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MONDAY MORN1NH. September 17. ts.V>.
i'/ OM tlu JSciv Vork, Ki'tntnj iWo/ TtuxtUn,. j
Rachel in Marie Sti art.—The play of
Mary Stuart, chosen for the fourth represen
tation by M’lle. Rachel, is a convenient stage
adaptation by M. Pierre Lebrun "f the dra
inatie'inventionof Schiller. The beat situations
are taken from that source, including the
contrast of the two queens in their characters
of cold statesman like policy and womanly
feeling, in an interview which has no war
rant in history, and which Elizabeth was far
too politic to have ventured upon, but which
the theatre could hardly dispense with; the
gnllaut adventure of Mortimer; the fondness
ol Leicester; the scenes with the nurse, and
indeed the whole outline of the piece. The
exquisite tenderness, the poetic grace of
Schiller are hardly to be fouud in M. Le
brun’s Fronch, but they are amply restored
Rachel in her consummate personation
of the part, and the intense life which darts
from her through every moment of the clos
ing scenes of the Queen’s career, to which the
play is devoted.
If we were asked to detine the excellence
of Rachel in the character of Mary Stuart,
performed last evening, we should say it con
sisted in tltf* thorough infusion of the woman,
the queen, and the saint in the part. They
were blended with grace and purity of stylo
inoxnrossible in words. The power was
It is this sense of power which is the high
est quality of Rachel. It animates and
possesses every movement. Who ever saw
any one enter the scene or move as she does?
It is not the grand step of the tragedy queen.
Her appearance on the stage is, for the want
of a hotter word to express it, a presence.—
When she is before us, at some crisis of the
action, she does not come; she *> there.
Her look is not any other woman’s look;
it is not a glauee, it is not au expression, it is
not the feature of an eye or a mouth; it is the
expression of her whole person. To put this
simply upon the ground of art and stage ef
fect as some of the English critics have done,
is to speak of results which wo have never
oeen mere art, in any of its attempts, produce.
It is a mastery of art by the control and in
spiration of genius.
So the readings of Rachel are as far ns
_-_! I 1 _ __ _A . 1 Fm. . eL.\ • <1 A/ll.l If
pCWIUlV irilivn YU IIVUI inv UOMI* I V uiuxtsiv***
or even eloquence, of tho stage. The words
are the simple utterances of the occasion, and
have uo smack of authorship about them.—
Much has l>cen said of the denunciation oi
ltomo in the part of Camille; but these strong
words are not necessary to her great efforts
which frequently arise from the simplest ex
Her vorv dress is subordinated to this inner
element of power. It is oi a wonderful har
mony and impressiveness, Iroui the sim
ple costume or drapery of Rome to the elabo
rate toilet of the reigns of Elizabeth or Louis
XV. An inferior actress would sutler from
a want or an excess in these dresses, but in
Rachel they are all made to bleud with her
That person is slender, but it is not feeble
or meagre. On the contrary, it has a cer
tain solidity and fullness, without losing its
spirituality. The cool, calm brow, the strong
ly pencilled eyebrow, the round dark eve.
ever glancing tlantes ot light, not to be over
powered by any neighboring incrustations
of brilliants, however precious ; the mouth of
a winning beauty, and sensuous withal—
these are some of the forces of expression.—
Rut tho motive power is within, in a strong
will and force ot intellect, the exertions of
which are without apparent effort, lr is the
perfection of art, we know, to conceal itself,
but the ability to do this is genius.
To see Rachel is a sensation. It is a thing
not to be forgotten. There are few who
witnessed tho play last night who will not
associate that familiar personage in history,
Mary of Scotland, with this august appari
tion. When she was first betore us as the
teuder, patient, suffering, loving woman, it
was with an air and attitude in whie h tho
dignity of her beauty was not for a moment
forgotten. Her pride and indignation af
terwards, did not diminish the impression;
but when she appears at the close in that
marvellous array of white, queenly attire,
wearing a crown, w ith that unearthly pall >r
on her countcnauee, it is as it the Mary ol
history had stepped forth from her sumptuous
marble in Westminster. &he is struck with
the air ot death aud coming dissolution. In
all that pathetic last act the woman is buried
in the canonized saint.
Pro|>u«nli for l>ui tiling a om
JoutM't Point, mar Alriumlrla, Yn.
Ok kick Limit Holsk Hoauo. ^
Washington, Aug..^v?, tsr*r». S
I PROPOSALS will l*> received until l‘<* o'
dock, n»., on the of Sijttemher, nut,
when the bids will be opened, ioi tuniishing the
materials and building a lighthouse oi. Jones*
Point, Potomac riNer, near Alexuinliia, the
30th of November next.
It will be a framed building resting on brick
foundation, anil ot one and a halt-story with
basement, having a circular tower on top toi
the support ot t1 c lantern, the horizontal dimen
sions being 38 by 11* feet.
Detailed i Irawmgs and specifications can be
seen at this office,and at thr* office oi the t’olbc
tor at Alexandria.
Should any bid be accepted, a contract will
be executed at once for the work.
.... • .'i.i
ISo payment win w* niauf umu me
work is completed, and before it is received it
must be inspected and approved by the agent of
the government appointed to superintend the
work—said agent having power to reject all
materials and workmanship, not in accordance
with the terms of the contract.
Tire right is reserved to reject any and all bids
that may be deemed prejudicial to the public
Ah bids should be steal*d and addressed to the
undersigned, endowid “Proposals ioi Jones s
Point Light house „
aug 27—eotd Engineer Secretary.
TWTOW IS THE TIM F.—You can buy
STOVES at wholesale or retail, Parlor.
Hall, or Cooking, by calling at No. Koyal-st,
where yon will save at least U> per cent -—
All the most approved patterns can be had at
these warerootns, and would it not be much bet
ter to save your valuable tune, by calling at
once, as you run no risk, when every article is
warranted, and you are sure to get value receiv
ed for your money. Hot Air Furnaces, (Mc
Gregors Patent.) Blocked Tin and Japanned
Ware. Metalic Rooting and all Job work
promptly attended to. J. S1ANSBIRY,
* sep 7—eotf Royal si., near King
BUY AT HOME.—It you wish your money
to come back to your own pockets, spend
it among your neighbors, who keep such things
as you want. For instance, it the ladies want
Bonnets. Dresses, Ac., the children anything in
their way, the gentlemen. Hats. Boots, t lotiies.
