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Pr,"ce Albe>«.
Th* *T“ |!h Journal* are full-as foil at
Tbc ;' sarv—of the interview be
least a-" ’f vLoleoii and l>rince Albert,
,weeii 1»UK‘ j Boulogne on the Dth ult.
which c*‘!'e, number of troops at and
There ** " #nd the Prince, who ;s a
»M' - „;nrvhal, though an _ officer
British n‘ . and without service, ex
1 without ex( • . imecr militarv
oeot tb* which’ Punch ridiculed
l)»tsome yt^ "took it into his bead to
out ot e'haunel one tine morning in
steam ^ur ‘ see alltl to review the im
» K:-7‘ *v^‘ 1 iiiu-e reviewed—fifty years ago
penal troop- fcv a vcrv different sort
-at the s.it J i>ithcr- his present imperial
ot genera. tewnt roval highness.—
majesty «r _ woro assembled at that point
U‘e" "!,-r»Je of invading Kngland—now
{f “^'.Jwuhled tiiere to he used m fight
f •; Jr Unties. This is a great change, and
•?:. entirely unexpected, and so out of the
' itural anti common course ot things, that
who sec it and are every wav cognizant
( «carcelv know how to realize it. It
must scent to all to he an illusion or a dream
_the fraternization ot the English and
French, and that the men who expected a
vear or two ago to moot, probably, in deadly
conflict on the British strand, arc now hg.it
iu- shoulder to shoulder, m the same cause,
and the two nations for a thousand years n
V..1* or enemies, an l much of the period dead
lv enemies, at presen? united heart an«l nami
and mind, and both declare that this union
is to be no more disturbed by jarring, jca -
ousies, and wars. Sous vrrons. It * ill
a great thing tor mankind in general, stioul l
it be ever maintained inviolate.
>Ve cannot help thinking that the meeting
between the Kuiperor and the j’rinoe must
have been attended with some rather singu
lar, if not awkward, reminiscences. But a
few years ago the former was an exile at
London, with no capital but his hereditary
rights, then at a great discount, and which
everybody laughed at. and many, in conse
quence of his ludicrous attempt to revolu
tionize France, landing with two or d»ree
hundred adventurers and a tame eagle at
that same Boulogne, where he and his ima
ding armv were rather roughly handled, and
all of them taken prisoners, the eagle inclu
ded, thought that he must be insane. Now
how is it? Truth is, indeed, strauger than
fiction—as has been said we know not how
many thousand times.
Nothing like this visit and reception has
occurred since the meeting in near the
same place, between ilenry the Kighth and
Francis the First, so famous for the “field of
the cloth of gold.” and the accompanying
festivities, On the recent occasion tin* splen
dor of the former—the sort of splendor rath
er—was wanting. The cloth ot gold was
not there nor the jousts and tournaments,
but there was much to be seen, and much
that was more worth seeing.—Hiol*.
% Drowned.
A correspondent informs us, that, on the
22d ult., a youth by the name of John
Snoots, was drowned in the dam of the
. Tavlortown mills, in the Herman Settlement,
in this County. He and a younger brother
were passing near the dam on horseback,
when the horse stum >lcd and, pitched into
the water, throwing the two youths oft. The
elder brother is supposed to have lost his
life, in the noble effort to save his younger
brother.—Lt* sbury II \ishui<jt»iu(in.
The appointment of Mr. Lawrence I\
Bayne, by the Directory of the Orange and
Alexandria Railroad, as a Director of the
company, in the place of Col. Silas Rurkc,
deeM., is hailed by the triends of the road, as
a most excellent and judicious selection; and
Mr. R. will, doubtless, unite cordially with
the 1‘resident and other Directors in the
strenuous efforts they are now making, to
continue the line ot the road to Lynchburg,
and thus to complete the purj*oses and ob
jects of this important improvement. Busi
ness men, and men capable ot practical and
efficient service are those who are wanted to
manage the affairs of the Internal Improve
ments of the State. O. & A. R. R.
1)1 KD.
At Olhce Hall. King Heorge Co.. Se'jfrmber
jo. MARY VIRGINIA.daughteroiR. V Tiffey,
uged 10 years and nine months. "The tlower
ladeth. ‘
At Waco Village. McClellan county (lexa?-.)
on the JJth July last, utter a tew days’ illness, ot
congestion of the brain. l>r. JONATHAN ED
WARDS JACKSON, formerly of Washington,
youngest soil ot Mrs. Colonel Ttiiey. ot 1 larke
county, Va and grandson of the late Rev. O. B.
Brown, ot Washington.
On the jyth ult,. Mrs. MARCARKT Dll K
WORTH. aged eighty-three years—a resident of
Washington, tor the last JilU^years^^^^^^^^
Alexandria Market, September 30.
Flour is film, with continued light receipts,
ami \erv small stocks. Small sales ot Riverside
at $8. Pioneer Mills $0 jr>. Very little
Wheat offering—market unsettled Small sale?
of red at $1 2f> a $1 :*»>; white 11’> 3 1 C> cts.
White and mixed Corn at a To cts.: yellow
75 3 80 cts. Rye SO (ii bf> cts. Oats 18 fa '>«»
els. Other articles unchanged
Is.>4. jSfN.Sux
OCTOBER. !n.vs.j srts. » Moon’s Puasks.
2 Monday... 11 0 40, H- *•
:t Tuwbv..* t•->•'> ISF''"--- « 8 -*'* “
4 W, Jn.silav 6 tf.5 47:L.asl T- 1 ! 6 !;
5 T'uutMlav . i'> II •> 40 *1
« r»id»y.... 6 K>|5 II rn>rc ' I ■! K.
7 Saturday.. 6 t?;5 43 HIOH WATER.
8 Sunday ... 6 1S5 JJ Oct i Ft. 17m
London.St pt D> | Havre.Sep*. 1 f>
umfoni. . . s. jr iq j iifwifr leans. .cepi.
Ship Gen. Washington. Miilliams.of this port,
from New Orleans. arrived at Liverpool, 13th
Brig Lydia Stover, hence tor Bath, arrived at
Portland, 2>th ult.
Brig Robert Reed, Johnson, hence at St. John.
N. B. 23d ult.
Sehr. Venus, Anderson, cleared at New } 01 k
tor this port. 2Sth ult.
Schr. Bowditch. Talbot, hence at Boston, 2Sth
RJ* To the I oOr.t or ,‘ilerandrHi County:—1
offer myselt a> a candidate tor the Clerkship ot
the C lrcmt Court of Alexandria County, to hi!
the vacancy occa.-ioned by the resignation of F.
