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Delaware U*v. K. J. Xewrllu.
t \.rn^o/uIenc€ or the Baltimore Sun.]
Siili*ii*ki>stou n, \ a., Oct. 10, 1850.
/ "'ti to ;* of the / Vestytenan (Xetc School)
s.— Kev. A. G. Caret hers stated to the .
s’n • l that, through the Inter of Kev. J. C. j
s i !tp \>_ l»., just received, he was informed ‘
:iU,» v. *uM announce the ©lection ot Kev. j
j. ,.J. >,‘\vlin to the presidency of Dela- :
w iM. College. Mr. C. congratulated thepres
. i.-nt eleet on the honor conferred upou him,
an 1 the Synod and College on the success ;
tb »t would follow this election.
On motion of Kev. Dr. Boyd, of A\ inches
tf.r Va., the following minute was adopted:
j be Svnod have heard with much pleasure of
the electiou cf Kev. Ellis J. Newlin to the
presidency of Delaware College ; and while i
Nvr.- rgratulate him ou this new relation and
position, we recommend the College to the j
t ii.iidctice and patronage ©t the churches i
unacr our care, as ottering some peculiar ad
vantages to the youth of our Southern coun
Os, Thursday. the 13th inst., at Rockville,
V bv the R**V. Win G Eggleston, Mr. JOS. ;
ot Alexai dria, \a
In Louisville, Ky, on the 5th ins?., by the
K,, Mr Schotkv.THOS E ACHES, of Alexan- ,
4lla. V*., to MARY L. EWING, daughter oi Dr.
M E. Ewing, oi Louisville.
In Washington, on the 13th inst., at the First
Bt prist Church, by the Rev. S. 1\ Hill, VV M. J.
KII EES to LAL'KA O. CLARKE, daughter of
Uaac Clarke, e«np, all ol YN» ashmgton.
In Washington, at sf. liter's Church. hy the
K**v Mr. Knight. Dr. JOSEPH A. SMITH, oi
Prince George » county, Md., to MissMAR^ E.,
daughter of Edward Fenwick, esq., ol the Dis
tnct ol Columbia. ;
In St. Error's Church, at F.llicott’s Mills, Md., ,
on the 11th inst., bv the Kev. Alexander J. Bet- j
„,.r< .1 SI1AAFF STOCK ETT, of Baltimore, to I
7iF.ORG IE STOCK ETT, ol Stock wood, llovv- ;
ard county.
I.. Urorvetowu, I>. C.ou W-«lne*la>. the ISM,
ol November, bv the Kev Dr.Norwood, KOb I
B BOLLING, esq . of Petersnurg. \ a., to MAK
. . .i. ...i , . Win x \iriinil*. ol the
u .a n r, a . -
i nn.er place.
(hi the Mil ins'. by the Kev. Mr. ( arson. Mr.
\VM It>.Y of Warren county, to Miss t RAN*
( KS \ HOLTSCLAW. of Clarke.
(»n November 4tn. by R**v. Joseph A. Hil- ,
ngsl**y Mr JOSKPH K. Li LLINOSLKY. to
ALMIRA V . only daughter of Mr. Abner
i; 1 rue. ail ot King Oeorge county, Ya.
In Louisville, Kv , on the <th inst, JOHN
>UM>KRS TALBOT, of St. Louis, Mo, tor
:: triy of Alexandria, V a., in the 43vl year ot his
A; ?Le residence ot his lather, in Oooney Ma*
r .f on rii** ytn mst., WILLOL’GHBY 0K
V Al (»H N, aged 4'* years, 0 months and 1 days.
On the vilst ult . in Illinois, of consumption,
Mr* K K AOAMS daughter ot James L. and)
iitebe Hop**, ot front Koval.
On the gbth ot October, at the residence ot
Mr Jacob Oarrett, m Warren, county. Miss
FRANCKSSMKOLKY, in the isth year of her
age. _
At the residence ot her sister, Mrs. F.Lza Fey*
toil, m Washington, on the ivth mst.. Mss.
PRISCILLA B WILKINSON, relict of the late
!,»■<>. Wilkinson, ot Calvert county, Aid., aged
years. ^
c;ni rn KKdAL.
AlriHiulrla .Market, November 14.
FLOCK.—Sales duung the week have been
!j.with but a moderate demand, and no
c...tiige m prices. Sales on f hatige to day ot
I .non street at $4 7;>. The offerings ot Kxtra
■,oe been unusually light, and transactions very
, anted—quotations altogether nominal.
WHKAT.—Receipts durng the week light.
With a lair inquiry, and but slight variation in
puc*-*.. Offerings today lair, and nearly all
•i(v,>ii at ISO. 155, lr*4, and lOSc. tor white, and
11". 145, and 144c. for red.
CORN.—Prices remain unchanged, with light
receipts, and active demand. ^ hite and mixed
V •> u' Jo.
OATS.— We quote 33u^34c., with a lair kn
q’lirv and moderate receipts?
RYK.—Sales at 73 cts.
Our Orocery and Produce markets are w ith*
o ,t any change whatever to note. Business has
be. a quite active, with lasr supplies on hand.
No change in monetary affairs Money con
sumes easy, with a small demand. Very' tew
’runsactions in stocks, which are without quo
’.ible change. Land Warrants dull.
The Market*.
Baltimohr. Nov. 14.—Flour—the brisk de
rnaiul for several days past is unabated, and
ecs are well sustained. Howard street and
<Vv Mills continue to sell tor $'*.75; Ohio,
•> s‘./$7. Wheat i*. in good inquiry. Oood to
prime red.. $1 *15ii‘$L53; and the same grades
ot whites. SL.Ks'a$Lf'3. Corn is drooping.—
Waite, oS.ifol cts yellow, d:.x4')4 cts.
Nkw Y oh a. Nov. 14.—Flour has a declining
Viuieiiyy. Stat $4.50o$4 b<»; Southern is
i.eavy, at yesterday * rates. Wheat is drooping.
l’nc*s are nominal. Corn isdeclining. South 1
r ii mixed, by cts. Stocks are active. Cum.
j ■ ri.uid Coal Co.. It*; Virginia C's. (J4.
I Hotkey Halter*.
.c Kuropa's advices from Europe, to the 1st
,»rc not -penally important m a commer
'Mien financial features aie. how
i1 ‘o-r encouraging—in that the position oi
:\tt: \ i t France is represented as slightly
►*r and Kngiish Consols had advanced C
■iig 9 Cr,», j. The money market con
♦*, active, buf unchanged. The construe*
ia view of these statements, is that noth*
a. *Ne ix, apprehended.
•* rv.'u ev market is very stringent in New ;
« * the present time, and the street rate tor
;-‘p- r is generally l cent, a month. Very •
^ 'sbel'iw that rate, and Skill) is paid on
>»'<o >» I he demand at bank is consider*- !
' vomi 'heir receipts.
•• A>ia. on Wednesday, took from New
■s :> r Krrope only $3t*3.5t>7 in gold, ot
* Mi !»• imuit shipped $-00) *<•)>. I his is
v:n. M than was anticipated last week. ,
■ 't 5>ti. tor Havre, will not sail until -Mon
I • e |
‘••“le was a strong rise in the New Vork
' 'i a: kt*t Yesterday, especially in the atter
>r the arrival ot ill gold .
' a »riua. and the foreign advices. 1 he
- s’oc ns advanced 1 to 3 cent., and the !
°h ^ed tirni.
Baltimore l utlU Market. ,\ov. 13.
' '!Tu 1 he offerings of Beet Cattle to-day
“v:*. rs w ere about 000 head, which is ra- i
;.->i was at market lost week. Ot the
'.mi were sold tor New York, and
i ai ,v • m*> head) were taken up by Haiti
'^vhers at prices tanging trom $3 to
?u»* hoot, equal to 25ui$$ 25 net.
^'.ng #3 gross. These rigures are
, •- *ame as were obtained last week.
15—Since out last. Hogs have declined —
. I * *r.eru to-dav at $7 <i$7 50 per 1U0 lbs.
avs past the supply has been large
t: ~'Nrie**p an* in rather better demand,
.... - fVktt is a little firmer V.’e quote
75 per 100 lb*.
r« Xarlrti, Kot. 19.
