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By T«st«rd«y KTtBlaf'a Malls.
Undibgbound Opiration3.—Oo the 4th o
July last, a yellow fellow named Jordoi
Preston, owned by Messrs. T. & S. Hargrove
tobacconists, exhibited his independence bj
running off from his masters, and, as the]
supposed bis object was to escape to a fre<
State, they offered a reward of $300 foi
his apprehension. Friday night last th<
owner of this negro, having reason to believe
that be was about making an effort to gel
to Washinghton, sent Messrs William liar
grove and William S. Jenkins in that direc
tion, and wbeu they got near Aquia C reek,
they discovered Jordan on the Richmond
aud Fredericksburg cars under the care of a
white man. They immediately seized the ne
gro, hot unfortunately, in the excitement, the
white man gave them the slip and made
good his escape. Jordan had disguised him
self by blacking his face and having his hair
curled, but the two young men knew him
so well, that thev had no difficulty in re
cognizing him. It is proper tor us to add,
that no blame is attached to the officers ot
tbe Richmond and Fredericksburg Railroad
Company, as the negro was put on the cars
by a white man, who gave the requisite secu
rity that all was right. Jordan had a torg
ed emancipation paper signed Loftin B. Pi*
Jett, aud had changed his name to John St.
Clair.—Rich. Pisp.
Congress.—On the 18th August, tbe pre
sent session of Congress will terminate. The
public will then have a short repite till De
cember. The next session, should the elec
tion of President unfortunately devolve upon
the House of Representatives will be the
most momentous ever held in this country.
liichmond Pispatch.
Fruit and Vegetable Trade.—One thou
sand baskets of peaches were shipped from
Norfolk by ono of the N. Y. steamers. Kar
Iv apples are alsoshiped to Baltimore. The
sweet potato trade will conuueuce shortly—
a few barrels having already been sold at $t).
Rain—Richmond, Peter»bug, and the sor
rounding county were blessed with genial
showers on Saturday last.
On Saturday a small boat while going
down the river Appomattox with five colored
persons in it, was capsised about four miles
from Petersburg, by two of the party on
board beginning a quarrel. They were in the
act of fighting when the others trying to pre
vent the fuss, overbalanced the craft and the
whole establishment was spilt into the mud
dy river. Four of them managed to save
themselves,, but a free boy named Jim Gray
was lost.
There are over 500 visitors at the Mont
gomery White Sulphur Springs, 275 at the
Alleghany, and between 50 and 100 at the
Yellow Sulphur, making in all about 900
visitors in Montgomery— more than tive times
as many as were there this time last year.
The success of these places is uuparallclcd in
the history of summer resorts.
In the Hustings Court room at Norfolk, ou
Friday last, while the court was in session,
an altercation occurred between Mr. Mayo,
the Commonwealth's Attorney, and Mr. J.
li. Ileodreu, deputy Sergeant, during which
the latter was struck in the face by Mr. M.
Afterwards, Mr. Mayo made an apology to
the court, and Mr. Ilendren tendered his re
signation. Thus the matter terminated.
Kev. Peter De Forrest, an aged minister
of the Methodist denomination and a cit^en
of Richmond, was found near the half way
house on the Petersburg Railroad, last Tues
day afternoon, in a dying condition, llis
death occurred in a short time afterward.
The Weston Herald publishes an account
of the death of a lad named Andrew Mollo
han, in Braxton county, from the effects of
deep potations ef whiskey, given him by two
men, whose names are not mentioned, for the
purpose of “having some fun.” Such con
duct should not go unpunished.
On the night of the 31st ult., the friends of
Fillmore in Lynchburg held an enthusias
tic meeting, upon which occasion eloquent
speeches were made by John M. Speed esq.,
of that city, and Anthony Branch, esq., of
The Rawley, Orkney and Burner’s Springs
have never been better patronized than this
summer, very large crowds, we understand,
being at present at all of them, and daily in
creasing. The accomodations are excellent
at all these springs.
A portion of the citizens of Augusta, says
tbe Scauntou Vindicator, assembled at July
court to express tbe indignation of that
community at the conduct of Kev. Beecher
aud F. Sheffer in relation to the negro Sarah.
In Aldie. Loudoun County, Ya , on the morn
ing of the 3<>th of July, ot scarlet fever, LAU
RA, only daughter of J. P. H. and Alverda
Green, m the 7th year of her age.
Yesterday, at 6 o'clock, P. M , Mrs. F.LIZ.V
RK 1 H BF.ADKN, wite of J. J. Major, in the
•Htn year of her age. OP* The friends and ac
quaintances of the family are respectfully iuvi
o*d to attend her funeral this afternoon at 4$
o clock, from the Second Presbyterian Church
1' o. >c « >m■
AUGUST. rue* ult.1 Moon's Phases.
5 Tuesday_,5 6.0 54*. ohm.
* W^inewiay. 5 7 6 53 First qr.. 8 7 12 k.
* Thursday.. 5 86 52 Full.16 0 44 m.
* Friday. 5 9 6 51 Last qr. 22 3 57 k
* Saturday... 5 10 6 50 New.30 6 3m.
I" Sunday .... 5 11 6 49* high water.
11 Monday .. 5 12 6 48 Acuist 5. 9h. 37m.
G)“4on.July 22 I Havrv.-..July 21
Llv*nyv|.July 22 j N*»w '>rl#*nn..July 28
Schr Black Squall, Neal, New York, to Cum
beiland Coal and Iron Co.
Schr. J B & F. L. Pharo, New York, to Alle
ihany Mining Co.
hchr. L. Waterbury, Cramner, New York, to
8chr. Washington, Willett, New York, to S.
Shuin <* Son
Schr. Arctic, Bent, Windsor, plaster to Caze
nove ^ Co.
Schr T. C. Sawyer, from Providence for this
port, was at Newport. 31 at ult.
Schr. Parthenia, Hutchins: hence at Boston,
let inst.
