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Alexandria gazette. [volume] (Alexandria, D.C.) 1834-1974, January 08, 1853, Image 3

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31 of (iK- to*. .>iai > la i**i.
Aih-i a;unit* £ U> the general piO'peros ot
;>tir c un:i\, tht* < i >vcu. »: pioceed- to set lorih
the o|>erai on of Ibe rewmc and compensation
>\-tem originated t>> the new Constitution in
uuaiJ to Cierks ot Courts and KegiMeis ot
He points out ti e iiiCreu^e ot income
j<i ifu Counties lioin these q iarteis, a- lulls
• | irtionale to tbe comparative slowness of
Uieir growth, and exhibit* the (tecret;>e in the
e.t\ oi Bait more, whose steady ami lapnl ex
pansion is wel k i « »s su gu ai > anoma
| hts a *ier, : is Kxct Uent) suppos
es susceptih • \ i •• • * he n i s
persuaded that it woul i he agreeable to the
cailec ng fl etiiselvcs I so«*e ta« of
regulation -ia»u »t be ~‘’e dns j t'~
1 tie AK—*ajt then |»r »cee«ls to the inve-t‘-;a
(ioii of eui Internal Improvemi its It exhibits
Uu ( f tin- Baltimore ami Ohm Kail*
IOd [y tl j : us h a * h ol tbe Si».-qn*hai na
Kit i roa and the lire Water Ca* a but
^ it,at tne sucre-sun opetation* •>( the
Ctu>a,»eake an ! Onm Canal were impeded
throughout the season hy ti.e tu*-he. which
occ tried . the mi >■ of *be Spring * ade d
.•»’» year 1 tie C ana, was navigated for oms
ahoitMX months , .
'Hie tinancial com don <u Mars and i- then
Bhown t » be on the mo*> Usoiabi* -
iht ha ai ct in the treasury af * r.e close oi
fmr.il \rar :>e * 7-) l »d, dming wh»ctt period
iiii:i <>* the maimed public debt were pal i.
and dKtd!s> app ied in pursuance of law, to ihe
increase of tne m: kin.: fund. Coven or Lowe
hea jj|| i commends he preservation of this
. jnnd a' a nucleus around which the nect-ssaiv
vei ls are i accu mi ite foi tl «• | i " Vr
q ; .. >!l . oui Slate dt B> a } uhi > indi
cate he si we that • • bis v md tna>
swelled to a?* an k its I resent
t .ip.t.i • -utft -lent to an- : h ihe o r>*;»n iu»£ debt
t, , s :m vied hs ihv majOoL ot the ia-t led "'a
live t. ommdtee.
\V ith these view s, the C ivernor s pre; a e>.
an t auihoi./ed to rer<*'i.men-! the reduc'n»n
, . i ktarly aims at • '
Stan ■ . \. a as an impost o edit rather
than on prop**rJ>, tali' ' * heavily on o ir com
mercial mteie'd*
l; e Messi^e c ■ t i is i > ^a ita > s
I • - md pi entlv th se addiessed im
ved a eA to our pecunta y inteiest?*, which
we • 1. - Siature •' i t post prompt
ly la^ish^tOii i-wantpdio eipsaiiZ** i"» 'f'
ineiitH and torev^e our criminal ( ode. Juve
nile tie i ij'i 'irlk v% h » npen ura ioa is info t:»e
er m;i!a!> mat i.aria-sour town-, -hoitld h» a
n • etore they entitefv
hie Ho rse of K »fuie «bid ias been | r<>iec
leti mi the neighborhood ot Balt m mi*, i he
(i tv -riio; r. commen > hi- :n-o‘n’n»ii mo-t cor
U.a • a V M - - ■ '■ "• '
unrned.ate hoiintv. The new’ A-s urn tor the
Insa ie i- tavorah s spoken ot, and recoaimen
de.f u» the k u l ron- !e»a’;on ot the lw^i-la
ti*re. t he1’ *veri. >\ adude-, a!-*». totheexemp
tion of a certain am unit of properly trom e\c
i • . . .i t >i»4*gests ihe am fit as a max
j ... new Const.tu*i > »«af on,
loo, is not let* unmuehed. ’rtn- the <1 ‘Vt-rnor
con-idets the ii. »"t e--ential e;eii:cnt of pro
gress n a K< public wl - it«
The ha- -oi m!e ^ *i.ce and inoiaotS. hn:t
J/rin r an
Senat ,r Bra!; . Me . de< mes a re -
i- :>
! A NI V ; V
M \ N N
> \ s in ,\-r -
- >,r :rday
U i V .
I * M >n v
M Tii -day
12 Wr •: •- l
Id Tu . 'it/
14 • • . ■
a.,1 j j ,
7 |o \ ii
N w
7 Id l tl
7 is 1 Id vUu.
- I - , 1 ! 1. * - ’ *! • • • • ‘
4 I 4 , l *•>.
11 A
i: ..
_• * .
17 I Id
l»> i n
ill*itt ss.vtki;
v-,. 1 t; li . I'llll.
I i-. > I 11 A I 1’. >
f.Otl i •!> .I' < }"
J t v«*r f >: * .I H*»*. iS
! i;*\ !'•*.
V a- ( *i
! 17
14 >K I ( r ALKVVNMilA. J\M AM ~
• . • I Washington. N
: | . a : ava stores t I I ^ ''
n ' ( \. (rook, Wa ’» No A \ .K, >(|
( umUei iar.d ' “ ti a'"i I ion ( o.
S A11 H>
>,l. r \ S*mp-on. No a* k l>\ f a/.'«.*•
i.ove \ t «•
\ i
1 KM 'K'.M'A
S. lti. Uelief, ill! i. hem>* a* Is’- J 'u:»t N. O -
2*.*:h lilt. ,, ?
n | r>( s*u!ed from bucks
port t >r t h s poi'. I**t it -1
lr Aiv M I . iN I* \ N i\ » \ i s d »1 N I a. J
Jam aky Vi h i"'»A
f|i(|K |',(.s {,.»;! a |>inMrsnf th** Farmer
of fo :! ;*hd J ij'ir Vi pef t*e- t. out of tin* \ fo
il s Ol l\e id- - \ ilt.i - i ’ j h ! U) a •!« *'IC*
tiOM ofAi 'j latter j ♦ r « t in i>o us to ’ f>»* .
le*vi z ** i*t*: sfi.ui*. ;MV.r'ie to A.** - oe!. *.o! :
*r> vi » the in h llist. J. A. > * *1
htnnnd. *a»i s _■;• i i>1 ior.
I* A t K K l N 1’; * i v i * \ I. • i W >! \ K —
\I♦-r*• k*a:.t- oi ! t iM -o > ;> !(».::» Oe'i
mote, dull: 'Z the .'ll-rv« voli td VkX‘ ^h-ari V( ;,t
trips, v\ ii p east* 'In. e! i o:nv f » t>e ***or• >•* m**.
»s i ntiMi ! lo.ttiif’t! -t‘‘u iMieis, v\ l<e t ve> lucre
is j* Ail' lent freight nth n: .r
tn \> w • i him; r<>N.
Ha t more i u> s — * launmtuoe W dart
1 ) ) xl h NI ‘ >.\ A1 !•>. \e \ >up,»l> of lorte
1 Mxiaaus, T. i'lle !>•>!*. Head', ( i>iiu i;a
f>e*s( p. rhi'M • i I*. ii"i\ t u^tu 1 **. > U'**r > * \
trru'ts, I\ ipei V\fiAt|1'' a»i»t \ lat'iets. J»l-x
rer»*ived an ! t1 i **<i e hv
- h h. wm 11 in<; n>n \ n>
|\|A 4»i) >1 >> SKI.I.INt; oFK -UV .V.
1 / Ht:iiKU:\. •*- V.* I. Km^ fitter, lias
|e rnr • ; 11 - -' k < ■: VV . iit«i1« • ■ s
a ■' irom J : i. tlei k e it inducements U •
j eisoiis aai.tn'k « !t♦ * tj» *:o »x|s ( ail cariv, i>
jrreat t»ar^ is as in »i he had. I-1' s
\N 1 itKAt'l I K t • » \ I. --: l" ‘o:is Ked A>h
t'o^i, hourlv el • IVisotis vvisbitij!,
Will p e*!-e setai Hi tln*»r eih-rs *-a» I v
ltl > j j wm: \ t m u::t>
a - ^ t'HKK>K. i:t tiaui' *me nmi;*
f ) • ) u»m. |U't in■*» Ye i and for -.i t* l»\
,\!« \ h lf .lt H \KI‘KU \ ( it V.MUKUl.AIN
t.14* ■ ^
^ B1U.S N» w < u», i m iMit' .'*K>.o-cs
thick a <1 ]'i't ;< i cue i p» i Sch .
