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The fo!lowing remarks upon newspaper wii
ting are taken frc»n» ap’eusait article on **Pen
dennis and the l/terarv Prufe-smn." m the last
number of ihe North British lit*vi‘*w.
Now (iohlsm th suvs, that if.ere are many
dull fellows who wide hook-*, vviu-ivas I Hack
era) says, that there are mans c ever feiiows
who don’t. For our own paits. ue can ^ee
nothing worth quarrelling afamt m one U.c urn
or the other, Both as we have stated them, are
undeniably true; hut we have not tquul coi fi
dence in the truth of the assett.on that thou
sands of these clever fellows can write articles,
review book**, &c.. if they would. 1 hey may
he very clever fellows—cleverer than those who
write articles, for anything we know to the
contrary; hut we strenuously protest against
the assumption that they can all write articles
if they would. Lord f.yndhnrst once said, at
a public dinner, with reference to the number
less marvels of the Press, that it might seem a
very easy thing to write a leading aiticle. hut
that he would recommend any one with strong
convictions on that point, o ily to try. We con
fidently appeal to the experience of all the con
ductorsof the leading journal* of <Jreat Britain
—from the quartetly reviews to *he daily jout
nals, convinced that they will all tell the same
unvarying ta’e of the utter incoinpetency of
thousands of very clever people to write articles,
review hook*4. &e. 1 hey Will a?i have the
same experiences to relate of the marvellous
failures of men of genius and learning - the
crude cumbrous state in which they have "ent
their so-called article* for publication—the
labor it has taken to mould their fine thoughts
a;ul valuable erudition into comely shape—the
utter imposibility o ten ot doing it at all. As
Mr. Carlyle has written ot the needle-women
of England, it is the saddest th;ng of al!. that
there should he spa'npstresres iew or none, but
‘•botchers'* in such abundance, capable only ot
‘ adistracted hope of it—puckering and Notching
—not sewing—only a laliac otis hope of it—a
fond imagination of the mind;" so of literary
labor; is it the saddest thing of all. that there
should be so many botchers in the world, aim so
lew skilled article-writers—so little article-wri
ting, and so much -distracted puckering and
Notching." I here tnay be nothing in this ar
ticle-writing, when once we know how to do
it. as there is nothing in balancing a ladder on
one's chin, or jump ng through a hoop, or swal
lowing a sword. All we stv is, if people think
it easy, let them try. and abide by the resuit.—
The amateur articles of very clever people are
generally what an amateur effort at coat-mak
ing would be. ft may seem a very easy thing
to make a coat; but very expert craftsmen—
craftsmen that can pioduce more difficult and
elaborate pieces of workmanship, fail utterly
when they come to a coat. The only iea>on
why they cannot make a coat is that they are
not tailors. Now there aiemany veryableand
learned men, who compass greater efforts of hu
man intellect than the production of a new spa
per article, but who cannot write a newspaper,
article, at all, because they are not new-paper
writers or criticise a book with decent effect,
because they are not critics. Article-writing
comes “by art, not chance." Tire efforts ol
chance writers, if they be men of genius an;
learning, are things to break one's heart over.
It is not enough to think and to know. It
requires the faculty of utterance, and apeculi
ai kind c>t utterance, ('ertainthings are to be
said in a certain manner, and yotr amateur arti
cle- writer is sure to say them in any manner but
the right. Perhaps of all styles of wr ting there
is none m which excellence n- so rarely attain
ed as that of newspaper-w iiting. A readable
leading article may not he a work of the lofti
est order, or deman I for its execution tin* high
est attributes of genius; but. whatever it may
be. the power of accomplishing it with success
is not shared by ‘-thousands of clever fellows."
'I housands of clever fellows, fortified by Mr.
Thackeray's opinion, may think thaf they could
write the article which they read in the mor
ning journals; but let them take pen and paper
and try.
YVe think it only fair that professional authors
should have the credit of being able to do w hat
other people cannot. They do not claim to
themselves a monopoly of talent. They do
not think themselves capab e of conducing a
case m a court of law, as cleverly as a Queen's
Counsel, or ot getting a sick man through the
typhus fever as skiltullv a-a practise i physi
cian. But it is hard that they should not re
ceive credit for being able to write better arti
cles than either the one or the other; or, perhaps
it is more to the purpose to say than the brief
less lawyers and patientless medical students
who were glad to earn a guinea by the^r pens.
Men are not horn article-* rileis any more than
they are born doctors of law, or doctors of phy
sic, as the ludicrous failures, which are every
day thrown into the rubbish-naskels cd a I our
newspaper offices, demonstrate past all contra
diction. Incoinpetency is manifested in a vari
ety ot ways; but an irrepressible tendency to
tine writing is associated with a greater num
ber of them, Give a clever young medical
student a book about aural or dental surgery
io review, and the chances arc ten to one that
the criticism will be little else than ahighHown
grandiloquent treatise on the wonders ot the
creation. A regular ‘-literary hack" will do
the thing much better.
If ttiere be any set of men—we cannot call it
a <7<m. for it is drawn from alt classes—w ho
might be supposed to possess a certain capacity
for periodical writing, it is the fraternity of
members of Parliament. They are in the habit
ot selecting given subjects for consideration—
of collecting lads and illustrations—of ar
ranging arguments—a wl of expressing then
selves after a manner. They are for the
most part men of education, of a practical
turn of mind, well acquainted with passing
events, and. in many instances, in possession
just of that kind of available talent which is
invaluable to periodical writers. But very tew
of them can write an article, either for a news
paper or a review, without inflicting immense
trouble upon the editor. Sometimes the matter
it contains will be worth the pains bestowed
upon it; but it very often happens that it is not.
It is one tiling to make a speech—another to
write an article. Pit the speech otten.no le>s
than the uiticie. requires elitoiial revision.—
The reporter i> the speaker's editor, am! a very
efficient one too. In a large number 01 ca-es
the speaker owes more to the reporter than
he would w ilhngly acknowledge. The speech
as spoken wouhl often he unreadable, but
that the reporter finishes the unfinished sen
tences, and supplies meanings which are
rather suggested tlfin expressed. It would
be easy to name members who are capable of
writing admirable articles, but :nan\ of them
owe their position in lire House to some ante
cedent connection^with the Pres-, or have be
come. in some meaner, k*regularly connected
with the Press:” and have acquired, b\ long
practice, the capacity of article-writing. Hut
take any half-dozen* members indiscriminate!)
out of the House, and set them down to write
articles on any subject which they may have
just heard debated and see how grohsque uj-|
be their efforts! They mav he very “clever fel
lows," but that they can write articles as well
as men whose profession it is to write them, we
take upon ourselves emphatically to denv.
ceived a large supply of Harry's Trho
phkroi*s, the best and cheapest hair rkstora
tivk ever offered in this or any other communi
ty. Like Jknxy Lino, it stands unrivalled, and
bids defiance to all its competitors. The evi
dence of its popularity is the increasing de
mand for it. and having been purchased of Pro
fessor Barky, in person, is a guarantee of it*
being genuine. For sale at 2f> cents a bottle
P. S. Orders from the country promptly at
tended to. sen *24
1jT{E>H liiiKf N AM) BLAC K TEAS of
superior quality, just received fiom the
New York Canton Tea Company, and for sale
by J. R. PIRRPOINT/S. E corner
sep 13 King and Washington sts
LEWIS'S PURE LEAJ).—>0 kegs Lewis's
pure White Lead: also pure Linseed Oil.
