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CONGRESS.—In the Senate yesterday, the
Texi tn Treaty was sent in, and the Senate J.m.ie
diately went into Executive session for thr pur
pose of entering upon its consideration. The doc
ument'* aecompan) mg the 1 feat) were ordered to
be printed.
In the House of Representatives, yesterday, the
motion to reconsider the Bdi lor improving W ext
ern Rivers and Harbors which passed on Satin da)
was rejected—and the bill goes to the senate.
Mr. McKay then moved that the House resolve
iUelf into Committee of the Whole on the State of
the Union, for the purpose of taking up the land
Bill reported by the Committee of Ways and
Means, going to modify, and reduce the present
Tariff.—Upon this motion, after a call of the
House, the Ayes and Noes were taken, and re
sulted a* follows—Ayes 104—Noes 1)4. So the
House resolved itself into a Committee of the
Whole, Mr. Hopkins of \a., in the Chair, and
proceeded to consider the New I arid Bill. Mr.
C J. Ing^rsoll moved to amend the bill so as to
postpone its operation until the I-t of January
next, and upon this an animated debate arose,
and was kept up until the adjournment.
THE VIRGINl \ EJECTION will take place
on Thursday, and as we shah not hii\o, ihrougo
our country paper, another opportunity *o address
our Whig friends in the ad j inirtg counties, we
take this occasion, »n view oi the gt'eat ir/iportuuce
of the contest, to urge them r^un to go to the
polis at their respective precincts, and vote
for the IJ’% Cin lhUiS. By so voting they will
ka.vif.rr iixfti.pjiHplvus and to tne*i
country. And urgent, indeed, and overpower
in'^ must bo the reason, which should indu*. c
any Whig, to be absent from the polls, or even to
lessen h;s zeal in the good cause. On thin,
Whigs, to the rescue!
PUBLIC .MEETING.—An interesting Whig
meeting will beheld at .dr. J- II. zSnumerman
this afternoon, nt 3 o'clock, P. M. Messrs.
Scheiick of Ohio, Chilton, and other gentlemen,
will address the meeting. e hope as many of
our Fairfax hig friends, as possible, will attend.
counts from the Potomac i* isherics continue to
be unfavourable, and, we regret to learn, that at
most of the landings very little has been done.
Should a change for the better not take place in
a very few days, the fishermen will close their
business for the season, f* ish, beta ^nnd arid
Herring, will, of course, bring high prices.
BIG AMY.—A man named, or w ho called him
lelf Ciif.vibkrlaix, about six feet high, dark hair,
and a down look, a coach and harness maker by
trade, was married in this place la^t D comber.
Since then, it has been ascertained he had been
previously married in Farmsville, \ a., where
his wife instill living. Upon the tact becoming
known, on Sunday last, a warrant was issued for
his arrest, hut he made his escape, and has not
since been seen or heard ot. From all that is now
known, it is thought best that the public every
where should be put on their guard against this
man. He has once gone by the name of A rule v"
•on. _
MR. WRIGHT'S SPEECH on the Tariff, in
the Senate, commenced on Saturday and to be
concluded yesterday, will be important as indi
cating and explaining Mr. \ an Ruren’s particu
lar views on the interesting subject under dis
cussion. An abstract of the Speech has been
published in the Globe, which we snail take an
early opportunity to lay before our reader*, in
order that they may have before them hetk sides
of the question.
Campbell's Foreign Semi-Month’)* fur April
16, has been received. I tie embellishment tor
this number is a mezzotint engraving—The
Reaper’s Return. The selections from the Bri
tish periodicals are various and interesting.
of Washington, is engaged in painting? mosjbeau
tiful banner, on white satin, for tho Alexandria
Clay Club, which will be finished this week. As
toon as the banner is completed, a description ot
the painting, motto, decorations, Me., will be
It it said that six or seven hundred Delegates
to the Itaitirnore v onveniion, wm gu un
from the District of Columbia.
In the new London book, entitled Antigua and
the Antiguans, this anecdote is related of a free
negro, whose pride was that he could sign hi*
name, which was Macxamuu. One day, being
hurried for his signature, he wrote A/icuawiuMa
mama—and then turned to his companion, saying,
•‘Brother, tell me when rue done ; In-re, don't you
think it looks long enough rJ> What if the gentle
man in “possession of the door'’ with us should,
when a little tired him*eif, put a similar question
to his neighbor ? _ _
IOWA.—The people of Iowa have decided in
favor of forming a ^tato (Government. Dele
gates are to be elected next August to aConven
lion, which is to -assemble in October to form a
Constitution. At the next session of Congrev,
probably, Iowa will apply for admission into the
Union as a State.
CORRUPTION— !n our former remarks we
charged that Mr. Tyler had despatched a >pm ia!
mi>sion to this city for the purpose of purchas
ing partizaus in live Presidential campaign. Wt*
repeat the charge. That mission consisted of
Mr. Ty ler's son Robert more usually known
as Ahasuerus, his brother, Acting Presi tnt’s
son-in-law, and Dr. Sutherland of Philadelphia.
They came on here and opened a negotiation,
offered the Col lee tor* hip, t lie Surveyors!, ip, the
Navy Agency,fc.c &c., upon the sole stipula
tion that the nominees should swear fealty to
the remnant ot Mr. I'yler’s administratimi and
pledge themselves to assist him in obtaining an
other term. Some of the gentlemen to whom
these degrading proposals-were made treated I
them and the contemptible agency through which
they were offered precisely as they deserved._
They were rejected with utter scorn. Others,
however, ire understood to have been less fasti
dious, and did not scruple to come into the terms.
