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The men who were in Aiulover Thcologi-1
cal Seminary in 181t>-ll\ will remember j
among such men as Temple, and V isk, and |
Goodell, and Parsons, a thin pale youth, ot I
middle stature, a hard student, gentle in his |
manners and thoughtful in his mein. M hen
Fisk and Parsons went out missionaries to
Palestine, they asked this young man, their
friend, Jonas King, to come and join them.
He said if they would write such letters to
him as would make him believe it to be his
duty he would certainly come. They went,
life pursued his studies with great success,
and was soon called to the Professorship of.
Oriental Languages in one «>t the < cliches
of New England. For the sake of superior ,
advantages in titting himself for the service i
he went to Paris, and there hisstudiesbrought j
him into contact with some of the most dis
tinguished men of science, and scnoihI of the
leading minds of Europe. Parsons died af
ter a short service and found a lone grave in
Egypt. Fisk wrote to Mr. King, then in
Paris, and tagged him to come to Jerusalem
and take the vacant place by his side. Mr.
King applied to a few gentlemen of wealth
for the means of support for three years, and
in a signal manner the means were furnished.
The American Hoard ot Missions accepted
his offer to go to Jerusalem for three years.
The Missionary Society of the Netherlands,
and the Paris Missionary Society ga\e him
funds and commission, and individuals came
forward to his support, so that he was "ent
out as the representative of these institutions.
Mr. King and the eccentric traveller W olft,
who met him at Malta, made a tour ot three
months in Egypt, distributing the Scriptures
i r. nil t-i I In i.-nv nr^ f»i2«l rlnwii the \ i!e. and
then crossing the desert, went to the Holy
City. Here in Joppa, Mr. King labored lor
three years and then went down to larsus on !
his way back to America, with rich ^ stores of i
Arabic manuscripts, and the fruits ot his
years of researches in these Oriental fields,
’the ship in which he was to go to Smyrna
being somewhat leaky, he resolved to cross
the country and send his effects by the vos>el.
On its voyage the ship was U»anle l by 'neck
pirates and plundered: and all the books,
manuscripts, &c., of Mr. King were swept <>t!
bv these robbers of the sea. 1 his loss ob
tained him in Smyrna for six mouths.—Here
he devoted himself to the study ol the modern
Greek; and here, too, he met the lady who
has since been for so many years his noble
wife, the companion of his life, the solace ot
hi* sorrows, and the mother of his seven love
ly children.
From Smyrna he went to Paris, and there
was again thrown into the families and the
society ofeminent tnen whose names are fa
miliar in the ears of the world. With them
hj read ami expounded the Scriptures, and
found a wide and effectual door opened for the
advancement of the work of God. Keturning
to the United States, he travelled tor some
months in the service of the American Board,
and was urged by the Ladies Greek t ommit
tee of the City of New York to go to Athens
in connection with the contributions then
sent out for the relief of the starving people ot
that country. He came and not long after
wards was again appointed missionary there.
He accepted on condition that he might retire
at any time by giving six months notice of
hi* inteution. A\ ith this condition he lias
now been laboring steadily and earnestly
for more than twenty five years, and has never
vet revisited his native land, though at ai y
time he could do so in thirty day>. W hen
he came to Athens, it was in ruins, and in the
power of the Turk*. Not a pane ol gla^
was in the eitv. lhe best house lie couM
find had uo roof or floor to it. He made a j
shelter for himself and wife, but they were j
exposed bv night and day to the constant
incursions of the Turks. But he was pa
tientand prayerful: trusting a hvays and always
wonderfully cared for, bv Him who keeps his .
children in the hollow of' hi* hand.
Mr. King is a man of whom any institu- j
tion of learning in any country would he •
proud. Several have sought his services, and
nad he consulted his own honor and aggran-,
disement, he would long bo tore this time ;
have been distinguished in the world ot letters
among the first Orientalists ot the age. l>ut
of all the men l have ever met. he is the'
most simple in his devotion to the work tie
i* promoting, in U spirit ot self-abnegation ;
that humbles the pride of any man, who sits
at his feet, while ho seems to think himself j
nothing, and less than nothing for the sake of j
Christ. ,
Of the persecution which I)r. King has en
dured of late years, and under which he is j
this moment suffering, it is less necessary ;
for me to sav anything, as the case is alrea
dy *o familiar to the American people. The
attention which his labors were exciting
among the people, the numbers flocking to |
hi* house to receive religious instruction,
and the wide diffusion of religious hooks,
awakened the opposition of the priesthood
and many of the people v»f the t «reck church.
At first, there were serious and deeply con
certed schemes for his assassination. f"r his
protection, the most remarkable providential
interpositions appeared. 1 he American t oii
lul, on leaving Athens for a season, nad de
•_I I*- in In* iihsonce. aild on
gwou i't. *“r? -— . .
the very next day alter receiving the
American flag, his'house was invaded by a
mob with every demonstration of violent do
nums upon hts life. 1 he display of the
stripes and stars dispersed the crowd. It
was at the hour of his usual Sunday religious
service, and after the sermon a priest at
tempted to bring him into a dispute, and
the people began to rage and to press upun
^ His heroic wife, herself a Greek, stood hv
him, and held them at bay. and friends ra -
iled to him, one of whom was a soldier armed,
who had come there on purpose to protect him,
though Dr. King did not know him, and sup
posed from his taking his seat close by his
side, that he had come with the same evil
intention with the rest. At length, as is
well known, his enemies succeeded in bring
ing him before the courts of Greece, under
charges as false and malicious as those on
which the Saviour himself was condemned
to death. His trial was a mockery of justice;
his conviction was produced by no shadow ol
testimony, and his sentence as cruel and bar
barous as any which lias marked the perse
cutions of Christians in modern times, in any
part of the Pagan world:* Dr. King was ac-1
cused of Atheism, and of reviling the reli
gion of the Greek Church, lh the const»tu- j
Son of this government, all religions are pro- j
tected; and an American citizen has a right to
worship God in his own wav, and to utter his
opinions on all religious subjects, as free v as
inthe streets of Washington. The very
Arst article of the Constitution provides
and secures that “Every acknowledged reti
gion is tolerated, and ^ts rites may be ol>
aerved without hindrance under the protec- ]
tion of the law.”
It is at once needless and improper to re
view the progress and spirit of the trial by
which Dr. King was condemned, as Mr.
Marsh, the American Minister of our Gov
emmentat Constantinople, being specially de
puted by the late administration to go to Ath
ens to look into the whole case, has discharg
ed that service, bringing to it such qualifita
tkms in knowledge of international law and
of the languages, institutions and genius of
the Oriental countries, as fitted him perhaps
more than any other man, to give an intelli
gent judgment on the merits of this extra
ordinary case. Hie examination of the sub
ject was patient and protracted. The his
|orv of the case was studied by the docu
mentary report# officially made, aud by la
borious correspondence with the Government,
and the examination of such witnesses as
were necessary to enable the ambassador to
arrive at a fair judgment as to the locality of
the proceeding# against Dr. King, and the
direct invasion of the rights of an American
citizen resident in a foreign country. Mr.