Spirits Turpentine, and Copal Varnish, for sale
by the bbl. or less quantity,
sep 17 COOK & PEEL, Kmg-st.
LARD.—20 kegs No I Lard, for sale bv
sep ‘23 Theatre Building, i
N KW DRCG STORK, North comer
king and Fairfax street, nearly opposite
Bient \ Biutn’s Dry Goo.;s Store, and a few
doois he low Bel. Ac Knlwisles Book Store, i
Alexandria, Virginia.—DAI ID H. G U / A A,
t> now leceving and ottering lor sale, a large
and ii^neial assortment ot Luuos, Paints, Oils,
l)> k Sti ffs, Chkmicals. Kamv Goods. I kr
Dia (i>.
Vnm: Carbonate of Ammonia, (Hartshorn:)
Allspce: Chlomle of Lime; superior Gu:n
Shellac: Pumice Stone: white and black Mus
tard: * i t*"h Sa ad Oil: refined Ka.-t India Castor.
t> : Wa-hinu; Soda; Sup. Carbonate do.: Soda
Salt talus: Venetian Red: Spanish Brown: Ca
li e Soap: Almond do.: Palmdo ; Rose do.: ( mna
mon Soestrme Aloe.**: Bnti&ti Lustre: Vedow
Wax: Whitedo .Cloves*, do. pure powdered Cu
behs: \ ei\ii^r»s: Slipery Kim Bark; do. |o\n d
\Viiit Cherry B.uk: piepared Cnarcoal; Animal
do.; LnjiivU re: Ca at ria do : Gum Camphor: do
Kuo: do. Turkey Opium: Balm; Sage: Catnip:
Golden Sea': I.veiwort: Hoiehound: Comftey.;
Bom s t: Dig tails; Aconite: Sugai of Load;
Black Lead; lie I do.: 1 >r\ unite uo: neman s
Clitome 1 '• reen: do. \ t'l.uw, lJo. Bed, Lhuhaib
(tool: do. jure jowdered; Am<e, Coriander..
ilcrni». Canarv. Fennel, English Colchicum.1
Pearl Sago. Barit*> and Tapioca Seed: lioll
Biundone: Scammons: Tonka or Snuff Bean*:
fresh Vanilla Bean-; genuine Frenches Ba\
limn: Mortars and Fe-t.es: Paper Pill Boxes:
\\\cm! do.: pme Cod Livt-i Oil, in bottles or bs
the gaiini : O i ot Bergamot; do. Cap pul. do
Clovo: i!t> Cinnamon; do. Cuhebs; do. Lem
or : do Bitter Almonds; do. puie l\o>e; do.
Croton: do. Amber rectified; do. Anise; do Ca
lassav: do Wonnseed: do. Fennel: do. Penns -
ro\ai: do. Jumper: do. (mruon Lavender, do.
Peppermint; do. Speainnnt; do. Onganuu; do.
Kosemars; do Sassafras: d*». Black Pep| er;
pure Musk: Bo 'le Coiks; do. \ ial; Srpnli
Knot; Cascaiilia Bark; Alcohol: do. '.m per cl.:
pure Pine Oil: do Chemical or Ethereal, Bine
Stone; Peruvian Baik: Ivors Biack: V» into
Chalk; Bed do.: Fiencli do : Ergot: Le-t (ium
Arabic; best Spanish Float Indigo: lioilen
Stone; Carbonate ot Moines a: do. r aicinek;
nek silver; Mace: Nutmegs: Bermuda Arrow
Hoot: White (linger: do. African; do pure
powdered; Spotig , tine and coarse: lerrade
Sienna: Turkes Cmbei; burnt do ; Catheters:
Bougies. Tooth Biushes: Sinell-ng Bottles:
Springes, (iiass and .Metal: lrisli (ilue: Ainei:*
cum do.: letiued Borax: Spanish Satfron; Lamp
Black: Epsom Salt-: dauber do ; liocheiledo :
tre>h ( hamonule Mowers: hint* AJa^s: .'lereti
iial Ointment : Gum Benzoin : Alexandria
Senna; India do. ; Saltpetre ; Black Peppei;
prepared Chalk : Coopers refined Isinglass;
Slab and Slued: American do.; Nut Galls: do.
powdered: !r >h M<>»: superior Gentian Root;
Columl o do : Flake Manna; i>i11k Root; \ irgi
nia Snake Root: Orris Root: do. powdeiedtOr
anne Peek I va Cisu Gum Tragacanth: Biack
Snake Root; Butch Madder: Red Sanders:
V\ liilin&r: Pim\: Horse Powders; Black Pep
per. Colgate Pearl Staich,<Nc., «Nc.
English Calomel: Suiph. Quinine: Nitiateol
Silver: ( om»!ve Sublimate: Iodide of Pottas
siuin; Chloride of Zinc: VeraUia: Ext. Colo
cvntli Compound, and ail the vegetable extracts:
Oxalic Acid; Citric do : iaitaric do : Chloric
Ether: Suiph. do.: Sweet Spirits Nitre: Salts
Tartar. Pulv. Antimoniahs: Chlorate ot^ Pot
ash: Su ; hate do : Kreasote; Soluble Citrate
of Iron; Citiate 1 r<*n and Quiium: Subnitrate
ot Bismuth: lo tide of Iron: do. Lead: Iodine:
French Me l. Piu^sic Acid: Iron per Hvdrogen;
Suiphate Moiph.n: do. Acetate: do. Mur ate:
Pro. to iodide of Mercury; White Precipitate:
Red do.; Prussiate of Potash; Lap Plun.bi Sub
acetns: Hoff maids Anodyne: Fowled* Solu
tion oi Arsen c; Chloroform: Colodian: Biown’s
Blistering Tissue: Also, an excellent a'sort
rnent of FANCY GOODS, such as Hair Brush
es; Tooth bo.. Nail do.: extracts for the haml
kerch efs: Shaving Soap; do Cream; Pomatum:
Pear! Powder; Hair Dye; Bay Rum: Cologne
do.: Fancy Bottle?: Tooth Paste: do. Powder;
ladeil tde* Ink. with and without Mordant:
Seaiinir Wax: F.ngii-h Wafers. Nc.,
I he above is but part of hi* assortment,
which he offers to sell on tern s that cannot
tail to give satisfaction; ail he asks is to cad
and exam no the qualities and piices ot his ar
ticles. Country merchants and physicians, are
invited to call and examine his stock before
purchasing elsewhere.
Physicians' Prescriptions carefully and ac
curately compounded, and the gieatest care
observed in pieparing and dispens ng all medi
cines. sep 23—tf
!\ I he subscribers, agents tor Alexandra
an l vieinbv. will furnish, at Factory pricks.
a very superior article.
Annexed are some of the testimonials iriven
in favor of this Glass. Ordeis taken, and exe
cuted at shmt notice. W e will also lurnish
PLATE (HASS, of various qualities, and
have constantly on hand a full supply ot W in
dow Gi.\ss. HIGH SMI I H 6; CO.
