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By Yesterday’* Soith^rii Mall*
The Richmond aud Petersburg, the Dan
ville, the Central Railroad Companies, to
gether with other internal improvement com
vauies in the State, we believe, have pub
lished notices to the public, that they will
m»t receive notes of a less denomination than
five dollars after the 1st of June, either in
the settlement of freight or passenger tare.
Persons having dealings with those compa
nies, that is passengers, and:those having
freight to j>ay, are duly notified that they
will be expected to provide themselves with
the proper amount to pay t r passenger tare
and freight, as the Company cannot be ex
pected to furnish the requisite amount ot
specie for change.—Kick.
An explosion of powder took place at the
Hopewell Copper mine in Mecklenburg coun
ty, North Carolina, on the 10th instant, by
which two men were killed, and another
severely, if not fatally injured. The persons
killed were Marshall* McKoy, the superinten
dent of the mine, and Capt. \ arker, late ot
... . .. , , • ' I * _
uolusboro ♦ .v u.; me injureu uian if* “
man—name not given. The explosion occur
red in the counting room, where the three
men were, as well as four kegs ot powder, one
of them open. A spark from the Dutchman s
pipe did the business.
The Man Burled Alive In France.
From the Fori* JW**r% Moff •>.
The people of Lyons, and indeed ot France,
have for the last nineteen days been kept in
a state of constant excitement regarding two
men who had literally been buried alixe b\
the falling in of a well at which they had
been working. One died, xvhile the other,
with the K)dv of his dead comrade pressing
upon him, held on with extraordinary forti
tude. supported by provisions which were
let down to him at all times, by gaps formed
bv the transverse beams, which tell in such
a manner as to form a screen over his head.
Front the nature ot the soil, great tears were
formed that all efforts would fail. ^ e find the
following details iu the Lyons Journals ot
the 3d;
A considerable fall of earth again took place
two days ago, in the well ot Dou.e. and it x\a>
for a moment feared that the adit xvas com
pletely tilled up. 1 hanks, hoxvexer, to the
indefatigable zeal ot the workmen, and the
skilful management ot Uapt. Kobinet, the j
mischief was promptly repaired. It is hoped
that the prisoner xvili be released on lliurs- j
day. On Saturday he received a visit from
Marshal de Fasteflane, who, in addition to ,
words of encouragement, brought him a bot
tle of Madeira, which he appeared to receive j
with as much gratitude as satisfaction. On
Sundav evening Oiraud made a substantial
ineal, "composed of a cutlet and some glasses
of Malaga. This regimen is ipiite to his taste
and contributes not a little to make him bear
his sad captixity with patience. We need m*t
mention that his diet is regulated ly the mili
tary surgeon, who visits him several times a
day, and will not allow anything to he given
that can injure his health. Although famil
iarized with the presence of the dead body,
Oiraud does not the less suffer trom it. the
body, which lies on an inclined plane, is
sliding under him, and every day incom
modes him more and more On Sunday the
Drocureur imperial visited Ecully, in order
to obtain information from Oiraud relative to
the circumstances attendant on the catastro
phe, as it is thought that such an event could
not occur without raising serious questions
of responsibility. I he declarations ot^ the
victim necessary for the examination of the
affair were received by Captain llobiuet, who,
having descended some yards into the well,
transmitted the questions to Giraud, and re
ceived his replies. This kind ot interroga
tory continued about a quarter ot an hour.
The poor prisoner appears to have made up
his mind to all the consequences ot his situa
tion. lie will scarcely allow any one to
speak to him of the hopes entertained, or to
point out the probable day of his deliverance,
lie says that lie is aware “that every exertion
is making tor his rtdea.se, and on which he
has such tinu reliance that so long as he
maintains his sticngth and courage, a day
more or less is of little consequence. The
end of the adit is not, it is considered, more
than ninety centimetres trom the place where
Giraud stands. His voice can be distinctly
heard, aud he replies to the questions put to
The interstice through which the wire of
the bell passes, aud through which his tood is
conveyed to him, is not more than about sev
eu inches in diameter. The decomposed body
ofUiraud’s companion having begun to at
tract Hies, it has been found necessary to close
the openiug with something which shall pre
vent their entrance, without intercepting the
air and light winch reach the prisoner through
that orifice. The /Ve.wve, thus announces, the
final success of the efforts made for the delive
ry of the hero of this extraordinary event:—
“lYe hasten to communicate to our readers
a gratifying piece of news which reached us
just as we were going to press, the drama
of KcuIIv is at an end. Giraud was deliver
ed from his subterranean prison at 8 o’clock
yesterday evening, in a most satisfactory
state.** As the well fell in on the 14th wit., j
Giraud had been in his dreadful place of con
finement nineteen days. So great was the
interest excited in high places, that the Em
press* received by order, a telegraphic des
patch every day.
ls.')4. jSv n > r \
M AY. j rises ! sets. I M oon'h Phasks.
20 Thursday . I 02 7 s u. it. m.
26 Friday.... 4 0t|7 o N**w... .2>» a 37 K.
27 Saturday..i4 01j7 bi>t qr. .i < io m.
28 Sunday... !4 3ui7 iu:Fiill-lo rt 2»» k.
2V* Monday... I l'-'|7 11'bast qr. 1 <_ ■' ■> M.
Tuesday .. 4 4'.‘;7 11: HIGH WA l fk.
;;l Wednesday 4 Is ~ 12 May 25, 6k 3m.
London.May 10 Havre.May 0
Liverpool.May 1«> New Orleans. May 18
Barque Albus, Dorr. Chincha Islands, guano.
to Howard & Foer.
Schr. J. Trueman. Skinner. Salem, plaister. to
L. McKenzie. ...
cu.,rl<.G WViitinjr Inman. New A ork, to
W ill • X « ' -ry r
Cumberland Coal Co.
Schr. Yearns, Baltimore, lumber, to Waters.
Zimmerman Ac Co.
Schr. Chancetord. Conklin, Port Deposit, lum
ber. to Waters. Zimmerman Ac Co.
Schr. Pearl, Clarke. Port Deposit, lumber, to
Waters. Zimmerman Ac Co.
Schr. Milhado, Jones, Port Deposit, lamber, to
Joseph Masters.
Schr. Levant, Christopher, Baltimore, lumber,
to Joseph Masters.
Schr. W. H. Harrison, Murdock, corn, to J.T.
B. Perry Ac Son.
Steamship Martin Hothnan. hence, for Boston,
returned to this port in consequence oi some de
fect in her machinery.
