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Bounty Land Law.
This act being one m which a great many
persons are interested, we inseit a copy of it as
he it enacted tYr. That each of the surviving,
or the widow' or minor children of deceased
comm ssioned and non-commissioned officers,
musicians, oi privates, whether regulars, volun
tfpr', rangers, or militia, who performed inih
tu;\ >e.v ce in any regiment, company, or de*
tach»ne»*t m t^e service of ihe 1 niteu States,
in tne war w ith Great Biitam, declared by the
Tinted States on the |V.h day of June, or
in am ot the Imi an wars since 1790, and each
ot the comrn s-ume I officers w ho was engaged
in ttie military service of the l n.ted States in
the late war with Mexico, shall he entitled to
lands as follows. Those who engaged to
serve twelve m.mlhs or during the war, and
actually served nine months, shall receive
one hundred and sixty acr**s: and those who
engaged to serve six months, and actually
seived four months, sha'I recede e ghty acres;
and those who engaged to serve tor any. or
an indefinite period, and actually served one
month sha;l receive forty acres: Provided,
I hat wherever any officer or soldier was
honorably discharged in consequence of d s*
brlily in the service before the expiration
of hi* perio 1 of service, he shall receive the
amount to which he would have been entitled
if he had served the full period for which he
had engaged toseive: Provided* the pet son so
having been in service shall not receive said
lands, or any part thereof, if it shall appear by
the inusier rollsof his regiment or corps that he
seiv.ce. or n ne na- receiver!, oris enoueu
any military land bounty under any act of Con
gress heretofore passed.
Sec. *2. That the peiiod during which any offi
cer or sol,her mi> have remained in captivity
with the enemy shall he estimated and added to
the period of h'*» actual service, and the person
so detained in captiv ty shall receive land under
the provisions ol thi" act in the same manner
that he would he entitled, in case he had enter
ed the service for the whole term made up bv
the addit on of the time <*f his captivity, and
had seived during "iicn term.
Sec ft. That each commissioned and non* |
commissioned officer, musician, and private, for
whom provision is made f y the fir.-i .section
hereof, shall receive a certificate, or war ant,
from ttie Pepartinent of the Interior for the
quantity ot laud to which he may be entitled,
ami which may he located bv the warrantee. <»r
hisheirsat law, a* any land office of the l mted
Slates, m one body, and in contoimity to the
legal subdiv sionsof the pub ic lands, upon any
of the public land" in Mien district then subject
to private entry: and upon the return of Mich
certitica’e or warrant, w ith evidence of the lo
cation thereof having been legally made, to the
General Land (Office, a patent shall he issued
therefor. In the event of the death oi any j
commissioned or non-commissioned < dicer, mu
sician, or p;ivate. prior or subsequent to the
passage of th - act who shali have served a
aforesaid, and who shall not have received
bountv land foi said services, a like certificate
or warrant shall he issued in favor and enure
to the benefit of his widow, who shall receive
one hundred and si.\U acres of ia «d. in case hei
husband was killed m bathe, but not to hei
tied" Provided, She i" unmarried at the date
of her app'icat on. Provided further, I hat
no land w arrant issued umlei the provision- of
tin-act shad he laid upon any hind ot the Uni
ted Slate" u> w hich there shall he a pre-emption
right, or upon wh.ch there shall he an actual
sett.eiii“nt and cultivat on. except with the
consent of such settler, to he sa i-iacloii \ pro
ven 'o the propel Ian ' officer
Si t . j. Thai alt -.ties, mortgages, letteis of
atio.ne\ oi other insiruments ot writing going
to affect the title or claim to any warrant oi certi
ficate i-sued, or to he issue ’. or any land graii
le h or to i»t* granted, umlei the provisions of ,
this act. made or executed poor to the issue
shall be null and void, to all intent" and pur- i
poses whut-oever; nor shad such ceriificate or
wanant. or the land obtained thereby, he in
anywise affected by. or charged w th, or sub
ject to. the payment of any debt or claim incur
red bv such officer or pnhtier prioi to the i>sii ng
of the patent : Prowled* f bat the benefits
ot this act sha l not accrue to any peis«»u
who i> a member ot lliepre-ent( ongres- . Prn~
tuled, further. That it "hall be the duty of the ;
l ouriii--ioi>er ot the tiencrul Land tOffice,
under such regulations as may be pre-cnh
cd hv th** »Vc»eary of the Interior, to cau-e
to he loca ed, free of expense, any war
rant which the hold* r may transmit to the
(General Land Office tor that purpose, in
such State and land district as the said
holder <»i wairantee may designate, ami upon
good tanning land, so fur as the same c<t:;
he ascertained Irom the maps, plat-, and field
note" ot the surveyor, or fiom any other infor
inatjo i tii the po— e-son ot the local office; am!
upon the location being made, as atoresau!, toe
>eci*‘tary -hat; cau-e a patent to betran-m tted
to such warrantee; Aw' provi ed further, 1 hat
no patent i-sued under this act shall be deliver
ed upon a*’\ power of attorney or agreement
dated before the passage of thi" act; amt that ah
-uch powers of attorney or agreements he con
sidered and treated a> null am! void.
Maryland Tobacco.F3 50 a 7 on
Flock, Super.4 75 a 4
1H> Family.*> 25 u 6 7;>
V\ heat, red.o y.> a l 04
Do. white.I on a 1 !•*
J{Yf.o f>*‘* a 0 f»N
C orn, white.b f>t a 0 5 >
Do vellow.o f>7 a 0 f>s
Ovrs .<> 32 o 0 35
( okn Meal, per bushel-o o:> u 0 70
Bitter, roll, pei lb.0 !•» <i o i>
Do. hrkm.0 **2 u 0 It
Bacon..» « b 50
L\rd. new.* 00 (l J ,r*o
Clover Seed.4 "•» u 5 2.»
11Ni» > 111 x Seed.■ ^ ^ 1111
White Beans..0 sT1,, a l 00
Planter. iretail).3 oo a 0 on
Flaxseed .I Li1* « 0 00
Bt.ACE-K.vED Peas.0 *•> a 0 on
l?O0 ISr\ >1 \j
OCTtMlEK. |riW*|#fM.| Mo x'sPhases
. - .... D. H. M
| 1 nt *«utv... •» > 4>l . M
2 We iie** lav. .» >n » 121' . »•> u •**> (
.it -H;
' ' ■ II 51 «
;> > •: ir<i tv. • • •> *»y o •><__— _——rrr
t, - f> ■ *» .;.'> 111(111 7' \ i Eh
7 \|-mi tjiv.... ♦» 15 34 ( Vr.'iii-K 1. 3li.Win.
LA I Ks r DAT i s.
Lou Ion.Sept II Havre.Sept. 13
Liverpool....Sept. M X*»w Orleans.Sept. 22
.M A HIM: LhT.
Soop Three Bfotutrs Hatton. l,t*caUuvay.
cor i ni;d wheat to .lame* *rw in.
Steamei Columbia. Har| er. B iltim >re. to J
.1 Wheat & Hroa and ■ re sht fo« the Ihstict
i in* I irawing of the V ug»ma .Mononga
:,a u>ttm, Class No. 109, for !*•>;>. wil ‘ 1 .*•
place, at the Mavor's Office. Alexandria. Na,
THIS |>aY, iTiie*»!;»vA fVtober 1st. at 44
o'eioek. P M. J.’WWMAt’UY \ CO.
oer | 11 Managers
O t .\NI> CANDLES -N w iai g «
KumneCs Whatt. Received per schooner
Bolivar, from Nantucket —
3ono gai's. Winter Sperm
]SOO do Soring do
y‘>m> do Bleached Wha'e fOll.S.
y»o do Solar
n bSU. Carrier*'
1 An boxes Sperm Candles. Hydrau c
.X» bb!>. Bine Fish, for sale hv
JLi ^ermer offers f r *ale a large assortment
0: Ftherp.alOil. Lamps, among which win he
found some new and handsome carries, at foie
prices. He a.m.) oifers the Ethereal Oil ot
superior qualdy, warranted equal to anv that is
manufactured. J. McCORMICK. Jr ,
oct 1 S. F cor. Kini& St A«v'h-sts.