K\ii;.\( i riuM tiu:Rki*< lisok mr. Cumujttkk ok
i iik Avikkman Insitii ik.
4‘ Fur rich iu •-> oi hi'in* and bn lino icy oi surface,
(a< w*dl a< Tiii«*k»»♦*-- and 'trength.) (he Bkdkokd
< Ii.ass i' the mu t beaiititnl arttrle ot tie* kind licit
lt;i- talien uu<l* r «>ur notice, eiltierot dome>tu: or
foreign production, and it alioidsa pioud speci
men oj the >kdl and enterprise oi American Mau
nlaeturei ”
l he limit r-ignrii, having seen ili»‘ abovede-cri
bed GLASS ui ;t ii.e.it number ot tirst tda-- Build
ings, both public and private, accord fully with
the toregumg otiinate of it- merits, and particn-!
tarty recommend ii to all }>ersons, who require a -
strung, durable, and brilliant article. Signed,
Titov \s \V. W'.v.i kk, Aieliiteet, < diard (ollrgr, <
Philadelphia: Roit.k l Mii.is, do., Public Build-j
mg', at Washington; Grum.ky I*. 1»k\am\ anil;
ui^ht others, Architicts, ot Bo-ton; 1*. C». Hat j
kiklo, and 13 others 44 44 Nfw \ork.
The Rkdfouo Crown Glass, is manu
factured from whitk Flint Sand, obtained ini
:he vicinity of the Works and is the only
(Crown Glxss made Iroin that description oi i
sand. Its peculiar constituents, lender it capa
ble of enduring all changes oi climate, and pre
serving its lustre undiinimsbed by age. Its su
per oriA over any imported or Ameiican Glass,
con>isis in it- uncommon evenness and beauti
ful surface—and its superior transparency and j
color, its strength and duiability, owing to its
thickness, ami the general excellence ot the ma
terials ot which it is composed.
This Glass possesses a remarkable lustre, in
no degree interior to that observed in the purest
specimens of Plate Glass--and a brilliant polish
and hardness is imparted to its enamelled sur
face by the action of tire, and not by the sepa
rate process of polishing, as is the case with
Plate Gla>s which by exposure to the atmos
phere is bab'e to be corroded amt permanently
defaced. 'Hie Bedford Crown Glass being
all made of extra thickness will be found on
compelison, a cheaper and more serviceable
aiticle for tirst class dwellings and public buil
dings. than any other kind oi Glass in use.
sep gM —tf
BOXES piime Eastern Cheese
*J*y 150s has Shot
:»o boxes pure and No. 1 Starch
10 *• W. I. Ground Coffee
*20 ** Almond and Toilet Soaps
10 “ brown do
10 ** No. l Chocolate
*20 kegs Garrett's Snuff
to half hbIs. Saiteratus
•JO dozen 1’.anted Pails
*20 boxes Sander's Mustard: together with
every artic-e usually kept in a wholesale gro
cery. to which we invite the attention of our
town and country dealers, as we are satisfied,
that iti quality and prices, we can compete with
an\ house in this market,
v' avis S'S Snr ('heap Drug Store, corner
Kino: cml Fiiitfn.v sfv.. Alexandria, la.:
I’ow'd 'Turkey O. inm: Poppy Heads
Cinnamon: Tart Iron and Potas^a
PowM Lquorice Root: Balsam of Fir
Prepare*! Charcoal: Glue
Court Plaster, black and flesh co'ored
God i rex's Cordial: Bateman's Drops
Pow'dGum Arabic: Milk of Sulphur
Rushton. Clark & Co.'s genuine Cod Liver Oil
Fiesh Biushes &c.. &c.
Best Pine and Chemical Oil alwavs on hand,
PK KLING V IN EG A R.—12 hb‘s. pure Cider
Vinegar, for sale bv the barrel or gallon, bv ;
T. M. McCORMICK & CO, ’ i
sep 23 Theatre Building.
sep 25
QUARTER boxes best Bunch Rais:
lust receded and for sale bv
JAMES ENTVYIsLE,JrApothecary, oppo
site Sarepta Hall, Ai/i# Sheet, Alexandria,
l a., is now receiving trom New York, Phila
delphia and Baltimore, his Fall SuppL ol
Being selected by himseit, he warrents them
tievh and pure, and vs ill seil them upon terms
v\ I licit cannot tail to give satislaction. His
supply consists ot the following:
DRUGS. &r.
Alum; Carbonate of Ammonia
Ba.sam Copaiba; Bristol Buck
Ground Allspice; Chloride oi Lime
Gum Shellac: Punrnce Stone; English Mustard
Salad Oil: refined East India Castor Oil
Soda; Sal /Eratus; Venetian Ked
Washing Soda; Sup. Carhonate Soda
Ca>tde Soap; Ground Cinnamon: Gum Aloes
Powdered Aisemc: Butisii Lustre
White Wax; Cloves; 1’owM. Cuhebs ^
Verdigris; Cinnamon Baik; Ground Elm Bark
Wild Cheriv Bark; Catnip: Prepare 1 Chaicoal
Calamine; Liquor.ce Ball: Gum Camphor
Gum Option; Sugar ol Lead; Han Powder
Chrome \ eliuvv; Cliiome Green
Powdered Rhuhaib: Turkey Khubarh Root
Anise Seed; Coriander Seed; Hemp Seed
Sago; Roll Bi msioiu-; Aileppo Scammony
Sheep Skins; Rio Japerca
Tonqua or Snuff Beans; Vanilla Beans
Bay Ruin; Balsam ol Soda
Mortals and Prsties papei Pill Boxes
Chip Pill Boxe«: Balsam <d Eir>; Musk
Oil of Bergamot; Od of Onganmn
Oil of IVppetment; Oil ol Pennyroyal
Oil of Rosemary; Oil of Cloves
Vial Coiks; Squill R°ot: Cascaiilia Baik
\\ hite Lead; Millet Seed; Rape Seed
<*.') per ct. Alcohol: pure Pine Oil
Blue Vitriol; Peruvian Bark
Kxiiact Hit\ Ben> Hark: Gr’d Hemlock Hark
ivoi\ B.ack. Red ( hulk. Lrgot
Calabiia Liquorice; Arnica Flowers
Best Gum Arabic; Manilla Indigo
Rotten Stone: Carbonate oi Magnesia
Quicksilver, Mace; Beitnuda Aiiow Root
White Ginger; Green Ginger
Cara wav Seed; V\ hile Mustard Seed
Mediterianean Sponge; I erra de Sienna
r.i.ber; Ginseng Boot: Gum As.-afoedita
Catheters; Bougies: Faint Brushes
Sash Too s: V arnish Biushes; Cantharides
Copatva Capsules; Oil of Lavender
Oil oi Lemon: Seneca Oil; Koot Rhubarb
Bahama Sponge: Olive Oil
Tooth Brushes: fane) Smelling Bottles
Coach Varnishes Hull s unrivalled Balm Soap
Bottle Corks; (hound Clove.-: Swinges
Glue; refined Borax: Spanish Satlion
Black Ant mom: Ground (huger
Cod Liver Oil: Bole Ammonia: Lamp Black
Rochelle Salt-; Chammoinile Flowers
Blue Ma»; Ginn Benzoni: Long Pepper
Hydro Sublimed Calomel: Sulph Quinine
Nitrate of Silver: Corrosive Sublimate
lotlide ol Potassium; Chloride of Zinc
Veratiia: comp. ext. Colocynth
Kxtract Ilvosciamus: Oxalic Acid
Chloride Ether; Cyanide of Potassium
Citrate ol Potash; Strychnine
Taitaric Acid: Sulphuric Acid
Nitric Acid: Muriatic Acid; Sails of Taitar
Acetic Aid: Epsom Salts
W istar's Balsam Wild ( hens
Fahnestock's Vermifuge: Brand ret h's Pills
Javne's Carminative: Davis’s Pain Kilier
Osgood*- Chologogue: Bartuvs Lotion
Javne's Fxpectorant: Jayne's Yermituge.
