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State Uauiier.
We saw in the State Library, yesterday, a
beautiful banner, which the Governor hasdi
retied to be sent to tbe Crystal l'alace at New
York in compliance with a request made by
the managers of that exhibition. It is made ot
• kroad stripes of white and mazarine blue satin,
with rich silver fringe and elegant light blue
drapery, wihch is held up by the beak of a
handsome silver eagle at the top of the staff.—
Od one side are the coat of arms of the S;a’e,
enclosed in a wreath of oak leaves; a beautiful
large star, with gilt rays, representing the State,
whose name, “Virginia" is inscribed below—
On the other side is the U. S. coat ot arms, en
circled by a wreath of laurel leaves; with thir
ty-one golden stars sown over the banner, and
tiie word “Union" inscribed below. The pain
tings are very fine—and the whole affair does
credit to the artist, Horstmanns, at Philadel
phia, and to Col. MunforJ, by whose direc
tions it was manufactured.—Rich. Ei«y.
At Frederick, Md., on Wednesday, theSist
of August, by the Rev. Mr. Deihl, Mr. GKO.
B. LIPSCOMB, of Georgetown, to Miss AN
NIE B. FOUT, of Frederick, Md.
On the 31st ult., in Trinity Church, St. Ma
ry’s county, Md., by the Rev. Robert B. Sutton,
of the Diocese of Alabama, Dr. A H. BEAN,
to Miss JANE L. BENNK IT, eldest.daughter
of John W. Bennett, esq., both of St. Mary’s
county. _
Review of the Alexandria Market,
for the week ending brainy, frepiemoet 2,
GENERAL REMARKS.—Business this j
week have been very active. The receipts ot
Gram have been large, with an active demand.
Money matters very tight.
BEEF CATTLE.—The market is firm. We
quote $3 30 a $-1 per 100 lbs. gross. Sheep and
Lambs $2 25 a $*t 30.
COAL.—The Canal is in fine navigable order
and the receipts of Coal are heavy—and the
demand active. "N esscls are much wanted.
FLOUR.—Very little doing, but little to do
with. Fresh ground would readily command
$5 50.
GRAIN.—The receipts of Wheat this week
have been large. The sales amount to about
40,000 bushels at 110 a 112 cts. tor good to prime
red; and 114 a 110 cts. for fair to strictly prime
white. Corn is in good demand at 00 a 01 cts.
for white; and 05 a 63 cts. for yellow. Oatsj
3S a 40 cents. In other Grain no change in
pi ices.
/ ' I * A V/l •• If. ,r» mill L'ot
VI V 414S\/. * V» f IUVIV. tia v.. — *■
HAY.—in this article there is but little doing \
—nominal price for bale, SO a S2 cents per 100 ;
LUMBER.—There have been several ani
vals this week, and the demand is unusually
active. We quote Spruce $;3 50 a $14 per M.
White Pine Cullings $15 a $17 60. Prime do.
$30 a $30. North Carolina L> ssed Hooting
Boards $2$ a $30 per M.
LATHS.—There is a fair supply, and a stea
dy demand. We quote $1 S7A tor common,
and $2 60 for prime. Pickets $S, $0, and $10
for 4, 44, and 5 feet.
NAILS, $4 76 a $5.
PLASTER.—Several cargoes arrived this
week. Heavy demand. Cargo price $3 60, re
tail, delivered on cars, $ l 25.
ket for these articles is firm. No special
change in prices. We quote Bacon—Should
ers, Sl4 cts.; Sides, a ^ cts. ; Harris,
11*2 a 15 cts. Butter, fresh, is a 20 cts.;
keg, 14 a lr> cts. Lard is higher—We quote
lli a 124 cts., and in demand. Sugars are
quiet—prices unchanged. We quote Porto
Rico at $5 a $0 50; New Orleans at $1 75 a
$5 50. Molasses—New Orleans, 20 a 33 cts.;
Porto Rico, 30 a 33 cts.; Cardenas, 22 a 25 cts.
Rice, 44 a 434 cts. Cotfee firm. We quote
Kio, 03 a 103 cts.; Java, 12 a 13 cts.; Maricaibo
104 a It cts ; Manilla, 104 a li cts.
SALT.—Ashton tine is retailing at $2 25, and
Ground Alum at $1 50.
SUMAC.—Very little arriving—in good de
mand at $1 25 a$l 50 per 100 lbs.
SEEDS.—Clover £eed $0 75; Timothy do.
$3 75; Orchard Grass $2.
WOOL.—The market dull, receipts light.—
We quote common unwashed at 27 a 2y cts: do
washed 30 a 3s cts. Erne lleece half to lull
blood Merino, 3> a 45 cts.
WHISKEY.—We quote barrels at $20 hp
WOOD.—The supply 1* good; we quote Oak
at $3 50 a $1 02*2- Pine $2 50a $2 02A.
FREIGHTS.—Freight are active, and ves
sels much wanted. \V equote to Boston $2 per
ton: and Pembroke $2 12A; New York $t S7$
a $2 per ton. Flour ami Grain to Boston 3oc.
per bbl., and 7c. per bushel. To New \ork
25 cts. per bb!.,and0c. per bushel, and other
ports in proportion. _
Tltc Markets*
Baltimore, £>ep. —Bread stuffs firm. How
ard street Hour, $5 50. City Mills, $5 50—
1000 bbls. sold. White wheat, $1 IS cts. a
$1 22 cts. Red wheat, $t 12 a $1 1^ cts-— 15,
000 bushels sold. White corn, 64 a 65 cts. Yel
low corn, 69 a 70 cts.—0000 bushels sold.—
There ha# been a speculative movement in to
bacco, sales this week 12,000 hhds mostly
Ohio, at full prices. Coffee has advanced.—
Rio sells at lO^. This week's sales 14,000
bags. Stocks steady.
New York, Sept. 2.— Fiour is advancirg.
Western State brands, $5 75. Howard street
Hour, $5 S7 a $5 93—7,000 bids. sold. Wheat
has an upward tendency. White wheat, $L 37
a $1 39—7,000 hush. sold. Yellow corn, 75
ct».—15,000 bushels sold. Stocks upward.
Cotton dull. __
Treasury Circular.
The Secretary ot the Treasury has issued
an important circular, under date of August
25th, in which the law is defined in relation to
the imports of Merchandise into the ports ot
the United States and the duties of Revenue
officers pointed out. The law is important to
all persons connected with the revenue service,
whether as government employeesjor as impor
ters of goods. The Secretary directs that in
relation to goods imported from interior coun
tries remote frcm the seaboard, and having no
shipping ports of their own, through the sea
ports ot other countries, the “period of exporta
tion,” in such cases, at which the actual market
value and wholesale price of merchandise in
the principal markets of the country whence
imported into the United States, is to be ascer
tained and estimated as the basis of dutiable
value, is the date at which the merchandise in
question leaves said interior country, destined
1,1 g°od faith, and in regular and usual course
of trade, for shipment to some owner, con
signee, or agent residing in the United States;
of which satisfactory proof must be exhibited
at the time ot entry.