Schr. Angelina, Griffin, cleared at Boston for
tuia port, 1st inst.
Schr. Entire, Dame rest, cleared at New York,
/^pr^town, lit inat.
BAGS! BAGS!! BAGS!!!—The subscribers
will furnish BAGS, to Farmers and others
touaigning them grain, at a charge of one
•*,lt per bushel.
1 ( \ ^XES Garrett's Scotch Snuff
1,0 Rappee do., just re>
csivad, and lor sale by
*"* 4 PERRY A SON.
local itkms.
f County Court.—The August term of the
i County Court, commenced yesterday. There
were present Justices T. Smith, J. H. Davis,
r J. J. Wheat, J. A. English, Wesley Carlin,
r John Summers, J. C. Moore, llenry Feebry,
, ! H. L. Simpson, I. Buckingham, Noah Drum
* ! mood, Robert Hunter, W. B. Price, W. T.
f li&rpor, G. H. Smoot, and C. P. Shaw.
James A. English was elected Presiding
' Justice pro tern.
| Robert Hunter, W. B. Price, C. P. Shaw,
W. T. Harper, aud G. II. Smoot were ap
pointed a committee to classify the magis
The grand iury was sworn, W. D. Massey,
foreman, and found a true bill against Dom
inick Gillan, for carrying concealed weapons,
and a presentment against the persons hav
j ing charge of the Court-house, for keeping the
! same in an iusecure manner. The jury were
discharged until to-day. Alfred Maddux ap
peared before the Court, to hear judgment in
his case, and the Court ordered the verdict
of the jury (finding Mr. Maddux guilty, and
imposing a fine of one cent and costs) to be
entered up.
Free papers were granted to Daniel Tur
ner, a free negro.
Robert Somerroan, a]native of Ilesse Darm
stadt, declared his intention of becoming a
citizen of the United States.
E. Magruder Lowe qualified and was ad
mitted as an Attorney and Counsellor at
Law, to pructice in this Court.
The criminal and civil docket was then
called—only one criminal case on the docket
Naturalization papers were granted to
Robert McKeown and Isaac Eichberg.
Case of J. B. Ellison and son, vs. W. E.
Atwell was taken up—on a motion to quash
an execution of elegit. Motion heard, and
execution ordered to be quashed. T. M. Mon
! roe for plaintiff; T. T. Hill for defendant.
Benj. RistcD, confined in the county jail
on a charge of petit larceuy, was ordered to
be discharged, and a nol pros entered.
The Court ordered that 75 cents be levied
on each tithable in the county, for the sup
port or the poor.
W. H. Fowle was unanimously elected
Presiding Justice, and the following classifi
cation uf magistrates, reported by the com
mittee, agreed upon, viz :
August Term.—Wm. H. Fowle, P. J.; J.
A. English, J. J. Wheat, R. Ilonter, W. T.
September Term.—Wm. II. Fowle, P. J.;
J. H. Davis, C. P. Shaw, R. G. Violett, John
October Term.—Wm. II. Fowle, P. J.; R.
Brockett, J. A. Eogli&h, W. B. Price, R. M.
November Term.—Win. II. Fowle, P. J.;
J. C. Moore, W. Carlin, I. Buckingham, T.
December Term.—Win. IT. Fowle, P. J.;
N. Drummond, C. P. Shaw, R. Hunter, Geo.
H. Smoot.
January Term.—Wm. II. Fowle, P. J.; J.
Summers, W. Carlin, II. L. Simpson, J. J.
February Term.—W m. II. Fowle, P. J.; J.
II. Davis, W. T. Harper, G. II. Smoot, W. B.
March Term.—Wm. II. Fowle, P. J.; I.
Buckingham, R. G. Violett, II. Feebry, lhos.
April Term.—Wm. II. Fowle, P. J.; N.
Drummond, J. C. Moore, R. Brockett, James
A. English.
May Term.—Wm. H. Fowle, P. J.; C. P.
Shaw, W. T. Harper, Robt. Hunter, \\ . B.
June Term.—Wm. II. Fowle, P. J.; I.
Buckingham, J. J. Wheat, W. Carlin, J. 0.
July Term.—Wm. II. Fowle, P. J.; J. II
Davis, R. M. Smith, II. L. Simpson, H. Fee
The Court adjourned until Ibis morning,
at II o’clock.
Destructive Fire.—On Sunday afternoon
last, about C o’clock, a fire broke out in the
extensive Steam Plaueing and Saw Mill, of
Messrs. Lambdeo & Jenkius, north east cor
ner of Queen and Fairfax streets. Ibe
building wa9 a large frame one, and soou af
ter the commencement of the fire became
thoroughly ignited and burned down, with
all its contents, in a short time, although
every effort was made by tho firemen aod
citizens to save the property. A large
amount of tools, and of work, such as floor
ing boards, sashes, frames, &c., prepared for
tho Widow's Home, now in a course of con
struction, was destroyed ; as was, also, some
lumber belonging to Smoot A Uhlor, A\ aters,
Zimmerman & Co., and Mankin Sc V adely.
The Steam Engine was alone saved, with but
slight injury. AYe regret to learn that
Messrs. Lambden A Jenkins had no insur
ance upon their Factory—although they had
endeavored to obtain it—and that their loss,
including the building, materials, «fcc., will
be some $6, or $8,000. Much sympathy is
expressed for these worthy and enterprising
citizens, and we hope they may meet with
such kindness and liberality as will enable
them shortly to commeuee with renewed
vigor their former occupation. Indeed,
many of our citizens have already sub
scribed liberally in their aid. It is gene
rally believed, from the circumstances, that
the fire was the work of an incendiary,
though do one has any suspicion as to who
could be guilty of such au act. AY hen the
firemen reached the spot, the doors and
| windows were all closed—and no one had
been previously seen about the premises.
The Minnesota.—AVe learn by a gentle
man who was a passeuger on board the
Alice 0. Price, on her last trip, that the
Minnesota made fine time down the river
under steam, and that after she got below
the Kettle Bottoms, and had plenty of water,
! her speed was full fourteen miles an hour.
