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Arrival of tto* George Law.
New Yoke, Dec. 26.—'The steamer Georg©
Law arrived lust night from Chagres with
$1,500,000 in gold, aud San Francisco dates
to December 1st.
The George Law reports the United States
steamer Princeton at Kingston, Jamaica,
which port she was to leave on the 12th for
Aspinwall. The Susquehanna was to sail tor
Philadelphia in a few days. The Missis*']**
pi was still at Beneeia.
A great want of water in the mines ami
mountain districts was severely h it. and has
caused a general inactivity »" mining opera
tions. Great preparations wore making,
however, for a vigorous winter campaign.
Considerable excitement was created in
8an Francisco on the 2'*«h ult., by the issu
ing of a writ of huf*'kf rtH'yu.'i to discharge
certain Kussian prisoners contiued on board
the .Sitka—one of the vessels recently cap
tured bv the Pacific allied fleet at Petropau
lovski: 'The writ was served by the deputy
sheriff upon the commander of the Sitka, and
the prisoners were ordered before the court
on the *27th ult.
On Sunday, the 26th, at daylight the Sitka
hoisted anchor and sailo I out of the harbor
for Vancouver. Preliminary steps were ta
ken before the court on the following morn
ing, for issuing attachments against the offi
cers in command ot the Sitka, should they
again come within the jurisdiction of the
Previous to the sailing of the Susquehanna
from San Francisco, a musician attached to
that steamer entered a complaint against
Commander Buchanan for ill treatment, and
the case was brought before a recorder of the
city, who decided that he had no jurisdiction
in the matter. The same day the musician
brought a civil suit before a justice <>l the
peace, who assessed damage* in favor ot the
plaintiff at Sl'H).
The pilot boat Dancing Feather has return
ed from the wreck of the steamer Yankee
Blade, and reporte 1 that she had succeeded
in raising f»*ur H>xes of treasure from tlie
sunken vessel amounting to 5MMX").
A fire occurred at Happy \ alley on the j
30th of November, by which thirty houses
vi civ
In C hariton ('ounty. Mo., on I hursday. the
!i3*i ot November last, bv Elder James H.
Tuttle. Mr BENJAMIN F. I!<>KN. ot Alaba
ma, to Miss ANN ELIZA BE 1 H eldest daugh
ter of Richard Long, esq . formerly of Spotsyl
vania ('ounty. \ a
On the lbth inst.. at Edmonium. Fauquier
('ounty. by K*‘\. b. Blackwell. MOORE 1 .
On the 20th inst.. bv the same, at Milton. I* au
ouier Countv. IS11 AN1 KE11H. Jr . and Mi>s
In Fredericksburg, on the 20th inst.. at Mr.
Win. M Baggett s, by the Ke\. i>amoel Rod
gers. Mr WILLIAM NHRY. formerly «*t Win
chester. To Miss AXX1A BADGE 1 1. formerly
ot Alexandria
At Fredericksburg, on the 21»t inst., by the
Rev. Samvel Rtxlger*, Mr SANTORD A.
At Mount Product, Essex ( ounty', on the
11th inst.. by the Rvv. I Denham. Mr. E. t JOR
DON, of Jordon s Springs, to Miss Jl LIA
BELLE, daughter ol the late William Ewbank.
o! EisiX.
On the 21st mst . bv Elder R ('. I.eaeliman,
Mr MARSHALL LAKE, of (‘ulpeper Comity,
to Miss AMANDA M KINKY . of Fauquier
1)1 K D.
On the 23rd instant, in the \A*th year of hsi
age. ELIZABETH ENGLAND. wife ol George
W. England, ot this city.
On Saturday, the 23rd instant. Mr JESSE
SKIDMORE, in the r*»'»th year ol hts age.
On Saturday, the 23rd iustant. at Fredericks
burg, Va., Mrs ELIZA ALEXANDI . R. w i!e of
Lawrence G Alexander. e>q .and eldest daugh
ter of th • lafe Daniel McLean, ot Alexandria
Alexandria Market, December *36.
Flour firm—no change in prices. W e hear ot
n<> sales—stocks \ »*iy light. W heat steady w i?;i
moderate supplies. We quote fair to prime red
at l*o 1‘ivcts.; white iy.'» if 12s cts.; choice
parrels $-*. Nothing doing in Core —non** ot
tering. Other articles usualiy quoted remain
Baltimore t attle Market, December 4f».
! bv M \I.\KT!< TKI KoK Vl’H. ‘
i 4
Nothing of moment was done in the 1 at
lie Market to-day. 1 Vices remain unchanged.
The Market*.
Bai.T1.mork. Dec. 2t»—There have been no
salet* of th ur to day ; Howard street is held
at $S ST V a C ity Mills** To. W heat is
firm at Saturday’s rates. Torn—sales of
white and yellow at SO cents. Nothing do
ing in Rye.
Nkw York, Dec. -t»—Cotton—the market
is unchanged, with a limited business at rates
as last reported. Flour has advanced with
1 4VI * A** I I .
HHies ot'MHMJ barrels goon imw at »
S‘.) f»0; southern is tinner, withsales of Id5'*1
barrels at oi ] a B-}* ^ boat small
sab'M Ht nominal rates. I orn—prices arc a
trifle lower am! a downward tendency, with
an unsettled market; sales of 2S.OOO bushels
western mixed at *JbA a 1)7 ^ cents. Pork is
unchanged, w ith a moderate demand at pre
vious rates; moss. Si'2 G2J a Si2 *.». Reef
i-* tirm, with an upward tendency. Lard un
changed, w ith a limited business at previous
rates. Whiskey—t >hi»» is tirm at 3»> vt*.
DECEMBER, run*, ml*, i Moons Phases
27 Wednesday 7 17 4 I-*: s n . “
9* Thursday". ' IT I 13'* ' *' *
. ^9 Fr.d»T.... 7 17!. 43 ^ »"
3'. Saturday.. ]7 |7jl 13 *as 'l '
31 Sunday... 7 17 4 43|^_...13 4 i. *
. 1 Monday.. 7 Hit 41 HIGH W A I J.ft.
■j XuFsiisV. . .7 l*» 4 44 Rkc. % i lb. torn
London.Pec. 0 Havre.IVc. S
Liverpool.Pec, _j» New Orleans. IVc_7
Brig Anu Eiuubeth, Taylor, Ro-ton. to M.
^^hr Am^ricu!#. Vacdetvelt, Now York, for
the Navr Yard.
Schr. Whiff Squall, Cha>f. New Wrk. phna
trr to M. KMridge.
| j IJIV, Dc\>»viu.r, Ewtv CorvTY. Va ,
CfiTl attend regularly all the Courts «f Caroline,
Ym'+x. Middlesex, and Richmond Counties. All
business entrusted to him will meet w ith prompt
attestioa._E**x CV. dcc 3?—tawtf
STRAY --Came to my place on the Wash
K ington Rond, on Friday night l.»t, a GREY
f|OR5E, with harness on. The owner will
Aome forward, prove property, pay charges and
-kTOTICE —Th« underwg«*d will purchase a
J\ few thousand dollars of tbs Iraus-AHe*
h ‘
Withers & *>**' to Vir*l«l»
The question in which we feel most interest
is that of tin- e motion ot the affairs ot the
State of Virginia with Weldon, Withers &
Co. This question is still kept a profound
secret hv tin* Hoard ol I’uhlic \\ orks. We
have the Marcment, however, l*\ the Wash
ington tilohe, upon what it considers good
authority, that they owe the Stato of Virgiu
ja hundred thousand dollar* 1*»r stocks
placed in their hands, ot which no returns
have been made, ami liovv much more no
one uot in the secret can tell. The trust
deed shows that Virgin a s debt comes in
the fourth rluax of ‘cwlit»rs. N«*t much hope
can be entertained that there will bo any
thing left tor tld- class after the preferred
creditors have had the appropriating of the
asset ts.
