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By the Rev. John Cumming, D. D. PhUa
delphia—Lindsay & Blakiston.
This is the third volume of the series of Dr.
Cumming1 s works which Messrs. Lindsay &
Blakiston have undertaken to re-produce in
thii opyytijy1 The reputation of Dr. Cumm
ing aa one of the greatest, if not the greatest,
of the pulpit orators in London, has spread
“through all the churches,” and all his print
ed (iiSeourru are read with as much eager
ness as they are heard by the people who sit
under bis preaching. He publishes them in
the hope that “what was useful to a congre
gation may be useful to the Church at large.”
These lectures on Christ’s miracles are char
acteristically bofll, eloquent, and energetic,
and are calculated to make a serious impres
sion. In the main, they will doubtless be ac
ceptable to Teligious minds of every religi
ous denomination, but we notice here and
there passages to which many readers in this
country will take strong exception: as, for
example, the following, which is an extract
from the lecture on “Water made Wine” in
Cana of Galilee:—
“It Ha* been objected bvone of the German
infidels, that our Lord did not show a deep
sense of the danger of wine when he created
at tKw feast so excessive a quantity—some
hundred gallons—by an act of omnipotent
power. Would not this objection apply to
every vintage? If God gives a plenteous vin
tage you would not say. This is a temptation
to men to drink to excess. There was no
more temptation to drinking to excess from
his filling many large water jars, than in his
being pleased to give the sunbeams ami rain
drops that make an abundant vintage. 1 he
secret of temperance is not in the cellar, but
in the heart of the landlord of the wine cellar.
A Christian man will not become intoxicated
if he drinks from a cask; a drunkard will l»e
eooe intoxicated if he driuks from a bottle.
It is not in the quantity before you that the
element of temperance is, but in ♦he grace of
God that has been planted in your hearts.
Now it does seem to me, without the least ex
pr Osh ion of disrespect toward those who differ
from me, that if God had designed that men
should be uuiversally what is call teetotal—
that is, should not taiste wiue, or auy thing
that has the least alcoholic element in it—
He would have prohibited the growth of the
vine, and rendered fermentation absolutely
impossible; because if there were no fermen
tation there could be no alcoholic elenieut
generated. But He has not done so; lie does
give the vintage, and He does give the fruit
of the vine; lie has created fermentation
just as truly as He has created vegetation;
therefore it does seem to me that temperance
ie to arise, not from the alienee ot wine, but
from the presence of Christian principles:
and that we are to be sober because it is a
Chrietan duty, and not by insulation from all
the elements for being the reverse. It does
appear to me that character is perfected, not
by being placed beyond the reach ot tempta
tion, but by being placed within the reach
of tt. And there gloriously triumphing by the
gr** of God over all its suggestions and its
temptations. . .
It is remarkable, (and I submit it to tho.se
who differ from me) that our Lord ministered
not to supply, as you preeeive, a necessity,
but to add an enjoyment. I admit teetotalism
him done much good, and l recognize the
perfect liberty of every man to adopt it woo
ts satisfied that it will do good. 1 would not
•aj one word against the teetotal society, be
cause they have done good, and I pray that
they may do more: hut while they claim the
lihArtv of holdiucr their sentiments, 1 must not
shrink from the duty of expounding what is
plainly God's word. * * *
if I could, 1 would make every man sober:
but iny prescription, if you will allow it, is
not a mechanical chauge, but a moral revo
lution in the unregenerated and unsanctified
heart. “But there is danger," you say, in
wine. So there is, and there is danger in
other things; there is danger in tampering
with the word of God: there is danger in
reading the bible in the light ot teetotal ism,
instead of reading teetotalism in the light of
the Bible; for we may depend upon it. wlien
6Y<W % man begins to adopt another mode of
life than that which the Saviour gave, he
soon begins to adopt another rule ot faith
than that which the Bible affords,
ll ii not mv prejudices that influence uic. 1
feel I am fiere the interpreter of that word,
the glory, the perfection the beauty ot which
shine forth more and more. 1 must bring
all my likes and dislikes, alt my preferences
Rttd 'prejudices, to God's law w«d to God s
testimony; 1 dare not say what is cot lie re.
A few have left this congregation because i
will not be a teetotaler. 1 have no liking to
wiD* lean do without it as freely as any of
you; but what my Lord consecrated by tast
ing, I will not pronounce unholy: what lie
has mit a precedent of using, l too feel that
I may use in moderation: and thus I teach,
whether you like it or dislike it. 1 ani
pitted in this pulpit, not to preach to your
prejudices, or to echo vour opinions, but to
nroeiaim, as responsible at the judgment bar
JfGod, what is true, and that, by God s
grace, I am determined to pcrseiere in doing.
I, therefore, gather from this passage that
wise is lawful, that it is not unholy; that the
iemnurate use of it ii legitimate; that its
empSofment as a medicine is right. 1 have
tried the teetotal system, and literally and
truly ft did not suit me; 1 have tried the other
system - I nee but do not abuse it—and i find
taut stronger and can do more work, eujoy
better health, and put forth greater energy.
I must, therefore, put my experince against
an opposite experience. 1 never drank to
excess in my life, aud 1 hope uoue ot you do.
jfuthing can be more degrading to a unman
IW" drunkenness; nothing can b*
moMs disgraceful to a Christian wan than cx
.cess. TfiTgreat law, the beautiful law, is
khptame is short, it remains for them that mar
ry to be as though they married not, for them
(that sell as though they sold not, and them
that buy ms though they boughtnot; thus us
ing the world and not abusing it, for the
feriiiftTi of this world speedily passeth away.
M VmtU N«d had no hair on the top of hi* head.
1b thv plane where the hair ought to jeruw. ”
gar Bet he lived previous to the discovery o\
LYOJg’S Cxlebkatko RATHAIRON, which not
^ndy preserves and beautifies, but restores the
ii uy period of life. Only tlioae who v\ ill
net Ry it, are troubled with Baldness, Dandruff
- i_A _1 li-iir
in o««, —
From the Few York Home Journal.
“No article ever acquired so rapid celebritj
**4 universal appreciation,as LA ON S KA TH
AIRON To those who have used it (and who
has aot) the reason is obvious, as its invigoia
tiaf and beautify ing effects, and agreeable Per
fume, stamp it an indispensable article of the
Sold at the old price of 25 cents, in large bot
tles, by aU dealers, everywhere.
0. S. BARNES, Proprietor
I To be drawn at Wilmln^on, Delaware,
IN JUNE, 1864.
GREGORY 4 MAURY, Managers.
40.000 DOLLARS!
LOTTERY for the benefit of the State of Del
aware, Class 126, for 1854, to be drawn at
Wilmington, Del., on Saturday, June 3rd. 1854.