L. Brockctt. ‘ R. a. SINCLAIR,
oct 2—eotE
Middle turnpike company—The
annual meeting ot the Stockholders of this
nany will be held on Saturday, the “ith day of
October, at 12 o rtock. M% at the Council Cham
tot. C. F. LEE,
oct 2—dtd_ _ President.
ASHING FLril). j-ist received and tor
T r >ale by B. C. MAJOR. Apothecary,
oct ‘2_S. E. cor. King A Alfred sts.
ETHEREAL OIL. just received and tor sale
t by B C. MAJOR,
'_ Ajiothecary.
FRENCH CORSETS,~tbi sale by"
oct 2 _ 72 King-street.
WANTED—A small vessel to load for
Boston. Tespatfh will be given—apply to
The Madrid correspondent of the London
Times gives this character of the banished
Queen Mother of Spain:
“The CatherinedeMcdiois of the nineteenth
century,# Qhristina, has all the falseness,
treachery, and heartlessness of that illustri
ous criminal, and some share of her talent,
j Thoroughly acquainted with the Spanish
| character, skilled in working upon men’s pa■*
t sinus and weaknesses, gifted with cxtraordi
nary fascination of manner and great powers
of dissimulation, she is subtle and dangerous
to a degree seldom found either in man or
woman. Her aims are, and long have been,
purely selfish; as to her means of attaining
them she is utterly reckless. She lives in an
atmosphere of corruption, and has proved
j herself the greatest enemy her daughter’s
throne has had. Not all the brave battalions
that fought under her brother-in-law'* ban
ners, not all the persevering efforts of (farlist
: priestcraft, nor the victories of Zumalacarre
gni, Cabrera, and other formidable chiefs,
ever brought that throne so near to its down
fall as have her artifices, dishonesty, and
egotism; aud whenever she leaves Spain, it
will h« with the curses of a whole nation ring
ing in her ears."
This woman h is contribute l more to op
press aud degrade Spain than any other of
the degenerate race of monurchs of whom
the kingdom has been the prey for centuries:
and vet. when Kspartero left it to the people
to decide whether she should he arrested <>n
her wav to exile, and brought back to trial
and punishment for her crimes, the masses
. 1 I at II rill J I fl I • I . .
saiu. ut tin */*•. l at* msi ieeimg, wnen 11
was found she was sent away by the ministry
was that of iury that a great public culprit
• should he permitted to go abroad to enjoy the
riches she had accumulated by her rapine,
! and invested in foreign funds; but the mag
nanimous spirit of the people prevailed.—
Orense was the leader of the party in Madrid
which demanded her trial; but even lie seems
to have relented, on considering the subject
with Kspartero. the noble chic! who has con
! ducted the late revolution.— L'A V.
The Siege of Sebastopol.
A magnificent scene is about to be enacted,
■ such as has never been exhibited in modern
warfare. The siege of Sebastopol has by
this time commenced. N. cnitijJ"iir thummutl
mm are drawn up before the fortress, the
. flower of the English, the French, and the
Turkish army, combining martial strength,
and provided with warlike material, such as
was never before concentrated upon a single
■ stronghold. The defensive force of the for
tress amounts to at le s? as many men. reck
oning both the garrison and the army in the
field, and is so situated that reinforcements
mav easily be thrown upon it from d.fferent
quarters. It seems to have been generally anti
cipated that the landing of the troops would
take place about the l'Hhof the present m >nth,
and that it would be followed by a sharp bat
tle. The troops, of course, would laud under
cover of the cunsof the men-of-war, winch in
! elude not less than thirty ships-oi-the-iiee and
sixty steam frigates. The.ships won! 1 also be
engaged at the same time in preventing the
Russian men- 1-war from leaving the har
bor. The allied troops are inspired with
the greatest ardor, and are represented to be
in excellent health. They accomplished the
difficult ot erati< n of embarking with groat
success, and it R very evident that if the ex
pedition dues not succeed, it will not be ow
ing to anv want of spirit upon the part’d the
soldiers. Theonlv positive disadvantage the
« allied forces labor under, is the latmie-s of
the season. The time for active operations
before the clo-ing in of winter will be so
short that there can be little hope of any de
eisivo result except by a < mum: and
the success of this mode of attack can never
be calculated upon with any certainty. I lie
ships will not be able to approacn the for
tress near enough to take any effective part
in the attack, and therefore the operations of
the land forces will hereafter engross our in
terest.— A. i. C‘>uru r.
^ Tooth. Nail. Comb. ami Culling Rru>he>;
Pressing, l ine, lucking. Side. lhdhng a,id l n
tangLiig Combs; Sufi:, bun.iii). and A >i»* Han
Pin-.; Tailor Soaps, in great variety; Ko?e. I .bo
il v. and Orris loot a Powder? and 1 a>T»'?. Lip
Balm; Amandine; Rose Hair Oil; Reel Mai row;
Bear Pomatum: Pure Bears Oil; Maca-sarOi';
' Curling Fluid Hair (da>-: Ponies; C olognes;
Vv-»ti.i- inMiKiTir Vineaar; 1 honioson s
A VU« V ' • ' • • --
Lotion: Powder and Powder Puds: intact e\tr\
■ article lor loilet ns**, can he found »ii LH 11
AUl>s' Ladi»'Furnishing Store. *7 King street,
and No. '■'> Fxchange Block. °ct it
IOST. «>n Saturday, the :i« th idt.. a FHF.FK.
j drawn bv Harper Bou. h. lor S!^v< J->,
in favor of ,f. (». Harvey t o.. and dated
Sept. g7. 1 sf;4. and drawn on Corse. Snowden «Sc
Corse. The payment of th<* above C lteek has
been stopped. All persons aie cautioned against
negotiating for tne same, as it wiil not he paid,
oct 2—"t
UOFSK BITLPING.—'J he subscribers re
turn thanks to a generous public, tor the
literal patronage extended to them, si ce they
commenced business, and hope. b\ atmthlul ful
fdlmeiit of all contracts, to !»•* stdl rernember
ed h\ those who need m i vices in then' line.
l iT They have removed from Pitt street to the
building lately occupied as a Sumac Mill on
Wnsf in^tnn In'live n King anti ('moron shirts.
sep i*.*-t5nio MAJOR & PRICK.
\g K. '1'. BKRRY would respectfully m
( form her friends and customers that she
has located hersell in the House directly oppo
site Mrs. Ann Solomon's, and will open her
j this inortna^, consisting in pait of RIBBONS.
LARS.&C. sep 27 eoMt
'\'r OTIFK.—The partnership iieretolore exis
^ ting between M illiam P. 1 ord and 1 a*»s.