Schr. Mary Peavy. Dreenlaw, sailed front
East port tor this place, 15th inst.
Schr. Mary Adeline, from Providence, for this
port, sailed from Eaatport, 20th inst.
Schr. Ada Francis, Wood, hence, at Bostou,
1>1RD CAGES, Ac.—A supply of cheap and
Xj handsome Bird Cages. Also; Papier Mache
Clocks. Vishiug Lines, Hooks and extension
Bod»; leather Dusters; Dusting Brushes, Straw
W hisks. Satchels and travelling Bags, with
many useful articles on hand, and for sale by
S. J. Sanders has bought of G. G. Barton,
Cracker Hall, o; the Mount A ernon road,
three miles from this city, containing 205
acres, for $8000.
Samuel O. Baggett, lias purchased of C.C.
Berry, the improved property, near the Ca
talpa lot, for $1,800, at private sale.
Mrs. Phillips’ property near the Court
House, has been sold to Robert 'lomlin, for
$200i >.
We have already given a full description
of the Pioneer Mills, of the Alexandria Steam
Flour Mill Company, recently erected in this
city. The machinery of the Mills being in
perfect order, and every tiling in readiness,
operations will be commenced as soon as the
new crop of wheat is brought to market. M e
look for a busy season.
We have a sample of Rye growing on
the farm of the late Dr. Win. L. Rowell, near
Springfield Station, in Fairfax county, mea
suring six feet ten inches in height, and
some stalks have been taken from the same
I field, seven feet two inches high.
This is the day for the election of Sheriff,
Commissioner of the Revenue, and County
Constables. The Commissioners of Election
will meet at their respective districts and
the polls will he opened at9o’clock. A. M.
Coal of Wenteri» Virginia.
An interesting and, to the people of this
section, important discovery lately announced
is that of can nel coal near Piedmont, i n the
Virginia side. One of the veins is stated at
eleven feet in thickness; and in ijuaiity the
mineral is likened to that of the Kanawha.
The extent to which this discovery, supposing
it to be reliable, must enhance the value »d
the A. L. and II. railway, cannot but strike
the reflecting reader.— M mrin’stcr \_u\
Maryland Iobacco.$4 GO ci S' 1,1
Flour, Super.s ,M) d S 2->
Do Family.9 f»o id U» "0
Wheat, red.1 <7 d 1 MM>
Do white.1 so (d 1 S7
Kyk.G 90 (d O
Corn, white.0 Os (d 0 TO
Do yellow.0 70 id 0 72
Oats...U -IS (d 0 70
Corn Meal, ^ bushel.0 so (d () So
Butter, roll, p lb.0 IS (a 0 22
Do firkin.o 10 id o is
Bacon, hog round.S 70 (d 9 oo
Pork, (dressed).7 00 (d 7 ;>0
Lard, (m kegs).9 oo id 9 70
Clover Seed.0 70 d 0 77
Ti mothy Seed.4 00 (a 4 2.)
White Beans.M s*» a 0 Sf>
Plaster, (retail).7 Go id U 00
Flaxseed.1 27 (d 0 00
Black-Eyed Peas.1 27 (a 0 00
Sumac, ($► hundred).1 77 in 2 00
Salt.1 77 (d 2 00
Hay. (bale).0 SO id 0 s7
FLOCK—The market is firm, with a mode
rate demand. Small sales from stores at $5 12$
(a $5 15$ for straight brands. Car priced.
Receipts very light.
GRAIN.—'l'he supplies of Wheat continue
very light, and the market is dull, with but tew ;
buyers. Sales of red from the cars at 175 cts !
No sales of white. Corn is dull. Sales ofmixed j
at t)5 cts.; prime white 7U cts.; yellow 72 cts. j
Oats in demand, at 50 rd 55 cts. Rye 20 cts. j
Corn meal so cts. Other articles unchanged.
PLAISTKR.—Cargo sales -$5. Retail price!
delivered, on the cars 5 ». Stock small, and ;
demand moderate.
CATTLK MARKF/r.—Market steady. Sup
plies ot Beef Cattle moderate. We quote •>> •>»»
rd $2 $ 100 tb*. gross. Live Hogs >»■> 75 <i j
$7 25. Lambs $3 (a $-3 50. Veal Calves $5 |
5o a $»> 50. Mutton $•'> .'>u (d >$;»>.
BFSINKSS.—No change in money matters.
The Markets.
Baltimouk. May 24—Flour sales of 2MOM
barrels of Howard Street, at >5 37; loo
bhls. Citv Mills at ss 12. Wheat 2.000 bush,
offered—small sales red at S*1 25 a $2; white !
at •>! 27 a $2 03. Com sales ot Lotm> hu>h.of j
white at 71 d 72 cts.; yellow 70 (a 71 ets. Oats;
8 lies of loi-o bushels Virginia at 54 <d 5»* cts.;
Pennsylvania 52. Rye sold at 113cts. Prices
of other articles unchanged.
Xkw York, May 24.—Flour; sales of 2,0< 0
bb!s. State brands at $s 12 (d 25; Southern
at ->5 75 (d $8 VI. Wheat; sales of .'>,»»• »u hush,
at old prices. Com; sales of 5,000 bush, mix* d
and yellow at 71 a 73 cts. Cotton firm. Stocks
firm and advancing.
Money Matter#, &c.
In relation To money matters, the London
Daily News oi the 10th Hist, remarks:
"Money maintains its \ alue. and it is only
under exceptional circumstances that discount
accommodation can be obtained under •> y
cent The discount houses and other establish
ments continue well supplied with money, but
there is a general indisposition to lend it lorlong
periods. It is understood that a large amount
of commercial paper is at present finding its
_ »•_tlw> It'inl- ot lvllir I a ltd
a > ivi ui^wiiiii --- -
The foreign news bv the brunkinr had a de- j
cidedly la \ ora hi e effect on the New ^ ork stock
market. i
The English holders of Mexican bonds are!
anxiousU looking to the adoption ol the Gadsden :
treaty by the United States, in the hope ot their
getting a handsome share ot the money to be
paid* to the Mexican government.
1 he Boston Journal ot Monday, says:
Money matters continue to look better in
. State street, and there has been a decided ameli
i oration in rates ot discount during the week.—
The change is most perceptible in the negotia
tion ot the best grade of notes and securities. '
which are taken readily at 10 cent., and in
j some instances as low as 9.
I he New \ork Week I v Bank averages, as j
| compared with the previous report, exhibit an i
increased movement in Loans ot •saipf.N'T, a :
small loss in Specie. ijig»>4.i •*>:>; and an apparent
decrease of Deposits. S$v«M.oio.