78 number lottery—14 drawn ballots!
1 prize of $40,000 1 prize of $2,000
1 do 18.000 30 prizes of 1.000
1 do 10.000 30 do 500
1 do 6,000 40 do • 300
1 do 4,Ut>0 257 do 200
1 do 3,000 Ac., Ac., Ac.
Tickets $10—halves $5—quarters $2 50.
Certificates of pack'gs. 26 whole tickets, $130 00
Do do 26 halt do 6.) 00
Do do 26 quarter do 32 50
51,000 DOLLARS!
LOTTERY tor the benefit of the State of Del
aware. Cl as* 132, for 1854, drawn at il
! mington. Del., on Saturduy. June 10/A, 1854.
75 number lottery—12 drawn ballots!
I 1 prize of $51,000 20 prizes of $6,000
1 do 25,134 108 do 50«»
Ac., Ac. Ac.
Tickets $15, hhs. 7,50, qr*. 3.75, eighths 1.87$.
... , . .» i i I . ml
| V ernncares oi pacKdg s :«» p;'"' w
Do do 25 halt do 1UU 00
Do do 25 quarter do 50 00
j Do do 25 eighth do 25 00
38,000 DOLLARS!
I OTTERY tor the benelit ol the State of Del
j aware. Class 138, tor 1851. drawn at V\ il
I nungton. Del., oh Saturday. June 17/A, 1851.
13 draw n numbers out of 75 !
i 1 prize of $38,000 20 prizes of $500
| do 20.000 20 do 400
| 1 do 10,255 20 do 300
4 prizes of 3,000 100 do 200
2»» do 1,000 &c., &c., &c.
'Pickets $10; halves $5; quarters $2 50!
Certificates ot packgs 25 whole tickets $130 00
Do do 25 half do 65 00
Do do 25 quarter do 32 50
*>0,000 DOLLARS!
LOTTKRY for the benefit of the State of Del
aware. Class G, for 1854, drawn at Wil
j mington. Del., on Saturday. June 24/A, 1851..
7h number lottery—13 drawn ballots !
1 prize of $00,000 2 prizes of $*>.000
2 prizes of 30,000 2 prizes of 3,036
2 do 20,000 100 do 1,000
2 do 10.O* JO 173 do 600
2 do 6.000 Xc., &c., Xc.
Tickets $20, halves 10. quarters 5, eighths 2 50
Certificates ol packag e 26 w hole tickets,$270 00
Do do 26 half do 155 00
Do do 26 quarter do 67 50
Do do 26 eighth do 33 7o
ORDERS lor Tickets and Shares and Cer
tificates of Packages in the above Splendid Lot
teries, will receive the most prompt attention,
and an account of each drawing will be sent
immediately after it is over to all who order
from me. Address, P. J, B1 CKKY. Agent
i mv 24—Im Wilmington. Delaware.
X ISH M1XTCRE—The great purifier of
infallible cure for Scroll! I a. or King s Evil. Rheu
; matism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions. Pimples
or Pustules on the Face, Blotches, Biles. ( hronic
! Sore Eyes, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald Head.
Enlargement and Pain of the Bones and Joints,
| Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago,
j Spinal Complaints, and all Diseases arising lrom
I an injudicious use of Mercury, Imprudence in
Lite, or Impurity of the Blood.
! The following certificates, selected from a large
! number, are stronger testimony than the mere
j w ord of the proprietor, and all from gentlemen
well know n in their localities, and ot the high
1 est respectability, ninny oi them now residing in
: the city of Richmond
F. BOY DEN, esq. of the Exchange Hotel,
Richmond, known everywhere, says he has seen
'■ the medicine called Carters Spanish Mixture,
I administered m over a hundred cases, in nearly
i ail the diseases lor which it is reccommended, ,
with the most astonishing good results. He says
t it is the moat extraordinary Medicine he has ever ,
C. B LL'CR. esq, now in the city of Richmond, ,
and for many years in the Post Office, has such
confidence in the astonishing efficacy ot Car
I ter's Spanish Mixture, that he has taught up* (
wards oi oO bottles, which he has given away to
the afflicted. Mr Luck says he has ne\ei known
it to tail, when taken according to directions.
Dr. JOHN MINGE. a practising Physician,
and formedv of the C ity Hotel in the city ot
Richmond, says lie has witnessed in a number of
instances the effects of C arter s Spanish Mix
ture, which vverp most truly surprising. He says
j in a case of Consumption, dependant on the Liver,
the good effects were wonderful indeed.
I KER, of the firm of Drinker \ Morris, Richmond,
| was cored of Liver Complaint ol d years standing.
I by the use ot two Bottles ol Carters Spanish
! Mixture.
: RICH. E. WEST, of Richmond, was cured ol
Scjofula; and what physicians termed Confirmed
Consumption, by s bottles of Carters Spanish
j Mixture.
EDWIN BURTON, Commissioner of the Re*
| venue, says he has seen the good effects of ( ar
tkr-s Spanish Mixture, in a number of Syphilit*
! ic cases, and says it is a perlect cure tor that her
! rible disease.
WM. G. HARWOOD, of Richmond, Va. cured
1 of Old Sore> and Ulcers, which disabled him
(from walking, look a few tattles of C ah*
1 ter's Spanish MiXTURE.and was enabled to walk
without a Crutch, and in a short time, perma
nently cured.
DROPSY CURED.—The wife of Mr. GEO. |
W. BAKER, was cured of Dropsy, (for which
uui was twice salivated.) by Carter's Spanish
Mixture. Mr. Baker is a resident of Chester
field. county. Va.
Mr. WM. A. MATTHE)VS, of Richmond, Va, '
had a servant cured of Syphilis, in the worst form,
by Carter’s Spanish Mixture. He says lie !
cheerfully recommends it, and considers it an {
invajuabie Medicine. ‘
iy None genuine unless signed by Bennett 1
Barrs. Richmond Va.
LlTtald by HFNKY PEEL, Alexandria;
CHARLES STOTT, Washington, and J. Wj
DYOTT & SONS, Philadelphia. Pwce $1 per
Bottle; 6 Bottles for jan 31—eoly ]
| OPENED.—The subscriber returns sin
cere thanks to the citizens of Alexandria and 1
its vicinity, for the liberal patronage heretofore
extended to him. and respectfully infoims ttam
that he will re-open on lvesday. me '.'in instanr. ,
the PLEjiSiRE (IROI &DS at the lower end
of Pitt street, long known as Abates’ Gardes, t
where he has, and will continue to keep a large j
collection ot FLOWERS, L Rl ITS, tyc. But- (
VffcTS put up at the shortest notice. y
The G«irden will not be opened until four \
o'clock tn the afternoon and will he closed at eleven. a
On T i esday Evening ot each week there will be t
a BAND or MUSIC for the benefit ot visitors. t
As before, REFRESHMENTS always on hand.
