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WELL M. P., with a Pretace. Note
Index, by Harriet W. W arr.er. >5 vo.. cloth. $2.%
I He Historv ot Mason and Hi.vdi, » Lire h,
, J. H B. Latrobe. 25 cents.
'l he Past. Present and Future, by Bus*>»r Ci
Pictorial History of the Fnited State* b
Hugh Murray, > vo.. $2 b<).
Tender Gras# lot Little Lambs. by Hr*. ( \\
Bolton. .V) cents.
Hour* of Christian Peiotion. from ’hr i;*In,ar.
of lli. A. Thobuck. by Key. il Urnur. ' :
The Great Journey, by the author 0; 1 ,
Faithful Pioneer.” 5o cents
Follow Jesus, by tlie author «»: •( j ,» »o i„
viis.” price 25 cent*.
1 he Foiuni and the \ atican. hi lae a „■
“Follow Je»u». Arc.. •> I •
Paley's Evidences of Christianity with i:./#-.
ami additions, by t has. Murray Nauur d \
i 1 vol. 12 1110. cloth, -lil 25.
The Lite ot Benjamin Franklin, written L,
himself, to which is added hi» mis cell a;.r**»,*
says. 1*2 mo. cloth, $1 25.
* The Heroines ot History, by John s tei.u;*
12 mo cloth, ?j>l 20.
The Life of John C Calhoun, by John v t-j
kin*, with portrait. $1 *25.
Bode and Blossoms, by 5*. T. Arthm. - s
Lite and Cam paign* of Xapoieon. >
Bancrofts Lite or Washington. .>i
Fox's Book ot Martyrs. •*£! 2-*.
The Panorama ol Nations. *5*1 v«*.
Hamel Boon and the Hunters ot K**t/ H.
jjj! gb. For sale, bv
feh |n So. Pb. King Vr>s'
I ATE A Kill V A Hs OF NEW Bo<>K>
j WalfreCs Roost and other paper*, now f.r**
collected, by Washington Iriing . 1 lol. I g!t!«*
cloth, 2b.
Inez, a tale of the Alamo. 1 \«>! l vrno - »*;
7b cts.
Sociology ]or the South, or the fjJ'treo: F‘>r
Society. bv George F’ltzhugti. >'!.
'I’he Sum of the Sires, a history ol t.*i»* r.?»
progress, and destiny ol th«* American pat tv t,
an American. 7b ct*.
The Footsteps ot St Paul, bv the author
“Morning an I Night Watches. Ate., l\ul lVnio
cloth. *j> I.
Harper's Story Book*. No !».-—'IneMrait (»av.
or the rule ol exclusion from hea\en. iliustrav.:
25 cts.
Volume 1 Harper's Story Books, containing
Bruno. Willie, and the Mortgage, and the Stm*
Gate, cloth. $ 1.
feb IP Xu. p5. King street.
) Autocracy ot Poland; In Poors and Ol'
'1 >l»» o rt.M luh: Insurrection 111 China: lilt •>:.
the Health of Woman: Rus>ia ami England.
Ministering Children: Hei man ami Dorothea. Si>
ter Agnes; Hood’s Poems. Ow n. Oddities.
London, its History and Curiosities: Song Bo.>„
Southern Tales and Sketches \ ankee S:<>rir>
Weems's Washington and Marion; Swa »-u
Barn, Howitt’s Poems. Rob of the Bowl. An *
lean Cruiser; Shipwrecks: Igdrasyl; Lost H*-i:
es»; Wife’s Victory; Lewie; Modern Hoi>e IV
toi; Lives ot Baruum and H (.reeley. H<u.
Pastimes. Fern Leaves; \ ouiig America \
received and lor sale at PARROl l S New l a
no. Music and Book Store, under Washmgr.-i
Hall. King st. jl •
More new books. a: eremiis / •
and Peruidval Depot.
'\ he Heiress of Belletout. by F*.rn» rson Be: i
aullior of "Clara Moreland, ‘Forged \\ih
etc.. f»< > cfs.
1 he V n gin Queen, or the Romance ot Re.i.:"
by J. F. Smith, author oi >tanl*e!J H*;.
"Minnie t«ray. "Otis Howard. Amy Law
rence.” "Hany Ashton. etc,f»Oct-.
The Banking Hons**, a lale trorn Bl.ickw
by Samuel Philip-, cts.
Pride and Prejudice, a Novel, by Mies Avm
.'u cfs.
Ballou’s Dollar Monthly, tor March, >
Putnam’s Magazine. ** “ f'*
Arthur’s Magazine. " ” l“i ^
feh 24 [Rock. Register. Pied Whig
Studies on slavery, in easy lb> j
SONS.—Compiled into eight studies ai.l
sulnii v ided into »noi t lessons tor the convei ei. r
of jefvrner«*, hv' John Fletcher, ot Louisiana*. u<
one large octavo volume price
I he Muiioitw 11j t Hu’th, ci»n141 it. ug a hi*
of Masonry ami Masonic Crand Lodges. fr li
the edrliesf time*, together withtiie Cou<tltuhu<*
and Law!» ot the (• iand Lodge ot Viigifua bv
John Dove, liiatid Secretary ol the Orand LoJ*<
of \ irgmia. $1 •"
A llistol V of the M U lifaml I od|/e 0*
V irginia, its origin progress, and (m>de ol >
v elopement hv John Pore. M l), .jfen.e
For sale, by
X ^ EW Books FROM LlNDsF.Y A. BI.Ai K
Is l ON - Manual uf S irred fhiOiy »
(nude to the understanding the Divine I u
salvation, accoidin^ to it*> historical jek»* :
riient- hv John Henrv Knit/ D D Prole-*
i huich Hi-Tory »ritHe I nnersity of Dorpt’ **
tram-dated the -i\rh tieiriuiti e.!4i;..n v,
Charles N Schae ffer D D price $l •
Rankin s Half \tm /y t ol the kL‘‘*. *
Scienc*from July to December. Is *4 e.h*
hv Dr*; Rankin and Radclirfe price*!
77/r „hiitivun Journal <<t D»ntol Sen/:•' e
e*l by ( hapm A Harris. M D. and A Sin w
Piggott. M. D . vo! I. liew vrm •. lor Liiuury
iSoo. pricej^o per annum Ju.-r puhli-md ti
for-ale. by ffeb IP} RoBF.Rl BF.LL
Have we a fanny fern amov
es*— All the world will rra«l I :*»- i r\s
Fern book, just received anil !»»r >ale at L / **
E EREXCH'S Hoot, and [\nudvul l r, i
The Lite and U-aiitir* ot Fanny Fern in •
volume 12 niocloth, price Jj»l. Who i** l»
Hal!' U Until Hall Fanny Fern *»r *'ii:»i
else' Anil it Fanny Fein is not Ruth II»
Who is Faiii'V* Fen;' This i» the Wittiest :
ot the sea»on. It present* vivid hte like j1 *
turesot the charming and brilliant •
Fern Leaves and Ruth Hall. Call early at : ''
cure a copy. GEO. K. FREM H
teh 21 [ Pied. Whig & Rockingham Reg i
TOWNSEN I>.—The Jesuits in our H* ur*
a Novel, by Helen Dhu. with two rngravirp
jirice $1.
Wyandotte, oi I he Hutted Knoll, a I iK
J. Feninsore Cooper, complete in one v<*I:.;i''
r.ew edition. •>' I. !
The-Wept-of-ll ith-toii-Wish, by J. F* n.s•'• ‘
Cooper. complete inone volume. n» w e<!iti<«i •>
A new supply ot Bruit fart dr s IUtn-*p-'
January, price •>!. Just received, and or *•*
by ' [feb 2"] ROBERT HELL
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Rook anil Eerioihral l)tf>ot
Godev a Lady Book for March is a »pRt-'t
number, price 20cts. or $3 per year.