GUNPOWDER -Dupont's sporting and blast
ing Powder, for sale hv
The Senate met at XJ o’clock, yesterday, and
a bill supplementary to the Genera! Land
Bounty bill, correcting an oversight, was pass
ed, an i the rules suspended, to permit its being
sent to the House.
A resolution was reported from the Commit
tee on Mi itary Affairs, requesting the President
to submit to a Board of Army officers, the ex
pediency of establishing new grades of officers,
ami defining duties of officers in civil emer
gencies. Adopted.
A joint resolut on was passed suspending the
rules so as to permit the Civil an i Diplomatic
bill to he sent to the Piesident on the last day
of the session; also, the Indian Appropriation
bill: and the Senate then went into Kxecutive
idle House agreed to the suspension of the ;
rules for the purpose of sending the latter two
bill* to the President.
While the yeas and nays were being called
on the suplementary bill to the land bounty bid,
the hour of lvi arrived, and the speaker struck
h s hammer, and announced that according to
Joint Resolution, the House was ajourned smc
The doors of the Senate weie opened at 12.
and the Senate adjourned sine (he. alter a
word or two from the Pi evident ol the Sen
ate, congratulating that body on the reMi't
of their labor, and expressing t le hope that
the ttfasuies they had passed would secure
the qu et a«»d welfare of the country
Peruvian Guano.
On Thursday a communication from the De
partment of State was laid before tilt* t . S. j
Senate, transmitting further inioimaiion upon
the subject, of the trade in guano between Pe
luand he l iiited States m compliance with |
a resolution ol the 10th of June last.
A letter Hem the American Legation at Lima,
ex; re-'-e? tfa* opinion that the government will
not make any change in os present method of |
deposing of the artic c. as it relies wholly upon i
the proceeds of sale ot Guano in Great Hi i- *
tarn lor the payment ot the inteiest ol .Is for
eign debt. 1 hat the sales are made exclusively .
on account ot the Government, and in Us! amount
at present t<> nearly thiee million" of dollar? an
nually, about one-thiid of which is dear protit
to the State. The houseof Gibbs&Co , of Lon
don. has made frequent loans t> Pern, based ,
upon the consignment ol the guano; aim by a re- j
cent contract, the Government ha- secured to
the linn the consignment of the aiticie un il
the year Iv-V That the profit of tlm Govern- ;
meat i>about $i2. when sales are made at :iT
in the l nited States or £'J 10s. in Kngiami, the
remaindei being absorbed m expenses of "hip
iii,r, fieight, commission on sales, and other
charges. I he freight alone from Callao to the '
Cnited States or Kngiami, per ton: and
i lie consignees of a vessel at \ a ipara iso recent
k prelerred sending her home in balbi-t lathei
than accept $12 per ,uii from Callao. 1 he state- 1
meiit oi Mr Pollard that **a Mee tiade in guano
would bring the pi ice dow n front $*•<) to some
thing hke $10 per ton," i- essentially erroneous
i he Peruvian Government, dei ving a piolil of
uboU> $12 per ton, would certainly not consent to !
change ds s\>tem, mile"" it cou d be cleaik he
monstiated tfiat an export duty upon the aiticie j
would produce a gieater amount of revenue; ,
and even then, he t x; reuses a doth t uhcihei j
ihepartie- in?ere-ted in sus'a-nmg the ex "t.ng
svstem, vvoiii 1 per «o» d to be given u|>.
r | hiK >1 H SI R 1 R K K would liiiorm bis,
1 friends, an ! the public, that he has leceived
and ha." prepared tor saV, a general and wed
selected ASSOR TMK\ TOF lit>('FRIES, j
embracing ail tl e art cies usually kept in a
Fannin (it'acery Store. ! ho-e w ho may favor
him w tti the'i' patronage, can leiy upon hemg
tutnished with articles of good qu.il t\. and at
as low prices a- they can be ptocured ij» »he
market He would also state to ins friends J
ami other" in The country, tiiat he is prepale:! o ,
Mr. or receive «*u storage and cominG-ioii. j
Ki.ovr amt o’fier produce, and will he happy to
receive consignments J McCORM K K.. Jr,
(late of the tiim of T. M McCormick N lo.),
oct l S K. corner Kiegand St. A-aph "is
il The subscriber ha - now leceived, and j
opened a splendid assortment of FALL AND
VYINTKU DRY GOODS. and would be p'ea*
^t( to -ee b's friend- and customers, and th a
lers in geneial.
lie le-pectfully invites a call from all. who
ar«* m seirc'i ot (» HR) GO(t|)S. and irooi bar
gains, as he is determined they shad haw* them
at the lowest market puce". He deem? it un
necessary to enmnera’e ’he article" composing
bis stock, as it is geneial, comprising every va
riety U"Ua!!\ found in a Orx Goods Siore.
\VM. H. ROGK f\S. King--tlee*.
Alex. \a . 2i do(»r t?t of Royal s’.
*1 J) Us—vo.'tiv
1\ALL G< K)\ N
; &c —C. (’. HKIlRY has just reMirneu]
1 tnun the N >rthern C ties, with a fine and wed
selected as-ortment of Bonnet. Neck and B« I’
Ribbon-, [)re» Ti tmming-. Button-, Collars.
Cuff-, Pact s fh ^iety. Gloves Tombs. Pow.lei
i puffs. Needles. Tumbles, Sci>sor-, Pen-, am;
a varietx »»t other aiticle* expressly tor tt»e loa
the- of Alexamir a.
N B. A larger assortment of ComM than
ever. s‘I* «■'
BOAT TAKEN CP —Was picked Up 111 the
Potomac nver, opposite Alexandria, on
Satur lax morning. *2slh n't.. a keel ROW
BOAT, about Is feet long, i t good order. 'I lie
owner is requested to cotne forward, prove |"o
pertv, pay charges, and take t er awax. 1 lit*
boat max he s -e-* on application to Messrs. I>
\ S. BLACK LOCK, Kerry Sip.
*»p|> so—tt
3») bhds Siiie> am! Sat u.ilei - I»acon
30 keg- No. 1 Lard
r> bfjs do uo
) bb!>. No. 1 Potomac Herrings
M» •• No. t Nett and Family do
>o bb!>. N O. Mo'as-e-*. t-»rsa e bv
sep :o .!. J. WHEAT & BROS
TT'AMILY FLOCR—Boyce. ray lor & Co.'s
superior Kamilx Flour, in t>airelsainl sacks,
Cv nsfantlx on hand and tor -ah* b\
sen oa Kerry Si p.
U’ (V >|>i CU E'S LEMON >1 GAR - -.'»0 boxes
of the above superior article, jus* re
ceived and for sale ioxv. by
1). N S BLA( IA X k.
*ej» On h rrV kiip.
Another supply of these desirable goods, for
£, hv 1 * SAME EE R ADAMS
, c|'P WHEAT—*WO bushels prune Zim
O MEEHAN Wheat, w.tahle for »«i
Salr I., !C i'HIN.N .V N*
«eu -tf __ _
l ('hu'.^wne; a fre>!» <>f the gfiiume
avticU'. loi sile w tu'li’Niie a> •! , • 1 '
n OX>k >v I H .I..
I ITTl.K/S WHTK01L- Further supples
u of the above article, received and tor sale
at the propretor*s t*r ce«. wh<»Vsa e or retau.
by [sep 23] COOK & PEEL,
V.; * zes, SO. SO. at.* $12. roaMifactunnc, and
T • V. & R. C. SMITH.
