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TU« Valley Bank, at Ha|ar*UwH‘
lc instated that measure* hare been taken
in New York, to gel the appointment of a
receiver for this bauk, for which parpoee h
lawyer has already started for Hagerstown,
MJ' The New York Post saye:
••These bills, a* we learn, only got into
circulation, even among the broker* in Wall
' tr,.,.t, by the given guarantee of the Messrs,
inland, whose agent went daily into Wall
street to take up what bills were wanted to
Iredeemed, and to put as much as he possi
bly c«'i»ld into circulation. When the Me»
hr< Lelnnd stopped thus redeeming, the
»,r k* rs ceased to take them, and found them
w»th a considerable amount on hand,
„,.twithstanding the guarantee which was
*11 **
\n anonymous correspondent of the Post,
\» ri*mg ou the 9th, says i
..H iving some of the ready money on
I made particular inquiriee of a gen
,i„uwn who luw returned thie day from the
l,.Mtk llo reports that they have paid off
H11 the depositors, and are still paying epeiue
,lt their counter. At the meeting of the di
rector* on Wednesday, they found hd.s in
circulation assets $1.1,000._
The l\>st is of opinion that the writer is
the interest of the owners of the bank,
all> his statement, therefore, not reliable.
%o%rl leivc stock Importation.
\u American gtntlomao, who has lor a
, i-t teen travelling in Egypt, Arabia
I Minor, has reached Euglaud on hie
r mm toil,e United State., haviug with him
female dromedary, and lour
thoroughbred Arabian horeee, which he le
l.nii'.n ' home as breediug etock. Ibe
h ,rscs arc described as most perlect speci
mens of their kind in point of beauty of torn,
action. Two of them are of a bright
chestnut color, and the other* are very nearly
perfect white. They are at the t.arstou
Hotel Liverpool, where they have excited the
greatest admiration among the coijMxernU in
such matters. They will he given a few
weeks rest before being embarked for this
Country, and will 1st accompanied hither by
an experienced Arab groom.
A Xlie Income,
Albert and Victoria receive one million of
dollar* annually. By strict economy, they
are able to support life on this smallainount.
It is proposed to settle three hundred and
a;*-,.. .k.c.^^rv.l ib.lbkrs on the Prince?* lvoyal
ot Kugland as her annuity after her mar
riage with the Prussian Prince, llaviug
U*t*n trained to frugal habits, itishoped that
the youug house keepers will avoid a»l unne
cessary expenses, aud thus be enabled to
make the two ends of the year meet. Kick.
I h'tputrh.
Clottug of Noulli of Red Rlxer.
>V e learn that on Sunday last the mouth
*.f K-<1 river was el'»sed by a bar forming
across it, aud the current ui the stream turn
ing into the Alchafalaya. The despositeol
which the liar is formed is represented to be
of a different character from that heretofore
1 mini, and has resisted all eflorts to cut
through it by the steamboats either above
or below it. Ked river is also falling very
rapidly. — Courier.
The purchase of stock hogs for fattening
purposes has commenced quite briskly. M e
have heard of purchases at from $4,25 to $5
gross, though both buyer and seller are at a
l ,*s as to price. Until corn prospects are
better settled some ona will lie stuck. The
hugs nre more plentiful than usual, and un
less corn fails must rate lower than last sea
son, the price being governed by the ratio of
dcuiaud to supply.— If fteeliuy Jut.
The Frenen.
The supporters of Fremont are so exceed
ingly in love with every word of which the
iir-*t syllable happens to be “tree,” that they
Hr- Hh ut holding a convention for the pur
ple of dropping the stolen name of “repub
lican.” and taking the appellation of “Free
ze r-i.’ The change would be singularly ap
propriate. ^_
A Fast Young Woman.
It is stated that there is, at tho present
time, at Saratoga, a tine-looking Indian girl,
only fourteen years ot age, who has a child
thr-c years old._ ______
AlM«n«lrta Market, Augutt H.
Kl.Oi K—We hear of uo sales. The receipts
u- light. Stocks small, and demand limited.—
Nominal pi ice $ 7
[, K \ 1N—The receipts of wheat are moderate*
.uni tin- market is steady. Sales ot iair to prime
i.d a: t:«>(fo IS'c; white I3SVT 14*c. White
uiid com may lie ijuotwlat .m(S-*Sc. Rye
lt i./c Oats(a d«k*. Other articles mi
Cli ali-ed.
The Markets.
l*» \i 11mokk, August 13.— Hour is quiet.
Sites ot Howard Street at $<‘>.524, Ohio and
♦ Ttv Mills are dull at $0.50. Wheat is 2
cents better. Sales of good to prime reds,
>1 in $1 42; and good to prime whites,
>1.4;; in 'l '0. Corn—Sales of white aud
y-ll<*w at t'd {•/ 02 cents.
Nm V,*kk, August 13.—Flour is buoyant,
iioud State, S5.S5; superfine Ohio, $0 35;
Smthern is easier, staudard, $7.*5. \N heat
h improving. Southern red, $1.55;do white,
'l • (a >100. Corn is firm. Southern
mixed, b2 cents. Shocks are higher. \ ir
giui 11 t*. 9*2. Missouri ft’s, sft^: Illinois bonds,
9*2j Sterling Exchange is firm atOij per ct.
i Stf N Sun
AI i.l ST. wn seta. J Miron’s Pwasm
11 Thursday. |f»U 4r>' D H M.
1 • Kit,lav_f> l* • ft 44;Full.D» 0 44 M
I ft Sat.n,by.. U |7 ft 43 Last <\r 22 3 £7 k.
1 < Su»,,lay ... A IS ft 42 New.30 ft 3 m
Is Monday .. f> 19 ft 41 Knstijr.. 7 1U 4ftm.
1‘ Tin-day.... f> 20 ft 40 HIGH WATER.
-■* W.dofsdav f> 21 ft 39 Acgcst 14, f»b. r>9m.
bn-On. August 2 } Harm.Aw*w*4 t
loHr^.i . August 2 l New Orleau* Autfu>t 6
Uii- P. {] Chalouer. Thompson, Boston, by
I "nib*iland Coal and Lon Company.
s<*!;t' Nortolk Packet. -, New Y'ork, by
1 l!, S. rland Coal and Iron Company.
s< fir IVnalh Sharp. Mayhew, New York, by
I undwii.uid Coal and Iron Company.
s,tu M A Shropshire, Shropshire, New York,
v K-idrii Mining Company.