The New York Journal of Commerce of Mon- j
dav. I*. M . says:
The market continues decidedly buoyant, and
money is daily becoming more plenty, and ot
tered at easier rates both on call and for street
discounts. Prime business paper has been pass
ed at 7 (a is cent., and is in demand at this
range, a state of tilings which has not been
witnessed before for many months.
Foreign Exchange is only moderately active. :
Bankers bills on London are selling at Un»i (d \
be open at 9 o'clock this morning, at the follow
ing places:—
1st Ward—First Ward Hotel.
od Ward—Council Chamber.
; d Ward—Court House.
4th Ward—Mrs. Rose's.
CN To-morrow, (Thursday, May 25th,) will
be Ascension Day. The Rev. Dr. Butler, ol
Washington city, is, we understand, expected to ;
preach in Christ Church, on the morning ot
that day. _mh 24—2t |
FOR SALE^l 15,000 BRICKS. Apply on
Queen street between Pitt and St. Asaph
my 25—3t*
The steamer North Star has arrived at
New York, from California, with three hun- !
dred and fifty passengers, and nearly one j
million in gold. Her dates arc the same as
those brought by the Cnited States at New
Orleans. —
Philadelphia, May 24.—It is a current
rumor in this city, that one of the officers of
the L\ S. Mint is a defaulter to Government
to the amount of $100,000.
Boston, May 24.—The steamer Canada
sailed to-day, carrying 140 passengers, in- |
eluding J. Mason, bearer of despatches, and j
$930,01 Hi in specie.
Troy, N.Y., May 24.—The trial of Mrs. i
the Court. The evidence in the case will
probably close to-day.
Baltimore, May 24.—Three ships arrived
here to-day from Bio—all bringing large 1
cargoes of coffee.
In the Senate, yesterday, a debate arose
on the subject of Cuba atfairs. Mr. Clayton
denied that it was the intention of the Span
ish government to Africanize Cuba. Mr. !
Benjamin, Mr. Gwin, and Mr. Sebastian af- !
firmed that it was.
In the House of Bcprcsentatives the Defi- !
ciency hill was further considered. The I
“Water W ork>” amendment was disagreed j
to, in committee of the whole.
At a meeting of the B»ard of Aldermen,
held May “J.’>d, IS.)4, there were present,
B. Jamieson, esip, President.
Messrs. Brockett, Heiupsey, Bryan, Siuip- 1
son, and Massey.
The Committee on Grades reported ad- j
verscly to the order received from the Com- i
mou Council, for a flagging on the east j
side of Patrick, across King street, which 1
report was concurred in.
The order received from the Common !
Council, for a flagging across Water, on the !
north side of Puke street, was upon the re
commendation of the Committee on Grades, !
laid upon the table.
The following order was received from the
Common Council and concurred in, viz:
Ordered, That James Green he permitted i
to have a Trunk constructed, to carry off the i
water from his lot, on the corner of Pitt and
Out*en streets.
The Committee on Grades reported favor
ably to the petition of Win. C. Yeaton, !
when it was,
Ordered, That a Wooden Trunk be placed 1
across St. Asaph street, at its intersection ;
with Pendleton.
The petition of Mrs. Klizabeth Stewart '
for a remission of taxes, paid by her as |
ground rent, was referred to the Auditor, for ,
his opinion upon the matter.
A communication was received from the
Superintendent of Police, and with it an
order from the Common Council, for placing
a Bridge across Henry street, at its intersec
tion with f^ueen street, wnicn was concur
red in.
The following order was received from the
Common Council, and concurred in, viz:
Ordered, That the Superintendent of Po
lice sell the stone and rubbish from the uld
Tobacco Warehouse, and account for the pro
ceeds to the Treasurer of the Corporation.
The hill of Geo. A. Tuvenner lbr advertis
ing, amounting to *4, was received irom the
Common Council and ordered to he paid.
The bill of the Virginia Sentinel for adver
tising, was presented, when it was
Ordered, That the Auditor issue his war- j
rant in favor ot Messrs. Smith tfc finks fur
S?1* 2-3, the amount ot their hill.
The petition of sundry citizens in rela
tion to the condition ol St. Asaph street, was
referred to the Committee on Grades.
Mr. Massey, on leave, introduced a hill, en
titled, “An Act to amend an act, reducing
into one, and amending the several Acts, re
jecting Assessors, Collectors, and the 1 rea
surer of the Corporation, ’’ which was read
and laid upon the table.
A bill entitled “An Act reducing into one
and amending the several Acts, respecting
the removal ot' nuisances, and the preserva- ,
tion ol the health of the City,” was received i
from the Common Council, amended, and ,
concurred in.
Ordered, That the Superintendent of Po- ;
lice, have a Pump placed at the intersection
of Fairfax and Franklin streets, on the west
side. !
The following order was received from the
Common Council, and concurred in viz*.
A resolution reported by the Real Estate
Committee for deepening one half of the ;
Dock on the South Side of the Long AY hart, ;
was read and laid upon ttie table.
On motion of Mr. Massey, it was
Ordered, Tir.it the Auditor issue his war
rant in lavor ol Geo. A. lavenncr h>r 5U,
and in favor of .Jas. C. Goods, for Si*3, for
nine da vs service rendered by the lirst as
Clerk, and ten days by the latter, as Messen
ger, to the Revisors <>f Assessments, at the
recent session, said Revisors having recom
mended such appropriation.
On motion ot Mr. Massey it was
Ordered, That the Auditor issue his war
rant in favor ol A\ illiam 11. Price and Henry
Mansfield, Assessors h>r the year 1^34, h*r
additional services, as members ot the board
of Revisors, for S2.3 each.
The following order was received from the
Common Council, ami concurred in, v iz:
Ordered, That the Surveyor he instructed
to institute impiirv and search for a certain
old Map of the City of Alexandria, prepared
by Colonel George Gilpin, former Surveyor
of the Corporation.
An order for the payment of the bill of
AViliiam 11. Pevaughn, for cupping and
leeching the poor, amounting to $4d «<3 was
concurred in.
A resolution was reported by the Real Es
tate Committee, in relation to leasing the
lots ol the Corporation, at the foot of Duke
street, which was read and laid upon the ta
An order was received from toe voinmon
Council for opening Cameron street, lrom •
Washington street, which was laid upon the
I'pon invitation from the Common Coun
cil, the Board proceeded to the Council C haui
bcr for the purpose ot going into an election
for four Physicians to the Poor, when lh>.
