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Alexandria gazette. [volume] (Alexandria, D.C.) 1834-1974, October 22, 1846, Image 3

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h IA* An*
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„,^,V MORNING, OCT-R 22, 1*16.
• ■k '
\ ; »;<i >i' ok ci)MKou r.
... ..„ f.e election returns from va
,. t|.,. 1 iiion are convex mg a signal
istfalM o, we 6n*l in the offi
■ . \V;i-iiin-ton a drop of comfort lor
'^atbs. Speaking of the new iron
.»PolU ■* rcccntlv launched at
1 jL .
? m a sr.v^: “Jhis verfd is
,v t. . «• owt sanguine anticipations
I V • ) l t it 11' C 1 1'
r. Old to ft fleet great credit vpen
, ndtr which she was built v—
} ,’l'i | * t'v 'I * ’
!l'“ , . K]ti, l.» ar it, for it is about
y to “refi ct great credit upon
siiici it has been in power.
... ,i , , NN'Vi V \M \*V01.L’NTKKKS.
-uriit'cated rcpnrl reached Philadel
. . : N the Pennsylvanian, that
upon the six Regiments of
volunteer, who, in compliance
Pr« sideal, have offer
r, el s t„ the Governor of that eom
oxh- YNe arc not vet
. . [l.o lVnn-v Iranian, with the dcs
or ihe exact period when
. , w ,j \... Mjaired.
i i iRRt'.S i' 1)1 N XHR
, , honor of Kdwin Forrest came
,. t .ilit, at the New York Unti l. It
, .,r, r highly umioraMe to the
tramatist. A select
.. - uioof the most I !««»• '•>
numbering about one hundred,
llpMl • 4
til. lable. « ,,1. Cullen l-i vant pre
< ■ rks "i the President,
U I Kortvsl, and Ihe remarks of Fla
.- -'n oil applauded. A sum
w ,, were dehveted, and the evening
, r. : [\ «' ;11♦ t h'lppb Ill'll'U* I •
*V "
\}»!;j; \i or i ll!, t \! .1 .in >N l \ •
p w vtc.uiclic Tch iraph announce* the at *
\m S up (' »h ! mb, at Boslon.
;(a?:v ,!*•»-• mho obtained, ;»y us, it w*lll»r
f iiid ictvicF ’ •* t'• w‘•*1 i,‘t hciwl.
1K«>\ i:K\ 'M i: SI i:\Mi.U “IMl.k.”
ji.;, v.iut* 1 ! st,- hut was lumrli.d at Kich
m.,*' V.,., «»u Monday, the l!>th m*d:»nt, at d 1‘
;! „„1 j,[Viably till* largest tv,,r
,■* reted at th.it piatv wa« picscnt.
\\\ regret t * h am th.it the u.sidcnce *>t Hi
r r \lvxO\, m t ail!.t\ t'mntv, \ a. a lew
•j,ir>J‘iini tiii- place, eallght hie Oil i uesdaV
a.’i I al huiigii, alter s-mie l -'UM
r\. It the d.Tlnfs iv s», I' < i
• i. v» ere S-, lum ii d »:a ged, a- W» leech r it,
1 y present, ui.i»*bat»»t d»ie. W ha? .viideis
x .<■»■ .i* nl unit* ui.h*rlun»te is, that 1'r. Via
: .siiimveH at th.s time Ifom h«>me, ti .iveiling
: .ids the West. This paragraph may hi big
i!i• the ills? iiihu mation oi the accident, Us it
; k uiwii at u hat point exactly to direct a
>i i<i han so as (a reach him on his route.
i • l a »n - >v-, *kwc leal n, that mil neighbois
’ n- rg. t ovr: arc about to iiavt* an iron and a
’ i m.Uiul.n tory in operation, which, it well
a. igy*l,; and we h »vc no doubt, they will be.)
: . ot; «‘miat fitlv p isditatde to their eiiler
• Mg ; ■ -• i i-t >i s.”
I‘a* *-■ \\ it ••r loiiini townsman, Mr. \Ym.
' 1 v,1 di d si ,;u> lime since at l‘«»r?s
• ll», Vi , v.gis brought to ibis pi ire, ami iv
»•, ie*!% w i» tj propriate houoi >, by the Odd
•a • • vxs s i.'iv. on Sunday ! i-t.
< •»i :tii a»* Sun s !\ s th ,t the Ship Alexan
. : .s •. •'g n ov !\ mg at lialltniorc, lias
< - ! i \ t’.ipt. it>bert Walker, ol that
vii Xdtocati* si\s that Mr.
1 f , the ’.v ; thy town Clerk and Treas
d . U p *; i*, has hold that oliice iiuW JtfiU
' ■ >»ars.
ss iiiirx ;»,-dixlj the prospectus of the
v"' '■ d Ciobc and appendix for the next
°l Migresu Thr\ are each si lor the
• 1*
" . -i:; copies jbr Vi.
i. M..s,ia\ company of Mount
<aV;: a;: vtd s..ft ly at lirazos Sal.
•i* ol *he C - nun on Council, at
g ’ 1 hr ilJtii in-tan;, directed “that
r .s-.< i;i- warrant for so.OOi), (r. i
■ ‘t'iy piinted y ester day,; in lavoi
acui,-i uiet s (j; t| ** Sinking Fund, tin
' u plied ns iiiiccted hv the act ot
v‘ . to provide for the extinguishment ol
K (d tiit* oo; pi rn! ion.
Wu u s ha» been nominated for re
11 ngres> by the Whigs of the Sixtl
1 Massachusetts.
\j * i
d a \rr. the actress, is rapidly recover
• d n snme her professional duties it
a; liic Howard Atheineum, on Monday
■ »v •
■ '•« ni the eorre-pomlent <»1 the l*i»ila
N >'*!i Anmrictn, nt, wtittei
1 ^dbuil, will be read with great interest
1 r Slopping ami oilier New Advertise
'* tirst t age ol the Hailv Ciaitette.
• ii K KI.KCTIo.N S.
Soi HI <*AKO|.|\'A.
' ' ll » mi >, A. IP Si»»>•*> A. Kurt, am
' ,r;t (t ulUoun Administration men)ar<
'■ * to t on • re^s.
1 *'• 'irns tnalxi' the result very douhtlul if
I'abcll (Whig) runs Kam (Adin.
^ ^RUP.— \ superior article lot
u>e, just received and lor sale by
*> ... U M. N. ROW K,
king street, near the wharf.
x S OIL. Bear’s Od, genuine, puritied
J,lu l^tiuoied, just received, and tor sate at
ca.,, HKNKV CoOk'S,
'J-hug Store, ktu^-ai.
At an adjourned meeting of the citizens of tlm
“County <>t Aloxaudria,1’ held at the Court 11« use,
| uti Tuesday rvunrn:, :20th iri'tant, Wm. Vtiich, ;
Exp, Mayor oi the town, was called to the ( hair,
•and W. Arthur Taylor, appointed SecteUny.— |
fhe Chairman slat* d the object of the meeting j
to be to take into consideration the expediency of j
^ending one or more commi*xon8: s to represent i
• the interests of the town and county of Alexan
dria, at the approaching session of the \ lrgmia ;
| Legislature.
*; Joseph K'idie', Exp, ottered the following res-1
olntion, which was adopted :
| AWc. d. That it is expedient to hold an elec
tion Lr one or more r<*:iimis>ion< r^, to represent i
the interests of the town and county of Aicxan-!
diia, at the approaching session of the Virginia
I Sundry resolutions were then offered hip of-1
terwards withdrawn, and ’he following resolu
tion, submitted by \N in II. r'owle, Ihq., Was j
1 adopter!: !