* uJiu'^,110 cbange since our last, although j
v ,, *‘ been very quiet. We quote
rORx0lUf $! 45 10 *1 >30; Red $1,40 to $1,45.
P*r bushel.
K—$. 2'. to $7.35.
h)l) j. '\^'s * HkF.SK. just received and for I
'by [nov 15] FERRY & SON.
By leaUrtlay Kveamg'*
ViHviiNia Central Railroad.—doe An-;
nual Meeting of tne Stockholders of (lie Vir- j
giaia Central Railroad Company, was held
in Richmond, on Thursday. The present
officers wore unanimously re-elected. Th« j
President's report shows that the receipt''
during the year have far exceeded the esti
mates. amounting, from ul! sources, $•><*$,
413.15— being an increase of $1-3 047.1*2 ou
the receipts of last yeur. The Board think
the revenue of next year may he safely esti
mated at $000,000; and 'f the proprietors o(
the various springs shad enlarge their uc
comtuodari-ns, they have no douht the re
eeipts will greatly exceed that sum. The ;
whole amount paid out during the year lor
expenses, is $25* ,070 4». ^ i
It is believed that the Blue Hi Ige Tunnel ;
will he completed so that the cars can pass
though, early next spring. Col. Or* z the
engiuter, states that “the drills Iruin one side
to the other are now heard very plainly."—
The total cost of tne four tunne's, (5770-1 ieet)
as stated in a note appended to the report,
is estimated at $G65,*28t>.
Fairfax Circuit Court.—The receut term
of the Circuit Court adjourned on Saturday i
evening last. 1 he case of the common \s caith
vs. Kerne was given to the jury on Friday!
evening, alter able and powerful arguments
had been made by Messrs, hdwards, ihom.as
and Scott, in behalf ot the prisoner, and by j
Mr. Bulany on the part of the Common-.
wealth, and on Saturday morning they ren
dered their verdict finding the prisoner guil
ty of j/tunlfi'm thrjn'st dryre*'- liuineuiate
ly upon its rendition tno cuiusel for the un
fortunate criminal moved for a new trot!, but
his Honor, Judge Tyler was constrained to j
deny the motion—the point raised net being j
of sufficient importance to warrant a compli
ance therew ith. Tney took an appeal ir«»iu the
Judge's decision and will carry the case up
to the Court of Appeals on the point raised.
The Judge then passed the sentence upon
the wretched criminal.— rairfax Ae<w.
— ^ !
Virginia Annual Conference.—-vfier
calling for and disposing of the reports ot
special committees, and seine matters ot no
general interest, on m *t»«.**», it was agiecd
that the Conference proceed to determine t ue
time and place tor holding the next annual •
session ot that body, when it was d 'tenr.incd
that the first Thursday in November, l.'v*,
be the time, and Smitl.field, Ide ot V» ight
county, Virginia, the place for holding said
Kev. J. G. Whitfield offered a series of
resolutions, recommending that the ministers
and members ot toe church iu the district, j
use increased efforts tor the diffusion ot
scriptural knowledge among the slave popul.i
tion, t»v oral instruction; which resolutions
were adopted.
Liberal.—A collection was taken up at ,
the Methodist Protest'vut Church, Lynch- ,
burg, on Monday night, for the purposes of ,
the Minister’s Aid Society, and over Sl,7<io i
1 obtained. Interesting addresses were made ;
by the Rev. Me^rs. Ueese, Walker and oth j
ers. The Conference is highly delighted >
! wich this manifestation of liberality ou the
part of the citizens of Lynchburg.
i The crop of corn in R)ckbridge this year
is the smallest raised in the county i>>r l*1
years. It is thought it wid seli at a dollar
a bushel before harvest. The crops ot wheat
and grass were nNo short, iu consequence < »
the drought. Some or'ps of wheat di 1 not
pay for the guano sown with the wheat, oth
ers did not produce the seed.
A large crop of wheat has been sown in
this county—much of it not untd the last
fortnight of October. The early sown wheat
came up badly i"r want «>( rain. .V lew tar- :
rners had to resow portions of their crop.
Rev. Mr. Barr, of A hi ngdon, now in at- J
tendance on the Methodist Conference in j
session in Lynchburg, received a telegraphic
dispatch from home, ou Wednesday, inform
ing him that his house, together wills all his ;
furniture, had been destroyed by fire. 1 his |
loss tali'* heavily on Mr. !>., especially us wo |
learn there was no insurance. Mr. Barr is ;
one of the editors and proprietors oi the
Abingdon Virginian.— AV4. B hij.
The Lexington Gazette states that the ,
Natural Bridge property, in Rockbridge ;
county. Va, including the hotel and 11 )
acres of land around it, has beeu sold to Mr.
Sheffield for SllMWM).
»».!■» A 5 \r
{ Sfaj Sen >l'R
NOVEMBER, frhw wt*. Muon’s Phases.
i 1ft Saturday.. (7 t»T> nj n h. m.
lo Sunday_7 1 l ftp L-i-t qr IP ft 24 v j
17 Monday .. 7 11 ftp New.27 4 4 5 m. j
j IS ruvstiay.... 7 2 1 ftbdGiStqr.. 4 1 •» 14 k j
! ly Wednesday 7 4 4 ft 7 Fab... II 4 4 K. !
?0 Thursday. 7 4 4 5*» lfion WATER.
21 Frida v_ 7 ft 4 ft ft Novr. Ift lUn 4m
L< D ion.Oct. 41 | Havre. .Oct. 40
L>v* *p^n'.Oct 41 | N'i*w Ori, «!>*..,.Nc.\ b (
ilAKI.\E I.lS'r.
1‘OK'f OK ALKXANURIA — NoVr MBKlt 1 i.
Arri\ ko
So hr M H Harrison, Mdstead, Nai jemoy"
Creek, wheat to Perry *v Son.
Nehf. Two Brothers, lh.\«»u, MatAWomau, j
wheat to lVrrv \ Son
Schr. inline. Weaver. Nommy, v» .i* at unu ,
corn to Robinson At Payne, ami wheat to S. >
Shinn Ac Son.
Schr. Wm Pern. Short, Lower Machodoc, ;
wheat to Robinson Ac Punt*.
Schr. H. Finch, Falkinburg, New York, to
Master. I
Schr. W. H. Rutten, Rose, New 'oik, to Mas- ^
ter. w !
Schr. A. Pharo, iTanmer, New* \oik, to Mas
Schr Kmbark, Ponahoe. Philadelphia, to S.
Shinn Ac Son
Schr. North Pacific, Mercer, Salem, plaster to ,
B. H Lambert
Schr. Ann Eliza B., Connelly, Pall River, to j
Borden Mining Co.
Schr \. B. Terry, Wright. Bridgeport, to
Cumberland Coal and Iron Co.
Schr. Swan. Le*ds, Bridgeport, to e urnber
land Coal and lion Co.
Salt tl>.
Schr. Fleetwood, Nicholson. lk>ston. by M. i
Schr FI ving Cloud, Bennett, New \oik, wheat
by L. McKenzie.
Mk Moll AN DA.
Schr. Alva, Clement, bonce, at St. John's 6th
1>U('KWHEAT ! BUCKWHEAT 11—2,0-«0
) lb«. ot superior Buckwheat, in large ami
small bags, just received in store, and tor saie
by " JOHN A. DIXON, |
upy If, Family Grocer. I
J^OR CHAPPS— Glycerin Balls, Camphor'
^ Ball®, lap Salve, prepared by
R. H. STABLER. No. 165 King,
nov IS cor. of Wasb-sta.
11 f w MEAL, just received in store, and tor
sale by JOHN A- DiAON,
nov 15 Post-office cor.
£,\J ceived and lor sale by
nov 15 PERRY Ac SON.
\ \ } received and lor sale by 1
nov 15 PERRY & SON. ,
Probably a Foul 3Inul«r.
