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rke \LL AANDRIAO AZETTE, tortheCoami y
is prince t jn 1 ues.iays, fa.ustlaysSaturdays
Subscription--The Daily paper isiurnisned a
dollars per annum, payable bait yearly Th*
;^ou*itr / paper — tri-wee* v— i- furnished lorlivt
dollar* per arina in, payable in advance
Advirtisin®.—Three insertionsot onesonare fo»
one dollar. Yearly advertise^ arspeci&ec. rates
No subscription received from :he country u tiles
vxorr.paHied bytheeash, or by a 'espousibb
>ew» or tbe l>a).
M To show the very age and body of the times.
It may be recoileced tha* the celebrated vio
linist, Paganini, died at Nice about ?ou;?een
years ago; thaT the Bishop reiuse i to a‘!ow
bun 10 be interred in the consecrated gr°u
On account of his having died without t»c***v
loe the sacraments. His executors had tin*
body removed a private place, and co r»u et *
ced legal proceedings. The Court of Nice
having decided against the »». they appealed
the Archiei iscopal Court of Denoa. which re
versed the judgment of the lower court, ai d
ordered the' remains ot Paganini m he inferred
in tbe cemetery. I h** Episcopal t our; of Nice
appealed against thi* decision fo ttie Cot.it o*
Turin, which has since confirmed P. Now, a*
three appeals are allowed in eccle* ast»cal mat
ter*, tbe Court of Nice ha* appealed in the i*st
resort to a tribunal of judge* to be appointed
by tbe Holy See; and there ifce matter re*u for
the present.
Gov. Campbell, of Tennessee, presented hi*
message to the Legislature on the Sth mst. He
speaks of a fresh stimulus having been impart
ed to every branch of industry and enterprise
in prospect of the completion o? c mtemp'at^d
licesof railway. The rec eipts into the S’ate
treasury during the last two sear* were fc1 2 i.
U-iO, wnilf iue e\ppi'w ,u*c earnc ir u
amounted to $J,2!S.':S7. showing an expendi
ture greater than th? receipt*. I he t^ra
amount of taxable prnpery, £.* assessed in ’he
year 1354, is $136,640,119. The puMic debt,
exclusive of bond* issued or endcrsrd by the i
State, amount* to $5,716 >57. ihe whole'
amount advanced by the >tufe in the wav ( f ;
loans and bonds of ’he Sta’e issued to ra fro.* I ;
companies, or hy endorsement of bonds by the
companies, arnou ts to $1,415 00*).
Northwestern Wisconsin i* described in
flowing terms by a writer in the Ma ! *on Jour
nal: ‘ it is a limestone country, with a sod at
least equal to any portion of the State. The
surface i* made up of prairie, open and tim
bered land in about eq ta! proportion —a serrU
rolling sur:ac»*, dotted here and there wfh
grace!u! mound- and gentle ridges, the remains
of decaying ledges of blue lime-tone. 1‘ »* di
versified wrh magnificent groves, beautifying !
the prairies—bv the winding channels of nvu
lets and river*, originating m numberle**
springs. and r»y densely timbered tra^r* abound
ing in oak, a.*h. sugar man e, nirkory, biack j
walnut, butternut, &c., icc. I be soil i* a rich
biack loam with a m xure of clav and *a;-d.
thoroughly impregnated with lin e and elements
essential to a prolific vegetation/'
The number of dea’hs in New \<>rk during
the past week accord ng to the City Inspector's
report, was 4:3, wh ch i-a decrease of 15 on
the mortality of the previous week. I he death* (
bv consum dion nu n >er*»d 45: ny co:ivu!*i ,
31: by croup 10; bv debility, 10; by diarrhea
15; by dysentery. 45; bv typhus fever. II; nv
inflammation of tf«e Dowels. 13: o[ t.ie iuni- I*>; 1 }
by marasmus, l^: and by old age, 3- I here
were four cases of suicide-one hy shooting, j{
one by hanging, on** bv pimping out nf a win- !
dow, and one by cutting hi* throat. Or the de- i
ceased. 476 wer<» nitivesor the l uite i >tv-\
13 of Ireland. 46 of Germany, and 14 of Eng- ’
land. 1
The Philadelphia American, in summing up
the result in that city of the recent election, f
•ays that, as regar s the city Legis’attve ticket.
the friends of reform have been *ucce*-iu ; ,
and that one of the matters ?»ettled hy their
success is a radical change in the fire detri
ment, and its re organ / ttion on Mich a has* ,
as shall bring it under the control o! the c;v;i ,
authorities ihe consolidation of tha cdy 1
and its districts into one mun c pal corporation,
the reform of the license i-tw-. and a change
in the present unsatisfactory a; ! expen- ve
mode of collecting the taxes, the American !
aiao thinks, will be promoted by he ti.umph .
of the reform t cket
* '
The New York papers say that .Morrissey j
still lives, and it is now said Will recover from
the injuries inflicted on him by 5 ankec Sullivan.
In the meantime several terrible battle* have ta
keu place between ’hesecor ds nf the two e :n- y
batants. with regard to bet* defending on tr.e s
fight The judges decide that M'»rr;*-ey ,s er»
titled to the j urse, but tie purse holders relu-<* ’
to give if to h-rn, while Suli.van • tfrr* to a :d \
another $ItOO to it. and have ’.he fi^bt over "
again. ‘‘Awful Gardiner" ha* been attested
and held to bail to the amount of $ *»oi> *o an- t
•wer the charge of bring of! the ear of S\m
Accounts from Gibraltar of the I c* h Septem
ber stale the particu ars of a feariuI accident in .
that garrison, as follows: ik<*n the loth.
noon, a frightful and melancholy acciden: oc
curred by the explosion of a powder magazine i(
used by the 30:h r*»g;ment. situated a' the tur- ;
thermo-d south end of the rock. Windmill Hi I. <<
The accident is not fu Iv accounted for hvp .
out of the six men, a t beloi ging to the regi ;
went, who were at work in the magaz i e, were
killed, and the sixth (tne corporai in charge)
dangerously wcundejc
The Rockvii'e (Md) Journal says:—Our e
county is now free from sickne>s, the recent: 9
fronts having banished diseases, with the ev- ,
ception of the chills and fever*, which usually
prevail upon the river section of the county,
we have been more than usually exrmpt from «j
sickness; and whilst other portions of the j
country have been desolattd. as it were, by
contagion, we have been singularly *
for which the fervent thanksgiving of our peo
ple should be continually ottered to Hi n who !
has sograci Mieiy and kindly shielded us from k
pestilence and death
j !
The Washi ngton Sentinel snvs: —“We arc
gratified to leara that the Baltimore and Ohio u
Railroad Company ba* concluded to reduce the
toils, for the last ten davsof the present month,
in order to afford greater inducements to per- c
sons desirous of attending the lair and cattle v
show in Baltimore, and that the reduced pri- \
ces will operate on the Washington branch s
railroad aa well aa on the main stem to Wheel- j
ing. f
The troo|»s recently stationed at Fort W ash- s
ington. Prince George's county, Md., having , *
been transferred to Boston, and the neighbor- j
hood bemg very sparsely inhabited, the po*t of- j x
gee is for the present discontinued. Elk Neck, j %
Cecil county. Md , is also discontinued—the j
postmaster declining to continue his services ‘
thereat. North East is the nearest office! ti
thereto. n
The State Department have official informa
tion of Gov. Vroom’a arrival at Berlin, and pre- g
OOpfitifTB in tho court to which he is accredited, w
The London press mentions a successful ap
plication of chloroform upon a man of im-!
rnense physical power while under a violent
attack ot cholera, [hiring the most violent pa-;
row ism of pain and spasm the chloroform was t
aim mistered, “and the struggling g.ant tamed
into the quiet of a sleeping wiani." The func
tions beu g susjended the horrible r*\mptoins
cea-ed. the medicines became ahsorbed, and in
an hour the man was restored to conscious*
n^--, anJ ’he disease was conquered.
1 r.e Poshnaj-ter General has established a
new post office at '[’rap, Caroline county, \ a ,
and appoi -.ted John G. Carter, postmaster.—
Thi- i tfice i> l >cated between Bow ling Green
a d Pori Koval, directly on the routetrorn Mil
mr ! depot to King George Court House. 1 he
people ot Trap and vicinity will receive mails
•regui. r!y six times a week. Mr. Mu«go P
Harvev is apppo.nted postmaster at Oak Grove.
Westmoreland county, Yu., v,ce Geo. M. Car
ter, re-igned.
'['he Pes’dtr.t of the Maysvdle and I>i2
Sandv Raiiroad has effected the sale of coun
ty ar;d city bonds to a large amount. Ehi>
will enable the Company to press forward -he
work, already .veil advanced, with great ener
gv. T e C m, anv have pu chased 5.500 tons
or rhe b^-s! American manufactured iron, to he
delivered ear'v m the spring. I he\ have a
purchased eight locornot VrS ci great pG.ve»
a:: ! of the verv be?*l quality.