These men either are already or will very short
ly he before the Senate for confirmation to offices,
for which most of them are utterly unfit; and to
roake room for whom some of the ablest and
roost faithful officers in the whole public service i
have been displaced. Now, we have no idea of:
ur5,0K the Senate of ;he United States to reject
these nominations. That would be a work ot su
altogether, for vye know that body
will do its duty taithfully and fearlessly, and of
.coursv men nominated to office under such cir
cumstance, will be rejected; but the Senete has
•'IllgJur and more important duty to perform.—
/■ VWiSt tJUtiftftfc on inquiry into these circumstances,
tod oiotbe a •ommittee with ample powers for
! the purpose—giving it authority to send for per*,
sons and papers, a id to enter into strict scru iny j
of the case in ail its hearings, ferret out *he often- ;
ders of all grades and allstations, and make them
zire a full. not a partial and Imlf-smothcryd ac
count. of this most atrocious transaction.—A. i. (
; Courier. ;
SFf \MEFUL OUTRAGE-“On Tuesday eve-'
' nir.g la<t, as Mr. George Storrs, a peacher oft
Second Advent doctrines, was holding forth to a
crowded assemblage on the speedy dissolution ,
cf all things finite, at the South Church in Ports-,
month an explosion occurred, which almost
shook the building from its foundations. The ^u-;
die nee, we learn, were dreadfully frightened, and
i rushed out with strong indications of terror upon j
I terra firma. Upon search be#ig made, several
canisters of powder were discovered under a cor
ner of tne house, which had not exploded.”
What was the outrage? We should like to
know. And what caused the terrible explosion5
Canisters of unexploded powder were found un- j
tier the church, it seems, but they could not have !
caused the explosion! A* Well might the ladies ;
and gentlemen have cried, and run out of the ■
church from apprehension, because they found ■
ihenuelves clothed with combustible materials, j
T here is some mystery in ail this.—Lniled States •
! of John Gordon and William Gordon, accused
' of th * murder of Amasa Sprague, having oceu
i puG the Supreme Court for nine days, was j
j brought to a close la t evening. The case was j
1 delivered to the jury at five o’clock, alter an j
elaborate charge from the Chief Justice. The
jury, after being out an hour and a half, return
ed with a verdict of guilty against John Gordon,
and not guilty as to William Gord on. Th° for:"- ’
er listened to the verdict with perfect calmness;
the latter was much affected. William wasdis
charged, and on parting both were much affect
I ed.—Pror. Journal.
| MR. DICKENS’ HOPE.—The last number of
Mar’::.'’huzzeiwitt contains the departure of Mr.
j Dickii.P heroes from America, and closes as fol- ;
i lows:
1 “Iflwnsa painter, and was called upon to
p'tint the American Eagle, how should 1 do it?”
“Paint it,” said Martin, “us like an Eagl? as
\ou could, i suppose.**
\o%suid Mark. “That wouhVnt do forme,
s;r. I should want to draw it like a Bat, for its
■ sh’-rt-sighOnlness; like a Bantam, for »ts bragging;
: like a.Magpie, for its honesty; like u Peacock,
j for its vanity; like an Ostrich, for its putting its
head in 1 lie mud, and thinking nobody sees it—”
“And like a Phoenix, for its power of spring
ling fro .» the ashes of its faults and vices, and
i soaring up anew into the sky P* said Martin.—
i Weil, Mark, let us hope so.”
r»iMo ■ tTn»o—CMM—y——sa
In Richmond on Sunday last, Ool. C. \Y.
..—ammmmesam warni 1111 ■■■■ a
j Maryland Tobacco.$3 50 a 7 00
Ft.ocr per bbl. (wagon).4 5(5 a 4 62^
Do. (canal).4 56J- a 4 G2J
Wheat, red.....100 a 102
Do., white.1 05 a 1 0G
Rye,....0 58 a 0 00
I Corn, (white,). ...,0 43 « 0 44
Do. vellow.0 4G a 0 48
Oats, (wagons).0 37 a 0 00 J
Do. vessels,.0 28J a 0 00
Odhn Me \l, per bushel,.0 45 a 0 46
Better, roll, per lb.,.0 25 a 0 00
Do. tickm do.0 18 a 0 00
Pork, (wagons).4 25 a 0 00
Bacon, ...4 00 a 4 50
Lauu do.0 07 a 0 00
| ( |.l V E R ^ EED ................. (I GO U 6 2.1
[ White Beans.1 00 a 0 Q0
Plaisbkr, (retail).3 75 a 0 00
Flaxseed,.1 00 a 0 1)0
i Black-Eyed 1 eas» .»•••.»»•• .0 oj a 0 00
1 LOG’R —Prices remain about the same as
our lost, and we hear of no sales from stores.
| GRAIN.—^ales of good Red Wheat at 103 c.
: One cargo prime white Corn, 1100 bushels, 44 c.
j One cargo mixed Corn at 40A c.
CorrespondtJice oj the United Slates Gazette.
New York, Ftiday, P. M.
f The packet ship Cambridge arrived this morn
I ing h orn Liverpool, having left that port the 17th j
I March. The Cotton market had declined $d per i
lb, and private letters state that the market had j
still a downward tendency. This news does not 1
appear to have had any effect upon our market— j
the sales to-day reach 1500 bales at yesterday’s J
prices. Flour remains without alteration—3000
bushels Illinois wheat sold at $1,07; and 1000 |
| bushels at $1,12.}. Corn is rather dull, 2000 bush- i
| el> North River sold at 52 cts.
1844. $ns /Sufi '
APRIL. rises, si'is. Moon's Phases.