1 hat period will be established ordinarily by
tne date ot authentication of ihe invoice by
the consular certificate.
In the absence, satisfactorily explained, of
the proofs above ind*cated, showing the date of
exportation from the foreign country, other evi
dence of that fact may be taken by the ap
praisers. J r
The law require# that there shall be added to
Ihe “actual market value of wholesale price”
of imports, ascertained a# above, in order to fix
the dutiable value, “allcost# and charges, ex
cept insurance, and including in every case a
charge of commissions at the usual rates.”
These charges are,
First—1 hey must include “purchasing, car
riage, bleaching, dyeing, dressing, finishing
putting up, and packing," together with the
value ot the sack, package, box, crate, hogs
head, barrel, bale, cask, can and covering oi
all kinds; bottles, jars, vessels aud demijohns.
Second—Commissions at the usual rate,
but m no case less than two and a half per
cent.; and where there is a distinct brokerage,
or where brokerage is a usual charge at the
place of shipment or purchase, that to be added
likewise. ,
Third—Export duties, cost of p acing car
goes on board ship, including drayuge, labor,
| bill of lading,lighterage, town ilues, and shn -
: ping charges, dock or wharf dues; and a!*
charges to place the article on ship-board, anu
tire insurance, if effected tor a period prior to
ihe shipment of the goods to the United Mates.
Freigh from the Ioreign port ol shipment to
the port ol importation is not a dutiable charge:
but vs hen goods are transported from an inferi
or country for shipment to the l. mtcu Mu^es,
the cost of transportation to the fore gn port ot
shipment mu>t also be included among the du
tiable charges.
Invoices of goods actuaiiv purchased, must
exhibit the true cost. Other invoices must
show the market value. In the matter ot ap
praisement. appeals may be made to a mer
chant aud an appraiser at large. 1 lie rates ot
foreign currencies are fixed by law, and these
; specified rates are to be taken in ^ ail cu>e>
' where the duties are estimated, unless other
wise specially ordered by the Department.
Hal. Atntt\
The Specie Movement.
The deposited at the Mint in Philadelphia for
the month of Augu>t have been $•1,509,000; of i
silver total $5,370,soo. 1 he export,
ot specie to foreign countries, during ’.he same
period, amounts to over $1,490,000: making a i
total from January 1st to August 3ist of about
fifteen millions. The exports to the same pe-:
r»od last year amounted to nearly twenty-two j
riod last year of nearly six millions six hun
dred thousand dollars. The net increase of
specie tor the first eight months oi the year, |
alter deducting the export* to ioreign countries,
is about twenty-three millions.
The coinage of the Mint tor the montn of
August was—in goid coin $1,514,731, in bars
$*505,19$. S5—total gold coinage $2,199,929.
In silver $">50 000. an 1 in copper $5,591 * 0—
total coinage $2,^75,524 45. The total depo
sits at the Mint for the eight months of 1m»3
have been $3$,031,172 againsl: $42.0 15,59s for
the same period ot 1S52. lotui coinage oi
1S53, $3*5,541,790 20._
Ioo.n’s Phases.
h . M
f> 31 M.
3 47 m
5 1 M
", *»
7 Wednesday.;* 41 * r* -—
S Thursday., .p 42 b IS HIGH WA1 LB*,
i* Friday_ 13 44 fi lw Sr; tejiber S, 7h 12m.
L A T K S T L) A T K i>
London.Aug. 2« I Havre.Aug. 19
Liverpool.Aug. 2»» : New Orleans..Aug. 2*
Schr. Black Sijuafi, Darliug, Boston, to Cum
ber laiul Coal and Iron Co.
Schr. John, Cables, Rockland, to Cumberland.
Coal ami Iron Co.
Schr. Leo. Snow, Bangor, lumber to Waters,
Zimmerman & Co.
Schr. Trader, Frader, New York, 275 tons
iron rails to Manassas Gap Railroad Co.
Schr. Ann McCarty, Hatton, Farmington,
wheat to 1). S. Black lock.
Schr. Two Brothers, Hatton, Farmington,
wheat to L>. & S. Black lock.
Br. Brig Reward, Flood. L verpool, wheat and
Hour, bv Thomas Dyer.
Br. Brig P. 1. Nevius, Boddic, St. John, N.
B , bv Fowie N: Co.
Schr. John Harris, German, Troy, coal by Al
legany Mining Co.
Schr. Louisa Grev, Sharp, Hudson, do by do.
Schr. S. I) Bellows, Claik, Middleton, coai
b\ Cumberland Coai and Iron Co.
Steamship Freeman Kawtion, Townsend,
Boston, coal by Cumberland Coal and Iron C°
Schr. Mary Heavy, Simpson, cleared at East
port, for this port. 27th ult.
S,:hr. Woo !well, Pettmgill, cleared at Last- j
port, for ths port, 20th ult.
Schr. Mana Theresa, Crowell, hence at Bos
ton, 50:h ult.
Canal Commerce.
Arrived, September 2.
Boat General Lav lor. Berlin, wheat and corn
to D. ic S. Blucklork.
Boat American Flag, CumberlanJ, bv Alle
gany Min tug Co.
8x£?" iXotice.— D vine service may be ex
pected in M. Paul's Church, on Sunday morn
ing, 4th ms:.,at the usual hour. sep 3— It
| Syffiy inr packet schooner SARAH AME
i l.IA. Hass.ipae, will saii this evening. For
Height, apply to Captain on board, or to ^
PCp 3_it Janney's Wharf.
aa*- FOR LIVERPOOL.—The fine ccp
J^gS^pered British Brig I\EH Alii), blood,
master, will be ready forca ro° ^ 1 tr V\ 1+<X\ •
al>1“y ‘° THOMAS & DYKR.
Boston, with flour and grain, for which
scriber, a Minister of the Presbyterian order,
has opened a school, at thenbove place, tor the
instruction of a limited nnt iber of boys, and to
whose literary attainments and moral deport
ment, he will particularly devote hi» attention.
Good board may be obtained in respectable
families, on the most reasonable terms.
Terms of tuition, per session, of 22 weeks,
Algebia, History, Philosophy, &c.$12 00
Ratio and Greek, (in addition,).20 00
Reference may be made to Rev. Dr. Harri
son, Alexandria; Rev. Dr. Junkin, Washing
ton; and H. W. Thomas, T. R. Love and N.
