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— __ __ . „ _ ___ i
Nothing is so hard for an American to con- !
ceiveas the pecuniary value of good govern
ment, and this simply because he has never
had to pay a high price for it, nor yet felt the
want of it. In Mexico, the extra cash cost ot
their last revolution foots up from four to live
millions of dollars between the two princi
pal combatants, more than there is money
in the treasury to pay. But it we take into
account that but a small portion of what has
been used in provisions, clothing, Ac, has
been paid for by thegovernment, orisiucluded
in this bill, the real cost has been fully ten
millions. And if we add on to this, loss of
productive industry, the property destroyed,
and more, the depreciated value ot property
though insecurity, Ac., the cost of that single
revolution would nc t he less than from thirty
to fifty millions. That is to say, if the Mex
icans could have secured the blessings they
suppose themselves to have obtained, without
going through this process, they would have
been as much richer as we have stated.—
and this gives no compensation tor loss of life
and the demoralization of the survivors.
Any violent overthrow ot government in
those United States, if it w ere possible, how
ever it might eventuate in other respects,
would be a far more costly affair. In Mexi
co, productive industry is at the lowest ebb
in America, at the highest point. Here com
merce and credit are carried to a height un
known w here revolutions abound, simply be
cause of the stablity and security of all
things from unusual risks. It would bo bet
ter for us to pay five hundred million of dol
lars any day than to have one such revolu
tion as Mexico has experienced by the dozen
in the memory of us all.— Phi!.
The lovers of art and the personal friends
of our talented townsman, Mr. W. I>. W ash
ington, will be pleased to learu that he has
sent home from lhisseldori a number of new
paintings. They are to be seen at the resi
dence of his father on E street, and will amply
repay an examination. The subjects delinea
ted are “Entrance to a! astle,' “ 1 he Student,
and “Commencement of the Huguenot \\ ar. *
The last-mentioned picture is ((uite large,
and is not only the most ambitious, but the
best which the young artist has produced.
Portions of \t, in design and color, are
worthy of Leutze, and. a* it wastnrougn me
influence and friendship of that distinguished
artist that Mr. NN ashington became a painter
and went to Europe, we are pleased to notice
that the sanguine anticipations of the master
respecting his pupil have teen so lully re
1c affords us pleasure to announce the re
turn from Europe of the well-know n M ftsh
ington artist, Mr E. Johnson.^ His sojourn
among the art schools of the old world has
been of essential service to him. Me lesrn
from high authority that even in Florence,
the city especially ot art and artists, he oc
cupied a prominent position. lie has taken
a room in the new huildingadjoiuing Brown s
Hotel and intends to spend the winter in
Washington, lu his studio may now he seen
a number of hi9 composition pictures; and
lor due seutnnent, correct drawing, and rich
coloring we have not seen anything to sur
pass them lor many a day. But the facility
with which he uses the colored crayons is
truly remarkable, He gives to his cabtnot
pictures all the finish aud beauty of an
engraving, aud to his portraits an unamtakea
ble character. In delineating the fascinating
charms of a pretty face his power is wonder
ful. •
Mr. Osk. Bessan, though very much occu
pied with his duties as a teacher of drawing
and painting, is still produeiug, occasionally,
some of his beautiful pictures in water colors.
IlehaK received a number of orders from
gome of our prominent citizens.
The admirers of the late Judge (’ranch
will find at the studio of his 9011, Mr. John
Cranch, (Adams’s Express Building.) a very
faithful portrait of that eminent jurist and
sage. >Ir. Cranch, the painter, will spend the
wiuter in Washington, and, judging from the
above mentioned aud others that we have
seen from his pencil, we should suppose him
capable of giving the most entire satisfac
Mr. Stanley is also still a resident of Mash
ington. lie has recently completed a num
ber of his spirited pictures of frontier life,
and is fully occupied in the line of portrai
ture.—An/, lut.
ANTIDOTE TO MALI ARIA.—For th«- 1‘reveutl.to an.l
Cure of Intermittent and Remittent Fever*. Fever
and Aove. Chills and Fever. Dcmb Acie, Genkrai D‘bii
itt, Nioht Sweats, and all other torui" of whi.'h
hare x common origin in Malaria or Miasm v.
This is a NATI’ HAL ANTIDOTE which will entirely pio
tect any resident or traveller even in the sickly or
swampy localities, from any Ague or Bilious disease whnt
aver,or any injury from constantly inhaling Malariaoi
Mlaama . , .
It will instantly ch»vk the Aguem persons wh'< »eu*
suffered foranv length of time, from on** day to twenty
rear*, soth*t they need never to have another . hill, bv con
tinuing in use according to directions. 1’he patient at
ouce begin* to recover appetite aud strength, and continue
until a permanent aud radical cure is effected.
44“ One or two bottles will answer tor ordinary cases;
•ome raav require more. Directions printed in German,
Ireu<*h and Spanish, accompany each bottle. Pi Ice oue
dollar Mlvral dircounts made to the trade.
JAMES A RHODES, Proprietor,
Providence, K I.
j New York. June 11, 18;*>f».
W“I have made a chemical examination of “Rhodes* Fever
and Aocf Cuhe,” or “Antidote to Malaria.” and have
tested it for Arsenic, Mercury. Quinine, and Stry* hnlne.
but have no? found a particle of either iu it, nor have 1
round any substance In its composition that would prove
tp'uriou*. the constitution.
J^uriou. iu jaMES k CHILTON, M D . Chembt ”
“LKvnsBi*R*3, Union Co.. Pa., May L, l.o.*.
Mn. J. A 'Rhodes.-Dear Sir: The box of medicine y* u
me was dulv received on the 11th of April. 1 have
«V.i about one half of it. aud so far the people who have
uaed it are satisfied that It has cured them. It has cer
tainly stopped the Ague in every one who has used it,
and Fix of the cases were of long standing. My sjstei,
wlio has had it for five or six years back, and could nevei
~et it stopped, except by Quinine, and that only a> long as
"he could Sie it, is now, 1 thiuk, entirely oured by veur
remedy- _ C. K McGINLV
Take no more Arsenic, Mercury, Quinine, Strychnine, or
Auti-Veriodics or medicine* of any kind, the virtue ol which
*• owing tc such poisonous drugs. The most they * an do is
"A “break the chills” fbr a short time, while they are sure to
cause constitutional maladies that cease only with me —
Remember that the only Fev«r and Ag»e Remedy that i*
xxT'Txlcss as let'll os Ititv, is RHODEN 1U EH AND A *11
CURE. A , 41
44* STONE A HART, Wholesale Agents for Alexin
dria. Va.
44* For *a!e by Medlcin* dealers general}*.
aug eoly___
# xngton City, D. C, will give attention
to the purchase and sale of Stocks and Bonds
on Commission, Land Warrants. We will pay
the highest price for Warrants of every size,
sell at a small advance on buying rates, or will
buy and sell on Commission. Sight Drafts on
any of the principal cities forwarded for War
rants entrusted to us. We are prepared to locate
Land Warrants on time, which will nett 30 tc
40 per cent per annum, through our Agents in
Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. For selecting
Land and locating Warrants we charge as tol
lows:—acres $20; 120 acres $15; 80 acres
$12; 40 acres $9; including all office fees an*
expenses - Any business entrusted to our cai*
will meet with prompt attention.