Kail tax. !ii>ai Now \ «»« k . a Mil [or >m ** by
dor ::i \\ M \ t II \ N li \\ NK.
mHHi's M w cl* i‘ V a ih'.ean^ ^'U.tr
ji r>b U. *.
u-l nrcivt’\ an : ‘or *• i »* l*\ Mt^KUiH.
I! \ M’i U & niA MB K! \ \
I a;.*! M -.«• 1‘ II . t aba ami ia*v\
• J* * ci p Nfu <■ ? ii>« M ,ASM■.N. jii' e
CflV Cw. «i • i! ' > » ’'-l *1 V
dec !»> HI’.MK. M \USII M I. x W Mil)
%)jv htU>N S; l roi\. I U . and m \v ciop
,^\7 .\r;V Oi M i»\U>. | I't UcciUvi,
ami lor >aie bv
(Ice Ui HK.MK. WAUh
* ' tltl!)o Stewart - l.< Vc 111w ami .New \( r,
*y S\i .j»S, VcfV V C pi''' If (Mi' !. iilld
foi S lie 1)\
lice :o m .MK, M \U>H \U. & W Mir>
( IIK> I S t \ r.i tlac tier an*! Back
f / YK A> l’ls! iccciv m!. an ! t >r "ac b*
.^c i
H’VMK, MAUSMAI I. \ " \Bi>
rr/ \ K*»\K.n 1m >’ K,i-u*m mill f :;! !M?ry
r )1 * rHi-KSK, t I -1 icccived, a ! • <>! * i »* by
/ J LKS lo'j u . KOKk, Ki sif.rx
J ) \ / i r* ; f e. ! b- !i n:c'. !i»-morrov .
' Vc I;i Hr MK. MYYKSH \« ! a \\ Ai;i>
j,* KllS IO.MifK> \m > HWPS. f'oii,
Iff luvt received ami I*" mve b\
.»ec !e UK ML. M \KM4AI.i. X U AKK
Lmiyj Ne\> Vr*’j* K\lNi«^s: AM'
I'K A \r rs. just rt Ct Ve»i am! to. ►»v
dec If HI’MK. M AR>H \ LL X W \KI>
TkyiorMwiN rim.\ a»tlk>.- a kw
IVJ b»rre ju*t receve 1. and for soe bv
dec YO HKM K, MAuSH \\A. \ V\ A Kl>
/AUJVRK SKKD —100 hnshele priaie new
K! ver Seed, >o>t received by
‘ „ec J. J WMKAK x r>K(»S.
ItOXKS KIKK CKACKKKS. fi«r -iilr by
j«, KOA('H S. WASHINd l'(»N
V ! .v
1 i,e SenaU*, on i i.ui'»i;i\, wa> engaged ii
i! i -c n? .* < >!i u j* t k a A»t* * ia hill. w i hc 11 »\ a *
eventually ma le Uu* o,ti**r <*t the da\ lor Hit
31 st in>t.
I lie t*• i i.oiii tiit* 11 u*e. cstanhshit j; si
•rradeoi ii >u> '»t*lw pen “tit1111i \ at.d *>upe5 tun
was passed.
|n tin* House ot IkLegate*. O') Mr. BowyeiN
m tlie l <> 1 Roads. vveie
di'fhaiged tioin the co tsideramm ut a reso u*
rum diu-ftti-.i: that comm ttec* to lupf^ire^i hii
for a general railroad law, ami a special com
mittee wa> o iltred to upon suco a tail.
Mi. Wallace otiered a ies dut.on, prop sii.g
i > ii! O'.v itic K\i ha- ge hank to inc!i'«tSe i s
capital ;it the Munch at I'eteislmig to an
aino.ht lived hv an ac ot !s37
(>it ttiOti >n ot Mr. tioode. ot Bedford, it was
resolved, that the several eoaunmiieattoiis of
tne Kxecutive leiat.ve to ttie Lemmon slave
ea^e, hi trie: red, togethet with the uccompany
I;documents, to a se ect cuiiuni'. tee, and that
-a d com i.ittee culture int > He expediency ot
■'in 1: jmovimoIi a- may he necessity for
t u- elli’ielit p:o-ecutlon heiore the Sllpteme
Court ot the l"luted Mates, ot the Appeal which
ha* Men taken Rom the lecent decision ot a
.1 ihige in the State ot New W’ik. ns winch a
ci!j/ n ot \ irii'ii:;! has he»n depuved ot ins
- *%*s; and lot -net: other j id eial proceeds gs
itia'i hr neces*ar\ to receive a >ali.**a<‘h'i y
adjudicat on ot the iu>[ ortant <inotions involv
ed in said Cecismn.
Mi Iinode slate l that he had received re*
i a he i it torn aten that tin* ca*e, i o.v hefote the
Suj ietm* t <»ut! ot ihe Mate o) t vv \ ork, lot
review*, won d he earned ii|* to ttie Supteme
('onit of rhe I nitrd States, no matter w hat
he rhe dece*!1 >ii in the New N ork Ml
preme f on11
j he liftflfi'*hed hit* M s< of the dav delete,
ttie hi. I pr<>v id.m4 loi the | ay ment >f the inter*
*•> Cm* oil Nan*. inioanhe ! I\ the State, to
the lame* Kiv**r and K maw'ha Company, was
t iKeii up -non alter the Hnu*e ass» mhled. Mr
\i lenon concluded h * lemaihs begun the
i. e i ! was h owed by Messis Lew
is, Misier, of l> , (ioih e, ol M . Speed, I u'luk.
and A a lace, He* li snhsOii continuing until
half pa-t 3 ii i ock A “iihstitute otleied hy
Mi. lewis, pu.( o-i!*g to pay the interest due
m Janu-tiv. w ,i- adopted. and ordeied to fie en
jr ,,<.(*.) — a \ e* vI. noe- > .Mr. ati»iee *
nirted lit tent n to < II *i a i.vder to the Piib
•>t,11111*. pioposiiig to |*;ovh'e also tor inte.es
• ue n J i \ iitw. A d then the House ad*
IKOM cars. yi:<>ki.s, \M) WAKONS
\] ..KYI. \ M> 1 DBA* CO.* l ,M> n
Ki.orr.. Super.
Dt>. r. ♦: i it! ..
V\’ h K.\ 1. I eO. ..! i«> « «> ‘M
Do \vhit4*.
I s : n i) no
fiv) u r> 7n

( Ok n \\ fi t ...
Do s 1*!: O U.(* • >N
>A l\s . . ..0 {'»
Corn Ah m. per hu-h**!.h 70 o o "■*
'.;ii ■ , r it».O 20 ■ • 0
Do li r k!: .h
I i 7 • it 0 7 ">
II .*» r» a 11 ov
II u »’>0
u 0 | >
I) ‘J 1
H\CON. h-M lOiltUl.{l h
l\'Kr\, ( \v;ii?oM ). . .
I)u (.'
,.\KD (III k • * J .." ‘
a a
l I.OVF.R SKK1 .'•
I i.Mimiv Sr .'
A h | | j.; RkaNS.J ->> '•
7 f>0
0 | ‘J k
*> ;»i>
0 mi
1 ‘Jo
;,'i a u no
> (I
1 Is
l,|..\lsTKK. (let.HI).1
Ki.a« k-Kyki) I*kas.1 ““ " 0 00
Siwt \»\ pel ini olretl:.> •)i) a u
Hay (bale.5 UO \*r !!)0 lb>
KL» >CK - l he mo: ket D very with
i^rt! receipt* an I a mmferav tit*mm i. W v
hear of sa • ■ * - r m st • i* s Car pi ice ^ v .