« Ren h'nL Tb&l an election be held on the
das of November next, at the Court House in j
this town, ujKjer the direct ion of-cmiHii*
sioners, for-persons, to represent the in
terests of the tosvn and county, before the next
Legislature of Virginia; the qualification of voters
to be the same, as those presented by the act ot ,
; Congre«5 in reference to tetiocosipn, and the »
manner of voting to be viva voce.
(m motion cf H. W. Davis. Lsq.,nnd carried,
; tin* hr>t blank in Mr. Dow it \ resolution wa*
{filled with the 2nd Wednesday o! Noveui'ner
next, a> the day foi holding the *ual eleeli n, and
on motion of the same gentleman tile niimncr
li\e was inserted in the sicnrd blank, as the
number of comini-sioiiers to bold tin; eieciorr.j
and, on motion of Lewis McKenzie, L>q , which
i was oidered, tin* number three, was insetted!
. in the third blank, as the number of persons to .
represent the mteic-ts of the town and county, i
| bi tore the next Legislature ot V irginia.
Mr. Davis then oticred the toliovving resolu
tion, which was adopted :
Res tcfd, That the stud five commissioners ol
Liection, he appointed by the Mayor, and the
President of the Common Council, ami some
third person be chosen hv themselves, and that a
majority he anthoiLed to hold the cleetion.
Hubert H. Miller, L-sq., then oil* * red the fol
lowing i evolution which was adopted:
Resvivf ti, I hat within tiua e days aft in* holding
the election, tin* said commissioners of election,
shall made publication in the Alexandria <la
/.ette, of the names of the three ; ersons having
the gr ulest numh.-r ol votes, and that they fur- I
ni'h to each ot the person'- md « lected, a eertiii
cate of tiu*. same under their hands and seals.
on mol ion, it was ordered, that the proceed
ings ot tins meeting be published in the Alexan-j
di 1a (daxrtte
The meeting then adjourned
\\ M \ LI ! t 1, ( bairman.
W. Aci ni k i n 1.0k, Secretary.
M \ki;ii:i>,
At Christ Church, ADxand'U•», Abe, < h to- ;
t>»*r PJth, bv the IB v Air. l).»u.». .i \ MI'S J. |
I >i< K IN S, ot \\ ashmj'on i bty, L>, t , to \1 is- I
\i;<it 1 \ M Ti h 1 AlPSnN, of the same j
t hi the evening of Sunday .< >cb>bcr I s. bv !h**
}»t v Kobt. J Nixon, Mr. CM A S t». i KONK
torn • r!\ «*t I l-Ur county, A \ to Alts- S \
, K\l! \N.N v tl oigiiler of Air. Peter ALn-, ol \
| Fai i fax < “tint v, \ a.
\t \ v*• 11w • • • »t], .11 tior-on county, \ 11 g n • i a, on
» Monday ! t:« 12th iiistiul, ot a ju'ot i arlru illness,
| MBS. BK\ \ K i r TA V IJ »K, III ibe (loth yeni
j ot n. t a-e , the eldest daughter ot the I to Ld
i tnuitd Katibolph, Attorney (*ri»eiai »»l liic I ni'*',;
j States.
i 1-»\v I.nlies o! \ irginia have been more p\t» it
;:\r v admired and tieloved than was l!;♦* sijhj c!
o! this t o'iee. With uhtidiaiit and highly cnl
i n.: mu d. she united h swrcln^s ui itnjwio
I . .« . :>•! i i * ol m mnei which made tier, until
h* :»ftli ai .{ spirits began {.oi, the H m >i
C'l* n Ini !«• lit will! ii she « i iit‘Mil- She Will
long hr remembered bs 1ln»se in wnoin -he was
known, a* d her memory be mo-t cheri-hed by
’ those who knew her best. I
| Tin: i si's(>f o > rn >.\ wkbc coaipab
• A 11'* I I. Y unknow n to the, Creeks beIore the
tune i f Alexander the Croat's expedition to In
i dr*; when Anstobula-, one ot InS generals, made .
mention of the plant under the name ol tao /«• •<./
1/iniiaag her. The name conveys a much better
1 idea of the thing intended, than many of our j
i mod-’in terms; and, adopting a similar nouien
el.iiuic, wt* might a- trultitully designate S irsa
; ;»-t diu ns tin* heul'h restating ?'***/, Following
up the same literal and simple s\-iem, we m:ghi
property (*•••11 Sand-' Sais.iparida (rnwhukdi*
juices of tf»|s root ai e 4*om**'ntrated am! .combin*’d
1 with other restorative-) the rcnocutiug vouipaun*':
| for the t lieets ot ihis piepuralion upon the eniee
i h! «! and half hrok* n eo.t-t * t u t am i i J11 > entitle it •
to 11u: name. Bs deb rgent properties renucf it a
-afe ami -peedy lemedy lor all disease* who h
d- rive their origm troai an impure condition ct
the blood and ottier liuitls ol tin; holy, among
which di-ea-es are ineiu led Scr«dula and every
‘ *p“eie- of ► i uptive or uicernu- di-order.
For t• tribe!■ particular.-and r.oiu'iu-i\e«; videncc
, of it-superior value ami ellicncv .set; pamphlets,
who h mav be obtained o! agent-,gratis.
s />Bii.p; is d and-oi*i hv A. B. D. Sami-,
Druggists ]t Ml Fulton street,, corn* rot v* iiliiuu, ,
• Ncr. York. Sold by WAI. ST ABLLB. B. BBC., ,
Alexandria; L. Farnham, Washington; .1. Cooke
: B: Co., Fi e lei ick-burg, and hv l >t uggCls g uier- :
! a11v, throughout the l nih'd Stales. l*ri« »'>l p* t j
• Bottle, or u bottles for oet 22 U j
Aow tint tin- preparati(*n i- w« il known to l«e
a more reitaiucure for im-ipient < ’on-ump*io: ,
\-thun, Liver Couiplaint, (b>ugl»«, and ali s u*.
i iar alieelions, than any other r* tnedy ever known
I there will bo, and ?nae are found tho.-e so vdla
i fioijslv wicked a- to cococtt a spurious and per- •
j hap- poisfuuuis mixture, am! try to palm it ot*. a
the genuine Ba!-a'n. We rai-e •* Johe at mu.
• An imitation appeared in Koe.he-ter, N. Y., la-i
• winter; and in other pat'-, another aiticte some- j
what reseinblmg Dr. W i-tar’s ikiBain iu ti««u j
i-soki. We advi-e th*- pu die of the-'* scheme-,
that their health may not bo tidied wu'di, mu
ourselves plundered t t our )u-t rights. Dr. ^ t;
. tarB Balsam of Wild Oeny i-a new medicine,;
j and more elfieaetous than any o'tier known.
Wt- h.tw the written signatures of such men as
iB’ruiher Tailnia*ige, t oun-elb r W ilh. m-, and
John Lower, L>. D.. of New York; 11. (jouge,
, i;>4 , Member of Parliament, and scores of oib
'er-, to prove that it has cured Asthma, Bleed
ing at the Lungs, etc. etc. etc., alter the physi
1 cian's skill lias eca-e I to benefit.
None genuine unless signed Dane Butt-, No.
j 3*2, Ann -licet, New York. For sale in Alexan
dria, Ya., h> J. B. i'lFJvPDlNT, Agent.
oet 2u—I \v
_ _
DIUKi) BKKi'.foi sule, at
o. t 22 ,1. N. II MtlT.U'S.
‘ \ 5 I\ l'a 11 I*, i i. Oil*'. .So. :J ;niii ‘J ,\1 icko- j
, w i
j l ? 1 ivl, )U't received, and lor v>** low, at
oct'O ' J. A. HAUL UK'S.