Marsh made his report before the close ot
Mr. Fillmore’s administration, and it is now
in the State Department, subject to the call
of Congress.—Dr. Prime.
POSITION.—This invaluable CORDIAL, is
extracted from Herbs and Roots, which have
been found after years of experience, by the most
skilful Physicians, to he possessed oi qualities
most beneficial in the diseases lor which it is re
commended. and hence whilst it is presented to
the public, as an efficacious remedv. it is also
known to be of that character on which reliance
may be placed as to its safety. In cases o! 1m
jMKencv. llcemonhages. Disorden d Sterlitv. Mens
truation. or Suppression ol die Menses, l iuor
AI bus or for DEBILITY’ arising from
any cause, such as weakness from sickness,
where the patient lias been confined to bed »oi
some time, for Females alter Confinement? Aboi
lion or Miscarriage, this ( ordial cannot be ex
celled in it» saluturv effcct.^br in loss of Muscu
lar Energy, Irritability. Physical Prostration,
Seminal Weakness. Palpitation ot the Heart. In
digestion. Sluggishness. Decay ol the Procreative
Functions, Nervousness, ^c., where a IONIC
MEDICINE is required, it will be found equal, if
not superior to any Compound ever used.
TING CORDIAL, is one of the most invaluable
MEDIC INKS in the many complaints to which
Females are subject. It assists nature to brace
Tin whole system, checks excesses, and oeates
renewed health and happiness, le ss suffering,
disease and uni nippiness among Ladies would exist,
were they general! v to adopt the use ot this C OR
DIAL. Ladies who are debilitated by those
diseases which lemalesare liable to. are restoi
ed b) the Use ol a bottle or two. to bloom and to
YOUNG MEN.—Those diseases so fatal
to the existence ot nian. (and it is the young
who are mo.-'t apt to become victims, troni an
ignorance ot the danger to which they subject
themselves.) cause N h K \ O L S DEB1L11 V .
Weakness ot the Systerm and Premature Decay.
Many ot you may now be sutiering. misled as to
lie* cause or source ol di>ease. lo those, tin u
who bv excess have brought on themselves any
disease-, creating Netvous Affections, or any
other consequences ot unrestrained indulgences,
lessening bo h mental and Iwtlily capacity,
DIAL, a Medicine that is purely Vegeta
ble, will aid nature to restore those impor
tant functions to a healthy state, and will
prove ol service to von. It possesses rare vir
tues. is a general remover ot diseases, and
strengtiiener of the system as a TONIC MEDI
CINE, it is unsurpassed. We do not place this
CORDIAL on a footing with quack medicines,
and. as is customary, append a long list ol Re
commendations, Certificates. &«*.. beginning with
“Hear what the Preacher says, and >ucb like: it
j> not n**ces.-arv. for JIKNRV S INVIGORA
TING CORDIAL, only needs a trial to prove
that it will accomplish all we say.
TING CORDIAL," is put up in S oz Panne! Bot
tles, and is easily* recognized by the Manulactu
ivr's signature on the iahel ol each Bottle, (to
counterfeit which is forgery.)
Iir Sold for $'l p Bottie: Six for *s; p
If/* Prepared only by S. E. ( OHLN, No. 3
Franklin Row. Vine Street, below Eighth, Phila
delphia, Pa., to whom ALL ORHEUB MIST BE Al>
For sale by all respectable Druggists and
Merchan's throughout the country.
By W II. Gil.MAN. Washington CVy. D O
jan -7—(fly
tine u jlle.i an drill. Baltimore, f'hiladi Iphia,
_\nr York. Boston, and all the principal cities and
towns m /he l nion.— 1 he citizens oi Alcxandiia
are respectfully informed., that the arrangement},
for our Kipress, are on an improved and enlarged
scale. < >ur cars now leave Baltimore three times a
day lor Alexandria, conveying GOODS, ot all
descriptions, at verv low prices, and unrivalled
speed. Our charges from Baltimore to Alexan
dria lor heavy freight, Dry Goods. &c., are at
rates verv little (it any.) in advance ot the ordi
nary freight line.*'. Merchants and otheisordei
ing‘by us, will save the cartage, wharfage, \e.,
m Baltimore and Alexandria, an important deni.
* Our facilities and connections with all the prin
cipal citie> throughout the l uited States, enable
us to undertake and transact business ol every
description with great certainty, saiety, and des
The merchants in Warrcnton. Middleburg.
Upperville. and surrounding country, vvill find
it to their advantage to forward their GOODS
by our line.
' IW' All heavy goods vvill be taken from the
Philadelphia boat or stores in Baltimore, and
delivered at the store door or Railroad Depot in
Alexandria, tor 37 J ct.v per cwt.
The above vvill show that we are disposed to
place our Express, and its arrangements in Al
exandria. on the same favorable footing as is
enjoyed by us in other cities, and to extend all
the advantages to our patrons, and respectfully
request that you give u- a trial.
(tin* European Ex pros- l<>r Liverpool. London,
Dublin. Pari*. Havre.\c., \e . leaves twice a
week. Packages. <Xc., forvvanb d. Bills payable
in any part ot England, Ireland, or Scotland, lor
sale at this otlice.
\ ou should bear in mind in all cases to order
by Adams \ Co.'s Express.
a„(r 17—tf • Alexandria, Vn.
FURNISHING ARTICLES, at the cheap cash
iphobtvry and Furniture Hare Jxooms, tour nicest
corner of King and Flit streets, opposite the Marshall
H»use. 1 would embrace this opportunity to
thunk, my triends and the public generally. l<u
their very generous patronage, and would re
spectfully as>ure them it they give me a call
they snail not be disappointed with regard to
quality or prick ot any article embraced in the
business. I am induced to make these very
flattering otfei> from a determination to accom
modate one ami all at the lowest cash puce, be
lieving that -a quick penny is better than a slow
shilling." 1 am prepared to lurnish BEDS,
(any quality or price,) Cotton and Shuck MAT
LOUNGES, Union and Chamber CHAIRS. I
have on hand. Sideboards, Bureaus, dining and
breakfast Tables, cane and wood seat, rocking
and sitting Chairs, Looking Glasses, large and
small sizes Clocks, eight day and thirty hours;
and numerous other amy *'> wot necessary to
enumerate. Give me a tMmrat least, beioie you
purchase, and see lor yourselves.
X. B.—Old Sofas, 'Mattresses, Cushions, and
a!! kind of UPHOLSTERING work, repaind
without delay. Second hand URNIITRE
bought or exchanged in part pay for new.