! he principal hoi ei> are t. n
GRAIN 1 . • rece ts >t Wheat are *i^ht
the market is vh\n!y. S.t eS liofii !o mu>
it •. at ' ! '■ a cts. for at e
\o -ale> of Com —a j i 0* A on s lioriiilia!. In
tj!fir*r gram anti -»» i-, n° 1 ‘h«4* _•'* :u prn‘e>.
RKKF CA 1 1 I.K—Maiket tir n— su;»p!it>
in uleiate W e , • - a > ■ ■ i*ei 1 ’hi'*
jrp SaA - ot lave 1 lo;> at ^7 Oja, amt DeaO
• | ,jv J' j >7 .7 ) a.cc •: 1: kl to ^ / * am! 'J'U l’v •
IU>1N K>> 'l l e*. The I CtHpN ot jroOiire
R it , i have 1 ah• it *tl
ii.iUthHH e .MaiKi * •
[IH.ii M \*. \ Y. 1 It I t.I.t-.OK \1 u.]
i’nere tie sa'a*' oi loui thoi.'.tii ! h;o leh ol
i! • u r to-t!a ., <t the } ..to “i \ t" a. u«ia\ . 1 he
hd'irvt't I" ■» a i»aii_o
| \, j k i > ■ i i r 1 ' ' 7
\ ^ i.» a !v.t e' an* v • r \ t • ^ on oti.1 > o . i m a»
lv0m >im el • i • ' . i, Am •; '-f ■ •
rea ; ; •
(j ,(ii i, j; i t»a lei. A.i the O. e.ine notice} h\
♦ r.
i f;e it11 a e - ill [ e p i'V u;i' t\ »•« ^ on * »* * ‘ * ’ • ’ ! 1‘
eoveit* !. t (illon i'' firm t’ the a .vance oi •
a :v,M t! !>> the CaiMiC.
I here lit.^ t • e t n a j a i a ** ■»1 ■ • i ;»e ! n. a -
in, ui ;n 11;!* market tot ho.i, ar. ! the price <»t
Sroti'h p j v\ ii• eii inh*. <0 rh* < prev;.>u< a :•
t.ce^ at r*7'. *'*.i , atu! three a - ek" ■*- > a »»0^
n V. >'A iRlti’eti at lU. pel
t >a; ii'h el li'ifii: t. li-omei ^ ao i:-! oiOljt
t»v - i in tit.- r aifv.utmen'-nt-, e.if!\
t.i tt.e <!av a- po-^i!»!»*.
I) ir \« i i\ a }\»*i11i' \vou,»i, Ui>o. ena1 a* im
o .^ive a eli.out loi t .* i a :vr t me '!
r.oiti it) lit i* »! i: \ ami tomtit. pap»*:. it the\
-vv.14• ♦ * hai't th»*f11. no it iii I.umner an l n'i j n
tiec J l -e«*tt
rpHI\ M R> K1KKI»S .have *hi'"*a\ totmeii a
( opa i tiM*t <h p iimiei the torn of 11 Ai •!
/)/ ’,! V A* C / > , l(ti li a "ai !.' 1 a 10ual Jt Mi
ini\ t, H)D> hi y!M-». an,i r*^nu
fieir ti en D ami at •{ i li.Oaiu * ^ *.o ca ! on tlu m.
• f? a> t.\p 11 to tind otls as |u\y
,u, , ; ..li . . tl.ee;!j M ' l)K\N,
K. A l\ >"NKS.
Ha!t: t;0 e. ] tU t—ei'3iK J lA !> illiUK' e s
\ ] \ N A >v\ > <».\P U.\ i I.A'> \i> — A
A i * Sti:£k ■ ' ' • ** \1 u%9*' IS
• i.tj’ »«t lomj»:‘*i> , v\ , I he i.e 1 at *‘.e ‘ >
fice u! The rom|»ar»\. in tht-<htv. m, the I I’h
■ ■ u f Ja . IJ . w f •
mi^.ue-s ot iiuj »i’.ino*■* v\«il he ho.!
,iec 10 — vc11 * |til^ •
M>li uKN ;■ IN I M X A I'K \l> SliA!> \m>
( ' ' il !»■*** .
1' HKKKLNG FISHKK V, >iti a ted on the
i\»to»iiuc Uivir, will he let on a iea-e ot one to
|; V I* V .*:» I s.
\ 1 .N I. t »r vie, the 1- Oh uz < « i: w l. :ch re
u uii'n hu* a - n.t i a .to wake it cmnn ete
uu»»-i*“3.x iJKO 11 SMt'Oi'
)\[ |. i*K \ KKF/S p.ite:.t V'OI.reel:,it*-.! IV
1 n,n* s ot '.la.aioa l• '»*_r* r. I- iniuon > t **>.
ws l h\ me. \*.!i !t‘* u Nut*. - ii".
Orange i\*e:. \ mo V. l.“tiion IVei.
i:»,i N octal if: e. I -reheat
\\ I ii I'KV t‘ '.*•! >r*i r ' m-:.
».ei .> ■
10l, \»K\ M Lt t\ Ne- IO lit;l»
I poRlO lllCO \Ni> A I i.M't \
\\ M. \S>1> ; AI M). M l.'A A A i *S S\AIT,
N V v\ OR! V \ \> i? . , t •; -a e t.\
i. >1 .\u vA-ii viii'K \ O).
ii ‘i* "j‘J 1 !»»■ itie i>uihi ‘11^•
*200 ‘::,Xh;
!•’. ;\ KS ir n • l i t . >e
K ii>.e>
7 : \; , • - i :
For >a‘e hy KINHIKL* ‘I’ \ SMITH
T KA liVi' SlliAix ANi> M')1.A>NI- s
10 ilh is. N <> ami 1*. K Svejar
10 l>h s of l’i me N. O Mv»!a>ses.
Jiim re;etveii a *! i*>r »* f>\
j()i!\ I' lil N OKhM>N
l/AMII.V AN 0 F\l'o\ r'i A >i: U - \ > ,-t
I n >• article o! Fa r A Fi to : a ** *, tX’.ra
Fakios' Flour, in 'tote uni .ale
t M MiOOliMiCK \ I.'O,
1 4 IA 3
'1 • l> •,
. ,ie:*tre I*m.< n.!
| 1*^ Ki )\ KS j»i ime Ne*v uiia*>v t lo'et-’
1 I i::>t receive'! jer S. ur. vu ie, ae.i! «o
FLKMINi; n.)n;LA>S.
“.iU- hv
.fee ’•>"
OFf KU CAUB S()i)A —4 ktv.« Super Fail
Soda, Best Quahtv. received, an ! tor >a!e h\
Un f. HKNRV nV)l’. Sare|»*a Hall.
" ITRK UNSKKf) ‘or sale to
) HFNKV FKFL Pru-ist.
•>»* cor. King am! Fairfax streets
: |w IdKilP i OK THK Al.KXANPKlA l.A/l-TT F ]
lit Stiistft'j
Kill DAY, JAM’AKV 7.
I he Senate was not m session to Jay.
House of KepiiM'utati't*^
Oi! motion of Mr. 0Ku.it was a;>rw!, that
wlicn the House adjourn to-day, it wilt adjourn
OVI I until Monday, in order to sive an oppor
tiiiitv lor mein hers to attend informal!) the
c .•itiiiotiie" of the^iiiAi'nuraiiou ol the Jackson
S ;;*ue, on Saturday, n^i'ceaM) to the invitation
oi the committee n| mini Yemenis.
Mr. Hoi ston asked unanimous consent to
r* puit one o* the Genera! AppiopnatfOii hill>,
as required by the rules of the Hou«e : hut con
sent \n a> not tziveu.
On mot-on of Mr. Bow if. the House then
went into Committee ol the W I ole, am! took
u|> the private calendar, when a huie poi!jon
ot the private bills upon the calendar weu* laid
a- dv-, to he lepoited to ti e House, with the
recommendation that they pass ; while biil> tor
tne rebel ‘>1 Various other individuals were ob
jected 10.
the -7;h Annua! meeting ot the Company,
held J.inuai) rh, 1 the ioilowim; ekction
was made, vi/. :
( . KN FK AI. t )] FI< Klo
Bustamin Barton. President
.1 on!i I Audit-), N ice President.
Bichard L Came, jr , Secretary.
Slept••‘ii Swan , 1 reanirer.
Kirk ( >k* ickks : — Isaac Kntwis e. Assistant
Kn^inei i ; James S Hoopla*-and W iloam H.