OILS — lies! u inter >t t a sued bleached and un
bleached, tall and summer OiL, Im sale, at 1
J y liKUSL, — \ ii .;!!ua ami New A **rU OiiH*«e,
V ' lor sale, at .L A. HAUPLU’S Urocery.
1 « i t *22
1 • ’ - ,
1)1 AT. OIL \ fresh supply of T‘im Oil,
warranted to but n well, just received I tom
Acw York. HUNKY rook,
[ od L2'2 (dmmrU and l >» Uiiiti't. ,
rpo Till; LADIKS. —Just Ieceived —
I. Ill lucres t> I plain colored Thibet Cadi- (
Inercs, loi ladies dre'SeS
f> pcs secmid-nioui hiujt t ‘asbiiu ies
‘J pcs pi tin black .Vlouselift
S pcs rich l.atua Plaids
b Cashmere and Tekem Shawls
1 vcl 22 Gto. w. JoH.NSl'O.N k CO.
c A X A 1. O O M M E R c I'..
A-» -*r*r*. fOMC. «, ^
Cleared, (Jet. 51.
Canal Boat Lady ot the Lake, from Millstone
i oitit, M».., (*i m e•’ •’‘S, Loot;. oboes }iats ^e.
from McVeigh ^ Bro.
s*f. aw«a«Ewiy«
A L M A N A C .
!v»6. 6’tm .San
OLIitBLK. I'isfs. Sr is. M oo?i **> Fh\m *
52 Thursd y. •. G 36 5 24 d. h
53 Friday.G ;} 30 First <jr. .27 \) 40 m
54 Salniday.. . G 33 3 21 Full.3 3 41 l
5.7 Sunday/.... G 40 .7 50 WH qr. .10 G 1 ! t;
uG Momiav.... G 41 .7 JO *'C\v.Id .7 7»t» m
57 Tuesday.... 6 43 7 17 /! « ii U’atfr:
5d VVedne*d .\. G 44 .7 3G Orr. 55—80. 1 1m.
L-A TT S T DA T L S. ”
London.Sept. 15 | Havre.Sept. G
Liu-rpwil.Sept. 15 | \. Orleans...Oet. 14
Aukivep, ()eio!>cr 51.
Sehr 71 ary l-Vanct.*, .North Carolina, Shingles
li> SmotU Sx I)hlt*r.
S< hr t * mecic-ut, fort D 'pi^ite, Lumber to
MAter* cv Zimm. rman.
13 ;:v Forts icoh, I lali-U, H.ii'u !■»*, b\ Lambert
X. »it ivuizie.
Dr. l-rig Devons!,ire, Wallington, Barbados,
by Ma-dets Cox.
Selir J. D. Spaifbrd, .Kdiiwon, New York, by
J ! i'1 a,!«S X 1 '! N e r.
Br. schr Olive Branch, Hinson, Antigua, by
Master* \. t \>x.
mkwon \\o\.
Brig At vp, Woodier, hence at St .1,dms. \. F.,
3th in-.?.
Bt ig ( Hive, .Ifi’rpN ( do do ! 1 til.
Sehr Flora, Fine, do do do.
Bng Ann ('.online. Lev redds, cFd at Bo*ton
for tIns p,»i t, tMh iu*t.
Bug j*. J..N-\im*. Field, lor this jiort, cleared
at St. John*. N. it. 7 tli m*t.
Banpie Ju*tice Storv, 17 n ival, hence at B >s*
ton, IdUi m*t.
Brig Virginia, Ketch iek, hence at Boston,,
181 h t n * t.
jj^ X I *« \ B \ ( O.V -»lams ami SnouIdci> ot
S J sttpcrioi rptaldy, lor sale by
oed 55 T M. Will IT.
5^ sals new pattern* Bru**els ( .i r»»«• i ;,
which w HI In- sold cheap. Bugs of all (pi.ililn s.
W a*i» n. oet 55— 31 I t. FLAG K l”l N. ( 3 >.
Till! LF-TI A CUHTriNH - We have r. -
u Ci isid, per schooner Flank, lit pieces
three-; l\ < ';O j>e 1 jng, which Will b* S -ld VU’|
i Hi hand, 100 pieces extra <*ii»«• * 1 i.«** logjam,
with a vaiit tv ol low priced Ingiam \ enduti
(’ai pets. D. ( 1 .AH L IT \ < t >.
W a*hm Mon. oet 5 1 >!
\ \i( WI'M I \ i i; \r*T. WitM-is’ Ait:i
. \ Mini S'ivtrart, :ui unriv nil.<1 M«-»!i me f^i
ill** * * i! < * 4 »i;:«1 ciii c < >1 Sr.ihi l;i, c # r i\ i r if> K\ :!; I inr
went i! nc*:iS4?-» ol t||.» -Kin. I CrToil- Soft -
it Wtiifo S\Vf*!h|i*, I ,i\«T ;* I }*-*<• I inn
i )\sju*|*-|i. < '• • -t i vriuSt «> I Hi** l *' • • 11 * * I': ♦ I
[ )**i»i]ii v, i , «■ i>* i <• fi vr«i ami tor i-n !»* ;i I
* < t i! I ’i >• >iv S, I»rti4 Store.
* 2 ^ > i!i i I.! H .S t r- Sim i**d j i i >jm*> i i>. «i 11 •« >i
T tii tii.* w i i i lw in i:iv**ii ,if t:*
\ 11*i t!i• i - < Mitre, 11111 ii ikuhi mii >;iluni • i1 i.
m>l .it!. *mi i *i 11 tin.;; n 'A Mi.-.i* »> Sited (in 11 »• *
Ii.mtii \\’:ii«-11 >i|-e 1 *t tlif vvr-l si.i.* I»* la* « i.'ii!\
i<> i Ir.ri r, I'i.'iii :iii»l :» ii.iii I•*«*t iiii'ii. t»v tl.tii\
!*-*• ' »n 4rout, on I i!v♦? stiri*': tin* *• ut si i»* i •
o i >•*;:, ■»•,i • * 111 • |1 ii i< i[ ..»>im i t i\. *; » C. ■;.o « » i• >f a -
-f> <i{ • *i/r. \Io:e jcil l:riji.:i -|»*m■ili«*a
tions rnfi !>•• >..’rn nf tin* Auditor'- t Mlie«*. 1“
<»I'*IoI* *»l the Krai 1 -into < uiiiriiit!n'.
oct tj?)— t i \\ v], \ . \111.1 jS. Sup of i'"iirf*.
VJL'.W !*,< »■ )k S FROM | J: \ .Vc •»!
A ii; >.— liters ' *ath”l-■■■_' ;ral . laat'Oiiif \n
;ui.i!i)iii!(';il description ot t ir* *i imm<•! tin* m -
ears of ( irrulation a:ul lip'-juration, by ( S:irI♦ s
Ksvald 11 i^-e, M. lb, Pi o*essor <>| l'athu y and
Clicmied Medicine at the I Diversity <d Xuneh,
\c., translated and edited by \V. K. Swame, M.
IF, Physician K\ti ordinary to II. ii. II. the
Duehess of Kent- one volume oetnvo, price >i
(7n //.v:dn/ for li:>‘ duo • ■ asons, Spi in£, Summer,
Vit* mu. and ‘A inter, pi im-ij ally eoiu-ei nin/ na
tural I !:riinini-ti:i adi• iit! he; of inlei I relation by
chemical scit ice, and illustrating passages ot
Set ip’uic, ;<v liio^, firilutn, I i o i •1 ** * ■ u • * t i • i
i-lrv in the Medic .I (’«d!r.u* of Si. liat'Indmut-w's
fjosjnttd, author of liew! itiem- in ! h**iu i>{ ry,
an I ‘ ( uefiir-iiy oi toe Fuur 'dement*, price
Si 2b.
