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Virginia Legislature, Jan. 14.
Quite a large number of bills were repor
ted in the Senate this morning, which will
0 ltne up in their regular course. Among
them was one to enlarge the power of the
Common Council of Petersburg in relation to
paving the streets of that city, and taxing the
0 thereof; and one to authorize the Nor
folk and Petersburg Railroad Company to
,'xten l their road to Charlottesville. Mr.
J ,ne*. from a select committee, reported three
bill** amend an aet^paseed this session, giv
the c mseut of this State to the purchase
.yrtain lots iu Wheeliug, Petersburg and
Alexandria, lor the purpose of erecting cus
ui house*. A bill was also reported from
H M«!eet committee, ti» change the name of the
Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company
die Alexandria and Lynchburg Railroad
Mr. White presented the petition of Jesse
spencer, a free negro, to be allowed to en
clave himself.
The annual number of resolutions of inqui
re on various subject*, were offered aud
ilopted. * ...
] he Senate passed the following bills this
To incorporate the ''Preston Lumber and
Ir<‘ii Company ; to incorporate the Sootts
viile factory: to incorporate the Trustees of
Leavenworth Female College ; for increasing
the capital stock of the Powell’s Hotel Cum
p*nv. in the city of Petersburg; to incorpo
rate the Central Savings Bank of the county
of Amherst; providing for the voluntary en
slavement of the free negroes of the Com
monwealth ; and the following bills which
had previously passed the House of Dele*
^ates; To increase the capital stock of the
Vlexandria Flour Mill Company: providing
for the voluntary enslavement of Araminta
Frances and Dangertbdd, free persons of
o 1 >r : exempting citizens of Lynchburg
fr an serving on juries in the e >urts ut
Campbell county, in civil causes. T his was
the dav set for the consideration of the nu
merous bills making appropriations for in
teral improvements ; but the order was post
poned until Thursday next, the 17th iust.
Among the visitors in the Senate chamber
to-day was lion. A. P. Butler, the distinguish
ed Senator from South Carolina.
In the House, a number of bills were re
. - • 1 _2___
ported from coinuiiuees, »uu aguvu
solutions of enquiry offered.
A petition was presented from James Avis
Hartley, author of Lave of Aocieut N irgji
nia and other Poems/' in which he modestly
asks an appropriation ol ten thousand dol
lars from the Literary Fund, for his benefit;
on the ground that such works, keeping in re
membrance the early days ot \ irginia, ought
to be paid for. This is one of the rarest
events of the day.
The “short track” to Charlottesville was
discussed at length.
1 was very glad to see, on Monday night
last, how earnestly and heartily the sentiment
uf repudiating the Anti-Alexandria senti
ment of ignoring our own people for stran
gers, was responded to. Alexandria has ac
quired an unenviable reputation in this res
pect for the last four years. The principle
ot allowing Alexandrians, in their owu town,
“to have some say,” should be carried out in
man\ other matter*, besides calling upon pub
lic speakers. More auoii. A XATIV E.
At Scott Hall, Eastern Shore, Virginia, or
the l*2th ultimo, by the Re\. Mr. Cheevera,
eldest daughter ot Thomas P. Bagwell, M. I).,
allot Acconiac County, Virginia.
At the same time, and by the*ame, EDWARD
second daughter o! l>r. Thomas I*. Bagwell, all
ot Accomac County. \ irginia.
In Washington, on the 'oth inst.. at Foundry
Parsonage, b\ Re». E. P. Phelps. Mi. ALBERT
YV. ELY. and Mis- St S ANN AH B. 1RIP
l.F 1 TF. all of that city.
On the luth instant, at Bowling Lreen, <’uro
• iii« County. Virginia, in the *'<:d sear ot her
•ge ANN* HOOMES MAI RY, wife ot Wm.
l« Maury, and mother ol the late John W.
Maurv. of Washington.
Makilani* Tobacco.$s <H) id $7 is)
Flock, Super.S 37$ (d S 30
Do Family.11 3t> (d 12 C*‘>
V*’hrat, led.1 sf> Cd l OO
Do white.1 (d 2 *»»>
1 oas, while (new^.0 do (d O 73
Do do (old).U 75 d 0 7S
Do yellow.0 73 d <•* 7S
Rt»..0 S3 id O ‘JO
Oath.0 38 id 0 10
Form Miu, & bushel.0 SO (d 0 VH»
Bi’ttku. roil. # lb.U 20 {jd 0 23
Do tirk.’ii.o It'* id 0 20
Bacon, hog round.0 12 0 0 13
1'ok& (dressed).7 75 0 8 23
Lard, (m kegs).0 11$ 0 0 12
l lover StkD. 7 75 0 8 18)
Timothy Seed. .4 OO 0 4 25
White Blass.1 25 0 l 5u
Plaster.(retail).4 75 0 5 00
Flaxseed.1 75 0 1 80
Black-Eyed Pear.I 37$ 0 1 50
Tmac, hundred).1 00 0 O 00
8alt li. A.1 25 0 1 37
Po (fine).1 75 0 2 OO
Hat. (*> 100tbs.).0 87$ 0 1 OO
KLOl’R.—The market i* dull: no sales re
ported. Hollers not disposed to operate. Stock*
very small, and receipt* light. Nominal prices
$v 37$ a $8.50.
GRAIN.—Yeiy little wheat offering; market
Hat. Small sales ol red at 185c.<ia' 190c.; white
193c. ii 20uc. Corn steady at 65c <z 75c. tor
white and mixed, Oats 38c. ii 4'*c. Rye 83c
a 9i r Corn-meal 80c. u 90c.
MONEY matters tight, weather moderating.
Baltimore Market*.
Baltimore, .Jan. 16.— Flour is more active
to day ; sales of Howard street at $8. Wheat
|s lull, and prices uominal at $1.75 (tf $1.85
tor Southern red, and $1.85(a $1.1*5 for white.
Corn, atoo, is nominal, w ith light receipts, at
(d, 76 for white, and 76 (a* 78 for yellow.
1856. Sex Si’s
r ANT ARY. n«>. *e(9. Moon's Phases.
'l' Thursday. . 7 7 4 53 u. h m.