Washington, oct 27—3ni _
XUAXSEED.—Wanted 1000 bushels FLA X
SEED, for which the highest market price
will be given. Apply to
oct l£-eotl T. A. BRKlVIS * CO.
XXEeU & STEVENS having replaced their
P stock since the (ire, are again prepared tc
orders vvitii promptness and satisfaction
AOV 27_ ___
por «v#‘ Apothecary, No. d4, King ftreet.
. ft. J
books, STATIONKHY, Ai.
Murk NKW BOOKS. The Real l\iicfnl
Disclosures." The Awful Disclosures ot
>|.*iia Monk. ot * lie Hotel Dieii Nunnery ol
\l.»i:’»*•.»!. containing. also, many incidents ne\ er
b«*n>ie published, price <.'> cts
l he Hit'll! .inti-Abolition Book - 1 aste. a Story
ot Republican Finality, by Sydney A Story,
Jr.. $1 25.
i.eiptcy Moncton, or the Faithless Guardian,
bv Susanna Moodie, author ol “Roughing it hi
the bli-h. \e , $> i
Do bs Geobgy—Geognosy, or the Facts and
Principles of Geology against theories, by Da
vid N l ord. $1 25.
Estelle (Bant or the Lost Wife. $1
Modt'.i Pilgrims, showing the Improvement in
Travel, and the newest method ol reaching the
Celestial City, by George Wood, author ot “Pe
ter Schlenul in America, m two volumes,
$1 75.
Putty Juveniles.—Out ot Debt, Out of Dan
ger, by “Cousin Alice,' author of “Content
ment Better than Wealth. Kc.,75 cts
The Mystei iovs Story Book, or the Good Step
Mother, w ith numerous illustrations,75 cts.
The Wind Spirit anti tin Ram Goddess, transla
j ted from the German ot Schlimpert, with color
ed engravings, 75 cts.
. l ncle Johns hirst and Second Iniok, with pret*
) ty illustrations, *17N cts. each. Just published,
and tor sale by [nov27] ROBK.Rl BKLL. ^
MORF. NKW BOOK.'-Kstelle Grant, oi
the Lost Wile, l vol. 12rno. cloth.$1.
; 1 he War. from the landing at Gallipoli to the
death oi Lord Raglan, b) W. H. Russell, cor
respondent ot l he l inie.>, 1 \ »d. 12uio. cloth.
;$l- .......
Geognosy,or the Facts and Prrnciplesot Geo
* K)g\ against Theories, by Davul N. Loid. 12m«>
clotu, $125.
I he Works of Charles Lamb, with a sketch
; of his life, and liual memorials, by Sir I. N.
Taliourd, 2 vols. l2mo. $2.
1 .Mexico and its Religion, with incidents oi
travel m that country, by Rober A. \\ilson,
. with illustrations, 12mo. cloth,$1.
•The Truth and the Life.' —Twenty two Ser
mens, by Rt. Rev C. P. Mcllvaine, DD. 1 vol.
M*i>. cloth. $2.
The Philadelphia Housewife, or Family Re
ceipt Book, by Aunt Mary, 75 cts.
Lily, a Novel, by the authoi o! 4 busy mo
ments ot an idle Woman, >$il
Charles Yavasseur, or the Outcast H*• ii, by
.1 Frederick Smith. 5k* cts. tor sale by
nov 28 No. 95, King street.
Musicalinstrcmknts books, sta
l IONKRN . Ike—The undersigned grate
ful lor the encouragement he has received since
he commenced business in Aloxaiuhia begs to
say to his friends and all others in town and
coil lit r v that he is now receiving and opening
oil** oi the largest stocks oi uO(h^ in his lim*,
ewr offered ki rhi* market. It would be hi*
object, a* it is his wish, to meet the wants ot .ill
so that no one may find it necessary to pa*s Al
exandna to get what she or he may wish He
! hope*, therefore, by stnct attention to busines*,
i to receive, as it will be hi* aim to deserv,* the
pubbi coitidence an.l support, r o essentially ne
ce**ar > to the success ot any business or place
, ot business. JOHN H PARROiT.
uov l U No 1 ***** King-street
— Fetter Presse-and Fetter Press Copying
i Book* Oil Papei <tiid Fuo*he*ioi same
Ked and Winte Patent Blotting Paper
Pocket Books. Pocket Fedgeis and 1Kane*
Pass Books and Memorandum Book*
Refeience Files, a very convenient affair
tor Bill*. Receipt*. \c sating the trouble oi
opening for releience; lime Books for woikmg
i men, \er\ coniement. Note t use*; Bank Note
Cases, and Bank Hooks; * c.e» k Books Bill
Files, and Paper Cutter;,. Onin Mucilage with
Brushes, tor Pasting. Ivory Tablets, lor tempo
J rurv Memorandums in Pencil. Don t lail to
n„v No. King street.
rilHK *iREAT FASHION book. .1TGEO.
| h. t KI A< // A Hook ii*nl I ul Inyo!
i Frank Fe*iie> Fadies Gazette, oi Paris Foil
j dou, and New Yoik Fashions. i*>i December, a
; splendid number, puce <5» cents.
. Amy Fee, oi Without and Within, by the an*
| thor oi ‘ W ithout and Within, price $l
Fily Husun. or Kails struggles midst con
( tmnal hope, by Alice Gray. I \ol lv mo cloth,
; pi ice $1
Putnam s Magazine tor December, ‘v:* cents.
New York National. do t*wi
Knickerbocker do v.>
dec l
I KW’ BOOKS —l.o,ILtc'.*. Xtr Votm.
Tile Song ot the Hiawatha, by Henry
Wadsw oith Foiiglellow price .*£ I.
I'he Am /Vr/'/uisc, or Farly File m the bar
West.bv Robert Carlton esq., second edition. re
l vised by the author, and handsomely illustrated.
I $1 2.S.
j .linos liiv itrive - Fxtract* horn the Diary and
Correspondence ot the late Amos Lawrence.
1 with a brief account ol some of the incidents ot
: his Lite edited by hi* *i»n. a handsome octavo
i volume $1 50. Just publi*hed, and tor sale by
^ Alersangus. 1 am in receipt ot my first in
I stalment of ( ROC K B'RY W A KB. lor the ball bu
i sines*. By the Ship William '»itherle, to ar
rive during the month of August, 1 shall receive
the principal part ol my supplies tor the fall
i trade, and shall be ready to a\ail myselt of the
earliest business ot the season. My assort
i rnent will be found to be as complete and as de
sirable as can be found in any ot the Atlantic
* markets. The same uniform prices, moderate
rates and strict attention to business, which has
always prevailed, will, l trust, insure a contin
uance of the liberal patronage, heretofore extend
ed to my establishment. [mtio!]R. H. MILLER.
