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Captain Watt* of Portsmouth.
This gentleman presided over the deliber
ations o? the recent Norfolk Convention, in a
manner that not only gave satisfaction to
that bod\, but elicited the praise of all its
members. Cupt. W. uuites with the courte
!hv and amenities of the gentleman a perfect
knowledge < f parliamentary usage and rules
,>f order, lb* is withal a strict disciplinari
an. Few men are his equals in qualification
for th»* station of presiding officer of a deli
berative IhnIv. — IHcfi. P'SfKlfrJt.
jCapt. W atts, was the W hig candidate for
Lieut. Hovirnor of Virginia, and is one of
the best men in the State.]
The Baltimore correspondent ot the W ash
ingtou Star, says that it is probable there
will bo a decline in rents in that city, very
shortly, and that wages will be curtailed.
Several shops and inanutuctories have alrea
dy dismissed more than one halt their work
A slave, named Washington, belonging to
Mr. Burton, was hung in Richmond, on Fri
day last, having been convicted of the crime
of arson.
On the 2d instant, bv the K»*v. W *»i S. \\ bite,
I). 1>., K. F PAX TON,*»m|.. Kditotol the \,i!
h*v Star. t«> Miss LIZZIF. HANNAH, daughter
ot Matthew White, esq .'•* 11 ot Lexington, Va.
On the 9th inst.. by Fhler Silas Bruce, Mr.
second daughter of Mr. John Conner, all ot Cul
p *per County.
On the morning ot the lf»th bv* the Rev.
Hibson Mau/y, Mr. JAMKS F H KKNNKHY.
of Orange Countv. to Miss MARIA KLLLN
>M ITH. ot ( 'ulpepcr Counfv.
On the 2f>th ult.. by the Rev Cumberland
Heoige, Mr. WILLIAM WALKKR. Jr., of
Madison County, To Miss AIAK\ L t*KA^ <u
( 'ulpeper County.
Suddenly, on the morning of The loth inst..
at the Fauquier White Sulphur Springs. W I L
LIAM Mc.\ISH. esq . in the f>Mh year ot ins
a^e \lr McNish was long and intimately
Atiown and appreciate*! as a man of engaging
social qualities and ot strict integrity oi char
acter. fins death will cause a void in tlo* social
circle in which lie moved. tuar will be long and
generally regretted; and at the popular watering
place where he spent the List Ten or twelve
years ot hi> lite, his numerous friends. scattered
all over the country will doubtless long retain a
pleasing but melancholy remembiauee i»r his
great urbanity.
On the g,>th ult, at KILvood. iri Clarke Coun
ty, the res;d» neeot her brothei-m-law. ( I homa>
K. Hold.) MARV JANL ALLF.N. in her 2 id
vear. Her illness was longand pamlul. and was
horn** with Christian fortitude and resignatior.
s;o* being sustained bv ihe c tier ring hopes ot th»*
go.-pel and soo’hed bv tin- fender assiduities ot
kind relatives and numerous inends. had
L .... .V .. .. L..r , .♦ tho li i ivtivt I hlierii
OT V ft I » III IHVU» l '' ■ »»«v • ” J' v • - - - — - '
in Berry v die. for a hour three years, ami died
with an humble reiance upon her Saviours
In Clarke County, on Sunday, the *2‘*th Octo
ber. SFS:\N O.. wife of Alfred C. JuckJon. m
the .71th vear of her age. The subject of this
notice had from the ! 7th year ot her age profes
sed faith in C hrist, and has since been a consis
tent member ot theM. F. Church, ever adorn
ing her profession._____
AluaiulrlH Market, November 1 H.
Flour firm, but not active—receipts light
We quote I p ("ountry at $s a $•> *j5. K v»*r
side $). Pioneer Mills $l‘>. Family $11. The
receipts of Wheat To-day are light—market
steady—good *o prim*' red !'b ,i fTdcts.; white
17u xt 17f> c*>.; ordinary samples b to cents
ie-s. Whi’e and mixed Corn ~b <r Sl' cts—no
yellow in market, (hit-* ate in lair demand at
4S bn cts. Rye Ob a 1 n cts. White bean-.
$1 Ivt ii $ 1 Jb. <."lover Seed $? bo. Timo
thv Seed $t jb a $t bn. Orchard (Irass
$2 >b a bn _
Thr Markets.
Hai.timorf. Nov. Is.— l lour—*»* barrels
sold; Howard street at ?s Jo, City Mills at
$8. Wheat- Jli.nnn bushels sold, white
SI >.'*» (</ Si <s7 (O >i 1*0; red SI 7”> (u SI SO.
Corn—old white 1i (o >n cents. new w hite
7 1 cents, yellow SO cents. Oats IS (u •’»- cts.
Other articles unchanged.
New York., Nov. IS.—Flour dull—4,non
bids, sold—State brands ss (a -?S Jb; South
ern SS 5f*(n S‘J. Corn—Id’nU bushels mix
ed sold at 1*1 cts. Cotton dull. Money tight.
Stocks dull and unchanged.
Money Matter#.
The Baltimore American says —
‘•The Money Market still exhibit# a very'
gloomy aspect. The pre>-ure has continued
Through the week w ithout any diminution, and
we see little prospect oi any immediate ri-liel.
The wholesale failures ot Bmk> and Bankers
in the West has seiiouj.lv impaired public con
fidence, and "ii# entire business community i*
affected to a greater or les'* degree by them.—
Our own Banks have very materially contracted
Their discount lilies, ami a 'cry large quamuy oi
paj>er is in consequence ou the street lor nego
tiation. First cl..ss embused business paper is
selling at li ir ! $ cent., and names leas
known at v? cent, p mouth At these rates
almost any quantity ot paper can Ik* obtained.
T he specie drain still continues, the last steamer
from New York taking out nearly if 1 .rtim».»»«*•».
Virginia and North Carolina Hank notes, ot
w inch a large portion oi our cireulation is made
up. are selling at from “J to 3 cent, discount.
I he Philadelphia Ledger says —
• We heard \esteidav. ot two more failure** in
this cit\ - born m the Iron business, one ot
which is that ot quite a laige concern. Paper
of all kinds is negotiated with much diiiiculty
and on! vat very high rates Hue banks, as e\*r
heretofore, when rlie;r aid i* most wanted, can
do nothing towards relief."
Tlie bank disturbances m the West and South
create much perplexity.it not being understood
how widely the disturbances w ill * xtend or how
long they w ill la<t. and tear prevails according
ly. The discrediting of so much currency out
West creates an additional demand for gold.
which is accunm’ating m the possession «o pri
vate individuals to a large aggregate amount.
There arc, also, troubles tiotn the short crop out
West this season, the more felt as it was never
supposed that the West would have a shorf crop.
The want of definite information on this point is
much lelt.
\t New ^ ork. Money is m much demand,
and discount rates are firm. The banks are not
expected to lo**e specie this week, but it is not
anticipated they will gain much 1 he quoted
rates in the street are It? it !•> cent. lor first
cla**s paper, and IS or upwards for other kinds.
Mayor’s Or vic e. 10th Nov. 1854.
