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,rrw tv " FRIDAY MORNING, HAY 26, 1854. ya 124
f UlJ« ij ▼ • ---- — ~ ,1 • ■ — _! v i vvnrfi nv.Amwn.
AUinhk 6>utU * Virginia *#T«rti«r,
At Right Dollars per anoum. payable halt yearly.
Alexai'i. GaietU * VlrfliUAiYtrtlwr
(rOR TUR country)
W PUiLUUtJi, WtUKlI. ox
At Rive Dollars per annum, payable iu advance.
TkkmS •>» Advurtisixu.—Advertisements not exceedin;
one square. Inserted three times fur one dollar. Advei
tisouients eoutiuued after three times. f»*r oO cents
square |'»>R KACM IXSLKTIOX IXSIDL, or -5 eellts 01TS1DL.
>ixteeu liues are counted as a square.
Advertisoun*uts by the year. at prices t.» be a-ised upon
having reference to th>* usual amount of space i**>
Person* advertising by the year not to advertise arti< U
not iucludcd in their regular business, nor b* in^rt >
their advertisements any other n»m»*Jhan thetro* «
The Great Southern Mml will dost*daily at b o
rliM»lr A Yf and arrive daily at o O clock, r. * I
The Great Northern Mail closes daily at 1 <>
clock, P. M., and arrives daily at 7 $ o clock. A -1
The Mails tor the Orange and Alexandria, am
Manassas Gap Rail Roads, close daily at »'» o clock
A. M., and arrive daily at 1 o'clock, P. M.
The Warrenton Mail closes daily, (Sundays
excepted.) at 12 M.. and arrives daily. (Sundays
excepted,) at 10$ A. M. Closes Sundays at 6 o’
clock, A. M., and arrives at 1 o clock. P. M.
Mad for Washington City only, closes daih
(Sundays excepted,) at S$ o clock, A. M..
o'clock, P. M„ and 1 o'clock, P. M. The Mai
closing at 4 o clock, P. M., contains all matte
in the office at that time lor the South, to he tor
warded by the night boat trom Washington.^
The Middleburg Route Mail closes on Tues
days, Thursdays,and Saturdays, at > o clock, A
M., and arrives on Sundays, W eduesdays, an.
Fridays, at 4 o'clock, P. M.
The Leesburg Route Mail closes on Mon
days, Wednesday's, and 1* riday's, at 9 o clock,
M., and arrives on Monday's, Wreduesdays. aiu
Fridays, at 6$ o'clock. P. M.
The Mail for the Theological Seminary, close;
daily, (Sundays excepted.) at 4 o clock, P. -
and arrives daily, at 4 o clock. P. M., (Sunday;
The Occoquan Route Mail closes.>n 1 uesdays
Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 10 o clock, A.. *•
and arrives on Mondays, Wednesdays, and rii
days, at 4 o’clock, P. M.
The Office will be opened daily. (Sundays ex
cepted,) from 7$ o'clock. A. M., to > o clock, 1
M., except during the opening and closing o
the principal Mails.
On Sundays, the Office will be open irom J tc
1U o'clock. A. M . and from 3$ to 4 o clock. P.M
aP 17—tf T. W\ ASHBV, P. M.
r.^Q^wn ALF.XANL>RlA£^Bga
BOATS.—The following will be the hours ot de
partuie of the Steamboats IN ION and GEO
PAGE, until further notice, viz:—
From the berth foot ot King street. Alexan
dria, at 7, 8, 0, 10, 11. 12, 1. i, 3, 3j, 4$. J>$
6$, and 7 o'clock.
From Page's Wharf, Washington, foot of ‘t
gtreet. at 8, l*, 10, 11, 12, 1 2, 3, 3*. 4$. o.j
0$. and 7 o'clock.
always be in attendance, for the conveyance (
passengers. m.v
BOATS.—Rshvction ok Fakkto '> cunts — lh
fine Steamers GEORGE WASHINGTON on
THOMAS COLLYER. have reduced their Far
to 5 cents, between the two cities, leaving thei
, „ n.:_iKiial Wonr:
ircriu 41 I'aiugciiiviM o ... ..
my2;—tr S. GEDNEY. Captain:
J^^gggj^>TK.\MKii ,l OSrFOLI, being i
thorough repair, has resumed her regular trij
between Washington, Alexandria and Balt
more, leaving Washington, at <, and Alkxa;
dria at S o'clock, regularly oh Tuesday morning
returning, leave Baltimore Th\ rsday evenings. i
4 o clock.
She will stop, going and returning at Le<
nardtown, St. Mary s County, St. Mary's rive
St. lnigoes. Kinsale. Yeocomico. We>tni'»relan
County. Cone River, and all the usual laiidmi
on the Potomac.
FREIGHT and PASSAGE at the usual rate
ry Freight for Baltimore received on Tuc
dav mornings. S. SHINN \ SON. Agents.
my s—tf Janney s 1 bar
k MJRYI~iND is now runinn
regularly between Alexandria and B.vliimor
stopping at the regular landings on the Pot<
mac. Leaving -Alexandria ivery Mondu
morning at 7 o clock, and Baltimore every Wei
netday evening, a* *> o clock, t REIGH l receive
in Alexan-4***** on Saturday*, and in Baltimore
on T.+esdny* and Wednesdays.
ALL WAY FREIGHT must he paid by tli
Shippers. S. SHINN & SON, Agents,
nth 1H—tf Janney's Whar
fiMrSnSrCi*v n r ‘tp steamer having been put i
complete repair, will commence her regular trij
between this place and Baltimore, leaving Balt
more every Saturday evening, commencing o
the ISth instant, and Alexandria, every Wedne
day morning, at 7 o'clock, touching at the var
ous landings on the river. For freight, apply t
Hr All way freight, must he paid at the tim
of shipping. teb 16—dtt
r^gp|g^regiilar days for the steamer GE(
WJSNLS&TONy for Four Washington, ai
Mount VkbnoN, are Monday. Wednesday, ai
Friday, leaving her berth at Daingertield s Whai
at 91 o'clock. Fare, Round 1 rip, "r>cts.
ap 14—tf JOB CORSON, Captain.