Ladies National Magazine for March. lwr r'*
or $2 per year.
Yankee Notions for March, 12* fts
New York National Magazine tor Mu<
IH cts.or $2 per year.
Constantly receiving new books R1’ -*
LUTES!—Wno siyi Elites?—One./ *
sex, et^hJ. urn l tea Keyed Cocoa W ood >% I
(a beautiful article.) received and for salebv j
ALSO, beautiful FKKNOH ACCOW|P'“
d FLl’TINAS, with eight to twelve kC,>4r
semitones [feb 17] J H.
riw S( ins’j'eTh eTi RES. a Hi*''}.
the Rise. Progress, and Destiny ot
American Party, and its probable influence »»•'
next Presidential Election, to which u add. *
Review of the Letter ot the Hoii Henrv
Wise again** the Know Nothings, by an An
can. price 75 cts. Just published by Lippu-*
Grambo & Co., and lor sale by
n —Wol fret's Roost, and other pa j «*r^- ^
first collected, by Washington Irvmg.
engravings, price $1 25. Ju*t publish** 4
for sale, by [feb 15] ROBERT BE*1'
Books of instruction tor Piauo.Meh*-**
uuittr. Violin. Flute. CUnoiwt Afcortw*-*
Flutinu. [feb 17] JOHN H. PARREL
A correspondent of the Boston Evening
Gasette, sends it) that paper the following
letter touching the Queen City of the West:
Don't like Cincinnati. Prinoi j*ul reason—
hogs. Hogs in the streets, hogs in the yards,
hogs on the sidewalks, hogs everywhere.—
Hogs being killed in one part oi the city,
dead hogs being carried in cart» iu another
pert. Hogs alive on the Levee, hogs dead on
board the steamboats, hogs alive and dead
in all the freight cars. Ground covered with
hogs, air redolent oi hugs.
Don’t like the way people carry their bas
kets. Everybody, man, woman and child
has a basket. All baskets alike. Made of
twisted willow, w ith hollow handle also twis
ted; everv basket will hold just a neck oi po
tatoes. Yheae l>askets the people contrive to
carrv in the most unhandy maimer tor them
selves, and the most vexatious tor every per
son with whom they meet.
Great many little boys in Cincinnati. All
the same size apparently. Never saw so
many juveniles just eight years old and just
three feet four inches high iu all the Western
cities besides Cincinnati.
Don’t like the Burnet House. Principal
reason. They don’t cureadauiativenose plain
ly manifested by all persons Wit it id the
counter of the office. Did’nt expect much no
tice myself, dou t deserve it, and never get it.
but was very sorry that Rufus did nt do fur
better, because he is a nice fellow, aud when
he is treated pretty well he knows it and can
pay fur it.
There was a veay nice looking man in the
Rotunda, who owns, so somebody said, about
half the Burnet House: but that is a mistake,
merelwa trickv story to delude Assessors «*t
Taxes, for this man could not stand still, or
twirl his watch seal fast enough, he was so
conscious of possession of much property.—
1 think he must hold mortgages (to sav the
least of it) upon half the property in Fourth
street. He was a jolly looking cove, had a
fascinating smile. I don’t think the women
could staud it; I could’nt, and lie d id’nt
look at me either, lie was dancing about
a little squab (who had a cigar iu his mouth,
and was doing his utmost to appear impor
tant) and after several desperate twirls of
the watch seal aud several nervous, cut-short
in the bud genutlections, and sundry lymp
hatic gesticulations, he smiled one ot his
prettiest smiles, and just then 1 was pulled
away by my friend, or 1 should ha\e stuck
Covers lot9 of ground t don t know many
lots,) this Burnet House, and is most misera
bly arranged. It seeins as if they built a
great pile, and then could not for their lives
devise a plan fi*r using it up. Great stairca
ses in wrong places, leading nowhere in par
ticular, and little staircases alongside the big
ones like a calf trotting by its uiamma. of ve
TV little use. threat ronms where medium
site rooms would have answered a better pur
pose, and little rooms low studded that more
little rooms might be crowded on top of them.
If this house had been built by contractors
for government it could hardIv have been
worse planned. The Capitol at \V ashington
is considered to be as badly arranged as a
building can be for any given purpo>e: the
Burnet House has almost n*» much lost, and
badly used room.
To return—went up stairs, packed up my
fixings, called at the office, told the cierk
wanted to pay up. ‘Had dinner, sir.' ‘No
sir, it i» not time, and to-day l shall dine
elsewhere.’ ‘Makes no difference, charge
you just the same.’ Twld him 1 should pay
whatever he charged, but he mu«*t excuse me
from eating the dinner. \N eut down to the
Spencer House—-magnificent dinner, good
wines, 'cheap fortho quality. Men stood still
when they condescended to speak to me, but
did’nt dance. Handsome ladies at table.—
On# table nearly full of them, d ried hard to
get a seat at that table, but man who had the
•ayso would not let me sit there. 1 hi ok he
acted very properly. Nice furniture, capital
Went out a little while to see the sight*.—
Walked:along reading the signs, stumbled
over a hog, wished I whs back at the Spencer
Don’t like the streets. Principal reason,
filth. No excuse for this, nor for muddy side
walks. No city could have bettor drainage
than this. Don’t like services in church of
Race an4 Fourth. Principal reason, very
base voice of the choir. Make noise like an
elephant blowing against a sheet of tin set
up edgewise. Another man near this voice,
abut up his teeth tight and tried to howl like
an autumn wind over a prairie.
Church over, stopped at f»»ur corners, look
ed up and down each street intending to take
the one in which was no hogs. Hoe in all oi
'em. Asked a man the nearest way to the
Spencer House, and I followed directions.
Gave the hogs the sidewalk when they “cot
fbd" close to me, as if they wanted it. and
Sve” em the street too, when they came so
ick no man could stand against them; step
ad quietly into doorways whenever they came
in droves, and after exercising considerable
?_* _l.t* ilivarst* inf* A IIS
■ UKVUUIIV ui --- —
at last reached the Spencer House. 1* cut
to my room—a very nice one. Having re
covered from fatigue Incident to evasion by
hogs, went down to tea. First rate ten —
(oust done brown, just right. lit er.t up stairs,
read awhile and got ready for bed; nice bed,
linen sheet, capital mattrass. Thought oyer
trials of the dav, and cauie to the conclusion
that if anybody must come to Cincinnati
anybody had better come. Should advise
anybody to get into the Spencer House and
stay there. Send for bis friends, tho\ are
more used to navigate than he.
Some day when a military company is pa
rading, g?S between the ranks, and so look at
the city. Military always carry bayonet on
]wr charge here, point of bayonets near the
ground—reason why, hogs.
Was so busy thinkiug about the best way
for anybody to see the city, forgot to do as
Mr. Shakspeare advised folks t«> do on retir
ing, viz: Mput out the light. Hose and put
it out: opened the blind to see about the wea
ther—night foggy, gas burned blue drove
of hogs going down the street, closed the bund
and crept back to bed, went to sleep and
dreamed ot Shvlok's refusal to dine with
Antonio._* __
1 500o bushels Turks’ Island Salt
4000 *• Lisbon, a superior article, dai
ly expected, and for sale on accommodating
terms, by GF.O. W. HARRISON,
fcb 28 Queen street Dock, near old stand.
1*7zr rw/ki i FKKT OF north CAR
at reduced prices, and in lot^tosuit purchasers,
by (fcb 21) JAMES GREF.N&SONS.
Pure White Lead in 25 !b kegs, just ie
ceirsd and for sale, by H. COOK & CO.,
^ 3S* Sarepta Hall.
