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Thm \LEXi\UiilA GAZKT i fc.torttnCountry
is onT..eU»vs, Thursdays* Sau.rda) *
Su*icRi^rioN.-TUe Daily paper is tarnished at *
dollars per annum, payable hall yearly Hu
Country paper—tri-weekly—is furnished tor hve
dollars per annn m, payable in advance.
Advertising.—Three insertions ot one square, tot
one dollar. Yearly advertiser*atspeeifiv'd rates
No subscription received from the count ry, unU*s>
Accompanied bythecash, or by u responsibit
The failure of the county of Shenandoah tc
consent, at this time, to a county subscription
to the Manassas Gat Rah. Road, we regret,
because Shenandoah ought to be one ol the
firmest and most active counties in support of
tbe Road. But the progress of this important
improvement, cannot he arrested or impe
ded by slight obstacles. It* ends and aims
are of such moment to the counties through
which it passes, to the c;t\ of Alexandria, am,
to the State of Virginia, that every day we feel
more and more interested in its success. \\ hat
it has already done, only gives us a foretaste
of its capabilities—and, i’s management, under
it* President, Directors, Engineer, and As>is
taat*, we believe to be equal to that ot a/:}
other road in the State. It i* now on tv enter
ing into the region, from which its principal
profit* are to be derived, and its greatest busi
ness to be received. Every mile it proceeds
will show what it can do. Under these cir
cumstance*, every well wisher or this region
must unite in the hope that the Manassas Gap
Road may continue to be succes-fu'ly piosccti
led, as we have no doubt, it will be.
The Richmond Enquirer calls to mind the
prediction that it made a month ago, that-‘the
Administration would involve itself by inter
ferine in the strifes of New York politicians.—
Jt could make no difference to which faction
the Administration might incline; in any event
the impolicy of intervention was equally appa
rent, and scandal and trouble equally inevitable,
. • A • A * • /l . I * 1 _ «.
ana liauiLiis mat ;*ir. umune mauc a g'«M. 1
blunder by writing hs letter to Mr Bronson.
Nevertheless, the Enquirer, in »he great con
test between the “Hards" and the “Softs,' wid j
support the Administration in the course it lus
taken, and side with John V an Buren, Dix, &c. j
against Dickinson, Bronson, &c. By-the-way, i
where is the Enquirer’s promised exposition j
of Mr. Di&'s public carvel? |
When the New York Herald was supporting
Gtn. Fierce and denouncing Gen. S.ott, ,♦ was
thought by the “Democracy," to be a “mar
velous proper” paper: now, that it is pouring
hot shot into the Administration, its true char
acter is found out by the same party. What a
pity that political prejudice kept the Democra
cy blind to the truth so long !
Every time a failure in one of our vessels o!
war, is brought prominently before the public, j
we have aa outcry about the necessity of re
form in our Navy. VVe have been hearing
this for the last ten or twelve years, and no
reform has come yet. There seems to be a
great many people interested in preventing “a
■ ■ •
Greenough's group ot statuary on the East
ern portico of the Capitol, we see, is severely
criticised in some quarters. We wish some of
the statuary and some of the paintings about
the Capitol could be removed, and their places;
•upplied by other works of art, in which ue
could recognize true genius.
The Union dashes away at the Union Na’e
Ticket in Mississippi, beaded by Gov. Foote,
as the candidate tor U. S. Senator. Ithe Ad
ministration, alter meddling with the political
aiairs of New York, about to turn its attention j
to Mississippi. Is the “long arm” of the Gov
ernment to be extended to all the States 1
We admit the “Victories of the Democracy,"
to boasted of by the Boston Dost; but, it is not
to be denied, even by that journal, that in the
midst of their “victories,' the triumphant party
are daily losing their compact organization, and
preparing to divide among themselves.
The state ot affairs in Europe, makes the ar
rivals from Europe to be now looked for with
arrnat ilitarofit anil unvmtv Tha lait nail f
with regard to the dispute between Russia and
Turkey, that war is very probable, but not cer
tain. mmm_
Alexandria and her Kailroads.
The President of the Manassas Gap Kailroa J
has called in three dollars a share on the stork |
of the Loudoun branch, and advert se* for the
assessment of damages on the ime ot the eas
tern independent extension.
By the lf>ib ot January, the Orange road,
miles to Gordonsville, is to be opened. St aim- j
ton will thus during the coming winter have a!
complete railway connection with Alexandria, j
and, except the steamboat link of six miles at
Washington, with Baltimore. The instance j
through to the latter city will be l\*o miles, and !
times say 11 hours. By the turnpike and Win-j
Chester it is 206 miles ami 26 hours. Our stage ’
owners, railroad and hotels, must of course ex- i
pectsoms lo-s in the through-travel, but they f
Will doubtless make it up from the increase in i
way-passengers. The necessity of new con
nections will, however, force itself upon the!
consideration of stockholders ami managers ot!
the W. and P. road.— IViui/iester Virginian. I
WlTjr !
Why don't certain journals, always on the
qui vive to publish the latest fugitive slave case,
let their readers know something about the
case of the negro woman Drustlla, decided in !
the United States Circuit Court, Pndadelphia.
oo Wednesday last, before Judges Kane and
Grier. Although declared free by the court,
Drasiila desired to go back to her owner in
Georgia, for whom she seemed to retain a* I
the affection of one ot his own family Mem.
for Mrs. Stowe’s next edition of Uncle Tom's
Cabin.—iV. Y. Express.
Public Sentiment.
Wt gst the following from the Baltimore
Chpper: One of the Justices of the Peace in one
ef our lower counties rendered judgments
against a party a few days ago, and, strange to
tell, the public disapproving of such decision,
the’Squire returned to his docket and made the
following entry:—“Judgment squas/ied—by
public sentiment "__
r/\ K&GS Glades Butter
tj\J 26 boxes prime Cheese, just received,
aid for salt low, by
a? &OACH &. Washington.
Aem of the liay.
“ To show the very age and body of the times.
The N. Y. Journal of
on the arrival of the recent war new* from fc«
rope, a private meeting of some ex. ea, of d.f;
1 aril V Teizucanow»ki, formerly aid <!e camp
i M Jen. Murowslaaki.and afterwards Commari
1 ,|.-i in Chief or the Fiench lesion in hicily,
was appointed :o lorni in this country a volun
tet-r legion, intended to sail lor Constantinople,
‘ tr.at they cho«e him as their chief, and swore
to render him respect and obedience It there
j should he no war, there will be no occasion
| for their services.