Madame Sontag I lad a very narrow escape
on Sunday. Coming from Staten Island, she
s pped down between the ferry boat and the
vvh.rf, before the vessel was made fa-t. and,
wou d have double- been ru*h-.l h> death
hut rc»r he prompt assistance of the bv slanders
A- it wa-. -he was cons! terabiv scratched, and
had to be carried ?o a r.eigi.coring apo heca v .
j*h. j. !h>\\ t-ver, she -ang at a c> cert -n Brook- j
iv n, O' Mo:.dav night, but in great pain.
\Yitr m a tew da>* the Canadian government ;
; ui'rabs have announ led that the proj *ct ot
uniting a'! the provinces, with Quebec as the
federal capita1, will soon take place. Each •
prov nee is to He allowed a separate Legis’a-j
i:;re. Lord E gm is said to have gone to Erg- J
‘and lor the express purpose of arranging the
important mat er. The Bnti-h provinces now
contain three rr.ll on of inhabitants.
England has ill Consuls in different ports of
| the world, and the United Stages on’v 130.—
Eng ar.d ha* 10 in the United MaTes, 54 in
Spain, ’2 in Brazil. Id in China. 13 in France,
vs Portugal. Is in Russia, and 1 < m S ' e
,icn The l n ’pd S^a’es ha- t7 in the Brit -h
dominions. IN in France. 7 in Braz•!, in Cni-i
na. ^ m Portugal. * ’*n Spain, and 4 m Ku-sia
John Hal’ and Pa’r ck Maney were airesteu
in New York, on Sunday, just a* they were
about to commence a prize tight tor *100. in j
ih*> rear of a house on .Mulberry <*reet. 1 wo i
n’her pugilis**. name*? Cta'p and Queen, it i*
reported, hat? a prize right on Surmav, on St a
the USard. The tight* grew out of the dis
graceful o e between Sullivan and Mor ssey.
J he Providence Journal announce* the death
of K!i>ha Mat hewson. who died at >citua*e,
on the I t:h instant, in th* *t>'.h year of his age.
He wa» an oid school jQfersor.ian. and was
for Tier v an ac’ive and irffuentia1 man in poli j
nr*. He was at different period* a member o'
the General Amenably of Kho.ie island, and at,
or.p nnne S; eaker of 11»e House, and a Senator
in Congress f r fou" years.
There i* r.o lack of candidates for the Presi
dency of the J-»me* Kivpr and Kanawha Cana!, |
vaca?ed by Judge Ma*on. I tie following are
alreadv named: Richard G Morris of R en
mond. Col. Thomas H Kill*. James Brown, j
la^e *2d Auditor, and Jame-* Hunter. It 1* j
though: by the shrewd that the lucky ore i*not
The execu’ive committee of the Maryland
Sta’e Agricultural Sorely, have Appointed a
committee to wa t om the President of the Cni
•p i Spates, to invop him and his Cabinet to de
*ig! a*e a da'* upon wh<ch thev wou.d mak* it
convenient to vi-it ?h^ Cattle Show of the So
viet*. to he held m Baltimore next week.
All the Catholic at Ga!ve*ton, Texas,
except two. it is said, have been sick with the
re;low lever. Four died—one a native of I'e- j
and. be! evvd to he Mr Haggerty: ano'lipr a
oung mm. a native ot France; a third a Ger
nan: and the fourth Mr. ODriscoii, a young .
The New York T me* learn* frorr good au- «
nority that George Uw, e*q , ha* effected a
ale of a very con>iderab!e portion of h > mil* j
■p:*s to the Turkish Government—to be u*ed ;n
he war with Russia. Th°y have not yet been i
ent. hu“ are to he ?h pprd in the course of a i
ew davs.
Thedav tram. u;on 'ha Baltimore and Oh >
vail road, to ar-d from Cumberland, w«ll be con
inned a* heretofore, the change ment oned a
lav cr t.».o ago oniy leiatin® to Sundays, •
ipon which day there will he no cars run upon
* e main upt, of the road. e\cepT the regular
A'f-eeltr.g train*.
The President h** appointed Fisher Ames
■Jildreth as postmaster at Loweii, Ma;sachu
pt'*, vice Thomas P. Goodhue, deceased: Mrs.
Vme'ia S Moderweli, pos*mis*!>«* a* Colum
bia. fVnn«v!v .nia. vice A P MolprwelL her
u-ibar.,1. deepased; Wtliiam H Crawford, post* J
ria^ er at Jefferson City, Missouri.
(>n the 5th in**., it i* said that between 7.000 r
,nd * 000 sacks or Turk * Island Salt were : <
old at St. Louis at the advanced rate of $1 2-' '
er cack. The article 1* rppot»er! very scarce ; .
n N w Orleans. and the last quotations were t
>l $! 10.
L is stated tba* by the treaty lately concluded (
, r... i" ~__Win. 1
' i • Ifvri irai(« VM 7V * mi v »• \ • » * •
iebagn Indians, the government ob‘mrs nearly r
'He million acres of prairie ami timber land, i
lavmg a Iron! on the Mississ }>pi of a’-out six* 1
y m le*. i
The Shamckin (Pa } Iron Furnace. an<itve <
:r»a: I mds on which n ;s ’.oca'ed. were sold at '
M 'tion, in Philadelphia, on the 4th inst., for
Wn.OOn. to Cha,:e* Atkin*, ard the furnace is .
:> he repaired and put m’o opera’lln as soon as j
oss: ble.
The Atlantic brings intelligence of the death
>f Francois Donomque Arago. the distinguish- ^
d French Asrronomer, whose contrihut ons to j
r»encehav« classed h m amonr the highest in .
e list of Kuropean savans. He was in the ;
S year of his age. <
P.-.tcs from Hamilton. Bermuda, to the ‘27th
t, continue to record the progress ot the >£?■• .
w lever. The deaths w’ere almost exclusive* <
v confined to the mlitary. among whom the
is^ase was verv fa ai
Ho:a‘io Needham, Free Soil PeTrcrat. has ,
eer> elected Speaker of the Vermont Persia- ; c
are by a vote of ifjto S3 for Grandv. V\ big.; I
nd *2 tor Bingham, Dem. Davery, Dem., wa> ‘
nammous v elected C.erk.
The Navy Department have late adv * j 1
es from Commodore Pern's squadron. He r
ras on his way to Jeddo. The Powhatan left C
long Kong on the ‘25th of duly to join the
Azariah Roodv, member of Congress elect j
rom the 39ih di>?rict of New York, has re- '
gned, in consequence of his engagements in €
anous railroad enteipr:ses. t
On the 4'h ins’ant. 40,000 bushels of grain , *
rere received at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by
Jt is sai l the Pans correspon lent of the Lon
on T-rres receives $-3 000 a year, and is far- j
>hed with a hand-oir e suit of rooms.
A large number of cur farmers are without j
uano, and it is feared that the fail seeding ^
ill fall very far abort of what was intended.
The consecration of Rev. Dr. Davis, Bishop
elect of South Carolina, and of Rev. Dr. Atkir -
son Bishop elect of North Carolina took place
on A! oi day in St John's Chapel. N Y., the;
ceremonies beginning at 10 o’clock. An the
clerical and lay deputies, in attendance at the
Gene<al Convention were present on this occa
sion. together with a liberal represents on oi the ;
pub ic at large, belongng to the Epu-c pa* de
nomination The services in strict accordance
with the formula prescribed in the Book o
Common Prayer wereoi the most impo?ing and
impassive character.
l et ers from, An\ Caves to the 2Slh ult., P>ate ,
that the Yello.v Fever was raging tGere, wi,h
almost incredible lesMuc'ion to hu:T an life.
Of foreigner- frequenting that place, 7 out oi 10
tall vii urns to ihe sc urge- Native produce j
was high a' d scarce Bu-iness extr- inely dull
Th’"* cnangmg the Isiand from a Repun u to an
Empire, has given no better security to h’e.
liberty and propertv. 1 axes were accumulat
ing ami much i!i?contPnt creaed by the arhi
trarv poxerof the Emperor.
The following is ii*e A\ eek!\ s‘att merit of the
New York Bank?: Cap ta! $ls,400.U')0; .cans
*?> Oon • 00; spice -ft l/u‘io.000; circulation *:v
4»‘.4 OhO; deposits 5*30.000.
On the 24th in?t., the vote of St Louis coun
t.- is to be taken on the propriety of making an
additional subscription of $300.U00to the Pacific
New York is one vast having Jicp. and on
every hand \ou meet with some one who is
read) to shave >ou to the red.
The Whig Sta?e Convention c-f New Hamp
shire will be herd :n Concord, on the i cf ^
There were 203 deaths in Piiua .elphia 'as! j
week: of typhoid. bi.iousand o’herieVcf*, -1 :
consumption 23; convulsions 1:!
