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The following jusi reflections occur in an
address recently delivered by Hiram Ke’churn
esq., on the occasion ol ihe death ol Cm el Jus
lice Jones :
Sir, there are now living in Kurope. two verj
distinguished men, barons, both vers emineu
in their line, both known to the whole civilize*
world; one is Haro * Roth>clnld, and t!;e <■ nei
is Baron Humboldt; one distinguished tor «• e
accumulation of wealth, the other lor the ac
cumulation of knowledge ^ ha’ are tbe 1K,>'
sessions of the philosopher* \\ l*>\s,r* '< rt ,i!
a gentleman whom I have seen Mere tni* a -
ternoon, a dis’mgnished member ° 1 ‘>com‘
mucin, my 'fart. on a wcct »■«•'® »-<«"**
be paid hi- reepecl* to !•»»* d.»tr< Bin»hed pni.
osopher. and .anadimIle.noanandiH.ee. He
found him at ihease oi Mghty-louc vear*. freah
and vigorous, in a small mom, nice > sanded,
wuh a large deal table uncovered in the :md>t
of that worn,containing hi* bonks end writing
apparatus. Adjoining this was a small bed
room, in which he slept. Here thmeminent
philosopher received a visitor from the l-mteu
States. He conversed with hit*.: lie spi ke ol
his works. “My works," said he, “you will
find in the adjoining tibarv but I am ‘oo pool
to own a copy of them l have not the means
to buy a full copy of my own woiks."
Now, sir, which of these barons do yon
think, even in ibis age o? sold. receives tht
greatest amount of the homage of tne human
r ce? I speak not of the homage of intelligen
men, hut of the honor paid by the masses.
Let them both ccme here and pass through oui
streets, and see to which of them the hat ot tht
multitude will he dotted with the most cheer
fulness and alacrity.
a beautTf"lTiiti rk.
The man who stands upon his own soil,
who feels that by tfie law of the land m which
he lives—by the law ot civilized nations— he
is the right!ti! and exclusive owner of the land
which he tills, is by the constitution ol our na
ture under a wholesome influence no; easily
imbibed from any other source He feels—
other thu gs being equal—more strong|\ than
another, the character of a man a* the lord oi
an mamma e world. Of this great and won
derful sphere, which, fashioned by the hand of
God and upheld by His power, l* rolling through
the heaven*, a part is his—his from the centre
to the sky It is the >pace on which the gen
eration before moved m it* round of dutn-s, an i
he feels himself connected by <1 !;nk with those
who follow him, and to whom he is to Iran*
tnit a home Perhaps hi* farm ha* come ‘town
to him from hi* father. They have gone to
their last homes: out be can trace tneir
steps over the >cenes ot hts daily labors.
The roof which shelters him was reared by
those to whom be owes his being. Some in
teres»ing domestic tradition is connected *i h
every enclosure. The favorite trrj«* :ree v*a*
planted by his father's hand. He ^ported in
boyhood beside the brook, which stiil **nds
through the meadow. I Trough the tietd lie**
the path to the village school ol earner day*
Me still hears from the window* !bn voice o!
the Sabbath bell which called !.*•> fa’her to the
house of God; and near at hand i* (he s. ot
where his parents laid down to re.*\ and vvio re,
when his time has come, he >ha!l he Ian! by
hiS children: the**4 are the feelings of toe ow
ner of the soil. Words cannot paint tin in.—
They fl »w out ol the deepest fountain ot tne
heart, they are the life spring of a fresh. heui
thy and generous national character—Liturn'd
Everett __
~ aktlkss simplicity.
A certain little boy of fh.s city who recently
lost bis father, tound h mseil debarred tnc-re^y,
from attending school a* former.y, and, in itie
fullness ot his laiih, he determined to seek t tie
wherewithal, at that foj stool to which he had
doubtless been taught to look tor other aiul
higher blessings
In the simplicity of his heart he sat down and
gravely wrote a letter to his Redeemer, think*
|.,*5 perhaps, that so formal a mode ol prefer
ring his requests would meet with greater a -
tention. w hat was the surprise ol our worthy
postmaster, WM. N Frienu, K*q. on discover
ing, among the content* o.r his letter box one
morning lately, a missive directed to “Jescs
Christ. Opening l!, reaJ tr,e sit,r> °4' l*‘e
boy’s wants, and, with a nonle kin-lne-s which
we are not se ti*h enough o deprive our .eu
gfg of the pleasure or profit of bearing, he •e
posited in the envelope the amount required
and directed it to the young supplicant. Ue
hare never beard a story tiu in >.> short a coin
pas* contain.* a more instructive a"d interesting
lesson. It combines a singularly tehci’ou*
union of li e illustrations of the great p> 'ars ol
religion. Fauh. Hope anu Chanty, and we
would not wish to know the n an who could
btar this “plain unvarnished tale."without leei
ing himself and bis kind ennobled by the recital.
£>uch a man would botan tie o er hi* mothei >
grate.”—Petersburg Dad ^ Demon at.
skxm'blk vTkwS.
Our cotemporary ol the Fredericksburg He
corder, hastbe following remarks relative to the
support of a paper, and the duty of an editor.
We like the sentiment very much, and endorse
it cordially
“We take it for granted, r.o one does now.
ever did, or ever will, subscribe for the Recor
der, or advertise in it, puiely for our benefit, or
more for our benefit, than for hi* own. W
then, is favor on either side' we cannot see if.
We do not pretend to he laboring from disinter
ested motives, nor do we suppose those who
avail themselves of our labor, pay us their
c*r\ 1 %tl* i r\T /\llP Kahilh l 4 lfnr^ fllPfi. \\ 'A V t*
just a* much right to think, act and. speak free
ly, a9 other people, and ail who tail to
do so from the absurd and humiliating idea
that they are servants and mud obe'. mas
ters, are unworthy of the responsible and
important postion they hold. A firm, inde
pendent, a< d above board course, may l< sc
them a tew friends among men of contracted
minds and narrow* hearts, but it wn! win the
lasting esteem and confidence of *r.e inteli gent
and virtuous, and above all, will secure them
the approval of their own conscience', which
i* better than all."
|t^ See the advertisement in another
CINE^;*1 they are not recommended ‘‘Cure
Alls,’* but as tflf\c»en’ remedies for the diseases
named, having received the highest encomiums
from Physicians, Apothecaries and Store-keep
er* who have used them, “old them, and in a mul
titude of c»se“ heard of their good effect*.—
Give them a trial and tell your friends ot the re
tult. oct 6—dim
HIGHLY IMPORTANT to Those .n want of
ING articles, at the cheap ca*h I'pholslery and
Furniture Ha re Rooms, soul Incest u liter of
King and Pitt street*, opposite the Mat shall
House. 1 would emnrace this opportunity to
thank my friends and the public gnu rally, tm
their very generous patronage, and would re
specttully assure them if they give me a call
they shall not be disappointed with regard to
quality or prick of any article embraced m the
business. I am induced to make these wry
flattering otters trom a determination to accom
modate one and all at the lowest ca-ii price,
believing that “a quick penny is better than a
slow shilling.l am prepared to furnish
HAIR, (any quality or price.'l Cotton and
Shuck MATTRASSKS, SOFA, Pew and Chair
CUSHIONS, LOUNGES, U nion and Chamber
CKJRS. I have 0,1 *‘anJ’ SIDEBOARDS,
BUREAUS, dining and breakfast TABLES,
cane and wood seat, rocking and sitting
small sizes; CLOCKS, eight day and thirty
hours; and numerous other article* not neces
sary to enumerate. Give me a call, at least,
before you purchase, anil see tor vourse ves.