He has on hand all the other varieties of
Drugs. Chemicals and Dye StiitD. u-uails kept
in a Drug Store, all Mesh and genuine, to
which he invites the attention ol tho-e who
are in want of articles in his line, sep l — tt
v_y I he subscriber, late Profes?>or in the Penn
s\!van a Institute for the Blind, begs leave to
otfei hi'services to the citizens ot Alexandria,
as a teacher ot \OCAL AND INS 11%l MEN
TAL MCSIC : also, tuning Pianos and Melo
deons. and putting Instruments of every de
scription in good repair. Me has also opened
on liana an assortment oi fa'lnonable American
PIANOS, fiom the most appioved nrianufacto
t its. such a' Mvers s. Philadelphia: ais<>. a
great variety of Yiolms. Guitars, Flutes. Clar
ionets, Horn*. Come's, I rombones. etc.: like
wise the newest Mus e for all the above Instru
ments, and forthe voice. In FANC\ GOODS
there will be found, ot the newest shle.
Watches. Watch ('hams. Watch Keys
Rings, Breastpins, Music Boxes
Gold and Silver Thimbles, Guard Chains
Buckles. Vest Chains, Silver Combs
Go! 1 and Silver Pencils, and an as-ortirient
of Ton s. for moderate prices.
N. B. Pianos sold at manufacturers’ prices.
Old Pianos taken in exchange, as part pay.—
Buyers will find it to their advantage in com
paring them and suit ti e r own taste. Every
Piano warranted. F. RASCI1K,
jy 9—tf King-st, above Pitt-st.
N'F.W FALL GOODS. —The subscriber has
_ just received and lias now in store his first
supply ot A’A’I! FALL (>'OOI)S, consisting
ot Cloths, black and fancy Cassi meres and
Cassmets and Kentucky Jeans
Velvet Cords and Beaverton
White, red and yellow plain and tw'd Flannels
Bleached, brown and colored Canton do
Black Alpaccas, Fancy do.
Mousline De Lames and Lustres
Gmehain and Calicoes in great variety
Curtain Muslins ami Cotton Damasks, for cur
Table Covers and Table Cloths, all sizes and
Thread ami Cotton Laces and Netls
Domestic Ginghams and Penitentiary Plaids
Bleached sheeting, shirting and pillow case
Brown Cottons and Osnaburgs
Manner's Shirting and Checks
Lickings and Furnituie do
Bleached, brown and colored Drillings
Bleached, brown and colored Cotton Diapers
Cotton Yarns, Cotton Battings, Waddings, kc.,
with many other GOODS adapted to the ap
proach mg season, ail of which will be sold at
there?// lowest market prices.
aug 28 G K. WITMRR.
NEW STOCK —III addition t<> his carefully
seleeie.l stock of DRCCS. HVKS. FAN
CY A RTICI.F.S. fir... R. II. STABLER, cor
ner of King ami Washington streets, has just
received the following:
Dressing Combs, assorted
Toilet and Ivory do
Tooth Brushes, a great variety
Preston Salts and Smelling Vials, handsome
Soap Balls, large and small
Cold Cream Pots
Stomach Tubes
Bieast Pumps, a new kind
Alexander's Tricohaphe (Hair Dye)
(.Hold Medal Toilet Powder
Kid Skill'
Pear! and Orris Chalk Balls
Friction Matches; Nutmegs; Pear! Barley
Mace: Jar Cork:-: Quinine
German Chamomile: Irish Moss, selected.
sep 19
CM. STABLER &RKO., have just received
Lubin's Almond Soap, (fresh, in lin foil)
HenrCs Aromatic Vinegar
An assortment of splendid Cut Pungents.
late patterns, French
Farina s Cologne, extra quality
Military Soap
N\mph Soap
Rowland's Macassar Oil, genuine
A\er's Cherry IVctoral
Starch Polish
Setrar Matches
Fly Paper
Flesh Brushes
Petterson's Alterative and tonic compound,
for Ague and Fever, Diarihcea. Dysen
tery. Bilious and Cramp Colic, aj so:
Linseed Oil
Lewies Pure White Lead in Oil.
''tli mo *2 J!h
Il/IXDOW Of,ASS.—The subscriber has
V V on hand a large supply of W IN DO \V
GLASS of all sizes, from SK 10 to 24 X 50,
which he will sell low, in any quantities A«
agent for the Waterford Glass Works, he will
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Johnson's Cicero.— Select Orations of M.
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Schel, M. [>., of the Faculties of Benin ami
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And e:m out Iio»)i* to litul secret exru-e
in th»* -elt-knou bd^eot their anditoi-.'
[ li alter Scott's Old Piny.
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SALK LNDEK DKCRKK.— Notice isUua by
t»i vt n, tliat on 1/ ulutMlvij (lie 'Jlh day of (vo
tuLci'A''ho,iit 1!) delink^ A.jlj. Oetore the AiavoLs
Olhct*. .n the town ol Alexandria, tin* un.iei
M;i.fil. i iti-kc, pui.-uant to a decree ol the
Liicuit Court ol the D.sti ict ol Lo.umnia. ma <e
on liie .‘JIst dax oi October, MIO, and a decietal
ordei oi the C ircuit superior loml ol La.v and
C hancer) loi the County ol Alexamlr a, aloie
saul, made at June teun, K>0. in the suit ol
Joseph Smith and others, against John West
and otlicis. uill |loceed to sell at public auc*
liOti, to tin* highest hnldei. the leal estate, heie
inalier iiieiitioiiud anil detuned (being pnrl
and | arceis ot real estate, situate in the count)
ol Alexandria, win icol the late Joseph Aian
deville, (lieu seized, anu hx Ids lust will devised
to the said John *A esIA or so much thescol, as
max he necessar) to raise a sum ol mo ey, ad
equate l'» die paxinenlol ttie debts, and legacies,
with interest iiieieon, expenses ol s.i!**, cost',
&c., provided lor in said decree.
1. Two two-storx buck houses and
££fgj lot, corner ot Cameron and i‘ir. streets.
beginning at the distance ol Ml Ieet
uest'A’aiii!) iroiii Ku.xal slue : thence x.eston
Cameron st., 102 feet 2 inches, more or less. to
Lilt stieet. thence with Litt street nonhwardix
ss feet to a 10 feet aiiex: thence with said
a lie) eastwardly the same distance with the j
11rr-t line : thence to the beginning.