She anchored at Piney Point on the evening
of the day she left here.
Sea Turtle.—The steamer Alice C. Price
I brought to this place, on Saturday night
last, a Sea Turtle, weighing over two hun
dred pouuds, caught ofl Point Lookout.
The Turtle was bought by one of the Pro
prietors of the Warren Springs Company,
and carried by Railroad to the Springs to be
eerved to the gueete at that place.
Officers of the Young Catholic’s Friend
Society—The following gentlemen have
been elected to serve until February, 1857,
viz: President, George W. Brent; 1st Vice
President, Isaac B. Lovejoy; 2d Vice Pres
ident, Johu T. Hill; Recording Secretary,
Richard L. Came, Jr.; Corresponding Sec
retary, Dr. Thomas W. Meagher; Book
Keeper, Victor Becker; Treasurer, Philip
Rotchfnrd; Trustees, Charles L. Meade, 51
S. Royal street; John Q. A Ivy, 88 King
street; Stephen Woolls, 121 Oueen street;
John Verdun, 81 S. Washington street; Jas.
Fitzpatrick, Fairview Cotton Works; Steward,
Harrison Jacobs, 02 Prince street.
Presiding Justice.—The County Court,
! yesterday, unanimously re-elected Wm. 11.
| Fowle, esq., Presiding Justice of the Court.
! Mr. Fuwlo has hitherto discharged the du
ties of that responsible office, with great
credit to himself, and to the best interests of
the public, and the compliment thus bestow
ed upon him, is every way deserved.
Balloon Ascension.—Mr. Carrier being
prevented by unavoidable circumstances,
from getting his balloon ready on Saturday
afternoon last, proposes, if the weather be
favorable, to have every thing in readiness,
and make au Asceosion (his afternoon, about
4 o’clock, from Peyton’s Grove, west end of
King street.
Sale of Salt.—Sale of Salt, cargo of
brig Laura Snow, from Liverpool, at Fowle
& Co’s wharf, by Geo. R. Blacklook, Auct.,
yesterday; viz: 1900sacks Coarse, at $l,[email protected]
$1,05—850 do. Fine at $1,50. The atten
dance was good.
Rain.—There was a heavy shower of rain
on Sunday night last, in this city, and
neighborhood. Wo had, also, a tiue rain,
yesterday, which continued up to the hour
of our going to press.
Runaway Arrested.—A runaway slave
from Maryland, was arrested in this place,
i on Saturday, and returned to her owner.
Alexandria Market, August 4.
FLOUR.—Receipts are small. Sales at $7,25.
GRAIN.—Rec eipts oi wheal by rail road are
considerable. Sales oi red at $1,53(3 $1,55.—
White, $1,63 (3 $1,65. The sales amounted to
probably 10,000 bushels. Not much Corn ar
The Mai keta.
Baltimore, August 4.—Flour is dull, but hol
ders aie firm at $7.50, at which rate there have
been small sales. Wheat is 2 to 3 cents lower;
sales ot 45.000 bushels good to choice whites
$1.60 (3$L70; good to prime reds $1.55(3
$1.60. Corn—sales ol 40,000 bushels; mixed
5b (3 blc ; white 63 <h 65c, and yellow 66 (3 Obc.
New York. August 4.—Flour is buoyant;
sales of 10,000 bbls; good State $6.30; superfine
Ohio $6.50; standard Southern $8.10. Wheat
has declined 3 cents; sales oi 2n,000 bushels;
Southern white $1.85. Corn has advanced;
sales of 45,000 bushels. Southern mixed 66c.
Fork has an upward tendency,
CT W aters, Zimmerman k Co., return their
thanks to the Fire Companies for their success
ful efforts, in saving their property, during the
burning of the Planeing Mill, on Sunday after
noon. aug —It
Meeting will be held on the OLD UNION
CAMP GROUND, in the charge of the M. K
Church South, commencing on Friday, the 22d
of jhigust. Tne public aie cordially invited to
Saturday, August the 2th, is the day appointed
for cleaning off the ground and selecting places
for the tents. Fairfax Co., aug 4—td
CIATION will meet on Thursday tvening. at b
o'clock, at American Hall. A lull attendance
is desired. By order of the President:
aug 4—dit* Executive Committee.
Alexandria female seminary.—
The next annual session of this Institu
tion will commence on the 16th ol September
All the solid branches usually pursued in a
first class Female Seminary, are thoroughly
taught, w hile the more elementary and ornamen
tal ones, receive due attention.
As no seats will be reserved unless positively
engaged, those who desire to send are requested
to apply as early as they can conveniently do so.
For particulars, please address the principal
through the Post Office, as he will be absent
from town for several weeks.
7 n,0 14—eolm _ Principal.
REWARD—Rauaway from the
subscriber, near Middleburg, Lou
doun County, Va., on Saturday night, the 26th
inst., my negro man SAND\. He is about 35
years ol age, nearly six le^t high, stout built,
dark color, and rather a bad countenance when
spoken to—clothing not recollected, but took
with him a suit ol broad cloth and other cloth
ing. I will give the above reward of $250 if
taken out of the State of Virginia, and $IQP it
taken in the State of Virginia; in either case to
be secured in jail so that l get him again.
Middleburg, Va , jy 29—eo 1 m
W 1 REWARD.—Runaway from me
J tile 30th day of June last, niy man
aged about 2S years. He is about 6
feet high, very black, has a Iront tooth out on
the upper jaw. I will give the above reward ii
taken out of the State of Virginia, and $10U
if taken in the State and secured so that 1 get
possession ot him again.