F. J. Murphy, Wm. Mr. Williamson, T. 1.
Adam, and Isaac M inston were duly elected.
l)r. F. J. Murphy was appointed Health
Richard II. Stabler was duly elected M ar- {
den of the Star Fire Company, in place ot 1. i
Louis Kiuzer, resigned.
The joint meeting then dissolved.
Upon returning to their Chamber, the
Board adjourned.
Clerk of Board of Aldermen.
Tuesday, May 23, 1854.
The President in the chair. All the mem
bers present, except Messrs. Rogers, Marked,
and Davis.
A communication was received from the
proprietors of the Marshall House, asking per
mission to build a balcony in front of their
Hotel, on King street, which was read and
referred to the Committee on Grades.
On motion of Mr. Beach,
Ordered, That the application of Mrs. Eliz
abeth Stewart, for a refunding of the taxes
alleged by her to have been improperly as
sessed against the estate of James M. Stew
art, dec’d., be referred to the Finance Com
mittee, with instructions to report to the next
regular meeting of the City Council for fur
ther action.
On motion of Mr. Lambert,
Ordered, that the Superintendent of Police
have a pump placed at the intersection ol Fair
fax and Franklin streets, on thw west side.
A resolution was offered by Mr. McCor
mick, for the opening and grading of Came
ron street, between Washington and Colum
bus, which was amended so as to include the
paving of said street, also. rl he motion as
amended was on leave withdrawn, and the
following adopted in lieu thereof.
Ordered, That the Superintendent of Po
lice be instructed to take up a sufficient por
tion of the foot pavement on west side of
Washington street, at its junction with Cam
eron street, and remove any other obstruc
tions, so as to admit the passage of vehicles
through Cameron street, from Washington
to Columbus street.
The account of Elizabeth Labille for rent of
school room by Corporation, was referred to
Finance Committee.
The following order from the Board of Al
dermen was concurred in, viz*.
Ordered, That the Auditor issue his war
rant in favor of Messrs. Smith & Finks, Edi
tors of Virginia Sentinel, for $8 25, for ad
On motion of Mr. Reid,
Ordered, That the Surveyor he instructed
to institute enquiry and search for a certain
old map of the city of Alexandria, prepared
by Col. George Gilpin, former Surveyor of
the Corporation.
The account of Win. II. Devaughn for
Cupping and Leeching the Poor, amounting
to $4;; 50, was ordered to lie paid.
The act to amend “an act reducing into
one and amending the several acts respect
ing t ho removal of nuisances and tlie preser
vation of" the health of oily,” was amended
by the Board of Aldermen, which amend
ment was concurred in by this Board.
An order from the Board of Aldermen, di
recting the Auditor to#issue his warrant in
favor of Geo. A. Tavernier, for $22 50, and
in favor of James C. Goods for $15, for ser
vices rendered Board of Revisors of Assess
ments, was concurred in. An order from
same Board directing the Auditor to issue his
warrant in favor of Win. 1>. Price and !
Henry Mansfield, Assessors, for $25 each,
for additional services as members of the
Board of Revisors, was amended so as to
include same compensation to the Auditor
for services to said Board.
On motion of Mr. McCormick,
Ordered, That whenever Cupping or
Leeching shall be required for the Poor ol
the town, it shall he done only upon a writ
ten order of the Physicians to the Poor, and
the Cupper or Leecher performing the duty,
shall retain said orders, as vouchers for his
The two Boards met in joint meeting, and
proceeded to the election of four Physicians
to the Poor, and a Fire Warden to supply
the vacancy caused by the resignation of 1. j
Louis Kinzer.
Doctors Murphy, Williamson, Adam and
Winston, were dulv elected Physicians to the ■
Poor: Dr. Murphy being designated as the j
Health Officer by theCouncil. K. 11. Stabler
was elected Fire Warden.
The joint meeting then adjourned.
Tim tlirxi till iniirniMl
I arrival from Antwerp at New York. I ex
pect to receive in a lew days f>ou boxes BEL
GIAN WINDOW GLASS of my own importa
This lot has been carefully selected as to quali
ty and I can supply builders and others upon fa
vorable terms with a superior arty.de.
5 mo25 R. H. MILLER.
IT N A M E L LED W1N D( )W (i J. A SS.—J ust
received a handsome assortment of EN
AMELLED WINDOW GLASS, for hall doors,
transom and side lights, in sizes to suit.
5 mo 25 R. H. MILLER.
^ \\ INDOW GLASS. assorted qualities,
sizes Irom 9 X 11, to 11 X 2t», which will he
sold low. [5 mo 25] R. H. MILLER.
I EVER S NEW NOVEL—The Dodd fami
j ly Miirotuh l>y Charles Lever, author ot
-'The Daltons," -Roland Cathel," -Maurice Tur
ney." Arc:. No. ls7 of Harper's "Library of Se
lect Novels," 75 ct>.
Blaiktmoi/'s Muizoziuc for May. 25 ets. or •'S'J {>
year, .lust published, and lor sale by
my 25 £Sen.] ROBT. BELL.
SON have removed from their old stand,
to No. 2d Kino street, between Union and Wa
ter streets, north side, where they will be pleased
to see all their old friends and customers, and
would respectfully solicit a call from the public
generally. The business will be conducted in
future under the name and style ol
MORE NEW GOODS.—Farmers Linen
Drill; brown, halt-bleached and bleached
do.; brown and bleached Duck ; Iri-h Linen ;
Union Coating and Di ills; bleach* d and brown
Table Diaper; do. do. lable ( loth.-. Huckaback
Diaper; 11-1 Dimity; Counterpanes; California
Cassitneres, &c., just receiv ed, and lor sale low, |
to close, [my 25] [Sent.] GKO. WHI1E.
DRESS TRIMMINGS.—Just received per
express, a further supply of Gimpure
and Gauze Ribbon Trimmings, of new patterns,
and at reduced prices, at C. C. BERR\ S
my 25 [S»*n.] Trimming and Variety store.
FOR LIVERPOOL.—The good Prus
jg^l^sian Barque ( MRP C/AG/ 7//. Shutze,
master, will have dispatch for the above port,
having most of her cargo engaged. For freight
or passage apply to TOWLE & ( O.
my 25.
i ~r FOR ST. JOHN N. B.—The good i
Barque HIM A.7. Mellon, master, will
sail m a lew day.- for the «tl»*>ve port, and will
take freight at veiy low rates. Apply to
my jY FOWLE A: CO.
VESSELS WANTED to load with
^j^deals from Quebec and the British Provin
ces. lor which high rates ol Ireight will he paid.