I'ho.v Patterson, Woodford, Philadel
j ina by lloxvaid \ Poor.
i r Sea Bird. Harmon, sailed from Provi
Vfa*, ior this port, 9th inst.
S, -,rs lngomar, Howes; Swan. Rose; and J.
^"'* Kill, hence at Boston. 10th mat.
WAl.l— |in.m sacks Ashton’s, Marshall’s,
^ Jeireys Dorsey’s and Ground Alum Salt,
*" and now receiving, by
a<1S 1 l No. 49, Union street.
> FOR BOS TON.—The fast sailing pack
Schr. SKARSVILLE, Sears, master.
*°r height, apply to
*«f U u% M. ELDR1PGE.
J* FOR NEW YORK—Schr. Moonlight,
wtaifcFapt. Knapp, will have despatch. Fnr
"^ght, apply to
By Yesterday Evenlug’i Malls.
-so i
Wheat.—We understand that the Central
Depot in this city is entirely tilled up with
wheat, and that there are now standing upon
the tracks and sideling* three long traius
waiting for room to be unloaded. Oil Satur
day last four freight train* were received in
Richmond over that road, bringing between
fifteen and twenty thousand bushel* of wheat.
The millers cannot receive the wheat as fast
as it is now coming to market, ami it has de
clined in price from 10 to 15 cents per bushel
in consequence, and it will decline still more
if the farmers continue to force it into market.
Richmond Enquirer.
The Springs.—It gives us real pleasure to
state that the various watering places of the
North Valley are, and have been, enjoying a
highly prosperous season. Capon has a com- j
p iuy of over five hundred, including a num- j
her of distinguished names. Jordan's, which
bolds its owu for weeks after its neighbors
are deserted, has also a large and pleasant 1
attendance, from Baltimore, Washington, &c. j
These establishments are of great public |
value and should be encouraged accordingly !
by the resideuta of the vicinage.— Winchester
Convicted.—The New York negro, Lot
Mundy, steward of the schr. Danville, was
tried before a Court of Oyer and Terminer,
yesterday, for aiding two slaves in an at
tempt to abscond. After a patient hearing,
he was adjudged guilty, and sentenced to
tifteeu years imprisonment iu the Peniten
tiary.—Richmond U hiy.
Barn Struck, bv Lightning.—During a
thunder storm last Thursday night, a barn,
belonging to Mason M. Dunlap, about nine
mile* from Wheeling, towards \\ est Liberty,
was struck by lightning, fired, and entirely
consumed, together with its contents, lhe
probable damage sustained will be about
Brooksvh.l*.—’The Weston Herald says:
“Brooksf ille, is the name of the county seat
of the new county of Calhoun,—called so in
honor of Preston S. Brooks, of South Caroli
na. It is situated on the waters of the little
Kanawha, and is said to be a beautiiul situa
m■ .* .f . f.\K llta 1 Ss
lue canning vi » .w. ...x. ' •
steam frigate Colorado was effected yester
terday at the Tredegar Works, lhe metal, j
weighing 27,502 lbs., was poured out in the
presence oi' a large number of persons, who
enjoyed the sight with a zest which we have
never seen excelled.
Mr. Robinson Woodford, son of Jacob
Woodford, esq , residing on Taylor’s Drain,
Barbour couutv, had his arm torn ofl at the
elbow by a threshing machine on the 2d inst.
At Orange C. TI., on Tuesday evening, Au
gust 5th, by the Rev. Joseph Earnest, Mr. JOHN
S HANSBROUGH, ot Fredericksburg.to IVliss
MARY E. BALLARD, o! Orange C. H.
Death of Wji.C. Nutt —The deceased was
from Warrenton, Fauquier County, \ a , and has
been a resident of Atchison since May, lNf>5.
He was, we believe, an only son. upon w horn
was centered the pride and hopes of fond pa
rents, who are now left to mourn the discomfort
of their exjiectations—the sudden disap|>ear
ance ot the only star that illiimiiitd thesk) ol
their declining years. Indeed, we have rarely
seen a young tnau cut off in the very commence
ment of life, with so many ties to attach h»m
to this world, and just as he had every prospect
ot living in prosjierity and happiness, a uselul
member of society, and a treasure to all with
whom he became intimately connected.—1l< bi
son ( Kansu*) Payer.
CURSION, on Monday Eykninu,
ArutsT lbth.—The steamer A MCE C TRICK
will make an Excursion down the Totomac, on
Monday evening, Augu>t 1 Nth. leaving her berth.
No o, South Wharves, at \ o clock, and return
to Alexandria by 11 o’clock, theieby atioiduig
a delightful trip upon the river by moonlight.
Single tickets, 2.) cents ; tickets, admitting a
gentleman and two ladies, 5u cents.
* I4F Good Cotillon Mime will he provided.
Tickets can be obtained at the book-stores o!
Messrs. Rokkht Bell and GkokiskK. French,and
:he Music Store of J. H. Takuoit, King street.
aug 14—It [Sentinel]
Yikcima.- The INih Annual Session ol
this. Institution, will commence on Monday. Sep
tember 15th. The course of study includes the
usual English Branches, the Ancient and Mod
ern Lanucai.es, Mathematics, and Natural
Science. This Institution atio.ds advantages
which highly wmmrml it to the attention of yuitnts
ami guanimus. The corps of teachers, compos
ed ot gentlemen devoted to their profession , the
excellent set of Apparatus, Philosophical, Che
mical, and Astronomical; the arrangements ot
lhe buildings, giving just such accommodations
as students need ; the opportunity, at all times,
of demonstrating practically such principles as
admit of it; enable the student to obtain here a
sound, thorough, and practical education —
Terms: Board and tuition * ISO per session P'y
til>U quarterly, oi tlilcame.
Circulars may be obtained by applying to
R. L. BROCKET!’, Principal,
aug 14—eo^m [Sentinel j
ULPHATK QUININE, Calomel, Chloro
lorn), Blue Mass, Sulph. Zmr. Sulphuric
sv*..:.. a.,,.1 IIA-r* nxt received. Ulld
I UldSM. Villi' *a» -.
lor sale by STONK *t HARI,
No. 109. King street, corner ot \ lit.
jp- Sign ot the Holden Mortar. aug 14
NOTICE.—A CHECK of Mrs. Hannah Wil
son, on the Exchange Rank, Alexandria,
tor thirty dollars, in favor of and endorsed by .