Salem Station, Fauquier Co.. \ a .jy 15—eolm*
REWARD.—Ranaway from the sub
^f) scriber, on Saturday last. 201 h inst.,
negiTwoman WINNIE, belonging to Sylvester
Welsh, near the Plains, Fauquier county. She
may be still in Alexandria or in Fairlax coun
ty, one mile this side of the Court-house. The
above reward will be paid if delivered to me, or
confined in jail so that 1 can get her.
jy oy—cotf [Sent] WM. M. SMITH.
v REWARD.—Stolen from the subscri
• J ber, in the town of Warrentou, on the
night ot the 1st July, a dark brow n M A R E —
Said Mare is well gaited. carries her head rather
low unless reined very tight, without marks of
any kind. I will give ten dollars lor the recov
ery of the mare, and twenty dollars lor the ap
prehension and conviction ot the thief.
Warrenton, Fauquier co.. Va .jy 8—<o3w
») / u v REWARD.—Lost, on Wednes
+ \ !\ f day, 23d wist., a small black and
wbite COW, with horns turned up, and a white
spot in her forehead. The above reward will be
paid to any one who will return said Cow to me
at mv residence, in Poor-house lane.
jy 31—eoSt*_ JOHN DILLON.
"V^OTICE.—The undersigned, as agent lor
Richard Y.Cross, will continue the Cabi
net Manufacturing Business in all its branch
es, at his old stand on King street, Alexandria,
Va., and will attend promp ly to all orders for
furniture of any description.
jy 30—d2w Richard Y. Cross.
TAA BBLS. Rectified Whiskey
I 50 bbls. Old Rye “
20 “ very superior old Whiskey
20 “ French Brandy, for sale by
aug 2 ’ JUNCHEL0E & BRUIN.
Latest from Europe.
The Steamer Emeu, arrived at New York,
yesterday, with Liverpool dates to the 22d
England.—The London Times intimates
that the proposition of Mr. Dallas respect
i ing Central American affaire, will, it is pro
bable, prove satisfactory to the British gov
| Spain.—There is nothing later respecting
1 the late Spanish insurrection. Narvaez had
! left Paris (or Bayonne. Espartero, it is sup
: posed, had been placed under arrest, by
, O’Donnell.
I Italv.—Advices from Florence mention
' rumors of a negotiation between Rome, Na*
pies, Florence, and Modena, for a confedera
tion under the patronage of Austria.
! At London, on the 19th, consols closed at
i 95f(a*95j for money, and 95$ @95$ for ac
New York, Augunt 4.—The steamer At
lantic has arrived, with later European dates.
Cotton is unchanged. Breadstuff* are firm,
but the transactions moderate. Flour is bet
ter. Wheat has advanced from one to two
pence. Corn is dull, but firm.
The weather has been stormy.
Cod sols for money 95 f.
The statement of the progress of the insur
rection are conflicting. O’Donnell had taken
such effectual measures for crushing an out
break, that, after thirty hours hard fighting
in Madrid, the citizens and the national
i guard surrendered, aud were immediately
. disarmed.
Madrid is tranquil. In Barcelona ana else
where the outbreaks were trilling, and speed
ily suppressed.
Sarragossa is now the headquarters of the
j insurrectionists.
Napoleon had ordered troops to the fron
| ti rs of Spain.
The difficulty between Mexico and Spain
has been honorably adjusted.
Several failures have occurred: John
Nunn, cotton broker, of Liverpool ; James
Wright & Co., spinners, Stockport; Lowe &
I Co., commission merchants, Manchester;
! Baxter & Co., and four other houses. Their
liabilities were large, and assets small.
Washington, Aug. 4.—The Senate passed
several river and harbor bills.
The House refused to suspend the rules,
to allow Mr. Denver to report the Pacific rail
road bill, and went into committee on the
salary bill. They then took a recess till >
Philadelphia, Aug. 4.—Mr. Buchanan, in
accordance with his annual custom, is about
to visit Bedford Springs. He will leave
“Wheatland” in the course of the coming ten
days, aDd will be absent two or three weeks.
New York, Aug. 4.--TheU. S. transport
steamer Fashion from Tampa Bay, Fla., via
Charleston, arrivel at this port yesterday.
In the Senate, yesterday, after the consid
eration of ordinary morning business of no
public interest, an effort was made to get up
the bill to compensate the pension agents,
which failed.
The bill for the relief of Rich*dW. Thomp
son, of Ind., was then taken up, and was de
bated by Messrs. Brown and Bright for it,
and Mr. Stuart against it.
In the House, of Representatives, a bill
to-run the boundary betweeu Washington
Territory aud the British possessions, on the
Pacific coast, was passed.
Also, a bill appropriating $100,000 for the
improvement of the Patapsco river, and to
render the port ol Baltimore accessible to war
« f TA • _J i __... J il. A Dili A f A
*»ir. l Ui YUiuce uiu^cuui
enable him to introduce a resolution instruc
ting the Judiciary Committee to enquire and
forthwith report by what authority the recent
arrests in Kansas of Robinson, Dietzler,
Brown, Smith and others, were made, togeth
er with the offences with which they stand
charged; whether the charges against them
grow out of their participation in the forma
tion of the Topeka constitution,and to report a
bill directing a nolle prosequi upon the pend
ing indictments; the said committee to have
power to send for persons and papers; rule
not suspended—yeas 100, nays 74—two
thirds being necessary.
Mr. Denvers moved to suspend the rules
to enable him to report the Pacific railroad
bill; rules suspended.
The said bill was then duly reported and
\\ SOWERS.—I have just received, a lot
of Seymour's Wheat and Guano Drills, and
Seymour's lime, plaster, guano, and wheat Broad
Casters; also, Pennock’s Wheat and Guano
Drills. Cooper's Guano and Lime Spreader,
Threshing Machines, Corn Shelters,Cutting Box
es, &c., at factory prices, by
D. G. MEADE, Agricultural Warehouse,
jy 30 and Seed Store, Fairfax-st, Alex'a. Va.
M WANTED—By the 10th of August, a
small, comfortable HOUSE, in the south
west part of the city—rent to be not more than
from $7 to $0 per month. One beyond the
Depot, and with a small garden attached, pre
ferred. Enquire at No. Duke street, near
Royal sti>et.
