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Brigham Young, ««'• ®f 1 *Bh*
This remarkable man, who to compare
things with great, may remind many ot
Cromwell, was, at last accounts, making an ex
hibition ol himself in diveis addresses to his
taithtui followers, in one of his discourses at
the tabernacle, he instructs his brethren in this
4411 y0u wish to know what you must do here
after,'l will tell you in a few words; keep your
powder ami lead*, and your guns in good o der.
Ho about your wo«k, plow your fields, work in
your mechanic shops, and Ue ready at the
morning, at noon, or in the night, that whenev
er you are called upon, you can put your
hand upon your musket ami ammunition at the
shortest notice, "lie ye also ready, lor in an
hour you think not. bebo d the thief comes,"
and take- away your horse from the >table.
How many complaints have been made to
me by men who have had their horse- stolen
ou» of their stables, or out or their corals, or of
clothes being taken trom the line? Thereupon
why people lose their pioperty is because they
do not watch it. Have l ever complained ot
any such thing? No! ^ hs ■ Became l watch
mu coral. Do l lose anvihing out ol my barn.
No! Because l lock it up and keep some
body thereto watch it. Do I lose any clothing.
Not that I know of. I tell my folks not to
leave out their c othrng. hy,” they ask, *lis
there any danger of their being stolen? it •**
none of your business; they will not dry after
dark, theietore take them in, and hang them
out again in the morning. I hat is the way to
live: and that is what 1 wish to sav to sou con
cerning these matters, that your minds might
be al peace. All will be peace this summer if
vou kerw on watch ng. , . f ,
kkliyou want 10 know what to «-o with a thief
that you may find steal'ng, 1 suy. kill /union
the spot, ami never sutfe' him if> commit nil
other iniquity. That is what 1 expect I >haN
do, though never, in the days of my life, have
1 hurt a man with the palm of my hand- 1
never have hurt any person any other way ex
cept with this unruly member, my tongue —
Notwithstanding th;s. if I caught a man stea -
ing on my premise-, l should be very apt to ,
seed him straight home, and that is what 1
wi.-h every man to do. to put a stop to that
abominable practice in the midst of this peo
ple.” _
The(iiiuese in California.
A San Francisco letter ol July 1st, publish*
el in the Journal ot Commerce, says:
l»A suit is new pending in one of our Courts,
brought by a company or t hmatnen against
one ot their leaders, tor the recovery of a large |
sum of money deposited bv them in the hands *
of the defendant forsi’e keeping, fie holding
ihe office ot treasurer \c., to the company.—|
There are no le-s than seven thousand names
appended to the instrument as plaintiff*, a!i
Written in Chinese characters, and then transla
u'nt/1i«h Ir IS mute a formidable doc
umen\ the expenses attending which mu*t he
trulv enormous. .
“There are four companies of t htne*e m
California, where all Hock on landing from the
ships, each going to ttieir own conipanv pro
vince—as from ea>‘. wes*, north, or south
companies are toni.ed for then niu»ua!
comfott and protection. 1 hev also have courts ,
of judicature of their own for the punish
ment of criminals guilty ot petty thefts, &c., •
which crimes are const anti v occurring among
themselves, and which aie not known to out
side ‘barbarian*.’ Hi nee has arisen the suit
referred to. An effort is being ma le to break
up the orgamz it;on, which is conducted much
alter the" manner of the mqu smon. The |
officers of these companies ha%e the charge or
tueir poor. The sick and destitute a'so report j
to them, and where all their business is Iran-,
sacted. At present whole streets of our city ;
are given up to Chinese merchants, traders, .
gambling houses,&c In fact we have a per
fect China town in our own California: and a
strong current i* now setting in ♦avoiahie o
th»* people, mainly owing to the ett »rts of Uev.
\\ jfIrani Spear, w ho. m a serie* of lecture*, en- .
deavored to impress upon hi* hen re is the great
importance to our State of encouraging the
emigration ot Chine*** ioour shores as he re- ;
marked that ihev had a ready taken the in
itiatory steps to plant here nurseries ot their
choicest fruits and would, tl encouraged to
locate here, proceed at once to the cultivation
ot rice and *i»k throughout ‘he land."
Another chap er from Mr. Benton's forth-'
com ng History, is \ ubhshed. and will be found j
in to day** paper. It relates to a subject, which,
in this quarter of the country, especially, will be
liverestingp ^mmm
»> i i8W?i Moon's Phases
•t* Tinirsda/...i| J N..w.“4 '« 55*.
2» Klday .... |» VK.rst *;r 11 10 2» K
»> Sntiiniay . > UU||.IS ti 45 k
:« Sunday-•> .Vi i! Ui.uir .. *> 10 27*
I Monday ... .•> 2*> •* - .. ,fc5
•» Tuesday.... U •{,*> :>7 Ill'-H WAIr.K.
O , 1 r. > I DA 1 t..>
Loudon.I»ly W | Havre. -J" v
» i ye r pool.. July 131 New • >ri. ..i w -
POUI AI.K\YM)KI\, Jl L\ 27
Sc Ur. Peerless, W rcks New York, to Fowle
& Co.
Br. Sell r. .lo«e|'liine, p*»;z. St.John, N. b.,
by Cazenove & Co. „ .
3 Sc hr. Wood well, Pattangall, Boston, by
Fowl*? & Co.
Sc hr I list. Wyatt, cleared at New York, for
this pot t, 25th inst.
IgitfBah Sterfipfr
4 an:»l ( HiHMiert f,
Arrived, IuI> 27.
Boats A. Carey, American Flag, and J. G
Stone, Cumberland, coal to Aileglians Mining
Boats Kilen Bell, C. B. Tisdale* Henry May.
and Anna Marion, Cumberland to brostburg
Coal Co.
Boats Baltimore, Charles Arthur, Metacomet,
Mas*a*oit, and Three Brothers, Cumberland,
coal to Borden Mining Co.
Boats Baltimore and Chires Arthur, Cum
berland, hv Borden Mining Co.
Boat \v. J. Boothe. Cuinbeiland, by Al!e
ghan> Mining Co.
Boat lVlawa*h. Harper's Ferry, groceries f^r
Clear Spring, Md , and Ben’onville, Warren
County, Va.. trom Wm. &( ha*. Ba\ne
I7MON COAL YARD. Cmon Street near
j Qt’KEN — I he under-igned na* taken the
Coal Yard on Union street near Queen, recent
ly occupied by the Frostburg ‘ oai Company,
and is prepared to furnish AN 1 HkAC 11 K atul
CUMBERLAND COAL by the car load or ton.
Having been engaged in the Coal business
tor a long time and intending to devote hi*
who'etime and attention to the retailing ol
Coal, he feels confident he can give sa?inac
tion to all who mav fa%*or him with their orders.
He will alwavs keep a large supply on hand,
from the most approved mines, and which will
be sold at 2240 lbs to the ton.
All orders from town or country will be
promptly attended to. *
y jv S-la J \ MRS PERRY - A g»"T
i received this day, and for sale by
1JLV POISON —Certain death to these wing
ed one*. For sah* in quantities to suit^ the
convenience of customers, by HENRY PEEL,
Druggist, comer ot King and Fairfax streets.
JV 27_ _
WOOL! WOOL! !-\\:e are paying the
highest market price for this article.
jy 26-1 w_S S M ASTERS k SON.
PERUVIAN GUANO, of the latest impor
tation, in store, and for sale hv
je 18 S. s. MASTERS* SON.
OO HHDS. prime Poro R co Sugars, in
/£\j store, and for sale tow by
*A3 RY OIL, in store, and tor «*le hy
Supposed Murder iu Hennto.