.1*" Parrish, is this dav dissolved by mutual con
sent. Charles J. Parrish is alone authorized to
recent for monies due the firm, and will pay all
’ debts contracted by it. \YM. P. FORD.
s*p27-eoyt* F. J. PARRISH.
Vt^ANTKD TO RLNT.—A suitable stand
\ inr a Country More, at some point conve
nient to the Orange or Manassas Railroad.—
1 Would have no objection to purenu-e. if the lo
i' 1 t w II it L.
Address -Commerce." through the Alexandria
i j> o s**p *2Si—:st
11TANTED immediately at the -Mansion
as>i>t in the office, and make himself generally
useful AI>o. TWO WASHERWOMEN and
T W O C H A M RK R M A i US.
>fp j;—*j A. G NEWTON.
1l()R RENT OR LEASE—A lot of ground
4 containing six acres, within half a mile of
• Alexandria, well enclosed, and the land in good
condition tor cultivation. Is desirable as a
Market Garden. For terms. \c.. apply to
,;.p^-dt Rjr. PLUMMER.
I^tENUAU N1ARBURY, .2 • % *t-Law, at
* 'jUxautir.a, V„ . will practice i!l 'he O™™
of Alexandria and the-adjacent Counties ol Vir
ginia and Maryland.
' Office 0:1 Cameron *trcet. opposite Ci.y
, St-p 2u—tt
Hotel. _ _*--——
N the quarter ending September lota will
: be presented this day. “Prompt payment ex
| Pec,(d;,; ^ *X,raC} T1 CAMPBELL. Supt.
T-EDWARD CHASE.' M. !>., IVntal Sr.r
.) . aeon, has removed his office to me resid n
i of hi-V father. S. E. corner Prince and KoyaUf>.,
, three doors west of the Alexandria Gazette Od.ee.
nov —eoly __
j -m f ISS SALLIK R. GIBSON, vull resume
1 [I I the duties of her school, on Monday nt^t,
| #t *d of October. ' sep *^lL
MISS MARK will receive her pupils on
Wednesday, the 13th of $ept+nt*
aug 31—eotOctlst
New York Politics.
In support of what we have said as to the
confusion of parties in the Kuipire State, it
may he mentioned that ten Political Conven
tions have already been held there since the
12th of duly, and thflt several others are yet
to be held. '1 hose that have taken place
embrace Hard Democrats,’ Soft Democrats,
Whigs, Fusionitsts, Free Democrats, Anti
Nebraskaites, Seceding Freesoilers, Indepen
dent 1* unionists, Temperance men, and Liber
ty men. Those vet to come will include
Anti-Slavery men, Fugitive Slave Keseuers,
and Know-Nothings. As each of these Con
ventions will set forth a different platform,
every shade of opinion will be accommodated.
There arc yet ot.l v four candidates in the
field for Governor, viz: Myron II. Clark,
W hig and Anti-Nebraska; Greene G. Bron
son, Hard-Shell Democrat; Horatio Seymour,
(the present (Governor,) Soft-shell or ITeesoil
Democrat; and Win. Goodall, Liberty man.
There arc ti\c candidates for Lieutenant Go
vernor, and a still kirger lufuiber Ibr the other
State officers.—Xu/. In/.
The «I«|iuiickc.
Commodore Perry did not get to.Ieddo, as
he intended. Flic Commissioners would not
__ . :. _ . i ^ t < _ i j - . . .
41^1 1 V tII. » » 111 II l 11 r v Will III MU J l ty U IT VI III 111 -
cd, in spite of their remuustranecs, to run up,
the interpreters, whowcroon hoard tiie Com
modore’s ship, told him that .just so sure as
he came in sight of deddo, they would per
form the “Huri Kari,” on themselves, that is
to rip themselves open, an action they think
highly commendable, and the Commissioners
would do the same also. lie endeavored to
reason with them on the folly of such an in
tention but they coolly replied that they were
not thero to discuss the propriety of their
customs, but t<* conform to and execute them.
They had already stripped themselves to
their under garments, when the Commodore
seeing their res.dution indexible, turned bis
ships about, and anchored a considerable dis
tance down the bay.
Tin* Epidemic ut tlic South.
The yellow lever continues to rage at New
Orleans, and within a few days past some
alarm has been produced in consequence of
the hydrant water emitting a foul ( dor, ren
dering it unlit for use. Among the fever
victims at Augusta i* das. Khmd, esq., cash
ier of the State Hank. Many of the citizens
who tied the town have since died. The
Constitutionalist is issued on half a sheet,
having out of its whole force but one com
positor and its pressman left. At Savannah,
on Mondav, there were only » lever deaths.
Mr. S. H. Stock well, an accomplished
scene painter, is among the victims. At
Charleston the mortality i* still large, there
being 12 deaths from lever on Tuesday.—
There is very littb* probability of the entire
disappearance of the disease until killed oil
by a severe trust.
Grape Culture.
Isabella and Catawba grapes are selling
in the city markets at from 14 to 20 cents ?
pound. Fifteen acres of miserably barren
soil, on the Hudson river, above iYokskd!,
were planted with the*e grapes a few years
i ago. The average yield, since the vineyard
has b?en in full bearing, ha* been about S
tons y annum, which, at 11 cents a pound,
give* the pretty little sum ot S*2,bt>,s (jc as
the gross yearly income. Can any body
heat that v\ith wheat and corn?—/Vb. H hnj.
VT 1,KK».— Fifth edition of the new, beau
tiful ami popular \ irginia Story, .7AO.\ A,
1'V Marion Hailand. in a handsome Umo.
| volume; price $ 1 “Jo. A. MORRIS.
Richmond. Fublisher.
) | Jwt the f’j it us $.y.—Miss ilariaiid may
henceforth take rank among the most Miccesstul
lemale novelists ot tlie Fnited State.>.—A. i.
( out. jhh\
The construction of the story is quite artistic,
and the sprightly dialogue, and the excellent tone
pervading it. will make it onrol the most popu
lar fictions of The present year.—Philo. Keening
From tin* first page to the last we have read
with increasing pleasure this charming narra
tive ot a life ot mingled joy and sorrow, ot trial
a:jd consolation, oi passion and oi peace. i lie
j moral ol‘ the >tory i> prominent and unexeep
tionahie: be.ury and truth have clasped hands in
, its recital.—Fnd. A<nr.
We take especial pleasure in commending
this earnest. cha>teiy written and exceedingly
judicious story, as one among the brilliant gems
that have recently made their appearance.
From its affectionate, heart-speaking "lVuica
, tion to my Brother and Nstor“ to its close, the
attention is riveted with intense and irresistible
power.—McMahan's . liner into Courier. Plata.