Young Cluxton, who hit* been missed by
his family and friends during the past week.
i» now purposed to be drowned. A shawl, {
i hmtitied as his, has been found Heating in j
the canal. near the 1uur-aud-a-oalt street j
bridge. Tiie search for iiis budv was con
tinned till a lute hour last night without suc
♦Just before we go to press, we learn that a
eiue to tne lute of thi* unfortuuate youth
has been discovered. It serins that while
waiting for a omnibus iu which t<> go over
to Georgetown, on the corner of bour-and
a-lmlf street and Pennsylvania avenue, be
was joined by 8"ine young acquaintances,
with whom he proeeded over to a fancy ball
at e. disreputable bouse kept on Maine »i'p
nnc , M ind) by a notorious woman ended .
‘•Sum* Prince.*’ The gang of Plug Fgiies, ,
from Baltimore, engaged in the previous lire- .
rowdy row of the evening, were there aud
generated a tight, in which weapons were
drawn. Young Ciaxton and his companion,
Luckett. left and with others were pursued
by the Baltimore rowdies, who suoceecol m [
tearing from him (C.) his shawl, lie iccov- *
erd it and continued his retreat.
W hen near the gas house, toe pur-u*r* ,
gained so much on those retreating that Clax- j
ton aud Luckett, his companion, separated in ;
the melee, the latter making go >d his escape j
hv way of Fuur and adialf street, lie saw
no more of Cluxton after tlmt. Firing took
place after Burkett parted from Ciaxton, we j
hoar. The shawl found in the canal has
been identified us his beyond all question.—
it is bloody. A rumor has been iu circuit
tiun in rowdy circles since Monday n»ght
bist, saving that some one was shut iu the j
row at and growing out of the bail in que
tion; but who, how, or where was appaiently
nor known.
Fears are entertained that this poor youth,
who u as never before known to g > to such a
place—fur up to the taral night, there was no
more steady and prudent youth ot his age iu j
Washington — was the person shot, and that j
his body has been concealed by bis rnuruer ;
er.«i to avoid detection. The Mayor and po- |
Ii.wa o on iimn.r tlu)li' Iwtuf ^ . V I W lilt1 ! 11) nd i
... V ...V ..
uti.iir to light.— J» (uhiw/ton k>((U\
The Att >rney (joneral, on iuvestigition,
h.is decided that the title of the Exchange
building property, tendered to the liovern- i
merit, is not sufficient to justify its purciiaso j
us was intended, for a new post office in
Uu in more, Md.
Second Lieut. Israel Miller, ninth infant* j
tv, was io-t u\erboard from the steamboat j
Mary, on the Columbia river, between the
Cascades of the Columbia and Fort Dallas, j
Oregon Territory, ou the night of the oOtu ^
of September, 1 *•' *>.
[, £r SU’KKS r; llov ON Klykv v II V sc KS—How |
tnanv persons have superstitious notions in mat- j
tci* wneie mo*u»y, luck, or chance ate concern- 1
ed. Second sight. or clairvoyance may In- t!ie I
source o» So general a ice!iiig. \\ uaTev«*i iliav
be the philosopnic.il le.isou I«»r so many cases oi
presentment in such ca-t i. it can scarcely he
doubted that many person* have diearned of. or 1
been haunted by lucky numbers m 1 oti< lies.— |
Poor peisoiis aie li»q ieiit!v impressed with the
belie! that they have received through some .
mysterious sou*ce lb'* knowledge ol a number
that would secure a prize Analysis oi the sun- j
j-ct, could it be made w,»u!.! prove probably
Iii.it it Is* mol<- to e nutiienc.il ratio ot the
chance-, than iu . tmug e!>e, that such curi
ous le-uSts have -n place. Swan \ Co, ot
Atlanta, tKorgia. . . s >vv.m,oi .Montgomery,
Aiabaiua. are t«» 11 ? iw I to- 1 o't Cain4-.- Acad
emy E*•»I• *• \. at A rlaitf.i. (»«oi gta. on the‘g>th o»
.November, and ' I he >ou:tiern -Military Acade
my Lottciy," at Mu! lie. Alabama, on the loth
ot December. Any person sending to them ten
dollars lor a whole Ticket, o' hall or quarter oi
>nat amount lor a portion ot a ticker, have just
as good chances lor winning a priz-\ as those
who have dreamed ol some wonderiul number.
There arc so many prizes, that theie must be
two or trrree thousaml lucky numbers. !t re
quires no dream or haunting ‘o obtain them —
t iit'V iaii>t corne to a la: ge nunibei ot those who
invest. 1 tut gentlemen who conduct ine.ve at
laiis. utui.T the auspices ol the s;a‘es m which
they reside, answer all applications by mail, in
a fair and honorable manner, and nev er hesitate
to pa\ promptly al! tin* prizes drawn by their
correspondents, to vm*uiu they send ai! neeiilu!
uuorm itioii. iiov In—It*
Cje^FAiK NOTICE.— Those persons who
have contributions for the Kill* mens fair, are
requested to send them to \\ ashingtop Hail,
to-day or or Monday next. nov Id—‘it
["jT NOTICE.— 1 he Kev. Littleton F. .Moit*
uan. of the Methodist Episcopal Churcii. wil’,
by Divine permission, protick to Seamen and
others, at the •‘Corn Exchange, on Sabbath
afternoon, at H o'clock. nov l.‘»—It
i z; NOTICE.—The Monument Committee,
are r* quested to meet at the .Mayors oiiice, on
M: adav mm mug at 1U o'clock nov !•>—#t
Ydl ICE -—.\*n ice i> hereby given that peti
lions, by citizens ot ilie comities o; Alex
atu.ini.i:*! Fairfax, \m!1 b* p:esen*ed to the
Ceneral AssembP, of Virg n;a at the next ses
sion thereof, praying the passage of an -u*r to an
n.-x t<> the <• iry and to trie county ol Alexandria,
that part oi the territory ot fairl.tx county,
which iiesbetw»e > tin- southern hue ol said city
and the river Potomac and Hunting ( i*' x ou
the east and south, and a line >v ithor neai iioolf s
Kuu on the west.
L. B. TAYLOU, A r . -
.1 AS H Ki ll) ! < on.m'tre
('. E. SlTAKT, \ (V “q
T. M MONKOE, i tounu '
nov t —w t! >T M ! E c
1 't V' BKOl.’N, .Mioiu.KiirH'. \a. has just
rvc»>i\ed his cut ire supply ot FALL .vn:»
U i « I I.U llWWIO g .' *■ V l; HI I iU
tetitlon t'» I £: ♦* WcUits d! ti WlsllHS »>l hi' CUv:0
r«i<*rs (Mi: with confidence ussme ? win Id" sT«wk
is among *h‘* lir?t in extent, first m v riety. first
in quality. and lowest in price. Reiemng litem
to his published catalogue ot ms i»v)Oihs, wri
simply ask of tVi* m an early call.
Middlehurg. Ya,oct ltf—eo :m
^<)T|CE—FIRE l\M RAM E (’OMl'A
^ N Y OF LEX A .N DKIA—A scmi-annn
al dividend oi tour per cent, on the eapi'.t! stock
ot this Company has b cn declared, payable to
the Mock holders. or lueir le^a! representatives,
on and alter i ijursday. ihe ♦hu ;s:t:*»•T.
nov 4—eovw C. W. \\ .Vi FEES Secy.
I ^A'FEX F SEINE TYMNE.—t oe suWii
fe Wi> nave been appointed Agents lor Pn
t KN i SEINE TWINE. (McCuubin's princi
ple.) and r.eep on hand assorted siz‘'>, at manu
facturers prices. PLLME X CO.,
Comage and Oakum Manufacturers. Norfolk,
Virginia. oet ‘J.r»—ed m
77c5 FOR REM —Fhe very desirable three
jllT-S 1 * *RY I v> El,LINO. No. 0 i Sou'h Koval
sued. To a responsible tenant #hp terms will be
moderate. Possession given at an early day.
Apply to ANN SilEEHY.
rov 11—co3t*
JO UN C. GKilEN. JAMKo W. (> U k. r. N.
JC. ec .; vv. (tRK EN —. ITTO/»A E VS
% AT LA IF, Culpeper Court House. FirgLjfa.
Practice in ibe Courts ot Culp*;.;,., Orange,
MaJison. and Rap-wh Minor k Counties.
C"!;;-«rr C. H.. tVh ft—roly
A. S'. BKKCIiiXRIDUR. W 11 J(.)!I>3'N.
4 MER 1C AN HOTEL. Central Railroad
^ \ I>EI-OT. N TA UN TON. Va.