10NS, and all kind of UPHOLSTERING
work, repaired without delay. Second hand
FURNITURE bought or exchanged in part pay
for new. JAMES H. DEVAUGHN. j
IP ft—tf i
J RH(EA CORDIAL »3 a pleasant Mixture
compounded in agreement with the *uit3 o
Pharmacy, of therapeutic agents, Jong known
and celebrated for their peculiar efficacy ,n Jur’
mg DURRHtEA. and similar affections ol the
sys’em. In its action, it allays n3lJ*J‘* JV" ~
duces a healthy condition ot the LI V j » 1
removing the cause ot the sauie time t a i cute
PKCTOKI’ is confidently recomrot i.ded to
Invalid", as unsurpassed by any known prepara
• ,i"n for the cure ofCOUGHS HOAKSL
t \ r-SS and other forms of COMMON COLDS;
bronchitis, asthma, croup, con
SUVI l-TION in an early stage, and for the
KI.LIKF of the Patient even in advanced stages
of that fatal disease.
It combines, in a scientific manner, remedies
of long esteemed value with others of more re
cent discovery : and besides its soothing and
tor.ic qualities, acts through the skin gently, and
with gieut efficacy, fur the cure of this class of
The valuable MEDICINES ahove named
have recently been introduced, with the aj proval
ot a number ot the Medical Proies-ion m the
i iiy ot Baltimore and el-ewtiere, and in practice
nave succeeded most admirably in curing the
diseases 101 which they are prescribed They
are offered to the Country Practitioner, as Med
icines which can he in all respects depend upon,
as prepared in agreement witn the experience ol
some of the most learned ami judicious I hysi
caan«, and strictly in conformity wiih the rules
■ of Pharmacy, and as especially -eiving his con
venience, who cannot -o readily 3s fhe City
Physician, have hi- own prescriptions compound
■ i d oy a practical Pharmaceuti-t.
See tfie descriptive Pnamphlets, to be had
gratis of all who have the Medicines lor sale,
• containing recoin Tendations fiotn Doctors
Martin, Baltzcli, Addisou, Payne, Handy, Love,
&.c. .
Doctor S. B Mat tin says, tlI do not hesitate
to recommend vour Diarrhea Cordial and Ano
dyne Cheny Expectorant, 1 ^.c.
Doctor John Addison say-, *‘»tgive- me muc.i
plea-ure to add in' testimony to that ol others,
in lavor of the cxtraoidmary efficacy ol yout
Diarrhma ('ordial, <N-c. ; ai d of tue Expec
torant. I have no hesitation in recommending
it as a mo-t valuable medicine,” kc.
Doctor R. A. Payne says he has used the
Di ii rhma Cordial in his practice 4*with the hap
pie-t tiled, and thinks it one of the most conve
nient and efficient conibmat.ons every offered to
our profe-sum ’
Doctor L. l>. Handy w rites, “I have adminis
tered vour Anodyne f xpeclorant in -everal cases
of Bronchial Affection, with the most happy re
sults, and from a knowledge of its admirable ef
I ran. iih iht* creates’ confidence, reconi
met'd it,” &.C.
Docto. \V. is. Love writes to us that he has
administered the h x icteia: t to his wile, who
has h.uJ the Bronchitis lor lourleen years, and
that she i* fa?t recovering from tier long stand
ing maiadv. It has in a lew weeks done her
more good than all the remeoie? she has hcreto
fort* u?ed under ahie medical coun.?»: I.
Twenty seven of the nin-t respectable Mer
chant?, residents of M-ryland, Virginia, and
North Carolina, wtio have sold and used these
medicine? th ’«n*etves,vayv'lrom our own expe
rience and that of our customers, we do confi
dently recommend them Pro Bono Publico. W e
have never know n any remedies used for the
di*ea-c* tor which they are prescribed, to oe so
t tiicient, and to give such entire satisfaction to
For sale by Druggists, Apothecaries and
Country 5>ton keepers genera1 y.
£•;. li. STABLER vM CO, Wholesale Drug
si?;-., 1 jo Putt -Heel, Baltimore; and by the
loi ow ii.g agent*.
Jr . and K H. STABLER, Alexandria; COS
ll\l) x Ml KST, and J. K. TAYLOR, Fair
f*.x Court House: JAMES JETT, Washingion,
and jUIIN J FT l\ Jr., Sptrryville, Rapparian
n.Kk ( uunty: Washington Druggists, and Lou
doun merchant* generally. Also t»y Country
Merchant* throughout the United Stales,
jy 2—dfcictiai
ri^HF M BsURlBEKS having associated
J. n.emstlves toge’her ir. the TIN, HARD*
a *o wholesale and retail dead? m many use
ful AK i IUT.ES, under the turn and name o!
HELL cf LLiIj(mEN. would respect tally >o
i cit hum '.he ihhahMUiit* Ot Alexandria am:
vicinity, a ©hare ul public patumage.
Cold Medal Stoves
Many who ci.atice tu cast their eve upon the
words “Gold Medal Stoves, doubtless, will,
at nr.*t t>e surprised, whiteoihers, will have en
hreiy d fierent feelings knowing that it take*
ail the improvements com tuned Jo lake the first
premium; consequently IheNlOVE possessing
the necessary requisites, must, and wuitake llic
lead hi market.
-1 he first premium" on COOKING STOV ES,
at ttie recent hair ol the Metropolitan
Mechanics' institute, in the Cry ot Wa-li
iig on, was awarded to GEORGE BELL
X. CO , ol Alexandra, \ a., therefore. first on
the ii?t, the MAY FLOW ER AND HURON
na-t stand. I HE \ l LCAN, IRONSiDES,
\\£) BLACK DIAMOND, lor wood or coal
ire unsurpa^ed. PARLOR SIOVES.—Our
:atesl improved &TO\ ES eciipse all others.—
lT.e Franklin wood burner. Evening Star. Per
sia^ Parlor, Washington coalburner, and Por
labie Gra’>e. are Moves ol superior merit, besides
iiiai v others usually kept suitable lor Parlors,
Chambers, Churches, Public Houses, &ic , K*c
S’lOYKS. ol tlie most approved kinds, put up
at d sh<»rt notice, and warranted. PUMP>, an
entire new article made to our order, surpassing
all other*, vvarran’ed to art perfectly in veel!?
ioo oi 150 lent. A No, aii other kinds in com
mon use.
wa© awarded, aiso the first premium.) 'i hese
Mantles possess great advantages over the
choicest Marbles, u hich they so ciosely repre
sent. Thev are surpassingly beauti!uL and ca
ptible 01 resisting a iieaier liei’tec ol heat, tar
less expensive, are being used, and will he
used m preference to marble. Jackson & Son's
Grates and Fender*, a splendid article, used
with nr without tne “Marbi.k Manti.es."
PLUMBING. ,.i ai! i1- branches, pro iiptly at
tended to. ALSO. Booking, Spouting, and
Guttering and nt the he-’ materials.
CA>H paid tor Hi.d Hopper, Brass or Kags.
|o IS—tt i
1 COPHEROUtf, tr Medicated Compound,
lor beaut it) mg, curling, preserving, restoring,;
and strengthening the HAIR, relieving diseases I
of the skin, curing rheumatic pains yr.d healing *
external wounds. Bounded by nc geographical
lines, the reputation ot Barry s I riuopherm’s ;
peivado the Union 'I he sales oi the article ol
la<e years tiave increased in a ratio that almost
exceeds neliet. Prolessor Barry, after a care
lui examination of his sales book, finds that the
number ol bottles delivered to order, in quanti
ties of irom half a grcce upwards, during the \
>ear 1&.Y.>, wa> within a lr:t!e ol y:'»t),t)i)0
ll is unnecessary to present a* length the evi- j
deni es ol liie wonderiui properties ol the Tri
i oPHKIU»U> when the public have iurntshed such j
an endorsement as this. The cheapness of the
article, and the explanations given ot it* eherui
coi action upon the llAlK, the scalp, and in all
ca^s oi super tic al irritation, tirst recommended
it to the attention of trie people. » his was all
th.»t the inventor de-ir; d. 1 he etlei is ot the
lluui exceeded expectation. It acted like a
charm. The tadie? would not be without it*— f
Country dealeis m everv section ol the (. nited
Mates found they must’have it; and thu* was:
built up a wholesale trade of an extent hitherto j
unheard ot as regards articles of this kind. I be •
hignesl point has not yet been reached, and it i- j
believed that the sales this year w ill be a million
and a hall of ootttes.