FOR SALE.—A STOVE, comparatively new,
suitable lor a School room or a Store, will be
sold low. Enquire as above._jy 31—po<t*_
MFOR RENT—Thoroughfare Station
on the Manassas Gap Rail Road, together
with the STORE ROOM attached, is for rent,
j The person renting will he entitled to tne
Agency at that place. Bids will be received at
the office of the Company in Alexandria until
the 20th inst.. at w hich time the party renting
can have possession. WM. S. FEW ELL,
aug 2—eo3t Agent of Transportation.
3000 \ l,viwool Siti
of our own importation, in store and for Bale by
jy 3Q FOW LE A CO.
M~~ FOR SALE.—Two desirable two story
BRICK HOUSES, on Fairfax street, near
the First Presbyterian Chorch. Apply to
rnh 19—lawtf JOHN L. PASCOE.
BY S.J. McCORMICK—Auctioneer.
TRUST SALE.— By virtue ot* a deed of trust
executed by Hanson Bryan, and of record
in the office of the Clerk of the County Court of
Alexandria, the undersigned, will proceed to sell.
on Friday, the 1 st of August, proximo, at the resi
dence of said Bryan, No. 16, Fair tax street, be
tween King and Prince streets, the HOUSE
ir.g to said Bryan, and consisting in part as
follows: Feather Beds, &c.„ (as in advertisement
now published.) on toe tollowing terms:
On ail sums of $1U and upwards a credit of
9u (Jays, with approved security, will he given;
under that sum, cash. Sale to commence at 1U
o'clock. THOS. M. MONROE,
jy 31—2t D. FUNSTEN.
R7" The above sale is postponed to Wrdtus*
day next, 6th instant, at the same hour.
aug 1—dts _
I" subscriber, as administratrix ot George
Adie, dec'll., will offer at public sale, in front of
the Court House door in Leesburg, on the I'2th
day of August next, the valuable FARM, known
as GREENWOOD, situated in Loudoun County,
within a quarter of a mile of the town of
Leesburg, containing ONE HUNDRED and
This FARM i9 in the highest state of cultiva
tion, the quality of the soil being peculiarly
adapted to the raising of wheat, corn, Ate. The
location is particularly desirable from its prox
imity to Leesburg, and the facilities which are
afforded for bringing crops into market. The
M improvements consist of a good FRAME
DWELLING HOUSE, situated in a de
lightful grove of forest trees, Stable, Ice House.
Servants' Houses, and all necessary out build
ings. The situation is remarkable for its health
ful ness, comfort, and beauty. Those in search
of a desirable residence are requested to view
the premises previous to the day of sale.
Terms:—One-third in cash, the remainder
in one, two. and three years, with interest on
the deferred payments from the day ol sale, to
be paid annually and secured by a deed of trust
upon the property. Possession given on the
first of January, with the privilege of seeding
this fall. MARY E. ADIE, Adm x.
Leesburg, Va., jy 7—eolm
Tne next session of the above named Institution
will commence on the 1st Monday in September.
In addition to all the usual English branches,
Mathematics, pure and mixed. Chemistry, Nat
ural Philosophy, Drawing, Ancient and Modern
Languages, will be Thoroughly taught. A suit
able apparatus, for illustrating experiments in
the Natural Sciences, has been procured. The
Principal has had an experience of several years
in his profession, and is aided by highly cornpe
tent instructors, ine location 01 iuc ouiuui
very desirable, being in one of the most healthy
and moral parts ol Virginia, and tree from t.»e
temptations to which youths are exposed in
towns and cities. All suitable accommodations
have been provided lor students I he military
feature will be continued in the School next year,
as it has been found to he highly conducive to
the health, good order, and discipline of thestu
Tf.rm3 — For board and tuition, including
lights and washing per scholastic year. $iOu.—
Modern Languages and Drawing each, per an
num. $10. Bills payable half-yearly, m advance.
J. Welby Armstrong, Trinity College, Dub
lin, Ancient Languages and Belles Lettres.
L W. Smith. William and Mary College,
Mathematics. Nat. Sciences, and Instructor in
T.H. L Huii. iku. Geneva College, Switzerland,
Modern Languages and Drawing.
Thus. M. Turner. English Department.
J. M. Mason, esq , Winchester, Va.
J no. A. Carter, esq., Upperville P. O., Va.
J. P. Dulany, esq , “
Jno. A.Selden, esq , Pocahontas Mills, Charles
city co, Va.
FI all Neilson. esq., Washington. D. C
Rev. 0. A Kinsolving, Middleburg P. 0., Va.
Rev. G. Norton, Warrenton. Va
Ed. C. Marshall, esq . Markham Station, Va.
Henry M. Marshall, esq ,
Jas K. Marshall, esq.,
Dr. J. G Gray, Upperville P. 0., Va.
Upperville is live miles from Piedmont Sta
tion, M. G. R. R. Stages from the Station, Win
chester, and Alexandria, pass through the vil
lage. For circulars, containing lull informa
tion, apply to the Principal. Upperville, P. 0.,
Va. jy 31—eotf
11ARM FOR SALE—1 offer for sale, my
^ FARM, situated in Loudoun and Fairfax
Counties, at their junction with Prince V\ illiam,
and about twenty-seven miles from Alexandria.
and SEVENTY FIVE ACRES, 775 of which
ar® cleared, and in a good state ot improvement,
the renria nder in timber, and is susceptible ot
being divided into two or more farms, with an
abundance of timber and water. The soil is
the approved red slate, except 150 acres ot Bull
Run bottom.