Composed of The following first class N esse
which leave New Yorkevery Saturday, or often
44 Hamilton, A. Dayton,
44 Senator, J- Myers,
44 Fairfax, M. <>sborn,
“ Statesman, J- Weeks,
44 Empire, W. Smith,
44 Arlington, J. Murch,
44 Montross, H. Lewis.
The above were built expressly tor this trav
and are commanded by well known and expe
enced masters. Shippers by this line will
afforded every possible facility, and freight w
be taken at the lowest rates.
The above vessels will sail regularly as adv<
Used, (full or not full,) and will couie throw
direct. For freight apply to
Jannev s Wharf, Alexandri
ap 21—tt 110 Wall street, New Yoi
JtL. E. A.J1 U t\ i+i rJtK A E 1 c>, ^
Regular Line to sad positively from ea>h port ever
week throughout the season.
Five substantial fast sailing vessels, being w
engaged in this Line* one of them will sail 1
Philadelphia, every week without fail.
Returning, one of these Packets will leave Pb
f adelphia, for Alexandria and the District, eve
1 Saturday, poaitively, through the year. Froigl
iWkr dun by any other conveyance, and
transhipment, the vetaela going direct from p
to port. For Freight apply in Philadelphia to
No. 7, North Whireda, or
•P IS—dtf Jaunty’s Wharf, Alexandria* i
Arrangements having been
made with the owners of !lie new and
i splendid steamer CEORtiE PM**''.'J"
j a distance of six miles, in connection with the
| TRAINS on this ROAD, and the Washington
! RO \D. the following schedule will take ettec t,
MONDAY « M»y ,Mn\\
’ ( VILLK and intermediate Stations, u ill lea*
i the IViiot. corner ol Duke and Henry street,,
i | at 7.4 o'clock. A. M.. on the arrival ol toe
HOvl from WASHINGTON, giving ample
; ! time lor Breakfast on board, arriving at
■ ! GORDON'S!'ILLK. at i past 11 o clock, con
necting at that point with the Trains on the
Virginia Central Road, to Richmond.! harlottcs
ville. and Staunton.
A Train from CORDONS^ ILLL to ALKX
j aNDRIA, and intermediate stations, will leave
I | GOKDOKSY1LLK at a quarter before IJocloek,
j on the arrival of the Cars on the Virginia
j Central Road, arriving at ALEXANDRIA at
, | half past :* o'clock.—thus allowing ample time
I to connect with the Trains leaving W AsH
INGTON. for the North, and lor Dinner on board
! the Boat
• j A Train from ALEXANDRIA to ^ AKREN
1 ton ami intermediate Stations, will leave
i ' ALEXANDRIA daily, (Sunday excepted.) at
r ! a quarter alter ~ o’clock, P. AL, arriving a
! WARREN TON at a i past 5 o'clock. P. Al.
J ON SUNDAY, will leave at 7.\ o'clock, A. Al.
' Train from WARREN ION to A LEX A N
i PRIA and intermediate Stations, will leave
j WARRENTON daily, (Sunday’s excepted,) at
fa quarter past 7 o'clock. A. AI., arriving at
ALEXANDRIA, at 10 o'clock. A. Al.
ON SUNDAY, will leave at quar er pa>t 1
I o'clock, P. At.
. j To Warrenton.$1
l “ Charlottesville.
4; Staunton.
u •Lynchburg.
* , u • Luray. L\
“ *New Market. *r> 1 >()
•PASSENGERS for Luray. and New Alar
ket. will take the TRAIN LKA\ ING ALEX
ANDRIA, at 7S o'clock, A. AL, on Tuesdays,
l Thursdays, ami Saturdays.
•PASSENGERS tor Lynchburg, will take the
o’clock. A. AI., on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays , ..
FREIGHT TRAINS are running daily,
(Sunday excepted.)
» ]>er order W. B. BROCKETT, Agent.
1 « I_V tf
nirAan\uiw% -
h ryy H E PASSE N G E R A N l> F R E1G H I
r. 1 I TRAINS are now running daily*. (>un
! days excepted.) between Alexandria and \\ apping
l I Station, (summit of Bine Ridge.) '1 > miles trom
»f Alexandria, connecting by Kemp & Taylor s
j daily line of Stages with Winchester, from Pied
| moat, and with Luray, via Front Royal, trom
J Wapping.
Leave Alexandria, at “ 30 o clock. A. M.
fy 1 Arrixe at Linden, at 1° ?>•>
e i Leave Linden, at 11 -0 ^
r 1 Arrive at Alexandria, at 3 4o ‘k P- M
M M WELSH, Superintendent.
mh ‘2s—tt
” Twice daily between Washington and the
* ! South, via Fredericksburg. Richmond. IVters
' I burg, Va, Weldon and Wilmington. N. ('.. to
| Charleston. S. ('.. and Augusta. Geo., being the
1 only route over which the Great Southern Mail
' , is carried. The travelling public is hereby m
! formed t}iat the -\x lit and comloi table Steam* r*
j xt i>;«.ve.v.
leave the Steamboat wharf, at Washington, dai
“S j Iv, at b.j A. M. and *.» P. M., mr Aquia (’reek,
where a connection i> made with the fruin> of
the Richmond. Fredericksburg, and I ofomac
v j Railroad Company, by which passengers are
I* ! convexed *lirectlv *»ii f*> their re>|>ecfixe desiiua*
i tions, via Richmond. \ ii
i* I The following through tickets can In* obtained
£ on board :
^ To Fredericksburg, \ a. 1,0
>• To J unction ot \ a. Central Railroad 1 b-j
.V ! To Richmond. la. '] #>,)
L j To Norfolk, ^ a.
d j To Petersburg. Va. ~ *"’
To Weldon, N. C. 7 Un
I To Wilmington. N. C . ^ 1
e 1 Fare on the Potomac River, as follows —
To Alexandria, ->3 cts.. and baggage 1*4 vts.
b . for each passenger.
s | To Mai bury s #1.
n| Quautico. Sandy Point. Ac.. $1
^ j A*piia ('reek,
Meals and State Rooms extra.
* For further information, apply on board ol
the boats, or to C»EO. MAI 1 IN(»L\,
r Agent, in V\ ashmgton
L> Washington, IX C., mh *i > tt
i Offu k Ohanok~& Alkxanukia R. R. ( o., I
Alexandria, Jan. 1S34. ^
e rERCHANDI/K for transportation on thn
\ 31 Road will be received daily, (Sundays ex
* cepted,) between the hours ot S *> clock, A. * •
(/ 1 and 4 P. M., at the Station, corner of Duke am
1 Henry' sts., under the following regulations.
All articles offered for transportation mu>t b<
distinctly marked, and each lot accompanied 1m
i • . • a • c . I t . .1 .1 a ko a e i r\t 1 i Al
a usi in uupucaic oi me uiiiiimci aim v«,r -
i ot packages t<> W tor warded, and the name ot tin
i? ! consignee and consignor.