Apply to [my2.)] TOWLE Ac CO.
STTffiTTho good Prussian Barque LONDON,
Albrecht, master, will soon be ready lor Ireight
either for Liverpool or London. Apply to
ray 19 FOWLE Ac CO.
j-rt VESSELS WANTED—To load at a
Southern port with timber, lor the lol*
lowing Dock Yards in Great Britian : Wmdinrh.
( lull hum. Portsmouth. Vrv<m/>ort. ami Pembroke,
lor which high rates ot lreight \\ill be giv»*n.
Apply to [my 1U] 1H>\V LE & ( O.
for freight or charter—
3SO>The A. 1. ship HEJTRICE, George L. j
l\o"ers. master, is ready to »'iigag*“ cargo.
iny 5—tt S. S. MASTERS k SON.
VESSELS WANTED, to load Coal to
*f£L Portland. Boston, Hartford, Bridgeport,
Providence and Trov. at best rat*‘s.
FOWLE k CO . Agents lor
mv |0—tf Alleghany Mining Co.
~ FOR NEW YORK.—The packet achr.
WASHINGTON. Smith, master, will have
despatch. For freight, & SOX.
my 04_tf _Janney'^Wharf. |
FOR PHIL A DELPH IA .—The packet
^LLschr DAMSEL. Passapea, master, will
sa,l on Thursday. For
my 24_2t _Janney s Wharf.
tt VESSELS WANTED to load Coal lor
-iJikBoston, Providence, New York, and other
Eastern ports. APP^ jfEHAFFEY.
Agent C. C. and Iron Co.,
my 22—dim lower wharf.
BY THOMAS H. HANSON, Jr.—Auctioneer.
'VfT ILL be sold at Public Auction, in front ot
Y | the Mayor's Office, at 1*2 o' dork. M., on
MSaturday, the *27/// inst., a BRICK STA
BLE am. CARRIAGE HOUSE, situated
on the south side of the K? feet alley. running
east and \ve>t, through the square bounded by
Fairfax. Water. Prince and King streets, imme
diately in the rear of the .Misses Herbert s du el
ling. Said property trouts Id feet 6 inches on
south side of said alley, and is «>0 feet d inches
Terms:—One-half cash; balance rn t months, j
with interest secured by lieu on the property !
until payment of purchase money.
Conveyance at expense of purchaser,
my '2.r>-dts
BY THUS. H. HANSON. Jr.—Auctioneer. !
he sold on Saturday. the'£~nh instant. in trout o!
the Mayor s Olfice, in the City of Alexandria, at
12 delink, M. at public auction, a commodious
/•Aand genteel BRICK DWELLING, with
■Stout-houses. sucii as gardeners house, brick
ilitin<r ami earria-jv hnu>e. ice house, a dairy.
with a line spring running through it: extensive
shedding lor cows. Ac., situated on the north side
ol King street, m Alexandria County, ami bound- |
ed on ihe west by flood's run.
SIX ACRES ol superior land will be sold I
with the improvements named, and some JS or i
30 ACRES adjoining will be rented to the pur- |
chaser on reasonable terms, with the growing j
crops, as corn, grasses tor Cows, melons, pot a- j
toes. Ac. He can, also, take the Cows, some !•> j
or 20 in number, at cost, with the milk cart, j
tins, horses, Ac., lor continuing the milk busi- j
ness, now in lull operation.
The above property, though within the city ol ;
Alexandria, lor all sanatory purposes, is not
subject to city taxes. Terms at sale,
my IS—dtd
BY T. H. HANSON, Ju.—Aictioneku.
jjR^on west side ot Patrick, between King and
Prince streets at Prune Aiction.—Will be sold
on Saturday, the J"/th last., at 1J o clo<k. i!/., ill
trout ol' the Mayor s Ollice, at public auction,
unless disposed ot sooner at private sale, a LOl :
OF (iiROUND, situated on the west side ot
Patrick, between King and Prince streets, be
ginning at the centre of the square (immediately
on the north of Mr. C. C. Bradley's dwelling.)
and running nortliwardly fronting on west side
of Patrick street 33 feet by 1<>U feet deep, with
a very comfortable two and a hall story I* RA.ME
DWELLING thereon, with S rooms. Kitchen.
Woodhouse. Cistern. Pump. Ac., Ac. iitie un
Terms;—One-third ca»h; balance in equal .
payments ol »> and '«* mouths. to be secured by j
lien on the property, and bearing interest from
day ol sale. Conveyancing at expense ot pur
chaser. my ~:{—<jt«
BY T. H. HANSON, Jr—Aiction her.
\\T ILL be sold at Public Auction, on Satur
y y day morning, the ’^Ith instant, at 1J o
link, fil, in lront of the Mayor's Ollice. m
tue City of Alexandria, P\S O NEW 1 HREE !
on the noitli side ol Princess, between ;
Fan lax and Koval streets. Each house ha* 0
rooms, with a lot 1 •”> teet 1 rout, by b*> feet deep.
Tkkms.—One third cash—balance in equal
payments, at o and 12 mouths, with interest.—
Conveyancing at expense ol purchaser,
my 23—dts
11V THOS. H. HANSON. Jit.—Auctioneer.
1IT ILL BE SOLD at Public Auction, on
jf Saturday, the 21th inst.. at 12 o'dork. M..
in front of the .Mayor's Office, a LOP OF
(jHOUND, situated on the northwestern corner
of the intersection of Fairfax and Wilkes streets.
fronting 11 feet 7 inches on Fairfax, by 77
JSLfeet. deep, with a comfortable frame dwell
ing thereon. Terms at sale. my 23—dts.
BV T. H. HANSON Jr—Auctioneer.
j\_ side of Patrick street, near King. 22 teet
iront by 113 feet f> inches deep, with a large
/ A BRICK DWELLING thereon, will be
jfij^jLsold on Saturday, the 21th of May. at 12
o dork. M.. in front ol the Mayors Oliice.
1 erms at sale. my 23—?s
REWARD.—1 will give the above
/ reward to any one who will appre
hend. and secure, so that 1 get him him again, j
my negro. BEN. who ran away lrom Mr. |
G. H. (.'alter s near Mt. Pierce P. ()., in this <
County, on the Ibth ol the month. He has
a black complexion, is low, and broad built;
has one ico^dm Ag. and is about 3<> or 3*» years
old. He was brought from Caroline County
last January; where he lias a wile, and may at
tempt to get there, but l think it is very proba
abb he is .-till lurking in this county, and com
munications may lu* directed to Alt. Pierce P. ;
()., Fairfax Co., V a. F. A. C. 1 ERREl 1.
