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Warrcutou liraneh.
The last issue of the AN arrenton \ lag ot
,9S> contains an editorial “at the request of a
friend/’ under the head of “-t ^fo* (■•wk”
in which au onslaught is made on the Orange
au4 Alexandria Railroad Company. The
ca‘ l#0 of his “disgruntlement/’ appears to be
the eugine. and the rate of speed at which
the oars are carried upon the AN arrouton
branch It seems that AN arrenton is not to
> Vs.-it is tied with any Locomotive which the
can place upon that road. This u
„ • the first “ diegruntlement which has
,ln made with the Company’s‘engines, fur
ti ,ir aocommudation—none of them can
Uc “I' h* ‘»>oir notions for fast travelling
.... , p., ,,ue at this time on the Branch Lead
J,; .,'JJd one, and more than adequate to the
business it has to perform.
It ;s i think, admitted that this Branch
K -tid is not, and never has been, a paying
concern—>** r,,',!‘irs ,kiul W’*®* “ .draw*
back upon the Company, h is a matter of
i >ubt ( in the absence of proper data) wheth
er the revenue would bo more than sufficient
to buv oil for the machinery. So the com
plainer* ought to get up more lreight and
Lsseiver*. Your Kngine wants </rwwi«</,
and then your pedestrian racers, and the
sauntering cows upon the track, of which
v „.eak. must mend their gait. I he Cars
: ,.nj frum Warreuton connect regularly
with'the trains upon the Main Line, giving
about two hours at that place. This must
be admitted as sufficient tor a small busi
"Tio not like to hear gentlemen croaking
about nothing. MAIN Ll.\ h.
! 1 ’ ii tir vlf vTt'ti
Hellef MeellMg
At a meeting held ut the Second 1 icsbyte
rian Church, oh the 11th intuit, for the pur
pose of devising suitable measures tor pro
curiug from the citizens of Alexandria, turth
cr aid to the suffering cities ol Norfolk and
Portsmouth, William Okkuokv, esq., was
CAlled to the Chair, and William C. Ylaton,
appointed Secretary.
Robert Jamieson, esq., then moved the ap
iKnntmeut of a Committee to draw up a plan
best adapted for carrying out the purposes
of the meeting, to report at a meeting of the
rituenu to be held at the Lyceum llall, on
Thursday evening next, at halt past seven
o’clock, which motion was approved by the
meeting, and the following committee ap
pointed bv the chair, viz: —
‘ tier. K *J Nowlin. Robert Jamieson, fran
L Smith and Richard M. Smith.
'ltie meeting then adjourn**!.
\\ 1LL1AM URKHORY, Chairman.
Wu.it vm C. Ybaton, Secretary.
A recent communication sets forth the ad
vantage from jin* m purifying the atmos
phere whore malignant diseases arc preva
lent. It struck me at once that the Norfolk
tud Portsmouth sufferers were within reach,
bv Railroad, of a cheap and excellent disin
fecting agent, in this respect, in the resin of
North Carolina; any quantity of this, (the
radium ot the turpentine.) may be brought
in oarreH from Wilmington. If this was
burnt in the streets at nightfall, it might
have the desired effect. C. 11. I .
OBITl \lt\ •
The death ol Hi J A M KS CARSON, has
he«*u already announced in the t*a/.etto. He
was a native ot Ireland. but ^migrated to tni>
countrv. in ear'v ill** and h\ed m this city a’**,
neighborhood **wi sti.ee Me was an artiw
citizen, a.- long as ins hea th permitted, and
filled in f|ii.> place, several offices ol tru-t and
ie*pon»ibilitv. with ci»:• 111 to him>elI. ami lor
tiir good ol ins fallow townsmen. He was a
\aauist hearted, patriotic gentleman; and had
many fronds. Kind m ail the social relations,
intelligent, and uibaiie, ho companionship was
alter by the young. a> well a> bv those
'•i his «»v\ a age. As tun** advanced he v\ ithdiew
Horn * *• active* scenes ol lit*-, and pa">**d the
*•’.euiiit; .»t ids day* caliniy and quietly, at the
lesidntce ot his sou ill law in this county. lie
died at a npe old age. with the respect and es
trrm i*i ill who kn-vv him. and who will long
currish hi* memory' and flu* recollections ot ins
i» any estimable qualities ol mind and heart.
I>ik* SepMuber HHh.atthe I S Naval Hos
pital. ue.ii 1‘oitsniouth. \ a . of Pulmonary I on
wife of Hr lames F Harrison. I S Navy
I to.V s v m S i'm
SFI* I ! \JHF.fi ri\*> suts. Moon s PhAsks
H Thursday. . > 47 r*. IJ i>. H \l.
14 Friday_ > ixc» pi First qr I'd 1 m
H* Saturday . . .* -1 • f* ff Full.Vo I 1*. y
is Suudav ... • Od K I *» Last qr. V 3 f>4 k.
17 Monday ■* i r> '* New.. . . l*i fii 1 1 k.
Is Tuesday . . S f> t »*. 111*.II VA.ATLK.
L* VVVdmsdav r» r»:> ♦*. r* Skit. I I. Hk 7m.
.>»p. 1 j llsrr**...Auir.ttl
s,.|, | J ^vOrVwRV.>.*f -
Bug A I.a Mode, i'rocker, St. John, plaister
to ( az**aove \ Co
•''‘'hr .Mu ? I ..u. v Edgett, F.astport, fish and
t« C.t/r'M.'\** \ CO.
s*’in Alert. Kelly. Boston, ice to G. Appich.
*r**r. U W Fulton, Thatcher, Salem, plais
ter to FowJ»* \ (\>
*si« hr h. \\ Full Now come, Salem, plaister to
M. Aldridge
Si in A !e*na. Everett, w heat aiul corn to Cuth
berf Powell.
l’*ng Andover, 'Baylor. Boston, by M. El
and flour by Pioneer Mills.
ID"* l he eurvivmg "Old Soldiers who served
against the lu»iirgeut» in the Western Counties
l'tim»yUania. in 17‘.*4, request all the Editors
-ut me tneudly to the -Old Soldiers," their
" u,,iWs, or orphans, thatthev republish the letter
1 uc Chrisnian, inserted in the Gazette of the
■Bums;., that those in Pennsylvania and Mary
•*nd who were also in that expedition may
’•ui?e and petition Congress with their grievun
in U*nig «o shamefully tantalized by Cou
gress and Fiaiiklm Pierce.
»ep 13—1( O.NBOK Tilt? OlI> SoLPIKRR.
1^LEC'l RIC (ML.—“Great wonder ol the
i age. and the greatest «v»e in the world for
h’*eun'.jfi«m and TklI Pains, a supply, just re
c<>lved, and lor sale by
>tJp 13 l>iuggUt
Honey cream military shaving
SOAP, which is unequalled for richness
°! Luther, its solt and agreeable effect on the
and delicious perfume. just received, and
for sale by JOHN A. M1LBERN.