Whereas, our all wise and merciful Crea
tor, has, in his goodness, protected us Irom
evil, in a most favored manner exempted
u> from disease, and abundantly supplied
all our wants, undeserving as wo are—
therefore, let us all joiu and set apart
Thursday next, the 23trd mutant, as a day
of Thanksgiving and Praise, that we nmy
rejoice in God’s goodness to u\ anti return
our thanks unto him, asking in our prayer*
a continuation of bis blessings. 1, theiyore.
as requested by our City Councils, with h
full appreciation of the duty, do set apart
the day named above, to bo observed, by
returning thanks to Almigbtv God.
dot 17—eotd GEO. P. jiilSE, Mayor.
J by [nor IB-lw] BURKE & HERBERT
fe&plaiiMtor> .
We said last week that we had heard that j
citizens of this county had been fraudulently
dealt with by city merchants, lhis thing
had been made a common topic of conversa
tion in this place, and we knew that the
assertion had been made, in the mo>t posi
tive terms, by citizens of the utmost re
liability. t’onsidering it our duty, in our j
bumble sphere, to watch over the interests
of our hdlow-citizens and patrons, and hav
ing been, though most unjustly, taunted
with being “afraid t*> publish anything j
against Alexandria lest we should lose bv
ir." we thought it right to make known
what we had heard. With regard to the pro
priety of this course w e have not changed our
opinion. The affair had already received all
the publicity that common conversati w could
give it, and must have become generally
though less speedily known, without our
agency. We have the highest respect for the 1
good people of Alexandria, and we deeply
regret tiiat any part of our course should he
offensive to them: hut we owe a duty in the
first place to our own citizens, and we must
he allowed to discharge it to the host of our
ahiiitv, regardless of the consequences.
We would greatly prefer that the gentle
men who believe themselves t * have been
victimized, in this instance, would take tin4 j
responsibility, and make a public statement
.*f the facts, but we cannot see that there is
any moral obligation on our part to publish
to the world their private affairs, without
their permission. As to our resj e<*ted cotem
|M»raries of the press, we are truly sorry t *
incur their displeasure in a matter of this
sort. They must permit us, however, to ex
ercise the same privileges with regard to
our own community which they do m rela
tion to theirs, and to raise a note of warning
when we have reason to believe that their
rights and interests are endangered. \\ ho the
delinquents in this ease are, and where they
reside, we know no more than they do, hut
w e do know that there are such per* n< to he
found in all communities, and no sine man
will be disposed to visit their sins upon the
whole class to which they belong. — Pi^hnonf t
M7//y. _
AI^I A31 AC.
J v >4 > i > > v %
NOVKMIjI'.R. rws. sets. Moos s I’u vsks
*•*» Monday . .7 V\ •'>♦*» . " “
•'I TumI.iv. . 7 ! I N>-vv-" 1 M
•f* 7 .1 , ,-,,!Orst.|f. i'- •' •«' «•
••X Thursttav" 7 7 -I f.'l 1 ' ::A M
-4 Friday ... 7 7'I .V: ^ M' ! - 1 ‘ K
W.* Saturday.. ~ S l HH»H W A 1 F.R.
v>»; Sunday ... 7 P l .'>1 Nov ‘J" 7h. Im.
London.Nov. t llavie.Nov .»
Liverpool... Nov. 1 New ( b leans. . Nov. i :t
Sidn. Mary .Line, Price. Baltinioie. white pme
lumber to Water-. Zimm-nuan A ( o
Schr. F'xrri. Wheutly. Baltimore. whit.* pin
lumber to W a’-is. Zimmerman »\ ( o.
Sehr. W H. Darius. Bo>mun. Baltimore,
white pme lumber N> U ater>. Zimm-i man A ( o.
Brig Fidelia. Hicks. Key West, by Government.
Brig shack lord. Dolan. Boston. n\ i ioneei
Brig Aitavella. Carver, yi ballast, to Dar.en ;
Schr. < *harte> A. Met-on. Lanpnier. Charleston.
S. coal by Thoma* A Dyer.
Memoh vnda.
Schr Volant. Smith, cleared at New \ork.
for this port, 15th in-t
U>rhr. Maria .lane. Small, hence at Boston,
i iBth irist.
• OTIC FI.—All persons indebted to the late
firm ot Ai>i*iaK*s A Mkade. "ill P:,,ase
come forward and settle immediately, as rinur
accounts must be settled soon Father party is
authorized to receipt tor the firm.
Of the turn ot Meade A F.acin*>, No t -. Fan lax
street. Duck’s old stand. n°v ‘-',l
I\R( (i>. CHF.MICALS. Ac— Cream Tartar;
/ Sulphate Quinine; Chiuoidine: Nitrate ot
M.ven Taylors Patent Lint: White Mustard
>t*ed: Aleppo (igtlls Lampblack; ( ardauion
M-cd British Lustre, Ac. Ju>t received, and i
• tor sale by ^ T R. HKRPOlNT ,
nov S F. cor. ot ixoig and \\ ash - s.
X^OlKTI—Hvrv.oxv Division Sons <>f l im
I’KKA.m k \ on are r**>perttuliy solicited to
be punctual u our attendance. vhis k\km*!». nt
7 \ o'rfo> A*, as busiiifs- ot importance " ill be at
tended to. A full attendance isde-ind
nov -It
1>l(KWHFAl FLOl K— Holt's superior
> Hulled Buckwh-.it Flour, in ham-l-. whole,
half, and ipiaiter pockets, tor sale at
nov *iu WHI FF. S. Posf-Office corner.
1 1 i Y BBLS. No. 1 Potomac Herring
] [ M ) 5ubbl- No 1 Nett and Cross Shad, m
>!oie, ai d for sa'e low, !*v
i jiov -<» (;F.O. W. HARRISON. Fenv Hip.
- • - - '
I C BIN’S KXTRACFS. wai ranted nuiue,
i ju>t received, and for sal*- b\
.1. K PI F.RPOI XT.' S. R. cor. of
i i;OV King and \S a.-hington-sts.
MIVIWKD \m> COCOA.—-A fresh supply
ot Tavioi * English Mustard and focoa. ,
oi very be*.t ijualit v. in*t >eceivid. and tor suit* !»y
p,,v H t OoR \ CO. Suep\i Hall.
it J AIK BUI 'HE>.a hi e a-eo,tmeuT. | .St re
l" 1 feiVed. ale' lor .-ale try
.1. K. PlERPOlNT. s. E. cor. ot
nov O'i King and W a.*ii sts.
H ECKERT FA KIN A. a in'! *u|p!y.ju>'re
reived. at STO.N E'S PjMgVoje, No l‘d*.
J cor. ot King and Pitt-sT". ,,,>v - *
SHC j —[So bags ot choice »>ltof. ot aii s:Ze->.
in 'tore, and tor sale low. by
no, vui i.EOWV. HARRISON. Ferry Slip.
W^INDOW CLASS. ot a»orted »»zes. re
|| ceived. and lor sale bv
nov *>«» H. COOK <V CO . Sarep'a Hall.
1 TRENCH CHINA. Parian. Terra Cotta, and
A Lav -t Foods. in gte.it variety, just received,
and tor sale at RICHARDS. ' tov t-i'- It ,
N i) [ ICE.— Piie Co-partnership ot D. R. j
\Vii*on \ Co. is dissolved tr*»ni and itter
this dav. nov *2"—Ht ] K. I. 1. WILSON.