Fairfax Co., my 23—eo3t“
MARSHALL HOUSE.—-The subscribers
respectlully inform their triends and the
public generally, that they have leased the above
named Hotel, for a term ot years, and will take
possession on Monday, May i>th. lo all who
may favor us with their patronage, we pledge
our utmost endeavors to give satislaction. Our j
TABLE will, at all times, be supplied with the
best the season affords.
'This house lias been greatly enlarged, and
otherwise improved, and will be found in every
respect comfortable. JOHN J. ROBERTS,
in\ r>—eoltn l1. S. PLUMMER.
rniiE subscriber.- have purchased the ( anier
I oil Mills, and will continue the Milling
Business under the name and firm o\ ROBERTS
if HI NT. Corn Meal and Feed ol different |
kinds, will be kept constantly on hand, and de
livered to order. Custom work, or grist grind
ing. will receive prompt attention at all times.—
Wanted Corn. Rye and Oats, tor which we will
pay Alexandria prices,delivered at the ( anier
on Mills. ROUT. F. ROBERTS,
my —eo2w EDMOND HUN 1.
•XTOTICE.—The Miih>lkbikc» Division, S. ot
^ T., purpose having a public celebration, !
UN WEDNESDAY. JUNE 1th. Several dis
tinguished si’KAkkks are expected on the occa
sion. .Members and friends of the order are re
spectful! v invited to attend.
Edward m. baker, w. p.
N. Thomas Luptox, R. S.
Middlcburg. Loudoun Co.. Va., my 2ft—ooCt
SERVANTS WANTED.— The subscriber
wishes to purchase any number ot likely 1
Servants, tor the Southern market. Persons hav- j
ing such property to dispose ot. will fmd it to;
their interest to give me a call. Liberal com
missions paid for information, All communica
tions addressed to me at Salem, Fauqu er Coun
iv Virginia, will be nromntlv attended to.
Salem, Va., jan 21—eo6m
OILS.—Solar Oil, of best quality, Winter Lard
Oil. Paint Oil. pure Boiled Linseed Oil. Ma
chine Oil. lor all kinds ot lubricating purposes,
received, and lor sale in quantities to suit pur
chasers at New York prices.
my 24 H. COOK & CO.. Sarepta Hall.
I TOWLE k CO., ha\ e now in store and are j
* about receiving a large supply ot No. 1
PERUVIAN GUANO, direct from the Chincha
Island*, which they otier to their agricultural
iriends, at tne lowest cash prices.
my 10—tf ___|
OTICE.—The undersigned hereby forbids j
all persons from trusting the crew of the >
British ship Embassadress, as no debts ot their >
contracting will he paid by the mastei or con- ,
"my 24—31*_Master. |
I HAVE in store and for sale the best assort
nient of iron frame, steel spring, sole lea
ther TRUNKS, that were ever offered for sale in
this market Give me a call before you buy. j
my 17 WM. K. PADGETT, King-street
daily expected per Ships Ailsa and
Seatrice, from the Chincha Islands, for sale by
ap 22—dtf S: S. MASTERS & SON.
T IVERPOOL SALT.—10,(XX) Sacxs coarse
| j Asd Fiyi SALT, just received by Barques
London and Carl Auguste, for sale by
my 19 FOWLE & C0„
BY THOS. H. HANSON, J*_ Auction***.
SALE.—By virtue of a decree ot the Cir
cuit Court ol Alexandria, rendered at its Februa- j
ry term. ls'>4. in the suit of Mary Ann Cowman. !
guardian, Ate., \s. Charles H. Cowman, et. al:
tHe undersigned, as Commissioner, will offer a'
public sale, in tiout o! the Mayor’s Olfice, in
the City ot Alexandria, Yd., on Tuesday, the 1 ♦'»/// 1
day of May. at Id ocio<k. M.. the billowing de
sirahle REAL ESTA TE.
A LOT OF GROUND, in the said City ot j
Alexandria, situated on the north side of King j
street, bt tween I’atriek and Henry streets, front
ing on King street 31 feet, with the use ol a side
alley, and in depth i<»<j l»*et. To an alley Id teet
ES© wide, on which LOT there is a substantial
ill:-] two story BRICK DWELLING HOUSE.
i kums ok Salk.—One-tenth ot the purchase
money to be paid in cash, and the residue there
of, in three equal instalment!) at d. id, and IS
_ .1 . . _ . . I .. .• „ l„ _ I l... . L „
11 i t /11111 >. 11 * m 11 iiif hay ui aaiv, uic
bonds of tne purchaser, with good security, j
hearing interest from thedayof sale, and the ti- j
tie retained until the purchase money is fully j
ap 11—dlf&eotd Commissioner. 1
L The above sale is postponed to Thursday.
May 'Ydh. at the same hour and place,
my U*—ills
^ next, the‘■inth instant, at in o clock. will be
>ukl in iront of my Auction Store, sundry arti
Dry Goods. Bedspreads and Marseilles Quilts,
V ictoria do.; Damask Window Curtain* and
Shades, Clocks. Looking Glasses. Knives and
Forks, one set Ivory Knives and Forks, ol pieces:
also, a splendid Goli> Lkvkk Watch, with Gold
Cham complete. Terms cash.
my-4—Jt GKO. WHITE.
Y tue ol a deed of trust, executed by Tem
ple M. Washington, on the loth day of January.
lNkf. and oi lecord in the Clerk s Oliice ol 1 lie
County Court ol Prince' William County, the
undersigned, trustees in said deed named, wili
oiler for sale, on the jnemirc*. at public auction.
To the highest bidder, on Monday, the day oj
May. 1 1, ij fair, if not. the next fair day. that
valuable estate called Bl ( KLAND 1'ARM.
containing boo ACRES, adjoining the town ol
Bucklaiid. and situate in the counties of Prince
William and Fampiier. Va.
This FARM is in a good state of improve*.
/ iiikiit. and has »>n it an excelhuit an*! com
-fell..lions DWELLING HOUSE, and all
necessary out houses. 1 he soil is good, and tnere
is an abundant supply ol wood and wate*r. It i> |
conveniently located, being near the' Bucklaiid !
and Kilisle) Mills, on the turnpike road, about
three miles from Gainesv ille station on the -Ma
nassas Gap Rail Road.
Persons wishing to purchase are invited to ex
amine the* Farm. It will be sold without reserve.