Ac., or houses want furniture, or anything else,
give your neighbor the preference. This « the
way to build up your town and yourselves with
it And last, though not least, it you want a
INSTRUMENT, or vocal or instrumental Mu
sic whv. of course, I am the person you ought
to fall on. (sep 4) JOHN H. PARROl 1 •
Great bargains offekk p —
RjISCHE A PFLUEGEJi w ill sell tneir
colt price*, and dSte their business. No more
repairing will be done. Customers "dl please
take thetf repaired Watches, Jewelry, Accoi
deona, Ac., away; and pay their dues by the 2 th
of September. -Bill* against this hrm must tie
presented before the abovenamed date
tep 4 ^—tt
presenting these preparations to the public, the
p oprietors are aware of the prejudices which
»ey must expect to encounter. lhe country
is deluged with quack nostrums, each claiming
to be the >w plus ultra—the medicine of all medi
an.*>. and ai« pushed into notice by the aid ol
printer's ink. with a zeal worthy ol a better
cause, notwithstanding all that has been said
rid the essays written against their use by the
profession, and out of the profession. Indeed so
prevalent ha> become the mania tor quackery,
that a recent writer, a man of eminence in the
medical profession, strongly advises that the
subject he let alone. *lt exists.* says he, **iu
every walk and occupation ot life, by the exer
cise of which men procure bre d. and thinks
it time wasted to t ndeavor to stem the tide.
We have long since thought that the only ef
fectual method ol counteracting this strong cur
rent of quackery is to place in the hands ot the
people rennhu Medirhtes. prepared in accordance
with the rules laid down by the di He rent colleges
of Pharmacy.
When our prairies and mountains catch on
tire, and the inhabitants behold the devouring
element sweeping toward* their devoted homes,
what do they do: Do they vainly endeavor to
stop its progress by throw ing a lew buckets ol
water on it7 By no means! 1 bey build up
counter lires which rush forth to meet the ap
proaching torrent of tlarne. and by exhausting
is food, put a stop to its ravages, or turn it out
of it* course. Now this is precisely what we
art1 trying to do. Pile cut uter the which we are
kindling consists in piesenting to the public.
Medicine*, which are prepared according to the
laws ot science—from loinude given b> the
l lilted Mates Phuriuacopiria.except in two or
three instances, where they were obtained horn
1 regulai physicians ol high standing inthemedi
I cal profession. They are prepared from the
best of drugs, under the superintendence or u
1 regular physician.
l or testimonials of their ellicacy in the tie.it
I ment of the various diseases tor w inch they are
recommended, to would rejet to tuc whole oicdical
pnd'e'ssioti throughout the world. We bring ior
w aivluo certificates from obscure iruhv ivluals,
stating that they have been cured ot all manner
of incurable diseases, deeming it an insult to
1 the intelligence ot the community to try to palm
otfsuch sturl upon them. It these medicines
are humbugs, then medical science I** a humbug.
N. B. Pamphlets treating of the various dis
ease* for which these medicines are applicable,
; may he had otanyofour agents gratuitously.
t Pills aieveiv brisk in their action: acting brisk
‘ Iv nn the stomach, liver and bow els—causing
otl all the unhealthy secret ions, and promoting a
heultbv llow ol bile. Place 25 cents per box.
'l lnse Pills are a mild and sate purgative. They
act mildly upon the liver, stomach and bowels.
Price 25 cents per box.
This article is superior to the Syrup, from the
fact that it is in a highly concentrated state, and
not liable to be injured by •any change oi cli
mate. It contains a much larger quantity ot
tLit4 Sarsaparilla than the Syrup—a pint ot this
being equal to two quarts ot the Syrup. I rice
$1. per bottle.
/),\ Moun t 's Cough Mi rh>re.— For the cure
Of coughs, colds, bronchitis. Sec. Price 25 ci>.
per bottle.
Compound Syntp of llild Cherry. I* or the
cure ot Coughs. Bronchitis, relict ot Consump
tion and oile r Pulmonary Affections. 1 rice 5m
i cents.
Dicheft s Pitts (Jmhnent.— 1 his is a sab* ami
» effectual remedy tor this painful Oomplaint.—
« Pi ice 25 cents per box.
* STOUGHTON'S BITTERS.—For the cure of
Dyspepsia. Liver Complaint. Loss ot Appetite.
(General Weakness, \c. lhese Bitters aie puie
1 y vegetable, containing no mercury or any other
mineral. Prepared according to the U. S. P
Price 50cents.
is decidedly the best Eye Water in use. Price
•_5 cents.
is the surest and safest remedy lor worms. It
is warranted purely vegetable; is pleasant to
take, and does nut require a nauseous dose ot Cas
tor Oil to be given to carry it olK as it possesses
purgative powers, and will not injuie tne valid
by remaining on the stomacn. Price 2o cell's.
an* no invention ol our own, hut have been
used bv the medical profession lor many years,
with the greatest success m the treatment ot
these diseases. Each box contains 75 pills.—
Piice $1 per box. For particulars see our pam
phlet called The Females Mutual Adviser,
which may l*‘ had ol our agents gratis, and
which treats ol these diseases, their symptoms;
11eatment. Sc.
Dr J S lirfi *u 11 ‘s luit fohl: Siirstipti> ilia Hills.
—These Pills aie not only an excellent family
medieiue as a pmgative; but thev are unsiupass
eil as a great Purihei of tlit* Blood, thus laying
the axe at the root otth** evil. For all diseases
depciulent on a bad state ot the blood, swell as
Seiofula. all eruptions *5 tiie skill, as letter,
Sait Rheum, EiVMpelas. \e. Each lio.x contains
i pills. Price25 edits.
DIAKR1UKA ('ORDIAL For the cure o!
Diarrhoa, Dv-enteiy, Cholera Morbus. Xo.—
15 ice 5« i cents.
tors ot the United States Dispensatory have
! given the tin inula for the preparation of several
popular medicines ot the day, such as («odti>*y s
Cordial. Bateman’s Pectoral Drops. Xc., Xc , in
older that 'hey may he prepared in a regular ie
Itable manner. We have loliowedthe.se torn i li
ke strictly. and nearly all the following prepara
tions are prepared according to the Philadelphia
College ot Pharmacy, and may be relied upon as
! genuine.
! Sheep nod Hogs, l hese I’ovvders give animals
; a good appetite, purity the blood, raise tlo*ir
j spirits, cause them to shed early in the spring,
and keep their system in good older. I uder its
us«* they lutten nun h better on less food, and it
does not injure the meat. When the animals
lose their appetites, a tew doses ot these powdeis
j will set all rii>ht. by giving them voracious ap
; petites. Price 25 cents.
American Horse Li.mmfnt. for Old Sure*.
■ Sfirmns. Brvises. Strinney. St\Jf Joints. *.\c.— Inis
is an excellent application toi the above diseases
i ot the horse, as well a< tor Rheumatism, Sore
Throat. Sprains. Pams in the Back. Joints and
I Iambs Stitf Joints, Ac., in the human subject.—
i Price 57 A cents.
i Corn and H urt Destroyer.—A few applications
ot this article by means of a little cotton or lint,
j will destroy these troublesome excrescences.—
Price 25 cents.
Haiti • Pi vt.f Leather Prist native for rendering
! Leather Water-Proof, and adding 0<> per cent to
its durability. Price 25 cents.