We are mtonned upon cettam authority
that two of the thiee (Stnooie and Thorpe.)
now in jail lor the supposed murder oi the j
strange man, near Luv* nstem’s Iavem. in
Henrico, have admitted that Browning Hie
third piisoner, pume man n ’othe wood, j
leaving »hpm on the mad, ati i that alter
his return he remarked, that he struck me
man tor making awav so fas', and lett
him lifeless as he came away, this is a
development which approximates mure close
ly to the reality than any yet made It wnl
remove manv doubts entertained favorably tor
the prisoners! and dart e . Still moie, every pha»e
in their »up| o-ed crim;naIitN. 1 here can,hov\
ever, be no satisfactory solution oi the mvstery
pending some knowledge of the destiny of the
stranger.or their own admission, the above
statement i* an important step in that way.
Richmond It dig.
An Ox tliiit (iivcs 31 ilk.
Mr. James I horn, oi Clinton, has an ox that
g i vps milk freely. He lias a bag with imn
teats, each one of which yields milk like that
of trie cow. I he bag is divided into tour sec
lions but unlike the cow’s it has no udder.—
Ka'h quarterot the bag has a cavity wh en
supplies iN teat, independent of the others - j
When milked out, it is readily supplied again,
like that ot the cow —Poughkeei>>ie American.
I)r. kiiis’s ( »^»
The New York Tribune learns by a letter
from Athens, that the affair of Dr. King is on
the point of being arranged, fie will f e indem- j
nitie<l tor his pi *perty. and the remainder of his
sentence will be remitted by the Kmgot Greece. ^
In Washington, on the 23! instant, by the ;
Bev. Mr Ree~e. Mr. () C HARRIS, n| Upper j
Marlboro,' Pri’ ce George's connt\, Maryland,
to Miss KLIZABKt H A. CKACKUN.of Cal
vert county, Alary land.
On Sunday, 24th inst , CLARKNCK MUSK,
youngest >ou ot ( and Alary Jane I iice,
aged 2 years ami 4 months. [Ba t. Sun c< *p>. J
In Washington, on ihe 25th instant, ajipr a
long and protracted illness, w h ch she bore
with Christian resignation, Ahs> AlARi k.
T’ANNKR, aged 30 years.
In Washington on Tuesday July 2lst., Mr.
JOSKPH Ai AoKRI I’KR. a native ot Georg
toyvn, m the 35.h year of his age.
July he 21st, lS->». at Oak Wood, I iince
George's county. Aid., DA SOf’HlA , seemd j
daughter or John H. a d Catharine Uugeit, in
the seventh year ol her age. V\ hat consola
tion mu>t tier heart-siiickeii parents leei when
thex know that this bereavement, which has
caused their hearts t > bleed, is the beginning o'
. . _ _ I • . . i.. nll.ut' «v, 11 _ t
uri ric'iio' | ; •••
has onU b^eii plucked in lhe bud tr<*n* till** sor
rowing, sickening, d\ing wot it! ami transpla^
ted in” the Garden of Paramse, where watered
oy the snnies of her God. >he w ilt b o >m forever
in immoral voirh What an incentive tt»e-e
reflections should be to tier mourning parents.
U> piepare to heho'd tins heautitu tl >wer if»
tueo Father's Kmguom, when tlm words or
the departed saint were, l*l can t live—mother
he good ' " _
— - _r-sWH7.fc-.as — crrir t »r-.i r^m
Maryland Tobacco.$4 oo 11 1 U"
Flock, Super. * 11 00
Do. Family.»5 oo " *'l>
Wheat, red.*.I 02 n 1 1,1
Do white.I « 1 10
|»yK.U nS (l 0 '0
Corn* white,*.*.’.!.u r,:i ,l " ^
Do. yellow.“ o-i ti 0 '
Oats ....0 l“ " 11 41
Corn Meal, per bushel.o ~u " u
Bi tter, roll, per In.“ 1“ 11 0 1 ^
Do ti....» M " <♦ ^
B icon, hog round.0
I ork, (wagon).11 00 11 " 0 \
Lard (in kegs..0 in •• n l'o
Clover Seed......“ n " ““
Iimotmy Seed.' 7.» « l ““
White Keans...“ Vl 0 0 J'* !
Plaistkr, (retail).'■> ~r> ,} ()
Flaxseed.* 11 4 j
Black-Kyed Peas.I 2;> il 0 ^ j
Si:mac, per thundred)...1 *>0 11 “ ! .
H\y, (bate).0 s0 per 55 1
FLOCK.— I he maiket is dull—holders him.
We hear of no si!e> Car juice Si s7\ re
i ceipts light.
GRAIN.—Wheat is dull—prices declined —
; We quote red at I02e a 104 Os ; white, lO^c a
; 110 cts. S,»les ot white Coin at 05 cN *. mixed
62ca 63 cN. No prime yellow in market In
i other produce no change «i» juice*.
BKKF CAT!‘LK.— Supplit s modera’e, pr
| ces unchar ged. VV e quote *f3 2:> a 54 j»ei 100
lbs gross. Sheep am: Lam * 2-> Si.
| BUSINKSS continues to improve, money
OPKKRYVILLK Hi * 1 KL.— 1 he proprietor o!
0 this establishment wouiii lesprCUuhy in
vite she attention of his ti.emU and the pubi c
generally to tin* extensive improvements, jud
j completed tohis house, 'tabling, Mo , and now
I i»p*»n tor the lecephou ot boauiers, by tne
I month, week, or day.
To the ntHuded seeking a quiet summer re
treat, this Una'ion presents ma n inducements,
uoi elsewhere louml. Its puie siieams and
| mountain air, cannot he surpassed It is situated
on the eastern side ot the B.ue Bulge, iminedi
atelv upon the imeot the VV arrenton and New
Market lurnpike road, being the shortest, and
I and most eXped*tious route to the Spnngs ot
| the Valley ol Virginia
Passengers leaving Alexandria m the movn
i mg tram 7o Warrenion, arrive at this point the
tins memou iw mum ii<- —.. --
very liberal patronage extended to his house,
ruo^rthilk sobering a continuance ol the
1 notince to the public that they are now prepaid
! r»>r it reception and enteitammeni ot v isnor>.
i An extended panegyric id the remedial vutue>
lot these waters they deem unnecessary, popu
lar opimon dating hack e gh’y Nears P»«%' ,!’g «'* *
1 proved them. I hese springs are beaut tu Is
! situated in Frederick County. Va, *r> mde* tioin
i V\ mchester and \k mdes from Stephet son >
! IVpot P O , on die Winchester and Harpers
Ferry Bail Road, and are there’ore ol ea>v ac
cess from Nordi and Ka^t. V isitors leaving
i Rltl imore. Washington, Me., in the morning
tram, arrive m due time to Wine.
Facilities tor the accommodation ot guests
are more ample than ever belore, a large new
building having been recently erected.
For the following diseases the-e waters are
j found to he highly efficacious i>ys; epsia, Liver j
j Hiseases. Kruplive Atlections, Mo . Me ; am! as
’.. . I\.».»•,.4 r\f n n a ilnii'.lT
HFNKY > urug^orc
;y ,i? Sarepta Hall
Drs. Isaac Winston and II. Bioofce Powell,
have been elected, by the City Councils, |»hy
s clans to me pour of ibis Corporation; and das.
Campbell, supermtendnnt ot the Has Woiks
Mr. Jamieson, the Jointer supertiiteiida 'l oi ‘be
Gas Wotks, whose resignation has already
been announced, is engaged in the erection of
a Foundry and Machine Shop, on Wilkes
street—which estalishment will be in opera
tion in a short time.
