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Clilckta Cholera.
Mr. Martin Smith, of Harrison county, has
Ion 150 out of 250 chickens belonging to
him within the last ten days. The disease
is unknown. The chickens are seized with
a violent sickness resembling cholera, and
die io the short space of three or four hours.
None taken ever recover, although the life ot
one was sustained for about a week by ad
ministering whisky and pepper. The chick
ens of Mr. Smith, before the appearance of
the disease aenug them, were in remarkably
tiue condition.—Louisville Journal,
I a the vote in the Senate of the l uited
States, upon the bill authorizing the people
of Minnesota Territory to form a Constitu
tion and Stato Government, it will be per
ceived that the Southern Democracy, except
ing Mr. Toombs, joined the Americans ip
support of their doctriue against unnaturali
zed alien suffrage; whilst the Northern Demo
crats, excepting Mr. Thompson, of New Jer
sey, and Mr. Brodhead, of Pennsylvania,
joined the Republicans in favor of it. W here
now stand Cass, Douglas, and Bigler, the
Buchanan leaders last fall? Why,fusing
wiih the supporters of John C. hremont,
against the Ihunocracv of the Sooth. * _
We have no new features to note in our mar
ket lor the past week—the demand for money
c mtinues largely in advance ot the supply.
Our Banks are still discounting sparingly, throw
ing borrowers on the street, where the rates still
continue high, clogging the operations ot our
business community generally.
Owing to the general scarcity of money, we
have no sales of local stock worthy ot note. We
quote Eastern Exchange j; Sterling >i to
Virginia Sixes, at the New York Board, 91* to
We quote Land Warrants, from the circular
of one of the largest dealers in New York: 160
and SO acres, 99; 120 acr«-s, 96; 40 acres, $1.12$.
Ftot' it, Super.$5 7,r* & J M
Do Extra.7 00-0 000
Do Family.<> 60 0 00 00
Wheat, white.1 48 0 1 50
Lb. ret!.1 33 0 1 35
Corn, (new white ).6 58 0 0 Ot
Cohn, (mixed ).6 58 0 0 UO
Corn, (yellow).0 00 0 0 t>l
Corn MiAL,f bushel.6 60 0 0 bo
-Oats. .0 37$ 0 0 00
..0 08 0 0 70
Clover Seei», retail).8 M 0 8 75
Timothy Seed.3 50 0 4 00
Flaxseed.1 *» <* 1 *5
8u>.ac, hundred).......... 1 00 0 0 00
Plaster, (lump, retail, deliver
ed on cars,).4 25 0 4 «>0
Do ground do.......7 00 0 '60
Guano.66 <* 67 00
Salt, line.1 » g * J"
Do Ground Alum.f 1*J 0 *
Bi tter, roll, ? tt>.0 22 0 0 2*>
Do firkin.6 15 0 o 21
BaCcm. hog round.10 50 0 H 00
Pork.. 25 0 8 50
Lard, (in ke**).. 12$ 0 0 13
White Bear*.1 ^ & 1 7j
Black-Eyed Pear.6 80 0 1 0»»
Hay, (*> 10O«teA. .7.6 87$ 0 1 00
FLOCK —Market dull—no sales reported on
’Change. Holders ask $5.81. but buyers only
oiler $5.75.
WHEAT.—Sales of good*white at M80l5Oe.
—one lot interior quality sold for l3oc.; sales
of red at 1330135c The demand l. good, with
moderate receipts.
CORN is very active. Sales of 700 bushels
old yellow, on private terms, (supposed 01c.)—
Sales ot new’ white at 00001c., mixed 550>'Av
and yello* at 60c. Keceipts light.
OATS.—Sale* on ’Change at 37$c..
KYE.—Sales of fair at 65068c.; prime 70c.
The Market*.
Baltimore, March 20.—Flour is dull; small
sales of Howard street at $5.87$ V\ h*at is
steady at the decline of yesterday; red 1300138
etv; w hite 1460158c. Corn is rather heavy and
nominally at 0 065c lor white and yellow.
Whiskey is dull^City ami Pennsylvania 26026$
cts; Ohio 27c.
New Orleans, March, 12 —Cotton is firm.—
Sales today 8,500 baLs. Prices have advanc
ed ^ Sugar has advanced $. Orleans
l"i Breadstuff* e.re quiet and unchanged.—
P»>ik is him. Lard has advanced $—in kegs
1 lj Freights oil Cotton to Liverpool J h to
H.tvre }. Exchange on New Yoih j premium. .
ItalllkMore t attle Market, March It).
Cattle—There was a fair supply of Beef
Cattle at market to day. The offerings at the
scales reached 650 head, 0)0 of which were sold
lor New York, 5o were left over unsold, and the
balance ( 00 head) were taken up by Baltimore
butchers at prices ranging from $4.50 to $5 75
on the hoot, **q *al to $**011 net, and averaging
$0 12! V grois. 1 he average IS g High
er than tin* average of last week, but it was oc
casioned bv the superior quality of the Cattle
offered, and not by any improvement iu the con
dition of the market.
iioi»a.—We have no material change to note
in the figures tor hogs siuce last week. 1 here
was e. tair -upply to day at market, and the sales
w ere made »t $9fci.$9.5 I * net
SukiKr.— We coutiuue to quote 8heep at $5u*
$t» 5»» y 1UU lbs
“ |357~ Sc n bus
MAKCH. ri*.j Mfej Moon's Phaskr.
" ’ | i
21 Saturday... ft 59 t> 1 d h. ii
22 Sunday.ft 57 * 3 New.24 2 13 m
27 Monday... ft JWvt» 4 Fustqr.. 1 8 33m.
24 Tuesday... . ft 54 ♦> 6.Full. VI 4 27 m.
2ft Wednesday ft 53*6 7 Las* qr 17 6 59 m.
ftfi Thursday . . 5 52 r» 8 man WATKH.