,,_a 3. 1 xvo houses and lots on Clay Hill.
apart frame and part brick, beginning at
the middle ol the square between Lnn
(es> iind Queen streets, on the west side ol
Kairlax stieet: thence m rthxvardly on Pan tax
>1 reel 31 leet; thence \\es^xvaruix paiallei to
Liinces? stieet, to Koval sheet; thence south
on Koxal sheet'll feet: thence eastwardi\ to
the beginning. 1 he xvtsiern iront of this lot
adjoins the contemplated inner Basin <*t the
Alexandria Canal.
1. Vacant lot (No. I in the onginal plan ot
Alexandiia.) beginning <ti llu* noitinxes: inter
section of l nion and Orunoko streets; thence
westxxardlx to Kd. Conxxax s eastern line:
thence noithxvardly paiallei xx ith Cnion sheet
to the Lotoiriac river: thence xxitli said river to
Cnion street: thence with Cmon street to the1
beginning: containing about halt an acre.—
1 he Oiange and Alexandiia Kail Load, when
oxtende I, will run along the eastern side of
tins lot. which is dnvctly wed of the Fish
\\ half ami near to it and ihr outlet of the Al
exandria Cana!. and can hi* considerablx en
laiged by removing a large bank ot earth and
tilling into the river.
5. A Iaige warehouse, whaif. and
lot. situate on the ta>t side ol l nion
dreel. and on
the north side oi a ‘JO
leet alley, separati' g them from llu* pmperty ol
|lenrx Daingeitield, hounded on the west b>
Cnion street, and extending on that street
northwaidly from the said aliey 77 l»*«-t. 7 inch
ihes: on the south hx the said alley: on the
north bx a line from ('nion street into the river
parallel to said aiiex. and at the distance of 70
leet 7 inches from it, to the noith. and on the
east hx the liver. Length of tin* lot about 1S1 j
feet 3 inche-, length of pier about 0" feet.—
Ihe (grange and Alexandria Kail Koad xvill
pass along the western :ront. on l nion street.—
There i> water enough at tfie pier lot a huge
ship. 'The xv a tei fiont includes one ha!t ot
Pie 20 feet alle) on the South, making 00 leet
7 inches.
r». Lot on Water street, beginning on the
xvest side of Water street. 7s feet S inches,
south of Cameron street: thence south wardl)
07 feet on Water street: thence westward!) DO
feet parallel to Cameion street: thence north
ward lx paiallei to \\ ater street 67 feet; thence
ca'txxardlx to the beginning.
7. A three s’oiy Prick building, con
jjjjgg sitting ol two stoies and Iwo dwellings.
,11:101 and lot. beginning at tin* intersection ol
king ami Henix sts.aml extending thence soiitn
wardly 100 leet on iSenrx so eet. to a ten leet
aiiex: thence eastxxardly on sa.d alley, ami
parallel to King street. I'.* leet f> inches: ihence
poithwanllx paiallei !(» Ih*niy stieet 100 ted;
the ce on King sltoet to llu* beginning.
_9 s. A house and lot on King street,
Kipft beginning on the south side o! K hg
_^»rGLstit'd. ,JS' leet .7 inches to the ea*-t of
Henry street: thence southwardly paialh i to
llenrx street, ion feet to a 1<* fed aiiex : thence
eastward!) on said aiiex *27 fee': ihence north
xx.ndlx parallel to llcniy street loo h*d: thence
on King street to the beginning On !o!*» No. 7
and s there are ground rents the total amount
ol winch is *100.
ad. A frame house and lot on Litt and
Linices- streets, beginning at the south
\v»*st intersection ot Litt and Lrinces.
slreei-; tin nee southxvaullx on Litt street 176
feet 7 inches: thence xvestwardiy parallel to
Lr.nci*-- street 127 feet 7 inches*, ihence noith
xvardlx parallel to I’m street 176 feel 7 inches:
thence castxvardly on Lrmcp'S - reel to the be
ginning. Keoig a quarter ol a square nr hail
acre ot ground. ’The eadern front ol this lot,
176 feel 7 inches, adjoins the contemplated in
ner Basin of the A exandria Canal.
■ ‘ • •* 'men >tory i)rick sioie arm 101
;jj]&D nn Km,; >lreet. beginning on llie noith
side ot Kmir street at the eastern line of
a lo. of giound conveyed by Hubert Allison and
Ann his wife, in James I at'on an I Pavid bin
|py, supposed to be 69 teet to ilie east ot W aln
street: ttu nee eastwardlv on King street 30 feet:
northwaidlv paiaiiel to Water street M feet, to ,
an aliev 30 feet wide: .vestwardl\ on said alley,
and parallel to Km*: street. .‘JO feel: southward!)
parallel to Water street, to the beginning.
11. A small frame house and lot on the
r'vii "QQ-h side of Prince street, opposite the
Hank ol I’otr mac. beginning at a point on the
south side of Pnnce stieet. Mippo*cd to he P-27
loot inches to the east of Pitt street: thence
westw.inlly 50 feet on Prince street: ihence
southwaidly parallel to Pitt street 11s leeM
inches to a t» n feet alley: thence eastwardl)
parallel to Pr.nce street, 50 feet: thence north*
waidly IIs feet I inches to the beginning.
22. Paitot a lot adjoining on the west the
small house and lot on the south side of Prince
■street opposite the Hank of Potomac, the whole
lot havim.: a front ot 27 teet 3 aches on Prince
stieet. and imining hack 11'' feet -1 inches to a
10 feet alley. Of this lot 25 feel floating on
Prince street, and running hack as above stated,
was eons <•', ed by Joseph Maudevilie to Kobeit
1. Taylor, by deed dated 13th September. 1M5.
leaving 2 ie«t 3 inches fiontmg oa Prince
stieet. an 1 i tinning hack as above stated, n
part ot the estate of the said Joseph Mande*
1.7. A lot on the corner of Puke and Fairfax
streets, beginning at the northwest intersection
of Fairfax and Puke stieet**. ihence noiih*
ward!)'on Fairfax street 70 leet, to a -t teet
alley : Ihence westward!) .71 fret outlie iine of
sai l aliev, to a lot sold by Joseph Mandeville
to Bartholomew Delphy. by deed dated l(»th
Feb., lsp.n: thence on the line oj Peiphy's lot
soutli .70 feet to Puke street: thence on Puke
street, eastward!) 71 feet to the beginning.
16. A lot on Puke street, beginning on I bike
street at the we.*: side of the aforesaid lot sold
to Pelplix; thence we-twaruly on Puke street
.71 feet to a 10 h"*t alley, thence northwardly
with said alley 76 feet to a I feet alley: thence
eastwardlv with said alley 71 J^et to Pelphy >
west hue: thence with said line 7*7 feet to the
17 A lot on Water street, [old brewery.] be
ginning on \\ atei street on the north side ot
an alley, common!y called Wailc*>‘s alley,
being 13" fett to the northward of Prince
stieet. and running thence eastwaidly with the
line of said alley, and parallel to Prince j
street, to a point 60 teet to the west waul
of ('moil street being 210 feet iroai W ater
reel: thence noithwaivPy parallel to Water
and ( itiou stieets 3s teet P.; inches, to the.
north line of that lot or ball acre of ground.*
described in ’lie plan of the town by No 5t.
be the same more or less: thence by that iin<j
westward!)' 210 feet to Water >tree»: thence
w,th that sfo*et to the beginning.