H. Noble, recently committed to jail, on a;
charge ot stealing a gold watch, made his es
cape on 1 uesday night la*!, by picking a hole
i i the wall of the jail, with a spike nail and
Cise knife — and then chaining over the outer
w al' bv means of *lmet« ti°d together.
AtlMSTROSG. P kincifai. —*1 he next ses-;
Sion Ot the Cppervilte Acauemy will Open on
the r,t/i of St pt ember. A spacious building ha*
been lined up for an Academy, ami the Priori-!
pai ba* provided coinmodaii uis tor hoanlers in
Ins own house, 10 whom every attention will;
be paid, in addition to all the English:
branches, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry,
Mathematics, Greek, Latin, and French will
be taught. The course ot educat on wili be,
practical and thorough, and such as will fully!
prepare student- lor the Dnivrrsny ol Virginia,:
or o’her Colleges, i lie Principal is a graduate
of Trinity College, Dublin. He has been tor
several veurs successfully engaged a* teacher.
I'iie names of seine of his patrons will be;
found in his list of references Two well
qualified Assist mts are engaged. 1 fie fir-t !
Assistant, Mr. Y\ Gordon, has graduated with \
much distinction at I exmg’on Military Insti
Upperviiie is situated in one ot the most
heal hy and moral |»arts of Virginia, five miles
from the Kectortow n Dejiot, on Manassas
Ga(> Railroad—stages from Alexandria pass
through the village Tor further j>ariicti ar*
applv to tne Principal who will furnish Circu
lars, Me.
Terms —For Board and Tuiiion. lnc.udmg
Washing, Lights, Me., $100 per scholastic year,
payable hall Nearly in advance, viz: nth of
Nepteinher and ti ot Fcbruaiy.
Terms ok I crrioN ok pay Pi'pil*.
Higher Kng'i'h
and I.atin or French $'<0
For all branch?* taught $ to
Mr* J A. Mar hai.L, Wau rico P. Fan
juier County, Ya.
Dr R Mkiblim- Fanowsville Post Office J
Henry M. Marshall, esq., Feed’s Manor.
Posi t irtice.
Rev. W. Pendleton. t; l; “ i
Hon. J. M. Mason. Winchester.
.!, hn I*. Hulany, e-q , Cpj»ervil!e P. O.
Jr n\ Carter, t-q., ^“
Robert K oq., Warrenfon.
(i. VV BkI’.NT, ♦ >q ,
Ki'V. (j. Ni KTi N. ‘k
Upward C. Marshall, esq, I'arrowsvilie j
l\»"l * tfi e.
James K Marshall, esq v “ il
Jo>ki h Shkkrakp oq , Win< he-ter.
Major Ambler. Parrowsville P O.
Carlisle u ihtim; e-q* V\ ashington.
'In ;s. >. Hall. e-q.. Markham Station.
Puny application requested.
CPI e vilie. \is -. —<h 3m
ion. VA
Hr. j.kv WM. MKADK, D D. President of
the Bo ird ot I rtistees.
Rev. K. H. PHILLIPS, A. M , Pi incipal.
Rev I. C. WllrAP, A. M . Vue Prinei
pal. The KLKVKN I'H SP SSION' ol Hu- I1
ut,ori wii! cotinrM nee on the first \[ ednesdmj
hi Sfptembri F')i -afubnly ot atmosphere,
, 1111 t \ ui wa'er. i* ti .ed society, and ea-\ ac
:e>s, perhaps I'O • t»« ,t'!on m the •''•ale cnjn\> >n- j
peNoi advantages
I he id lLiuno- were «*inew* I in !s l'< tv, aj
Jomptuv oi genl »*nieit i»i d ff.*r«»i»t p»r!-ol tin ;
stale. a co«! of -ixteen Iii*»11«ri• id do Tars, with !
, vu. nf -ecuiing adv.images lor their o \ n ;
laughter- ol t* e highest ordei. It has an e\ .
•dent Ari’AR.MUs, and a we!i--ei« e’ed li
| in. course ot Study is extensive and the in
-tructu»n< iho ough. I he di tie rent Depar sinent -
,*:e under the ca eot masters ot loi g at d mic
Ce-.-lul e.XJier cure
1 erms—Board and P e P.ngh-h Course, Hr,
ses«n»n ot 10 months, *;>:» No extras except ;
tor Mu ic. Languages, and Drawing.
R.-trr to the toiiowmg P«tr ns —Hon. A H.
H Sunt. Dr P\ T. Suitiling. Staunton; Dr. T H
rtagef. Leesburg; Majcr William S Dabney.
Charlotte-ville; A. T. Lapeium, e>q , Monroe: j
(i-orge P PaMoe.e.q . Koa-ok-: B Smith, e-q
Parkershure: M.ijoi J dm Lee, tdange, \ a . J
P Ingle Washington, D. C : Judge Kravis,
Alabama. .
^i^p'or Circulate, &c, address the I nncij»al.
Miinntnn Va. !' I* --eolm
R>LKV \N Sr. Vi m.K !N>Tl 11 I li.
Staunton. Ha.— I he exuci-es ol ’hi
IustifU'ion will he le.-ioned on the hist ot Sep
•ember next.
The Academic year, of ten months, »s divi
ded i»*o w\ o se-sion> of five months each: I he
tir>t commencing with September ad e-difig j
w ith Jai.ua: v : tin* -econd commencing with |
Kt* t>ruu r v% ;r»ti ^ tii! t* w ith Jill*©.
The course ot instruction is i.xtcnsivp, anti
pmbr.tct s cverxthmg necessary to the acqu'si
tion ot a thorough English, Classical and l o
lite education
1 he Boarding Department is in the charge ol
an experienced housekeeper, and no pains will
t.e spared to secure the comfort of ail the in*
mates o* the I ns? tute.
Board, including turmshel room, ^ _ I
washing, tuei, lights, icc. ^ -’d |
I'uUion in the regnhtr cour-e, inclu !
i?>g ancient languages, from lj*»2to$2'
Music on th^* Piano «>r (iiiUar, b,( |
r>e ot Instrument *
Vocal Mu-:c. ^ 1
Modem Lauguagis, each, Sod 00.
Diawing and Painting, each, S' s on
Payable m advance ai the beginning m eacn •
Kor Data ogues, or any additional m|oima-i
t:on, aildres- the undersigned at Maui.ton.
JOHN WILSON. Principal.
Staunton. \’a , jv VI —e< 2 v
\\ ted on the s\stem o! the I hiladelphia j
and Baltimore High Schools. The location is one
ot the heahhiest in the Vaiiey ot \ irg.ma, a< d ,
punits who enlnist the i sons to llte princi-i
p,;', cjtrr. may be a^ured that ev< ry attention
will be p iid to* their heal h and moral-. well
h> in tlo ir edura'um. I he btench, Gesman.
and Spanish languages are -poteen.
I he Principal has permission to icier to the;
Rt Rev. Kn linsr n Whittmgham. Bi-hop ot
Maryland, the Rev. Hr. Schmuike1, he-ident
rheological Semma«V. GeMy-mng. Pa , the
Hon. das. M. Mason, Va . the Hon Ab\ nder
Kv.ms Mil. HKM-'V W. TlUMiPK. A. M. I
Winchester, jy 23-e<.7.* Ptmctp^1
I AND FOR SALK—I iff r tor sale my
I j farm at Auburn, Fauquier County, 'a.,
tive rnlies ea>t ot Warrenton, and bxe mi'e-:
\%est of Colvin’- Station, in the YaHe\ ot Cedar j
Run, containing about BOO ACRES, witn :
.. irooit improvemeius, logether with a,
jj 1.4bip lor a family, a business p ace.
and has been occunied tor many 'ears ALSO,
a FARM of 300 ACRES near Hus, in a h'gh
state of culiivat.on. wrh excellent improve
ments, the p'Opertv of J. Carnell A good bar
gain is offered, and payments made easy.