ADMISSION at the gate 12$ cents.
TOHN T. EVANS, respectfully informs the %
* I Ladies, that he has just returned from New 'j
York, with one of the LARGEST and BEST c
ASSORTMENTS of BONNETS, ever offered r
in this market for sale—such as ENGLISH, „
POLITAN; PEDALS, Acc. ALSO, a good as- t
sortment of RIBBONS. . ,
Boye and Gentlemen’s HATS, of all kinds, &c. -
my o—tf __
TThemjcal FERTiLiZER-Each B»mt J
I ; eooUiii* of Salto of Potatk,^* 1
of Ammonia, 12 lb*, Salt* of Skd*, ^
Phoopbat* of lime, .20. lb*, Aw>W Gubon,
Hi lb*. Prieo 43 par bW.: F« «*k bO»«
Agricultural Warehouse, Fairfax, *&*&&**• #
r«p arr * * !
for sale by the single log .or otherwise, by
mb 18 i -i DAN1W. f. ROQE. *
ORE NEW BOOKS.—Life of Dr. Alexan
der.—The Life of Archibald Alexander,
i). IK. First Prolessor in the Theological Semina
ry at Princeton, New Jersey, by James W. Al
exander, D. IX, an octavo volume, with a por- {
trait, $2 50.
Mabel Grant, a Highland Story, by Randall
H. Ballantyne, 50 cts.
Charles Roussel, or Industry and Honesty,
adapted from the French of the author of ‘Three
Months under the Snow,’’ 37J cents.
Outline of the Geology of the Globe, and of the
United States in particular, with two Geological
Maps, and Sketches of characteristic American
Fossils, by Edward Hitchcock. L. L. I)., Presi
dent of Amherst College, $1 25.
'Ihe Poetical Works of John Milton, with a Lite
of the Author, preliminarydissertations on each
poem, notes critical and explanatory, an index
to the subjects of Paradise Lost, and a verbal
Index to all the Poems, edited by Charles Dex
ter Cleveland, $1 25.
jilom. a new Virginia Novel; by Marion Har
land, author of‘Kate Harper,' ‘Marrying through
Prudential Motives, Ac., $1 25.
The Wood-Cutter oj Lebanon, and the Exiles ol
Lucerna, by the author ot ‘Ihe Morning and
Night Watches,' 50 cts.
Lady Bui tier's Xew Mb/*.—Behind the Scenes.
V... I ail,, Kulti-ur I.vttnn :nitlmr rtt '( hevelv.
•School"lor Husbands," &c., three volumes in one,
$1 'Jo. Just published, and lor sale by
my 23 ROOT. BELL.
on the Four Gospels in Harmony, design
ed lor Bible Classes, and more advanced Sunday
School Classes, by the Rev. Joseph Packard, i).
1)., ol the Theological Seminary, Va., published
by the Protestant Episcopal Society lor the
promotion ol Evangelical knowledge, price Jo
Ryles Tracts—Little and Wise, How Should a
Child be Trained? Living or Dead? The Cross,
A Call to the Fundamentals ol Religion, and Be
Zealous; published, by the same Society.
h it possible to make the best of loth Worlds, a
Book tor Young Men, by T. Binney, 6J cts.
Work, or Plenty to do. and how to do it, by
Margaret Alaria Brewster, a Companion to "Lile
in Earnest," 37$ cts.
Uncle Sum's Farm Fence, by A. D. Milne,
with illustrations by Orr, 75 cts.
Maps of the Seat of War in the Black Sea and
the Baltic.
Africa and the American Flag, by Commander
Andrew H. Foote, C. S. Navy, late Comman
der ol the C. S. Brig Perry, on the Coast ol
Africa, A. D., 1S50, '51, with engravings, $1 50.
Just published, and lor sale bv
explained, Judge Edmonds reluted, or an
exposition of the involuntary powers and in
stincts of the human mind, by John Bovee Dods.
1 vol., Umo. cloth. 75c.
The Two Roads, or right and wrong, by Jas.
Knorr, Umo. cloth, $1.
Voices of the Day, by Rev. John Cumming,
D. D., 7th thousand, enlarged, London edition,
$1 J5.
Voices of the Night, by Rev. John Cumming.
I>. D., 10th thousand, enlarged, London edition,
*1 J5.
Voices of the Dead, by Rev. John Cumming.
]). I).. 3rd thousand. London edition. # 1 J5.
Vt mli pw Ar F ..pflirptt <111 flip Iviok'S
of Daniel, by Kev. John Camming, D. D.. 6th
thousand. London edition, $1 25.
Apocalyptic Sketches, by Rev. John Gum
ming. D. I)., 15th thousand, London edition. 2
vols., 5*52.
The life and adventures of a Country Mer
chant, by J. 3. Jones, $1.
Types of Mankind, by Dr. J. C. Nott and
George R. Gliddon, 8 vo. cloth. $5.
A lurther supply ot the abovepopular books,
just received, and for sale by
my 10 No. 2 Exchange Block.
| GUMMING, D. 1>.—Foreshadows, or Lec
tures on our Lord's Parables, as earnests ol the
age to come,by the Rev. John Gumming. D. D..
new (London) edition $1 25.
Foreshadows, or Lectures on our Lord s Mira
cles, as earnests of the age to come, by Rev.
John Gumming, D. D., 7th thousand London
edition, $51 25.
Africa and the American Flag, by Com. An
drew H. Foote, l. S. N., 1 vol. 12 mo., beauti
[ully illustrated, i$1 5«>. Just published, and for
sale by JAS. EN1\NJSLE Ac SON,
my i:j No. 2. Exchange Block.
770A//—Fanny Ferns New Book, at
FRENCH'S Book and Periodical Depot.
Second series of Fern Leaves; composed of en
tirely new matter, one elegant 12rno., volume,
with three illustrations, price-$1 2.3. Call and
look at it.
Garnelle, or the Rover s Oath of Blood, au ex- *
citing tale of the ocean and the land, by Charles
Powell Bickley. 25c.
Expose of the Know-Nothings, a fresh sup
ply, just received, price 13.J cts.
Everything new on hand. my 27
Levers new novel— m Dodd Fami
ly Abroad. by Charles Lever, author of
The Daltons,” -Roland Cathel,” "Maurice Tur
ney.” Acc . No. 187 of Harper's -Library of Se
lect Novels,” 75 cts.
Blacku'ood's Magazine for May. 25 cts. or $3 j
year. Just published, and lor sale by
my 25 ROBT. BELL.