1** Friday.7 6 4 34 Full.21 10 19 e.
'lJ Saturday... 7 64 34 Last »jr. 30 3 24 m.
Sunday.7 3 l 55 New'. 6 5 25 m.
7 ' Monday .. 7 4 4 56 First qr.. 12 9 1 k.
l’uesday... . 7 3 4 57 HIGH WATKK.
- Wednesday. 7 3 4 57 Jan. 17. 3R. 19rn.
L A T K S T D A T K S.
J'OnJon.1W. *.N 1 Havre.Dec. 2*
-'•tj**,].IV»- 29 J S*w Orleans.Inn. 7
Echo and Schr. iris, from Georgetown,
ar> aKhore at Swan Point. Two Steamfugs
<i\e been sent trom Baltimore to their assis
tance .
Schr Washington, Slight, hence at New
*°rk. 14th mst.
^°ur. Helen Mar. hence tor Boston, is ashore
u’ Holmes'* Hole, but lying easy, leaking only
SKATES.—A line assortment of these sea>
tunable articles, just received by the
Avlamn' Express, and for sale by
17—eo3t 60, King at., cor. of Ftirfex.
Another Arrival from Kurope.
Xtcw York. Jan. l">.—The steamship Erics
j son arrived this evening. She left Havre on
j the 30th, and brings Paris papers of the 29th «
ultimo. !
Galigottni'a Messenger says that the Pied
montese Government is preparing additional j
forces for the new campaign. The Minister
of War had gi\en orders for a corps of 10,000
men, to be got ready without delay.
The reported retrograde movement of Omer
Pacha on Redoubt Kale is confirmed. ; (
A quarrel had occurred at Kertsch between
some of the Anglo-Ottomun and regular Tur
kiah troops, but bad been put down.
On tin* Paris Bourse on the 23th a sudden t
rally took place on the report that a truce for (
three months had been signed upon. i t
The Senate was not in session yesterday. I
In the House of Representatives, a resolution ■ j
declaring Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, to be the 1
Speaker, was defeated, and the balance of (
the dav consumed in explanations on the c
part of members, why they voted, and why f
they did not vote, for Mr. Campbell. 1
--- • (j
Duar out or tl»f Snow. .
A few dava ago some men were engaged 1
in cleaning the snow tr >m the sidewalk near
Hoe’s foundry, Xew \ ork, and alter dig- H
ing away a bank of several feet deep, much h
to their surprise they came across a man ji
sleeping quietly beside his bottle. He had
taken lodging on the walk the evening pre- $
vioua, and got snowed under. His breath (J
had made a hole in the snow, and thus he <
was furnished with fresh air. % j a
The llnuk of ltocklugliatu.
The Bank of Rockingham has declared a
dividend of 3 per cent, upon the capital j <»
stock, for the last G months, which will be ! v
pail to its stockholders on the loth inst. ; u
They have added 1A per cent, to the con- ' p
tingent fund, and paid a bonus ot \ per cent, j a
to the State, which makes the nett profits of
the B ink nearly i> per cent, for the last t> j n
months.—Rvi'kinyham Register. i d
--* i j]
Laud Warmuli. ^
The Washington Globe of yesterday says: .
Land Warrants have advanced two (rents ’
per acre since our last report, and are iu ri
active domand at the above quotations. The ; ^
tailing off in the supply is attributable to
the interruption of the mails, caused by the 0
snow storm. The issue from the Peusion c
Office reaches 500 warrants per day. and, so v
soon as the roads are opcu, we look for a do- 0
( uinmodoro Morris, L . S. \•
We regret to hear that this distinguished j ^
and so universally esteemed gentleman, is 11
iuet now quite ill of pneumonia, at his resi
dence iu this city.— U uahintji'vn Star.
----- . C
Thomas S. Shirley, has been appointed |
Post Master, at Hav Market, Prince W’illiaui
county, Virginia, vice Thomas A. Smith re- ; ,,
signed. rt
W e have received a tile ot the San l-rati- u
cisco, (Cal.) Sun, with dates to the -Oth IV t
1 VrFAV MEDICAL B(H >KS —Parrish's Phar- h
mnry —An Introduction To Practical ' s
i Pharmacy, designed as a text Book tor the Stu
dent, and as a Guide so the Physician and Phar- j 0
maceutist, with many formulas and prescrip- ! )•
tions, by Edward Parrish. (Graduate of Pharmacy j
| ami member ot the Philadelphia College ot j
i Pharmacy, with 243 illustrations, price 75 |
Barbie* Practise—A Manual of the Practice j.
ol Medicine, by George Hilaro Barlow. FePow ?
ot the Royal College of Physicians, w ith addi- r
tion> by I). Francis Condie. M P., $2 75. i r
Budd on the Stomach—On the Organic Pi sea
spb of the Stomach, by George Budd. M. D. F.
K. >, author of a -Treati®e on the Liver."
jti 5*>. Just published by Blanchard &. Lea. ‘l
and for sale by (’jar. I*] ROBEK1 BELL
AT OT ICE.—The copartnership heretoioie
existing between W11 HERS \ HOL
LAND. has been dissolved by mutual consent. a
All claims due by. and Tt» the firm, will he set* t
tied bv Thornton W ithers. r
Witness Enoch Bakrkr. j tu ^
Vola. 3 and 4. containing tiie History «>i -i
the Reign of William and Mary, l2mo. cloth, } h
o2j cts. per volume, cloth. *1 5<>.
American Almanac and r epo>itorv <»i I setul h
Knowledge, toi £i. Just jiubli.-l^d. for
nale by JAMES EN 1 W ISLE & SON 7
i j.u, |t No 9C», King-street, v
^ PLATED WAKE—1 have received by j ^
j express another lot ot line Ivory Handle l aide .
Cutlery and ot heavily plated Forks Spoon*. J
\c. These goods are ol superior quality, and ,
will be warranted to give satisfaction.
JOHN OGDON, dealer in aitides !
jan 17 [Sent ] useful in Housekeeping ^
OOl’P! SOUP!!—Mock Tcrtlk. Julias, Oa- | t
! i ... •< V.., ..j oui fuil uiori’ I
rtl'LA AIIU « . vrv . ... ”!
daw from 11. A. M.. to 10 o'clock, P. M . at j,
my Restaurant. Families also rnay be supplied s
with an excellent article, at short notice.