UepotsnJ manufactory, No. 137 Broadway,
New York hetaii price; twenty five cents a
large bottle.
Liberal discount to purchasers bv the quanti
ty Nold by all the principal merchants and
druggist* throughout the t nited Flutes and Can
ada, Mexico, West Indies, Great Britain,
branee,&.c., by A. LAMMONp, Washington,
!>- C., and H. K. WHITTINGTON fc CO.J
Alexandria. Va. rrvy 14—6m* j
J BAXES FINE TEAS, (late importa
t/V/ ti»>i»s.) consisting of PoUCHoNC, IMPERI
AL, anb Gun Powder. The trade are solicited
to call at my Rooms.
oct 13 GEORGE Yt HUT; Au*.
Health hfsiorkd and life
_For centuries, Medical Science has been ran
sacking the vegetable and mineral kingdoms, in
search of something that should restore the lost
or decaying energies of the nervous and muscu
lar systems, without the drawback of subsequent
prostration, which all stimulants, tonics, and
; narcotics had heretofore entailed, I hat some
thing has been found. !t is a vegetable produc
tion. brought from the sterile deserts of Arabia
the Stony, by the celebrated Professor M. Morse
well known as a distinguished member ot the
leading scientific societies ol the Old World,
and equally distinguished as a physician, a coem
ist and a traveller. I he juices ol this herb
concentrated and combined with other vegetable
medicmaI extracts, are now producing result,
hitherto unheard of, in this or any other country.
At first the properties attributed 10
COR01 ^ L were deemed fabulous. J he public,
often deceived, could not believe the simple and
sublime truths announced by the discoverer.—
But (acts, undeniable facts, attested by witness
es of the highest class and character, are now
triumphing over ail doubts.
bv a ina^s of testimony which is ptrlectly irre
I he Elixir remedies, in all ea^es, the deplora
ble evn- arising from a misuse or abu^e ol the
vat ious organs w hich make up the wonderful
machine called .' an. It re-tores to lull >igoi
every delicate function connected with that
mysterious compound agency ot matter and
mind, necessary to the rc-productron ol human
I lie. To persons ol feeble muscular frame, or
deficient in vital power, it is recommended as
the only means of communicating that energy
which is neees-ary to the proper enjoyment <d
all the natural appetites, as well a* of the higher
mental attributes. Its beneficial effect- are not
confined to either sex or to any ag*\ i he feeble
girl, the ailing wife, the listless, enervated youth,
the overworn inan of business, the victim ot
nervous depression, the individual sutiermg Iroin
general debility or from the weakness ol a sin
gle organ, will all find immediate and permanent
relief "from the of this incomparable renova*
' ter. To thine who have a predisposition to par
alysis, it wiil prove a complete and unfailing
.-aleguard against that terrible malady. I here
are many, perhaps, who have so trilled with
their constitution-, that they think themselves
beyond the reach of medicine Let not even
these despair, 'i he Elixit deals with disease as
it exists, without reference to causes, and will
not only remove the disorder it-elf, hut
Brought from a vast distance, the principal in
gredient of the Elixir can only be procured at a
heavy expense, and the process of manufacture
is also costly . Hence, the price, to be at all re
i _ _ . _ . . ^ . I La U i/» T /■ *• t I. n n
munerauve, wum ......
that of the trashy, chance-compound nostrum,
ol which ^ht only expense con-isi* m the auver
tising But, if health ’ is indeed a ‘priceless
blessing,1’ then is the Invigorating El.sir and Cor
dial the cheapest medicine in the known world.
The derangements ot the sy-tem, leading to
nervous diseases, and the forms ol neivous dis
ease itself, are so numerous that it would re
quire a column to enumerate the maladies for
which this pieparation is a specific. A lew,
however, may be enumerated, viz: neuralgia, tic
doloieaux. hcadatne, incipient paralysis, hys
teria, dvspep-ia, palpitation ol the heart, spinal
a flections, muscular debility, tremors, flatulence,
a pricking sensation in the flesh, numbne**, tor
piditv ol the liver, mental depression, weakness
of Uie will, indisposition to move, faintness alter
exercise, broken sleep and terrifying dreams, in
ability U> remain in one place or position, weak
ness ol the procreative organs, sexual incom
petency, melancholy, monomania, tluor albus,
sinking at the stomach, female irregularities, a
chronic tendency to miscamage, emaciation, and
alt complaints growing out ot' a liee indulgence
of the passions, and all barrenness, that does not
proceed from organic causes beyond the teach
ot medicine.
Whenever the organs to be acted upon are
tree from malformation or stnctuial diseases, it
is averied 1 hat
will leplace weakness with stiength, incapacity
with efficiency, irregularity w'ith uniform and
natural activity, and this not only without hazard
of reaction but with a happy effect on the gen
eral organization. IHJ13 Bear in mind dial ail
maladies, wherever they begin, finish with the
nervous system, and that the paralyzution of the
netves of motion and sensation is physical
death. Bear in mind, also, that for^ every
kind of nervous disease, tl*e Elixir and CorJial
is the only reliabie preparation known
'J he unparalleled eflccls of this great restora
tive in all complaints incident to lemales, mark
a new era in trie annals of medicine. I hou-ands
of stimulants have been invented —thousands ol
invigoranisconcocted—all purporting lo be spe
cifics in the various diseases and derangements,
lo which trie delicate conformation ol woman
render her liable. I he result teas berctolore been
uniform. J hese nostiums have indeed imparted
a momentary vivacity to the nervous system, a
transient and delusive vigor to the muscles; but
this flash of relief has been succeeded by a de
pression ami prostration greater than belore,
and the end has too olien been utterly to paralyze
the recuperative power of tfie nerves aud the
vital organization, and finally to destioy the un
happy patient. But in
is presented as a phenomenon in the materia me
dica hitherto unheard of—a stimulant without a
reaction. . .
I he herb which forms its main ingredient,
has been admitted by all the great medical and
phai maceutical institutions ol Europe, to be in
this respect sui generis Dr. Morse whose
name is an undisputed authority in science, dis
covered the production in Arabia, where his at
tention was excited by the wonderfully invigo
rating effects it produced upon the natives. In
fact, the wondeilul power ol endurance, ttic ex
haustiess vigor exhitntcd by the Arabs of both
sexes, in their desert pilgrimages, is attubutable
to the use ot this vitalizing herb.
An appeal is made to
who sutlers Iron) weakness, derangement, ner
vousness, tremois, pains in the back, or any other
disorder, whether peculiar to her sex, or com
mon to both sexes—to give the Invigorating Cor
dial a trial.
Hear what the celebrated and distinguished
hr. WOOD. of Massachusetts, says /fit:
Massachuset i s Insane HosHTal,
W orce>ter, June 1, 1^4^.
I>i:aR Sir:—It gives me pleasure to inform
you, that one ot my patients, while in Boston,
procured some of yom* Cordial, which he tells
me he has taken two weeks, which tune he
has uot had been troubled as he was betorc
He already looks like a new person, who
so short a' time since looked so pale and
thm, and was scarcely able to crawl around.