J[ Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, an
Analysis of their reports since 18-18, their mis
representations. sifted and exposed in a series ot |
:hapters. under the signature of -Viator,” by a j
Virginian, price 25 cts, just published, and lor
»ale, by [my 22] ROBT. BELL. (
| Manufacturers of GUN POWDER— •
l-ontinue to furnish Gun Powder of all their (
well known brands. \iz:—-Kentucky Rifle,”
• Sba Shooting,” “American Sporting,” “In- ,
>ian Rifle.” -Electric.” -Duck Shooting,” j
n kegs, half and quarter kegs, and canisters of
>ne pound each. Also, a full assortment of
poses, and for EXPORT. 'Pile reputation oft heir
SUN POWDER is too well known to require
comment. For sale by the principal dealers in <
his place, and at the office ol the Company, 8lJ *
Wall St., N. Y. City. A. G. HAZARD. Prest. J
A. E. Douglass. Sec'v. N.Y.. ap 6—(p>m s
I^OR RENT.—A large YARD, containing
^ about 2.3,»mmi feet, fronting on Union and t
Juke streets, well adapted to the Wood and i
climber business.
ALSO, a large COAL YARD, with wharf
mvileges. Enquire of
If desired two Frame WAREHOUSES l
gK may be had with the Yard. my ‘J 1
will sell at private sale the HOUSE and (
A)T on Union, between King and Prince streets, i
►ecupied as a store and dwelling for twenty *
ears past. The lot is bounded on the north and J
vest by a twenty teet alley, and pan be so altered i
,s to make a fine store house for the railroad 1
rade. The cars pass immediately in front of j
his property. For terms, &c., apply to
jy *2‘J—eotf RUDOLPH MASSEY.
i'he property belonging to Mr. George Kephart.
n Duke street, advertised for auction yesterday. J
ot having been disposed of, is now for private f
lie, with several other LOTS,. -
Terms liberal, and made known by applies
ion to GEORGE \VH1TE. -
dec JO—eotf J
EUDWELLING, situated on Princess at, op- '
»osite to Capt. Boothe's. Possession given im- I
nediately. For terms apply to ' ,
»? 26—tf r j, H. HANFORD Ac CO. 1
WJLTt f HIGDON, still continues to rawvi '
• otdeYi in end Sign Painting, at 1
RH. HUNTON, Grocer and General Com- 1
# mission Merchant, Thompson’s Whar{l j
etween Queen and Cameron sis. sep 17—tf t]
_ DRY GOODS, 4fcc._
Extensive and superior assort
ment OF MATTINGS.—We respect
fully announce to housekeepers that our stock ol
the above article at this time comprises, we
think, the most complete and extensive that has
ever been offered to this community. Attention is
particularly asked to those in our stock which
are marked as follows :
Extra Contract 4-4, 5-4, and 6-4 white Oow
Do. colored do.
Extra colored Gowqua.
Extra colored Foekking in Brussels figures.
This is an entirely new article in this market.
Extra white Manhing, in extra heavy quality
and at very low prices.
Also, 10 bales of those delightful Choo Loos. I
or India Bed Mats, for summer use.
Those who have never yet used this article j
have no idea what a luxury can be had lor so j
very small a price, (fifty cents.) these are the
last w e shall ever be able to offer for sale, as the
price does not compensate for the cost of impor
Also, 10 bales superior 3-4, 1-1, and 6-4 Cocoa j
in hales Spanish and Manilla Mattings, in
colors. Both these kinds are very heavy and
strong and the very best covering lor public halls
ami thoroughfares.
Also, 1 hale of bl) gross Matting and Carpet
All the above goods we can confidently re
commend as the best of their kind in this coun
try, and will lie sold at prices which cannot tail
to satisfy. CLAGETT & DODSON.
Washington, my 17—eoifw
^ received and on sale ‘Jf> sheets of Goods in
the above line, which v\e are rapidly cutting up
as per diagrams.
Those in want of Oilcloths which are as rich
as can he produced by the most faithful work- i
manship and materials, will do well to call and
examine our stock. On a specimen ol the qual- j
ityol the body of the cloth we have on exhibi- ■
tion is a most life-like portrait of \\ ashingtou, •
to which the attention of the public is invited.
To the manufacturers of these Oilcloths was
awarded the highest class medal at the World's
Fair,New York.
Amongst the designs will he found beauti
ful imitation Mosaic inlaying patterns of flow
ers on variegated tiles, on very heavy body.
Tapestry patterns after rich velvet carpets.
Oak and walnut-grained pannels.
Marble, granite, and porcelain tiles and chintz 1
patterns. s
Also, a stock of rich Berlin and Leipzic 'Fable v
Oilcloths, from 4 to 8-1 wide. i
Housekeepers in want of goods in the above l
line will do well to call on tis soon, as we find t
it difficult to keep up a full supply of such as we <
now have, CLAGETT & DODSON.
Washington, my lit—eobw
Dry goods of select grades—
FontTH Instalment.—We are hourly open- I;
ing the fourth instalment of our purchases this t
spring of rich Fancy and Staple Dry-Goods, com- j
billing all the novelties in our line, and it may be I
added, that our Stock of Goods, for geneial fami- (
ly consumption, was never so complete as now. I
A lull stock of Mourning Goods constantly on (
hand: also, a vast supply of Goods adapted far £
youths’ and misses' wear. ! 1
Dealing largely in all kinds of choice Dry (
Goods of reliable qualities only, (obtained from
the best sources.) and having but one lair and J*
equitable price, we do not hesitate to invite pur- 1
chasers to call and examine our stock, assuring (
them we strive to present inducements second (
to no house in the District. I
Strangers who may not know where the t
best bargains are to be obtained are cordially in- f:
vited to examine our stock, il but lor their own (
gratification. I
C®rJWe make daily additions to our stock <
throughout the entire season. i 1
jyGood articles, low prices, and fair dealing j
may be relied on in all cases. i
PERRY Ac BROTHER,Central Stores. | J
opp. Centre Market. (Tty of Wash'll, i
Washington, ap IB—tf |
Hosiery and gloves.—harper $
M< l EI(1H. offer for sale a large and gen
eral assortment of Ladies, Gents, and Misses ,
Hosiery and Gloves.