The New York Times gives as the result of
inquiries made at quarantine, that several ve*.
5p|« are reported on the books of the health
Olficff as havo g had fatal cases of Cholera on
board, atid the auinoer of deaths during the
' passage rises to a respectable aggregate A
eui '•nlerahie number of cas^sof Yellow bever
have been treated at the Quarantine Hospital
during the past summer—probably one hun
i ured in all.
Kdward A. Lewis, the young man who v. s
| shot at Dinwiddie Court House W , on n
J day, by l:»s cuii>in, i Jios. Lewis died ti*e same
nig-it. L appears he was accused by 1 Pomas
ot being t'M> i:: mate woh h's wife, nut the de
ceased "protested his innocence with his last
j breath.
ihe Portland Argil" announcesthe death of
Isaac llsley. which tocK place in that city on
Monday evening. He was S'* years of age. He
wa>appointed( ollector ol Poland by Jefferson,
and held the office till some lime alter ihe close
of .1 Q Adage’s administration. He ielt a
large estate.
Wm. I. P!akisR>ne,?sq., of St. Mary s roun
; tv, AM., has accepted the invitation to deliver
: the Annual Address before the Agricultural
Society of Charles County, at the exhibition
i to be held on the eighth aid ninth oi No
It is asserted, on what is said to he reliable
authority from Tennessee, that the Hon. John
Bell will ceilainly he re-elected to the U. >.
: Senate. 'I he confirmation of the report will
! gratify thousands of Wings in ail sections ol
! the country.
! The New \ork Kx press ►ays:—We under
stand that the recent failures m the Dry Hoods
trade, have been confined to houses whose cre
dit fists been suspected, and w hu?e paper rat-k
en considerably lower m the market, than
what would be termed best grade.
Tne vestry of St. Paul > in Louisvili*. has
elected Rev. Dr. Dennison, of Williamsburg
Va rector oi that congregation, and Di. D. has
accepted the call.
Judge Washburn has accepted the nomiua
i non by the Whig party, as their candidate for
Govcrnnor of Massachusetts.
We note a further decline of between two
and three dollars per share in Baltimore and
Ohio Kail Hoad stock.
Cherokee Difficulties*
i he Fort > i ith (Arkansas) Hera.’d of the Is*
instant uas the following in re ation to the re
cent disturbances in the Cherokee Nation :
“Some weeks ago. the full-blood Cherokee
Indians out of feudal animosity, killed two ot
the Ada r family, (father and son ) Gov.
Drew, the United States Government official,
seem- to think that this circumstance is the
forerunner ol an insurrection in the Cherokee
nation, and, we are told, lias written to Wash
ington a-kiug that more hoops should be sent
here to keep the nat ves in subjection. We do
not anticipate any difficulty with these people
Thev have their own way of doing things, and
any interference on our part wi;h their petty
quarrels is ‘-mail potatoes.’ Indians will he
Indian- in despite of Niperintetulent Drew a d
the United States Government, and any lntt-r
ference with the Cherokeesat this juncture, we
consider entirely uncalled tor. Let thtrn alone.
When they reed our interference «n their
affinrs, they'll ask for it."
The persO: s who were engaged in killing
the Adairs number some seventy or seventy
hve, and >. ce that evwif have made no attempts
to commit violence, and say that they are ready
to submit to a tr a! by the laws of their coun
try. Liitle or no excitement on the subject
prevails in the nation or on the Arkansas bor
Salem aud Harrisonburg Scheme
The excitement up the Valley on the pro
posed even-ton of the Manassa to Salem. 1- in
creasing as the meeting ot the legislature ap
proaches. SeVt-rai publis meetings have been
held, ami a general convention ot the friends of
the pioject is called at Lexington on tlie 17 h
of November. One is also proposed in Staun
ton tor the 7ih. The Star gives some of the
-tatisLcs of Kockbridge wealth, including
••four furnaces in Idas:, employing a capital of
$90,000, and turning out annually about 4000
V<ns ot Pig metal; and two Iron foundries, ma
king annual > trom three to live hundred tons
ot Castings, and three Forges for the manufac
ture of Iron, employ ing a capital of about
OtR and turning out annually about 500 tons
ot Bar Iron of a quality equal to any made in
our countryThe road will be from I!0 to
\ >o m Ls long, costing some $2,500,000.—
ILm. i ir.
T he Irish State Prisoners*
The New York Times publishes a statement
that John Mitchel and J.*hn Martin are now on
their pas-age trom Van Diem,in’s Land for
New York, and that they may be expected at
that port in a very lew days. It i.- also sa d
that Mrs. Mitchel, with tier children, had ta
ken passage at Hobart Town tor this country.
1 ne precise manner of escape is not ue>crir»ed,
hut it is intimated that they were taken from
the coast in a boat and placed on hoard of an
American slop waiting ior Item some distance
from the beach. Of the seven state prisoners,
live have already escaped from Brin-h servi
tude. William Sotrh O'Brien and K. J. O Do
herty are the remaining convicts.
Wool Market.
'I he market lor wool i* verv dull everywhere
and appears to he gradua is growing more and
more depressed. Brices ar«* geueially live to
e glr cent- lower than when the clip was tir-t
brought into ma:ket. The fear that this de
cline will continue, is so great that holders are
ottering it at reduced prices, on long time. One
cause ot this depression, is the very limited
•demand. Manufacturers buy sparingly, and
no more than what is needed for immediate u«e.
The supply is not snort, as some have suppos
ed.— Hertford Courant.
The Canal.
The canal trade lor a few days hack has been
somewhat dull on a<c<:unt of the water. On
yesterday, boats drawing three feet of water,
could scarcely navigate, and it was anticipated
that navigation, in a few davs, without rain,
would be entirely closed.— IV il! turn* port bun*
Q.X REWARD! —A HEIFER, three years
old, deep red side-, while hack and bel
ly, mixed white and red lace—horns small and
much turned up—it ear marked, it i- with a slit
in one and a crop oti the other ear. As the HKl
BKK is lat. weighing SCO ibs., she may have
been taken by a drover m mistake. She er
ciped from the driver near Germantown, Fair
fax County, whilst coming from Middlehurg to
Georgetown. J he above reward, and neceasa
rv expenses paid, upon delivery to me, at
Georgetown or Alexandria
1 «°3t ED\V. B. BOW KIT.
j 1 4 \ RBLS. Recti tied V\ biskey
Dv 10 “ Rose Gin
10“ N. E. Rum
25 kl Domest.c Brandy
15 1*8 casks French BranJy
2 J4 pipes do do received
in store, and lor sale bv
oct t2 roach & Washington.