^ sep 13 N. F. cor. of King and Wash-sts.
^ak FOR SALE.—A new and very desira
|**b!e three story DWELLING HOESE and
GARDEN attached, having all the modern im
provenientt. and situated in a healthy and plea
*3,i? part ol the city.
sep ft—eot, SAM CEL J MeCORMICK.
W b hhds Porto Rico Sugar
I" bbU Crushed and refined Sugars
b ca*ks Hams aiul Shoulders, received, and
,,,rs-de bv [>*plv] DAVY | HABMUN.
supply of the genuine article, direct from
‘^eW just received and for sain
-y l*P 10] FOUNT A IN k CtV, 52, Kinjj-at
Jjr.F.D WHEAT, a prune article, ior tale by
The Weather.—The cool and bracing
weather of last week has given way to a hot
! and oppressive spell, and all efforts to keep
cool for the past two or three days have
i proved signal failures. We had indulged
| the hope, that after the intense heat of the
summer, we would be blessed with an ear
ly frost and cool weather, but like sun
dry other hopes indulged in, we are doom
ed to disappointment; and yesterday wo
again saw, to our discomfort, the mercury in
: the thermometer gradually ascend to 90,
; where as if tired of keeping up so high it
stopped: but the living thermometer indica
ted a much greater degree of heat than the
mercury, aud we heard more complaint oi
the “warm weather” than we did in mid
summer. Our climate is a very changeable
one, however, and though yesterday was lit
terally uud truly a ‘‘hot day,” and people
w to busy, trying to keep cool, yet to
morrow may be cold. e have not the
slightest objection.
Alheknlv Cattle,&o.—Mr.Geo. P. howle,
of this city, has receutlv imported at consid
j erablc cost, a beautiful herd ot Alderney
prize Cattle from the Island of Jersey, near
the coast of France, and has them at Burgun
dy, his farm, uear this city. This breed of
j Cattle is justly celebrated for its milkiug
1 qualities; the quantity ot milk given by
j each eow being very great, and the quality
| exceedingly rich. Butter has been known to
I be made from this milk in a very short time
iifrnr bnirm taken from the cow. 1 he battle
; —-- n
are ot small sizo but of beautiful form, re
minding ouo of Peer. We congratulate our
j farmers of this section oi country, on the
introduction of this valuable stock, and trust
it may be the means ot improving to a great
degree, the native stock.
We were yesterday shown a bunch of Cab.
ba<*cs grown on the farm ot Mr. 1 in Prince
William County. The stalk had eleven sep
arate heads of medium fcize on and was
one of the greatest horticultural curiosities
we have ever seen.
Si eei\—W'e know of nothing more pleas
ant than after the business and toils of the
j day are over, to he able to enjoy a good
; night’s rot; but for the last few nights such
a thing has been next to an impossibility- -
very little comfortable sleeping can l*e done
with the thermometer at 10»»\ (wo suppose
it must have been in that neighborhood,
though we did not look.) and a villainous mos
quito discoursing his horrid music around
! your head. The imprecations on these in
sects yesterday were deep and loud, Irum all
quarters of the city, and many who would, no
doubt, have slept soundly, notwithstanding
! the heat, were deprived of tired nature’s sweet
restorer, on account of the mosquitoes. This
^tate of affairs canuot last much longer
however, as the loudly anticipated cool
I weather will soon he here.
Mketinu.—A meeting of the citizens was
held on Tuesday evening, in the Second
Presbyterian Church, for the purpose of
adopting measures for procuring additional
aid to the Norfolk and Portsmouth sufferers.
William Hregory was called to the Chair,
and William C. Veaton appointed Secretary.
Row K. J. Nowlin. Robert .Jamieson, Francis
L. Smith, and R. M. Smith were appointed a
committee t«» adopt a suitable plan foi cai
rving out the objects ot the nnvhng. which ,
. plan will J>e presented to the meeting to he 1
held this evening at the Lyceum Hall, at • £•
o’clock. Let there be a full attendance.
W ashington and Allxandriv Railroad, j
■_At a meeting of the Hoard of Aldermen i
! on Tuesday evening, on motion of Mr. Reid
it was ordered that a p«-»ll he opened at the
Council Chamber on the *J.’M instant, to take j
| the sense of the citizens uii granting the j
• privilege to the Washington and Alexandria
1 Rail Road Company, of constructing their
r -ad through certain streets within the limits
j of the Corporation. This order was rejected
by the Common Council.
WiiaRy k.s.—W'e learn that the Potomac
! River Steam B >at Company have made ar
rangements tor the erection ot W iiaiw i <>>
Boyd’s Hole, on the land o| <•. L*. Alexander,
, (*$«[., in King George County, N a., a short
j distance below tin* present public landing;
! and at Chapel Point, near the mouth «•!' P‘»rt
Tobacco Creek, iu Charley County, Md —
Much interest is expressed, all along the ri
i ver, in the success of the enterprise which has
; placed the Steam Boat Alice C. Price on the
j Health.—The general health of this city
and neighborhood continues excellent; but
• duriug such weather as we now have, wo
! trust that every precaution will be taken not
to produce sickness by unnecessary exposure
| to the suits' rays; and that there will be no
relaxation in the efforts to keep the city in a
1 clean condition.
For Norfolk ano Portsmouth.—Mr. B.
j \v. Falls, Agent of the Adams Express
I Company, in this city, will, we learn, daily
forward to Baltimore, and thence to Norfolk
and Portsmouth, </cu/<•»*, any articles left at
! their office, on Fairfax street, prior to 12
| o’clock, M. _ . .. _
■ fllO PHYSICIANS —We have just received
I Husband's Isinglass Haster; also, a Cum
Elastic Planter, both of which are highly recom
mended. W. Gibson. Pief. ot Surgery in the
CmverMty oi Pa .say* -I consider the Bin-lass
Plater, prepared by Mr. Husband, a very valu
ucU* article for many Surgical purposes, and
think it ought to be introduced into general prac
tice.” PEEL & STEVENS,
™ |3 No. 39. King-street.
STRA\VHERR V PLANTS.—We arc now re
ceiving orders lor the following varieties of
Strawberry Plants, to be delivered by Get. 1st..
Hovey’s Seedlings. Walker's Seedlings, Burrs
New Pine Karp. Early Scarlet, Bo ton Pine,
Ket'r'v Seedlings, Warren's Seedlings, and all fine
varied »• <*** & „
Mf 13 H»ll.
FFF/P PICKETS. &c.-iKMiOO Picket* five
,A feet long and one inch thick; leet
Spruce Joist ami Scauiling. just received lion.