Wo trust it may turn out that the debt of
Selden, Withers A C'»to the State ot \ ir
giuia, is not large, tor the chances of pay
ment are exceedingly hopeless. Hy and by
the whole truth will come out; and, it we arc
not very much mistaken, it will disclose one
of the specimens ot legislation on re
cord. At the tune the contr ict was made t«»r
this mode ot selling the Statu bonds, we con
sidered that the State was .sold t** W ashing
fott Uankei>. and -»o denounced tin* trail-ac
tion. The danger of placing tie* bonds ot the
State, to the amount <*t enormous sums, and
tiie nmtiev to pa\ the interest accruing on
those bonds in the ban Is ot speculators,
v'ith>‘nt .tf'urd*i • "•'ii. was pointed out and
protested against. An aid*.* dolegat** in the
Legislaturo, tivm this city, (Mr. < *»»»way
Robinson. * opposed the proceeding with a
power and zeal that should have defeated it
at the start.
But it was all to no purpose then. The
powers ot that das went their own way. a*
it he*.*dle>> of consequences. Alter that time,
in view *»t the heavy losses the State might
sustain m the event ot th»* defalcation ot
this Washington banking bouse, the proposi
tion was made to place ttie State in a condition
lea* liable to sutler, bast winter the pro pi *i
ti»-n was mad*4 in the b*'gi>latur** and iejected.
And now, whatever lo-s the State may sus
tain, the peopK in bearing the burden of it,
will kn«>w at whose door to lay the fault. —
Jilti'h. H hi*/.
Svnnlor AdiunS Hill.
l.\l .» U.liir nillnrr-l ll)0il ?»!»<! i i iM <r >
expressed the conviction th.it something
must he d *ne to elevate American citizenship,
or at least, to rescue \r from that decline in
intrinsic dignity and public estimation which
nn indiscriminate surrender of it to Chinese
coolies and European felons and pauper- by
the half million tin* year must occa-ion.
“Though obnoxious to insuperable objec
tions in our own mind, yet the bill ot Sena
tor \danis deserves consideration, and is un
objectionable in so lar a- it as-eris the supe
riority of one race of men over another—of
the American over the map4 of the European
and Asiatic populations. It asserts in this a
notorious truth. 11 ij2.lv and elevated sentiment
drove our ance-b rs from Europe. fhe\ tied
from political .and religious persecution. '1 he
immigrants t ow Hocking to our shores Come,
for the most part, merely in search ot richer
pastures, and are impelled by physical want
and sensual desire.”
“This bill of Senator Adams is also un
objectionable in so far as it makes a distinc
tion between the American population and
foreign population—treats America, ns land-,
its office-, and dearly bought privileges <d
every name, at 1 tie* peculiar property of
Americans: and chiefly and principally in
that it tends to keep od from our wnite la
boring class that ruinous competition which
has afflicted Western Europe f<»r seventy
years, with alternate famine and revolution,
and which imvv occasions a general exodus of
it- pool* to our own shores. — Ahe/<. A
N'OTiCE — \V:u*H-a-. the importers ot C< ft<v
having reduced th**ir credit ot tins article
Irotn s»x to Join month-, thereby making a uni
form credit ot lour month- on all leading and
principal aficles of the (irocery trade, with
a considerable amount 01 articles they 'nave to
purchase tor cn-i». tie* whole-ab* g tamers o*
this city in justice totaem-elvcs and the future
prospentv of tins branch of trade, leci com
p»*,'!ed *0 adopt the -arm* lesiiirtiou • 11 credit a
has been adopted m Hichrnotid. Bai inmie. and
all northern citie-, on tiieir.-ales to the country.
To imfhei this ohj ct. and to establish the
same jvei manentlv. ami with the approbation of
the trade, do tierehv 1 evolve that in future opera
tion- ot til** \\ hoh*>ah* t’i'Oc**iv bn-mes.-. 111 this
citv*. they w ill adopt f’nui month- as the cx’^nt
of credit allowed on tfieir future sate?; cornmenc
trom 1 lio tii -t d iv ot January.
M.-V , V.M V t'l' Ml-.f M \i
a Is>|-(.|. v—. fuuw i:t H. ItrM’W.
p A .-. Hi \' m.h k. ltiMi. Mwomu.L .v Warix
|\0|llV-'*N A |’l\N Kl-* !!•»'.• •» A •
STKCHK- >M|VH A .- >N. I 'f 'let u|;M|. R A
fi:\s :> ,t l*»,w .1.1.. tir.KKN. m nit. t to..
fllLl.. r.K.’V'N A I'XP.TUUC, y A. 'Im.tRY.
T. A. Bk»IS a t'».. <i«IW A ItMMKK.
Bawl Bukxik j Ox. K. Syi akt 0 *& Bw..
J£o\; !{ A w Vi. r* -N, Jo-fr.PH
.!«“<• 27—vott
Vcorusc <>c iiisToiiirAL eec
Tl Rf> ON EE ROPE—The' Rev l>r
Haiku, m compliance w ith th** wishes o* many
iriends. will give a Course ol -even or eight
Ev:< lints, id a Historical nature. (il;u-trafed by
l trge *nd * l**gan* 'lap-) on the several countries
ot pt.rop.—-lightly sketching the events of ear
lier titnes, .oid toll m repaid to tho.-e more r»>
cent, which wifi have an important hearing on
tin* pre-mt aiuiming stun* of" things in that
part ot the world. 1 he.-** Ekcti hks wi1 t snow
tin* progies- *>t civil./ufion m ah it- a-peets 111
racti country, as well as relate tin* chief politi
cal movements and event- lie first two will
. »»•/_ ;.I I.'.-. ,nr.’,.*v ..I
\JV j;|\ru 4 iltfr.MMiy I'M. * ' *-« ’.
week.at fh»* I.Y< .*:« m Ham., an I relate to Rus
sia ami 1 urkey
In these two Lfcttkes a full account will !>*•
ui\»*n ot tin* origin ami progress ot the pir>erp
war in the Hast.
Tii kKTs tor the course S*i each; those t«»»* the
pupils oi hoarding and other Si hooU. o‘‘ t ents
each. Admission to a single Let ture, «-•* *. is.
to be pud at Hie door I'kkkts to he had at the
Rook Stores and at Thedoor.
dec -7—ro-',t ; Sentinel—1 ?]
.i Compound *>t H- D>- ami Roofs. known
; to lur Medical l aculU to t..* possessed id quali
ties most beneficial in i a-es i.t Physical Pio>
tration. General lfebiliry. and all nervous at
t*-i ion>. U heie a tome medieim* is required.
Thi^ CORDIAL will be lo nul equal it uotsu
p*u tor to anv now in use.
i For sale bv PEEL \ STEVENS. Druggists.
King street. Wholesale Agents tor the Mate
of \ irginia i V A liberal discount made to the
! trade dec 27
i a4iiiflL not previously sold. will he offered lor
>ale in front ot the Mayor s Otlice, on So io/la>/.
j ih€ Hh o..v/. til 12 J o'clock, a large and commo
! t! 1011s- BRICK H0l*>K, on the norh side of
Wilkes stieet. adjoining the pvopert) ot Mr. T.
l>. iVndalh ami immediately opposite f'v resi
dence of the lat* Air-. S’.teu.i
Tkuvs —(hit- half cash, remainder in siv and
twelvemonths. me 2” --'it*
2,-1 FOR UK NT — i’hree new DWELLING
; HiH .sf.s lately erected at the corner ot
Wilkes and Henry street*. near the depot of trie
Orange and Alexandria R K Co Terms mod
erate. Applv to J. I -JOHNS!ON
dec - 7—dt l
FOR KENT.—The three story BRICK
! JhLwaKEHOUSK, on Prince street Wharf.
between Mi«i>. V.. R. Glasscock an l J. (. .
t McCracken's ADDlsON N: HOWARD,
dec 27—:3t
or. hand, and for sale bv
U K. STONE. Apothecary.
dec 7*’ No Fd\ cor.of Kim*' and Pitt-stb.
_ _ _________ _ •_ •*» ^ __
DYE STUFFS m e\tu v variety and quanti
ty to suit. PEEL & STEVKNS,
( ’ dec 27 Wholesale Druggists. King-st.
PTLLS—Prim* lot Arms, m store. ard
(or *»!• bv d®c 27] M ELDR1DGE
In the Senate, yesterday, an executive
communication was receive 1 from the Trea
Hurv department in relation to the purchase
of sit*** fur custom house? ami marine hos
pital*; which was laid on the tab’** and < r
dcre*! to ho printed.