A CON.—28 hbds. assorted Bacon, for sale
by [oct 1[] J. J. WHEAT & BROS.
I JL — —
Telegraphic Despatches.
New Orleans, Oct. 19 —The steamship j
Black Warrior has arrived at Mobile with Ha- ;
; vana dates to the 1 Glh mat. The Yellow Fe
ver still prevailed at Mobile; there were five or
six deaths daily. The first cargo ever ret e v
!ed at this port arrived to-day to the barque
j Salem, lrom the Chiucba Islands. Cotton has
declined a quarter to half a cent, since the
: Atlantic's news, and the market is unsettled.— ;
Flour and Corn have advanced The Asia's |
news was received at 6 o'clock this evening.
Texa*dates to the 141h inst., state that \el- j
low Fever still prevailed at Galveston, Indian
ola, an Baraca. Lt. Barber has lalten a victim, j
A post was anxiously hoped for.
Buffalo, Get. 19 —At Milwaukic, on Sun
day night, a lire occurred at a warehouse on
i Hiuhy’s pier, which was filled with flour, be**t
and merchandise, ail ot which was destroyed, j
i |'he lo-s is estimated at nearly $50 000. A-:
jmomr the property destroyed were 4000 bar- j
rels of tl <ur, tAo thousand dollars worth ot
I nutter, and a large quantity of beef, pork and
1 apples. It was the work of an incendiary, and
; a reward of one luousatid dollars is otiered by
the Mayor for his apprehension,
i Springfield, Mass., Oct. 19.—1 he first Na
tional Kxhibitiou ot Horses opened here yes
j terday, and there are three or tour hundred
I fine horses on the ground, from various parts
■ ot the country, but chiefly lrom New Kng
' land
j 'The fair ground is about a mile from the ci
ty, and covers 24 acres. Kverwhmg is very
I well arranged. A track lor trotting, hall a
mile around, has been iaui out. A judge s
! ‘»taiul and seats tor 4000 people have also been
Wright’s mammoth tent, which will hold
1 3000 people, has been erected, and here the
j bat quet a d the speech-making will take place.
Many hue hoises ot the Morgan and Black
| Hawk breeds are here. Ai?o some superior
• animals I run Canada, a coup1', ot Shetland po
me? and the Hindo-tan hot?e Ztn/.ebar.
Montpelier. Oct. 20.—Four more un*uc- ,
ce-s!ui haliolmgs have been had lor Governor
i —on the la-t tne vote stood Fairbanks, Whig, j
103; Kobin?on, Bern., 110; Brainerd, F. S., .37
On die vo e lor Speaker the Bemociats went
over m a bndv to the Free Snilci
Washington, Oct. 20.— i he official advices i
have been received from the the Mediteirane
an Squadron. I lie flag ship Cumberland was
at Spezzia, September 29, and a!! well. Ihe
Levant arrived there September 41li, and saned j
on the 12th. The St. Louis arrived on the 16th
, inst. !
i New York, Oct. 20—The ship Sagadahock
was boarded again on the 13ih. Seventy pas
sengers had died, but the health ot the remain
dei was restored.
New York, Oct. 20.—Sales at First Board
oi Cumberland at 33. Barker Vein 11. Benn
svlvania Coal 100, I'rie 6i»B Harlem 00.
* _ ^ .
uOur own Correspondent.”
! 'The Bans corre.-poudent ot the N. 'V . I ones
gives the following picture of the comforts
i and dignity ol lire -own correspondent'’ ot the
London Times:
Next to the berth of British Ambassador at
Baris, 1 suppose tualthe post ot correspondent
I to the London Tur.es is mo^t to be desired. —
I Let me rehearse a tew ot the immunities and pri
j vilege** ofttiatindividu.il. His salary i*- $ >.000
[a year He has a handsome suit ot rooms, |
j tunnstied and paid for by the paper. He has
i l.vo clerk** constantly in ins employ, who read
the French Journals, translate, collate, cutout
Uein^ from Galignani. and add their eyes, in
vention, experience and obseivation to his.— ;
flu Se gent emeu are paid by ihe 1 imef* o! course.
| J ne cot respondent buys and charges to liie pa- ;
| per any books ot which tie stands in need--and
tt.e library is a very choice and complete {
collection oi Standard authors, cyclopedias, !
dictionaries and oilier bO'.;ks of reference He
is empowered to pay forany important intelli
gence, just what it may cost.
When ihe post office closes early, to the infi
nite annoyance ot ail u* correspendents of low
degree, he writes on merrily till sunset, and
then hire?, a man to jump into the 7 o'clock
tram and take his letter to London! The Times
pays tne bill. Besides ali this, his position is
such that a great many things come to him,
without his giving hiiiiselt the trouble to go to
ihern. Thu**, a proclamation oi Henry V. de
sues to see the light. M. Berryer sends it to
the correspondent ot the London I lines, who
gives it to one of hiscierks to translate. All
I the other correspondents, when ttiev see it m
print, throw up tneir nands, and wonder how
the man knew there was such a proclamation
m existence, and where he went to get it In
! short, it i> a great thing to represent the Lon-j
| don Times in Paris. To be able to say you are
the Russian Ambassador, is one thing: to^ he I
forced to confess you are the Fnvoy from Veil- j
e/ueia, is another J o stand up anu say you j
are the correspondent ot the Times, is to loca e |
yourself between ihe two, and rather near the
top than the toot ot the column.
America* Trade wifli India.
A foreign correspondent says that the efforts |
made by enterprising American merchants to |
open a trade with India in cotton goods, has ;
created some astoni>hment, as well as ap- !
piet,elision, m the minds of the Manchester j
men. A correspondence on this subject, re-;
ceived by the Fast India Company, lias been ■
transmitted tor the use an i information of
the Manchester Commercial Association.— j
It gives some interesting items of Intelli- I
gence respecting a branch of trade opened
I up between America and Central Asia.--j
J he branch ot cotton trade in which —it is
suited—America can best compete with Fng* j
ia»»d, is in coarse fabrics. J here is a heavy
weight of low priced cotton and little labor,
wh.de the expense ot transit, so severely felt by
ihe British mauuiacturer. is saved try the Amer
ican. The materials—ot which samples have
been sent home—exported by American manu- j
facturers to India, i** a very coarse,unbleached
fabr c, such as in Fog land is termed towelling, 1
but wtiicti is sold to tin* natives ot India under
the name of sheeting. It is well suited to the
wants of Asiatic communities It is also stated
,i_. Olirx.c •.r« vt-.nl it, vl.in InmR. with a
HJCll vv ^ ~.I -'
supercargo accompanjing them, who, in return, j
will receive such raw products as the natives
can give, and will be likely ttf meet with a rea- ;
d\ sale in the home markets. The Manchester
Chau ber of Commerce are taking the question
into consideration, to see in what way they can
coinpe’e with th s trade in American ‘-domes- i
tics.'' -Rallimare American.