Conrad, E»qrs., at this place.
p js. Teim commences the 12th instant, hut
pupils will be received at any time and charged
accordingly. CORN S. GAIKS.
Fairfax "Court House. st*p 1— eo:P* _
MU. WILLIAM SHERIFF will re-umethe
dutiesof his Sen >on, on Monday. 3th of
September, at the weli known School hou^e, on
St. Asaph street, tear the S. K. corner of Duke,
and to the ordinary branches of plain English
education will receive pupils tor instruction, in
the rudiments of Greek and Kalin, and the ele
mentary branches oi Geometry and the Natural
I Sciences.
Mrs. Sheriff's select Primary School, will
be re-opened on Monday, 3th of September, at
hei residence on Prince street, next the Second
Presbyterian Church, where she will continue
to receive young gentlemen between the ages
of 5 and id years for instruction in Orthogra
phy, Writing and Arithmetic, &c.
aug 30—to4t* ___
LAND FOR SALE.—I offer tor sale my
larrn at Auburn, Fauquier County, >a ,
live mites east of Warrenton, and live miles
west of Colvin’s Station, in the ' a;ey o|Cec a
Run, containing about 300 ACKK., w.tu
co0d improvements, together with a
faTge STORE HOUSE AND L01, sui
|W {able for a family, a business P ace,
IHbas been occupied lor many years. ALSO,
a FARM of 300 ACRES near this, in a high
state of cultivation, with excellent improve
ments the property of J. Carn*! K ^ |?°d ar"
sain is offered, ami payments made easy .
Fauquier County, jv IS—eolf___
TXICRNAMENT—At the Fauquier Unite
■ 1 Sulphur Springs will take place im /««•
, da if i the of September next, a,l£ ^ ®°''
A coroner’s inquest was held, on Thursday,
on the dead body of Henrick Fenter, a Dutch
man, late of the City of Hamburg, Germany,
and whose passport states that he was about 2S
years old, of middle stature, and who left Ham
burg for the United States, via Liverpool, on
the"l2th of March, 1853. Verdict of the jury,
l*tliat the deceased came to his death by hang
ing himself, on the M September, 1853, to a
tree, on the east side of the Alexandria Canal.”
Sufficient money was found upon the person
of the deceased, and some little over, to pay
expenses of inquisition, &c.
Receipts of coal by the Alexandria Canal for
the month ending 3lst August:
tons cwt.
Cumberland Coal & Iron Co. 8,101 03
Alleghany Co. 2,820 02
Frost burg Co. ‘2,305 12
Bor Jen Co. 2,2 rj 00
Parker Vein Co. 074 00
Total for the month, 13.779 17
The melancholy news of the death of Purser
Daingertield Fauntleroy, U. S. N„ at Pensaco
la has been received here, where the deceased
formerly resided, and where he has many
friends, with deep regret. Daingertield Paun
tleroy was a warm hearted and generous man.
All who knew him were attached to him. He
leaves a wife and an interesting family to
mourn their bereavement.
Five white men and two negroes are the only
occupants, at present, of the Alexandria jail,
the offences of whom range as follows: mis
demeanor 2, larceny 1, rape 1, kidnapping 1,
want of register 1, safe keeping 1. these pri
soners have the range of the yard daily, and
two ot them have been in prison for nearly a
A colored woman was fined by the Mayor,
yesterday, for using insulting language. rlhe
offender essayed to justify, by proving the truth
of the words, but having spoken more than
she could prove to be tiue, she had to submit
to a small fine.
Two laborers, employed at the new mill, loot
of Duke street, had a difficulty yesterday, when
one of them was seriously injured by being
struck with a hod.
Yesterday, though the sun was obscured by
clouds, ami it was, occasionally, showery,
was sultry and oppressive. The thermometer,
in the shade, at noon, stood at S3 .
The shipments of Wheat from this port dur
ing the month of August, amounted to about
one hundred thousand bushels
\Ve understand that there is a large and
fashionable company at the Fauquier White
Sulphur Springs, near Warrenton.
A cargo of iron rails has been received ior
the Manassas Gap Railroad.
\\J AN i’HP. at the Mansion House, a young
\ V or middle aged A1A A, accustomed to office
Junes in a Hotel: to one well qualitied, good
wages will be given. A. G. ALU iOA.
sep 3—3t
sale bv
/Columbian collegl, washing
O TON, D. C.—The collegiate year of this
Institution wiii hereafter consist ol one con
tinuous session, beginning on the last Wed
nesday in September and closing on the last
Wednesday in dune, on which day the Annual j
Commencement lor conferring degrees will be
held. .
The ensuing session will open on the 2bUi
of September next. The charges are :
For Tuition per session of nine months. - Si 0 00
Use of room, furniture, library, and at
tendance... 30.00
Board, (per week).• ••••*•••••«••••••• 2,~o
To those who do not board in College the
charge tor Tuition is the same, and lor the use I
ot room, furniture, library, &c., $25 per session.
There is an admission lee ot &IU and a small
charge each session for contingencies. Fuel
and "lights furnished at cost, ami washing at
37'. cents per dozen. The necessary college
expense* ot a boarding student will not exceed
SsijjO or *120 per annum. Ail the bills are pay
able one-hail at the beginning and the balance
at the middle o! the session.
With a view ot giving to the different de
partments ot instruction a wider extension,
and at the same time ol meeting a public want,
by rendering the advantages of the College i
available to a larger number and a more va
riet class of students, some important changes
have been made in the order and arrangement
o; the studies. A new course has been adop
ted, styled the Scientific Course, and the degree
ot Bachelor of Philosophy (B. P.) attached to
it. It will occupy about three years, and will
embrace ail the studies ot the regular course
tor the degree ol Bachelor of Arts, with the
exception of the Ancient Languages. This
course will tie specially adapted to those who j
| wish to obtain what is caiieu a practical euuca- j
ion, a- the mathematical ami scientific studies
will have greater prominence than usual, par
ticularly m their application to the arts and
business ol life. Those who may wish to be
come practical surveyors, engineers, or agricul
turists will be enabled, with the advice of the
Faculty, to select their studies with special re
lerence to those objects, and will receive toe
aid of lectures and illustrations. The doors of
the College will, also, be opened to those who
may wish under its general regulations to pur
suear.y branch o! study for any length ol time.
They may, under the direction of the Faculty,
select such subjects as are suited to their views
and objects in lne, and, on examination, may
receive a regular certificate ot their standing
and proficiency in the same.
The number of officers and instructors has
lately been increased, and others will be added
as the wants of the several departments may
require. . ril. . ..