[23Tuesday_5 IS O 42 " »• » »•
j 44 \Vodm-s.-iay 5 176 43 *,r9t<F2* 3 Ml a
i 4.) i’iturs<lay.. .5 16 6 44 ^ull... 2 10 10 f
26 Lridav.f> 1,7 6 4.7 qr. 9 3 16 ti
27 Saturday.. .'5 14 6 16 »ew.M 17 3 47 f
I 28 Sunday_ 5 12 6 48 High T fa ter:
29 M rri iy.. ..';> 11 6 49 April 3B—)Qh. 34m.
' Lon 1* n.March 16 I Havre..... ..March 8
! Liverpool.. .March 17 I N. Orleans.. .April 15
Arrived, April 22.
Steamer Columbia, Guylher, Baltimore, freight
i for the District.
Schr. Six Sons, Ruark, Eastern shore, Lumber
i to Smoot &. Eider.
Srbr. Albert, Smith, Eastport, by A. C. Caze
nove & Co.
Brig Emerald, from the West Indies, for this
prt, and Schr. Curlew, for do. spoken oif the
Capes iith.
d&M r^Ttte Steamer COLUMBIA,
will leave Alexandria for
Baltimore*every Wednesday morning, at 7 o'
clock, taking off and landing passengers and
freight at all the different landings on the river,
an l leave Baltimore every Saturday at 1 P. M.,
—affording a certainty to shippers of having their
gnods landed here early on Monday morning,
clear of all wharfag# in Baltimore—expedition
he.ng the order of the day ap 23—tf
1 am authorised to sell those three corafor
latue two story brick dwelling houses, on the
East side of Royal, between Prince and Duke .
street*. and w ill dispose of them on fair terms. !
ap 23—eo3t R. JOHNSTON. \
WANTED IMMEDIATELY—a g.iod cook j !
* f and washer. One who can come well-1 <
recommended, liberal wages will be given. En- I
quire at this Office. [ap 23—lw. a
QXlk REWARD wiil be given for the ap- 1
O J* * prehension of my negro man named -
V 1NCEN F, who ranaway from the farm of Wm.
D. Cassidy, in Loudoun county, Va., on Thurs- -
day last. Vincent is about 37 years of age, about i
5 feet 9 inches high, black complexion, stout c
made, and a bold look. He has a scar produced s
by the cut of an axe, between the eyes, extending ^
somewhat across the nose. The above reward i
will be paid if taken out of the State, or twenty- o
five if taken therein and secured |hat I get him
again. JOHN RIGG \ <
Fairfax Court-house, Va., ap 23—ec6t ‘ i
By the Southern Mail
ANNEXATION.—Genera) Hamilton is out
on this question. Like General Green, he can
not keep silent—he must have a finger in every
pie. His letter is addressed to Mr. McDuffie,
and a paragraph from Mr. Webster’s letter is
made the text of it. The Gen. quotes with es
pecial emphasis Mr. M7ebster's remark that he is
unwilling to “add other slaveholding states to this
Union,” and further; that in his opinion the people
would not and ought not to consent to “bring a
uew,vastly extensive and staving holding country”
into the Union. These sentences inflame the Gen’l
at once, and he proceeds to meet the broad infer
ences which he thinks they warrant, with the
strongest kind of threats He infers that if Tex
as is not to be admitted into the Union because
it is populated by slaveholders, it is because
slaveholders are not fit to belong to the Tf-iinn.—
If this be so; if the North regard the inhanitants
of the slave states as a degraded caste, and tol
erate their connection with the Union on the
principle of mere sufferance, then the South had
better come out from the Union, or at least vindi
cate its dignity and political equality in the con
federation, by insisting that Texas shall be ad
mitted, if the refusal of her overtures is to he
based on this question of slavery in her borders.
[Richmond Compiler.
Court of Common fle^s was engaged the last
four days in the tri^l of a case of deep interest to
the Israelites of Charleston, involving the right
to the possession of the Synagogue. The con
troversy was between the Reformed Israelites,
commonly known as the organ party, and tho-e
who were for u si riot adherence to ancient rites
and usages. The case was argued with treat
j anting, ability and eloquence by Messrs. Pei i
gru and Bailey for the Reformers, and Messrs.
King and Memmijccer on the other side. His
Honor Judge Wardlaw charged the Jury late
last evening, and after a few minutes consultation
they found a verdict for the Reformer*.—Charles
ton Courirr.
of many interesting circumstances attending Mr.
Clay's visit to Petersburg; but we have no room
for any thing to-day. He left the Cockade, yes
terday morning, for Norfolk.—Richmond li hig*J
yesterday. __
S. Frigate Potomac. Flag Ship of the Home
Squadron, arrived in this harbor on Thursday, the
4th inst. from a cruize of nearly three months,
among the Windward and others of the West In
dia Islands,- last from Havana, whence she sail
ed on the 29th uIt.—Pensaceh Gazette._
PUBLIC MELTING.—A meeting of the
Mount Vernon Ciay Club, will be held at the
house of John H. Zimmerman, at West End,
Fairfax County, Va., on Tuesday next, the 23d
inst., at 3 o'clock, P. M., at which the Voters of
the County are invited to attend. The Hon. It.
C. Schenck of Ohio, and others, are expected to
address the Meeting. R. I. T. WILSON,
Fairfax Cy., Va., ap20—3t President, C, C.