Carpet for the President's House.
The Edinburgh News de>crih. s a magnificent
carpet just completed by Templeton Co., Mi
land, Glasgow’, to order, for the White Hou*eat j
Washington. The carpet is of the patented j
Ax minster tabric. ami is the largest ever made
h) Messrs Templeton, being SO feet in length
| by *10 wide. The portion woven in the loom
without seam is seventy-two fee1 by thirty-one,
jand the remainder consists of a handsome bor
j der sewed on. The “tilling inv is a luby and
crimson damask, with three tasteful medallions !
; :n tne centre, and rich corner pieces to cotres-j
!pord: the medallions ate filled with bouquets
joi dowers, des gned and executed with exqui*
j site taste, The entire piece weighs upward*
jot a ton, and its value is estimated at £400 to
; £000 S’erhng—$2,400.
\ »» FR FSCH'S Hook ami Periodical Ihpot.
Gleason s Pictorial Drawing Konm Companion.
Barnum 6: Beach’s Illustrated News.
Literary World Home Journal.
Arthur's Home Gazette.
Scient’fic Ameiican.
Dodge’s Literary Museum.
Albany Dutchman.
Waver ly Magazine.
Saturday Courier.
Saturday Evening Post.
Flag of Our Union.
Police Gazette.
Dollar Newspaper.
Boston Pilot.
Neal’s Saturday Gazette.
New York Picayune.
Call at GEO. E. FRENCH’S Magazine and
Periodical Depot, directly op|K>»ite J. D. Coree’e :
Exchange Office. ocl 22
kH BBLS. Potomac Herrinc
t/v 40 do Eastpori do
20 do Maekerel
2000 lbs. Cod fish, for tale low bv
Manassas i»ap R. R- Meeting.
On Thursday evening, the Committee ap
pointed to investigate the charges brought
against the officers ot the Company, made the
following report:
1 he Committee appointed by the meeting of
the Stock holders ol the Manassas (iap Rail
road Company, on this, 20 h of October, 1S03, to
investigate all complaints which may h<* laid
belore them agamst the officers or agents of
said Company, beg leave unanimously to re
poit, that they have received and heard several
complaints against the management of ihe road,
and duly considered the testimony in relation to
them. I pon the consideration ol s id charges
and complaints and testimony, they are o| opin
ion that there is no just ground of complaint
against the management ol said road, hut on
the contrary they find that it has been well
managed, and the interests of the ( ompany du
ty cared lor and attended to. They recommend
the adoption of the following resolution by the
Resolved, That the President and Director,
Engineer, officers and agents of the road, are!
imi only liee from all blame in its manage
ment, but entitled to the commendaf on o{ the
Stockholders, for their able and successful man
agement of its affairs.
Respect!uHy submitted,
HIRAM MARlZ. Chairman.
October. 20, lsr>3.
The following officers were elected lor the
ensuing year.
K. C. Marshal!., President.
\VM. H. Fmvr.E f Directors on the part of
Thus. H. Roswell, jj the Stockholders.
J. S. Davison, of Warren. Stephen Shinn,
of Alexandria, and Wm. Smith, of Fauquier,
were elected an Examining Committee, to re
port to the next annual meeting of the Stoc k
On motion of Robert Beverly, it was ordered
that a committee of three be appointed by the
Chair to inquire into the expediency of estab
helling a depot tit Bailey's Water Station, (next
station above Thoroughfare.) The ( hair ap
pointed Messrs. Beverly, f, rs. Hall, and J. H.
Carter, said commutee.
The meeting then adjourned til! 10 o'clock on
Friday morning.
The following reports were laid before the
Stockholders on I hursday.
Report of Chief Kmhneer.
To the President and Du ectors of the J\Icuuis<ns
Gap Railroad. Company.
In submitting my annual Report of the work
entrusted to my charge, I am able to say, that
lor ihe year past, it has progressed u> success
fully as could have been expected.
lu my last statement, the road was in progress
Ol constiuclion to the hoiks of the river, liie
end of section 44. Since that lime the work
has been cuntiactrd for to Stiasburg, in Suen
armoali County, including the tfndges ov**r to
. i _ . v.. .. . U .. I i.r U
t !l t* r 0* K > vM it* C i I * n k7i»cimuuua n, a:i v> 1<1 v u
is well advanced towards completion, except
section 72, the extreme end west.
'The work now going on embraces a variety
of earth and lock excavations, deep cuts, and
heavy tills, a.> well as much costly ami hea
vy masonry, over the Shenandoah nvei and
Passage Creek, the spans varying irom lOu to
15o feet.
'The sections are generally in the hands of
active and in elligent contraciots, and I have
every coulnieuce m ihe Jaithlui execu'ion, and
speedy completion of the poilions allotted to
The Timber for Bridges and Superstructure
is now Idam ng at Alexandria, and being p.led.
The iron work necessary tor toe same is also ar
ranged tor—"0 that these heavy structures will
be ready in due time, whenever the sites can
he reached.
The ballast and crossie? have been coritrac- j
ted ior, and will be furnished in due season tor
the laying ot the rails. I fie bali-ist is furnish
ed hy the contractors for graduation, because
having all the means at hand, they are enabled
to execute the work moie cheaply , i he cross
ties are being delivered mostly by the owner*
ot limber, in picxmi’y to the line, ihe1
rails are not yet contracted ior, bu; proj-r .-ihon*
are being received lor the amount necessary ’o i
reach Miaourg. ol tue T pattern, Oo In*-. per :
yard. J tie tiack is laid by coniract. a• >•! the j
coniranor ihu* lar has given entire satisfaction
in the faithful performance of his duty.
Thepeiin,merit water s ations will be provi- j
tied tor as required ior the uses of the road.
i be cost ol the road for ihe *'0.7 miles to j
Strasburg, will exceed the estimate submitted i
to the Board, August 2Sth, IbOl, on account ot ;
the great advance in material and lahos, since j
that time.
The item of iron on the amount requisite to'
he procured, wili equal the sum ot $00,000.