It j Gunpowder will only be forwarder! under spe
Is- ! cial arrangement, and must l*e delivered at tin
dej>ot, on the momingsof Tuesday, Thursday, ant
Saturday, by half-past 4 o'clock.
jun rJ—tf W. B. BROCKETF, Agent.
^ ‘ ■jy****^ ., -^*y****sa3fr
To Mm hunts, uml Fonrarding Agents in Alex
temher. the following articles only will b
T 1 received lor transportation, loaded <>n Union st
"• • (viz-) liuano. I’laister, Coal. Rawhides, Eumbe
7 (not less than three tons.) Hogsheads ot Suga
1 Molasses. Bacon, (not less than HHX> lbs. each.
Chartered cars contents unknow n. All article
? weighing less than 1’XXI lbs. each, must 1* dell,
l1' , ered to the Agent at the Depot, accompanied by
| duplicate statement specify ii« the number de
I eription, marks, destination, Consignor and ->
a- | signee. And it articles weighing less than 1'
' lbs each, are found loaded m cars on Imon strce
k; ,hey will not be forwarded, but store,) at the e>
K oense of the Consignor. By order :
^ ! ' sepl—tf M. M. WELSH.^Sn^nntendant^
■w office.
or Orange & Alexandria Railroad, )
March 20th. lSi>4. S
7 Tlaster and Coal found loaded in Horn
Cars of this Company, will not be forward*
Goodoli Cars will be furnished for Pu
>ft I"1. lmV »3 w- & BROCKETT, Agent
Thermometer churns, & dozen *
sorted sizes, from 3 to 15 gallons, just r
envoi and for tale by R. S. HUCK,
ra. ap 27 Fairfax etref
[ * FALL. '— WM. E. ATWELL re
menibers with gratitude, the kindness ot those of
his friends. who ha\e so generously sustained him
in his business lor the last ten or I'itteeii years.
He is now pleased to inform them, and the pub
lic generally, that be has newly fitted up bis es
tablishment. which he Hatters himself, will in
every degree he worthy of their future patron
age. His stock he now presents to their notice.
compri>;e>every article required in a gentleman s
wardrobe. His HOODS, for manufacture, con
sist of English. French. American, and Herman
CLOTHS and CASSLMERES ot the best quality,
unsurpassed in this or any other market. 1 lie
finest Velvet, Silks, Cashmeres, Embroidered and
other Vestings.together with a complete assort
ment of Hentlemen's Furnishing HOODS, which
will he made up to order at the shortest notice.
Pmmntiws!, and fidelity, is his motto. Also, a
large supply ot L uder Shirts: tine do Drawers;
Pocket Handkerchiefs; nice do. Suspenders; Cra
vats: Stocks; Neck Ties: Socks; all kinds gen
tlemen's Kid Gloves, all color and sizes. A
voung man can obtain constant employment it
well recommended. None but a good workman
need apply. King street, next door to Odd Fel
■ low's Hall. «P 5—tf
\ | KRCHANT TAILORING.—The subscri
T 1 her takes pleasure in announcing the re
ceipt of a large and splendid assortment of
GOODS, iii his line suitable for Spring and
Summer wear; and would respectfully invite
his customers and the public generally, to call
* and examine the same, as he feels confident that
in his great variety all tastesinay be suited. He
would name in part,black, blue, brown, oli\e
and Dal Ilia French Cloths; black Doeskin C as
i simercs; Fancy French do.; an entirely newarti
1 cle. and very handsome; Satin. Silk, and Grena
dine, plain and figured \estings; Marseilles do.,
i of latest styles; French figured and plain Linen
Drillings, a large assortment, all ot which he
will make up in the very best manner and on
moderate terms. He also keeps Stocks; Napo
leon Ties: figured and plain Silk Cravats; Shirts;
Collars: Gloves: Hosiery; Suspender*; Silk and
Cotton Net Shirts and Drawers; also a large
supply of Tailor's Trimmings. His stock ot
Ready Made Clothing embraces every article
r suitable tor the season, including Business and
| Dress Coats; Pants; Vests: \c. Grateful for past
favors, he solicits a continuance of the liberal
patronage he has heretofore received, and hopes
by continuing to keep the best materials, and by
employing the best workmen, to give satisfac
• tion to those who may favor him with their pa
tronage. All work entrusted to him will be
made with neatness and despatch. Also, cutting
t attended to as usual. M - ARNOLD,
Merchant. Tailor, one door west of
mb 30 R. H. Miller’s China Store, Kng-st.
signed have just returned from the North,
with an elegant assortment ot tor uen
> tlemen's wear, consisting in part of tin* follow
ing, to wit —Black, blue, olive, and green twilled
! French Cloths,
Do black, brown, and drab Beaver do do
i Olive, green, brown, and maroon do
Black Doe Skin French Cassimere
Do Middlesex do
Fancy C’assimeres
Li<'ht and dark mixed Tweeds
variety, usually kept in a Fashionable Merchant
Tailors establishment, and ot the best material.
Which, together with their professional services,
are respectfully offered to their lrieiids and the
public in genera! ot Alexandria and it^ \irinity,
To whom they return their sincere acknowledge
ments for past favors, hoping by indefatigable
exertion and untiring attention, to merit a con
tinuance ol the same. And though prepared to
furnish every aricle in their line, they will as
cheerfully execute, to the.best of their skill and
ability, lor all, whose preference may lead them
to select elsewhere, as though they had furnished
the goods tin niseives.
Fashionable Merchant tailors
King street, north side, one door west ot Royal
street. U’~tf
j MMOVEMENT," is tin* conversation ol
I our rising Citv. and among these, we can
confidently name SCHOOU1ERR k BROTH
ER. of tlu: Great Wester* Clothing House, as one ol
great importance. .
They would respectfully announce to the ( iti
zens ot Alexandria, its vicinity,and country ai
laige. that they are now receiving their Spimnc
ani> SrxiMKK Stock ok MENS, ^Ol IHS am:
FCRNISHING GOODS, to which they call
particular attention.