A. N. BRKOKiNRinr.K X Co.. Proprietors.
J. N. Woodward, late of the Woodward House,
Sntp*T* -h i *■», <"//••*, / ?» ,> l 9— ho l V
(CHAMPAGNE WiNK.—25 basket? genuine
j Heidsick A Co.’s Champagne, just received
per Schr. Fairfax. and tor sale by
nov ll—eodm T A. BREWfS & CO.
LAW, We r rent on, Femptier County. Va.
practices in the Courts of Fauquier and tiie ad
joining Counties. oct bu—(utt
LUlAii i r Ki a a i
Circuit Couri —Fourth Pay.— The Court
whs occupied again yesterday in the trial ot'
civil cases ot no pub! e importance.
Pekiiam’s Orr.RA Trou*k.—This company
commenced on Thursday night a series of eu- ,
tertainments, at Liberty Ilali, which are high
ly spoken of by those who have attended.—
This afternoon they are to perform for fami
lies schools and children generally, and as
Master Hughes is to be prominent, it w ill, no
doubt be a delightful entertainment for the
little ones. The performance to night will
close their engagement here.
received a further suply ol Pi mos, including
a superb parlor Grand, again completing the
elegant and extensive stock always kepi by the
subscriber. This assortment embraces every
variety ol style and sea e. viz:
Superb parlor grand elegant Louis 7\!\. cen
tral and square Pianos ol ■'». ' \ and - octave.-,
be Messrs, (’bickering & Sons
This iactory. which has heretofore received
three Times the number ol premiums ol any
older piano factors’ in this country, a* die Stale
fair lately held in Boston, was awarded the
gold medal (’ho highest prize) tor their grand,
parlor gran i. and semi-grand Pianos, ;uid tin*
silver medal (also the highest pnze bestowed)
tor their squaie Pianos. ;Lu> perpetual mg then
old renown.
Also. Pianos o*<\f and 7 octaves I10111
other approved lactone
Puicha-e s will also fmd at the mbst-ribci -
store the largest, most select, and elegant .t»ort
»ner.t o* Pianos in the city: and, as he purchases
exclusively lor cash, hr will sell Piano* lower
than they can be procured from the factories.'
either lor cash or approved papei.
Second-hand Pianos taken in exchange.
A ifood -lock 01 superior Melodeons ui v arious
sizes and patterns.
A full assortment of higbly-fmish d and plain
Guitars. Violins, Tlules. iVc.
Superior Guitar and \ iolin Strings.
7sew Music constantiv received.
Wash n, nov 0—coot Penn, avenue.
a v vi I A Hi. F FA! OFiF.R FARM FOR
-\ S VLK— COTLAND,” the residence ot
tne late Col. Oeo Love is now oileiej lor sale.—
11 it situated on the upper road Irorri Middle
Ling to the Plains Station of the Ma.'t-is'ds Cap
Kailroad. about 1 tulles irom each place, ad
joining the landsut ( ol. S.ui< i J. iebbs. Noole
»ie\ei>ge*s lo irs. Will. Bvi ne, and othri s, and is,
from the character ol it? soil, its line reputation,
healthfu'ness and proximity to the Railroad,
justly es!pemed one ol the most desirable lainis
now in the market.
It contains about 1 l\ I'. HI NPKLD A( KKs.
of wiiicli about MUU are m clover and blue grass
sod. P»ii in cultivation and ICO in timber. It
is abundantly supplied with the purest lice stone
water, having spi mgs and i mining streams in
e\ »*r\ to Id. I here »* also on the tarm a large
and thrilty ORCHARD. t\ utaming a variety ot
line fruit. Tne buildings con-i.-t ol a comlorta
n,--i,!*, FRA.MF PWFLLINO HOl'SK. an Oi
lice. Sei vants houses. Blacksmith and C ar
peitter'a shop, ice house, stabling, and all neces
saiv farm buildings.
The tarm could be well divided, as a portion
ol it called tiie “Highland tarm." containing
about ‘J00 acres, was oucederached and has now
very comfortable improvements lor a small
Tkrms:—The terms will be easy, and the
price leasonahie, «\cc. Any otner inlonnation in
regard to the lard, will be made know n upon
application to Mrs. L. II. L Herndon, wiio re
tub s upon the Iui m.or l 11ADPFL S 11 LKN DON,
at Piedmont Station. V a
Middleburg Va.. nov 11—cott
| >uK SA LF. LFAsF OK KKNT.—The pur
chasers tailing to comply with the terms
u: sale agreed upon, the subscriber's property
(now occupied by him) is for sale, lease. or rent,
winch consists ot a convenient two-story tramc
I) W FLL1N li. coi it .lining seven rooms, w ith
i?> a large garden attached, 'l'he store ai!j *in
mg. which i> aiso two stories, is suitaoic tor an
extensive retail business The goods will be
soul low. and the property disposed ol on easy
terms—a.'a poition on 1 vot the purchase money
will be required in hand, the residue being prop
erly seemed. Ti.e store has a good run ol cus
tom, but, in consequence ot bad health, 1 am
unable to attend to the business.
JAMFS tiiilhti, \\ cst Fnd.
Fairfax County, nov 11—eo'U
jj^ wishing to purchase a farm m tairiax.
near Alexandria, and on the Orange and Ai«*a
aiidiia Railroad. 1 think 1 can suit, in one
not excelled by any in the County. Iheim
prov rtuenis being good, the land all being well
limed with oyster shell lime, and in a high state
ot cultivation, with good PVVFLL1NO,
■ _ SlBai ii. Stables, Am.; al»o. with good post
amt rail fence round the enclosures. I he tarm
contains ONF 111 NPKFP AND F1CHTY
FKiHT ACRKS. Any one wishing to purchase
>:icii a tarm, will do we’d by calling on me, at No.
P, I’nioN street, beiore purchasing, a:. 1 call give
tuein a bargain.
nov li—.otf JOSKPH RRODFR'h
5 j
M‘i> yards lulled Clota
311 i ** i’ 1 aid 1 uusev
guU” white Factory Flannel
f> tons Shenandoah 1!on
lobbis. No. 1 Family Herring
5 bbls. No. l Family Shad, 1 bbl. Solar Oil, 1
bbi. Machine Oil. 1 bbl. Fthereal. Oil. 1 bbl.
Linseed Uil, 1 bbl. Turpentine, •• hhds. blown
Sugar, boxes Loaf Sugar. 1U bids, white Su
gar, b ( nests sU{ erior l eas. ‘J hhds. Mola.-5.-es.
|fs sacks Codec. Rio sacks C. A. \ line Salt. ion
bids. Little, ‘JO.i)i»0 Shingles, Plasleru.g
Laths, received, and tor sale by
Reotortowu Station. Ya., sep Pi—eo‘fm
lor ^b‘ ' CIUCKKR H.-1LL." * j miles
from Alexandria. immediately oil th**roud lead
ing non) Alexandria to Mount \ eruon. 1 iiei>
aie 0-> Acres in the Tract, about one hail well
improve,* and set m giass, the balance in wood
There is on tue place a good and connoiTalee
•?.vv brick DWELL'XG. Kitchen, and Dairy—
iv y> good Servants’ House, Barn, Stable, and
f. >w house. «inc other in*ces>ai\ out buildings —
fruit. <1 a linos.: every description, in abundance,
l'eis-ons v. ishing to purchase a Farm, would do
well Joe hi and examine Cracker Hall, before
purchasing elsewhere. Terms libeial.
sep I — eoi! SILAS .1 SANDERS.
/ TO:’AkTXERsHIP.— 1 have this day asso
dated with me in business, EDWIN T.
A > 11! A—th*1 bii-mu >s will be conducted hereat
I r ;n the name and style ot ASHB\ Ac (’(>.
As l will be engaged in settling my old busi
ness. the business ot tru‘ new linn will be under
tn«* supervision ot E. T. Ashby. 'I hankful tor
the liberal patronage heretofore extended to me.
I hope the new liiin will merit a continuance of
t 1 same. SAj JUEL T. ASHBY.