Bangor. (>er brig Mary V
Dentistry.—Thi* win inform the public
tii.it i>r. COSBY, has returned to his office,
on Bitt street. No. 1". north of King, ami (-ledges
himself to do work in the best manner, and as
cheap as it can be done. _ ^Q_tH_
'll BBLS No. 3 Mackerel. tor«aleby
yU *r i i RRRRi &
Maryland Tobacco.$8 on (d $> 00
Flour, Super.7 75 Cd 7 87$
Do Family.00 00 (d 00 00
Wheat, retl.1 65 (d 1 70
Do white.1 70 Cd 1 SO
RyE.0 70 (d 0 75
Cokx, white.0 80 (d 0 S5
Do yellow.0 84 (d 0 86
; ()ATs ...0 30 Cd 0 35
Cohn Meal, ¥ bushel.0 95 (d 0 00
Butter, roll, * lb.0 IS (d 0 20
Do firkin.0 14 (d 0 1*>
Bacon, hog round.10 00 id 10 50
Laud, (in kegs).0 10$ id 0 11
i Cloveu Seed.7 2;» (d • 50
Timothy Seed.4 00 id 4 25
White Beans.2 25 Cd 2 50
Plaster, (retail).4 7»> (d 5 oo
Flaxseed.1 35 (d 11"
Black-Eyed Peas.1 37$ (d 1 50
Sumac, (^ hundred).1 "0 Ut 0 on
Salt (LA.1 25 Cd 1 37
1 Do (line).1 75 (d 2 <>"
Hay, (tv 100 lbs.)." 87$ (d 1 On j
FLOUR.—The market i* quiet with limited
, demand.
DRAIN.—The receipts oi Wheat are small
and mostly damp and in bail condition—lair to
prime retl may be quoted at 165 d 1 <0 cents; j
white 17t i Cd 180 cents, according to quality.— 1
Corn 8!J d 85; Rye 70 il 75; Oats 3'(d 3->. ^
Other articles unchanged.
CATTLE MARKET.—Supplies of Bee! Cat- j
tit* lair—market dull. Prices unchanged. We
| quote $3 5u d $1 25 100 lbs. gross. Live !
Hogs $8 Cl $8 5n. Lambs $2 25 {d $3 23 each.
Mutton $4 d 50 each.
THe Markets.
Baltimore, September 12.—Flour— Ohio
! and Howard struct sold this morning at $7.*
i,*2. Wheat is active. \\ hite si., ) (Vi) SI.So,
; and red $1.73 Dr $1.75. Corn, white, 87 cts.
! Xku- York, Sept. 12.—Stocks arc lower. |
Money is linn. Sales of Virginia G’s at 98J.
Flour is unsettled. Straight State $8; good |
Ohio S8 50; Southern $8 75. Wheat is
tirni, with an upward tendency—sales ol
Southern white £2; red *L So. Corn is a ;
, trifle lower.
Foreign Market*.
Livkkpool, Friday F.vening. August dl—Cot
mu—The market i> stiller and lirm. but not ,
higher Sale* of the week 51.000 bales, of i
whicli speculators took about 5.ooo bales and
exporters o.AHh Orleans tair 7A; Middling big (
; a 0 7-In; Fplamls lair •'■h Middling 6]: Mobile i
fair C„; Middlings o] :<T*b 3-l»h Stock of Amer
ican Cotton in part :t07.W0 bale*. The sales
today. (Friday.) amount to 12,U<H) bales, in- |
eluding v?,tX»n bales to speculators. The market |
eloping stead\.
Breadstuff?—The market is generally un j
; changed but dull Corn ha» declined Is (some |
circulars *av thAre was an active demand and ;
prices were stitier ) Wheat is dull but the mar- !
kel i' ufichanged. White wheat Us. Al [a 12*. j
:td. Ked lUs. 1 Cl. (d 11s. ltd. Mixed Corn
,{s> nd.
Richardson, Spence iS: Co.'s Circular says —
Breadstuff*—The market is generally unchang- ;
ed: yellow and mixed Corn A>s. |
i Provisions.— Beet and Pork are dull, but pti*
ees are unchanged. Bacon is lirm. Lard is
selling at 5»‘>s ir 57s.
Rice.—The market closed steady. Bark is
steady at former prices. 1 allow ha* advanced .
Al.. and the market closed steady, with an active
demand. Rosin—Sales of the week 7UUU bbl>
at Is. -id. (it Is. 5d. for common, and 7*. <»d. lor ;
tine. Turpentine is dull, but prices are int-J
changed-—Sales at 7s. .»d. (d Ss. I ai Sales <>l
i j un* bbls. at 1 As. Spirits Turpentine Tts. tir j
;;t< J/mseed Oil—The market do*ed with an
active demand at l°*s. Sugar has advanced 1
Al. (fl 2s . and the market is lirm. Codec i* ac- j
tivr.it unchanged prices. 1 ea closed steady at
iol mer rates.
The advices from Manchester are more fa-j
Burin**• Brothers (os Loudon ( irr ulr»i i
sa\> —in all market* tin ie has generally been .
an aetite speculative demand. Sugar lias ad-j
vaner.l As.; Rice closed with an active demand
lot Fast Indian: Cutlet—the market closed -tea |
dv. 'Fallow—the market i-lirm. Turpentine)
selling at Ss. White Whe t 7b*. y quarter.
Flour 4" (a 15s. Iron i' lirm—Welsh rails on ;
board quoted at IS 5s. >,i JL‘S H»s. Pig Iron i
at S<»s.
Stocks- \merican secuTflies are steady and ,
prices unchanged.
Bdl i, Co. * Circular quotes United States j
bonds of Iat 1«>5 (a I«*0; Maryland bond*, (
tc> a iK\: IViinsvlvania 5*s,7S a S'»: Do bonds. |
s;; i?. st; South'Carolina bonds‘Jf>; Virginia 5 ». s
so a vi; do. b\s, S'-'V Ut A A. Pennsylvania
(Vntfw Rail Road bonds ¥»»-} <ii PI V.
Bullion in the Bank of Kngland lias decreased
'Phe money market is slightly easier. Con
sol* for money and account a,H quoted at -'I (d
111 I
Livkiu’Ooi., Saturday, Sept. 1.— 11 ociock. A.
M Me,srs. Bigland \ Co.’s report:—The |
weather has been tavoruble for the crops, and j
the fact has caused a commotion in the hiead- .
stiitb market. Wheat ha* declineil .al. in tue .
Ia*t lour (lavs. Flour has. declined 2s. Al., and :
Corn A I he market closing steady
Bacon has advanced Is. Lard.—The stock is
reduced, and ;>j*s. is now a*ked by houleis. Ia -
t ... • : i:11! .11il.tmmid Price*
l' Ill uv inv v ....... -
have advanced.