;an J7_fit Marshall House Restaurant.
llTANTED immediately, a Cook. Washer, ^
f ▼ and 1 roner. Apply at this Office,
i jan 17—3t
a XKS.— A few more of excellent quality.on n
r\ hand, and tor sale at low prices, by
jan 17—eoflt 6U. King-st., cor. ot tairfax.
j do. do.; Cooper's Sheet and Shred Isinglass;
' for sale by PEEL Ac Si EY ENS, No -12. i
jan 17 ' _King street.
L1 ROCKINGHAM FLOUR.—to bbls. No. l
extra FI.OCR. received, and lor sale by
J. GROSS. No s, Cr.ioii street, -
jan 17 Near the Ferry Slip. a
STOVE POLISH.—Morrill's Imperial, Bri- li
^ iish Lustre. German Lustre, E. I. Black v
Lead, American do., received and tor sale bv
ja.ii 17 H. COOK & CO., Sarepta Hall. a
j just received and for sale, by
jan 17 H COOK X CO.. Sarepta Hall.
j pALT.—50 sacks fine Liverpool Salt; 50 i l
| sacks G. A. Salt; in store and for sale by
HOG-FEED.—A lot of valuable Hog-teed.
toi sale at PIONEER NELLS. : ^
j jan D'>—fit j
rpO HIRE, fovthe year lS-V., a likely SER
| VANT BOY. in his loth year. Enquire j i
at the Gazette Office. jan lb—eoflt
) received, and for ^ale by
j jan lb FOUNTAIN Ac CO., 5v.\ King-st.
T^LOUR EMERY, instore, and for vale by
J* FOUNTAIN Ac CO., 52, King st. : g
jan 16 ,
received and for sale bv I
i jan lft PEEL & STEVENS. t
ANEW GERMAN PIANO can be bought J
cheap to close a consignment. t
"TTENISON.— 1500 lbs fresh VENISON, just
V received,and for sale by i -
(TORN MEAL, tiesh from the Mill, always *
/ on hand, and lor sale by
SUNDRIES.—White Beans. Black-eyed Peas,
Dried Apples, Ac., for sale by 1 .
By Yesterday Kveulng’tf Mails.
Virginia Legislature.
In the Senate, on Tuesday, a bill passed
iireoting the assessment of the property of
he Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company
u this Commonwealth—ayes 39 noes none.
Two bills relatative to land for custom
iou»es in Petersburg and Alexandria, pre
isely similar to the Wheeling bill, wore read
i seejnd time and ordered to their engroes
A petition was presented from the pilots
>t Virginia, asking a change ami revision
>f the pilot laws. It was referred to a select
The bill authorizing the establishment of
he Northwestern Lunatic Asylum was uu
ler discussion in the Senate, and several in
cresting speeches were made. It was pett
ing a motion to lay the bill upon the table
hat the Senate adjourned.
In the IIou.-iP of Delegates, a bill was re
iorted to incorporate the Richmond and
iVnchburg Railroad Company, and sundry
ther bills, which will come up in their
The Danville Railroad Company arc be
ire the Legislature with a petition tor a
>an of STo.ouO, to enable them to repair the
a mage* caused by the recent disaster, in
olving the destruction of their depot in
A resolution of enquiry was adopted, rt*l
tive to exempting from taxation the sale of
ooks pamphlets. &«., printed and published
i this State :
The house passed the bill appropiatiug
Id,775, for repairing and furnishing the
overnor’s uransien.
The “short track” to Charlottsville was
?ain under consideration.
Virginia unit Teiuie*^***1 liallroad.
LvNTiiiiUKu, Jan. 15.—The engines sent
ut on the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad,
esterduy morning, returned during the day,
nahle to proceed. The engine on the down
•eight train is off the track in a snow driic
bout 5 miles from town.
The engines “Washington” and “Rich*
loud” on their way down to this city yester
av with the mail trains were precipitated
no the creek by tlie breaking of the hridgo
Imjvo Gish’s mill. Hands have beeu sent
at to repair damages. Nobody was hurt.
Several trains bauds who were out on the
>ad about two days and a half are badly
•ost bitten.
Lyxcururu. Jan. 15.—12, M.—The trains
. • • 1 ___ :i ..11
[] Ul(! » (Igluiauiiu t ciiuv-'-t v »»*»
ime in hint night. The bridge at Gish h
ill be passable for to-morrow’s train. The
ngine Washington is damaged to the
mount of $iOOU.
The engineer, fireman and conductor on
ie train were slightly injured, lhe snow
1 the cuts is from three to live feet deep.
There are no trains uu from Richmond
et. The Southside oars are expected to
oine through to-day.
ltobbery, Ac.
Charleston, >. C., dan. 14.—Yesterday
lorning lion. Francis lieranda, recently
ppointed Minister from Venezuela to the
oitcd States, who arrived here early in the
naming,Vn the Isabel, en route for W ashing
•>n, was robbed of SdOUU. lhe thief en
*red his room at the Mills House with h'llse
evs, and escaped with the money after a
ot pursuit on the part of Florentio Riiuas,
ecretary of the Venezuelan legation.
Thomas d. Kccles, mail ageur, who was
n trial in the C. S. Court here for mailrob
erv, was yesterday acquitted.
Frozen to death.
We regret to learn that John McFarland,
Isq., oi dctfersoii county, lost his iile by the
evere cold on Thursday night last. He was
^turning, in a sleigh, from a sale, to his
1‘sidence, six miles distant. lhe horse
>ok the empty sleigh home; ami its occupant
as iotiud dead by the road aide. He leaves
young wile and one child.— MV/i. I n\
On Monday night last, a negro, belonging
.) Mr. dames II. Grant, of Richmond, killed
fellow-servant, belonging to the same gon
leman, bv stabbing him through the heart.
il*H F. PURL KIN lb—W e send our orders to
Ireland, and have made expressly tor our
ile»a large quantity of pure -all-linen goods.”
►ur sprin® supply arrived yesteruav —
ft11 pit ces stout and iieavy lor shir’s, at .t/J.