We mentioned not :ong ago that our energet
ic at.d abie Representative? at Brazn and Bue
no? A\re*. Messr?. Schenck and Pendleton had
coiij iiii'iy negotiated ami concluded *w«-) trea*
lies wxirii the Argentine Nates. which wiil open
to our n-tVieat on and con*me:Ce the i ch cou - j
tries ol the RiO de la Plata and its oxtens.ve t
Air. Coxe, our late Secretary oi Legation
at Brazil, has arrived in Warrington, bring-j
,r.g with him, as we learn, the treaties aii.ided
()lie or them was signed on the lOtn of .July,
a Sari Jo*e de fiore*, (in Bueno? A)1 e? \ xx i'D
the Argentine Confederal on, opening to the
tligsuj a!i nations the Iren naviga ion of the
iiiO de la Plata and i> tributaries, the l ruguav.
Parana, acc A similar treaty was s gned on :
tie ?anie dav wi»h tfie Pieu potentiates of
Great Britain and France.
The secoi.it trea y wa* one of friendship com
....I i..i I'm'it nn it'tn l|i<- ( ? !?*n
and was signed on 'he g”h of July. +' Nm
J; se. n the ,st.,!e of E* tre Bios.
Sir Charles Hotham lor England, the f iieva
iirr St. (ieoige lor France, a'd Messrs. Schencf;
and Pend lei on to* the I nited States, a;l acted
unitedly and harmoniously in the negotiation
of ■he-e tr» at.e<
We had trie aJvantage of being represented
hv verv a D‘r a- wei. a- firm men in the persons
oi our Monger at Brazil and our C t arge a'
Buenos A\ re-: and to the r energy we have no j
doubt ’hat much is uue in accomplishing these'
important treaties.
Sir Charles Hotharn and Mr. Schenck were
the mediator- who trfrcfed the a.I;u-tinent i
w hich led to the raising of the »>ege oi Monte
Lieut. Thomas J Page, commanding the ex
ploring steamer Water Witch, and Surgeon
Carter, accompanied the Commissioners up the
river to Binire Rios —Sat. Inf.
The Count'* Court of Sner.andoah at f s Oc
tober term, rescinded the order made a month
or two ago. to >ub nit the question to the peo
ple of taxing -he County ior the benefit of the
Manassas Rai road. In is step was advise i
by the menus ot the Road. I he tax would
have been defeated, as > generally heoeved.—
In aJdtion to this, we have no uoubt ’lm Com
i any can make the road th'oujh the County.
ii they consuIt their own interests, and do no:
hav-* rdeie: 'e to local in erects, which woui-J (
have to be ot ked to. if the County Mibscribed,
‘or about $41M.>00 less. We have nodouo'.i
from all that we can learn, not on I v from the.
President and Chief Engineer of the Road, but (
:rom many inteil'gei t private cif»/ei s. 'nat the, (
Fores v;lie rou e" will be adopted — which ,
would be through the western part of Shenan (
ioah — ieavn g the towns of Rootstock and
\’ *w Marke’ to the right. There is immense
rade all through dial part ot Shenandoah and ,
Rockingham, skirting ' the North-Mountain,
a!;d there are, dmibiiess, inexhaustible deposit*
,>f minerals and coal. ^ ben down in that |
<ec'ion some week' ago. we were in form u! by (
m old gent err.an, that he moulded hude sou! (
~>f the lead ore found in the vicinity of Brock'' .
jap. T .e Forest tsade rr »m this -ection wili ,
be immense. But we have no preference be
tweefi the contending routes. Ail we want is.
,o see the R *al p»peedily constructed. and c-1ir (
neighbors in the er j>yment of a rea -y and
-peedy communication to market. This mil:
jouMie'S tie done, for there aie few Presidents
nt Rahroad Companies to be compared with
Edward C. Mar-naii. m e. ergy and undaging
erseverat.ee—Si.-.untun I .
Mi fun i st* ion to Riftlilic Opinion.
Whilst r. cannot be denied lhat an enlighten* ;
td public opinion i' enl.t.e l to respect, it must ]
ie admitted that a great fault with manv of the 1
mbdc m.en ot tire l mled Na e*. is a blind sub- ;
niS'.on to popular whim' pas-ions and prej-i- j
l.ces. and that they pre er to glide w th every
tarrem that leads to the smooth humor ot t
diice, rather than stand up against error and !
nto erance wherever t ev are to be found, and j
o make and lead pub no opinion, instead of be
lli led or driven by it.
A pub ic rna'i. uc'dlute ot mora. courage.
U^c? ills ua ii av a ru uir ^• >*>- ■
i- well a* the it rl ier.ce wh ch lie might legd.l- I
natelv exert. Moral courage on the par! o( trie t
epre-enta'ive, is perfectly consistent with the -
epresentative charac’er Moreover, the peo- i
ie atmire men who *htr k lor themselves, ami, f
i'e more apt to recognize their claims t * ieader
h'p th in when they see them tremb.ing like ;
he aspen at every j >j ular f»r-ath. It was ibis •
[•la'ity of high toned independence wh ch gave i
o Jackson and C ay ftuch vast ir flue ce over
heir respective parties. and such a deep hold 1
ipon the:r confidence and afl-ctions. r
Sunday in Sail Eraucisco.
An incident peculiarly characteristic of San <
«.anc sco occurred in the vicinity ot the Piaza.
:i no other cuy in the United States could so \
•tr.k' ig a contrast be’ween cables, the leedngs .
imi theeducalK n of the inhabitants he exnihit
M. Between tw > and three o'clock, some !
. hinamen had erected a kimi of show box on • r
Jreni.am P are, for the exhibition or lunch 1
ind Judy, and had attrae'ed a crowd, by means ;
U gongs and o.her outrageous instrument?. ■
Po this crowd the exhibition was made, a* so ; ?
r.uch a ?'ghf. Returning to the same place. (
wo hours af>r, a crowd might stiii have been (
;(,en—nut how striking the contrast! Instead
>f a display or puniet*. a minister of the Gas- I
,e| was a hireling hi' fellow men uj on the t
uh> of the Hi Me- and invoking, from the I
ame spot which h«* had occupied armost week
V for four \ears, the blessings of heaven upon (
[is fellow men. Th>s is one of the contrasts •
»u r city is constantly furnishing —Sanfiun-, I
i^eo Herald. ________ ^
Election Emblems. i i
The Cleveland True Democrat give the foi- c
iwing list of insccipt.ons on the carriages be '
pngingt to the several parties on election day. j I
xo sober man can read it, we think, without r
xclaiming that political wire-pullers must x
hmk the people are great fools not to be d.s* •
;ueted with such sheer buinbug : s
“Anti-Maine Law.”
“Did Line Democracy.’' c
“Free Trade and Sailor’s Rights.” j1
“No Fusion.” j c
“Regular Nomina’ions." a
“Marne Law and Equal Rights ” r
“K"*’a and Cuba.” o
“Young America.” F
“Anti-Clique and Equal Right*.” ti
“Cuba, Koeta, and Constantinople ” *
Tlie News by the Atlantic.
The new3 bv the Atlantic is important and
interes ii«g. We extract the following from h.es
received by her.
A rumor had gained ground in 1 ans that the
Russian Ambassador had demanded, or was
about to demand, his pas-ports
'f here had been a revolt at Civila Vechia,
cau.-ed by the announcement that the govern
ment proposed to suppress the tree por?. I pon
the declaration that the project was abandoned,
order was immediaielv restored.
A iarge portion of Rotterdam has been inun
dated, owing it was sta ed, to the breaking o;
the enbaiikmrnl oi an until ished winter har
bor Another account mentions the breaking
oi thedxkesof the Haarlem lake.
Several sh ps have air ved ai Liverpool from
Australia, bringing 1.3.1*00 ounces oi gold. I tie
Australian merchants ate remitting eo d in pre
ifrence to bank bii*s. in consrqner.ee Ot the
high rate ot exci a ige, which was 2 per cent,
piemium. ’i he diggings were yiehiing gold
richly, and the rrios' productive season ot the
year had commenced. Up to the lith ol June,
about tour m lions sternm ot god hat been
-nipped iiom Victor n dur ' g trie* 'present xear.
Genera! VV a son We%b, xvno is now m Lon
»!on, wriies a long and spirited letter to the
London T me-, m repiv to -ome strictures or. an
editorial that appeared in die New Ioik ( ow
ner amt knquuer ot July 2V.h, on the subject
ol * V a kee k: ivateers. Mr. VV ebb jK)ih's out.
qu te temperate!}. that die laws ot the ( nited
>iate- against | nv.Peering are particular!;
stringent, and that he *s xvai ranted in saxing
they have been execute'!, an i will be execu
ted m gnod taiih xvheitev-r the nece-s 'x au-e-.