Livkupooi., Sept. 1.—DennUtmm Ac Co. quote j
Cotton stitfer, but not higher. 1 he market was
firm and "ales ot the week amount to
hale^, of which speculators took f'.OuO and ex
porter" 5 Pen.
Breadstuff's—Brown Ac Shipley quote bread- j
! stutl" as generally unchanged and the market |
1 dull, and Corn declined Is. Some circulars say j
there was an active speculative demand and pri
ce" stitk-r. The weather was lavoi able.
Richardson Ac Spence quote provisions gene
rally a" unchanged.
Consols quoted at 91.
mT T(K)l).—5(h) cords Rail Road Oak Wood.
\\ Families in want of their Winter s
Wood, will do well by calling on us, as we anxi
ous to stdl it, direct from the cars.
sep jo King-street Dock.
j 15 boxes and bags ol Roasted and Ground
i Collet
Hi boxes Colgate*' Pearl Starch, received,
and for sale by
j s,p 12 DAVY A HARMON. j
^ of assorted flavors and fine quality, just re- i
I ceUed direct from the manufacturer,and lorsale ;
, in quantities to suit, by
S aug 29 J. A. M1LBURN, Druggist
Capital ot twenty/hr hundred dollars, to
j take part in a business already established and
promising well. References exchanged. Ap
I ply at this office. aug h«»—eotf
C~Tkorge w lewis, attorney at
J iy, continues to practice in th# Courts j
of King George, Westmoreland, and Richmond
; Counties, Va. Address, Oak Grove, Westmore
| land County, Va. aug 11—eo2m
1 / v BARRELS of fine old Whiskey, for sale,
|() t,y W. M SMITH.
1 —g^p No. S Prince-street Dock.
; TIT ARTHUR TAYLOR has removed his
W # Law Office to No. 66. Prince street,
rear the Alexandria Gazette Office.
I sep 13—tf _
MAN to cook and wash, for a small family
! near town. Liberal wages given. Appl) at
this Office _sep 13 eo3t
GREEN GINGER —a fresh supply, just re
ceived and lorsale, by *
sep 12 H. COOK At CO, Sarepta Hall.
lly Yesterday’s Southern Mall.
| Yellow Fever.—The Richmond W hig
: says, the faint gleam of doubtful hope which
dawned upon us yesterday, is now totally
obscured, and everything is again shrouded
in gloom. The intelligence received last
evening from the afflicted cities of Norfolk
and Portsmouth, is of a peculiarly distressing
nature. We learn that there were 37 deaths
in Norfolk city on Monday, and in the hos
pital, making45 in all. In Portsmouth, we
aro informed, there were 23 deaths on Mon
day. The undertaker at the Howard Hos
pital, Norfolk, buried 22 of those who died.
Mr. Henry Myers, of Richmond, the efficient
head nurse and steward of the Howard Hos
pital, is down with the fever.
Hr. P. C. Gooch, of Richmond, was buried
with appropriate funeral ceremonies. Also,
Mr. Jackson, druggist, from Washington.
Dr. Whitehead, acting Mayor of Norfolk,
was very low at last accounts, and has, pro
bably, ere this, follow his noble predeces
sor, Wood is, to the grave. Mr. 0. W. Ed
wards, it is supposed, will recuver. Mr.
Ambrose Dornev. a member of the Howard
Association, is dead.
It is stated that six physicians died in
Norfolk on Monday: but the probability is
that some of them died in Portsmouth, as
several have been sick there.
Eight patients were admitted into the How
ard Hospital on Monday.
We could hear nothing \t%h regard to the
existence of the small pox in Norfolk, and
have reason to hope that the report was with
out foundation.
Our citizens will perceive the necessity of
redoubling their exertions on behalf of the i
sufferers. It is an awful state of things, the
recital of which sickens the heart.
The Hampton correspondent of the Dis
patch savs: Information from Norfolk, via
Suffolk has just at this moment reached us,
which is stiil more alarming and heart ren
ding than anv yet. 1
Six physicians have dicu in hours, and .
also many of tho prominent citizens. Con
sternation and despair seems to rest on
those remaining. They know not what to
do. Through tho kindness ot Baltimore
friends, tents, about 70 in all, have beer, er
eeted on Mr. Segar's farm near here, and arc
now ready for tho acceptance of any who
might bo willing to go there.
There are multitudes of widows and cr- ;
phans, and the number is hourly increasing, ,
who are left homeless and destitute, and in
view of the fearful uews daily reaching us,
of the distress and suffering of those two
stricken cities. A standing committee has
been formed to devise ways ot assistance
and relief.
Mr. Wool in an, proprietor of tbe Mount
Vernon Hotel, at Cape May, has offered that
spacious and elegant building for tlm reeep- i
tion of the orphan children of Norfolk and
Portsmouth. He places it at their disposal
as lung as it may be necessary.
Byway of teiegraph from Petersburg, we
aro informed of tho death of six physicians
in Norfolk, who were from tho North. 1 here
were «»7 deaths in Norfolk, and 1 < in Ports- j
mouth, Monday. In the latter place Robert j
T. Scott, member of tbe Common Council,;
died Sunday night; and Avery W illiums
breathed his last on Monday night. Rev.
Vernon Eskridge was very ill on Monday
No new cases have occurred in tho town of
A later dispatch from Petersburg says that
Miss Sarah Catharine Manning. Richard
Eskridge, aged 18, and John Pullen, are
among the dead in Portsmouth.
Rev. Vernon Eskridge. Chaplain V. S. j
Navy, was not expected to live through Mon
day. Rev. Mr. Chisholm was very low. Coo.
F. Cuy, a prominent citizen, was down with
the fever.
Mr. J. II. Finch was buried in Blandford,
near Petersburg, yesterday evening.
j bei oiler* lor sale his I* ARM. known as j
LLANOt H.LEN, (formerly the residence ol the
late Hoi!. C utliber! Powell, dec d.) this beau- '
’ifii! estate, containing 7'.eg \( RES. issitmted
in the County ol l.oudoun. on the eastern slope.
.iii*l at the loot ol I lie * Blue Bi.l^e Mountain, j
within three mile.* ol tin* village ol Fppei \ 11le.
Fautjuii*r County, \ a . an*l eight nines ot tin* ,
Piedmont Station, on lh»* Manassas Cap Bad
Road, between which two place* a turnpike ha*
recently been made. The land is in a line state
ot cultivation, and admirably adapted to both
grain growinjj and grazing. It has an abundant !
supply ot running water, and a lair proportion ;
ot timber. The tence* are principally ot stone.
MThe improvements consist ot a S I l P- !
modern style, so situated as to command an ex
tensive view of one ol the most heautitul land
scapes in Virginia. It has on the lust and .*»•<■
out! lioorsseven rooms and hack staircase. and,
iu the attic three rooms. 1 he house ala! kitch
* i: are rooted with tin. Over*e**r > ii*»u*e. negro
quarters. carriage house, ice house, ham. and ah
other buildings usual t*> such an estate Also,
a Blacksmith's Shop and Pwelling. both ol
stone. There are in the neighhoihood «ev» ra!