Their stock ot Clothi.no. which is universally
known to be one of the best in that line, ot any
our neighboring cities, has been impro\cd this
season, tar more than any previous.
Their stock is larger than ever, and comprises
’ an assortment to which they defy competition
not only with this or any of our neighboring
market's, but they will and cannot be surpassei
by any of the best houses of the Northern cities
Their prices are such as cannot tail to pltasi
. thev will always he lower than the very lowest
and not above New York wholesale prices, toi
I further particulars, and lor the satislaction o
the above statement to the numerous readers
they would invite one and all to examine lot
themselves. No pains will be spared to giv«
general satisfaction. This will be found at tin
well known Great Western Clothing House o
; the Marshall House, Alexandria, N a. mb 11
C. B. GOLDEN—(of New York (Vy.)
^OCLD inform the citizens ot Alexandria
i \\ that he has taken the store on Fairfax-st.
: second door north of King s'mf. *rr he is nov
opening a superb assortment of ( L( 11L. A. *
! MERES, and VESTINGS, where may he louni
Goods of the newest, most fashionable, and riches
styles which the New York market affords.
^ 'it is unnecessary here to mention the ditteren
| fabrics of French’ English, American, Belgiar
and other manufactures, but merely to say. tha
the most desirable FA l 1 ERNb AND GOOD.
I will be forwarded to him as they are produced u
• New York. ,
i Having had charge, as foreman, ot some »*1 tii
S largest establishments in New \ oi k. and othe
• cities, and carried on the business himself, i
New York, he trusts he can have his work got u
- in such Style as will give satisfaction to those wli
f' may favor him with their patronage.
• ... t i _: i. . , l. .«•
In regard to skill m cutting, ne tv
’ his work sj>eak tor itself. ...
Tli»* l)<*st of Trimmings will be used in makin
) his work, and bis aim will be to employ none In
s the best ot workmen.
Merchants and others, who prefer to lnrnis
‘l their own cloth, will be as well attended to a
those who purchase of the advertiser.
{' The French fashions received monthly lroi
" Paris. __QCt20
PMYLKS. late ok Baltimore—ME!
Would wish to inform the citizens of Alexai
- dria that he has taken the store next north <
T Burragc's Barber shop, on Fairfax street, whei
* f Jie has opened a choice selection of GOODS. H
experience as a ctttek enables him to say wit
confidence, that those friends who may be plea
ed to give him a call will feel satisfied, as no e:
" ertion on his part, such as regards style of uvr
e manskip, materials, and the selectwn of choice tror
1-1 men, aseied by personal attention, shall be wanted i
r* t mtily the most fastidious.
Gentlemen wishing their own materials mac
-I up shall have prompt attention.
I Faotoss asd PaWh*« will he duly receiv.
I for the inspection of his friends, and those pa;
t ini' him a visit. mh/-dtf
\J This delightful perfume prepared by a
chemical process from the hot house plant,
‘•Lemon Trifolia,” is confidently recommended
i to the Ladies in particular, on account its re
freshing and delightful odor. It contains all
i the fragrance of the plant itself in a concentrated
form, and will be found very useful lor remov
ing the langour occasioned by crowded rooms.
\e.. also as a delicious perfume for the hand
kerchief, and will be found much cheaper than
; the extracts, yet equally good, and a plea
sant change for Cologne Water, &c. Glenns
Rose Geranium Wrater; Glenn's Citronella Wa
ter; Glenn’s Musk Toilet Water; concen
trated and delicate perfumes; Glenns Roman
Kalydorfor beautifying the complexion; Glenn s
Indian Oil, lor gradually changing the color ol
the Hair: lor sale, together with an assortment
of Glenn's celebrated perfumery by
R. E. STONE, Alexandria, Ya.
LF'Gcneral Depot, *20, south 4th st„ Philadel
phia. where all orders should be addressed,
my I d—lm
^ | Thorn's Extract; Osgood s India C hola
gogue tor chills; Stabler s Antipyretic tor chills;
Stabler's Extract of Ginger: Brown's Essence of
Jamaica Ginger; Walker's Hair Ionic; Preston
A Merrill s Yeast Powders; Babbitt's Yeast Pow
ders; Jayne's Expectorant; Stabler s \\ hooping
Cough Syrup: Barry s lTicopherous; Uowand s
Tonic Mixture tor chills: Dales looth Powder;
: Dale's Tooth Paste; Thompson's Eye Water:
Stabler's Eye Water; Stabler's Circassian Li
quid Hair Dye. an instantaneous dye for the hair:
German Cologne, genuine; Morrison s Pills;
Wright's Pills; Leidv's Sarsaparilla Blood Pills:
i Jayne's Sanative Pills: Motfitt's Pills; Andrew's
i Sarsaparilla Extract, for sab* by
N. W. corner King and Wash-sts.
Sign of the Golden Bottle. my 11
/ RIEYING BITTERS—They remove Bile,
correct Disorders ot the Stomach and Bowels,
cure Dyspepsia, Colics, Costiveness. Giddiness
of the Head. Loss of Appetite. Ac. The ridicu
1 lous w av in w hich >o many nostrums and quack
, remedies are paraded before the public, to cure
I all diseases, has excited the contempt and dis
gust of the Proprietor of these Bitters, and he
wishes it fully understood that they will not
j cure everything. But will cure Dyspepsia. Col
ics. Costiveness, Giddiness ot the Head, Loss ol
Appetite. Ac.. Ac.
Females suffering lrom diseases peculiar to
their sex. will find in these Bitters that restora
tive to Health which can only he obtained by
cleansing and purifying the Blood, and gi\ing
strength, tone, and healthy action to the Stom
ach. Prepared by
\\’\r A! r A VVnV lr»v«ntr*r and
Proprietor. Washington. D. C.
j tn^Ask for the Bottle with the Portrait of the
Inventor ami Proprietor. W. M. CANNON, and
take none other.
Price 117 ctft—3 Bottles $1. For sale by
Apothecaries and .Merchants.
oct 24—dly WM. M. CANNON.
A H oilman's Anodyne; Iron Hydrogen;
A(jua Ammonia Fort: Lunar Caustic; Sub. Nit
Bismuth; Iodide Potash; Chlorate Potash: Chloro.
lorm: Caustic Potash; Kreosote: Lobelia: Oil
Wormseed; Rad Scilla-: Pubo Ipecacuanha; Ci
trate Magnesia; Oil Peppermint; Cochineal:
Geutiaro, Columbo. Colocynth; PrecipCarb Iron,
and Lime Bark, received, and for sale by
;> mo 24 Stabler* Old Stand. Fairlax-st.