The l imes' K litor retorts in a slap cash, va
pormg ?!x le—?a:ks of Sending Mr. V\ ebh s 'ot
ter hack totus hole’, and wi i Is u;» wTi an a
sauit on Slavery. i iie whole article. to -ax
the lea-t. is m tne worst p.:-- t*!e ’a-l- s- * > the
(jut soon at i-sue. besides r-eing per-*.iiai x
rrspecttul towards a literary man of position,
certainly not interior to that ot the writer m :he
I'uiiiic attention xxas C"ii-! ieral-’v occupied
bv t.he life's of me infest i?i ire ( ‘x c*t Lu ca.
id i.fl.aix, o; Mi-s Cnnui gharri, a ynwg
>CO:ch tadx, for g xing awav a B.b,e and a c*>p>
ut Hunxuiis lhlgrin»'s Rrogfes-. in liaiian, to a
pea-ant J he British m.n .-ter at r orence ;t*
ler using every mean- Iur trie ilbeMl on <*■ the
ia,;y, was un-ucce-.-lul w.;h the Gra ;d Like,
and if was I ke \ Miv* Cuninngnunfi xxc.n P he
imprisoned hve \ear- o*r the offence, uute-s
strong measures xvere in.opt-d b) the Rfl'i-!;
government. Leputat orison the sur.j cf tiau
waued on Lord Clarendon, xvno d.-clan-d
e\« rx effort should be made to re ea- the i.uix.
Tne l >aiiy New - cufespor.dent, WiVing tront*
Hoag Kong, Augu-t 7. -ax- —
It i- current > icporied that the American
Commissioner, Colonel Ma'S’-aii, had taken a
\ *r\ decided -tep in reference to tne conte-' no.x
going on in ( and. - ngniar enough, tne
American policx is f.pposui t«> the ^pir.t or line
rai and tree in- ltuti&n.-. the Comm s-ioner hav
ing. it is »a;d, warm!} <*spou-ed the cause ol 'he
Emperor. a?,.l vo! an lee red. on hrt.a,’ ot me
I’nitevi Mates gover.imer t. ;o advance ’he 1 <»•
.•t-riai Executive 5*i.UU ‘.mu or any oilier as-i —
lance a" ln> command. Mho i!J th -> rumor u u
>Ul to be well loUhded, it is pro aMe that Mr
Cetuge Denham will make ano her n... or d
j• a’c i a mjs-ion. to ihe in-u’geht camp ’o » \
» :aif« the ni.ilte. to the patriot-. :i. of .c’ !i it the
a ’er may-not conluu: u on.* na‘ on ui h ihe
A private let’er from Constantinople, of t!ie
loth ultimo, va e? that the last a<'C" r.l- from
C rcas-ia. are m t .-.ih-tachoiv. It adii-*i>a‘ Tie
Russians have as$< robfed a cons ierabte <■
on that side, and are ; repaiing to maKf a gone
rai attack, witn. according to some, .u.ufib. .<c
corning to others. ou.UdO men. i wo envoys
:rom >cliam.i had arr.vsd at < u *’a:i in >;• e to
demand further a-> stance .Tom the Porte
ag.iii.st the K j-sians.
Let less iron. Ja-sy state that positive orde -
had been sent trom St. Petersburg, ‘o^c-'e rr-iir
prep^ratioi - in-Ur* pas-age of t:.e Danube, an :
\ ladrup e the ?*ore« of provi* on- in the maga
z ne- Price Dor-cha- ri ha! received in
struc’ions *o take all nt-ct--ary u e.i-u e> for
wintering the Russian troops ;n Waiiachta aiM
Till; EasTe;;n Qi’EsTi n. — The ITi-.-ian anil
Turki-h ari.i es ate m on the aleii nut no
hostliit-e® had occuried Ihvii.g to the number
if de-erier.-, the Ku--ian cavdlr. had betn
withdrawn two marches trom the Danube, an.l
heir [dace supplied by Cossacks timer Pa
*ha rewarded every deserter trom the Ku--ran.-.
-;Ut priid»*nt’y -ent them all odan T Cholera
ah- ver\ -eVe*e among ’.he Ku>-ian*.
No other vessels > ihe fleets had come
Jon.-tantnop ~. except those already mention
»d. Hnr was it likely, n the mean irne. hatTie
lea-Viuartera would be removed irom tne *>•»>
>1 Besik a.
'] he conferences between Tie Emperors ot
ilu-s.a and Au-tria, atO.mirz had e-ded. and
he Czar has retur. e i to W a’-.i a. whither the
Ciug of Piu^sia tia- zone to meet : im, and the
Emperor of Au-tria was to lol ow. New pro
io-itiOi - were coucer (1 attbeO nutz meeting
tail particulars were sent to the Ei g f-h Cov
-rumeut direct from thence Mr mger 1, p - •. ;
j pacific -ofution were therefore eideit.itind in
iij» omatic c -c es.
The conference at \ senna ha- b'*en re-e-Ub
|i»hed between the four Power-, and the thread
U the ncgotia’ions has been resumed, g vmg
.be pro* abdity that a so v-on more prom}an 1
enCeabie than was expected, is a*, hanu.
1 he semi official •• Au.-t t » Corre.-; o» d-mv '
ori► fi announce* the > V errant thus : — *-A
iew scheme or adiuvmer.t ha- en at-Tri •: r.i
it O.mdtz. and win be forthwith offered fo. ac
ceptance to Tie Por’e.' \ lenrta icier*- oi t*
ii instant ad i. that when he C inference ; i ■
-er, to whivh ivii--:a an ! Au-T a were par’;e-.
lad 'ernr.mated, a c unciioi Mn.s er- wa- .he :
n which the am*>as<a r>r- were invited. It **va>
it in e meetifig tiiat E'»r W*vian«i made hi>
imposition of aco!ler*iv.- Dec -ir;.’io i. w hicii
,va- accepted. This declaration is umJer-'amii
o be idnnt cab or nearly with one propo-ed
iv the Ear: ot Clarendon up**n tiie Czar’s re
ec’ion of fleschi ! l;acf)a'- cnodificatioiis.
On the morning or the h, or ;< r- were serit
r-iTi Oisnutz tor ear t i. e r an way immediately.
_>u.a i.o/i k „i. . i r. a -s I.' ns,ian piiiiricr
FT fibril nil- • * ' ■■ .
Mti) despatches ie t by a *pecia! ua n Tor N.
Vier-burgh. I'ne C»>r,**i:utionr.ei -’*'es ib.it
be Frond) a.r><i Hri*i-li (i >v •. » ament** j :1 a -•'*
e;it couriers to St. Petersburg with imporMn!
le*pa*c»es, which would arrive ’here 0:1 th
ith instant. ..
\[ .utest account*, the C/ir * reject on of me
lOte was general\\ known t . igr ut I »rke>
mt uo outbreak had cccurrel. C n “L inoj ie
va* periecti> f'arquii. ,
From rhe Prmcipa itie*, we haw no: 11 **'«g i
variike news Prince GDr:>chamn \ ad com*
nunicated to ttie cornrr::im:.-g (Lift*:" or
: ll*rent corps of hi* army, the o; er tru:n .ve
i;jnj*ter of War to winter n me country, ooi.i
irmies continued to r*e on :»e a e.t. i
More detin :e news trom Con*a: ’.nop;e wa*
ourlv looked f r, bV the n ute •’ Marse <*.<•
U the telegraph c announce nei to hand • a*
iot Vcr\ prec -e, a; d as. in a n .-t ,*. of sm :
n^mei.t, it won d tie desirab e to have a
neet nz ot t e Hnti-n Cab nm, -on
vould probably el»p*e before any ir-sn uen
ion wouM be come *o. the mote «*> that no h
na w ill be done without me acco* j ot i rai.ce.
: that Lord Rede ff^s instructor - '« f
,rders bow to act in the c vent of a It c irat
>f war either hv « urkey or R issia.
Lord Rede I llp is u iderstooi. or Miner -up
►osrd, to have di-appr ▼ J oi ’be-tep taker. •*
he Grand Conned. and won d. wrhoui lao, co
n- be-*: to delay further proceed ng*.
From < Mt Sept. i?*ih. the yorre*por:t e- ce
)f a me’ropolitan paper savs; * he <.r*n e e -
between the two powers ha* e,%M. i m
Emperor Nicholas and Count Ne^-e rn^ i c
:«ven to the Emperor of Aust in a n _l ■
Jijel Scbauenstein. the mo*t pos five a*- name
hat there is now and henceforth no ques or,
if any isolated action on the pa/. ' t ‘^’a»
nth a view to the subversion oi ^e Ouoman
empire, and >bat the sole object of the -m e
or Nicholas is to terminate the who e ath r
vdh honor, and put an end iO • ie S,1S'f'
n the European money market as a- r *’
For this purpose it is the anxious joint denre
f the Cabinet ot Vienna and M Petersburgh
bat, with the concurrence of the Governments
f England, France, and Pruss a. the collective j
ction ot the Vienna Conference should be re- j
ewed. and that its result should be a fv»rmu a
f assurance so perfectly sa i^factory .0 the
We as to hold forth every prospect ot accep- .
mce. The question is therefore regarded as ;
ubstantially terminated, and henceforth in*
vniving only a lew forms which we may safely
leave to the tact o! the diplomatist, units© the
Moslem tanai cism which Russia ha- so in
caution*!y evoked, should interpose a hairier
These assurances viill take place uitn a view
to enable Ru-s.a to accomplish without hu*
milia inn. the w ishej-tor point- of the evacua
tion (if the Principalities, hut will involve, on
the part ot the Five Powers, no technical guar
antee o{ 1 urkey beyond what already ex.s's, m
the Heal) of lbH, and which, in fact, says the
writer, wouid he ©upeifiur u-.
