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The following is the result of the vote ta
ken on Thursday last, in Amherst County,
on the subscription of $50,000 bv the County,
to the Lynchburg extension of the Orange
and Alexandria Rail Road. At Amherst ,
Ct art House 74 for the subscription, o ,
against; at Temperance district 50 tor and - j
against, and at New Glasgow 20 f°r au^ ^ !
against, making 144 votes tor, and 10 against ^
the subscription, with six other precincts yet
to hear from, which will not probably alter
the proportion. We learn that it is the in- I
tention of the Board of Directors of the Or
ange and Alexandria Rail Road, to put the
t>0 miles from Charlottesville to Lynchburg
under coutract, as soou as this subscription (
is secured. i
__ -— -
At the last regular session of the Grand
Bar i of the Independent Order of l nited
Brothers, of the State of Virginia, held in !
Martiusburg, ou the2i th of July, the tollow- j
mg officers were elected to serve the ensuing
R. W. Grand Mai »ter, John Koonce, of No. |
2.; K. W. Deputy Grand Master, Harrison
H. B. Arnold, of No. 4.; R. W. Grand War
den, William 11. Smith, of No. 4.; Grand
Secretary, James W. Riley, of No. 2; Grand
Treasurer, Dr. F. M. Burkeheart, of No. o.— .
Representatives to R. W. Graud Band of
l nited States—James W. Riley, ot No. ,
William 11. Smith, of No. 4.; K P. Henry, of
No. 4.
The Harrisonburg Republican says: A very
heavy rain fell, on Monday night, in Greene |
County, which so swelled the streams of wa- j
ter, that great damage was done. A triend
writing to us from that county states that the i
South river was probably toiler than it had
been since 18-6. Many portions ot the coun- i
trv, during the last two weeks, have been vis- i
ited by heavy rains. ^ ^ ^ ^
lu the House of Representatives, on Sa
turday, t! e bill making appropriation* for
the transportation ot theLnited States mail
by oceau steamers and otherwise, during the
year ending 30th June, 1855, was passed, so
amended as to give Mr. Collins six months’
notice of the termination of his contract, im- ;
mediately after the 3ist of December 1854.
The Washington Star of yesterday, says:
* Mon. 11. A. Wise’s testimony was taken this
morning before the Bavly investigating com
mittee. We learn that he said he has ao
knowledge whatever of anything which
would at all hear upon the truth of Mr.
Green’s charges.” _
The Richmond Examiner states that the
recent advices from the frieuds of Dr. Sc- I
<juard, in Paris, represent his acceptance of
the pvist assigned him in the Medical College
at Richmond, and his speedy removal to that
citw. P*' 8c bcjfuud douOt.
The Richmond Penny Post of yesterday I
says, that although the cholera has uofc dis
appeared altogether from our midst, the
cases of it are exceedingly few, and there is
less ground than ever for pronouncing it an
epidemic. __
The late refreshing rains, the Elkton, (Md.)
Democrat says, it is believed, will fully ma
ture the corn crop in that county, which looks ;
very flourishing.
The Orange and Alexandria railroad has
increased the fare from Mordonsvilte to Alex
andria from $3 to $3 50.
Captain William Kaaby, formerly commis
sioner of Public Buildings, died in Washing
ton, on Saturday last.
»'UOM CAM, VESSELS, and wagons.
Maryland Tobacco.$4 CM) id
Flock. Super.8 25 id 8 3<$
Do Family.0 5o id to 00
Wheat, red.1 60 (a l 65
IW white.1 65 id > 1 <6
RfK.O 85 UP 0 00
Cohn, white.0 7<> (d 0 73
Do yellow.0 73 (d 0 75
()AX!|.0 40 id O 45
Corn Meal, bushel.0 *.*•> UP 0 0«>
Bitter, roll, y lb..6 18 (d 6 22
Do tirkm.o 16 (d 0 IS
Bacon, hog round.7 50 id 8 UO
Pork, (dres>ed).5 «*> id 5 5o
Lard, (in kegs).V oo d ft 50
Clover Seed.6 50 (d 6 75
Timothy Seed.3 25 <'d 3 50
White Beans.o 80 id 0 85
Plaster, (retail).4 50 id 0 oo
Flaxseed.1 ”:> @ o oo
Black-Eyed Pea*.1 25 id 0 00
Sumac, (t* hundred).1 25 (in? 1 *>U
nJAi>-j» ...1 * o id 2 00
Hay, (hale).*.*..6 80 d 0 85
FLOUR.—The market is hrm, but the do
maud is altogether local. 1 tie receipts are very
light, ami stocks unusually small
GRAIN.—Wheat is beginning to come in pret
ty freely—market steady. Sales of lair red at
16m cts.; white 105 ft 170 cts. Sales ot white
and mixed Corn at 70 ft 75 cts. Rye at >5 ft
9i>ots. Oats aie dull—several parcels here to
day remain unsold—held at 5octs. without find
ing buyers. Corn Meal is scarce, and in de
mand at 90 ft 95 ets. Other artielesuuchanged.
C ATTLE MARKE T.—The supplies of Beef
Cattle continue to increase—market dull. We
quote $3 25 ,a -$1 l'N> tbs gross. Live Hogs
$6 50. Lambs 25 ft $3. Sheep $3 25
$4 50. _
Baltimore Cattle Market—July 31.
[by magnetic telegraph.]
BEEF CATTLE.-—One thousand head of
Beef Cattle were offered at the'scales to-day
Seven hundred were sold at prices ranging trom
$3 ft $4 on the hoof, equal to $6 ft $S nett, and
averaging $3 62 gross.
HOGS $5 ft $6, and dull.
SHEEP, $2 ft $3 5«>, and scarce.
Baltimore Market.
Baltimore. July 31.—Flour dull. Sales ot
300 barrels of Howard street at $5 25; City
Mills nominally held at previous quotations.—
Wheat—10,000 bushels otiered. Small sales of
red at $1 55 ft $1 65. Corn. 9,500 bushels of
fered. Sales of white at 65 ft 73 cts. Oats—
sales of 10.000 bushels. Pennsylvania, 40 ft 42
cts; Maryland. 35# 39 cts.
T OST.—On Saturday night, a CORAL NEC K
1 j LACE, with a gold locket set with coral.