Pnit V of ('lit lias's Syslnn of Fur very, tr mvlsi
t‘‘d liom the (iennut by John F. South, and edi
ted h\ (Jeor-e W. Nona-, M !>., price >0 cent*.
A i.e'v ai.d handsome edition ot 11 trim 's . Inat
omy an l Pathol ;iy, in l\vo octavo volumes, with
numerouillustrations, price y-.» oh.
Jtiit *piibli"hcd, and tors ;je by
net ;J'J iiiild. iv I.N i V» I-Mila.
7k 7 l-;w ?;oo K S FROM STANFORD &
^ S\V(/1! DS.— ( cn-iiii iitar]i on t!u' Pntyrr
Book.-—-’I ne Family Fraser ihmk, or the imoii
of Common Prayer, and admini-t ration of the
Sacraments, and (drier rites and ceremonies ul
the Church, according to the use of tin* Proles
tant Fpi-conui Chinch in tie* l idled States of
America, accompanied by a (icmual Comine.ntu
ry, liistor. \d, e\p!,us it -ry. doc.’u inai, and {*rjc*ti
cal, eotnpihnl Ironi the mo>-i approved i turcica I
wot **, will; ailei itr-tu. an i addition*, and ac
commodated to t no idlll^V (>i Ui • ! I (•’ '“s t a n t Ppi>
eo:» \i ( iuiieh in the t mltd Mat* *, by 1 Fomas
Church Hi nwnwcli, I*. 1)., 1<. C. iF, HiMiop ul
the Protestant Kpiscop.il ( lunch »r« iho S' ate ot
Connecticut—a splendid loyal octavo volume—
ibn;*' r price, >b—now * educed to sb m cluli.;
N.d bO in Mieep.
Iuc blalc ot the Ihpirte i, bv John I lent)
hart, i). i.h, Bbhop of the i'rntc'dani Episcopal
Church in the State ol Mew York, lourth edition,
price 51/ cents.
ifiskvji xdct'c iuie a.'oiirl , lltars. — Keatons lor
i* ♦ I using to e mi see * a te a t h urc ti, ha v sng an A i > • •,
insead of a • omniumon fable: h, the doctrine
ol Sioijitue a a 11 the i loteslaiil Episcopal Chun-ii
as to a Sacrifice in the Lord’s Slipper, and a
JYnMhood in the Christum Ministry, by i liaries
l>. Molivaii.e, I). 1>., Bishop of the 1'. E. Ft.uiv.h
in < )nio, price ci nts.
sinew edition of Thornton s Prayers. Family
Era vers, and Braycrs on tiie i on Commandments.
&c.* tn which is added a Family t ommenlar v
upon the Sermon on the Mount, by trie late lien
r\ Ihointoii, Esq., M. 1'-, edited by the Light
Lev. M anion LKlbimi, 1> l> , Bishop of Ma
saehu>< IK, pi ire cents. Just published, and
for sale, bv |uct:.*J; i>i\LL is EMIWISLE.
/ V lil’li \.\S’ I'Ot’KT, ,iiexnndria ('ouutij
\f October i'tnn, lc<4t«:—- ./• ('(lilt*
Adniinislra’or ot t*Yurge 7'HOnry, deceased, has
remitied to tin- t nurt i.i' tinnt am! final account
iis Adminmtrator ntoivsaid, with tlie vouch* m u
siippt.M l thereof; v*nich * iid account v* ili be pa
cd and duly recorded, unh-ss eaiKC be shewn l'
lj»o coidi ary, on,or Indore the fust Monday k
1 >cc. ember next, ol which all person.'' nitcrvxci
or c« tier rued will take notice. A copy; teste
oi l gi — wliw B. liouil, Keg. ol Wills.
/ \}iPlj \NS1 Ct )l K 1', .lltxtiadt iu County
t I October Trim, lS4i; — S.IJ1I LI. ././.<•
A7. i , Yinini-tralor with the will annexed id
M ti \ Li. ,1 uinov, deceased, has tendered to the
(’unit Iik thud account, as Administiator afore
s.iid, with the vouchers in support thereol, which
s;in 1 accuimt will be passed, and duly recorded,
unless i .uk he shewn t<> tin; contrary, on, or
before the tll'st Monda V Hi 1 )i‘i'i’iiikr next, ol
which ail persons interested or concerned will
take notice. A copy, teste:
oct ^—wbw 1>. HOOE, Keg of Willi.
I By a telegraphic despatch from Baltimore at
e 4, I*. M.. yesterday, wc learn that no tidings
, ot the Gjltd: iiia or Great Britain had been
I received, and it i- supposed that the announce
; incut oi the former being belo.v at Boston, on
j Tut - Jay mors :ng is a mi-takc.
It YCKi'.M I XS'i’IT Li TK.--Marly in ncxl
i month ti.c subicriher will open ; t the Lv
i ccurn Building, in ii,i- (dace, a At ViiiEMATl
i The in"-t competent a-*i-tance im- been procu
red, ai d the -t bool furnished vv i;h ail in cf-ary
j app. ratijf, mineral-, L<*., (or instruction in the
j sciences. A v. riling master wi.I r»11• nd without
; extra charge 1«» the Students, aim Lloculion,
! Composition, Ln.Ji.-h fiiaminor, ; nd other elc
( mentmy blanches, will he thoroughly taught.
Yeu. .g men u i-hing to qualify themselves as !
, -urvcvoi-, can en’er at any time, and if they de- ;
j sin it. attend exclusively to Mathematic*.
Students are prepnted at this School for l liter - |
! ing any cl as- in t oilege.
; Lectures on Natural Philosophy, Astronomy, |
and C’hernjs'i v, will be regtlmiy delivered in j
presence of all the -indents. For circulars giv
ing term-. Kt\. apply to
Ultli mo *2! —St ( \LEB S. IIALLOWKLL. j
1 £ \ RP11A A s' C K ti’W +Hei’<indri'i County. Or
j V/ tober Jc.t.ti. 1 /;/■;. Y./.AVLY iCOTEKS.
! Execute. O' .Vogina/ />»/<•, deceased, has*reh
d**f .‘d to if*- ( a ‘ bis /* rtf ami account, as
: r.x*'color al.ot • w jth the vmii I jets in -upp< rt 1
j thercuf, wm. u- ;ii! account will he j11! and
i dui\ record J. nuie-s cau-e no -uown to the eon- j
tr iy, on, or before the iirst .Monday in Deccm- j
bt r ru \l. of which all persons intern -Dai ei eon- i
cerned will take mdicc. A copy, icslc :
oet 22—w<■ \y B. ii<)uE, Reg r of Uili\
3 ^RLNClPK SEG A its — ..1)00 of good quality,
ji ju-t received ro d for -ale by
oct :2o R. T. R \MS \ V, Ferrv Slip.
/ «EKM\N AND Bit! i IS! I LUSTRE, also,
\ S Black Land, for polishing stoves, grates,
Lc., lor sale bv IB PEEL L (_<>., King street.!
oct 21
> | \ SIC HATH CHAR VLS, kc. - Ml who
. * fc v. i —!i to produce sweet sounds will plea-c j
i all Old exai.ime ,i lul <»! |* lageoletl-, l* lutes, and r
l-lie-, w hich will he sold very cheap. j
oct *2*I .lullA T. CKKlGHTv >\T.