PR. SUGAR.—5 hhds new crop. Rcceiv
• ed yesterday, and for sale low by
1ARD.—184 obis ofNo. 1 Leaf Lard, a prime
J article. For sale by
ap 23 corner of Prince and Fairfax sts .
lx the Ladies, that he ha-^received athischeap
Emporium another arrival of those beautiful rich
style stripe Chintz at $16.^ cents per yard.—
ALSO, some beautiful Mourning Ginghams very
low. Call early, or you may miss great bargains,
a p 23
“a CARD.—J. U. GIBBS takes thfemethod
l\. of returning his thanks to tho ladies and
gentlemen of Washington and its vicinity, for
their liberal patronage, and also to inform them
that he has just returned from Now York, with
a large and handsome assortment of new and
fashionable goods, which will be opened this day
at bis Fancy Store, Pennsylvania Avenue, be
tween 8th and 9th streets, opposite Cenire Mar
ket, Washington city. {AVaslPn, ap 23—3t
. J. II. GIBBS wilj opto this day, at bis Fan
cy Store, opposite Centro Market, a variety of
useful and fancy articles —
Perfumery, Gloves, Mits, Fans, Sunshades, kr.
Ali of which ^n/e been selected in New York,
from fresh importations. [WTasb'n, ap 23—3t
li Compound Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla
prepared bv tho subscriber, possesses all the ac
tive properties of the Root in a highly concentra
ted form manufactured in accordance with strict
chemical principles. As a remedy for the cure
of Scrofula in all its forms, Rheumatism, Tetter,
Dyspppsia, Chronic Diseases of the Lungs, Erup
tion of the Skin, to counteract the destructive
effects of Mercury on the system, and all diseases
aring from an impure state of the blood, no
Med icine can bo more affcctual. Pre oared and
sold by HEN RY COOK, Chemist Druggist,
ap 23 _ _A King^treet
scribers have received per ship Robert,
just arrived from Liverpool, their spring impor
tation o f HARD WARE AX/) CUTLERY, which
added to their stock on hand, and recent purcha
ses from American manufacturers, make their as
sortment large and complete. Wre enumerate
. i . I _ _ J a f mb ■ a !t
some oi me siiiiHo iiuu icaumg nww*,
our stock consists:—
Anvils, Smith Bellows’s, Vices
Bar Iron, (Swede and American)
American and English Blistered J>teel
Shear Steel, Cast and Crowley Steel %
Castings—Pots, Ovens, Skillets, &c.
Waggon Boxes, Cut and Wrought Nails
Trace and Halter Chains
Grass and G-ain Scythes, Brier Scythes #
Straw Knives, Scythe Sneaths
SrvtH^ n»*s and Sanded Rifles
S’iOYvJo and Spades of all descriptions
Hay and Manure Forlu
Iron and W ooden Rakes
Currv Combs, Cotton, Wool, and Horse Cards
Cut Tacks, Brads, and Sparrowbies
Shoe '] acks and Awls
Parliament, Butt, and Strap Hinges of all sizes
Wood Screws of all sizes; iron, brass, & blaw’d
Complete sets Ivory Knives and Forks
600 d z. well-assorted common do
300 doz. Pen and Pocket Knives
100 doz. Butcher’s, Cook’s, and Shot Knifes
50 groce Britannia Tea and Table Spoons
12 groce Iron, and Tinn’d Table do. do.
Carpenter’s Patent lron*Rim Locks, o, 6, <♦ 8
and 9 inches
Square Knob B dted Latches, 3}, 4 and 4$ in.
Japann’d Thumb do 0,1, 2; Stock Locks
Files and Rasps of all descriptions
Iron and Brass-wheel’d Castors, Axle Pulleys
Augnts, Gimblets, Chisels and Gouges
Weeding and Hilling Hoes, Axes, & Hatchets j
Mill and *Cut saws, Hand Screws I
\ general assortment of Carpenters’ Tools, 1
md many other goods, STAPLE and fJINCY, j
0 which they invite the attention of purchasers, .
tither for cash or the usual credit. Country J
Merchants are particularly invited to examine
uir stock before they go North, as we are P™- j
wired to sell goods, as low as they can be purcha
ed in any other market. We solicit the patro
tage of our friend# tjnd the public.
aguf.rreotypf portraits.—ww.!
A, PRATT, TtacKtr of Pointing and Draw ,
ng, respectfully informs the citizens of Alexan- !
iria and the vicinity, that he has procured a ,
plendid apparatus from Vo.ghtland fc Son, of I
1 ienna, and is prepared to take MIMATUKEo
n the above style, colored or painted, on Tuesdayi
1 nd Fridays of eacli week. •
Enquire at the Music Store, King street,,
•ne door above Washington, where specimens j
say be sera. ' ‘ ' ap3i-tf |
" %
moval and permanent cure of all d'«ea*e* ari
sing f ■ m an impure 3t..tc of the blood, cr habit of
the svstem, viz: Scrofula, or King’s Evil, Rfieu
I matism. Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimple*,
(or Pustules on the Face, Blotches, Bile*, Chronic
i Sore Eyes, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald i lead,
; Enlargement and Pains of the Bones, and Joints,
i Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Symptoms, Sciatica,
or Lumbago, and Diseases arising from an inju
dicious use of Mercury, Ascites, or Dropsy, Ex
posure or Imprudence in Life. Also, Chronic
Constitutional Disorders will be removed by this
j preparation.
j The progress of Science is like the devolope
i ment of Nature’s works, gradual and expansive;
I first the buds, then the leaves and blossoms, and
I after the blossoms the fruit. Among the valuable
fruits of Science, investigation and experiment,
may be classed Sands’s Sarsaparilla. The root
has"been known for centuries, hut the full pow
ers of its sanative propertions might have re
, mained forever hidden in its fibres, had not
Science, through the medium of experiment ren
dered them nv iihtb’e in their most elective form
t * trie purposes of philanthropy. The combined
testimony of thousands who have tested the me*
rils of this medicine, avouches it to he all that its
‘ proprietors claim, in the most disgusting forms
. of Scrofula, in glandular ulceration, in every
; disease or. the surface of the body, and in cases
! of general debility and prostration, as well as all
specific disorders traceable to the stomach and
others or ans employed in preparing the elements
of the blood, this medicine is a swift and certain.