Hair Dye Powders, for changing red and
gray hair to bi own and black. It does not stain
the skin as nearly all Hair Dyes do. Price 50
Bone and Xare Liniment, for Rheumatism,
Neuralgia, and Pains ot all descriptions. JMan
! ufactured according to the U. S. P. Price 25
cents. .
Tooth-J he Oil.—This painlul complaint is al
I most instantly cured by the application of this
Oil to the Tooth by means oi a little cotton.—
. Price 25 cents.
French Chemical Erosive Soap, tor removii g
Grease, Paint, Ac., from Woolen, Cotton, tsilk.
1 and Satin goods, without injuring the texture ot
| the cloth, and to cleau Coat Collars. Price 12J
Bed But: Poison.—'This is a sure destroyer ot
these troublesome insects. Price 25 cents,
i Essential Salts of Lemon.—To remove Ink
j spots. Iron rust, and fruit strains, fionr white
I linen and cotton goods. Price 25 cents.
! Diamond Cunent.— For joining broken glass.
| crockery. Ac. Price 25 cents.
Black Oil furnish.—For lioots. shoes and bar
^ ness. Price 25 cents.
Alt du amenta in or Harlem Oil.— For chronic
rheumatism, gravel, diseases of tlie kidneys and
bladder. Price 12A cents.—Ac.. Ac.. Ac
PRESCOTT A LANTZ, Proprietors,
Edinburg, Va.
The above Medicines are for sale at wholesale,
by Pkrl A Stevens, Alexandria; Wu. S. Beers
A Vo., Richmond; Rouers A C irley, Balti
more; and at retail by merchants generally,
aug 29—ly
La Roche on Yellow Fever.—Yellow Fever,
considered in its Historical. Pathological, Etiolo
gical, and Therapeutical Relations. Including
a Sketch of the Disease as it has occurred in
Philadelphia from l6‘.»i*to li>.p4, with an exami
nation of the connections between it and the le
vers known under the same name in other parts
of temperate as well as in tropical regions. By
E. La Roche, M. D., m two large and handsome
octavo volumes: price $7.
Dickson s Elements oj Medicine, a Compendious
View of Pathology and Therapeutics: or, the
History and Treatment of Diseases, by Samuel
Henry Dickson. M. D„ LL. D., Prolessor ot the
Institutes and Practice of Physic in the Medical
: College of the State ot South Carolina, in one
large and handsome octavo volume ot 7oU
pages, 7 o.
Mackenzie on the Eye. a Practical Treatise on
Diseases and Injuries of the Eye, by William
Mackenzie, M. 1).. to which is prefixed an Ana
tomical Introduction, explanatory of a Horizon
tal Section of the Human Eyeball, by 1 liornas
Wharton Jones. F. R. S. From the iomth revi
sed and enlarged London edition, with Notes
i and Additions by Addinell Hew son. M. D., Sur
geon to Wills's Hospital, &c.. &c., in one large
and handsome octavo volume of over 10U0
pages, with plates and numerous wood-cuts.
•>.r) 2-r>. Just published by Blanchard & Lea.
Philadelphia, ami lor sale bv
! sep 11 ROBERT BELL.
LEA.—Rut it a ask y s Anatomy.—A Manual
ot Pathological Anatomy, by ('ail Roritansky,
M. D., Curator ol the Imperial Pathological Mu
seum, and Professor at the University ot Vienna,
translated from the German, by William Edward
Swaine, M. !>., and Charles Hewitt Moore. M.
!>., four volumes in two. price i>*n f><*.
M Manual of Cetlineal Medicine, and Physical
Diagonosis. by T. H. Tanner. M. !>.. to which is
, added the Code of Ethics ot the American Medi
I cal Association. S7V cents.
Just published and for sale by
/ at FRENCH S Rook ami Periodical Depot.
\ The Sea King, a Pole of the Sea, by Captain
i Marryatt. author of ‘Midshipman Easy, "Pe
ter Simple,” “Jacob Faithtul. "Perch ai
i Keene,** etc.. only complete edition every pub
lished. of* cts.
J Biddy Woodhull. the beautiful Haymaker, by
! J. H. Ingraham, 20 cts.
i Graham’s Magazine for September. 2f> cts.
Knickerbocker for September, 2'» cts.
New York National Magazine lor September.
1S$ cts. sep 1
VNEW NOVEL, by the author ol "Alone."
The Hidden Patina Novel, by Marion Har
; laud, ol Rnhmond, Va . one elegant 12 movol.,
, $1 25.
Sydney Smith's Autobiography, a memoir ol
| the Rev. Sydney Smith, by his daughter, Lady
IhdlaiuRw i’h a selection from his letters, edited
by Miss Austin, 2 vols., 12 mo. cloth, $2. Just
' published, lor sale,by
aug 29 No. 9;>, King-street.
BER, a very attractive number, 2d cents,
i Just publCbed and for sale, by
j st.p l ROBT. BELL.
Harpers magazine for Septem
ber. at FRENCH’S Book and Periodi
j cal Depot, a splendid number, price 25 cents,
sep l
^ Shallknbkuukk’s Astidotk fob Malauja,
j cures the most obstinate cases ol Fever and
j Ague. Intermittent or Bilious Remittent Fever.
Dumb Ague, &c. It cures immediately—in no
case will the patient have more than one chill
alter the first dose. For particulars get a circu
lar at the Agents, John Lkadukafkr, or Hknrv
Cook Sl Co., Alexandria, Ya. Proprietors, W.
i BONBRIGHT & CO.. Philadelphia, Pa.
i sep »—d 111
CHC—Highiv recommended lor diseases
j ol .he Bladder and Kidneys, obstructions of the
Urine, Gravel, and all diseases ot the sexual
Pigaiis. whether in Male or Female. Prepared
j by H. T. Hclmhohl. Chemist. Philadelphia, and
| Fir sale by STONE \ HART,
st*p 10 Apothecaries No. P>9. King-st.
STRAWBERRY PLANTS.—The subscribers
are now receiving orders lor Stravvbery
! plants of the following varieties; Hovey's
i Seedling. Eary Scarlet. Waiiens’ Seedling,
Skeenes* Seedling; to be delivered in good order,
on or before October 1st.
s»*p f> H. COOK X CO..Sarepta Hall.
f) TED ELECTRICAL OIL, just received,
and lor sale w holesale and retail. We are tlw*
exclusive Wholesale Agents for this place, and
will furnish The Oil at the Proprietors prices.
sep S (Sent ) No. 39. King street.
/ tHEMICALS.— Sulph. Quinine, Strychnine,
Iodide Potass. Memirial Ointment, Red
Precipitate, Citric Acid. Sulphate Zinc, and
Laducarium, received, and for salebv
Stabler’* Old Stain), l\o<. 5 X 7. south Fairfax st.
9 mo 12
/ 1OL0RS IN OIL.—Venetian Red; Yellow
j Ochie; ( hrome Yellow; Chrome Green;
Prussian Blue; Lamp Black; Burnt l tuber,
wai ranted superior, just manufactured, and lor
sep s Apothecary, No. 9*1. King-st.