0, i4. and 5») cents, any of which will weai as
>i,g and well as tiie most fastidious ran desire.
oU pieces ol the finest numbers at oo, .<»,
7 A, and $1. lor bosoms and collars.
30 pieces extra "Housewife Linens.” at t»vV
f*. and JiTA cents. A casual look at this I«~u
,ill satisfy the seeker*, oi the best linen goods
tat they are what is needed.
ID pieces line pillow Linens that we had made
ith the above lot.
Our orders and sales for the above goods have
) laigely increased that we find it difficult to
eep the supply adequate to the demand.
Our regular customers and others who have
een waiting the arnval of our spring supply, had
etter call early and make their selections before
:ie stock is broken.
Also, a full supply ol all widths Table Dia
ers and Damasks, some extra tin-, and wide, of
ivlish patterns.
Linen Sheetings, all widths, ol the proper
ualities. at our usual low p'ices
Towels. Napkins. Towellings, and Doylies.
, itii a lull supply <>t all other linen goods that
ear the stamp ot excellence of fabric; we deal
i no other kinds.
One price only; consequently purchasers need
ot apprehend they will be overcharged.
Delay in closing any bill* we present, is not ex
ected to occur.
£7-Good articles, low prices, and fair dealing
lay be relied on in all ca^es.
‘•Central Stores.” west building,
opposite Central .Market.
Washington, jan 1 ■'—eolOt
j 9 SUPPLIES—We will need all the room
,e have: consequently we arc solicitous to seli
II WINTER GOODS we have remaining, and
a\e put the prices so low that judges of goods
. ill not fail to pm chase.
Ladies* Cloaks. Shawls, Talmas, and Scarfs
t remarkably low prices, all of modern st>le*.
Merinoes, Mouselines, and Cashmeres
Medium and rich Silks.
With a choice lot of Plaid Meriiioes.
Also, our usual full stock ot Good* adapted
>r lamily consumption.
Our stock of all kinds of “Mourning Goods”
; complete throughout the year.
* One price only.
Those persons desiring to continue their bills
rith us will, of course, settle those presented
rior to making new purchases.
* Good articles, low price*, and lair deal
iii may be relied on in a;! cases.
•Central Stores, west building,
opposite Centre Market.
Washington, jan 15—eo 1 Ut
ENTERING CAT l'LE —We can teed for
VV 3* months 1 no HEAD OF CATTLE.
t Clear View, Prince William county, four miles
rom Dumfries, The provender being vvell-rick
I Straw, from Situ bushel* ot wheat, and corn
raider from 7M0 barrels of corn, and not more
nan 3u0 yards fiom a well-watered field, in
vhich they will be wintered. Apply to our man
^r. JOHN L. HAMM1TT, Dumfries Post Oi
ice, Va„ or to the subscribers,
F redericksburg. jan 12—eo3w
\TERMIN' POISON, a safe substitute for Ar
senic, for destroying Rats. Mice, Roaches,
ic Received and lor sale by
t»e(. 2i 52 King-street.
[JIXTRA SUPER FLOUR, (Milltville) for
i Family use, just received, and for sale by
The Mall*.—Travel.
The train of cars on the Orange and Ale*
andria Railroad arrived at this place, yestei
day afternoon, at 3 o’clock, with the South
eru mails up to date, and about two bundrei
and fifty passengers. The road is now en
: tirely free from all obstructions, and th
trains are able to run the route according t<
i the schedule. The travel over this road, fo
the past week, has been very great—it beir.j
the only route open to the South, since tin
closing of the Putapseo and Potomac riven
j by ice Our Northern mails are regula
again, and once more all is right—so far
the railroads are concerned—and we hope ii
will continue so.
1 Lecture at the Lyceum.—Dr. Williaii
H. Allen, in his lecture before the “ Youn$
i Men’s Christian Association” (previously
noticed in the Gazette,) on Tuesday evening
last, advanced some most excellent ideas for
their consideration, and if strictly applied,
would redound to the glory and praise ot all
such organizations. The full, rich voice oi
the lecturer, his manly proportion*, and the
: zeal manifested in impressing the thought!
of his mind upon the audience, soon drew
them close to him, and he held them almosl
1 spell-bound during the entire reading of the
address. Dr. A. urged upon the young mec
before him never to allow themselves to for
get their duty towards the unsophisticated
and guileless youths who came among them
seeking employment. First principles, ii
good, contained a charm that would guide
them through the snares that beset them on
every hand in the crowded thoroughfares oi
all towns and cities. It was the duty of the
Association to seek and find such persons as
soon after their arrival as possible, and try
to instill into their minds the doctrines oi
truth, industry, and virtue—take them by the
hand and introduce them to each individual
member—grant them free access to your Li
brary—obtain for them seats in some of our
, houses of worship—and, in fact throw in
lftfed tfi
allure them from the haunts of wickedness
ami vice. The lecturer inferred that such
was their proper course in ‘‘Moral Progress.
Manv a bright star of the moral and intel
lectual world has been dimmed and sunk in
to obscurity, which would now retain its lu9.
tre, but for the want of proper training in
the beginning. And, continued the lecturer,
1 the inducements for young men to exert eve
ry effort, are more encouraging from the fact
that vice continues to decline yearly, and it
should be the pride of every Christian to lay
his hand upon the monster and try to expel
it from our midst forever. Scores of young
men, educated in rural innocence, leave the
scenes of their childhood, with a father’s
benediction and a mother’s prayer. They
vi-it our cities, and unless met by some good
Samaritan to lead them aright, 1 emulation
soon selects them as companions, and ero
they can realize the awful reality, they have
wasted their substance in riotous iiving, and
become outcasts from society. The salvation
of such young men, should be the earnest
subject of consideration in all ‘‘Christian
. Associations.” They should proceed delib
erately, quietly, and without any pretence
of ostentation, remembering that the Saviour
of the world spoke to the Prophet, not in the
whirlwind or the storm, but i:i the “still
small voice.”
Wo have not pretended to follow thin able
lecture throughout; it would require too
much time and space. ^ t* only give that
portion which bears more directly upon the
Institution to which it was delivered. Hr.
Allen U a lecturer of no ordinary ability ;
and could he he induced to deliver another
lecture in our city, we bespeak tor him an
equally intelligent and much larger audience.