27 Friday.5 ftl 6 9 March 21 3h 5Sm
L A T N 8 T L'Al’M ».
Tondon ->Vb. 28 I Uayw.......VVK 2T
u«m) .JAM. 38 1 .Msr. to 1
maiuak LIST. _
Krig Mtrietta. Burr, ideated at Boston, lor
this port. lMh inst.
cars, and all persons iu favor of a lair distri
bution ot the Public Lands among the States.
Virginia included, is requested to be held at the
Lyceum Hall, on HeducWujf the S/A of Jrprd
next, at 7$ oVortfc, P, Af„ for the purpose of
appointing delegates to the Convention, called
to assemble at Culpeper Court House, on the
lf>;h ot that month. t6 nominate a candidate to
represent the Seventh hiitrict in the neat Con
gljfe. U)h2t-td
|p- To ihf Voter s of the Counties of King
litorge anil Stujfufd.-r-At the solicitation ot a
largy number ot Democrats, we Announce C#d.
William H. Biowsa, as a pan4i4*t? tQ renresmt
the counties of King George and Stafford in the
next House of Delegates. Col. B represented
us ably and faithfully several sessions iu the
do hope that every well wisher of the
two Counties will unite with u$» and elect Col.
-'nV ima*2l*-»t] • PaMoCKAT^.
f-1 AM COUNTY. VA—Dr. J. Q! GraXSO* will
9e SRPpotted as a candidate lqr a seat in tjio
♦lext Hoqse ok Delegate^. 1
mh 17 edot MANY VOTERS.
OOL putcluMd by '*
j« 14 WHEAT A BEG.
Whlgi who Yotedfor Buchannn<
We naked our neighbor of the South S*de
Democrat a da? or two ago whether “the
simple fact of a Whig voting for Buchanan
involved an immediate and eternal surrender
of all his old Whig notions and principles.”
To which the Democrat replied that it did
not intend to take any such “absurd posi
tion.” As tor ourselves, we could name an?
number ot Wuigs who voted for Buchanan,
and who yet preferred Fillmore tor Presi
dent to any other man in the land; but they
voted against him in their anxiety to deteat
Freinout, because they thought “ho stood uo
chance of an eiecti m.” In short, many a
Whig in Virginia and elsewhere voted tor
| Buchanan with siuoere distrust ot him in their
I hearts, and many with ieelings almost ap
| proaching contempt. But they did so as,
in their judgement, the best means ot avert
ing the calamity involved in the success ot
the Black Republicans. They took Buch
anan as a cnoice of evils, believing the con
test to be between him and Fremont, ihe
whole ot them, we dare say, would have sup
ported Mr. Fillmore with the utmost che.*r
tuluess and pleasure, but tor tae tear enter
tained by them of his beiug less apt to beat
Freinout than Buchanan. Mot that they dis
trusted Mr. Ftllm >re or the party that sus
taiued him, in reference to the question of
Southern rights, did they give their aid to
Bochauan. V ery tar trom it. On the con
trary, we suspect that ninety-nine out of
every hundred Whigs in the land who voted
tor Buchanan, honestly and firmly believed
at the time that Fillmore was infinitely wor
thier of trust thuu tie. The only principle
controling them in their votes, was to get a
convertauve President—it uot the best man
in the field, theu the next best. The princi
ple of the spoils, however was the only princi
thp future will show.—
VVV n --w 7
tiichmond M /«<«/.
On Friday, The 6th inst , alter a briel illness o!
one week, iu Westmorelai.il county, \ a., Mrs.
MARIA C. wile of i)r. F. i>. Wheelwright —
This announcement will carry sorrow to many
hearts. The recollection ot the many domestic,
social and Christian graces ot our departed
friend, embitters our lo-s, while it hallows her
memory As a daughter, wile, mother, triend,
and in every relation of life, she was eminently
kind, gentle, loving. It was her happiness to
make others happy. Above all, she w as an ear
nest. humble Christian, a I'te ol consistent piety
attesting the sincerity ot her public proiessiun.
Humility was her distinguishing virtue. Her s
was the meek and lowly spirit that Jesus loves.
To the sick and needy she was ever an angel ot
mercy;‘and her good deeds were as unostenta
tious as they were unremitting. Gratitude has
embalmed her name w herever sorrow or w ant
hail a home within her reach. Her ca>m and
peaceful death was a lit close to such a litc He
lving solely on the merits ot her Saviour 101 ac
ceptance, she tell asleep ill Je»us. Blessed are
the dead w ho the iu the Lord. .
At the residence ot her aunt, in Nanjemoy,
Md.,011 Friday, the 6th ot March MAK Y S.,
daughter ot James I). and Cecelia A. Carpinter,
m th»* 17th year of her age 1 hus w as this dear
one taken trom us alter a lew days il ness--ju$t
as she had arrived to the years ot maturity. An
all-w ise Providence saw ht to take her hence.
She was too pure lor this siulul wor d. Lailv
bright, her lile has been hut transient, like the
morning cloud and early dew. She passed aw ay
trom earth to heaven, and whilst her weeping
tneuds surrounded her dying bed, she raised tier
eyes and said—“Weep not tor me, bat meet ire
in heaven.
At the residence of her husband, at \ aticluse.
Orange county, on l uesday, I <th Hist, alter a
brief illness, Mrs. ANN L\, wile ol Peter Col
lins. esq.