Double thick french window
GLASS.—A small assortment of heavy
louble thick French Window Gla^s. tor Store
Windows, Show Cases, &c., from 12 X IS to
30 X 50 inches. Al«o, a further supply French
Window* Glass, of ordinary thickness, assorted
sizes and qualities, just received, and tor sale by
s mo4 ROBT. H. MILLER.
1171NDOW GLASS.—The subscriber has
\ I just received a further supply of 250
Boxes ot French Window Glass, assorted sizes,
{ which he offers at \cry low prices.
I ii mo it R H MILLER.
I^APER SHAPES.—A large supply of rich
patterns and new styles, just received by
11 mo IT K H MILLER.
TECTER, Published Semi monthly, at Mont
1 gcmery, jtla., at $2 per annum, in advance —
The work is printed on line white paper and
new type, and in appearance will be second to
' none in the United States,
i A Southern Bank-Note List is essential in
, every Bank, Counting-House, and Public Office.
Let iis unite in advancing our common interests,
and not permit Northern men and Northern Pi
rectors to fluctuate our money matters as they
may vwsh. while we are quietly following their
The work will be carefully revised on the
: day of publication, and all important financial
i changes, as they oc'ur, noticed. Every exertion
will be made to make it a correct and reliable
guide to the Banker and Merchant.
Hotel Proprietors, Brokers, Auctioneers, Com
mission Merchants, and others, desirous of hav
ing their names and business widely circulated,
are informed that a limited number of adver
| tisements will be inserted. Special rates for
: advertising by the vear, or for shorter ]>criods,
my he known by applying to any of my Agent'
or at the office in Atlanta, Ga.
Specimen numbers w ill be sent, on application
; bv letter, free of charge
All communications intended for the *Bank
j Note List and Petecter,' must be addressed to
''Swans Bank-Note List, \itlanta. LI a.
> James Robertson. General Agent.
! ^Subscriptions received bv
J. E. FRANCE. Agent for
| sep 26—d3m_)Vashiugton. P. C.
i A PPLE9, in store and for sale by
n«? 29 PERRY & SON.
Jk x. m. a. x i i i . l 4 i i < .
To be drawn at Wilmington, Delaware,
IX 1»K'.'KM11ER, 1855.
OHEOOltY &. 31 A I'll Y, .Manager-.
55,000 DOLLARS!
L0TTKRY lor the benefit of the State ol Del
aware, Class 2 77, tor 1855, to be drawn at
Wilmington. Del., on Satin,lay. Dec. 8(V 1855.
7s number lottery—I t drawn ballots.
1 prize of $55,uU0 1 prize ot $5.35.3
t prizes of 30,000 1 prize *»t #•»,(.»><)
I do 15,000 5 do 2,niio
1 prize of 12,000 10O do 600
1 do 10,000 251 do 300
1 do ti.uOo &c., &c..
Tickets $lo—Halves $7 50—Quarters $3 75
Eighths $1 87 V
Certificates of packag's. 26 whole l ichets # 1 SO 00
Do do 26 half do 90 On
Du do 26 quarter do -L>00
Do do 26 eighth do 22 50
35,nun DOLLARS !
LOTTERY tor the benefit of the Stateof Del
aware. ('las' 28.1, for 18.*.*, diawn at Wil
mington, Del., on Saturday. December 15th. 1855.
7 8 number lottery—1.5 drawn ballots!
I prize of #35,319 3n prize of $2.,M,u
2 do 15.000 .30 do 500
do 7,500 30 do 400
I do 2.031 190 do V 50
fc»\, *<e.,
Tickets $10. hlvs. #5.00, qrs. $2.50.
Certificates of packag's 26 whole tickets$14n no
Do do 26 half do 70 on
Do do 26 quarter do 3.5 00
$60,000 DOLLARS!
LOTTERY tor the benefit of the State of Del
aware. (’la>-S, tor 1855, drawn at Wil
mington, Del . o/i Saturday. J)eo tuber '2'2d, l8.' >.
14 Drawn Numbers (Ait of 75.
1 prize of $66,000 1 prize ot $5,867
1 do 30,000 100 prizes of 1,000
I do 15,000 100 do 500
1 do 10.000 159 do 300
&c., &c.. &c.
1 Tickets $20—hahe- #10—quarters #5 00
Eighths $2,50.
, Certificate.* of pack'gs 25 w hole tickets, #23'» 00
Do do 25 half do 1 l » 00
Do do 25 quarter do 87 50
Do do 25 eighth do 28 75
37.500 DOLLARS!
LOTTERY for the benefit ol the State ot
Delaware,Class 294,tor l855,drawnat Wil
mington. Del.,on Saturday, December ’.O/.i 18 >’•
7 * number lottery—12 drawn ballots!
1 puze ol '*> w,5U0 i prize oi <r'
t do 2(>,Ui)" 1 <Jo
l do 15,000 21 -1 low a No do 5ou
1 do 10,000 \c . X:c . Xe.
Tickets $10.—halves 5 —quarters $2 50
Certificates oi packug - 25 whole ticket-. $140 oO
Do do 25 halt do 70 00
Do do 25 quarter do Mb uu
REORDERS for Tickets and Shrnes and Uer
tihcates *>t Packages in the above Splendid Lot
teries, will re.cene the most prompt attention,
and an account of each drawing will be sent
immediately after )! »- oveMo all who order
from rue. Address. P. J. Bl ( KEY. Agent
nov 27—1 in W ilmington. Delaware.
TERY — B\ AniiOHiTY of im: Statk of
TUNITY * The improved Scheme in Class \V
having been it-ceived with -in h a decidedly tavor
able demonstration, the Manager takes great
i pleasure in presenting another beautilully bril
1 iant Scheme, otfo'ing a far more profitable in
vestment than an\ stock or securities now in
(he market. Class \. to todrown Dtrunhtt 10/A,
18.75. m the city ot Montgomery, w hen Prize**
amounting to •$*.’jo.ooo will hr* di**tiibuted accoi
dine to the follow tllg
( AF1TAL PR17.F. $10,000 !
Class X
1 Prize ot . . .$1 O.lHJO i>. $10,1 Mil)
2 do .2.000 are. 4.000
;; do . 500 are. 1 boo
I 1 do . 200 are.r 2. U>0
10 On . I 10 are. LIOO
j", do . <5 are. 1.27.»
4:: do SO are. 2.150
j*:] do . 50 are. 2.075
2oo do . 1" are. 2.000
f.::u do . 5 are. 5.1 .»0
1 OoO Prizes amounting To.$.*10,000
'Pickets $5—Halves $2 50—Quarters $1 25.
SAMUEL SWAN. Agent ami Manager,
nov 9—dtd Montgomery, Ala.
^ —By authority of ihk Statu of Gkor
! ETS—FOR DECEMBER. Class |o. will be
drawn December 24, lS5a, in the( ityol Atlanta,
Ga.. when prizes amounting to -**50.000 will be
distributed according to the following
CAPITAL PRIZE, $10,000!!