4 Wolfe «tree*.
I supplv, lust received from l.ynchburj. »n'i
forsaehv ' \VM, STABLER & BKO.
9mo :-h __ Fairfax street.
(1HAVPAGNE 'VINE —20basketsstipen
j nr CHAMPAKSE WISE, La Marquis
and Irrov brand. For sa'e bv
I wp ,9 CAZKNOVE & CO_
1 ISO bbls first and second Middlings, o! su
Signoiiua Parodi, tlie Uivai of
Jenny Lind.
Our readeis have douhtie-s heard ot a young
caniati.ee, nc.nokina Parodi, who hay Hid
deals achieved a great reputation in Lurope,
and is engaged ?u smg at New \i»ik. ‘‘tiling
the coming winter. She was invited to Lon
don in IMS. when Jenny Lind was carrying
ever\ thing befoie her, ami it was thought that
no (Hie else wou:d he aide to attract attent on,
and the ie>u;t is said to have been a complete
triumph. Signorma Parodi is a native oi the
land ot Columbus, and is now about twent>
two yeai' of age. She has sung during the
last two or thrte seasons, at London, \ erouu,
and La Sc.iia, Milan, excit.ng in every place a
tiemei.dous furore. On one occanolWhe en
thusiasm ot lies hearers was exhibited in a
wa\ that equals any thing related of the admi
rers of Jenny Lind _
AI)AM\ Wholesale Dealer in Fokkk.n
and Domesih Dry Goods, has ju>t received a
I.tige and we. I selected f-tock ol h ALL aiul
ll l\lEll GOODS which have been laid in
on the best teims, and will be found upon ex
amination equal to any stock in the market
Purchasers are respectfully invited to call and
examine for themselves, as the assortment em
braces a great variety, amt will be sold at the
lowest prices—among which ma\ fie founu.
Sn.K"—Chene Pou de Sole, Striped G.ace,
Sdtn. de Chene, Gio. de Anieur, Satin Pure,
Meel Grev, Black Gro. tie Kh> ne. all widths,
Black Watered. Ispaham and Mmcelins.
Stuff (ionns— Printed Delanes Cash meins
Mermoes, Mohan Madeline*, v nene * (,p ‘h
Venetian Cloth, high colored and plain Mouse*
laine*. Fiench Bombazine, liguied Sat;n Auu i
ique, Cohurg at d Lione-e Cloths. Alpacas, Can
ton Cloths. Muslins.
Vakiktiks—Black Silk, Alpaca, Ingrained,
Lead and W hite Homeiy ; as.-orted Kid, Silk,
i.., rmgeied Nett, Meuno and Lisle Gloves;
Lace Capes, EinbrM Collars. Valenciennes Col
iais, Chene Neck Ribbons, Bonnet Tiimmmgs.
Bonnet Protectors, (new article.) Sdk Cuff.**. ,
(’bene Beltings, Bav State Shawls. Lind Long
Shawls, 1 iu-ion. Linen Cambric Hankercliiefs,
Night Cap-, Lace*. Edgings, wide f'iack Silk
Lace, black Silk Gaiters and Elastic Garters.
(Toths—Black, Biown, Invisible Given.
Blue. Onve and Gras Cloths, Tweed ( lo’h.
Tweed, Fancv and doe -kin Cassimere* li^u <1
Silk, Cashmere. Sa-m and figured White Sok
Vest.ngs, Merino Shirts and Drawers, ( ravai-.
Handkerchiefs, and India Rubber Overcoats. 4
Blankeis. Pillow and Linen Sheetings a-4.
10*1 anil l*z-l Cotton Sheeting*, Fur Chintz
Flannel*. Counterpanes, Fringe*, lable Diaper,
Huckaback, B.rd E\c. and Russia D-apers
Cra.-h, (La** Towelling. Nankin*, Bleached
and Biowu Cotton**. Golden Flax. Irish Linens. ’
Blown Sheetings, Osnaburgs, Ke.seys, Liuscys.
Loudoun fill'd (doth*, Damask ami W atere ! ,
Moreens—-w :th ail the usual variety of I
icaies—together with a LARGE ST()( K OF j
.*> Ply Impeiiai and super. Scotch, imported |
by Gregory Adam — Ingrained Carpeting i
from is-dj io St per yard —a tew sets ot very
Rich Tu/ie^tof /h’ti<\rh new pattern*. -r>*\ 3-1.
1-1 sir ped Stair Venitiaus—6- 4. 1*2-1 fif'd Drug
g»*!s, Tutted and Cbenetlln Rug*, Oil Cloth
Rug*, i-1, .*» -1, n-l. s-1 Oil Cioth*. Stair Damask.
Di ugget. and (V I ('loth, coi'd. ( arpet ( ham.
Rag Carpeting, Kc . iVc *pp2l—Mon &w3t
1) at SMALL i*ROFTS.--W’e would mo-t
respectfully call the attention of our customers
ami the public, to out iaige a*sortrnent ot F»oot> ;
and Shoes for ladies, gent emeu, misses, hoy-. *
childien. ami -ervauts. hoih light and heavy :
We have everv vaiiety ot gaiters and had- i
gader*. buskins. Jefier-on*. slips, excels.or.*.
Jenny Lu.d. all wairanted to give sadsjact.on. !
McCurdy'S -lips and tie*, old style, lor- 02i
Do gaitei Shoes do. r>-j ;
Bronze halt-gaiter*, thek soles.1 I -
|)o gaiter Shoe* do.I.Pd
Light colored gaiter Boots.l.:»P
Misses and children*, oi every qua.iiy and ;
vafieiv. „
('all and -ee our vaiiety and style
Patent 'eaiher and cad-km Congre-s
gaitei*. or. sd.PO,
Cloth UO..S3 0) 4.no
A stip?rior article of watei-piool Boot*
tor gunning and tanning purposes, fcr3.n0
Sewed and pegged Boot* and Shoe*, single
and dear ie *ole- o’ our ow M manufactnie.
Our as*nitment cd heavy Brogans and Boot*,
tor servant* and faun hand*, cannot he equall
ed j p j r cp and qua ity in this cit\. We mv lie
one and ad to cal! before purchasing, as v\e
-had offer induct mentstha! cannot tail to p!ea*e.
Our stock of ail kir.ds 1m* been puicha-ed
w ith great care trom tin* best manulacturers ot
Philadelphia and the East, which we are pre
pared to -ell at small piofit*. Do not forget the
store, but cal! at A. HOOVER k SON'S,
south side of Perm. av. bet. fffh and 7 h sts
next dooi to B. L. Jackson & Bro.
Washington, s**pt 10—8ia\y !w
rplK Cl.AKKNSSCHOOL „enr Jleiinn1rin,
L lirgnua.—The principal ot 11»i< inst»t*1 -
tiou announces, m addition h*the particulars
stated i i a:i a iveitiseineni ot previous date,
that he ha- seemed the services ot a lad> o!
the h’ghesi ijuai tication* and ('1 much expcu
ence in teaching, to take the principal part in
its instruction. Other resident assistant- aie
also provi ieil. and >uch airangements made a
to sec me to the pupils ail ample amount ot
■ iine and attes tion trom their lnstuicteis in eve
ry department.
l he com-e ot instiuction, commencing u tn
the element \rv blanche* ot education, to wh ch
:tie fiiO-t careful a trillion will he given, in
cludes all ’be subjects u-uallx taught in the
best mstitut otis.