I .ELECTRIC OIL—“Great wonder of the
JL age, and the greatest rwrc in the world for
Rheumatism and all Pains," a supply, just re
! ceived. and for sale by
t sep 13 Druggist.
!/ 1 l‘M DROPS.—A fresh supply of Rose,
i \ J Lemon, Raspberry and Vanilla, just re
! ceived. and for sale by
.1 A.'!r.J> KN 1 W ISLK. Jr., Apothecary,
s«*p 3 No. 94. Kin^ street.
1)AY RUM. &r.—French's best Bay Rum;
) genuine English Garlic, &c., just received,
and for sale by
JAMES ENTWLSLE, Jr.. Apothecary,
sep 3 No. 94, King street.
SPONGES.— Fine Mediterranean and Sheeps
Woo! Sponge, just received, and for sale by
J. R. P1ERP01NT. '
sept 4 S. E. cor. King & Wash-sts.
) fresh supply in barrels and half barrels, re
! eeived. and lor sale by
j sep 5 H. COOK k CO., Sarepta Hall.
i / 1 KEEN JAMAICA GINGER, in primt*
j order, just received and for sale by
sep 4 S. E. cor. King & Wash-sts.
C1ASTOR OIL—Best East India, just rt*
/ eeived, and for sale by
sep 4 S. E. cor. King k Wash-sts.
SALAD OIL.—Bordeaux and Marseilles Sa
lad Oils. ju>t received and for sale, by
STONE & HART, Druggists,
j sep 7 No. 109, King street.
('I REEN GINGER, a full supply, just receiv
T ed, and for sale by
! Stabler * Old Stand. Nos. G k 7, south Fairfax-sta
9 mo 13
INDIGO, a prime article, just recehed, and
for sale low by
FOUNTAIN k CO., No. G2. King-st.,
| sep 10 Wholesale Druggists.
riTANNER'S OIL. a fresh supply, just recei\
I ed, and lor sale by
sep 6 H. COOK & CO., Sarepta Hall.
LARD OIL.—10 bbls. Lard Oil, received,
and for sale by
sep 0 H. COOK k CO, SareptatHapl
±\J sale by PEEL k STEVENS, j
sep b (Sent.)
rp A. BREW1S A CO., are now receiving
§ # a large and well selected stock oi GRO
CERIES and LIQUORS, wkich we offer at the ,
most reasonable prices lor cash, or on a short j
credit to punctual customers, consisting in part
as follows:—
31 hhds. N. O. and P. R. Sugar
25 bbls. New Orleans Molasses
I 30 il Crushed and Pulverized Sugar
03 bags Java. Mariacabo. Laguna, and Rio
25 boxes Ground Coffee
50 bbls. Rectified Whiskey
! 50 Old Whiskey, (various brands, some 1
very superior:) 2 ha’f pipes pure Holland Gin;
2 bbls. Old Peach Brandy; 5 half am! quarter ;
, casks Old French Brandy; 15 casks Port, bher
ry, and Madeira Wine, together with every oth
er description of G ROC FRIES and ElQl’ORS
usually kept in a Grocery Store.
aug lb—tf T. A. BREW IS k CO. (
OTICE.—The Co-partnership heretofore ex
idling between Diff Gklfn. C. F. Sin lk,
and William J. Ghekx. under tiie firm name ol
GREEN, SETTLE & CO., expired by limita
tion on the 1st instant. Either ol the under
' signed is authorized to use the name ol tin* iate
firm in settlement of the business.
WM. J. GREEN, for himself, and
as one of the ex i s. of D. Gieen. dec d.
DUFF GREEN, one ol the ex'rs.
ul 0. 1 *rceu, uec d.
j signed having purchased the stock of
j GREEN. SETTLE A CO i 11 continue the
under the firm name of (ij \ l* hj iV 4- SETTLE.
at the warehouse on Union street, recently oc
cupied by the late firm. W M. J. GREEN,
aug S—tt C. F. SC 1 I LK.
* I X / 4 HHDS. Porto Rico. New Orleans am!
j| ) Muscovado Sugais. (medium to prime
350 bbls. Crushed. Powdered, Granulated
and Coffee Sugar?*
25 boxes double refined Loaf do
150 bbls. jj sup. New Orleans. Cuba, and
75 hhds. ) Sugar House Molasses
000 bags prime Green Rio Coliee
joo •• brown Java and Laguayra do
1500 sacks ••Ashtons, Jeffries, and **Dar
cey's brands line Salt
These goods were purchased early :n July,
, previous to the advance, and are now receiving
j per Schrs. Statesman. Arctic and Bedell, direct
j from New ) oi k. and lor sale by
50 groce Matches
,r> do Miangme.veiy nne 101 lami
ly use
l'J'i sacks Ground Alum and line Salt
5U boxes Pipes
1 u hall chests Tea. part prime
1 box Crumpton's superior Chewing
Tobacco, tor sale, by W. 31. S3!! 1 H.
I aug 3U No. 8, Prince street, dock.
j I v BARRELS No. 3 Mackerel
I •)*/ 200 bbls. No. 1 Nova Scotia Herring
I f>0 halt barrels No. 3 Mackerel
100 bbls. No. 1 Family Potomac Herring
100 hall bbls. No. 1 Family Potomac Her
ring . ,
Guoo lbs. Codfish, lor sale in lots to suit pur
chasers^ K1NC11EL0K X BRUIN,
sep 11
17MSH.—»>0o bbls. prime store packed Po\o
* mac Herring
300 bbls. fust in market new Nova Scotia
750 quintals Grand Bank Cod Fish
4UK) lbs. Pollock and Hake Fish. All ot
which will be sold at lowest rates, and warrant
ed. by G. W. HARRISON,
sep 3 No. 45 Union and Queen-st. Dock.
/ 15 boxe> and bags ol Roasted and Ground
10 boxes Colgate*' Pearl Starch, received,
and lor sale by
s,.p 12 ' DAVY X HARMON
J 30 do lie) ling
15 do half-barrels do., lor *ale. by
au^ 3'» No. S. Prince street dock.
IIT3I. BAX NE is receiv ing per Sciir>. XX a>h
W ington and V olaiit, troin New Xoik. a
| uirther addition to his stock ot GUO( FRIES,
vvhn’h makes ins assortment now large and very
complete. :u,g
AM I LY FLOUR.—A superior article from
i PatapM-o Mills. Baltimore, in barrel.-, ami
bags, just received, and t»>r sale by
Spj, i Post Ollice coi net
11QFOKS. F oreigu and Domestic, ot all
j grades, now in store, and for sale on plea
sing terms, by GKO. XV HARRISON.
so», 4 No 45, Union and Queen St's. Dock
J) III ME CHEESE Inn cakes ot Prime
Eastern Cheese, lot cutting, now instore,
and for sale low by GFOm XX. HARRISON.
M*p4 No. 45, Union and Queen ^ts. Dock
k in barrels and bags, just received Pom '
% * I *
(ieorgetowat, and loj sale by
s,..) 14 Post Ollice comer.