Also, from the same department, a letter
from Professor Bache, Superintendent of
Survev, showing what had been accom
plished during the past year. Ten thousand
copies were ordered to he printed for the use
of the Senate, and {or the use of the
Coast Survev Bureau.
Mr. Brojimf.'I) offered a memorial from
tin*. Board of Trade. Philadelphia, asking
that relief be afforded to dr. Kano, now in
the Arctic region?.
Mr. Cass offered a memorial on naval af
Mr. Jo\f>, of Iowa, offered several peti
tion* in relation to private claims.
Mr. Si mn>;u offered a resolution of inquiry
concerning the wages paid seamen on wrecks.
Agreed to.
Mr. Poor offered a resolution about the
purchase of hooks. Referred to Committee
. nu the Library.
Mr. don;L.\s introduced a bill appropriat
ing $1.0!»o in aid of the contingent expenses
..t the Territory of Nebraska. Read three
units, and passed.
Mr. Auams introduced a resolution of in
quiry as to the expediency ui im ieasing the
pav of the Census Clerks, and made it a
joint resolution.
The House hill for the erection of a light
house at Capo Race was brought up, and whs
referred to the Committee on Commerce.
Tim House bill for the re organization of
the Courts of the district of Columbia, was
brought up, and referred to the C mnnittee
on Judiciary.
And the Senate adjourned.
In the House of Representative*. Mr.
K\«• 1.1sti. «.{ Indiana, submitted a resolution
le appointing Rulus Choate and Cideoti A.
1 law lev. Regents of the Smithsonian Institu
tion. Adopted.
Mr. WniTKiKi.n. from Kansas, submitted a
resolution instructing tin.* Clerk to furnish
members with tin* laws ot Nebraska and
Kansas. Referred.
Mr. Ill NT introduced a lull for eon-truet
in*r a na'al depot at New Orleans, La.
P I t _
S.ikii-.i I niin,.r hilU vv<-r.* inf ro<liici»<l :in<l
referred to appropriate committees.
Mr. (* i.HHticti. of Mass.. introduced a bill
setting- off Boston Corner from Massachu
setts to New York. Passed.
Mr. Co an, ot Ala., introduced a bill to
graduate and reduce the prien of public laud
to actual settlers which, alter discussion,
was ordered to be printed, and the further
consideration postponed t r one week.
WAKK. Liilv White. Ste»-l Pens. Ivory
Headed (. ut'ueter.-. Rear*- Oj, Milk ol Roses,
(:.»r blotches, tan. Heckle.-. <\c..) Mick Pomade
>apoitaceous Compound, tor Suavuig. Cum
Prop-, Jujube Paste. \c.. ju-t lecetved. bv
R. 11 STABLER. M D..
No. 1 •’d, King-st.. cor. ol W astnngtoii
pyySigu ol tin' (iolden Bottle. dec‘27
>T Ol ICE.— All persons ha\ u .g claim-agam-l
[ the estate of the late Dr. H Brooke Pow
♦•(!. are requested to pre en! Them t«> the sub-cn
her, and all those indebted to the relate to ii;ak<
pay ment l»LORO E M. HR EN !,
dec 27—'It Administrator.
\*TLl>S* pure Chry-tal Lozenges. IVppei
V mint, Vanilla. ('love. Cinnamon, Rose,
Sa--ara-. and Winter": et*n Flavors; also. Ju
jube Paste, and Cum Drop,-, received, and toi
sab* bv R. E. S' 1( >NE. Apotnecarv,
dec 27 No. 1 <»‘.i. cor. ot king and Pitt-sts
| SLAVE MEN Enquire of
; dec 27—i*o*2w CH R lMt >PH ER N E A LI.
i) l C KWH E AT FLt>CR.—o<> bags Kick
)) vvhkaT FloCu. ju-t received, and n>r sa e by
NT) I ICE — An election for Director- an,:
Treasurer tor the \\ \SiiIN*OlON anji
be held a! the City Horen, on }londuy. l.sf day
»•./ J'annory nfxt. iu twe, u the hours ot { and •
dec S—law ;E Treasurer
J / w 11 HI'S New Crop N. O. M CAR
id bids, do do do MOL.\SSI>
2" bag- prime Rio COFFEE
i11 idds ( otice Si C A R
1“ butts IhA TOBACCO, landing, this
dav. and mr sale bv
/ 1 EM INE HAVANA sEO ARS.—Just re
\ I veived. a line quahtv o| genuine old Ha
valid. Lnoirn In hr giuu/i/ c and imported. Lo* Cl
ot good tobacco can be supplied l*v calling on
R. H STABLER. Prugg'st.
No. H*o. King street, cor. ol Washington
j t %.‘ 'Sign ol the (loldei) Bottle. dec *.’•»
Servan ts wanted at the -mansion
Uoi sk." i<»r tie* Dining Room. W a-h House,
and ( iiainl'eis; also, a se tiled WOMAN lu
nurse atul a (dil.i Irotn 12 to lf> years obi; also
a PORTER. Bootblack and Fireman.
d,-c I'*—it A. O. KT.WTON
j ... .
Vl»I LF.s AND POTATOES.— Hourly *-x
}„'.-n-,l to arrive per Brig Pearl, from Boston
Peach Blows. White- and Caster-, and a io* ol
prune MERC i*.R POl A lOES—Also. M bids
prune BALDWIN APPLES. For-aie. bv
dec hi M. KLDRIDOE.
1 >i RMNO FI.I IP and Spirits ot Turjwn
H ^ tine, m-t icceived. I»v
R. H. MAHLER. Druggmt,
No lKf). King -fleet. ror <»! Washington
Sign ot the Golden Bottle. dec *-•’
ii L -\ \ OlilNG EXTRACT*.— F. \ M s. Ex
1 tiavt Lemon un.d Vanilla, Ext Fine Apple
Feach, N.c. For s de by
PEEL \* S EEN ENS. Druggist,
dec 00 1L». King-st
a 1 H*. • Iv'K SEGA US. ami superior L\NCll
\ Bl KG CHEW l.\G TOBACCO. always ui
hand, and tor sale bv B. v MAJOR, A pot h*
cary. S. F. cor. hiugar.d Allred Ms.
jry-*Sign of the Goblen Mortar. dec *«.’•
/(Mm/ in -tore, ami evmctcd to arrive -
The F.i.h Salt is ail of •• Worthington's" brand
in toil bleached sacking, and H> to the Ton.—
j For sale by (dec 14) H>\\ LE & Of
N- EW FAINT SHOP.— IE ./ /J/f/ijOA
has removed jii-s FAl \ I siF’i* over Hi:,
Webster s Carpenter s Shop. cm Frinr, mi
[ ni.it to the Fanner* Hank, win re ail oum ks uiii
be laithniliy attended to. dec <
FOR KENT—The l.ngc ami de.-irab:«
Jjo^BFvM K IIOCSE. on Cum* r«»n. 'wetwee;
i laTriax an l Water st rents Apply to
| dec 15 -t4 GEO. E FRENCH.
(U’RRANTs.— Dried Currants. juM received
and for sole by
i‘. M M» CORMICK & CO.,
d-’e Of. Theatre Building
)) rceened. and for sde bv
K L. STONE, Apothecary,
dec -*» ,\\. low. eor of King and Fitt->ts
i ^ —List received a good assortment o
1 SKATES. suitable for presents. Call and x c.
IICATER'S HAIR DYE, an excellent ajti
11 tie, just received and far sale bv
B. C. MAJOR. Apothecary,
dec 'Fj S. E cor. King and Alfred «ta
\ f . apply, jiiM prepared and for sale, bv
nec 1* Apetheeary. opposite Saiephi Hall
City of Alexandria may be had at par, .fa
! the Botes of Seldco. Withers & C«> Apply a
t:ai#oific« . —w
local items.