H. McVeigh. having been lost or mislaid, all
persons are cautioned against negotiating the
same, as payment has been stopped aug M-::t
FOR RENT —A 11 O V S E near ilie
Jjjja Theological Seminary, new and in good
order, will be rented until the end ot the year,
or shorter time if des red Apply to the sub
scriber at the Virginia House, upper end ot
King st. [aug H-St] W. R SCARCE.
\ ceived, and for sale by
No. 1U9, Kiny: street, corner of l‘itt.
|p” Sign of the Holden Mortar. aug 14
received and lor sal** by
autr 14 S. E. cor. King and Wa-di r. streets.
ewv /WVA VERY sujwrtor importedSc
g»rs> various brands, just n -
ce.veJ.’a.ul tor sale by W(,u ro
aug 14 _ —
JO giuia distilled, -ceived.^ml (for sale by
aug 14 ____
C1 RAIN BAGS, constantly on hand, li,;
| sale at the lowest marltet iinces. by
\\TANTED.—A good CtR»K. wf l”‘.r al''!
\V lroner, tor a small fam.ly. Apply at
thni Office. [Sen*] -.2 41-dtf
JS an assortment of Gentlemen s Dress^Sh.rts,
»,“*> «*""• B’*h°P' a”,,K^BKRT"HARPER
l2 No. 166, King-street
amdkia. V1RG1.U-The exere.ses oi l is
_d will be resumed o« M edeesduy. c
' j«, l856. aug S eolm
In the Senate, yesterday, executive con -
municationa were read relating to Honduras,
public lands in the State of New York, &c.
A resolution relative to Lieutenant Bart
lett, the New York Herald, and the action of
the Senate in relatiou to that officer, was pre
A report was presented by Mr. Toombs
relatiug to certain persons confined in the
Territory of Kansas.
It was then moved that the Senate go into
executive session. On this question the yeas
and nays were demanded—yeas 20, nays 12.
So the Senate went into executive session.
The House of Representatives, resumed
the consideration of the bill for the relief of
Isaac Adams, and it was passed—leas 100,
nays 00.
Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, from the Commit
tee of Ways and Means, submitted a report
on the amendments of the Senate to the
Naval Appropriation bill, recommending a
non-concurreuce in two of the three amend
ments, and a concurrence in the remaining
amendment with an amendment.
The report of the committee was agreed to.
Mr. C. also, from the same committee, sub
mitted a report on tho amendments of the
Senate to the bill making appropriations for
the legislative, executive, and judicial expen
ses of the government. He asked that the
report might he considered without its refer
ence to the Committee of the Whole.
Mr. Stanton, of Ohio, objected.
Mr. Campbell moved a suspension of the
rules requiring the reference of the bill to tho
Committee of the Whole; which motion did
not prevail—yeas 100, nays 00—not two
The bill was then referred to the Commit
tee of the Whole, whereupon the House went
into committee, and proceeded to consider
the amendments of the Senate thereto.
Win. C. Rives.
This distinguished gentleman was recent
ly invited by the friends of Fillmore to ad
dress a public meeting in Amherst county.
Tho following is his reply to the invitation:
Castle IIill, 0th August, 1850.
Venllemeni—\ hud the honor to receive a
few' days ago, the invitation you had the
kindness to address to me, to attend and take
part in a political meeting to be held at Mt.
Moriah, in the county of Amherst, on the
7th inst.
I recognize amor.g the signatures to your
communication, gentlemen, many names of
old friends, which the associations and recol
lections of the past render very dear to me ;
and it would afford mo the highest gratiticn
tion t»> be with you on an occasion of so
much public interest. But my tioie of life
admonishes me of the propriety of leaving
the duty ol political discussions to younger
and abler men ; anti in addition to that con
sideration, particular engagement* at this
time put it entirely out of my power to be
with you. Assuring you of my cordial con
currence in your sentiments and views in
regard to the Presidential election, and with
every wish for their complete triumph by the
voice of the American people, 1 remain, gen
tlemen, very truly and faithfully your friend
i and fellow citizen. W M. C. Kl\ LS.
Messrs. S. M. Garland, R. M. Brown, L. Pan*
j iei, jr., Sidney Fletcher, Ac., Ac., Ac., Com
^ ercises of this School, located at 1 fie sub
! sc Tiber's residence, near Alexandria, Va., will
! commence on the ’-t-m! of September, and tenni
i nate on 1st of July, lSf>7. A limited number
only of pupils, between the ages ol 10 and 14,
are received : who, as the inmates ol his family,
are subjected, in their intellectual, moral, and
religious training, to a parental discipline—con
| stant, kind, and linn.
Terms. For Board and *1 uition in English,
Mathematics, Ancient Languages. French, and
Drawing, per session, $230—payable one halt
September 23d. and one hall Femuary 13th.
References:—The Episcopal C lergy in \ii
ginia, Maryland, and District ol Columbia.
Applications to be addressed to
jy 25_2aw2m Alexandria. Va.
ty-second session ol this school will com
; meuce on the 15th of September, 1 Sod, and end
| the 15th of July, 1 N57.
The School is situated in the village of Jetfer
i soiiU»n, Culpeper County, about miles troin
Eauquier White Sulphur Springs, ill an unusual
ly healthy neighborhood, and almost entirely
tree from dissipation.
Board (including washing, fuel and
lights.)ami tuition.$14«> <mi
English Branches and Mat! ematics. . .. 23 <»'»
Languages-—Greek and Latin. 3-*
Payable one half in advance, balance Lr»th ol
February. No deduction for absence, except in
case of protracted illness.
Culpeper co., aug 7—eotSepi
TVTOTICE — Being anxious to letue Irom the
J^j Mercantile business, 1 propose to sell out
my stock of GOODS, not because mV trade
is declining, for my sales have been steadily in
creasing for the last two years, but 1 am tired,
and want to wind up my concerns.
The stock is well assorted, and remarkably
free from remnants and unsaleable goods. I he
! Store house is one of the largest and best in the
: coumry, and can be retained on a long lease, ai
a reasonable rent.