Ili-i suggestions, we hope, have had tho de
sired effect, and should he ptudied and ap
plied—not only by our “ Young Men’s Chris
tian Association ”—but by all.
The lc'K. —1The river and canal are still
closed with ice, and bid fair to continue Hu
until we are visited with a warm rain. None
of the steamers that usually run upon #ur
river, are able to make a single revolution
of their wheels—the old ice king Powhatan
among the rest. Consequently the trade and
travel, by water, are at an end, and many of
our merchants arc getting short of goods ne
cessary to keep up trade. However. -»ome of
,>ur business men came to the conclusion,
1 __! ^1. A i ll.A-.A «*• A MA At'O
VeSierUH v UMJiuiiig, mat, ~
ways to accomplish nn object than one. So,
with the aid of “some ” sleigh* and “con
siderable ” man power, they proceeded down
to a vessel, encased in the ice below the city,
and relieved her of her burthen, and the cap
tain of his responsibility, bringing the goods
iu safety to our wharves !
Kiel.—We learn that there is a great
scarcity of fuel in our city, and that exor
bitant prices are demanded. Those whose
m°ans ure small find great difficulty in 1 1>
! taining fuel enough to keep their firesides
j comfortable. And how must the poor crea
ture fare who has no means 1 It is the duty
! of our charitable citizens to relieve the ne
cessities of the deserving poor, who tire suf
fering for the want of food and fuel, lhe
manager of the Soup House is doing much
towards appeasing their hunger. But there
i is still more to be done—they should be kept
warm. Ward meetings should be held, and
means raised. Let us see which of our four
Wards will put the ball in motion. No time
| is to be lost, if any good to he effected.
A Singular Phenomenon.—We were
shown, yesterday, by a gentleman living
n*ar Fairfax C. H . a species of bugs that
fell at that place during the rain of Saturday
„ight last. The snow, for several miles, was
robbed of its whiteness, and made to resem
ble a vast field of colored velvet. What is
still more surprising, the intense coldness oi
the weather cannot kill them. 1 hey appa
rently seem to be stiffened by the raw atmrg
1 phere: but if placed near the fire, will relax
; and exhibit signs of life. They are very
black, and are hut little larger than a grain
of coarse powder. Who can enlighten us or
j the “ bug question ?'
Sleighing.—Sleighing is getting to be
; poor sport now, though some of our citizens
keep it up, despite the “ sloshy ” conditioc
of our streets and out-of-town thoroughfares
A few more days of such weather as yester
| day, and the snow and ice in our midst wih
, Albany, Jan. 16.—Orville nooinson, v»un
shell democrat,) was elected Speaker of the
, New York Legislature, to-dav, and the Mes
i ^ *
sage of Gov. Clark received and read.
S New Yokk, Jan. 16.—The Ship St. Den
i niti, hence for Havre, foundered on the fifth,
• : The Captain, second mate, three cabin pas*
’ sengers, and part of the crew, thirty in all
5 were lost.
; ; _
Madison, Wis., Jan. 16.—The Supreme
Court has issued a quo warranto on the de*
, inand of Ba9hford, enquiring by what au*
' , thority Barstoe holds the Governorship.
1 Boston, Jan. IS.—The Rteamship Canada
sailed to-day. at noon. She takes out no spe
j cie.
Washington*. Jad. IS.—On the last ballot
i in the House, to day, Mr. Banks received 86
, votes; Mr. Richardson, 65; Mr. Fuller, 29;
Mr. Pennington, 8.
ry \*)th and \lth.
AFTERNOON, commencing at J o'clock.
By particular request is introduced the lavonte
Chemical Diorama MILAN CATHEDRAL.
. with the celebration ot MIDNIGHT MASS.
AVer which the Historical and imposing sub
to the Dioramas, will be introduced “EIGH
Chkomatroi'Es and Metamorphoses.
Children, when under 12 years, I5cts. Exhi
bition commences at 7^ o’clock. jan lo-2t
sjTrepta hall:
rilHIS wonder ot the age who is supposed by
I Naturalists and others to be the connect
ing link between the human race and brute
creation, will be on exhibition at the above
[)A 1, and SATL RDAY the \*>th. 1 lih, \Sths and
19th. All should go and see her.
jan 1 1 —lift *
IV., Harper's edition—price o2j cents
per volume.
Private Correspondence of Henry Clay, by
Colton--$3. Looking Unto Jesus, by Ambrose
— $2; Lloyd's Steamboat Directory, and Disas
ters on the Western Waters, with numerous il
lustrations—$1.73; Manuel of Bayonet Exer
cise, prepared for tbe use ot the Army ot the
United States—$1.23: the Evangelical Church
Review, for January. lS3f>—73 cents, or $3 per
annum. Just published and for sale by
j;in i r> ROBi. HELL.
DIVIDEND—The Board ot Directors of
the Alexandiia Waier Company have declared a
semi-annual div idend ot 3 per cent, payable at
the Oifice of the Treasurer, on and alter this
day (loth inst.) The interest due on the out
standing scrip certificates will also be paid.
I an 13—3t EDW. S. HOUGH, 'Treasurer.
FOR RENT.— The three story PWKL
ij;I LING AND STORE, on King street, near
Washington, lately occupied by George R.
Blacklock a Dry Goods Store. Possession
given or. the first of February, 1 S5f. Enquire ot
WM. DEVAUGHN, Agent for
i jan 13—eo3w P. Bet/old.
(10UNTRY PRODUCE.—1«' barrels Roll
j Butter, (part prime;) 23 packages packed
do ; ID barrels Eggs ; VU packages Lard, (new;)
25 bairels Rve Flour; 1,«m;<» ttis. Buckwheat;
1 20 ba°s Corn Meal ; 1,*:< 111 lb*. old Hants, for
jtlft j No. 1'.' Union-street.
rpHANK ELL tor the patronage heretofore
J extended to the late firm ot Kerhakt k
1 Barker, the subscriber hopes to receive a libe
ral share, he will continue the LUMBER
BUSINESS in all its branches, at the old stand
jan3—tf U. W. BARKER.