Smith, AmN to the A'Mutant Kn^meei.
Tne to!!o .viiu a, pomtiueuts were ai"t> nude,
viz : ,
pipeuie.) — \\ i aam A. Pope. 1 liafies lb lat
STpauMi. and William (1 Simpson.
lioseman—Jonah W tote. ( iiailes Ste| hen",
.lames ii. Sjinpson, Joseph W . i at?apaU£h,
i’nark-s K. Dudley, K. Oihinel Swain, Thomas
[, Monroe, and Abram Leseatleet.
■'lurch Be.iiers—Charles O. While, Noble
Johnson, and Joseph la\!or.
.in r, —Secre’ary.
SKKSH i dH<i>. —
! Hikes U,< urn-, C«»i«ihr.-a Litjuoiico
Suppers K!m Bok and Flour
(i«*1111t*t!: Knt*!.>h \ eniti.ii*. Red
Wli.t'U'jl Burdock Fool! Sajte
Supei (. ;i* h Soda: Aloes
( m! l.ivei Oil: Kr*:oi; Hum \ rasacanth
()!ive Oil; Latent Diu-r*-: Ro-e Link
|V.ns (ueeu: I>iy \s h'le Lead
China e (ireeu and ^ e 1 Sow
( \) j »;i i Varnish: Refined Salt Le’re
RVji. k'llvei: C orn Staich; Soap Powder
Sliav,n^ Fleam. /me 'A hite
Silvei >aud; Copperas: &e., vVc.
.1 u-t iet'eiv» d ami for sale at
HK*NiiA ( 1 H)K’S Puiii Store,
, ,n ;j S in»i-Ta Hall.
| K\V iiO\Ki)|.\0 H‘-'C>K IN ALK.VW
ii I>KIA.- .LA" MAIM* Al\ K T T. SOU
1 ILL. ( / />> ( nt*Ui'lc. P> I 'Irr 1f i 'linm (’onnf//,
ha-* taken a lar^e and commodious house, on
P, nit *htd, *2 d' 01- fiom tin’ Eriii>lh<*€ ILinic,
aiid *1'ten• ls iat the 1st u a \ ol .lautiars in Xi.
(»i the sime a> a B’LAKL'LVi IBR SL,
and from her Ion.: expellence m altendim* to
the uiitn*> ol a public noti'e, she teels satis
fied. that she 's at he able to i^ve s C!-*aclion
o thet-e s* {i o - e pationasie '‘lie mas lece.Yr.- -
Boauukks s\i!l he iei five 1 by the \ea ,
•lioi.tti. or day. llei friends from the (onntrs
are le^nested to :Zis't* tier a call. Air .Iamk
A Kvann her hrother-in law, who hoard- with
her. wtiI ^ive a portion oI la** attention t * tLt
proper management ol the House,
lire 2't — cot f
IfM l will sell inn levei^ionai) liitcre.-’ in
t|lt. M \ NsK )\ ll'il’SK. and IOOO
At uKSoMhe Huiis'o’' Hal! {.state, lvm^on
tiie |'otiail »c R. ver, si h 1 mouth ot Ac* otink
Riv. m raiil.-x counts. Va . with all the tisSi
cid‘" loereu do attached. poo hied the purchas
,r can obtain a lea-e o! the iile-esta’e ot All.*.
K. \. r. AUsoh. then- n.
AL price i* S-LYouo—one—i\tb oi *2'<00 in
cash, am! the omanii! m live tijuai annual
j sf a linen’s oi \ . ■1 : each, Without ii»t crest.
u;,tu aflei ma’u: i \. bo further pait'culais
; p! v i > Ativ Ma-ui-. on the pftini't.S eighteen
sillies t»e.o >s . v a \.*lh»-»a.
», t; |_j, * >',\\ nr 11 .\ !e\ai. !n i. La.
• > A i'!‘ \ i L\ .W H L 1* 1Si 11*.• v \ I OR KLN 1
j\ i w . i«*;U tor one or mote >eai>. tin.
t a . r. i. / f Air , situated ab ait two u'les
.ihov.* IV-it Louwa\. K IU (*eOije ( '"iiits, ^ a..
a ,d foi mei is ti.e piopiU'ts ol >t. L. 1. I nr
\ r, decM. 'Id..' :> one <d the mos» ceitam
^hoi(•> on ihe t*v»r, ae.d can be haua-d al a
(|,odr:a’; co-* It .ha-all the required huildaii:-,
• i {l ; i iit.n!- and -al’itij t*>il. Of he be-i
> i esc r i •: ton. Ap.ds to !) !>. Smith a Ll) . A1
ex.tnd ior to the s.iti-cnhi r re i: i’oitthni
s;u. Va WAL TAYLUR sAHIil.
dee : — i o'i.
t \ / i A L H ■ > I K R r K AIA !. K A ( A i * 1-. A l A .—
V V the I si h aiitoi il term ot llii^ iNsiiii
• j \ will (*• if! -!!!eI ce oit (hi. fil'd Monday in
J tin n>i i ij. ]N.V;
|>iM advnn’a2e< no* afi,>“'L,'l m tLi.
School t“i -i tlsi-io 'jf’n K'.^lisf and ( ias-ica!
i !u- ation.
jhu iii«’h'*i pail cu'at-h reteience in A be hau
o ral.Lioue wh en s\ ili be iuiln-ned In*-se wlio
n.is ss i*-1j to pa umt/e tlie -chooi.
.1 )>i 1‘H RAlvKR, Principal.
V\ inebi ster, \ a . dec *d2—eo«'t
HARPKRhas lecetveia other lame lot
of tho-e vet's dC'tr.ifde Rock !Re b ack (.•).t<>11
Hose to winch the altetilii !• f»i those m want
I- ilii. r’ed : a -< . I nia Colion, KI il i M; II dido.
11eat!e !ie t - ^Uiodti-i^ ( oilais. \c., Aiermo and
( olfon S cks, Uue’her with a ninnriei ot otner
ar a les, not mef-.-ary to he mentioned, in tins
Lsh ’ I u» a
-M A KIN K iN>ri;.\M'K CO.M
I\\\\ up ALEX \N l Mil A . — An elec
:• .it |<11 tittren director-* In ^-ivc i:: tin- lit'd tu* >
imn, }nr the i-n^n sear. will he held at the
t thee ot the v mpany, on Saint lay. tht* I'Hh !
ms* . between the hour< ot 10 A. M % and 1 i
{». M <\ W. WA 1 i I.FS,
]i i i —**oiK S*c 1 elary !
! )U j O AU IK !v SF - S mi ;er>i^tic 1 tv*:^ |
t lr tve t * a nounce that lie hi' ucetllU re-;
f I ’ T * ■} ; i r. • i 11; < ,| < nj^li 1 \ leptlHed tills . 1T ** Hlhi i
c >;iv *»is:*■ nt ho u~e v\ h < h i* now upon lor the re *
cvpti n o; v s;*ois. \\ ith a c..n>*;*:»t en«ieavor
i t j»|.t'c li — mir-ts. he lidju " to rt e* i • e a
'h.i'u h e pat ona^«*. A. HAkFK.
v\ .i'*h i J11• ni., dec *J. I et nil i ii }>: letor
j\ ^e'.C’al Mieeon*! o! tne Stock! ' hit r* ot i
A ('ouij ou. wid t e l»* »i atl-ieii t ffitv. N >.
“ 1. S >ut!i Taint Sweet. Ph ndidph a. on Moa
da\, Januarv 10. l".V>. aJ ! 2 •• cb ck. .•!.
.l'hlN .1 McUASiFN. Secietarv. !
t i f • ( I .> — lav, v J t
\' F’A Usik>> i;. «AKDiNG sFHOuL -
ir. li CAfiK A M . Primipul The
a \ m-w mi ot in > sc-ho >i wit! open January
d, 1 >’»■>. a? i ce it.-mu' ;;i) week' For terms,
.Ve . M’ ‘nicu ar>: ah eh wav be had hv ad
Ircs-H'i* the l'i!.•.ci; ;i 1, Ml.M'eburf. l.ouilOun
( o. \ a tier -1 aw\ .v
• Vr» hi 1 •.{.X 1 . — i (,»• 11Oi SK,
t w ,l!i vo.iViieiit ml att.uheP, on the coi
»-er o} i hike a- i l* t: >t reels iccentlv
Occupied h\ l! • lie.’ Mr John:..;;,,
1 he ltou;e t'* i; excellent v*r»*«*r. i> lined up
tor (hi', ai 1 ■ vl! 1 huW a 11) haul m the >ard
PO'-C'-'h n ^ van ciii ili<* oi .Ivnoniv. For
eMit" apjd\ ij \YM. n Ft >\YLK.