Sc 11 KM K
. i\ • c Z 1 j 1 1 h i. 1
1 i iur vi .» ■ ■ ,
2 do .$2,000 are. 4,000
do . 5i M* are...... 1,5oi)
] 1 do . 2.r>» i are.2,75i •
10 do . 110 arc. 1,100
17 do . <3 are. 1,275
4:1 do . 30 are. 2,1 Go
b'A do . 25 are. 2,075
2oo do . 10 arc. 2.000
030 do . G are . . .. 3,150
1000 Prize* amounting to $30,000
Tickets $5—Halves $2 50—Quarters $1 25,
SAMUEL SWAN, Agent and Manager.
Atlanta, Ga., nov 2f>— dtd Atlanta, Georgia.
EGFRT* 'N 6f BRO corner of Exchange
j Place and South street.—$5.uOU LO l VERY*—Spe
cial notice.—The famous and lucky Patapsco
1 Lottery, (small try.) will hereafter be drawn on
'Tuesday, Thursday, und Satwduy of«ach iv eh.
1 Prize of 5.000 Dollars, is 5.000 Dollars.
1 Prize of 3,000 Dollars, is 3,000 Dollars.
1 Prize of 2,500Dollars, is 2,500 Dollars.
1 Prize of 1,500 Dollars, is 1,300 Dollars.
1 Prize of 1.250 Dollars, is 1.250 Dollars.
5 Prizes of 1,000 Dollars, are 5,000 Dollars.
10 Prizes of 500 Dollars, are 5,000 Dollars.
1<> Prizes of 250 Dollars, are2,500Dollars, &c.
Tickets $1; Halves 50 cents; Quarters 25 cents.
A full Certificate of Package of
25 Wholes $15 00 25 Quarters $3 75
1 25 Halves 7 50 25 Eights 1
! In the small Lotteries we average the sale of
1 the highest Capitals at least twice a week, and
i the prizes have generally fallen into the hands ol
those who stood in need of monfv. Persons de
sirous of giving the small Lottery a fair trial
should take*he best plan and send us $00, for
which we will return four certificates of pack
' ages of whole Tickets-—in all one hundred, the
loss on which could not exceed the money paid,
and affords not only a very good chance for a
high prize, but a fair one for a handsome little
fortune, four packages of consecutive numbers
but seldom missing a good three numbei Ticket,
varying from 1*X) to $«MX'0.
117” All orders to secure the earliest attention
and best selection of regular Packages of Singlp
Tickets and Shares, must be forwarded without
delay, and addressed to the gn'at Prize Agents.
Box 103, PostOtfice. Baltimore. Md
nr The Official Drawing of these great Lot
teries, duly certified to bv the State! ominission
er, will be sent immediately after it is drawn,
‘ to all who order from us. w ith a full explanation
of the result. The above list contains only the
Capital", the prizes in every Lottery vary Oom
: the price ol Pickets upwards.
Baltimore. Md., sep 6—d3m
We are the wholesale Agents for this val
uable medicinal, and will supply dealers at Pro
prietor's prices. PEEL x STEVENS,
nov 17 No. 39 King-street.
UKOCKltlKS, «Vc.
. . * ,
ICST RECKH El) per Schrs. Arctic anil
Hamilton, from New York, as follows
15 hhds. anil bbK. N. O ami l*. K. Sugar
Io5 bbls. Coflee, and clarified do
fit) *• prime New Orleans Molasse*.
15 hhds. Sugar House Syrup
75 bugs Green Tv 1 o Coflee
20 half chests Black lea
2oo hags Shot, assorted numbers
5uo lbs. Bar Lead
loo boxes St»*am Uefined Candy; 55 boxes
Adamantine Candles; l » mats Cassia: 25 bids.
Machine Ai Lamp Oil; 250 Ib> Indigo; L‘00 lhs.
1 Madder: 125 boxes Cheese; 50 coils Leading
Line and Bed Cord; .lute Rope; lo bales Wrap
ping Twine; 10 dozen nests Hiugliam Boxes, 2-o
reams single and double Crow n Wr apping Pa
per; 1500 tbs Putty, in bladders: 55 boxes
prime Tobacco, 5 V, *:to,00o Plantation Segars;
15 gross large and small size Blacking: 20
tierces Cider Vinegar, tor sale for cash, oi to
prompt dealers at a moderate advance.
nov 20 Prince-street W hart.
| undersigned begs 1 ea\ e to call the attention
1 of dealers, to his large stock ot LlQl ORS, IO
BACCO, Ace. His stock consists in part ot
loo bbls. rectified W'HIsKK\
IUO •• Old Rye do
1 pipe Scotch do
5u half pipes, quarters, and Octaves Brandy
Vb bbls. Rose (ill)
25 ‘ N. E. Rum
15 u Peppermint and Cinnamon Cordial
4U casks sherry. Madeira. Port and Malaga
Wines: 50 baskets Champagne: 10 eases Cabi
j net do.: to baskets Claret; 225 boxes manufar
, Hired Tobacco, Mo.UoO Segars. from highest to
lowest grades: 50 boxes pipes and pipe heads:
;;n jars Rappee Snuff; 25 hows Scotch Snuff
| Grocer and General Commission Merchant.
Daingeifield's Whart, No. da, l nion-street. Al
exandria. seP -1* L
11UR THE HOLLIPAYS.— We are now re
^ reiving pei schr. Fly Away, lrum New
^ oik
2 hhds prime N 0. Sugar
10 bbls crushed do
10 hags choice Rio Coflee
24 boxes prime Pan s Chee-e
1200 lhs. Buckwheat Flour
G bbls. prime >. H Syrup
S tubs Orange County Butter,
Al so Raisins and Figs.
nov 27 No 45, 1'nion stieet.
HISKKY ,&c , 20 bbls Rectified W'hiikey
10 do old do
5 do warranted ten years old
;• hhds good Sugar
5 do Molasses
V'1 boxes Ground Coffee, :> do l .stucco,
(2 do Crumpton s best Chewing do, 1 cask
; of Holland. Gin, HHJ sacks l«. A. Salt, f*U tlo fine
! Salt. 2U boxes Candle*, m do Soup,jU*t reced
ed and toi sale U . M. SMI i H
nov 2s No. s Prince-street dock
; X^FW FRCIT Km> whole, half, aid.pun
tei boxes I.eyai and Bunch Raisins
*m drums t> P Figs
bo boxes Prunes, in fancy, boxes
A| Currants, Citron Cranbniies,’Oi anges,
Lemons Almond* hilberts, Pecans, now land
: lug from New N oi k and tor sab* by
new V/ Post Office corner.
d.dl bbls No M medium Mackerel
»p 2 do
r»o half do. 2 do
2im bbls Faster;! Herring
pm • \lewives, now landing, per
vein- Martha, and foi sale low toclose invoices,
by (oct2.dJ KLDBIDGE X HlT.sTIS
11 M M ) lbs new Codfish
.>11 bo.\e> Smoked Helling
go small packages Nos. 1 X 2 Mackerel
10 do do Salmon and Tongue
and Sounds. now landing from New N ork and
| llM sale, by JOHN A DIXON,
,un o,s Post Office < Vunei
j / 10RDAGF, Xv -
loo coil- Manilla Rope all s;ze>
SO " Russia do do
i Tar. Oakum; Oars. Spike.-. Nails: Paints
j Paint (his. Litharge. Paint Brushes; Xc , Xc.