I thought it scarcely possible tor him ever
to regain ins lull strength and lacultiesj ins
case was an extremely bad one. 1 prescribed
the U'ual medicines u-ed m such casts in the
Hospital, but they were of no filed. In the
mean tune, iuv patient had procuied some ol
\our Cordial, winch etieeted a cure, 1 am satia
ted no other medicine could have done. 1 shall
ever warmly recommend it whenever an oppor
tunity occurs. ! he inventor m my youngei
days I well remember, as being cousideidd one
ot tne mo>t skillul physicians in the L. States, j
and had heard ins Cordial very highly spoken cl.
but w as one of the incredulous as to its merits,
until I was so unexpectedly and satisfactorily
convinced to tbe contiary. It must tie a great
consolation to you, to think what a vast amount
oi human misery your Coidiat is alleviating.—
With my warmest wishes lor your health, hap
piness and continued success 1 .emam, very tiu
h, jours H A. WOOD, M. It.
" CAUTION._Or. Morse's invigorating
Cordial has been counterleitcd by some un
principled persons
In lulure all the genuine Cordial will have the
proprietors lac-simile pasted over the cork ot
each bottle, and the Allowing words blown id
the glass—"Dr Morse’s Invigorating Ur
dial, C. H King, IWriei<>*.«• >
i._pThe Cordial is put up bignl,)' cooceiitra
ted, in Pint Bottles. c f
Price *< per bottle. 2 for and b lor
$12. CHAS. H. RING, Proprietor,
192 Broadway, New York.
Alexandria—HENRY CCX)K.
Fredericksburg—JAS. COOKE &. CO.
Washington City—Z. D. GILMAN.
£Cj*Soid by Druggists generally.
je 22—d&cly j
ERCHAN1 i Ai CUEING.—Stimulated
iVx by the i11~«erai encouragement Pc na* re*
tei\ed. in ins endeavor* to luriush nis trends
and customeis with ihe very be*t atticles m
his lion ihe undersigned has been induced tu
purchase a larger, more Miperior and heiier se
iecied t-lock Ol FALL AM) w IN I FI, OOOD&
ibaii he has ever hetore nroughi lo ihis marke:.
He nairies in part Black. Blue, Brown. O.ive
Green, and Dahlia, French and r*.I)4i 1 >11
( lotus; Blue, Black, (Mive and Drab, English
P,lot and BertVi-r do.; Black Doe-kin C/.**i
mckks; Eugosii and F rench far Cas.-i.mlkk.-?,
in great variety; Satin, Silk, and Ca*$ime.e
Vkvtim.s, plain and colored: Figured Plush
and V elvet <lo ; ail ot which he is prej ared to
make up in a manner which will prove ihat
hi* work will compare tavorabix whii ihe ver>
be*t Northern manu:ao ures. He ai-O, keep*
a good a-*orunent ot Slocks; Collars; Lrava**:
FaiiCv Neck I ics: Dress and l mlershitls;
Pocket Handkerchiefs; Suspender*; Kid anu
La-mi ne it* (Love*: Hosiers, and a gooo *uppiv
of Pallors Primming*. He also, has on hand
and keep- constantly a supply ot KE.ADV
MADE CEO I DING, comprising Dress and
Frock Coats: Dfe*smg (iowiis: Overcoats and
Mantles, ol the late*: s' \ Jes; Pants: Ve-i-; &c\,
&c., to which he invites the atlen’ion of his
Iiieiols and the pu die gcuera lv. (jotiftu! ioi
pa-t favo:*, r.e .solid's an increased share of
patronage, as it will he his cmPavor to keep
up the reputation he ha* acquired lor -filing
the bc^t art.de* tor me least money. Citiino
attended to a* usual, and all work entrusted to
him, made up with neatness and de-patch.
Merchant Tador, one door west ot R. H.
Millers China Store. King st. oct lit
VV TAILOR, in calling the attention ol hi*
friends and ihe pul lie to his new Stock ( r
GOODS, tor Gentlemen’.* wear, begs leave to
assu e thpin. that tnev have been *elected with
re>e ence to eiegance, durability. and economy,
and that it is iaiger. more varied, and -uperior
to an\ ever be ore on i i ii nd. 'I hanktul lor the
liberal *hare ol busines* heretofore er-jou-d. he
as*uie* al! u ho may tie disport'd to g<vv him a
call, that no effort *hrtll be wanting upon in
part to g.ve entire satisfaction. Being in the
receipt oi ali the style.* and mo ! •« ot cutting
garment*, and having had long experience in
the bu*mess, he ll liters hnii-eli 'hai the tit and
make ol any garment entru.-fed to him will not
be surpassed by any one.
Hi* *tock con>i*rs 0! French, (German and
Fhighsh black, mue. green, brown and olive
Lioth*: Vv’f-t ol England, Beavtr and Peter
sham Over Coal*: Beoli’s Sedan and D e Ski •
black am! *’ee! mixed Cas-nrieres; French.
English. Scotch and American Fancy Ca*si
iiieies. in great variety: Grenadeine and Satin
Vesting*; niack Silk ’Velvet and 1‘lu-ii do . a
beautiful assortment ol Lmbroidpreu * as-i*
mere ami S;ik do ; white figured brocade Sok
*jr».; tine white .Nit’*; Suspender.*; Handker
chiefs’. Collar.*; Cravat*; Saxon) Shirt* and
Drawt r?: Hiov. *’ Cmbrelias-: halt H.i*e. and a
large stock of the best trimmings. Kc . &c.
A large stock "d Heads Ala le ( ioihing: con
sisting of Dress, F:ock. Sack, Husir.es* and
Over Coats of various kind*. Ranlaioons and
Ve.*ts m abundance, all of wnicll are well made.
,tnd will he sold a* low as the *arne knd of
goods can be nought in this market. Ca I and
see for vour*elves, South side ol King s’ree’,
one door Ku*’ of Royal st oc! '
E A 7 B A/.L lollowmg tne u*mtl cn.-iom ol
the me.'CliaM al the commencement ol the sea
son. auiiouiices him*ell read) to uceive sucu
patronage as ma) oiler. Hi* stock, a* usual,
ha* beer: selected with great care, ami be
thinks will compare in variety ami beaut) or
timsh with those of any other market
His stock of furnishing HOODS is of the
nest rjuaii!) and latest styles. He is prepared
to make up any article in his hue in the latest
and most fa*lnonahie style, to suit fancy and
taste at the shortest notice. J he following are
a pari oi his stock — Ca*snnere Rants, drabhed
and mixed gray, ribbed lanes plaid biack
Doe* km Bo\\s Coats ami Raid.*; Vesting*, lan
es Silk, Riu*h. Velvet, B.ack Satin: Dress
Crock Coals: Over ( ruts, o: all grade*: Cassi
mere Bu*:ne*s ('oat*; heav> biack ktigush
Silk, Riding, and ever) other i!i*eriphou ol
Glove*; l ndeishirt* ar.d Drawers; Suspenders:
Collar*; Neck Ties: Cravats, ami Rocket
Handkerchiefs. He would say to tho*e who
are about to b<- engaged in wedlock, that he
has some stiperb while Satin Slock* and V et»t
patterns of the latest styles. He n av be found
at all times at hi* e*tabfi~hment. cn King street,
next door to the Odd Fellow's Had. oct I 1
A TRIAL is all vv K ASK.—The undef*
signed, have just returned from the North,
with an elegant assortment ol HOODS lor Heii*
tlemen’s wear, consisting in part of the follow
ing, to wit;—Black, blue, olive and green
twilled French CLOJ HS,
Do black, brown, an ; urab Beaver do do
Olive, green, brown, and Alaroon do
Black Doe Skin French Ca.*simere
Du Middlesex do
Fancy Cassimeres
Black Silk and Satin, very superior
Plain and fancy Vestings,in great Varie'y
Black, blue, olive and brow n Satmetis
Light and dark Mixed Tweeds
Fine White Shirts; Merino do
Silk Handkerchiefs; Cravats: Collars
Neck Ties: Suspenders. Ate.
variety, usually kept in a Fashionable Aler
chant Tailors establishment, and of the best
material. Which, together wi'h their profes
sional services, are re*pectiull) oflered to then
friends and the public in general ol Alexandria
and it* vicinity, to whom the) return their Sin
cere acknowledgements for past favors, hopim.
hv i ndefatigable exertion and untiring attention,
to merit a continuation oi the same. Am!
though prepared to furni.*h every article in i ne.:
line, thev will ascheemiily execute.to the best
of their skill and ability, lor all, whose pres
ence, may lead them to select elsewhere, a*
though tl ev had lurni>hed the goods them
selves. ROBINSON Al KKV^.