Private account© iroui <^rnu'/, as n. that
this leacertb'e result of the Conference was
matn'y ow ng to the a—urance g-ven |»v Lord
We-tmnreiaifd, mat the Briti-h li 'vemment
won d not su-i.-t <»r» tne Portf© accept.ng tne
Vienna Note, without inuRficat on-, j wr.uiJ at
!ea-i ab-tatii :ro;ri advice to the contrary ; an 1
iii'it it would particularly guaru against i: ak r;g
any pledge o{ material ©u, purl to :‘,e tSuTan in
ca-e he ©hould declare war aga-nst Rn--ia:
that, on the ott er head, the Lmperor of Russia
would not consider the arrival in the Bi,s, ho
rtt- ot a few -hip- of war. <tich as th >-e which
have pa-srd the S ra t*. as a vioia'ion of the
treaty ol i *-/ 1. provided he ofj*-cf of <n«t «;e*
rr Ofi-Tdiitin wa-rea.!* to keep in check 'he fa
natical party at <'on.-t.i:i!in<>p!e.
Apropos of Oirnufz, it wa-remarke ! with
-Inprise b» the hre.cn p*per-mat l^»rd ^e-f
ri.ote hr. 1 .-hon’d have been pre-t nt a' 0 mu /..
vshiie Baron B*ui| uenr-y. the French Amba^-a
• •or, was abseiit Tne exp'ana'ion g ven 'ha.
mme of ft.- diplomatic cnrp- were invited, and
We-irm.-reland was f resent only in his C3;ac;:>
of a genera) officer.
The London Dai y News (libera1) confirms
the s'atrinetits made above with re-pect to the
iccoi.stiuc'.on ot the V.enna Conference. and
p,truly .-um> up the mat er !»y -ay mg th.a' Me
task devolving u|k'n this re>u-ci’atc*J con*
erelife I© *0 !r* down a- ©Of!;* a© pos
-* n!e.
Britain —The M rosters *.vh * were in I. n
don. cor -Miring a majority of th- Cafnf. .met
on Monday. 3d m.-tan:. at :he Bure g Office,
and fieid a o.-g con erence on tf - present ; c.si
tion of K.i-’rrn affair- i he . r-idgence wnich
w the im re .MV c CCa.-tuh Oj the meetif g w a
iujt.un >ep’emher ** h, a week Infer than la-l
iede'- 'In (ffarn! Caunc’1. a bo 'v cir siting of
a »»ii* on— hundred and jor*\ m-tgna’eso.* the
I u'k -h K rp re, h-u recommended ii;e > .litan
It) make a drC ara’.on of war. f he inice of
that recommi ft .* if : .n. and the prnhahjB’v of the
.**• •. tau a e t i i • g l; ; . *. a - '.v t* . a- n— p -t r! i < . i a r -
ot !!ie prucrrd.nj! a-cr.bet to the Ora: I t utrse
iritp: r.*.Tain a 'naiier o' r r jerure un*i! the ar*
rival ot mure j.-hur.e in >.-■ ma ion.
( e;.i la SpicaJi: g -i'jwi) in Li ve.-pno'.
Ten ca-e-. or wh en th? :ra>-t j.Lir’ wrre t •»!&.,
occurred on I*Oar, the -nip (ffeeuuiaii, in
poll, W ‘ii elliig rani© Jor New )'*>k.
A lew Ca-eS a'e fep fed i,i 1/iT P’l
Ti.e ir.aiad> i- sut-.f.ng at Newca-i- aiid
(iaie - hr d’l. ll;e le T ii - -.I i « '.'i \ ' e* II« hi : it > \ -
irig r>ee.i 1 in v,t’ u- otii-.’ j .a>e- a lew
ca©e.- are tit>t- !.
‘die n.Pice Mat a u.eelm^ o: the imp.ur’er©
ai: 1 vender- ol A met lean nwr-hoes aid < i r,e r
r'; ; ";-j i to 'he prccee:mg- of Mo-:*. Fnar e
Aiacimo-ri \ * j the ilti-e. W a* 10 hr*
In- ! a', the i.cl: 10fi I dV" 1. Ft j !l i.'.'t
>fV. fi v- hfee li.*n** the re»|• i <v »n ca;l ■?.
th** i;jre'.i g. ’ :ii we cue not aW au"e oi ne iib.tire
•I 'lie £ r ie V«l ;CL*
.N V e i i W. P. i W H 01 > #* \ H *. V i* j T • ’: * • I: I O tfl C • • *.
\ iirti.U0* .*hetd. l^oii Jo * Weie <i> <1 -elKa. '
ni.roej d?> vn. riiJ.ay n got. 30:;.. A', he t me
• ij u.e C" ii-igiatioii. the i'>rnrir iif t.::r f »;.o a ]i»£
wvre being prime ! — Lea i r, Lan
cet. I>r l.ii.:i a. I alti •.lC Stan ;aM. CoiK’ Jmjr
ha!. i»r !i*i. .\r;u% Ih^pitcti. and L ;.ed SerViCe
hr/- te. a.. Oi WfliCti Weit* de*iT0»ed.
* \ iLN N A, ^•OlillnS P.YetiMlg. ' K t. <j I n**
D Vd■! al r»ie Grand C »uncii have ie*uiM* . upon
a dreUr«! : n of war upon Ru*>:a: a; u. ion ra
[\ to the auv.fr ut the Four Power* the >u ht?i
:,a* * g eil .il* (in iiialK'ii u'i war. Report r^y*
[] \ t h o *t i i 11 e * r • u v e a1 r e a * y begun.
1 he a ove de-pat( ii. teiegr.ipt.ed in an t-x ra
< >f the Ch r» 'U :c!e. w a * known i * I. : v e r >' ■ .
i ue*dav. hat mot ;u..y c.ied ted. J ne in i..* o
i on Wednesday m -r g ; a . c : rm it
if. i. in :a d ; iib .*:.- s the —, a <h
vvipjo t guaranty. 'J r.e G, it*- *ay*
••In publis? • g the if*r-going imp ir’ant ir tel
jeuee. we wcuai merely *'.att* tha*. aPhoi.gn
out ii'ah iriforrn *;im doe?4 not ambon/-* u* t ■»
cnrrobora’e ?he rr a n fact oi a dec aralton oJ
Aar. ;! l* *>} a nature to warrant u* in p acmg
every credit in tr»e **.at»-menT. I hat the S : tan
'•a i on the g7 h conv iked a (j and Count. .
cor.*!.*’..r.z oi lg / oi 'he |nnct} ai M niriers.
t'ou",i'i'/ir». Pacha*, and other*: hbat th-* ij i***
tioii lit peace and war was sunmi’ted to 'hem
hv h t. and that limy had decided in Favor or
”.e latter ahernative—all tin* is beyond a
loubt. Such i• !heta-e. our reader.* wi
see that all the pr< * ; . it es art n tr.v- r of the
correctness of the main feature ot the intelli
Giber acco;.: ■?< inform ti* that at the Grand
Council despatenc* irmn Diner Pacha were
read, urge?.' . counselling war DeiOfe tin* v*'.i
er *tiou I! set in.
I* wa* iuniifr s'a’ed that [Viitce Gortschu*
kotT hh« Frovirz trf nps a* it he inietnie I t •
cm** the I hi u »e for 'i e ; wrf o*e of attacking
th - Turk »h ; •* * ai L >us chouk
j r.e I frit * n < u <: : * o: ate? ; s > **c on**!. o * • -'
to the news from the East. ( »nsols c '•
Pue*da> ihe dth. l‘ P a’ which bu>;ii-**s wa*
" t p' 'ted
i UR KEY AM Ri *5 \t latest accounts
’f*e C'z *: * rcjec’i m tlie note wa* 2ei?er.i j\
known iurougho i: Iu key. but n;» « irnreak
ha f r ecurred. Cvon.-tdiit nOpie ^ a* perpe iy
I in iriit ! mii.tary mn?o ivre* m . e p»e
* nee of the Pin., eror .Yen • * at " i -aw
••m omir.e >ce Dc’or.er i i. an-1 *o ia* rive
I iu* p/np*;or ol Au*.r .t and i* i * * ^ 1 f 1 ,l
were to r»e prese»»t. . \
A Itus-ua'i »quid on of ti,:r:y sail wasoo
served Septemn« r 17*n. a?>l>?;t one Iruiuie'.:
o.iJe.* dn*tam from Cope-.bageu. From ^ . Pc
K-h:;::. t is st ite !. September 24th, trial th •
•.f.'ij'* {lad neen ordeje-d r.<ck to C on* < it. tne:.
to a «-*. t order*. Amt her account ?*a'«* ?> e.
art* laid up in on!mry in con>r(]ueiice of the
>!o;m} weather on t.hr* »■».. ic.