In Fairfax county, oil the 6th instant. EL
LIOTT R. BROWN, aged :<» years, third son
ot the Rev. R. T. Brown. Doubtless this was
all right; it was all done in due time,and in the
Best way; none young or old go to heaven by
accident. Yet the yearnings of love cannot be
suppressed. Singularly bright and happy, this
dear child was the perpetual sunbeam ot bis
house ; ever loving and obedient, even amid his
last struggles making a “annul effort to render
his accustomed tribute to parental wisues, he
could not be otherw ise than very precious to that
family ciiclenow broken and bleeding. No! the
yearnings ot love cannot be suppiessed, a is
place among the heart s cherished treasures can
never be tilled; be is not, lor God Hath token
him. And thus it is that the company ol the
redeemed in heaven is made up ot the jewels ot
the earth. _
Tribute* ol' Ue»p«eli
At a meeting of the members ot the Sun hire
Company ot Alexandra, held at their rooms on
Fairfax street, on Saturday e\euing, March Mth,
li>f>7. it was
1st Resolved. That this company realizes
with heartfelt sorrow The death of (’apt. Joskcu
Fox. one of its mo.t active and useful uifmbeis.
o f Resolved, That by his death not only
this company Iras lost a useful and honorable
member, but society has h>*l one whose heart
w a- always open to the calls of sulbu ing hu
:U1. * Resolved, That wv deeply sympathize
with the family of The decease.!, and request the
Secretary ol thi^ company to furnish them a
I copy of these resolutions.
trh. Resolved, That these proceedings be pub
lished in the city papers.
F. S. BLACK LOCK, President.
R. W. Shkuhaku, Secretary.
At a meeting ot the Sun Fire Company of
Alexandria, held at th-ir rooms, on Monday
evening, Maich 1 ti»u, i was
1st. Resolv»m1. That this company has heard
witti deep regret ot the sudden death ot it- Val
ued member," Asa M. MoUyitMH’K, in the city ot
2d Resolved, That this company deep.y de
plores the loss of the deceased, who was always
active and useful.
Resolved, '1 bat we sincerely condole with
the family ami friends ol the deceased, upon theii
sad and unexpected bereavement.
4th Resolved. That these proceedings be
published in the city pap-'is. and a copy sent to
the lamily of the deceased.
F. S. BLACKLOCK. President.
R W. Sukkuard, Secretary.
W \ SACKS 1 .iverpool (■round Alum
J^y r SALT I»* to the ton
^"lUtM) SACKS do. Ashton and Worthington’s
Fine, lO to the Ton. in bleached sicks
5wX> BUSHELS bright M. Ub*s. lor sale by
B. H LAMBERT, Union Whart.
mb 21—«o7t
a FOR SALE.—A desirable 1>W KLl.INlx.
in a pleasant part ot the city. Enquire o!
n,h 21-Uotf CORS* BROTHERS.
1\TOTiUE is hereby given, that application
!\ will be made at the next term ot the Cir
cuit Court, for the city and county ot Alexan
dria State of Virginia, for the delivery and
transfer to Wm. F. Speake, (foreign guardian)
of all the personal property and money, in die
said County, belonging to the minor heirs °t
Wm. Radclitf, dec d. A* LL0U:
Hlh |g—Iaw4w Attorney, \o.
tTFNTRAL HO'i>X,CAv.EKON street, Ai.kx
and City Hotel —The undersigned having leas
ed the above well known bouse, which was m*eu
recently thoroughly repaired and furnished,
respectfully solicits a share ot public K'^e
Board p*r day.ViVVVi CHWW
mu 12 . uH 1 hU>
*\TOTlCE —All persons having claims against
A the estate late Mrs.^uzA F. Gaid
ar, are reouested to present tVlP »or '&***“’*
settlement {o the undersigned-^-and all nmtfbted
vriil please make prompt payment to
* r * W. C CAZENOVE, Executor.
mh 19—«o3t __
ern I.AOY. to take chariot a School
a nrivaw family—One who c«ui leach the
ktirker English branches, Latiu, French, and
| fiSf. Atl • K K. Ot Herrs.
linden Station, Fauquier co., mh 12—w4w
By Yesterduy’* Evening Mall*.
Secretary of Board of Public Worlt*.
Thomas II. DeWitt, esq., the valuable and
efficient clerk in the Second Auditors office,
Richmond, has been appointed Secretary of
the Boar-1 of Public Works, vice William
R. Driukard, resigned.
Resignation of Lt. Gov. McComas.—Lt.
G ivernor McComas, of \ irginia, arrived at
Guyandotte <>n the 11th inst., from the West.
The Guyandotte Unionist says he intends
resigning the office of Lieuteuarit Governor,
an 1 removing with his family to Nebraska.
Fairfax CoCntv.—Uu Monday last. A.
Moss, esq., as trustee, sold a tract of Land
belonging to Mr. Wm. 11. Love and con*
I taioing 20 acres, for $15,50 per acre. Mr.
Thus. Harrison was the purchaser.
Oo Tuesday, the large tract of land lying
I jn the Frying-Pan neighborhood, belonging
to the late R. C. Berkley, dec’d, was sold by
Special Commissioner, D. \\ . Barton, exp,
for $8 per acre. The tract contained over ,
; 800 acres, and was purchased by Mr. Harris,
; of Clarke county, Va.
j The County Court for March, adjourned on
Tuesday eveuing last. Ttie Grand Jury !
found several indictments for Misdemeanors, j
such as selling ardent spirits without license, I
1 assaults, trespass, etc. But few cases were
! tried during the Court, and those of an un
important character. There was a very large i
attendance on the first day ot the Court.—
1 A meeting of the W hig and American par
ties was held at Culpeper Court II >u>e, on
1 Monday last, for the purpose of nominating
i• , .. . ii _ _ r li.l_.
i a canuiuaie iur me uuusc *>i |
which resulted in the nomination of Edward
i A. Freeman, esq. A committee was appoin
ted to inform Mr. F. of the nomination,
i when he appeared and accepted in a brief
1 but eloquent address, in which he took de
cided ground in favor of the distribution of -
the oublic lands.