Christmas.- This day was observed in the
usual manner in this place. Divine service
was performed in the churches and appropri
ate sermons preached. I here were many
happy reunions of families and friends and
everybody participated in celebrating the
Jiiv. 'flic practice of tiroins pi.tol*, tire
crackers, Ac., mils canid to a greater extei.t
than usual, and we have heard of several ac
cidents of a severe though not dangerous
character. One boy had his thumb torn oil
and his hand otherwise injured, by the burst
ing of a pistol which he* was in the act ot
tiring. Another had his face badly burnt
and cut from the explo-ion of a powder
flask, and one or two others were injured to a
less extent.
hiroKTAM Citanof.— it will he seen by an
advertisement in another column of to-day a
paper, that the Wholesale Grocery merchants
of this citv. have, in conjunction with tlm
merchants of other cities, determined to
reduce their credit system from six to four
months. In Kichmond, the credit on groce
ries has always been tour months, and the
Millimole grocers have, within the last
few months, in general meeting, resolved to
reduce their credit from six to tour months.
I This fact, in connexion with the short eredit
’ ing upon which tirocers haul to make their
purchases, has induced this change with our
: (iroeei s here.
Navigation —The river above this place
is now nearly free of ice, and navigation has
; been resumed. The Steamer (ieurge Wash
! ington wiil commence running regularly be
tween this place and Washington, this m«.ru
ing, leafing her wharf at «S o dock.
I.Ki’Ti'RF..— Dr. Maiid \n expected to deliver
two lectures at the I.yceum Hall, in this
place, on Thursday and Friday nights next,
Mini Turkey and the nresent war.
These lectures cannot fail t<> prove highly in
teresting and instructive.
MOKK NKW BOOKS.—Coopers hovels —
The Bravo and Tin* Pilot, by Cooper, new
and handsome editions, price $1 per vol.
j The Rudiments of .h'hdci urc nnd Building.
lor the us** ot Architects. Budd**rs, Draftsmen,
1 Machinists. Kngmcers, and Mechanics, edited by
John Bullock, author ot -The Amencan Cott ge
Builder,” new edition, revised,
Kir*. Rutherford $ ( iioorro. second volume by
the author ot “W nle W id«* World, v\i*h twenty
illustrations. To cts.
Emily Hubert, or the Happy Home, hy M J.
McIntosh, author ot “Blind Alice." <\c., 37 cts.
Hurp rs Story Books. Xu. /..containing Bruno,
j or Lessonsol Fidelity. Patience, and Sell-i'enial.
• I an 14 Ft by a Dog. by Jacob Abbott. Jo cts. Ibis
s the first volume ol a monthly series, to be pub
lished bv Harper <\ Brothers, at ->3 per annum,
or jo ct>. jx r number. HatpnV Magaz ne an»l
Haiper s i'sToiV Book will be supplied at >»o
■ per annum.
J'hi i,rei!rsf Humbug — Fhe Life ol P I Bu
iiuin. written bv himself, giving an account ol
Tin* vaiioiis Humbugs practiced upon the com*
muiiitv. with a poitrait of the author, •'id Jo.
Kirxvuns Xur I'ouk.— Parish and Pencilling*-,
by Kirwan. author ol ’Letters to Bishop H uzhe>.
• L< Minus* ences at Home.’ ’Men and 1 hinga in
Kurope. Si . 7’> ct>.
Rolio's Tour m Euiope. by Jacob Abbott, with
numerous plates. oO cts.
Peril'ot Courtship, or the Adventures ot a
Nov el Reader, Til ct'.
.1 u-t pul>!l'h*d and lot -ale by
4 NOTHKK >!*LKM>1D WORK, hv Mr'.
j\_ i; 1). N M )l TH W< >RTH. ai (JHORDE
E. ER EXEH S look and Pmodirol Depot
The Wife's Yicmry and other Novelleftes. hy
Mr>. Nmfhwortli. au’hor oi the ‘Lo-t Heiress.
"Deserted W it,.." ••( urse of Ciitton. "Discard
ed Daugiiter.' “Mother-m-Law, "Retribution
"Virginia and Magdeline.' etc, complete in
pamphlet form pi ice 73c..handsomely hound N1
H voatia, or New Foes with an Old Face, hy
Ciiailcs King-lev. ir. Rectoi ot Kver.-dcy,author
• *»! "Alton Locke, “Yeast etc., one handsome
volume, ijd Jo.
H.upei s Storv Book-, a series ot Narratives.
Dialogues. Biographies, and I ale- for lie* in
st ruction ol the Young, by Jacob Abbott, em
hellished with numerous and beautiful engrav
ings. No. 1 of this series just received, enti
i tied Bruno, or lessons of patience, fidelity and
seif-denial, taught hy a dog—a most bcautilul
■ juvenile hook, price T' cents. or 5 * per year
j A erv hoy and girl should 1iave one.
Tlit* Ladies National Magazine lor January,
l.slvJ cts . or* ’ per year.
Arthur’s Home .Magazine ior January.
I cts . or per year.
Fanny (Lay, a History of h**r life, illustrafed
hv six colored figures, a beau*iml present for ’he
Holidays. 5 l if>. dec IS
I ) XKNI’M’S \ I FOB I (Mi U \ P1I V. AT
) FRI.NCH S Bu>k and Periodical Depot.
I he (Leaf Book ol the Day—The Lite of P
T. Barnum. written by bim-elt. in w.iicli he nar
,,!?»•> his early history as ( lerk, Mercmmt and
Kditor. and hi- la!«*r career as a vuownian, with
• a portrait on s*eel. and numerous illustrations.
one v online, 1‘Jmo. -VO I :ii'; Woi k
taiiis the* au'-h* n’icated hisUuv «ii "Joice Hetn
“rejee Mermaid "Woolly Horse. Held ol
\ liv>ti supply »«l Ruth Hall. -Si
Ho do Lost Heiress. *1 vf> and *1
Ho do Ballou s Hollar Monthly, 111 eis.
per number.
The tirea! New York Journal, for Hec» mber.
I lb^ cts.
Also, on hand lor ( hi is. mas Presents, a spleii
did assortment of ’Bibles; Piayei Books, Alburns,
bound in Morocco and Rapier Alaclo*; Xniinals
ol all desciiptrons : Juvenile Books: Books to
Miit all tastes, a^e>. and deseription ot persons,
all ol which wiil be s»*dd on tin* nu»«t aceommo
daliii^ terms, fa!! at 1 i\LN( H S Book aiul
Periodical Hflp'd and he convinced. dec Hi
^ BLL>.— I have jn>t received lrom tin' pub
lishers, a further supply «>l Catholic Prayer
Books, the Christian s (male. Chapel Cornpan
ion. Key of Heaven. ( atlunic Christian ( om
. pauion. St \ invent s .Manual, and ( hihl s Fray*
• j Book in various styles of Ending: also,
Catholic Bibles, and the tollovving New Books.
7Vic Life of St JHphontn Mariu dc Li'jvori. Bish
op ol St Agatha, by the Oo’h'. and looertyr of
the Congregation ol the N• •'»t lul^ Kede< mt i.
pi ice and $ i
. It! for Jesus* or the F.a«y wavs of Piv me Hove.
1 hv Frederick William Fa’ner. $1 and *1.
" History of tin Catfioi* Missions anions' the In
j 'Tribes of the Vr.i States, by John (Min.a
i \ Shea.$ 1 7'). JiM published, and lor sab* by
a T |.,VV MKDK’AL BOOKS—.7 Manual of
/'<;/hoh^fiiil. inutinm/.hy ( . Handheld Joije>,
M. B., F R. .v, am! Howard H. Sieve Km-'. M.
• H.. hict American edition, rtvi-ed, with .>**. on*
‘ «*Taviii*’!*. price tj* > <•’.
. ° Grom'S Fenir.n Cractir.tl I'leuiM
on foreign Bodies, iii 'be Air t .trmve. by
. i (>ro»i. author of - A Tiea»i»e on me !. rinary 1 r
i cans,’fee.. «it’u Ulunmfmns-!Si- 75
' ' The CrvOitinn he urn— An loqirrv into I he
pathological importance of toe ulceration »> tue
■ OS uteri, bv Char!, s West. M. I'.. being the Croc
man Lectures tor the year 1*31. SI
.!m,t niiMis.be,!. by Blanfi.art and -or
!.y [Jec Hj _ ROBT. BELL.
I ; Yl’ lIiTE CASTILE SOAP, a large supply.
\V rceeier,!. nr.d for wie by
I> 7 St a bier’s old stand, l ai rtax s*.
? ‘' ABOXF.S NT. R. RAISINS. 1* bnxps
r j ) Pm* 8|arch, ju»t rc^iwd p.fr Hamilton.
and for sal* hv k . ..