Impoitant Ecclesiastical Decision
Jadje E inrionds. (*! JSt*w r-t* fe,,i'sell
to gran? ar» npi? cii(»u t » i rrv**:i' l‘>i.*h(*p ^ >•
•.Vfis'll! If)m pa-S.fix the *e* tr*r ce OF Ujr* «cc e
-i i-’n ai inbu'ia aja ri-t tne kev. Mr. \\ d ker.
1 he . jt-S oi the u-c.m >n ar<- :
;. Hia! the c*vi ( >urts have no
frs* r a 1 »e procee.l*i of tne ecde* -i*!i -v
.rhu;,a'* e*’.akd --hed hv arg'e >men* bet •* eer. the
pjIt e% the ;e.Ve*. and ti er-*;o:c t:*a' it’.’.a*
iio* competent to >; q ore whether the procee !•
1*^-1 were regular or
2. J hat the civii Ccurs c m irq'i re o.«!y a*
t ' e cr.| ac; \ (it the eccles .c-ii kouf *• • >
entertain ; in-diction oi tfjeic>e. a«' d
! a • bjectiofis thi* ca*e to sue .*
a; ftCitv to acL *h»rh the ( • ‘ ■» entertain
are of such charac r that f made in due sea- •
- : y could have t n ibviated, an : t e
plaintiff. b\ having tei to make them at *
h ')rc* -er ! me. «i •' r>* hi* o.vn mmi_ •* ac *
xw i ve*i t lit ot! c’l » .> on; can not now set
t.hef. up.
1 neief re. the rqunct.on w a- re'u*ei- ah-,
the ro-hop aiiuwej to proceed ar:j ( oneunc*
*et tei ce. _
Diplomatic Pi ntaf son.
\\> eitn !!;<• h-*e\nekenc> F Mo i t now.
ip,- • j.* io.TP ti » e fa*, m iui*ter p t-n povt
tiarj near this government, of the repuD c* of
( osta R ca and Dtia eii a a respect vr y. h.iv '
r.j lately been appointed a so mir »>r p>- t-> r
:en**ar> ior the repun ,c Oi S.*n N.i vadn\ w 1 - i
Vfs trrvj tv. j rt*Hf*'e<j to the l re- dent if: i!.a. v
capacity by the Stcrttary of ^**un- '
lirrstanl that .Mr Moi'iiaV rece) ’ on and the
de iv>ry of hi* credential to k p ace vM.nou!
air* f‘»rma addle** on n'> par . *r*(• tiiifs b‘*i *e •
v j cr vv a th tfie President Aa*o: the m o*' fr.end- ^
i\ an i corJ ai charac’er. g*v '*: in icat •* n cf v
the cc tin tance of that z- • u Jerstinding j
between t!.e two go^ernmert s w! ib now *
happily subsists, and which Mr- Mo ina i dip* <
lomatic abii'fy and character are wed fitted to (
promote.— Union. _a
^ giving a gallon per day, each; r»*ieed in. a..d
used to tnw * or will tr»de them for one that J
wiM give S gallon* per dav. Apply to
GRIMES. Kee! he and Liquor
oct i9 dealer. No 23, kng street, a
INFANT BODIES, with a new supeiv of
] French Needlework. iu*t rereive'l and for -
*je 0y >1 EVEN BURG & BROS ,
King ft., between Pitt & St. Asaph st§. > .
oct 12 [Staodard-J
War Prospects iii Europe.
The recent arrival? render it probable that a
founal war exists between Ru*#a and I urkey.
it seems rhat the Porte, incensed by me arro
gant pfeieh-ions of Russia has disregarded the
intervention of the Four Power#, who have
ki.'idiv undertaken 'n conduct his negotiations,
-thd ha- thrown hin.-ell up m what can scarcely
be considered the ‘ uncertainties of war
>u ce Turkry has resolutely refused the c *n
ce*-ions demanded, and determined to contend
w th her lormidab e military (ower in hurope.
f .r h»*i rights—perhaps for her ex s.ence— theie
woui; Ut no cr.a ce for f*cr of succe*?, uo- •
‘e-- ?!.e Can sii! ree l ;n securing the aid »*f
’hose >;at**> wh eh have heretofore assumed to
emulate Knrope, to allow to each government
i'- territory, ar d to assign it that quota of
p .wer which is dee red consistent with the
lo i moo safety of all.
W e thing tna* tht*&e Sta'es wnl scarcely in
‘ef.'e.e ior the active pro:rc!*on of lurke) from
i' Vit.'ioM. Tnev may participate, perhaps, in a
marline war upon the commerce of Russia .
and 'hereby stimulate her vengeance upon the
v.rMti of I,t-r ui scrupiiiou- ambition. hut we
have no expectation of .'d* f g a mtiiiary inva
-on o Ku —la by the Nates nt hngiand.
Fiance arid Au-:ria. nor do we expect to behold
iu k~y ’hr iie:d or an uit*-r mediate contention,
a? Heigiurn and >pa i have, m past tunes, been
tlie ii'N wherein ha’ion- have settled their
I !i ? opinion is based u;on the social and
po.it;Cil changes winch h.iVr taken place in
Ku;oj -*. - nee ffie iast general war. *f;d the
con-» queiii changes in the general policy of
foreign comb.nal-Ou#. hver\ year has adtfed
mun to ;.ht* ireedom of thought and speech-—
evvrs xear he- spread before hurcpe tne re? ii*
ol perfected experiment in America Her wise
fu.ers are extend ng to ’heir people by a vutua
cornpromi-e, t’.o-e ri *f - \Sii.h the. night
*.)ifier\v;?e he compel <d to ?u; render. There •?
-\ tar.i ii: tt '- aii ii. - ’ -*t weeh the j rmces ai 1
p^pfe that no higher taxes, no larger a'tioe-.
i;<* u.ore ? r.nge .,! law- -’ til be established,
than tne common go ;d irqi re-: an i d this
C'i npact ft* departed from, :(iere a*e alway?
-'iiij u jrn - Hkatile evidences of popular «.i —
coutent, that e.ihe? the measure or the mmi->r
rnu-t he thrown overboard to appease if. V. e ;
• 1(. rot th hk. iheiefore that the people of the
great manufacturing S a es are prepared lor a
^cnerai war. with it? ehhaiiCed taxation, its
i :pt“M!. ami it.- s*ic.aj mi-erie?: audai*i
trough the peope may not actively prote-t
ija.ii-’ ?uc i a war, lhe»r ru er- aie too ?aga
cinn? not to pe CeiVe that lhe-e re-Ui s mu-‘.
K*.low. a? ’Lev have ever followed ahv general
contest in K ;:o, e. Nor in •‘iKP an evei l.? it Very ;
ed-\ 10 cXpi-uri to a laborer how much betlei it
i- for hi.n "o pay an enhanced prwe I or hr* at,
a \j g . w iiiout in a’, or en.piovmriif. loin
t those \ ro:es#.ng a particu ar fa th in a di?*
•ant rt. i (Pm o .iircted country should t e de
na;;eU ;r-nj the pnv.eges to which they may
en: •>•.!. i fie prov o’ the iou! and tf»e want
i:; e np • •» Uir1.1 afe p«.»-i vc and pra . I c«i 1 e vi -
— t.’i* * V (1 ,-i : rif.OU viep**! :l? Li pO • H ■ 1 JlldlfCCi alii
pro > t-iroit rai cn-i n o :ra ofj• ii_r
Ir li e r _hr- of tne io*> rer were assailed, if
hi- country a- invaded by a foreign tne. the
prtsrt — o? **\; iana*:<-ii would be simple, and
tne -at ; fee -ur-.'niUeu ;o with fcrti'Uoe bui
■ae repeat that if.-re are very lew Kuropean
r»}>era'ivc- v. bo would nor ra her 'be beievers
0 t.r<>r *• k fc- i_r oi. -I.oti *.: 10 w ith 'he fa x. '
thati 'Im! the r (i;v i ihiidiett -hotii; go wilt -
on: toe.r t#re«ik;a-t—and a gener.il war may ;
i;vo.ie *h pet. -J p ipo.-tmn. C miioenta
iai: »f tr an i ilngun : rt’e now in a state o. cot*
paral*»e t euce and p en v Tr*-* po wer ot the
a inti, m-'rad of being wa-'»cd in xxar. of
•c*\» 1 u :: t .t r .tic- i- been enr ployed t
j.-ve.u.ii ’ ’He otter:.a. pr '-peri y •••■ everx ci
x / . c >untry an u liting it by enlarge*! co i -
fi e.ciri intercourse wim others. Immigration;
:,.t- wi»h it- nount;fui n fliie ces distributed
r.e h jr*. 4:: race more equa.ty over the giom*.