\\ WANTED TO HIRE.—A good COOK and
>| WASHERWOMAN, si av**. A comlor- 1
table home, kind treatment, at u hheial wages
otic red. Apply at the otiice ot theOazette.
nov 1 t—tt
MINERAL PAINT —ho barrels Mineral
Pain*. of different color*, just receiv ed per
i Br;g Andover, and lor sale cheap by
n..v 14 PEEL K STE\ ENs, h\>. King-*t.
» * 1
I^THEREAL OIL-Be st Ethkkk.u. On., con
aa stantlv on hand, and for sale bv
jt rno 1T Stabler N old. stand. Fairfax-st.
A gi><>d bouse servant. Euipuie <>i
nov 17_r,t Cpper end ot King-street.
1TA.M1LV FLOCK, from choice White
A Wheat, for sale at the
I EJ PAINT OIL received this day, and tor
nov 11
J brig Indian Queen, daily expected,
~d for sale by CAZFNOVh \ (O.
nov 15 ___ __
j »tore, and lor >ale bv
nov 11 Theatre Building.
I / v BBLS. extra Peach and old Cider Bran
J * f dies, and old Jamaica Spirit, just receiv ed,
and for sale by
] >' oUlri’rir.'i.
During ti n la-t two w eek.s several rob
beries have been committed, (nearly all, in
one locality,) in this place. The first at Mr.
John Tatsapaugh’s residence on IVmcc street,
(lower end,)—from a wardrobe in his house,
about £l-*’> in silver were stolen. The next
wisat Mrs. Kngelbre< id’s, adjoining, where
SdO in gold and silver were taken from a
chest. Mr. Vaceari’s house, close bv, was
robbed of S90, in gold. These robberies
took place in the day time. The thieves
h ive not been detected, but some suspicions
are aroused. It will be well for our citizens
to l»e on the look out.
A Democratic meeting was held at Sarep
ti Hall, on Friday evening last. Turner Dix
on e*ai., in the chair, and G. L. Gordon. Sec
rd irv. Resolutions expressive of the sense
ot the meeting on general political topics were
passed, and twenty-five delegates to the
Staunton Convention appointed.
Civil and chancery cases occupied the Cir
cuit Court on Saturday hist.
I V" BA KM M S lit H >K—the indications
an* that IJarnum s AtToHioou\i*nv, concerning
which so much has been said ol late, is likely to
have a wider sale than any work ever published
in tills country. Having had the privilege ol
looking over Mr. Kedlield s -order hook, we
found that tie* older** from booksellers and trav
elling agents, cal let! u;> to yesterday, (’tie 14th)
.liternoon, lor th** extraordinary number of ami
ty otJ(i lfion*ninl eopies. 1 m* orders received by
each mail are almost incredible-—varying from
n::ti to .'i.i’iiti. veigmg more irequemly upon ttie
latter th in the former—and all this without the
slightest prospect ol abatement. Booksellers
w ho>«* general orders toi new hooks rarelv ex
ceed a hulf-do/en each, order this work in hun
dred* and liv e hundreds. I'ravellmg agents sel
doiii call for li ‘ >> than 1 <>• * copies, and frequently
a> high u> i,'»< m♦. Were it not for the extiaordi
narv sale ol -i'licle Tonis Calon. \\ Siicli. as
we uml» rstand, reached a total sale of .';|g,o<»o
copies, the loregoing incts would be j»eiJe«*tly
ama/mg—as i! is. they appear comparatively
astounding. Should the oideis continue 1oi tin*
next two months in the *ame ratio, as the pub
lisher confident 1 v autieip.ite>. the copyright ot
his autobiography, fur the l nited States alone,
will net Barnum over d i > <»i hi.— A T. Kr/tnss.
|\c ION I.OlM.i:. .No '„*. ! O. I ) 1' . Nokfoi.k. .) ui v
golu. iS'*l.— Mi. B. Bl H!to\v — Hear Sir:—-Iii
compliance with vour lequest we inlorm you
toi tin- benefit ot ti;•* public, that a brother ot
oui Order. John R. Jasper. became sick whit**a
hunger m tbi" citv. ai;d in consequence ol his
destitute condition was -*nt to tiic Hospital,
where be was lound b\ a committee ol tins
i.o !ge sutiiu'ing liom a disease tenred tin* Scro
ini.i or king's F.x il. and in *o low a state a> to
!>e pronounced bv the physician* incuralde.—
On recommendation ol a brother lie was induced
Toti\ vour medicine, and in ’hr**e weeks he was
declared cured and but the city lor New ^ ork:
aie! 1 n o-ir opinion his restoration to healtti was
caused solely hv tin* use of vour specific.
(•iven under our hands and sea! ol our Lodge
the date a box e w i ilteti.
} Cll \MBKHL \IN. Secretai V.
M s .NIC ( KIM'IFK VTK, NriJFOl.lv. Sept. •>. |s.».; —
Dk.x i< Sih :—In compliance witii your request we.
Hi** undersigned, checnuily state that in the lull
ot 1*11. our attention was directed to the de
plorable condition ot a stranger named John K.
Jasper, w ho i; i*i been treated lor Scrotula xxith
out effecting a cure, and at the suggestion ol a
triend with some others ol the Masonic 1'iatei
nitv. (ol which Mr. Jasper wa* a member.) di
rerted von !*> a* !mini*ter your FL1X1R \ I I .L.
and that alter he had taken it some weeks he
w ,!- dec’ared cur* • I. <11i11 'ji N<*i io1apj ai• ■ n11\
a well man. Re-pectin! i y • k*c.
Simon Stone. Philip 1. C ohen.
F. F. Furguson. j Win. IF Seal.
For Humors. Intlammation*, \ etiereal and
Mei i*ur al Disease*. Scrofula. Coughs. Colds.
Fevers, and Consumption in it" tost stage, if i*
♦ Ijm old v iufai11h!i* >p*'Citic. I or sale by HLX
};V ( \ C(F, Alexandria, and by Drug
gists generally. nov ln—d.w
i.t><»l> MFHiClNKS —Long continued
.in : sv t«niatic pullii g will succeeil in bringing
au\ v. orti.les-nostrum b lore the public—but.
lin king merit, it cannot long retain the position
it for a while assumed. We desire mere!} to
PF( T<)RAN P know n to th** public, te* img eon
fa!* nt till* good a medicine, which na • been
endorsed by some of the brightest orn intents ol
the niedicai taculfv. xviil realize its own populai
ity. and one which will be as lasting as th**
goo*! etLcts i*s use is const anti \ producing.—
Phis excellent medicine is \»*ry ellicient iti
Cough". Colds. Bronchitis, ate! other diseases o!
the lungs and throat. It has been produefixe ot
irsmis in iiunii'u *•« .
dirierent parts of the o*imtr\: and physician- ot
t* e hi‘rlie-T landing are in Hie habit ol using
:n their practice. See de.-cripTive pamphlets, to
be had gratis of the agents. Price tor each,
v b'» rents, per bottle, or six bottles tor n j :>i i.
K !!. STABLER \ CO., Proprietors,
Wholesale !>ruggists. Baltimore. Md.