King street. Alexandria, has now on hand, and is
daily receiving choice lots ol W A IC IIES, JEW -
ELRY. ami SILVER W ARE, of the most ex
quisite workmanship and patterns, to an exami
nation of which he would invite the attention ot
his friends and strangers visiting the city, as Mu
table presents for the approaching holidays.—
ALL GOODS sold in my establishment are war
ranted to be as represented at time of sale.—
Having a large stock on hand, persons will have
no difficulty in making their selections.
Competition in quality and price will be defied.
Personal attention given to the repairing ot Chro
nometers, Duplex, Lever, and other tine WTatches.
which are warranted to perform accurately.
made to order* [dec !•*>]_W M. YV. ADAM.
TO FISHERMEN.—8,000 bushels of Turks
Island Salt; 2<)0 coils of superior Russian
and Manilla Rope, to arrive, and for sale on ac
commodating terms, dnring February, by
jan 18 GEO. YV . HARRISON.
TTLALTH restored and life
! For centuries, Medical Science has been ran
sacking the vegetable and mineral kingdoms, in
search of something that should restore the lost
or decaying energies of the nervous and muscular
systems, without the drawback of subsequent
prostration, which all stimulants, tonics, and
‘ narcotics had heretofore entailed. That .some
thing has been found. It is a vegetable prooac
tion, brought from the sterile deserts of Arabia
: the Stony, by the celebrated Professor M. Morse,
: well known as a distinguished member ol the
leading scientific societies of the Old \\ orld. and
1 equally distinguished as a physician, a chemist,
and a traveller. The juices of this herb, concen
i trated and combined with other vegetable medi
cinal extracts, are now producing results, hith
erto unheard of, in this or any other country.
At first the properties attributed to Professor
CORDIAL were deemed fabulous. The public,
1 often deceived, could not believe the simple and
sublime truths announced by the discoverer.
But tacts, undeniable facts, attested by witnesses
ot the highest class and character are now trium
phing over all doubts.
by a mass of testimony which is perfectly irre
i sistible.
The Elixir remedies, in all cases, the deplora
ble evils arising from a misuse or abuse ol the
; various organs which make up the wonderiul
machine called man. It restores to lull vigor
every delicate function connected with that mys
terious compound agency ot matter and mind,
! necessary to the reproduction ol human life.
! To persons ol feeble muscular Ira me, or deficient
in vital power, it is recommended as the only
means of communicating that energy which is
necessary to the proper enjoyment ol all the natu
1 ral appetites, a- well as of the higher mental
attributes. Its beneficial effects are not confined
! to either sex or to any ;u?e. The leehle girl, the
ailing wile, the listless, enervated youth, the
i overworn man ol business, the victim ot ner
! vous depression, the individual suffering trom
general debility or from the weakness ol a single
_...... ..-.11 ..11 4i.wl 'liwl I i/»r ! I »1 I* Mil
I relief from the me of this incomparable renova
tor. To those who have a predisposition to par
alysis, it will prove a complete and unfailing
I safeguard against that terrible malady. There
i are many, perhaps, who have so trilled wi h
their constitution*, that they think themselves 1m?
j yond the reach of medicine. Let not even these
despair. The Klixir deals with disease as it ex
ists. without reference to causes, and will not
only remove the disorder i<?!i. but
Brought from a vast distance, the principal in
gredient of the Klixir can only he produced aT a
hea\y expense, and the process ot manufacture
| is also costly. Hence, the price, to be at all re
munerative, must necessarily he higher than that
oft he trashy, chance-compound nostrums, oi winch
the only expense consists in the advertising.
But, if health is indeed a “priceless blessing,
then is the Invigorating Klixir and Cordial the
cheapest medicine in the known world.
The derangements of the system, leading to
nervous diseases, and the forms ot nervous disease
itself, are so numerous, that it would require a
column to enumerate the maladies for whicn
' this preparation i* a specific. A tew, howevei,
may he enumerated, v iz neuralgia, tic doiorc.mx.
headache, incipient paralysis, hysteria, dyspep
sia, palpitation ot the heart, spinal aflccl‘mis,
j muscular debility, tremors, flatulence, a pricking
i sensation in the flesh, numbness, torpidity ot the
liver, mental depression, weakness of the will,
; indisposition to move, faintness alter exercise.
I broken sleep and terrifying dreams, inability to
I remain in one place or position, weakness ot the
procreative organs, sexual incompetency,melan
; eholy, monomania, fluor albus, sinking at the
stomach, female irregularities, a chronic tendency
to miscarriage, emaciation, and hIi complaints
growing out of a free indulgence of the passions,
and all barrenness, that doe- not proceed from
organic cau*e> lievond the icach of medicine.
Whenever the organs to bp acted upon are tree
hom malformation or *trictural diseases, it is
averred that Morses Invigorating Fdixn will re
1 place weakness w ith at length, incapacity with
efficiency, irregularity with uniform and natural
activity, and ihis not only without hazard ot re
action.* but with a happy effect on the general or
ganization. 1.%?' Bear in mind that ail maladies,
wherever they begin, finish with the nervous sys
tem, and that the paralyzation of the nerve* of
1 motion and sensation is physical death.
I’W* Bear in mind, also, that lor every kind of
i nervous disease, the Elixir and Cordial is the only
reliable preparation known. A GREA1 MED
The unparalleled effects of this great restora
tive m all complaints incident to female-, muik
a new era in the annals of medicine. thousands
ot' stimulants have been invented—thousands oi
invigorants concocted—all purporting to be *pe
! cities in the various diseases, and derangements,
to which the delicate conformation oi woman
render her liable. The result has heretofore been
uniform. These nostrums have indeed imparted
i a momentary vivacity to the nervous system, a
transient and delusive vigor to the muscles; but
i this flash of relief has been succeeded by a de
ll pression and prostration greater than before, and
the end has too often been utterly to paralyze the
recuperative power ot the nerves and the vital
organization, and finally to destroy the unhappy
i KLIXIR, is presented as a phenomenon in the
materia niedica hitherto unheard of—a simulant
, without a reaction.
I In* herb which forms its main ingredient,has
been admitted by all the great medical and phar
maceutical institutions ol Europe, to be in ibis
respect sui generis. Dr. Morse whose name is
an undisputed authority in science, discovered
the production in Arabia, where Ins attention
was excited by the wonderfully invigorating
1 effects it produced upon the natives. In tact,
the wonderful power ol endurance, the exhaust
I .... nvUiliito.1 Kr tlwi Arr.Kw nt hi it h S<*XCS.
iroi * ^ ~j - -
in their desert pilgrimages, is attributable to the
use of this vitalizing herb.
An appeal is made to E\ ER^ WOMAN OF
SENSE, who sutlers trom weakness, derange
ment, nervousness, pains in the back, or any
other disorder, whether peculiar to her sex, or
common to both sex»*—to give the Invigorating
Cordial a trial.
Hear what the celebrated and distinguished Dr.