I’he Ibincipal will him*••*»' give instruction
in the Latin language, to wh ch much a‘h ntion
will be given, in Natural. Moral and Mental
Philosophx. o ih's Letties, and such ether
subjects as max be requisite. He will a!-o ex
ercise a caretui superiaten Luce over the school,
and consider tum-eif responsible foi the intel
lectual, moral and relig ous training of its
members. a< well a* tor their comfort and im
provpment m other re-pects.
Further pailiculars will he stated in Circu
lars. which max be obtained on application 10
the Principal. Addre*
N H. l he opening «>| the School. >n conse
quence of c.rcnmstances which it • * not neces
<ar\ to specifx • w ll he deierre i until the 1 "V
,/at) vf (higher. . sep '1 - dawM-P Vt
[Nat. lot & A’mchoti i Rep ]
rV.D'Ap f.\s»l CPHOLSTKKY AM) IYii
; (j MTCliK \YARK ROOM, South H e/
Htl Of kill'* (Did 1 'tt stl'CC<<. Opposite tilt ill1!/'
Joul Hons,■ The -uhsniber xxoti <1 take thi
method to inform hi* Iriends ami the public
-enerallx. that Inning removed h - b 1 RNI
Tl RK WARK1P M)M to the above named
: place, he '- pr. paie i to furnish to order, (cheap
to’ <*;* -11. oi to punct ia I customer-, b I.A I 11 b.R
Hair. Cotto:. ami Smirk Mattres-cs: Sofa. Pew
and Chaw Cushions; Lounge*: I nion and
• Chamber Chair*. I have on hand plain S de
board*. Rmeau-, enclosed and other W ;•.-!»•
stand-; Paid and Dimng Table-: Cane ami
\Vo‘M:--eat ivOfking and Sitting Cha rs: Look
ing (Passes, iarge and small size-. C lock-, ami
numeiou- other art c;e- not neces-arx to men
• tion. (» ve me a ca'i. at lea-', ami see tor
\ours° ve<.
\ B-OM Sofa--, Mattresses. Cushions and
il! kw.t of rpho’steung work, lepaired cheap
and without deiay. Second Hand Furniture
bought oi exchanged for new.
James h. dfyacch.v
os—eod-cow- 3m
ha< ]<tS! receive*! irom Sew Voile. one ^ot
the handsomest assortments of CALICOES,
ever offered in this market, to which he invte*
the attention of purchasers. *ep 30—1 w
KILN DRIED MEAL—500 bbi*. -Came
ron \i 11 is." of verv sti| ertor quahty. for
V, e hy ‘ CSJQLI F,VvVLK.^ov
(T7XTRA FI OCR—100 hhls. fresh ground
Vj Extra Flour, from the Cameron Mills, in
store, for «a!e hv [gen l 2J _ ^ ^ LF & C_
BLANKETS —2 ca<es superior Blankets, just
,ei%TTel *"d fm ’CAZT.NOVF. i CO
TON EASIER if CO, >o 213 Baltimore
Street,—invite Hit? attention of Wholesale and
Retail pm chasers to their stock of Fresh Fa I
GOODS mosiiv of then own importation, winch
will he found much the largest and most va
ried everoticrei in Baltimore and for every arti
cle oi w hicii the lowest price is named at once.
Included will he found;—Rich Brocade ami
other DieSs Snk-t spiendi i imdium ami low
priced dot iich black silks, in plain, watei u.
figur'd ami satin stiip'd: real oid ta-humed Gros
G~ram black Silks: figur'd and plain Satin de
Chinese, m changeable and solid colors; very
handsome Poult de Soie, m solid colons,
evening Diess Silks, in white and light colors,
a beauiiiul vaiietj: Bonnet ami Milicneiy Silks,
m oreal vailety: Modes; Marceline*; Floren
ces; &c. , . ,
Rxh water'd and plain Tabinets; biocade
Cashmeres: nch printed Cashmeres and Mouse
lines: neat figur’d De Laine-, for children; plain
Mousl.iies, in modes and high color*; change
able Lyonese Cloths; Coburgs: Sjivames. (en
tirelv iiew:) cheap Mouslines and Cashmeres:
low and medium priced Dress Goods. 1:1 every
verietv oi new designs, mans oi which aie in
s:\les confined exclusively to our sales; 300
pieces Lupin's superior French Merinos, in all
colors: i;ju piece* 0-1 English .Merinos au i siik
warp Ljouese Cloths. In thi- department we
have also a large slock ot Bombazines and
Mourning Goods in every varietv, embracing
the most select shades of Black ami Second
Mourning, a ad choice ai tides lor Family Mour
hi Li > h.N liVJWlJO anu i o nr.ix r,i\i
FABRIC S we have mote than our u*ual lead
ing *tock, including the very best Shining Lin
ens. of Richardson s and Baikbe* make; Pn
low Linens, ot all widths: Li!*en Sheetings, ot
eveiy description; Colton Sheetings; super
Blanket*: Quilts; Flannels: Table and Piano
Covers: Floor Baize and bioor Cloths, ot all
widths and * zes; linen Crumb Cloth*: Table
Damasks: Diaper ; Napkins; Towellings; Stair
Lmen*; iich ( uriaiu Goods, ot variou.* styles;
lace an<l muslin (. n:'Ui h*; worsted Damasks and
Moreeiis, atid in fart every article in the Dry
Goods line which may he required by House
keepers, Hotels. Steamboat. &r.
Contains a nio>t extensive and magnificent
slock ot lo-!g ami square Ca-hmeie; Camei’s
lia r, with Cashmere borders, entirely new; i*ch
embio.deted and plai i (’rape; long and square
Scotch Wollen Shawl*: Scotch Wolien Shawl*
toi ChiMrcn; “Bay Stat*» Mills” Shawls, ol ad
the tuiious styles mate h\ them, and mostly of
patterns made expressly tor us, and which can
not he had elsewhere. Black and Mourning
Shawl*, in great \arietv.
Cloaks, Mantilla* and Sacs.
Wide and Narrow SILK A LLV LIS, ;n all
In choice six le* of super air r rench (loti s. of
Bioh’a ami oth i best makes; Doeskins: Englieh
and Domestic Cassimere*; Fancy Woolen, Silk
and othei Vesting*; Serges: Silesia*; Paddings;
Canvass; Sewing Silk, kc.
Also, a sj le did stock of Gent - ( ravats.
Scarfs, Func\ Neck l ies, S Ik and Linen Hilkts.
of new si vies; (iloves ot all kinds: Hosieiy;
Silk and Merino under Shirts and Drawer*;
Suspender*. <Yc
We have also, a very choice lot ot Lmbroide
rie* and Lace*, (from the most fashionable es
tablishments in Pali*.) including rich Mu*lms
and Lape Cape*. Chemizett*, Berlhe*. Collars,
Sleeves and Cut]*: teal Muck and wh le Laces:
real Lace (’ape* and hall*: \ alencienne* Lace.*:
Edgings and Inseituigs; .*uperior Hosiers* and
(Roves of eve» v de*ci iptinn; emb*d .and Rivieie
hemmed-sliiched Handkeichlets: c ear Ixx 11
do : mourning L C. Hanki* . fancy ( ashmere
India KmbU Scarf*; fanes* Bags, Nc.: Chemi
zeit*: Print* and white Musi u (ioods h rench
and Engl su Chintze*: rich furniture Prints, in
great v.ir et\: Cainbiic, Mud, Swiss. Book and
Jannet Musdns: Jaconet and Swiss Kfg:ngs.
and In*eiting* Bind* an I hloreuce*
We have on hand evers description of Goods
entering into gomual consumption. that we
it;ink sviil give satisfaction to the consumer, all
of which vse are enabled from the extent of
nut hu-incs*. to hi)\ on the veis best terrh* and
sell at a moderate profit. Having for every ar
t cle a fixed price, (without abatement ) persons
not fully acquainted with ttie value of (ioods,
f-ave every a*surr.nce that in dialing with us,
ihes pas the same price as the most experienc
ed purchasers.