- dec if Ff.rJMMIXe X norCLASS.
Bai.timokk, Dec. 2f*.—Samuel Wilkinson, •
a eontr:tct**r for carrying the mail between j
Milford, Delaware, and Cambridge, Man-j
land, lms been arrested as sin accomplice in a ;
senes «»t mail robberies in connexion with
Win. W illiam*, a clerk in the post office at
Millbrd, who has been heretofore arrested.
Both are now ill jail at Dover, Delaware,
awaiting a trial. 1 he arrest ol W ilkinsou ,
was effected bv Arthur Hughes, a special
a "-out ol the Post Office Department.
n _ i
Boston, Dec. 20.—A tire occurred last night
in Portland, w hich destroyed Robinson 8 -Mod
store, and Hi Don’s apothecary store. Loss
not stated.
Pnji.anKi.riiia, Dec. 20.— A train «»1 cars
on the York and Cumberland road went j
through a bridge near Portland yesterday.
The train was a full one, but fortunately only
two person* were injured, viz: the engineer
ari l the tiieman.
Bo-ton. Dee. 2b. — Letters by the America
have been received here, which announce the
doath of the Lev. do«dah «iodd.trd, an eminent
Baptist missionary at Nmg Po, < hina.
The Parker Vein Company’* land in
' (leorge’s t*re*.*k, M »r\land, were -old at huc*
ti«»n, in New York, yesterday. tor a quarter •
of a in 11 ion ot doil irs, and bought l"r the
benefit of the Stockholder!*.
) \ F. Alts' PKKSl.N I S —A >’. HEX !
A ETT\u\> jii't returned tiom New lors. with ;
a large ami beautiful u>*mtm»*iit of Coir* Lock- |
kxs. Pins. Linos, ar, i Watch Skai.s. and an ad- '
ditional supply of FANCY CASKS, designed i
expressly :or JIOI.lIhlY PRESE^J'S. uhich
will 1>«- titted up with one ol KKNNK1 1 S mi- j
t>.11it b.Hil ERREUTYPES. making a -nita
Me and desirable present
The public are respectfully invited to call and
examine not only tin- new stock ol K.ym y Ca- i
sf? ami Mimthik Skttimis, but also ttie large
collection ot PlUILRLs tii.it adonis the Gai- ,
i)on't lorget the No., f>0. Kins ft reef, batmen
Royal and Fairfax, nor the tact that PICTURES
are taken equally well at this estabbshmeiit in
cloudy or ra.ny weather. Price- low, and
I’lC'n RES wai ranted not to lade.
; (b*c ‘id—eo 11
1 EMPIRE HOUSE. A". d'.“*. Amg Stnxt —
The subsci iber having removed irorn VW-t
1 End. and taken the new br ck building. upper
end oi King -licet, near .Mr. < > Neal s lavern. and
adjacent to the Depot, has opened it as a Hoi hk
ok Ektkrtais.vi .nt, w here travellers find otaers
can he accommodat'd with BGARD a.ni» L»HH»
ING. and where every *flbrt will be made to
please tho-e who may patronize the establish
ment. I to* BAR will be supplied with the best
LlQl ORS, and the Tabi.r snail lv- interior to r,o
otiier public house in the city, lhankfui tor
past favors, the subscriber hopes to receive a
bberal -upport irorn the public, with a pledge
that nothing shall be wanting to secure its con
tinuance HA ERIE l ONKAL.
nov 1 i—eodm
other Pencilling-, bv Kuwait. anliioi ol
• Letters to Bishop Hughe-," N<\, lin o cloth,
7b cts.
I he Life of P. T. Rurmim. written bv hmiteli,
with a steel Portrait Pimo., cloth. y> I db
Ruth Hail, a domestic tale, by i auny fern,
I'iinn.. cloth, l -b *
I Harper s Storv Book-, a -eries of narratives
di jioguo-i. and tale-, i >r the amu-einent and in
struction of the Y«»un*», Gy J tcob Abbott, em
bellished with numerous and beautiful engrav
ings. No. 1. now published, price ‘.v cts.
Uor-nlebv, JAS ENTWISLE & SON,
dec 1 'I No. 9f». King street.
More new books a t fiifmhs
J look and Ptiiodiral /)>jwt
[ he Kile ol Horace Greeley. 1 alitor o! the New
York Tiibufie, Gv J. l'afon l volume complete
j S; l db.
i HvpaMa. or new ‘oes w ith an old luce, bv
(diaries Kingsley. Jr. author of • Alton Locke.
1 etc*. $1 db.
Life of P T. n.irnum.a fresh -apply. >1 db.
Rutii Hall, by Tanny Fern. ? 1 db.
Wile s Victoiy, bv Mrs. southw ort'n, paper
covers. 7b cts bound •'Si do
Graham’s Magazine, for January !>bb. db ct.-.,
, or tf i per year. 'i**4' d'1
I Putnam * A nr Monthly, for January. 1
containing aPortiait ot theamhor ot •• I he Con
1 queroi's Grave, an article on Know Nohingism.
^.c.. price db cts... or annum . two copies tor
• Jj»b. This i- the firs’ number ol the New V eai.
and afford- a good opportunity tor new sun-crib
! ei - To commence.
ffovtrhold Worth for January, conducted by
t h ir!e> Dicken.-. all entirely original, do ets . -r
."S"! p(>i annum Subscriptions received by
; dec •„•: Knur. KELL.
y , ron’c !td irdlt the Congri gallon of the ItfOnd
Prrshytri ni<i (’hurih. pi'opo.-e !,•* l.old a / RS l /
Mil.. doling tto* Utiristiu i- Hobdays, at N. /
l\Fi i'.1 //. V1. /,. rniHhirttaifS: on thr i re not % •</
FlillLl) '1'bti nj i • FA' KM i F.l\. on w liicli eve
1, ii •; a handsome >( I’l’I.K will he provided.
i v An assortment, ot FANCY ARTICLES.
suitable tor Christina* presenN. will be offered
t<»r sale—and superior CANDIES, Ain't Jrntu
Shan't v (■rh'bnifn1 istab! s 'i.nu n? in Acie 1 oik. and
' at usual orient. dec "21'—d«l
| \\J A N LED—A first rate COOK. One
y) highly rrconnneiided will receive ample
1 \va,res. and mme need apply without suitable
; references. Also, a ( iI AM BERM A I D and
WASHER ,v\l> IRONER—one po.^osim: qual- '
ideations for these departments will. also, re* ;
; reive suitable compensation Wanted, also, a
you nil Roy. to serve as DINNING ROOM i
: SER\ A NT. ajapl y n» the (Iazetie Otiice Prince
| street. A lexandi iu: it by letter, addres> A. R. ( .
dec *2*2- dOt
I hv Charles Frederick Ledderho-u* tranMut*
ed from tiie German, by the Rev G. f. hrMef.
Pastor of Trinity Lutheran I omen. Lanea-ti r.
. Pa. vv.rh .. iWtruit <o Meiancthon. price $1.
Sot fun a Icntvre A uthinv: Jinn, by Cousin
Alice, author ot No such word as Fail. "Con
ti nt better tnan Wealth." Ac, with pretty ilb.is- ,
trations. o'j1 ets. ,1 list published, alid lor sale by
dec lb ROB!. BE LL.
(tor.vm KMT SOCKS—VI dozen
YARN SOCKS,just received, and f<*r sale
by [dec 23— at] JOHN H BRENT
^ Es'-envc ot Jamaica Ginger. Kidder •> In* i
. dellihlt* Ink, Ayer s Expectorant, Kidwfil >
Beech Drop, Mexican Mustang Liniment, and
Guinn's Wild Cherry FVctoral. A lull supply
of thi above just received and for sale by
B C. MAJOR. Apothecary.
l^r^vzn of the Golden Mortar. dec 2 2
I * JANUARY—with a \crv interesting tab:*
ol contents, and a portrait o! the author of The
Conqueror? Grave.' Price 'Fc. per No. $3 per
annum. JAS. ENTWIsTF. A. SON.
No. '■'<*. K»ng attret.
MERINO WRAPPERS.—CeRts* tine plain
Merino Wrappers, (S^iiG.) and Drawers,
do Kihbcd do. (\z ju*! received on consignment
and fc.-JU at reduced pruef.to close, by
deC 22 GEO. WHITE.