1 ... j
, OMOULD BEEF.--5i.hj Dm new Smoked
k^ Reel, in-t leceived. in store, and lor sale by
s,.p j Post Ollice corner.
ORCHARD GRASS SUED.—]uj bush, new j
crop Orchard Grass Seed, lor sale by
CfHOICE TEAS.— 5 cases supeiior Gunpow
/ der TEA, just received, and for sale bv
. _
1 / v / W W k HAVANA SUGARS, jiist ie
I /" t ceived and for sale hy
aug 25 MARSH AI.I. \ WAR IT
I t \ BOXES lOHAl ( O. some \ery superior,
I \ * now in store, anti lor sale low by
Family Hams, in store and lor sale by
\ SACKS Ground Alum and line Salt,
/( |\ | lor sale, by
j —
; I )\ * arrive, and lor sale by
I 8l.p 12 CAZENOVE k CO. l
j rill MOTH Y S K E I) —f>0 bushels Reaped
I TIMOTHY SEED, received, and for sale
I R7 [aug 28] WHEAT X: BRO.
Linseed and whale oils—io bbis
Linseed Oil; 10 do. Rectilied Whale Oil.
; tor sale, by (aug V7] V, HEAT k BRO.
ITkgush gaiters for gentlemen, j
a —I am just in receipt ol'a supply or 1M- |
GAITERS, of superior quality. Gentlemen are
requested to call and examine them, as they are
i very superior. In colors may be found, black,
brown, gray, mixed, light, and dark drab.
ROBERT HARPER. Gentlemen s j
aug 3^ Furnishing Store. 106King-st.
J ~VTOTICE.—MRS. STR.il S announces to
| the ladies ol Alexandria and vicinity that
slit* is now prepared to attend to the MILL1NL* J
RY BUSINESS in all its branches, and invites!
the ladies and the public in general, to give her
i a call at No. «s3. King street, two doors below
Sarepta Hall. * jy 1"
Kid Gloves, Black English Crape, Man
chester Mouslaines. Bonnet Ribbons, Beltings,
kc., kc.: received, and for sale, by
TAYLOR k HUTCHISON have just receiv
ed a beautiful assortment of Striped aiid
Faucy SILKS, which they are prepared to
sell on the most accommodating terms,
aep 6
OHOE STORK —To my customers, and to !
the public generally, ! return my gra'etul i
thanks lor a liberal share ot their patronagt
during the last lew years, and by endeavoring ;
to keep on hand everything within my line ot •
business. I hope to merit a continuance ot their
favors. My stock ot GOODS consists in part, t
as follows:
Whole and half Gaiters, black
Do do do fancy colored
Morocco and Kid Buskins and Slippers
Do Seal Walking Shoes.
Black Morocco Boots and Slippers
Fancy Gaiters
Bronze an*1 light colored Slippers and Buskins. :
French calf skin stitched and pegged Boots
Gaiters. Monroes, .Ipfler.-ons. and Slipper*.
Togetlier with all other varieties and qualities
of work worn by gentlemen.
Boots and Shoes, warranted to give s.ttisiaofion. ,
and on as liberal terms, (quality considere*1.) as
in any other home in town.
Come and examine lor vourselve
nKNKY L. SIMPSON. (Royal duet, tlnnl
store from king strict.) would ie.-pectlully
call the attention ol iiis tiiends ol the tow n and
countiy to his very extensive stock ot BOO’iS
and SHOKS. suit aide to the present and a)»- *
progchmg season; which. a> usual i.c oilers toi
sale at fair liv ing juices. His stock consists in ,
part ol the following very seasonable articles, viz ^
Ladies Morocco and Seal Walking Shoes
“ -4 Slippers
u Gaiters
Boots (morocco and sea!)
Misses and Children s Boots and Mm»\s
Gentlemen’s Call. Kij>p, and Buff Boots
»• ** *• ** Shoes
Boy s u and Kipp Boots
•• •• •• Shoes
Youths *• and ” Boots
Men s thiek Boots and Lrogans. No. I. loi taitn*
iug and similar purposes, and in short every
article usually lound in «t well-stocked Loo! and ;
siioe « stablishment.
N. B.—1 should he most happy to receipt
bills which 1 have rendered to my friends, it
they would only give me an opportunity. (I j
hope I am understood.) oct d—tf
4 T'l’KN TION ALL.—The undersigned most
jlV re>j»ectiully calls the attention ot the citi
zens oi Alexandria, and others visitii g the city', |
to their laige assortment ol BlH) I S and MR >I\S,
an:* GA1TKRS. ami MIssKS ani* CIIILDKKN’
SHOKS. which they olii-r on tern s as reasona
ble as at any otiier establishment in the city, i
As most ot their work' is mace unuei ineir im- j
mediate s perintendence. they can warrant :4. ,
tor durability.
N. B.—W** would inosr respectful!) call the |
aiVntion ot ti.e public To our tall stock ot work,
wr.ich is very large, Mich as KIP and COAKSK 1
BOOTS vnn SHOKS. which we are determined
to sell low tor cash.
All orders lor work will receive the strictest j
attention. JNO. L. SMITH & M>N, Fairfax st,
sep 6—tl 4 doors north of King street, j
T will sell upon reasonable terms, the |
DWKLL1NG HOI SK and LOT. on the cor- i
ner of Prince and Washington streets, the form- j
! er residence of Wm, H. Fowle, esq. A more
beautiful location can’t he obtained in the city.
! The LOT fronts on Prince street about »V> feet.
; and on Washington street lot Meet. 1 be HOI SI’ j
is built ot brick, three stories high, with a back
building and other out bouses lor wood, coal.
iNc. 'I’he dining room is 1 f> by 21 teet, with a '
large Pantry and China Closet, and hot and cold
water immediately adjoining, i lie bathing ar- j
rangements are ol the most complete charaetei
and the hath loom convenient to every cham
h, r. Hot and cold water, and gas hum the !
kitchen to the second story. 1 he yard is wei!
shaded, with a gi-at variety of llowers, &c.
Any persons wiihing to » x?mnu* the premises
can do so by giving a short notice. 1 he p:o- j
perty is rr‘'aided as about the mist • !»-irable in
the city. jWp7—tf] WILLIAM BAYNK.
oitiiOF i’llK YKAR.—'I lie large and co.r
mod ions BRK k WAKKllOl^K, two corns
north ot King street wharf, lately occupied h\
the subscriber as a Leather Store for terms,
'applv to the undersigned, at No. King sT.
jy 27—eotf SIDNF.Y BKI’IN.