The improvements are an excellent and
JEjjjJLcomrnodious DWELLING, and all the
necessary out buildings. I he Independent Line
of the Manassas (jap Rail Road passes through
the farm, and there is every probability that a
Station will he located upon, certainly within a
halt mile oi it. wn me aupiumg mim mnc •«»
a rninetal Spring, partaking ot the qualities ot
the famous Bedlord Spring, and within a half
hours' walk of the Sudley dwelling; and, also,
an excellent Saw and Grist Mill, both ot whi*. h
have been recently fitted up with all the modern
improvements in machinery.
it is rare a farm possessing so many advan
tages is offered in market, io a gentleman
wanting a handsome farm, beautifully located
in a pleasant neighborhood, with scenery rarely,
if ever equalled, is now offered an excellent op
The soil of this FARM is well adapted to the
growth of grain and grass, and when the Rail
Road, now under construction, is completed it
will lie within an hour's ride ot the District and
Alexandria markets. Communications will be
promptly replied to. on addressing
Groveton, Pr. Win Co.. Va.. aug 1—2awl0t
^ Night's Rest!! Breakfast next Morning
All of which travellers may obtain at jhl
MARSHALL HOUSE, Alexandria. Va. My
Omnibuses, in connection with Wm. Whaleys
old and established hue, are always in attend
ance at the Steamboats to convey passengers to
the Marshall House.
Persons visiting the VIRGINIA SPRINGS.
or going South or West, in eousideiatioo ul the
proximity of this House to the Railroad Depot,
w ill find it much more to their advantage and
comfort to spend the night in Alexandria, than
in Baltimore or Washington, with accommoda
tions equal to the fast Northern Houses, and
without having to rise before six o'clock in
order to get breakfast before taking the cars.
E. S. PLUMMER, Proprietor
jy 29_eo2w Marshall House.
Mnhc11n^ every day with the Cars
at itie Plains, arrives at Middleburg, \ a., five
hours ahead of the line of Stages.
The coach leaves Middleburg at S$, and ar
rives at l o’clock.
WM. B. NOLAND. Contractor.
Middleburg. Va.. jy 14—eo2m__
beautiful LAWNS, which are now being offered
at very low prices to close out; also, a lot ol
pretty GINGHAMS. Call at once at No. 02,
King-street, where you may obtain bargains,
aug 4 _
' who is a good cook, washer, and ironer.—
She will not be sold out of Alexandria County.
jy *2S_tf Water-street.
ANTED.—A LADY to act as house-keep
er at Hanover Academy. Address
2—*©iw Markham Station, Fauquier co,
R^ • By virtue of a decree of the Circuit
Court for Charles County, sitting as a Court ol
Equity, 1 will sell at public sale, at the Court
House door, in Fort Tobacco, Charles County,
' Maryland, on Tuesday, the With day of jiugust,
between the hours of 12, M., and 4, 1*. M . that
valuable tract of land, known as the ‘•HOFF.-*
j WELL LANDING FARM," the residence of
: the late William F. Pye, and situated m Corn
wallis’Neck, Charles Count), immediately ou
* the Potomac River, containing about THREE
less, with an ISLAND attached of about thir
teen acres. The land is very tertiie and adap
ted to the grow th of the utuial staple commodi
ties of the county. The great facilities ol the
water render it a eery desirable location. The |
FISHERY is considered by judges as a very l
| valuable one, and was fished some few years
; since with great success. There is upon the
FARM an abundance of Wood and V\ atkk. and
the usual necessary OUT BUILDINGS,!
r Prif>‘nrm*r~ AR the Potomac Steamboats
. passing immediately by the place, make the
communication with Baltimore and Washington
i easy. Those wishing to purchase arc invited to
i examine the premises.
Terms hy Decree.—Two hundred anil fifty
dollars cash, and the balance in equal annual
instalments ot one, two, and three years, trom
the day of sale, with interest trom said day un
til paid ; to he secured by the bonds ol the pur
chasers With security to be approved by the
Trustee. Possession will be given January 1st.
1857, and the purchaser allowed the privilege
of seeding wheat this fall.
’VTOTICE.—'IV citditors of Edward R. Pye,
I deceased, are hereby notified to file their
! claims, with the vouchers thereof, in the odice
| of ttie Clerk ol the Circuit Court ol Charles
j County, within six months trom the 26th day ot
i August, 1856.
Charles County. Md..jy2S—eots
of a decree of ihe Circuit Court of Lou
doun County, tiie undersigned. Commissioner, ;
will otier at public sale, on the 21s/ day of jiu
gust, 1856,o/ 12 o'clock, M., before the front door
of James W. Smith’s Hotel, in Middleburg,
Loudoun County, Ya.,
The FARM of the late James T. Diskman,
consisting of two tracts ot land, one lying about
]£ miles trom Middleburg, and the other about
j 3* miles, and containing in the whole about
It so desired at the sale, it will be offered in
two parcels. No. 1 containing 166 acres, No.
| 2 containing 2M acres.
No. 1 contains the Un KLLING j
; HOUSE and out houses ol the late pro—
j pnetor, and a tine orchard.
a No. 'l has upon it a plain and substan- !
tial DWELLING HOl/i>E and out houses, j
j nad a very good orchard. They are both well !
j supplied with water. I he soil is good and
highly productive.
Persons desiring to purchase such property,
would do well to attend the sale, as it is seldom
that such comes into market, especially in so
I healthy a region ol country. I he FARM w ill
i be shown by Mr. James Skilman, w ho resides
! upon the premises.
I Seeding possession given on or belore the first
j day of Nov ember, lM'rti, the terms ol sale hav
, ing been fully complied with.
Terms of Sale:—One third cash, the remain
j der m two equal instalments, in six and twelve
I months—the credit payments to bear interest
: from il iy of sale, and to he secured by bond and
approved security, and title retained, until lurth
er order of the Court.
L. CHANCELLOR, Commissioner.
Loudoun County, jy 17—lawts
I^ARM FOR SALE.—Having determined to
^ move West this fal I, 1 oiler lor sale my
FARM, known as ‘ CLIFTON,” and situated in
{the County of Fauquier, near Warrenton, con*
j taining between SKV EN and EIGH 1 HLN*
| DRED ACRES. This farm is under a high
state of cultivation, and is regarded as one ot j
the best in the county. There are 125 acres in j
blue grass sod ol twtdveand twenty years stand* ,
ing, and 25 acre* in meadow. A large portion \
of'the fencing i* ot stone There is a sufficient j
quantity of timber lor all necessary purposes, ,
with large and valuable Sandstone QLARR1LS.;
It is finely watered with some twenty Springs, j
and a never failing stream upon which is a stone
GRIST MILL, in perfect order, running two
: pairot country stone and a plaster breaker.