The change in location and grades ot the 10 i
miies next to Strasburg, deemed necessary !
lor *he greater perfection of the road, and the
advance'll prices for executing work subse
quent to the estimate referred to, will fully ac
count for the difference.
C( >t oK the Road to Stfa-hito;
Construe.ion J,oo*vt30 JJ
Bridging 3U.UUU.00
Water Stations, &c. lo,00U.un
$1.01*5,4311 34
'The rads are now laid to the Kastem end of
the summit cut in Manassas Cap. 2000 teet from
the top.
The cut is opened to grade all hut 30 teet in
length, on the Western side—tins quantity will
he taken out, and no delay experienced in the •
woik ot truck laying up to the Linden Station, 1
and the Road opened tor daily traffic west of
the summit in the; Blue Ridge.
The Li nderi Station is within h miies ot Ihe
Shenandoah River, and 7 mile* of 1‘iont Royal, j
the county seat ot Warren, and 70 miies Horn
A lexandria.
From this Station west, for a distance of 2
tndes, the Road bed is tar advanced towards
mmi.laimn i.inl th». s 11: i *< r -1 ri i r * i fnav b-* Mil
down by December, to Wapping. and this add -
tional ime brought iulou«e, although mucn in- i
convenience will te experienced lor ’.lie want
ol proper fixtures tor distribution ai d reception. ;
Beyond Wapping, no farther extension
West can be looked lor betore the next season,
when ihe Road bed will be m readme-- lor Ms
entire distance to Stra-burg, and the Road ,
opened lor use to that point
The -uivvys neces«ar\ tor the permanent lo
cation ol ihe line on Ms ea-lern extension to the
town of Aiexatidna, are in progress, but the
•r aps and estimate- oi co-t, , aie not vet in
condition to lav before you. i iie | arty are a
thi- 'one engaged on that portion ol the ron e ,
from Fairfax Court House o the Bull R in.—
I’ne proper i ne lor construction from the W e.-t
ern limits ot Alexandria to the Coirt House
having been defined—sufficient exam n itions
have not yet been made to decide upon the
route through the limits of the city to Iide
The location of the Loudoun Branch is so
far advanced, as 10 be in a co- dition lor being
placed under contract before the \x inter seN in. i
The Western end from the Little River to Fur- j
celvriie may b** considered as fixeJ nermanen'
!y, except the ia-t two mile- next to Purceivdie,
which will require some further examination
before the line is Settled U| on. ihe corp-are
at this time engaged upon the Kastein end, from
the Little River, to the in'.etsection ol the main
The location of the Branch presents no
feature to vary the estimates of curt, grade,
and distance, submitted to the Board lor fheir
consideration in the selection ol ihe route
through the County of Loudoun, and time will j
show Ms value as a source ot revenue to the
Company, and ihe channel for a largely in
c*easing trade 10 tne city of Alexandria.
The business of the Road for the year past,
has more than fulfilled evpectat ons, and it
Will require a much larger outlay in equipment
than was first considered, to meet the wants of
the trade a year hence, when running, as it
will be, from the Valley of Virginia.
I he Road bed as far as used is now in a per
manent condition, well settled and drained —
the rail in good order and adjustment.
The roiling stock of the Company fully eus- j
tains the reputation of Messrs. Smith &. Per- j
kins as builders and contractors, they hav
ing furnished the w hole amount up to this date
Statements from the Superintendent’s Office,
showing the operations of the Road for the
past year, its income and expenditure, together
with the list of Officers and Agems in the ser
vice of the Company, accompany this report.
It affords me pleasure to refer lo the industry
and devotion ot all, in their several depart
ments, to the interests of the Company.
Respectfully submitted,
Chief Engineer.
Engineer’s Office, Alexandria, October 16th,
Return of the state of the Manassas Gup
Railroad Company from its organization on the
1st day of Augu.-t, 1850, to the 30ih day of Sep
tember, 1853 :
Capital stock. $2,400,000.
Dr. Cr.
Subscribed by the
Corp’n of Alexarra
300u shares at $50 150,000 00
Do county ot W ar
ren, 900 at $50 - 45,000 00
Do Individuals.4.020
at $50 - - - 201,000 00
Do Commonwealth,
ll,8S0at$50 - 594,000 00
For reight - • 41,051 37
For Passengers and
Mail service - 16,955 94
Due to Banks for
money borrowed 55,500 00
Do tor Bills Payable 41,56*' 54
Do for Open Arc’s. 21,467 99
Ain't ol individual
subscription unpaid $59,565 03
Ain't of Common
wealth subscription
unpaid - - 92,000 00
Due on Bills Receiv
able - - 4,021 59
Expended for Grad
uation & Ma.-omy 449 120 68
Do for Ballasting ‘2 976 88
Do for Iron Rails JSI,1M<60
Do for Crossties 45,116 49
Do tor Chairs and
Spikes - - 12.131 08
Do for Timber 1,053 64
Do lor Fuel 16.327 28
Do lor W ater Sla
t.ons - - 3.207 45
Do for Laving 'Track 21,519 27
Do fur Repairs of
Track - - 20,361 29
I n tor Locomotive
Engines, Passenger
and other cat-1 90.771 S3
I >o tor Right ot Way 23,108 57
Do for Engineers e.\
pen-ee - - 42.S63 13
Do lor Directorsex
penses - - 2,167 23
Do tor President’s
expenses - - 74S Ot
Do for salaries of
officers - - 13.883 35
Do Office expenses 1,460 25
Do for Miscellane
ous expenses - 5,949 28
Do for Transporta
tion expenses - 216061 47
Do for Interest 12,4>0 56
Expended for Real
Estate ai d Im
provement* at Al
and ria Staton 22,214 00
Ca*!i on hand 30th
September - 6,578 SS
§1.166 573, >4 >U 66,573 S i
Statement of the R-ceipts and Expenditure*
of the Manassa* Cap Kailioa l Company from
the 10th <*t August, 1852. to the 30th Septem
ber, 1853
Receipts during the above period.
Slock of the Co. re
ceived troin Indi
viduals - - $40,053 37
Do irorn Board of
Public Work* 271.213 46
Kec’d lor Freight 33115 02
Do for Passengers
and Mali Service 11.226 22
Borrowed of Banks 55..' 00 00
For Bills Payable 41.56s 51
Do Open Accounts 21,467 29 $177,504 GO
Deduct disbursements during same period.