WINDOW GLASS of assorted sizes, just
received and for sale by
fcb 28 Sarepta Hall.
LINSEED OIL — 1M> gallons Linseed Oil,
received, and for sale by
2b Sarepta Hath
1 j eetved, and for sale by
fcb 28
TjLAliTER.- 30u tons oi Windsor Blue
J^PWstei, fcr Union Wharf.
■**f»»A\niK tumhsiaM.) ter the <V»r* of Oaneer. rieeratfd
Sort TUrrj.it, H’hit* Sw*lUurj. Bronchitis Dropsy, Dyspep
sia, a,id aV Ln**as-s aristn-j from an impure shit' ot iht
IfM. Prepared bv J. L. KID WELL. Druggist. Oeotye
; town. D. C. The estimate that is now accorded this pre
paration by the medical pretension, and by others compe
tent to iuige of it* merit*, may lie seen iu the fact that it
1 ha* V*eU prescribed by many of <«ur roost emlneut Phy si
cians iu this couutrv. and ha* attracted the attention, ol a
celebrated professor of the Edinburgh College. bootlaud, by
whom it ha> beeu successfully u*ed iu a Cancer ol an ag
gravated character. ... _„....... ,
The reputation of Mrs Emerson, for the treatment of
f h ers, and Scrofula. Jt--.. e.xt.-uds over the greater part of
Maryland. Virginia. aud the District of Columbia. >he
. willelwa-rfully give the particulars of the case named la
low, whi<-h is remarkable. - if visited at her house.
Me Ku»wtLL—Dear Sir—1 had a lady under my charge
of the highest rwpeetability. afflicted with a complicated
case of Scrofula, which entirely taffled the physicians for
eight .>r teu years, failing myself to arrest the disease. 1
was indievsi to use your preparation *>f th-h />»v,)>. th*
eJ.vt ol winch has l»*eu miraculous after the useol llir-*
L-ttl.-* 1 i*1 -t.sider iier perfectly restored. 1 am now de
| termitie*i to u*e it coustautly with my patients fully
satisfied that it excel* any preparation ku«*wu T»»r such
: diseases. Kespta ttullv. E. EMERSON.
Corner Molie and Mater st.s. Alexandria. \a.
The following -vnificate i* from n gentleman well known
!r. the >*uth and West. His counection with the Bank of
the Unit,*1 Mates, at Motile, for many years is evidence of
hi* character and -landing:
C-r.r.jrifncn, Feb. 1. lv*4.
Mr. Kib^Rii—Sir: A female member «*f my family, aged
• Uve.xr*. had le-u afflicted with a paintul S-rofulous aff*
tion «»i the ear for four years, and although the l*«.*r medical
adri- e was h.1'1 heiv. and in Baltimore, still The disease in
ere.a*>*l. and th*- pain often 1*--ante almost intolerable. For
tunately tor us. veur Hrr<U {tfijt was re»**muieiid»*d to lv
used. and 1 haw great pleasure in stating that it ha* 1-eeti
einiuentlv *u-.v**fu!. Th* Mucous S •r«-ti**n has not
made its apj*earau*v for - tin* months; the health ol th>
patient has i**-u *|oite restored: all tin* pirt.* that were
heretofore < much diseased b.i'e l-ecouie s*»Uild and '*« 11.
ai»d l atn much gratifo-l in k-* ing able to state to you. that
1 r**gn!*l it as having Iveti a*-* omplishod entirely by the use
of your B*rcU
• 1 au*. respvtfullv. T'Mir ofo-dieUt **-r*-»Ut.
I*K<MltiK 1VE, JR.
j To J ?»;> L. Kt!vw»:LL.
I The following ivrtiflcate is given fr*iUl the Very Uod HU
i tlH»rity—JOHN R. JoNE>. late Assistant Clerk in the
| il-*Use of Representative*. Hi* re*-overy i* considered e.x
: t:o*»rdin.ar\. Most <»t The members <rf N*tb Houses of Con
gress visited him ar the >t. Charles Hot,], and expressed
their a*t«*nishuiei<t at the wonder* effected by the C«•in
i' p-und fluid Extra* t of B*a*« h Drop
II.*.»1 ;hIK t .. .1 p)-</ '.b, lxili.
Fot th*- iieueht of the public, and# it h none other than
:« desire to d-» g«***l. 1 cheerfully state that i w.a* afflicted
i with n cough ami brouchial art*a*ti**n. fr- in July. l'-VJ. t**
' Mur* h. i and during that time was ttlm**st constantly
i eoiitin*-d t*» mv r*»oin. laboring under gieat debility ami
i m*ve(v o-ugh. I had medical skill **f the highest order,
through whose treatment. and under the guidance of a
high -r th *n mortal p-w.-r. my life was prolonged till March,
l*v.. ** n -1 1 Commenced the Use of l>r. Kidwell's Beech
j Drop nr Extract «-t l au.vr R*»ot. Since that period I have
taken .ai*-ut *iv Dttb-s-.f th** tmaiioine, audit gives pie
' pleasure to state tiiat it h:ts effected all entire cure, with
the eXvvprioii ot weakin-s*. occasion***! by long confinement
. to my room. 1 w. uldad'wall p*rs.ms similiarlv afflict*-!
totre it 1 consider it an invaluable uie*licine. The hum
bugs usually nalmed upvu the public in the shape of <vr
• titieate.* favorable t*.» the virtues of medicines, almost deter
nie from giving mine; but a seuseot justice, and humauity
alone, prompt* me to make th»* above statement.
Late As.* t. Clerk House of Reps.. Mashiugton,
.Now thief of the Igiud • »flice, Vincennes, Iud.
Y'lirrnn**. /»*/«<tll«l, Oct. O. ls,*»4.
i J. L. Kiow rLL—Dear Sir S*n»e three m*»nthsacto. through
I The agency Ot » oL Smith Miller, our representative iu («»n
gress. 1 had purchased ot you. for tlu* use of my father iu
Scotland, one dozen i-ottles of Beech Dr.vp or Cancer Pre
parati* u. 1 have a letter from my brother, stating that th.*
physician d* *itvs you to forward another dozen l**>ttl*-s.
He thinks under its u.v the disease is am-sb-t ! may
add That mv father has tri**d every physician of distinction
iu Scotland and England, including profeswrs of Kdin
^urgh and Dublin Uollvp"* witnout rwiet. i nv
w(M.t Tbr<v standing. bvgan in the- right cluvk.
whi h i> partially consumed. Ho a >uflvr*-r. with evu
i Hfuut pain, wbi' i) hasfUtiroly l« tt him.
This<*n*»‘ will give your jm-paratiou a p**j*ilarity in Bri
taiu whi^h no othor imsii»iuv k.t> l*iro<‘f t*» William
' Ih k. t*^.. O.’lvvivan. by4J**slU» sVotlan*d iu . arv of M.-ss:*.
IVnfi'M t’Sv A t o.. Druggist*, Nrw \\*rk: who will for
ward iu JAMES LUCK.
Mig- Eor sai*- hv Druggists and lk«H’-rs in M«'di^n«*s in
Washington. Alexandria, aud Baltimore. f»*h It*—d»m‘
4^-Yll K RE”-DILATORY <>RGANS ar<- a peculiarly
*«*u>ifi»v part of the human fra me. ami their susceptibili
ty todisens.- manifests itself >n various lornis. >u.h as
tV-ushs. Cold*, i'r up. Bronchitis. Asthma, and that fear
ful «*ui ge of our ra. • . Consumption. To remedy th.-se
RAM’ •itere‘1 to the public, with toeas.«.un»uce that It
i* n-> eoipirnalcompoupd. but a preparation vuictioued by
modi* ni sciem-wand <s»mmeuda*ion. Its bewtb*Lil etTivt*
in all The aN*\eforms of dis^s*. have l*eeu »'*-rtitk,d to by
ioo.‘Utrovertible testimony. You are advised to give it a
reui-’dy »l»i«h has t*rvn tested aud approvM by bun
dredsof phvsicians and others. See descriptive pamph
let*. to le had gratis of the agents. Brice I«*r each. oO
ceuts ivm l»ottl<*, or six 1 *otties tor$2 s*'.