Piedmon’. sep S—eo’An
Li)< »KA 1 O HOUSE.—The subset i’ner res
pec*fully inhurns her triencs and the public
that stir m* removed to. and \\ ili open tk%, mor
ning. the ' ELDORADO ilOl cn Cameron
street, opposite the madHt where she will be
happy' to ,rr.m with all the delicacies of
, t'*Cison. such as OYSTERS, SOUP, GAME,
&c , \c.. at a t hour*. Her friends and pations
arc rev peel fully invit'd to attend this day at 10
o’clock, to partake ot her hospitalities—tiee to
all. Come and see. and judge tor yourselves.
m*t 1 *’•—eo!m ANNA ENGELBKEC HI
one mile from Alexandria, on the Littie
River Turnpike, containing about HtlEEN
ACRES OF LAND Attached tnereto is a large
4^ Greenhouse, DWELLING HOUSE, Stab
Jiggling, and an P:chard of excellent Fruit.
Any one wishing to engage in the bloral or
Vegetable business, a rare opportunity is now
offered. Information can be obtained by apply*
ing personally on the premises, or by address
ing the subscriber through fhe Alexandria Post
oct ‘i7 —eolm [Nat Int. copy J
;;)* "magnetic telegraph.
Piiiladkli’Hia, Xov. 14.— L»st night Mr. ;
,Jarret performed a novel fe it in the theatm- j
c il line hv performing!Mr. Juhu Brougham s
company in both New York amt Philadel
phia. After the performance of the compa
ny at Brougham's own theatre in New* ^*»rk, j
they started in a special train for this city, ;
and accomplished the distance in two hours
and six minutes. The performance of the j
‘Xtravagan/.» of Pocah >ntus w is e anmenced
at the National at half-past 10: after which
the Company paitook of a supper at the (ii
rard House, and started back for New Y urk
at l A. M. this morning.
t. ,j* OjM li in iis of k':! j»lcimih.«
Kx; r’r;i<. .Mr... t. • - i'lii->: rli:ithat ! haw i«•••*•»»»- ;
|-i ill • it' - f W!>t Alt's It\I.SA U *»K V* ll.l* i ili-.K- .
nv ;.ir .1.*.r tl.i* l.ur.c-. t r t.v. >W' pi*:. .••nil
!!1.1I!> I. Itl.-., t*» UI\ kn.'Wl.Mi... h •• I--" u--U h> my
Mits. .«l! "i'h (•'.!<■! ill In w h.-iv
it w;i- • h >ti. n’ • "Ulirtii 1< nsu;ii,.ti>*i' h.ul Om ii pia**\
til.* \\ iiil Pli rr. «-ll « t a •“** >*.
iinY!*: .V. i h> 'i< i t;i it llx-ti-r < n-r.
Dr. William A. >l,.\v ..J* W n-hii-h N writ
•A' \V l.vr\K S a\l>V.'l W U.D « II KI-i:\ til. »i
!\ |MtrMt in**• tioiiit- h> v. hi-;i 1 i..n • . v. : ri.. n in. j tit
r.-« •iiiiiiiMi<i ition. I -li t'i (ft • • *■ *-i j> '••• • th < ii.it.i‘1
ut 'h ii ni-li nr j*!.-' i| i'.it • !*'st:::i ny. '«• . !
ii'Mt-- r-:;iit<l I. Ill ("i> on tl: vr.., j .*r. i***v I't- ,-i.»
£,)■ Holloway's W •i.i-hin; •n • 'ft ‘
I >> Kit'ii' i i ini |m 11 it;.— »lr. i';< 11 it'k *1 !%t'!iit.iM.i,l • 111 in I *11-.
iihin. >uiT»*r. I Sir «|*-»;i!-I- >>f tliyears from u- l-tif
l> i:i tin- ’i ii. :*. i ■ t tistch. ha i ilUoU.. i l<*r
,. 1 liv -r. .1:1 l . •!•*•*il u "v >us >1 hitity; h«* iri • l a .iri* u.*»
!vim .li, - t a tin* mili.'Oi' ii of (his comp wml •!is : r.
In,; I» • <•:■ i\ lifi.niit' ivurv iiiStf.i I '•! •••-tf-r. ahhaiah to*
;.1> t .Mi.'dir. i : t \cr;,! <i . :■(>. Kiutiin*/ that tli ■ nn':: *ai
i"t,K\ . t t in-him. iu* hail rccours.-.n. 11• -11<•"a. >
pilj.; *»y .• .ii*• t»*ii.." . li <Ins r.'iif-J. fi.r a f. " it.- j
,.utir I*, r. u ni.c.l ins Ii *:i»tli. ami iv-r si:;t*<* ttu u h»* lias !
ii,,; i. ,.* xi.• slightest ivturu of liis complaint.
Uo> 10—,-’>l w _
F O It A ^ A tt V K Ij 1j O t S A U ii l !
1»V ’h». ni'l t'f j ini.*ii>'<•• •|,<*. "••>*•■* milli'ms c,t !i:t!t* |>« n*
(H, u,.* vurtii.v .*f -nr lyi*li—s. i lirmijjh lii-s-. thi.- ]
< (itif.m dt. " i:**ti Mi’.th.'tl mi ttc >Kin. i*> carriod In any j
nival, iii’.v.irii part. 1 • t tot* K.iiicvs. • i i rat*:' ;
. .i ii :...i........... . »* >n.. i
ol inn •*■■*.. .. . ~ .
hue;*- Asthmas. Cough* ami t'oi.Lt. 'ire i*y it- me-tiis
e'Tt- •’»titl!v cmv-l. Kvery li« -u.-ewite knows -hit —«»»t
j iV -. ly thrm.h lc’:ie < r in* at <1* any tliiekm**.*.
Vfii* healing" • >iiitin-m farirmr* re rnlily f rat*-throu/h ]
v i, ,:1R ,,r Ik-shy pai t ->i :lie living U*«ly. ciu-iiig the ue st
il ilig inw.-ud .•.•mpiaint--. that, cannot I**si* -ched l>y
other means.
No reined v has t-v-r done s:* much for the cure of <J:s- !
oases of the Skiu. whatever f<HMi they may as:,uni.*, as tl*i- 1
i»intm*:it. \*» ease of Salt Kheuui. Scurvy. Sore Heads. 1
*«*r«'fuia. or Krv*i|*'-l:ts. can long withstand it- ii.21uei.ie
The inventor'has 'ra^-d over many parts of the dnh«*.
\ *~i: iii.' the principal f?o-]*ita!>. *li*p *issstig this * *inlutoi ,
,/i\ jijj* |\ i.*n ils :t|,p;icati< ti. an 1 n.is t li u - hedi ta*.
m ■ in* ol- r--storing countless *itin*’***1■*» t«« heal' h.
,,f the* iiie.-t seietitltic sui'c.-ons tmw rely solely (
j oil tin-u-e -f thi- Wond-rftil ‘Mntnieiit. when hiving to J
,jH. with tin* worst c.t* * ol sure*,. vvi-umts. uUvis. ijlan
ilal.ir swellings, ami tumors. I’rofe—or ll< 11**',ay has, I y :
eoiniiiand of the Allied Covnimetits. dispatched to the J
hospitals of the Hast, large shipment.- ot this Ointment.,
to r.e used under the direction of the Medical Stall, in the j
worst cases •»*’ vv.uimK It will cure any ul<vr. ghmkihr
welling, stiffm-ss or contraction ot th** joints, t-Veti ot JU
years’ standing.
These and other similar distressing complaints can W
effectually cured if the Ointment he well ruidled ill wver ,
|,;u.js uiT - -ti-d. ami l>y otherwise following the printed
direition* around each js>t.
Both the Oi ulnient and Pills should be used j
in the Jdlbnnny cuses:
Bunions, KlieiiUiatistn, Sprains,
Burns. Salt Kheum, Raids.
Ch.tpp,-«1 Hands, .''sin diseases, Sw.-ll d (Hands,
Chilhiains, Son-!.cgs. Venerea! ?>>?
Fistulas, Sore Breasts, Mounds - I all kinds
Sore Heads. Mercurial Krup ns,
l.umhago, Sore Throats, Sores of all kinds,
piles. Stiff Joints. l l-vrs.