The finder w ill coufer a favor by leaving them
at the Gazette Office. aug 1—3t*
/Corporation of Alexandria Stock, Vir
1/ ginia State Stock, and Bank of Old Do
minion Stock, lor sale by
w 4-v pRIS CRUSHED SUGAR, received from
rM I New York, and lor »ale by
"vk A BUSHELS CORN, lor sale by
In the Senate, yesterday, private bills were j
In the House of Representatives, Mr. |
Riddle, from the select committee on the
guano question, reported a bill for the tu- «
ture regulation of the commerce of the l ni
ted States with Peru, which was read twice,
and committed.
The Civil and Diplomatic Appropriation !
bill was considered in Committee of the
Whole. ^
NfM>pn|ur>'M iit th<* l nltttl States.
According to the report of the Superinten
dent of tiie Census for 1850, the number of !
newspapers in the United States was as ful- 1
lows: Dailies, 350; circulation, 750,000: num- ;
her of copies printed annually, 235.00*),OOO. j
Tri-weeklies, 150; circulation, 75,000; copies j
printed annually, 11,700,000; semi-weekly, j
125; circulation 80,000; copies printed annu- ,
allv, 8,320,0**0; semi-monthlies, 50; circula
tion, 300,000; copies printed annually, 7,- ;
21*0.000; monthlies, 100; circulation. OOo.ooO; .
copies printed annually, 1* *,8**0,*H*0. 0*iar- :
terlies, 25; circulation, 29.* *00; copies printed
annual 80,00**. Total newspapers and pe- j
riodicais, 2,800; total circulation, 5,0**0,0**0; f
total number of copies printed anmiam, ;
422,000,01*0. , . . , I
Of these publications, the number issued;
in the New Kugland States is 424: in the i
Middle States, 870; in the Southern States :
710: in the Western States 784. It is added
that the average circulation of papers in the
United States is 1,785, and that there is one
publication for every 7,101 free inhabitants .
m the States aud Territories.
[Comm imcatkd.
Our friend of the “Virginia Advocate,” in
hi* Friday's issue, after dealing some hard !
blows at the University of Yirgiuin, (which |
probably were well deserved) having a little
wrath remaining, turns it upon the Orange j
and Alexandria Railroad Company, in an j
article condemnatory of that company for ]
a small increase of fare recently made ;
on their road. Now, it the “Advocate j
will compare the business and lure on the J
Orange road, with that of the three lines
between New York aud Washington, and
then estimate the superiority of the road and
equipments, its rapid speed and exact time, j
and the extraordinary attention paid by '
the Company to the comfort of travellers, nei- \
ther our angry friend, nor a generous public, •
will hud fault with the present charge, which ;
is a trifle under four cents per mile. '1 he j
rate now is the same charged on the crowded j
thoroughfare between llaltimore and Wash- •
ington, and the Orange Company in increas
ing the fare, has but followed the course j
which was found necessary by other and old
er companies, in consequence ot the greatly i
increased expenses ot working their roads.
_______ 1>.
In Washington, on the *»Uth ult.. ROSALIA, j
aged 2 years, and 6 mouths, only child ot Jost ph j
A. and Elizabeth J. Keefer.
i > i > ,M'>'
AUGUST, j rises.] sets, j Moo> s Phases.
1 Tuesday.. f> 2|6 5S,
2 Wednesday 15 3|0 f)7 V- 1 * K*
3 Thursday . !•* 1 •» 56 j’ull *-- ^ 1 J M* |
4 Friday ... 5 5 6 55 L/lst 4r- 1,1 b °mJ M- I
5 Saturday- - 5 til* 54yVw--—;* u ;,t> K~ ]
6 Sunday... 5 7 0 531 HIGH WATER.
7 Monday.. - 5 6 6 52* Auu. 31. -h. —m
London.July 15 Havre.July 14
Liverpool.July 15 New Orleans. .July 20 |
Brig Paulina, Taylor, Boston, to M. Ehlridge.
and freight for the District.
Schr. Bell Conway. Dulany, Havre do Grace. I
coal, to Howard & Poor.
Steamer Columbia. Harper. Baltimore, to J. J. i
Wheat & Bros., and freight for the District.
Br. schr. Liverpool, Burgess, Halifax, by
Fowle X Co.
Sciirs*. F. Randolph, G. Pike. White Squall,
aud Henry, hence at Wareham, 23d.
Schr. Greenway, Upshur, ot this port, at New
York 29th. from Salt Key.
i 11TA (’AMP MEETING, for Stafford cir
j edit of M E. (’hutch South, will he held on the
ground of Richard Atkinson, Prince William
Count v. Ya . and commence on Friday, the first .
day of September next. atig 1—eo >t
1NF.RUV IAN GUANO.—The subscribers |
have mstore, and are re< *‘i\iug direct lioin j
the (’hiiicha Islands, their usual supply the j
above named article, which they otier to theii j
customers at the lowest market rates. 1 uuha
sers who may preter it, can now he supplied
directly from tlac *hty. H>\\ LE Ac ( O.
jv 27--1 m
U \ IONS PLASTER, cargoes ot Brig j
f)* HI “Kossuth.” and Schr. “Mary Fletch
er. just arrived and tor .sale by
I _ \ i vi viv SACKS GROUND A LI M
' Ul FU SAL T. 1“ to the ton. instore, and
; i**r sab* by [jy 27 j 1*if\\ LB & CO.
I PIONEER MILLS—A lew hundred bushels
RYK MKAL, tor sale.
jy j7—tit WM H. FOWLK. i leneral Agent.
•)i j BARRELS Extra Baker s Flour, fresh
1 M ) ground, for sale bv
~ 'os FOWLK & CO.
| i k a v BOXES SMOKED HERRING. ju>t
It Ml received, and tor sale by
I jy hi FOWLK & CO.
^)i vi v BUSHELS damaged Yellow CORN,
oi M F for sale in lots, to suit purchasers, by
,v ,s FOWLK k CO.
~ a w a v a v OLD BRICK, at the corner of
\ M M F King and St. Asaph >ts., for sale
by [iy 31—3t] JOHN OGDEN.
--v VESSELS WANTED, to load tor St.
y^^r.lohn. N B . to carry about 7JMMF bushels,
jy 31 CAZENOVE k CO.
\ ESSELS wanted to load coal tor New
^MMtYork. for which the highest rates will be
}wud. Apply to D. BOYD SMITH,
jy £9
g-p WANTED.— A \ essel of 5.000 bushels
1 4|j|^capacity, can hav e immediate dispatch for
! Boston. [jy 2D] HOWARD & POOR
" WANTED. several Y essels to load coal
• Vl.iw for Eastern Ports.