The terms will be liberal, and there are tew
situations that oiler stronger attractions to n
man ot enterprise, tor a large and pi*»fit»ibh
business. ASA KOtiKKS.
Middlel-urg. aug 8—eotf
I XTOTICE.—It has been deemed advisahh
that notice be given to all persons engager
in navigating the Chesapeake and Ohio ( aiial
that the confident expectation is entertained ilia
navigation will he maintained uninterrupted!)
during the present season, 'lo the accomplish
mentol this result, all the energies ot the olh
! oers of the Company are being and will con
11uue to be devoted, and such measures liavi
been taken as may be reasonably relied on, t<
that end. .
It may be well, also, to notify those interested
that henceforward every regulation adopted hi
the company will be rigidly enforced.
WM. P. MAULSBY, President.
Cumberland, aug 9—eodt
I DIGUES’ SCHOOL in Warrenton, wil
commence on the 1st of September next. Tin
charges tor tuition are as follow's:
For the first class.f
For the second class. ,M)
For the elementary. H* ^
Per scholastic year of ten months, payable
one half at the end ot each session, trench
Music, and Drawing extra. A charge ot tilt]
cents per session is made lor each scholar, t<
defray the expenses of the school room.
Warrenton, aug 1—eolm _
THE WAR.—If the heirs of such Officers wil
address me, l can recover for them a larg
amount of money, under a late act of Congress
All who know their ancestors to have beei
Revolutionary Officers, will do w<U to addres
aug 7—law4w Washington, D. C
. i WANTKED—to rent a brick I)WEI.
kM LING two or three stories, in a ujeasan
part of lh.< city. Apply a» lb' Office.
$U£ 13—3i
Excursion.—A number of gentlemen of
the congregation of St. Mary’s Church, have
chartered the steamer Thomas Collyer, at d
intend to have an excursion to the White
H ,use, on the 21st inst., in aid of the im
provements made to the church. See adver
tisement in to-day’s Gazette.
Segars by Machinery.—We saw yester
day, for the tirst time, a specimen of segars
made by machinery. They were perfect in
form, though rather hard and tight. It is said
that segars can be made much cheaper by
this method than by band.
Sale of Salt.—Sale of about 4000 sacks
salt, cargo of Ship Carnatic, was made yes
terday, by S. J. McCormick, Auctioneer, on
Fowle & Co’s \V barf. 2500 sacks G. A. Salt
brought from [email protected]$1,05, and 1400 sacks tine
from $1,42] (<$$1,45.
Freight.—We noticed yesterday, on Union
street, thirty-five cars, loaded with Flour,
Wheat, Oats, Sumac, &c., brought down over
the Orange and Alexandria, and Manassas
Gap Railroads. There was 77.14 bushels of
wheat on the train.
City Council.—There was a meeting of
both branches of the City Council ou Tues
day night, but no business of special interest
was transacted.
Drowned—A young man named II. Ha
ney, aged about 18 years, fell overboard from
a canoe, near Fowle & Co.’s wharf, yesterday
afternoon, and before ho could be rescued,
was drowned.
I Winchkstku, Va.—The filth session ol this
Institution will be opened the 1st day of Sep
tember, IS5»>.and continue till February, 1857.
The Board ol Instruction is complete, and su
perior advantages are offered fora thorough and
polite education.
The rooms for boarders are commodious, well
ventilated, and suitably furnished. These are
occupied not only for lodging, but also, for per
manent study rooms, and but two students be
ing placed in the same room, superior lacilities
are offered in respect to health and tor uninter
rupted study. The whole arrangement has
I»hhii made, and the Institution will be conduc
ted upon the plan of the most approved Semina
ries of learning.
A Primary Department has been organized,
in which, on and after September 1st, girls from
eight to ten years of age will be received.
Tuition payable at the opening of the session,
and board bills at the close. Catalogues giving
more lull information, terms, Nr., maybe had
by application to the Principals.
Rev. Wm. Hirst, j)
D. W. Barton, > Winchester.
R. Y. Conrao, )
Rev. Charlks Collins, D. P., Carlisle, Pa.
Rev. John A. Collins, Baltimore, Md.
Faculty of Union Collf.uk, Schenectady,
Winchester, Va., aug 11—eo.'lt
IjlAIJQlJlER SCHOOL—The next session
^ of my School will commence the 1st ot
j September, and close the latter part of June.
! Ancient and Modern Languages, Mathematics,
Nc., are taught; and pupils prepared with spe
cial reference to the completion ol their educa
: tion at the University.
Terms :—Two hundred dollars for the session,
I including everything necessary, except lights in
i the dormitories, and payable one hall in ad
j vance, and the other on the first ol February.
F’or Circulars, address me at Middleburg, Lou
doun County.
University of Virginia, Jan. 18,1
Mr. Willoughby W. Tebbs, a graduate in sev
eral schools of the University, specifically,
in all the subjects lie professes to teach, and
having had considerable experience in giving
instruction to young gentlemen preparing loi
the University, is cordially recommended by the
undersigned, as being every way uncommonly
well qualified to conduct a Classical and Mathe
matical Academy.
Gksssrr Harrison,Prof. Ancient Languages.
Wm. H. McGuffky, Prof. Moral Philosophy,
M. Sen elk Pk Vkrk, Prof. Modern Languages,
Juki. B. Minor, Prof, ol Law,
J. L. Cabell, Prof. Physiology and Surgery,
Francis H. Smith, Prol. Nat. Philosophy,
1 graduated in Mathematics under the late
Prol. Courtenav.
jy 21—eoJm W. W. 1 F.BBS.
Middleburg female institute.
—This Institution has been in successful
operation for two sessions, and re-opens for its
third on the first Wednesday in September. It
\.i located in Middleburg, Loudoun County, \<i,
under the charge of Miss F’. Tebbs and compe
tent assistants.
It is the desire of the Principal to render the
school inferior to none in its advantages, and to
accomplish that object no pains norexpen.se will
be spared.
The charge for Board and Tuition is $!*>*) P**r
session of ten months.
Music, French and Latin, extra charges. A
limited numlier ot Boarding Pupilsare received.
For Circulars, containing references Nc., apply
t0 Miss E. TEBBS.
Middleburg, Loudoun Co., Va.