I A DIES DRESS FURS, at reduced prices.
j W e will sell our remaining stock ot hi KS
such as Marten, Fitch. Mountain Marten, Ac.
at greatly reduced prices.
: jan If snrepta Hall, King-st.
2OU bbls. No. 1 Herring
350 “ No. 3 medium Mackerel
50 “ No 2 do., just arrived
from Nova Scotia per Barque “Ava.” and lor
sale by [dec 21] FOWLE Sc CO.
Mysteries of the post office.—
'Ten years amongst the Mail Bags, or
| Notes from the Diary of a Special Agent ot the
! Post Ollier Department, by J. Holbrook, price
?1 50. Just published, and tor sale by
j^X FOR RENT.—The three story BRICK
j Jii.’ia DWELLING and STORE on trie west
side of Fairfax street, next to John Leadbeafpr’s
Store—a gooil stand lor any business. Po:>s* s
sion given immediately. Apply to
1 !IJO •* K. 11 miiLE.IV.
I- OST.—On the Manassas Ciaj> Oars which
j arrived on Sunday morning, a BLACK
BEAVER V ICTOKINK. A suitable reward
will be paid for its return to this Office,
jan 16—7:
HAVING purchased of T. S. Evkrbtt, his
stock of GROCERIES. I respectfully so
licit a continuation of the patronage of his late
jan 10—tl No. 8. North Union-street.
Liverpool tine salt.—
100'J sacks Ashton ) j-ne Salt
1500 Marshall. $
iust received and lor sale, by
' fjpr 10— lw FOWLE k 0#.
TTTANTEO TO HIRE for the present year.
\Y a good Seamstress. Washer. and Ironer.
Liberal wages given. Enquire at this office.
jan 4—tf_ _
j IIT HIS KEY.—o' barrels rectified Whiskey,
Y Y in store and for sale bv
jan if- No. 45 Union-street.
Liverpool rock salt.—no tons Rock
Salt, expected per Barque ‘Ocean Bride,
from Liverpool, ifported below, tor sale by
jan 15 FOWLE ft CO.
I JELL'S WAX MATCHES -A supply <<:
) Bell s London Wax Matches, received,
ami tor sale by HLNR\ COOK A: CO,
jan 7 Sarepta Hall.
4 LMANACS FOR 1S50—Farmers. House
keepers. Fishers Comic, ( rocket!, and
German Almanacs, for sale by
4 LCOHOL.—A large supply just received
jan 15 39 King-street.
dust published, and for sale by
PAPER SHADES.—a large supply of rich
patterns and new styles, just received by
11 mo 17 R. H MILLER.
1"\OTATOES.—500 bushels prime Mercer
Potatoes, for sale low, by
Anthracite white and red ash
COAL, on hand, and for sale by
• ▼ - r . tt.
j RLE REAL ESTATE.—By authority of
a decree of the Circuit Court of Alexandria
, County. Va .pronounced at the May term there
of. 1 K»5. and amended at tne following Novem
; her term, in the suit of Elizabeth Zimmerman
vs. David J. Tout and wife and other?, the un
dersigned. Commissioner?, named therein, will
offer for ?a!e at public auction, in front of the
i Mayor’s Oflice, Alexandria. Va.. im Saturday, the
: VL3// of February. 1 Sod, at PJ o'clock. M. the fol
lowing REAL ESTA TE, situated in the City of
Alexandria, viz:
2,,^ No».lan.!2. Two LOTS OF GROUND
| J&vith BRICK TENEMENTS thereon, on
the South side of Prince street, between Fa
yette and Payne, fronting each vr" tee: on Prince
street, atal running back 100 leet. to a lu leet
; ijlfTENEMENT, situated on the North side
of Prince street, near its intersection with West
street, fronting on Prince 16 feet, and running
hack 70 feet.
i jkrX Nos. 1 and 5. Two LOTS OF GROUND
| jElwith FRAME TENEMENT thereon,sit
uated on the North side of Prince street. at and
next its intersection with West street, fronting
• each, on Prince street, 1 ‘2 feet 6 inches, and run- i
ning back 7" feet to a 3 feet alley.
Nos. 6and 7. Two LOTS OF GROL ND
In* with BRICK TENEMENT, situated on |
j the West side of West street, between King and j
Prince streets, fronting each on W est street 1 1 !
I feet 6 inches, and running back 63 feet 5 inches.
MNo. 8. L O T O F G R O U X D. with ;
FRAME TENEMENT thereon, situated
on the South side oi Queen street, between Hen- j
' ry and Fayette streets, fronting on Queen street !
20 feet, and running back 100 feet to a 15 feet j
Terms —One-tenth of the purchase money i
cash on the day of sale; the residue iit three ;
, equal instalments, at 0, 12, and is months from j
the day of sale. The deferred payments to bear >
interest from day of sale, and to be secured by
bonds of purchaser with approved security, j
The titie to be retained until the deferred pay
ments shall have been made
CHARLES E. STUART. » Conim rs.
11. 0. CLAl'GHTO.V )
jan 12—eots
j fllRUSTEES’ SALE.—The undersigned will.
; on Thursday, the 24th day oj January, loud,
j sell at public auction, for cash, a likely NEGRO i
MAN, slave tor life—conveyed to me by deed of ■
of the 24th February, 180.*). Recorded Liber .
(). No. 3. p. 5u8, Alexandria County records.
Sale at 12 o'clock, M., in front ot the Mayor’s
. Ollier. 1. LOUIS KIXZKR, |
jan lf>—emits 1 rustee.
^ TER. VA.—On t’ne l»t day oi January •
next, the subscriber, with competent Assistants, ;
will open a Female Boarding and Day School !
in the town of Winchester, Ya. The uealtiilul
ness ot Winchester, its accessibility, and the
moral and social character ol its society, highly
• commend its location. It will he our aim to
make it an institution ot a high grade; which
shall lurnish to its pupils a system of instruc
tion which shall not only store the memory, but
enlarge the understanding, strengthen the judg
ment and purify the ta>te, and nourish those
graces ot mind, characterand deportment, which
adorn the Christian Lady
The Scholastic year will embrace a session ot
ten month?—divided into two terms of live
months each. 'I he charges will be;—for board,
tuition in the English branches washing, fuel,
j and lights. per session; for Tuition
; alone, m tne higher English branches, $4U per
session, for Latin, French, and Drawing, an ex
i tra charge of $20 per session, each, payable halt
' yearly in advance. Music at Professor's charge*
Use oi piano per session. ;
References.—David W. Baiton, e?q . J. H i
Sherrard. e^q., Robt. Y. Conrad, e^q.. I>r. Daniel
Conrad, Randolph Tucker, esq.. Winchester. Ya.; !