Call at Auburn and view ’he premises
Fauquier County, jv IS—emt
HAIR —Apply every morning just enough
of the Oriental Restorative to moisten the hair,
then dress it with a stiff brush, l*or sale by
jv 27 HENRY PEEL, Druggist.
SOLAR LAMP OIL of best quality, just re
ceived, ami for sale bv
jy *27 HENRY COOK, Sarepta Hall.
NrO. 1 SOAP—2d boxes Colegate's No. 1
Soap, just received, at
jx 27 WHITE'S. Po-t Office corner.
BROWN STOUT.—6 casks London Brown
Smut and Pale Ale, received, and for sal®
A! a meeting ol the Board ot Aldermen, held
on 'iuasnav evening, ‘26th ol July: present.
M *,rs. Brackett, Massey, Smith Smoot, and
Tin* President bemg absent, Mr. Brocket!
Wfi'i called to the < hair.
J’ne ,>ecte aiy hemg abse t, Mr. Howie act ,
ed as Secietaiv pro tern.
A communication from the Surveyor xva*
read, and referred to Committee on Gracing.
A communication trom the Ma* or was read
and reierre-l to the Committee on General Laws.
Noiice was received trom Common Council
ihnt they had accepted the resignation o; the;
Physician* of the Poor; in which the Board!
A commumc dioi from the Attorney of the .
Corporation was received and lai 1 on the table. I
An act lor an additional Mihsci ipti<*n 10 the ;
Stock ot the .Manassas Gap Railroad Companx,
whs introduced on leave, read a M and -2-1
liiHeS, ami on motion, the nile in such case*
having been suspended was read a third time
and parsed.
An order from the Common < onncil in refer
ence to renting e room in the llmd story ol the
Market building, was received and returned to
them, under'amendment.
Mi. Kowle tendered his resignation as a
member of the Fr ance Committee, which was j
'J'he petition of Peyton l)evaughn xva* receiv- j
ed, read, and laid on ihe table.
The report oi the Joint Comm.ttce in case the j
of Samuel H. Baggett, with the testimony, was
received ar>d accepted.
A bill from tme Common Council, in re ation
to Physicians ol the Poor, xva* received, read a
hot a? d second tones, and alter a suspension
ol the i(lie, was read a third lure- and passed.
An oidt-r in lavor ot J. C. Goods, was read;
and lelei red to the Revenue Committee.
A resolution h iving ?»een received horn the
Common Council announcing the r readiness to
go into an election ot Suj crintei.denlGas Works
and Physicians to the Poor, was concurred m,
and the txx o Boards went into convention.
I)rs. Isaac Wins'on and H. B. Powell, were
elected Phxsicians to the Poor, and James
Campbell, Superintendent Gas Work-4, on joint
On returning to their ( hamher, the hill <or the
Manassas Gap Railroad was ipcc ixed t r^ - in tlie ;
Common Council, with an amendment, which j
was concurred in
The Board then adjourned.
S \ Yj’li J. McCOR V1ICK, Clerk.
sell Mount Hebron, located >ix milns
west ol Alexandria, in Fairiax County, \a:
contains about IIGO ACRc.S. -<00 acre.
cleared, and in go<»d lence, 1 -'>0 acies under
I'.ni-ur m!i11 i unfitb v nil in tine conditior l is ca*
pabie ol cutting a; least i00 tons ol good h i\
and keeping .00 head ol caitie. About 00 ^
acres is now planted with com, wlrch promi ;
ses a ve.y tine crop—about M)0 acres is tin- | (
der timber—a large pr< portion ol it i< very j
heavy, a goat ptopoition ol the growth i
white ami black oak. a large amount of which
would make first qinlify ot Ship umber, and
iniii h oiln r \ery valuatde timber. It judi
cioii'ly managed, the wood jmd timber on
lour hundred acres, he-i les the expense ot ; i
delivering it in Alexandria, wilt p.t\ tor the
whole plantation 1 he land when improv
ed and tn fence, is wmih ot least *b0 per ,
acre. I here aie at least ‘Ob acres of aiimiai
s.n! on the tract, of the finest quality, d to* ,
whole ol the Had is clav sub-soil. and wvii ,
watered. It fenced in *gb ane lot-, every tot .
can have living wafer in it. There are over dun
Apple Uet-s, a great portion ol them hearing the
hHst oi summer and winter fruit; also, I’each,
Cherry, and IVars. Theie aie o.i the place
/p** three DWKLLINH HOUSKS; one a brick
M hou-c, H'd teel by I'd, 7 rooms*. o..e Irarne
house. 0 moms; one -aue Hewn iog hou^el one
large bam. with basement under, sufficient
.or sfab'ii'g ib hoises. A so, a large. K
Hl'sl.hlSfi. loirnt-rlx n Colton factory newly t
rebuilt; a pa it cd which is u^ed now !u an
overshot g. ,t vd -aw mil', w’lHi -tiffirn n* watei .
power to drive Hie u nl nine moil hs »n a \eai 1
I lie < ha »«ge a d Alexandria !*a d Load pa-ee>
nearly thr. ngh the <e tre, and ihe Cr mpuny
■lU* building a sv* itch lot the u-e o| the f AKM ,
about in the middle ol 'lie timber My o*a
sons for off -ring tens vaiu-ibV estate for sab*,
are. that I have *atel\ en'e'ed largely in a fta’l
|Joa! project in New Jersey, the -urre-sol
which I a n largely interested in. I he payments
wd! b•* made en’ireix to suit tin* purchaser.
I l.e purcf.ase mone\ bring .-a ist.ictoiiiy se
cured am! made pasabie in the City ot New
York or Philadelphia, wjth( the interest semi- j
I here is about $»V)n0 worth of per-onn! pro
pertv; sax Muit-s. Ih»rses, a line family Carriage.
\Yago .s. Farming utensils,&ic.,&c., aM of which
will he ' tiered with iiie mal estate. This large
ami v a 'liable e-tale w ill he sold a great bargain,
ami po-*se--.oh given iimnedia’e'y . hor terms
apply on tfn* pr» in.ses to H. \ . Kdsall, or at thtr
Office of tr»e Alexandria (iftzeite.
iy go — eon JOS K. KDSALL
niKDMONT HOUS K . < ulpepek Court j
\ HoI’se Va —Tln< new and commodious I
HOI p;i. I-. now open lor the accommodation ol j
Hie public. It i* newly lumislieu thioughout,1
am! iis accommodations olLr the most perfect •
corn tort to ad who may favor it with their pa
Two large and comwo.iirMis STABLK*s at
tended h\ nu-ty and experienced Ostlers, are j
at'aclied to tne preursis. i lie luxuties ot the j
TABLK will he surpassed by none. an.I the
BAR will h<* supp.ied at all times with a
choice select ion ol superior Winks ami Li
Our charges w ill be uniform, and as mode
rate aSlne expenses ot any good I ubiie house
iu tins section ol country will ju-tity. We
therefore invite the public t> g ve us a call,
assuring them no pain- will be spared to ren
der them comfortable
jN );>_pnq, \y \\ IWYNK & (’O.
LKASK KO i i FI VK Y FA RS.— the
propmtx neiween Kowle & Co., and B. H.