! means of relief.
The proprietors arc daily receiving written tes
timonials. giving interesting details of its extra
1 ordinary virtues. Original manuscripts of va
i rious Certificate*, confirmed by the Clergy, .Ma
gistrates and citizens, are constantly’ received,
I and v ill he cheerfuliy exhibited or application.
The following are extracts from letters re
cently rect ived, and specimens of those coming
to hand daily:
Gailativ, Tenn., Feb, 27th, 1844.
^Messrs Ji. />. of J). $ imls:
Gentlemen—I have just received a letter
from my father in Russellville, Ky., who wishes
to purchase some of your Sarsaparilla. 1 have
i no doubt he can he the means of selling a gr* at
| d<*al, as it has performed a wonderful cure :n his
family. Last December I was sent for to see my
sister before she died, she hav ing been in poor
heaith for some two or three years; ut the time
I went over to see her she was at the point ot
death with the scarlet fever and a cancerous af
fection of the bowels, from which her physician
thought she could not possibly recover. 1 car
ried over with me a r«u!e of your Sarsaparilla,
and with the consent of her physician she com
menced taking it that night. 1 remained with
h*r three days, and left her rapidly improving.—
Mv husband sent ahoy homo with me lor more
of the Sarsaparilla. I sent one dozen bottles
which l helieve'will ctied an o’tire cure. My fa
ther writes tome tothatelVect, and wishes through
me to procure an agency for selling your valua
ble medicine in that neighborhood.
UespccJi.ii^ J. M. OWENS.
Th© following letters are presented with a
view of more fully showing the opinion of physi
cians in reJati#!] to the medicinal value of Sands’
Bai.timoi’.k, Feb. 4, 1843.
A. B Sands & Co.: Gentlemen —I have used
your Extract of Sarsaparilla since its introduc
tion into this city. Jt gives me pleasure to >tate
1 have found it to answer my most sanguine ex
pectations, I believe it to bo the best prepara
tion < f that valuable article now in us*. With
much respect, )ours. JUilN Will FRIDGE,
; M. 1). 4b Gay-street.
Fro 171 J)r. Sterne of .Yen' London, ('onn
New London, May 30, 1 8 13.
Messrs. A. IF Sands & Co: Gentlemen — \ our
Extract of Sarsaparilla l as been very extensive
ly used ir. thi> city and the. neighboring towns
within the la«t year, and so far as my knowledge
extends, uniformly with su. cqss in a great va
riety ©f diseases of long standing and of a very
distressing and dangerous character, whi'hha**
resisted a lo* g list of remedial agents, it have been
| used—in many of them with complete success,
and inall, with decided benefit.
It is regarded by the Medical Profession as a
mcdi« ine of great clln acy in a numerous cl;m> of
disease's, such as inveterate constitutional com
plaints, when the system has been long diseased,
in case of long use or abuse of .Mercury, in Rheu
matism of Ion* standing, in obstinate diseases of
the skin, in enfeebled condition of the system,
in chronic abscesses attended with profile dis
j charges, diseases ol the bones, ciMmatc ulcers,
chronic pulnvmaty aUV'ctions, enlarged gland#,
and various other maladies connected with a de
praved stale of the system.
Its use is usually followed with improvement
! of appetite and digestion, increase of strength
and dc*h, better rc*t at night, trie production of a
more healthy stale of mind, and complete resto
ration to health.
Rut in order to secure the full benefit of this
valuable medicine every thing depends on the
selection of the proper materials, and the mariaer
of preparing it for use,—in the^e two particulars,
the extraordinary success which lias attended our
preparation, is convincing proof that ills without
a fault. List, but not least, is the proper admin-;
j istration of it. 1 think the accompanying printed !
directions are all that can be expected ol general
directions. but were it oftencr administered by j
physicians, it would be an instrument in their j
hands <»f »ti!l moie extended uselulness, and they j
would thereby discharge the duly tiov solemniv
J O * • •
. . 1 • . • /» • I * J I * A . . I I
oweiomeir pauems, oi rwrniamng iwcm 'win
best remedy for their nfiii'-tion*. 1 rnly yours,
For further proof and conclusive evidence of
its superior value and efficacy, see pamphlet*,
which may be obtained of agents gratis.
Prepared and sold Wholesale ami Retail, by
A. B. & l). SANDS,
Wholesale Dm’gists, 73 Fulton >t., N. !
Agents in Alexandria, Wm. Stabler Co., in .
Washington (Jitv, Robert Farnhaun, in Haiti-j
more. Dr. J. A. Ktid, corner Gay aad Saratoga j
Sold also by Druggists generally throughout!
the United States. Price $1 per bottle—but-’
tics for $;>. *
fl^Tlic public ore respectfully requested to j
remepiber that it is Sands1 Sarsaparilla, that has :
a?id isconstnntly achieving such remarkable cures '
of the mod difficult class ot diseases to which the |
human frame is subject, and ask lor Sands1 Sur- (
saparilla, and take no other. ap ~3—lv
STORE, Fairfix-st., * Hex indria, l). C.
THE SUBSCRIBERS are prepared to furnish
iheir friends and customers with Agric ultu
ral Implements of the most approved construe- j
tion, at the iowe^t prices.
Ploughs fr<»in the manufactories of
Rug gles, Nourse k Mason, Worcester, Mass. j
“ R R. Finch, , J
'* Minor, Horton k Co. New York. {
“ Freeborn, )
Levi Davis, D. C.