Ladies white, mixed, bro. and blk. Cotton Hose j
do do do do do Lambs wool do j
Misses do do do do Cotton do !
do. do do Fancy and Lambs wool do j
Boys do do do Cotton Halt Hose
Gents do do bro. do do do do
Gents white, cold., and blk. Kid Gloves, very
superior a
do do do do Sil k do j r
do do do do Thread and Cotton do . <j
Ladies and Misses Kid, Silk. Cotton and i bread
. Gloves, in great variety
Ladies and Misses Black Silk Mitts and Gloves. :
ii!»t received, and for sale, at the Notion House ol
my in HARPER k McVElGH. j |
HARPER Ac BRO., received this day. by j 1
Express, another supply of ' c
summer Silks, some very low-priced
White tig'd Muslin; White Merino
French ('hint/, small figures for children
1 piece solid Pink, pretty and fast color
Barage De Lains, plaid and figured
English Crape, pink and white ('rape. Paarasols j
md Parasoletts, some for children; Grass Skirts, |
Moreen Skirting. Cassimere, small figure, for I
nisi ness coats: do. do do do. lor boys; green, q
due, and black Summer Cloths, Black Silk j
Lace. 11-1 and l:M Bleached Sheeting, \c . all }
>f which will be sold cheap, at the corner of j
King and Royal streets. ap ‘Jh | 'I
{ (OLLARS, SLEEVES. &c.—We have just ja
^ j received by Express, from New York, a
urge supply ot these very fashionable Maltese
md Limerick Lace Collars; black and white
’rape do.; Maltese and Limerick Sleeve End>; I
lo. (Jndersleeves; a large assortment of (Jim- f
nire Lace, for Trimming Capes. Mantillas. Ace.; (,
Keal English Thread Bobbin Edgings: superior a
’ambric do.; Lace Falls, in great variety; black c
Lace Mitts; black, white, and colored Kid finish s
Jilk Gloves; (Jrenadines; Tissues; Berages. and
-.awns, with many other GOODS, to which we --
nv ite the attention of purcha>ers.
my 8 (J. K. WITMER Ac BRO. | -
4 SHBY, HERBERT Ac c3I would call the j
4* \ especial attention of their friends from th»* i
ountry and the public generally, to their large
md splendid assortment of FOREIGN ami
)OMESTIC DRY GOODS, which they will
ell at a small profit to punctual customers, and
cry law for cash. ^
Purchasers in town or country will find it to ^
heir interest to examine their stock before they
>uy. ap 2i*»
BRYAN, ADAMS & CO., have just received |
an assortment of beautiful TAPESTRY, j ^
lave on hand, and will receive 4-1, fi-4. and b-1 j
■ loor OIL CLOTHS Also. Hall and Passage j 1
io., cut to suit diagrams. mh 22—eo2m j J
f'I RAPE SHAWLS.—A splendid assortment P
[^y of plain and embroidered Canton Crack i 1
'll awls, at various prices and qualities, from $'> j
ip. Together with an assortment of De Lain. ;
lerage, and embroidered C ashmere Shawls— ! —
ust received, at MEYKXBERG & BROS. c<
my 3 ___
just received the celebrated KID GLO\ ES “1
f Alexander's make, to which we invite our J
ustomers. MEV ENBERG A: BROS, j ai
Remember that there are a lew boxes lelt o! j
abron’s at 37L and other makes, at 25 cts. a ' l_
>air__ _ _ _my 6 j
If ORE NEW DRY GOODS.—We are this j ic
day in receipt of an additional supply of
easonable DRY GOODS, to which we call j ~
he attention of the dealing public.
T NEN SHIRT COLLARS, received and I
if sale at HARPER & McVEIGH’S. A
-Eiii----- ;
’ / large assortment, cheap at *
rty 18 • WM. N. JIERKLEY1S. _
BRYAflt, ADAMS k C6., have on hand a 1
large lot of OFFICE MATTING, to tyhich J
ley invite attention. mh 99—eo9m
Prince Street Wharf, Alexandria,
ARE now receiving per Schrs. Statesman
and Whirlwind, from New York and Bos
ton, their Spring stock of GROCERIES, Ac.,
which, with additional supplies daily expected j
hy other vessels, will make their assortment
unusually large and complete, embracing in
part, as lollows:
105 hhds. N. 0. and P. R. Sugar
50 bbls. best Loal
150 bbls. Crushed. Pulverized, and Coffee do ;
110 hhds. Cuba and Muscov ado Molasses
120 bbls. New Orleans do
75 “ Sugar House Syrup
175 bags Green Rio Coffee
205 “ Old Java and white do
210 half chests Gunpowder, Imperial, Y. ■
Hyson and Black Teas, of medium and
very prime grades, at prices and quali
ties that will give general satisfaction
450 boxes Tallow Candles
120 *• Sperm and Adamantine do
l5o *• Rosin Soap
275 ** Variegated bar. Cushion. Wind
sor and Castile do •
115 boxes Cavendish Tobacco, prime quality
225 “ •• *k medium k* 1
210 ,4 Plug *• 5‘s and S's, Ac., *
and all other Goods in a wholesale Grocery Stort.
01/" We respectfully invite merchants general- -
ly, v isiting our city, to an examination of our
•itnek l»p!nrp makiner tlipir mi reflates, assurin'?
[hem that we will do fully as well by them as j
rail he done in this market or in Baltimore. I j
mb 17 I t
*)* f ORLEANS SUGARS, part prime «
1 <hi boxes and barrels double refined loat, •
crushed and pulverized Sugars
on bids. Coffee do
100 " New Orleans Molasses and Refill- j *
ed Syrup *
3oo bags Old Government Java, green and ' «
white Rio. Angostura ami (.’ape Coffee j ‘1
if mi half chests Gunpowder, Imperial, ; s
Young Hyson and Black leas, lrom ex- j 1
tra finest quality, to medium and lower j
grades, which we always warrant to give 2
satisfaction ^
1UU boxes Sperm and Adamantine Candles
:>0 “ Mould ** I ^
7f) dark, yellow and Toilet Soaps
10 “ Castile “ { J
100 boxes Cavendish and .Vs and 8‘s To- j
bacce 1 f
5,000 Havana and Principe Segars, part very j t
uperior quality; and all other Goods in a
wholesale Grocery, to which we respectfully 1 -
nvite an examination by all who visit our city. ;
lelore making their purchases, feeling confident ; ~
hat we can and will sell them quite as low as
ny house here, or farther North,
[ROBINSON A PAYNE are now receiving |
|_Y; from New York and Philadelphia, their
ipring supply of GOODS, to which they iioite |
he attention of buyers, before making their !
wrchases. Their stock consists in part of the n
allowing articles:
’uba. New Orleans, and Yellow Coffee Sugars
^oat. Pulverized, Crushed and Refined do a
'uba. Muscovado and N. O. Molasses
ugar House Syrup
vio. Cape, and Old Java Coffee j %
iunpowder. Imperial, Young Hyson and Black ! ^
Teas, part very superior ^
[perm. Adamantine and Tallow Candles (j
frown, Castile, and Toilet Soap ^
’avendish, 5‘s and 8's Tobacco. (some very fine) ■ j.