% ■ Sold at the Manufactories of Professor I l- i t -w it. *--0
Vl.iid. 11 I .a m*. New York, and JU Strand. i/»n*Joii. and
hv all r***p-< ta' !*• l>ruggi-ts ami 1>*-alt.-rs *-l Mrdi in* **
throughout tin-I nit.-.i State*, ami th<* civilized w*-rid. in
j*.its. at Jn rents. cents, and * 1 each.
Me *Th.-re is a con sider.il >le saving t»y taking tlm larger
\. It I>ir*-*-Ti« n* for the guidance of patient* in every
disorder, are affixed to ea<di I’ot. :,j. ! - e«d\
am authorized to soli tin; FARM belonging to
the hens ol John Ricketts, dec d.. di*tant. over
.i .mod read, about miks Irorn VVarrenton.
i containing about iSS AUKLS. ol vviiieb abour
:i<t acres aic ill wood and timber. The soil is
well known to be productive, and ol an admira
ble quality. Ii abundantly watered by never
failing springs, one ol which, very near th**
v.7*' Mansion, is roll <1 lor its excellence, lit**
\ |i l I Ll>lN(»S are commodious, and in pretty
good repair. An Orchard ol sc*me ->'i Truit
i.'ee*. and three very line Sandstone Quarries,
enhance greatly the value ol this little Farm.
Tlu: latter, valuable lor purposes of building and
fencing, are near by the road leading To \\ tiieu
ton. very accessible and easily worked.
There are some v'J acres oi neb low ground
well-drained, and exempt from overflow, that
might he converted into valuable meadow.
The terms ol sub* nr** oue-tlmd in ea*h, one
bird at two years, and the remaining third at *»
y**ais. !rom tha (lay of sale, with interest p.ya
t>lc annually, Growing crops will be reserwu.
and full possession given within -T«J or <50 days,
from day of tie.
The premise* will bo shown to any person
desiring to see them, by Mr Jos* ph L •p‘**n re
siding thereon. RIUK VV . I’ANNL.
Warreiiton. Fatiq.. Uo.. nov 1"— eoti
n'ilSluABLE FA KM FOR SALK.—I will
*»’ii ade*iial)c FARM ol 1URKK 111 N
t m. .
an I* Kir 1 i I v\ t > Ai Kr.p, smiiueu 111 i
‘ Prince William Count v. V it., near the Games- j
• Vi!;H Depot ol ill.* Mail?.f>SAS Gap Rail Koild. J
j The soil is .1 deep red and weil adapted to grain
j grow ing, clover, timtr*hy, &e. If has on it a
j STONE DWELLING, wincli could be
| j^. 'inhde vei y conuoi table at a suuill expense.
! also, a stable, stljoKe lioute. &C A superior
! »piing within a shoit distance ot toe dwelling
j This | :nn i situated in Ibe midst oi ore ol tne
must desirable neighborhoods in tne •v''*a *'• I*
is a desirable and pioductive one. and wiil pay
as handsome a profit as any ot its size in the
Any one wishing to purchase such a tract w ill
address the subscriber, at Alexandria, A a.
oct 6—eolm A8HKR W. GRAY.
subscriber olfets tor sale the F A R M in
I Prince William county, on which he now re
| sides. If is situated on Uedui Run. about three
: miles south <-*i RreiiGviile, the county sea:, and
| about live miles Irom L'tstoe Station, on the
Orange and Alexandria Railroad. It contains
; AURKs. about lort^ os which is I edur Run low
grounds. I tie sod is good, and is r*a«iii'» su.*cep*
j tibie ot improvement P lies in a good neigh
J borhood. convenient To chinches and nidH. and
| accessible to a good market. The price and
I terms o: sale will be accommodating.
| The attention ol purchasers is reqv:rliul! v in
Prince William co., aug 27—lawdm
; f AS. A. SUDDUi'H, HOUSE JOLSkli and
tV?! ? ISE T /*/• I a E K. si 11 i carries on at
! the old stand, where he will be pi eased to ac
j commodate all who may give nun a cad. Hr
' keeps constantly on band the b< st rr-VciiaU tor
Collins, such as mahogany, cherry, and walnut;
i and the be*! finished Uoihn shall t«e made irom
j 3 to 5 hours alter notice is given, and at pr.ee-.
i from -jm to $2f> dollars. Thankidl lor the lib
eral share of patronage berctotorc received, be
a?ks a. continuance oi the same.
JeHhrsontcm. Culpeper Uo., \ a , oct 16—»*o6m
Jj^ TY.—The taxe- lor the year lb*6 have
been due for some time, and as l am required to
i collect and pay them into the Treasury, mucu
soonei than usual, immediate payment is urgent
ly requested. ORLANDu W. HUNIj,
Fairfi^x County, oet PWoim Mieriff
? M£yr* generally, and All SIC tor same: also
I Hooks. Stationery, and Fan y Goons. Ao. D’6,
King tinft. Alexandria^ fa. jan 7 U
A IA i iWA nAlii'A
i --by \:t!.n »>| a ij****'! ot tuist to tm\ < w
A. .
; ..... ;v ;i•;irv i .»\»* and wile, (btfii thi ll a
day June. ;•; i of record in Ti1 i•»rI. s Ot
;,,v o| the CminC. Court o: Lrinco V/itliau conn*
fy, in Litwr N*>.h :. page >, 1 stall j n to
*.r*!l tor c.i'U to l!.(* ingucst Didder, on JU>>u(i<iy.
lilt ] >7 day /)»/■(y ls.*tT. f: K.» r bring * ourt
(iav.) in UoiiT ol t!»•* ( oir t-ti***t*.»■ door oS said
county, that valuable TKACT OF F.AXL> on
L|uu:i!ico * in k .mmediatcly oppo?i'e the town
oi Idiinrcfr;**'. ni sod county, l-nown as OK —
A N( I KF l hLf). supposed 'ocontain O.N r HI X
l»KKl) am: SIXi V-FIVK AC'KF.S. all In a fine
state ol cultivation, well watered, and adapted
to !be gnnvth o| the various. grn."C' Also, that
A A !-uhc and commodious bill* K lb ILP*
-a",1 \11 and I.OJ’ attach*"*, in the town (Ot
Homines, known a* the i»i :cn. 1 aveni, with a
lari'e kitchen and so.lne.«. all in good order. A
turther ties*'11 j»f i(u! oi saiti propei ty is iteeincd
unnecessary, a* those wishti g to porciiase wid
rail and examine the premises. Seiimg as 1 rus
tee. I shall convey o»»I % such tide a- is Nested ill
me though the tifie is considered ur ijin *>» mua*
I * I e. And on fWonduy, ;i,e ],,:h i!.,y >/ /»*»< //*/»• r.
S t***m5. (ii lair it r. »t. tin* next ;a r day.) 1 shall
sol! at tin* r-.'h-cnce ol Henry L.*v**. m tin* town
ui Homilies. ;or cash. to tii** Slight*'* bidder. tlie
lid low ng i#er-o. ai piopeity natimd iii slid deed,
viz: Ui.e i^uiig Boat, all his stock os'Sheep, lour
inides. one large linn I Lux*, two Wagons, tour
vU* v\ ayoi. in .ir. one iniygv. tnvo "> I! is i:*
i-i^iit iinjs uiiii Be<!'ting. a.at ail the otnei t{«»*i~»*
n*>Kl and Kitchen Furniture, and fanning idem
,ils. F. A WKKDO.V Trustee.
Friuce Will air: county, noy F—rots
i’Ki i'.iv FuK > A LK—Mil* be sold, at
(>i ivate sale, the I arm upon which we reside si*
uated ori ('rooked Bun. partly in The (VuinTv ui
Culpeper. and pirtly in tb** County of Midi*
CiintaiUM:g F* H i\ H 5 \ 1 >! v K i I A N D T W I'. X -
I'V ACIIKS. about one-halfot whieh is ci* ared,
!:;c balance in timber. ibis laud is ot excel
lent quality and is Well adapted to the differ
ent crops of Cain. Clover ami Timothy grow
finely upon this land. 'Ido* farm is divided into
'ix fields, each oi which m watered by never*
lading STreariis Time are upon the place a
number of Springs, and ol as g<-od Nvatei as ever
come onto! the ground. Theieis upon the farm
a large ami conv.*nieiit MLK* ilAX i AIILL,
with two run ol burr.s,'idsicieiit to mauularture
Iiorn fifty to se\ rnl\ live barrels of flour per day,
with minister Breaker attached. Also, a Card
i:ig House, with two machines, and a Saw-Mill,
not to be surpassed by any in the country. 1 tie
buildings are a large ar.d convenient two-story
«FIIA M K J) V*’ KM.ING Hi >l\SE. with eight
aronms—lour below and four above stairs
—with al! the necessary out-houses. A Good
Barn, sufficient for*! ibln.g sixteen head o: horses
Also, a good Corn .Mi l. IMasster MM!, witn brea
ker attached. Blacksmith s Shop. Cooper’s shop.