_ . - -
cure of Hernia or Rupture. Ufero Abdominal
Supporters, Improved Elastic Su>pender shoul
der Braces, Suspending Bandages, ot Silk, Cot
ton, and Linen, lor sale bv
niv 1 ;i Wholesale Druggists.
j SOAP. Glenn’s (oentine) Brown Windsor
Soap, Glenn's Family Soap. Transparent Bar
Soap, a full supply ol'each, just received and lor
sale by R. E. STONE, Apothecary,
my* is Kimr-St.
Panacea; Solution of Chloride of Soda:
Pavsoifs Indellible Ink, just received. ami lor
sale by [my I A] B. C. .MAJOR. Apothecary.
A PS, CJu^S, FURS, &c.—Fall Supply —
Tlie subscriber has opened at his store
and manufactory, on Fairfax street. No. 2, south
of King, a very extensive and excellent ssort
rnent ol HATS, CAPS, Ac., of every variety, and
! at all prices, to which he invites the attention ol
i his friends and the public. He has on hand a
; ! few ol those beautiful Hats which received the
premium at the State Fair.
To the ladies he offers the largest and hand
somest assortment of FI RS, ol all descriptions,
which he has ever had the pleasure of showing,
i Among them will he found articles to suit every
i taste. . .
He invites all to call and examine ins goods
| before making their purchases.
‘ i Bv means ol his-Ready Fitter." imported from
1 ; France, for taking the shape ol the head, he can
: guarantee a periect lit to all gentlemen whe
! may order their hats ot him.
‘ ! The highest price paid for all kinds of ship
. j ping furs. [dec 7] JOHN HOV\ ELL.
' SET. Merchant Tailor, would call attention tc
his stock ot CLOTHS. CASSIMEKE8 am
l 'KSTISCS. embracing all the varieties of qual
’ ! ity and shade to be lound in the markets of tin
» | Northern cities, w hich he is prepared to make uj
’ in the best manner and latest fashion, at the verx
' lowest prices.
t Also, a good assortment of READi-MADr
{ CLOTHING, fashionably cut and properly mad«
: up. Also.
Fink and Common Shirts; ( ollaks;
’ Hasdkerchikfs: Cravats; Stocks;
* Gloves; Half Hose: Umbrellas:
s Suspenders; Arc.. Ac.
1 i TViunVfnl for former encouragement, no effnr
shall he spared to merit future .continued conti
dence. at the old stand, south side ol King. on<
r door east of Royal street. aP tf
^undersigned having rented the Soap and C an
die Factory, lately occupied by Samuel Lunt
e I deceased, oil Union street, will at once comment
manufacturing Soap and Candles, and respectlul
i» lv solicits the patronage of Mr. Lunt s torme
i ! customers. He will buy Butcher s I allow in th
rough, or rendered, at the highest market pnct
h He also wishes to engage the services ot ;
S ! first rate Soap -Maker, a single man pref«red.
j dec 14—tf J. a MONROE.
n I ClOAP_The subscribers, agents lor the sal
i S of MV KICK'S SOAPS, offer for sale
t- • 2”>n0 boxes Chemical Olive Soap
_1 3000 do Pa^ <io , .
2000 do Brown do, warranted eqi
>f! al to anv manufactured, put up in Packag^ 1
e suit, without charge. J. B A. & ^AU-ER
s I 7 and 8. South Wharves. Philadelphi!
h ! Philadelphia, mh 18—3m_
‘■\\j contains of Salts of Potash.-vO lhs,Sulpha.
.’ ; of Ammonia, 12 lbs.. Salts ot Soda, - s-, u[
rhosphaterof Lime, 80 lbs., Animal Carboi
0 112 lbs. Price $3 per bbt. For sale-at <h
. Agricultural Warehouse, '’rairfiut, cs&un’A''
le M5ria, Va.,hy ; fan 271 ; R- S. HUCK.
, rr J HIGDON, still continues toreceiv
r. W . orders in Hons* and Sig" «
the lower end of King street sep 19 y
*Y VIRGINIA At Rules held in the Clerk's 01
j lice ol the Circuit Court ol Alexandria
('(Minty, on the. first day ol May 1851, James
Green and John W. Green, partners under the
name and style of James Green & Son, plain*
i tills, against Robert H. Murdock, defendant; in
' an action of debt to recover the sum of $171 8*2.
t in which case an attachment has been issued —
The delendant not having entered his appear
ance and given security according to the act ol
Assembly and the rules ol this Court, aud it ap
pearing by satisfactory evidence that he is not
an inhabitant of this Commonwealth,—It is or
dered. that the said defendant appear here with
in one month after due publication ofthis order,
and do what s necessary to protect his interest
| in this suit, and that a copy of this order be
torthwith inserted in some newspaper published
: in the town of Alexandria, once a week tor tour
successive weeks, and posted at the liontdooi ot
the Court-house ol this County.
! A copy, test: F. L. DiiUCKr. 1 I,v ierw.
Smith a Beach,p.<?. niy vN *u
AJIRGINIA: At Rules held in the Clerk’s Of
p lice ol the Circuit Court of Alexandria
Countv, on the first day ol May, iSol; IJizabrth
E. Stone, administratrix of James W. Stony,
plamtil!. against Andrew J. Frank, deleudant. in
| an action in the case to recover damages, in
which case an attachment lias been issued. I lie
detendent, A. J. Frank, not having entered his
i appearance and given security according to tin
act of Assembly and the rules ot this Court, and
it appearing by satisfactory evidence that iie is
1 not an inhabitant of this Commonwealth,—It w
ordered, that the the said defendant appear here
within one month alter due publication o! this
order, and do what is necessary to protect his in
terest m this suit, and that a copy ot this order
j he forthwith inserted in some newspaper publish*
i ed in the town of Alexandria, once a week for
tour successive works, and posted at the 11out
door of the Court-house ol this ( ounty.