An examination of Goods and Price* solicited.
Raltimor**, «ep —•Ju.'Im-o _
TER. r ndci'V'i'itcv, und gfncttd lu<itt'Oncc
Agent. Ficdenclcdnu g. I njainin. is the an
thoiized Asmt of the I’KOI HI I ION INM -
I! A NTH CO. OF H A K I FO K D, Ca/tihd
TUCKV. Lopitvl J300.000.
CO . Present Capitol. SLOOU.OdO.
Dwelling Houses, Stores, Mills. Barn*, bac
tories. Merchandise. b nrniture. and all otfo r de
scriptions ol Property. m Town or Counoy,
insure ) against loss or damage bv lire.
Marine Risks. on sailing »^--eis. S?eam
Boats, Canal Boats, and their Cargoes, and
everv desorption ot Propeitv incited against
the dangers ot ihe ^cu*. Lakes, and Inland
Navigation, and a return ot iu pel cent, allow
ed on ’he premium on all Marine Risks u liich
te.initiate without loss. .
L ves insured on the Mutual principle. b\
wh'ch part es insuring aie allowed to pait>c -
pa’F* m the profits ol the t ompanv, and when
the premium amounts to filly dollars and over.
oni\ one-half is requited in cash, and a note,
renewable annually. taken Ini the other ba.f.
The Li esof Shin** likewise in-wed.
All risk* taken at the lowest rates ol prem -
um. Losses a ijusted with liberali'y and prompt
ly paid.
These Insurance Companies are among tne
oldest and rank With the hist aid *a!est in the
T inted States. 'I heir large Capital*, and the
prompt and liberal mode itfuetolore pursued bv
them in i!.»• settlement of all lo-sc*. without mnj
qiiihljlm<*. ha« secured lor them the confidence
and patronage of the public tliroughoiit ,!ie
country. Applications either in per-on or b\
leltei will be prom. t|\ attended to. if addressed
(t't .,nf Inwrnnre Acn t.
<0,, 7_en:;m Fre<l<ri'k<burif. I a.
rpoBA* ( O. >NCFF AND —lust
1 received and tor .-a'e by the subscriber, at
low puces:
r> boxes pound lump Tobacco, I ortiaux
Robinson brand
rt do do do do White &: Love
lace brand ...
> do do <1° do > irgima Mock
ing B rd brand [J rand
s do do do do David Michie
do * !b lump do L Niter s ^ do
10 do do do do J Barrow s do
10 do do do do b Trance- -
10 do v- do do David Michte's
r> do do do do John binder's
oo jti) (in iji) do D Mellv ;ie s
~ i>_:_.. j
so.uou Spanish Sega'5: Maxana. j huui-i. .mu
200.001.1 No. l Halt Spanish Segar*
riO.Uno No. *2 do do do
2»» jar* Garrett'* vN Son’*, «cenled Rappee
Snuff . . .
2 bbis do Scotch (in bladders) Snuff
5 keg* do do (in bottles) do
« jat* Jos. Pamore I, Martinique do
15 do Edward Rooine*. Macouba do
20 do do do French Natchitoches do
150 dozen paper* fine cut Chewing and
Smoking Tobacco
20 boxes Pipes. I BUCKINGHAM,
sep 14—eo3m corner of Prince & l n,on «*-.
I ter, daughter of Samuel W inter, formerk of
Margate, England, and afterwards a resident
of Alexandria, (the su'd Mary W inter, it s be
lieved, having suhsequentk intermarries with
- Walton or Walters, a hatter in Washing
ton, and removed to Richmond or Norfolk,
Ya.:) or any of her heir*, will apply at the office
of the Alexandria Gazette, they w ill hear of
something in their advantage.
aug 31 —eolm__________
O' SWEGO STARCH of ben g»alitv, Or**1*
bythflbox. [auj TOOK i PF.EI.
u EAK — H\ D. MASSEY would (ail the a«
terrioii o* in* i mnerons ciislonier* ami tr>*>
i-uhiic in general, to the fad, that he has Ju>t.
returned lion* tne Noiih vviln the *argest and
best assortireiit ot GOODS ever on hand, an i
!u which ue would c iii special attentii*f«. fee -
ing -ati'fied that they cannot he -urpassed •'»
newness of pattern, elegance ot deutin, mdo
tmctihid'y of coior (>t labiic. I he following
enumeration comprises part oi the Stock on
hand:— . 4 ... .
Bi’k, blue, brown, olive and green twined
French Cloths
Do brown and drab Beaver do. do. do.
0 ive green, olive brown, and merooii do. do.
Bi’k. Doe Skin French Cashmere
Do Middlesex do
Fancy Cashmeres, in great variety
B.’k Siik. Satin, and Fancy Ne>tings
Rich Embroidered Siik do
[»,‘k t>:ue. olive, and brown Saltinelts
Light ami dark mixed Tweeds
Fine w bite Shuts ; Merino do
Flannel do and Drawers.
Slk Handk’ts., Ita’ian Cravats, Neck Pies, Self
adjusting S ocks, Suspenders. Gloves, &e.
A large assorttnei.I of very choice KKADN
MADE CLOTHING, among w hich are
Dre*s, Eiock, and Sack ( oats
Surtou and Sack Over Coats
Twines or Envelope do
Circular and Register Cloaks
Plain and fancy Cassimeie Pantaloons
Sattinett do ; fine and common Nests, in great
i abundance—all ot wh'ch au* made in the best
and mod substantial manni r. and will he sold
vei\ low . But the lim ts of an advertisement
will not allow lull justice to be done to the
variety and cjuahty ot the aiticles on hand.
Cali and see for yourselves. 1 hankful for tne
encouragement heretofore received all con
j cerned are informed that an> article made to
order, whether the material i> furnished by tne
1 customer or myself, is waranted to fit. and
i made according to fashion or direction. K ng
-‘tree’, south side, one door ea-t of Royal si.
i sep 30—if ,
[Pert tobacco Times. Marlboro Gazette, amt
i Piedmont NVhig—3 ]
1^ have received by schooner Statesman, and
Cnion Line, troin New ^ork. a vei> large stock
; oj CARPE'IISGS, embracing every grade
' aimost, from *2”» rents to the highest price**, an
invoice ol real Scotch will be found amongst
. liiem, so tliat those who prefer the foicign to
| the domestic, wii! have an opportunity of pleas
ing themselves
I have Brussels and Tapestry, do., of neb
color* and elegant patterns.
Supelb Imperial three Pt v«. of variou*
designs and vei\ handsome.
Ingrains, a very large assortment, and al
most cntiieK of new patterns, among the hea
viest and beht goods I have ever sold.
Small figured Crimson5, a pattern adapted and
made expie*slv tor the a -»les ol churches
A very fine stork of Passage and Stair Car
petings, vei> splendid
Sli p Linens; Chenedle and Tufted Mat6, a
new article lot pRiior doots, and to la\ before
Sofas; Manilla do.
Very elegant Rugs, both Chenoiilc and Tu11
ed. in great vaiietv
O l Cloths ol various widths for passages
and floors
10-1 and 12-4 Druggetts, for Crumb Cloth6
Carpel B ndings. &c.
The subsetiber ha* taken great pains to pro
cure a supply of Carpetings, which from price
and style, purchasers max be a-Mired they can
not he better Muted in other rues. ^ Dealers
horn the mirroun ling counties, as well as citi
zens, are invited to an examii atiui of this
se;> •'in—dnt&rnQw
I)A 1 KNT MEDICINES ai the -People’*
1 Dun; S rouE." corner of A mu ami ban'
fax streets* Alexandria fa.— Dr. Jayne.- Ex*
pectorant. Jayne’s Carminative Balsam, Jay ne s
'Ionic Vermifuge, Jay lie’s Sanative Pills, Mali
ces’ Saisaparilla Blood Pills, IE. Leahs do,
(ii 0,/s Pills at cents a l»ox. Mortal’s Pills.