Merchant Mills, and iu I pperville, Episcopal,
Methodist, and Baptist Churches. a classical j
Academy ol ihe highest order, -tojes. \e.. .See. ,
For healthlulne of locality, beauty ot situa
tion. and arrangement, and productiveness. this ;
Farm is probably not surpassed by any in up
land Viiginia.
Tkums. —Price. .jHi.MJiM). A sufficient sum to :
i... I,,,i,.1 t.* .V in fir m the bariram— live !
thousand dollars at the time of taking posses
-ion. (hie third ot tin? whole amount at the > x*
j,nation ot twelve months therealter, and the rt j
maining two-thirds on the lstot January, 136 • >.
luteiest on the deferred paymeiit.** to he paid an
nually and all to he well secured. Addiess J.
(i. GRAY, M. lb, neai Upperville, Fauquier
County. Va. ™y 7—. e:f
'\7'IRGIX1A, Tv 117/.—At Rules held in j
V the Clerks Office ot the Circuit Court of j
Fair’, x County, lor the month of August. K».»; j
Henry W. Thomas, administrator d* honis non :
with tin* will annexed.ot Patrick J. Reid. deed.,
complainant, against John Reid. Harney Reid, j
and others, heirs ot Patrick J. Ken!, who may be
living, aud who are unknown.-McWilliams
and Henrietta McWilliams, his wife, late Kdelin,
Julian Kdelin. J. B Kdelin. and Charles C. Kde
lin, heirs of Elizabeth Real, lo#ner!y Kdelin.
w ho was the w ne ot Patrick J. Reid. -—() Puley s
heirs of-Reid, formerly O'Riley, who
was the w ife of Patrick Reid, who are unknown. ,
Mem: The object of this suit i» to compel j
the parties defendants, claiming to be entitled to
the estate of the said Patrick J. Reid, to intei
plead and to settle then lights then to. It ap
pearing by affidavit filed that the said defendants !
are unknown,—7/ is ordered, lhat they appear J
within one month alter due publication hereof,
and do what is necessary to protect their interest. •
A Copy, Teste: F. I). RICHARDSON,C. C. ,
Thomas, p. <i. «»'* 10—w4w
t Buck •! years old
2 “ 3 „ “
8 “ 1 u
10 u Lambs. I he fleeces of ail
eveept the Lambs averaged from S to •' tbs. fmar
washed WOOL, at the past shearing. Apply to
lame* K. Marshall, jr.. Alexandria, or to
Linden Station. Warren Co . aug 10-3lawtf
wtOT1CE.—All persons indebted to \\ illiam
H. Roc.kbs are hereby requested to make
prompt payment to the undersigned, who are
the 0„iy persons authorized to receive or receipt
therefor Longer indulgence will not begrant
sept 1—eod2w _ _ __
Cl REEN GINGER, a full supply, just receiv
T ed, and for sale by
Stabler s Old Stand. Nos south Fail fax st.
9 mo 13___ _ ._*_
RAY S FAMILY FLOUR, for sale by
.ep 13 PERRY k SON.
Baltimore, Sept. 12.—The Georgia has
arrived with Norfolk news up to noon yes
The number of deaths in Norfolk during
the previous 24 hours, ending 0 p. in., on
Monday were 30: from that time to noon
Tuesday, but few cases of death were report
ed. but it is thought there was no decrease of
In Portsmouth the panic is increasing.
There were 22 deaths in 14 hours previous to
3, p. m. of Tuesday, and 20 on Monday.
Of a party of eleven physicians and nurses
who went down in the Georgia, ou the 22th
of August six are dead.
The wife of the llev. Mr. Smith is dead.
Dr. Bcrrsclie, of Washington, is very ill.
Dr. Morris, of Baltimore, will probably
The Howard Association have declined
sending the orphan children to Baltimore, al
though every preparation has been made for
Several families have removed to Camp
A private letter says “Disease, Misery, and
Death have desolated our fair town, and if
the fever much longer holds its triumphant
sway, and wo arc not removed from this infec
ted region, we must all die. Our friends ot
to-day are in their graves to morrow.”
Portland, Sept. 11.—loG towns give Mor
rill 22,000, Wells 20,000, and Heed G,00G.
The majority ol Senators ami kepre.sant.v
tives are anti-Abolition, Know-Nothing, ami
Maine Law. The election is a close one.
£ / y. FORRESTER. announces to the
community at large, and to Mill Owners in
particular, that he is now ready to attend to all
calls, orders, \c., concerning or pertaining to
Grist, Flouiing and Saw Mills; also, the making
and puling upnl machinery m general, on the
most approved plans now known or used.
With regard To SAW MILLS m particular, he
has made some very important improvements
in the mule)' raw within the last two years.
He will warrant Ins Mill to savo one-third ol
the povvei ovei the best at ranged gate saw. ami.
also, that it will require less attention than the
satin*. Ordinaiy iarm hands can run his Mill
vv itlioiit trouble.
R kki.uk sens— Messrs. Ki.i.im Rito,. Lugle
Iron Works. Washington. Doet. .1. \N. Bar
cuocr. Laurel Hiil Mills, Washington; Mr. A.
N Ul'S.ski.Ij. 1 a tu plow u Strain M111. Peach Glove.
Fairlax (Vanity, Va.; Mr. Gko. F. ( aiitkk.
Sudiey Mills, (iroveton, Prince William Conn- ;
ty, Va.
Ontrev die, Fairfax Connty, Va., je l(d--eobrn
PIANOS-—Since his recent advertisement,
tlie subscriber has received limn Boston three
more PIANOS His stock comprises an assort- j
ment. in extent and quality, superior to any in
this city, and equal to any in the North, viz
superb Parlor Grand, an m-fiument ol new ;
construction, and acknowledged by the tirst
pianists to be the chel d'uuwe ol (’bickering.
Magnificent Louis XIV . and ( entral PIANOS,
ot exquisite beauty and finish, and unsurpassed
sweetness and power ot tone, from the old an.! j
lamed tactoiy of (’bickering & Sons.’
Also. and 7 octave PIANOS, ot K*auti- ;
till style and workmanship and excellent tone,
by Brown iN Allen. Boston, experienced and ap
proved tn iniibtcSuieis.
The subscriber always keeps the first PI \NOS [
in the l lilted State*. hi< stock is constantly ic
pleuished. and he will sell them lower than they !
can be bought ill the lactones and biouglit
Second hand PI A NOS taken in part payment ,
.lust received a lull assortment ol superior
Guitars. Violins, Flutes. \c.
New Music received weekly.