Is. A half square one acre of ground, on
Wvthe. Pitt. and f>t. A*aph streets, hounded on
the east hv Pitt street, on the west by St. Asapii
street, on* the south by Wythe slree*. and on
♦he North by a line drawn from Pitt to St.,
A*aph street* parallel to and equidistant from
Wythe and Madison sts. so a* to divide the
square into two equal parts. Th;s lot is near
the Basin of the Alexandra Canal.
19. A I0i2 actc lot on the Washington road,
beginning on the east side of the Georgetown
road, on 'he line of a tract ot land formerly
held by Elisha C. Dick: thence extending along
said road, and binding therewith, south live
degrees eastwardlv, 35 poles, to the corner of •
Ba’dwiu Pade's purchase from Alexander:
thence north v*> degrees eastward])’. A^ poles:.
thence north 5 degrees westward!)’ 33 poles to
tilt* hi.St .oiiftl iilit: ol the land, which v\a
lormerly Klisha 0. DickV: thence the
same sou'huaid!y -5 r»*es, westwaidiy is
poles to the tie^iiiaihe. This lot is veiy neui
the Basin of the Aie.xandiia ( anal, and being
out ot tile limit.- oi l!ie town is not subject to
coiporation taxes
•JO Halt oi a fifty acre lot on the Washington
road, begmumg at a point on the west sale oi
the Washington Turnpike, 11 ket i.oith ol the
fence oi a lot lonneilv Hoffman's, supposed to
he the ninth line ot a lane sepaiahi.g Hoff
man's lot iio(ii A lexandefs land: thence on
the said lane south degiee.-westwaidiy,
113 poles: thence hoith .’> degtccs westward!),
and parallel w til the Washington Turnpike
‘.*3 po e> to a stake m the lane leading to Mount
Ida: thence eastuardiy on the lane to Mount
Ida I Jj | oies to the west sde of the aforesaid
T urn; »!vi-: llienee southwaruly degrees, ea-t
waidiy on the said I umpire *17 poles and 17
ln,k> :o the begmnng: containing. as by stir*
ve\s made by Win. Wa'ou. ami M. C. Kww.g,
on acies. 1>> »11«*il ot paiiilinn the noilhein
halt conveyed to Joseph Mandev tile’s estate.
Jhi> jot is wilh.i. one indent town.
•Jl. A lot on Frankiiti street, beginning on
the south side ot Franklin stiect. at the dis
tance ot m2 jeet d inches east ot W atei sheet:
thenee eusUvaidl) on Franklin street b'J field
inches to a piiva'e street called Potomac street:
thence southw a i i I \ with Potomac street, and
I mallei with W ater stuet ss teet .‘»!.j inches;
thence westwaidiy .'JJ teet d inches; thence
north ward I) !>- teet 3f> im lies t«»; lie beginning
•J I. A vacant lot on the ea-t side oi Wash
ington street, contaum g oi e acie. :iiiii hounded
on the Hottii by a tine j ai.ibel to W y the sheet,
and on the south by Wythe street—-with the
exception ol a .-mail tenement ami lot about
•JO feet in trout oil tfie north line, and teet
.e«-p. This lot is near the Basin ot the Alex
andria ( anal.
I eru s of -ale prex r hrd b\ thedecice, are:—
one-nith of the purchase money to he pa d on
the day ot sale, or wiiliin thiee days thereafter,
and the residue with interest fium the day of
-ale. to he pant in tour equal instalments at 0.
1 j. is. and Jl months, and seemed by bond
ami seemify, approved by tin* undersigned.—
The title to sad piopeity is to he i**!ained uiitil
the pmchase monev with interest shall have
Imen ludy paid. All expenses attending con
veyancing to he home by tlie purchasers.
Should the sale, from any cause, not be com
pleted on the fust das. it will he continued tiotn
day to day at the same hour and place, until the
propeik adveiti-ed, oi so much theieot a-ne
cessatA meter the Tiu-t. snail he disj osed of.
JOS KACUKS, Tiustce.
r»ug 7 —eo‘2w—wlw—fceots
|)l FLIC SALK. By virtue of a deed ot
.1 trust, executed by John I. Proctor. and wile,
to the Mih.-ciiber. dated the '2dd day of Scptem
!»er, 1-17, and duly of lecord in the Clerk's
(.dice ot the County Court of Alexandria
County, I shad offer, at public -ale. in trout ot
the { tennises, to the highest bidder, for rash, on
lhut 'dtiy. thf luM (hiif of Ot tniter, a lot
oi ^iound. with the improvements thereon, in
1 ue town of Alexandria. Va.. on the north side
of I’niice stieet. between Fairfax and Koval
siieels, and hounded a> follows - Beginning
on the north side oi Prince -treet. eights feet
to the westward of Fairfax street, and running
thence westwardly on Prince street. twenty
teet. to a lot formerly owned hv John Wise,
thence on a hue w i?li said lot. m ithwatdly. one
liundied feet, thmice ea-'.wai ily and | a'allel to
Prince siif-et I went \ teet. thence southwardly,
to the beginning. Selim*: a> tmstee. the sul»
scriber will convex onls such title as is vested
in him as such. * FRANCIS L. SMPI H.
sep —*2.iwfs ) ru*lee.
Ij'KKMf Dlil tiS. Ni i urkey Opium: Calo
r me!: White (linger: powj’d Kliiiharh:
Cream of T artar: Iodide of Lead: Iodide cl
liun: Fluke M.iima: Adhesive Piaster. Spanish
indigo: C, u,non Spoilt: ( h ne-*1 .Musk. Ber
ber'!)*. (si _r as-: C; --ia: Alr.can 0 u g e f: Rape
Seed: Sen!] Cap- I di :e of Su phur: Oj| ot
He naiiiot: ()il of (Tinieri Luvere er. Nitrate ot
Stiver in Cn stal-: Via! Ccih>: Ron e ( ork-:
Sulpha’c tin I Acetate- o* Moij Imi: Pearl Pai lev:
AI eta ;ir Syniiges.-mall and large: Pine Ink:
-Mperior (Pa-s Syr.uiie**: Fitch’s Abdomrn >up
portei- and Shouidei R aces*. |ow'd Cinnamon:
potv'd Cloves. Nc , fust received and for sale hv
.). R. I'MF.KPOINT. S. K. cor of '
sep g; King and Washuigton-sls
V > P.Al/FS -F. M. FAY LOU have just
iev e vi*d direct from the intiiivhvlinrr. a beau
tiful as<ui’rm lit of Car, i t ng-. all qualities,
from a Co'ton Carpet at I -C cts.. to the finest
I in.:rain.
a -. :t-1 ami 1-1 superliiie plain and twilled
Vemt .m. lor .-la rs and passages.