The terms ol sale will be a credit ol one. two
and three years, in instalments ol each,
for the first and second years: and the* residue ol
the purchase money lor the last instalment, the
whole to carry interest Horn the day of sale,
and to be secured by bond with good personal
security, and a deed of trust on the land.
Possession will be given to the purchaser im
mediately. JOHN P. PH1LLIP>. ) ... t
ap 21-*ok EPPA HINTON. ) ll,l>tt<s
Loudoun land at public sale.—
The subscriber will oHer tor sale, on Tues
day. May'HUh, lN>4.at Geo. W. Jackson s Hotel.
Dranesville. Fairfax Uounty. his land lying in
I .. i-minti on TIih I* jiii'lior line, about a :
mile and a halt trom Dranesville. containing
SJvl ACRKS. 1 he tract contains TWO
It is v\ itliiii a mile and a halt of the Chesa
peake ami Ohio Canal. and hall a mile ol the i
turnpike road leading to Alexandria and George
town. It is the best watered lairn in the county
oi its si/e. lias on it a line young orchard ol 20* t i
FRl IT TRKKS,just commenced bearing, and
has abundance ot timber. The larger portion ot !
the tract is of deep red soil, well adapted to
wheat, clover, plaister. and all kinds oi gia-s—
The Alexandria. Loudoun and Hampshiie Rail- ,
io,id will run within a mile and a hall ol this j
A iurth'T description is deemed unnecessary. I
as those wishing to purchase will view the pro- ;
perry. Terms made known on the day ot sale. |
Loudoun County, ap 2S—eots.
—The subscriber* olier joi sale, the tract
oi laud in Prince William, known as "NORTH I
KND,” adjoining the lands ot Major William •
Noland, .lames Green. and Kdmund Berkeley.— 1
1 he said tiaet contains about dpi ACRKS; ;
about acres ol which is open. . I he balance
heavily timbered; acres ol the wood laud
can he cleared with decided advantage.
The terms ot’ sale are one fourth ot the pur- j
chase money in cash, the balance in three annual
instalments bearing interest, and secured by a
deed ot trust upon the property.
It not sold previously, the land will he offered
for sale at public auction, in the town ol Aldie, j
on the Is/ day of June next, at l‘J o'dork. M.
Address tlie subscribers at Aldie, Loudoun
County, V a.
K. BKRKKLKY. * Kxec rs. of
WM. X. BKRKKLKY,} L. Bcrke
X. BKRKKLKY. ) ley, dee d.
Aldie. Loudoun County. \ a.. mv 2—* ots
— 1 wi-hto sell at private sale, a KARM
known by rim name o! LACKYVILLK, con
taining between live and six hundred ACRKS ot j
LAND, lying in tin* County ol Loudoun, one |
ami a half miles south ol Aldie, adjoining the ;
lands of John Moore R. A. Ish. Jonathan Beard,
and others, m a healthy and desirable neighbor
hood. within one mile of the location ol the
Manassas Branch Rail Road. The improve
Mincuts consist of a large comfortable frame
AXTS HOOK, together with OlT-HOlbSKS.
The land is well watered, and has a large surplus
ot timber. It is decmeil^unnecessary to describe
it more particularly, as those wishing to pur
chase would preler seeing it. and judging for
themselves. Persons wishing to purchase can j
be imormed as to terms ol sale, by seeing me, j
or by application to John Moore. Ks<|.. ot Aldie. I
or Jonathan Beard, near the premises.
ALKX R. 1. LACKY, lor himself,
and in behall of the other devisees.
Bloomfield. Loudoun County, my l«—w'-ini
HALL & HARPKR, on Capitol Hill. Co
Ll'MItia, three doors east o) Washington ;
street, ipperville. fVi.. have just received their j
Spring and Summer purchases ot GOODS, selec* !
ted out of the first and largest importing estab- j
Iishments in New York. Philadelphia, and Balti
more. ot the latest and most fashionable styles,
and are determined to sell them as low. it not
lower, than they can be bought in this or any
other market.
They most respectfully request their friends !
and the public generally, o! Cpper Fauquier,!
Loudoun, Warren, and Clarke, to call and ex- i
amine their stock: this is all they a>k. teelingas- j
sured that their GOODS and prices will please, i
U pperville. Va . ap 24—2au 'tw
ceived their Sprint* and Summer gujp/iegof
GOODS. selected ill New York. Philadelphia,
and Baltimore, and offer them upon the most
accommodating terms.
All kinds ot Country Produce taken in ex- I
change lor Goods.
Iron, Salt, Plaster, and Guano, constantly on
Markham Station, my 1.1—eolm
14 to Id years ot age, to learn the Ml"*
LING BUSINESS. One that can come well
recommended tor morality, industry, and hon
esty, wtll meet with a good situation. A Iette^
pireeted to Pari., Fauquier County, Va., will
Warren Mills, my ID—fo7t _
SODA WATER, prepared in the bent man
ner, and flavored with the best Syrups,
be had at the south-east corner ol King
anYWashington streets. J. R. PIERPOINT,
my23 Drughiat.
l he subscriber, determined to remo\ e West this
I* ail. offers for sale his property m the County of
M Warren, Va. called the ‘ SHANNON
MILLS. situated on the Shenandoah
River, one mile from the Manassas Gap Kail
Road, leading to Alexandria, and lour miles
iroin Front Royal, the county seat ol Warren
County. It consists ol a lar^e Four Story
MILL, with three run of Burr Stones, and room
lor three more, with the best w ater power on the
River; also, a large and comfortable TWO
STORY BRICK HOUSE; a good two story
Miller's House, large Barn. Blacksmiih Shop,
Carriage house, ami all other necessary out-buil
RIVER BOTTOM LAND thereto attached —
This Mill is capable of manufacturing one hun
dred and fifty barrels of dour p day. and is very
valuable from its portion, being situated at a
point on the River from which flat boats can at
ail >easons takes freights of l‘^»J barrels of' flour
from flie null door to Alexandria or George*
tow n, or WMJ barrels to a depot on the Manassas
Gap Rail Road, about two miles from the Mill.
lh« rei> also a Depot on said Rail Road, a mile
....... f I... Mill .. ^ -1 _i ....
H1UI U I |H» **
leading thereto. This Mill is located in a tine
wheat-growing region,and can command, under
the management ot a man ot enterprise, the
grinding ot 7o,UnO bushels ot wheat annually,
with a ready sale tor all the otial—so great are the
conveniences oi market over any other Mill on
the River. It is useless to add more in regard to
this valuable property, as persons wishing to
purchase, will call and v iew it lor themselves;
and it will at all times give the undersigned plea
sure to >how it. being generally on the premises.