FOR KI N I —A t ao story IK AML j
jji DWKLLINO. convenient, and in good or
der, situated on Water street, near the Railroad
Tunnel. Kiujiiire ut
aug*JS eoti JOHN HKY.MKS.
j|!:j No 2. City Block, on Washington street, j
Apply to (’ll AKLF.S Ho\\ AKi>. dr.
aug 2 « —eot I
I'\C, K SALK.-./ UllJiT: STOCK Oh'
i (1HS. /. L7..7NN anil AV/A7■///•:A WJHE. i
V\ isii'.ug to remove liuiit Ab-xaisiria. I now •fi
ler to l sale the entile stork ol ( HINA. OLASS.
and KAK l HKN W.\KK. hi the store now oc
cupied by me. 011 King stleet. below f.VirtaX
The stock is well selected, and the laiger por
tion is now in the ohbriNAi. i ai k.voks. ol recent '
importations, and ol the mo t desnable styles ;
and patterns, with but I,•'tic addition requited to
make it complete for fall sales.
Any one wishing to engage in business in
this city will now have an oppoi timity such as
is seldom to be met w ith, and wit a proper ex
ertion a large inciea.-e ot business ina\ be real
ized. For terms. Ni<\. apply to
jc 21—tf J. T DOWF.LL.
A Mei.^angus. 1 am in rece ipt <»l my first in
stalment ot CROCK KK \ W ARK ' u the fail bu
siness. By the >hij► William Witj». rle, to ar
rive during the month ol August. I shall receive
the principal part ot my supplies lor the fall
truth, and shall be ready To avail rnyselt ol the
earliest business of the season. My assort
ment will be found to be as compete and as <le- '
sirable as can be found in any ot the Atlantic j
markets. The same uniform prices, moderate j
rates and strict attention to business, which has
always prevailed, will. I trust, insure a contin
uance ot the liberal patronage, heretofore extend
ed to my establish merit. ’v mo i j R H. MI LLER.
/ CLASS.—A small assortment ol heavy
double thick French Window Chi--, tor Stole
Windows. Show Case*. \c., horn \-t '«< 1 > to
::n X no inches. Also, a further supply French
Window (Has.-, ol ordinary thickness, assorted
si/*« and qualities, ju-t received, and lor sale by ,
b mo l ‘ ROBT. H. MILLER.
rpOBACCO AND SEGAKS—I have jus* re
| ceived in addition to my stock, two hun
dred boxes of TOBACCO, ot all grades, to ;
which 1 invite the attention ol dealers in the j
town and country. I have also a large lot of
SECAlvS. part oi which me very superior, tor
sale at very low prices. I will take Rags at
Baltimore prices in exchange lor Tobacco and !
Segars. Orders horn the country will be j
promptly attended to, and prices guaranteed as j
low as that of anv other citv.
QUALI FY.—The subsciiber, at his old stand, !
A orth Hast cor an ol Kins' and Fair/tu stritfs, j
(sign or ru>: Indian Chief, with a St gar in his
mouth.) has on hand, and constantly keep?, arti
cles of the very finest quality, in his line; also,
medium and low priced Goons. And he flatters
himself, that an experience ot upwards ol 50
consecutive years at his business, renders his
judgment in his line, "some.’
It you want good Sugars. Chewing Tobacco,
Snuffs,&c., at fair prices, call at the sign of the
Indian Clue/, N. E. corner of King and Fail tax
sts. £sep 20] CHARLES P. Ml AW.
HERRINGS—50 barrels No. I Potomac
HERRING, in store, and lor sale by'
jy 20—eo2m T. A. BRFIWIS Us CO
M erchant tailor—c n. golden
having just returned Irom the cities ot ‘
New York and Baltimore, with a lull stock ot ,
GOODk. selected from tt.»- best importing houses
in the above markets. i> prepared to show his
patrons almost any article they may desire in
his line, among which may 1* found a very
beautiful assortment ot plain and tancy Frk*cii
CAS.MNIEKES, and of a great variety of col- j
oi>; and a superior stock of rich Silk. Yai.kmua,
.Makskiu.ks. Casumkkk and other YESTING.
among which are some ve- y rich Embroideries, i
His" stock of CLOTHS consists of French. !
Belgian, and other CLOTHS, of every shade |
and quality usually found in a first class Mer- j
chant Tailoring establishment.
His facilities for making work are now more
perfect than ever, having through the pressure of .
the times m New \ork been able to bring on j
Horn there Ax superior woikmen. which ill ad
dition to his previous number will make as
complete a set of artids in bis line as can be de- j
died In addition to hi- other GOODS he offer* .
hi* patrons a -upeib assortment ot ail kinds ot ^
FERNIS1I1NG GOODS. consisting of the very !
best fitting and newest styles ot Shirts and ( on- j
i. a ns. and beautiful Simmlii Stocks. Cravats.
\K( K Ties. Silk Gloves. Links and the best 1
Km Gloves to be lound any where in this or1
any otiici market. Aiso. a splendid lot ot Ho- j
.silky. iSe.. Ate., al! ot wflicn he otf< r? to tiiO )
public on as good terms a.* tin y van gi t the same
style of GOODS and workmanship any where.
peeling very grateful toi the very liberal ;
amount of pationage a!leadv extended to him.
it will.still he his aim to retain 1* by striving to
please and give satislaetion to all. ap ld-A
100,000 CiAIOIKXTS!
aJCHOOLHERR & BRO THER ot the Great j
^ Wksikkn Clothing Holsk. aie now opeii
j11>r on*‘ ot the largest and most extensive stocks
./seeing am. M'M.MEK CLOTHING, that
has t\ei been witnessed in oni community.
Oil! stock, which is selected with our usual care
and atteiition. is still i)n the increase of improve
ment. in regard to style and finish, and ot the
very latest in materials- we can say no better in
the country, and in stock too numerous to men- ;
tmii. Taking an opportunity on account ot the j
tightness ot the money market at the North, to
buy by far the heaviest stock, than in previous
;in:,-s: our goods are bought tor cash, and )
ibus giving the con.*um«*i a benefit in the ;
uaY of bargains, which rarely met witn. :
U\* can trii!v say we dety competition. This
tii im-ndoii- stock comprise.- u> sizes, from the
smallest to the larg- st. ami in prices as well as
in material.- from the lowest m the very finest.
I bus giving an equal cum.or and accommoda
tion to the commiiT tty. \\ ** invite the public
To examn e our stock. and hope by strict atten
tion to merit the continuance ot the generous
__.L * - l V. .. .» . 1.., .... I
f. IIMIJKIJ Yt mt 11 UM in |« -v - •» •'VW.—
upon u>. Our mo*to is not to he outdone there
fore call at the old stand ot SCHOOLHKKR
RROTHJ'R, Great lf'nthins House. !<d
door below th<* Mar-hall House. Alexandria. !