For graduation, Ma
sonry & Ballasting I94.43S 81
For Iron Kails 50.50 s 12
1)0 Cmsstie* 20.180 4 »
Do Chair- Spikes 2 6S7 63
Do Timber 502 20
Do Fuel 14.300 in
Do Water S*u!ions 1,976.58
Do Laying Track 8 947 52
Do Repairs of Track 17,057 53
1 >o locomotives.pas
senger and other
cars - - 56 34 0 03
Do Right of Way 13,390 73
Do Engineer's ex
penses - - 19,530 31
1 >o President's and
Directors expenses 1,053 51
Do Salaries oi Offi
cer* - - G 746 25
Do Office expenses 631 13
Do Miscellaneous
Expense*, includ
ing expenses of
Comrni.*sioners as
sessing damages,
C erk's fee*, Law
\ erb* fees, advertis
ing, printing, i rav
elling expenses of
President and Di
rectors when nil
the business of the
Co., postage*, com
mission to Collec
tors, &c , - 3.295 55
For 1 rausportation
Expenses - 26.0S2.80
Do L.terest - 13 194 30
Do Real Csiate 16,000 oo
Do Bills Receivable 4,02! 59 170.925 7
Balance money on hand >6.578 ^
Report ok Examining Committee.
'lo the Stockholder* of the Manassas (hp R<id
Rond Company.
The Examining Conmiitee respectfully brg
leave to submit the following report ol their
in performance <>f the duties assigned to the
Committee, a personal inspection of the road
WH' commenced at the iSortn Shenandoah
bridge, i his massive work was found to be
lapidiy advancing in ;t< progress, with all the
c.tit* and excellent workmanship bestowed upon
it, which is i.ecesswrv to ensure ns pei led safe
iv, when completed. I lie amrmeir.s and p ers
are anove ihe ordinary water in»»rk. and being
inns secuied limn interruptions to winter work,
the Contractor confidently asserts that the
stone work w»!| he ready lor the wooden super
structure, early m the en.Miing Spring. 'Ihe
grading and construction of the road from tins
point to the Forks, is probably finished, and two
tnirds ol the intervening distance is furnished
with proper drainage: and altogether present*
a most sah*lac:or> appearance. At the South
Kiver Hr.dge, the Eastern abutment m almost
finished, and the pier* progressing with ail dis
patch above ihe surface of the water, and in a
few davs will have also advanced beyond the
encroachments of floods and ice, and the work
may be continued during the approaching win
ter so as to enstt e ns completion in time for its
superstructure ihe splendid appearance of,
this stone work excites tfm admiration of every
one. and wili compare favorably iri point of
massiveness, substantiality, and e.egunce of lin
i-b, with any other work of the same de-cop
lion to be found any where. hi^* remark ap
plies equally to both bridges, and will include
the work done upon the large and more uri
portant culverts along the lint*. Leaving South
Kiver and proceedmgly eastwardlv, the work
was found in a state of forwardness, premi
sing a spee *y completion, until the heavy cuts
anti embankments on the western slope of the
Kiue Ki ige were reached. At this point the
Committee was enabled to witness the diffictil
t e» attendant upon the passage of the moun
tain, and as they realized the stupendous and
magnificent undertaking of the Company, felt
a degree of exultation at the triumph of art in
overcoming the rudeness of nature, whicn it is
not easy to describe, hut which calls for the
highest compliments to the talented and enter
prising Corps, who have projected and superin
tended the execution of this portion of the
work. The difficulties already conquered, are
evidence that those remaining to be encounter
ed, will be. removed as speedily as the nature of
the case will admit. When informed that the
cut at Dismal Hollow is 72 feet deep, for much
the larger part through a bed of rocks, and that
j rhe fill at the same point is ninety-two feet, on a
culvert three hundred leet Ion* tor the base,!
there is no wonder the same Jispatch has not.
been ma le here, as where the surface is smooth
er; but no one can adequately estimate the
iuggeJne$s ot this poitiou of the work, unless
they personally inspect it, amt see tor them- j
selves “how the firm bases ot the mountain are
uptorn, and cast into the yawning gulph be
low," until the beautilul line of our improve
ment appears distinctly visible as it crosses the
lops of the heavy fills and runs between the
rocky walis ot the deep cuts until lost in the
graceful curves winch wind around the knobs
of the mountain. The Committee offer the
opinio-, that next year's crop will probab y he
transported from the valley, over this portion ot
the road ; in which, the Engineers and Con
tracto.s concur—and the progress and condition
of the work row under operation, confirm as .
in'1 e than probable.
But a small amount of earth remains to be re
moved at the summit point of Manassas (Jap.
when the track will he levelied to the grade, .
and he iu readiness to receive the superstruc- |
lure Irom Wapping. And by the time required .
tor the removal of the difficulties at Dismal j
Hollow, such is the advanced condition of oth- 1
er portions, there will remain no obstructions to
the passage ot the cars from Strasburg to A lex- j
aitdru. So much for the unfinished part. The I
Cars now ru.j Lorn the entrance ot the cut at
thp summit gap, to the terminus ot the mad — |
The cons’ruction ol thi* part of the road com* ;
mends itself, in every respect, to the approba
ted of all who try it, as one of the best,
smoothest and finest improvements to be found
m the country—excelled by none.
The stock ot Locomotives, passenger and
freight cars, have been constructed with regard
i to the latent improv* d models, and o{ the best
i materia!-, and is sufficient to accommodate the
* trade and travel oti the road, for the present—
but when the transportation shall he extended j
, to Strasburg, .1 large addition to the equipment
jot the road will be indispensably necessary to
its successful operation.
In Jurlher d.-charge of ti;r-e duties, the Com- j
I mitiee have made a thorough and searching
investigation of the book", accounts and vmich
if> presented tor insrection by the Treasurer,
and take plea-ure in reporting their inabiliiv to
discover an er.nr or discrepancy ot any .-ort.— ,
The books are kept with the utmost neatness ■
; and accuracy, and each item has it" correspon
ding voucher carefully filed away for preserva
I tiou. The balance "beet winch will no doubt
; be presented by the pioper officer to the meet
j mg, has been particu'arly scrutinized and
' found to be all right, and the Committee report
I a strict compliant e with the directions contain
ed in the By-Laws.
Tne Order Book, containing an expose of the
i transactions of the Board ot Direclois, has also
j been minutely examined, and the management
| of the company - affairs apparent on IN pages.
| shows that the confidence of the Stockholders j
! has been worthily be-’owed upon gentlemen, I
W|iO>C III W J I v\ ISl/l# Ul UIV. U|TIOiHU|n ui
the Company, has been so erninentl v Miccesslnl
' in ns results" All ol which respectfully sub
• milled. J- ^ l'A\l>ON,
T he meeting was called to order, vesterday
morning, by the chairman, but no quorum be
' ing present, adjourned until 7 o clock, in the
ever in?.