* _
, Barn Burned.—The barn of Jos. Wood,
i about four tniles northeast of town, was
! de-hrovcd by tire Monday night, the 9th inet.,
at 10 o’clock, and seven horses were burned
to death, in addition to a complete loss of
I gearing and farming implements. Two
years ago, by a similar misfortune, Mr. j
j Wood lost eleven hundred bushels of wheat j
and other valuable property, to the amount j
' of three thousand dollais, and his recent ;
loss, which caimot be much less than one
i thousand dollars, follows upon the first wirh ,
a rapidity that is truly dishe irteuing, espt*- ,
ciailv when there is every evidence of incen- i
diarisui in both cases. Mr. W ood’s neigh- j
hors are using every means to ferret out the
| offender, so that he may be brought to jus
tice. — ine healer l try.
Death of Caft. Dearborn.—A paragraph
j in our paper this morning, announces the j
death of Capt. Dearborn, of the bark Fame, j
of this city, at Rio. Ills many friends here
were much distressed at this intelligence. He
was one of the vety best seaman that ever
sailed from James river, and was a man of
the strictest integrity. He leaves a wife and !
two children in this city.— Ihch. ltisp.

(ieorge Lane, charged with forging the
I name of Reuben Rigland, e-q., ol Petersburg,
: on one of the Farmvilie Banks, has been
convicted of the charge beloro the Circuit
Court of Prince Edward, and sentenced to
two years confinement in the public jail or
i peniteutiary house.
The Culpeper Observer says: — “The dwel
ling of Dr. Oeorge Morton, near. Raccoon
Ford, in this County, was consumed by tire
1 one day last week, together with a portion
of bis furniture. We b arn that it was '
quite an old building, and that the Dr. !
i proposed pulling it down this Spring in order
to rebuild.
The II >n. Jeremiah Morton declines the
u«e of his name as a candidate for Congress
in this Congressional district.
The Wytheville Times says during the
past winter, nine wild bears were killed in
that vicinity. The flesh of most of them
was brought to town and sold lor a shilling
per pound.
Mr John. S. Kemper, of Madison County,
has sold his farm, near Brandy Station, in
Culpeper County, containing about four hun
dred acre*, lor SOOO'L
4 CADFMY OF M(JS1(\ (Relief Hail,
X1L P»usr>: Street.)—T. .1. N. CALLFIKLD S
Piano Forte an i Singing class.es.
Terms in Advance:
F.lernentary classes per quar. of 20 lessons, f
Advanced classes.10
T. ,!. N. C. can be seen at the Academy on
Wednesdays and Saturdays from 1 I o’clock a. rn.
till f) p m.
A lit ft- t'i ■ • r> fur iruntlumi’n niPPt tWlPM H
week. Terms |>“r quarter. -mh V*— »*o1m*
\ j S. ASHBY am. ROBERT' L WOOD have
this *lav formed a connection, under th»* style
and firm nt ASHBY Ac WOOD, for the purjK>se
j ol conducting the Dry Goods business in all its
| branches, hi the store formerly occupied by
; Messrs. Ashby, Herbert Ac Co., No. 17u, King
j street, Alexandria, \ a. mh li>
VCARD—The undersigned recommend
their old friends ami customers, to call
upon their successors, Messrs. ASHBY Ac WOOD,
ieeling confident that they can supply any order
in their line upon the mo>t satisfactory term^.
S mh I —eo! m ASHBY. HERBERT' At CO. >
fPKACHKR WANTED—l wish to employ,
! until the first of August next, a TEACH*
i Eu in my family—one who can teach theusu- i
; al English branches, the Classics, and French.
To a gentleman \vh'» can furnish suitable testi
monials as to capacity, Vo., immediate employ
ment and a liberal salary will be given. Ad
Near Pori Conway
King George co, Ya., mh !7—eo:w.\,ii>v
1 FOSTER vc x\\. f'-upcessars to Foster Ac
Bkq.) have just received a lull supply of
PLOUGHS,(wrought and cast iron shears) ;
A car load of very superior Shingles
Plastering Laths
LUMBER of various kinds; Lime; Ground
, Plaster; Clover and Timothy Se«*<i.
Plains Station, M G. R R„ mh 7—eo'iw
, ii^ Bank 0} iht 0U Dominion.
yiUxanJria It atm Company.
ji lexa mlrui ( or par id >or\
t\ibv\ui State tV*.
BRICK YARD F*>R RENT,—A two acre,
LOT, on Ro)al street, north side Canal ■
! Locks, on which n a Clamp for burning Brick, j
| and a large Jot of dug Clay, ready for working, i
i Apply to [teb *J7—‘oira] SAML. MILLER. - j
|^RF*H halt chests superior,
i P Gunpowder. Imperial' and Black Teas — i
Just received anil for sa*e h*
mh 13 I08S A. DUCuV Family Grocer.^
11 just received and for sale by ^ ^ ^
11 comer Prince anu k tiioa si,. 1
li \ BBLS. patent Oil
111 lUtfcU. <Nl
| 5 “ Banks Oil, tor sale bv J
xnh 11 K1NCHE10E & BRUY
Tile Rail Rond*.