! For sale l»\ S. SHINN X SON.
net 9 No. I. South 'Wharves.
) i pipe fine Old O Brandy, vintage IMS
1 pipe Schiedam (* in
f» >jr. casks -OftleyV old Pale Sherry
•• •• Blackburns Madeira, this day
landing, and for sale by S SHINN X SOX*.
,,ov |n No. I South Wharves.
BOX Fs Cavendish and <• - and Ss 1 o
f ) bacco
b bids. Suiok.ug 1 obacco
:;u bbls. Crushed and Powdered Sugar
in tibls. extra Golden Syrup, received.
I fins day, and for sale by
II AMS.—This day received per Schooner
j A V. Bedell, trom New Vork. 2 Of Ml lb*. prime
CHEESE, and H>u<> !hs. Family HAMS, tor sale
; in lots to suit, by MILLER X ENGLISH,
1 oct 2d No. 42, Lnion street.
^ 1 ,r>0 bid*. No. 1 Potomac Herring
vf> Hall Barrels do do
20 do Shad, for sale, bv
i oct 25 No. 8. Union-st. and *1 South Wharves.
X)U('K WHEAT FLOUR — 2(M> lb*, o! Buck
) wheat Flour, ui large and small packages,
| expres>lv lor lamily usc,ju>t received trom New
York, and lor sale by JOHN A. DIXON,
nov If) Post-Otlice corner.
IT Ki l l'.— Raisins. m uhole, hall and quarter
^ boxes, Seedless do. /anteCurrants. Citron.
| Figs, Prunes, Preserved (finger. Ac . in store and
tor sale, by T. M Mo( ORMK K A ( O,
i nov 28 'Theatre Burbling.
Buckwheat flour andbuttkr
pMio lbs. prime Buckwheat Flour
500 lbs. fresh Roll and Goshen Butter re
i ceived. and for sale by
nov 29 DAV X & HARMON
I 30 boxes pound lump Tobacco
50 “ J. W. Baker's do., received and
I for sale, by
Sugars and chewing tobacco— a
very superior article of both iust received
and for sal * bv
nov 28 Theatre Building.
ITRU1T, Ac—Raisins m quarter, half, and
^ whole boxes, Citron; * fresh Currants:
Ground Spices. Ac., Ac . rec. ived. and for sale
! by [nov29] DAVY A HARMON.
~ BONUS FRESH RAISINS, j ust received
e)e/ and f°r sale by
T. M. McCORMICK ( (>..
nov 28 Theatre Building.
I T RUSH FRUIT — R aisins. Currants. Citron.
^ Uigs. Lemons, and Preserved Ginger, all
| of superior quality, received, and for sale by
nov 27 'THOMAS ( LOWUS.
! / 11TRON. CURRANTS, and FIGS.—A lash
1 supply just received, and lor sale by
nov 2$ 'Theatre Building.
IT LOCK—Family Flour, extra super do.
Ryedo.. and unbolted Flour, constantly on
j hand, and tor sale by
nAMs.—Prime Family HAMS, received,
and for sale by
t)U sale by
direct from Havana, just received, and tor
sale by [nov 30] CHARLES BAYNE.
( LOTHlXn.
\\r D. MASSKY,Merchant Tailor, having
yy # removed to At*. hin%-$tnt!. >aJt j
duur to John T. t'r,i%hton (f Co.’s IlarJintre Mu,,, j
would respect!ully inform* the public, that he
has received the largest and best stock oi
(iOOPS for Oentlemeii’s wear tie has ever had
before, embracing all that is rich, rare, and
ricy in the way of Black, Blue, Brown, (Hive,
and other shades of BROAD CLOTHS; every
variety of French, English, and American ( A^
Sl.MERES. Velvet, Silk, Satin, Plush, and ( a*h
mere \ ESI 1NGS.
KlTRMSHIN(* GOODS.— Fine \\ lute Shirts.
Silk and Saxony Fndershirts. Drawers, Kid.
Buckskin. Silk Gloves and Gauntlets. Handker
chiefs. Stocks.Cravats. Suspenders. Collars, and
Halt Hose. Ac.
sortment of READY M A D E CLOTHING
consisting of Over Coats, Frock Coats, Dress,
Saque, and Business do.; Pantaloons and \ ests, .
of various kinds; all of which are made well and j
in the latest style. Thankful for the encourage- |
ment heretotore received lie pledges himself to
renewed exertion* to please ail who may uivoi
him with theii custom guaranteeing satisfaction
in allCall and see tor yourselves.
Oft O—tf
MERCHANT 'PA 1 LORING.—The subscri
be! lias ju*t opened a splendid assort
ment of FALL GOODS lor Gentlemens wear,
to which he invites the attention of hi* triend*
and the public generally, feeling confident that
from his huge and fashionable selections they
cannot fail to be suited. Hi* stock embraces
Black. Blue. (Hive. Brown. Green, and Dahlia
French and English CLOTHS; Black Doeskin.
Black Ribbed and Fancy CASM MERES, m
great variety; Black Granadine, plain and figur
ed Plush, Velvet. Silk, Satin, and Cas*imere
VESTINGS. To which 1* added a supply ot
READY MADE ( LOTHING, ot tin* latest
styles, consisting ot Pi ess. Hock, anil • Over
COATS, PANTS. VESTS, Ac. Also, Drawers.
Shirts. Suspender.*. Glove*. Hosiery, Neck, lie*
Pocket Handkerchief*. ( ollars. lailoi s 1 inn
ming*. all of w hich be is prepared to furnish on
the best terms. From his long experience in
the practical part ot his business, he feels justi
fied m warranting satisfaction to all who may
favor him with their custom, and solicits a con
tinuance ol public patronage. All COOPS en
trusted to him will be made in the very b.**t
I manner, and (TTFlNG will be attended to
with despatch.
W.M ARNOLD. Merchant 'Pallor.
: sep‘2t)-tt No. r»7. King stieet. north side
CLOTHING I\ieonianr ro ali..— Let
every one win* i* in want ot ( LOlHINobe
: hereby informed, that the undersigned. have now
in store, a stock ot CLOIHlNt* which i* un
surpassable by any house ot that kind in -ue
Coifed States therefore, he •.! resolved 1 hat
to consumers as well as to merchants generally,
ai> offered llitM season inducements wliieu sin
prise all. Otir stock being so large we are
compelled to lowei it to make room, to be
1 able to get in our lull stock: although out
house i- large. asi> genei ally known, it is un.tb.<
to hold them. Therefore, no disappointment can
exmt lot persons to he suited at t * 11 s establish
i mient. A call Horn om numerous lneiidsand
me trade generally, is respeettully solicited. As
Usual our intention is to please the community.