W OOD of Massachusetts, says oj it :
Massachusetts Insane Hospital, /
W orcester. June !, IMS. S
Dear Sir:—It giv es me pleasure to inform you,
that one ol my patients, while in Boston, procur
ed some of your Cordial, which he tells me he
has taken two weeks, for which time lie has not
been troubled as he was before. He already
looks like anew ]>erson, who so short a time
since looked so pale and thin, and was scarcely
i able to crawl around. 1 thought it scarcely pos
sible tor him ever to regain his full strength and
faculties: his case was an extremely bad one. 1
prescribed the usual medicine used in such case
in the Hospital, but they were of no ♦‘fleet. In
the mean time, my patient had procured some <»f
vour Cordial, which effected a cure, I am satis
fied no other medicine could have done. I shall
everwarmlv recommend it whenever an oppor
tunity occurs. The Inventor in my younger
days I well remember, as being considered one
of the most skilful physicians in the tT. State*,
' and had heard his Cordial very highly spoken of,
but was one of the incredulous as to its merits,
until I was so unexpectedly and satisfactorily
convinced to the contrary, it must be a great
j consolation to you, to think what a vast amount
of human misery your Cordial is alleviating.
With my warmest wishes lor your health, hap
piness and continued success, I remain, very tru
ly, yours, H. A. W 00D, M. D.
CAUTION.—Du. Mouse s Invigorating Cor
dial has been counterfeited by some unprincipled
In future all the genuine Cordial will have
the proprietor's fac-simile pasted over the cork
of each bottle, and the following words blown in
; the glass—“Dr. Morse's Invigorating Cordial,
C. H. Ring, Proprietor, N. Y.”
CT The Cordial is put up highly concentra
ted, in Pint Bottles. Price $3 per bottle, 2 for
$5, and b for $1*2. CHAS. H. RING,
Proprietor, 192 Broadway, Newr ^ork.
Agents.—Alexandria—HENRY COOK. Fred
ericksburg—JAS. COOKE & CO. Washington
City- Z. H. GILMAN. Sold by Druggists gen
erally. , je 22—d&cly
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/ 1st, 1853.—COWSE b BURCH received
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I fresh supply of Ladies' CLOAKS and ( L L\K
1 INGS (winter styles;) also, a lot ol very line
| French and Velvet TRIMMINGS to match the
| Cloths. . ,
I I\ S. We have. also, arranged to furnish
j CLOAKS at one-fourth less price, and made in
superior style, to those bought n*ad\ made in
New York! having purchased all the necessary
; Trimmings ol first hands, and of the finest quali
; ty. 'I'he Trimmings ol a fine ( loak constitut
ing the chief item in the cost, save the patterns,
which we have in every variety now worn,
dec 1 _ _
_j ed and on sale—
Pi sheets new style and pretty floor Oilcloths,
of superior qualities, at low prices.
I 1 hales list and rag Carpetings.
‘J cases in-1 and PJ-4 Allendale and Hamilton
long cloth undressed 1 otton Sheetings.
1 hale low-priced Blankets,
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tain Materials, table and toilet Linens and Cot
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brown, drill), tan and black Cloaking
Cloths; French and English Merinoes. very cheap
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i Goods, which will now be sold at reduced prices,
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der to make room forSintiM; Goons, we will
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! Certains. .Mn Y>
I PERSONS in want ot cheap DRY (»(K)I)S.
will reniemher that ROBEK I HARPER
j is now selling at cost lor cash. dec \!‘J
BELL A: BRIDGES—Gold Medal Stoves.—
Many who chance to cast their eye upon the
words “Gold Medal Stoves, doubtless, will, at
first he surprised, while others, will have entirely
different feelings, knowing that it takes all the
improvements combined to take the lirst pre
miuum; consequently, the S )\ L possessing ’he
j iiece>*;try' requisite*, must, and will take tne
! lead in market.
j "The first premium on Cookink Stove*, at
! the recent I'air ol the Metropo! tan Mecnamc*
; ln*t it ule, m the Cit v ot \Y ashington, w as aw arded
to GEORGE BELL A CO., of Alexandria, Y a.,
therefore, first on tin* list, the May Flower and
Huron mini stand. 1 he \ in an, Ironsides, and
Black Diamond, for wood or coal, are unsur
passed. Parlor Stoves.—Our latest impioved
Stoves eclipse all others. Ihe Frankiu wood
burner, Evening Star, Persian Parlor, W ashing
ton coaihurner, and Portable Grate, are Stows
of superior merit, besides many* others usually
kept suitable for Parlors, Chambers, ( hurche**,
! Public Houses, &o.
! Rankes, FVrnaceb. and Feinot'r Stoves, of the
| most appioved kin*!.-, put up at short notice, and
warranted. Pimps, an entire new article, made
‘ to our ordei, surpa-*ing all other.*, warranted to
: act perfectly in wells I'M m lAOleet. Also, all
other kinds in common use.
•;Marrlkized Mantles. (to w hich was aw nr
i ded, also, the first premium.) I hew Mantles
j posses* great advantage.* over the ciioicc»t Mar
bles, winch they so closely represent. They are
surpassingly* beautiful, and capable of re*istmga
greater degree ot heat, lar less expensive, are
being used, and will be used in pretcrencc to
marble Jacksons A" Sons Grates and J enders, a
splendid article, used w ith or without the -Mar
ble Mantles.
j Plum rink, in all its branches, promptly atten
i ded to. Also, Roofing, Spouting, and Guttering,
j and of the best materials.
| Cash paid for Old Copper, Bras*, or Rags.
| je IS—tt
Cannon s vf:gf:tablf:or blood-it
KIFY IX G BITTERS.— They remove Bile,
i correct Disorders of the Stomach and Bowels.
| cure Dyspepsia, Colics. Costiveness, Chilliness
j oi the Head, Loss of Appetite, A:c. The ridicu
lous way in w hich m> many nostrums and quack
remedies are paraded before the public, to cuie
all diseases, has excited the contempt and dis
gust of the Proprietor of these Bitters, and lie
wishes it fully understood that they will not
cure everything. But will cure Dyspepsia. ( ol
ics. Costiveness. Giddiness ot the Head, Loss ot
Appetite. An*.. Ace.
Females suffering from diseases peculiar to
i their sex, will find in these Bitters that restora
tive to Health which can only'he obtained by
cleansing and purifying the Blood, and giving
strength, tone, and healthy action to the Mom
ach. Prepared by
WM. M. CAXXOX. Inventor and
Proprietor, Washington, D. ( .
nr Ask for the Bottle with the Portrait of the
Inventor and Proprietor. W. M. ( AXXOX. and
take none other.
Price :*»7 cts—'I Bottles $1. For sale by
Apothecaries and Merchants.
oct-24— dly WM. M CANNON.