L. H. STABLER A CO.. Proprietors.
Wholesale Dt uggUt*. lialtiuiore. 'Id.
Hv all Drucgists in Alexandria, aud by merchants
geuerally, throughout 'irgiuia. _ tel* Js gw
I HAVE lust received a further supply ot
40 boxes Orange*
•jit ‘ Lemon*, in Hite older
bo drums Fig*
4 ’• Prune*
5i>»; * Cocoanuts
6 bbla Apples
Almonds, Filberts. Cream Nuts English Wal
nut*. Ground Nuts, woh a large supply ol other
articles too numerous to mention. A iatge .«*
I sortment of FANCY CANDIES, and Candies or
a»y own manufacture. Nvhich 1 offer at whole
sale atid retail and will sell a* low as any other
: house in this city Country Merchants will do
well to give me a call beiore purchasing else
I where S C. SCHAFER.
vs Fairiax-Street
C\\ D1Z SALT A FLOAT —20,<X*0 bushels
i Cadiz Salt to arrive 101 sale in lots to suit
purchasers, low it taken from the ship. Also.
100 coils cotton FISHING RODE, trorn two to
tnree and a half inches, made expressly to order
aud is confidently recommended, 110m experi
ence. as far supeiior to Russian or any o?her
rope, for fishing purposes also, RUSSIA FISH
ING ROPE ot all sizes. For sale, by
l\.\y i {—»!t!<‘M 29 Cheapside. Baltimore.
^ received a lull supply of ENGLISH GAR
DEN SEEDS of our own importation, and
have also a large supply of AMERICAN GAR
DEN SEEDS from the most celebrated grow er*
i of Seed in Philadelphia and New \ork. which
we are prepared to sell wholesale and retail a*,
the lowest rates. H. COOK & CO.,
jeb •>- _ Sarepta Hall
§ 60 coils of No. 1 Russia and Manilla Seine
l(*.0oo 6 inch Seine Cork
$000 lbs. choice Shoulder Bacon, now in
store, and lor sale bv
feb 28 Queen street Dock, near old stand.
60 bids. Rectified A\ hiskey
2$ •* Gibson s Philadelphia Whiskeys.
X. XX. XXX. Brandies, Rmns, Gins. W ines. and
Cordials, of all grades, now in store, and tor sale
feb 2$ Queen street Dock, near old stand.
Pennsylvania .irenae. betw een Sth and \"rh streets,
next (toorto Iron Hull. II ashing;on, P. C.
Washington, jan 21—_
tUMPHOR BALLS —A soft and beautiiul
/ skin. free from chaps, may be secured ami
preserved, bv using Stabler * I'nr.valled Cam
phor Balls. Prepared and lor sale by h. H.
STABLER. Chemist. No. 1*5. King street, cor
ner of Washington. , n
l^Sign o! the Golden Bottle. ,eb‘-s_
,\;i HHDS. new crop N. 0. SL'CIAK—
“ ’ v-5 bbls. 4* 4* N. 0. .Molasses
****]$ *• Portland Syrup
65 bags Rio Coffee, received this day per
schooner Southerner, and lor sale low by
leb 22 (Sent) R. H. HL NTON.
: EG ROES WANTED—I Wish to purchase
any number of NEGROES, for which I
will pay liberal prices. Those wishing to sell,
will do well to call on me before selling, at my
old stand, at West End, Alexandria. Va.
aug ls-dtfJOSEPH BRUTN.
/ l(kj bnshels prime new clover Seed
$0 do Timothy do receiv
ed, this dav, and for sale, by
27 ' Wheat & bro.
I mitlN OSNABCRGS.—1-4 and 7-S wide
I 1 / manufactured at the Alexandria Steam
MBN for sale to merchants at Northern prices.
leb 22—tf No. 11, Washington-street.
C10TT0N YARNS.—6000 lbs., assorted num
/ bers. for sale, bv
feb 12 WHEAT & BRO.
• _
signed have this day associated themselves
| for the purpose of conducting a Wholesale HAT,
i der the firm and style of D. HjiRMOS if CO,
on the first floor of the warehouse of Geo. H.
Bayne Ac Co., at the corner of King and Water
| streets. They respectfully ask the patronage of
their friends and dealers generally.
feb 1 GEO. H BAYNE.
D HARMON A CO.. Wholesale Dealers
# is iUTS. CJPS. dr STRjtir GOOD*.
| are now receiving their spring supply ot Goods,
embracing every variety ol stvle and quality.
; and from which they enumerate as follows:
Gents tine Moleskin Hats, late style
Do Drab beaver do do
Mens Angola and Cassimere do
Do Brush and Rui>sia do
Men* and Bo\<* tine Slouch Hats
Do do White Wide-awake*
Do do Dove Beautie*
Do do Pearl Wide-awakes
Do do Black do
Do do Julien and Mario
Do Pearl Citizrn
Mens white, pearl and black wool Hat
; Boys d<) do do do
Mens and Boys line Pedal Straw do
Do do do Panama do
1L» do do Maricaibo and Ctiracoa .!<•
Do do White and colored Leghorn
Do do Canton and .sep.jte
Do White Canton ami Swiss Straw
Do Panama Grass do
Do Canada and German Straw
Mens and Boy» white and colored Pan,,, ol all
Ladies Bloomer Hats
Misses and Children’s Flats. Trimmed and plain
Also, a complete assortment ot Ladies Straw
Bonnets.-ofall the latest styles, and at low pri
ces. These good* have all been selected w ith
much care, and pmcha.-ed on ttie most lavora
ble Terms, which enables them to offer their
stock with confidence to the trade, leelmg as
’ sured they are prepared to seil on satisfactory
teinis. 1 hey respectluiiy solicit an examina
tion from Merchants visiting this city.
ieh !7—2mo D. HARMON & CO.
^ mg season is now approaching, the under
signed would inform the tanners and graziers,
that they are manufacturing Leavitt s ( oh and
Corn Crushers at Messrs. Smith Ac Perkins’ Foun
dry. on Pitt street, Alexandria. Ya.. and as the
Mills have now been in use one year and given
general satisfaction, we can confidently recom
mend them tor cheapness, simplicity, and dura
bility, to all stock leeders many of whom are
well convinced of the economy of crushing the
cob and corn, as alsc all other grains before tee
' ding. The numerous experiments forwarded
annually to the Commissioner of Patents go
far to prove that ground feed, is much more
healthy than unground. The price ot the Mill
complete, delivered at the Foundry is $Cr> with
all necessary directions tor putting the Mill in
oi*eiation. For further information, address tiie
undersigned, at Alexandria, by mail. Ail or*
i ders le»t at the foundry wili i>e promptly atteii
tied to. County rights lor sale, and Mills tur*
nished at a liberal discount To purchasers.—
To small capitalists a gooil opportunity is now
offered, To engage in The sale ot the best Stock
Mill ever offered for sale in the State of Virginia.
The above Corn and Cob Crushers, tor sale,
aLo, at lactoi v prices, by
ort 03—tf ' MEADE A: F. ACHES.