Measures are in progress* for filling immedi
ately the chair ot Chemistry, Geology, Miner
alogy, and Botany in a manner that will
add greatly to the interest and profit oj those
stud.es. _ ,,ii
The Preparatory Department has been placed
under careful and etficient management, in a
building which has been handsomely tilted up
\ for its reception. It lias an able and experi
! diced teacher, and is under the general super
vision of the Faculty. It will thus afford the
I best advantages lor laying the foundation ot
j a thorough Classsical and Mathematical edu
cation. . , | ,
Boarding pupils will be received under the
immediate care and direction ot the 1 unci pa!,
! and a* about the same expense as regular Uol
i ege students.
The buildings have recently undergone tho
rough repairs, and the grounds are being laid
out and improved in a manner that will add
much to the convenience and attractiveness ot
its already beautiful situation.
It is believed the College never presented so
strong inducements as it now does to your-g
* men who desire to obtain a thorough and liber
al education. J- s. bacon,
| aug 30—eo3t_1 resident.
f r will sell at private sale the HOUSE
J_Land lot on Union, between King
and Prince streets, occupied as a store and
dwelling for twenty years past. The lot is
bounded on the north and west by a twenty feet
alley, and can be so altered as to make a fine
store house for tbe lailroad trade. Ihe cars
pass immediately in front ot this property. For
terms, &c., apply to SAMUEL J. McCOR
jy 29—eott_ _ _
TAYNE’S SANATIVE PILLS, just received,
augJ20°r Sa,e T A. MILBURN, Druggist.
LIQUOR STORK-1 he undersigned
have formed a co-partnership under Inc Irrin of
r /’ mirKNh'R tV COfor the purpose ot
HIKE and L1QUUH HU Sib ESS, and have
taken the warehouse on King stieet, -d door
below Fairfax street, oppoji e J. P. Smith s
China Store. *'• C. 'K, v
former V of Rappahannock Co, Va.
firm of S. & K. Hough Baltimore.
C C B. & CO., are now receiving a large
■ and general assortment of Tobacco. American,
Kerman and Havana Segars, Brandies, Wines,
Whiskey, French Cordials. &c.
bO boxes pound lump 1 obacco
50 “ f»*s and 8*s to lb. “
25 « Dillard’s Cavendish “
25 “ JV1. Van Hook
25 « S. E. W hite
40 « Bumpass. With many other well
known and popular brands; such as Peyton
Gravels: .las. i homas, .lr s., Kldorado, Rang
horn & Armstead; ISeth Halsey, W . I.. Sauu
ders, in dillerent sized packages. These To
baccos were purchased previous to the recent
advance, and by one ol the best judges in Bal
50 m Half Spanish Segars
30 11 German Kegaiia “
17 ;; Puerto Principe ic
20 “ Londres “
5 “ Havana Oceola
15 “ Dos Hermanos, imported in IS 17 and very
5 “ Havana Carolina
Plantation, Pauetela, &c., &c.
2 half pipes Otard, Dupuy Co. rr. Brandy,
vintage IS 16
12 quarter casks Pinet, Castileon & Co., ecc.;
J. J. Durand’s and many other kinds, lrom ordi
nal V to verv old, and the finest vintages. Also,
Peach Brandy, Wild Cherry Brandy, Apple
Brandy, Ginger Brandy, Port W ine, Madeira
Wine," Lisbon. Burgundy, anti S. M. Wine.
12 baskets HeicDic Champagne
10 “ I.e Cardinal
5 u Vergenay
25 cases J. Hennesey Brandy, warranted pure,
in cases of 1 dozen each
33 cases Hunt’s Old Port Wine
10 i; Margaux Claret
10 “ St. Julien do
10 Hockheimer (Rhenish Wrine)
10 “ Muscat Wine
| * Also, 50 barrels of J, Miller's celebrated
I Rye Whiskev. This Whiskey ran only be pur
chased of C. C. B. & Co., Alexandria, and S.
& K. Hough, Baltimore.
10 barrels Baker’s Old Eye, 0 years old
10 “ Did Bourbon Whiskey
100 11 Reel. Whiskey, Gin, Rum, &c.
Younger Scotch Ale and Porter, sold on
commission, and always on hand.
We propose keeping a general assortment ot
articles in oar line, many of which we have
not mentioned, and our favorable connexion
•.l,_llw. InM.cf in Baltimore.
! \\ Jill Ul lV '“'B'" ...
jtvill enable us to make it to the mte-est ol
country merchants to examine our stock belore
they purchase elsewhere.
C. ( . Blv,kNKR & CO.
N. B. Particular attentiou paid to selling
country produce. pep 1—eotl
1% \Y ASH! NGT< )N .—The Th i rty second An
nual Course of Lectures will commence on the
fourth Monday m October, and continue until
Thos. Miller, M. D., Professor of Anatomy
and Physiology.
Wji.’r. Johnson, M. D., Professor of Ob
stetrics and Diseases of Women and Children.
Joshua Riley, M. D , Professor oiMateria
Medica, Theapeutics, and Hygiene.
John Fred. May, M. D., Professor of the
Principles ami Practice of Surgery.
Graeton Tyler, M. D., Professor of Pa
thology and Practice of Medicine.
Rout. King stone, M. D, Professor of Mi
croscopal and Pathological Anatomy.
Lewis H. Steiner, M. D., Prolessor of
Chemistry and Pharmacy.
Ciias. F. Force, M. !>., ITosector and De
monstrator. .
The lacilitics lor the prosecution of l ractica!
Anatomy are ample.
Like most simiiar institutions in Kuiope, the
desks from which the regular Lectures are
given and the wards lor clinical instruction are
under the same roof.
The extensive additions to the buildingssince
the last session tor the accommodation ol the
sick will greatly extend the uselulness of the
Medicai and Surgical Clinic.
'l'he entire expense for a full course
of lectures is
Practical Anatomy by the Demon
Matriculating fee (payable only once) ^ 0
Graduating expenses „
Admission to the Medical ami Surgical
Clinic through the whole course withoutcharge.
Dean ol the Faculty.
Office and residence corner of F and Pith si.
Washington, aug 23—eolm _ _
Baltimore, and for sale by ROHER1
HELL, King street, Ormuzd and Akriman,
a History of the liar of the People and the
Rings fa the Nineteenth Century, by Henry
\Y lifter Davis, >vo. cloth, *1 r»0.
“It is a large octavo ol 430 pages. It em
braces eight distinct but relative subjects,
which are severally: l. The Holy Alliance; 2.