The Orange ami Alexandria Railroad is
completed from A lexandria, to the distance of
88 uiiies, the present terminus being Gordons
ville. Its contemplated terminus is Lynch
b irg. It runs southwesterly from Alexan
dria, through one of the finest regions of the
Old Dominion. The stations between Alex
andria and Gordonsville are Springfield, 9
miles; Burke’s, 14; Fairfax, 17; Union Mills,
23; Manassas Junction, 27; Bristoe, 31; Y\ ea
versville, 38; Warrenton Junction, 41; B ‘ale
ton, 47: Rappahannock, 51; Brandy, 50; Cul
peper Court-house, 02; Mitchell’s, 09; Kapi
dan, 74; Orange Court-house, 79; Madison,
84. At Gordonsville this road connects
with the Virginia Central Railroad, running
Ir >m K.cliQiond westerly to Goshen, a dis
tance of 173 miles. The fare from Alexan
dria to Richmond by these roads is 85 50.
Trains leave Alexandria at 7.15, a. in., and
8.15, p. in. Wayfare on the Orange road is
about 4 cents per mile.
Twenty-seven miles from Alexandria on
this road the Manassas Gap Rail Road
branches off westerly to Woodstock. The
stations between the Junction and Woodstock
are, Gainsville, 35 miles from Alexandria;
Thoroughfare. 4L; Plains, 4<; Salem, 51;
Rectortown, 57; Piedmont til: Markham, 05;
Linden. 70; Front Royal, 78; Buekton, 83;
Water Lick, 84; Sirasburg, 88. The fare on
this road is, also, about 4 cents per mile.
The trains leave Alexandria once daily, at
7.15, a. in.— Cur rex. of Washington Luton.
Alexandria.—We were greatly gratified
to find, upon a recent visit to Alexandria,
that the old city was still going ahead and be
coming better and better prepared to accom
modate the large trade which must, ere long,
he nnured into her lap. For a long time she
was almost dormant, but during that time
she was, to a great extent, cut off from the
interior trade which rightfully belonged to
her, but which was hy means of railroads
and other improvements, diverted to other
places. Now iron rails are stretching them
selves out, and she will Scon have tributary
to her, a country which must add greatly to
her trade. She is a gallant old t^wn and
worthy ot a widely exteuded patronage.—
Her merchants are among the most enter
prising any where to be found, and we are
sure that they willd > ail they can, hy fair
dealing and small profits, to t-ecure trade.—
There is no need ot any of our Valley mer
chants going beyond Alexandria to purchase
grooeties, hardware, queensware, drugs, agri
cultural implements, clothing, &e. There
are several houses in each of these branches
of trade, which we know, from actual ob
servation, will sell as low as the same de
scriptions of goods can be had iu the cities
iurther north. We cannot mention all these,
but simply refer our friends to the adverti
sing col urns of the Register. We hope that
every Valley merchant will stop»in Alex
andria and examine the market, and we are
sure they will make purchases which will
give satisfaction. 1/H all Virgiuiaus, as far
as possible, support Virginia towns.—Rock
i nijha nt Raj inter.
The grand jury of Washington, on Thurs
d iv, found a true bill against Col. Lee, late
clerk in the Pension Office, for murder in the
first degree, in the killing ol Mr. Hume, of
Alexandria. Immediately upon the the find
ing of the bill, Deputy Marshals Plnlipsnnd
Waugh repaired to the residence of Col. L^e
in the First Ward, and took him to the coun
ty jail, where he is now lodged to await his
trial, which is expected to take place next
Impostor.—A little girl, aged about twelve
years, whose parents reside on Naylor s Hill,
has been imposing upon several of our citi
zens lately, by representing to them that she
c urn* from the neighborhood of Fall’s Church,
and wanted lodgings for the night. Ot
course, wherever sho applied she was taken
care <>f, hut her trick has been found out, ar d
the public should know the fact.
A man named Ileigle, was arrested yes
terday morning, on suspicion of passing
spurious gold coin. No evidence was aduced
on the trial, and he was discharged.
j Manufacturer'* and dealers in UUNPOYV
l)r;R. continue to offer their well known brands
TIH'KY RIFLK FOVVDKR. m Kegs and ('anis
and MIN INC. comprising a full assortment of
all qualities and kinds required by the tiade,
guaranteed to gi'e entire satisfaction.
The standard of th»-ii POWDKR, which has
now enjoyed tin* highest repu.ation lor more
tha » twenty five years, will be found unsurpass
ed by any other tnaniilactme oi the kind in lhe
l>V»r sale by the principal dealers, and also at
the office of the Company, No SP \Vall. corner
Water streej. New York. A. U HAZARD,
\ R Dorm.ass. Sec v. President.
New York, rnh I'J—eofim
rjniE SUBSCRIBER oll’eis for sale the place
1 upon which he now re-odes, cousi.-tiug <1
TWENTY and a H ALF, (20$) ACHE S, situa
ted in Fairfax County, upon the old Leesburg
Road, which separates it from the grounds ol
the Theological Seminary.
- ‘ The DWELLING is at wo story frame
Bbuildiug. (completed in the tall of IS eO
containing live (:>) good sized rooms, exclusive
of kitchen, storeroom and pantry. A well ol
excellent water at the door.
Its proximity to Alexandria and the neigh
borhood, affording the best society, makes it de
sirable if only fora summer residence.