We would, al.-o. say that om stock is complete a
Oeiitlemen s Furnishing floods as well, as in
Men's. Boy h- and Fen ant sweai W e would name
goods and pi ico. hut such being too numerous,
w r mint them tor tin* present Be pai ticui.il
about the name and place and rememher
Treat Western Clothing House. H'S. King
street. Md dours below tin* Maishall House. Alex
andria. Va. l-' tt
If A having just returned Irom the cities ol
N'evv York and Baltimore, with a lull stock »»l
TOOTS, selected fiom the best importing houses
in the above markets, is prepared to show bis
patrons almost any article they may desire in
his line, among which may be louud a very
beautiful assortment <>l plain and lawey kiiKM ii
CAS>1 M F.KF.S, and oi a great v ariety of col
ors; and a superior stock «>t rich Silk. \ ai.kncia.
M vkskillks. Casumkkk. and other \F.SllNC.
among which are some very rich Kmbroid* rie>.
His stock of CLOTHS consists ol French.
Belgian, and other ( LOI IIS. <>! every shade
and (]ualitv usual!'. t<>und in a Inst c as' Mei
chant Tailoring establishment.
His facilities tor making work are now more
perfect than e\ er. ha v ing through the pressin *• <>t
the times in New York been able to bring on
from there six superior workmen, which in ad
dition to ins previous number will make a>
complete a set of ai! ists in his line a> can be de
sired. In addition to his other TOOTS lie oilers
i his patrons a superb assortment ot all kind' ot
FI RN 1SH INT T0( >TS. consisting of the \ ci y
, best titting and newest styles ot Suiims and Col.
l.AKS, and beautiful SlM'iKli Stocks, (ha vats.
N’kck 1'iks. Sii.kTlovks. Links do , and the lu st
K to Tkov ks to he found any where in this m
any other market. Also, a splendid lot ol Ho
mkkv. \c.. \c.. all ol which he offers to the
public on as good terms a** tlieV can get the same
style ot TOOTS and workmanship any where.
Feeling very grateful for the very libeial
amount of patronage already extended to him:
it w ill still he his aim to retain it by stiiv ing to
please and give satisfaction to all. ap Id-tt
signed has on hand an eleganta>sottiueiit
, of COOTS for Tenthmen’s wear, consisting in
! pait of the lollow mg. to w it Black, blue olive,
and green twilled French (’norms.
Do Mark brown, and dial* Beaver d«< do
Olive, gieen. brown, and maroon do
Black Poe Skin French Cassimere
Do Middlesex do., Fancy Cassimeres
Light and dark mixed I'weeds
Also, RF.AP\ MADE CLOTHING ot every
variety, usually kept m a Fashionable Merchant
Tailor's establishment, and ot the best material.
Which, together with mv professional service-.
I respec tin! I y offer to mv friends and tire pub
he general!) of Alexandria and its vicinity, to
j whom l return mv sinceie acknowledgments
for past favors, hoping by indefatigable exertion
and untiring attention, to merit a continuance
of the same. And though piepared to furnish
; ever) article inmy line, I will as c’neerluil) ex
i ecute, to the best ot my skill and ability, for all
whose preference may lead them to select else
where, a? though I had furnished the good*
Fashionable Merchant I ailor.
King street, north side, one door west ot Koval
street. leb 10- tf
JOHN A. KEYS. Merchant Tailor.— The sub
scriber respectfully informs trie citizens of
I Alexandria and its vicinity, that he has com
, menced the above business an King street, north
' side. Xo. 1 IX. where he is prepared to make up
to order all GA RM F.N IS m his line in the most
fashionable style He has just returned from
the North with a well selected assortment of
| GOODS, consisting of BLA< K FRENCH, i
CASS IM ER ES, ot the linest qualities. \ ES I
INGS. ot all kind'. »orne of the most l»ea uiiul
styles to he found in the market. No effort
shall be spared on hi" part to give pnfire saiUtac
rion to all who may call upon him He would,
also, iiiiorm hi> friends ihat in addition to Hie
above, he will keep himself constantly supplied
with an assortment ol SHIRTS, MX ( OL
LARS. SUSl’EN'DERS.\c. ap 1 — rt
N A. MURRAY. Xier-hanl Jailors.
ft • would invite the attention of toe citi
zens ol Ale.Xamiiia am! its vicinity, to tlo-ir
j large ami v aried assoitmerit ot COOPS in they
line, which they are now leceivir^, comprising
CLOTHS am. (>\ EK ( ().\ i INGS. bla< k and
colored French. English. Belgian and American
1 of the most approved makes and t.ni>h; CASsl
I MERES am. DOESKINS, black ami fancy In:
ported and Domestic, of tin* most celebrated
manufactures and latest >t)V»; YKSTINGSoi
all tbe present desirable shades ami styles, to
gether with a large assortment of FI RNISH
IN(i GOODS lor Gentlemen. sep2u—it
EG ROES WAN FED.—I wish to purchase
| X x any number of NEGROES, tor which 1
will pay liberal prices. Those wishing to sell,
1 will do well to call on me before selling, at my
i old stand, at West End, Alexandria, Va.
ftuf 18—dtf JOSEPH BRUIN.
A. subscriber- are now receiving from the
jar'eest mauuiac.toi ie.- in the above named place*,
their assoitnient of STO\ KS. FFRXAC KS,
U \NGFs \c. which they are confident em
brace a mo.e extensive variety of superior pat
tern-than haveevei bten ottered in this maiket
The Albans and Troy sTOVES are so well
know n as the’best linisheii. most economical and
efficient, that are manufactured m the country,
that it need- no asseition upon our part to im
|,re» the public mind with additional evidence ot
their utility. , . .
We nave all other kinds, such as are kept by
other dealers in ibis place at prices as low.
HO T AIK FI KNACKS Of the most approv
ed kinds; Fenoir Stoves. Orates. Pumps. I ‘,l
Ware. Stove Polish. \c.. and every article usual
ly kept 111 a first class Stove establishment.
We ask Those in want to give us a call, as we
are determined to sell as cheap as any dealer* in
the market. Term* cash, or to punctual cus
tomers the usual time.
A MO\ Ks!!!—.hist from the North and at
Northern prices to he had ut C Ab/di A NA 1
1)JCR COS es afrlishment. So. 'C2, hi a" street.
Sntth si<le. where everv thing in the way ot
11N. plain and J APANN ED-VY AKK. VNA1ER
COOLERS. \c., iway be obtained; manufac
WARE. To all of which they most respect
fully invite the attention of Country Merchants,
Agents ot the v arious Fisheries on the Potomac
and citizens generally.
l~v ROOF 1 NO. t.CTTKRINO. and spoct
INl. done inthebe.-t manner, and at the short
est notice *eP J,,i
N'Ol U K.—The attention ot the public is
respectfully called to a aew HOT-AIR
STOVE, lor heating Parlors ami Rooms aftove.
It is a> far superior to the Latrobe & Hetiour
Stove.-, as galvanized iron is to common iron:
or the Fluted State- of America are to those
ot Mexico. Fall a*d examine them,
sep 18—tf KNOCH GRIMES
No Bk Kixu-Strkkt. Alexaspria. Va..
Cutlery, (Pius. Buihling Materials. Bur lean.
. have now on hand tile largest stock ot
GOODS, in their line. e\ » r offered in this market.