otton, Manilla, Hemp and Jute Rope; Leading ' ti
ami lhtu v ui u?j i ainin emu
►line Oil; Sup. Curb. Soda: Refined Saleraratus: jf
Saltpetre; Lorillard’s; Rappee and Scotch Snuff; t)
tround Pepper; (xinger: Allspice; and Cloves; j
irain Pepper and Allspice; Nutmegs: Mace; In
igo: Fig Blue; Mustard: Rice: Starch; Foolscap, j
setter, and Wrapping Paper, Ac.. Ac. mb 20
^ CO., are jttst receiving per Schrs. States
nan and Fairfax, their Spring supply of Hroce
ies, consisting in part ol f
f>o hhds. N. O. and P. R. Sugars
10 bids. N. O. and P R. Syrups and Molasses j ;;
5o packages Crushed and Pulverized Sugars j >
20 bills, Clarified do \)
100 bags Rio, Java. Manilla and St. Domingo ; „
Coffee j i/
ldO boxes Mould. Adamantine and Sperm (’an* j ti
dies j fi
to chests Ci. P.. V. H.. Imperial and Black Peas , u<
15 boxes and baskets Olive Oil J II
5o boxes K. D. Cheese, Ac., Ac. ! ol
We respectfully solicit a call from Merchants I |>,
nd others who wi-h to buy good Groceries, at ! 0|
easonahle prices. Prompt attention paid to or- \\
ers. and goods forwarded with de-patch. in
'heatre Building, on ('ameroii street, opposite ; |(,
City Hotel. Alexandria. ap I j in
' 1 KF.F.N. M;T1LK A CO., arc now in re- ! el
Jf ceiptof their Spring supply of GROOK- ■j*,1
LIKS, winch they oiler lor sale on the most ae- , *
ouiMiodating terms: they name in pari- -
.‘jll hhds. P. R. and N. O. Sugar
2<> *• W. 1. Molasses ,
:.;o bills. N. 0. do y
10 ** Sugar House Syrup ,l|
fu packages Loaf. Crushed and Pulv. Sugar
5m bags Rio Coffee l ;
20 *4 Old Government Java do
25 packages 'Peas, some of very superior
uality; lUhbls. Linseed and Lamp Oil; 5m kegs
ure White Lead: 5m boxes Adamantine and
lould Candles; 1mm sacks G. A. Salt: 5m sacks 1 0
LshTnn'tifm*» do • 2M hove- Ca\endish and Pluif I .
'ocaeeo; boxes superior Cigars, w ith all other j 1 {
rtieles usually k#• pt in a Grocery Store.
i, | Ct
an 11
| pi
I \ A: S. BLACK LOCK are now receiving j «»i
I /t per packets trom Boston. New \ork. and ar
Tiiladelphia. their Spring purchases of GROCK- cl
>CORS. A:c., all of which have been purchased n<
t very low prices. They would invite Mer- f0
bants and others to call and examine their
tock belore they make their purchases. 1 ar
ap I—eotf
[) I casks Hams |
2 do Shoulders F
3U0Oibs. bright country cured Bacon, hams, j
sides and shoulders j or
8 bhls. Lard. Received and for sale by j H
my 8 THOMAS DAVY. tl.
| REFINED SUGAR.—25 packages Loaf, I * *
Crushed, and Pulverised steam refined SC- ^
ARS. just received per Schr. Damsel, from ,
hiladelphia. and for sale bv ‘
ap 25 IRWIN k POWELL. | £
CHAMPAGNE WINE.—Max Sautaim Ai m
J Champagne Wine, equal to any Wine j lit
nported into this Country, constantly on hand, sh
►r sale by F. A. MARBCRY. , B(
dec 14 Agent for Importers. Fowl os Wharf. • (a
fJERUVIAN GUANO.—14*J0 tons Peruvian
[ Guano. now going in store, and to arrive. /
?r barques Teal and A1 bus, direct from the Chin- ^
ia Islands, lor sale by
ap 13 HOWARD & POOR. “
j / v PACKAGES Lovenng s Crushed. Pul- an
) verized. and Granulated Sugars, just re- en
?ived, and for sale bv pu
my 10 Theatre Building, all
a ERRING.—250 bhls. prime lull roe family )VI
Herring; 3u0 bhls. No. 1 Herring, in store
id lor sale low by S. SHINN Ac SON, _
my 18 Janney** Whart. T
[j English Dairy Cheese, just received, and ^ ’
r sale at WHITE'S, Post Office corner. I ^
-?■>: **__ ha
{ FACKEREL.—50 bbls. No. 3 Mackerel, lor ^a<
»A sa^e by °I
my 0—2w M. ELDRIDGK. **
*J[J just received, and for sale by ,
my 15 HUME. MARSHALL k WARD. 1 th(
)LIVE OIL, a fresh supply,, just received, |
and for sale by j mi
my 19 Hgate, MARSHALL k WARD. b*
)ANANAS.—A lot of Cuba Bananas, to ar* ' pj
3 five this morning, for sale at
my 19 WHITE’S, Post-office corner. jq
WM. & CHARLES BAYNE, N. W. corner
of King and Water ulreett, Alexandria,
Virginia, invite the attention ol dealers gene
rally, to their large and new assorted stock ol
GROCERIES. Alexandria a» a Grocery mar
ket lor the country merchant is not inlerior, it it
is not superior, to any other in the country, and
we flatter ourselves that no country merchant
will do himself justice il he buys before ex
amining our stock. We offer for sale
l Jo lihds. P. R.. Cuba, and N. 0 Su
gars, (fair to prime) ^SUGARS
lOup kgs. Loal, Crush d. Pow. & I ul. |
>o(j bbls. Soft Crushed and Coffee J
lihds. P. R.. Cuba, Muscovado, Cardenas,
and X. O. Molasses
jo bbls. Sugar House Syrup
joo bags Rio, lair to choice i
>00 •* Old Java and White , COP I* EE
100 “ Cape Coffee )
INi half chests Gunpowder, Imperial, Young
Hyson, and Black leas, from common to
strictly choice, of late purchases and quali
tv, in every case, warranted to be equal to
our recommendation, or no sale
in bbls. Lamp. Crude. Whale. Elephant, Linseed
and Tanner's Oil
|< m i boxes Sperm. Adamantine anti Mould ( undies
md all otherGoods in a wholesale Grocery Store,
ruh K>—tf
t) OACH & WASHINGTON’, L'nxon strict.
^ north of King. *1lexandrin, In., are now re
viving. per Sc his. Fairtax, Mott Bedell, and
Vnn Pickerell. from New Y ork and Philadelphia
hei r Spring Stock ol (} RO(' E R I ES 6f LIQL ORS,
. ...I • ,1, tlx, nttuiitimi nl 1 'nimtri'
V* II1V.II l»»v- y — -- - - J
nerchants. as they are prepared to sell on as ac*
ornmodating terms as any house in this city.