Ya. No I"'' King street. ml) g<J
I ANDRIA.—I have determined to become |
«) candidate toi the office ol rutting and making (
(•entlernen's and Youth s ( OA IS. I’AN IS. am*
\ KS1S. li it shall be tin* pleasure ot the pro- !
pie among whom I ha\e !i\td lor the greater J
portion ot n v life. a»ul whose lntnd-lnp l tlat
T)*r mvsell 1 have enjoy* •{ lor tiiat period ot
time, to patronise me in that oliice. 1 need
scarcely say th; . I shall devote alt my time to
th<* la.itlitul discharge ot the duties ol a Mtn
chant Taii.ou. OKN 1 LLM KNs I* l RNiSH
IMi (iOODS cannot be mi: passed in beauty
and style by anv 'Tailoring establishment in
this city. I leave it to tiie public and my friends ;
to judge for themselves. As the panic in the 1
money market i passing o\er—tobacco and
other property selling inga, I hope my iriend
and the public will mine loiward and spend
their money cheerfully, a- I h..ve every tiling in
ii1 v line oi bu.dnos. and do not propose to
ci.ange its chaiacter in any inspect, and. there- !
lore. wish it distinctly understood that I run as ,
an independent candidate, happv to wait on all.
M< reliant Tailor. King-street.
lh/"Lentlen *'n from Ii.»* country will find it
to theii advantage to give me a call, as (puck (
sales and smal i profits is my motto. W. K. A.
ap I 1—t!
I FASHION \RI.K K M PO R II* M. No. '*7. |
j Kinu-Sti:»:: r. ’The undersigned ha- ju>t j
opened a line as-oitiiu nt ol < 1 *ODS. in his line !
suitable lei >y»;‘i»/g amt Summer" ictur. to whien j
he would mxifethe attention o» hi- customers i
and the j uhlic generally. Hi- stork comprises t
fahiics ol the be-t (jnaiity and ofthe most recent
-,\b*s.all oi v,hich will In made up in a man
11»*t not to 1m* surpassed. A* his -election ha*
been made trom the very best houses ol the
north. L** i- ceita*.: ot phasing' all tastes. lii
\ .ti i• t \ embrace- m part —Kienrh and Knglislr
Cloths Flap l»e Has and Cashmeres, all colors.
Doeskin. Twe» d and Far.cy Cas-imeres. Fine
Luo n Drilling-. tor coats and pants. Silk. Satin, j
and Marseilles \ <-tings in variety: to which i»
added .1 -e|i ct ,s.--c»i!li nt ol KKAD\ MADL (
Cl.()THIN(L Also. C!ov»s. Han«lk»*rchie|s. ;
(Linen and Stlk.^Ni-, ender-. Sear.'-. I lain, and j
Fane) Neck Tie-. >hir!.- and Drawei-. Hosiery, j
Summer Ciu'ci situ t- with a geneial assortment !
oi l aiioi - 'Ti immings. (»r:it*tu! !<u pa.-4 * ncour
ag**ment. !e* a.-sui'cs iji- pat ion- and 11 tend-, that
the same unremitting attention will he g*ven as
heictoiore. t.> merit a continuance of th**ir tavor-.
SHIRTS made To oidei and Cutting at
tended to as usual. WM. ARNOLD. i
ap .‘t Merchant Tailor. *>7 King-street, j
4. TRIAL l'' ALL l AsK.—Ine under
il \ signed has on liand an elegant assortment
o! (i()()|)S tor (*ei;tbincii s wear. consisting in
part ol the tollowiug. to w if —iilack. blue, olive,
and green twilled French < i.otji?*.
Do black, brown, ami drab Beavei <!o do
Olive, green, brown, and maroon do
Rlack Doe Skin Fr«*ncli Cassimeie
Do .Middlesex do.. Fancy Cassirnores
Light and dark mixed Twvedv
variety, usually kept in a Fashionable .Merchant
Tailor s c.-tahli.-hnn nt. and ot the best material.
Which. Together with my professional services.
! resnectfid I v offer to rnv fi end- and the Olih
!ir generally ol Alexandria and its vicinity, to }
whom I return my smeeie r (know I* dgruents |
lor past favors, hoping bv indefatigable exertion
and untiring attention, to merit a continuance
oi the >ame. And though prepared to furnish
every article in mv line, 1 will a» cheerfully ex
ecute. to tiu* best ol rnv skill am* ability, for all j
whose pr* l* ience may lead them to select else* !
where, a.- though 1 had fuini.-hed the goods
Fashionable Merchant Bailor.
King sti*et. north side, one door west ol Royal
street. feb 10—tl
JOHN A. KF.YS Menhaul Tnihr.—Tlie sub
scriber respectfully informs th»* citizens of
Alexandria and it* vicinity that lie has com
menced tiie al>'y\t UusiiiesH >n King stiff, iio/lh
suit. Xo. 110. wlieie he in prepared to make up
to older ;ili GARMENTS in his im*- in the mo.it i
lashioiiahie style. 11** has if t returned from
the North with a v*.* il selected a* -ortment of
GOODS. consisting ot BLACK /PENf H, ■
CAS>IM KK » >, ol the no* vt qualities; VEST- 1
INGS. of all kinds, sonie of the most beautiful
*’yl<s to be lound in the market. No elf(*rt
shall be spared on his part To give entire satisfac
tion to a’l who m«*y call upon him. He would,
also, inform his friends that in addition to the
above*, he w ill keep himself constantly supplied
with an a-eoitmdit ot SHIRTS. SOCKS. COL
LARS M'HKN pERS, Ac. ap 4—tf
Mirrfumt Tailor, having received a beauti
iul stock <*t C L O i H S, CASSI MERES ami
\ F.S'l INGS. embracing uii the varieties oi color
ami pattern:*, i.> piepared to furnish gentlemen
wirh wearing apparel ol h**st rr^terial and la- ;
test mode, and upon the most reasonable terms.
SatislactiAn gimianteed in all cases.
Also, a good assort meat of READY-MADE
CLOTH. Cassimkkk. Casiimkrktt Drapijkte, •
Italian Alpacca and Link*. Fro* k, Bt/srsKss '
and Saiuk C O A 1 S—IAN 1A LOONS am*
VESTS, ot various kinds; Shirts, Hak^kmi
chiefs. Crav ats, Si scknokks. Half HohE Um
rrf.li.ah, Stocks, &c„ &c. No. hit, south side of I
King, one door east ot Royal-gUe^t. ap 10
Capital nearly $i'XJ.OOO, and constantly i<
creasing.— The Charter oi tins, Comp.inv ctT***.
more lavorable advantages to the tanVer ar
others than any other Company chartered in ti ..