Thankful for the liberal patronage heretofore
extended to their house. and desiring to merit a
continuance ot the same, they are determined
that their stock shall compare favorably in point
ot quality, vaiietv and price with tin* more
northern markets Dealers are invited to cad
and examine loi themselves. sep s
a 1 EASON \BEK GOODS —1The subscriber*
have been appointed Agents tor the sale ot
SPRINGS. ' vv Inch are the be-f artiele ever made
1 .1 I D .. • l 4k • . f iron i'ai
,.n .sunning in' iiwifi - n*' ....
itit'iit ot Mr. V\ alker any amount of power re
quired can be given without trouble; the detach
able lir.id.«t also makes it the most convenient
spnug. a- it can be mwhittrd at pleasure. Fi>:
„.,|e b\ the Pazen ot (j’nhr, at Manufacturer *
tii't puces, oi in smaller quantities, at a reason
able advance. A good stock how on hand.
nov lu No. 141 b King-street.
I I subscribe) has just ieceived In-Fall sup
plies. and r» s’pcctlullv solicits a cull from those
desiring to purchase.
His assortment consists ol House-Keeping ar
ticles (including a line stock ot Rots, t K eiis. &c
\c .) Mechanic’* Tools. Budding Materials. Agri
cultural Implement*. «.Vc..\c ( all and see loi
\ ourselves, tor be i* determined to sell baigams.
oct 17 e»u. King-street, cor. ol Fairfax.
HOLLOW-WAKE—Just received perSehr.
R. E. .Seth.direct from the manufactory.
Round and Oval Ovens. Skillets and Lids. Rots,
(•riddles. . \tra Lids. Andirons. Wagon Boxes.
\e . \c.. beiio* a full assoitment of articles in
that line. RICHARD L. CARNE. Jr.,
nov 11 King-street, cor. ot Taiitax.
Saddles, harness, tkcnks. \c.—at
No. 1«*2—JJMES r.7.Y>.7AT respectful
iv iiitorni* the public that in* has now on hand,
and w ill continue to keep at his. Hcxandnn Man
ufactory. adjoining the Marshall House, an uu
u>!tally extensive aid elegant assortment of
articles peitaiiiing to the SADDLIN’!* Bl Si
N EsS. w iiicii he will sell trliulesah or retail as
niKAi*. it not cheaper than they can be bought
III the Dl-tllCt Ol elsewhele His assortment
com |‘i iscs :
SA DDLES suitable tin ladies and gentlemen in
great \arietv
BRI DLI .S w itn plated and *teei bits do
MAKTINOAI.ES. Yalise*. Carpet, and Saddle
HA RN ESS. suitable loi carnage* buggys, wag
ons, cm ts, \c.
WHIRS, carriage and ruling some very elegant
I 111 N K S. elegant hard leather, alul other*, ill
gi eat v .i net v
STIKKl R>. Bridie Bit*, and Spur*, plated and
steel. in great \ ariet y
SA DDLE-TKEE>. Buckle*. Trace and Halter
SA I >DLE-< ()YER*. Buffalo.and Buckskins. Kc.
.1. Y grateful loi the liberal patronage here
tot.»re coiitericd upon lum, respectfully solicit*
11> continuance, bring confident ot hi* ability to
please those in want ot articles in his line.
I'/ Onl Saddles. Harness, and l milks, ot ail
kinds, repaiied w itli neatness and despatch,
jan Is—t!
II r lLl.l AM K. PADCKTT, 111 Am
I | street. I't(it t> ii St .‘]sa/di and H athuigtcn
has on hand a \**ry large assortment of SAD
DLKS. HARNESS and l/.!vKS of even
kind and also. BRIDLES. MARTIN*
OALKS. WHITS and M l Ks. C A R P K 1
PAHS. SALJsES, Ac , and eveiy article to he
to«n I in a Saddle and Harness establishment
I return my thanks to my friends and the pub
lie. tor tiievc iv libeial marine] that I have been
patronized and hope the\ will continue, a*» no
j)4»iu> shaPi he spared to give satisfaction,
1M>R l HP” TOI LETT —Excelsior and other
Pomade.-. Hair Oils. ionics and Regemra
toi>, 1.11 v White, ( ologn* .:ud Extracts. Crys
talme Balls and other fancy Soaps, Powder
Puffs with other fancy and useful articles, re
cei \ cd at
nov Id No. S2. King street.
NVvS>| i. B! 1 I < •\k' Weha\e just received
J atiothei suppl\ »>t the latent sT\Ieot Tassel
Burton' an article ditfeient worn any evej be*
fore shown in thi* market Also. a large lot ol
Moire Anti.pie and Moo Trimmings.
nov 2s No 72, Kmg-street.
/ fOMBS Tucking. Dressing. Side. Puff. Poc
ket, Eine, Long and IntanT Comb*. in Snell,
Ivory, iiutf.ilo. Imli i Rubber and Brazilian. jiM
received. :t? II R WHITTiNOTON \ CO S,
nov v7 No. Sc. King-street.
f I Mv IVI M I N r >S dust received per Express.
£ another >npp!y ot Nloireantiipie. Mos*,
Marabout, aod other I RIMMlNos lor the Win
ter trade. BKRRN \ BLAKKMORK.
nov I l No ”2, King street.
I 11-1- o'RE A i ER l.NDl i KMENTs at the
k^ n^W’ Paper Hanging Stole. An. 1 12 Amg
>rrtrt. tax> d<tors ahari OVorgr While's ^lu>tton
Sate. where maybe seen I he largest stock of
PAPER HA N’O IN Os. ot foreign and domestic
manntactuie.«. ever m store in tins city, and
Winch 1 respectfully oiler to the citizens of
Alexandria, at the lowest possible prices. Per*
•S°tis '.torn the country in search ot bargains
will liiid it to their interest to give me a call be
fore purchasing elsew here, since the goods hav -
ing been bought to great advantage myself. 1
can afford purchasers the same inducements.
market rates paid for Land Warrants and
Revolutionary Scrip, by
jt 20—tf BURKE & HERBERT.