Fashionable .Merchant lailors.
King street, north side, one door west of Royal
street. .jan in—ft
YEARS past has it b^en our intention to
give the public in general a home maiket:
a market which, to compare, not only with oui
neighboring city, but a stock ami prices to
correspond vuth the largest of our norlnern
cn.p>, Baltimore, f’hiladeijd^a, a: d New 'l ork.
Our arrangement now are unequalled, our
Cloth ami Ca-stmeres Sponged helore manu
factured, and although the cry Good.* are high
er than u-ual, we can not only but prove
CLOTH LNG, is lar superior, larger, and at ia>!
and best ol all lower than ever. W e have in
creased our business m all its branches anu
defs’ competition anywhere.
The public are invited to satisfy themselves.
We are thankiul to our tncn.is and customers
lor past lavors. and hope by our -tnct attention
and increasing facilities., to receive the contmu
at.on ot a still larger snare of public patronage.
Recollect the p ace-SCHOOJAIKR R 6*
HRO.'S Great If'/stern Clnthm» Hr use. third
dour biloxc the Marshall House, Ahxandiiu.
l/r^ini’i. eep I-4
I ) L()R, at the old sti u,d i'f Gill Huffman.
Frede i ickA.u t g. l a., vvili. in lu'.u.e, conduct
he business*, w11h >uch aul as may be nece**
*ars to give tu.l sati-laction to hi- iriends ami
cu-iomers. and wiil he happy to welcome hi*
oid trlends and patrons, with as many new
ones a* may think proper to honor him with a
visit. He has just returned from the North
with an elegant stock ot F ALL and W IN 1 F,K
GOODS, which lie is prepared to make up in
the best and most fashionable manner, at rea
sonable rates. As usual, an assortment ot
Shirts, Collars, Cravats, Handkerchiefs,
Drawers, Gloves, arid everything appertain
ing to a gentleman’* Wardrobe will f-e kept
lor sale. Orders executed with dispatch.
Fredericksburg, sen 20—<l2»n_
Corner of Union and Gibbon streets.
WE have constantly on hand, and for saG,
a large supply ol WHITE and \ ELLOW
PINE TIMBER, and Eattern Shore WHITE
ftp* Order* for LUMBER SA WED to s.zes,
filled with de*palch, and upon rea*onable
aug 25—dtf
Hardware* CuU<**Yi •lw; -
i. JR., Sjuth Ead carver fit Kingmui Fun
tux streiii, Alexandria, Vi., is»ow ;n rec ipt
ot biA tall supply ot HARDWARE AND
CCTLERY, cousi>tin2 in p^rt of—
Table and Dessert Knifes and Forks: Cocoa,
Bone, Self 1 ip, Ebony, Buck and Dor) Han
dled. Pen, Pocket, Desk, Shoe, Butcher, Cooks,
Oyster, Cutting and Drawing Knives; Razors;
Scisson and Shear?; Knob, Stock, Closet, Cup
bond, Che-t, Till,Trunk and Pad Loess; Hooks
II, L, Butt, Parliament, Patent Blind, ( best,
Table and Strap Hinge?; F lat, Round, Halt
Round, Pitt, Cross Cut, Hand and Tennon Saw
Files; Colton, Wool and Horse Card?; Bias?,
Beil Metal, and Porcelain Ketilks Brass,
Brass T'’p and Cast Andirons: Poll -bed, Brass
Top, and Iron Shovel and Tonus; VIechav
it's Tools, j» full assortment of all kind-; Build
ing Materials,of ail soils; (’mss Cut, Panel,
Hand, 'Pennon. Dove Tail, Compaq, and Wood
Saw-; Dog, Haiter, Trace, Back Band, Ox, and
Log ( ha ins; Double and Single Barrelled Guns
and Pistols*; Powder Flask-; Shot Belt*; Nip
ple Wrenches; Buliet Mould?; Percu?sion Cap-;
Counter arid Tea Scales; S.uce, Frying, and
Bake Pans; Cotiee Mills ^ad Iron-; Silteis,
Pols; Oven?; Skillet? and Lid-; Griddle?: Lx Ira
L'd»; Wagon B* no; W aiter?; Coal Hods and
Coal Siiteis; Long and Shorl Handled miovki.s
Spade- and Dung F’oik?. Cut and \Niou«lit
Nail-: Hoop Iron: Steel, &r., &c,, ail ot which
he otiers lor sale al the lowest cash price?,
oct S — eotf
HOLLO A WAPFh—.lust landing front Schr.
J. Al. Sewell, a splendid assortment of
HOLLOW WARE, consisting of POTS.
(iVF'NS and Id DS. r end and oval, deep and
shall <\v; SKILLETS and LILs: hlKK DOG>:
winch will be -oil) ;ii the lowest prices for cash.
Call and ‘;ee ihem.
oct 12 King Ac Fairfax* s’-«
AGON BO\F> \.nd Rem Fellow*. <Nc..
jn?t received dueci from the manuiac
1 On sets Wagon Boxe
An Bent Feliows
21 pair Bugev Shaft-. He.
l lie subscribers have cm hai d. ;t new and
desirable art cie, called ihe AI JUMAlO.S
APPLE PARER. to which they mvile the at
tennon ol those engaged in drying Iruit.
China. Glass, Earthenware, dec.
iv a 'ALL M.TTL! K>. ’ —t HINA AND
X* EAR I H FIN W ART'.—I am now in re
reipi ot the larger prnAon of mu FALL M P
PLI I s, ami opening out mi i eceut nnpoi tatioi -
of nf: v'. (lood-, consi-Hng ot
Wllij a goOil si<<t'K previous;\ nu enaoi»>
Hie to submit tf» Country Merchants an I other
purchasers. a- ha/ fisome a supply as has ever
been rile red in tins market, vi/:
White Granite, blue, Me., Printed and hancy
Dinner Services
Do no do Plates, Dishes. Jugs. Mr..
Do do do Toilet and Tea ware.
(Team Col d. Dipt, Painted and Edged V\ ares
of all kinds: Rich Gilt. Plain Gilf.^ Embossed
Lsstra. Blue Figured and while China Tea*
FRENCH CHIN A.-A good assortment 01
Gi:t and Plain F.ench CHINA, cm siting ot
I timin' Sei vices, lea Ware, Vases, Mugs,
Coio rne^. Card Baskets, figures. Mr.. Me.
GLASSWARE—A large stock ol Cut,
Press'd. and Plain GLA>SWA RE o! all the
j various >t\ les and rj'iairies of the dav.
Window Glass «>i French and American
! hranas kept on hand or ordered wi'h de-patch
Sti.-xew hk Pipes, Wine Bottles, Demi
johns. Me , Me.