Harrows,Cultivators, Grain Cradles,Grass Scyth- j
e<., Fanning Mills, Corn Planters, Corn firieiler*, j
Sinclair k Co.'s Corn and Cob Crushers, Hoes, j
Shovels, Spade®, Hay Forks Manure Forks, Briar j
Scythes, Ox Chains, Anti-Friction Rollers, kc.,.
&c! ALSO—a much approved Hor>e Rake for'
Hay, kc They will also furnish THRESHIXG j
JtiJCHlXES, of SincUir k Co.'s make, at manu
facturer's prices ALSO—Clover t imothy, Herd
Grass and Orchard Grass c.^d of the best quali
ty, and at the lowest market prices.
All orders for Implements or Seeds, will be I
promptly and faithfully executed. •
[Winch. Virginian, Warrenton Flag, Upper
Marlboro1 Gazette.] ap ’22
SPERM candles, fresh rice, LOX-!
DOX .1X1) SJXCR’S MUST.iRD, B.1- '
COCO.?. Just received and for sale by
, T. M. WHITE, i
»p!3 corner of Prince and Pitt sts j
Neatly executed at the Alexandria Gazette Office!
The steamboat JOSEPH
HjVSOX has commenced
making one trip a day, (Sun
days expected,) to and from Alexandria and
Georgetown, leaving Alexandria at a quarter be
fore 1 o'clock, and Georgetown at a quarter be
fore 2 o'clock, P. M. This arrangement will
prevent the Johnson froin making the I and 2
o'clock trips between Washington and Alexan
dria (as already advertised) except on Sundays,
when they, will be resumed. J. CORSON,
i ap20—dl w—3t
! OOn bbls. trimmed No. 1 Shad for sale by
i [ap 22] POWELL k MARBURY.
SMOKED BEEF.—1000 lbs. sugar cured
smoked beef, a prime article for family use.
For sale by [ap 20] A. S. WILLIS.
| | SACKS G. A. Salt, factory filled, 25 do
• tji J Fine do do do, for sale bv
ap 20 __J. E. HENDERSON.
ry nice article, just rcc’d and for sale by
jap 19__THOMAS DAVY.
1 A /T ERCER POTATOES.—An additional sup
1 Vi ply, rec'd this day, and for sale by
i stantly on hand, and for sale by
1 an 19 THOMAS DAVY.
BUTTER.—A supply of good butter, just re
ceived from Louooun county bv
i ap 19 __’ A. S. WILILS.
F'ARL STARCH.—-A supply of that most
beautiful and superior article received and
for sa e bv [ap 19] A. S. WILLIS.
Of tH -*EAMS News and Writing Paper,
r for sale low, to close,
\\7 OOL.—Washed and Unw *h*d Wool pur
▼ \ cbused as usual bv
ap 18 A. C. CAEEXOVE & CO.
Nr E. RUM.—in hfid-. and 25 bbls. just re
• ceired- and for sale bv
1* ^ LACKING.—51 dozen boxes superior Oil
I 5 Paste Blacking, just received and for sale
low by [ap 17] A. J. FLEMING.
T)ORTO RICO SUGAR.—10 bhds. prime
k qua my rorio iuco ougar, mis morning
landing, and for salu by
ap*> _' MfVEIGH & BRO.
/TEilCF.R POTATOES—POO bushels'in
prin.e ord- r on board the schr. Hope and
Susan at Eaton wharf- Apply to
ap 10—3t LXMHEUT & McKE.VZlE.
pocKixai.AM iucon'and'laud
I\ first rate articles for family use; also, 700
lbs Dried Beef, my own curing, for sale bv
ap 20 J. E. HENDERSON.
TUST RECEIVED7.50 bush7pink eye Potatoes
♦.! (suitaole far planting;) also, a further supply
of Mercer Potatoes, for sale bv
QWEET POTATOES.—Another supply *of
*3 250 bushels, in prime order, for planting^**
table use. Just received and for sale bv
ap 20 A. S. WILLIS'.
- _ - - - -, — - r* - - l———
\\7 ANTED a coloured Loy about 12 or 15
\ V years of age, as a miner iu a Groeery
Store, apply to THOMAS BURNS,
| ap 20 Corner of Prince and Fairfax sts.
r>.Dfs ^LS. of French and various other
i qualities of Brandies, for sale by
; ap 20 Corner of Prince and Fairfax sts
! SALT.—10 bbls and 100 small bags
I j of Table and Butter Salt, of very superior
quality. For sale to dealers bv
| ap |8 A. C. CAZENOVE k Co.
Onions for planting —a few bush.
small Onions, for suitable planting—for sale
by T. M. WHITE,
np 18 corner of Prince and Pitt street
fjpORACCO AND SUGARS.—JO boxes pound
1 lump and plugtobacco; 200,000 Principe and
Horida Segars, fur sale very low bv
OALAD OIL.—Marseilles Olive Oil, war
ranted fresh and superior, iust received and
for sale at J. II. PiERPOINT’S,
ap If> Drug store.
pACOV—70U0 lbs. Shoulders Bacon, of large
i ) and small sizes, at 4^ rU. by the 50 or 100
lb'. Also superior Family Hams, and Middlings,
leceived and for sale by
ap P.) _E L. PRICE.
few packages of genuine Bermuda Arrrw
! met, direct from that Island, and warranted of
this years Crop. Apply to
ap 17— lw__MASTERN & COX.
1 j if k BUSHELS Corn Meal, very good and
I* H r white
200 do ShipstufT, heavy article
20 bhls. Extra Flour •
just received and for sale bv
ap 20 _ J E. HENDERSON.