VIRGINIA:—At Kuies held in the Clerk’s
Ofiice of the Circuit Court of Alexandna
! Countv, °h tiie 3J day ol October, 1853; Rich
ards C Smith, a<>d Thatcher Pei kins, joint part
ner*, trad.n* under the firm name of Smith
Perkin*, plaintitfs, against George Cage, delen
dant. in an action of debt to recover the sum of
i one thousand dollars, money due on a promissory
| negotiable note. 1 he defendant, George Page,
j not having c-n.ered Ii d appearance and given se
j curity according to the act ot Assembly and the
! iules of ibis Court, and it appearing by satisfac
tory evidence th.it he is not an inhabitant ot this
Commonwealth,—It i' ordered, (hat the said de
fendant appear here within one month after due
publication of this order, and do what is neces
sary to protect his interest in this suit; and that
a ropy ol thi* order be forthwith inset ted in some
newspaper published in the town of Alexandria, j
once a week for lour successive weeks, and
ported at tne front door of the Court House ol
i this County. Acopt,u*«i:
F.'U BROCK KIT, Clerk.
Watties, r q. oct 28—w4w_
\ J IRGINT A:—At Rules held in the Clerk's
! V Ollice of the Ciicuit Court of Alexandria
j County, on the id day of October, 1853; Albert
! G Newton, plaint lit, against Thomas F. Mc
Cobb, defendant, in action of trespass on tbe
case, for the tecovery of damages, in which ac
! tiotf an attachment has been is«ued. Tiie defen
dant Thomas K. McCobb, not having entered his
; appearance and given security according to the
! act of Assembly, and the rules of tins Court,
' and it appearing by satisfactory evidence that he
i« not as inhabitant ol tin* Commonwealth,
j It ordered, that the *aid defendant appear here
within one month alter due publication ol this
order, and do what is necr-sary to protect his
interest in this suit: and that a copy ol this order
be forth" ith inserted in *omc newspaper pub
lished in the town ol Alexandria, once a week
for four successive week*, and pO'led at the
front door of tiie Court House ol this ( ounty.—
1 A copy, te*t:
F L. BROCK K IT, Clerk.
L. B. Tat lor. r. oct 22 -w4w |
I - - ~ -
NrO 1ICK.— We. the underpinned, dakbkks, i
_ of the City of Alexandria, deem it pro- ;
per and right to justify ourselves ami our fami |
| Ik**, to ra;>e the price ol Shaving to t i.S <
from this date.
On. am! alter, the fii.-t day of January, iv»l, |
j tho-e tliat shave every dav, by the quarter, $•'! 00 j
Jhose that shave four limes a week.... 2 00
*• three “ *• .... I r,0 1
“ 44 twice “ .... 1 25 J
Hair Cutting.12'- cetiljt, I
Jamks I Rri)t>. I Ja.vik- I h«*mp.son,
I IIOMAS hl'KRAOK. j .lAMK- >» • MMI’i'N, j
OCt 2w—p Ha UK tsos .1 acoks.
A CARD—The sub>cnher respectiuilv in
lTl forms the public that he has taken the
house lately occupied ny Mr. Jo*. C. (Parson,
and m s opened a KEsI Al iiA.Nl, where may :
he had at all times the di-Tracies of the f-ea
-0‘>. My Bar, a ho. n* storked with the Choi
ce.-t Liquor-, which I tin prepared to lurnush as
fetf* Dinner and -uppers ; reputed a? short
notice. Al.KX y.NDEK McGONNUiAL.
or! !0 — tf
\ /j I SS ( HR! > I IN A WINTER present*
[VI hrr iespei:t> to the Ladies'nt Alexandria
and vicTnitv. and begs leave to inform them i
that ‘•he i((tends commencing the DKKSix j
MAKING m all its hranclies. and solicits a!
part of their pu'ronage. AH orders trom the
:ouniry will he neatly executed. Her rest- 1
rfence is on Prince street, tiro floors west of the
Second PreJaperian ('Unrtfi. oct Is—po3t
Manassa.n gap railroad COM PA
. NY.—The mi bomber* to the stock ol
the Loudoun Branch of this Road, are reques
ted to pay an instalment of ti per .-far? dur
ing the month'»f October, and +2 per share
during the month uf November. Payment to
be made to EDWARD GREEN,
oct 11—eotf Treasurer.
ROAD COMPANY.-The next annual
meeting of the Stockholders of this Company
wilt he held at the office of the Company, in
Alexandria, on Tltursdatfjhe ‘titft day of Oc
tober next, at It o'clock. A. M.
J. H. REID, Secretary.
sep 29—eot027
SUPERIOR MUTTON.;-! have just re
O Ceived Irom Culpeper County. Va., a lot of
Superior Mutton, wh cn I will offer for sale at
my stall, No. 5, Old Maiket, on Saturday mor
ning, at rea-onahle prices. Also. Beef of tir*l
rate quality. H. B. SMOOT,
oct *21 — 3t
tirely new and neat family CARRIAGE.
Als>, a strong and substantial ^pt'itig JEK
SEY IVAGuS. Enquire at Hie Marshall
House Stables, or of the subscriber.
oct 15—eotf JOHN SUMMERS. ;
Cumberland coal,(or uie m ioi« to
suit purchasers, by
oct 12 J. J WHEAT & BRO’S.
H~AMS—Another lot of those choice Fami
ly Haras, just received, and for sale by
oct 19 IRWIN & POWELL.
[For the Alexandria Gazette.
Hail queen of seasons! thine it is to wear
The crowning glory of the passing year;
And on thy hrow majestic proudly bear,
Memorials of solicitudes sincere,
Vouchsafed by Heav’n for this our lower
i is true thy step is o'er the dying flow’rs,
Anil bloom and verdure fly before thy ’read
While the lair garlands wove io summer’s
Pale and decaying for thy couch is spread,
To waste their fragrance mid the sere and
Vet there is beauty in those scenes of deatn,
To me more lovely than the summer's bloom,
Or the refreshing aromatic breath
Of glorious spring-time, scattering winter's
gloom —
And bidding earth its richest garb assume.
in childhood’s hours 1 loved thy quiet scenes,
Nor dreamed of painful changes to occur.