I fcjpli \SS « Lut’KS.— \ lal'ji; supply Oi l ’lock-, {
i ^ P >' urn iii iv *».;lterns, pi-t rcc.eiveil by usl j
i sew V <n k j 1.4< it»• I. ;iiu! j<»r - lie, cheaper than |
}e>er, at .1. ii lill.LS'S I V.hm Ibnponum
net lit
; 11 RTAIN 1’KI M MLN(iS, kc Just rec< <v
I V ’ ni M lot ol « arlet, blue, ami o.I• •«• 11 Com!, ■
j 111'*!"* Hollers mi hi Llld-, It 11 k I*|| i |e V s, ix. , ti>i i
; hangim* cm juiv 11• r -ah’ e'n np.
I (irt JO J: 11 ! X T. CKLILII T< ).V.
I A. A M . * .. -
! jt £ \AlS\\ S I’.Si I’LKS eaiviullv piepa red*
> i \> a111! -1 * i i i . • l I, i»I i i . I. I» A M S \ V’S i r m i - |
I eery ami Li- uor Store, l en s Slip, \ lexnmiria,
| V*. net JO
\ k; :\i il ck \ t x ( ii \s l. i o\\ kll,
\ \ . / ! ! r n i « .s t/ / /. ii tc,
i’laCtu'e I heir pi n|e--i4*n Mi co*pa 11 ner-h ip.
(*mi i is Li rsi.i in;. \ a.
! ,e.i.!«»•.11 i <ntill v , \ i , i i• J .*{ cot t
I >u j J.LS' X i'.W I *1< ’ I I' \ K \ . -- \ I nm
i .) utvyiMpii ie I del iimarv <0 ihe i u^ii-h l.au
" 'i i.',*', atinu-ei! 11 (Mil tin* nelaso edition, lor tin'
U-e ol m'LooI-, m, \\ libahl Holies, pi iee ojiiv 7.7
ecu'.-. \ I- \ I iii" ( e i m v n i i i 11 |i ill, | »l lee ■so. Ju-t
! , ub!i In • I i» ■ Mi -.--I - « i 11.'. * X I Allot, lor sale ii\
j oct ji • -!:i.l a lx i wisll.
; > aMIL I. \ I I. Si: VLLL‘\ IX L! liMuXIi.
I 5 A t ui I .on! complete repot! ol the tiiil (»i ,
: Vv in S. \!\e;s, S. S »lvi i-, mil Vuii. S. I it: rr, [
. charged inih t}.•* iniiiilri ol !>. Alirun Ifoyt,!
1 pure o:.i\ | 0 et nl-, Ini' sale, by
j oet •;i il u vi>v.
! \ ( . I i IV A »|\ Ji.fra (>•!' one tItous inti ;
* \ me/./-•, er ii!:nni|M‘ :: cl mee roHri liOli i t in*
h ie-tin.- talc-, v.il and sentiment, chemical and
-r a ;0 iiansu-tmeiiienjtieiii-h< il i>\ mnn-iuin
|‘|| JfaV OIL!-., lit five V.Mii'nei, pi ice only v | VA. --
Ju-t received ami I * *: - »h* }i\
net ji f’LljL k LXTW 1SI.L.
\LM\X.\LS KUii. l *' 17. — \ > e have nnvvi
ii cm i\ eJ i ur supply ot .A Imunacs, lor IS t\ l
I eon - I - I III J, Ol lb • \ ii ;.i ill IM \ ! In ■ fine. with all li.C
Court-, Judges, nieutheis ol the Lej;i daluro, ko. i
ot Virginia; the ITankim, \Vj-uui£ton, Lai- 1
mors', Anieriean Karim is', Koui.li ami Kcaciv,
ami IJou-eke1 pi lthe \ if jinia \itiiMiuu>, at
>b per rii oce, liie othei.- at ,L ; ceiitt pci dozen,
i % t p< r 'r< >ce.
| i . t :iI KI'Lf. k I'.X I'WiSLIb
it \LV;Li.i; Lull It LX I'.— I he plea
inl ant c Minti' re-ideucc !>*.:l'Vi n Washiuj-,
; ion on' A ’« x iiulna, aim it a mile 'tml a hail
i liem Ihe I a t *«* f*, lie,if ! t«> * j uin'>ilvO 1'oLnl, he-|
i tv/ceh tlieahova !i lined C!l;x, j *. o-•--an', _iven
: irniuciiah iv. i.mjuire on li e, prenii-e-, or by
11 iter to All ci. ij S vV a! 111 a i i i l 5 \i an a, * * a -' i ihi,! oil
! Lblv. oet ID—tf
i 4 VM, i -.1 at) fit lie <>' ! 1 hi^U'iH Liir
i \ f hi s 11\ r Dinti irt the Ci!11 i I . Ih j until a.— /.
}’’ ! • -peetiuily intnrtu- tho ladies ami
jvetlenien ol tin* t itv t ,\lex in in i, that In’ ha- i
laken t!»e i < oiii- at liie in ■< I hu »-st coi .*ali ui iv iuj;
ai d \\ a-hiii'^tan -lreel-, hit; I*, nceuj>ied by Air. ■
i VA n« I'riib v. in re b* i" luiiv prepaied to taxe j
1 |» ACL 'LkS: lie i \ I’L Aii.Ni\HKLS, in an j
| (.nlir-ry new and impivved -!y 1 •, co! red li ne to !
| ihe, area w ai ranted mb to !.: .e ny e\p *sure. put ,
i 11p iii {me iii'U'uceo cases, ioi >:■ e -1u ;11 -ii■ ii oi one
; dollar and liny cents. As hi- stay will he Ii mi
i i^d to one or two week-, liio-o wi-hiue to ot)iatn
nieimes or eX un.lie -peeiniens would do well to ■
cli i i -oon. t * 11 nips (jt Ii Ui i i ns lak eii on re a son a *
i lilt* term-. Altai 0ui’e-taken be-I in clu 1 iiy WtU* ,
11 nor or early in tin- flay.
i j ih ni ihe .>]tittii.nl /tVpftLk'cmi, ^tjif. ID, I*'!b. j
j Slu.i.N'hhj IJ a 1 n: in; hot v i'i>. — Mi. J. \V. Hear, .
1 1). tie r k no\vn a - 1 In* Hue key e Hlack - iiiith, ha- east
i n-j ic tlie aio b, and now taking l >aj;uerrcoty pe ■
Lick.ie--* a I the < '••ml I iou-e, w Imre he will bu
! rdca-eu to si c the btdifs ami geiitlfmeii «<• An •
| iiai’Olh. A hiit; spt 1 iinen (jI liie art i- now be- 1
! jt)rc. (, th.it c( a eiibd only sixteen ujontln oid.
! t.,ken b\ hnn la-t Thursday. Lur toiicetue-s it
i can’t be l.ieat, ami who woubi ii./l pay the paltry |
kuin of one dollar ami fitly cents to nave the like*
) jje-s oi a child at that intcie-tu*^ and lovely a^c.
oft ‘JV)—.)t
i t'lILAL ih.K> i'S si lUlAS—••
i Tim -1 j use riber uhers tor - ale at his
i u4a>f *d£r%/3 land on / run e >/t‘t 1 '. ! '■ > •.: r< n
f| * M of (j h toil, . 7 b /< /,. i l L 1 It I i'.m
TY i>F HOOTS JM> >//<>/ >. at tne i'».i »vV
1SJ,r reduced price •: <denl Union's line ( all Null
•ii.M Morocco dies* Loots ul hi- own name. very
bt-t style, lor >1.00: othcrsat >>,.70, S.'LoO.