We commend it as among the cleverest novels
that have been written.— Philo. Fveruniz Bui let iu.
-Alune.**—Such is the simple and striking
title of a new .American s’ory, possessing lar
| more interest and exhibiting greater evidence ol
I talent than any ol our lady writers have brought
: out for many a day. It i» a story ol lit** m \ u
! gmia. the principal scene.-* being laid in Rich
mond. and altering to the plantations of the he
roine and her friends.—(lodey s Lady ? Book.
It is written in a splendid style, and with no
ordinary ability in the portraituie oi character,
j Presbyterian, Philadelphia.
The au hor is certainiy a lady of uncommon
ability and a graceful and attractive writer.
Button 7 it. celler.
The book i.-* full of humor, and bears marks
<>( that true genius tor whose sake nun his ex
cusable. We can point to no recent female work
as containing liner passages than ‘ Alone.
Boston Post. m
We hazard the opinion that ’ Alone will be
found quite as interesting as the last Northern
1 novel.— Ballthuae .liner,t •>>.
Richmond, sep 27—eotrt
YOTKT.,—All persons indebted to the es
^ tate of 1 iuri Green, dec d.. late ol !• aluioutli,
i \ a., and also those indebted to 1). Green & Son,
i will please call and settle the amounts due by
i them. And all persons having claims against
j Said estate or firm will please present them tor
I settlement to tin* undersigned, it is necessary
1 that the e>tate shall be settled up with as little
| delay as possible, and prompt payments will be
! requited. W.M. J. GRFF.N, l Kxecutors of
lil’FF GKF.KN, S l>uffi«’repn,derd.
Faimouth. \ a., sep 29—eo -m
teenth. Annual Session will commence on
Ji finest lay. 1 ‘Mh inst < ’irculars giving Course
of Stud v, Terms. <Nc . mrtv be had by apply mg to
j sep 12—dlw&eoHw Principal.
* groce Farmer>' Calendar; 7^ do. Farmers*
ami Family; Poultry Breeder's: Comic; Brotuer
’ John, and Family Christian Almanacs, just re
ceived by [sep -“J
1\ OM \N!SM, by Rev. Dr. Gumming, of Lor
^ don.—-hneriams mil you read tins masterly
ex) insure of :he Mysteries of home. Im. t. ?L
sep IS_w in Publishers,Boston,
> I Oil the b^>t work ever published m
America. Price •'SI 25.
SCp is—w tu Publishers, Poston.
rTtHE LAMPL1GHTER.—65,(XX) polished!
|j —The most charming of American Romances.
6ep IS—wlw Publishers. Boston.
j 7j ~ . v SACKS G. A. SALT, just received
, M r from Liverpool, in ship John and
Albert, tor sale by FOW LL & CO.
sep 28 _ __
JNDR1J. FJ—The pupils of Mrs.
Kingford's School, will resume their duties on
MOSDAYs 2nd October. 1S64. aiur 3—eot()2
w v SACKS Fine Salt, factory filled, dai
1)1 II I lv expected, and tor sale by
«p28 ' FOWLE & CO.
T*r TONS ROCK SALT.just received per
11) Ship John and Albert, and for sale by
pq? FOWLE k CO
By Saturday’s Southern Mall.
Mfj.ax< noi.v Ah aik.—A gentleman who
came down on the Southside Railroad yester
day, gives us the particulars of a melancholy
case of poisoning, that occurred in the coun
ty of Amherst on W ednesday last. It seems
a Mr. Lavender, residing in Amherst, about
ten miles from Lynchburg, has been recently
very much annoyed by the dogs in his neigh
borhood. They have frequently gained access
to his Spring House, and devoured his nnlk
and butter. . Determined to get rid of them,
on Wednesday last, he placed a quantity of
posion, (arsenic it is supposed.) in a cat* of
milk ; but did not communicate the fact to
his family. He was unexpectedly called
from home, ami his entire family, some thir- 1
teen in number, partook ot the poisoned milk.
At last accounts, three hail fallen victims by
the unfortunate circumstance, and the re
mainder were lying dangerously ill—our in
formant states, not expected to recover.—
/V. )\sbur<j J-ypress.
The Pkim/ess Anne Minuet;.—The Ports
mouth tilube, of Wednesday last, says: ‘’We
learn that the man, Mr. Dwell, has been re
arrestod. The reasons for this arrest are
said to he verv strong circumstantial evi
dence ascertained since his discharge. Ly
subjecting his knife to a microscopic view,
blood was found upon the blade in very small
particles. Other things have come to light
that raise suspicion to an almost certainty
that Dwell is the guilty man.''
University or Yiruima.—The next ses
sion of this institution commences on Mon- j
idav. and the general impression appears to
he that a much larger number of Students •
will be in attendance this year than at any
previous session, Q'liic a large number ot
voting men have already arrived in town
tbr the purpose of matriculating.— Charfattts
rille M!\
Su kness.—The Abingdon Democrat of
Sept. 23, says the dysentery has been dis
tressingly fatal in the neighborhood, Russell
county, within the last lew weeks, and par
ticularly among children. Twenty-twochil- ;
dren had died up to Tuesday evening iast
within a eirele of two miles of Ilansonville—
tiie eldest not more than nine years of ago.— ,
In addition to those there has been considera
; hie mortality among older persons. The;
neighboring town of Marion and other por
i tions of Smytlie county, have likewise suf
fered dreadfully.
/ lili.NA. GLASS, and QUEENSWARE.—
ROBERT 11. Mll.LER. Imporltr, has re
ceived from Liverpool. per Ship A. B. I horn p
son. 112 n ates and hogsheads ot VV are. com
prising a complete assortnient ol goods in ins
’ line.
White Granite Dinner Sets. Dinner nnd Tea
Ware, of new and handsome patterns and
Blueprinted do do do
Common Ware. consisting ol Edged, Enamelled,
and Cream colored, ol ail descriptions.
On hand. !rom various sources, recently re
ceived and opeivd.
Cut Glass* Ware, in every variety
Pressed do do do
Plain do do do
French China, consisting of Gold hand and
richl v decorated Tea Sets. Cup* and Saucers. Va
ses. Pttcheis. Emit Baskets. Mugs. Candlesticks,
Pipes, in boxes. English and German
! Stoneware, ol superior quality
Window Glass, a large stock, and great variety
of sizes and qualities.
i Hn\ ing in connection with his establishment
in St. Louis, superior advantages in ordering
j and purchasing goods, in this line, the sub.-criber
has no hesitation in saying tint his stock ot
goods has been selected under moie la\oiabh
circumstances than mod of his competitors in
ihe EasVrn cities, and that he can supply ( oun
try Merchants and others, upon generally better
.Merchants visiting Alexandria aie particular
ly u quested to call and examine tor thenisehes.