ICE.—The undersigned having received a cai*
go ot !ck. are now prepared To nirnish their
ca»tom«rs and all who may be plea*e«2 To give
Us a Call, at The following price'
4 Pound* per dav . ^ rents.
ft .'.<4 “
10 ..1*4 “
04 l> •* *• .K*
*. •> .oft “
Person# wishing To be supplied will please
i leave their name* at No. 2U, Prince »treet. or
with either of the firm at Fowle Ac Co’s store.
feb21—*-m DF.VAUGHN Ac GF.MENY.
mer THOMJS COLLYER will make regular
trip* until further notice. These trips will give
the Alexandrian'*, and other' a good opportunity
to \ isit the above fair
Boat * fare P4 cents each way
Coaches will take passengers trom and to the
boat Fare cent*
Leave Alexandria at *4 0 ’clock P M
Leave Washington at )>4 o’clock, P M
21—dl»>t Captain
J TERS, Verbena. Millefleur*, Arc, Glenn*
■ Roman Kalydor tor removing freckles. tan;
Arc., and tor beautifying the complexion; Glenn’s
Rose Tooth Paste; Glenn’s purified Bear* Oil.
Glenn’s Brown Windsor Soap; Glenn * Liberian
Palm Soap, Glenns ChrystaJline Pomatum,
Glenns Concentrated Ext. Vanilla and Lem
on. tor flavoring The above article* just re
ceived from the manufacturer, and for sale by
E. C. MAJOR, Apothecary
S. E. cor King At Alfred-sts.
ld£“Sigu of the Golden Mortar. feb 27
To pieces Bleached Long Cloths
ft bale* Brown Cottons
4 bale* Osnaburgs
ft bale3 Nankeen do; fto piece* blue Do
mestic*; 2“0 do. Fancy Print*, 2ft do. black do;
11> do. Mariner* Stripe; 2<> do. Twiied Duck;
1ft do. sup. Domestic Ginghams; 2ft do. Tick
ing*; ft do. Burlap*, with many other good* to
which we invite attention.
0.97 r,. K. WMT.MF.R. BRO.lt C’O.
- ^ LATHAM’S i ink of COACHES,
_ : 1 lv mulling regularly at the fol
lowing hours:
Leave Alexandria at 4. and <4. A. M. and 1 L
and 3j, P. M.
Leave Washington at f* and 11. A. M.. and .‘1A
and 7. P. M.
Onr friends, and the public at large, are re
quested to look out for the only accommodation
line that has ever run on this road.
^mt^aLL & STEPHENS, Washington, D.
\ 1 C Pennsylvania jl venue. beltvetn *.*th
a,a! 10th meets—CLOTHING MADE TO OR
DER—Having one of the largest and most ex
tensive retail establishments south, occupying a
building 1C*iMeet de^p. and working 12.7 hands.
male and female. We keep on hand of the latest
styles and patterns, a superior stock of
Washington, jan 24—f»mo
\ COCK. General Commission Agent, l aim 1
street. Alexandria, respectfully informs his friends
and patrons, that he has removed his office to
that new and elligible tire proof BRICK WARE
HOUSE of Mr. Robert G. Violett. on Union
street, between Fowle'sand HoofTs, where he w ill
be pleased to see and serve them as heretofore.
I ENGLISH MUSTARD, Broma, Powdered
Argols, Alcohol for perfumery, Putty, Cat
nip, White Lead, Hemlock Bark, lpeccacuanha.
Extract Logwood, Madder, pure Chemicals.
Ethereal Oil, just leceived. by
R. H. STABLER, Druggist.
No. K>5, King street, cor. of Washington.
Sigh of the Golden Bottle. feb 24
C "Toffee urns and chafing"dishes,
/ Cotfee Biggins, Egg Boilers. Britania Cofiee
and Tea Sets, Britama Water Pitchers. Cups, j
Castors. Lamps and Ladles, tor sale bv
feb 19_JOHN' 60PgX.
SAMUEL W. PEPPER, successor to Henry ‘
J. Pepper 4 Son, WATCHES, JEWELRY,
and SILVERWARE, No. 17o Chestnut street, !
(opposite the State House.) Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, my 29—ly j
corsTANT every evening from 7 to 10 o’- i
clock, either in Book Keeping, or writing of any
kind. Apply at this office. sep 14—dftm
"VfAlLS.—100 kegs Nails, 50 kegs Spikes,
ilj assorted, for sale by
feb 12 WHEAT & BRO.
———mrniwnr' im iii 'ww mi....
\P 0T1CK.—COP A RTN ERSH1P.—The un
dersigned will continue the W ROLESALE
stand ot Geo. H. Bavne A Uo.. ;» the name 01
BJYXE A BRO.. where they expect to keep
constantly on hand a general stock of Goods
usually found in their line, and to an exa mi na
tion ot which they respectfully ask the attention
of merchants visiting this market.
IT’'Those indebted to Geo. H. Bavne A ( o.
| will please caii and settle their accounts.
i I JAYNE A BROTHER, Wholbualk Deal
! J J krs is HOOTS JM) SllOFJ. No I
; King Street, have now on hand a complete s «»« <\
!..} Goods m th*-ir line, suitable forSprin*
pure ha.-ed dueciiy tr«»m the uiaimtac’uie; .*. and
j which they offer to the trade on the most lav ora
f ble term*. Their stock con»ists in part a* i**l
! low.-. viz: *
M, n *. Bovs and Youths Pluck Boot*
Do do do Kip and Call do
Gents tine French Call do
Do do (Moth emigres* Gaiter*
Do do Patent Leather do
Do do do Washington ties
Mens' and Boys Patent Leather Oxford tie
Do do Calf and Goat do do
Do do and Youth < Calt A Buff Brogan*
.Men*'. Ro\>. A Youth's Goa! A Enani id Brogan*
Do do do Kip and Thick do
D.» Aiinv Brogan* and Womans
Women *, and .Mt**e* ( ait atnl Gnat Boot*
Do do Enamelled A Pat. >eu do
T>o Pegged. Bliss in* ami tie*
Mi >»e> do do do
Ladies' Morocco and Kid Buskins
Do do do Slipper* ami tie*
Do black A assort’d col d Gaiters A : Gaiters
Misse* do do do
I Childrens'Goal and Calf pegged shoe
- Do .Morocco ami l««»at -ewrd \vei.e«l
Do fancy (jailer* and colored >hoes. ol
all tne new style* in g’e.tt variety
They invite the attention oi dealei* To men
Mock, a* tiieV are determined to *eii on sati*tac
tory teinisto prompt pm chaser*.
feh 27—2mo BA^ NE A i<kO
rrw* . S 1 LA MEL
iJ^aa6(jKOK(jK l'AdK.^r^t
rpiJE UNDERSIGNED tiav ing become pro
I prietors of the large and commotion* Strain
/, GKO PJHE. intend by theireribrts to accom
modate the community travelling between W ash
ington and Alexandria, and the facilities winch
they offer lor trie transportation ot freight nnd
the employment ot none but courteous aiul gen
tlemanlike otlicer.* and obliging servants, to
merit a share *>f the public patronage, and would
respect hilly cail the attention ol Merchants and
oth^r citizens ot both places to the lollowing
schedule ot prices at w hich their Boat will here
after be run:
Passengers.•* rents.
Buggy wagon and 1 liorse.P--:
Do do 2 horses.-*•
Horse and rider.‘~ j
Market wagon and l hoise. -•*
Do do round trip.
Do do 2 horses.‘-o
Do do round trip.*‘G j
Do I'O'ullu tup.
Do round trip.
Flour per barrel.•'
And all other freight in proportion.
In collection with this boa?, arc Latnam i\
( ook's line o! (>rnnibiise>.
JOHN VAN KlsWICK. ) ,, ■
frb -7—dot* K. A. RV l'HF.lv. Captain.