1 / i UAN’O.—HHJ tons No. 1, Peruvian Guano,
I I T for low bv n_ ,,
I jy .jo J. J. WHEAT X: BROS.
! ¥¥7TH>L WANTED.—The market price paid
\\ for Wool.
„1V 30 J. L WHEAT k BROS
I^XTRA FLOUR—30 bids extra new wheat
V Flour. received and tor sale by
SALT—LW sacksG. A. Salt, in store, for
sale bv M. ELDRIDGE.
jy ‘29 Umou Wharf.
HERRING —A tine lot of Nwi Scotia Her
ring, in store, for sale low by
jy 20 M. ELDRIDGE. Union Wharf.
ed a lot of URGE PITCH PIKE
i SP 4RS. which we will sell at the lowest market
jy jc> Alexandria Steam Saw Mins.
j /^iORN MEAL.—1»MJ bushels tresh ground
I 1 j Corn Meal, tor sale bv
jy <20 J J. WHEAT \ BROS
local items.
An altercation took place on Saturday night
lust, on Union street, between two men nam
ed Stearns and Reeves, in which Reeves cut
and beat Stearus in such a manner, as to
leave him in a very critical condition.—
Reeves wa* arrested and committed to jail to
await his trial.
A light occurred on board the Steamer
Thomas Collyer on one of her trips from
this place to Washington, on Sunday after
noon, between some of the passengers, which
was renewed on the arrival of the boat a
Washington. No serious wounds were in
The receipts at the Alexandria Post Office,
for the quarter ending June 30th, 1854, were
$2,110 00, as follows:
Postage on Letters, $739 44; Postage on
Papers, Ac., $04 35. Sale of stamps and
stamped envelopes, $1,282 20.
The Commission Merchants in this City,
have advanced their rates of commission on
Flour and Grain.
The thermometer in the shade, yesterday,
stood at 00°.
GREAT attraction at
IITILL he in attendance,and add to the other
y y enjoyments, by discoursing sweet music.
REFRESHMENTS in great variety served at
reasonable prices. aug 1 — It
i I'i'/'L'i vi:u a \t mi’VTV v \_TLo
tall session ot this Institution icill open on the 'ird
IVulnesday of JL'LW under the care of the fol
lowing Board ot Faculty.
President and Professor ot Mathematics. Scien
ces and Ethics.
William N. Page. A. M., Professor of English
and Classical Literature.
H. B. Brown. A. B., and L. B, Professor ot
Arnaud Perot, Professor of Modern Languages
and Music.
Mrs. E. A. Perot. Assistant in Modern Lan
guages and Music.
Miss Yerby, Instructress in Ornamental
Miss Sarah Cobb, Assistant in English and
Instructress in Drawing.
Miss Mary F. Edwards, Assistant in Music
and French.
Mrs. H. M Brown, Assistant in Music and
Mr. H. B. Brown, Treasurer.
Mr. William Dixon, Steward.
Expenses for term of five months.—Tuition
in the English course. $D>; in the Classical
course, $20; tor Modern Languages in either
course, $7 50; in Drawing, Painting. Needle
Work,Tinting, Ebony, V\ ax, or Shell Work, $•>
each; in Music on Piano or Guitar, with use ot
Piano, (the Institution owns noGuitars.) $20.or
if the pupil takes lessons on both instruments,
$35. the young lady furnishing her own Guitar.
Board, including fuel, lights and washing, $•»*'.
All fessdue in advance. No deduction except
in cases ot protracted illness.
Buckingham County. Va.. jv 25—eolvv
POTOMAC’ PILOTS—Alexandria. Va..
July 21, lbOL—We, the undersigned, Pilots
ot Alexandria, on the Potomac River, have
this day entered into the following obligations
respecting the Rates of Piloting Vessels from
the mouth of the River to and from Alexandria,
that is to say:—For Schooners. $25; For Square
Rigged Vessels.—Brigs. $30; Barques under
Coasting Licenses, $35; and tor Ships, Barques,
and all Foreign Vessels, $5 p> loot; For Vessels*
to and from the District ol Columbia, $0.
We further bind ourselves to take no passages
up nor down, in any Vessel, unless the Captain is
pertectly acquainted with the river and does not
need our assistance.
We ais« lu.ther bind ourselves to comply with
the above lutes, under the penalty of twenty-live
dollars, for each and every offence, or to abandon
altogether the Pilotage business.
Given under our bands and seals the day and
veai first above v\ l itten.
Aaron Wallace. 1 W. H. Shctt,
Geo. A. Moore, William Trkakle,
Edvv. Henderson, Thomas Bctler,
Stephen A. Dcrinuton. Geo. 1. Moore.
Richard Coertnky. iy ‘—eo tt*
The MISSES T E B B S. will open a
jadiev in Middlelmrg. Loudoun County. Va , on
the first Monday in $h.V'l LMBLJi ni.it.
The Misses T.. are graduates ot the Virginia
Female Institute, and pupils may be thoroughly
prepared to enter the first class ot that Institu
tion. preparatory to receiving a diploma.
Middlelmrg is a very healthy and beautitul
location, situated on the turnpike about halt-way
between Alexandria and V\ incliester, and acces
sible to the Plain*, a depot on the Manassas Gap
Rail Road.
Board and Tuition for session of 10 months $D*U
Music do do do 40
Latin do do do 20
French do do do L’
One-half in advance, and the other the 1st ot
February. . . _ ... ...
References■—Rev. R. H. Phillips; Kev. I. I.
Ca>tlemau: W. Kinney, esq.; VNillium Johnston.
e>q.. Staunton; Rev. O. A. Kinsolving; Dr. V.
Powell; B P. Noland, esq.; General Asa Rogers.
Middlelmrg: Rev. George Woodbridge; Dr.
James Bolton: Travers Daniel. e*q., Richmond,
T. B Minor, esq , Albemarle; Judge J. VV . 1 V
! ler, Warrentoii.
For further information, address
__ nn r»iT«
IV l r.nio.
Middleburg. Loudoun County, ^ a.
Middleburg. jy 29—eo2m _
4 BARGAIN.—The subscriber will sell the
Fixtvkks in the store now occupied by
G. L. Sherwood.consistingof'Counters, Shelving
Glass Cases, Ac., at a small price for cash
jy 31_3t J. B. Me NAIR.