I AMP OILS A ND LARD.—Bleached Sperm*
J very pale, $1 per gallon, patent. Bleached,
nearly tqual'to Sperm, 80 cts. per gallon; refined )
Whale, 62* cts per gallon; Lard suitable for (
During, at < cts. per lb. also, 1 ram Oil, for |
Leather, Harness, &c. For sale by
:ip 19 _ A. S. WIM.If?. i
.1 Fresco, fine Glazed and Common Paper
Hangings, with (-loth, Varnished and Common ;
Borders, just received and for sale bv
Revised laws of the corpora
_ _ TION OF ALEXANDRIA.—A few copies
of the La** nf tilt* Corporation, recently revised
by C. T. Stuart, Esq., under authority of the
(Vi.innun Council, and just published by order of
the Common Council. For sale bv
.• • j —3t BELL k i:\TWTI-M.E
{ARD, HAMS, CUFF EE, —Just receiv
J ed 8 bids and 10 kegs very white Leaf
Lard. 150 prime Hams, a part of which is sugar
cured, 10 bags Rio, and 10 do 0»d Government
Jnv;i Cufiee, aiso, a supply of Broom*, Whi*p$,
painted Pails, )vecJers,^.c. For sale bv
lO.ODO lbs. Hams—suitable for familio*
10.000 “ Shoulders do do
1000 “ Hog round—city cured
15,000 “ Smoked Beef, strictly prime
50 Beef Tongues
All of w hich will be sold on pleasing terms, bv j
JAMES ROBERTSON, Bridge street, ’ |
ap 22—3t near the Market, Georgetown. D. O. j
■ * SACKS.—The subscriber has received by
ship Robert, from Liverpool for the Canal trade:
10i)0 sack? Blown Salt, ,
14U0 do Ground Alum, in best bleached ar.d
half bleached Sacks, 10 to the ton
10.009 bushels do in bulk,
The sarks are large and well filled, put up ex
pre*-!y by his order and branded with his r.ame.
4mo IS R. H. MILLER.
[;• yp Williamsport Banner, Winches. Virgi’n, ,
Hagerstown Torch Light, Martinsburg Gazette,
and Cumberland Civilian, law3w.]
A COW LUST.—Strayed or stolen from
the commons of Alexandria, five or six day*
since, a spotted red and white Cow, without
horns; well formed, and about the middle sizp,
small tail, and the tuft of hair at the end, un
usually thin and small. She ceased giving milk ^
a few weeks*since, and may probably now, or
soon, have a calf. I will give a liberal reward, .
if s*.? E returned to me at the corner of Fairfax
and Wiikes streets, Alexandria, or inlorraation
given so that she may be recovered,
ap 22—?t BENJ. T. FENDALL.
MARSHAL’S SALE.—Will be offered for
sale on Saturday, the 20th day of April tmf,
at 12 o'clock, for cash, oo the premises, a lot of
ground with the improvements thereon, in the
town of Alexandria, on the north side of King
| street between Royal and Pitt streets, and boun
ded as follows:—beginning on Kipg street on the
west side of an alley running from that street
northwardly along the east side of the lot of the
late Lawrence Hoff, Sen’r.,—extending thence
west on King street twenty-six feet; thence
north parallel to Pitt street eighty-five feet;
! thence east parallel to King street to the said
| alley twenty-six feet; thence south eighty five
! feet to the beginning—with the right of way
over the said alleyas appurtenant thereto; to
i satisfy three executions—one in favor of Eliza
1 beth Irwin and a!s, against George P Wisp and
! ais—the other two in favor of Georere H. Smoot
and others against William Mershon and others,
ap 2—eots D. MINOR, D. M.
03* The above sale is postponed until Tuesday
the 23rf instant, at the same place and hour.
ap 22— 2t
I7HJRNATURE SALE.—On Friday, th$ 26th
inst. at 10 o’clock, I shall sell at my Auction
Room*, a variety of new and second-hap^ House
hold Furniture, belonging, in part, to a person
breaking up h msekeeping, such as Sideboard,
Tables, Pillar and Claw Breakfast do.. Bureaus,
Toilet, and Washstands, Wardrobes, one extra
! large screwed do., cane seat and common Chairs,
Astral Lamp*. China and Glassware, Pier Glas
ses, Toilet do., Andiron*, Shovels, Tongs, and
Fenders, together with Kitchen Furniture. Terms
of sale cash. Articles ready for examination on
Thursday morning, [an 23] GEO. WHITE.
IN PURSUANCE of a decree of the Coun^
ty Court of Fairfax, in the case of Peter
' Gregg vs. the infant children of Arthur F.
| Lane, deceased, rendered last November term,
[the. undersigned, anpointed commissioner, for
; that purpose, will on Monday, the 27 th day of May
| next, at 12 o'clock, proceed to sell at public auc
tion, in CentreviUe, before the door of the housa
! occupied by VYm. Forsythe, the present tenant,
the following property, viz ;—Several town loti,
in the village of Centreville, on which are a
/yoi. comfortable dwelling house, wheelright
rtnvi uuir i 91^, mvuix/ nun
I trees of choice fruit, with twenty-two acres of
land thereto attached, of a red fcoil and good
quality; a portion of it well set in clover. Also,
a tract of land containing about 336 acres, in the
county of Fairfax, on Little Rocky Run, neap
OentreviJIe, adjoining the lands of A. S. Grigsby,
Thos. Taylor, and other*,a large portion of which
is in woods, a part of it heavily timber, and well
watered, within some twenty miles of the Dis
trict of Columbia. ’
JUJ* The terms of sale arc one-fourth of th*
purchase money to be paid in cash, and the resi
due in two equal payments in twelve and twenty
four months to bear interest; the purchaser to
give bonds for the deferred payments, and the ti
tle of the land to be retained until the purchase
money be fully paid. DEAN JAMES,
Fairfax Cy,, a22—eo 1 w Commhiioner.