IIis goods and prices will compare favorably
iruh mo/ olhrr r?tdllishmnit. xciiutivri'.
w.p-j8 R. H. MILLER.
i FRENCH PORCELAIN.—'Taking ad\.m
^ tage ol the present bard times, the subscri
ber has made purchases at several large auctions
in New York, of French China, and he is now
■ prepared to offer great bargains to his tiiends in
this line.
lie ll otters himself that he now lias the largest
and cheapest stock oi Eiencii Goods cut offered
in this market.
Dinner and Dessert Sets, white, gold hand, and
Tea and ('otiee Sets.
Elates, Dishes. &<*.,
Yaseg, in great variety, sizes, prices, and styles
Fruit Baskets. Pitchers. Mugs, Kc.. \e.
All persons wishing to be furnished at prices
much below the cost ol importation, with goods
of the best quality, and at low prices, would do
well to call.
sep *2S R. H. MILLER.
Just received and on sale, ten bales containing
l'i pieces elegant Velvet. 4'» pieces elegant Ta
pestry, English and French made < arpeting.
the patterns ol which need only to be seen and
the prices made known, to induce all in want ol
such goods to make their selections with u*.—
Among-t this lot are a few in antique Louis
XIV. and Queen Elizabethan styles.
Our policy is not to have much ol any one
' stvle, but to change them for others frequently.
Those now in store are ver\ select, and are dil
lerent from any ever offered in this part ol the
world before, and at prices unprecedentedly low.
Also. 1 bales rich Drugget Rugs, with rich
medallions and borders.
Motto Ciood goods, small profits, and quick
Terms cash, unless a previous agreement is
Washington, sep -JT—c<»:;t
REWARD.—On Monday. September
11. ISo 1, a Yoi Mi OiRL. aged IB years
,.u.i ,s months, named .1AA 77.7 A A),
leit h r home, and has not returned since. She
: has been. 1 fear, secreted by some designing
1 person. She m about 1 feet in height, full
round lace, deep blue eyes, with a tew ireckles
I m the centre o! both cheeks. Sue had on a blue
calico dress, and yellow striped gingham bon
' net. Any person" who will return her to her
afflicted parents, will receive their thanks and
the above reward. HEZKKIAH HANEY.
i sep 30—• It* _
; / T^ 5 / v REWARD.—Lost in the afternoon of
| I I September *JSth. lS.r>l. on King street,
between Union and Pitt, a black Pocket BOOK,
and *31 25. The description o! the notes are
as inflows: one $10 bill on the bank of Virginia:
i one $l«»bill on the Farmers Bank of \ irginia;
two $o Mils on the Bank of ScMcti. Withers &
Co Washington: $1 25 in silver. I will give
the abo\e reward for the delivery ol said money
to Mr Ashby, at the Po>t Olfice.
: Culpeper Co.. Vau, sep 29—3t _ _
I 'W'jT’iXHOUT DELAY.—A gentleman who
\\ can furnish satisfactory testimony, and
is lullv qualified to teach thoroughly all the
branches of English Literature, including Math
: ematicsin every department-together *uth toe
! Latin, Greek, and French Languages, who has
had experience and understands tiaining t..c
i mind of youth, can find a desirable and perm a
' nent situation, as well as good salary, by ad
dressing W. B. K . Brandy Station, Orange and
Alexandria Hail road-_^'PJy1—
' rrtO FARMERS.—"'anted from 5" to l'lO
tons of good HAY. pressed into bundles, lor
Jggesl prife ^THoSaS DAVY.
EOSEWOOD and Mahogany Work Boxes,
do do Desks, Turkey Morocco and othsr
A tiro broke out on Friday night last, a
little after 10 o’clock, in an old frame build
ing used as a stable, and store house, owned
by Messrs, llunie, Marshall Sc "Ward, in the
rear of their Warehouse, lower end of King
street. The building on tiro was so >n de
stroyed, and some -'.mi sacks ot salt which
were stored in it, also burned or destroyed.
Full insurance. We regret to say that this
tire was, undoubtedly, the work ot an incen
diary: and the place selected was one well
calculated to d » much mischief, lhe <»!d
building which was burned, was immediate
ly adjoining the lumber yard of Messrs.
Smoot iV l hler. and these gentlemen had
some lumber destroyed, (their loss however,
is but little) and but for the exertions ot the
firemen and citizens, the flames would have
rapidly spread. Our citizens should be on
their guard against the renewal *»t incendiary
In consequence, it is presumed, of the* ex
cavation in the dock, by recent dredgings,
the end of the pier at Fowle *v Co.’s wharf,
sank, on Friday night, considerably. It will
soon, however, be repaired, and made as be
T he three-story Brick Dwelling House on
Duke street, belonging to Mi«s 0. E. White,
fronting cn Duke street 57A feet, and in depth
1*N> feet on a 1<> feet alley, was bid in on .Sat
urday last, at s.»,;>o0.
\y SAFE!—Messrs. STEARNS \ MAR- j
l IN No. 1 l 1 mul 1 l'» Water She*/, continue to
make and sell •• Wilder's Patent Salamander
Sale." and are the osi.v persons ai'THorikkd
(except within the New England States.) to
make and sell the same.
15. G. WILDER. Patentee.
kr‘s Patent,) SALAMANDER SAFE still vic
torious!— 1 he following certificate, selected, not
because it is the best, but because it is the last
that has come to hand, shows the hre-prool qual
ities ol these Salt's.
•‘New Orleans. August K»th. lSf»l.
Messrs. Stearns <3r Mur tin. New York:—Gentle*
vkn:—In the great lire which occurred her** on
the oth instant, our store wa> completely consu
med. The dames from the drug stoie opposite
came upon us so rapidly, that we had barely
time to lock up our books and make our escape
through the back door. Our sale was one of
your Rich Co. s Salamander. (W ilder’s Patent,)
and although the lire was one ol the hottest,
there being a large quantity ol Liquors. Oils,
and other Merchandise stored in the building
yet the books and papers came out uninjured,
except that the binding was slightly steamed —
We are perfectly satisfied that your Safes are
Fire Proof, and we shall procure another of the
same kind. ) ours. N;c..
E. M. DALEY & CO."
A large supply of different sizes of tbe above
Safes always on hand. Jones W orld s fair
Lock, ol which we are sob* proprietors for the
Umted States. Yale’s Powder Prool Lock. Day
Newell’s Parautoptic Lock, and other celebra
ted Locks applied to sales as may be preferred
Bank Safes and Jeweler's Safes on hand or
made to order. STEARNS \ MARVIN.