1 A copy, teste: F. L. BROCKKTT, Clerk.
Smith a Beach, p. q. nay 13—w4w
At IRC IMA: At Rules held in the Clerk's Of
fice of the Circuit Court ot Alexandria
County, oil the 1st day ol May lMl. Stephen
Shinn plaint iff. against Andrew J. Frank, in an
action in the case, to recover damages, in w hich
case an attachment has been issued. The de
fendant Andrew J. Frank not having enteied
his appearance ami given security according to
i the act of Assembly and the rules ol this ( ourt.
1 and it appearing by satislactory evidence that he
is not an inhabitant of this Commonwealth.—7/
! u ordered, that the said defendant appear here
within one month alter due publication ol this
order, ami do what is necessary to protect his in
tere>t in this suit, and that a copy of this order
be lorthvvith inserted in some newspaper pub
lished in the town of Alexandria. once a week
for four successive weeks, and posted at the
front door of the Court-house of this County.
A copy, teste: I. 1- nkui 1vr.11.
Smith a Bkach. p. ^ ^k
my 1*1—w-hv
gSjg jjj
HAVING assumed the management «f the
Express Business, in Warrenton, the un
dersigned assures the business community, and
: the public in general, that the same promptness
and de-patch that characterise the Express in
other places, shall be found on this line. Mer
chants and others will tind it to their inteie-t t<>
patronize this line. Goods Irom Philadelphia in
4o hours, or from Baltimore in 28. All goods
called for, and delivered tree of charge.
E. L. FA XT. Agent.
I AM prepared now to forward goods on the
Orange and Alexandria Railroad to Warren
ten. and in a short time will extend it to Culpep
per Court House. Drafts on England, Ireland,
and Scotland, for sale in sums to suit, from £\
upwards, payable at any Bank in the ( uited
Kingdom. ' ' HUGH LATHAM,
mb 1A—tt Agent.
tuvi’n Alexandria. Baltimore. Philadelphia,
Xew York. Boston, and all the principal rities and
towns in the Union.—The citizens of Alexandria
are re-pertiiillv informed, that the arrangement
lor our Express, are on an improved and enlarged
>rale. Our car> now leave Baltimore three times a
day |or Alexandria, conveying GOODS, ot all
descriptions, at very low prices, and unrivalled
speed. Our charges from Baltimore to Alexan
dria for heavy freight. Dry Goods. Ac., are at
rates very little (it any.) in advance ol the ordi
nary freight lines. Merchants and other>order
ing by us! will save the cartage, wharfage. Ac.,
in~Baitiinore and Alexandria, an important item.
The merchants in Warrenton. Middleburg.
I Upperville. and surrounding country, w ill find
it to their advantage to forward their GOODS
by our line.
j 'fT All heavy goods will be taken from the
Philadelphia boat or stores in Baltimore, and
delivered at the store door or Railroad Depot in
1 Alexandria, lor .‘J7$ ets. per cut.
Our European Express for Liverpool, London.
Dublin. Paris. Havre.Ac.. Ac., leaves twice a
1 week. Packages. Ac., forwarded. Bills payable
in any part ot England, Ireland, or Scotland, lor
sale at this office.
You should bear in mind in all cases to order
1 by Adams A Co.'s Express.
aufr 17—tf Alexandria, Va.
It is the business ot the subscriber to fur
nish articles necessary or convenient in House
! keeping. t r
My variety embraces Woodcn-W are. W i How
Ware. Hardware. Tin. plain and painted. Britan
nia and Silver plated ware, l>iu>hers. l eather
1 1 Dusters. Door Mats. Ac.
Mirny articles in this line cannot he found
elsewhere in Alexandria.
’ GOODS bought, not suiting, maybe returned
' House-keepers are invited to examine my varie
ty and prices. JOHN OGDEN.
ni}, .j«i Next to Theatre Building
Plans, Specifications. Estimates, and Con
t tracts for new buildings prepared and their erec
. : tion superintended. Old buildings altered and
i_• i ^ k. 11 a itn*nt variety r» 1
* illtwcJ iii&cu. i vv — r*-- ;- j
designs for buildings of every description, ami
will furnish plans and working drawings oi
Jl written application, with description astoloca
* tion. taste in style «$■<*., to persons intending tc
1 build in Alexandria or vicinity. Office on Penn
' gylvania Avenue.between l*)th and 11th Streets
' Washington. D. C. tnh W-tcQm
? T OHN T. EVANS, respectfully informs th#
• I Ladies, that he has just returned from New
i : York, with one ot the LARGES 1 and bESl
ASSORTMENTS of BONNETS. e\er ofiere<
in this market for sale—such as ENGLISH
8 POUT AN; PEDALS, Ac. ALSO, a good as
sortment of RIBBONS.
Boys and Gentlemen’s HATS, of all kinds, Ac
my •>—tf _ _
3 EG ROES WANTED.—I wish to purchase
\ any number of NEGROES, either in fami
l ! lte>, or single Negroes. Also, mechanics of al
j kinds, for which l will pay the highest ca.*d
prices. Pert>ons wishing to sell will find it t<
* i their advaiUage to see me or ray Agents befor
e they sell. All communications will meet witl
'• prompt attention, if addressed to me at this place
b jy ] 5—tf JOSERH BRUIN.
MACKEREL.—50 bbl*. No. 3 Mackerel, fo
- niy 2w_M. ELDRIDGE.
t "ITTOOL purchased by
AVvTlua SAiit-s
BY OKOUOK WHITE—Ai-ctioskkk.
Y AKTION.—O/i Saturday, flu 'Jtllh in*t..
at I'J o'clock, will Be sold on the premises,
(commencing at Lot No. I.)the tollowing valu
able lots ol ground, with the improvements
thereon, viz:
1 7*^ Lot No. 1. That comfortable two-story
jjjb^ frame DWELLING HOUSE, occupied by
• me tor several years past, situated on tuirfax.
between \\ olie and \\ ilkes streets, in Iront on
Fairfax street gu leet, and running back '•» l feet
! to a court 1> feet wide. leading by a l‘2 leet alley
into Wolfe street, on which court there is a
I X small FUAMK TENEMKNT. This pro
JiiiijLpei tv is desirable as a residence, the house
being well built, looms high, large and airy.
, with attic, and a very deep, airy cellar, and an
excellent cislurn in the yard
No. '1. Adjoins No. 1. on the south, is ot the
same dimensions, and runs hack to the afore
l.X said wide court, having on it a FUAMK
3, a i<l 1, are situated on Wolfe street (north
! side.) between Water and Fairfax streets, near
• the centre ol the square, in trout on \\ olte stieet
' J1 icet. and running back M leet. On this lot
/ A there are two comfortable two story
Title to this property, unquestionable.