The improvements consist of a large and com*
j fortable two storied FRAME 1)Y\ KLLING,
i jl&l with commodious cellar and attic finished
j —Tutchen, Ice House, Servants* Houses, &c.— j
j There is a large Stone Barn, Stabling tor twen
j ty five head of horses, with a running fountain
i oi water in the stable )ard, which extends also
to ihe house.
There is an ORCHARD of fine young trees.
Apples and Peaches, with a highly cultivated
Garden, containing choice Garden Fruits.
If not previously sold, the above property w ill
be offered at public sale, on the premises, on
Thursrluy, 7th of August next.
References—R. E. Scott, VN in. H. Gaines,
I James Kogers. Allien ixecior. esqra.
Fauquier County, jy 1—eots
ant to a decree of the Circuit Court of Fau
quier, made at its September term, 180ft, in the
case ot Fishback vs. Snii there, the undersigned,
as commissioner, will sell at public auction, on
the premises, on Saturday, the lJth day of Avgust
next, the property in said decree mentioned, viz:
M The HOUSE and LOT at the Plains,
Fauquier county, now occupied by Thus.
C. Board.
'1 he terms of sale, viz : Ten per cent, ot the
purchase money in cash outlay ot frale. and the
balance in equal instalments at twelveand eigh
teen months, w ith interest lrom dayot sale—the
purchaser to execute bonds lor the deterred in
stalments. with good security, and the title to be
Withheld till the whole purchase money is paid.
JOslAH T. FISHBACK, Commissioner.
F’auquier co , je 2ft—eots
P E DM ONT ACADEMY, Kaumltek Coin*
tv, Va.—The exercises ot this School will
be resumed on the 1st Monday in September
The Scholastic year of ten months is divided
into two sessions—the first commencing on the
Istoi September and ending at Christmas—the
second commencing on the 1st ot January, and
ending on the la-t o! June. The course ot study
is extensive, embracing all the branches usual
ly taught iu Academies ot high grade, the
Principal hopes that his continued exertions to
build up a V irgir.ia School will meet with that
patronage which has encouraged his former la
hors. He will spare no pains to render the
School worthy ot confidence. The number ol
boarding pupils will be limited; applications
should therefore be sent in at once. Flxpenses—
Board for ten months and tuition in classics,
Ac., $140—Board and tuition in English, $130.
For Circulars, with additional information and
references, addiess F. M. EDWARDS
Piedmont Station, Fauquier Co., jy 9-eo2m
N EW LUMBER YARD, on Union Street.
North, betu'ten foot of] Camrron and tjueen
stson the Wharf where 1 am prepared to furnish
every description ot LUMBf.K, SHINGLF.S,
LATHS. PALINGS, WOOD, Ac., usually kept
in a Lumber Yard. Also, Lime and Plaster.
Cement, Nails Ac., which i otter low, and on
accommodating terms.
jy 3i—tf U. w. BARKER.
Ring wood female school, alburn
Fauruibr CoCNTT, Va—This School, un
der the charge of the MISSES MILLIGAN, will
resume its duties on Monday, August 4th. As
the number of pupils will be limited to six,
early application will be necessary.
Fauquier co , jy 2d—eotf ____
Burner s springs—sbinandoah coun
ty, Va —Board, per week $s. Per month
Burner's Springs, jy __
| j market rates paid for Land Warrants and
Revolutionary Scrip, by
i ION.—1 offer to*' sale two very v aluable . states
in Lancaster county, Va., on the Rappahannock
and Cor rot toman rivers, known as ‘ /AD/./A
TO ICA” and HILL'S QL JR TER;' the t ft
containing lt>£u acres, the latter 147.>, chu liy
low grounds, and very productive in the *\i; .»*
crop* of that section. On these estates are led*
of marl and oyster shells, with which they may
be made as productive as any in the State.
Indian Town’s now highly improved, ai.d the
other rapidly improving, and lying as th# \ • *»
immediately on navigation h r vessels »>t !*•*'
largest class, with a large portion of foies!. t:*»*
timber and wood alone would readily comu.au i
a large portion ot the purchase money. I i ■»*
oysters and fish, lor which Carter s creek i* pio
verbial, yield also a good revenue 1 desire :•»
sell the estates with or without a force to w*»;k
them, with the growing crops and everything to
stock them, and would sell privately, it not
sold, however, will sell th»m to ttie highest bid
der. commencing at Indian down, on Thutsa,,
the Atli day of September next, continuing lum
day io day tiil completed.
Should the farms be *old privately, with n**
groes. Ace. to stock them, still 1 will sell to t: e
highest bidder, commencing as above, at bv.**
100 valuable SLAVES, together with a lai^e
amount of personal property, ot every desci p
tion, on said estates.
1 will also rent, for the ensuing year, or for a
term of years, the estate known a* ( OKKO I 1' ’
and THIRTY-FIVE ACRES. Also, would
hire the lorce to work it, and sell the grow .tig
crop. Will also sell the surplus slaves. AI —
all the stock of all kinds, farming utensil**. «Xo
And,on Thursday.the ISth day of S*ptemter tn < ,
at Lanevtile. near Warminster. Va, I will mi!
our the Laneville farm, and with it hue a mod.
late lorce to work it, and if the growing crop t*e
taken, will sell the stock olall kinds and other
personal property.
Also, at the same time, w ill sell some 40 <*r
f»0 SLAVES. 1 here are many v aluable bla* »*
smiths, carpenters, Ace., on all these estates.