U t & Mti Water Street. New York.
Sole manufacturers of Salamander Safes, com
bining * W iIder s Patent and "Rich s 1 Aieiit.
I YlT A C ARD.—The subscriber. who has for
many years been with ALtKf.H EDWARDS
, St (’().. as (’asiiiek and confidential Glkiik.
takes this method ot informing his friends
throughout the United States that he is now
with Messrs. STEARNS MARVIN, lit and
I p; W ater street, who mam FAnriiK and sell
MANDER Sai e. with Rich’s Improvement." which
has never Jailed to preserve its contexts in the
hottest fire, where he will he iiai*i*v t<> see
them or to exeat ie orders lor Safes.
New York, atig *>—eoJm
rb 1A L E NOTICE.—NE W H()(>l)S .»I ST
J RECEI\El>.—C. IC. HROli’MXG. Mer
chant Tuilur. under the 1 nited States Hotel,
would respectfully inform his customers and the
public generally, that he has just received
i.-re it variety. Such as Cloths. ( assimklks, and
\ KsriNus. of the latest importation, and is pre
pared to have them made up at the shortest no
tice. in the most fashionable manner, and at low
rates of prices.
Having made arrangements to go into the
extensively tiiis season, he feels confident that he
can clfer to tliose wishing to purchase, a stock ot
CLOTlilNH, not inferior to any in this city,
and not made lip at the North, as is usually the
case with work sold here; but cut in his own
establishment, and made hv our own needy citi
| zens in this dull season, at low rates of prices.
He is enabled, therefore, to compete with North
ern work in point of prices: and as to quality
i and style, he will leave lor those who !a\or him
w ith a eali to judge.
He can cell whole suits. ('HA 1 . PAN 1 S, and
i VEST, at the following low rates ;
j (.food suit for business purposes, out of cloth 01
1 cassimere, for the small sum of.$ 1 •>
Dress and Frock ('oats, from.SlO to $-'0
Over-coats of different Myles, from. .#PJ to $2*
Black and fancy Pantaloons, from..#! oil to $l<)
Silk aN<1 Velvet Vests, from.to >I<»
'This s!o<*k of CLOTlilNH is of asupeiior
quality, atid ha- been made up sine** he receded
the foil and w inter fashions.
He keeps constantly on hand a large assort
ment of FANCY ART1CLKS—such as HLOVLS,
Sob* agent for the sale of Scott * Report ot
Fa-h ions in tiiis city.
Washington. »cp 'S2—dlill
VHENT for the country in new
YORK CITY.—The advertiser is prepar
ed to act a* Heneral Agent and Correspondent,
m New York, for business mm and others in the
interior. He will demote hi* whole time and at
t**n ion to the purchase and sale ol fancy and
other Hoods, Books, Pnn s. Machineiy, Manu
facturers and Mechanics Stock and Materials.
Philosophical Aparatiis. &c.; Drugs. Patent and
other Medicines. A grim! t u ral I m pm men < s. See* .s.
Stock. \c. Collections made and suits prose
cuted. Information of all kinds furnished with
regard to persons and places here. Situations
procured and guaranteed ior cleiks. mechanic*,
professional men and others. Male and female
employees engaged and sent Vo the country.
Passages secured to California. Australia, and !
Europe. In I ne. anything that an intelligent
Agent, well acquainted with New \ork and its
bu-ines£ men. can do lor an absentee, will he
. ... .i i -.i.. __
executed railliiuii) cinu [uumjr.i). v«
tions confidential. Address. with lee adequ.i o to
the service, A. E. BA KI ON.
sep -j.'—Kohw 182 Mu!bury->t.. New ^ ork.
\ next session of this Institution for Boaiding ,
and Day Scholars, will ccmmenrc on Monday. \tth j
insf. The change of lesidence has rendered it 1
necessary to make some change in the arrange
ment of the Schooi, rates oi tuition. A.c. lor Day ,
■scholars. Application should he made to the ,
Fairfax, between King and C amerou-sts. ;
sep 11-dlwAeolm _____
I- OST.—Was taken from the olliceot Adams
j & Co.'s Express, through mistake no doubt, i
a package marked ~H. B. Owen. Alexandria.*'—
The person who received it, signed Ins name
Henry B. Owens. He will please return said
trackage to the olfice. and his money will he re
turned to him. HIGH LATHAM,
sep 25—dtf _ __Agent.
Fall Bittirs, manufactured and sold by
i the subscriber. No. 25, King street, 37$ cts ^
I bottle, $1 50 p dozeo. quart bottles.
Baltimork, Sept. «>0.— 1 he flour market j
still continues dull. Small sales ot Howard j
street at $7 -j, and City Mills at £7 1*J.
Wheat—Sales of 4,000 bushels; white si 40
(ft sl 5): red *1 :»5 (n, SI 4r>. Corn—Sales
of 'd/JOO bushel*: white at 07, and yellow
at 70 cts.
The weather keeps clear and cold.
Bit fa ix>. X. V., September d'b—The boil
er of the propeller Troy exploded near Chi
cago. < hie man was killed and eeveiul scald
ed. No particulars given.
Jlmi. S. A. Pougias made a long amiable
speech at Hencva, Illinois, on Wednesday
list, on tlie Nebraska question. At the close
of the speech, the meeting passed anti-Ne
braska resolution*.
v \-_ w .. __I. TIia I S
steamship Pacific sailed nt imon to-day for
Liverpool. t^lic took mit ?1,100,dCO in specie.
1’ittshSept. 2'-L—There were only 12
deaths from cholera yesterday. The disease
continues to abate, the alarm having entirely
Halifax. Sept. 2V.—Tho steamer America
left here yesterday afternoon fur Boston. She
took 24 of the passengers from on board ot the
City of Philadelphia.
FACTORV.—The subscriber ha> on hand
and will continue to manufacture, at his o'd
and well known establishment, curnti <>J hint;
awl ('olumbux stnett. tin* greatest v ariety o! Rose* •
wood. Wai.nut, Mahogany, and common FI K*
NTFCRK. (Antique, French, and Modem
styles.) in the most fashionable and durable J
Among which are a variety of splendid Ma
hogany, and Walnut Wardrobes. Bedsteads, Br- i
realms! Sofas. Extension Fables. Sofa Tables. :
Sideboards, Dressing 1abi.es. Kudosed. 1 vvist. i
and Beaded Ktagkres. with all other articles to
coirespond. oPtiie first style and elegance.
Superb Cottage Sets, with and without mar
ble tops.