*.r;.j >oj)0 per pair; also. (.‘oarseaiul W a
U r Vrooi Loot- at various prices don n to > l ,T*
per pair—with a general as^oi tmcnt ol very
strong hia*ielii?.ht|uatu-r ('O.UiSF. SitOFS, at
I lower* prim-, perhaps, than was ever uiiered in
jiPis, iii.»inci, and uLu, Ladies’ Shoes ol every
j iju ilitv, some ;p low as .»() rents a pad, and
Oiiildivn’s, also, down to ‘2.7 cent- a pair.
m _ti" A. 1>. COLLLNSvVOLi II.
•‘I ■'*"
v IJ.X AN i »KI A LO I I LL Y — ( LASS i .
\ |«>r |>H), will l>c drawn at the Mayor's i 0
licc, Alexandria, Va., on SATUIU>A Y, (»e
tubn* 'J I, lo 111, ai t;; o'clock, I*. M.
f 7- J prize ol.>30 Ontl.
| do Ol ..I -2 UoO.
; do oi'.b,0nd.
1 do ol.» odd.
1 do ol.3,Odd.
I do (if.3, 2 21 j•
1 do oi.' odd.
jiJMd do of'.>l,ddd.
7.7 iiiimiMT'-i 2 draw n ballot".
'Ticket" s-ld, shares in proportion.
Orders for 'I n kds, -han.-s, or certificates of
! packages, in the above scheme, promptly attend
ed to, "by JNU. LUKSK SON,
Lottery and Exchange Lrukers.
i^V f ho subscriber, bavin* long had a desire
and concern to establish a School, in which a
smcni class ofyouth find voting men mav he more
p) uCi icdthj taught in the higher Branches oi
kimvv let) e, u id one partieuiai ly calculated lei
tho-e who d»>ign ep-igiim j(, r,<* business of
I caching, u id, *n a^cor .ance sih the approba
lion and wi-ij ot it-* present Principals, resume
; the immediate chaigo ol the Alexandria Hoard
' ii g SthooJ on the sixteenth of the Eleventh
A. out h, (November.)
: "I'liis Institution was founded in 1.324 by the
subscriber, and conducted by him till 1312. and
^ since that, time hy Caleb and James S. IIal
i.nv-'r lj.. The scnojl-roo n, loetute-room, and
rtcitation-rooms are capacious and well-ar
ranged, lhe dormitin jt-y well ventilated, ond eve
ry convenience is piovided in tne establishment
for promoting ti.c health and cotniort ol the stu
The number of students will be limited to
about thirty, in order that the Principal may give
his individual at'ention* to each one and *ci ure
that precision and connexion in th * sfudy ol the I
different branrhe.-, -«> important tothe mental !
iiuproveineiit and leal benefit ol the learner.
The students will u!| board in the f..mi!y of
the sub*ei iber, of which they will be consider* j
ed a part; and a con taut ellort will be directed j
to the cultivation of lho*e feelings of confidence, |
kindness, and inmi.y atTectiou that are the best j
security against every s>ecie> of irregularity.
The collection ol Phsiosophic.il a ;.: t uunica! ,
apparatus hav.ng been actnmnlatmg for more j
than than tweniv y eas *. i-> uuiouallv ia ge Ir.r a i
private one; and lucre i- aho a g;iod i uMTU‘t u>
.Mineral- and #» ohigic *i -pc*, jmen*. a r«.»ii'« I on .
of Shells, as. ’ dher sot:. lawn* oi .Natural Hi>
: »ry, which v. ill x t at :y aid the uU sits in I
dcparlim lit* ol -nerr.-.
There xv;11 be r. gul ir lectures on Natural Phi-:
h -ofmiy, (diemis!ry, (i«*ob , Ve£»*table Ph\siol
r*«jv. and A-troiminv. ail accompanied i»\ such ii
lu-tintions a- arc calculated b«.>t to facilitate tin f
ucrjui-ilion ol (dear ideas u! the subjects treated
of; ami, as a lurduT means ol cHcetmg thi* on- :
ject, the students will in* ^tv milled and itquind In
nx !ht iijtjnuatus lUt-viSi ties. Almost every one
who ha- gone throu h a college, course and al
felull'd iectnics upon Natural Philosophy and
t'hemistry. wheiein* ba- sttu the ex pci i in < Ills
performed, is aware ol thndilli adiy be, lm-expe
rienced when lit* ca mu a I le i Win »l* t«> make the-c
experiment- him-i II or to prepare the ga-e** ami
perform otiier chemical manipulation* in the la
bel abu x; and oi w hat great benefit to h;m a !«*vv
practical m-trudions by an e\pci ler.ccd teacher
would then h i ve be* ii. I be d dtieu by i- lit ipiejil iy
s* > ‘great that mans •' ii< * a re vv < j i in i orison! «»n i he
subject of (’hern i-l rv, and who are liillv .sen
sible oflhe advantage- i! might he to I bum In put
Hie know ledge tbev pii--e-*> min practical 11-•* m
Vgi iculhire, I'harm mv, ami otlicr branches ol
bu-ine--. \c( feel d. In red from t!i»* attempt by
Ihc conse|iniviii'v« oi a want ol a clear practical
mulci -I.mding «d li e m eessai v manipulation* —
III a college, W he i «• t h i* e I a - *•»*- a i c 1 t rgu, l lu *e j
canno! - » readily be i 11!gl11, and the pnneip »i oi►
jecl ol the Mtlemli* r, :ii re-umiing the « Si ug> ol
the Im-IMution. I* to p< rlorm whal lias appeared
to him to be a duly to afoul a class ol young
men wlni bail tliil-bed o| Were about to lintsii
tin ir school education an opportunity oi bee* tn
III* nr.ieticmiiy i* onainlctl \\ dJi the high u' biati
c ill < («l \ I at her.it 1|r J ’in in -oj II \ . ( hnn !-{ »’V . a lid j
\ -1 I’i 11 it 1111 \ ; , i i1 <! i • • . r i • 11 s t < • a n i t! | (*• e \\ 111 * u r< ‘
(!(** || fills < >| ({• i .1! I i S III g t hr Ills*'! V« s (()|‘ tl.ii1 I ill j >»» I
t Mil and I e*fion*il»Ul ofuei* ni I r.iriilir*, I»v glV- |
11, ; thrill e~p* r l.l I i to I riu* 111 .t i 1<i i Hu* he* t ns. n !t s
id i*i*ndii‘,f mg uni J (‘VI ruing a school, flic course
ol s|ml»< *. to tu* |• 11 *11*• 11, Nr.. as u I ;! a^ Id in.do
♦ 11.*i»i 1 oiiiiial i* Hit the* Use oi ltu: tnllerriit kinds , (
ol a j'jyai .die* :-**•! in* ti i m* it!- • mp c \ »*d m I'hi Jo- j i
-1>I• Iri<*.* 1 and < 'iiejii’cat i'I-.-I I'.ilion* and Xslrn- ^
iiouncai nbsr i v al ims, th.nvbv oof «•».!\ enabling!
I III* ti’.D' hiT to Cotldrel his *, 1idd| With ninja* s;,- ;
t bfact mil to Siiiiis»*j(. !»i|!. w ,at i* id higher con
scijai nee, <111 »111 \ ni"; i nn ii»r bd.-eg mut* • iui
ricniis useful to such ol (he iisjug generation as j
nnv I ;: placed under hi- eii il’ge.