By all Druggist- in Alexandria, and by
merchants general! v. throughout \ irgiuia
nov ! I — J\v
J iQlOliS —
J j bo bids. Recti tied R\e W hiskey
go •• Maitwis " Pittsburg
\\» •• Cib-nnsX. XX. XXX. Philadel
phia. Brandies. W iue>. 1*111-. and Kums. of a >
«»r.tde-. in -toie, and toi -ale on pleading terms,
nov Is I eri \ Si ip.
kegs <*t lla/.xaruh- P. E E. E. <•. Powder
;,<) No. 1 in 1'f tbs. Canisters, lor Dockers
r».» l tb. Cani.-tei -. lor KiHe- and line Guns,
just received. bv CEO. W. HA RPC SON.
nov is ' perry Slip.
77/** TOR RENT.—Tin* comfortable BRICIv
jjiip DWELL INC. on Prince .street, adjoining
tm Banking House of Burke <V Herbert, and
\ej v suitable a- a place ol business. Possession
g;vcn immediate!v
nov lb—eo.'ft E. F. TATSAPAl CH.
CjTRAVED Ironi the subscriber one MIIA II
CttW. ol milk and cider color. A liberal
reward will be given it returned to the owner,
or information be gi'en. -o mat ne can recover
her. [nov is-*] B. F McVElCIl.
INSTRUMENTS-Jarvis* celebrated leg,
and arm adjuster: Cupping Instrument*
>vrint/**s of all kind.-, \c.. just received, an I fur
sale bv ’ PEEL \ STEVENS,
nov IS No. ••‘J, Kmg-street.
) nient of Bi : wot > I i.owku Roois. lor sale
by U. il. STABLER.
No. P'b. King st.. cornei ot W ash n.
Z~ir3 Sign of the Golden Bottle. nov (J
I^KESH BEDFORD WATER, just received,
1 by K. 11. STABI.KR.
No. PT>. King-street, cor. ot Washington,
r?" Sign of the l.olden Bottle. nov 7
BOXES LEMONS.—Just received per
Hrig Andover, Vi5 boxes LEMONS, in
good order, for sale by M. ELPRIPGU*
nov IS Union Wharf.
\7'ER\ CHEAP.—A lew Alerino Under
shirts and Drawers, on hand. and for sale
at the lowest tigures. to close the lot. bv
nov 18 H. B. WHITTINGTON & Co.
FilOOTH BRUSHES.—A good assortment ju.-t
1 received and for sale by
J. U. riERPOINT, S. E. corner
nor iS King a°d W'ashington-sts.
A /v/\ TONS PLAISTF.R, per Brig*
fn II ) Cluru*' aud *‘Shack/oH." from W^d
for Mile by 'nov 3J tWLE #0
New York. Nov. IS.--A few additional offi
cial returns received, favor the election oi
< ’lark, by ,”>00 plurality.
Wo learn that there ha? been considerable
frost and cold weather at Charleston, Savan
nah, and New Orleans. The health of these
cities is very good.
Cincinnati, Nov. is.—The money market
continues throughout the West to he very
tight. There are more failures here, hut the
indications are that the trouble is easing off.
Boston, Nov. 18.—The Windham Compa
ny Bank, at Brookline, Connecticut, has been
robbed of v2—,ddd.
New York. Nov. 18.—'The Williamsburg
rioters have been found guilty.
New York. Nov. 18.—The steamer Glas
gow sailed to-day, taking out one hundred
and fifty passengers. No specie.
Wiieei.ino, Nov. 18.— I lie river is at a
stand. Second class boats ar<* running.
annual meeting of flic Stockholders ol
tiu* Fauquier and Alexandria 1 unipike Compa- 1
nv, will i>** held at die Office of the -Virginia
Sentinel, m the city ol Alexandria, on lilt's
! tlay. tin 21 >7 of Sonmtnr. at \2 o'rlurk. M. to j
elect a President, Ihreotor*. and other officers,
and transact such other business as the Stockhol
ders may see li: to take up. -V lull attendance
in person oi by proxy isei rnestiy requested
1 he books and records ol the ( ompuny hav
ing been lost or mislaid, any one possessed of
an \ information m regard to them i> requested
14> communicate it to the State 1 ioxy, Kichaid
\| Smith, ol Alexandria; and Stockholders are
requested to biitig with them, or forward as
above, their certificates or other evidences «>f
stock, that a new list ol Stockholders may be
prepared. l»y order ol the Bin dors'
oct *2’>—eotd
iiave jus! received ironi die N<>rfh. a sup
,,iy nl .UlltlCU.ri U.H. l.VPUC.VE.XTS. We
Maine in part, Sinclair - celebrated Hay. Straw,
and (nm Stalk Cu’tcrs. t«*r hor>#» and hand pov.
n •• IJ..,,- Ri.lii holier do oi all <\y.es: Pcimnck >
celebrated Coin Sinlleis. \ lrginia do. Haggle's
,111 1 Whitemorc s do, several sizes; Ruggle s tour
section east iron Feed Rollers; Vegetable ('ut
ters; Iron Road Scrap ms, different kinds; Ther
mometer. Cylindrical, and Stat! ( hums. Also,
a large lot oi Railroad and (»ravel l>ar»o\v«. To all
of which we invite the attention oi larmers and
hovers generally. as we can supply them with
a> good an article, and on as good teims as
' lhc\ c i.u bebought elsewhere.
nov I s Addison \ Meade si Md Stand. I moil s*
IVMI’IRE HOCsK, Ah. King Stmt —
"j 'l he subscriber having remow d irom West
End. and taken the new brick building, uppei
end of K ing >treijt. !i« ar M r. (* N eal •* lav ej n. and
adjacent To the Depot, has opened it as a H"i sk
or Kn rr»:t.vinmknt, w hiM'e travellers and others
can 1*»* accommodated with HOARD and LODO
1N(», and where every effort will be made to
please tho-e vv ho may pationi/.e the estahlisii
iii,-nt. i he BAR will be supplied with the best
LIQDOKS. and the Tabu: shall be inferior to no
other public house in the city, lhanklu! lor
pa-T lavois. the sidiscriher hopes to leeeive a
liberal support from the public, with a pledge
that nothin1' shall be wanting to secure iTs con
tinuance. HARRIET O’NEAL.
In * v i i—eoTii
ZINC PAINT.— 11 ie undersigned. \gent> lor
the sale ot W illi F. OXIDE OF ZINC,
maimtactured by the Pksnsyuania and Lkmd.m
Ziv 0,». are prep ired to receive orders lor tlie
same, and would invite the particular attention
<>t the Trade to ii- ev ident superiority over ot tiers
oi American mamitacture. and its mo>t mh c« ss
l, | competition with the best ot toreign.
De tiers can with confidence depend upon a!
wavs obtaining any de>ned supply oi tins
’ PAIN I', which will be found to recommend it
s*Mt tor iT'Ri'iv. (• itkar I*ody. and l mkobm
W liiTKNK-s. Prices and teims arranged on the
most liberal tooting.
New \ oil,, uov is—un S J. W ater-street.
exceedingly valuable (. lotbs ol vvhicli
lii.iiicof pan's have been sold m the last tew
mon'lis, and which ate guaranteed to protect
mothers against a Iu:en I can alone be
had of ADI I. <V («RA\. who!, sale and retail
agents. 1 17. Main street. Richmond. \a. who
upon the receipt ot Si, aecompam d by TJ cts.
worth oi Postage Mamps, w ill tian.-mit a pair
o! them by n• *iI. tree o! additional charge, to
•m\ oart of the Cnited States. Mothers should
obtain them at once and keep them by them to
be U'«-it a* liisected. whenever threatened with an
mii imed breast. Ihev can he worn without uis
i coin;• *it «*r inconvenience ot any kind.