MFOR RENT.—One or two STORES at
ind DC-ii north west corner of King and
1 Fairfax strata.‘from 1st August 1st Septem
ber qsjt. [j.T T WES I
Till-: INK\M.ll5I.t: UKIUC'M. KNOWN— '
ru\u: ’.,rr- !»fi: i* \:;ki» i;v it. i:it:i:«a\Th • rir- ;
in. s of »11,> nieilii iti»- an* t«*o w»-l! known fa the above nt,* ;
n*,nn,'',iH' ».r to r* rr*"t> ‘l as a uvri* assertion: performir '
■ in*- (iv> Mi'inlirtii! s |t ci v t • .1 d- uta jo it- efiit «• v. and
ronf*rrjii2 Is-neftl* ujmu ih* il*,icte.| ih tt tail never I*
t 'rfc'utfoil. If is ,1t sLre.l fp eitre. ned *l»viy*- '-ups any
disease of , luoitj.. ••.iidar.. «>r h. ivdifavy nature, in
<%n<» or ? *v ■ • s. aod x i’.• ui1 si f>■ r111i’i11 I* all •afiii^ e.H»*
..ror fonrirnie 1 jrso'iipfi *n e\e..pf<-d i.» lhr« • r four
we- ks. Its \ ir*•: - have 1 nd.rs-d : » the Masonic
■in.| it.l | h. Hows’ iA'dir* *: l*y mitiiepnis. .iiiincut individ*
ua!«; 1/v a.'HHi ri; izoMs of lb •••it. of Norfolk and town ot
I'nrtfunoiith. »•> .»lini>i«-rs. lain vers. hd it •■•!>. .md
iTi-ndsts. Ihv. Tit mas j * n tn • of Portsmouth. \a.. an
t»:nirjftii divine of the {.’ap'isi jXTsuahion. has r iioily pi
min.si t|j,. us* of hi'trim.-, ha»itie l-s*ii «• sir-•1 • ! a di- is'
of the Throat and I nti.t. /? ) t po-lfi. * t he I'd • -1, lku
els. and SNTft
Okj.vtiovs an’-h t:;i trj» veil known tint th*- KM M !•
A IT.K I* an inf.uiiM • med;. i'i«*. a I w .a y - r. 'torinji to h<*aifli
all uiioijs, jt fii-ni • -ie n r..i». u,to at-cord in/ To the na- \
tore and • \t«*nt of the dis euse: tni' ."iiif say i: i' flie dear- |
.•<r medicine in th wild. !nd.,d. tij. u In-altb to you i»
not a ppj • |. -- l l.-ssit; Man v j>. i>- i s i*T* i p|iei'dii.'.r all
their liiinz ujsii t uv «i *i f s. u. 1 f,r months util years
drue-ed tin ir s.siettis with .il'ott.iua'ole i’ateot Medi-im s.
h.-iv* U-.-n r.-sf. r.st L p rf. • f health 1 v i:.- us.- ir ir m one
to f *ur vv.s ks. As to id pr scribed doses. j‘ tlleV lotto
laiM*‘ for a .»• li.-.vfe stoma.-h. r-sltnv them t*> any «i/e. i» .
will only lake a prop rti 'ii.v*lt ImijM-r time ! • cure. It is
not made to amu.*e fin .ntt'tet« d and please the pilcfe, ti"r
tl , it js.ss-sshhv stintul 'tin/ p>' [* rii»*> if strik -s a. file
foundation of dlse.i--* and r« l« is.s :i: ■ v iial or/anx from
i*s era-p
, *.r I l ie. vl for sj V TtleM
tt fJ ■ rh>* •/. inline i« f.-r *ale l*\ resn.s*f.il l.« Imirreis’s.
IteaJer.s. and« oiiulry Merchants.
.! \ dl..' T. IMIXJKS. I’r< pi let* r.
Norf Ik. V:t.. dec 11- '.’a
£/• • IH.-l.\>l.> i*l THr. Id Mo' have l.ii.ine m> t.u- ;
tiieP'Us. and of su -li inij. i tan , that ii has Is-ei; i'S.tn- d
e\}s“iieitf in l/ond 'i to .-sia'K*h a hospital »,*r tht iri xelu- ;
si v e tt eat i ne nf. Many of tl; d.s |*-seafed and fatal dis- |
,vi>. s mizhf U pivvonteo. with due att- nti >u to ttn-tn in ;
tl;. iin. ipieiit st.-./.t’lvinhs. t • i f*. if. ryiies.. .-. rj
n,p ,M- ail lead t<* tile more seli. Us diseases ,.| the deli tl** !
orifaus o» respiration. .' I A Itld.liA'"ld At, i Mr.l’ItA
lAl’l* |i»l: \N I h is lss-n Iw-Ii. ficial in hnrdrtsls of casts
of sjniil ir'liseai*.*•: and this sii'V"** Infliert.v, ••tnli'Idt ti*
US ; , oiler it wi ii ...tnfideii'V to the puhljc. a- ur/in/ fIn to j
that i?s i lira!i\pi'1 -perti -s have hi, n ceriiti* d to I y many
skilful phvsii i ms. and othen* In st capable of jiid^il:;.
, lj 1*1 Alii.i<«\ t’ >P.I'I M is »Ixo ivtammend.il v. rv
hi hi l.y thos.. ,• .onj/ ii r f its virtues, .'.s* ,1, m ripti .e
pamphlets, lole had gratis "t 'he 'le-nt'. I*ii«*«« ■ *1 > a* u.
oi l. .»«» eeUis p-r l»lll... ,.| -i * I«•! 1 ifs |, r «- "I.
K. II. STMtl.KK i’ropi iefers.
V\ h k -ale !)j u/_ists. Baltimore, .Md.
t. 0 tiv alt I>; ii o/ist- in \!..\aii.li la. atel l»y uieri liai.t'
eftierri'U fhr->u. le nt Virginia. nov tJ—2w
/ iai;im:t. cuaiu am> sofa mam;
\ KAC’lOin.—d ne .subscriber iia> on tiainl
am! will lonT.jme T<> tiianutacTute. u! ti;M o:• l
ami uc>| known i*>tal>!itvlini»-nt. runt it of ht>>z |
a,t,l f <y*»/mi l's »'> • itii** ereatrst v.tiiet y ot 1v**.sk
\M>oti. U \i.m t. MAiiuo\nv. .uni connnon 11 K
.\|li l\i. 'Atllitjue i I el.i’ll, i: li(i Mikirm 'ty lux. J
it, tiie most la.shion ibir ai•«! «1 nabii* niannet. |
Amot!^ u birlt ni e .1 vane! \ oi >j»!«*ndi<l dia
lio^aity. att.l U’a’nnt W".\ui»itoi;K.s. lij.DSikaiis. !o *
Rt-:ai .s. >ofah, Kxtknsion 1 aulk.s. N»ka 1'aiu.i.s. (
>h»kboaki»s. IMck.smno I vhlks. Kurloaetb Iwist.
ami Iif.uied l iAi:ntKrh with a!i olh«*r articles To
......... ..... .1 t .. l i ^ • .ti In -»i«.I »> I #*t»;i n i* o
Superb Cottage Sfth, with and without mar
ble tops.
Also. Hilt. Mahogany, and Walnut and (bit
Frame Mmuons, lor parlor ami other purposes.
Feather and Spring Ft:us. Hair, Shuck, and
Shuck and Cotton M vnukssf.s. Kc . all oi which
he offer.- on the most favorable terms. In addi
tion. he ha." constantly on hand a great variety
oi common FI.KMTl UK. at low puces. He
i r>pecTluilv iu\ ite* all persons to v i-it his exten
mv«* Fi uniii'K»' Rooms.
>ep 'J''—d'irii 111 ARKKS KOONKS.
1) FAnY M A i>K < KOTHINO, Pt-nntyivaari
\ *‘hoive. bfticefii \'th mid l1 th s'*.. ne.it dtx/r
!:j Iran lin'd. U ashingtun. 1) ( .— \V A LK Ac
h i K \ K N S. having unproved and renovated
ihen extensive RKAP\-MAldK CKOI HiNo
establishment, and provided Ji. v>it : every ii»*ce>
sai v convenience and comtort. iu ordei to accel
erate their large and increis;ug trade, they now
take plcasme in inviting the attention of pur
chasers generally to their !ai gc and superior as
sortment oi fakhionaju.k gaumfnts—emhiacing
the most extensive varielv. oi everv description.