Lambert, hounded by the R idioad. on l uiou
>freet «• ' Hie A est. and the Potomac Kiv.-r on
the Ka-t, fronting on I n:on street 70 leet. tuii
mnL» Ka-t to th♦* river, with tin* W hart therein*
«•, ; t ached and ’he j nvilege of a ten feet aliey
on the South. On s.rd premises Iheie i<alir>t
ra'e ti c-j tool iHRKK S I * * K A WALK
HOFSK, with iwo Counting Rooms. Also, a
twosimv WAR KHOUSK. This piof«r
Jj'j’ tv pres* n!^, perfiaps, the most independent
location in 'he t<»wn ot Alexandria, fordoing a
Produce, Coal or Shipping business. A switch
can at -mall co-t he run thtongh the whole line;
from the railroad '.o the rivet
jy f-eolm.* JOMAH H DAVIS. j
OMIIH k ASHBY are now receiving ’heir
Spring Hint SUMMER Hoops, purchased in
New \ oik. Pmladeif’hta. Balt more, am! Alex
andria, and are otlei mg them at unu-uaf'x iow
T.ieir Domestics, Boots. Shoes, H its, and 1
Rmr.Iv Made C.o iling, will compare m prices |
with at»\ market in Virginia.
They respect i u 11 v request their friends in!
Upper Fauquier. Loudoun, W arren, and Clarke,
to call ami examine their stock belore pmclia
sing elsewhere.
P. .v All kinds of country produce taken in
exchange tor goods Plaster, salt, iron, and
guano c n-lamly on hand.
P edmont Station, mv 2—eott
r ry, on the Potomac, in Slaflord County,;
Va., about-10 miles below Alexandria, is for
rent tor one xpir, or for a term ot vears. I ti s ;
-fiore. of established reputation. fias a bench,
of more than three quarters of a mile, with;
commodious fish hou-es. and every other con- ;
vemence. For turtfur particular- apply to i
JAM KS IRWIN, esq , A’exandria, Va.
jy 9—eotf
J. DENTIST: office, corner Pi nice and St
Asaph streets, opposite the Second Presbyterian
Church. Alexandria, Va.
Dr. C. will be tn Paris, Fauquier Co.,
Va . on the9’h o’ July, where fie will remain
a few days, and he glad to see any persons de
siring his professional services, je 23—eoly
SALT.--Fine and Ground Alum Sait, m -tore j
an f for sale by S. SHINN & SON, {
jy 03 ’ Jannex's Wharf, j
MACHINK OIL. — 5 bhU. Machine O.l, re
o.iveil, ai"l for *a!e hy
jy 27 HENRY COOK, Sarei>la Hall.
.1. McO >KMICK—Auctioneer.
J I ON.— On Fndoy, 201/1 instant, at |*>
o'clock, I\J , \vi I be si id on Lambert te McKen
zie’** wharf. 150 BITS. N O MOLa>sEs,
pari o' the cargo of the bug R* zebne.
jy ‘is—dii R. G \ I0LE1 I’.
Thursday, the 2bth inst., at 10 o’clock, will be
soul im trout ot my auction More, a variety ot
Household and Kitchen Furniture, suth a* —
Spring seat Solas; Settees
Mahogany, Maple and other Utids.ead*
Cane seat and other Chairs
1 pair fine Mahogany hilar Dining Tables
f’herrs do; Mahogany do
Walnut ami Maple Cradles; Shuck Malire-ses.
ALSO. Niver haled Tea, Dessert, ami Table
Spoons: Silver-plated and De.-sert Pork.-; com
plete sets ot Ivory Knives and Forks; 51 pieces
jo. dinner and dessert Ivors and Buck Knives
and Folk.*; (Lass and Crockers, Bath I ub, Sic ,
1 large Iron Sale, in good order
1 do Counting room, Mahogany Book Case
I do Double Writing Desk
> Carls and Gear
l huge Shosv Case, with doors
Several Window Frames, with Sa*hes and
(Lass complete. GEORGE WHITE,
jv *0 _:jt Auctioneer.
LAND For SALK.—By v.rtueot a decree
ot the Ci 1 cun Court of Culpeper, pronoun- i
:*ed on the 15'h day ot Jills, lv">.T. in ill** case !
t! John C. Green, I ru-tee of Sarah .L Smith I
Tint her children, plaint ll vs Adam A . Smith
ind svife ami oilier*, defendant*, the under
-igned, Commis-ioner appointed hv *ai I decree. |
will sell at pul he auction, to the ' ighest hid
ler, on the premises, on the 3rd day of Stptgni 1
W next, a T RACT OF LAND containing
167 ACRES, situated in the County of Cul
peper, on Cedar Run, about one nnle from the i
contemplated Depot o| the Orange and Aiex
amiria Rail Road, which will be completed in !
\ few months.
This liart ot land is ol orig:fn!lv excellent j
jiiality, particularly (or wheat. The neigh-'
not hood 1* good and rapiiils improving: Counts \
healths ami ea.*» ol access hs bail Road to the ]
inaike’.* of Alexandria and Richmond. I he j
ta<m lie* compacts and has an abundant sup I
p!s oi TIMBER. T he BUILDINGS are 1
jjlli, md rtereni.
1 eii.m*:- One hundred dollais 10 be paid in •
•;;sr; tn»* balance in three *<fual in.*talment* in J
•ix month*, one year and t ao years sv.th in
erest Irom the das of sa e. to he seemed b.
bonds with good serurits, and by retaining the
egal tiiJe until all the purchase money be paid;
»r me purchaser may, it rie please, pay me m.-i j
n-talment at the tune ot sale, or at any ime i
hereafter before it becomes due
JOHN C. GREEN, Comm'r.
Culpeper count*. ty <2 —law Gw
I weil known farm ••SALISRl KM lying
u*ar ('entreville. in Fairfax County, on the line
>t the Mana>sat* Rail Koa<i ex:enc»oii, and 20
i i!e- trom Alexandria, will he 'fi*red at anc
on, on the premises, F> nl/</, the With of An
^u,t, at ’ 2 o'clock. 1 he farm contain- 567 |
ACRES, with a large and beautiful meadow,
unt an ahtmda'ice ot wood, water, and bull- J
lings and is capable in it- present condition of j
rrazmg r.O to 100 Cattle, without injury to the |
land, and ot cropping, under similar treatment, j
with any other taim n» the county, or mar it
jV 20--eots J. S ROWELL
O A LE OK HO\TS— Will be soul ai public i
0 auction. Oil Fihlun vert, 2(.ith inA .nt M ■
irJotk, A M, m front of the-Idle of H R
Co . on |)-»ir gertield s whart, three su
„.nor KASf l»ORT ROA'PS. built of white
ink, and cppt r la-:em*d, length- 12 I ■'» and IP.
j ^ or,_j: CA/ENO\k& Co.
1 I « /l >h; o »i.l > asm K I I* MhA Cl U.M
1 J. if’ok—On t inlay. Z'.'t'i iv *t<int, nt 10
nini.k. will he sold at the dwelling house 05
Mr. Wm. White, on Wolfe, between Water
and I dike me'-, a van. ty o! Household and
Kitchen Eurrntiire, emhiacing the u-ual varie
ties to be found in a plain, neat, weil kept es
tablishment. Perms, at .-ah*.
,y 2''_ij'S GKO WHITE _
r I >Hk > C R S C R I R K It okkkrs >'*»k sai.k
ING EA kM ADJOINING, contain ng togeth
er IlOO ACRES. I he Wheatland farm, lying
on ( ait»*r\- run, containing 300 acres ot open
land, in a nigh state of cultivation, is considered
the most productive in ihe County oi Fauquier.
Except some twelve acr«*s, tfie whole i- in
gras- There are -ix fields, each \*eli watered.
F rom one to two hundred acres ot wood
Big land \vi I be attached to suit the purcha
ser. The improvements are comfortable.