Richmond. oet vU— lawf>m
1* L AlSTEK AND CORN AMU- *twth e»<1
9 (>f Count strrrt. dlej-titidriu. I irgiivti - ( J
li ISii A <’(>.. aie prepared to nil ordeis tor
OKOI’N l> I* LA IS] KR, CORN MCA!, and
Fl.kl >. a! the low * -,t rates.
tIROUND PL \1>TEK ordered from us will
be put up in li.nieli or >..t*l.s J*. toe p'ir«*:iasei
lit;) v dll».
MEAL AM) FEED ground ord-r a? fair
Odice. loot of King street, one door west ot
.1. .1. Wheat A Br«»., up stairs, where orders
in .y be tel? Horn 1 1 to p»J. A. AL, and from 3
to ;» P. M. nov g—eolm
JOHN T. EV \NS. re>prctui!!v informs the
Ladies of Alexandria and its vieinity.th.it
be has | a si returned from New York, with a
huge and most elegant assortment oi LADIES
R RS ever ollered for sale in this market, such
as, Stone Martin and imitation Stone Martin:
Pitch and imitation Pitch; Lynx and imitition
l,\ii\: Imitation Sable. All will be sold lor a
small profit. The Ladies are invited to cal! and
examine them. Also, a -pi, ndid assortment oi
fants MATS. Ac. "O ‘-’s—tf
r lYOlLET ARTICLES. Ac—Lulmi's novnue
| Extracts, (a large assortment) Wright's
Extracts. Lowe's Brown Windsor Soap. 'Toilet
Powtiers. ( ologm's, Bear s On. Rose llaii (hi.
Lily White. Leather Drinking Cups. .Mem Fun.
Pocket Flasks. English. French, and Ameiinn
'T00th Brushes, Toilet Bottles. Hair Brushes
Combs, Nail Brushes.Toilet Watt rs. Philocombe.
j Pomade, Ac., alaige supply just received, and
: tor sab* by R E. >T()NK, Apothecary,
jjov js" No. 1 <»0, cor. King and Pitt-^t.
\ ing this day. per Schr. Arctic, direct from
jbe New York Manufactories, a superior as
sortment of WOOD and CO.iL STOl t.S. for
Parlors, Ollices. Stores, Ac., to which we in
vite public attention
n0V 1«> No US. South King street.
o, mm i bushels s horts
1500 “ <>ar*
O.ki o Ship Stutt- and Middling*,
o^nd. and ’0i ^ by THOMAS DAVY.
I Ethereal oi l, alcohol—winter
*a bleached Lamp Oil. Neats loot and lan
ner’s Oil. for hale by PEEL A S I E\ ENs.
nov IS __K,n*'st/
K \TH4IRON, just received, and for sate
bv J. R. PIKRPOINT. S. E. cor.
' nov IS King ayd Washington streets.
■ (j received bv PEEL A STEVENS,
nov 14 King-«t.
grand military and civic ball
Till; iim ST VERSOS <il \«l>s,
of Alexandria. A
riA PLKASCKK in announcing io their
1 friends. and the public genera!!;., ‘hut they
u : j! gi v*' on*' <>| I heli
<; KA N B B A BBS,
f) \ U Kl>yE>DJY. Sot'Cuii > r ‘l inti.
AT sakkpta h am
They pledge themselvw. that they will give
, one of the he.I Cl the scroll, as nothing shall
1,0 left undone, that will add to the pleasure ot
the company. , i
IY Uk.I) (’OTILUON Ml M( ha* b**n
' "tv- M I’IT-K am, RKKRKSH.MF.XTS wiU
he tarnished ladies anti gentlemen.
iir HACKS will he in attendance !«> convey
• ladies to and from the hall.
l*r TICKKTS, admiring a gentleman and
' ladies. $3*, to he bad of the Committee, or at
the door, on tiie eveunig ot the ball.
floor Mating**.
Hrmi Ja\rn.\M. ks<j.
M an \okhs.
Capt. T. W. Ashby. I <’apt. <B Bifkky.
Lieut. Wm. II.Smith, ! Bt. F. t »uksk\i>affkr.
.. c i). Kmo, | Pioneer .Ias. Kkvnk.
•• Chan. .I wins. .Seargt. F..W Bank.
! Surgeon M M. Lewis. Seargt. Wm Oavis,
Pion r .1. W. Atkinson. *’ W. . Allen,
.1. L. Smith, .lit. *’ C. W. Neale,
John Beeenis, Q M A. M. McCormick
(hi the port of the Ilatid-i*\-ILiwl ('lob.
William Vosr. | Willi\m Shock.
On tin port of (he Co <$• Co
P»< \n« |n M.O.VNE. i Jonah IL White.
AliMD*TKAt» l . IJl ROLE.
Committee of IIkcf.i*iion.
Capt T. W. Ashby. Capt. Ce<»u*;k Bitfey,
Lieut, c. I). Ri m». W.M. Bavis.
Quarter Master A. M. McCuumu k.
Committee *>f Arkanukmk nts.
Lieut. Wm. H. Smith, Lieut. Ciias Jayins.
Seargt. W. W. Ali.kn, Seargt. C. \S. Neale.
•• John (iaiMSs, j “ov 7—eotd
N^OTICK TO FARM KBS.— As stock-leed
ing reason is now appioaehing. the under
sTgued would iniorm the farmers ami graziers.
That They are manufacturing Leavitt s Cob an.I
CornCnishersat Messrs. Smiths Perkins’ Foun
diy. on Pitt street. Alexandria. \ a., and as the
Mills have now been in n.-e one \ear and gLen
general satisfaction. w»* can confidently recom
mend them tor cheapness. simplicity, and dura
*,, 1 i♦ v all stoi*h leeders manv ol whom are
well convinced ot The economy of crushing the
eoh and corn, a* also all other grams before fee
ding. The immctons experiment forwarded
annually to the Commissioner ot Patents go
tar to piove tiiat ground let* I is much more
healthy than iingrouml. 'IV price of the Mill
complete, delivered at the Foundry isS*-> with
all ueee**ary directions tor putting the Mill in
operation. For further information, ad.dress the
undersigned, at Alexandria, hy mail. All or
ders le t at the foundry will he promptly atteii
ded to. County right* tor sa'e. and Mill- twr
nished at a liberal ili-connt to purchasers -
To small capita! i-t- a g<»«d opportunity is now
(•tiered, to engage in tin* - He of the best Mock
Mill ,.\er ottered lor sale in the State ot Virginia.
The above ( urn and ( tib ( rusheis. tor sale.
also, at t'actorv prices, by
<>rt _ti ' MF. \FF. ^ FACHF.S.
Minor \ morion ploi ohs, whfat
SF.FI> SOWLRS.\<\—'The subscribers have on
hand a large *iock ot articles in tin* above line.
k'(iit(ih/((/ cockI to u117 /11 f hi' vint’k ft. v h ien t«>i t he
purpo.-e ot 7/U/A'Olg I’ttOm. they Will sell Jm cus-i.
tor /(.« tliau ih»* same articles can he had in tins
citv. All person- in want may rely upon being
suited as to quality and price, as the article*
will he soid without regard to the cost. I o any
person who may Joel disposed to engage in the
Agricultural business, a good oppoituiuty is
now offered, as the vv hob* stock will he ^old on
favorable terms, and oni inlluem e guaranteed in
favor of the party desiring to purchase.