LIQUORS.— I o0 hbls. Rectified Whiskey, 7b
• Ms. Old do, (part very superior,) various
•rands; 20 bids. Domestic Brandy; 10 do Hose
iin: lb do N. K. Rum: 10 do Peppermint and
iuuamon Cordial; lo quarter casks S\veef NTu 1 -
ga Wine; I" do do Port do: 5 do do .Madeira
o; 20 # and | casks French Brandy: 2 pipes very
uperior do; 1 pipe Holland Gin; •> baskets
’ham pagne.
SUGARS—P. R.. X. O., and Cuba, of all
rades; Loaf, Crushed, Pulverized, and Coffee
MOLASSES.—P. R., Cuba, N. (>., Sugar
louse, and X. Y. Syrup.
• COFFEE—Rio. St. Domingo, and Old Gov*,
TEAS.—Gunpowder. Imperial. Y. Hyson, and
Hark l eas, warranted equal to our representa*
ion. or no sale,
mb 21
I)AINTS, OIL, &c.—
[_ White Lead, pine and extra in Oil
Red Lead. dry and in Oil
Paris Green do do
Chrome Green do do
Chrome Yellow do do
Yirdagris do do
Prussian Blue do do
Linseed Oil. raw and boiled
Turpentine, Litharage. \ el low Ochre. \ e
itian Red; (’hinese and American \ermillion;
utty: Lamp Black; Black Lead, and Imperial
lack Paint: bright Varnish. \c.: Paint Brushes, :
11 sizes, ami of’ best quality, for sale low by
ap l Janney’s Wharf.
U u v BARRELS LIQUORS, of various j
M ) brands and grades, trom the best and
urest imported BARAXDIES ann WINES, ^
D\vn to the purest article ot Rectified W'HIS*
EY in the country. In a word. I have the
ngest assortment ot LIQUORS to he found in
ii?> market, to which I invite the attention of all
esiring to purchase, feeling assured that it will
e decidedly to their advantage (as well as mine)
) gi\e me a call at the old store, fomerly occu
ied bv Cazeliove & Co.. No. 2b. King street,
[JOTOMAC HERRING.—A lot of prime 1
[ roioniac Herring, m vwwskey uuis.,
-ceived. and lor sale l>v
niy 2*i GREEN, SETTLE Ac CO. 1
>‘j Rroadmiy. Ar/c )ork.—'l HE Bl.Si AND
EONS. T. (Idoert (( Co.'s World s Fair Pram- \
7i Pianos, with or irifluait the Jfddcun. and mth I
on fra nos awl circular scales. 1 he merit ot t
ie.se iiistrumeuss is too well known to need
irther commendation. Gilbert's Boudoir Pia- a
js. an elegant instrument tor small rooms.—
d established firm ot Hallet Ac Co. Mr. W .
•ing sole agent tor all the above Pianos, can
fer them low er than any other house. HORACE *s
ATERS* PIANOS, manufactured expressly
r him, having great power ol tone and elasticity
touch. TH Bkoaiwvay is tiie largest depot
r Musical Instruments in this country, allbrd
g an op|K»rtuiiity lor selections not to be had
sew here. SEC< >N I M IA N D PIA N< >S at
eat bargains. Prices from $<>«» to $17'>.—
very instrument fully wananted or flic money
Pi O N S. with two banks ot keys—a sweet o
id power!ul instrument. Prices lioiu a to
'ihi. S. D. Ac PI. W. SMITH'S celebrated T
ELODEONS. MARTIN'S unrivalled GUI- ii
Dealers supplied with PIANOSAND MP.LO
EONS at factory prices. PJj cent discount f
M LSI C.—This list comprises the pro- j
lets ol the great masters ot both the Amer- j
an and European continents, and is re
iving constant additions by an extensive
iblicatiuii of the choice and popular pieces
the day. 1) E A L ERS I N M lT S I C,
id Teaciiers of Seminaries wishing to pur
iase any music published, or make arrange
ents for continued supplies ol Mr. Waters
vv issues, will find it to their interest to call or
rwaid their orders.
MUSIC sent to any part ot the Union or Can
las. jK)>tage free. HORAC P. V\ A 1 P.RS.
NeW York, ap '!—d.'lm
L-'RNISHIN'G ARTICLES, at the cheap rash j -*
jholstrry mid Furniture Ware Rooms, southwest
-ner oj Kinu mol Pitt struts, opposite the Marshall
wse. I would embrace this opportunity to
ank my Iriends and the public generally, for
eir very generous patronage, and would re*
ectfully assure them if they give me a call ^
f-y shall not be disappointed with regard to ,
ality or ckk l ot any article embraced in the
siiie.-s. i am induced to make these very z
ttering offers from a determination to accum
ulate one and all at the lowest cash price, lie- M
ving that "a quick penny is better than a slow
illing.' I am prepared to furnish BP'.DS.
ny quality or price.) (’otton and Shuck MAT- j a
l ESSES. SOFA, Few and Chair CUSHIONS, ! |r
>UNGES. Union and Chamber CHAIRS. 1 ' ^
ve on hand, Sideboards, Bureaux, dining and ; tj
f*aklaxt Tables, cane and wood seat, roc kjng
d sitting Chairs, Looking Glasses, large and j]
tail sizes; (’locks, eight day and thirty hours; a
d numerous other articles not necessaiy to
unieiate. (>ive me a call, at least, before you
rchase, and see lor yourselves.
N. B.—Old Solas, Mattresses, Cushions* and J
kind of UPHOLSTERING work, repaired *
thout delay. Second hand FURNITURE
ught or exchanged in part pay lor new. ,,
AMERICAN M IN DO WAiLASS. ami all other ,f]
'irlt* in the line. WASHINGTON I. HARPER, y
* received, direct from the various maim- .
itories. a large and general assortment
the above named articles, and w ill be con
mtly supplied, so as to have them fresh and 1
re. * Being engaged exclusively in the busi- J
»s, and having purchased none but the very n»
ft No. 1 articles, he will sell such as low as JJ
*y can be purchased in Alexandria. pi
Having in bis employ an old practical Painter, m
xed Paints, of any color and. quantity, can be Y
i, with all information on the subject.
Agent for the sale of Sake's celebrated F»« te
oor Paint, in Oil and Dry, at Factory price. A
tdP~Three doors above the Marshall House, tb
ig street. mb 3b
OHOK STORK.—To my customers, and to the
public generally, I return my gTatefiil thank*
lor a liberal share of their patronage during the
last few’ years, and by endeavoring to keep ou
hand everything within my line of business, I
hope to merit a continuance of their favor*. >'y
stock ol GOODS consists in part,as follows:
Whole and hall Gaiters, black
Do do do fancy colored
Morocco and Kid Buskins and Slippers
Do Seal Walking Shoes.