I piopo-e al-o to sell the MORN IAIN
FARM adjoining compaisir g the remainder of
the 1101) acres, On this there are 3'»U acres ot
open land, most I \ covered with a good out. no
part oi it having* been plowed ‘or eighteen
\ears On this farm l have 800 MKRINO
r • ■ i a • r « I k t a t I' ft . I U ♦ a . .v I .1 r •*! if
iMir.r.i , wijicii i win st-n wim 1 ■
sired b\ the puicha-er I bese farms are Vtna
led jour miles from the Rail Road, (San*m Sta
tion.) 1 he terms will be made aceominoda
Einquier County. an 2'»—eotl
undersigned offers lor s<iie that valuable
farm, known as‘•Cli-li Farm.1 iymg on ihe wa
ters ot the Great Hunting Creek, in F'arlax
Counts, and within half amileot the limits of
ihe fl uiii'hing c;ty ot Alexandria, con'aining
about 250 ACRES, one halt oi which l- in
in.tier. a» (I !he remainder in a high Male ot
ruitiv.iton. It is r.elievr-d there is no 'and in
the vicinity ol Alexandria that possesses grea
ter inducements Ilian this, either tor larmii g or
dairv purposes, or both, A large porlnm of rhe
cleared land mas he classed as piime meadow
land, well taken in glass. The improvements
At:., are a romlortahle two stoiy FRAMF.
DW FXLING HOCSK, with the necrs.-a
rv Fit)uses ror servants, Barn, and other out
honsps. ami a\oang ami ihritiy Beach Oichaid
ol i|.p choicest trut. A portion ol the purchase
money, only, will be iHjuired m hand, a* il
ihe deterred pa\ menls will op made r a A lor hr
Executrix oi John D. Harrison, dec'll,
jy 21 — eo2n
I.\\IKF\X LAND FOR >ALK. --! will sell
t -LFF'/S- V A V ML situate, and ho*d**r:ng
fui t!;ree qnar'ers of a mile. on the Rolling
b'oaij, adj lining the lands ot Messrs. John H.
Broders, and Joseph F! F.d-all. between 11vc*
ami six moe- Com Alex <mlna, and a mile and
a hail from S, nnctiehl Station. Orange and Al
exandria Rail Road : containing t>(>! 1-4
ACRES. *200 Acres are iii vvonil, the nalance
areb e land, wh’di i- ver\ suscept.ble ot im
provement, h\ tn • use of lime, guano, ami
other lerubzefs, as ihe growing cr ps ol th»
gentlemen, 1 have mentioned, ami those oi !>r
W. L. Bowel!, am! Mr Hemy Damgerfie d.
whose farms .ire in the immediate neighbor,
hoo i .sufficient!} | rove. I 'he farm i- well wa
tered, and the neighborhood remarkably heal
thy. Anv person wishing to view the premises
and will call at West Grove, near Alexandria.
I will accompany them with pleasure, orilthev
write me. will give th*m auv •ntoraiatioo the}
may de-ire GF.HRGF. .MHNSION.
Fairfax c or tv. jv 26—eotf__
f) ANAVVAY tro*.» Ihe MihfCriber, on Tues
V da\. the 2dth of April, lS-r>3. my negro
man PETER, about twenty-three oi twenty
tour year- of age, bright mulatto color, a hush}
su t ot hair six leet one or two inches rah, m»
marks now recollected except prohablv a scar
upon one of his hands, caused t'V a straw cu
ting knife His clothing when he left consis
ted of Virginia milled kersey coat and parts,
plain Lin-ev shirt, cotton Osnaburg shin, with
6'Twinp* ytor hi» apprehension and deliver,
in jail, *o that I set him-**) tf taken in Vir
$iooif taken in the D.etnct of Columbia,
o *150 if taken elsewhere.
* (JUANVILLKJ keu.f.y.
Kelleyville, Culpeper Co., rr.v 90—eotf
PlTENT BUiTeTTrIN rs.-The sub
scribers are in receipt oi a supply of tho-e
desirable Butter Prints which shape and
print the BuUer at the same fme. Call soon
and select a prettv pattern
jy 26 L HEIGH I ON & McNAlR.
>Al,K. — By v:niie of a deciee oi tlie Su
perior Cotui of Chancery, lor ti»e County of,
Albemarle, pionom.ced on the 2Mh day of
Ai.tv, IS53, I Mia-i, as Commissioner, offer
lor sale, on ihe pteini>ee. at Ptmhc Auc
tion, to the highest bidder, un Wednesday,
the lh//i day oj Avgust next, (if lair, il not,
on the next lair nay thereafter,) MUKV KN,
that heautiitil resiiiei.ce of the late David Hig
ginbolham. Ii is situated about seven miles!
southeast ot Charlottesville, and about four
miles !tom the Shadwell Kaiiroad Depot. lt!
i contains 12 to 1300 ACiiK? * oj land, abotii :
lwo-ibirds ol which i* urnit-r cultivation, and i
aii wl1 hid good lent itg It i- -outh a **sl inoun
j lam led soil, and in point ot saiubn y ot s.tu-;
! ation. cannot he surpassed It.eieaie twenty!
I acres o: meadow land on ihe tract
I he improvements ron-ist of a «ood 1
i Buck I)VV ELLIXG hUCSK. oouumng
i aporoneuts, a Brick Kitchen, and:
I > none iloti-c. and ever> ri quistie otfice; good!
j Servants’ Mouses, two Stables, one o. which is J
j oi stone, an ( )vcrseei’s house, also ot shine, and j
! a brick Barn. I hr<e are also on the place
| uidiiv tine tnnt frees.
Person- w smng to purchase, can view the
land al any time pieV.otis to the day of sale, by
application to Mrs. Mary K. Higginbotham, on
(fie pie »H>e>. or to Kimslie G. Higginbotham
on the ..<!| lining Estate.
San! Mini wrl he sold on a credit of one, two.
ihiee, and lour sears, equal payments, the pur
cha-ei or pm chasers giving bonds with ap
proved personal security, hearing mteiest Iroin
the dale, iTie tide to be withheld a> add dion
ai security till ihe puicha-e money is paid
The land will be divided ,nio two or more par
ce!v it so desi'ed bv pi!*chaseis
Albemarle Co., p* :<<) — e »ts Commissioner.
Al PUHIJC ACCIION.-J hjr-uant to a |
decree of Prince William ( Trend Couit,rendered
on : fit* lull Nov t., l m')>. in the suit of‘-Bos !e vs
Wil-on ar «l otheis,’ the undersigned, a Cominis
-inner app inied h\ said deette, svi'l sell at
public auction, at Padgett’- T avern in the town
of A hhe, Loudmiu County, \ a., on Saturday.
i;p// August nf rt. the tract of Land containing
I GO A( liK>.-u.on nr le-s, ol which fare
V ennilhou died po->essi*d. ftps iand adjoins
the lam's ot Charles \Vrmilil'*H. Mr. < artel
dil l others, and i- about five miles from A'die.
and s mi.es I lorn Gain-vi le. a Depr t on the
Manassas (iap Bailtoad. 1 In re are u,*on it a
„ Coin.or table LOG H(’I SE, MEAT
llpipi OuriiAun I to* sale will take p’afce at
eleven o’ciock.
T he following are the Terms, v z: One sixth
of ihe puicha-e money to ne paid down on day
....... /•. i u.t.i i !li ii: rm h r Hint ion Ol the
-ale, ami the balance in equal instalments, pa)
able in one, and two yeai* tiom dav nt sale,
the purchaser •jiving bond with approved neu
rit) for the three deleried insta 'inputs, to heai
•nterest tiom day of sale, and the title to sau:
land will he retained till all the purchase mo
ney he paid. C. H I KBBS, Jh ,
N. B (.'apt John Moore, of Aldie. will give
an\ tu11tier inhumation In regard to the land.
th.U ina\ he des red. jv *1—eof<
4 y AI.M i HILL KD.J S.vLK. —Bv virtue
ot a decree of the Circuit Court ot War
ren Countv, I shall as Commissioner, -ell to
the highest bidder, on the premise*, nn the 1 oth
fluff V/ August, lv>3, the tract ot land lit sam
deed mentioned. I hi* was the late re-id nee ol
A1 .tin) l> I as lor. dee d., and lies one mile tiom
he road leading imm Kiont Koval to M niche*
ter, nine miles trotn the former, and fifteen from
• he lat er place, and adjoining the lands o!