I tu'fpt» jilexunJrui. HulUmoi t. I'hiluo't Iphui
Ait/* Yt/rk. hoston uml nil the pnnrtpal cifie* anti
tou'TU in the Luton.—The citizens ot Alexandria,
are respectfully mlormed, that the ai rangetneiit.s
lor our Express, are on an improved and enlarged
scale. t>ur car- now leave lialUtnere three fimts a
thy lor Alexandria, conveying GOODS, ot aii
descriptions, at very low prices, and unrivalled
speed. Out charges Irorn Baltimore to Alexan
dria for heavy freight, Dry Goods. Ac., are at
rafts very little (i! any.) in advance of the ordi
nary freight lines. Met chants and others order
ing by us. will save the caitage. wharfage. Ac.,
in Baltimore and Alexandria, on vn/njrtanl iuni.
Our Express runs d niv to \\ ai Teuton. ( tilpe
per. Oiange Court House, and (»otdonsv ;l!e.
W'hel e goods ot all deSCi iptioji, Vvni be foiWai
ded with great despatch, and at leusona'de
rates. Merchants and others m the vicinity ot
either of the above named otlices. Will Itnd the
Express a gieat convenience
nr All heavy goods will be taken irom the
Philadelphia boat or stores n: Baltunoie. and
delivered at the stote Ju.»r or Railroad Depot in
Alexandria, tor ct3 per cwt.
Our European Express tor Livetpool London
Dublin. Pans. Havre. Ac . Ac leaves twice a
week. Packages. Ac . toi ward'd
You should bear in mind in all case-, to older
by The Adams Express Company.
Heavy Goods from New York at tbeveiy iow
rate at $1 25 per 100 lbs.
HI GH LA 1 HAM Agent
north of Fairfax sire. T Alexandria \ a
feb 19—tt
SALE.—Just received pej Liverpool Packet
“Dreadnought, an Invoice ot K N G L 1 S H i
GARDEN SEEDS. which we utter to ilm trade
upon terms a* favorable as an) in the Northern
market, and being ot oui own importation we
can wat rant them to be fresh, genuine, and ot >u
ptrior qualify. 1 hey consist in part of—
75 tbs. Cabbage Seeds of the following choice
varieties, viz Palmers improved Earlv \orh.
Wheeler's Imperial. King of the Cabbage. Laige
York, Drumhead. Flat Dutch. >hilling's Queen.
Stone Superb, Knfield Market. Ac . Ac.
fn) lbs. Turnip Seed*, ot the most approved
varieties; 10 tb^. Barrott's Cream Broccoli; to
gether with choice English Grasses for L.unh
ami last lire?. Union. Eettuc**. « elerv. ( aimnuw
er. &c.. Ac. We. also, keep constantly on ham!
a large stock of choice AMERICAN SEEDS,
trom the best Gardens ot the Northern and Mid
dle Sfares, which we offer at the lowest market
Orders hy mail will meet with prompt atten
tion. FOI’NTAIN & CO..
Wholesale Druggists. No. .V2. Kmg-st.
vr Sign ol the Iron Mortar. teb 22
Stand ok Irwin Eowkll. corner Kino and
l nion sts., is now receiving a well selected
stock of FAMILY GKOCF.RI ES. consisting in
part ot—
Loaf, ( rushed. Pulverized and Clarified Steam
Refuted Sugars
N. O. and P. R. do
N. (>. Molasses, new crop
Old Government Java aaid Rio CofT»e
Gun'r., Impe l., V. H., and Black Teas, some
very superior
S|>erm, Adamantine, and Mould Candles
Sperm, Solar, and Strained Oils
Tobacco, ail grades
Bacon, Rice. Cocoa, Chocolate. Table Sait,
Mustard. Spires. Ac
Orders earnestly solicited, and filled with des
patch. feb 2*
TT^ALL A STEPHENS. Washington. D.
yy C, Pennsylvania Jienve. htimen 2th
ami luth street*—GENTLEMENS READY
Tin: latest styles.—We are receiving constant
ly from New York, GARMENTS cut and made
in the most fashionable manner, such as are not
found in other establishments this side of
Families at a distance w ishing to send
for garments, by observing the following mea
sures, can always fit. viz—For Coat and Jacket,
from seam to seam across the back, and inside
seam of sleeves. Pants, the inside measure lor
leg, and around the waist.
Washington, jan 24—r>mo
rpRANS-ALLEGHENV BANK —1 will take
J the notes of the Trans-Allegheny Bank lor
goods, or in payment of accounts, at 10 per cent,
discount, till further notitte.
Jlmo28 _ R. ILMILLER.
Ladies cloaks and talmas, selling j
at great bargains, by i
feb 12 G. K. WITMER, BRO. & CO,
! \ r IRGINIA —At Rule* held in the Clerk’s
i \ Office ot the Circuit Court of Alexandria
I Count v, on the fifth day oi February. lfc-V;
i Chalkier Gillingham and Paul froth, parmeis
in business, under the name and style ot Oi.hug
hum Ac Troth. plaintiffs, against Joseph Bullock, ,
delendant: hi Chancery. The object ol this ;
suit i> to attach the following property, belong- j
ing to the defendant, to wit: 1 wo lots ol grounu ;
in tue city of Alexandria, beginning^ on tin*
north side of Cameron street l -U leet northeast
ward! v of ifs intersection with the east side oi
West slreet. and running nortlieastwardly wnli
Commerce -;reet go leer. thence north\ve*tvvaid
!v yii jeet to an alley lg feet wide, miming ]>J
iaiiel to Commerce stieet. and extending horn
W est street to another alley I'd leet w ide. whim
exiemls Horn West street to Payne street, paral
lel to King street, and distant !UU leet them- j
j,oili, thence northwardly with said first men-j
none,! alley go leet, thence by a stiaight line to (
the beginning, with the right of way over both j
>aid allevs in common with others entitled there
to— the same being one of the lots vvhicii were
assigned to Henry T. Dundas in the partition ot
tiie reai estate of his father John Dundas, de- i
ceased. Also. tiie lollowing lot on Commerce j
street, between Pay lie and West 'tieet* in said
r city oi Alexandria, marked and known as lot
.V,. 1 l on plat A of the division o! ti.e estate oi ;
the iate Col. Francis Peyton. The defendant
not having entered hi* ap{»earance ami given *»■■
curiry according to the act o; Assembly and
the rule* ol tin* Court, and it appearing by affi
davit liiat iie is n*»t a icsiiieiit oi tins Mute, I< ;
is unit ted. that tue *aui delendant appear iieie
within one mouth after due publication ot this,
order, and do what is necessary to protect his
interest in tins suit, ami that a copy oi .nisordei
he loiihwith inserted in the Alexandria Uazetle.
.1 m vvspaper published in the cry ol Aiexan* ,
dria. once a week for four successive weeks,
ami posted at the fiont door of the Court House
ot this County.
A Copy. Teste: H. A. SINCLAIR. Clerk.
Smi ni Ac Bkacii. p. v- teb lf» w Ivv
'I^IRCINIA—At Rules held in the Clerk s
\ Office oi the Circuit Couit of Alexandria
County, on the tilth day of February. 1v,
Christopher Neale. piaiiiTirf. jgainst William A.
Wharton, and Virginia W harton. his wile. Reu
ben Johnston. 'frusTee of tiie said Virginia ami !
F.dw aid Kingstord. defendants: In Chancery.