Viroinia Female Institute. )
June 9th lsbo. )
Having in part educated Miss 1 ebbs and close*
lv observed hei fidelity, zeal ami success as a
Teacher dining two years in the Institute under
my charge I can with confidence re*wiinend
Iim school to those who are seeking for their
•laughters a thorough grounding, and the disci
nluie ol a Christian Home.
Principal of Virginia Female Institute,
je 17—eoJrn
1)lEDMONT ACADEMY, Fai:quikk Coin
w TY Va—The exercises of this School will
I be resumed on the 1st Monday in September
Scholastic year of ten months is divided
into two sessions—the first commencing on the
1st ol September and ending at Christmas—the
second commencing on the 1st ol January, and
. ending on the last of June. The course ot study
is extensive, embracing all the branches usual
» ly taught in Academies ot high grade. 1 he
, Principal hopes that his continued exertions to
build up a Virginia School will meet with that
patronage which has encouraged his former la
, hors. He will spare no pains to render the
School worthy of confidence. The number of
boarding pupils will be limited; applications
should therefore be sent in at once. Expenses—
Board for ten months and tuition in classics,
• Ac., $ 140—Board and tuition in English, $13f».
1 For Circulars, with additional information aud
? references, address F. M. EDWARDS
Piedmont Station. Fauquier Co ., jy O-eo-'m
Alexandria female seminary -
The next annual session of this Iustitu
. non will commence on the Itith of September
r AH the solid branches usually pursued in a
) first claa? Female Seminary, are thoroughly
taught, while the more elementary ami ornamen
tal ones, receive due attention.
As no seats will be reserved unless poMtively
* engaged, those who desire to send are requested
; to apply as early as they can conveniently do so
, For particulars, please address the pnncipa
l through the Post Office, as he Whl be absenl
irom town for several weeks. mVrr T
; 7 mo 14—eotSeptt_?rwcn*\
designed, will sell on liberal terms, a new
’ is horsepower STEAM ENGINE. Apply tc
' Thomas T. Hill and M J' HILLSr™
X dria. o- to THOMAS HILL, br.
Culpeper C.H , aug 7—eo2w
Philadelphia, August 13.—The Liver
pool and Philadelphia steamship Company’s |
screw steamship Kangaroo, from Liverpool
30th ult., has arrived. Her advices have been j
anticipated. __j
SIJl)LEY FOR SALE—I oHer for sale, niv
FARM, situated in Loudoun and Fairfax
Counties, at their junction with Prince William,
and about twenty-seven miles from Alexandria.
and SEVENTY-FIVE ACRES, 77f. of which
are cleared, and in a good state of improvement;
the reina nder in timber, and is susceptible ol
being divided into two or more farms, w ith an
abundance timber and water. Ihe soil is
the approved red slate, except lf>0 acres ol P»ull
Run bottom.
MThe improvements are an excellent and
commodious DWELLING, and all the
necessary out buildings. The Independent Line
of the Manassas Gap Rail Road pa.-ses through
the farm, and there is every probability that a
Station will be located upon, certainly within a
half mile of it. On the adjoining larm there is
a inineial Spiing, partaking ol the qualities ot
the famous Bedford Spring, ami w ithin a short
walk of Smiley dwelling; ami. also, an excellent
Saw and Grist Mill, both ol which have been
recently tilted up with all the modern improve
nients in machinery.
It is rare a farm possessing so many advan
tages is ottered in market. To a gentleman
wanting a handsome larm, beautiluily located
in a pleasant neighborhood, with scenery rarely,
if ever equalled, is now offered an excellent op
* port unity.
The soil of this FARM is well adapted to the
growth of grain and grass, and when the Kail
Road, now under construction, is completed it
will be within an hour's ride ol the District and
Alexandria markets. Communications will be
promptly replied to, on addressing
Groveton, Pi. Win, Co., Va., aug 1—2awl0t
) yillk, Clarkk County, Va.—This School
will he again opened on the 1st Monday in Sep
tember next. Having been compelled to turn
oti some boarders last session lor want ol room,
I am now putting up additional rooms, winch
will be ready by the commencement of tlie ses
sion. The School year is divided into two ses
sions of live months each.
Terms i*er Session.
For tuition in English (preparatory,).. .$Lr» fM
“ “ u Hieher English, with or
without Latin or Greek. 20 00
*• “ French. 7 GO
For Instruction on Piano with use ol In
strument . 25 00
For Board including everything, payable
1st September, and 1st February. 75 00
Catalogues may be had by application to
J. A. HAYNES, Principal.
Berryville, Clarke Co., Va., jy S—eotSepl
I^DGE HILL SCHOOL.—The second ses
j sion of this School will commence on the
1st October next, and terminate on the Mist July
tollowing. The session is divided into two terms
I ol live months each. 1 he subjects taught aie
Aliennt Languages, Modern Languages, and
Mathematics. The charge for everything except
lights, is $I^G per term, payable ;n advance.—
Persons desiring it, may obtain a tietailed cata
logue, by addressing the Principal, at Guiney s
P.O., Caroline county. Virginia.
Rkk krkntes—F. W. Coleman, Esq , Virginia
Senate; Prof* Cabell, Davis, Harrison, Smith,
Minor, and McDutTey, University of Virginia;
Profs. Venable and Brown, University of Georgia;
J. Randolph'Pucker, Esq, Winchester; R B.
i Heath. Esq., and U P Coleman, M. D., Rich
mond ; Jas. C. Southall, Ksq., Albemarle; H M.
Robinson, Esq.,N. O. jy 8 lawtl
SOrv/ k REWARD.—Ranaway irom the
^0 )\) subscriber, near Middleburg, Lou
doun County, Va, on Saturday night, the Writta
inst., my negro man SANDV. He is about MG
years ol age, nearly six feet high, stout built,
dark color, and rather a bad countenance when
spoken to—clothing not recollected, hut took
with him a suit of broad cloth and other cloth
ing. I will give the above reward ot •'J*»G0 it
taken out ot the State ol V irginia, and $I(*U it
taken in the State of Virginia; in either case to
be secured in jail so that 1 get him again.
Middleburg, Va., jy —eolm
4^)/ Wk REWARD.—Ranaway from me
fib\ f the MUth day of June last, my man
UjTV, aged about years. He is about 6
leet high, very black, has a lront tooth out on
the upper jaw. 1 will give the above reward it
taken out of the State of Virginia, and $liMJ
if taken in the State and secured so that 1 get
iiossessiou of him again.