a... it ha- been practically det-rmined tint
’!i -.r nheritaiice i- *t lftcieiitix extensive lor.
bei -upj on. will o it res -r* ng to the ant quat
ed ar.il cruel doctrine t' at xv«ir t- nece-**ary to*
prevent ;t.r- eVjffs of human fccumui.voon, a
:v*giti.i senreeix niore 1 uin.i: e ’f an he infanti
cide of China { he effect of tnis distribution
ha- been to d mim-n if;e ?w; ply o! 'abor in
r. ;rope. tnu- incre.i- ni if- v.i ae end 'fie Cer
\i i.\y of e.Of.ioymeat. i i e Ua *-*er u oreoVer
mciea-r- the facilities ot production and of
traf >;>0;ta*ion in Amer ca, ar *1 bom combine
to pr id. •> the ph. -.cal a ir.ion ana the po .t -
ra; content of Kurope. Such ;ue me con-e
(juer ce- o: peac«*. prolonged peace. So long
a- the ; optical ca rn and -oc a! prosper tv con
iMl-*. tf e popll O’ Kuro.-e Wl;i Tc-t con
tented a ith mat grad i *1 .rn;»r* vea e"t of t’ir*r
.-tiHilirris wnich their government -*?** s
m* vi’ab'e. I'll', a gei-era! war wot id not only
;»r«• "J' e nc - cn im-ery an i ■ .-ru'enl wha l*
a .•, ay-io; 0v\ - a -lagtitt'on o! trade an . a"
r.cre-i-t* of taxation. r*ut the tenn!n*non o’
tfiat war v\ i • br*ng f*:c* to me n*;- m of earn
or ih- stale- e ga;-d in .t. a m itary and in
<• iheit- -p.r among*' fh- .-o Jiery . dij*i an
iu-i’e ! a n' it. »u am mg-t tha lea le s wf*.ch
Wifi i.icfe tr.ern to intermeud e x*.rh the so. ;a
■ the cou try. 1 he sud en l u-ion
• C mi- If-tie-- ai *: reck t SS eleu-et t Where s>
.:•.t:iv ri.u--js o’ d -c n’r■.I aheaJ> e.x s'.
\ .... : subje< t the ii s! I rlion* o the ?e*era!
stales ton power ui tria;, an I :f might ne :.hd’
n einieav n g to mi-* on me f> ve■ ri nefil c*r
1 iiraey. t'»ev rn.iht *»v * nr uv *!iei.* o.v ’
>u*.h we c - •* der i ic tne trai • ■: reasor -
ng that rr us force jfself uj n the minds of
h<»«e charged . th it;- ■ ■■ st .*: m or at
fa r- 11 Kur pr: an a! heu h i m ' e h -vv
;*** n gn ; p(M. . *0 em**.«rK ;r; a po i »i ai un cu
ivuh Russia to cage the F gl? f France, *. y
o ne,! * m »v*. - !.;»’ ’ vv •; 1 a* *'• - UdV h
,<|*tai v w to t; i*e vi.’h t 'a ce to f.• ml 1.'*
K:--rii Mr trio ii-own I* ./en d?i*2 »faeces *1
rdf* f. -■ ne--e*.
We cdiino:. therefore, hr-ng our-elvp- ti .10'
tic.pate «* /•*<■ era co nbif■ **’;■" n jfi va*jt* Ku--***
—certao-iy n*c :n tne sea*o . !•:•** a.-pmactong.
nor can we antu pate any v rj iespera1® f ffort
nr: the parr of Co Pirn ami Kurope * • defend the
I’urK'-h d n u >f -. i fi'ov rn iy br dtpio i*;*. c
interven*.o- -. an-! \ r - rrnra*n e expedi
rj^ns may crTph fie navic« o* Kngland an«l
r ra cp w 'b i r /** nvwiev rt>• •! c< v-r tne ocean .
w) ft pr v.Cf* •-: nut co not expect one of
ti,o-e < J n*-l. ••r.ed in «Mcb Marino
rough a:; ! XV#» .-*;»• i w u r-cb.— an*: renown,
i’ me n i?:on woo i .gh ta\e* an ! f <*<p a:- —
ir l.o *.*o*vpr. Tr •(.'! j r**ca* t of th** changed
: ir* .r on of E:ro;>an affair*, and with a h'.nd
e'vre'ic** to *! e t.' * t r . e* of rj p<ue» }*;'t,
Fa,*;:rrvagb r» • 1 I <«. r v! r\', i, • fie n:t!i >n* of Eu•
r ip? should enva-K n ac : ti r* wf ch. i ke
o’b* r*. rr.\ v wag j un’i! the treaty
if peace fa* ? o rria' :>n to the subject*
>r or gin.il coi,tr<'ver*y. -t w;il not. perhap*.
’be l i Ted >U>* back any. We can
urn *h in*m ai*E supple* ot t verv descrip
>* . on 1 h- I’nva:* ** an.! no*; acc •Tiinesfiatir i
f o: n * -; we can ofCr a hnnte and employment to
lie r id e manrar ur**r*; and. perh <p*. although
* Tv tlo* F/ £; *:j Pape.* rOli«|..t*r it *hock
ng *o ir ••* f-re !fi a Irveign war. of r ur
*• vr; • i i g * -! "•:* eve tj led from the sh re* of
V-w fru r. f r*v nu ?nt *; .?ab - trea:s con*
•?M!c’ o . n iy lu-f: ’.be r * 1 vv.ittirou* |*rruvg in- 1
* 'be Me•fiierran* an or R* ' c. If Europe wii! '
: > to war. we h Am-r n will ge th** con
ac’o: *u,'P y i! g the c mba’arit-*: an*!, in 'ha.'
*ver*t. we do n^f t^»uK*t *t sbe wFl have more
•• *b ->v ;d '.before u-i »n of th**wnr than ton*?
v o 5 r p i irt'fs'a’e' n i' —It r 'imor* .Inter 1
pi).\M-.!> rLO'Af.RS F’EA!’HEK>. KIR- ■
l } RAN I >N. Air — Hip undesigned have again :
eceive 1 a no he' - up. iy or >i. k a i s 'aw Bn I
le s. Bonnet f * oi.e*. ( ro i Velvet*. Silk*. ;
»a’: *. F O .ver*. Eeufier*. R nhon*. V’i>*. Me .
vh.cb w ill be *->!] retail a- w e!i as to milliner.* i
nth a verv *tm 1 advance, hv f
M E V EN RI’ RG ,N RRO$ Fing «: i
O’t he w een f’• ?* aMd M A sup*".
11’S i RECEIVED a wry targe <As«or:m*»ni
} O? Ho*ier\; G oves: Cornier1*, Sha A i*i ^ el* !
**!s, of aii color*; Fr**nih l taking Goths; ,
i.eb Menro >;ik and MouCr F aids; french t
dvrino. ai! coio.e; Trimming* i * great variety; r
ulk Fringes; B;anke’>; Bivarbed and Brown |
,’oitons.icc .kc.. ah of which weofler upon the e
lost accommodating term*
Baton - i
1 u.ooo ibs. City cured shoulder Bacon '
f) <X)0 4i *• side* do |
*2.000 i; *• •• Hams, all in store,,’
oJ for sale low hv
net 19 Kerry S!m •
| QQ0 SACKS G- A. and Biown Salt, for j
oct 19 “ D. i S. BLACKCOCK.
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
The animal meeting of the stockholder* of
the Baltimore arid Ohio Railroad took (dace
yesterday morning, at the (tfice of the company
in Hanover street, J Owuiga Hodman in the
chair, and J. J. Atkinson, e*q., secretary .
Mr, Harrison, President ot the company, in
formed the mee mg that the report was r.ot
ready, the several otficei* not being able to pre
pare their re-pec*ive statement*, in consequence
ot the press ot business on the road, until it wa*
too late to examine. arrange, and have them
printed to lay before ihe meeting.
Mr. H. congratulated the stockholders upon
the general aspect ot the *ifaii6 ot the road,
with respect to the bu-mess that had been frar s
aded upon it. ihe receipts from A pr i to Oc
tober. the rast Six moaths, lie said exceeded
'ho-e of the whole preceding ti-cai yeai] arid
he remarked, upon the unh of certain *tat.s?j
cal information, that the business of the com
pany would increase m exact proportion to its
laCiiitteS. Thu* was followed by reference to
fie importance of a double track: which the
d rectors decided ought to be made tor;h
witft. 'J'o accomp sh this great or.ject, he
said morey mu*! r e borrowed: and, aiiudn.g nj
•he citv ot Ba iimore a- a Urge stockholder, tie
ii,tin died tfirtt ;t wa- to her ju.'erest to facoita'e
trie negotiation for fund-, that they might be
obtained on the best possible terms With t ns
view of the reiat On tietween the road and ;be
citv. he said the company had determined to
apply to the Citv authorities, at an early day in
the ensuing *es-ion of the cPy councils, for the
pa--age of an ordinance guaranteeing such an
i-.-ue of the bonds of the company as may be
necessary tor the purpose in View, viz; the lay
ing of a double Pack.