Possession g;\en immediately', it sold previ
ous to May, if not sold before Miy, possession
given in the fall For terms, kc , apply upon,
the premises to A C. N. SMF1S.
mb 10—iawd\eolm [Nat Int- lm.j
\17AVKLANL) FOR SALE—-Having de
y V termnitd to move to the West. I ofler
for *uie my farm, called WA\ ELAND, lyp g m
Upper Fauquier, and well known Hie 'ate re
sidence oi Gov. Bedford F«own. and previously
© W .1 Morgan,e»q.,containing LIGHT HUN
This estate, taken altogether, is certainly one
Mot the mo«t desirable in Virginia. The
DWELLING is very Urge and comm«*li
ous. nearly new, ar.d the jut-buinnngs are ex
cellent. For farming and grazing, the land is
unsurpassed,' ai d is in a high state ol improve
ment— Water and timbei abundant as healthy
a region afc any in the world—good society—
churches of (1 lie rent denominations convenient
—and within two miles of Salem,on the Manas
sas Gap Railroad, only about three hours ride
to Alexandria and Washington. The terms ol
tale wilt be reasonable. JAS. ROGERS.
Fauquier cojan K»—entf _
G* w\ R EWAR D.—Ranaway on the
* mormng of December l*hh, 1'5b.
my bdy SAM. He is black, about 28 years oiJ.
about « feet $ inches high; wnen spoken to
look* wild, and quick sj>oken. Dress- Drab
frock coat, and pants ot same. He is. no doubt,
still lurking about in th« neighborhood. I will
give the above reward of $200, taken in any
place, and secured in jail so as f get aim or ue
livered to me THOMAS MIDDLETON,
• leb2»—eoT.f Near Millie burg, Va.
Housekeepers, look to your IN
TEREST—Hy examining my stock of
Block Tiw,* Plain, and Japanned Ware, bglure
purchasing elsewhere. J. S. Si ANSBl R$ ,
mb 3—2m No. 15, South Royal st.
Arrival or lit* Steamer Alps.
New York, March 20.—The steamer Alps,
from Liverpool, on the 4th inst, arrived this
The general news is unimportant.
The British Government were defeated on
! CobderPs motion, in regard to the war with
• China, but it was not supposed that Palmers
ton would resign or dissolve Parliament.
The vote on Mr. Cobden’s motion was 203
against 247.
The Alps brought out no mails. The
Press newspapers were dispatched South by
the morning train.
The Africa arrived out on the second, and
the City ot Baltimore on the 3d.
Mr. Cramptoo, late Minister at Washing
ton, had been appointed Minister to Hanover.
Advices from China of the 15th December,
had been received. They say that the Km*
i peror had prohibited his subjects tfoin trad
i ing with the English, under the penalty ot
! death.
The Paris correspondent of the London
i Times says that the treaty between Persia
; and England, bad not been signed, but that
I hostilities had been suspended, although no
regular armistice waR declared.
Hong Kong dates of Jan. 15th say there
! had been no further operations against Can
I ton. Official dispatches give details of ut
I l.tv I Mr.iinun tit rnfulrti flu* I pnfliltini
«W44|rv» .... *
fort, and an attack on the British ships by a
vast ‘lumber of Chinese junks. This attack
was well coucerted and took place at low
water, when the large ships could not ma
noeuvre ; but it was brilliautv repelled. Ad*
j miral Seymour had abandoned the Butch
j Folly fort and the factory gardens, and
! strengthened the positions lower dnwo the ri
| ver. Recruits were expected from Singapore.
All the Western suburbs of Canton were
i burnt on the 12;h of January by the English.
A large lire also occurred inside of the city.
The mandarians in the various districts,
had issued the most blood thirsty edicts
against the English, aud offered rewards
for assassinations and incendiarism at Hong
, Tub Markets.— Liykri*ogl.— Cotton was
! steady; sales ol two days 11.5(10 balegr—to spee
| ulators 3,(100, and exporters 3.000 bales Bread
stuffs closed dull. Flour had a declining ten
dency ; Western Canal WCdcOs.; Southern ‘^'d
\ 3U.; Ohio 31fo3Js. Wheat is unchanged; white
| red S'S'sjs. Corn was tending down
| ward; white 3.r.(S3Cs.; yellow 33^/r34s; mixed
j 33s. 3d li 33s. '3d. Provisions were steady. Ba
; con was lirtn, but buyers demand a reduction.—
Lard closed buoyant, with a large speculative
inquiry; sales at l\fal)s Holders, however,
I demand an advance. Tallow was dull, ai d
the sales were principally confined to specula
' tion.
The money market was easier. Consols foj
money ‘33^; on account '33|.
Paris.— 1 he funds closed at 7Of. ‘30c.
I.Hter from NlcnrAffiiA.
. ——<)-—
New York, March 2U.—The steamer Ten
; nessee from Urey town the 7th, and Aspinwall
l Irh, has arrived.
Walker’s position was unchanged. He
still holds out at Rivas.
The Allies still remain at San Jago, which
pbice Walker had attacked twice unsuccess
i fully.
i The failure of Lockridge’s attack on the
' Castle was attributed to the cowardice of
• Col. Titus, who subsequently left Lockridge,
i and went ever to Rivas.
The Allies had made two attacks on Wal
ker’s position, on the 4th of March, but woro
l repulsed.
I The British steamer Clyde, arrived at As
pinwall. on the Uth, bringing thirty deserters
from Walker.
The sloop of war Decatur, arrived at Pan
ama on the Oth, from Callao, bringing dates
to February 0*h. Several vessels were load
ing at the Chincha Islands, under contracts
with the insurgent Yivanco. The revolution
j ary pai ty were making but little progress.
Yivanco was planning an attack on Truxillo.
Tl»e Pit I In (I el plil n Applonf merits.
; Washington, March 2<b—Colonel Joseph
j B. Baker, of Lancaster county, Collec
ts; Uideon U. Weetcott, esq., of Phi la
' delphia, PostmaMer; Chambers McKibbpt,l
esq., of Philadelphia, i>nvul ufhcer; John
Hamilton, jr., of Philadelphia, Surveyor of
the port; Wm. Badger, esq., of Philadelphia,
Navy Agent; and Jacob Yost, e*q., of Mont
gomery, Marshal.