1-4, .V 1. d-1. and - l 0:1 Cloths of entirely
new patterns.
Several piece* o} tl.or Razes, oi lull and
beautiful pallet ns
All of the-e foods have been selected with
much care, an I w.U he sold on the mo.-t accom
modating term*. An eaily call fiom our cus
tomer*. and the dealing pufdic. is respectfully
solicited. S,‘P I ~
r -F. (V M I AY LOU U avpjti-t received,
direct from the Noith. a line a-sortment of
Pleached ami Prow u ('otton*. of all qualities am!
pi ice**: while, red. ami yellow h aia Bleach
fil ami Cnhleached C anton lsannels; Rleach
ed and I obleachei ( otton .L*u s*. 7-1 and 1*2-1
Riowh and R cached ( otton Siiee’ing-; .Mamie
Shir:inns: Indigo Idm* Mumnnek ( aliroes:
and manv othei good* suitable tor the season,
sep 1 b
VTO j |CF TO RFILDKKS.—'The Mih-cuheis
1.1 have on liand. nn ! > li r tor -Hie. a jrood
t-<orJineni of Haidware tor building purposes,
unong*! which wdl be toumf a vaiieH of pal
etns of cheap Fastening* foi doors. Shutter
Hinge*. Nc . Nc. Also. Locks o* all uesenp
ons. hom the Cast Ikon Novki/h I-ocb to
he superior manufacture** ot IheijOint. Mallo
v N. Co. They invite pe:-< n- to give them a
•all.—they have the •roods on hand, and will
•eil them at a small advanci
auir i:< CRFdOUT’ON & McNAlR.
li'OOl) take® m informing Ins
customersam! puiehaser< of Good* m hi~ line
generaliy. that he has opened a large ami de
suable assortritent of I* \ IJ< IdiV GOODS,
which lie intends ollei.ng at !o v prices for
cas'i. or to punctual custnmers. 11 * etiorss -h;<!i
he directed to plea-e nil who may favor him
with their patronage. sep 1*> -tl
Cl'GARS, COFFF.K. 'I KAS, Nr.- .IiM re
O ceived by the subscriber-. a lot o| I*. K.
Cuba am! \ O. Sugars: K.o. Lng'iyra, Mari
Caiho and .lava Coflee; V. II , I npena! and G.
1*. Tea-: ai*o, a fine a-sor’rnent of Black Pea',
which they wdi sell. on reas; nahle terms.
sep 20 Theatre Budding.
|T A( OX. LARD. &•*. — 2'» hlids. Sides, Hams.
! ) and Shoulders B icon.
7 hb!<. Leaf Laid
20 kegs do
1 ca.-ks fre>Ii R;cc. for *n!e hv
pej 1 * .1 J. WIIEAI & BROS.
A alter scraping oil the hard skin m warm
water. Bunions, or enlarged joints on tne feet,
bruises, &c.. prepared h\
R. H. STABLFR. X. W . corner of
sep li King and Wash-sts.
Bacon and lard —
20 hhd>. Hams. Sides and Shoulder®,
in hbls. Beat Lard,
kegs do No 1.
now landing tor -ale hv
sen it ~ J. J. WHEAT k BROS.
J. SHIR PS.—J(i-t received iroin New York,
a tew do/en I,men Bosom MiiiK war anted to
tit well: ai*o. a lot of Fancy Shiits. good -tyles,
tor sale at A. LA M MOND*$,
sep II Clothing and Variety Store.
1^7ASHING FLCID —Is cases Chinese
V ▼ Lustral VS'ashing Fluid, just received and
for wholesale and retail, by
aug *21 COOK A: PEEL.
BOXES Colgates Pearl and No. 1 Starch
20 do do Rose am. White Bar Soap,
landing from Schr. Hamilton, and for sale bv
aug 20 WM. BAYNE.
30 •!
sep 1
Apple Vinegar, warranted pure, tor sale at
nr; Will IKS Post Office corner.
U A N 11 >' I’AUiLi.A i.\ ^ Ai.T
O BO 1 i LKS-i* C*» |»Ulil);l;'4 tie ihOOd,
and lor the cure ot t>cioluia. iu.uim..:.-'it }
Mubhom Hri'i>. Dyspei -ia, Mtb Khciirn. Lem
Sore.*. K.V-lpela-. l'un| les. Lie.-. Mcicniu.l
Dseases, Cutaneous Kmuption.-. Liver ( <m
plain’. Bronchitis. Consumpt.on, I t maie C om
paints. loss O} Appetite, (ici.elal l>em.:i\. \c\
I UK Luoi'Kimon- have spent much tme n
brinjj ihi.- piepaiaiion ol Sarn.u wrii.j.a to • s
present state* ol perfection: and the e\| eiiem c
ui fourteen veal’* ha- furnished them U.c a *>-t
;un; le c.|>(»oit.11.Jt\ to si tidy, in the r various
loims. thediseases tor which it is lecommeiiie 1.
ami to adapt it exactly to their reiie! ai d
cine. I'at.eat.- who wi.-h a leaiiy lit od Mem
ento are invited to uive ;t a Ir a!, am; -a':-,y
themseive.-ot it> superiority, and the invama
l)ie piopcit\ it po--« -»e- ot ai resting and cm on;
disease. 1 he bottle ha> hcen enlarges to no i
unk Qi’akt. and in its present iu.pioved hnn
may safely claim to he me bkst and ( hk.u km
medicine of the age. Its progie.-s to the lame
it has attained may be tiaced f>\ a .oug hue ui
facts am! cures, that stand a- iamlmaik- a. .
t»eacoi;> lor tin* invalid, poiitn j. li.e was »• e
haven of health, and what it hasaneady dt..«*
for the thousands vviio have used it. it is cap.i
!>le ol doing lor the millions still sufieim*: ai.it
struggling u ith disease. It panties, c eanse-.
and strengthens the fountain springs ol hie. and
in I uses new \ igoi tin oug bout the w hole aiiimai
Nkw York. t el*. 17. 1*1*. -Mk»bs. Sands:
— Having suffered many years with a d.-ea.-e
of my throat, affecting the laiynx. dur i g vvh.ch
time I was treated b\ the most distinguished
physicians m Kurope and the l rate.: >iati-.
without receiving any peimaii.t nt herein. hat
a!! the time m\ general healih and strength de
clining, and tin* disease making leaitul pro
gress: caustic application- were used, and
v\hatever el.-e was tm right most iflinent lor
producing a cure: hut I am Coiitidei l the de
;!o:ah|e situation I was in, the 1. * * x ngitis he.ns
accompanied with phthi-is and jrreat difficulty
in breathing, would -oon i.ave leiminalrd my
lUe. liit-I l not ohiameu i cl it* 1 in i otc* ii tie me*
ilium of yuur invaluable Musaparilhi. l must
sa\. gentlemen, w hen l commenced using tin*
Sarsaparilla I «1 ui not plat e much confidence in
its virtues: ami 11.i- will not sin pii>e you. w l.eu
\on art* informed I had tried inoie than liny
uilfeient lemedies dm ntr the past lour sears,
without any success: hut alter taking Stun
Sarsaparilui a tew weeks 1 ua-obiiged at last
to sell.1 to evidence. i ni*» marvellous 'pecu.c
has not on!v reheved. hul ciiml me: and I
therefore think it ms tints, gentlemen. nu the
benefit ot siitleiing humanity, to give you tins
attestation ol ins cure. \oms seis tru,\.