The mep'.r g then proceeded to the election
of tweive d rector* to serve lor the et suing
vear. two ticket- being in i omina'ion, one va
rving on y in a few names If m the other —
Me-sr* Carter. I'at ersOn. Smith, and McK.rn
declined a re-electovn. a;.d the Dal otmg result
ed in tiie choice of tiie foilowirg named gentie
ri:ell; —
Messrs J »hns Hopkins. Columbu*O’Donnell.
Fielding Luca-. |r , Char es. M Keyser. J horn
rt* V\ nians, ( hauncey Brin ks. Jonn I. t oi.a!.1 -
*on. Befimi,n Deior.j, Nathan 1 yson. i hoin
a* Swann, VV . H. ktighier, and Albert Scbu
rpon the announcement of the ree-uIt, the
meeting ad; mrned.—huitimore Sun.
Federal Court.
Judge Brocke«>brough a< journed his Court for
the term, last Thursday No business of im
portance was transacted— the large batch of
Htgn'aiid amts were continu d. awaiting the
decision of the ca-e in the Supreme Court
consequently the familiar and unique fotm ot
tie venerable ;igei t. Xuphar Jaiv,*. uid not
make it- annual dpi earance. 1 he case* in re
gard to in va*.on of a {aler t r gnt of a hak
miii. it is understood have been compromised.
A tar^e number o' rase* (ihirty-five) ;or atiege I
;.ivas:on< of a water-v% i.e«-l pattnt. wore con
tinued— the piuinulJ r*eif gcaded and not appear
leg Other Coges hat proceeding- entered
hi them. I he case which from the 7<i*t
amount of property involved in it. and trie
legal abil.ty engaged by the par tes prom.-ed
the most nterest—*• he Harpei’s Perry >u.t”—
had no act« n in it other 'h »n the entry of an
order of survey. *1 he nature of the c.aim set
up -d lar i- wo can ascertain i- f » 'hi- <ti-c* :
The ian.h- n 'h,«? *ection formerly belonged o
I ftii.-na.- Lord Fairfax, an: by an act ol com
j.f or :-e w ii ! L L* gis aure, he convesed. or
-urrendereJ the land to ttie Commonwealth—
to be held by it a-otner unappropriated :an s
are It .s alleged bx :he c'a man's. Jac -h
n Brown and others, that x\h»*n the Sure
convexe 1 it afterwards, by patent. it xva*
.ie-cnbed by melt* and bou d.-—romnr.rf cu g
a’ a >ycamore—*nl no: by the river, and to
run with meanders-xvhsch left a -pare he
txxreu :he one- and river, and that the l t’e to
-a ! -pace. ii c u , i z the r.ver a d it* bed n*v»-r
pa—ed out of tne > ate until they (the pi* n*
t tl-) placed their uarra't on it. The
quantity -d:d t' je' vacant” i- 3c- acres—em
0 ac ng the ii t st water power in he Na>. a' d
having on it diver* work -hop*, machinery,
dwell:r.«r I ou-» * and o’' er hu »-i** gs—’he h» r»
tolore su; p-J-ed properTy of the l .l ed Mate*.
1 he con ft-el lor p .tint t! ar»* U alter Jone*,
Me*sr* Hunter. C .nrai. >,uirt ant NLchie:
amt tor ths C. S, J M. Mason, an 1 P. B
Mii er, e-<j'*.. I . S. A!tofn**y. V\ e pesuie
that iu the event ol success the plaintiff- xvi i
pay large C uitinge; Cies 'O the counsel.—
W Pettier they will then give u;> My Lord Coke,
and go to mauu'ao uriog articery and other or*
u» anctso? w*r. dors* not appear on records.—
S'.i:tn»l)ti l rudicdtir.
Plank Knud and iirancli.
Vv e learn l.om the Fng n*er, Mr. T. J.
Siiaw. that the L ank Boa 1 wid be romp rlrd
to Li'-er x M ; - bx the h m-t.. 'hu- making
a continueu- d< e trom bre ter ck-rurg to ti.at
p.unt. of a utfle oxer iorty s\x nr. r* 'l i e he: -
itC’ci’ tH:*c*s (d Ii - improved highway t.nX>
it rrady been felt. a> d win ' e ex; er enced to a
-:i‘ greau r« egrt-e by our co n rirrciai n.en. a
trsmsters become iatnihar /ed with trave. u,
on ;.
f he prey: lice that first existed in the mind*
of teamster- la- been rapidiy d.-sipa'ed. and
they are u aiimou- m e\pre»strg a strong
preference for \< over a uri p ke or other o vj.
The hot*“* and mu>-. too ^hd to have take i
<}u fe i ancy to tne ; ia ik. ami tnsterd oi shy
u./ < tf. 'eave the roa I w ith evident re uctarre.
The -urve'. s o' a Branch Thank Road to Cul
peper Court Ho*i*e ar- i«o heuig pro-ecu ed.
It will be f>cu! *■ C ted f hat two survevs were or
tiered Tr*“ of e by way of Raccoon Ford,
commerced on the ' h of Augu-t. wa- com*
; eted ’he </ S pt.-mber Thi- hranc’i
strike- r rf from the rr am -tern about gd mir
•tom F ederickshurg—near Pra 'man**—ma
k fig ‘.he d -’anee from 'here to Cu peper Court
House a cu: b.feen arid a «^uar'e: nr.les.
The survey of t'-e o-her route, by way of
(icrmiroia. vva- coioneiiced o i the Ath met ,
and i-be.ug rapi \ y prosecuted. — Fi ed. Htr.
>Ve»teru Tobacc o Crop.
Fx ract from a e ter dated Bowling Creer,
Kentucky, (cr.her ll.frcrn a gentleman nexv
n the e-t to a commercial bon*e in Ba ti
• Hav ng now rear'x t::• *f>d mx trip through
:r e Tobacco grow ng regum*oiM **-r*ur•. K»»
Iuck\ and Tern e>«ee. I roue *o W oiiovwug
:o c ij',0*! h*• to !f i- v♦*ar’s crop, v,/ —
Ker.tuckv and 1 enne^se. '■ < < «J hh»!«
Missouri. 1»h.i>o do
Indiana, I !irioi«. &.C.. »'.000 do
'I hr'quaritity o* ( id Tobacco remaining n
:he < ui.brf ar d r vvr is i re»tv wh! ascer’air * 1
-iot 'n ^ \- e* t o.i’OO lih<:«.. and on tl»- (Jn »
*o-0 nh >:-• *i i * i * j ** •* v re receipts in i»'4
»! New * 'r ean'i. st Louhant I>>n -vile, rr u*t
fn‘l shor? ot ' 0 000 hi d* . a* a good deal w >
(rp rtf’M’rej tor manufacturing purpose* at
rif,tTie. Thi* a grea'fa?t n< off compared wi'h
h rtcrj: of 75.000 hb l« m Ne* Oreans
i imp lhl« Near, w fhiut me Uti rg th#* rerei -
:>f S: Lou f.ru»-vi e. C incinnati, New ^oriC
iad o!he | a< e*>
Coniiuerce fhmk.
The Legislature nr Virginia, at their .’ate
«eSMon. |i.cooperated -*n independent Bank »»n
ier th ** titie to he es’abiistnd >*» ^derick*
■) ir*T. but no action wj» taken to obtain *u'»
*cr p**,o * to the c ij dai <Ofk Until a week or
vo ago In the course of a da^ forty-live or
irt\ rtiousa «t d"i;ar* we'e sub-irthed by son*.*
our nx»t j»j :>c o.i* busnesJ* men.
rhe act prov ies f jt mcorrorat ion when
;;o0 <»G0 .-hall have been subscribed, so that th-*
ro-; ei ;■* fair for the establishment of another
link. **b i~r the above t»’!e --Fred fferoftl.
V —i tie undersigned wit I rent the Farm *t
^lanas-a-* Station, on the Orange and A txan*
ria Railroad. lor the next \ear upon liberal
erms. with the privilege of seeding *n tbe tad,
»r he would s*»l| it upon accomodating terms.—
^>tng at the junction ol ih s Manassas Gap R R.
►nly 11 miles from A!exa< dna. and in a conn
ry rapidly improving, with a Station upon ’.hn
and where a profitable mercantile business is
iow carried on, and improvements springing u,»
within m tew hundred feet, inducements are
>re;*ented for an investment not often to be rret
with. (jy 16—e*»tf) J.AS H. REfP
Has emoved hi* office to the corner pi
{jng ard Co^umbu* streets. sep 30 eolm

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