There is also on the premises, about, a half mile
fioin tiie Mill, a small but comfortable DVV KL
LING HOOK, with all the necessary
JiSSLoiit-buildings It if rarely ever such pro
pe, :y is otleicd for sale.
I hose wishing to purchase would do well to
call and examine the property, as a great bar
gain will be sold.
The undersigned will take pleasure in showing
the property to any one who may wish to ex
amine it.
All communications respecting the property
addressed to us at \V\iyland?burg, Culpeper
Count v, V'a., will be promptly answered.
Cu!j»eper Countv. V a . s* pt 1 —eodrn
undersigned, “tier tor sale, on accommodating
RV." situated in the V iliage ot Buckland. Brmce
William County. V'a., thirty-five miles from Al
exandi ia, thr *e miles trom Gainesville, a depot
on tin* Manassas (Op Rail Road, and eight
miles from Warrenton. the County seat ot Fau
quier. The main building ot the Factory is 00
leet by 40 leet, and attached to this is a large
and convenient Dve House. Store Room, Office.
Ac. 'The machinery is all ot the most approv
ed kind, and over 0tu*im• yards ot goods can be
easily turned out per annum. The wntci power
is a very valuable one. and the business can be
largely increased witn but little outlay, as the
building \z iarge enough to hold double the
amount ot machinery now used, and the water
power sufficient io drive it. in addition to this
TIT'jJ they wiil sell their Fid MR MILL, a large
]mT FRAME BCILDING. three stories nigh,
wm. ti ree pair ot buns, and .til other necessary
machinery in good order lios NULL issitua
ted about fifty yards below, and driven by th<
'iirplti' water from the Factory. Should any
one purchasing th“ Mills de-sire it. the\ will s-dl
of valuable land attached: also, several
ill _ IB M >KS Axn LtM’S in tile Village.
For unher information, apply either in per
*on or by letter t*» us, or to ROBT. H. HUN*
TON. Alexandria. Va.
ti»e above property should not be sold
by the 1>T ot August next, we will !<.»>•• it toi
a term cm year’s. Ill N I ON A RRO 1 HER.
Buckland. I’r VVrn. ( o., V'a . my V I- otf
A K M FOR SA LE.— l offer for sale rny
^ farm in Lo.:douu Co. V a . King on the
Snicker's (Lip 'Turnpike. US miles Alexan
dria, by Turnpike, ami -1 miles bom Mnldle
i.urg. containing 1 WO III NRKKD A( I.I S,
and adjoining the lan-lot Mi Horace Ln • k*11
and otliei.s. 1 he laud is e*l as good qualify afi
.my in tiia*. lei tile region, i- utmmu'Iy well wa
tered, cud has several quairics of iime-s-one
upon it. Th»* DWELLING is ot sand
Xj^ifoiie. recently (but not quite timsli*
t'd.j twos!o.*ies Isi'j h. anti oa*eif.e;it. r. ml con
tains six moms. ith a ;).;*.*> 14** on each story—•
I tie kitchen :» aLu new, and oi stone, one story
nn<! a hall, two'•win *:ous«s and a wagon n<»u*e
under one *1 oo!. and a stable t«»r mx uon»es. 1 he
situation is beautinii, commanding an extensive
view oi the Mountains, ind as iteaPhv as an' in
that proverbially healthy put ot V irginia, i he
Plain* lh pot, oil the M.1. a>?as Gap Rail Ko,*d
is twelve it . 11 d 1 s’ an t. and the Loudoun blanch
ot said Ka 1 Read, now Lediig const 1 uctc-!. w;l;
have two Depots within four and li.e miles —
There i< a Merchant Mill two miles <>lf. a.ai sev
eral others a lew mile* lariher.
Mr I • or are Lu»*ke!t will show the farm to
auy pel son wishing to purchase, and wiil a:>o
sr 11 «i acres adjoining, with improvements;
there is aim aiiottmi tiact adjoining lot sale, con
taining 'Gu acc»-< with improvi rnrnt^. t ; »->e
lai ms ott. j every inducement to families desiron*
of loratingin the same neigh hoi hood—Churches
of different denominator* cony*men!.
Is 11 inai nock. iJ. * L. JAMI> F. BALL.
Lancaster Co Va.. sep ‘J.'t—eotf
Tlie uiu'ei Signed offers jor sale h* <)A K
HILL PRDPKRl^. lormerly ov.iied hy l. i *
Adams, ♦-*q.. situated in Faaqtiiet County, ad
joining’he residences of the 1 ate <'iiu t Ji»*i:te
Marshall. J K. .lone*, and K. Lewis Marshall,
esq*., a;t ! about two mile- from Piedmont Sta
tion, on the Manas-as Gap Kail lie,id. The
property consists ol THIRTY ACRKS UK
LAND, more or b-**. a MERCHANT MILL,
anti sever *i MI UPS lor mechanics. The DWKL
LING iiOC-K. in the Grove, foirneily
•e^cL*.cc*:j,i,.;| by the undersigned, is 1 ow rent
*cd to the Rev. Mr. Shield, ot the Episcopal
i Church. The ?»lilI is in prim** order, ha* twt
pair Fieri'h Burif. and the Machinery all new
| and capable of grinding troin I * f 1 * ■ i- * 1 to twetitv
thousai.il bushel* of Wheat, i tie lots an* a*
productive a* any in the County; the reu’s and
his poiti >n n; the crops will imount the pres»iit
; se.i*oi; to between six and **-v-u: indeed dollar*,
and ha* itnour.ied to eiguf hundred dollars. It
desired, l wilistll ‘lie dwelling in the Grove
with a portion c! the lots separate. Terms ac
commodating. For further particular* enquire
of the under signed living in L’pperville, Va., 01
: to J. K. Jones, adjoining tne premises, or H,
shaeklett, esq. THOMAS PHILLIPS.
Cpperville. \'a.. net — lavs’!
’ UW having returned to his former resi
! dence. in Prince George’s County. Md., wil
practice in’he Cour’sol Piincc George. and tin
j adjacent Counties, and the District of Columbia
1J.0MlW‘Ataway ,Pr.Geu.Co., Mu.,nih G—colj
i » l ' ^ * l ' ' i ’ * * * * * • *
■a /ALl AHLK RFAL FSTAiL IN ‘ i •*
\ 1*1-: 1M'.K COUNTY FOR SALF- By ur
ine of a decree of the Circuit <’ourt of Culpeper,
rendered on the Ivtth day of done. m the
suit 01 John YV. .May, and Wilbrlmina hi* wile,
ami others. plaintlfL, vs .lames A. and John (».
LhrCiwham. at:ii others. defendants. the unPei
.igi.cd, Commissioners, thereby appointed, will
op r lor sab*, at Public Auction, to the highest
b.*.~i, on Ftu: y. tut W!il of XorrmMr tuxt. upon
tne premises, tne V ALU AliLF RFA L l A 1K,
formerly tne property ol the late lhoinas R*'ck«
■ iiiit;. containing about >/A /f< A t)i\hL)
.H’txFS. iv11 g and being ill tile county ol t ui
peper. and situated immediately upon iue Kapi l
Ann River, seven miies Irom Brandy Naina.,
upon the Orange and Alexandria Raihoii. and
three utile* jjom in* Fredericksbmg and \.o.»y
JMaiiiC Road, adjoining the lands • »! the ilon.
Jeremiah .Morbu, nev Tnornton Sti ingW-llovv,
John P Hern-ion. and others.
iua productive, ncaifhy. and dcsnanie t < igu*
bnrhooil. whether lor agricultural or social e. !
vantag* s. !evv hu ms in the market of!;*: greater
inducements to purchasers, either tiie «p -rulat.-r
or the !i-\»-r ot rural lite.