The conspiracy ol 1 .aybach and Verona; 3.
l iie Revolt o! France and Poland against the
Holy Conspirators: 4. The Revolt ot Kuiope
in lb4$ against the Holy Conspirators—Germa
ny: 5. The same—Hungary; 6. 1 he Dictator
ship of Russia in Kurope; 7. Phe Relations ol
A murmon !«'n cr 11 «• ll f.lhl'ftV tO the RuS^IHI)
Dictatorship; S. The American Republic and
the Last War of Freedom and Despotism. As
the title indicates, though figuratively and oo
scureJy to the general reader, the whole work
consists of a record and review of the relative
progress ot liberty and despotism in the nine
teenth century up to the present time; the for
mer personified in Ormuzd or the spirit of good,
and the latter in Ahriman or the spirit of evil
of the Persian theology. It is a work ot great
power, bears throughout the evidences of care
ful research, and will, no doubt, produce a
| marked impression in prominent society. 'Hie
author anticipates the final contest between the
great antagonisms of the earth, and insists upon
jibe necessity which is to bring the power ot
the U. States into the van as the Ormuzd of
the conllict. VYith the prestige of that name
we are to gather the assurance that liberty
shall finally prevail. The writer’s style is vig
orous and spirited, and his language frequently
glows with impassioned fervor.”—Halt. Sun.
aug 27—2aw3 .v
; iVJ. near S. E. corner of Duke and If ashing
I fan at reels.—The first session of this Institu
tion, will commence on Nondin/, 5t/i Sept m
her, under the superintendence in the Male
i Department, of O. C. WHITTLESEY —in the
Female Department, Miss S. J. C. YY Hi 11 LE
j SKY. . „ ,
.Tuition per quarter for Latin, Greek, and
, Higher branches Mathematics. 8.00
Spelling and Reading.. . • • 4,00
• Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, and Geo
Higher brandies of English.•••• 0,00
jMusic on Piano, at usual rates.
Hon. Asa Ric.cs. North Carolina.
! Hon. Simon Cameron, Pennsylvania.
( Hon. Elisha V\ hittlesey, Distnct of Co
I lumbia.
i Kev. J. A. Seiss, Raltimore.
Kev. A. Dibrell, Petersburg.
I Rev. J. N Danforth, Alexandria,
i aug 30—eo3t
j’VTEGKOES WANTED.—I wish to purchase
XI for private use, on a plantation in Arkan
MEN, from 16 to 22 years of age. ALSO, to
remain in Virginia, a good WOMAN COOK,
i The cash market prices will be paid tor slave#
I of the above description. Address me, at Chan
tilly, Fairfax County, Va.
i aug 25—eo3\v S. T. STUART.
Mrs. kingsford’S seminary, a lex.
andria, Virginia.—The pupils of this
(School will resume their studies, on the 1st of
i October, 1853. aug 1—2awtOctl
FINE SALT, in store, and for sale by
sepi J. T. B PERRY & 5>ON.
Bladensfield female school,
Richmond County, Virginia.—REV.
WILLIAM iV. WARIL Priniipa:, assisted
Jeacher of Music.
The location of this institution is about four
miles East from the village of Warsaw, the
county seat. It is retired, in an unusually heal
thy section of country. The building has been
enlarged and otherwise adapted to the more con
venient and comfortable accommodation of an
increased number of pupils. The grounds for
recreation and exercise Bre extensive, hand
somely improved, and ornamented with shade
trees and shrubbery.
j The course of instruction is designed to form
I useful, accomplished, and pious character,
j The government is parental, and exercised
with mild and allectionate decision. All cases
i of discipline are referred to the^l rincipal.
i The scholastic year for 1353-M will com
mence on the first ot October next, and close
j the last of July following.
The vacations will be August and September,
■ and one week at Whitsuntide.
Terms for Session of ten me tbs, payable one
half the first of October—the remainder the first
| of March.
For Board (including washing and lights,)
and English'Tuition, $109
Music and Use of Instrument, ,r'b
Ancient and Modern Languages, each, 10
Drawing, Painting and Embroidery,
each, 10
Day Scholars and English Tuition, 20
Pupils will be admitted at any time during
! the session, and will be charged ratably to the
close, without abatement for absence, except in
cases of the protracted sickness ol the pupil,
i Each pupil will supply herself with six towels
i and a clothes-bag, and should have every arti
cle of her clothing distinctly marked with her
No accounts are allowed to be contracted; pa
rents and guardians should, therefore, deposit
with the Principal an amount in money sufli
cient to meet necessary expenses.
Books and Stationery furnished at Booksellers*
retail prices.
Post Office Address—Lyell’s Store, Va.
jy 29—lawtOcl__
rj QQ acres of orange land for
SALK.—Wishing to move near the
city ot Richmond, I will offer for sale my Farm
long known as IfLOOMRVRY} containing
the above number ol acres. About 000 acres
have never been cleared, and are timbered
with hickory, locust, pine, oak, &c. This affords
an excellent range lor hogs. The cleared por
tion is well arranged into 7 fields, all ot which
are in a good state of cultivation, weil fenced,
well watered and sc! in grass, to the produc
tion of which the land seems peculiarly adap
ted, and thereby making stock raising a profit
able business. Near the centre of the Farm
is an inexhaustible bed of limestone,ol good
quality, and can he quarried with little expense.
I 1 llClc is a Kilt! now ouiiiuiiig, »» ij'vu i uu-'
burned 0 or $000 bushels and applied to the
land. , .
Nearly in the middle of the cleared land
stands the MANSION. It has 4 rooms
in the cellar, 0 on the first lloor, 5 on the
second and a large garret on the third.
, lltl, are adjoining iheyard a kitchen, (within
•>0 feet of which is an excellent pump.) 2 smoke
houses, a dairy, meat house, lumber house, and
an office with’2 rooms on the first and 2 on the
second floor. There are also properly arranged
•1 granaries, a carriage house, ice house, a hlack
smith's shop, carpentershop, an overseer s hou>e
and cabins lor 100 slaves. The garden cer
tainly surpasses anything of the kind in tins
region of country, and a finer apple oichard ol
choice fruit is rarely seen any where.
Bloomsbury is situated directly on the
Plank Road between Fredericksburg and
Orange Court House, 3 miles from the latter
place! Soon the Railroad from Alexandria
and Gordonsville, running by Orange C. H.
will be completed, when Richmond and Alex
andria will be within a five hours ride.
The healthiness ol the place lias never been
i The above will be offered for sale publicly
! on the 27ih day of September, (or the first lair
day thereafter, il this should be rainy,) it not
sold privately: in the event of a private sale
due notice will be given.
au 9—d6i&w5w* FRANCIS JERDONE.
r HOUSE.—We have recently greatly en
larged the means of storing gooJs, by the oc
cupancy of ail the rooms in our house, anil
would respectfully inform the citizens ol
Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria, and en
virons, that the four stories of our house is
now well stocked with a new, complete, and
elegant stock ol GOODS in the above line.