Washington sep 1 1 cofU Penn avenue ,
{JRIVATK KDl (’ATH)N. Having seemed ;
the services ol a highly educated and ac
complished la lv. as (iovci nos loi my ilauglitcis.
1 shall he pleased to receive into my lamily, as
boarders, six little girls.
The course of instruction will embrace the
F.ngiish Branches. Natural Phil »ophy, Chemis
try. Music npon the Piano, ami Kieuch. aUo tin*
Latin Language. i{ desired
Tin* School will open on the 1st Monday in :
October and continue ten months. Board. Ini
lion. \c.. \c . our* hundred and eighty dollar', j
one-halt payable in advance, the balance at the ;
close ol the 1 eriu.
Rapid Ann Station. Culpeper! v.
sep 1 1—eo 1 m
OT1CK.—All person® are hereby cautioned
agaiii'l purchasing or leasing Irom dohu
j’. Hancock or .Mary t». imuiey, a certain
tenement and lot ol ground, on the north side
ot Queen, between Fail tax and Royal street*,
in Alexandria. A!»o a tenement and lot ot ^
ground, on tin* east side ol 1*airtav. between i
Wilkes and (iibbon streets, in the city ol Alex- j
andna. the »aid parties having no authority
in law. to make any disposition thereof. They
are also cautioned against purchasing any ol the
personal property, or goods, in the house fust
above mentioned. 1 lie said real estate and per
ftonal proper tv belongs to rue.
aug v’J—vmna Iw JOSEPH I'd DLEY.
SKKSioN 1 son-'fiti.—'l'he annual Course
ot Lectures w i!1 commence on Mnniluy. Octobtr
sth. 1 J>M>, at College Building coinei ol Mar
shal! and College streets. Richmond, and con- 1
tinue till loth ot March ensuing. Catalogues
containing fuller information, will he forwarded
to those who apply lor them, or specific enquiries i
answered by letter.
Professor's lees for the whole Course, includ- (
ing demonstrations. •'fcPJO.
Dean ol the Faculty.
Richmond, xep f>—lawtOctS
1M)R SALK—1 desire to sell ONK HUN
i DKED ACRES OF LAND, one and a
hall miles south ol Alexandria; about thirty
aeje- in Urass. thirty partially cleared— the bal
ance in wood. Any person w Clung to purchase
and get a good bargain, a.«* to price and terms,
will address me through the Post Ollice a! Alex
andria, or call at iny Farm. Cracker Hall, about
tw* and a hall miles south of Alexandria, on
Mo lnt Vernon Road.
jy 21—eott S. J. SANDERS.
will sell at private sale the HOl SE and
on Union, br-tween King and Prince streets,
occupied as a >tore and dwelling tor twenty
years past. 1 n*- lot is hounded on the north and
west by a twenty feet alley,and can be -o alter.-d
as to make a flii»- store house tor the railroad
trade. The cars pass immediately in trout ot
this moperty. For terms, Ac., apply to
jy 29—eotf RUDOLPH MASSEY.
MFOR SALE—One of ttie new twostory
FRAME HOUSES, corner ot Columbus
and Princess streets, nearly opposite the Court
| House, it contains six rooms, cellar, woo4
1 shed.'ftc. It is in a desirable location, and well
! arianged in every resjiert for a small family.
Fo» terms apylt to
geniotis contrivance lor sharpening Pen
cils, not liable to get our of order. Price 2-Vcti.
hep 6 No. 72. King street.
11 ARM FOR SALK.—1 offer lor sale my
FARM, situated in Prince Heorge's ( ounty,
' Maryland. It lies adjacent to the District line, and
adjoining the land* of Cap? Hibson. Mr. Berry,
and others; live miles from Washington city,
three trom Alexandria, and in lull view of the
latter place. There are on** hundred and twenty
acres ol Kind red sod. sixty acres of meadow
iand: the remaindei rolling, twenty of which
are in fuel and fencing timbers.
The situation is remarkably healthy, which
has been demonstrated by the experience ot a
large family who dwelt upon the farm the past
six years, durir g which time there was not one
case ol bilious, or ague and fever. The
jjjj> DWKLLINt* contains *i\ rooms, and other
ordinary improvements. The place is well
watered by a lasting streamlet, and three good
springs, one ol them believed to contain medici
nal properties; another flows trom ne.n the
summit of a commanding eminence, where there
is a pretty site lor a building. 1 otter the pro
j perty at •$ 1 •> \m*i acre, a poition ol the money
on long credit, and not on** cent less.
Any communication.* addiessed to tlie subscri
ber. at Alexandria, or to James H Leo. Mount
i Welby Post (fibre. Prince Heorge's county Md .
will receive attention. Mr. Wtn. Allen, who
live* adjoining, will show tin property,
sep 1—eott W. TAMvKR WK1R.
| I wish t<* >ell my weil known tract ot land,
at Rixeyville. Culpcpei County. Va., contain
ing JSd ACKKS. about lot ot which is heavily
timbered with Pine, Oak. and Hickory. Phi*
| land is well adapted to the growth ol wheat, oats.
• corn, and rye, and is in a good state ot cultiva
tion; it can be conveniently divided into two
tarms. is there are two good two story 1H\ KL
Ift&LlXHSand out bouse*, also a commodious
. illL1 stole bouse, saddler and shoemaker * shop,
a tan yard now in lull operation.—situated im
mediately on the main road between tin* l au
- ijuier White Sulphur Springs and Culpeper C
H.. i> miles from either place, and one mile trom
the ila/.le Run Navigation. Phis is one ot the
best situations m the State lor a village; in tin
centre of a rich and populous neighborhood,
where mechanics <>i every description are want
1 ed. Price $I»U.)Otf—S>g.o<«i m cash. the balance
... i « 4i*ni i I -min 11 ii'J'.i ! mnitk- lii**
pay ments to bear interest irom date ol sale.—
Tie* rent ot buildings will pay half the inteiest
oil the purchase money.
The subscriber will also sell his slock ol
COODS on accommodating trims, also, his
stock in Tan Yaid. This is an excellent loca
tion lor a Store ami Tannery. Apply to
Rixevville. Va.. aug 22—eott
1M)\{ SALK.-—A very choice FARM m Fan
^ quiei county, called "W.uerly, containing
00<) acres ot arable and 2B2 A a> i*** ot well tiui
bered land, and winch will he divided into two
(arms it desired; distance ‘i miles irom the Rap
pahauuock station on the Orange and Alexan
dria Railroad, m the vicinity ol several merchant
Mills, and in a pertectly healthy legion «*i coun
try. The av erage ot wheat has usually exceed
cd *20 bushels, and ot corn r> bairels per acre.