OLD RYE WHISKEY.—20 bbls. very su
perior and pure Old Rye Whiskey, war
! ranted 9 years old. received, this day, and lor
! sale at a very low figure, by
; jy i R. H. HI NTON.
T EDWARD CHASE, M. D., Dental Sur
# geon, has removed his office to the residence
of his father, S. E. corner Prince and Royal sts„
three doors west of the Alexandria Gazette Office,
nov r*—eoly _ _
MACKEREL.—f>u bbls. new No. 3 Macker
el. to arrive per Bng Sarah \ ose. for sale
bv ’ ^ M. ELDRlDGF..
' jy 09 Union Wharf.
'VT V. SYRUP—20 bids. Extra New York
• Syrup, just received, per schooner Ham
ilton. trom New York, and tor sale by
t1 HAMPAGN E.—*25 baskets Queen Victoria
/ Champagne, pints and quarts.
j jy 29 Janney's Wharf.
F1RUV1AN GUANO.—1,000 tons No. 1.
Peruvian Guano, in store, and for sale bv
jy 29 Daingerlield's Wharf.
ClOAL —110 tons W. A. Egg and Stove COAL,
/ now landing, and for sale in lots to suit
j purchasers, by JAMES PERR\, Agent.
| jy 27-eo2w Union Coal Yard, Union street.
tlLARKT WINE.—25 boxes Claret Wink,
j a superior article, this day landing, and for
; saie by S. SHINN A SON,
jy 29 Janney's Wharf.
^JPARS.—A line lot ot SPRUCE SPARS,
ranging from Mo 14 inches in diameter,
put received from Eastport. per Brig Whittaker,
i and for ->ale by _ ^
Arrival of the Alp*.
I Boston, July 31.—'The steamer Alps has
just arrived, with Liverpool dates to the PJth
; of July, being four days later than previous
Liverpool cotton market moderately active
j since the departure of the Africa. Prices at
the close of Tuesday, generally unchanged.
Sales for the two days estimated at 11,000
bales. Sales on the 18th, 6,000 bales.
The money market without special change;
rates ranging from 4 to ;> per cent.
A heavy decline had taken place in the
Liverpool grain market. 4 he decline of
wheat is Gd; Hour 2 (a 3s.
i Trade is dull at Manchester.
Telegraphic dispatches from the second
| edition of the London Times of the 10th,
i state that Russian troops were returning from
j Moldavia to allaehia.
j A dispatch from Widden states that the
: Russian troops stationed in Lower Walla
ciiia have crossed the Danube at several
They were occupying these points in order
to prevent the Turkish troops from crossing
at Alluta.
Advices from St. Petersburg state that 300
young Russian noblemen have been arrest
ed on a charge of expressing sentiments
in opposition to those of the Government.
It is reported that the Russians were cut
ting down and otherwise destroying the crops
in Moldavia.
No lighting between the Russians and the
Anglo-French army.
Nothing decisive from the combined fleets.
It is rumored that Prince Paskiewitoh is
The whole garrison of Breida were march
ing on Bucharest.
The reports f rom Spain still continue to
be of a contradictory character.
Philadelphia, July 31.—The proceedings
in the Downing Naval Court Martial have at
last been brought to a close. The Court
has adjourned to meet in private session to
deliberate on a verdict.
Nearly one hundred warrants have been
issued against certain parties in this city for
alleged violations of the Sunday law yester- j
The weather is very warm to-day. At noon
the mercury in the thermometer rose to 00.
There is more alarm felt in this city in refer
ence to the cholera. A number of new cases
reported to-day.
Business of all kinds continues very dull. !
A CANDID COURSE.—The component
CORDIAL have been made known to upward* ot
live hundred physicians, every one ot whom, with
out a single exception.have pronounced them ex- j
cellent medicines, and compounded with skilltul
pharmaceutical knowledge. It is a well known
tact, that physicians generally oppose what are
termed -popular medicines,' und this tact speaks
loudlv in favor of their candor and the intrin
sic merits of these valuable preparations, which
are most appreciated where they are best
known, and which are coming into very general
use for the distressing complaints they are in- j
tended to cure. For diseases ol the lungs and
throat. Stabler's Anodyne Cherry Expectorant
a fiords a sale and speedy remedy; while the Di- 1
arrhcea Cordial has never been known to lail in
giving relief. !
See descriptive pamphlets, to be had gratis
of the agents. Price for each, only C>(J cents, or
six bottles lor f><).
E. H. STABLER k CO., Proprietors,
Wholesale Druggists. Baltimore. Md. ;
By all Druggists in Alexandria, and by
merchants generally, throughout Virginia.
jy 27—Jw _
would respectfully invite the attention ol |
his friends and the public generally to the ex- |
tensive improvemaiits made to his House, Sta
bling, Xc.. and now open for the reception ol
Boarders, by the month, week or day.
Hav ing spared neither expense nor pains in lit- ,
ting up this establishment, he llatters himselt j
that this location, situate at the base ol the Blue
Ridge, with its picturesque und bcuultjul Mountain
Scenery, cannot be surpassed, making this one ot
the most pleasant summer retreats to be found
in this part of the State.
His TABLE will he supplied with all the
Delicacies of the Season; his BAR. with the
choicest Liyrous. ^ inks. \c.
In a word, in* avails himself ot this opportu
nity to assure the public that there will he noth
ing omitted on his part to make his House wor
thy oftlie confidence and patronage of the trav
elling public.
It is immediately upon the New Market and
Culpeper Turnpike, over which there i* running
first class Coaches, connecting with the Cars at
Culpeper C. H., l uesdays, 1 hursdays. and Sat
urdays. returning same days to New Market
There is also, from this point, a tri-wiekly line
of Stages to Warrenton.
Spen yvillc. Rappahannock Co., je I'd — Ja\v«im
1 AN'DS FOR SALE.—The subscriber
Ijijwill sell SPRING BANK, his present resi
dence, in the County of Fail tax. \ a., one and a
hall miles from Alexandria. This place is so
well known lor its agreeable location, its huge
and excellent Buildings, and extensive improve
ments. its line water, its health, ami all that can
make a spot desirable, either for a private Resi
dence, a Seminary of Learning, or a place ol
Public Entertainment, that lurther description
_ .i.. '
is deemed unnecessary, as any unr- w.
purchasing will examine it tor himself, and such
inspection"* ill he its best recommendation. The
farm attached to it. is well enclosed, and now in
a .rood state of improvement.