HATS. CAPS, FURS, \c.—Fall Supply.—
The subscriber has opened at his
1 and manufactory. on Fairfax street. No. 2. south
j ot King, a verv extensive and excellent ssort
i nient ot HA IS. CAPS. \c.. ot every vanety. and
I at all prices, to which he in*, it**.-, the attention ot
his friends and the public. He has on hand a
few of those beautiful Hats which received the
; pkkmu'm at the State Fair.
To the ladies he offers the largest and hand
somest assortment ol 11 RS. ol all descriptions.
! which he has ever had the pleasure ol showing.
Among them will l>e tound articles to suit every
lie invites all to call and examine his goods
before making their purchases.
Bv means of his -Ready Fitter, imported from
France, for taking the shape of the head, he can ;
guarantee a perfect lit to all gentlemen who ■
mav older their hats ot him.
The highest price paid !<»r nil kinds ol s’nip
i piny; furs. (dec 7] .Mill N 1H)\\ LLL.
\r I R (i I N I A I.O(OMlil |\ K AND CAR
^ WORKS, Wolfe street a,id Hirer Potomac,
! Alexandria, la.—SMI III <y PKRKJ^S. Propne
, toys, manufactures.
Locomotive Engines mid Tender1*,
j Marine and Stationary Lngines and Boilers
i ('hilled Car Wheels and Axles.
Patent ('lulled and Wrought Slip-Tire.
Machinery and Castings generally.
| 'The undersigned having erected very extensive
I shops, and procured the most modern machinery
| and tools, are prepared to execute orders for Lo
j comotive Engines, Cars, and Machinery of all
: kinds, with despatch, and on the mo.it favorable
: terms. * R. C. SMI IH.
Late of thp Alexandria Iron Works. j
Late Master of Machinery on tile Baltimore and
! Ohio Rail Road. aug 7—tf j
; TI1HE SUBSCRIBER having purchased the j
J entire stock of MARBLE, belonging to H. I
j C. Neale, is prepared to furnish the citizens of j
1 Alexandria and adjoining counties, with HEAD
and TOMBS, of the best American and Italian
Marble. They will be forwarded to any part
of this or adjoining counties. All orders punc
tually attended to. THOMAS LANG,
jy *20—eotf Alexandria, Va
C10RDAGE.—5000 lbs. assorted sizes Ma
/ nilla and Russia Rope, for sale by
jan 20 J. J. WHEAT & BROS.
OT CORN. Lite scenes in New York, il
lustrated, including the Story of Little
Madalina, the Rag-picker s daughter, Wild
i Maggie, kc.. with eight elegant illustrations, hy
i !S\ Orr. I vol., beautifully bound in cloth. $1 lid.
i The Works of John C. Calhoun, vol. 1. con
. taining Speeches in the Senate and House ol
j Representatives, svo. cloth. $2.
The Spectator, a new edition, carefully revised,
in mx volumes, with Prefaces. Historical, and
! Biographical, hy Alexander Chalmers, A. M..
| Svo. cloth.
1 Hypatia, or New Foes, with an Old Face. !>v
; Charles Kingsley. Jr., author of -Alton Locke,
j‘‘Yeast,” kc., kc., 2 vols. Timo. cloth. $1 do.
1 The Great ( ities of the Middle Ages, or the
I Landmarks of European Civilization. Historical
; Sketches, l>v Theo. Alois Buckley. B. A., with
' illustrations. 1 vol. .'»*2mo. London edition. 51 ,v '•
; Handbook of German Literature, containing
Schiller's Maid ofOrleans. kc., kc.. P?mo.. Si O'.
Alcohol and the Constitution of Man. being a
1 scientific view of the Chemical History and Pro
perties ol Alcohol, and it> leading elicits upon
j the healthy constitution ol man. with a colored
Chemical Chart, by Edward L. Youmans. •' » cts.
Adv< ntures of 1 elemaque, new edition, do ct>.
Christmas numberof -Household Words, a
round of stories hy the Christmas lire, hy Chas.
Dickens. 0$ cts.
Lyrics irorri "The W ide. W ide W orld, the
• words hy W. F. Bellamy, the music by C. W.
i Glover. Svo. cloth, 7d cts.
John: or. a Cousin in hand, worth two Counts
| in the bush, by Emelie Carlen. 2d cts.
j Finny Lockwood, a Novel, by ( atherine
Crowe, author ol "Night side ol Nature. <Nc..
| kc.. dl) cts.
i Frank Rivers, or the Dangers of the Town,
a thrilling Komace. founded on the life oi Elicn
| Jewett, by J. H. Ingraham. 2d cts. Just pub
lished. lor sale bv
jan 25 No. 2, Exchange Block.
I)()BKK1 bhLL S UM Ul ih»*»in*'
^ —Knphration of the Willey of the Amazon.
j made under the direction ol the Government ot
j the i’nitetJ State, by Lieutenant William Lewi*
j iLondon, of the U. S. Navy, with numerous maps
and plates, price #2 On.
The Apocalypse Lnvfiled.— 1 he Day ot Judg
ment, the Resurrection.and the Millenium, pre
sented in a new light.the repossession ol Palestine
by the Jews, and their conversion to ( hri*t as
their Messiah, in two volumes. $2 On.
Tivo iicir volumes of l)e (^nineey.—Es*ay- on
Philo-opiiica! Writers and other men ot Letters.
!i\ Timma* D<* Quineev. author ol ’•Conte..-mns
j et an English Opium Eater, in two volume-.
! S> 1 Oi».
Light on the Dork River, or memorial* ol Mrs.
Henrietta. A. 1.. Handin. Missionary in Turkey.
I hy Margaret Woods Lawrence. $1.
Passages from the History of a It nsted Lift, by a
middle-aged man, edited by the author ot Pen
and Ink Sketches,” with illustrations. $1.
The Whig Almanac, tor UO l. edited hy Horace
Greeley, 12J cts.
Dickens's Ahr Christmas Stories, a round ol sto
ries lor the Christmas Fire, by Charles Dickens. »>
cents. Just published and for sale by
jan 2S (Stand. Ac Sent.) K. BELL.
More new books, a; prkxchs
l.ook and Piriodmal Depot.
Sterie> trom Hisfoi v. bv* Agnes Strickland, au
thor of -Lives of the Queen.* of England/ - Pale*
from English history, etc.” 1 volume, in cloth.
folio's Pour in Europe, by Jacob Abbott, au
thor ol the -Kollo Book, o.L
'Plie book of One Hundred Beverages, tor fam
ily use, by Wm. Bernhard. 25.
Th« word‘ Eternal,” and the punishment of
the Wicked, a letter to the Rev. Dr. Jelf. (’anon
of Christ Church, and Principal ot Kings ( ol
lege, by K. Dennison Maurice. ( haplainol Lin
coln’s Inn. 2°.
Annie Vincent, a dome-tic story by the authoi
of the Tvv in Si.-ters. ”7 \.