Salem Station, Fauquier Co.. \ a . jy lG-eotm*
signed are authorized to sell, or rent lor a
term of years, the following property belonging
to Mrs. Harriet V. Ladde. The large BRICK
HOUSE, on Water street, between Queen and
Princess streets, recently occuphd as a Hotel by
Mr. White, together with two lots adjoining
said House, each fronting about MO feet on Water
street, upon one ot which thpre is now a 1 en
Pin Alley. The House and lots will be disposed
of either together or separately. 'Perm* easy
pan 10—eotf MONROE «r FUNSTEN.
tA HOUSE AND LOT containing about
in the town ol Upperville, Fauquier (runty.
Va.,—said house is in handsome cottage st) It
with all suitable conveniences, and necessary
out buildings—it is a very comfortable and
pretty residence, and being situated hi a most
healthy district of country, wifh excellent socie
ty, is a very desirable summer retreat. Apply
to Dr. RALEIGH T. COLSTON,,of Upper
ville. Fauquier la., aug I £—eom
a—U FOR RENT.— A hirge ami desirable
and More on Royal street, near the Market. Ih;s
is considered one ol the best locations ill the city,
lor almost any kind of business. The Dwelling
is large and airy, and has all of the modern im
provements. To a good tenant, the rent will be
moderate. Possession given on the first ot Oc
tober. Apply to H. ('HA 1 HAM.
aug *’•— dtt __
'VTOTICK TO FARMERS —The undersign
j^l ed, will turn sli BAGS to Farmers and oth
ers, at the usual charge, consigning their grain
to them for sale, and will guarantee t lit? highest
price lur all produce placed in their hands. We
refer to ihe lollowing merchants ol ourcity, viz:
D. F. Hooe, Fowl* & (V, Cazenove At Co ,
J. F. Dyer, and B. H. Lambert.
Grocers and Produce Commission Merchants,
Blacklock's Wharf. Alexandria,Va. aug 9
Ring wood female school, ai»ubn
FAmriBK CorjfTT. Va —Phis School, un
der the charged the MISSES MILLIGAN, will
resume its duties on Monday. Aigi st 4th. As
the number ol pupils will be limited to six,
early application will be necessary.
Fauquier co., jy 20—eotf ______
JE'^g’J^CrS-gnprtin*'’ everv day with the Cars
at the Plaint, arrives at Middleburg, V a., live
hours ahead of the line of Stages.
The coach leaves Middleburg at fcj, aid ar
rives at l o'clock.
WM. B. NOLAND. Contractor.
Middleburg. Va .jy 14— eo2m_
^ fHKj bids. New' N. S. Herring
' 200 “ Mackerel, 2’s an Id's, new
10.000 lb-. Codfish, daily expected to arrive
•id lor sale by GEO. W. HARRISON
jy i4 Union and Queen street dock
jlj FOR SALE—Two desirable twostorj
JE&BRICK HOUSES, on Fairfax street, neai
the Kir.* Presbyterian Cburrb. Apply to
mb 19—Jawtf JOHN L. PASCOE.
SHERIFF’S SALE.— Will be %M OH Friday
the ’J '.J instant, at the City Hotel, Alexan
dria, Va . one Hilliard Table, Beds. Bedstead*
Bedding, 4'hairs. Tables. Solas, YVashstand.s,
Looking (Hasses. Caipeting, Stove*, (lima,
(*la«K. Karthern, and Brittauu wares, to satisfy
executions in my bands, in favor ot Kurtily
Biadlord and others, vs. Allied Maddux and
Silas .I Sanders. Terms cash, and sale at to
o’clock, a. M. h. l. Monroe, d. s.
ang V)—eots
I The above property, situated at Orange
C ourt House, Va.. contains about fiA Achls, and
fronts on Main street about 1»h) yards, and on a
across street about l."*(»yards, with a HOTEL
BUILDINO (brick) upon the same, tbiee
stories high, exclusive of basement and attic,
containing about 40 rooms. The said building
fronts on Main street about 100 feet, with a
double portico extending its whole length, and i>
within UK) yaids ol the County Court House
and the Orange and Alexandria Railroad lVjiot.
The Stables (brick) attached to the Hotel con
tain about *J0U stalls and the Ice houses (stone)
will contain about *jim> tons; with a bountiful
supply of excellent w ater (both well and spring)
on the premises.
The location of this property is equal to that
of any in Eastern Virginia for a first class
Hotel, nor is there any point (out of the cities)
where such an Hotel would pay better than ai
Orange Court House, It is a favorite place ol
resort during the summer season ; possessing, as
it does, every attraction that beautiful and ma
jestic mountain scenery, a rich and highly cul
tivated country, and a refined, intelligent, and
wealthy community can offer. Nor are these at
tractions unappreciated by the plea*»iire-seekers
ot the cities, as the present occupant of this
Hotel has been unable, from a want ol rooms,
to accommodate one halt ol those applying this
summer ior Imard.
The trains of the Orange and Alexandria
Railroad passing through the Village bulb wavs
twice every day, atfoid double daily com mu id
eation with Richmond and all the Northern
cities, while a good plank toad, which is now
being speedily converted into a railroad, con
nects it with the town ol Fredericksburg. The
Alexandria and Fredericksburg Railroads inter
secting at (flange Court House.
'l'be above property is offered at private sale
until Tuesday, the I nth day of Sept evil* r next,
w hen, it not disposed ot belore, it will he otleied
at Public Auction on the premises. The title is
| indisputable.
Terms ol sale .—One-fourth cash, and the bal
ance in one, two, and three years.
Further information, ii desired, may be ob
tained by addressing the Proprietor, at Orange
Court House, Virginia.
Also, at the same time and place, I will offer
at Public Auction, “MILLWOOD,’ the tract
ol land on which I now reside, containing be
tween 71MJ and m»u acuks, anu simuicu uuum
miles south of Orange Court House. About
one half this tract is in cultivation, the gieatei
part of which is well set in timothy and clover;
the remainder is heavily timbered with the ori
ginal growth of chestnut, pine, and oak. The
tract is finely watered, a large creek running
through its entire length, and upon which is one
ol the largest and most productive timothy mea
dows in the county; the entire bed ol (Ins
creek is pure Lime-tone, which in many places
projects above the siirtace ol the ground, ren
dering the quarrying ol the stone easy and
cheap. The quality ol the Lime burnt on this
tract is equal to that ol any in the country—the
Superintendent of tire Orange and Alexandria
Railroad having tested it. and used it in the con
struction of the bridges, Ac., on his road.