Hoopei’.- Female Pills, Night’s celebrated In
dian Vegetal»le do., Br.mdeih’s no., Peter * do.,
Lee’s A nt.billon* do . A nderson’s do., do..
Faben-tock’s Vermifuge, McLean's d<* . Rice’s
Worming Destroying D.op-, McAlistei s Omt
meiii. Daisy’s Magical Pan Extractor, Hewes’.
N'erve and Bone Liniment. Hunt’s Liniment,
Wistar"* Balsam of Wild Cheiry, McMunn’s
Klixt of ()p;um. Pease* ( ough Candy. Sher
man’- P'n-tprs. Poor Man’s Plaster. Every
body's Piaster. Clove Anodyne, (tor looth
Ache.) Dr I pham’s Pile E ectuary. Pens
Davis' Pam Killer. Tarrant's Kfleivsecent
Seitzer Aperient, Barrs'* Tricopherous. Dr
Town-end’s Sar-apanila. Thompson’s Eye Wa
ter. Genuine Harlem Oil, lurhngtons Bal
sam. Go ifre\ .* Cordial. Batemans Drop-.
Avres* Chenv Pectoral; Capsules Ru-hnm.
Clark A’ Co \* g( nuine Cod Liver Oil: Adam
Patent Flesh Brushes. &c . &C , kc. All the
above, and man\ otliers. lor saie at D. H.
GUINN'S new cheap Drug Store. Just give
turn a call—entire s.tt ^faction warranted.
st p 30
f\7ILL!AM TUCKER, Merchant Taylor,
\Y ot the late firm of Lane & Tucker, would
call the attention of hi- friends am! the public
general I v, to hi* SDK K OF GOODS, now
opening at Ins Nkw Store, on Pennsi/fvonhi
Avenue, a few doors we^t of -D j st:tcf. which
embraces the greatest variety and richest styles
he ev* r offered to the public, selected by him
-if>) f from the large-t mi polling houses in New
Voik. And I would resperttully solicit stran
ger* to examine my stock before purchasing,
as 1 am confident it will be to then advantage.
And I would e-pecia ly call t’ e attention of
officer*, both Army and Nav\,tothe tact that
I am | irpate I to execute all kind-of unilorms,
according to the la’e tegulations, at the short
est notice. and moderate price-: warranted both
in the cut’ ng and mnk ng departments equal to
anv establishment in this country.
W. T tender- h « -incere thanks to his nu
merou- tn. iid- fo. their long and continued
patronage, an ♦ hope- hx the -nine diligence and
attention to bii-me**. to merit n continuation of
the *ame. All older- promptly executed
Washington. sep l'J—cojw
l -cr.her offers for sale, two hundred and
twenty-five ACRF,S of land, abogethei in t m
her, -stiuted in Fairfax CounU, \ irgmia, aboip
three miles west of the Fad - ( huich. and
witltin a veiv shoit distance of the MchPe
Turnpike road, leading from Alexaiidua to
Leesburg, and immediately on the route ot the
contemplated plank road fiorn Fairfax ( omf
I louse to (Georgetown.
The tract can ea-dy he divi *ed into *manei
!o’-to-uit puivhaseis. The lam! is of excel
lent quality, and the l inher fine. Foi further
information, app'x to Cas-ius F . Lee. n Alex
andra, or to the subscriber in Shephcr '-town.
Jeff'Mson County. Va. 1 he terms of sale a ill
be accommodating. F,. I. LF.F,.
an r '2’j — eo’Jm
[Nat rmal Intelligencer and Fairfax New-.]
I AND Foil SALK —i he snh*ctinei of
^i jpr-* fcir *a'e hi.* valuab e FARM, con
iainii.ii 2:55 ACRE>OE LAND, being a part
of the .Mount \ ernon F.>tate. tormerlx owned
and occupied l»\ General George Washington
()ne hundred acres are under improvement—
the remain.les ;n the ongmal uroxxth ot oak
timber and hickorv
j he DWELLING IhT sK is new
and convenient wnh an excellent well
oi water at tlmdo’u. Tilje indisputable.
’ hr same max he offered in eligible lot* to Mill
: 'uircha*er«. from .'><» to lOu acres, w ith a surplus
Iof excellent timber near navigable tine vxa
tupc o" in lots of standing timber.
Ladies dress trimmings —km re
ceived fiom New York, a «npplv of the
latest stvles of Dre-s Trimmings, to which we
invite the attention of the Ladies, xiz.
Buttons: Mohair Lace: S-iloon de Jennx L no.
Galoon «> France: Algerine Braid; lav .or.
Zentiv r and Yictn.ia Bra..Is Bn i K Fr.nws
Velvet Ribbon-; Bellimr*: Neck Ribbons Silk
and Wor-ted Enbrotdermc*; Bra.d*; Ze|.h>r
Worse-i; S.-vv.n* Sdks and 0 id Ndkn, a - .
a beautiful Mile of Crotchet Lamp M""*
manv other FANCY ARTICLES, which we mil *»
|Witinctwk CO.
non lb« Ham*, Snoulder- and
Sides Bacon, for
wp u F#rr-V sl,r
V f>'l ATE rOR >ALE — On H'rim<‘h;»/.
the 13/// 'hiv nf Sovemhit' m et. :f lair. u not the
ne.xi t.ill • as, will Me uticie.t at public auctoa,
on tne premises, the 10I osving Real Estate:
CH A PANV AM>IC, cotilaniihg GUO acres,
with improvement-, large ou hards. *V.c. About
g.in acres ol tin* tract heavily tirnhereii and
• within a mile ami a hall ot navigation.
Contiguous to the above istheCLEAK-V If.V\
! TRACT, containing 500 acres—seventy-tm
acres oi which, \'iil pioduce *2£ tons ot hay t<*
i the acre. The res'due ol the aiable land, i
amicably adapted 10 the production ot corn, the
' vanous small giants, ami ciosei* basing betn
i libeialls limed in the la-t five years.
M0lfNT EXPERIMENT, containing be
tween 0 and 700 acres, about one-half open,
and in cultivation, the larger part ot the open
land, well improved, and highly productive low
grounds: the remainder ot the tract in wood,
consisting of valuable Red and hitefkik tim
ber and Yellow Pme.
In addition to the foregoing, thereare between
! 5 and duo acie- oi forest Laud, on svliii li tlicit*
are three separate tenements, each haying a
! small computable dwelling, and a jortion ol
1 productive soil. These tenements will be laid
, otf and apportioned to suit | urchasers. Lpon
I a sepaiate 11act ol 10*2 acres aie situated the
Grist and Saw Mills, on a never-failing stream:
i the fit si in complete repair, and yielding a good
profit. fijgp-One thin! of the price of the Rea!
I Estate, will be required in Cash; t'»r the re-t.
credit util be given, anil ad other particular
| herein omitted, will be announced on the das ot
! sale.
I'LKNLVXL I'UIII'M i . —A large auu \:n
uahle stock of Wagon and Farm-Horses, six
Mules, r-e\eial well-grown Jacks and Jennies:
| 00 head of Cattle, among them -eveial yoke ot
! Oxen: a flock ot Ioo Sheep, and stuck of Hog.-.
; part of which will be good pork: Wagon, Carts
and Plantation Imp ernents: a neat second-hand
i Buggy and harness, and a Larno e nearly new.
with'harness: a portion of the Hoti-ehold and
a|! the Kitchen Furniture; the new crop of from
! r»00 to sou barrels ol Corn; a large crop ot
well-cured I* o {ler; a lew stacks ot Hay. Shiu k>.