To judge of the extent ol my supples, 1 a.-k a
rail tiom all wishing to make Purchases, hrui
; 1 will shew that it will be to their advantage ;o
leave their orders with rr.p.
JAMES P. SMITH, King street Hill,
spp helow Fairfax.
lid —ROBERT H. MILLER, i- now ie
reiving Ins usual F A Li. -i i m.i.iin or Good- in
his line ol nusine.ss, among which may hr
Krench Porcelain, imported through a re-i*
dent FTen< h Agent, in Paris, consisting ot gold
hand, dining and l ea services, plain and deco
Vases, Fruit Baskets, Toilet Bottles. Me.. Mr.
English (ioods, Irom correspondents ol V)
veai- s’anding. comprising Stone, China, wh 'e
Granite and L verpool Dining M»ts
White Granite and Printed Toilet Ware
o - Piate- Dishes, Me
- Tureens. Bowls. Me
Common Blue Edge W are. tu I siif plies
Enamelled do., do <tn
(Team col\l do , do do
Eng!-h and Dutch Pipes, in boxes
Ear lienware, ot ail description-: Window
(Lass and Putty: Cornelius: Solar Lamp- and
(Li indole-: American Gla-sware. Dim Bo.-ion
and Pittsburg: Cut I urnbjer.-: Decanter-: ( ham
pagnes, Mr : I’res- 1 urnblers: do. Decanters:
do Champagne1, Me: Plain Gla.-suate. viz:
Jars Lamps, Lanthoms, Chimneys and Giobes.
Country Merchant-, and o'her-. are in
vited to cali and examine then* gooi s and s<*e
• or themselves that thMV are (june as cheap a
can be had in any city in the Cnion.
, sep 10
\ (/»ORE WINDOW GLASS.—ion boxes
iVi French S x 10 (ilas-. Ail who want good
and cheap W indow (Ra-s ot every «i/g tiad
better call in. R. II MILLER.
10 TTO sth
ZGi'KijE H. BaV.NK M UL \N i! j.l-u.f.
V_T dkm.krs in BCO1 S, SHOES, HA I >
CAP>. mc.. would f>‘*g leave runs' re.-j ertnii'>
to call the attenti >n ot merchant- geneiaiiv, to
'h^T unusually laige stork of B< *() I S. SH()E>.
LJ A Tv IM 1\ A,-.. I'riui.tlruT 111 fert «. to I.
‘ v w.— I”-- —
lows, viz:
Men's, Hoy’s, and Youth's Thick.Boos
*• 44 *• Hungarian i ap Sole u
44 *• 4- Kip and Cait “
11 *{ t% Long Leg Grain
14 “ Water Pf.. K*p.& Calf “
44 4t “ Cork So e (’ait u
44 44 Kme Dress Fr,Call “
4 4 4 * 4 4 ()ak Sole Nail
Men's, Bov's, an.i \ nutli's 1 hick.Brogans
4* »• Kip, Call. & (i.ain
4* *• ArmV rtluj Planter u
44 44 In hound Wav *•
“ 4* (alt half Wvited
4 4 4 4 lmi-at on Such ‘
4- 4* 4* (Vvior i Ties
44 *4 4 4 Congress Bools
44 - Patent Leather, Oxford,
and Monleray l ies
4* Enamelled Leather, Union, I
and Oxtord 'I ie
Women’s Planter and Dutch Boots; do Calf,
Kip. ami Grain W eited do.: do Imitation Goat
Poika do.: do Knanrte led Leather do »!o : do
Pegged Hu-kin Tie-, and Jennv Linds; do
Welted Mr.:; Walking Sno s: do Goal and
Morocco Buskin.- 0 ’o i<: do Kid and (jrain do :
Mi-ses Pegged atii! Sewed Boots’ do tine Mo
rocco Bu-kin-: do ilo do >h| per.-; Ladle- fine
Kid anil Morocco Businns: d<* t!o do do Evcel
-iOis and Pie*: do do do c.o Parodi Bu-kins: do
<:(> Enamel ed ami Patent Leather Al >< r: : . o
Black arid Bronze S Ik and La-ting Gaiters; d »
ilo Lasting hall tja 'er>: do Patel t Leather and ■
Kid Stippers: Children's S Ik (Putei-: do fancy
Patent 1 ip Boot.-: ilo Morocco W el! ilo.; do
common Roan ilo ; do Pegged Boo's Polka Cut.
toge’her with a general as-orunent of Men s.
Women's, Mis.-es’, and Children's Metal.c Over
HATS, CAPS, kc — Men's Metropolitan
Kersev Hat-: <!(» Rockland an.I Magyar do ; do
Panama and Artist do.: Men’s, and Bov*-fine
Wool Ha'-; do do common ilo. do : do do fine
Navv Cloth Caps; ''o do do B<ack Cloth, differ
ent slvle-; do do do Silk Piu-h do ; ilo do Cot
ton do. do.; do do common Cloth low priced
do ; do do do Glazed do ; do do Corded do. do :
do (to Imitation Leather do. do : Children’s fine
Cloth and Velvet do ; do common do ; all or
which, together with a good assOitment of
*1 rinks and Umbrellas they have note in
store, and to an examination of which the)
would particularly call the attention of dealers
in want of GOODS in their line, as they are
determined to sell on satisfactory terms.
sep 20—eo2m GEO H. BAYNE k CO. j
T1700L purchased bv
W sep 20 DANIEL F. HOOK.
Hooks mill Stationary._ .
MORE- NEvV BOOKS—Discussions on
Phi'u-<*phy ai d Literature, Education
and Drove roly Reform, chit fly from 'he Edin
burg Review, corrected, vmuicated, enlarged,
in i.oJes and appendixes, by Sir Win. Harr.i.ton,
Bart, with an introductory ee*ay, by Hobt.
Turnbnif, D. I). “Truth, like a torch, the more
it s shook it shines." 1 vol. svo. cloth, $1 50.
Kitwarj’s New Book—Men and Things as l
saw them in Europe, by Kirwan, P2mo. clorh,
T’i*e Home.- of ihe New W or>0, Impressions
ot America, bv Eredericka Bremer, translated
by Mary How’iii. “Sing unto the Lord a new
pong. * ‘ Psalm y<5th, in two 1 frr.o. vol*. cloth,
Clouded Happiness—A novel, translated from
the Erect h ol the Connies- D Orsav. 3 < j c's.
Piincipler* or Geology, or the modern cnanges
of the Earth and its inhabitant.-, considered as
illu.-rra'tve of Geologv. by Sir C harles Lveil.
.M A.. E. U. S , a new ani entirely revi-ed edi
tion, illustrated with maps plates, and wood
cuts. 1 vol 8vo. cloth, $2 *25.
Readings tor a month, preparatory to confir
mation, compiled from the works of writers or
trie early and ot the Engli-h Church, by the
autbor or “Amy Herbert, ’ “Gertrude,’ &c ,
\ l • < d
“AIE- not gold that glitters,” or the ioung
Californian, bv Cou.-in Alice, author ot “No
such word a- lad." fcr., 75 ct-. Ju-t published,
am! lor sale by J AS. ENTW IM.K .v SON, j
oct jn No. 2, k \change Block.
ll Six .l/oid/o m Italy, h> George SuBrnan ,
Hii'ard, in 'wo beautiful volumes, price $2 50
Men ami I fungi as l saw them in Europe,
by Kirwan, autfioi of “Romanism at Home, ’
“Kirwan’s Letters." kc , 75 Cts.
Twelre Years a Slave, a Narrative of Solo
mon .Northup, a Cit./en of New \ ork. kidnap
ped in Washington City, in 1V4L and rescued
in 1-53. from a Colton Plantation, near the Red
River. in Lou - ana, 8!.