And now despite the years that intervenes
I come a* then thy ardent worshipper,
Filled with sweet mem'ries of “the joys that
“The joys that were”—ah me! in vain l ook,
For those who shared my artless pleasures
The landscape is unchanged, and still the brook
Winds gently on its destined course, as when
Our merry voices echoed through the glen.
But of that happy group alas ! how few
Remain these reminiscences to share;
Vet mem'ry ever to our bidding true,
Invests them with the charms they used to
w ear,
F.re life had dimmed their brows w;th anxious
Thus Autumn, nealh thy gentle smiles 1 live
Again amid those days ol guileless mirth;
And on thy glad return sweet hopes revive,
That in that land where rapture knows no
I’ll meet agaa the loved and lost of earth.
Alexandria, Oct. 20, i^r>3.
Ala meeting of the Board oi Managers of
the Alexandra Female Orphan Asylum amt
Free School, on the I2ih ol October, I 333,
tie Secretary was requested to draft the fo -
lowing resolutions in reference to the mi..den
death ot a beloved and efficient member of the
Whereas, it has pleaded the All-Wise dis
penser of events to come in an unexpected
hour, and remove from our Hoard, our estima
ble friend and coiabnrer in the cau*e of hu
manity, Mrs. H. C. Smith, who was evcr
; punctual hi her attendance at our meetings.
Resolved, Thai whilst we mourn we ••'hall
see her lace no more on earth, '\e de-ire to be
! still, and realize that it is (jod who hath bereft
; I.*: and be admonished by the solemn Provi
dence to renew our diligence in the vvo.kto
which we are called, and ever be ready lo obey
tne summons ot our Lord.
Resolved, That during the many years she
reived the lu-»ti;uti#n, she wa* eminently use
ful in the sphere she filled. a* well by the wis
| Join o; her counsel as the r-kiii witn which it
was practically applied, (irotle in manners,
' vet energetic in carrying into execution her
; plans of beneficence.
| Resolved. That we tenderly sympathize with
[the bereaved family of our deceased friend,
and offer in (hem in conjunction with thi* ex
pression of our condolence, the assurance of
our prayers to Cod for h s divine support and
con*olatvn to be vouchsafed to (hem.
Resolved. ! hv :i copy of these lesohltinns
be sent to the afflict'd tarndy of the deceased,
and to the Alexandria (ia/.ete.
J. J. D., Secretary.
Alexandria, October 15, 1S5 J.
1 ....
Ala rued.
In the Methodist Kpi*c?pal Church, on the
20th inst, hv the Rev. W. B. Kdwards. >AMI -
I .SMI I H, daughter of John L. Smith, enj., all of
! ini? city.
In Washington Citv, on the lb h instant, by
the Rev Dr. Peck. Mr. CKORCK KIDWKLL.
to Miss COKNKLIA HAMSMON, both of this
On Thursday night at 2*. o’c'ock, of con
: sumption, Mi. I. THKODORK HOSWORI H,
m the 30ih year of his agn, late of the “Indi
ana Male Sentinel,'’ published at Indianapolis,
where fie leaves a wife and one child.—
H.s funeral will take place this morn
ing. at 10 o’clock, from the residence oi ins un
cle, Win. C. Reynolds, on Alfred, between
Wilks and Cibbon streets The I. O O F. of
which he was a member, are particularly re
quested to attend.
At the residence of his Father. He/.eziah
Rravvuer, esq., in C h tries Cmnry, Aid., on the
Mb im-t., alter a long arid painful illne*;*,
JAMKS TH A OKI'S BRA v\ NKR, in the 2.5 th
year ot Lis age. 1 nil youth is no ilefe' ce
against death. It is I tile more than two sears
since the young wife ot the subject of thi* no
tice was consigned to an enlv *?rave. 'lbus
xnon !u- lo* hern summoned to follow Imr,
whilst his rdieted father has been lelt to i er
form the du its or parent »o the orphan ho\. of
the son lo whom he had looked to soothe h.s
own declining \enr*
nion Street, Alexandria,*^!
Machinists and Black-Smiths.
Are prepared to do all WORK*in their lint*, at
rea -orjal.l-- pi a t*s, and witli despatch.
(JT/- 1 laving made anang* m»*ut- with Mes-i».
SMITH *Nc I'KH 1\1N.''. /<« the tin oj tluir trtni
*tvc ussmt/mnt of MIL/,-(jF AHlXd I1 A T
7 /,’ U X S, tin v an* piepart'U to till all onlei- l *i
MIL l. 11 b. A HI A r»', anti Work conn* fled tliert*
witti, promptly, and at ttv* low» -t rut'-*.
{’. y I Ait if I'lltlrl Its ft,) Ittlil/nl, irhlll reijvett i 11 #
l,y /nutl. o< t 2U—dly
K E N I — I lie large and convenient
MANSION, at the Village. on the south
sole of Franklin sheet, between Columbian ml
Alfred street* at present occupied W A Ham,
E*>q. On the premise*, which comprise Me
whole square, are also a Carriage Home an 1
Stable, Smckk House, Ice Home, HAirr
Room, and Hairy, and a Pump of excellent
wa'er. The Car hen i* large and productive,
and we!! stocked with choice kkltt trees
1 he situation it» rlevated anif c unmand* a fine
prospect ot the River and the adjacent toun.f).
PciMeeeion siveti on Hie 1 0/M.TT'i.'v
Apply to ' W.\1. r.KW.ORY
r«Ct |st-entf
KOli KENT. -T he new four storied
b BRICK WAREHOUSE, situated cm
lilffl ihe east side ol Union, between Prim e
and Duke street*. . ii/aul*
^(>(1- The three Mory BRICK WARE
HOUSE, on Prince street Hock, now occupied
by C. G. Brown. Posse*»-on given iinmedia’e
n ; for which, apply to H. D VV ngh«, en| , or to
' oct n FOWLE & CO.
MFOR SALK OR RENT.-T he largp,
fine, and commodious DWELLING
HOUSE, recently occupied by Mr.
iTnchartt, a* a boarding house, on King street,
will be sold lor about hall ihe cost lo build 01 e
like d, or rented to a good tenant, on reasona
ble terms. Apply to JOS. GRIMES,
sep 15—sf____
l FOR RENT*.—A two etory FRAM E
EH? DWELLING, with a large lot on the
aide ol King street, between Henry a»*d
Fayette atreeta. For a food teomtlfc*
wifi be well repaired. Poeaeewon
Jay Of Noeember. Apply oo the premises
oct |8-eo3t -—
lT^OR SALE, a good one hor*e CARRIAGE,
J; but little used. Enquire »t tbie office,
oct 15—dtf

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