Tkums of Salk.—One fourth of the purchase!
money w ill be required in hand, the residue in
; three equal payments, with interest, at six.
twelve, and is months, secured by a lien on the
premise-*. MAR) ANN MASiERSON
J8$*§rIntending to decline house-keeping, I,
will dispose. at private sale, of the following art i
! cles’. viz .—
One superior s day English CL(K K.
One Mahogany Buffet: one do (bedstead.
I One dozen Rush Seat (’hairs. (Evans maker.) i
Mantle Ornaments. China. Glass, two dozen. '
Ivory balance handled Knives and forks.
Bed Curtains, Linen and Cotton Sheets.
(guilts. Blankets. Mosquito Bars, Window
Curtains. Books. Andirons. Shovel and longs, j
two Stoves. Kitchen requisites, large preserv ing
Kettle, Bath Tub. Ace. Ace. M. A. M.
my 0—eots
BY THOS. 11. HANSON, J it.—Aictioskkr.
be sold on Saturday, the'4.1th instant, in Iront ot
the Mayor's Office, in the City of Alexandria, at j
j 1-g o'clock, M. at public auction, a commodious
/f-z&and genteel BRICK DWELLING, with j
jiigjLout-houses. such as gardeners hou.-e. brick
stabling, and carriage house, icehouse, a dairy. ;
with a line spring running through it: extensive
shedding tor cows, Ace.. situated on the north side j
ol King street, in Alexandria County, and bound
ed on the west by Hoolf s run.
* MX ACRES of superior land will be sold
‘ with the improvements named, and some or
,*!<j ACRES adjoining will be rented to the pur
chaser on reasonable terms, with the growing ;
crops, as corn, grasses for Cows, melons, pota- j
toe». iXc. He can, also, take the Cows, some L> J
or JU in number, at cost, with the milk cart,
tins, horses, &c., lor continuing the milk busi
m*ss now in full oneratioil.
The above property, though within the city ol .
. Alexandria, tor all sanatory purposes, is not ;
| subject to city taxes. Terms at sale.
my IK—dtd j
BY T. H. HANSON, Jh.—Aixtionkkr.
ijld! on west side ol Patrick, between King and
Pr.nce streetsat Pchlic Aitiion.— W iil be sold j
on Saturday, tin 21th inst., at 12 o flock. ,
front of the Mayor's Office, at public auction,
unless disposed of sooner at private sale, a LOl
OF GROUND, situated on the west side of j
Patrick, between King and Prince streets, be
ginning at the centre of the >quare (immediately i
on the north of Mr. C. C. Bradley's dwelling.)
and running northwardly fronting on west side
of Patrick street 33 feet by inn feet deep, with
a very comfortable two and a halt story FRAME
DWELLING thereon, with S rooms. Kitchen.
Woodhoii>e, Cistern. Pump. \c.. 4tc. Title un
Terms:—One-third cash; balance in equal
payments of b and months, to be secured by
lien on the property, and bearing interest from
day ol sale. (*oit\eyaneing at expense of pur- i
chaser. niy 23—dts
BY THOMAS H. HANSON, .lit.—Aittioxkku.
\\^ ILL be sold at Public Auction, in I rout of
Y f the Mayor's Office, at 12 a r!n>/c. 3/.. on
y JL. Saturday, the 21th inst., a BED K SI A
jEHbLE am. CARRIAGE HOUSE, situated
on the south side of the 1*2 leet alley, running
east and west, through the square bounded by
Fairfax. Water. Prince and King streets, imme
diately in the rear of the Mis>es Herbert s dwel
ling. Said property fronts lb feet b inches on
south side ot said alley, and is 3b leet b inches
Terms:—One-half cash; balance in t months,
with interest secured by lieu on the property
until payment ol purchase money.
Conveyance at expt use of purchaser.
m\ 23-dts
B\ THOS. H. HANSON. Jr.. Aktionkkk.
Saturday, the 21th day of May. will be
sold at pul.lie auction, in trout ot the Mayors
Ollier, at 12 o'clock, a very desirable FRAME
DWELLING HOUSE am/ LOT. on the East
side ol Water street, between Duke and Wolle
streets. Lot fronts on Water street 20 feet,
running back 123 feet •"> inches. To the south of
the Lot i» a 1 feet alle y, through the whole depth
of the property.
Terms. 4 cash, balance at one and two years,
with interest on deferred payments.
n.y 11 —eots T. W. SMITH.
BY T. H. HANSON. Jr—Aixtionkkr.
T\ r]LL be sold at Public Auction, on Satvr
day morning, the 2"ith instant, at 12 0
cl,rk. M. in front of the Mayor's Office, in
the City of Alexandria. I W O NEW 111 REE
nn the north side of Princess, between
Fairfax and Royal streets. Each house has b
rooms, with a lot 13 feet front, by b3 feet deep.
Terms.—One third cash—balance in equal
payments, at b and 12 months, with interest.—
Conveyancing at expense ol purchaser,
my -3—dts
BY TIIOS. H. HANSON. Jr.—Auctioneer.
'11‘7'ILL BE SOLD at Public Auction, on
yy Saturday, the 21 th inst.. at 12 o rlork. M..
, in front of the Mayor's Office, a LOT OF
GROUND, situated on the northwestern corner
int^r.r>ctinn r»t E:mtav and W likes Streets.
/~X fronting 11 feet 7 inches on Fairfax, by 77
tnot deep, with a comfortable frame dwell
ing thereon. 'Perms at .-ale. iny 2.3—dt.s.
1 BY T. H. HANSON Jr—Aittionkkr.
title of Patrick street, near King. 22 t^et
. front by 113 feet 5 inches deep, with a large
BRICK DWELLING thereon, will be
vnlrl on Saturday, the 21th of May. at 12
o'clock. M.. in front of the Mayor’s Office.
Terms at sale. my 23—ts
I^OR RENT.—A large YARD, containing
about 23,</»0 tret, fronting on Union and
1 Duke streets, well adapted to the Wood and
1 Lumber business. . , , ,
> ALSO, a large COAL YARD, will, wharf
I ! PrivUe<^ EnqUil\MES GREEN & SON.
-i >f desired ^ Krame WAREHOUSES
^_i»y be had with the I »rd, .7
x Have«sto»«aj***"1 V*!?