No. N Practical Mechanics Journal, 25.
j,m it i , Roe!,. Reg. »v Lied. W 1»in.j
H K A l >0,1 A RTF R 8 FOR Til F COMING \ At EN*
tink Season* are located at I’LLAf Hs lUtuk
! (nid pir radical Depot—Where can lie found the
! most splendid assortment of \ AKNIINES
j TERS, EN \ ELOl'ES. and all the other -tixins"
; ever brought to this market.
Country merchants will find it greatly to their
j interest, to look at my stock before purchasing
elsewhere. All orders from the Country* will
: meet with prompt attention
ja,i 03 GEO. E. FRENCH.
A VALENTINES.—I have received my usual
y supply* ol Comic and Sentimental V aim
tines, Envelopes, W riters. \e., and am now pre
pared to till ord« r- lor the same. l oose order
i iug will please state vvii.it priced articles they
I would like to have, in order that they may be
i properly supplied. All goods carelully packed
! and warranted to go safely. No Valentine.* sent
I on sale. Jan 2^] ROBT. BELL.
\ .-uliscribers have received a large and beau
tiful assortment ot VALENTINES; varying in
price from 1 cent to $5; and would invite the at
! tention ot purchasers.
jan 21 No. 2 Exchange Block.
) tical Medicine and Surgery, trom July ! So:*,,
t«> Januarv, 1>51. containing a retrospective
\ it-vv ol overv di*eovrrv and practical improve
ment in the .Medical Sciences. price Si!. or S»2
per annum, ju.-t publi-hed. and lor sale by
feh 2 * tand. & Sent.) R. BELL.
**r i v. DOZEN Amin Bever’s Arabian All Heal
AO ing Oil; 7'» dozen Amin Beyer’s Horst*
Powder, laige si/.e: 7'»dozen Amin Beyei s Horse
Powder, small size, for sale at the manufacturer’s
prices. VzT Country Merchants supplied in anv
quantity. PEEL iV: SI E^ ENS.
jail 2is [Stand, and Sen.]
1^ L A S T E K S .—Well’s machine spread
Strengthening Plasters; Well's machine
spread v.arming Plase,-; Kusii’on s machine
spread Adhesive Plasters, just received, and loi
s de Oy
'JAMES EN'PWISLE. Jm. Apotheeary.
jail 2d opposite Sarepta Hall.
\ British Lustre, lor cleaning stov.s and
grates. Oiled Silk; Uh;te Bar Soap; ( minmoa
Powdered Komegreek Seed; (him Oambogi
(him Shellae, just received, and tor sale hy
JAMES EN'PWISLE. Jr.. Apothecary,
jan do opp. Sarepta Hall.
HERBS, \c.—Boneset. Hops. Virginia Snake
Root. \ alerian Root. (Vmp ju-t received.
On hand a>i the popular Heibe«. prepared by tne
Shakers, and tor sale hv
JAMES ENTWISLE. Jr. Apothecary,
jan dO opp. Sarepta Hall.
BEECH DROP: Carter’s Spanish Mixture,
for sale in quantities to suit, by REEL & STE
VENS. Wholesale and Retail Druggists, rornei
ot King and Fairfax streets. jan 2d
f I French Toilette Powder: India Rubber
Teats and Shields, just received, and lor sale hy
JAMES ENTWISLE. Jr., Apothecary,
jan ‘2-1 opposite Sarepta Hall
DROP OR CANCER ROOT, just receiv
ed, and for sale hv
J. R. PIER POINT. S. E. corner of
jan 2* King and Washington streets.
j best quality, just received, and lor sale hv
J'. R. RIERPOiNT. S. E. c°r.
jan *27 King A V&a8n-*tfi.
\ E. Larrabee. just received, and lor san • v
j k. PIERPOINT, S. E. cor.
jan King & Wash-sts.
I ETHEREAL OIL of superior quality, just
received, and ior sale b>
jan 2.1 PEEL & STEVENS, PrqggisU
{ ,her supplv of this unexcelled remedy, re
eled at <jan 17) MILBURX'S, Drug Store.
the liberal encouragement that he has re
ceived in his endeavors to furnish his friends and
customers with the very best articles in his 1 in**,
the undersigned has been induced to purchase a
larger, more superior, and better selected stock
of FALL AND WINTER GOODS than he has
ever brought before to this market. He names
in part, Black, Blue, Brown, Olive Green, and
Dahlia. French and English Cloths; Blue, Black,
Olive and Drab. English Pilot, and Beaver do.;
Black Doeskin Cassimeres; English and French
fancy ( a-simeres, in great variety; Satin, Silk,
and Ca.-simere Vesting?, plain and colored; Fig
ured Plu-li and \elvetdo; allot which he is
prepared to make up in a maimer which will
prove tiiat his work will compare favorably with
the very best Northern manufactures. He also
keeps ii good assortment of Stocks; Collars;
Cravats; Fancy Neck Ties; Dress and Cnder
vhirts: Pocket Handkerchiefs; Suspenders; Kid
and Cassimere Glove.-: Hosiery, and a good sup
ply of Tailors Trimmings. He also has on hand,
and keeps constantly, a supply of REAI>\
MADE CLOTHING, comprising Dress and
Frock ( oais ; Die mg (towns ; Overcoats and
Mantles, of the latest styles ; Pants; Vests; Ate.,
&C., to winch he invites the attention of his
In, nd> and the public generally. Graielul lor
past favor-, lie solicits an increased share of
patronage, as it will be his endeavor to keep up
the reputation he lias acquired tor selling the
best articles for the least money. Cnrixi* atten
ded to as ti.-iial, and all work entrusted to him
made uo with neatness and despatch.
Merchant Tailor, one door west ot R. H. Mil
lei'.-China Store. King street. net Id
W T.UIAJR. in calling the attention of his
friends and the public t«> his new SICK K Of
[GOODS, lbi Gentlemen's wear, begs leave to
as-mv Them, that they have been seh-cted with j
leferrnce To elegance, durability and economy,
and that it i- larger, more varied, and superior ;
to anv ever before on hand. I hanktul lor the I
liberal share of hu-iness heretofore enjoyed, he :
a .-sure- all who may be disposed to give him a
call, that no effort shall be wanting upon hh
part to give entire satisfaction. Being in tl.e re
ceipt ot all the styles aud nnxles of cutting gar
ment*. and hav ing had long experience in the
bu-m< * S>, lie (latter- himself that the tit and make !
ot anv garni* nt entrusted to him vvi.l not lx* sur
passed by any one.
Hi' stork consists of French, German, and
lkigii.ii |>1 irk, hiue. green, brown, and o!i\e
Cloths ; West oi l.nglatui, Beaver, and Peter
sham Over Coals ; Beoii Sedan, and Dor Skin
black and steel mixed Cassimeres ; French, Kng
lisli. Sco e'ii. and American Fancv Cassimeres, in
g,eat varnt; ; Gscnad.ne and Satin \estings;J
Black siik \ rivet and Plush do.; a beautiful as- ;
sortm< nt of Finbroideivd Cassimere and Silk do.; J
u nite ligured Brocade Silk do.; line white Shirts; ,
S11 > penders : 11 and kei chiefs ; (. oilar.**; ( ravats; .