Ihi tinged II ol. bv Emerson Bennett, au
thor ot -Clara .More’and." 50 c’s.
Ihe I idnn of h'eufi omit, 1 fie Bosom Ser
pen!. kc., bv Caroline Lee Hen'/. 50 c's.
Edilft * Vegcnj, or the LongwoodV ot the
Grange, t)> the au'd.<>r of ‘‘Adelaide Lindsay,
go cents.
A 1 hnrdi Dictionary, by Walter Farijuhar
Hook, HD. \ icar of Leeds. >:x li edition, re
vised and adapted to the Protestant Episcopal
(’much, in tfie C. S. by a Presbvter ol said
Church, a large octavo volume, 5*3.
Egeira. or \ oices of I bought and Counsel,
by trie Woods and \Vu>side, by William Gil
more Siuiin-, e.-ij., $d.
Hlrd wand's Magazine for October. 25 ct> ;
and tumiiy Chusuan Almanac for 185-1,6 cts
Ju-t published, ard lor sale hv ^
oct 1 u (Stand. k. Sent.) R BELL.
\/4(»j(K i\h\\ BOOKS.-HaniC' On Vamt(.
l\i .Vo n-. Critical an 1 Explanatory. 1,1 !f,t*
l:,.,.i- IV.. ,..I *.V i:*.v A!h».rt Barnes. once
$! -J5
The f min ground Mail Agent.— Mr. Frank,
the Underground Mail Agent, by Nidi, iliustra
(rated witn design** b\ White. 75 cents.
I fit Drome A/i>5o)/o. r 1/, portray >ng ’he hard*
ship* ot ihe Western M i.**ioii<iry s LiU, writ
ten for the American Sunday School I r*ion,
Kiir/if I)cv: upon the Tender PJant,OT F.ar!\
Scripture L*n* for Noting Children, w.iU
quotsons and praci cal instruction* tor each
ie**on, pul>!i-hed bv the American Sunday
School Union, 57 cts. ^
(’•!/ i*ei■ iti s (.liiide.—A new F.!i•»i• of INich*
cdson'.* Carpenter*.* (In d«», edped bv Sloan, au
thor or ‘-The Model Architect. >0 .In^l
published, and lor >-a!e by R* A» 1. bh#LL.
c. cJ 15
e | MiE (ilvF.Al ILIA xI KA I FA) MACA
FflKSCH’S lloi,fc aml Periuiicvl Depot —
I IIi* i* midoubietliy the best pictorial work
pu!di*hed in tbi> country, price t25 cts. or $'«
per Year.
I he Eve Hou*e Plot, or Until, tL»e Conspira
tor*.* daughter. h\ U. \\ . \1. Rev no •!.*, .tinhor
of -Count Christov.i!." “Lord Sa.voiida'e,
-Mysteries ol thefouriof la-mion." etc . *J5c.
IVter*on*s Ladie* National Magazine, tui
Noi't-nntit-r. price 1x ct* or Si per year.
The White C’fiii*tT. or the tan* ot the un
hearj o*. h\ Ned Bumi no. ant!,or ol “My»te
r>os and \| *er o< of New N ork. *-B*h y* of
NVw York,”‘’Lite Yarn,'* “The Convict.” e*c.,
•;r, <M‘f l 1
) HiOMMI A TE OK LIME.—The F^gle
Chemical Company, ol New York, having re
cently made extensive additions to their works
on Staten Island, are now prepared to meet the
increased demand for the above named invalua
ble marines, arid aie leady to supply the ag
iiculturist* with any quantity that may be re
'I'lie Hone T)u*t Manure will be of the same
(jfialiiv as heretofore furnished to the latiner
ol Staten 1-land, New Jer-cy and other part* ot
the I niied Stales. It will be ground into a tine
powder, and warranted pure : and, bring per
fectly dr> ami well packed in ch-jti barrels, can
be Iran*, orted at a soiali co-t cither by steam
boat or railroad.
The advantages of ground bones for manure
are too well known by the experience of the
past twenty ye3rs* to nuke any further recom
mendations necessary.
The Super Pho*phate of Lime, or Sulpha*
ted Hone*, is a comparatively recent n-oJe of
applying the same ingredient*; but from the
great results obtained by the agriculturists in
England and the United States, it is likely to en
ter largely into con«umpti»n.
The proprietors of the FLgle Cnemical Works
have for several years pa*t been txien*ively
engaged iri the inanuiaclute of thi* article in
Fingiand, and the re*uIts in that country have
proved beyond all doubt P* superiority over all
olr.ei manure* in u-e.
. . .• . r t. _ !)■
ii w in ot* compo-*t*u cnuieiy ui * i.u
nlule ol Lime, combined withmch proportions
of ammonia and other ingredients as are neces
sary to restore that which h.«s been taken from
the soil by previou- crops.
Raw hones, in addition to fat or gelatine, are
composed of Phosphoric Acid and Lime com
bined, called Phosphate of Lime. It is the
Phosphoric Acid that is of great value as ma
nure to the agricu lurist, and the object of ap
plying sulphuric acid to dissolve them is, that by
its alliance with the Lime which is in the bones,
the Pho-phoric Acid is rendered more soluble or
easily di-solved »y ram ; and the ditfeience be
tween raw ground bones and dissolved bones
iinv, in a plain wav, be i-lalt-d to con**i-l in the
fact, that by a carelul addition o» the proper
proportion-* ot Mjlphunc acid, the Phosphate ot
Lime in the raw hime-, is converted partly into
Suipiiate ol Lima, which is a va riable manure,
and a considerable portion ol soluble phosphoric
acid i> left Iree to combine at once with the soil
in readiness to act on the plant.
Thus it is that a small quantity of Super
Phosphate of Lime will lorce > crop of turnips
in greater weight than n large quantity «_f raw
ground bones, bringing them ready to the hoe at
lea*t ten days sooner.
This is one of the most important properties
of this Phosphate derived fiom its peculiar pre
paration, and it will always be found, where
u«-ed, to cause *uch a speedy development ol ttie
plant a- to enable it to e-capc tne ravages ol the
fly arid w ire worm.
I he impoverished tobacco lands of Virginia
can be at once i eptoied by the application of this
Its 'inali bulk makes it exceedingly conveni
ent and diminishes the co*t ot trjn-poi lotion
and handling. 15*» lb«. to 300 lb«. to the acre is
sutfi ient for any ordinary condition of soil, and
the whole cost will not probably be greater than
the extra expense would be in the ao-re hand
ling and carting the necessary quantity of staolfc
manure to produce the same eflecl
!t may be sown broadcast, and ploughed into
the soil, or it may be drilled in with the <eed.
It may al-o be applied in the hilis during the
cultivation ot com or other crops; when u w‘ ‘
stimulate the most sluggiah growth n,!0 ,inQi
diate action. . . „ ..._rw 1
3’he Super Phosphate has been trie< 0 . . - <
varietv of root and gram crop-* wiu '',v
success a nil .1 ha* been pro«<J ^ .
er stimulating qualities besu e' r- o
rahle than the »'eru*ian Gu-*""- . . .
II will be deli.ered 10 bag- °r “•‘rrels,,n such
,uao.ii.es as m„ be required at the pr.e. of
’j cents per pound, and can be obtained, oo ap
pbeation to CAZBNOVE * CO., N>te Agent.
I or Alexandria, _oel II—^otf |
ftikVL just receiveJ, and for *aie by
1 Jet 14 J. T. B. PKRRY & SON.
\ * 4
EKKY L. SIMPLON, (Royal street third
rtorr from King ®tceet,> would repent
Hilly "call the audition of hib friends of th*
Town and Country to hi* very extensive *iock.
of BOOi'S AND SHOES, suitable tor the pre
sent and appioachmg seasor; w hich, a» usual.
r,e offer* tor eaie at fair living prices. His
stock consists in part of the following very
reasonable articles, vi/: ^
ladies Morocco and Seal Walking Shoes
•• Slipper*
“ Gaiter*
k* Boors (morocco and era!)