( OiiSiilate of I dance in the 1 . States.
The above statement and MgnaUiu* vs ere ac*
know ledgeti in uui presence b\ Mr. D. Parent
true, For the Consul (ien I ot Kiarce.
L l>t )R(i, V cc t ( ii'iil.
The ft>!lowii»tr is an ( \tiact horn a lettei ie
reivttl from Rev. Win. Oalnsha;
Berkshire, Vermont, October ‘S-!, 1" >
— Me«sis. Sands : I have been afflicted w tb a
severe pain in my side, occasioned by a docased
livei. lor the last twenty \iais. sutiei ng at
tunes what languagecannot r. n\e\: tint 'inte
taking y oui Saisapanlla I have t een greatly ie
iieved, mi much so that l ha\e been able to at
tend to my business, and preach occa**:oi;aiis
for the last eighteen months. I whoby di'
carded all other medicine, and thosonglby ti *d
the Samapaiiila. which I can ircomnu-nd in
truth and siuceiits to all those who me in any
was afflicted with ans species ol snnlulou*
roniplaints. There have been some icmmk;;
fne cures tfleeted l»v it*- ti«*e in this vicinity
Mis 1 Sl aw, by the n-e ol six bottles, was ie
sloied to bettei liealth than she bad beloie ci -
joyed tor ten years) and Mr. W . Mevei.s. who
I,ad been severely aliiicted with erysipelas. was
entiieU cured by the u-e o! a lew !»otiY>.
Vours trulv. WM (iALDSH A
d lloM l.l'S AH'KTION OK i liK \.\ !,s;
South Kingston. It I.Oct. 15, !vK Mes
srs Sand-* : (lei ta iim ii— My Idle » *• I.
when oi l* y eai ol-!. w as aOac 1.1 d w it! a 'C 11d u
ious hinnoi on h**i face, wha t; somi alt« i ex
truding into hei e\ es. causing almost lota' b'u
i.e-s in one of them. and bi'tigimng bet whov
face. I employed phy achin'* to at'eiid I <-r. w ho
exhausted tl oil U IliiM 'kill to give het ie e*.
f.ut it all prov e-l u-eie"! and hint by one ol them
lemaiked to me that In* l ad known ol sm •*
sti king cures etiee'e I by Sands' S.ii^ajn i la.
and advised me tolly it. I obtained one lottle
wh.ich she commenced using, and beloie it win
all u-r • up it had effected an entile cine. I?
now over p nr scare since -lie w as ru.ed. and
tlieie lias been no re-appeaiaiice ol the d "ra-e.
and we aie satisfied tl at it :sa perfec t cure it
give** rm* great pleasure to add that I can re« om
mend it to even sufterei It m any sun: ai com
plaint. liespecifullv sours.
(JKOlUii; hn|t«.\M \
Krepared and so'd. who'e.-ale aid lelad. to
A. B. & D. SANDS. Diuirs sts ai •
100 Fulton street . corner ol W ili am. New
\ oik: By Kook \ KK.I.L Alesanuna K Is
i'atterson. \\ rtshinglon: K S I ( i>sc!!. (•«>««•
town: A'evander Duvall. Richmond. Soldai-o
by Drugg.sts geneialis thioiigliout the I i. I
Stales and Canadas. Price tf I per Bottle: >i\
Bottles foi dec l1« u I v
nKNKV L. SIMPSON, i ISwal :I i.l
. store* north of Knur.) res; rctluliy minin,
hi" friend* of the Tow n and Count i\ that I «* ' >
on liaml. and continue* to maniilactme. l'o(>! s
AND SH<)KS ;t: all theit vaiu' * at fa
!nic i*i ires: they air as follow *:
I .;o!i* - Moirocro K :•!•! Sr:* I
Slippers and Wa'kirtr Shoe*
dentlemrn’* Cult. Kipp and llnlf Pnot*
Bn\*aiid Youth*
A I -o M i "■«**■. ,o' *. \ OUT I: ' > child O
A ml. I would inform my Iriel ids. in ’}.<•<< "n': y
that I ha\ ca til si rate as^ortiiw lit f * I tl. ck l>< *•11 >
AND SHOPS foi Mi n Boy* and Youth w. •
ranted to do ^.ood *c:vjce.
N B. As usual I continue to n a e •
order. ''I17 !s
cases of very supei or Fii.ls am: PasC*.
of various m/j** am! dt -ciiptu Ms. |iiucrivnl
fiorn tin* Woiks- tor sa’#* at .Maiiutaciuici **
prices I laid w are dcalei * aie invited to e.xani
me Hum. Orders for evm k nd of h c will
he executed with despatch, and the ‘juauty
warranted touivp sntiMact on. Atpiv to
sep |*> CAZKNOVK k ID , A-ents.
GO hush. New 1 unothv Seed.
100 u (’lover S<ed.
GO “ Orchard (»ra'S,
GO u I leid (trass.
for sale by .1. J. WIIKAT k PPOS
sep 17
i J I,rated ••Jenny land
hy Po . ce I ay lor k ( •*..
leccived and’for ‘•ale hv
Jaunex ’* W hatt
| |J M P. ot !t e ct .e
hiaiid. UMiiutactuied
Montrose Mills, pi*t
sep t 'a -tf
|> A( O.V I.A !!D. k( -
Jj li'.000 H.' >houM»*i I>arrhi
v.oOii •• S i (j p
■i'> k»*gs Lar<L Forsn'e. vmj 1< v. !•'.
I > S. LLA< KLO( K
aug gs 1* ei r\ S
DKI L yj'OUL FOK SALK- A lii.-i i:»v
stan-1 for the retail Iuir BtM»ie*fc. u fo
all the fixtuie** complete. w ’li " 'I o* lit*
stock. Apply to ( • h )K I KhL.
jv ]s -tt Druggie. A!e\an<!iia.
tt'XTKAlt roi/>< ymh coMrorwi)
1 j A >u[ierior artic e |»»-, pie ;‘ie ! .in : »ot ••
> ino *2^ Fairlax Nree .
5 OAF. Tru.-hed an«t Powdered Sugars: ai-o,
| j \ () ( anti'1' Sug.ir**. tf»i wa m n\
J. M AlrCOKMlCK k ( O ,
‘20 I heati e Building.
ClOILV MKAL. —11) tinsel* froh giound
/ Corn Meal, in -tore hmiI L»r *a •* hy
T. M. M( COKMICK & < °
20 J beaife Budding.
L avortmen’ of ibe above for Can.|.bei.e
and Kthereal Oil Lan«i 'drived by
nep 20 COOK, k PEEL.
Extra FLOOR Fonr hondr^l bbU Kx
, riolir >Eli Siem''and othei brands fo
-aleb\ T. M. McCORMK K A CO ,
j j Theatre Ruhiinc
F^lKK proof PAI NT. tl.e genuine article
fors;ileb\ \VM STABLKB&BKO
r,th n»o ir» Fairfax-*!

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