Also. LEXINGTON, in the same Coun
jjjf tv. about 15 miles below Alexandria, lying
on Occoquan Lay. and ha\ ing a na\igable creek
running through it. It contains bn 1 AC KLS.
nearly all in avail and timber; the greater pait
pine ot the best quality. The soil, equal to any
in that part ot the country. On a beautilul site,
is an ancient MANSION and out houses, with
good fruit,&C..&C. The situation is a very de
sirable one. and as healthy as any in the neigh
borhood. There is on it a great deal more wood
and timber, than will pay tor the property. It
sufficient inducement is ottered, this place will
be divided to suit purchasers.
Application, either in person or by letter ad
dressed to me at Spring Bank, near Alexandria,
Va. [je 2(i—-a\* tt] G. MAS( >.Y
\ ll (jL~i$SCOCK, (Late of the Marshall
House. Alexandria. Fa.)—General Commission
and Forwarding Merchant, corner ol Prince and
Union streets, and immediately on the Kail
Road. Alexandria, respectfully solicits consign
ments of Flour, Gram, and produce, ot every
description, promising all the satistaction which
a diligent and taithful attention to the interests
of his patrons can ensure. By confining him
self exclusively to the Commission business, he is
enabled to demote his whole time to the sale ot
produce, and the purchase ol goods to oider
and thus avoid any conllict between his own in
terests and those of his patron. He hopes to
make returns which shall justily the confidence
of those who may favour him with their con
signments. [jy till] WM. R. GLASSCOCK.
CfOTTOX —-4 bales Charleston Cotton, for
J sale by' THOMAS & DYER.
jy i7 __ _ _
I1NSEED OIL—500 gallons ot very best
j quality, received.and lor sale at the lowest
market price, by
jy i H COOK & CO . Sarepta Hall
TTTest end property at auction.
^ j —On Friday next, the Ath inst .at \{t o
clo<k. A. M., in front of the Mayor's Office, will
be sold by auction, the interest (belie\ed to be
one-fourth,) of T. W. Abbott and wile, one of
the heirs of Elizabeth Lyles, deed., in a LOl j
OF GROUND in West End, lying between ,
Duke and Wolfe streets extended, and east of
Catharine street, containing '2 acres, more or less.
Terms :—One-third ca»h, the residue in six i
and twelve months, with interest. 1 itle retaifi
eri, or a. deed of trust taken, as the undesigned
may prefer, [aug 1—dtd R. JOHXSION.
1 FURNITURE SALE.— To-morroir, Wednes
^ day morning, *J</ inst., at 10 oelurk. will be
sold at the dwelling house of Mr. Wm. Risden,
on King, west of West street, near Mr. James
E. McGraw's store, all his HOUSEHOLD and
KITCHEN FURNITURE, such as Bureau. Ta
bles. Chairs. Bedsteads, Carpets, Looking Glass
es. Clock. Glass and Crockeryware, two Stoves,
with Kitchen Furniture.
Terms cash on delivery.
aug 1—Jt GKO. WHITE. Auct.
FOR SALE.— In execution of a deed of
trust from James O. Carr, the undersigned as
Trustee, will sell at public auction, on the premi- j
ses. on Tiusday. the oth d,:yoJ Septnnt/er, 1 >•>•!. at
i*j oelurk. M., the tract of land on which lie
(James O. Carr) at present resides, known as the
This farm is situated on the road leading from
Charlottesville to the Hydraulic Mills. It is
distant from Charlottesville about two miles, and
a mile and a half from the University. It con- ■
tains about 3U0 ACRES—a little more than one
third ot it is in wood. There are forty or fifty
acres of very rich low grounds through which
flows for nearly a mile a bold stream—from
which at very little cost, every foot of it might
be watered. Hay in Charlottesville is always
in demand, at from 7;» cents to $1 p cu t. I he
highland, with the exception of a tew acres, has
an Eastern and South Eastern aspect—is rich
and productive in tin* growth of all crops. 1 lie
w* I’l | L DIN US are plain Out comlortanie—a
111 !] most excellent well ol water at the door, ,
good ice house, \c.
The attention ot persons at a distance desiring
to purchase a desirable residence in a healthy
county, amidst a community unsurpassed tor its
morality and refinement, is especially invited to j
this farm. There are four manufacturing mills •
within three miles of this farm—the Depot at .
Charlottesville, and shops of all sorts are within
a few minutes ride. To those who have chil- j
dren to educate, the University or the schools in
Charlottesville will he very convenient to attend
from home. The undersigned, or Colonel James
(). Carr, residing on the farm, will take pleasure
in showing the tarm to any person.
Tkkms:—One third of the purchase money to
be paid in cash, the remainder in two equal an
nual instalments, vv ith interest from the day ot
*a!e. to be secured bv bonds with good security, j
and a deed ol trust on the land.
Possession of the land given in time to seed
wheat— of the house. Ace., not until the end of the
year. The title is unquestionable, but I shall
only convey such title as is vested in me as
WILLIAM G. CARR, Trustee, j
Albemarle County. \a., aug 1 — lawts
I AND FOR SALE.— The undersigned offers
j tor sale a tract ot land in Prince William
county, Virginia, containing about .‘Ou acres, j
more or less; being that portion of the well- !
known Piedmont estate, lying northwest of the
Warrenton and Alexandria Turnpike, and boun
ded as follows; on the west by the land of
Charles H. H unton. on the east by the Hay mar
ket road, on the north by the lands of Judge John
Tyler, and on the south by the Warrenton and
Alexandria Turnpike. This land lies near
Buckland, and is two miles form Gainesville
Station, on tnc Manassas Gap Railroad. It is
well watered; the soil is what is called red sand
stone, and is very improvable by clover, plaster.
A:c. The tract is now divided into four fields,
one of which is in wood, consisting of oak and
A further description is deemed unnecessary,
as any person wishing to purchase will view
the premises. The purchaser will have the priv
lege of seeding this fall and full possession at
the end of the year, or sooner ifdesired.
If this land is not sold before Thursday, the
31st of August, it will then he offered for sale on
the premises, at auction, to the highest bidder, it
lair, if not, the next fair day.
Terms of sale: One-fourth to be paid in cash,
and the balance in instalments of one. two, three
and four years, bearing interest from date, and \
secured by a deed of trust upon the land.
4tijg 1—cots Buckland. Pr. Win, County.
) JlRMSTMOXG, Principal.— The next se>- j
moii of the Upperville Academy, will commence
on the\»l Aloud ay in SKPTKMBKK.