Capital ovkr >f» 1 un.rui*) and cosstanilv ^ I
I cueasim;.— I he Charter o! this ( ompai . ,,ri-. I
more favorable advantages to :ne idiu.ei c I
others than any other Company chartered n I
Stale, by insuring with or without .* prem. 9
note. It the applicant pieier, he ran p.,\ • „ I
lull amount ol the premium in ea.-h. 01 b'» eft, 8
iug a cash insurance lor two \eai>. ihe . 9
saves one-eighth ot the amoniiT he won hi u’ 8
wise have to pay, or by becoming a mm 8
ami giving a small premium note. the m* 8
saves nearly one-hall ot the amount ciurg. B
Stock Companies, when insuring irom \.j 8
year. This is the advantage resulting ir<n 8
1 combination ot thecash and Mcti al . 8
i This Company commenced issuing Fob, . 8
| against loss or damage by lire, on the D\- 8
ot March. lSbl. since which time over ’u. 9
hundred and fifty persons have become :i, 8
bersot the Company, and are increasing • 8
business daily; and teel grateiul u»i the id). 8
patronage bestowed upon the Company 8
lar. and tor its tlattering prospect* <>t lutuir ... 8
(illness. I he Directors ho|>e and be hew- B|
by prudence, caution, and a ngid > \ >vn 9
economy, they will establi>h tor tin* t on ; a- 9
a reputation lor cheapness and *.uetv n«»i - 8
passed by any Company m the I’nited .Vale* 8
[All differences in settlement ot losses mav 1. 8
determined b) three disinterested ArL*»trator^ . 8
the County where such loss happens, to b, u 8
t tually chosen by the Insured and the ('ompai 8
- H. W. 'Ihomas. W. [). Ma**ev I
Chas. E Stuart. W, !\ Harpei B
S. S. Masters. T I Hid. 8
j («eo A. Tavernier. J 1 <’I.»«-»-. ft
j Christopher Neale, Henry Sharked. ,i * 8
Sholto T. Stuart. Edward Sangsir: 8
H W. 1 homas. President ft
W. D. Massey. \ ice President 8
CuAKl.KS hi. Sit ART. Counsellor 8
(». A. 1 avenneh. l ieasurer. 8
Jas. T. Close, Secretary 8
j Jipplitatiutn lor Insurances will be receive,; „• I
: the office ot the Company, on Wasiinigtoi >t.er I
1 in real ol Dr. Stabler* Drugstore 9
Office hours from tf, A. M.. to P M 1
J ALEXANDRIA . continue* to insure ag u< - 1
Fire, generally, in Town and Countrv A ' ilr I
: tolore. on the most reasonable Tern.-. I
Anthony F. Cover. Fre*n1ent I
Dwight Metcalf, John B Damgeii - * 1
William Ciiegory, Edward S Hot.gn 9
Robert Jamie*on. James F smid |
Ihomas R. Keith, Roheit t» \niieft 1
William PE Fowle, I’homa* M r I
John II Brent. i
Office hours trom \* to IV and Iron . M t • I
o'clock. C W W All LES. S.-cr. taiv I
* Office on King street, neui St A*apti ft
nov In—dly I
«■ v • I'f’i k M t . ' I W I L> ( \ < L • l i \ 1 I V \ \ . I
13' ' i v/»*i a' un i »* ' s'.'n . » .• •
Sami el Millfh. Pie-.derr.
Dm to oiis
Win. N. Mc\ eigh, .1 1' Dver.
Robert S. Ashby, Lew is McKenzie
.1 A. English, Thomas lh\\
1 Ins Company i> prepared t«» i«v, ive «• ff»• i* I ■
Insurance. Office in the Exchange Blo« !> K i..
between l'itt and Royal streets
I **—u JOSEPH KACHES. Se.-ret.o v
'Thf G’kfat Cfmkal Com fa.m or \ i;.i. i > ■ a
PRINCIPAL OFFICE.I II \!5l oTTI > \ 11 l I ' \
('liartereil Capital, $4<M»,0nn.
CASH El NIL *1 gfl.lMMI. I
I MRE INSURANCE in Tow u or I'ounii \ 1
■* an.! M A RINK INM RAN. K ma> U*.rt
I ted on the most lavorable terms w ith !t.:> i • i
; panv.
Of All Losses promptly and s.»tis|;u-:;.iiiy • I
ranged. W M. I. I*. A K1A. i n •>
J no. Wood. Jr., Secretary.
F A. MARBUKY. Agent for A ex:u
aug ‘J'J—tf
VALLEY OF VIRGINIA, at Wim iifsj-h'
CAPITAL $.100,000.
mills COMPANY is now well est.b *•
I with the full amount *»l its capital, at
character for honorable dealing placed bev»i
doubt, The rates ol premium are as low
just regard to mutual safety will allow
!U~The undersigned is the legtilarly au’i
i/.ed Agent of the Company at Alexandna
will receive applications lor Insurance at a
time. [aug 7—dbmj D. S. G\\ IN
SHOE STORE.—To my customei.*, and
the public generally. I ictuin m\ gia’*
1 thunks for a^ libeiai share ot theii pat ion a.-"
dining the last few years. and l»y endeavu.i;
to keep on hand everything w ithin my I• • ■ ^
business. 1 hope to merit a continuant e ot t!.».
favors. My stock ot GOODS consist* m j...
a-* follow > :
Whole and halt' Gaiters, black
I)(» do do fancy colored
I Moiocco and Kid Buskins and Slipped ;
Do Neal Walking Shoes.
Black Morocco Boots and Slippers
Fancy Gaiters
Bion/.e and light colored Slippers and Bu*km -
t i.r.iur.jy »> m r.ju\ i
French call skin stitched and jigged Boo** I
(Jailers. Monroes, Jelfersons, and Slipp»is 1
Together with all other vatieties .*i*»l quah' I
ot work worn by gentlemen. a
Boots and Shoes, warranted to give ‘•ati'ta. t» 1
and on as liberal terms, (quality cnmuler** |
in any other home in town. fl
Come and examine lor yourselves.
HI. NR \ L SlMBSON, (Hoyul 'tn.i tt ''
store JrirM King strstt.) would respect* •
call the attention ot his friend- ol the towi.
country to his very extensive stork ol RcO I v
and SHOKS, suitable to the present ar ! ;
preaching season; which a-* usual, he ofiei
-ale at lair living prices His stock comM*
pai t ot the follow mg very seasonable :»r • i■
l.adies Moroi'i't* and vejl U alking St l»•« * 1
“ Slippers
Boot* (morocco and set!>
A11 - - e* and Childrens Boots and Shoi -
(ieutlemen - Call. Kipp, and Bull Boots
“ “ “ ** Shoes
|k>\ - ‘ ami K ipp Boots
“ Shoes
Youths “ and kk Boots
** *• kk Shoe
Men s thick Boots and Brogans No. 1 for for
ing and similar purposes, and m short. ev*r
article usually found in a well-sfocked I’oc.f •
shoe establishment.
N. B.— 1 should be most happy to receipt ' r
bills which I have rendered to my flier d*
they would onlv give me an opporttiurv
hope I am understood.) oct I
V I IKN llON ALL - 1 he undersign*.! r
respect fully calls the attention of ’he
/eii" of Alexandria, and others visitn g t: ** <
to their laige assortment oi L( •() I s a m» Mi* *
MIOKS. which thev otter r*n femis as r*J" : 1
l*le as at anv other establishment in Ur « |
As most ol their work is made under fh»it 1 |
mediate superintendence. the\ « an wariaC
tor durability.
N. I*.— W** would mo-t respect full v *‘a
attention ot tr:e public to our tall slock ot "
which is very laige. such as KIB an*l < cAbs
BOOl S and SHOKS. which w** aie defer miu r l 1
to sell low foi cash.
All orders lor work will re.eixe ihe stin •
attention. JNO. L. SMITH fcsON K.mi w '*
sep 6—tt -1 doors iiortn ol Kiiii'
Il’^BKR! LKMBKR !!— White Bin*
j Scantling, and Boards; Oak 1 ai.k ■
Flitch, aiwa\s on hand and foi sale bv (
SMITH & WA1TT.ES, Steam Saw
Just received two cargoes superior
Pipe Cullings. _1

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