'j !,. s’1111 oil - in < ’I** ts11*i* \ *v*!S mi< required to
t 111 p I * ’ S l i • CII»~ '»••• in li'* I , iboralorv , litsdei- ;
pronci ii!s(i u *1 ols, iii making (tie different g • -•**;
p«*i to:Hung experiments in dlmlr.iti n ol v an
oils < ’ i. • i • 111 *;«I p t I n • ‘ i} i > e * j 1!: e. ana \ ■ 1 s id s (, j, *,
iiiiueinf . and n mini ami v« gefabir substances;
sr> a* lo ii* e ' in* practical chemists, and thereby i
cairs iij• ■ benefits of this interesting hraiirli <>(
Hcictii e into a gi ictdlni e. inauutaetuies, rnc.di- 1
cun*, or whatever kindol business liny mas al
lei’Wards engage in.
Tin* stinh nt- of Astronomy will, by the aid of
a good Transit Insinunent, A**triunical (dock,
Id icsc.ope, ft* night oils ( aide, k'!.. with which
Hit. institution is provid'd, make mriiiuijt m oh
ve i Vat ions on t tie i no I ions of the < •*}»:** I ,!ul bod u*s; !
thus uni ouls b -enmieg lamili t wit!) the im* ot
\ s! rotioia ica i iu-tMiiocnt-, h\f • '.‘-O Ino.’O mill*
ufclv :o »pi limed with tiie principle* ot this in
cit isiiuU interest j-vg branch ol X il’ita! Science. |
'j !| sc s'udsutg l*’i» *ji.eei i:»g, N.r. will practice |
Sui \eying, Levelling, and other field operations. I
The ordinary branches of an English Educa
tion—a - -Heading, Writing, (Tam mar, (Jeogra
nliv, Arithmetic -will lie particularly attended
lo, so as tn perfect tlie stndi nts in these studies;
but no studi nt will he admitted who is not tol
erabiv wed advanced in them. Also, a« Hie j
students will he. members of the subscriber's ,
lainiiv, r,ml companions of bis own children,
n »ne will be admitted who cannot in mg sat Mac.- j
to-'V evidence of good moral character anil ex
emplary heh isior, i r retained in Hue school alter j
decid'd prool tbit such es idtnice was incorrect f
Ivspecial Lectures will be given tipoli Agri* j
nature aid \giiculluial Chemistry, in which,
the ‘ii’.- l ibel feels t paiticuiur mb rest; and as j
he wid st.il couth urn iiis ex pei me ms < n Ids tarrn
in a I .i i v land, to \v h ic n he b »** men oe»ot»ng h i
attend -n for liie ia-t four years, in* will afford j
to the *.imle.nts, during each year, an upperUmi- i
t s of sviLne-siug tne result of tne experiment-j
heretofore made as well as those now in piDgrc—.
The .subscriber will devote him*e!f, personally
and eoi.stnnUv t ) the duties ol the school, and
i,.. yhly as'i'ted :iv Jaml.s S. il\M.owi i.L, one of
tin- present i i iiu-ipais, and other competent in* i
A-the course of study f«>r each school year
will be an entirely connected one in the different
brunches il vv,l! i,e nt ad* \ntago to the
siU'ieiit-, as wed a» m uv ple.is.int to the lauidv j
and teach rs, for the studtMits to he in trie scimoi i
Horn the beginning to tne end ot tin* tc rn. for
lliis reason, and bccuu-e llm Ib'mcipai li well
convinced from »*\per'Onee tn.it roue months in
the y» ar is as long ;e young per-ous can be. s**p- i
aralcd in.'in tit. ir p iivuls and immediate boon)
Connexions without a»>st>liiie injury to inu>e
i. . ,,. . ^ that ■ ■ deems ot ev< n rn ire imp irl in -• *
than education, and limt neither teachers nor
sim ..-nts can profitably devote a gn-aier portion
of time l“ uni emitted duty , lie will have hi* school
vto consist vd niii€ inottlhiy beginning on Hie
(iist of the tenth month. (October,^ and ending
on Inc first of the seventh month, (July,) and re
duce the terms accordingly.
Terms, for hoard, lodging, wa-hing, ar>d tuition
in all the branches above indicated, one hundred
,ind «ixtv doliai - tor the sclioo! year, one-ball
pavable at the commeucemcrit and theutfierat
(he middle ul Ufc term.
The M-hooi. as w dl tu* understood by the puc.e<i
• r» t I, designed ior a finishing school in the hiih
t*r brandies o\ VlatheinaliCs and the difteivnl
‘■eiences; nut teachers will at end those who de
sirn to study Latin, < ireck, French, Dnwmg, &e.
at live dollars ().;l qu liter ol twelve weeks txlnt.
►Studeiits wiil be admitted, under the present
arrangement, on the sixteenth ot lho eleventh
mouth, vNovember.) Till that lime application
may be made to tit.: Mibsi-ribcr, al rdudy Spring
Post Office, Montgomery county, Mary land, or
to his nephews, C all a S. 11 Ai.i.owr.i.L Broth
r.u, Alexandria, V a.
BocKi.AXh, (Min) lorn mo. 3t», LStb.
Ml is propel lo date th it no smoking or use
ol (oh .ecu is allowed among the students. J ms
t, mentioned here tn .t m. student may apply who
is not prep.iied si! ictiy to comply vv itii 11• is ie^u
I it ion; tli* evil < ffrCt ol one had example in this
paitieular having by expeli*mre been found so
■M*e .t as 11* render the regulali. n one that cannot
1 he depat ted from. oct ^il—d3t.
:-v i»i;o v.iw i'K.
\7,‘;<}V-i’; ? WJUSO.NAL ESTATE
-A A i’ \i (' i* JN — (J»i >Sdf u> day, the 24'/*
j instan', al i J V.d; " ' c sold at Air. Samuel
! THvern, l.. » i:uut<> »nr*n. both vonng'und
, likely, one aii excellent dining room servant, ami
tt»e olber a ao hI bake r, but has of la?e b« en ac
euMoimd to driving a tic/se and Cart. And
| at .‘>3 oVlock in tKt* afternoon of the s^me day,
i vviil be sold at White’s Auction Room, corner of
King and Washington streets, one gold Optic
Bias-, opair gold Spectacles, one Bed and i ur
niture, one Bureau, lot of Bm kst &c. Trims
| of sale, cash. SMITH .MINOR, Adm'r
oct JO—eo2w of Ann Minor, dec’d.
j i. GROKS.—Pursuant to the provisions ol two
'**1 d■* ot tru t, the one bearing date th first day
oi May, 1811, and the ether the fust cay of Sep
tember, 1843, executed to the subs.-fibers for
purpose- tht rein no ntioned, by J ; n Done, Jr,
late of Prince William County, hi tcf which
deeds are duly recorded i * the Cb*»k’s OdV’c of
said Ci unty, we shall, on •Monday, tlj 2iut tiny of
•\ oveuthti' iiyxt, al Brentsville, { recced to s. ll, bv
puiilic auction, for cash, the following property,
to wit:
]. A TftAC r Or LAN l), ly mg oru hong in
the countv of Prince Wiiliatii. called and known
by the name of “YOllKSHiUK.” a-ijoi; it : the
lands of Love!! Marder*, \\ rn. .1. '»*» m: , am. Win,
firaivticr, containing ubmit I Do acre», -m! i- the
-.,<».e. Li mi s*. i;it*n \\ sS cor.sev ed to said iiooe by
]j• • >i.cmi ashii g'on arid 1 i. I ir • • •
j. V ' f land, adj D *e
, c c ■ ■. .-tii ) V (
- nc~i • . ; which the said J bn IDoa, J>\
u. ? t >c«i t«i.„ .11>. : * s hD-er, ihe late a j d
Linoe, of Prince. Iili.iu- ( • •un’y.
.‘I. A I iLVT OP LAN i) lyin ;in said coon
tv of Prince William, on Ocooquan run, adj /in
iug the lands of Mrs. K indie I c, Mr*. Mixon, and
others, and contain* about t<!0 acies.