The Principal has gone to much expense in
making all suitable arrangements for the accom- i
modation of students entrusted to his care. He
will receive Boarders in his own house, to whom
every attention will be paid, and. thanklul tor
past fav ors, he promises that no labor or toil will
he spared to render his school worthy ot patron
age. 'The location is very desirable, being in one
of the finest, most healthy, and moral parts ot
Virginia, i he course ot instruction is practu al
and” borough, and such as will enable students
to take a high stand at the University of Virgin
ia or any other College. In addition to all the
English branches, Natural Philosophy, Chemis
try! Mathematics. Greek, Latin, French and Ital
ian will be taught.
Natural Philosophy and Chemistry practically
illustrated by experiments.
The Principal is a graduate of Trinity Col
lege. Dublin, and has had an experience of seve
ral years in his profusion. 1 he names ot many
of his patrons will he found in his list ot reter
ences. He is aided by two well qualified Assis
tant.-; the first Assistant, Mr. R. Taylor, isjvery
highly recommended by Colonel Smith, and has
graduated first in his class at the \ irginia Mili
tary Institute this year.
Unnerville is situated within six miles of the
Rectortown Depot, on the Manassas Gap Rail
Road. Stages from Alexandria pass through
the village. .
Tkk.ms.—For Hoard and Tuition, including
washing, per scholastic year. #1*>0—payable
half yearly in advance, viz. on ‘M\ September
and .'id February.
Apply to the Principal tor Circulars.
Janies K. Marshall, esq., Markham Station.
M. G. R. R , .
Henry M. Marshall, esq.. Markham Station,
j M. G R. R.
Edward C. Marshall, esq., President Manassas
: Gap Rail Road.
Hon. J. M. Mason, Winchester, Va.
Richard H. Carter, esq., Rectortown, Va.
Rev. Mr. Kinsolving, Middleburg P. O.
Gen. A. Rogers. do do.
Rev. G. Norton. Warrenton, Va.
Robert E. Scott, esq., do do.
Samuel Hall. esq.. Linden Station. M. G. R. R.
John T. Dulany. esq., Cpperville P. ()., Fau
quier County, ^ a.
John A. Carter, esq., Cpperville P. 0., Fau
quier County. Va.
Doctor J. Gray- Cpperville P. 0.. Fauquier
County. Va.
Rezln Snowden, esq., Laurel Factory. Md.
Francis L. Smith, esq.. Alexandria, Va.
R. W Latham, esq., Washington.
J. Clarke, esq.. Millwood P. O, Va.
C. H. Whiting, e>q.. Exchange Bank. Wash
ington; and the Faculty ot Virginia Military
Institute, Lexington.
j Cpperville, jy —eo-rn__
I‘ \ERCVTAN~GUANO.—14»*i tons Peruvian
9 Guano, now going in store, and to arrive,
per barques Teal and Albus, direct iron, the Cbm
cfaJMfe Me by [|ou.AR1) & pooR.
k/v BALES prime TIMOTHY HAY, re
M ) ceived. and for sale by
jv l' _ THOMAS DAVY.
MEXICAN G CA N O.—The undersigned
Sola Agents for the sale of MEXICAN
UL aNO. in this City, have now on hand a good
supply of this permanent fertilizer.
mb V)—tf KOVVLE 6t CO.
B\ E. S. U RIGHT—Auctioneer.
— On Wednesday next, the 2d of August, at
\ 2 o'clock. on F. & A. H. Dodge s Wharf, tin*
cargo ot the brig Fidelia, from New Orleans,
consisting oi—
217 hhds. SUGAR, part prime
22 bbls. prime MOLASSES.
E. S. WRIGHT. Auctioneer.
Georgetown, jy 31—3t
BY SAMUEL .1. McUORMICK—Auctioneer.
/ MENTS, \u.. AT AUCTION.—On Wed
ntstlay morning next. 2nd day oj August, at !1
o’dork, will be sold at the residence ot E. B Ad
dison. esq , upper end of King street, 13 Cows.
1 House, 1 Cart and Harness, Wagon, a lot ot
Agricultural Implements, embracing Ploughs.
Harrows, Cultivators, \c., Ha\ and Straw
C utter, several Hons and Pigs. Also, the grow
ing crops, such as Corn. Oats, Hat, Potatoes,
and other vegetables. Terms at Sale.
A rare opportunity is now o tie red to any per- j
son desirous of engaging m the milk business. !
A line spring of cold water courses through a
brick dairy, and Hood's Run borders the tarm.
There are 37 ACRES, and a good milk custom
secured. The soil is unsurpassed tor gardening.
jvgo—s s. j. McCormick. Auct
| COUNTY.—Pursuant to the last will ot
Robert M. Allen, dec d.. the undersigned, his
Executors, will sell at public auction, to the
highest bidder, at Front Royal, in trout ot
Smith's Hotel, on Saturday, th Ah of August
next, the following LANDS in Warren Count',
belonging to the estate ot the said Robert M.
Allen, deed., to-wit: A TRACT OF LAND
containing Ml ACRES, more or less, situated ,
on the South Branch ot the Shenandoah, near i
Bentonville, and one mile distant from the Luray
and Front Royal Turnpike, adjoining the lands
of Silas Fristoe, .lames Stinson and others: a
l II -• .• * I 'I'll l 1 ’ _
consiiierai»ie pomon oi s;tiu i rv.w i ocmt; ,
river bottom ot the best quality. This FARM
mav be divided into two good FARMS with im
provements upon each.
A TRACT ot 200 ACRES, mostly in wood
and timber, situated abouf two miles from Fro t |
Royal, and adjoining the lands ot Mrs. V. King. \
M. B. Buck and others.
MA HOUSE and LOT in Front Reyal,
with all necessary out buildings, at Tis
time occupied by A. H. Moorhead, esq.
A more general description ol the property is
deemed unnecessary, as those wishing to pur
chase will view the property before purchasing.
The property will be shown to any one wishing
to examine it by either ot the subscribers.
'Chums;—One-fourth of the purchase money
to be paid within 3D days from the day ot sale,
and the residue to be paid in three equal instal
ments of 1.2 and 3 years, with interest trom
day of sale; bond with approved security lor the
tir^t instalment, payable in 3u days, and bonds
lor the other three instalments, with a deed ot
trust on the premises. Personal security to be 1
given on the deferred payments tor the house
and lot. Seeding possession given u]>oii the two ;
FARMS, and possession of the house and lot
given 1st ot January, lbf»5. The rent of house !
and lot going to the pur baser from day of sale.