It is also a \ ery superioi grazing firm, though
heretofore not devoted t«.» that purpo-e. 1 he
meadow lands ami meadows are partioulaily
good, bo acres m iy be irrigated. A very su
perior water meadow now on the farm. The
D\Y’Fiji.I Nt». besides cellars and gariet. i
ijljw eont.uns seven rooms, and like all the out
houses and faun houses, ol which there is more ;
than ;he usual number, is in excellent repair.— 1
Limestone on the laud and inexhaustible quur- ,
lies near by. Price per acre. A horse al- !
ways to be had irom the Postmaster at Kappa- ;
bannock Station, by any one visiting the land,
and all ihloi ma’ion w anted, can he obtained
from Mr.,L 11. Humphries, residing on the lai m.
M\ Post Oiiice is Tievilliun Depot, Louisa
Louisa County, Va.. aug 2 I—eoltn
11ARM FOR SALK.—I offer for sale my
^ FARM in Fairfax County, Virginia, four
miles from the City of Alexandria, containing
in the tract TWO'IH XDRFD ACRKS The
Orange and Alexandria Kail Road passes
through if The LAXD is ol good quality and •
about acres cleared, some ot which is prime
meadow laud. The remainder of the tract ha
on it an excellent growth of Oak and Pine
Wood, which will cut three or l«»ur thousand
cords. There i-also on it the very best Ches
nnt Timber lor fencing purpose*, which makes
this place verv valuable, being near to market
The buildings aie a two stmy BRICK
j&iitPWKLLIXti. and cellai under it. with!
Kitchen attached, a Bain. A om Hou-e, Ponltiy j
and other out-house-, and an Orehaid ol ehoiee :
Apples. The situation i* pleasant and healthy. !
good water, and a good neighborhood that i> la-t
improving. This i* a very desirable country j
residence, and w ill be -*#ld on reasonable teiniv j
Apply to K. o. COMPTON. Xo. 2‘.'», King -t.. !
Alexandria. Va. s**p 11—eott j
Y SALK.—Having determined to remove
West. I offer at private sale, at a great bargain,
mv MILL ami LAXD. situated in one ol the 1
be-t wheat growing neighborhoods in the Val- |
ley, on the line between Clark* ami Frederick
Counties, and immediately on the Railroad
leading irom Winchester ?«» Hurpei * terry.
The MILL has two run ol Burrs, and a tir*t
j ate country -tone for grinding Corn and Plaster,
with a breakei attached to it—all in good or
der. There are FI FT Y-ON K ACRKS OF
LAXD attached to the MILL, part of which is
i/,)od bottom and a j*orTu*n in young am! thiilty |
timber. 'The DWKLL1XG and other out* 1
Hidings are eomfortab!** and convenient.
I Vi-oils wishing to purchase a desirable ami
valuable property. w ill do well to call and view J
Tin* term- will be made ea-y and arrommo ;
dating For particular;* impure ol' me on the
premise.*-.or by addressing me at Wade'< Depot, i
Clarke County. Ya. JAMES F. REYNOLDS.
Claike Co.. Ya.. je f>—lawtf
Wishing to curtail my farming operations, ,
Twill sell trom 2t.ni to Sun acres of my larm, sit
uated in Prim* William County, near the
Gainesville Depot on the Alaiia.-sa* Gap Rail
Road. The soil is a deep red and well adapted
to grain growing, clover, timothy. Arc. Oik
hall of the tract is now in hea\ y sod. It has on it
STONE DWELLING, which could be j
JtiaLinade v*rv comfortable at a small expense; '
also, a stable, smoke hou>e. \.c. A superior
spring within a short distance ol tin* dwelling.
1 his farm is situated in the midst ol one of the
most desirable neighborhoods in the State. Any
ore desirous ol puirhasmg an agreeable resi
deuce and productive farm, would do well to
call upon the subscriber near Haymarket. 1
Prince William County, Ya.
Terms easy. ASHER W. GRA\.
Haymarket, Pr. Wm. Co., jy 14—eotl
])(>(> IS AND SHOES.—We have now on
> band, and are receiving a good and gen* ra!
assortment of BOOTS AND SHOES, well-wit- j
«-«i for the fall and w inter trade We invite j
merchants, one and all, to an examination of
our stock before purchasing el ewhcre.
m-p S—eo2m BAYNE Ac BRO.
^ quarter sacks. Corn Meal. Bacon Euv**rn
Cheese. I *a*. f orfee*. Sugars, and I* AM1L\
GROCERIES generally, a fre»h supply, roiG
atatitly on hand, for <ale by *
i 'J*. S. EVERETT, Union-street,
aujr ]0—2awtf Near the Maryland Ferry.
IjlRENCH EXTRACTS.—Chrystaline Po
^ made, and a large supply of Hair Oils.
&c..ou hand, and tor .sal* by
Stabler » Old Stand, Nos. o Ac 7, south Fairfax st.
‘j mo 12
*)i |A/\ SACKS FINE SALT, factory till
ejl M M / ed. in lull bleached sacking
7000 Sacks t oarse Salt. tilled ten to the ton.
The above is ail of direct importation lrom
Lixerpool. and in beautiful order. For sale by
ang 25 FOWLS k CO.
SOAP POWDER, a large supply just rtceiv
ed, and for sale by
. Stabler’* Ol J Stand, Nos. 5 & 7,south Fairfax st.
1) mo 12
11VT0. I. MEXICAN CCA NO, for sal* by
BY S. J MeCORMlCK—Acvtioxifr.
iluy morning. Villi instant, at 11 will
he >ftld .it the Mayor s Office, a good assortment
ot LAW BOOKS, compii.'ing the follow ing, vi/
4*i volumes Virginia Reports, to 7th liraftan.
Lomax’s Dige>t, 3 volumes
Lomax on Kxecutors. Ate.. J volumes
Stephens'Commentaries, 'i volumes
Brackenbridge's Law Miscellanies
Ciuises Digest. 4 volumes
New land's Chancery Practice
Tidd s Practice, :2 volumes
Burn's Law Dictionary; Ingersoll s abiidgeinent
Marshall on Insurance
' Corn y n s Digest.** volumes
| Robinson s Practice, 3 volumes
Phillipps' Kvidence. Last's Re|*orK n volume*
i F.spiiiasses Nisi Priu>; lutes Digest
j Cooke’s abiidgeiiieiit; Marine IiiMiiunce
Tates Analytical Digested Index
Hall's Digested Index; Foiihlanqiie’s F.quity
i Pothiei on Obligations; Archbold's Appendix
! Maritime Law ot Furoj*; Bum's Justice
I Showers' Cases in Parliament
Virginia Cases,» volumes
Several volumes Cod** ot Virginia, Acts of
seinbly, &c. Togetlier with a large numhei ol
sep 11—dts Auctioneer
BY S. J MeCORMlCK, Aititonkkk
j Friday. Will instant, at 11 o (look, .7 M,
will be sold at the warehouses of the undet
| signed,
Oi'iio Sacks Coaiisk Linmhpoal Salt
:{Oi«t Sacks Faitout pillkd Fixk i»o , in
lull bleached sacking, all inline order, and 1«> t<*
the ton. Terms at Sale,
sep 11 —It FOWLF. CO
I oiler for sale that reiy desirable FARM upon
which the late Robeit T. Luckett resided at the
time o! his death. It not sold helore Tuesday,
tin 1»'»/// day of (Joinin'*. lfcTiO, l vvill at 1~ o
clock ot that day. on the premises, sell it at
public auction. The TRACT is two and a hull
miles northeast ot Middleburg. Loudoun Count*
adjoining the lands ot Hamilton Roger* aiul
other*. It contain* about l'HRKK HI XPKhh
AND SIXTY ACRKS. a lull pio|*oition ot
which i» in timber. 1 he OW KLLINt*
JoLHOCsK is ot stone. large, and counnodi
oils. The LAND IS in a good *tAo? ol cultivu
lion The water i* sxcelleut. Hie place is »«•
maikably hejlthy, and in every way very denira
hie A mote paiticular description is deemed
uunecessaiv, a* any uu* di»po*ed to purchase
will examine and judge lor tneriiseive*.