4. J im following SLAV MS ami their increase
since l't September, Did, to wit* Kenton, Nan
cy, Lucinda, Thornton, Paris Mary Ann, Hill,
Sally, Laurinda, llct-y, Horace, Lasy,und Limit
aui. Stich title, only as i- v< -ted in the under
signed by t- e deeds ftfiresaid, will he cnnvi ycrl
to the purchaser; hut it is believed that the title
io all s.iid property is wnqiie-'iomible.
A II VNSLOKf), J ... .
W i;. MAS- X. s lru,te£s
King Ooorg" ( 'oimts , Va.. a mg 'Yi — cots
T I) I'M ’K.— I he public are hei ctJY loi uw.ii n
c*i that the debt unbraced in the deed of
Iri!**, under whmh the above laud** aie oliered
for *ale, m usurious, and i»ot binding up*»n the es
111*«• I (’ol. John 1looe, dteea*cd; .»t d that as the
land < ad vei ti>< d have descended t * j uis Virginia
K. Mason, as .» part ol hei .separate, esiale, and
ire now in Imc possession, lie will rr ist the
i i'mu i v of p.jsst'•sion ol any ol (lie lands thai
may be m-M ny the Iru-lee* in said luH, on M.e
rrwimd tlul the i/ftii ft trust is uthrhj void mid (J
ufniVrft. As a pmcha''T at a I tuMre .*> saie i> a
pineh.t>«*r without warrants «d title, and al/m..
ini rid:, tins notice has been deemed proper.
John s. mason.
jiiIs child ar.d licit* oi (’ol. Jofm I Doe, Jr., dec \L
Prince \Villr»:a fa*., \ n., srp D —cots
\r \i.ii aiilffxkm f<>h sxi.k.—il hi me
? of a decree of ilie < hreuit Superior * ’ourt ot
L*w ;»iw! (hrnerv lur the < minty *>\ Spot-yl
raniu, X a., rfiulfi rd I lie JOlh day ol .May. Its45,
hi ilia -m?4* of Yearn hi- Smith, a gainst t»ray>on
Hid otln’i aid McCarty ayni*-si McGart* and
• tin i- ro;<! .iNo ol a dt »mJ o! Ifll-t rxi’nitrd b\
’r Xia-un, drrM., ot Cun-tun, and Klear.or
\(Id 7,.s wile*- dated the 3tbh of November,
}s-i) | -hull < fir*;• :n public. «ale, at 12oVbek,
\|, on I'u 'it ni the 4th it,i]i ( tW'-remUr, being the
ms? di«v ol the Superior Court ol 1* an lax, at the
Imnt d**or ot the Court ! lou-o ol I* aii lax Cm ml v,
ill tl,e right, title,: mi interest, ol the -aid (ieorue
IIjhoii, clt-t’d., in a tract ol |;»nd, known as the
’Viiiv, F *1>n:n! «or*! iintn.r a‘-opt «*- \ **n hun
|,e.S- or**'. I 'hi* fui*m is situaltd in the County
dt Fairfax, on the Fntomwc river, aboul lil'een
n»ih*s ;it) »\e (i»*org«-tuwn : h i- on it on abun
dance ot timber, i- well watered by numerous
'p;mg', and several never failing streams, and
!isiu«* is in tin: tract upwards of one hundrrd
acres, of lii *f rule river bottom. The Cbcs-i
p,. ,|(.* and < Mna Canal, affords easy access to
lienk*‘t. Terms made known at .-ale.
cej, 21)—rots Commissioner and Trn-toe.
VI OIJNT HFliKON MS I .\ I F.—Coder a
A 1 deed of trU't to the *ub-cribei>, tiicy will
expose to -ale, by public auction, for c.i-h, on Sa~
t'/iilmi, the g) si duj rf .Yovetuhcr ne.it, ut 12 o'clerk,
M , at tin- am t ion store of It. XV. ! )yer, in the city
r»f X\ isfiingtoi), I). C., tiie above very desirable
i*-tati*, which F -ilu.it** in Fairfax county, \ a.,
near toe. Little River I unipike, about nine rnib s
lYum W.i-hitigioti and live tniii s l;oui Alev.it;
liria. The tract contain* 1,080 acres of land, or
thereabouts, all well watered, having thereon
never failing stream-, and two mill stv-. *1 Co
line of the contemplated tailroad lioin WaMiing
tot. eil v to the Richmond railroad at A quia creek,
paw.' through it; and it includes Irorn 2.nJ to 3th)
acic-ol low land ol very line M, am* more
than s>H) acres of wood laud of rich growth, ami
having much heavy timber tnercosi. i ho nudd
p_,, ings con'i-i of auvostoiy Frick Dvvel
.‘j lit g house, 38 by 1(J led; Ivvo others
_'i. UV,which may be convert’d into tmofoita
oie cottagesj a turn, 33 by 32 lent; a stauie 55
by :.() feel; a-moke house, a spring house, and
the wall- of a large brick factory, at which the
iaii 1^ 22 lent, and wiuie MaimInetming as well
as the .Sawing business might be earned on to
great advantage. *1 tin: terms of sale be not
complied with by the purchaser wbh n three
day-; the:carter, the trustees re-erve the right ot
a t i.--a!e of tiie property at the iisk and expense
of such purchaser.
Application fur further particulars may bo
made to tie subset ibei - at the ikiim ol \\ usltil g~
h»n, ot t / .Xir. L 1’. (J. Wilbar, residing on the
farm, who will show the same to persons desi
rous of v iewirig it.
JAb. AIDA Mb, )
Washington. S**pt. 22—c< ts
V Foil SXLK.— A 11a< l ol land lying in the
(Acuity of Fairfax, about twelve nn.es from
Washington city, containing 2*)0 acres. It is
about a quarter of a mile Iron* the L<» -» urg
mad. 'i here are two orchards on the premises
ot vr*cv line fruit. One hundred and sixty acres
of the above tract arc arable, and are aFo welt
watered—the remainder i- in wood and timber
of the LtgC't growth. ALSO, several squares,
within one mciosutre, lying immediately norln ot
Mrs. Mason’s, and within the corporation, con
taining nearly 12 acres. Apply to Swann fcc
Swann, K^q"., counsellors at law, Washington,
l). C.,or bv letter through the Alexandria Post
Ofiice, to G. C. ALEXANDER,
uct 17—eo2w
Drugs, medicines, dye stuff's,
^e.—The suh^uiDets nave on hand a oou»
i jdele ol licsli Diug*, Medicines,
• r’iicniica is, and mo-t of the popular Pule til Mfid*
inocs: of the day ; uNo a supply ol lain y Soups,
i iVrfurnciy, &.«•.— an i a general assorliiicnl ot
paints, < Ms, induw Gla-s .nJ Painters’brush
! also, while w.»*h, hair, cloth, comb and tooth
i bi islu Segars of the mo«t approved brands,
1 ai d Tobacco; Dye Woods, Madder, Copperas,
Aiuru, S.C.; While Lead and Putty; Sal A.ratus,
■ arb. Soda, Lpsom Salts,and Sulphate Cluininc;
Pine Oil, Spu its Turpentine, Spcrtn and Solar
I Oil. Counliy merchants and other? are respect
fully invited to call or send thi.ir order-*, witu an
assurance that every exertion shall be made to
i give entire Satisfaction. Physicians pi*"
; script ions prepared in the best maimer, and coin*
. pounded with accuracy.
|| PEEL U CO., Kmg street
b. tween Pitt and Koyui street?, Alexandria, Va.
I JORIO KltlU SCGAilS. ia nnuo., ol
I uCl^i°'* -U,l',y WAL VoWLE & SO.NS,

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