S. B. GARDNER. ? i
.!. B. (JARDNKR. $ K t j
Warren Co., jy 1—cots
On Tuesday. '2\th day of October next, at 12. M.,
at the Merchants' Exchange, in Tetirsburg. we
sshall offer at auction, that valuable estate,
known as the “FOREST," lying upon the South- ;
side Railroad, between the Cox Road and the
Appornatox River, b miles from Petersburg.— j
This Estate, containing 1,352$ acres, has been
subdivided, as follows :
One farm on the Soutbside Railroad, contain
ing 391 acres—D>2$ acres in wood, the balance
cleared and second growth pine.
One farm, adjoining above, containing 292 i
acres—32$ in wood, balance cleared, and second
growth pine.
One tarm, adjoining above, on Appomattox
river, containing 339$ acre*—>110acres in wood,
the balance cleared and second growth pine.
One tarm, adjoining and west ol above, on
Appomattox river, containing 32*>$ acies—'bin
wood, the balance cleared.
in the division ot above Estate, an eye has
been kept to the conveniences and necessities of
each Farm; and we can confidently state that,
trom the nature of the soil, the healthy location,
and its proximity to Petersburg, more desirable
property is seldom offered, and is especially wor- |
thy the attention of Northern farmers. The !
wood upon the place alone, is more than .>1111'
cient to pay tor the whole tract, to one wishing
to engage in that branch ol business.
Tkkms.—9. 12 and lb months credit tor en
dorsed notes; title retained.
The above property will be offered privately
till day ot sale. For lurther particulars apply to
A. NIO)L, Agent, or
Petersburg, jy l — lawts
/ By virtue ot a Decree ot tin* ( irjruit Court
ot Culpeper County, made at its June term.
1 >54, in the case ot Jameson vs. Jameson,
1 shall, on Thursday, the 1 nth day of .lvgust.
1854, if fair, ii not the next lair day, sell at
public auction, to the highest bidder, on the j
piemises, the TRACI Ot LAND upon which
i the late George W. Jameson resided, lying
about three-fourths of a mile trorn Culjieper
Court House, ami containing about 3D0 ACRES, j
The whole FARM lies weli—is well watered, j
and has a sufficiency of wood upon it. Tin* soil
! is of good quality, and the improvements,
though in a bad condition, are sufficient tor a
good sized family. 1 he location is healthy and
Praiitilul. ami nemg very near me wrange aim
Alexandria Railroad Depot, presents many in
ducement.* to purchasers. There is upon the
place one ol the finest Springs of water in the :
Tkums:—Ho much of the purchase money as
will be sufficient to pay the costs of the said uit, ;
and the expenses ol the sale, will fie required lit j
' cash; the remainder upon a credit of six. twelve
and twenty-four months, in three equal instal
ments. with interest lrorn the day of sale; the
purchaser to give bond and good security, and j
the legal title to be retained a.* a further securi- j
i ty, until the whole of the purchase money is
paid. F. M. LA 1 HAM. G ommisaioner. j
Adjoining the FARM is a field belonging to
\V. (’. Jameson, of about SIXTY ACRES.:
; which can be had it desired by the purchaser, at
a fair price. ^. M. L. j
Culpeper County, jy is—eotAugl'f
^ sold, at public sale.o/i the VJlh of jhigust, j
1N'>4. if not before privately disposed of, the
ROCK WOOD FARM containing about ISO
ACRES, and lying in.mediately on the Manas
; sas Gap Railroad. Salem Depot is located on
, the tract.
M Comfortable DWELLING, with all ne
cessary out buildings. Land ol good quali
ty and well watered.
| Any communication addressed to the subscri
! her at Thoroughfare, Prince William Co., Ya.,
will receive prompt attention.
jy —eots _ _ Agent.
’ ~ UKYV’ARP.—Strayed from th*- wibscri
O,) her. Washington City, I). C.. on the loth
: instant, a light brown COW, white on legs, j
: flanks, and forehead; crumpled horns, on wmch
is branded J. H. Janney k Co. She had a black
i leather collar with my name in brass tacks.—■ i
i The above reward will be paid on delivery of
! 3aid Cow to Samuel Catts. esq., Alexandria. Va.,
j (>r to the subscriber at Occoquan. Prince Wil
f |,am County. Va. FRANCIS HANNA.
I jy 27—eo3f_ __
I^XTRA HAMS.— 1<*J small Sugar Cured
j Family HAMS.just received, and for sale at
! jy 13 YVHITE'S, Post Office corner.
FIRUYTAN G U A N O.—Peruvian Guano,
(slightly damaged) for sale by
jv 10 CAZF.NOVE k CO.
G1 LASS TUMBLERS—-1W dozen } and 1
T pint fluted Tumblers,just received, and
I for sale low by [jv 11] GEO. WHITE.—
| JOB P K I N T I N Ct
Neatly executed, with despatch, at t »*
In pursuance of a decree of the Circuit ( ouit oi
Fauquier County, rendered on the wuth day oi
April. is.r>4, in the case ot Philips \s. Hunton.
the undersigned, commissioners in said deep*.*
named, will oiler lor sale at public auction To
the highest bidder, on Tuesday, the first day of
August. 1 S')4. if' fair, if not. on the nut fair day.
i wo valuable FARMS, adjoining each other, on
tlie south branch ot Broad Run. in the < onntv
jf Fauquier, near the town ot New Baltimore,
i)I which th»* late Major Charles Hunton di*d
seized ami possessed. One ot said Farms con
tains about out» ACRKS. and the other 'bout
^oU ACRKS. There is a comlortablc C\V KL*
MLING HOCSK with all necessai out
houses, on each ot them. ’They are both
well supplied with wood and water, and aie m
good condition. The turnpike road irom War
renton To Alexandria passes by these tanns. aiul
the distance by the said turnpike to GaintsvdU*
Station.on the Manassas Gap Rail Road, i- six
miles. It is the same distance by said turnpike
to the W’airenton Depot of th** Orange and Al
pxandria Rail Road. I In* soil of both farms is
productive, with very fine and extensive mca
Jous: a fair opportunity is oliere*! in each farm
lor a good investment. They will be surveyed
by the County surveyor before the day ot sale,
and sold separately, by tin surveys. Facb farm
will be sold at the dwelling house thereon.