*V; -•*> -tt Warden St Fan - ('htireh.
\'0[{ SA I. K — i he * arete irei ronuro
U.mjs OW FLUNG HOFSK. lately no
m.urd by Jamt*'-Ov'in, >t*y, e-^ . siltia
led o » i’r nc-', between Fanlax and \YaU*r>ls.
ll earlv appd.eat on i^ made a harg uoc an be
dec 2—11
or. .1A M £S P. t >i Fi H
HA> F iu?i receiteri from the Norih —
00 oo\e« ot Prone CHFKSF.
4 tubs Prime GOSHEN BUTTER.
For sale low bv
'i i.t* ! o i I o w 111 g (timers have been elected to
>t*rvL* foi the ensuing tjuaiter in .Mount \ ernon
Band, No. 4. I. O. r. B.: — Albert L. Gibson,
Worthy Sire; Henry C. Held, Deputy Sire;
Harrison II. ID Arnold, Recouping Secretary .
Lewi- llemrur, Financial Secretary John Stan
ditord, Treasurer; J. H. Tatsapangh, Messen
ger, and John iMenderihall, Marshal.
The Kerry at the Long Bridge, we are re
quested to say, is now in order, repairs and
abutments having lately been made to elF*ct
o()(n| iandin^s on both sides. ( apt. 1 age pro
p,,ct.s< ^liould lie ob’ain authoiity, to make an
excellent cross ng by means of a new and large
boat, and improving the bridge.
The following gentlemen have been elected
Directors- of the Savings’ Institution, ot this
place, lor the ensuing year . — Benjamin Hal
lowell, Beniamin Barton, Reuben Johnston,
James !L McVeigh, John T. Johnston, William
\ Berkley, Kdward S. Hough, G. 1. I'homr.s,
iteubeii Zimmerman.
The city is disturbed almo-t t veiy night with
false alarms ot tire, raised by dlsordeily persons.
We understand that the Fire Department will
take measures to punish the offenders, it possi
b e, and to prevent them liom dragging out the
engines and hose reels.
A son ot Mr. Win. N. Berkley, of this place,
with a laborer, named Joseph Jelietson. fell
down a well in Mr. B s cellar, «a>t evening
but were, fortunately, rescued, without serious
(V: Geo. W. Huniei ot Fairfax county, was
seriously injured, on the.TJtl) it It , by being at
tacked and gored by an infuriated cow, as he
was standing in his cattle pen.
The tides here have been very high for some
davs past
1 > R. K NO. I, and K. R K NO 2 — PAIN.
. —AH 'uflering wiih Pain are invited lo
call at RADW A VS Medical Olliee, every da),
I ion, A >1.10 5 1*. >1. It L Guarantied that
K A D WAY’S READY RELIEF will stop the
most severe Rains m live minutes or less. A
regular Physician is in Dltcndance. Advice gin
l is.
Kaiuvu's Rk.mjv Ri.lilf will stop the most
severe paim in a lew minutes, and ewe tha most
obstinate RHLUM ATIC, NEURALGIC, and
NERVuU> COMPLAINTS, in a few hour-,
internal and external! It will stop the mod ex*
crueljlmg pain?* in Iroin three to five minute4,
and has cured
Rheumat mu
I >ia11 bcea
Nick Head Ache
C tn 11 Fever
('lull Rlaiiis
Sore i hroat
In Tour Hours
In One Hour,
lu Ten Minutes
In Fiheen Minutes
In One Second
In 'Three Minutes
In 'Three Minutes
In Fifteen Minutes
In Killeen .Minutes
In Ten Minutes
In Four Hours
In Twenty Hours.
Spinal Complaint^, Stiff Joint', Strains, Eruis
cs, Cuts, Wound', Frost Rites, Cholera Morbus,
Dvsi ntery, Tie Doloreux, and all other Com
plaint', where there, are Severe Pains, RAD
WAV’S READ) RELIEF will instantly stop
the Pain, and cure the di'ease.
Prln'cu al Office, 102 Fulton St
R. R. R , NO. 1.
MEN A' a lemedy, to he marvelous mu'l
possess propel tie- and pnweis unknown and un
possessed, by all other medu iiie', either in p.M
or present U'C. It mti»i posses' a greater and .
quicker controlling influence over disease, it j
must be more po'itive m its effects, and its nega
tive properties must be as harmless as its posi- ^
live p«j\vt ts aie heneliciai.
} low few are ttie medicines that arc now ad
vertised that are marvelous. Let the thinking
lvadei investigate tins impoilanl subject, andex
anjtne the arguments pul forth in the mass of
patent oi stent medicines, and he will find that
ninct) • i.mc out ol a tiundi cd are imitators ol some
'iicce-'tul oiigitiaL Ttii' spirit of mouniehank
i'Ui prevails to a greater extent in ttie medical
science than in all the other piolessions put to
aethcr. An iiitatuated adventurer i' dazzled at
the success of an oiiginal HiVentor ol some
new minds, and alter stumbling upon some de
cani* d recipe, copic' the 'tyle and ideas ol the ;
Micec'^tul original, and unblushing!) claims that
his di'iiovei v is both marvelous and miraculous ;
y* t he is unable to tell why it i> either, or m what j
respect it is equal to or bc’teiThan remedies ah ;
ready established.
In medu ine, mot c so than in ail other proles-j
mow, the patient is entitled to proof, arid in or-;
dei to gt t proof you inU't have testimony 'utis-.
lactory to ii'. Rut, how man) out ot the great j
mass »f patent or secret no diemes that claim m
then advertisement, to cure all di'Cases, are \
there, that the reason is given by lln*ir inventors j
oi rather maker', for the sain medicines curing;
the said disease? lie guarantee* that thcic is i
not one out o! one hundred. For the imitators
are nimble to liume a ua-on o! their own, and j
to copy the argument ol the oiiginal, must ap-;
pear too barelvVced for even the mountehank lo ,
resort to—yet in the majority of ca'es, the style
and the advertisements are copied word for j
woi d, with the except ion of leav ing out the name :
of the genuine, anil inserting that of the couu j
We do not prelend to n^cii that there have
been no marvelous tin ones in medicines yet dis
coveied, tor there have been many. '1 he dis
covery ol the circulation ot the blood was man
Velous. Inoculation ol the Covvpox was mar-1
velous. 'The use ol vegetable cathartics in place |
ol mineral agents was marvelous. 1 tic doctrine !
of purification ol the blood was mai velous— but I
these great and important discoveries are no1
longer a subject ol marvel, fur they have been
reduced to universal practice and admitted b>
itie wise and learned ot the world. We assert
that, !
vklous remedy* It is the only remedy on re
coid in the annuls of medical works, either in
ancient or modern tunes, that possesses such a
quick and povserlul mtluence over pain and its
cause—to stop the most obstinate and excruciat
ing paroxysms of pain; to check the most dis
tressing dischaigei of diarrhea- to arrest the
most violent cramps and spasms in a lew minu
te^; alter the nerve**, organs, ond secretions of
the system have lor \vtck> and months been
prostrated with pain and its cause, is perform
ing a leat ami exercising a power never before
accomplished bv anv other remedy on record
RADA’AY’6 READY RELIEF will do and
lias done tbi-*; and the pi oof ol this can be os
ccrtamed by people in any village and town in
the l:mon.
RAD AA\ & CO., Nj. HD Fulto»-st
The new remedy lately ui-covered by RAD
WAY fc. CO., called RADWAY55’ RENOVA-i
A quiek cure for Scrofula in it*i worst forms.— 1
cleanses and purifies the blood Horn all »cro- j
fulous humor'*, :i eradicates Itom the bones and i
muscle® dist-ased deposits, it electrifies the lluids
and solids, with health arid strength, it is war- j
ranted to cote Scrofula, White Swelling, Hu* j
m u's, Sy pniiis. Cancers, E.uhpsy, Tumoi?, Jaun
dice, Rickets, Ulcers, Sa l Rheum Fever Sores,
Kionchitical Tumors, Hacking Dry Cough. In
either ol the above named diseases, we guaran
tee that the patient will experience its powerful,
soothing, beneficial effects, m a few hours after
taking it Like electiicily, its thrill of health
courses through every nerve and secietion of the
system. It* shock of h« a th is felt in the bones,
the muscles, ihe nerves, ll.e secretions of every
organ in the body, in ten minute*.