As we devote our entire attention to this par
ticular business, housekeepers will find il a great
convenience at all times to find ail and every
item which they may require lor the comfort ol
their houses in this line. And as our stock has
been selected with great care and at the very
nearest sources, and in many cases at the hou
ses of the original producers, the public may
be assured that the prices asked by us shall ne
ver be higher than those of any other city in
our country.
Our stock of Velvet Carpetings is qu;te ex
tensive, and superior in the extreme, surpass
ing every thing of the kind we think ever ol
rered here before.
Tapestry Carpetings, in the same patterns as
A Plain Brussels, in new and improved styles;
most of which are in extremely pretty little fi
gures, which will be found a great improve
ment on the old styles.
Also, a new article of Carpeting, called liAm
busson,” very beautiful, strong, and cheap.
Felt Carpetings of English make, very heavy,
and not a cent higher than before the late ad
vance. . _
.. . r l_. t T*t. ,. — ..I.. l\irnntiiwrc
<JUr SIOCK t»l impcnai
this season is superb, and will be found much
heavier in body than have been offered for
three} ears.
Also, Ingrain, in entirely new and improved
patterns, most of which will be found m pretty
and neat small figures.
To match with all the above, we have ot
course a full supply of rich Rugs, Door Mats,
i Also, an elegant assortment of Curtain Materi
als, with all tile necessary fixtures and belon
f Washington, aug 30—eo3t _
I^Valuable house and lot for
V SALK.—1 am desirous of selling or ren*
ting my HOUSE AND LOT, known as
Green Hill. The house is a large stone
building, of three stones in heighth, thir
ty-tour leet long by twenty-three in width. It
consists of six rooms in all, including the base
ment, and a cellar which is at present used as
a grocery room. The lot of land contains
about 13 ACRES ct as good land as any in
Upper Fauquier conn!}, vvitn an excellent sup
ply of running water near the house. 1 he sit
uation is suited tor a store, there being one in a
part ot the house at present, it being about
‘half wav between the two depots, Markham
i Station, and the depot at the top of the Kidge.
; It is also, a very desirable situation for a physi
! cian, there being none very near. I tie land ad
joins that of Mrs. William Gibson, deceased,
and Eli Anderson, it being a first rate neighbor
hood for mechanics and professional men.—
The house is situated near the main public
road, and about three hundred yards from the
railroad, where the cars can tie seen passing,
and repassing. For a merchant or physician,
I do not know of any p ace more suitable as
las well as mechanics ot almost any branch of
< businesss. There is not enough land to justify
:a farmer in purchasing, but there is adjoining
: this, excellent land tor sale as well as rent.
| Anyone wishing to purchase, will do well to
j come and examine lor themselves, as 1 will
i sell or rent, on good term*. Any one addressing
me on the subject, will direct to Markham ^ ta
.tion, Fauquier county, Va. u.,,n
Fauquier Co., jy 16—eo3m_____
FOR SALE.—The subscriDer offers
fcfo for sale the HOUSE he now occupies
itjil.on Fairfax street, near King. J In* pro
perty is well located for business, and is one ot
~~~ for fipNT.—A Store, north side of
Jb& King stiVet, two doors from Fairfax;
I west side of Fairfax, next to corner of King
j street. [aug 2—d3t&eott | JNO. WEST.
NAILS.—200 kegs Nails, for sale by
aug 30 I J WHEAT & PROS
PUBLIC SALE.—By virtue of a decree of
the Circuit Court, for the County of Alex
andria, Virginia, rendered on the 17ih day of
May, IS53, in the suit of John Leadbeater, sur
viving pariner, &c., plaintiff, against William
H. Shirley, defendant, the undersigned, as com
missioner therein named, will sell, at public
sale, in iront ot the Mayor's Office, in the city
i of Alexandua, Vaon Saturday, the2\tk day
of September, 1853, at 12 o'clock, J/., one un
j divided fourth part oi a HOUSE and
_lim OF G BOUND, siiuate on the east
: siue of Washington street, between King and
; Prince streets, in the said cuy of Alexandria,
and now* occupied by Dr. \V. VV. \\ ilhamson, j
fronting on Washington street 20 feet, and run-!
! ning buck 123 feel 5 inches, subject to a ground
i rent ot $20 per annum, reserved on the whole
, lot.
ALSO,one undivided fourth part of a ground
rent ol $20 per annum, charged on a LOT OF
(J BOUND, a: joining the LOT above described,
1 on ihe south, and occupied by the Methodist
Episcopal Church.
Terms ok Sale —One-tenth of the purchase
• money to be paid in hand, and the residue in
three equal instalments of six, twelve, and
eighteen months fro n the day of sale, secured
by the bonds of the purchaser with good per
sonal security, and hearing interest. The title
to be retained until tile purchase money is ful
iy paid. FRANCIS L. SMITH,
" aug 23— 2awts Commissioner.
1 ) Y Y1UTUE of a decree of the Circuit Court
L) for the County ot Alexandria, pronounced
on the IMhdayof June. 1852, intht-caseof
John J. Hollow vs. Charles B. Shirley, the un
dersigned, Commissioner, appointed under said
decree, wiii sell on Saturday, the *24/// day of
September, 1853, at 12 o'clock. >V., at public auc
tion, in front ot the Mayor’s Office in the City
of Alexandria, one undivided fourth part, (be
Mmg the interest of tHe said Shirley.) in
a HOUSE AND LOT. situated on the
east side of Washington street, now oc
cupied bv Dr. W. W. Williamson, fronting on
Washington street 20 feet, and running back
123 feet, 5 inches, subject to aground rent oi
$20 per annum, reserved upon the entire lot.
Term* (K Sam:.—Ten per cent, of the pur
chase money in cash, the balance in three equal
I instalments, upon a credit of six, twelve, and
■ eighteen months, with interest fcoin the day oi
| sale, or at the option oi the purchaser, by the
payment oi the cash; the deferred payments to
! be secured by bond, with good security, and the
| retention ot the iegal title until ail the purchase
monev is paid. JAMES l\ . GKEEN,
nug 23— 2awN Commissioner.
I 1 ESI AJ 'K in the Co unty oi Fa i k ka x , St at e
ok Virginia.— I he desirable and well improved
I - , M 1.. t. ' . 1. I .. ^in otil nn n n 1V
r VM WW.V.li 1 Iivn • ^ ~ 7
one mile from Occcquan mills, and immediate*
|y on the county load leading thence to the
('our! house ol said county, containing
ACRES, about one-third of which is in good
Mlimber, improved with a large and conve
nient Ira me DA PILLING, baro, and all
suitable out-houses, and a well of good water
in the yard. Also, an Orchard of well selected
fruit. 1 he arable iand is iaid ofl in nine fields
trom 10 to 20 acres each, live ol which are
1 now in clover.