WAsnivc.TON, March 20.—Mr. Oorman re
signed the Governorship of Minnesota, solely
because he approved the policy of rotation in
office; and before leaving that territory he ad
vised the other federal officers there to fol
*lov his example, and relieve the administra
tion from any embarrassment.
A delegation of Baltimoreans arrived here
list night, in relation to the Maryland ap
pointments, This morning they had an in
terview with the President, previous to
| which a caucus was held for nomination.—
R/ a singular coincidence, the President had
nted upon Judge Mason as Collector of Bal
timore, the peenon nominated by the delega
tion. The other nominations, have not trans
pired. The delegates are uuanimoua upon
the rotation principle.
1 300 acr^s oj very superior White Oak,
heart Pine, Ash. aud Hickory l imber, suitable
M'or Ship building, and u» original growth, on
f the Alexandria and Orange Rail Hoad, (the
• Road passes through it.) .s miles above Culjxq-.er
I Court House, one mile from “Mitchell s bu-.
tion,” and tour from “Rapid Ann."
It early application is made, yre will dispose
of the Timber and Wood by the acte, or we
will contract to have it gotfeq up on shares.
The R*il Road Company will purchase any
quantity of Wood, which can be delivered.
’ A rare chance lor making money is ofFer$A
to persons acquainted with getting Ti;nfe*r and
Wood. Address James F. Stroth er, Culpeper C
Culpe^t C. H.. «ng tfi—'2awff
' JT KRLS. superior Scuppentung V\ tne, hi store
I •) and for sale by
! HOUSE—jU*o, a number of J aliable Building
Lots in JHexandriu. Vu.— W ill be sold at public
auction, on 4th day, ( Wednesday.) the 24th in
jfrA slant, on the premise*. at 12 o'riot k. M.. the
-X' ‘-3- HOI SE, laic the residence ot Keuber
Roberts. deceased, situated near the corner ot
Washington and Fianklin streets. The house
is new and built in the most substantial manner,
with all the modern improvements, with gas
and water pipes throughout.
Also, a number ot very desirable BUILhlNl*
LOIS, trouting on W ashington, Fiankim aiui
Columbus streets. I he properly, w ith a plat
ol the lots, will be shown by calling on the
subscriber, residing thereon. The above pro
perty will be sold altogether, or in lots to suit
Also, at the same time and place, will be
sold a FARM, containing about lbf> acres,
situated in Fairfax County, Va., a part ot the
Wood law n estate, adjoining the lands oi Chalklcy
Gillingham, Mr rtin Stiles and others. Said Farm
is well fenced with a good new post ami board
tence. with a small HOUSE, and a new
J^jLBarn. About acres ot the land is clear
ed, and in a good state ot cultivation; -r>0 acres in
original giowih timber, and the balance is
new land, ail grubbed ready for cultivation; all
of which is of tirst rate quality.
T'khms —One-third cash—the balance in two
equal instalments, at six and twelve months, j
bearing interest. Notes satisfactorily endorsed
Any person wishing to view the premises,
will be shown the same, and obtain any further
information, by calling on JONATHAN RO
BF.KTS, (who is my agent.) living at Cedai
Grove, or by letter directed to him, at Aocotink
Post Ofiice, Fairfax County. Va.
dec l<t—eots
The above sale is |x»stponed until Satur
day, the 1th day of February, at the same time
-ml place, [dec 2f»-eotsJ H. R., Executrix.
Li^The above sale is postponed to Saturday,
.ipril 1 tth. in front of trie Mayor’s Office, at 12
o’clock, M. [leb 12-eotsl H. R. Executrix.
BY G. R. BLACKLOCK—Aictionkkk.
COUNTY FOR SALE.—By virtue of a
deed of trust Irom Peter Davis and wife, to the
subscriber, bearing date on the 2d day ol July.
1 Ndfi. I will offer lor sale, at public auction, to
the highest bidder, on Saturday, the 2bth day of
March next, in trort of the Mayor's Office, in the
city ot Alexandria, the TRACT OF LAND,
upon which said Peter Davis now resides, con
taming about ONE HUNDRED and TWEN
TY ACRES, lying about three miles from the
I /hilt Hriili/u in Inii r'mintv ill A .111
—' --- - J -1
the Columbia J urnpike Road
The above mentioned FARM is well watered,
handsomely located, with an abundance 01
wood upon it—it has a commanding prospect, is
susceptible ol the highest improvement, and is I
situated in a healthy and desirable neighbor*
hood—the Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire
Railroad passes through it.
MThe improvements consist of a good
and substantial DWELLING HOt'SK, a
large and convenient Barn, Stabling, Are
T erms of Sale :—Twelve hundred dollars of
the purchase money will he required in hand,
on the day ot sale, the balance in four equal
instalments, on the first day ot January, in the
years !Sf»S, 18.VJ, iSfiO, and 1861, the deterred
payments to hear interest trom the day of sale,
and to be secured by a deed ol trust on the
The property will be divided into two parts,
to suit purchasers, it desired, and all persons
wishing to examine the land, are requested to
call on Mr. Davis, living on the premises. The
necessary deeds must be prepired at the ex
pense ot the purchaser.
feb 27—eots [Nat. Int.-Taw'ts.)
^IMIUSTKKS SALE.—By virtue ol a died of
‘trust, executed by Henry Moore and w ile,
on the .'Id day ot December, lhfifi, and olrecoid !
in the Clerk's Office of Prince William county, I
Court, the undersigned trustee, w ill. lor purpoHes {
tiieieiu set torth. sell, in the village ol Dumfries. ;
on the'tblb dag vj Matrix 18f»7, at public auc- !