Ot 1«KNTLFMfcN s WEARING A fl* V !cK L. suitable loi
t ie pie-ent season, ’o he found in anyone house
in this part ot the country, which they are sell
ing at tin* Sowes prices on the most accommo
dating terms. A Ho. BO\ >* \ni> (*H IKORFN S
(. U »TH INC ol everv desirable style and rpiali
rv. suitable lor ail ages, making th * most s>pien- j
did display ot Small Ci.othks to he found this
Side ol New ^ ork.
lemen. by leaving the r measure, r an
have their Clothing mad** h* ordei in ’he most
tiuperioi manner, at th** lowest New \ ork puces,
and s-'iit to anv put oi the country.
\\ ashington. P. C . dec I t—d^mil
1>KN.t AMIN BA KT< »\ hrs now on hand and
) oilers jor sab* a handsome assortment ol .
.1 KW KKKY. comprising every variety m that
line, and ariai.gcmcnts have been made to be
Imnished vv itii the teir s(.;/«•% a-* thev come out
I ^ i . •
during tin* season Also, on nand.
Horn \ni) Silver \\ vm iif.s; Clocks
Mimical Bo\r-.; Miami Sroo.xh o» every kind
Silver Kaih.es: Mi.vrTov.s
Bi ti fit a m> Kiti it k mvi s
Pi v TM* (fKKMVN niakii. and Bkit I V M A W \ t:k
(oii.n. Mta kk. Stmt am> Pl vtko Sen i.vci.f*
M A It IS KITH l oVIWSSi.s. I *1/WMtA V I s‘. MY
Senv fvtmi ( oMCAssr s; M i;v cv ino < ii-ank
Kigh rMM.i on Point.**, v. iTh agi*;i’ variety of
otlv* COOPS.
Pe ing d# ti i mired To -ell on as good Tern;" a- j
any one in tin* trade, he would respectfully in
vile tin* public to give him a call.
OCT 7—iltt
V\ Kin KARCK KOI OF PR\ Hoops, j
\ • / s l. 1. I1 and i 1 1 Blank**'s
M'lco - T-I.T-n, and l 1 Brow u ( ottoi.s
pjo •• t’.-f. 7-s, find l-l bfrached do
To Calicoes v ci v cheap
in NUtinetts
i,» \k iiit**. IKii. and bellow flannels
iU ” Plaid T'inghams
! 1 ba!e.j l orton Matt
Sim toig St11pes, brown. b!*»aehe«l. and color- J
ed ( an’oii Klannels, Comlor!-. CoMoo, and I
Kincii Hamiken hie’s. Carpet mgs. Rug-. Oil J
Cloths. Bot’S. ings. Kong and Spiaie Sh;»wi>, \c.. J
t\c , i **cei\ »•»!. a nd lor sa 1** low , I.*.
dec v:i TA\ (.OR A: I1LTCH1SON.
_ ..... j
l tpICKS. \c. — Mace, Cinnamon, Nutmegs, j
► i Xu p.o*. < i'-v.'v, (.uigcr t <iyenc I epper, [
Black I*•■{*}>•• ;■. W liiTc Pepper, both whole am!
ground: V ♦•a>t Powder. Flavoring Lxtiacts ol all ,
kinds. Coxe’s Sparkling (ie!atme. Trench lica- j
hue and Cooper- l-iugia.-M. Beimuda Arrow
Root, Vanilla Beans, t arrageen. Caihc. Salt
Pet re, Kngliah Mustard. Sal id Oil, Super Call) .
Soda. ( he.trr. ol Tartar, Kxtract (Vffi*e. Ku.-.-ia
I.-itigla Hop’s ('a.-sia Buds. Rio I upioca Ac.
Ac. PKKR A S TF.V LNS. No. 3V. K,ug-t.
dee vn
} End (I Coniroi.\nnj Controi'iilcd.—A Belli .
tation of Milner's “l.nd ot Controversy,' in j
a scries ol let!* rs addressed to flu* mo-t Ueve- j
rind Trunris Patr.ck Kennek;, Roman Catholic
Arenbi-hop ot Baltimore, bv John Henry !
Hopkins, l> l> i. I, R„ Bishop of Vermont, in
two volume*, price S'-.
./ jW*c Jmcnilf.—Knee and Lillie Stanhope,
or the Power of Conscience, by M J. Mclnto>ii j
V cts. Ju-t puhii-hed. and lor sale by
dec :>1_ RORKUT BELL.
ly ai.uour.ve to ail persons having accounts
on mu book» «hat their bills arc made off. prepa- l
ratorv to being presented lor settlement. We }
s i.!1! make an indiscriminate issue of them up '
to the ‘J1 'til ultimo.
We re-pectfulW urge ail who receive them to
call at an eaiiy day n11*I ••lose tiiem up as per 1
agreement. CLAOK1 J. RORSOX A CO.
Washington, dec lv—dtlstJ
*L j]Lr.Rlt’K DWELLISG. op the North side ,
o! King, beiw.vn Alfred and PaMirlc street-, re
cently ore npiM bv Mr John McCoimick, Jr —
PosseeMon given immediately. For term- ap- j
At R^sch A Wiahmgton f, Cnion *? ,
dec 14—if
Srntns i l l.i’CN TIN£. just ieceired, and
for sale hy J. R. PIKRPOINT,
dtc s. r ror. of King and Wailnti.
mHlll*. SlTKRIOP^r O^SCGArT r^e
reived aod fox **le bv
_ KjNC^fKLOK & CO.
Hay.—3') ton* ot prime HAY, in bundles,
for sale by THOMAS DAVY
d«c 33
]An raK'cW{M?'t|T"^o~ olp" KTft
JIM* WTHflTEY. wscSved ^Jjd for H1. Hv
d«>: ?-) irvnrei.OR a c»
BY S. J. M<COK.MIUK—Am ::osrT.i:
K\A NURIA. FOR SALK —In • >/j« n <>1 a
decree of the Circuit Court of Alexai ^ < e*uii
ty, renders! at November term. P*bL the un
dersigned will off.-r lor sale a! public auction,
the tollowing described RF.AL K>'I A i K. oi
which the iate Pr. Win L. !*•»«• «**«>! «
1st *The COON Sk!N t:«o*. cor’iHiiUg
about ♦>'mS acres, situated :n the co civ oi la i
doun. near Carter’s Mill, on <»i;o«e Ci*ek. I :.»*
Loudoun Branch Railroad passes through r
and die Oat land Depot is within a ipiatiei •>: a
nub? irom it. This is a very valuable tarni.
has been ill grass tor several y*ais j ..s’, and
Used lor grazing purposes only. i> di\id<d inlo
five fields and a meadow, is Veil va.eied and
well supplied with timber.
2nd 1 ue ‘-OAKKNDALK tract, m Fau
(jiiier County, on the waters ot * Ldt.e Livu,"
*2 t miles irom Mtddleburg. and about • > nubs
irorti Ihe Plan'4, on the Manassas O.tp Ka l
Road. This tract contains about 7 ■ 3< ,e.t
and is one of the most desirable and productive
farms in the county, I lie land i* o* the finest
quality, and has been most jiidici#u«dy aim*d
It is remarkably vveli watered. i;a> a gtea'
abundance of timber, and is divided inloMt
fields, well endowed bjr stone fencing I e
7^ buildings consist o! a small PW Ki.LINO
jjl^and the usual out-houses I ui> larm car
be convenient!v divided into two tracts <>t ..bon*
and 2ou acres, and wnl it deemed de>;raide
be so sold.
r,d. Ihe “FAIRFAX FARM cot timing
bud acres. lying on the vva’eis oi Accottnk.
about one mile Horn the Springfield D» pot, on
toe Orange and Alexandria Kai road and a!
seven miles tr« m the cit) ot A!e\.*nd.i.i i u -*
tiact will admit of convenient division in'.. *v. >
or more smaller tracts, and it d* died, wdl be
d vuied and sold.. 'Ihe land iso: line qu.d ity.
weil suited to the production of wheat v\« ,
ii,i\ mg pioduced at least ten barrels of cm;; ’•>
the acre, the first year (18.V;) it wa« p!a-< ! un
der cultivation by the late proprietor.