The object ol thi* suit is to attach in the hands
oi the home defendant*. Reuben Johnston, and
Kdward Kingstord, so much ot the estate and
property in their hands, belonging to. and so
much o*i tiie debts due. or To become due irorn ,
the said deteiidants. Johnston and Kingslord. to
ti.e absent defendants. William A. Wharton and
Virginia W'har’on. sufficient to satisfy the plain
t,ris claim oi one hundred dollars, with mieiest i
on fifty dollar*, part thereof from the -Utii day
oi May. l>jg. till paid, and with interest on fifty
dollar*, tiie residue thereof from the guth day
ui May. 1 till paid, and the co*’s ol this
suit. 1 he delenuants v\ dliarn A. v\ narion arm
Virginia Wharton not having entered their ap
pearance and given security according to in**
act of Assembly and the rules ot this Court,
and it appearing by affidavit Tnat they are not
residents of this Mate.— h i.< ordered, that the
said defendants appear here within one month
aftei due publication of this order, and do what
is necessary to protect their interest in this suit,
and that a copy of this order he forthwith inser
ted in the Alexandria Gazette, a newspaper, pub
lished in thecirv of Alexandria, once a week for
tour successive week-, and posted at the trout
door of the Court-house ot thi« County.
A Copy. Teste: F. A. SINCLAIR. Clerk.
NkaLE. P. q.. ' teb —w Iw
\VIRGINIA—At Rules held in the Clerks
Office «,| tiie Ciicuit Court of Alexandria
County, on The first dav ol January. ls-*-n ;
Christian Rulmore. pl.mr’ti agam-t John Wem
•ix 11. alia- Wencil.and Philip M. Hoolf defendant-:
— in Chancery. Ihe object o! this suit is to
attach in tne bands oi the home defendant. Philip ,
U Hootf. the money, goods or etfecta in ins
hands belonging to the absent defendant. John
Wentzell alias Wencil. or >o much thereof as
will pay and satisfy the sum of one hundred dol
lars. with interest thereon from the loth day ol ,
November, INbo, until paid, and trie costs ot this
-utf. money due the plaintiff irom the said de
feudal.l John Wentzell alias \v encil. I he de
fendant John Wen’zell alia- Wencil not having
♦nifeied hie apj»eaiai:ce and given -erurity ac
cording to tiieacf of Assembly an>i tin* Hilt'S of
fins Court and it appearing bv atfid iv if That he
is not a i evident * * I this State—// i.* < tdoed
that the-aid defendant appear io-ie within one
month after due pubiicaf :on ot this order and do
what is neces arv to protect his interest in ti.i
suit, and that a copy of this older be forthwith
m-erfed ;n the Alexandria Ga/eftr, a newspaper
published m tne citv r>i Alexandria, once rt week
lor loin sucres-1 ve weeks, and posted at ihe
trout door ol the Court Hou-e of this County
A copy teste R A >1 NCLAIR. • lerk
C. Nf.alk e v jail‘^7—w tw
\r IRGIN1A - At Rules held in the tb'ik
Office of the Ciiciu! Court of Alexandria
County on the fifth day oi Rebiuary Is
Ilen.-on W ilbuin. plaintiff against Janie.- Parker
and George rt Fowle. dei«ndants In ( hancery
l he object of this -tut is to attach m the hands
oi The home defendant. George 1 > Rowie -o
mucii oi the estate and properly m h.-> hands
belonging to. and -o notch oi the debt due from
the -aid towle to the deter dalit James Parker
as will he sufficient to suti-ty the plaintiffs* claim
«>i two hundred and twenty dollars and riuiefy
seven cints. i lie defendant Janos Parker n*«t >
having entered hi- appearance and given -e
curitv according to the act of Assembly and
the rule- of this Court, and it appearing by
affidavit that he is not a resident «*t tro- Mate,
It is nuitrej. That the -aid delriid.int appeal ncif
w irhiti one month al’ei due puldic.it 1011 »»I this
i»rd«*r. and do what .s nece—«aiv t»* protect Ins
interest in thi* suit. and that a copy ol this oi
lier l^e forthwith inserted m the Alexandria Ga
zette, a new spaper published ill the city ol Alex
andria. once a week tor lour successive weeks,
and posted at the trout door of the Court-house
01 this < 'ounty.
A Copy, Teste: R. A. SIXCLA IR. Clerk.
r L. Smith \ Bkach. »v v feb —vv lvv
A '’'iRGlXlA —At Rules held in tin* ( lerk >
^ Oiiice ol tiit* Circuit ( ourt ol Alexandria
County, on the lilth day oi February. 1'.*•»: W il
liarn Leigh, plaintiff, vs. William Selden. John
\\ ithers. Lawrence i\ Ravne. and G. W. ( ar
ivie Whiting, late copartneis under the linn oi
Selden. Withers A Co., deiendants: In an action
on the ca>e to recover the sum ol •'silt: 07.
money due by account. 1 he defendants W il
liam selden and G. W Carlyle Whiting, not
having entered their appearance and given se
curity according to the act oi Assembly and
the rules oi this Court, and *t apptanng by affi
davit tiiat they are not residents ot tins State.—
II is ordered, tiiat the sard defendants appear
here within one month alter due publication of
this order, and do w nat is necessary to protect
tiieir interest in this suit, and tiiat a copy ol
this order be forthwith inserted in the Alexan
dria Gazette, a newspaper published in the city
of Alexandria, once a week for Jour successive
weeks, and posted at the trout door oftheCourt
house of this County.
A Copy.Teste R. A. SINCLAIR. Clerk.
L. B. Taylor. i\q leb 1*>—w-lvv
XTIRGINIA —A* Rules held in th»* Clerk’s
f Office of the Circuit Court of Alexandria
County, on the fifth day of February, 1 te5-3; The
Bank of Berkeley in Virginia, plaintilf, vs. Wil
liam Selden. John Withers. G. W. Carlyle Whit
ing. and Lawrence I\ Bavne. late co partners
under the firm o! Selden. Withers A Co., defen
dants. In an action on the case in assumpsit to
recover the sum of ->"116 18. money due by ac
count. The defendants Wfillianr Selden. and G.
W. Carlyle W hiting not having entered their
appearance and given security according to the
act of Assembly and the rules of this Court, and
it appearing by affidavit that they are not resi
dents of this State.— It u ordered, that tiir* said
defendants apj*Mi here within one month after
due publication of this order, and do what is ne
cessary to protect their inteiest in this suit, and
that a copy ol this order be forthwith inserted
in the Alexandria Gazette, a newspaper pub
lished in the city ol Alexandria, once a week
for four successive weeks, and posted at theiront
door of the Court House of this County.
A Copy Teste: R. A. SINCLAIR. Clerk. i
L. B. Taylor, p. 4. feb iG—w4w
TTIRGINIA —At Rules held in the Clerk s
\ Office ot the Circuit Court ot Alexandria
County,on the tilth day ol February. OoO; w il*
iiam Huntington, plaintiff. against Joseph ii.
Bullock, defendant : In Chancery. The object
of this suit i» to attach the following property,
belonging to tin* defendant, to wit: Two lots ol
ground in The city of Alexandria, beginning on
the north side ol Cameron street 120 teet north
eustwanilyof its intersection with the east side
of West street, and ninning northeusiwaidlv
with Commerce street ‘2.'» feet, thence westw ard
}v w;» jeet to an alley 12 feet wide. running pa
rallel to Commerce' sheet, and extending troin
sheet to allot her alley 1*2 leet wide, which
extends from W»st street to Payne street, paral
lel To King street, and distant l|M* teet there
until. thence northwardly with said first men
tioned alley 2.') leet, thence by a straight line to
the beginning: with the right of way over both
said alleys m common with others entitled
thereto—the same being one of the lots which
we,e assigned to Henry T. l)unda» in the parti
tion oi the real -state ol his lather John Dun
das. deceased Also, the following lot on Com
merce street, between Payne and West streets ,n
said city oi Alexandria, marked and known as
lot NV 11 on plat A o, the division of the estate
oi the late Col. Franc.s Peyton. The defendant
not having entered h » apjwaranc- and given
security according to the act ol Assembly and
tne rules «»i this ( ourt. and il :tp|»eaniig b_»
affidavit that lie i> not a reside lit oi this State.