Also. (iilt. Mahogany, and Walnut and Gilt
Frame Mirrors, tor parlor and other purposes.
Feather and Spring Beds, Hair. Shuck, and
Shuck and Cotton M \ttresse.s. fcc.. all ot which
lie orti-rs on the most favorable terms. In addi
tion. he has constantly on hand a great variety
of common FFRNli l KL. at low price*. He
respectfully invites all person* to visit his exten
sive1 Fitrmti’re Rooms.
>ep 28—d'mi ( HARLES KOONES.
^ q Fine English Lever Watches ot the most
lasiiionabie styles and finest qualities and by the
mo.>t celebrated makers, such as David Taylor,
Joseph Johnson. Stoddart. Chadwick. ( ooper,
and other line WATCHES, guarantied Irom the
manufacturers. Also. Swiss Lever and Lepines
oi everv variety. Irom Sjj.O to
Also. line, plain, and lancy enamelled Jewelry,
of every variety; Mosaic Jewelry, such as
Breast Fins. Ear Rings. Bracelets. &c ; tine
Gold, Stone, Blue. Green, Opal. Red, Fink,
and White Set Mosaics. Lava. Cameo, Con
cheillia and (i() LD J E W EL LR ^ ; Gold
Chains, Seals and Keys; Thimbles and Shields;
Finger Rings, double Mosaic and carved
Ear Rings. Ear Ring Tops, Spoons. Forks.
Ladle*. Coral Nursing Tubes, &c., with all line
GOO OS usually found in a Jewelry establish
ment. New Jet Bracelets. Necklaces. Braast Fins.
Eai Rings. Crosses, and every variety oi jet or
nament'. all ot which will he sold at the
lowest cash prices, by GEORGE Di FEE',
North King street, three doors above Fairfax.
N. B. Clocks. Watches, and Jewelry repaired
at the shortot notice. sep J3—dlrno*
^/\ / unmet liately. TWO THOTS.iM)
.iOEMS. to engage in a business winch will be
guaianteed to vieid from two to three hundred
dollar* per month. Applicant* must be able to
«*i\e the be.'t references for integrity and active
business habits. To such, no capita! will he
required. All applications by letter, enclosing
one dollar, will be answered immediately, w ith
full details oi the business m question. If pre
ferred. salaries will he agreed upon.
WKLLn \ .SMITH. St. Louis. Mo.,
General Agents tor the Company,
sep —iniif in IV.ited States and Canada.
/ GKS!!!—The subscriber has now on hand
(and is constantly finishing) a very large assoit
ment of the very latest fashion* ot Family and
Pleasure CARKIAGKS, III GGIKS. ka. P« r
.vons can always rely on finding the best as
sortment in the city, as I always keep on hand
more than titty tinished Carriages, all warranted,
and sold as low as the same kind ol work can
be bought in any ol the Northern cities.
Sign o! the Golden Horse, cor Penn, avenue and
\\ street, Washington City. IV C
Washington. s**p 1—eodmil
X" KU FALL GOODS.—Having just return
^ ed from the North. I take great pleasure in
informing my friends and patrons and the pub
lic generally, that I have in store, ready for their
inspection, the very largest and most elegant
collection of CLOTHS. CASSIMKRKS, and
\ KST1NGS. of Fiench and Knglish tahrics, se
lected with great care Ironi the best impoiling
houses in New Wuk: all ot which I am prepar
ed. as usual, to evi rule in the latest and most ap
proved styles, and on the most reasonable terms.
Penn, av., between ami *»th streets.
Washington, sep 2d —<lini
j Gkoiu.k L. Gordon and W. C. \katov,
having associated as Attorney #, in the practice
of the law, will give strict attention to all bu
siness entrusted to them.
RT'Oflice on west side of Royal street, be
tween King and Prince street*,. Alexandria, V a.
tV'W. C. YKATON, as Notary Public and
Commissioner ol Deeds tor most ot the States
of the Cnion. will attend to the taking ot the
proof and acknowledgment ot ^eds. kc.. and
all other duties of said offices. sep 21—dtl
n(). CLACGHTON —Attorney at Law,
# w ill practice in the Courts of Washing
ton LitV. Afexamma. ana rairiax i.ounuw.
Particular attention paid to collecting and con
Office corner of King and Fayette streets,
latelv occupied by A. McFarlan.
RzKF.a»;NCKS.—Aaron H. Palmer. c*q . ( oun
sellor of the Supreme Court, Washington. G. K.
Winner k Bro.. Alexandria, Va.
sep 21—d*»m*
TANTKD.—A Southern Lai*y. qualified
\\ to teach ail the English Branches and
Music, to take charge of a small school in a pri
vate family.
Address the subscriber. Middleburg. Louuonn
County, until the 10th of October, afterwards
Kilmarnock P. O., Lancaster Co Va,
•ep is—w4tr JAS. F BALL.
(~\FFICK REMOVED.— I have removed my
/ Law Office from Washington, to the corner
of King and St. A*>aph street:*, second- floor,
above the *tore of Robert Huuter. esq. Entrance
from King street.
sep 9—law3w* CHRIS'R. NEALE.
"VTEGROES WANTED.'—l wish to purchase
^ any number of NEGROES, for w hich 1
will pay liberal prices. Tbo*e wishing to sell,
will do well to call on me before selling, at nay
old stand, at West End, Alexandria, Va.
aug 18—.itf_JOSEPH BRITN.
rouNTANT every evening from " to 10 o *
Hock, either in Book Keeping, er writing of any
kind Apply at this offiee. sep 14 dom
IJV S .1 MrCORMIl’K—An TioNKi :
l\n sale, the highly ' al liable LOT OF CROL N F
AND WHARF FKOl’KKTV. belonging to the
estate o» John C. Vowel!, dee d., and John >
Miller, on the east syle of Knion. between King
and Prince streets, in the city o» Alexaudiia. \ a .
adjoining the property loinier!) owr.yd^L.
l’hineas Janney. on the north, and ot W»:!iam
X. McVeigh, on the south. 'I he LOT fron*>
eighty twi/leet three and a hall men* > on I nn •
street, ami extends east the width oi the iiot'\
into tlie River Potomac; connect, d with this K<> J
is an extensive WHARF, in good repair. witii
commodious docks, water priv ileges, Ac. » roin
the central and advantageous position o! th '
property, froiiting west on the Rail I’oM ai. '
east on the River Potomac, it is believed, to b. .
valuable, as any in the city ot Alexandria.
If not previously sold at private sale. ;t will be
offered at public auction, on Monday, the '2nd th 7
nf Ortohtr next, tit ! ~ rictocfc% M. on the premia x.