Captain B. K lvl't, Colonel Jacobs. Colonel
v\ . Bowen, Caphim M. Job >soi». Mr K Bow
en ami ot tiers and contain* »>-»*) A( l«K^.
Mw jtii a com to. table DM h I. I» I N K
UOC>K, ham. ai d oilier out home*
ana a voting Al'IM.P. * U*( HAKI>.—
| I he trac* Ims abo’lt l*gdari**s of tinter land
i Tho-e dc-ifing to |»uichase are leterieil hu a
j umie (m 11 a ular de.*ci iptiob, to A * r. I*. M aggon
■ »»r, w ho reside* on the premises
I KHM*.— \ rip.lit rd M \ months on om
toni;li o| me purchase monev, the ha hut. m
ohe, t wo) and iliiee vcar.*, with intei♦ *t. am.
secured h\ bond, with approved petsonal seen
1 utv, am! a deed ot trust <>:i (he piemisps.
1 Fauquier Co , jv S —pots Coin r !-*ioner.
b^Ali.M p'iKt >AI.K—I will sel. tee KAl»M
on which I novv reside, situated in ’ll*
j county oi Fauquier, Va . about one mile Com
ttie Depot at Manassas (jap. ihe Pa»m con
tains 300 acres ot v'eli improved land, the
greater portion heme in clover and blue grass
The H» H SK is built ot stone, and con
Jlj-K tains 5 rooms, with a comluriahie Kitcbeii
attached h) covered way There is also a good
stone milk hou*e, \c. As a summer retieat.
this farm idlers many in* uremen's— pure ail
and water, beautiful sceiiny, kc, f'er-on
wishing to make a -afe investine..t with the
ce i la i it tv ol a vvn latge advance into two or
Ihiee \eais, would do well to Cal! and see me.
Tne c.u* iiHi wuhiii 'our miles ol the Dap. and
ale expected to react, tha? non t some time ihl»
| |.tIt I w |i also sell A( KKS adjoinuig
he above it de-ned. It tl»e*e land- .«r»j not -o d
bv the W fhnj Srpltmhe.r, I will, on that dav
! offer them at public auction. on the p-emi-es.
Ado res* JA*v 0. HALL.
Im '21 ■ — i r>2 n Manas*a* f *a;i
1>fi>Ur SALK.—I will M* 11. on littl t'rfiifj
the 3d of August^ if fair, if not, the next
lair day, at Public Auction, a! I’orfici. »he hot
re>i>!e; ce of Alfred Rail, d»-e"d , 11*»• eione 'lock
of Hor*e> and ( o\v*. one or tv.o \okn of * xen.
(In1 fl >ek Of >IIF.EP, of which about •">'() aie ot
the finest Vet wo, and He <;* Farmim; Impi.k
MENTS of aM kn»ds one half of a good I HUE ll
im; a:Armse one Met ornork Reaper t ak
KlACEawl MARXES', • t'liOV and llARNE*s aw!
h< )li>FH< d.h AND hi I LtlK.N I’I'IiM I I oK
of ati kinds.
Term*.— For sum*-; of !f!0 aril undvr. ci*h,
over that *ii «* a emi t o| nine n.ou hs. t ie | ui
c!:a*« r giving bond with at pr »wd s*curii\
in.tiiug inVivst from-a'e. I fit* m et*- lo f-e
• ,*ii*i!ji d 11 the prwcii at tie put ctnallv p od -
\o :i*o,*«•!!\ lo t»e re i o\<» ! unt I the i-'fti* ot
^,,11. ;,ri* c unpin*.: wdh San* k* coiru»« i ce a!
Il ll r (W’K. A . M
.1 R fioWSON. \ !».*I. ol
I* ' V i R la w p. 12— el I '.o'. d c d
1/ALUaKLK H'd sK A :N i» IjHT FuK
V SALK.— I am desirous of selling or ren
ting mv HOLsK ANH L<>l, known as
Green Hi!!, i to* hou e is a i.iige stone
^budding, ol three stories .n height!), thir
I ret long by twenty-three in widlti It
consists oi six looms in ad. including die ha**
tnen!, and a cellar which 1* at pieseat used a
a grocer room. The lot ol land contain
about lo .M RKS '■>1 as good land a* an\ m
I’ppe. rauqner couti",, witn ail “XCidieft sup
jd) ol running water near tbe Ikui-h. I be sit
na'ion i- salted tor a store, there be.112 one in a
pail of die house at presen , it being abou
half way bet ween the two dejoN, Maikhanri
Station, and tlrcde,ot at the top ol the Ridge
It is a*o a very desirable siiiMtion for a pii\s
cian, diere f ewg tione vef\ near. I he -and ad*
puns mat of Mrs. William Hinson, deceased
a d Kn Anderson, it bewg a first iaW neighbor
tiood for mechanics and professional men.—
fhe h mse is situated near the main public
l road, and about diree htind'ed >ar«l- ir< m the
railroad, where the cai* can be seen passing,
and repass ng. For a merchant or physician.
! i do not know ot any place more suitable as
as well as mechanics of aunost an) branch of
'•u-ine-ss. 1 ne:e is not enough land lojustifv
a farmer in purchas ng, tint there is adjoining
th s, excellent land for sate as well as rent.—
I Anyone wishing to purchase, w.ll do well to
come and examine tor thems lves, as I wit!
sed c»r rent, on good terms. Any one addressing
me on the subject, will direct to Markham sta- |
lion, Fauqu.ei county. Va.
Fauquier Co . jy 16—eo3m
of the Circuit Court of Fairfax county,
in the case of Emanuel G Compton, &c., v*.
Lu iwell Compton, ftc , at the May term, 1S'*3.
ail persons having claims against the esia’e of
Verlmda Compton, dec’J , are notified to hie
the same, with the evidence thereof, with fI,e.
at m\ office, at Fairfax Cl. House, on or before
the 12th day of August, iSf>3.
I HOS. J. MCRKA V, ( omm r in
Chancery, Circuit Court of Fairfax o.
Fairfax C». Houee, j> 11 —eold
auction sales.
uUblic sale of valuable real
I EM ATE —By virtue ot a deciee ot the
County Court ot Orange, pronounced on the 23d
Mav, 1M3, I shall sell 10 the highest bidder, at
the Central Milts, in Orange Count}, on \Vtd•
nemtay.i/te 17th dsy of August, the following
property, belonging to the estate of the late
Robert i\ VViihs, viz: A 1RAC1 OH LAND
in the county of Culpeper, adjoining the land
of L. H. Idliateiro and others, supposed to
contain about oue hundred acres; well tim
bered, and very near the line ot the A'exandria
and Gordonsvillie Railroad.
ANOTHER I RhCT »ti the county of Or
ange, adjoining the lands ot Mr. Kendall, P.
B Jones, and others, ami supposed to contain
about two hundred and fill} acres
miller’s house and garden, a dwelling
house; a good stone house; several shops; and
a meadow of 5 or 6 acres, adjacent to the site
ot the Central Mills, in the county ot Orange.
Terms, which are liberal, will be made
known on the dav of sale.
JOHN HOW ISON, Commissioner.