Furniture at auction.—wui be sold
at the residence of Capt jos. Smoot, on Pitt
st., on Wednesday* 24f/i •.Ipril, commencing at h.ilf
pa*t 9 o’clock, if fair—if not, the next fair day,
ail his Household and Kitchen Furniture: Con
sisting in part of—1 splendid CJ Octave Piano,
mad< in Vienna, nearly new, of super or touch
and tone, with metallic. p!a*e and bar; Piano
covers and music stool; Pier and Centre Tables,
with Marble tops and Glasses 9 Curtains, Pari
sian Transparencies, (some very handsome;)
large Mirrors; Union Chairs; Mahogany Rock
ing Chairs, (ono of new pattern and rnetallio
springs;) Oil Paintings and Engravings; Marble
Vases; Astral Lamps, and Passage Lamps; Gi
j randoles, Gold and Silver, plated; plattd Candle
| Sticks: Snuffers arid Tray;’Mantle Ornaments;
! Fruit Baskets; Parlor Stoves; Andirons; f’enders;
| Shovels and Tongs; Cane-seat Chairs; Hearth
Rugs; Brussels and other Carpets; Oil Cloths;
Stair Carpets; l pair Mahogany Dining Tables,
(extra large §i/4e;) Breakfast Tables; 1 Side
Board, (marble top;) Hair Mattrasses; Feather
Beds, Bedsteads; Washstands; Bureaus with mar
hl? tops and glasses; Mahoga j Wardrobe, 1
| fiair Mahogany Stands; 1 Mahogany dinner Tray
and Stand; Cut-glass Ware; China and Crockery
Ware; and a variety of Kitchen Furpitur#,
most of which has been but a short time in use,
and well taken care of; 1 first rate Milch Cow;'
and a servant boy used to house work, to hire
for the balance of the year. Terms at sale,
ap *9—dts [Nat Int-ySl»t. 221. and 23d,]
Laces, edgjings, ribbons, &c.—w«
have just returned from New York,
; with a good assortment of LJCE GOODS cheap
as ever. Good English Thread Lace, *23 to $1,25
| pr yd ; do Edging 5 a 25 c.fs ; best quality and style
i of Bonnet Ribbons, 20 a 25 cts.; a cheaper article,
good quality Bonnet Ribbon, 10 a 16; Nett, 2 yd*
wide, 25; Cap Kelts, Gj* a 75; Leno Muslin for
Skirts, 2 yds wide, 20; good Lisle Thread Lace,
3 els. per yd ; Lisle Thread Edging, 1 a 3; Col too
Gloves, 6i; good Kid Gloves, 50, worth 75 cts.;
on. r\:_:»r^n_ on. r_»'
• Wi IHI4 VIHM ^1/j l/MIIIV I ' Wl M | AiilvQ
Caps, 62} a $1,00; Siik Fluting, 16; Ladies* But
tles, 37}; Dress Caps 25 a 62}, worth $1,25;
French Plait Lace, 6$ a 40; do do Edging, 3 a 6$;
Chemisett Collars, 37}; Second Mourning Col
lars, 12}; Bobbin Lac© lor making Capes 6J;
Nett fur Capes and Cardinals, 37} a 75; together
with every style and quality ol‘ Lisle Laces, Edg
ings, Nells, Inserting*, Muslins, Dimity, Crape,
Leet, kcl^c!! ( HEAP.
N. B. All articles made up, are warranted to
Fairfax jtrect, next door to Wm. Stabler &
'Brother’s Drug Store. ap 20
MOURNING GOODS.—I have added to raj
stock of mourning articles—
10 pjecct Lupin’s Bombazines, all number*,
3 do French Lustre, assorted qualities,
a new and beautiful material for mourning
]0 do Gauze dc Laine and Beregts
2 do >atin striped do
10 do Lupin’s plain bliek Challey*
3 do black Grosde Paris
5 do rich corded Poult de Soies
10 do superior black Veil Crapes
15 dozen b;ack Love Veils and lldkfi
Also superior black Kid Gloves
Suk and Cotton Hosiery
Medium and low priced black Crepes, ke.
These goods have been purcliascd within the
last fortnight, directly from the importers, tod,
are guarrantjed to be perfect in all respects.
W ashington, ap 22—3t I). CLAGKTT,
__corner of 9th st. and Penn, avenue.
Damask table cloths, &c — ihave
1 case containing 30 Damask Cloths, 10-4
wide, and all lengths, from RM to 24-4
in length
1 case Napkins, containing 20 dozen, 7-8 by
7-8,20 doz. 3-4 by 3-4, remarkably cheap
20 pieces 10-4, 11-4, and 12*4 Berneslej
Sheeting, very cheap
5 do I-i«h Sheetings
20 do tf-8 Irish Linens, for pillow ease*
20 do 5-4 do do an uncommon article.
300 do Shirting Linens, which are cheap
er by 25 per cent, fhan ever offered in this Dis
trict. There are several different makes, and all
qualities. '
Some of these goods are made to special order.
Washington, ap 22—3t D. CLAGETT,
corner of 9th st. and Penn, avenue.
ING ROO TS. Also, a further supply of
hose genuine Maine Mercer Potatoes, for sale by
ap 16_A. S. WILLIS.
I^WEEf POTATO ROOTS in prime order,
O Hue for planting, just received and fdt sale by
ap 16 tornerof Prince and Fairfax-#!*

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