Tkiims <>f Sai.k.—One-fourth of the purchase
money at ‘AO days, and the residue at one t\v .
and three years, from the day ot sale, with in
tercet from said period, secured by a deed .»i
trust on the property, and the first and se. < i -i
payments by additional personal security.
Persons wishing to purchase, are referred to
Alexandria, Va. ang iv iw;>
PUBLIC SALK.—Will be sold for cash. 1.1
front ot the Cour* House ol this county, o i
Monday. the 2d day >J October. (that being ( unit
dav.) 3 HORSES. :> CARTS, 3 sets Cart HAR
N EsS. and 2 COWS. Sale at 12 dcbrk. M.
.sep 22—:>t II. E. MONROE.
TION.— On l\'educ»d(tfj mr!. the Uh <».>■'.
nt 1 I orlorf;. will be sold at the residence of Mb*
C K White, on Duke, between Royal and 1'itr
streets, her HOUSEHOLD and HITCHES
EURSITURE. consisting in p»rt of—
Sofa. Lnmge, Dining and other Tabii-s
Bureaus. 2 Wardrobes, Feather Beds
Bedding. Bedsteads
Cane seat and ot hex Chairs
Candle and Wash*tands
Han and Husk Mattiesses
Carpets. China and Glassware, a lot ot !u« i
China. Looking Glasses, Andirons, Parlor Stov« >.
together with Kitchen Furnituie. ALo a io' * .
Buck and Stone.
Tkkms—All sums of, and under c«nh.
over S*JO. a ciedit ot Bo days, lor approved <■:
dorsed notes. GEO. W HI l E.
oet 2—:»t Auctioneer.
Te.fsday next, the'■Id day of October. w.
be sold in front of the Mayors Office, at ■ i o *
clock, anew two-story FRAME DWELLING
MoCSK. with store room attached, and lot <>’
ground, situated on Columbus street. neai trie
Canal Basin, and adjoining the jot ot Dr. <»
Fairta.v. in front on Columbus street hu feet,
and running back 100 leet.
Tkkms.—One-third cash, the residue in two
equal payments, at 6 and l i months, seemed by
notes bearing interest, and a lien on tin* j.o fi.i
s,.j, oQ—dtd Auction, er.
■j;?a HOFSE AND GROUNDS, late the resi
dence of H. (’. Smith, deed. The lot fronts <'ii
Alfred street. sf> feet r> iuehe.s, and »\tuub
through to Columbus stiret. The house :s c< tn
modious. and bmlr in the very best manner. . 'd
the property amongst the most desirable in :! •*
' city
! 'Berms of payment w ill be one-third ea*h. .ii.d
the balance in ti\e equal annual instalments wi' i
; interest. RICHARDS C. SMFI II.
sep 5—eolm E\»ci.
t kA.ME HOUSE with brick basement and 'i\
I large a.ir\ rooms, sniveled on sc/r»e.\ »»•«./
* AHMii* nb II /ii./i.tiirfA . C \ i tftd ll If I’fll * Ml
* front; extending south 119 leet 7 indie.**. 1 wii
sell it iow, and make tne terms easy by applying
| sep 10—dtI Kerry > ip.
HOl'SK. fifvattd on the conor oj Catneron and >
Jisuph street* This house has just been
with all the modern improvements, and i* m
complete order. For particulars einp.rin- ol
HENRY C. WARD, at the stole ol
sep ‘J'l—eotl
Jliiiltwili sell at pnvate sale the liOl >K an (
LOT on Cnion, between King and Prince sire*
occupied a> a store and dwelling lor lv»eiity
years pa-t. I he lot is bounded <>u tin* north and
W**st hy a twenty leet alley,and can be so atten d
as to make a line stoic house lor tie* railn-.i I
trade. J he ears pass immediately in iron’ • >!
this property. For terms, Ac., apply to
SAMUEL J. M< < nRMM'K, or
jy ~9—eotl RUDOLPH MASSEY.
GROUND, at the corner oj Water and Hi-'*<
streets. For terms Ac., apply to
aug 23—eotl S. J. McCOKMICK. Auet.
' /-A FOR RENT.—The fine three story br.ck
! JSjLI)WELLING HOUSE, on King‘street.
; near the comer ol Patrick, now occupied by Mi
Clowe*. Possession given immediately. I n
terms apply to HENRY C. WARD
at the rtore ol fililue, Marshall Ax Waid.
1 sep * 1—eotl
7^ FOR RENT.—I will rent some thiry
i»Tj? aei< s ol my ground, head of King >tn* f.
nisi rate chance lore, gardener and dairyrr; n.
Tin* tenement i> u comfortable BRICK Hoi I.
wiff! four looms. E. B. ADDISON
sep l'J—eotl
/ X FOR RENT.—One or two STORES at
^iijLand near north west corner oi K ug and
Fairfax street#, from 1st August and 1st Septem
ber next. j jy —ddtAeofl] J. H ESI.
pie Row. and now occupied by Mrs Ma*s «.
1 ne two Parlors would be let lor Odices. Mu*
remaining rooms suitable lor Lodgings. I‘*a
private family tiie situation is desirable. P *-•
session given November 1st.
sep 03—tf for Elizabeth Baggeir.
jlj^ DWELLING HOUSE, on Jcffersou, be
tween Fairfax and W ater streets, i ms Pkoi k?
ty nas been lately* rcpiii/ed. and is now in tit
rate order. Apply to
aug 15—tf HARPER A BRO
FOR RENT—A comfortable n-u
JEHLhoUSK, containing nine rooms, supplied
with water and gas, situated on St. Asaph sir*-*-;,
near Cameron. Possession given 1st ol Octo
her. [>ep 29-tf] J. M STEWART.
7^* FOR KENT, a three story BRICK
DWELLING, on Prince, between Fairtav
on*r\Vater streets. Possession given on the 1st
ol iNovoniDcr. r.nquire oi
sep 14—dtf S SHINN Ac SON
JtiSLnext to the comer ot King and Columbus
streets—Apply to J. W. Jordon, at the cone r
or to [sepVS—tf] J. F. BRIDGES.
JELLY STRAINER? Jelly Moru»s. Pr;»
Disc, Moclda. Small Scales *nth Witunir-.
for family use, for sale by
sep 'l') JOHN OGDEN
V)i i'/'i/T SACKsTgKOL'Ni> ALIM SAI.T.
*>' “ M ) in More. and for sal* by
B Y(X).NrANhTaH Ibr Faiu.lv I:..
con. bhls. do. L*fd, ju»t received, and for
sale by [icp -’f’J GRFKA. SITTLF. & CO
11 ll I SEED, for sale bv
11)! * ceived, and for sale by
% *

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