For sale-price >1 ner boUic,
j Rb 21—-eoly Agents for Alexandria.
5 tiinis. prime 1’. R. Molasses
5 do do Cuba do.
1 Receiving this day and for sale bv
Uec 2i “ roach & Washington.
The Accident to General i^eict-s
(General Pierce and hi* lady aie at Andover,
lie is not much hurt—ami has only some slight
bruises. Airs. Pierce is less hull than was pre
viously apprehended; she is in the deepest af
ff ctiou. (General Pieice hears his bereavement
with as much calmness as possible, under the
Circumstances. His son never breathed «ifur
the accident—having been hurled violently
against a rock, and had h»s brains dashed out.
TION.—The undersigned has obtained the ogm*
cv lor the sale of that superior ar.d valuable pre
paration Mortimork 8 Ritter Cordial and
Rlooii,Purifierdenominated NatuieS Restorer,
the Cordial of Life, distilled from the Forests of
Nature. Tins Cordial has gained great fa
vor wherever introduced throughout the United
Stales, io the treatment of all disease* having
their origin in a deranged condition of the Sto
mach or moi bid 3nd inactive state ol the Liver,
or in impurities ol the RIood, in affections ol
the Liver or Hemorrhage ol the Lungs this Cor- |
dial has produced most Wonderlui Lores, and in ;
Dvspep^ia or Indigestion, Loss ol A ppetite, f latu- <
lenee, Nervous Headache, Pam or Misery in the
Sole, or region ol the Heart, Difficult Riealhing,
Pleurisy, Costiveness, and other irregular habits
of the system: Cold, Chilly Sensations and
Numbness of the Flesh or Limbs, Neuralgia,
Jaundice, Weakness, General Debility and Nei
vous Affections.
Pimples, or breaking out upon the bare and
Surface of the Skin, as well as all cutaneous
eruptions, have their origin in impurities of the
blood; and for these and all the above, and their
kindred complaints, the vutues of this Cordial
are unecjualled as an antidote or specific: to eiad
icate and remove ftom the system the injurious j
effects produced bv the u*c of Gulouxtl and other
poisonous drugs, there is nothing known to equal
Ladies and gentlemen, who are in any way de- i
bilitated or out of health, should procure and use !
a bottle of this superior Cordial and RIood Puri
fier. While parents will find in this the most
valuable preparation, a- a tamily medicine, they
have ever known. It is both pleasant and extul
irating, at the same time it is perlectly ‘•afe to
be used in any state of health, even by the most
delicate lemale or child.
Sold by all the principal Diuggists in the U
W. V. Alexander & Co., Proprietors.
RHEUMATISM CURED!!—Thousands of,
cases have been cured wiilim the past year, com* i
prising ever) seeming form of this dreadful dis- ,
ease, from lire recent intlamrnatoiy (acute) form !
attended with swelling and enlargement ol the !
joints, to old chronic cases of Irorn ten to forty |
jears standing, long since given tip by eminent ,
physicians, both in this country and Europe. i
These have been cured by the use of a lew hot- j
ties of MortimoreN Rheumatic Compound and!
Blood Purifier, which is a Vegetable spirit—an ;
internal remedy pul lorth fur this one Disease
Fnm the German Xew Yorker Mgemeine 7A
tw\<r 9, I8.V2 —Rheumatism Cured. — Mor
timore's Rheumatic Compound and Hiood Puri
fier —This great remedy seems to prove a speci
fic lor this dreadful disease, in all its forms, and
i' bringing relief to va>i numbers who have long j
Miliered We have had personal knowledge of j
the. vii tuc and efficacy of this medicine for some
time, and w ith pleasure icfer to a most obstinate ■
case of chronic iheumalism of long standing, i
which it cured This case was the wile of a
wealthy merchant, who was for many years a
cripple No expense was spared in visiting the '
most celebrated springs, and procuring the treat- j
ntnt ol eminent physicians. This was contin
ued for years, but >he only grew worse, and j
seemed a victim to its witheiing grasp. All olh- ,
er remedies and efforts laded. We were instru- |
mental in inducing tier to try thi** remedy, and to !
our surpi iSe and her great relief, it cured her ■
completely. Some weeks ago, wc called and ’
purchased a bottle, at the depot, No. 1 Barclay
street, and sent to a gentleman li tend of ours, in j
this city, who seemed a martyr to this disease.— !
This one bottle cured bun. There are numbers of j
other cases which have com- under our noliee,
cured by this remedy HENRY COOK,
Sole Agent for Alexandria
Ihice single bottle £o, or three bottles lor j
n o\ ;> — d J y
VAlSTlSf; AM) (»I LI) IX (*.
W. J. HIGDON, King Street, Near Union
dU iG various bntuthis. Being a native here,
and to the manner born, be flatters himself that
he will give entire satisfaction to all who may
favour him with their patronage.
I lc ;t>k> no undue influence in bis behalf, but
bases hi'hopes solely on his meiitsas a ma>ter .
workman. Prices as low as in any city in the
>htte. He will execute ail orders m the fol
low mg branchf-, with pioinpiilude — (the higher
branches executed, per w:) —
depailmeiit, he has had three years experience j
in the employ of Mr. Samson Cokiss, of Haiti- ;
more, the largest establishment in the United j
GRAINING in his original and inimitable
CHINA WHITE- tb? nvuh of fifteen years
.siudy, wairaniud not to crack, chip, or turn
Country work undertaken on the most .
reasonable terms. my 20—c-otf
N i)I ICK.— I he subscribers having taken i
__ the Siore on King street, adjoining Caze
novc & Co , would hereby notify ilitur friends
and the trade generally, that they aie preparing
and hope in a few days, to he nadv to supply
the trade w ilh a* good an article of KKCil
FI ED WHISKEY, and other LIQUORS inf
their line, and at as low prices a* Ro y can be j
fold in the northern maikels, and hope, theie- i
lore that the trade will encourage ami patron-r
i/.e us, as we are determined to protect them. I
J B. KOklS.
Fnm name J. GRIMES & CO.
Kmg-st., north side, No. 23. I
dec I a
VJMtKSH SCPPLY.— 1 he Mibscriber has just
X received an addition to his former stock of
GROCERIK', consisting of Sugars, crushed,
brown ami loaf. Coffee, Liquors of all kinds
Woo,] a;il W ii’ow W are, Brooms, Fancy
Mats, Cigars and Tobacco, smoking and chew
inn, Blacking. Soap, Salt, Candles. Bacon,
Laid. a;ni Confectionary, consisting: of Prune*.
Lemons. Raisins, Nuts, kc , Sic , together
with various other articles too tedious to men
tion. He a iil sell cheap. wholesale or retail.
Buyers will please c;i!I and see for themselves,
a- iic h.is lor his motto, small profits and quick
sa'es. H. S. HALLEY,
Kins: ami Commerce streets, lust do*»i above
the Diagonal eniner. dec 2
pPf \ KLGS Sport ins Powder
v:,; 10 half chests sup Young: Hyson Lea
|0 tiOXrs pure ground Rio Cotlee
10 do Soda Sal .Traina,
landing per Schr. Fairfax, from New A ork, to
day, and for tale hv
JU 10 half Chests TEA
20 lihds. SUGAR
i o
100 boxes SO A P
50 *• CANDLES, for sale by
117 K ARK now leceiving from schooner
V f L\ curgtis, one hundred and six ’on5 of the
celebrated Red and White Ash Anthracite
COAL, broken and screened, L>r grates and
stoves, which we offer tor r>uL; in lots to suit
purchasers. JAMES GREEN & SON,
dec 21
PALERMO —This beautiful Farm not hav
ing been sold by auction on the 15th inst..
! is still tor private sale. Apply on the premise#
or to [sep 16—eotfl GEO. WHITE, Audi.