\W have <>ii hand and will continue to keep a
large and choice a>*oitmerit oI 11 A RIt\\ ARP..
(1 FFKRY. suited lo the country trade,
w hit'll vvi 11 he yold wholesah* and ictail at prices
to please.
Fon t forget to examine the Amun t/n ral
1mei.KMi vis. Horn now until next Npring: \ou
can ,rct gr»*at bargain-.
hoy pi coiner ot King and Royal-sts.
culture, its e*.*entraU and non-essentij|s. in
cluding an examination (»i (»i A NO. and other
manures: by H. N. FRA \ A P P ot Now Jersey.
This work. besides The general information it
contains, will he loin.d to he a valuable guide to
the Farmer. Planter. and Agriculturist in point
ing out the es*ential* and nonc**einial* to lx*
furnished To their lands. The selection ol such
!eid i ii/“i‘s a- the soil wants, and tin* avoiding ot
sncii as it does not want. i- pointed out in plain
t c* l ms, and will ensure a saving of time ai.d
money to all who follow it* advice. At the
South, where exhau-ted land.* require something
to restore fertility. which a* yet doe* no! appear
t<> have been lonnd, the treatise w ill be ot the
lir*t importance. indeed the tiller 0! the soil in
evei v **c ion. cannot hut he ben* fifed hv a pern
sal a* it lilt* tin* v*-j| ot uncertainty, which has
hitherto enveloped ?no science of Agi icuPure.
Price, in piper—-•* cj§. All ordeis to lie ad*
•hvssi d to I . L MAGAGNt >S. Publisher,
1Berkni in street. N* w \ ork.
Foi *a'e hv a!! Booksellers
New York, net v I — law#m
H \ PS. CAPS, Fi KS. kc.— Fat.i, Supply.—
The stih.*>crihcr ha* opened at hi* store
and manulactoi v. on Fairfax street. No. ‘j. south
oi King, a \erv extensive and excellent s*ort
meet oi HATS. CATs. \c.. »t cv.*rv variety and
at ail price* to which lo* inv ife* tfie attention «»i
his mends and the piihiic. !!•• !. is on hand a
|. \\ oi tho*e beautiful ll.vis which received tne
pfiKVirv at the Statk Fain.
To the ladie.* he otters the largest and hand
somest assortment ot FI KS. ol ail descriptions,
which he h;i* ever had the pleasure ot showing.
Among them will be lomul ai iicie.s to suit every
He invites all to call and examine his goods
before making their purchase.
B\ mean* of his-*Ready Fitter." imported from
France, for taking the shape o) thu head, he can
guarantee a pertect tit to ail gentlemen who
mav order their iiats ot him.
The highest price paid lor ail kinds of ship
ping fur*. | d**c 7 | doll X HAW KLL.
1iall importation. isfii —kx(;l;sii
INGS — iilUJS. .HUMS if CO., have just
re reived per ships David Crockett and I or
nado, direct from Manchester, F.ngland. a
large nnd elegant assortment of THREE
RXCS. For permanence ot color and durability
of texture, these goods are unstirpa**. d hv any
in the market. Housekeeper* desirous of a sii
pei ior article, would do well to examine these
goods, a* thev are otl’ered at prices to please.
*.ep 16—eor>m Alexandria, \a
j (JF> !!!—1 he subscriber has now on hand,
• and i* constantly finishing) a very large assort
ment oi the \erv latest fashion? of Family and
Pleavire GARKIAGKS, Bl'GGIKS, Ac. Per
sons can always relv on finding the be*t as
i sortment in the city, a* I always k«*ep on hand
more than fifty finished Carriage.*, all warranted,
and sold as low a* tue ?ame kind ot work can
be bought in anv of the Northern cities.
Sign of the Golden Horse, cor Penn, av enue and
i -1$ street, Washington City, D. C.
Washington, sep (j—eoitmif
1 I A YARDS of beautilul CASSlMKKKS. of
1 J fj various shades and mixtures, for busi
i ness suits, received this dav. by
nov 11 Merchant 1-iilor
Dhi K <>F DRY i.OODS.—(i. A'. I\ IT
i.lj.fl <*, PtflO . again c-.II the attention ol their
Fi lends .111 1 the puhi.r genera 1 y. to ;u;o iid Urge
.ind tdegant stock o( \ AN I) IlhMKS*
I [(• (i<K»nS. uh ’’h 111 • * V Lave ju>t received,
embracing ever) iung in the marke' that isnevv
«J#» — ir l!)!**. wiring w || . h \\ iii bt* i• *»ji:11 a
b»*<«u» ii.il assortment uf—~
I’laid, striped and Brocade Poult de Si bilks
Kept and plain do d*»
Mark Natioliale. Kept and Crude Ii.»i»v do
Mack. Satin*, and * • n»tl. I nion> <:o
Black, Plaid. stri;»ed and Broe.ide do
Super White do do
Satin 1 ’a»hmere«. ;u d < 'rare* I >e Co| e
Satin, P id. and str.ped t jshnn lev
French Merinos and bynope Clo'h*
Plaid do and Tartans; Bomb i/mes. ol verv
.wiper ipiiiitie*; Biack Alpaca*, and Canton
ClolliM plam and pruned French Mou>lines;
i>e Bages and plain Poplins; French and sv\i*s
Knibiou'enes. in every variety: W iiaphinks —sa
tin. ( doth, and V el vet Cloaks. Talmas and Cape*:
J) pieces ol Cloaking Cioths. all colors: black,
ttuuoon. green, blue, brown and Ian Velvet*,
fordo; Brosha. Cashmere. I hibet and Blanket
Shawls; ( I oak and Pir-s Id immings. in great
vaiietv; Bonnet and boll Ur»b nis: Donna Maria.
Beiage> and lissu***, ioi Veil.; 1 »ng and •!»*n11
Luce V eil>. Ac.. Am.
Cloths ami Cassimk’if.s —Black, blue, claret.
Mulberry, Olive. Blown, and dr»b (’loth*, ol
i most celebrated brands: .n.ubit* milled black and
;ane v F renen ( a'Simere*: Velvet. Silk. Safin,
atnl Cashmeie Vesting*: ()vcr Coatings, i weeds,
t 'aw nets. Jeans, eke ; bilk. < adimen?. vlerino. and
Lambs Wool blurts and Drawers.
1 |'l\s\i;i.s.—.' I Shaker. Welsh. Swan Skin,
j Silk Warp, util other White and colored Flan
i nel$; plain and Figured Sacking do.
; ('L'iii \is .Matk;:i \i.s. Ac.—Satiii de Laitis and
(Satin Damask*; ihnbroi lered Lice aiul Muslin
! Curtain*, plain and twilled 1 ashmere .-*: Lngti.'li
! and French Furniture Prints. Fast col.us; Linen
| ,v heelings. ( upon do.. Linen l able Diaper* and
! Cloths, very super.oi; Irish Linen*, super Suirt
i • iig ( ottous. i ow ehrg' and Napkin*, 4 i as'C" and
1 Diapers, heavy Wooien* and ( otton (mods. °f
cv.'i v description. Ioi Servant s wear: Bed and
Servant's Blankets. Comforts \c., Cotton Warp
and ( a. pet ( ham.