! Wheat, Rye and Oat-Straw; a LONG BOAT.
I recently piit in thorough repair, carrying from
! 20 to r> cords of wood. fit^On the first men
tinned Farm, there is a vahisfhle Threshing
i Mm hine.
1 The subscriber will sell, at a great sacrifice,
i to any one v i«hmg to purchase, an extensive
Fishing Apparatus con- sting of SeMie«. Ropes.
Sic. I he Real Kstate. now offered, is the same
adveit sed h\ the *ubsrnber in the National In
telligence", during the summer and autumn ol
I* Id.
tfcg* Persons wishing to examine the Proper
ty, ate invited to vi* t the subscriber, at his re
sidence. near the Mage road, between A leva n*
* dria ami Fiederick-burg—30 miles from the
! former and ‘jn from the latter town, and
within 3 m les of the Virginia shore of the Po
tomac river. WM. H. HTZHt GIL
Near Dumfries Pot-Office,
Sep J7—*2 iw t- __
/ In pur.-uance of a decree of the county
court of Prince William county, ^h., bearing
date l*t July. HoO, in the suit of Lewis vs. Dod
son, and others, in chancery, the undersigned.
Commissioner therein named, will proceed to
sell a’ pub ic auction, at Fa rfax Court-house.
on Mnwlay. the 21 st ej October, that being
Court day. at 12 o'clock. M ■ all the lands
of which Francis M. Lewis, died, seized,
that is to say: one tract in Fair lax county,
lying on the wateis of Cub Run, and being neai
the Fauquier and Alexandria 1 urnpike road,
and adjoining the lands ol Leroy Pomiov. John
(\ Elgin and others, and distani liom Aleyan
dr a 23 miles; now in ihe possession of J
Kees, containing WllA 1-J5 A( RKS, more oi
less: one half of said tract is in heavy timber,
the other h ill is well adapter! tograss an I gram,
and enclosed with good fencing. 1 he im
(jwi provements are a comfortable DV\ FLL
SjijjJNG, and other necessary out hou-es:
iisoa good orchard. Any information respect
ing the land will be given hv Mr. Kees.
'Perms ot Sale: — One-third ol the purchase!
money required in cash at the time or purchase,
and the residue in one, two. and three years, to
bear intere-t from the day of sale: the purcha
ser to give a deed of trust on the premises to |
secure the deferred payments.
WM. H. fXXJ.W. Commissioner.
Groveton. Va.. sep 24- eots
REWARD.—Ranawav from tire |
J)^wvU subscriber, on Sunday, the22d in
stant. two negro men. FRANCIS and WIL
LIAM- I will give the above reward it the
said "laves an* apprehended beyond the limits
ol this State—.t taken within this Sta'e. I will
give StiOO reward. If one of said s'aves.
onl\. he taken, halt the above reward will !u
paid I he slave or slaves to he secured iri |ai!
."ul*ject to my older.
WILLIAM—lender and well formed, about
2" \cai" old. 3 |(*et, 10or 10$ niche" high, quick
and active step, "low of speech, forehead n.ti
row\ face th n and "harp; he is very black; he
ha" a scar on hi" left cheek below* the eye, done
with a knife. He usually wears a leather hell
over Li" hips.
FRAN( IS—a dark brown "kin. about 23
\e;tf" old. 3 feet. " or \> inche" high, has lo-t hi"
upper front teeth, and the re-t had; he is badly
formed, with h gh hipbones, and stoop" when
he walks. ^ MARTIN P. BROOKK.
Warrenton. Fauquier Co . V a , "«*p 26—eo2wr
REWARD—Kanawas from the;
O -w* M/ "iit>"crihei. on Sunday, 2>th of Ju- 1
|\. two negio men. CHARLES and W EDEN; 1
then strname* >s Miles. ( harles is tawny c o! j
or, somewhat darker than a mulatto, 23 ytais
of age. about five feet nine or ten inches high, |
ha" a low forehead, laige wide mouth, fla*
ii<»"p. and i" a well made negro; when dre"sed ;
look" gentee!. Weden is a "hade darker than
Cliarle". t" about m\ leet high. well made, and
about 22 year" of age, has a "car on hi" iij pei
lip. ha" thick eye hiow.sand long eye lashes, |
and is soinew hat apt to look down when spo*,
ken to. I wi'1 give $30 a piece for »hem if ta-;
taken in tlie State, oi $100 if taken out of the
Sta»e and secured -o that I get them again.— .
The above mentioned negroe" are no doubt ma
king their way to the no:ih fart er than Penn
sylvania, and.' Iikelv, have free papers. Ms
addie"" i" Oak Shade, f ulpeper Co.. \ a.
QTOP I UK THIEF.—Stolen irom my sta- j
O ble. on Monday night, tnh ."eptember. Is30.
a "mail BAY MOILSE with a "tar in his tote- ,
hea l, scat" on hi" neck, long hoot", and stand"
with In" feet turned m; lie is about twelve \ear
o|i|. The thief is suppose ! to he an hi"h hov.
who has been in the employ of Mr. Jacob
|)oug as. of Fauquier counts. about I - months
He left him about two month" ago. and was
with me up to the t me the horse was stolen.
He aLo took with him one of my negroe" to
Alexandria. The negro made his e«cape from
him in the ab~ve mentioned place, and ha"
gotten horn.*. This boy is about I'j nr 20
years of age, five teet four or five inches high,
has a down ca-t o>k. light hair, a large
scar on one oi hi" leg" from the rule of a dog.
and call" himself Martin Fit/gcra'd Kirhv. I
will give fifty dollars for the arie-t of the hor«e
and tmef. or ten dollars for my hoise. if return
ed to me in Warrenton. Va.
Near W arrenton. \ a., sep 14—eoim
C1ASH FOR NEGKOhV —Jhe “Ur.-c.-I.t •.
V.7 wishe* to purchase one hundred likel>
young NEGROES. for the Southern market
All persons having such properH to dispose of
will find it to their interest to give me a call. I
! shall he at Front Koval on the regular court ,
1 davs,and at Warrenton. All communications
addressed to me at Salem. Fauquiei County.
\ a will b»- nromptls attended to.
S^iem. Faulti er Counts'. Va.. aug 31 —eofm
NTEGKOES WANTED -We w,*h to pur
_ cnase ans nu in her of NEGROES, for which
vre w ill pas Richmond prices Persons wish
ing to «e.} ran find reads sa e by calling on us.
at our house, in West End, Alexandria. Va..
where we run he found at all tunes prepared to
pay the h ehe*u cash price**, for all that mav be
offered. (mv 17 -tf] BRT IN & HILL
FAMILY hams.—800 Hams of a superior’
uualitv, for «ale by
fep 20_ Ferry Slip, i
ASTERN CHEKSF.. hi boxer. h>r r«Je by
[irp 1] V\ M. HA l NK.
SALE THIS M0RS1\G—At 10 o'Jock.
TATE—Under authority of a decretal
older of the County Court of Alexandria ( oun
ty, pronounced at the August i'erm. ls-r>0. tn
the suit ol Alexander Baggett against Ann
Baggett and others, I shall proceed to sell on
( Tv e st It j y the 1 >ttfai/oJ Otiber next ensvmis. if
; fair, ij not the neit fan tint/. at public auction,
Ma certain tran.e hWELLIMi HOUSE,
and VACANT LOT adjoining, situate
on the w e^t sideot Washington, betw een
; Queen ami Princess streets, Alexandria, which
property is subject to an annual rent ot *1G GO
| cents —subject to the widow’s right of dower.
Salt at 10 odork. A M Terms cash
aug 30- law is
IS(r, the \>t ofOctober, ui 10 o'clock, there
will he a sale, designed especially for the La
dies, at which time will be ottered a large
assortment of FANCY NOTE PAPER. EN
somely bound BIBLES. PBA\ER BOOKS,
\c. The attention ol the Ladies is particularly
called to this sale.