No. 2. A tract of unimproved land adjoining
the above, containing about 100 acres, mostly in
timber, together with all my stock of horses,
j wagons, ploughs, cows, hogs, &c.,and all my
household and kitchen furniture.
The above property will be positively sold,
with an excellent crop of Corn, now growing,
on the premises, on Tuesday, the 0th day of
Sept ember next, to the highest bidder if fair, il
not the next lair day. Terms made known on
the day of sale. T. A'. COPPER.
Occoquan, aug 5—eotd* _______
ing in iemove to the West, I shall otter at
public sale, on Saturday, the 1st day of October,
tsfi.a my farm lying within one mile ot the
| Manassas fiat* Railroad, and within two miles
I ol the i'aiein Depot, and containing 340 acres,
; 2 rood'5, and 30 poles. This farm presents at
tractions to those who may wish to purchase
land, that au* not often su: passed, independent
of its advantageous location near the railroad.
A large proportion of it is in wood land, com
prising some ol ihe best 'i I.Y1PT.R m the coun
ity. The cleared land is in fine heart, arid all
I oi il not in cultivation, is well taken in c over
i nr blue grass. The fencing is in good condi
l non, and the fields are all watered by unfailing
streams. 'Hie improvements are comloriable.
The terms will lie one-third in ca^h,—the res
idue in one, two and three years, with interest
from date;—the deferred payments to be secur
ed by a deed o! trust on the premises. Eos ses
sion will he given at the end of the year, with
libeity to seed this Fall. Sale fo take place on
the premises JAMPN CARY PJi.
Fauquier Co., aug 30 — eots
Li dersigned wishes to sell a T RACT Op
LAND, situate in Loudoun County, Ya.;
iyir.g between tiie Leesburg and Pointol Rocks
Road, and the Potomac River, above Noland's
perry, containing 7i Acres, 1 Rood, and per
ches*; subject to lease lor two years from the 1st
of January next, which pays annually and
an adjoining Woo i Lot, containing 23 acies.ahd
*2‘i perches. Also his inteie*t (one sixth) in an
adjoining tract of land, owned and held by Mrs.
.inks, the widow John Spinks dec’d , as her
dower right during her iiieume, containing up
wards of 300 Acres. All of said property is a
part of one tract of land owned and held by
John Spinks, dec’d, during his lifetime, and
reputed to be as valuable, and in as fine stale
of cultivation as any property in Loudoun coun
ty. Persons wishing to purchase will no doubt
<i iirnlil'i Uu inl'tJvUllPllt M Mil 51 T P rPOUPStcd
10 call upon John M. Orr, at Leesburg, who
is authorized to make sale, or upon the sub
scriber in Alexandria, Va.
/-a I wi>h to sell three HOUSES and LOT S
milifi Alexandria: two of said hon-es are
j itame, and newly built, the otheris a small brick
nearly new, situate on the south side ot \\ olfe
; street, and west of Washington, and within le>s
than three squares of the O & A.R.K Depot,
and immediately between the residence ot Mr
Edward Green, and the property ot Mr. Robert
G. Vioiett.
Those wishing to purchase will call on me.
aug 23—eotf SAM L. BEACH.
undersigned offers for sale that valuable
farm, known as“Clish P'arm,:* lying on the wa
ters of the Great Hunting Creek, in Fairlax
County, and within haif a mile of the limits ol
the flourishing city ol Alexandria, containing
about "250 ACRES, one half of which is in
timber, and the remainder in a high state of
cultivation. It is believed there is no land in
the vicinity of Alexandria that possesses grea
ter inducements than this, either lor farming or
dairy purposes, nr both. A large portion of the
cleared land may be classed as prime meadow
land, weil taken in grass. The improvements
are a comfortable two story PKAME
DWELLING HOUSE, with the necessa
ouses tor servants, Barn, and other out
houses, and a young and thrifty Peach Orchard
: of the choicest frut. A portion of the purchase
money, only, will be required in hand, and
: the deferred payments will be made ea-y lor the
purchaser. Apply to Geo. ^ bite, Auctioneer,
or totliesubscriber.|ZARKTH HAJIUISON,
Executrix ol John D. Harrison, dec'd.
jy 21—eo2m _
PJBLIC NOTICE.—Notice is hereby given
that application will be made to the Circuit
Court, for the county of Alexandria, Va., at the
next term thereof, for an order directing the pro
ceeds arising from the sale of certain real estate,
sold under a decree of said Court, in the suit of
Yeaion, Guardian, &c., against Prescoit, &c., be
longing to the infant defendants, Hannah E.
Prescott, Mary A. Prescott, and Levi P. Pres
cott, to be delivered to the undersigned, who
• qualified as their guardian, in the County of
1 Shelby, and State of Tennessee, to be by him
removed to the said State of Tennessee.
Guardian, &e , by his Attorney
aug 13—lawdw
REWARD will be given for any in
ti? formation that will lead.to the detec
tion and conviction of the person or persona
; who broke open one of the houses on Clay Hill,
land set fire to the same, on Sunday night,
aug 30—eo'u VVM. DKVAUGHN
LAND FOR SALE.—By virtue of a decree
of the Circuit Court of Culpeper, pronoun
ced on the lath day ol July, lbr>3, in the case
of John C. Green, Trustee of Sarah J. Smith
! and her children, plaintifi vs. Adam \. Smith
and wife and otiiers, defendants, the under
! signed, Commissioner appointed by said decree,
| will sell at public auction, to the highest bid
1 der, on the premises, on the 3rd day of Septem
ber next, a TRACT OF LAND containing
407 ACRES, situated in the County of Cul
peper, on Cedar Run, about one mile Irom the
contemplated Depot ot the Orange ami Alex
andria Kail Road, which will be completed in
a few months.
This tract of land is of originally excellent
quality, particularly for wheat. The neigh
borhood is good and rapidly improving: County
healthy and easy of access by Kail Road to tin*
markets ol Alexandria and Richmond. The
farm lies compactly and has an abundant sup
i khms:—One hundred dollars to he paid in
cash; the balance in three equal instalments in
six months, one year and two years with in
terest Irom the day of sale, to he secured t»v
bonds with good security, and by retaining the
legal title until all the purchase money he paid;
or the purchaser may, it he please, pay iho lir*-r
instalment at the time ol sale, or at any time
thereafter before it bpcomes due.
Culpeper county, jy i2—lawdw
ot a decree of the Circuit Court of Cul
peper, made on the 15th day ot July, lvVt, m
the case of Fayette Mauzy, guardian of his in
fant children, Plaintiff, vs. Emily Bradford iit
her own right and as Executrix of Samuel K.