State, by insuring with or w ithout a premium
note. If the applicant prefer, he can pay
full amount of the premium in cash. nr bveffrc*
ing a cash insurance for two years, the ih.-urr
save- one-eighth oi the amount he would otL^i
wise have to pay, or by becoming a member
and giving a small premium note, the muire
saves nearly one-halt ot the amount charged u;
Stock Companies, when insuring from \rur: >
year. This is the advantage resulting from ti.,.
combination ot thecasu and Mittal Pkixc;e:.v
This Company commenced issuing I’oliri#-s
against loss or damage by lire, on th« H'.thda,
ot March. 1S54, since w hich time ov#*i
hundred and fifty persons have become m».ru
bersot tiie Company, and are incroa>mg the*.
business daily; and lee! gratelul loi t!ih»;
patronage bestowed upon the Company *h
tar. and for its llattermg prospects of future u-r
fulness. 'Hie Directors hope and believe, rha'
by prudence, caution, and a rigid system <v
economy, they will establish for tins Compai v
a reputation lor cheapness am! safetv. not -ur
passed by any Company in the United Sum*
[All differences m settlement oi loves mav l
determined by three disinterested Arbitrators t):
the County w here such lo.-s happen.-, to be m
tuaily chosen by the Insured and. the Company 1
H. \Vr. Thomas, W. I). Massey,
Clias. F. btuart, W. T. Harper,
b. b. Master:*. T. I Hill.
Geo. A. Tavernier, J. T. Close
Christopher Neale, Henry Shackelford
Sholto T. Stuart. Edward Sungstn
— o frick us.—
II \\ . Tiiomas. Fre-id^nt.
\Y. D. Massey. Vice Fre-ident.
('hARLES E. Sri'art. Counsellor.
G. A. Ta\ knni k. Treasurer
Jas. T. (’lose, Secretaiy.
J/'ftht ation* foi Insurances will !»»• received af
tiie office of the Company, on W Holiingfoi
in rear of Dr. Stabler - Drug Store.
Olfice hours from (d, A. M . to 'J. I* M.
tiiv 1 —tt
I A LEX AN DRI A. continues to insnr#- tgau, •
Fire, generally, in lown and ( ountiy, a» Lei.
tolbre. on the most reasonable tenn
koard of directors.
Anthony F. Guv eh. Fre:ident
Dwight Metcall! John l» Datiigeruld
William Gregory, Edwuid S. Hough,
Robert Jamieson. James F. Smith,
’Thomas R. Iveith, Robert i> \ iolett
William H. F»>wle, I iioma- Me(’oiii:i< v
John H. Hreiit,
Otlice hours from ‘d to 1 V and from to 4
o’clock. C. W. WA 1 ILLS, SecrrT»r\
Olfice on King stleet, near bt. Aeap;
nov !•*—div
Sami ki. Mii.i.kh President.
W'm, N. McVeigh, J. E. Dyer
Robert S. Ashby, L» wi> M* hh n/ie,
.1. A English. Thomas Dav\
Thi- < 'ompanv is prepared To receive utiris !w.
Insurance. Oliice in the Exchange Mock Ku-e
between Pitt and Royal streets,
decs—tf JOSEPH LACHES Secretary.
rniNciiwL or 11< k.* tiAi;i>>n t sviu.k. \ \
ciiHitn«*«t ( upitHi, $4011,000.
CASH ELM). *lv.V> *’.
IKK INsCRANCE in Town or Cuiintrv
i and MARINE INSCRANCE may L* rtf. i
ted on the most favorable teims with tins t on
t aT All Losses promptly and *.iti*f.irtoi \ t
ranged. WM. T. EARLY, Pi •
Jxo. Wood, Jr.. Secretary.
E A. MAR BCR V. Agent foi Alc\.»i .•
aug v.*—tf
CAPITAL $ {00,000.
riniis COMPANY 1' now well establMV
| with the lull amount ol its capital, ai ! ’*
character lor honorable dealing place.! hevnt ’
doubt. I he rates of premium aie as low a* j
just regard to mutual safety will allow
C7" The undersigned is the legi.hiiL aii’lioi
i/ed Agent ot the CompaiiV at A h-vand* .a ;o.*:
will receive application** tor 11 '-ur.tm« at at’,
time. (aug 7—dBm] D S L\N IN
^ No. 112. JJMES VJSS.1ST
ly informs the public tliaf he has now on hai
and will continue to keep ;it Ills Jjlf rumhm V
ulactoiy. adjoining the Marshall House u
usually extensive and elegant assortin')/
articles peitaimug to the SADDLINi. f;
N ESS, which he Will *e| I irltitltMili ol" Mjc
eitk-AP. it not eheaj*er than they can be
in the District or elsewhere. His assort:'•
comprises :
SADDLES suitable for ladies and geiitViroi
great variety
BRIDLES with plated and steel hits do
MARTINOAI.ES Valises, Carpel and S^'
HAHN ESS. suitable for can iage^ buggy* w
oiih. carts', \c.
WHIPS, carriage and riding, some \eiy eV.
FRINKS elegant bard leather, and
great vaiiety
STIURCPS. Biidle BitSj and Spur* jd.tte*! j
steel, in great Val iety
SADDLE-TREES, Buckles, Trace and H '
SADDLE-COVERS. Buffalo, and Bin kskii *
J. V. grateful for the liberal patronage
tofore conferred upon him. respectiiill) win
its continuance, being confident ot in* .'Uili’v
please those m want ot articles in hib line.
t if Old Saddle*. Harness, and I runk»
kinds. repaired with neatne*s and <l**|
jail IS—tf
f J it reel, bet trmi >7. j1iu//h and
has on hand a very large assoitmert of
kind and quality; also. BRIDLES. M-Gl‘ ,
(.ALES. WHIPS, am. SPl R>.
BAGS. VALISES, Ac., and every ar!i<i' *
Jo Mid iri a Saddle and Harmss .h’al .u '
I return my thanks to my friend* and Lr ^
lie, tor the very liberal manner tha* I t*ai*
patronized, and hope they will confirm*. *'
pains shall he spared to give satistac’tnn
ap 14—11 WILLIAM F. PAj^gj
1) I CD ARDS. No. 110. Kim. ./'
made many additions *o hi* torrcs? ^ ,
which now is as large as any ever otter™ *
exandria. He respectfully offers his r '
being ol the best quality, cheap m j»r:c<T •s,‘“
the latest style. . ,
Renumber across the Oreet Jroin *
Block, in the house rccer.tl) occupied l) •* ,
A ah by, Herbert A Co.
OR ESS PR ES E R V K R S. bec — A ^. ,
supply oJ those economical artic.es ^
Kadiet,. Also, Ydoss, Tida. at.d ^ ork‘‘t " . ,
ton. Siik. Morocco, and Elastic Bets “
notions, just received, at . ,
H. b WHITTINGTON * 1 /, .
aug 28 . No. W h -
T \RKSS TRIMMINGS. E.Mbh<'U’f-‘"'_
Ac.— Just received per Express-*
ply of the latest styles ol DRESS 1 R‘
EMBROIDERIES. Ac., to which c»*
attention ot the public. „t..,nci
up 3 BERRY A BUjf^P
any number of NEGROES. *',r ^ ■
will pay liberal prices. Those wi?h'I'll I
will do well fo call on me before *e ’ f
old stand, at West End, Alexandria jfci'f> I
,„g is-dtf JOSEPH HKi* |
Mexican g u a n o-tu I
Sole AgttiU for th<- wl. , j , I
GLAND, in ihi» Cily.bavftw* «« I
supply of this permanent „ ft), I
jan 117—If I

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