I ment of iron frame, steel spring, sole lea
ihir TRUNKS, that were eyear offered for sale in
' X-T market Give me a call before you buy.
“^7 WM. F. PADGETf, King-street
The precise idea which the Western In
dians entertain of ft future life is this:
As soon as the Indian threw off the flesh, he
would find himself standing on the hank of a
river, the current running with great rapidi
ty. Across this river was a slender pole
stripped of its bark and lying close down to
the water. The Indian who had lived a good
life, then sees a bright object on the other
side: that was ‘Right.’ He would then, de
>irous of embracing the object he loved so
well in the world, walk across the jnde, un
mindful of the raging torrent beneath his
feet, arriving in safety on the opposite shore;
and Right would "then lead him among
mountains covered with gold and silver, into
noble hunting grounds; where he would live
for eternity. But, on the other hand, the man
who followed “Wrong” all his life, when at
tempting to cross the pole, after death, would
fall into the foaming stream, and he swept
down into a whirlpool surrounded by rocks;
there he would be carried round for many
centuries, until, at last, he would be gradual
. , i * . i. ___r
IV SUCKCU 111 lowiuun uic i cimcvn
and finally engulphed in an immense bottom
less hole.* What became of the unfortunate
sinner, the Indians could not surmise, further
than he livedjorever^^^^_
Lord Erskine declared at a large party, in
which Lady Erskine and Mr. Sheridan were
present, that “a wife was only a tin canister
tied to one’s tail;” upon which Sheridan pre
sented Lady Erskine with these lines:
Lord Erskine, at women presuming to rail
Calls a wife a tin canister tied to one’s tail;
And fair Lady Anne, while the subject he
carries on,
Seems hurt at his lordship’s degrading com
But wherefore degrading? Considered aright,
A canister’s polished, and useful, ami briyht;
And should dirt its original purity hide,
That’s the fault of the puppy to whose tail it
is tied !
A poetical young gentleman, while alone
in a village church the other day, under the
influence ofhighly devotional feeling, deliver
ed himself of the following sublime verses,
which betray more genius aud wit than sym- ,
pathy for our fallen race :
“I stand again,
On sacred fane,
Beneath thy turret high.
Conscious that all,
By Adam’s fall,
Are fond of apple pie.”
The deacon “remained” after service on
the following Sabbath, and summoning the
“Nine” to his assistance, wrote directly under
Men to this temple should resort,
In prayer their time to pass;
But some appear to come for sport,
With too much apple suss.
•• I n. 1.* Ntil h.ni in* hair on tin* top <*f his hwa.l.
In tio- plan- where tin- hair ought t«» grow.’*
r^But he lived previous to the discovery of
LYON S C'ki.khkatkd KATHAIRON. which not
only preserves ami beautifies, but restores the
hair at any period of life. Only those who will
not try it. are troubled with Baldness, Dandruff,
or harsh, unpleasant hair.
t'nmi the Sew York Home Journal.
•'No article ever acquired rapid celebn.v
and universal appreciation.as L^ ON S K.AIH
AIRON. To those who have used it (and w ho
has not) the reason is obvious, as its invigora
ting and beautifying effects, and agreeable Per
fume. stamp it an indispensable article of the
Sold at the old price of >5 cents, in large bot*
ties, bv all dealers, everywhere.
1). S. BARNES, Proprietor,
inv 1—d&c I in lb l Broadw ay, New York.
OILS.—Lubricating OIL for every kind of
machinery, equally applicable to light and
heavy bearings, last speeds. &c., where hereto
fore. nothing but the best Sperm Oil has been
found to answer. There is a superiority in this
Oil, over any other, and a saving of fifty per
cent. It consists in running machinery with
1h>> friction, thereby accomplishing more with
the same motive power, and effects a great sa
ving in the wear of machineiy. This Oil is
perfectly tree trom gums. It will clean off an\
old gum there may have accumulated upon
journals, si ides, or any part ot machinery from
the use ot had oils. 1 o prove 'he fact. 1 ha\ e cer
tificates from Master Machinists, Engineers. Pre
sidents of railroads. Captains of steamboats,
and steamships. Received, and for sale in quan
tities to suit purchasers, by
my 22—tf Sign of the Whale.
Of ICE TO FARMERS—The subscriber
is now prepared to fill orders for Leavitt s
CORN and COB CRUSHER, at the Foundry
of Messrs. Smith A IVrkins. Pitt street. Alexan
dria. w here they can he seen in operation, and
being desirous of introducing them into general
use among farmers, has put the price to $40.—
They have been in u.-e for eight months in the
Valley district, and given general satisfaction,
for all >tock purposes of a farm they are une
qualled tor simplicity, durability, and cheap
ness. having no horse power machinery attached,
simply a lever turned by 2 or 4 horses. P«r
sons desirous of further information can by ap
plication by mail to the nybscriber, receive a
bill giving a full description of its operations, or
to R. S. Hick, esq., agent, Fairfax street, where
the Mills can be seen.
my 11—eotf R. McLAGAN.
rilHE SUBSCRIBER having purchased the
entire stock of MARBLE, belonging to H
C. Neale, is prepared to furnish the citizens ot
Alexandria and adjoining counties, with HEAD
and TOMBS, of the best American and Italian
! Marble. They will he forwarded to any part
of this or adjoining counties. All orders pum -
r . ° tuovhs AN i
luauy auejmeu iu. --. , . jr
jya0-€Oly Alexandria. Va.
JUST RECEIVED a fresh supply ol FRUIT,
Viz —Changes; Lemons; Pine Apples; Ba
sava8. L)atks; Figs: Soft Smelled Almonds:
| UhViVts Cream Nrrs; Whole, Hail, and Quar
ter' boxes Raisins. A line supply of Canary
and Mocking Bird Cages. C. SCHAFFER,
roy2u__ Fairfax street.
| jfwiNG, 14? Pratt street, Baltimore, D. B.
SMITH k CO., Alexandria. _ 4 . *
! *ent in any part of the country, at short notice.
mb 21—w3m__ ^ ‘
I T.^OWLK it CO., b»ye now in.rore.aitd ’r«
F about receiving a large »“PP*y ,1
Mawfr, which they ofe to; their ngrKulturdl
friends at tba Inwent ea»h pncee. -r
my . ' f - - - - —
>S UANO.-100 too. PERUVIAN ffUANO,

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