1th The three story BKU l\ PWLLL
JjU^INl. and LOT of CROUN D. on tic* north
s.de of King street, between Washington ai. i
Columbus streets, in the ( ity of Abxudi.'a.
tlie re^ulmce ol the late Pr Wm. L. I'ovveil.
and now occupied as a Boarding no.mu. by the
Miss*'S Thu I»ton.
fmi. An undivided moiety ol the Id.) i Oe
(iROUND, situated at the south was* con*; i-t
W’olfe and Union streets, in the City ol A e\a;i
.f no I o<virn aa f l>o »•< l!d llu! : 1 Lit V I id I .»
Urange and Alexandria Railroad, pas. * s i:t :i:<*
dia'e m tiont ot Hus property
l he FARMS in Loudoun and I’anqu; r will
be sold in trout ot Ruin* Smith s IL> *•!. m tue
town ot Middleburg. o.i Saturday. ti.e .. ■ '« <'u.t
oj Dcctmicr out. ot IV o'clock. J/. lire o.i;ei
property will be sold in trout ol tin* '! i\. < ■>
Othce. in tl»e city ot Alexandria, o.i > unt y.
the'-la duy of January, lbob. u I 1 u < lo> h. .i at
Tksmis ok >.\Lh..—One-teuth «i tue p.in.i-.*
IliOlieN III Us t 1*0 paid 1 Li hand l|. h e to ht > l
luted upon tailuie ot the pure tocoinj ',
with the tei m» ot *ale. upon contii ua'.i.u: n,
the Court; one o her tenth upon s.iui <;urma
tion. tin* balance in three equal payniHu'.* a i :
1 &. and V4 month* Horn the day ol s-i. . *i.< b*„
ji-iifd pavrnent* to be.ir interest, and v.c t»* ;*«*
Withhold until said diilci H*d p*»> Uita.ti .uv n !•.*.
a ml th** proper!v to be icsoid at the i;s'v <■, :.*•
pmi ha>eis. on tailuie to comply w ith th t. i .
ot sale. The Oakeridale larm m rei.vb : i
\ ear. hut tile purchase! will he* • i:’i* • *" all
the :euN. including the wheat. «*.| wl icli ■' : ? *r
crop :ia.« been -ceded, part oi .! w,*h guano,
can also na\e at cost the cattle purchased th:
Fail, toi grazing. Rossessi**n I**i s*»*dirg wii'
he given next Fall, and full poeses-iou ( • t:.*
1st dav oi Januaiv. lsOb. lmui^iiat,- -sso
jiou. will be giceii. oi all the otnei j .*• t>♦-1T»
except the dwelling house in .AL*x • n 1 r»a ot
which possession will be given on ti.e *xp:t i
tion ot tue term ot tt»e Mi*»h l IiUiV.ou, seme
Uvu *m three mouths li»-nce Accurate mji \< vs
ol th* la lid*, wrl be exhihitej on tne da v oi s.w.*.
nov 2*—eots Coinniissi0;:<-|j>
I I OKM->. FARM1M. LM RLLM l..\ 1> Ac
i'X AT A CCTIO.Y—1 will ofb r no ,a!e,
at public auction. on Thuts<l> y% tin -th in /
hft. nt i } i;d'-b, ./ M . Oil tin* iallll O. tl> ; ■ t»
l»r. Foweli. in Yamax County, one mi! • lion;
th** Springfield Station, on tin'Oiang* : o \i
exaiidria Rail Road, tin* loliuwing pr» * j : *..
(tne valuable draught sTALL’O.V
HORSR.. one draught MARL, a n« a* uni *i,• >
r<*ngt)-hie d FILLY three years r • • * j :» pa:: of
handsome I'AKKIAM’. lltHIM v v.• !*,**>-;
and matched, one O *\V . a variety *l LA!,hi
inc imrit;.mkm> consist mg <»i w .i g. >11'.
ploughs. *N«\, together ''lt:» ? !;*i i.i a I R.\ \Y,
FfiiMs For all 'inns undei twenty <!oII:is,
th** Cdsti will 1 »• requir'd ol that amount and
upwards, the notes ot the pm chapel p. at niitefy
da Vs, well endorsed : the property not t<> b** re
moved Irom the premises until the terms < i s.-V
are complied with.
dec V 1 —dts I.DVV L ROvV i.LL. Agent
>T OTK'K TO FAKMT.KN-As stock-.vi.i
\ mg season is in vv approaciting. tin- i.n< '*i
sign«*«l would intuitu tin* lanmr.s ami giri7;*is.
that iht*v are maoutacturing Leavitt, s* oh ami
Cg’u Crushers;R Me*sr>. ^mttL iS. Reikiu** Foisi
dry,on I 'it t Mcvm.vi;*, \ a.. ml the
Mills ha\e now b**<n in. ns« one \e.ii uni gi’.rn
general satistaetion <-.*.n conlaVnRy imiiih
mend them t*»i cheapness, simplicity, and dm.*,
hilitv, to ail s'oek tellers many **i whom m*
well coiiMiiced ot the economy oi cru hing the
cob and com. a.s also all other graii - hetoie le,*
ding. J he numerous exjx'rimonts Jo; Vv.;;d#*»l
annually to the Commissioner <>! i’atents go
lar To prove that ground l* «* 1 is much inoie
healthy than ungnumd. 1’io* pi ice oi the Mill
complete, delivered at The rounury is with
all necessary directions lor putting the Mill in
operation. For further iuioimatioi:. ;i !t!r* > the
undersigned, at Alexandria, by umi!. Ali 01
ders le't at the ionndry will b*- prompt!v .n* i
dc*d to. (.'ounty rights tor sale, a’.d *d.!!s In; -
ni.died at a libei i! discount to purchaser
do small capitalists a good opportunity i- no-.v
offered, to engage in the sale ol the vor\
Mill e\* r oth-ied h-r sale in the St tfv ol Vii gim;t
II. Mi LAhAN \ f i)
I he above Cera and Cob (Tu-h»*is. lor
a!»o. at lactorv prices. bv
oct —tl ' MEADK k E ACHES.
IK I I'KKSO.N l At LA having rented i .
.-tore Ah. IV. Ao/7/i Fairfax stiff. »llei'» to
the public, a general assortment ot W ALL i’A
PRINTS. Kc. lie i> prepared to receive or
lor Hoi sr. Dkcouation, Xg>’ ash i un.v : si
Painting, Kc. M I K 11 O R ami I H l 1 KF.
FRAMES neatl) repaired and gilded. O l. !>
Pirri RFS cleaned and restored.
()j;i»r.i:s foi BLOCK LETTER SIGN’S an#
VENETIAN BLINDS promptly attended io.
dec ;>—1 y
• PAIN I KR — Rtunns at Root 4 Jfeeutrrcc.%
tjoUery.JaMi-Hours below 7th street. Ftansyltinai
jJvtnue. Persons having Daugekkk.otvcks o'
their triends can have PORTRAIT'S painted
from them t e size of life or smaller, by lurni.sh
ipg f. W. with a description ol the person,
color Ot Hair. Eyes, Kc. Citizens and sluing. rs
are re?j^ctfully invited to call :m! examine
specimen*. Washington, oct \.s—a ’an
NO L ICE.—The Stockholders on th** Loti
_ doun Branch ot the Mana.-sas Gap Rail
road, are importuned to pay up the instalment
promptly to Dr. Daniel Janney, a» the contrac
tors are buffeur.g from want of funds, and the
scarcity of money make* it impossible to bor
row *<» ds to anticipate the payments of sub
scribers. EDW. GREEN. Trcasuier.
dec I—dtf
'1^r BGROEs WANTED — I wish to parch
any number of NEGROES, for which I
wiL! pay tiber.il prices. Those w i.Prmg to e-!l,
wdJi do well to call on me hef*>re selling, at my
old stand, at West End. Alexandria, Va.
(“tOTTON BATS, of »ew manufacture, for
j sale at the COTTON FACTORY, at the
luweat vtbolcaale pace. vet g-l u

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