewith
20 feet: thence Northwardly with a line parallel
to Water street 88 feet ,‘H inches; thence West*
wardly \\ ith a line parallel to t rinee street 20
feel; ther.ee Southwardly in a straight line to the
beginning. The other lot situated mi the East
side of Water street; beginning mi Water street,
22 feet to tlie .Southward of the dividing line be
tween the lots formerly owned by Me Ben «S*
Mease and the lot of John I fir per, d« ceased;
thence. South on Water street 22 feet; theme
Ea-t, parallel to Prince street, 40 feet to a ten
feet alley; thence North on the alley, 22 feet;
thence to the beginning. Terms of sate, as pro
scribed bv the |)eere«* :—\ t»-1:th of the pur
chase money to paid in eawh, a- a l)epo>ite, lia
ble to be forfeit'd on tlie approval of the Court,
if the purchaser shall fail to comply with the
terms of sale; the residue Jto he paid in two
equal annual iustalnn uts of one and two years,
with interest from the clay of sale; the payment
to he secured by the notes of the purchasers,
with indorse rs, to be* approved by the (\itirf; the
title: of the property to he retained until payment
of the whole purchase money and interest; ami
the properly liable to he re-sold at the risk and
expense of the purchasers, :>n"|t} eir failing to
comply with the term - of the -nlc within ten
days. ' CHARLES II. LEE,
ap 18—dts Commissioner, &c.
Jiy viitwe of a power contained in the last
will ami testament of Dr. John Richards, dec’d,
the undersigned,ns executors of said lu-t will and
testament, will oil* r for sale at miction, mi Wnl
nesduy, the *2\th day ef+ipnl, at 12 o'clock, the
following described property : commencing with
a two-story brick dwelling house and lot,
ffiiij, situated on the north side of Cameron-st,
between Pitt and St. Asaph-sts., and at present
occupied hy Miss Gordon, fronting on Cameron
st. 24 feet, arid running hack 100 ft- Tin. to a ten
leel alley.
A two story frame building ami lot, -dilate on
tbe west side of Koyul-st-, between King and
Cameron, fronting on Ko\al-st.-ft., and run
ning back-ft 'Ibis property is at present
occupied bv Mr. James Rudd.
Also The frame buildings and lots, on Koyal
st to the south and adjoining tbe above Oescribed
property, occupied by Mr. James Kudd and front
ing on Koyal-st.-ft.
Also—A live acre lot, lying to the south of the
poor boi.se and bounded on the north by the poor
house lane, and on the ea-t by tbe Washington
Terms of -n’e are—J of tbe purchase money
in ca-b, ard tbe residue in equal instalments atd,
G. and 9 months, for approved notes bearing in
terest from I he day of sale. Sale to commence
at the first named property.
HUGH SMITH ' i Exrs of
JNO. RICHARDS } J. Richard»,
RICH’DS. C. SMITH ) dec’d.
mb 30—td
'1 OBACCO AND SEGARS.—1The subscriber
X would respectfully call the attention of
dealer* to bis assortment of TOBACCO •/KVD
SEGJRS—the former well-selected, and tbe
latter ol his oun manufacture, and warranted
equal to any imported segars to be lound in U114
market, viz:—
Canon a Segars, extra fine
Cadies’Segur*, do. do.
Cuba Segars do. do.
Half-Spanish Segars, very superior
Superior Segars, very low pr.ee, ar.d Alexan-.
dria Segars, good arid cheap; that unrivalled
and down to common pound lump as low as 12$
cents per lb.; and small lump as low as 8 cents
per pound. All for sale on pleasing terms. Call,
prove and judge for joutselves.
South side of Prince between Water and Union
streets. ap 16—tf

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