M There’is a large, comfortable DWEL
LING HOUSE on this tract, containing
eight rooms, besides dining room, back rooms,
&c , in basement—with a portico extending in
front, about Oo leet, excellent water in the yard,
ice-house, negro cabins, stables, Ac., in good
repair. In the past few years, the subscriber
lias paid much a r tent ion to fruit, and now has
upon this tract flourishing orchards ol Apples,
Reaches.(’herries.Ac. just beginning to bear well.
It desired, the Stock, Crops, and Farming Im
plements will also be sold to the purchaser of
the land.
Terms of sale:—One-fourth cash, ami the bal
ance in one, two, and three years.
The proprietor invites persons desirous ot
purchasing this land, to visit the premises be
lore the day ol sale, and view it lor themselves
To suit purchasers, the above tract can lie
divided into several smaller ones, with an abun
dance of good water, and a due proportion of
wood and limestone to each.
Orange Ct. House, jy 31 — lawts
undersigned will sell publicly oil lb* pre
mises, on Friday, the Md oj Jugust, 1 sr.n, (it
suitable, it not the next suitable day thereafter.)
a very valuable FARM, lying in the upper part
of Madison county, near the Rappahannock line,
ACRES, and adjoining the lands ol Rev. Wm.
Thos. Leavell, John W. Miller, and others. Such
alarm is rarely in market. It has about ONE
perior run bottom on it, rarely surpassed; no
Urm can he better watered; with an abundance
ot timber equal ill quality to any in Eastern
Virginia. .
This farm lies about l‘J miles Irom < ulpeper
Court House, w ith a good road between the pla
ces, and a Turnpike most ol the distance 1 his
larm is not in a high state ot improvement, but
is well drained and cleared up, w ith good tences,
a out ol chestnut rails The OUT-BUILD
INGS are plain and substantial.
I'eisons wishing to buy will please view the
farm before the day of sale. Reference is made
to Mr. Wm. Thomas, the overseer, and to the
Rev. Wm. Thos. Leavell. Ilany bidder should
desire a dwelling house at once, the Rev. Mr
Lea\ell will sell him his, which is immediately
contiguous, on lair and libeial terms.
The tel ms are one fourth cash, and the bal
ance in equal payments, payable m one, two
and three years with interest liom day ot sale.
Thp I.urchaser to give bonds with good security
ami a (feed o! trust on the land to secure the de
ferred payments. The title will he made alter
t!»e first deferred payment is made.
\YM. L. KARLY, in his own right, and
as Kxecutor ol VVm. Karly, deceased.
Madison co.,jylf>—lawts A. R. BLAKKV.
ARM FOR SALK.—Having determined to
^ leave the County, 1 offer lor sale my
FARM, lying on Sngarland Run. one mile north
of the Leesburg Turnpike, in the County of feu
doun, and containing MX
It is well watered, and has on it plenty of tim
ber. Or, I will sell 4M0 acres with or without
the improvements. The above FARM i« otter
ed at private sale until 2.ith of August. I not
.sold before, it will be offered at public sale in
the town of Leesburg. m» tkt' of Ju%ust, at
11 o'clock. There is on the L ARM an abundance
ol fruit. The purchaser will have the privilege
of seeding (his tall, and full possession will be
g.ven on the 1« -lay ol OctoU-r. aMILT0N.
Dranesvilfe P. O . Fairfax Co., aug 4-eotA20
11ARM FOR SALK —The subscriber offers
^ lor sale his FARM, containing about TWO
HUN DR KD and FIFTY ACRES, in Fairfax
county, h miles from Alexandria, 11 miles from
Washington and Georgetown, and within l mile
of the Anandale Post Office, on the Little River
Turnpike. The Manassas Gap Railroad will
- ' run within6<)0 yards ol the house. The
BUILDINGS on the farm are new and in
hist rate order. There is on the farm a large
apple and peach orchard; also, a mill site, the
farm is the best in Fairfax county. Persons
wishing to purchase, will beshown the premi
se* with pleasure. If not sold before the 20th
of August it will be offered for sale on that day
at public auction on the premises. Terms at
Anandale P. 0, Fairfax co., Va ,jy 10—eot*
I10R SALK —TWO thoroughbred BL LL
i C A L V KS, of the celebrated Alderney
bieed, from Cows imported by me ii ljW.
jy 19—eotf_CKO. D lOWLfc.
BV S. J. McCORMICK—Acotioskkk
IT^ILL BE OFFERED at public auction.
W tm Monday, the V>th instant, it not pre
viously disposed ol at private sale, at the Oitire
occupied by the late E. I. latsipaugu, dei d ,
corner ot Prince and Water streets, the lollop
ing articles:—
1 Hand Press; I Card do; 1 Standing Pres*
and Boards; .‘<4 Type Cases; I Cabinet and Con
trols; 2 Inqtosiug Stones; 2.r> lbs. Ink, assoited,
7 Chases; tj Composing Sticks; 4 Gailejs, /
Case Stands; Lot ol‘ Type, Cut*, Rule, Ac.; In
dozen Packs Cards, (assorted,) Gas Fixtures,
2 Stoves.
aug 12—tits JAS. DEMPSEY, Adin’r.
RY.— By virtue ot a decree of the Circuit
l ourt tor Charles County, sitting as a Court of
Equity, I will sell at public sale, at the Court
House door, in Port Tobacco. Charles Countv,
Maryland, on Tuesday. the %2fith day of dui**n,
between the hours of 12, M , and 4, P. M , that
valuable tract of land, known as the “ HOPE
WELL LANDING FARM/’ the residence ot
the late William F. Pye, and situated in Corn
wallis’ Neck, Charles Count), immediately ou
the Potomac River, containing about THREE
less, with an ISLAND attached ol about thir
teen acres. The laud is very lertile and adap
ted to the growth of the usual staple com modi
ties of the county. The great facilities ol ihe
water render it a very desirable location. 1 he
FISHERY is considered by judge* as a vciv
valuable one, and was tubed some lew yean
since with great success. There is upon the
FARM an abundance ol Wood and Water, and
Mlhe usual necessary OUT BUILDING*,
fencing, Ac. All the Potomac Steamboats
passing immediately by the place, make th**
communication with Baltimore am! Washington
easy. Those wishing to purchase are invited to
examine tin* premises.