I fiis FARM is proportionality divided into
amine .m<t timber land, well w ati red with lever
tailing springs in ••very held. I In* suii is natu
ral iv of a verv superior quality, well adapted
t»> Ttir* successful grow th ol products iai>e*l m
rb's section oi tuc coimtrv. and with the tiindcru,
>*. stem of ituprov-*inenf and judicious manage
mer.t. will mine one ot the most desiiable and
splendid estates in ?h- comply. 1 tore is also
upon tins Kst.it,* about SO acres ot veiy supe
rior Kiv er bottom.
For furlher information, persons desirous d
purchasing are requested to i oiiiinumcate won
tiie tnst named Commissioner, directed to Bian
dy station.
*Tkkmh—The laud will be sold on a credit ot
one. two. and three \e.us. in equal instalments,
with interest from the date of sale, payable an
miaiiy, tne purchaser giving bond witn approved
security, until tiie purchase money i* fullV paid.
JNO. ii. BFCKHAM. >1
Culpeper Comity, nov 1—eots
(JKOKtJK COUNTY.— Pursuant to a de
ne-ot tiie Circuit Court ot Stafford county I
'•nail, as Commissioner, offer for sale at public,
auction, at King (Jeorge Court House, on I hut a ■
day. ifu' Ult /Mnniur. ! M>n, the tr.ict of LANU,
commonly known as » ai i»n i i . iyi g
in king lieorge county, and a!o**g Potomac
Creek, about one mile Irom its mouth, contain
ing about TH KKK HUNDKKI) and FH.H
TKKX AURKS. ot which said Bowen dint
About one-hall'of this tract is arable, the re
mainder i> tin;beicd with O.ik, Hickory Locust,
and Cedar The soil is kind and readily impiov
ed . there is an abundance of marl upon if. and
facilities tor an improved and advantageous cul
tivation arc furnished by the good navigation to
market which the Creek affords.
There is a smooth and well located FISHI.Mr
SHOHF on the farm, which has been success
fully used as a fishery for many years.
j*.\ The DWKIddNb HO UAH is small but
ThUMS oy Sai.k—One-fourth of the purchase
money payable on the day ot sale; the n main
der in eijoal instalments at one and two years,
carrying interest Irom the sa'e—the purchaser
to execute bonds wifii approved personal senili
ty for the deterred payments, and the title to bn
retained till the whole purcuase money is paid.
JOHN L MARVih Jr., Commissioner.
Fredericksburg, oct 1 1—eol tn
1 he undersigned, oilers lor sale the FARM ot
the lafe James K JefFries, lying in Culpeper
i < ’ounty. \'a .and know n a> "LOCUST I • K< I. *
Fins l.mn i* situated on the Rapid Ann River,
one mile above Raccoon Ford, about three mile*
Irom Mitchell's Station, on the Orange and At*
! examitia Rail Road, nine mile* Irom Cu'peper
C. II , twelve miles from Orange Court House,
thirty miles Irom Fiedei icksburg. and within a.
short distance of tne Plank Road, leading t«»
that place. Its facilities ot access to trial kef»
. are therefore very good If co .tains 1HRKF
This FARM is beautifully situated, bemg
gently undulating, arid is ipiite productive m
I Win at. Corn. Oats, and Ora***. If is healthy,
ver\ well watered, and abundantly eiipplied with
: / A timber. The improvements consist ot a
Ai^ic omtoitable F»W FLLI.M* HOI sK.togeti.
er with ail the necessary out buildings.
The FARM above advertised, will be gold at
public auction, to liie highest bidder, on flo
piemises, on I utsituy. thr Vih ilny rf Jhmnt«r
net. it lair, it not the next lair ua\ thereafter,
at whicn fimeand place will be void tl,e entire
crop- of (’orn. ' kits, .1 1 Hay; about thirty inf
Hogs one nne yoke oi (>x»-n. lloi>es. ( attic, and #
Sheep. Farming Implements, IIOI SFHOl.H
am> K ITCH KN FI RM ITRK. Terms made
1 known on the uay o* sale.
( Culpeper Co. Va., ocf !.'(—eots
A R VJ | •( >R SAL I: N1: A R A L k X A M • RI A.
* —By virtue of a decree ot the Circuit
Court of Fairfax County, pronounced at its Jut **
[term. 1 >. in the case of I atnek J. Keid. admin*
, isfiator.-ic bonis non, vs. Hugh McOinnis, the
undersigned. ( omriiiskioner, appointed lor Hial
pill po.se. will ofier :or Sale, to file highest bidder,
on M mil'll I/, the \~ik o( A>i’on6*r, (Court da\.)
at Fairfax I . II., the valu.tb’e J RA< l (It ♦
; LAND, in ’t.c pto»oeunig. mentioned, lormniy
: tl*o icsitknre ol Patrick Reid, ai d no'.v o « u
j pud by Hugh M< Ibums, situaie.i on tin* load
leadii g to Mount Vernon, about l nub* south
ot Alexandria containing EIGHTY ACRES
The laid i> higfd\ iiupiio ed. ha* upon it -» com
loitaidr DW KLEKNG HOI SE. and all n**
| i«j _ c»‘•sary out-buildirg*. Its proximity to
Alexandria lenders it highly deniable propnty.
Tkuus ok Sm.k—One-tenth of the purcb-.iM*
money to he paid in band, as a deposit, (or tn*»
r*'>n!ue. credit, ol six. twelve, and eignteeu
monfns in three equal instillments, to be given,
; secured oy hmid. with good personal security,
. w itii n.Iciest It the purchaser shall tail to com
pjete iii" purchase on a confirmation of tue sal**
by the ( oi.ft. the deposit to be forfeited inetjtle
fob- with!;e,d. and t:ia lurid subject to resale un
der the order ot the Court, at the risk ol Uto
purchaser. H. W.THOMAS, Commissioner,
j oct ll—oots (Ka riar News)
J MINE.—Agreeable to the provisions oi a
’ d. ed oi trust, oi record in the Clerk s office ol
i Eauquicr county, dated Noveniber 5th, !hd.>. aiul
recordt*(l November k-id, Ib.TJ. I shall proceed to
- a* 11 at puoiic auciion. to me highest bidder, lor
cash, on Inttrfuy. ISwnnLtr 2-Ah. IK56, on trie
premise*. *iif- land conveyed ill th* deed oi trust,
; known a* the KELLY GOLD MINE. This
properly lies in the lower end of Fauquier c<>,
about °ight mib s from the Rappahannock Sta
tion, on ’he Oiange aid Alexandria Railroad,
| near the Rappahannock canal, and is /ably
■ k»!*',vn for i ■» productions of *iold. Having been
worked vvidi gicat eirr(;^ by the farmer own
r*r in surtace explorations, and it is confidently
believed bv competent judges that Hi*.: most r.ir
teiing prc*f eels are heie to he found lor work*
n;g !«.* veins Any |*rsvui desiring information
: will please address Mr donii W Stone, now re
si iing upon a part oi ’h< original tract, at Kellys*
viile F. O., Culpeper county, or to the undersign*
; f-.i. tu the same office Selling as trustee. I bhidl
convey such trie is vested in roe. The title,
however, u unquestionable.
JOHN STONE. Trustee,
i F’aoli. Culpeper co . %ep V5—e< t 1
residence ol tue late Caldwell Carr,
! m tue Village ol ( pjiervilli), tor the eiu*'img
i •,ear. It is a large and co.nlortabie DWKL>
LiN(>, with Kitchen a’tached, and all the neces
sary out-houses, Stable, arc, A LOT, ot ab.mt
Eight Acres, if desired, will be rented wita it;
and, it not disposed of before, will he ottered o.*
jthe 2bth Att'«nh<r, to th.' highest bidder,
j A H. SETTLE, Ex’r. of C. Carr
| VT To those indebted to the Estat# of th*
\ late Caldwell Carr. I would respectfully augge-t
; the impoitanre ol making immediate payment,
j ae longer indulgence cannot be given.
I A. H. S., ExT. of C. C.
Faiis; Va., ocl ui—ewU

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