ALSO, at tin* same lfuie, we shall offer tor
sale at public auction to the highest bidder.
town of New Baltimore, one ot which has
a iaige and comfortable DWKLLING HOi >K
thereon, and contains about lu ACRKS. th** oth
er two are on th** main street of said town.
ALSO, we shall oiler for sale a STORK
/yA HOCSK AND LOT. in tin* town «>i Buck*
Jiiij£jdud. They will h<* sold separately at the
ilwriling house on each of them. IVrsons vv imi
ing to purchase any part ol the above property,
will be show n the same, by tin* undersigned or
by Dr. J. Willett Leach, who resides on our oi
• i i« *i*i .. __i .. ... ,i...
U r ai ill.'). iui irma aim
cut year will be reserved. The terms ol .sale a*
fixed by the decree are as follows the purchaser
to pay down in cash a deposite ot ten per cen
tum on the purchase money—for the residue,
credits of six. twelve, and eighteen months m
equal instalments to be given—to be secured by
bonds with good personal security, to be execu
ted at the time of sale; it the purchaser shall tail
to complete his purchase on a continuation of
the sale by the court, the deposite to he forfeited,
the title* to be with held, and the said property
to be subject to resale under the order ol the
court, as security for the deterred instalment*.
siI.SO. on Thursday. the thud day oj sln^ust.
isVI, ij fair, if not. on tht n>xt fair day. we
shall offer for sale at public auction, to the high
est bidder, at Bristoe Station, on tin- Orange and
Alexandria Kail Road, in the County ot i'rince
William, that valuable estate. I viugoii both >ide*
ol said Kail Road. ,U miles horn Alexandria,
and miles from Brents'ille, oi which the said
Charles Hunton. died seised and pos*e*>ed. called
the-BRISTOE FARM," containing about ><*>
ACRES. This tarm will be sold in tour par
cels or lots, and fair plats with a survey ol each
parcel will be made by the County surveyor,
prior to the day’ of sale lhe Depot, on tin*
farm. Store House, Tavern, and out houses
nil with about 120 ACRES OF LAND, inclu
ding a sufficient supply ot wood land, will be
sold in one parcel. This and the other parcels,
will be shown to any person w ishing to purchase,
by Thomas T. Fewell, who resides at the depot,
or by the undersigned. One of the said parcels
contains about 2bo ACRES, and bason itacom
Mfort able DWELLING HOLSE, and all
necessary out houses, and is a good tarm.
The other two parcels contain about 2W ACRES
each; all the four parcels are supplied with wood
and water.
The Terms of Sale of the last mentioned pro
perty will be as follows—The purchaser to pay
one-fourth of the purchase money in cash—and
the residue to be divided into three equal instal
ments of one. two, and three years, with intere*t
from the 1st January, the interest payable
annually—to be secured by bonds with good se
curity. and ttie title to be withheld as a farther
security. If any purchaser w ishes to pay one
half of his purchase money, the requisition ol
personal security to his bonds will be waived, the
growing crops and rents ot this year, to l>e re.
served: possession to seed wheat on all the (arms
will be given tins tall: and lull possession on th *
1st day of January, 1S*V».
Fauquier County, jy -1—eots Commissioner*.
j seribers now ntlrr lor sale that highly im
proved and very desirable estate known a* - I he
CROW S NEST." containing ACRES, a
I>out2o0 acres of which are in Wood. lhe bal
ante is now well set in clover, timothy', and blue
grass, and after tour years ot judicious culluie,
with guano, clover, and plaaffcr, is now toady
tor profitable cultivation mw\i«**t, corn, fcte., to
getherw ith the best and heaviest coat ol natural
and cultivated grasses, for grazing purposes.
It lies in the rich ( on lit y ot Loudoun, aujoin
ing th * lands of Messrs. Lee. Skinner. Swait,
Foley and Cross, and is under good and substan
tial enclosure, with an abundance of wood and
The buildings are old and indifferent, but ma
terials are abundant and convenient lor building
purposes, there being a tine and inexhaustible
quarry of Red Sand Stone, near the beautiful
eminence on which the present buildings stand.
It is situated within halt a mile ol Little Hi v
er Turnpike, a portion ot it bordenng on the
road, and within three miles ot the located
route of the Loudoun branch railroad, thus oiler
ing every'desirable facility I<»i the tran*|H>r?a
tmn ot its rich nroductioiis to the best maiket-,,
while the construction ol the branch railroad «o
near thr wood land affords a maiket for its vui
plu.* timber at lull and remunerating price*.
It is confidently believed, that this estat** ;«f
lords an opportunity lor tin* best and most judi
cious investment now offered in our ( oiinfy.
'Hie heaviest expense of improvement having
been already encountered, and tfie land being
now in good condition for profitable cultivation,
must with judicious management continue t«*
improve, while its products will amply reward
the labor of cultivation, and yield a heavy # ct.
on the capital invested.
This tract may be conveniently divided into
two or more (arms, il desirable.
It is deemed unnecessary to give a more par
ticular description ol the premises, as persons
wishing to purchase, will of course examine
lor themselves. Mr. .Matthew Lee will show
the land to any one w ishing to examine it.
The terms will be made to suit the con’vem
ence of the purchaser.
If the land is not disposed of at private sa e,
before the 15M day of August mxt, it will oil
that day be offered at public auction at Deal *
Hotel, in the town of Aldie.
For further particulars address either o, the
subscribers at Middleburg. Loudoun County, V a.
Middleburg. Va , je 23 eo!>
WAR!!—FARM for sale, on Monday. Au
gust 1 Uh. on the premises.
The subscriber will put up. at public auction,
to the highest bidder, the farm on which he re
sides, in Prince William County. Y'a.
This is one of the most healthful and pleasant
locations, bordering on Cedar run, in the County,
p miles south of Brentsville, (the County seaf.)
and 7 from Bristoe Station on the Alexandria
and Orange Railroad. . ..
Faibvibw farm contains 450 ACRES, is ' _
adapted to grain and gras* as any jn
William, with a good supply ol durabU «a.«,
and 50 acres oi timber. , ,urther
! Title good and etm. madeeaay „ ^ ^
necessary information m a!ld exam.
of *a!e, or previous, tothoi*"^ jkNKINS.
ine the farm. *
Fair\lew. jy 27'"*°^1._ _
y( I ir»,(XX) very fine imported Segars. land
Hi this dly, which, with a large stuck of ur.
ported and domestic Segars and fine Tobacco on
hand. I offer for sale, at the very lower maikrt
late-* [jy I] K. H. HUNTOff.

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