Saxons Shuts and Drawers; (doves; t mhrel
la> ; hall Ho>e, and a large stock of the best
trimming'. \c.
A large stock of Ready Made Clothing; con- |
listing •*! Dre>*. f rock. Sack, Business, and Ovei
Coats, of \ m inus kinds. Pantaloons and \e>t>
in abundance, all <>! which aie well made, and j
' will lie su’d a - low as the same kind of goods can j
l>e bought in till' market. ( all and see for \onr
>*-|ves. Sou’ll .-ide of King stieet, one door K.ast ,
of Royal street. oct 7
V TRIAL IS ALL WK ASK—The under- j
signet] have just returned from the North,
w i h an elegant assortment of GOODS for Gen
tlemens wear, consisting in part of the follow
ing. to \\ it:—Black, him*, oliv »*, and green tw llled
French ( lotus,
Do black, brown, and drab Beaver do do
Olive, green, brow ii, and maroon do
Bl-tck Doe Skin French Cassimere
Do Middlesex do
Fancy ( axsmejes
L’ght and *1 irk mixed Tweed*
variety, usually k< pt in a Fashionable Merchant
T ulors establishment, and ot the best material
Which, together with their professional 'services. :
are respectfully offered to then friendi and th«*
puli ic m general <*i Alexandria and its vic.mty, ,
to whom they return tih*ir sincere acknowledge- j
meiifs lor past favors, hoping by indefatigable 1
i exertion ami untiring attention, to merit a con
tiiiu mce of the same. And though prepared to
■ furnbh every ancle in their line, they will as
cheerfully execute, to the best ot their skill and
i ability, tor all, whose preference may lead them
to select elsewhere, as though they had furnished
1 the goods themselves.
Fashioiiabh Mtichant lailors.
King street. north side, one door west <>t Royal
street. jail )»*—tf
C. B (It) 1.DUS'—{of Stic York Cify.)
'll r OI IJ> ml.! m tin* citizens of Alexandria,
ff rh.it he has taken the store on Fairfax-st ,
j second doo: north of King street, where he is now |
op* lung a >up-“i b assortment ot (.• LO1 US, ( ASS1
i MKKI.S, and \ Ks l INGS, where may be found
Good-, oi the newest, most fashionable,and richest
styles which tin- New York market affords.
It is uniieces'.aiy here to mention the different
fabrics of French, Kuglish, American, Belgian,
1 and othei m umiactures, hut men lv to say, that
the most desirable PATTKRNS AND GOODS,
will b* torwaidetl to him as they are produced in
\* .. V .1
, v a w a rv .
J {living li:*«! charge. :i~ tor* uuti. ol mine <>1 the
largest est.ih idiiiieiits m \* u \ <>i k. and other
ci*i<*>, an*l < aiii <1 on th«' buuness hini.>cll, in
New \ ui k. h< tru»ts he can have hi* woik got up .
in Mich '? v !*• a- v, ill give >ati>taction to those who
may i.ivor him with their patronage.
In reg ml to sk.ll in cutting, he wishes to have
his work speak toi its« J 1.
'Hie he*t oi Trimmings will be used in making
bis work, and bis aim will be to employ none but
the best ol workmen.
Merchants and others, who prefer to furnish
their own cloth, will ho as well attended to a* j
TliO.-e V\ ho pit eh 1-e ol The ad '. el tis*T.
The Fi*n«b fa hi *»e> r« c* rv• *l monthly from j
Paiis oet 20
WORD TO 1 hi: hockholders OF
7’u ’Ll. loilowing the ii-ii il custom ot tii*' !
m-'icii int <t t.u* eoiiun*-lie. in* nt »*t th*» season,
announce* ** :. -• 11 i -'.ulvto receive such pitron
agea- mr *r. His stock, as usual, has been
s#d* cte«l w *i' it care, and h** thinks will coni*
*»are. ' . , »-d b**auty ol linisli, with those
«•! » v </ *
Hi stod- th • U
quality J'u'T * 'e-f’*' »*Jtdmak7^
up any ar* »i< *.t an*l most
fashionabb* s icy and taste at the
• Icufe-t n »tie *. ,iii- }., wvingarea part of hi*
st«»ek—f'assim* Pants, drab and mixed gray:
rli*i»•«! lanev plaid, b! *ek, Doeskin Boy's (’oats and
Pan'?-; \*s'i*tgs, laney Silk, Plush, Ve|\t*\ BD'*k I
Safin: chess Fr< * k ( oa’s . ()\er Coats, ol ;,M
grade*; I a sm.eie Business Coafs. heavy bfi* a
Ei giish Silk, Riding, at d evei v other desci ip io
* '(dove- : Ciidci shtrts and Drawer*. Nispeude,s j
Collars; .W„ Tios; *Va»aKa-« r-'f-t Han-M
kerchiefs. He would say f'’ '^n8e * ",l1' ° . i
engaged in wedlock, that he h-'* 1. |
white Satin Stocks and vest
Styles. II" may £ dour to the !
establishment, on King •
v,, .. ,, 11 11 oct I 1 i
< >dd Fellow s Hall.
\ry aKs |)aST has if been our m ention to give |
Ihe public in general a borne market; a 1
market which to compare, not only with our j
, Oborin* city, but a stork and prices to corns- !
M,M~i with the largest of our northern cities, Bd j
tiinore, Philadelphia, and New York. Onr ar
rangement* now are unequally], our Cloth ar 1
Cas imeres sponged lietorc manutactured, aid! •
although the Dry Goods are higher than usual, j
we can not only -av, but prove, that our stock of j
FALL and WINTER CLOTHING, is far su-;
perior, la;ger, and last, and best ot all, lower
Tuan ever. We hive increased our business in
all its branches and defy competition anywhere.
The public are invited to satisfy themselves.
We are thankful to our friends and customers for 1
past favors, and hope by our strict attention and
increasing facilities, to receive the continaation of
a still larger share of public patronage.
Recollect the place—SCH00LHERR& BRO. S
Great Western Clothing House, third door below
the Marshall House, Alexandria, Ya. sep IV
SHOE STORE —To my customers, and to th*
public generally, I return my grateful thank*
| for a liberal share of their patronage during the
i last few year*, and by endeavoring to keep on
i hand everything within my line of busine**, l
! hope to merit a continuance of their favor*. My
stock of GOODS consists in part, as follow*;
. Whole and half Guiter^|kLic|lp
Do do do nhBeolored
| Morocco and Kid Buskins ^PTSlipper*
Do Seal Walking Shoe*.
' Black Morocco Riots and Slipper*
i Fancy (niiters
Bronze und light-colored Slippers and Budkin*
French calf skin stitched and pegged Boot*
Gaiters, Monroes, Jefferson*, and Slipper*.