*ep o')—Ts Administratrix.
Dry goods at public ah i ion —
The undersigned tiustees of George G.
Harper, will, on 'l/iursday. titc 3rd day ot Oc
tober. IS50. at the store ol the said George G.
Harper, on King street, in the town ot Alexan
dra. proceed to sell at public auction, a large
and extens.ve sto k ol DKY GOODS. con«ist
uig in paitot Fiench and Engl sh Broad C oths
I ot various color**. Ca-s.ineres. Vestings. Cloak
i mg. Sdk*. Satins. Heavei Cloths, Pilot Cloths.
; Cassinets. Jean*. Searges. Tiimmings. &:c.. icc ,
I &c. Also, a large lot of read) made Clothing.
Diessand Frock Coat*, Over Coats. Vests and
Pantaloons, made of the best materials, and in
i the most duiable manner
I he sale will commence at 4 o’clock. P. M ,
! and will he continued in the eve *ing. and ad
! journed Irom time t > time until the whole stock
: is disposed. Terms at Sale.
I. LOUIS KINZKK, / Trustee* ot
B. H. BERRY, JGeo.G. Harper.
Person* remaining indchted to Geo. G. Har
: per, are nquired to make payment h) the 1st ot
i October, otherwise the accounts wiit ft* put in
suit. I. L. K.
sep 24 —dt* Ik ! I B.
; n’uBLU: sALEOh t AKM «£29 A( RES.
; £ —By virtue of a decree of the Circuit Su
; perior Court ot Law and Chancery, tor the
County of Loudoun, of April term. Is'O, I
shall offer for sale, at public auction, on Satur
day, the Wh rf October next, id Jackson's Hotel,
m the village of Dranesville. Fairfax County.
Ca. the farm, containing £29 ACRES, moie
or less, of which the late James Ca>!or, died
seized and possessed. Said farm is situate pai*
lv in the County of Loudoun, and parti) in
Fairfax, within one mile of said V Huge. *4
miles from the Polo i ac river, 22 Horn (leoige
town, D C.. 25 from Alexandna
About uO acres are in wood and timber, the
residue cleared and cultivable. I he principal
body of wood land is detached from the tilla
ble b) a short distance, but of easy access.—
The improvement s consist of a comfortable
with interior out buildings, a small ut
,rhai !. and a good piece ot meadow.
The arable land is under a pretty good fence,
and in rather an urpioved condition, and a
large propoition of it, until lately ploughed lor
Corn, was well set in Clover and I iniuthy. It
is well watered, lies high and roiling, and the
soil is of that red cast, distingu.shed foi .sus
ceptibility to a h gh state of improvement.—
About b(J acres, including the buildings have
been set apart as the widow's dowel. The
sale will he made ot the whole taim, subject
to the incumbrance ol dower. Jernisol Nile:
One twelfth ot the purchase mom*) to he paid
in hand, one-sixth upon the confinnat on ol the
salt: tlie residue, in three equal payments. at
one. twoand three years, beaiing ,merest. Bonds
to be given foi tlip defei re*l payment-, and the
title retained until the purchase mone) u* paid.
I shall convey such title as may be ve-ted in
me by the decree: no doubt is entertained, how
ever, that th** same is perfectly 'omt
Loudoun ro . sep 7- e<»1s Con mi-sioner.
1AND FoK SALE.- B\ vutue of a deciee
ji o| the count) Court of Piinee William
Count), pronounced on the 3d day of June,
l*v)0. in the case of Nickens and w ife. nga n-t
Lucas. Nc.. I shall offer tor sale at public auc
tion. to the highest bidder, on the ; lemises, on
It ulmsday. the 2d day of (htnber. iv l). atiact
of land of wli ch Samuel Lucas, died, -ei/ed
and po-sesse<l. I\mg in Prince W ill arii count),
m the up ghhorhood ot Gioveton. and supposed
to contain 1*10 ACRES
The trims of sale will he one third in ca*h.
and thp residue in equal instalments ol one and
two vears. the purchaser to give bonds with
good personal security: the balance to he re
tained and the land to be subject to resale, un
der the older ot the court, as a further -ecuiity
for the -an! deterred instalments.
JOHN P. PHILIPS. Commissioner
Faiiqu ei ro . V a . sept 2 — rots
IJlRLli MLh Ui- N KGR‘ >K> --On T/rm
J. day. the 'th day <>f Oitt>ber next, ('hat be
ing court day,) l -hall sell at public aucf;on,
Six or eight veiy likely NL(*KOL>. con--nng
uf a good liostier. a good cook, two Lkeiy young
won.eii. and boys and gri-.
KIM'A HI N ION. Administrator,
with will annexed ol (’ey ton Noiville,d*-c\i.
I’r.nce WiiPam Counts. s,*p 17- ton!-.
r\.\KM I <)U SALK -1 otfei (or * my
r FA KM, situated in Fanlav County. \a.,
between the Little ILver Turnpike and the
Alexandria and (iordonsville Kail Road, u tlnn
a few hundred yards ol each, live miles I min
Alexandria, and eight fiom W ashington Cily,
containing :m 1-4 ackks — A bout one
thirl of the tiact i- cleared and under goo 1
lenc ng, the balance ik in valua de svoo.l and
iimhei. T here are about 10 acre- of r ch nof
tom land, pail of which l- well s*-t in timothy
and ('ther gra-i s. The up-land i« in a good
Mate of cultivation: part oi it ha- recently been
heavils limed. The soil con-i-t ot a sandy
loam based upon cias sub-soil. T he Faun i
well watered, having a -tream tunning thtongh
the middle of it, besides numerous -pring-.
1 he IMPROVI Mf.Ms con si-t (tt a com
fortable Framk Hook anh Kikiikn.
with the nece-.-ary oi i-m ii.oinu-. ail
in good repair. T his pioperty will h - sold a
bargain, if immediate application he rna ie
Anv information respecting it will he giv.m bv
addressing the subscriber. ;it Alevan ‘na.
-i*p 1 - pniw I’HOMAS Cf/HVKS,
FOK>ALK — I he delightful resi enre
Hof Mrs. Col. Fowle.on Washington street,
^eof the most de-nahle in town, now m the
occupancy ol Mr Wm. <i fa/pnove. An o|
portunitv like the present of obtaining property
of this description, does |.Ot»olten pre-ent t-eit.
For Terms apply to LOl IS A ( AZKNOV K.
aug 21 —2aw 2rn
. • FOR RENT The office in the lower
story of the BRICK HOCSE west of
.the GazetU office, which ha* been occu
pied a-* a Lawyer'* otfice for the last two years.
Apply to * H. H. MILLfcR.
9 mo 1 Ttfi — eo*2w
A LCOHOL —A further supply of 9u pei cent.
A Alcohol, just received per Schr. Statesman,
from New York, and for -a;e by
JAS. KN I WISi.K Jr .* Apothecaiy
«ep opposite Sarepta Ha l.
Wheeler* Teahem Tooth J'Vh: u'-'ar'
Balsam Wild Chem: Pea*-* Horehoond < an
»dpt"Srtglgj£lflB Fellow.'Hell.
* LCOHOL -Kihr.rai 01, ( imphine or Pise
A 0,1 of the very he«t nirihtv. lor sale at
OH, o, *nec00K k POLL'S, Drugs..*!*
^ King stieet.
Li ha.* just opened a beautiful assortment of
Mtrrimac Print* colors warranted: zivehirn a
rail. .
GUAiso —7ft ton* 01 Palaironil Otiinrt of
.... Sr~£T " <Tzc5o«:T co'";
P‘S"c’“*fc 'raoSueW

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