Cooprivs Isinglass, of best quality, a
full supply received, and for sale i»y
1 JOHN A MILBURN, Druggist,
dec N. E. cor. King & W'asb.-.is.
| \ i RIAL I.n A!.L U K ASK.—The under
; A signed, hate |uM returned 1mm the North.
with an elegant assortment of GOODS lor Gen
: liemcn's wear, consisting in j'art ol the follow
ing, to wit; — Black, hint*, oiive and green
; twilled French CLOl US,
|)o hlack, hrown, and diah Beaver do do
, Olive, green, brown, and Maroon do
i Biactc DoeSkin French Cassimere
| Do Middlesex do
! Fancy Cassimeres
| Black Silk and Satin, very superior
; Plain and fancy Vestings, in great Variety
| Black, blue, olive and brown Satinet!*
| Light ii'id dark Mixed 1 weeds
Fine White Shirt.-; Merino do
SiJk Handkerchiefs; Cravats; Collars
Neck Ties: Suspenders, &c.
variety, usually kept in a Fashionable Mer
chant'Tailors 'establishment, and of the best
material. Which, together with their profes
sional services, are respectfully ottered to then
! friends and the public in general ot A lexandria
rand it.- vicinity, to whom they lelurn their sin
cere acknowledgements lor past favors, hoping
by indefatigable exertion and untiring attention,
to merit a continuation of the same. And
though prepared to lurnish every article m then
line, they will asclieerlully execute,to the best
of their skill and ability, for all, whose prelei
ence, may lead them to select elsewhere, as
though tl ey bad furni*hed the goods them
selves. ROBINSON & K K\ S,
Fashionable Merchant lailor*
King street, north side, one door west of Royal
street jan !d—if
Xju sale—I will sell the TRACT Ol*
LAN D. l> mg aiound Bientsville, the county
>«*at of Prince William, containing about 2*10
ACRhSof RED LAND. Besides a hamlsomr
RESIDENCE within a few minutes walk !
jjjg of the Court House and Chuiclies, j
theie are other advantages greatly enhancing '
the value of the tract, such as a piece of low j
land of 50 or <jO ACRES, now affording an
ntially large crops ol Hav, to which may be ]
added, from ihe farm of a neighbor, about 50 !
ACRES of prune low land, all of which might
with profit be turned into a beautilul meadow.
There i> upon thi* tract a vein of Barytes and j
inexhaustible beds of led sand stone, which
can be split oil in blocks of any size. A depot
on the Orange anil Alexandria Railroad, G
about three miles distant. The construction of
the link connecting the Richmond arid Freder
icksburg Railroad, according to the chatter ai*
reaih obtained, would enable the pioprietor to
put any tiling from this tract on that road at
very trifling cost.
dec 3n—3taw4w
•ARM FOR SALK.—Having male up in>
mind to go South, I will sell my farm ol
•IOO ACRKS, lying at the hea l ol Chappa
wamrtc ('reek, and in sight ol the Potomac
river About 250 acre* ol the farm is arable
land, (the rnosi ol it being line bottom land.)
the rest is in wo >d, a'»d i-* sufficiently near the
water to make the wood very valuable as cojd
Mwood. The DVVKLLING is beautiful
ly situated on a high hill, commanding
a line view of the liver and Minound
ing couiitiy. N » doubt ol the health ol the
place exists, as it was used by Major Fn/hugh
lor a number of years as a summer residence
lor liis family. Situated as this farm is, in a
rapidly improving neighborhood, having com
mand of all the be-t markets in the I'nited
States, it cannot tail to he very desirable.—
Should I sell the farm, I will also sell my stock
of NORSKS AND CATTLK, al-o, a good
supply ol Corn and provender to the purcha
ser, should he desire to buy . There is about
50 acres o! the open land, now in wheat, seed
ed with guano. For Luther information, ad
dress RICHAKD ASHBY. Aquia Post Office,
station! (bounty, \ a., (port-paid.)
nov 10 — 2awtf
just received an additional supply ol
GOODS, which makes his assortment very de
sirable and complete—ami respectfully asks j
the a'teution ol purchasers to the examination
of his Sir-ck, feeling assured that it will com
pare favorably with any in tne city, both in
quality and in cheapness. He has in stoie—
Fiench Merinos and Cashmeres, ol all the de
sirable shades
Thibet and Coburg Cloths
Motisiaine De Lanes, in great variety, from
12$ cts to $1 per yard
Uroche, Cashmere and Bay Slate Shawls
Black and fancy Silks
Ladies* Cloaks and Mantles
Ktnbroideries, ol all kinds
Large lot ot Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs,
very cheap.
Full supply ol all the Si aim.k Articles,
usually found in a Dry (loo Is Store—Hearth
Rugs; Cai pels; Oil Cloths: Druggets, kc , &c.
He would *ay to his friends m the country ,
that ali orders tor GOODS in his line shall be
car** * tr I j % and promptly attended to, and Goons
charged at the lowest market price, nov 17
Ld —U'iLUAM E. ATWELL, has just
returned horn itie north, with a liesh supply ol
consist of the iatcst styles, just introduced in
the northern cities, embracing Cloths, Cassi*
meres and Vestings, ot every variety and color.
Horn the highest grades down. He invites the
public to call and examine for themselves, as
he confidently recommends his assortment, and
will warrant the most perfect satisfaction both
as regards quality, price and fit. ALSO, a line
assortment of Shirts, Silk, and Cotton, Kiannel
and Striped; Collars, Cravat*, Stocks, Suspen
ded, Neck l ies. Pocket llamlkerchiels, &c.—
He returns his thanks to his kieuds and a gen
erous public for the liberal patronage which he
has received, and assure* them that lie may
be found at ail limes at Ins fashionable Tailoi
establishment, on King street, next door to the
Odd Fellows Hail. \V. K. A IVVKLL, i
nov (j—e ot I Merchm t Taylor.
(Jnlu ticehty tour mile* Staging J rom Alexan
dria to Winchester.
fi DAILY LINK OF STAGES will connect
i~l with ihe Cars on the Orange and Alexan
dria Ua11 Road at Culpeper C. (I , to convey
pa^enger.* to Gordori'\ die in Mnc to connect
with tlie Cars for Richmond and Charlottesville,
rare through to Gohlonsvilie, $-3.
A M N K OF STAGKS will a!so connpct with
the Manassas Gap Cars daily, (Sundays ex- !
cepted,) at Piedmont Station, to convey passen
gers to Winchester. Fare to Winchester, $i
Seals can he secured at the “Potomac
House, 'near -0 street, Pennsylvania avenue,
Washingon; Newton’s “Mansion House,’’ Al
exandria; Warren Green Hotel, Warienton; and
at Fitch’s Hotel, Winchester. COACHKS are
alwavs in attendance at the Depots, to convev i
passengers to the Hotels,
net 17-eon F. P. SAWYER.
as commenced running a line of
splendid four horse Coaches from Alexandria
to Paris, by tiie way ot Fairfax Const House,
A bite, Middlehnrg, and Lpperville—leaving
Alexandria eveiy Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday, at it o’clock, A. M. arriving at
Pa'is at S o’clock, P. M. Returning, leave
Pari* on Sundays. Weinosdavs, and Fridays,
at 5 o’clock, A. M , ami reaching Alexandria
by 2 o’clock. P. M., in time for passengers to
proceed to Baltimore the same evening. The
Coaches'tail tiom the Mansion Mouse, Alex
andria. oct Is—eotf
B. HAICH & CO, Mniufuctureib amt
U Importers of GENTLEMEN'S FUR
NISHING GOODS, No. 07 Milium street,
ini lu\iy between Maiden Lane and John street, .
Sew York.—Estahi.I'Hkd in 1S34.—Mer- '
chants will find at this establishment a lull as
sortment of the latent etyie>, (embracing tin- i
most approved London ar»d Paris fashions) of j
Shirts, Stocks, Ciavats, Suspenders, Linen j
Collars, Dressing Rohes, Hosiery, Handker- *
chiefs, Cncier Garments, Money Beils, Giovps, j
Shoulder Braces, &c , &c., and ever\ descrip- j
lion of Goods appertaining to the Furnishing '
Business, which vvill be sold at the lowest evu* •
kei prices. i
New York, dec 21— lm
NO TICE.—A’ 1 R i It L ING % A S H B T, I
Agents of the Manassas Gap Railroad, at |
Markham Station, are now prepared to receive !
and forward produce ami merchandize of every '
description. They will keep constantly on !
hand every description Merchandise, adapted
to the wants of Farmers, which they will sell
l low. toi Cash, or in exchange lor produce.