Rev. George Adie, Win. H. Grav, esq.. B V\ . «
Hmmun. esq.. John Janney, esq . Leesburg. V a.; J
Rev. J. T. Johnston Rev.C. B. Dana. Benjamin
Hallowell, e>q., John J. Lloyd. Cassius F Lee.
e.*(j.. Laurence B Taylor e>o., Alexandria. Ya ; j
Jori11 A. Washington, esq.. Mount Vernon. V a.; '
; Him. James A Pearce. T S. Senate; Welling-I
i ton Gordon, esq., Louisa County. V a.; Dr J.
Prosser raid*, Gloucester County, Ya John'
Hopkins. e«q.. Baltimore, Md
W inchester, dec S—eotl
\TLTlt’K.—The subscriber, grateful to In*
triei.d* and patrons for their kind and gen
erous support extended him in the Commission
trade, in Alexandria, adopts this metuod of in
forming them that he lia- declined the same,and
removed to the Plains Nation, Fauquier county,
on the Manassas Gap Railroad, and opened a
house of L A J L/i /.r/A J/LA 7’. where he will
he pleased to see and confer w itli them relative '
to all unfinished or unsettled business appertain
i ing to the old Cornmi»ion trade. They can !
confer With him by mail or otherwise, a* there
is an odice at this point, as vvt-li as a handsome
; and healthy village—embracing most ot the va
i rious professions. with three stores; and every
1 inducement to render a sojourn agreeable to his
friends—the invalid or the seeker of peace and
pleasure. WM R. GLASCOCK, j
The Plains, dec 2'J—eolm
Male classical and mathemati
cal SCHOOL, Alexandria, Va.—The ;
subscriber purposes opening in this place on the j
In st Monday in February, (1$5B.) a SCHOOL, j
! which will embrace a thoiough and extensive
; course of Education.
1'rimary Depaitment..T»u
Higher English. B 3U ;
Classical and Mathematical. s *mj |
.\o extra charges.
Circulars, giving full particular* and reieren j
! res, may be had at Messrs Berkley & Sharklett'a, \
1 English h Caslleman s, or Robinson & Payne's !
BIT" Any person having a room to rent, suita
ble in size and locality lor a SCHOOL, will
! please apply to any ol the above-named places. ,
dec'll—gawhw* GEO A. BAKER.
C* \ l \ REWARD.—Ran away on or about j
/ the 20th of December last. Irom the
cfiy of Alexandria, negro boy FRANK LEE,
about twenty years old, very light complexion,
with long straight hair, and would be supposed
by many to be a white boy. which no doubt he
is endeavoring to pas« lor. Had on when lie
left a light drab suit of clothed and a black silk
hat. The above reward of fifty dollars will be
paid, if taken out of the State of Virginia, or j
twenty-five if taken in the State; in either case |
he must be secured injail so that I get him again
P. O., Burke's Station Fairfax co, Va
jar: 12—eolm
rpO FARMERS.—-The subscriber is now
| prepared to take orders for PHOSPHATE
Many experienced and reliable Farmers certify j
to the superiority of the above, as being fully]
equal, if not superior to all other fertilizers, not
even excepting Peruvian Guano, and as it
much cheaper it ni l have greatly the advan
tage. It is no northern humbug. Orders will
taken for small or large quantities, as I am
particularly anxious to have it tried alongside j
of Guano, this Fall.
aug 16 WILLIAM BAYNE. Agent
The next vision commences on VV EDNE.S
DAY. the 2d day of January, ami continues until
1st of July. As the number of hoarder* will I
be limited, those who uish to board with the 1
Principal should make application at once. For j
circulars,containing tuil information, address
Piedmont Statius. Fauquier Co. Va.
dec 1 b—eo! m
MEXICAN G O A N O.—The undersigned
Sole Agents for the sale of MEXICAN ]
GUANO, in this City,Lave now on hand a good j
supply of this permanent lertihzer.
jan 27—tf FOWLS k CO.
JAS. M. G. McGUIRE, M. D., offer* his pro
fessional services to the public. His office
is at Howard, near the Theological Seminary,
Fairtax County, Va.
Howard, Fairfax County., sap 36—eotf
B\ GEO. R. BLACK LOCK, Accnoscsft.
Dry goods, sfgars. hardware.
anl> FANCY ARTICLES—Ot. Monde,y
evening. 14th instant, at 7 o'clock, (and continue l
every evening until all are closed ) at my o!.l
Store, No. ]»•!. on King, near Washington street.
1 stiail commence tin? sale ot a large lot ot
GOODS, ordered lor sale without limit, an
listing m part ot Cloths, CasHinere.**, larje:
Flannels. Vesting. Hosiery, Gloves. Woolen
Cudersli!rt* and Drawers, Mouse LVLaines. ( ai
icoe», Cambric*. Brown and Bleached Cottar.,
i Brown and Bleached Linen Diaper 1 ah «
! Cloth* and Napkins, Woolen Comiorts, Blan
kets, New mg Thread. Spool Cotton. I mbrella-*.
Knives and Forks. Pocket Cutlery. Spade* and
Shovels, Bnttama and Glassware, a large lot ot
i SFGARS. assorted, w ith a variety ot other ar
; tides too tedious to enumerate. Terms, cash on
j delivery. GEO. R. BLACKLOCK.
jan 11—tt* Auctioneer
COUNTY, YA.—In pursuance of a decree ot
the C'irciiit Court of Alexandria county, Yiigt
nia. rendered at the November Perm, lij'*,
thereof, in the writ of Herman H. Voss and An
gustos II. Voss vs. Liseite J Vo<s and others,
the undersigned. Commissioner * therein named,
will ofTer for sale, at public auction, in trout of
the Mayor a Office, in the city of Alexandria,
Ya., on Saturday, the 23d of itbruary, 1st 6, ft
12 o'clofk M., the following property, to wit A
valuable TRACT OF LAND in the county of
Alexandria. Ya., lying on the County Road, near
the Georgetown Ferry: said tract of land con
tains THIRTY-THREE ACRES, and there is
upon it a comfortable and subs’anti&l
3m COTTAGE HOUSE, kitchen, .tabling,
Xc. The same being hat tract of Land ot which
William Voss, late of the Pistnctof Columbia,
died, seized.