Terms—The land and any negroes sold with
it, on long credit, if secured satisfactorily. 1 he
negroes lor cash. Other properly six mouths
The managers on iach estate w ill show them.
My address: Howardsville. Albemarle, \a.
I). J. HARTSOOK, Agent far
aug f>—lavvOw Mrs. Mary \S ( abel!.
FOR SALE —from three to live hundred cor-N
of Wood standing—and a variety of Farming
Stock. Cattle, Horses, and Farming Implements
for sale at public auction.—On Thursday, ^ ■
14/A day of *luiiwt next, it lair, it not. the next
lair dav thereafter, at the Bellemonte dwelling
bouse, Broad Creek, hscataway District, the
enl>ci<pili»>r will (irfoi’ Inr r^nt to the hiehest b. l
tier, tor one or more years, a* may be «le«ir«»!.
all that portion of the BKLLKMONlK Fs
TATE, lying between the waters of the Salmon
Branch anti the Potomac Riv>r. A Do. tor s.ne
ONE HUNDRED ACRES. more or less, ot ti
same estate, lying on the road leading trom P<*
catawayt*) Washington. Also, a variety ot per
sonal property, consisting oi Cattle. Horses,
and Fabming Implements. ADo, trom t in * »•
to five hundred CORDS OF SiAXIMM*
WOOD, within one mile of a good landing <*u
Broad Creek, near its mouth.
Term* for Renting and £ale—Bond and >e
curity for payment of rent in equal portions on
the first ot September and twenty-fit h ot De
cember, each year.
The LAND will be sold for one-third cash on
the d.iv of sale; the remainder in payments ot
one and two years from that date—bonds and
mortgage with interest.
The standing wood at so much per cord—one
third ot the estimated quantity to be paid for on
the day of sale; the remainder on the first ol
March, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven. 1 be
wood to be cut and measured in the woods I y
the first ot April, eighteen hundred and fifty
Terms of the Stock and I tensh.** —For a!!
sums under five dollars, ct*di; tor ail vuim« ov« i
that amount a credit of six months given, with
bonds and security, bearing interest from the
day of sale.
The land and wood for sale will be shown by
Mr. William H. Rowland, living on the prenfo
ses. The land for rent can,it desired. be dmd
ed into two farms of about lour hundred acres
each, provided with necessary buildings. b«*;e
to commence at 1U o'clock, A. M.
Wood Cot, Md , aug 2—eots
FOR SALK—By \ irtue ot a decree ot
the Circuit Court of Culp-pe' County. Va . iui
tiered on the 12th day ot June, in ihe su»i «»l
John W. May, Wilhelmir.a his wife, and otheia,
plaintiffs, vs. James A. and John <» Beckham
and others, delendanls; the undersigned ( <>m
missionrrs thereby appointed, vtii! offer at pub
lie auction, to the highest bidder, on S>itur»hiyt
the Wh day of Juguit nut. upon the premis s,
the VALUABLE ESTATE, formerly the pro
perty of ihe late 'I homas Beckham, dec d . con
taming about SIX HUNDRED Af RES. lying
and being in the County of ( ulpeper, situated
immediately upon the Rapid Arm River, sev-n
miles from Brandy Station, upon the Orange
and Alexandria Rail Road ; three miles from tne
Fredericksburg and Valley Flank Road, adjoin
ing the lands ol the Hon. Jeremiah Morton,
Rev. Mr. Stringlellow, John I'. Herndo... and
others, in a productive, healthy, and desirable
neighborhood. Whether lor agncultmal or so
cial advantages, few farms in the market oli. r
greater inducements to purchasers, either lue
lover of rural lile. or the speculator. Thin
FARM is proportionahly divided into aralde
and timber land, with a superabundance ot the
latter, well watered, with never failing Springs
in every field. The soil is naturally of a wiy
superior quality, well adapted to tne successful
growtli of products rai-ed in this section ol the
country, ami with the modem system ot im
provement and judicious management vvi.I
make one of the most desuabte and splendid
estates in the County.
Ti'rms of Sale .—The laud will be sold on s
credit ol one, two, and three years, in equal in
stalments, with interest Irorn the date ol sale,
payable annually. The purchaser giving bond
with approved security, until the purchase
money is fully paid. For any further inlouna
tion, persons desirous ol purchasing are reques
ted to communicate with the first named Com
missioner, directed to Brandy Station.
JAS. A. BECKHAM. / Comtn'n
Culpeper County, je 27—eots
By virtue of a decree of the Circuit ( ourt
ot Fauquier County, rendered on the 20th day oi
September, lbOfi, in the case of Ashby against
Adams, the undersigned will sell at public auc
tion, on the premises, on Thurtflay, the 21 it <iny of
Ju%ust, lftofi, if fair, it not the first lair day
rherealter, that highly desirable tract ol LAM>
now held and occupied by Benj. F. Adams sit
uated in the said County of Fauquier, I)mg
within three miles of Piedmont Station, on the
Manassas Gap Rail Road, andadjo mug the lands
of Charles M. Gibson, Thaddeus Herndon, and
^Th* tract contains about TWO HUNDRED
ACRES and has a soil highly improved a..d
well adapted to the growth of wheat and corn,
w ith an abundant supply of wood and water.—
The improvements consist ol a DVV ELLIN G
HOUSE, Kitchen. Barn. Stable, CornLotiM*
and Ice House. Persons in want o; a -mail
farm w'ith the advantages of a convenient rnar
ket, good society and health fulness of location,
are particularly requested to examine tins laim
before purchasing elsewhere.
Terms or Sale—One-tenth of the purchase
money to be paid in cash, the residue in three
equal instalments of sir,twelve, and eighteen
months, to be secured by the bonds of the pur
chaser with good personal security, the ca>h
payment to be forfaited, it the purchaser fails to
complete his purchase, the ti’le to be withheld
and the land subject to resale under the order
of the Court as a further security for the deferred
Instalments JOHN J. ASHBi.
CHAS.T. gkf.en.
WaacntaP; jy KwgoU Commissioners

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