Mi-sesand Childrens Boots ai d Shoes
Gent'-emeno Call, Kipp, and Bull Boo;*
c. “ “ tl Shoes
Boys l* and Kipp Boo *
ii »* Shoes
Youths '* and Kipp Boots
. “ *• Shoes
Men's thick Boots and Brogans, No. 1, for far
ming and similar purposes, and in short, every
article usually found in a well-stocked boot
and Shoe establishment. .
N. B — 1 should be most happy to receipt the
bill* which 1 have rendered to my friends, it
they would only give me an opportunity. (I
hope I am understood.) ott 4^11_
ATTENTION ALL —'I he undersigned roost
respecting calls the attention of the citi
zens o l Alexandria, and others visiting the
city, to : f*ei r large assortment of BOO IS. AND
AND CHILDREN SHOES, which they offer
on terms as reasonable as at any other estab
lishment in the city. As most ot their work is
made under 'heir immediate superintendence,
they can warrant it tor durability.
N. B—We would most respectluJly call the
attention ct the public, to our tall s’oek oi
work which is very large, such as KIP AND
determined to sell low lor cash.
j&2)"*AII orders lor work will receive the
mr.cest attention.
JOHN L. SMITH & SON, Fairfax street,
sep — tr 1 doors north ot King stieet.
NOCK K—The undersigned have opened a
SHOE STOKE oi 1 Knifr street, between
Royal tn.fi Toil fax. od)'tiling the bock store of
Mr. Kobekt Hki.l. and immediately opposite
the >tore of Wm. N Brown, where we will at
a:l times keep on hand and sell at smai t. pro
fits f« R cash, to those who may lav or u*
v\ 1111 a call, ail Styles oi JsAHlES, JHISSES,
TEKS. Should we be unable at any tine
when called on to suit customers, either as
to size or quality*, we ran do so at the earliest
notice, we intend to manufacture our own
woik. Measure* will he taken in any parrot
the City, and great pains will be laken to sud
those who may lau’i us wi»h their custom.
SHOE S'iOKK—My Shoe Store, on King,
n..t........ t-’jiriuv uud fVoval streets, and
immediatelv opposite Janies A. Hngiish A(o. f
hardware store, has been much enlarged, anu
fitted iip at consider?hie expense, with leler
ence both to looks and to convenience.
To in\ customei.s anti to the public generali)
I return m> grateful thanks for a liberal share
of then pationage during the last lew )ear>
and by endeavoring to keep on hand ever) thing
within my line of business, 1 hope to merit a
continuance <»i their favors. Ms slock of goods
consists,in part.as follows:
Whole and hail Gaiteis. Mack
Do do do fancy colored
Morocco and Kid Buskins am! Mippers
l>o Seal Walking Shoes
Black Morocco Bools and Mippeis
Fancy Gaiters
Bronze and light-colored Slippers and Buskins
French call skin stitched and pegged boots
Gaiters. Monroe's. Jefferson’s, and slippers.
Together with a!I ether varieties anuqualiiie*
of work worn bv gentlemen.
Bootsand Shoes,warranted to give satisfaction
ami on as liberal terms.(quality considered.) as
in any other house in town. Come and exam
ins for yourselves.
a,JLf •; RICHARD V. ( U('S>.
Fire Insurance Met ices
J A I.HXAN I)R1 A.contiiiiicstomsuieagaiiisi
Fire, generali) . in Town and Count!) , as lit le
tofure.on the most reasonable terms.
Hlt;h Smith, Rtt^uUni.
William Fowle. ' Sumel Miller,
Dwight Metcaif. j 1 hnmas Keith,
A. P. Gover, William H. Fowle,
Vv i 11 jam Gregory, John If. Brent,
Robert Jamieson John B. Dainuerfleld.
Hugh C. Sinilh.
Office hours from c* until I A. and from 2i to
k o'clock. C. W. WA'iTI.KS. Secretary.
Office on King-street, neat M. Asaph’s,
nov 10—lawly
Samtki. Mii.i.kk—President.
Wm. N. McVeigh, J. F. D\er,
G. D. Fowle, Hew is McKenzie,
J. A. Knglish, Ttiomas Dav\.
'Phis Company is prepared to receive < tiers
for Insurance. Office in the Kxchange Block.
King, between Pi t ami Royal streets.
<iec s—dtf R. JOHN>1 ON. Secretary.
Lumber Yaid9.
B. Water*. R. Zimmerman. ; T. A. W aikk'*.
yr» T Z L n r • m »»••' n v»» y t, pn
nAiiiild, <X i/J.,
J.l’MBKK, MUXOLhS. I.A'i IIS, Arc.,
On 1/iC U'fldiJ, font oj (\limrnH >r.,
Aie •con«i:i!itl\ in tfie receipt ol
f» / • 1 / Ht\ /' t f JTL’li I J I V
V, I I <# / li » Vi i A J» I / '
From tin* Sian -ol Noktii Carolina, Plnnmi.va
ma, Nkw York, Majnk, anti the BruimH IT*.v
in(». which they oiler lor e on acton.n o
d.ilmg (eiin*,
'1 ’11»• ir anangemcnt* wj?Ii nianiihioturcr* cnal»l
tiit hi to *uj»|iiy particular hi! * ol W nil t, Skhi vk,
and \ hi.low Pink, at ti»e shortest notice,
inti I — t*
LUMBER YARD.—'J he subscriber having
rented the yard, recently occupied ly
Messrs. Jume*» Green ^ Son, between J)nkt
mid \lulte street*, has, and will keep on ham:,
a general assortment ot the different kinds of
Ll MbKK. vi/: Kastkkn W hitk Pink. >i*ki < k
and Hk.mi.ik k, ditieient kinds (»i Stsoi khanna,
Kastkkn Shore and Carolina M ant LING
and HOARDS, well seasoned. AI.ML Shin
;i.ks. Laths, Sails. Lime. Plaisilk. ( k.mkn;,
ami all other articles Ic»uml in Ll MBKK
YARDS. Persons wishing a good article wi*l
find it to their interest to give me a call before
purchasing eisew here.
Lumber yard-officeremov ed —
We take this method of nifoiiriing our
customers, that we have connected our Ll M
UFACTORY, where we are prepared to f,,,m
rush every description of M AIHER- usuany
found in the rnosfextensive Ll MBEI* »AR * *
Calcined Plaistkr. Laths, shinoiks. I ah
im;s, Nails ol all size*. &<••• w.h*f** w,e
will sell low tor.;t'h. oral Hie »'ual lime lo
piil.Cll.a] cuMomer, ■ ,;[{KKN A; SON.
pm 1 •
V .I M \ LdLO.Vjnl I V K AND CAR
iVnh'k* H’otje street autf River Foretime,
Md Tender..
Marineand Stationary Engines and Boilers.
Chilled Car Wheels and Axles.
Patent Chilled and \Y rough! Slip-tile.
Machinery and Castings generally.
The undersigned having elected very exten
sive shops, and procured the most modern ma
:hineryand tools, are prepared to execute cr
iers tor Locomotive Engines, Cars, and Ma
rhinery of all kinds, with despatch, and on
he most favorable terms. R. C. SMITH,
Late of the Alexandria Iron Works.
Late Mastei of Machinery on the Balt. It O.
Rail Road. - —
pecting an arrival of Mapes* Super Phoa
pbate of Lime, which we tfler for sale it l're*
rious prices. ADDISON & MEADE,
oot 13 Union street.

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