Black Morocco Boots and Slip)>ers
Fancy Gaiters
Bronze and light-colored Slipjters and Buskins
French calf skin stitched and pegged Boots
Gaiters, Monroes, Jeliersons, and Slippers.
Together with all other variety and qualities
of work w orn by gentlemen.
Boots and Shoes, warranted to give satisfaction,
and on as liberal tcmis, (quality considered.) as
in any other house in town.
Come and examine for yourselves.
HKXRY L. SIMPSON, (Royal street, third
store from Kin# street.) would resjwctlully
,»,ll ti... Qtlviitinn ill in* trit'ful* nf til*. I 11W li A tui
Country to iiis very extensive stock ol* B(X)TS
AND SHOES, suitable lor the present and ap
pi caching season; which, as usual, he offers lor
sale at fair living prices. His stock consists in
part of the following very seasonable article*,
Ladies Morocco and Seal Walking Shoes
*• w Slippers
“ Gaiters
“ Boots (morocco and sea!)
Misses an<l Children’s Boots and Shoes
Gentlemen's Calf, Kipp, and Buff Boots
u •• u “ Shoes
Boys •• and Kipp Boots
” k* Shoes
Youths “ and Kipp Boots
44 Shoes
Men's thick Boots and Brogans, No. 1, for farm
ing and similar purposes, and in short, every ar
ticle usually tound in a well-stocked Boot and
Shoe establishment.
N. B.—I should Ik* most happy to receipt tb«
bills which I have rendered to my friends, if they
would only *:ive me an opportunity. (I hoj* 1
an understood.) oct -I—tf
T^rOTICE.—BOOTS and SHOES—The sub -
scriber would most respectfully invite the
attention of his friends and the public generally,
to his stock of BOOTS asu SHOES, comprising
in part as follows, to wit:
Waiters. black, brown, tan. pearl, and other fancy
Black Morocco Boots and Buskins
Pafodi Boots. Slippers, and French Ties
Bronze and tan colored Boots and Faro*’ *
Black, brown, and pearl colored Gaiter*
Black and Bronze Farodi Boots and lies
Buskins and Slippers
Substantial Goat Boots
\ variety of children's Shoes, of various colors
and patterns
'alf. Sewed and Fegged Boots
)etached and Congress Gaiter.*
>xford l ies. Monroes, and Slippers, of various
pialities. Together with many other articles
i.'ually louud in a well appointed Shoe store.
All kinds of work made to order, and warrant
kd to please, and on as easy term* as any house
u this city. K. E. BI'CHASaN,
mb 9—tf King st.
ATTENTION ALL.—The undersigned most
respectfully call* the attention of the citi
zen.* of Alexandria, and others visiting the city,
o their large assortment of BOOTS AND SHOES,
DKKN SHOES, which they offer on teim* as
e.tsonable as at any other establishment in the
ify. As most of their work is made under their
mmediate superintendence, they can warrant it
i>r durability.
X. B.—We would most respectfully call the
.Mention of the public to our fall stock of work,
vhich is \erv large, such as KIP and (’OAKSK
SOOTS A\i) SHOES, which we are detei ruined
o sell low for cash.
All orders for work will receive the strictest
JOHN L. SMITH & SON, Fairfax street,
sep tV—tf 4 doors north of King street.
Alexandria. Va.
Board ok Directors.
H. W. Thomas; President.
W. I). Massey. Treasurer.
('has E. Stuart. Edward Sangster,
S. S. Masters, Christopher Neale.
Shot to T. Stuart, Basil Brawner,
W. T. Harper. Henry Pruyne,
Henry Shackelford; T. 1’. Hill.
1 1IIIS COM PAN Y w ill make Insurance either
on the cash or mutual plan, and tor |>enod»
I three years, or le>>, under any one policy.
jipphcation* tor Insurances w ill be teceived at
he office oi the Company, on Washington street,
i rear ot Dr. Stabler s Drug Store.
Office hours from * to 1*J A. M.. ami from If
my —tf Secretary.
ALEXANDRIA, continues to insuie against
ire. generally, in Tow n and Country, as hereto
9i e. on the most reasonable terms.
Anthony P. Govkk, Presiuem.
William Fow le, Thomas Keith,
Dwight Metcalf, William H. Fowle,
Hugh Smith. John H. Brent,
William Gregory, John B Damgerfield,
Robert Jamieson, Edward S. Hough.
Hugh C. Smith,
Office hours from 9 to If. and from Wf to 3f
clock. C. W. WATTLES, Secietary.
Office on King street, near St. Asaph,
nov 10—dly
Samuel Miller. President.
Wm. N. McVeigh, J. F. Dyer,
G. D. Fowle, Lewis McKenzie.
J. A. English, Thomas Davy.
This Company is prepared to receive offer* for
isurance. Office in the Exchange Block. King
iff ween Pitt and Royal streets,
dec b—tf JOSEPH EACHES. Secretary.
_m___ - , g
tv Extensive dealers in Lumuer, .ningies,
aths, \c., on the wharf. f<»ot ot ( ameron stieet,
re constantly in the receipt ol Building Materials,
orn the States ot North Carolina. Pennsylvania
York. Maine, and the British Province*, which
»ey otfer tor sale on accommodating teirn*.
Their arrangements with manufacturer*enable
»em to supply particular bills of White, Spruce,
nd Yellow Pine, at the shortest notice,
mb 1—tt
I'M BEK \ AKD.—'The subscrilier having
j rented the yard, recently occupied by Me>srs.
imes Creen & Son, tart ween Duke and Wol te
rcet*, lias, and will keep on band, a genera! as*
rtment of the different kinds of LUMBER, viz:
astern White Pine, Spruce and Hemlock.difler
it kinds of Susquehanna, Eastern Shore, and
irolina Scantling and Boards, well seasoned
Iso, Shingles, Laths, Nails, Lime, Plaister. Ce
cil?, and all other article* found in Lumber
ards. Persons wishing a good article, will tiwd
to tiieir interest to give me a call before puz
ia*ing elsew here.
oct 7—<ltf_ JOSEPH MASTERS*
" UMBER YARD*—We take tbi* method of
A informing our customers, that we k*'*c0“~
^cted our LUMBER BUSINESS witn the CAB
LET MANUFACTORY, whert wt art pre
iret( tp furnish evtiy description af Lumber
ixaily found in the moat extensive Lumber
r, Lathe, Shingle*, Palling*, Nail* of all *1***,
f - ftc., which we will sell low for cash, o* ai
e’usual time to punctual customer*,

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