It ,»• ordered, that the >ani deiendant appear
here within one month alter due publication
ui this order, and do w hat is necessary to pro
tect ins interest m this suit, and that a copy of
tins order be forthwith inserted in the Alexan
dria Gazette, a newspaper, published in the en v
oi Alexandria, once ,i week for lour successive
weeks, and jested at the front door of tne Couit
House of this County.
,\ Copy. 1 este K. A. SiN’t LAIR. ( l**ri».
F. L. .'with & Bkai u. 1*. 14 feh lo—w4w
\VIRGINIA—At Rules held in tne Clerk s
Office of the Circuit Court of Alexandria
County, on tne fifth Jay ol February. 1 >.V»: Chas.
I*. Powell, plaintiff'. r*. William Ndden. John
Withers. Lawrence P Bayne, and G. \N. ( arlvle
Whit ing. late copartners. under The firm of *el
den. Withers \ Co., defendants. In an action oi
debt to recover the sum ot ->4>o 20. money due
by protested check. Tlie defendants William
>elden. and G. W. Carlyle Whiting, not having
entered fneir appearance and given security ac
cording to the act ol Assembly and the rules of
this Court, and it appearing by affidavit that
they aie not residents ot tins State.—Jt is or
dered. that the said defendants appear here with
in one month alter due publication of this order,
and do what is necessary to protect their interest ’
in this suit, and that a copy of this order he
forthwith inserted 111 the Alexandria Gazette, a
newspaper published in tne city ot Alexandria,
once a week lor lour successiv e weeks, and pos
ted at the iront door ol the Court-house of this
i ourr. v.
A Copy. Tote R. A. SIXCLMR.CUrk.
L. B. I ayloh. r 4 ioli I''—whv
X^ OTICK.—Commissioner* Office. Alkxan
^ uitia. Dec. g’>. IS51 —Lawrence B Baylor
and Virginia his wile, and W. Llewellyn Pow
ell. plaint;tt>: against Ann YN. Powell. hdward
B. Powell, and Cordelia his wile. Clarence
Powell, widow of H. Brooke Powell. C. Cuth*
Urt Powell. William T. Powell. Robert C. (
Powell. Alfred H. Powell. Ann W. Powell, and
Fanny L. Powell, defendants, and .1. H. Chamb*
|m and others. plaintiff*: against Buri P Noland,
administrator of William I. Powell, deceased.
Aim M. Powell. Lawrence B. 'Baylor and Yir
jrjitia his wife. Kdward B. Powell. YN Llewellyn
Powell. II. Brooke Powell. William B Powell.
Robert C Powell, Alfred H Powell. Ann YY.
Powell, and Funny L. Powell, defendant* —
Cine! ; r Coi ut of Alfx.vndria C’ocntv. In
Chancery By a decreet*! the >uid ( owt. at
its November term, 1 >-•-!. in the above causes, it
w as ordered, -That W. C. Veaton. one of the
(‘ommissioner* of this Court, do state and settle
the account oi 1*. P. Noland, as Administrator
of William L Powell, deceased; that he also
convene the crediroisoi the said William L.
Powell, a- well a> the creditors of the late firm
ot William L. Powell \ N>n. by publication in
the neWspapeis ol the city ot Alexandria, for
,it lea-t thirty day-, and take an ac count ot the
debt- outstanding against the -aid decedent, and
rhe said firm, tnat tie ascertain the value of the
widow- dowei in the said i<*a! e-tafe. and a!»o
what would be d jvropei commutation to 1< paid
tif-i Ilia bsol ;ifi* Tight. Ill lie.l Ot h*T «JOW'ei,
In pursuance said decree. 1 do hereby, give
iiotice to the puttie- auditor*. and .ill other* in
teiested. that i have fixed upon Thvnduy tin 1st
i/ui/ of lSf*-». nt iftr b>t*r of lg t) i to<!., fit.
ut r,iy ojt,t of the City of JitJiuodtui as the time
a ml place at which I shall proceed to discharge
in V duties uheli ami where lh»* parties, C| editor*.
\c will attend with their proof*
YY C YBATON ( •Miuiii'-sioner
dec go- rOtd
F.LRY -- On hand an a»>ortment «»i cele
btated PI \Nt »v. Horn lour dirfeient manutacto*
tor.es oi the highest estimation ot which pur
chaser- maV take the advantage ot -ati.-tYilig
t:i* l r WVV It ti«-tes. -old at rnalillla* tuiei s price-,
alitl wan anted Al-o. an extHi-ive a--Ortmeiit
oi \ il >L1 N>. alliohgsl t helit sollie old unties,
vi/ i remoiia. iiuann in»-. and Andie Steiner,
\|elode«*ll.-. ot the last 111! proV cd style- lililtars,
Flute-. I lies. ( lai inner-. .tin! Accordeolts. ot
ever*, -i/e Al-o. a large assortment ot the new
YY A I ( H l.s t'aietuliy r« nailed and warranted
sep opposite Sar* pta Hall. King s*.
rpn THE I.A Dl E>—-Nothing adds more to
| he.niTv than clean, white I * eth. and Gurus
i>t heaiiiiV coho. 1 in* rim-t heanlitu! lace and
\ ci million lips Ik*come repulsive, it the iatier.
when they open, exhibit the humble spectacle
ot iieo|»*,-tetl teeth All who wish dean, white
Teeth, healthy Gums, and a sweet breath, should
give /EllMASS TOOTH WASH a trial.—
For sail*, at KK HARD S.
No. r>. Exchange Biock.
I*. S. Sent by mail upon the receipt uf twelve
postage stamps. feb 10
—RH’H.IRD'S. No. .'1. Exchange Block,
iiasjust icceived a splendid lot olCollars. Bands.
Ac. among which are some splendid French
and Homtou pattern-, also French Cotton, Oil
( loth. Ac. leb "i4
1 RICHARDS’. No. 3. Exchange Block, has a
^ niu* assortment ot (iOODS in his line, and
would a^k an examination, particularly from
persons \\iio have never seen hi* stock.
teb VJ‘»—1 W
I) A/ORS. Rn/.or Strops. Shaving Soaps. Sua
^ ving Cream, and Shaving Brushes; Also.
Satm Stocks. Collars, and Suspenders. leceived.
and for sale at
feb 21 No. S'J. King street.
r\^ have just received from the North, a sup
naruein part. Sinclair's celebrated Hay. Straw',
and Corn stalk Cutters, tor horre and hand pow
er: Raw Ride Roller do . of all sizes: Pennock s
celebrated Corn Shdiers, Virginia do, Ruggle’s
and Whitemore's do. several sizes; Ruggle's four
section cast iron Feed Rollers; Vegetable Cut
ters; Iron Road Scrapors, different kinds; Ther
mometer, Cylindrical, and Staff Chums. Also,
a large iot ot Railroad and Gravel Barrows, to all
of winch we invite the attention ot farmer* and
buyers generally, as weean supply them with
as good an article, and on a» good terms a*
they can be bought elsewhere
nov 1S Addison A Mrade’sOid Staiul, Union st.
j received.a fre-h inijK>rt.»tion of Aults (tlt
bruUd English GARDES SEEDS, warranted
Irevh and genuine, to which we respectfully call
the attention of Farmers and Gardeners.
tan 20 No. 10. Fair tax-tfH*et
OATS.—7iX> bushels Seed Oar*, for sale, by
feb 10 WHEAT & HRO.

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