Tkkms hy Decree.—Two hundred and filtv
dollars cash, and the balance in equal annual
instalment* ot one, two, and three years, liom
ihe day of sale, with interest from said day mi
til paid , to be secured by the bonds ot the pm
charters With security to be appioted by the
Trustee. Possession will be given January 1st,
1S,'»7. and the purchaser allowed the privilege
ot seeding w heat this tall.
VTOTICE —The creditors of Edward R Pye,
deceased, are hereby notified to lile their
claims, w'lth the vouchers thereof, in the oltioe
ot the Clerk ot the Circuit Court ol Charles
County, within six months from the 26th day ot
August, 13l»0.
Charles County. Md.,jy28—eots
By virtue ol a decree ot the Circuit Comt
ol rrince W imam, ill me case oi rayue,«c , vs.
Payne, made on the 14th day ol May, 185b, the
undersigned. Commissioner, will sell at Brents
ville, on Mituday, the Alh day oj Jlugu*t. (Couit
day.) at public auction, the TRACi OF LAND
in tiie said decree referred to. It is the same
tract ot which the late William Payne, died
sri/.ed, and is now in the occupancy as tenant,
ol Sanford Mills, who will show the said land
to any one desiiing to purchase. The tract con
tains about TWO HUNDRED asu EIGHTY
SIX ACRES, and adjoins the land ol Francis
Hanna, on or near to Occoquan Ruu, and is also
near the town of Occoquan. It is sold for the
purpose of partition among the heirs ot Wil
liam Payne.
Tkkiis —One-third of the purchase money
will be required ill cash, and the remainder in
six and twelve months, with uiterest Irom day
ot sale. The title to be retained till the deter*
red payments are made.
GEO. V. MONCURE,Commissioner.
Prince William Co , Va.,jy 18—eots
UTThe above sale is postponed to Septem
ber, Prince William Court, on the fint day oj
Septemltr, when it will take place at Brents
ville, a* above advertised. G. V. M., Com r.
Pr Wm. Co , Ya.. aug 6—eots
By virtue ot a decree of the Circuit Court
oi Fauquier County, rendered on the 20th day el
September, Ih.'di, in the case ol Ashby against
Adams, the undersigned will sell at public auc
tion, on the premises,on Thunday, thc'i\tt day of
18.0b, if tair, if not the first fair day
thereatter, that highly desirable tract of LAND
now held ami occupied by Beiq. F. Adams, sit
uated in the said County ol Fauquier, lying
within three miles of Piedmont Station, on the
Manassas Gap Rail Road, and adjoining the lands
ot Charles M. Gibson, Thaddeus Herndon, and
The tract contains about TWO HUNDRED
ACRES ami has a soil highly improved and
well adapted to the growth ol wheat and corn,
w ith an abundant supply ot wood and water —
The improvements consist ol a DWELLING
^ HOUSE, Kitchen, Barn, Stable, Cornbouse
itfjfland Ice House. Persons in want ol a small
farm with the advantages of a convenient mar
ket, good society and healthfulness of location,
are particularly requested to examine this faim
before purchasing elsewhere.
I krms of Salk—One tenth of the purchase
money to be paid in cash, the residue in three
equal instalments ot six. twelve, and eighteen
months, to be secured by the bonds ol the pur
chaser with good personal security, the cash
payment to be torieited, it the purchaser fails to
complete his purchase,the title to be withheld
and the land subject to lesale under the oiJer
ot the Court as a turther security for the deferred
instalments JOHN J. ^J?BY.
Warren tan. jy lO^eots Commissioners
I 9 By virtue ol a Decree of the Circuit Court
oi Fairlax county, rendered in the case ol Town,
void's guardians against Townsend s heirs, the
undersigned will sell at public auction, at Fair
fax Court house, on Monday, th* \hth day of Jv
iit, IS.™, (Court day.) the highly desirable
TRACT OF LAN Dot which.! as. Townsend died
seized, containing about 1 HRF.E HUNDRED
\CKFIS. This land is situated on the Little Ri
ver Turnpike Road, about live miles above Fair
r,v House: admitting the lands ot Mrs C.
c Smart. Charles Stewart, and other*, one halt
mile trom the junction of the LoimIouii Branch
and Manassas Gap Railroad, and in a neighbor
hood famous for fertility of soil, and abundant
and remunerative crops. . . ,
The greater part ol this tract i* in wood, con
,i«tiug cl oak, che»lni.l and pi"*- Tb* improve.
Ali ment* consist of a small but comtorUble
Bill i HOUSE, and the usual out buildings.
^TuIms OF Salk-One tenth of the purchase
money to be paid in cash at time of sale; the re
sidue in thieeequal instalments of six, twelve,
and eighteen months, with interest thereon from
the day of sale ; the deferred payments to be se
cured by the notes of the purchaser, and a lien
upon the land until the last payment is made
and the same subject to a re-sale in case said
terms are not complied with. Possession tor
seeding purposes given immediately and full
iiossession given on or before the 1st of January
next WM. H. DULANY, Commis r.
Fairfax. Co jy 11—eots
r | will offer lor aale, oil the IW Juy ol V/>
imifwr next,on the premia, BENLOMOND, l «
farm adjoining the one on which I “
taining about TWO HUNDRED anu kOKTY
The two together will make a
u all th« necessary B l I L D I N G S, an
£1 ,h»,ndaiice ot timber, and two good wells
Of tine water. Any gentleman wishing ahealiby
country residence, in the midst ot agreeable so
ciety, could not make a better selection.
A private contract can be made previous to
the day of public offering. Bids taken between
10 A. M. and 6 P. M. .» J
Millwood P. O ,Clarke co . Vr, |e2B— lawts
African guano, i<“‘«* **
•air bv _ ftp Ihj FOWLS * ***•_
7^/w/T/v GUNNY BAGS, second hand, fat
: 2000 by f«y 21>F0WU * c?

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