There is in addition to the above, and attached
to it. a SAW’ MILL, with two run ol Maws—one
perpendicular, iheother circular. The saw Mill
is in good repair, and capable ot doing a laige
lumbering business.
The teuiis will he liberal and made to suit the
convenience ol the purchaser, as I am determin
ed to sell without reserve.
The above property, il not sold at private sale
between this and Saturday, the 1th day of October
next. w ill, on that day. be offered at public sale,
on the premises, to the highest bidder, when and
vv here the terms will be made know n.
Further information can he obtained by v i^it
ingme on the premises, or addressing me at Nm
evrh. Warren Co., Va. J. F. LA PSHAW.
Warren County. Va.. ap 17—law ft’
jjj^SALH.—Pursuant to a decree ol the ( ir
cuii Court, lor king George county, rendered in
th** case ot Fit/hugh vs. Fitzhugh. \c . hearing
date liit* g lth day ol March, isnl, the uiuieY
signed. Commissioner appoint*! lor that pur
pose. will offer lor salt*, at public auction, on
Thursday, the fith day of July next, (lJsr>4.) beiore
the tavern door oi king George Court House,
the tract ol land called "WOODLAWN. lor
many years tin* residence ol Younger Johnson,
deceased,and more recently that oi Mrs. Aman
da Fitzhugh.
Woodlawn immediately adjoins the public
lot at King George Court House, and contains «
about hi acres of land, well situated lor im
provements. The location is healthy, central;
midway between the two rivers, Potomac and
Rappahannock, and in all roped* a most desi
i able lesideiice. The buildings consist oi a
comfortable dwelling, and the usual out houses
lor the accommodation ol a family.
The lot (pari ol the above tract) near the
tavern, on w hich the store house and granary
stand, will be sold separately, l here is no one
engaged in the mercantile business at the Court
Mouse, ana ills ueneveu ma; a siure juaiciuusiy
conducted would be profitable.
Persons desiring further information, or wish
ing to inspect the property, will communicate
with the undersigned.
1 mined.ate possession will be given ot the
store lot, and ot Wood lawn, (which is rented lor
the present year.), on the first day ol January
Tkkms —A deposit of ten per cent, of the pur
chase money, will be requited on the day ol sale,
and an amount, which with the deposit, will be
equal to one-fourth of the purchase money when
possession is given. in the residue, a credit
ol one, two. and three years will be allowed,
bearing inteie.it from the time ol possession.—
The deterred payments must be satisfactorily se
cured. H . R. MASON. Commissioner.
King George County. Va.. up l‘.«—eots
[AND FOR SALK.—By virtue ot a Decree
j ol the Circuit Court ol Culpeper County,
made on the 6th day ol January. lbG I. in a suit
theieiii depending, in which F. Mauzy, guardian
ol his children, is PlamtilP and Kmily Bradford
and others, ale Delendanls. I shall, on the oth tiny
of June in rt. a! the floor ol the Court House of
i ulpeper County. oti**i lor sale, to the highest
bidder. TWO TRACTS OF LAND, one called
the tsLMMKR DUCK TRACT," containing
about 6Uacres; the other, called ‘CATLKT'S,
containing about 271 acres, lately the property
ot S. K. Bradford, dec d. The small tract lies
on Summer Duck Run, about five or six miles
south east ot the Court House. 1 he other tract
is about one third in timber, and lies about three
miles east of the Court House—is well enclosed,
abut has no improvement except a Stable
and a bouse lor serv ants,
i ne 'Perms ol Sale are as lollows :—The Sum
mer Duck Tract will be sold lor so much cash
as will pay the costs ot the suit, including all
expenses and commissions on former sales ol real
estate, and the balance, it any, m one, two and
three years, with interest Irom the day of sale,
on the several instalments. The Catlet tract
will be sold tor so much cash as will he neces
sary to pay any deficiency ot costs, &c., alter ap
plyingthe purchase money ol the other tract,
and the balance in one, two and three years, with
interest ironi the day ot sale. The bonds ot the
purchaser to be secured by good personal securi
ty. and the title also retained uutil all the money
is paid. S. S. BRADFORD, Comm r.
Culpeper County, Va., ap 2U—eots
/ (Jn Tuesday, 2nth June, lb6-|, 1 shall oiler at
public sale. on the premises, at 12 o'clock, the
/ A HOLSK and LOT on which I reside, com
JliijjLriioiily known as ‘‘GhKNUUicsiK.
It is situated in Fauquier county. Virginia,
mar Oak Hill, arid two miles Irom Piedmont
Station, on tin* Manassas Gap Railroad, in a
beautiful and healthy country, and a very desira
ble neighborhood. The hou»e is small but com
lortable. containing four good rooms, with ail
necessary outbuildings attached, including a
stable and springhouse. The lot contains near
ly 6 acres, all ol which, not taken up in yard
or garden, is excellent meadow. The garden is
remarkably good, and a copious spring rises
close by the house. Possession will be given
on July 1st. lb->4.
I* ». . L.viwrlit I'ntol «r tU/.
ll |M i * un i j i/civ/i v iitv j
ol sale, by making application to me.
Terms.—One-third cash, the balance in two
equal annual payments, with bonds bearing inter
est irom day ot sale, and securedby deed ot trust
on the property. JANE C. RANDOLPH,
Piedmont station, P- 0.
Fauquier Co., ap 12—cots ^_
4 tue ot a deed of trust dated the 1st ot Jan
uary J 801. and recorded inthe Clerk s Office ot
the County Court ot Fairfax County, executed
bv John fcutherlin and wile, to me, tor certain
purposes in said deed, set forth, 1 shall as Trus
tee, sell at public auction, to the highest bidder,
at the trout door of Fairfax Court House, on
Monday, the 1 'Jth day of June next, (that being
Court day tor said county) the tract of land
conveyed by said deed.
The TRACT contains lib acres and 5 poles,
lies on both sides of Pohick Run, about 11 miles
from Alexandria, and 1$ miles south ot the
Orange and Alexandria Rail Road. 1 his LAND
is very susceptible of improvement, has on it
in ample supply of wood, and a comfortable
JcjLother suitable out houses, and a spring oi
tine water near the dwelling. Such title will
be conveyed as is vested in me by said deed, ot
trust, which is believed to be unquestionable.
Tejui* or Sale will be cash, and possession
riven the 1st day of January, 1855.
* JAMES C. DENTY, Trustee.
Fairfax County, my 16—«ota#

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