Tniims ok L.vm* Sai.k Oue-tourth in hand,
and the residue in tom e«pial annual instalment*
bearing iutere&f from day ol sale, secured l*V
bond* with good personalsecurity. and a deed ot
trust on the land The interest to be paid an
imalIy. Possession given the l»t ol November
Also, at the sam** time and place, will be xold
all the personal property ol naiJ R 1 I.nckett,
dec d., c<>n>i>f!tig o! eight horse*, a number ot
Milch Cows, loung Cattle. Sheep and Hog*, on»*
Wagon.one Can. one Wheat Kan. Plough* and
varion* other Kalining l tensils. Also. HOI M*
one C,image and Harness.
TNitmj ok Sai.k ok Pkkhosal Piwkwbtv.
Nine month* credit will h« given on all »um>
over $ 10, tin* purchaser giving bond and secuti
ty, with interest from date:— $piand under cash
No property removed until terms aie complied
Middleburg, Va . sejt -1 —eo?s Kxacufrix
j KKAL KSTATK.—By virtue ot a decree
ot the County Court of Kail tax County, V a.,
pionounced at its June term, 16.ij, in the suit ol
Kmerson v«. Kmerson, and others, the tiudei
.signed.Comhii."*ioini therein appointed, will pio
o ed t»* Sell at public auction, to the highest bid
der on Tltui.doij, llu '2nd day of Avgust u/</, m
front of the Ma’,or » Office. in ih»* city ol Alex
and i ia. Va., at \2 o'clock. M, averydesira
hie TRACT OF^LAND, lying Iiuuiediatel)
upon the Rivei Potomac, about tom miles south
ol the sai l city ot Alexandria, and containin''
'This TRACT adjoin** th* lauds ot C A
Washington. i»il*b> and others, and is well wa
tend and heavily timbeied, with about f»U
A( KKS eleaTed.
The sod i* of excellent <| na I it y. and could
easily he hioiiglit under profitable cultivation
and its proximity to the maiketsot Alexaudna
and the District ot Columbia. tender* it a high
ly valuable estate.
I'llk Tkiivh ok Sai.k prescribed by the decree,
are one third m cash, and the lesidue in two
»ipia! payment? at>u\ and twelve month*, upon
tlie bond.-of the purchaser, with approved seen
i ity. heai mg interest from the day ot sale, and
the title retained until the deferied payments
>ha!I he tulty completed. ROB1 J. SMI 1 H,
jy 2—eots Commissioner
l iC The above sale i» postponed to Thurtduy,
OUuln'f I, at the same time and place,
hep I—eots R J. SMI I H, ( om r.
^ FARM, (witu the Mill.)containing FOTR
and the “LYDIA HKATH” FARM, (within
about yardh.) containing I WO HCNDRKD
am* FIFTY ACRKS, will he offered for sale on
the premise*, on Monday. 1 W/i oj SipltinbiT to if,
. • I I :*• A. • a - A • t. - _A 1 - I —
llf z U'HHX* II Itlll, 11 ll'H MIC 11^ % \ Mill
Thcwe FARMS are -ifuated m Loudoun Comity,
Va . (except one field of the former in Prince
William.) and are about 2# Miles from Alexan
drift. They are distant xome three mile* from
Sudley Mill-, m the immediate vicinity <»i
which, it in understood, a Depot on the Manas***
(Lip Rail Road in to he established Fnrthei
description ot‘ the property is deemed to he i:u
necessary. as it is presumed person* wishing to
purchase will duly examine if: besides, tbe sub
scriber residing on the Mill barm will prompt
|y reply to any inquiries on the subject which
may l*e addressed to him by letter forwarded t«.
(iroveton Post Office, or otherwise eouveyed to
Tkumh-—Oue-tbirdof tlie price to lx? paid at
onc e; one-third in eighteen month*, and one in
three year*—the deferred instalments to be *e
cured by the purchaser* bond and deed of tru.-t
on the premise*—the interest on the said imtal
ments is to he paid annually, and the purchaser
will b^ required to give separate bond* tor the
amount thereof.
Full po>»e*-ion will he given on the first day
of January next—pallia! possession for fallow
mg. seeding Ac . any time alter the day of sale
Loudoun County, .mg lf>— lawts
/ LIC AUCTION.—I shall sell, on Tumilm/
afyr the Ml Morulu>j in Septan^er, on th»* premier*
the TRACT OF LANIfufwii which l formerly
resided, near Stev* n-burg in Culpejx»r County
ACHES. It is well located, watered, and fim
bered. with eight or ten never failing Spring-;
situated in a healthy country, the scenery mag
nificent. with u view of the Blue Ridge, tor 20'*
^mie- from the Dwelling. The Orange and Al
exandria Rail Road at Brandy Station is within
three mile*, and * Plank Road leading from
Clllpeper C H . to Fredericksburg. within 2M*
yard*. This LAND insusceptible of the highest
Mate of improvement, and has on it a good
DWKLLINb and out-buildings. Ihe:**
jjgjLire two good ORCHARDS on the land
Person* wishing to view the premises will pleas*
rail on Dr Jame- H. Vowel* or my brother, J»*
T. Norman, who resides near.
Tr.itua.—One-third cash, one-third ir twef\e
months and the residue m two years, with inter
est on the deferred payment*.
Culpeper County, aug 2b—eots
C10D LIVER OIL.—Kufchton, Clark it Co. s
/ in bottles and on draught, Wilbor’s Cod
Liver Oil and Phosphate Lime, SimeV Cod f.r.
er Oil, and Spotten » Compound Cod Liver Oil
Candy just received, and for sale by
Stabler a old stand, No*. 5 & 7} south Fairfax at
7 nrio 2b

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