. 4." a iti’r'.T i \ c»s, A c.— Velvet I a peltry. I nree
' Plv. Ingram and Venetian Carpeting". Stair do .
Velvet and Tufila Bug*. Booking and Linen
| Damask, lor Crumb Cloths and Matts, I- ioor Oi I
Cloths 1-4 to l'l-t.cnt m all widths: Furniture
, ,|o . plain and Lnarneled do., tor Carriage 1'iim
tiling; plain and l)gu1a d W ors ed do, \\ l n a mil
assortment ot ever) o-ber description «y POODS
usually kept m oar line. We are, a'so. in al
, most daily receipt oF OOOD> lymi the Notrh
,»rn markets, and will, tuerc.ore, be ao.«* to exhi
bit at all time*, a stock that will compare tavoi
abiy with any to be loimd »u much larg. i etti•*>.
Our terms are liberal and prices as lute u.' tl<f
' / ires! nr if. on l* irnere.
Prompt and special attention will be given *o
orders lioui ;he . ountrv.
S ... L* •
<)CJ -<*(>;>' .w. .1. I.
Hall & harpkk at cppemiie. v.t.
have just received flour new slock of
FALL AM) WINTKK HOOpS, which were
purchased of the largest and first importing
i houses in Philadelphia and New \ ork. 1 heir
!i jeurio and the public generally in the surround
mg countiv.aie respectlul 1 v invited to examine
tte-ir s'ock. which is unusually large, consisting
nl every var.etv <»t lioo<<> i snail\ kept *n a
country stoie, together with KKAD) MADK
Their stock oi BOO TS, SliOK.Y II \T>. N<\.
h \» t'» large.eon.p.ising nearly every descrip
tion. 1 hev earnest|v »rsi\ only a cad. lidding
assiutd their goods and prices will pi ease
l pperville, \a.. or! —’Jaw.'lvv
i"M>R RF.NT—My FARM bounded on the
^ Birklick road, a quarter of a mile from
Springfield s ation. I hr* mini N enclosed with
a new post and rail It lice. hiving on it a new
/ȣ commodious DV\ KLLINC* Hof SR, a
JtiJLroomy barn, with stable and hay loft suffi
cient lor seven head norscs. 1 here N. aiso, a
well of excellent water in the yard of tue
dwelling: also. Springs within the enclosure, oi
nevei lading water.
The terras will be easy and accommodating
to a good and re ponsih’e tenant.
For further information, enquire of my father
John H Rrod**rs or of me at his residence.
Fairfax County, sep IK—eotf
| tins morning opened another new a-**ort
ut of KM BKOI DKRIKSand FANC\ (if><>DS.
which thev have jii-t received Irom New \ urk
Auctions, and offer to the Ladies and public in
general, at very.low prices. A No. a new and
cheap lot ot SHA\i LS at d MKRIN'OS vvlneii
are cheaper than ever offered before.
Call and see lor yourself. at
H X'llWAK/ N ( O., No ] >g King-st..
Meyenberg & Bio. - Old Stand.
B >'Remenibei our motto—"Quick sale* and
small profits.*’ nov 1—eolllth
ARM TOR SALK.— The subscriber will
sell, a1 private sale, his FARM in Fairfcx
county, Vj„ containing llNj Acres of laud.
Said Farm > 1? rnrea from A-exandria. miles
iiom Accotink M:!N. and hall a mile from the
Chun h where Hen. Washington attended.
\ FRA M K (*()TT.\frK HOFsF. containing
twelve rooms, a large frame Barn, Carnage
House, and other out-buildings, ail new. lerms
m-.ade i i n r.io r»i I !?.,.! r»n t’h.» nrprt'ic#.*
and T A. S’out^nburg. Alexandria, pear the
Post Office I H. 1>(. LLO( K.
Faili'ax Go., tept 1.1—roll'
T (V|*|GF.. All peivuis indebted to the e»
tate ot I bifftin rn. dec d.. late o| Ea l mouth,
\ a., and a! o lbo.se indebted To I). Gieen & Son,
will please rail and *Htie The amounts due by
lb* to. And all persons itaving claims against
-aid estate oi tv»n wll please present them tor
settlement to the undersigned. It is nece-s.uy
that 1he es! iT« -hail be settled up wtii a* little
delay as po-sibb*. and prompt payments will be
required \\ M.,l. GRLEX. / Executors ot
Dl FG GREEN. S IbdfGretn.dec'd.
Falmouth. V.t . n*p .0—eo‘>m
V STRAY OX.—An esii.iy OX or STAG
a buffalo, white in color, with brindle
necK and shoulder, marked in tiie right ear with
a slit, and ciupped on the left, of medium si/e.
came tre-passmg on the premise* id .Mr. Henry
Johnson, near Eanglv Post Office, in Fairfax
County. Va . on the k'Jth of October last I he
owner i* requested to nma1. prove property, piy
damages, and take it away, or it will be dispo
sed ot according to law.
Fairfax County, nov 1.0—eo3l*
o I ICE.—i he undersigned, agent for the
Manassas (rap Railroad Company, hav
ing taken charge ot thel.ainesv 1! le Station. Prince
William Co. keep* constantly on hand, all
articles in the Farmer r* line, viz—PLASTER,
SHOES. Ao..\c. He mo-t respectfully solicits
acall from those purchasing mhisline
Gainesville, Pr. Win. Co.,—eoim
RAVE now in store, their stock of FALL
and WINTER GOODS, which were pur
chased late m the season of AVer York Importer*
and at jhuiuni. Country merchants will find it
to their interest to examine their a*soitment.
net 6-eo6w
T EDWARD CHASE. M I)., Dental Sur
# geor:. has rerr.ov td his office to the residence
ot his fat hr i, s. L. comer Prince and Royal *ts.,
three doors w*»,d of the Alexandria Gazette Office
«ov N—<*01 y
fl^RKES.— The subscribers are now receiving
I older* for Fruit and Ornamental TREES
nov 8 _ Sarepta Hall.
NEW ( ROP RAISINS.—Layer and Bunch
Raisin*, in whole, half, and quarter ho.xes,
lor sale at
nov lv \\ HITE S. Post-Office comer.
I O/Y/i SACKS Fine and Ground Alum Salt
J for wile by
qcl 1$ KIXCHELOE \ CO.
S3 OF LAND FOR SALE.—The tract oi land
onthe Potomac River, in Charles County. Mary
land, known as *\VM MP NECK/' containing
over 1"'HI A(’RES. i» Tor sale. I he tract is
hounded hv the liver and Chickamuxen and
Mattawoinan ( leeks. requiring hot little tone n g,
and jt i- supposed may he very advantageously
divid.d into two FARMS. Iris now under ten
antry and the B( ILDINGS are believed to Ik
I vc"’v comfortable. I he land is ot excellent
quality, and the FISHERY one ol the best and
most reliable on the Potoinae: and if is believed
that two Fisbeiies can be advantageously work
ed upon Its extensive shores. The greatly in
crea-etl demand lor Shad and Herring at Alex
andria. caused bv tiie Canal and Railroads Ter
minating there, and the consequent high prices,
(nearly double those of* former yeais.) r»nd*T
property ot Tin? description very desirable.—
The R.i‘1 Hoad Iroin Baltimore to the Potomac
kivfi will probably run through or immediately
m the rear ol this proje rty.