Bradford, dec'd , and others, Defendants the un
dersigned, Commissioner appointed by sunt de
cree will sell at public auction to the liighe-t
bidder, on the day of September, l>.v>\ y
Alton, about three miles from Culpeper Coir:
House, the real estate of Samuel K. Bradford,
dee d., consisting of the following tract.-:
The farm on which the said Samuel K. Brad
ford resided called “A F TON ,ri containing
about 800 ACRES, situated about three miles
from C ulpeper Court House. This is one ot
the most desirable farms in Culpeper. The soil
originally good, has been for several year* pa-1
under an improving system and is now in co«- •
„ N dition for profitable cultivation. I in*
buildings are new, large, and comforta
ble. The farm is well ditched, we’l
fenced, well watered, and has a sufficiency ot
tim her.
The “CATLETT FARM*’containing about
270 ACRES ot Und ol good medium quality,
in due proportions of arable and wood land, sit
uated about lour miles irom Culpeper Comt
jttfgL House. There is no dwelling house on
Ibis tract, but some HOl>h> tor the
.niH accommodation ot servants.
ing about £7 ACRES, nil in woo*!, situated
six miles from Culpeper Court House, adjoining
the lands ot C. C*. Beckham and others. This
tract lias on it a quantity ot valuable timber.—
Po-session ot the Catlett and Summer Duck
Tracts will be delivered as soon as the terms t»!
sale have been complied with. The purchaser
ot the Alton tract will have possession this ia I,
tor the purpose of preparing for and i utting in a
crop of Wheat, and lull possession on the lir-t
dav ot January next.
Terms.—So much of the purchase money ot
the Summer Duck tract will be required in cash
as may be necessary to pay the costs of suit
and of sale. The balance in equal instalments
in one, two, and three years, with interest from
the dav of sale.
The Catlett Tract will he sold on a credit of
one, two, and three sears in equal instalments
with interest from the day of sale.
The Alton tract on a credit of four years,
from the 1st day of January next, as to the sum
of $8,000, and as to the residue on a credit oi
one, two, and three years, in equal instalments.
The whole purchase money to carry interest
from the first day of January next; the interest
on the sum ol $v,000 to he paid annually on
the 1st of January. The purchase money of
all the lands to be secured by the bond< or tin*
purchasers with good security and by retaining
the legal title of the lands until all the purchase
money is paid.
JOHN C. GREEN, Commissioner.
Culpeper Co., Va., jy 29—i»wte
J BLE REAL E6TA1 E.—Pursuant to a
decree of the Circuit Court ol Culpeper Count),
Va., pronounced at its November term, 1S52,
in a cause wherein the guardian of the inlant
children of il. T. Nalle, dec*d., is plaintiff, and
James Nalle and others are defendants, the un
dersigned will sell at public auction, on the
premises, on the 5th day of September, (Mon
day,) 1653, the following Valuable FARM,
containing 380 ACRES, moie or less, situa
ted in the County ol Culpeper, about one mile
from Slevensburg and about five miles from
Brandy Station on the Railroad.
This Farm is ol good soil well adapted to
the growth of Wheat, Corn, and Gals, and es
pecially to Clover and Timothy—has an abun
dance of Timber and Wood, a small but com
Mfortabie DWELLING, a good barn and
all necessary out-houses.
1 tie terms of the sale will be so much of the
purchase money to be paid in cash, a> may hr
necessary to pay the cost oi making the sale, and
the balance in tour equal annual payments
with interest troin the day of sale, to be seem
ed by the bonds of the purchaser with good -«*
curitv. and the title of the land withheld a
further security, until all the purchase inone) la*
paid—the interest on the whole amount tu b-*
paid annually, [jy 0—eoU] ROB I*. A. HOOK.
JthayThe above sale will he deferred until
Tuesday, Oth of September, 1S5.>.
jv*2S—eots R. A. H.
Valuable farm for salk.-b> vir
tue of the provisions of a deed of truM,
execu'ed by Temple M. Washington, on the
15th day of January, 1553, and of record in
the Clerk’s Office of 'the County Court of Prince
William C ounty, we, the undersigned, trustees
under said deed, will offer tor sale, on th** pre
mises, at Public Auction, to the highest bidder,
on Saturday, the 1st day cf October. f^Vf, th:.t
valuable real estate known as HUt'KLAA l>
FARM, containing, by estimation, 600 ai i:k-,
adjoining the town of Kuckland, and lying hi
the counties of Prince William and Fauquier.
This Farm is in a good state of improvement,
, , and has on it an excellent and rommn.
Aft (lions DWEIXINH HOUSE, and all
iilaLnecessary out-houses. The soil is good,
I and the Farm i* well supplied with wood and
water. It is conveniently located, being near
the Buekiand and Kinsley Mills, and about .
miles from the Gainesville Station, on th**
| Manassas Gap Railroad, with a paved road to
said Station. Persons wishing to purchase will
| please examine the farm. 'J he terms of sale
l will be a credit of one, two, and three ^ears,
in yearly instalments of twenty-live humlre I
I dollars each, for the first and second year, and
the residue of the purchase money tor th.*
! instalment of the third year: the whole to carry
| interest from the day of sale, and to be secure!
by bonds with good security, ami a deed ol
trust on the land.
KPPA HUNTON, ) Trustees
aug 16—eots
j A to the terms of a deed of trust, execute.!
j to the subscriber by Samuel Jackson, on the
i 1st day ot May, 1S44, and recorded in the
I Clerk’s Office of the County Couitot Fairfax
i County, in Jiber J. No. 3, page 30—made for tin*
j purpose of securing a certain debt therein nam** i
—1 will proceed, on Monday, the 1 Ah of Septetn
her, proximo, [that being court day,] in front ot
the court hou«e of said county, to self
cash, at public auction, to the highest bol
der, the land conveyed by said Trust f «.•*••**
containing 06 3-4 acres, be the same m
or less—being part of a Tract of Land ol he
late Hugh Conn, bounded in part by he •
Polocnac, and adjoins the lam* °* * * /jt. ,, ’rV, ’
and known as Conn’s Ferry J ratt
v*u «iu*h title only a* ve#led in me a*
Trn.feeb * KICH. H. GUNN ELL,
Fairfax Co.. snr 13—eoM Trn.«t. «».
W~ HAKF FOR RENT.—Will be rented
from now until the 1st day of March,
I js54. the Woarf adjoining the Fish Wharf, on
the South, being that part formerly under a
Jea*c to the coiporation. For terms, apply.
je IS—tf cor. KmganJ f oion-fcis

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