Terms o» $alf The terms of sale as pte
scribed by the decree are as follow. On*' tenth
of the purchase money to be paid in cash on the
day of sale, and the residue thereot m three
equal instalments, at six. twelve, and eighteen
months, respectively, from the day ot sale; thu
deferred payment, to bear interest from the day
ot sale, and to be secured by the bond* ot the
purchasers, w ith approved security, and thetitlo
to the property to be retained subject to the lui
ther order ot the Court.
jan 12 -eot>
day (Thursday.) the tenth day of January
18f»ft, will be sold on the premises, two valuable
TRACTS OF LAND, in We<t End, Alexan
dria. Va.. late the property of Reuben Roberts,
dec'd., being a part ol the Cameron Farm—one
lying between the Orange and Alexandria Rail
Road and Cameion Mill Race, and irontirg or
the Occoquan Road, containing nearly MX.
ACRES ot wr) desirable LAN D for Hardening,
Pastures, ora building lot. and will be sold alto
gether. The other TRACT fronts immediately
on the Little River Turnpike Road, betw een the
Occoquan Road and the road leading to Came
ron Mills, and contains nearly ELEVEN
ACRES, which will be divided into lots to suit
purchasers, thus furnishing a rare chance (toi
those who want a home of their own.) to pur
chase situations at once healthy, airy, pleasant,
and on oneol the most public thoroughfare* to
the city. Any person desirous of viewing the
property, will he shown the same, and obtain
any further information by calling on Robert F.
Roberts, at Cameron Mills or on the subscriber
at Cedar Hrove. near Accotink P. O., Fairfax
County, Va. Terms at Sale.
HANNAH ROBERTS, Executrix of
Reuben Roberts, d* c’d., bv
dec 10—Cots
ITt?" The above sale is postponed until the ,'i' *f
mttant. when it will take place in front ol < aK.%
1 avern. We>t End, at 1 o’clock P. M.
jan 12—eots
PUBLIC AUCTION —Pursuant to a IV
cree of the County Court of Fairfax, made on
the 17th day of December. 1S'*0. in a cause there
in depending, in which Win. H. Keene and oth
er- are complainants, and Jane Moigau and oth
ers are ilen-ndants. the undersigned Commi-moo
eis will, on Monday, the 2l*f doy of January,
1 S.jf>, (that being c ourt day.) at Fail tax Court
House, offer tor sale by public auction, to the
highest bidder, nine SLAVES in the said decree
mentioned. T he said lot of Slaves coiirtiats ot
four valuable MEN, an old W OMAN, two mid
dle-aged WOMEN, and two HIRES.
The Term* of Sale will be a credit ol six month*
with interest from the day ol sale; to be secured
by the bonds of the purchaser, with sufficient
personal security.
CfT Sale to commence at 12 o'clock, M be~
foie :he front door ot the Court-house.
Fairfax county, dec 24—eots
SALE—The subscriber having determin
ed to curtail hi* tanning oj>eratioi>s, ofier* foi
sale the FARM upon which he at piesent re
sides. containing about bbO ACRES, lying and
being in the county of Fauquier, upon th« vva
ter* of South Run. about two miles from New
Baltimore, and adjoining the lands ol Aaron
Bise, J. Willett Leach. John B. Hunton, and
others—in a healthy and desirable neighborhood,
within convenient distance of Churches ot the
various Christian denominations. Schools and
Mills, and about equi-distant from Warrenton,
a depot on tlje Orange and Alexandria Railroad.
a ml i»amesvuie, a uep*'T «>n me **«jp
Railroad. This tarm is proportionately divided
mto arable and timber land, with a superabun
dance of prime bottom land for meadows, and
is susceptible of as high a state of rmprosemer.t
as any land in this vicinity. It is at present
adapted To the successful growth of ail the dil
lerent products raised in this section ot the
country. The subscriber has made good crops
of wheat w ith th* u >e ot guano, and his crops
of corn for the last ten years, have averaged
from Ct to 8 barrels pei acre.
77?^ The improvements consist of a new and
jftft very commodious DWELLING HOISE,
in thorough order, and all necessary out-build
ings. Anv person desirous ol further informa
tion. will please call upon the subscriber in
person, at bis residence, or address him by let
ter at New Bal’imore Post Office, Fauquier
County. Va Tkhmh op Salk, will be mad** ac
commodating. THOMAS E. Ht N lON.
FatHjnier County,jan 3—e<>ft _____
I AND FOR SALE!—I ofer tor sale my
j FARM in the county of Loudoun, situated
two miles from Upperville and eight from Pied
mont Station, on trie Manassas Gap Railroad,
and adjoining the lands ot Or. Joseph G. Gra^,
John M. Harrison. Geo. S. Ayre, and others.
This FARM contains 274 Acres, divided into
six heid*. a large lowland meadow, and an or
chard lot. '1 here is about fifty acres in wood.
The buildings are indifferent The Farm i* un
surpassed for the combined business ot grain
growing and grazing by any turn of its size in
tne county. The fields are ail well watered, and
the land is in good condition.
Application may be made tome, either by
letter or in person, in regard to price and terms,
at Upperville, Fauquier county.
Upper rillejy 31—eotl
is situated at the mouth of Aquia ('reek,
about one mile below’ the .Mail Boat Landing,
from which place Fish can be sent to market,
North and South, tw ice in every twenty-four
hours. It regarded as one of the best situa
tions for fishing, winter and spring, on the Po
tomac. The beach has been extended to about
three hundred yards in length.
Address the subscriber, at Comorn post-office,
King George County, Va.
King Geo. County, Va.. nov _
jjxJlJyJ just re« eived by

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