The entire property will be offered at auction,
0,1 Saturday, the ‘id day of Ihccmbrr, lsf> t. at 1 l
o •loek. .i. 3/., in iront ol the Mayor -* Ollier,
Market Square.
J krvj.8 One fourth cash, the residue in tour
annual payments. bearing interest, payable yeui
ly. The deterred payments to he secured by
deed ol tiu-t on the property, and the improve
ments to be insured to the satisfaction ot the un
dersigned, at lio* expense of the purchaser
R. JOHNSTON Alexandria. Ya.
IIOV I t—eotd
MILL FOR SALE.— In pursuance oT a de
cree ol the Circuit Court ol Fan tax.
pronounced at its November teim. 1>'»I, in
th>* mu' ol Lanes heirs, against Allred Balls. ad
ministrator, \e. the undersigned. Commission
ers, w ill offer at public side, at Fairfax Court
House, on Monday, the 1 ^th of De emin'. (Court
day.) that valuable pioperty, known as LANE'S
nf.b MILL. situated one mile southwest fiorn
Ccntrev i!le. and near the Turnpike road leading
from Alexandria to U'arrenfofi.
Tliere is attached to the Mill about FIF TY
1 ACRES f)F LAND, a MILL HOI SE. and a
This-wa* formerly an extensive FLOCKING
MIL!..and can again be made so. at a smalt
expense. If is now u-e«l as a country Gust
Mill, and lias a good share ol country work.
The >A W MILL is m good repair, and could
be made profitable. Possession to be given on
the 1st of Januai y. I bob.
li.i.M'or bxi.K —One-tenth oi t-.e purchase
money m h.oid as a deposit, liable to forfeiture,
t.v* residue in equal instalments ol six. twelve,
and * lgh.een mouths. with interest from date of
rale. Purchaser to give bonds with good M-curi
tv for the deferred payments. an«! the title retain
ed. and liable to re-ale a* the risk ol the puieha
?<-i . should the term* not be complied w ith.
Mr. Ncs tor Kiiicheloe living upon the premi
*e-, will show the property to anyone wishing
to *ee it. H W. THOMAS, ' j
K. H. (OCKERIEI.E, Com n
1 I! I.OVK. S
Fairfax County, V a . nov 1 >—'.'awts
it ale of a valuable farm in the
^ COUNTY OF ORANOE —I he umiers.gtl
e<Twill sell ut public auction, on the premise^
oil l'tiU'9(.1'iy. (he 1th oj J)rcftiibef. the 1' \KM oil
which ht*iorm»Tlv resided, known as "( LEV E
LANiV situated m the County of Orange,
within i V miles ol til*1 Depot ot tne Orange ar»• 1
Alexandria Rail Road at Orange Court House,
two miles ot Montpelier, and one J mile ot the
Krederckfburg and Valley Plana Road. It con
tains -J'.eg^ At RES. three quarters ot which is
arable, the remainder being in pure, chesiiut,
oak. and hickory timber of original growth.
To this TRACT there can he attached it de
sired by the purchaser, an additional quantity ot
arable land, s ty M ACRES. This FARM is of
the best quality of soil, and equal in tertility
and productiveness to auy land in V irgitna.
<5j7^ The improvements consist ot a BARN,
STABLES. CABINS, one ot which has
form recently built with lour room*:, and other
• out houses, necessary tor (arming purposes, all
ot which are in tolerable order, and convenient
ly located. The location is healthy, and ’he so
ciety o’ the neighborhood intelligent and. re
fined. Those w ishing to purchase can obtain
further information by personal application or
by addressing either the undersigned, or John
Willis, e-q., at Orange Court Home, or Robert
B M a rye. at Fredericksburg.
Terms op Salk:—One-third cash, the remain
der ol the purchase in one and two years, with
interest on trie deferred payments trom date ot
.STOCK ol ail kind will be «-old to the pur
\ baser of the land, if desired.
Orange County, nov 7—eots
1 )l BLIC SALE.—I will offer at public »ale,
I nn Wtdftr.i(hiy. the 2‘-td of November. !?*(>•(,
my FARM, lying on the Leesburg and Snickers’
Cap Turnpike, six miles west of Lee-burg, con
taining about SIXTY ACRES, well watered,
with a sufficient quantity in timber. A good
/tTn«w IdVhLLIMi HOUSE, a good barn,
-T ua -tnd aii other nece.«-ary buildings in good
repair. Also, a good young Apple asu Brack
Orchard. Persons wi.-hmg to purchase will
call ami examine tor themselves. Terms trade
known on the day of sale.
Hamilton. Loudoun countv. Va.
At the same rime and place. I will cfter my
/■r^HOOK am) LOT, including Store liou&e.
juJL I he LOT contain* about tour AC HP'S.
The stand is known as one of the best in the
county for ©filing goo U.
Loudoun Co. Va.. oct 1 —er.ts
f?niKKr. Bai tivokk, Mi>- Beepedfidly iniorm
tin1 public, that they have greatly increased their
manufacturing establishment, ami are now pre
pared to execute a!! ordeis with promptness lor
theii celebrated PATENT CIRCULAR POR
I’ABLE SAW MILLS, which liave given so
much satisfaction throughout tin* Union, as,
also. STEAM POWERS, oi all size* and kinds,
on* other machines and implements lor econo
mising labor.
'-IlLLS were invented by, and patented to. their
se nior partner, they have made many improve
ments, which render them perfect in all their de
t *:!*. and justly entitle them to he considered tir**t
among th** labor saving machines ot the world,
Pamphlets containing full description* of their
several classes of mills, price*, terms, capacity
tor sawing. Ac., will, on application by lettei,
he lor'warded to any gentleman wanting them
Having recently obtained damage* in an ac
tion brought in the U. S. Circuit Court for the
District ot Maryland, for an infringement of
their Patent Rights, they hereby warn the pub
lic against purchasing from unauthorized build
ers, or their Agents. Address
N. Schrorder street, near Baltimore street,
Baltimore. Md. my 2‘.t—law6rp,
PAINTING.—The subscribers beg Lav*
to inform their old friends aiul the public gener
ally, that they have commenced the above busi
ness in the city of Alexandria, and are prepared
to execute all outers entrusted to them with neat
ness and despatch.
Ur Shop opposite O Neal s Hotel, King street
Cj"I would take this method of thanking my
°!d trir:u!s ami customers in Fauquier ami Lou•
douu, lor the liberal patronage heretofore be
stowed upon me. and will sav mv best efforts are
>till at their command, when called for at my
old residence, Satem, Fauquier county. ^ a.
ap 2b—lawljr JOHN. M.SEELEY.
1 Bulled cloth.~2o,ooo iu*»_v'***r
" Cloth, on consignment, for sale at i actory
prices; also. 3300 yards Pla^Lms^..^
t« _ — - - •
... , VI.OK S SOLUBLE COCOA, just m-eiv
nov 4____
I yy-OOL^rct-^l bgANtaL f UQC>£

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