ALSO, at the same time and place, 1 shall
offer lor sale to the highest bidder, the CEN
I KAL MILLS. These mills consist of a large
Flouring and Grist Mill, on the Orange side of
the Rapid Ann River, and a Saw Mill on the
Culpeper side about I or ;*> miles from the Fred
ericksburg and Valle} Plank Road, and within
200 yards ol ihe sneol a contemplated Depot
ol the Alexandria and Gordonsville Kail Road.
'I he machinery of the Mills, is in tolerably
good condition, a«»d the dam is new, having
been built horn the the bed ol the river last
fall. I he title to the property is indisputable
and immediate possession will be given. It is
confidently affirmed that no opportunity has
neen offered tor so profitable an investment of
money, as this sale affords.
Gne third ol the purchase money will he re
quired in ca^li, and it is believed that almost
do)tune can be obtained on the balance, by the
purchaser giving good security and paying the
interest promptly. JOHN HOV\ IH)N,
IV d — *2.«wis " Agent for Fannv M Willis.
LAND Him mLE — ihe undersigned will
off ^r tor sal . on the premises, at public
auction, to the highest bidder, on Thursday, t/ie
1st day oj S(pt, mber. IS0.L (it lair, if not the
nexi iim day.) a valuable Farm in Loudoun
cotji-ty, situate on Goo-e Creek, about five
miles from Leesburg, containing 198 ACRES,
more or iess This farm lormerl} belonged io
Ed * a>d E. Co(»ke, e*q . and is at present in the
nccunancv ol a tenant. It has on it a comlor*
m tdble stone DWELLING HOUSE, and
necessary out houses, all in good repair.
JjWlLI he farm i» well watered and has a
efficiency ol wood and timber. The land is of
good quality, and peisoi.s wishing to purchase,
are invited to examine it.
Fne teims of sale will he a credit of one, two
and thiee tears, in tqual instalments, from the
tir>t day ol January next, carry ing interest trom
tr.at lime. The purchase money to he secured
ht mx bonds, with good security, and a deed ot
trust on the land. Each instalment will be divi
ded into monelies. and the said bonds tor one
half of each in*»alment, will be made payable
to each ol ihe subscribers, equally. The rents
due and in nrrear upon the said land, on the
first day of January ntxt, to he reserved.
This property wdl he shown to any person
wishing to purchase, by Mr Wesley S. Mc
Pherson, who resides near thereto. The title
wiil be yvarranted generally, and possession
given on the firpt day of January, 1854.
BLE BEAL F>T A IK.—Pursuant to a
decree ol the Circuit Court ot Culpeper County,
\ a , pro ounced at its November term, 1852,
in a cause wheietn the guard an of the in taut
children ot U. T. Nalle. dee d., is plaintiff, and
lames Nalle and others are deiendants, the un
dersigned yvul *ell ;.t public auction, on the
premises, on the ?>th day of September, (/lion*
day) 1*511. ttif* follow 111 g valuable FARM,
com taming i$HO ACKK\ more or less, situa
ted m the ( ounty o! Culpeper, about one mile,
from Stevenshuig and a»>out live miles fiom
Brandy Nation on the Railroad.
I hi* Kami is ol good soil well adapted to
the growth of Wheat. Coin, and Oats, and es
pecially to Clover and Timothy— has an abun
dance ot Timber (ini Wood, a small but com
jts\ inriattle DWELLING, a good barn and
Jdjg^all necessary out-houses.
i ue terms of the sale will he so much of the
purchase money to he paid in cash, as may he
necessary to pay the cost ol making the sale, and
the balance in four equal animal payments
with m erest irom the day of sale, to he secur
ed bv the bor ds ot the purchaser with good se
curity, and the title ol ihe land withheld as a
iiiriher security, untii all the purchase money be
paid —t ie interest on the whole amount to be
paid annually [jv b—eots] KOBT A. HOOE.
5s#*’ I he above sale will be rieferred until
Tuesday, Ht/i of September, 1853.
,, ^-eots R. A. H.
| AM) AM) MILL F« >R SALE—By virtue
l j ot a decree ol ihe County Court ol Prince
William County, pronounced on the 4th day ot
July, 1853, m ihe case ol Lee vs. I*angyher,
tlie undersigned commissioner therein named,
* ill proceed to «ell at public auction, to the
highest bidder, on the first Monday in August,
1*5‘A. tt.at being Court day. at the front door ol
Hie Court H'him* ot -ant County, a MILL and
LOT ol LAND on Broad Run in said County,
containing ten acres, generally known as
Lang) her1* Upper Mill. Also, a lot ot Wood
Land, containing seventeen acres, and another
lot of toriv acres, with a DWELLING
HOUSE thereon. The two last men
fflfc1; tinned l'>N are adjacent to the said
Mill L'»t. I he property will be shewn to any
per-on v\ tio ma) wish to purchase, by Mat
ihew A. Lee, or John Langyher, who lives
near thereto. T he terms of sale will be a de
pos;lc* of ton per centum on the purchase money
m cash—lor the residue a credit ol six, twelve
• ini eighteen months, in equal instalments will
be given, the purchaser to give bonds with good
-ecurdv. and the tit‘e to be withheld, and the
land subject to resa'e, under the order of the
Court, as a lurther securitv for the purchase
Warrpnton. V;« . jy^ —rots Commissioner.
L'AKM Ei >U >ALE.— VVill be sobl on Mon
ti. (Iny. the 15//i dan of Jlugwt next, at Fair
fax t onrt House, a FARM in Fairfax County,
Va . I\ing on ho:fi sides ot Pohtck Run, and ad
|oii ing the lands of Freely Barker, VViltiam Hall,
and others, containing 110 ACRES, about
one third of which is excellent Meadow Land,
another of which is in Wood, (principally
<Lk ) the remainder in cultivation, in a tolera
ble c inditiou. The improvements consist of a
§ DWELLING, Stable, Corn House,
Smoke House, &c., near which is a
never failing Spring of excellent Water,
he rei„hbornood for health cannot be
surpassed by any section of Virginia. The
anove Farm i< smated six miles from Fairfax
C»:iut House, ten miles troth Alexandria, and
ahoir a mile and a halt Irom the Orange and
Alexandria Rail Road.
I krms f v Salk.—One third cash, the re
mainder in two equal instalments ot one and
>wo \ears, the purchase1, giving bond with ap
proved personal security, the title to be retained
until the last instalment is made. The notes
to bear interest Irom the 1st January, 1854, at
which time possession will be given.
H. S BARKER, Agent.
Alexandria, jy 22—eots _
£\, virtue (»f a Deed of Trust (dated 20ih of
January. 1802, a' d recorded in the Clerk’* Of
fice ol the County Court of Fairfax County,
Liber Q, No 3, tolio 3‘J7) executed by Jona
than F McFarland, and Benjamin R. Barlow,
*o me, for certain purpo-es in said Deed se
forth. I shall, a* Trusts, Ml at P«bUe*u^‘°'1
to the hi*he«t bidder, ai the hunt dooo, Pw
fax Court House, on Monday, jh* *j _ 1<
August, (that heiok co,.rt-da> for aag County,>
the tract of land conveyed h\ StrFS
The TRACT contain* 175
lie* b> Fairfax County, new Fryta*-Pan
Church: the land i* of <ood quality, Wd there
,s an ample q»»«f"y <> W«*» »»< Tl2£*rM°£
i it an excellent Orchard, a large new FRAME
DWELLING HOUSE, built in goodatvle,
and a Spring of fine water within fifty
jrTot the door. It is believed the Alexan
dria. IxHidoan and Hampshire Rail Road wl**
i a-s not more than two miles fiom ih» 'arn“*
The title believed unquestionable
Fairfax Co.t YV.jy 20-3a*t* fruatee,

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