Together with all other varieties and qualities
of work worn by gentlemen.
Boots and Shoes, warranted to give satisfaction,
and on a> liberal terms, (quality considered,) a*
in any other house in town.
Come and examine for vourselves.
UENRY I.. SIMPSON, {Royal street, third
store from Kins' street,) would respectfully
: call the attention of his friends of the Town and
! Country to his very extensive stock of BOOT*
1 AND SHOES, suitable for the present and ap
proaching season; which, as usual, he offer* tor
sale at fair living prices. His stock consist* iu
part of the following very seasonable article*,
v iz:
Ladies Morocco and Sea! Walking Shoe*
*• *• Slippers
“ Gaiters
“ Boots (morocco and seal)
Misses and Children's Boots and Shoe*
Gentlemen's Calf, Kipp, and Bull Boots
.. ». »* “ Shoe*
Boys k* and Kipp Riots
“ Shoes
Youths k* and Kipp Riot*
“ “ “ Shoe*
Men's thick Riots and Brogans, No. 1, tor farm
mg and similar pui poses, and m snort, every ar
ticle usually found in a well-stocked Boot and
Shoe establishment.
\ B—I should be most happy to receipt the
hills which I have rendered to my triends it they
would only give m** an opportunity. (1 hojx* I
an understood.) °ct d—H
VTTKXTIOX ALL — l'he undersigiud nio*»t
respectfully calls tin* attention of the citi
zeusof Ah'xandria, and others visiting the city,
totheir largeassortmeiit ot BOO TS AND SHI )E>.
DREN SHOES, which they offer on terms a*
reasonable as .at any other establishment in tur
city. A* most of their work is made under then
immediate superintendence, they can warrant it
for durability.
N. B—We would most respectfully call the
attention of the public to our tall stock ot work,
which is very large, such as KIP and ( OARSE
BOOTS AN D SHOES, which we are determined
to >**11 low for cash.
All orders for work will receive the strict**»t
JOHN E. SMITH A SON. Fairfax street.
v.*11) t\—tf' I doors north ol King str»et.
'VT()TK’E.—The undersigned have opened a
\ SHOE STORE, on Auig Street, bttvven
L ilian mui Water struts, tiro doors above the Custom
House, where they will at all time* keep on hand,
and hell at small profits, tor cash, to those who
may favor them with a call, all styhsot LADIES,
TERS. Should we lx* unable at any time when
called on to suit customers, either as to si/e or
quality, we can do so at the eailiest notice, a* we
intend to manufacture our own work. Measur**
will lx? taken in any part of the city, and gic.ii
pains will betaken to suit those who may la^oi
us w ifh then custom.
je t_dly SAMUEL BEAC H
I ALEXANDRIA, continues to insure against
Eire, geneially, in I own and Country', a* heieto
fore, on the most reasonable terms.
Hcoh Smitu, President.
William Fowle, Thomas Keith.
I>wight Metcalf, William H. Fowle,
A. P. Gover, John H. Brent,
William Giegory, John B Daingerfield.
R«d*ert Jamieson, Kdw'ard S. Hough
I Hugh C. Smith,
Office hours from lJ to 1 J. and from 2$ to
o’clock. C. U. \V A I I LES. Secre’aiy
Office on King stieef, near St. Asaph
nov in—dly
Samuel Mii.lkb, President
Win, N. McVeigh, J. F. Dyer,
G. I). Fowle, Lewis McKenzie,
J. A. English, Thomas Davy.
'Phis Company is prepared to receive offer* for
Insurance. Oflice in the Exchange Block, Kix g,
between Pitt and Royal streets.
dec x—tf JOSEPH EACHBS, Secretary
\ Extensive dedent m Lumlier, Shingb*,
La:h>. X.C . on the whaif. loot ot ( ameioii street
...... ....... » ...»11 - i • f I rgt.’, i ».* Itiii Mmir \( :i f *-r • •! .
from the State* of North Carolina. Pennsylvania,
New \ ork, Maine, and the Bnti-h Province#,
which they' otJei tor sale on accommodating
Their arrangements with manufacturers enable
them to supply particulai bills ol White, Spruc e
arid Yellow Pine, at the shortest notice,
mb 1—tf __
I UMBER YARD—The subscriber having
j rented the yard, recently occupied by Me*M
James Green & Son, between Duke and Hope
sti ets, has. and will keep on hand, a general a*
sortinent of the different kinds ol LI MBER. v 17
Eastern White Pine, Spruce and 1 lemlock. * * 1
**nt kinds of Susquehanna, Eastern Shore, aid
Carolina Scantling and Boards well -e;i>oj.*
Also, Shingles. Laths, Nails, Lime. 1 lai->r. * ••
men*, and all other articles found in Lum1-**'
Yaids. Persons wishing a go«xl aiticl#*, vv/li fi l
it to their interest to gre me .1 cal/ before pm
chasing elsewhere. . .
.a- V..; msr.rn masters
1 "
ILMBKR y \KP.—MV* take this methol ».f
> iot'orrrhff coroner*, that w*- 1* ro«
I our hi MM* N KSS "l!l‘ «**>A l!‘
IN F T' M \NrKA( TOR\, where we aie pr..
‘ .',1 to furnish ev -y description of LumUr
iMially found in tin* most extensive Lumber
) aids , • 1 • •
^iwo. Lime. If ydrau’ic C* merit, Calcined Plain
*<<r. Laths, Sh-ngles, Pailing-. Nail- of all si/.e*,
A. ac., which we will sr 11 low foi ca-h. or j*
?Jo* u0j.1l time : • puiie’ual cu-torner*.
CY—The subscriber invites those who
desire to invest in Eastern \ irgmia Farms or
Mineral Lands, to call and select from the num
ber he has on <ale, a happy home, either uj*>n
the Rivers, Plains, or Mountains. Virginia is a
great country,and only need be seen, to prove r
The Old Dominion has wakened up now to 4
sense of her great natural geographical advan
tages in climate, healthy position, soil, naviga
tion. Ac .Ac., which her recent policy of internal
improvements will develop in a geometricr <b. ^
gree. Farms for sale on the lines of the MI
Roads leading from this place, and i:p<
Potomac and tributaries. For further o
tion cal! upon,or address, (post paid) M U
LANPHIKR, Dentist, Pitt street, or dunn. Hj
absence, JOHN D. CORSF, Banker, H
Block, Alexandria, Va. __ y , — I
4 CARD.—Tlie subscriber respoetflill ™
A forms the publi* that he Has take. -.
house lately occupied hr Mr C• C.r«», arj
has opened a RESTJIRJST where may be
had at all times the delicacies of the season.
My Bab. also, is stocked with the ehmeert
LIQUORS, w hich I am prepared to furnish ss
Hchired. Dinners and suppers prepared at short
oct —tt

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