Markham Station, dec 21—eo2m
'I ION.—Will he oflered lor sale to lt«#»
highest bidder, on Tuesday, February I si, 1^53,
ut o'clock M.y in front of the Ma}oi’8 Of
fice, the following highly valuable properly,
at the toot of King street, 1U teet on
IBLK'iil' street, ruining back, and fronting
the fiver Potomac 40 feet, together with the
V\ hart attached, fronting i>3 teet, and extend
ing into tne river Potomac.
mng formerly called Ladd's Steam Mill, lying
JSiiSL*<iuth of the following boundary: Be
ginning 4 teet 6 inches to the south of the
Brick Dwelling adjoining, running thence paral
lel with the said Dwelling 78 feet, thence with
right ang.e with the last named line, 24 feet 6
inches, to the southern corner of the wharf in
the iear ot the said Dwelling and Warehouse,
and then eastward!} with the Wharf on the
northern side of the Warehouse into the river
Potomac, reserving the right to the Brick store
and dwelling of landing, on the north side of
the last mentioned Wharl, at present occupied
by '1 homas Wharton & Co , who have a lease
tor 5 } ears, from la»t April, at $1500 per an
a* No. 3. THE LOT and TWO FRAME
TEN EM ENTS, nearly opposite No. 2,
(routing 67 feet 6 inches on Union street, run
ning hack ami fronting 300 feet on Queen
street, with a like front of 67 le..t 6 inches on
Water street.
Duke sireet. between Water and Fairfax
•treets, fronting 27 feet JO inches on Duke,
extending hack the same width 91 feet 6 inches
to a wide alley.
Prince street, with lot attached, next to
the Bank ot ti;e O.d Dominion, 64 feet front,
running back the same width S'* feet, with
Smoke and Wash House, a large Cistern, Gas
and other modern improvements.
_STA BLE on Water street, in the rear ol
the Bank of the Old Dominion, 24 feet front,
extending hack to No. 5 40 feet.
the corner of King and Patrick streets,
24 tee* lioul, extending hack the same width
100 feet, to an alley, with Stable, Cistern, Gas,
and other conveniences.
MNo. 8. IHK milCk WAiKK
MILL, formeily calif»i I’henix Mill,
being in the County of Fairfax, 2 mile*
Horn Alexandria, on the Little Kiver Turnpike,
together with 56 ACRES of land, more or
levs, subject to a dower ol $b0 per annum to
Mr« Hannah Wilson. This Mill has 4 run of
Burrs, and is capable ot grinding 100 bids.
Flour per day. The Kail Road runs within 50
yards on the south, and the Turnpike on the
north, and its nearness to the City, renders it
desirable to those wishing to engage in Mill
ing. Upon the Faim are two comlortable frame
dwellings, a large Brick Barn and Stable, capa
ble ot stal ling 20 horses.
No A certain piece of ground, lying over
Hunting Creek Bridge, containing-ACRES,
subject to a redemption next May for $555.
At the same time will be offered
50 shares of stock ol the Bank of the Old l>o
I share of the Farmers* Bank of Va.
$1700 of Alexandria Corporation Stock.
5 shares of Manassas Gap Rail Road.
10 shares ot Orange and Alexandria Bail Road.
2U shares ol Mount Vernon Cotton Factory.
The above being part of the Kstale ot B.
Wheat, deed. 1 shall convey to the purchaser,
only such title as is in me vested. But be
lieved to he unquestionable.
Terms at sale.
J. J. WHEAT, Executor of
jan 1—eots B. VVheat, dec’d.
PUBLIC >ALK.— By vntue ol a deed ol
Trust, executed the 5d ol January, 1850,
ro us, by Eleazer VV. Johnson, and duly lecoru*
ed in the office of Northumberland County
Court, tor ihe purpose of securing a debt due
John H. Murphy, ol Montgomery, Ala., in said
deed mentioned, we will sell to the highest
bidder, on the premises, for ready money, on
Tuesday, the 11 th day oj January, 185.1, (if
fair, if not, then the next lair day.) ihe follow
ngpropertv: *
1. The SAW and GRIST MILL, and
ihe privileges and appuitenances there
to belonging on the premises ot said
lohn.'on, lately called Smilher* Mill, and lying
>n the head of that branch ot Yeocomico riv
?r, which divides Westmoreland from Northurn
2. The tract ol land lying in Northumberland
tear said Mill, which, together with the Mill,
■vas solil by the said John H. Murphy anJ wife
o the >aid Johnson, and conveyed Dy deed da
ed 2d August, I MU, of record in the office
J he title to the above property is believed to
>e indi-putahle, but we will convey by special
varrantly only.
If more particular information be desired, it
:an be l»ad by addressing John B. Murphy, at
viiisale, Va., nr Robt. Mayo Jr, at Hague, Va.,
JOHN B. MUKI'HY, J Tru.letfg
KOBKUT MAVO Jr., \ ,fU Iet8
Westmoreland Co., Va., nov 10—eots
PUBLIC SALE —Will be Koiil to the tilt'll
est bidder, on the 'ibth of January BVj3, U
fair, if not the nexi lair day, at the fate run
deuce ot Jas. I*. Seaton, dec’d, in the town of
Rccloitown, all the PERSONAL PROPER! \ ,
ot said deced’nl., consisting ot Hoksks, Hen*1.
Alli.i ii Cows,—about *2M) bushels V\ heat, ami
too hrds Corn. i two-liorse Wagon i dou ».*?
harness Carriage. Farming Implkmkms,
Terms of Salk—The Wheat will be sold
lor rash. On all other property, a credit ot •*
months will be given on ail sums ol $10 ;n I
above, the puicbaser giving bond wfth ap
proved senility, bearing interest fioni date; in
terest tn be (emitted if punctually paid. A*
sumsol 5H0 and un ler, the cash will he rstjuii
*d. No property to tie removed until the term*
of sale are complied with.
I*. S.—All indebted to the estate, either b>
note or open account, w ill please come l» i w at »
and make immediate pajmem. AH
claims will please present tt»em, proper > an
ih' iiticated. KORKU 1 M. SI* A I ON,
Administrator ol Jas. I*. Seaton. <1 « d
Kectortown, jan 0— « ots*
l On the 15//r duy of February, isr».‘#f u u i,
it not, on the next lair day, 1 will oiler at Pu *■
lie Sale on the premises, situated in Loudr uu
County, Va , about miles below DppeiviMc.
that portion of the leal esl ite of the Inte Ana .**
Denham, senior, deceased, which was held by
his wido-.v the late Mrs. Denham in dower ;u
her death.
The said property consists of about 7J£
ACRES ot first rate I/)udoim hind with a Iim*
a two story BRICK DOT>Lot fc room*,
a stone Kitchen, frame Mable, ami tinr
garden. ihi> properly u vei) desirabh
being immediately on the tut .pike road le st
trig to Alexandiia and only 6 miles from ti.«
Kectortown Nation on Manassa Railroad.
J he terms ot sale, whico will be liberal, wili
he made known on thedav of sale. Any one
wishing to see the properly, will please call on
either Charles or Amos Denham living on the
premises. JOHN A. CAR I KB,
Agent and A iorney for the Heirs.
Uppenrille, jan 4—eots _
removed one square above h*s old stand,
w here he is prepared to furnish the following
narrow and broad SLATS, VENETIAN
FRAMKSoi all kinds made to <uder, a line coi
tion of FRENCH PRINTS, winch he can sell
very low. All kinds ol SHADES famished at
the shortest n dice. BLOCK LETTERS made
to order. CUR TAINS AND SHADES hung
in the latest styles. Store South aide of King
street. _ _ _ aP H
O KATES.--Plenty of Skates, ol all sue*.
O sorts, and shapes, just received, »Bd R,r
sale at pnee» io *»ui! all, by
dec 1*5 S. K. cor of King and Fairfax*:*
AILS.—ouO kegs Nails, assorted, im ►ai*
by Ldec 3J CAZENOVE Ii CO.

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