(ion, two valuable T R A CT S OF L A N D in j
Prince William coupty. The first contains ONE 1
: lying (n the w aters ol Quantico, and adjoins the j
I land ol R. W. Wheat gp-.l utters. T he other i
I tract, lying o;» me south side of said wa ers. ;
j and adjoins the lands ol Duvall and Gray, and •
j contains SEVENTY EIGHT ACRES, more <»r
I less. A lurlher description ot said land is deem
j ed unneiesiiary, us those who wish to purchase
j will examine loi themselves.
Terms ok Sale—One-third of the purchase
1 money in cash; the balance in six. nine, and
twelve months—liiepurchaser giving bond, with
approved personal security, for the deferred pay
ments, and title to he retaiued till their payment.
Selling only as Trustee, I will convey such
title as is vested in me as such, which is believ
ed to he good. EDWIN NELSON,Trustee.
Dumfries, Pr. Wm eo , Itb 2d—eots
am authorized to sell the FARM belonging to
the heir* of John Ricketts, dec’d.. distant, over
a good road, about 2$ miles from Warrenton,
containing about 188 ACRES, of which about
TU acres aie in wood ami timber. The soil is
well known to be productive, and of ap admira
ble quality. It is abundantly watered by never
tailing springs, one of which, very near the
SMansion, i» r.oted tor its excellence. T he
BUILDINGS are commodious and in pretty
repair. An Orchard oj some f»i> Fruit
Trees, and three very line Sandstone Quarries,
enhance greatly the value ol this little Farm.
The latter, valuable for purposes o! building and
l fencing, are near by the road leading to Warreu
' two. very acces«iblf and easily worked.
• There are some 2‘J acres of rich low ground
well drained, and exempt from merdow, that
! might be converted into valuable meadow'.
The terms of sale are one-third iu cash, one
third at two years, and the remaining third at b
years, trom the day of sale, with interest paya
ble annually. Grow ing crops w ill be reserved,
and full possession given within TO or 60 days,
from day of sale.
The premises will be shown to any person
desiring to see them, by Mr. .losejdi Liipton re
| siding thereon. RICE W. PAYNE.
Warrenton, Fauq,. Co., nov in—eoti
The subscriber otters at piivafe sale, his
; beautiful FARM, lying partly u» Fauquier and
partly in Prince William couaty. bordering im
mediately on a turnpike leading to a depot
(GainesVille) or the Manassas Cap Railroad—
| 3^ miles distant, and 35 miles by railroad to
j Alexandria. Georgetown, Alexandria, and
j Washington arc cities which can be reached in
a lew hours, where high prices lor the products
j of the farm can be obtained. This estate con* 1
| tains a little over SIX HUNDRED ACRES; a
i due proportion being in woods. The natural
j quality of the soil is excellent, being, for the
most part, ui a dark cftocoiate color, and red
soil—easy totiliand improve to a high state.—
There is a meadow of about Ur»fo 20 acres. The
farm is very conveniently situated to mills, shops,
country stores, and post office, all of which are
not a half mile off The improvements are very
good, consisting ot a line stone DWEL
, BlL\G HOUSE, with 6 rooms and a base
ment. a fine stojic barn, and o'hw out buildings,
in good erudition. The situation is a perfectly
j healthy one, and the neighborhood affords gu<d
[society. This property will be sold at a mode
rate price. Address R. H. HITE.
Bucklaiid P. O.. Pr. Wm.. co.,feb 20—eolm
AMERICAN HOTEL, Cihtkal Railroad
DiPVft Stavatov, Va.
A- N- RttBCKIiiRIlHiS k C*, Proprietor*.
J. N. Woodward, late ol the Woodward House
Superintendent. »P 12—eoly^
ll £1, £1, £1, aii't £:> payable al
, sigat, lurnikhed by nl.n,irnnM k
let n FOWLE. SNOWDEN * C<>.
It 1 ROAD WN Its, lot sale by,
1 V^u 16 FOtt’LE, SNOWDEN & CO.
OHKRIFF’8 SALE.—On Saturduy the 2\.tt
°J March, 1857, at the Wycboff Gold Mines,
in The County of Fauquier, I shall sell to the
i highest bidder, tor cash, Three House Engines.
with machinery attached, u>ed lor muting pur
poses; a lot of Blacksmith’s Tools; 2 Wagons J
Horse Carts; 1 Cooking Stove, and Kitchen
Furniture; 10 head ot Bheep; 8 Mattresses and
bedding, to satisfy an execution in my hands,
in the name of Engs’ assignee, against the
Wychod Gold Mining Company.
for JOHN Q. MARK, S. F C
Fauquier Countv. teb'26—eots*
/ BLE LOUDOUN FARM.—Pursuant to a
decree ol the Circuit Court ol Loudoun County,
rendered on the *^tjth day of November, 185b, in
the case ol Misau P. B Harding and Chajles B
Harding, plaiulilfs, against Ann A. Bums and
others, defendants, we will sell at public auction,
to the highest bidder, in front of the Court House,
in the town of Leesburg, in said county, on AW
day. the Wh day of March, 1807, (March Couit
day.) about noon of said day, the FARM or
formerly owned aud occupied by the late John
A. Hums. Sr,-lying about l£ miles north ot the
town ot Waterford, in the said county of Lou
doun. and containing about THREE HI V
ACRES, oi which about 100 acres are in wood
andtimher. T be land is of the first quality,
and when prn|»erly cultivated has been 'noted
lor its fertility.
The improvements consist of a comfortable
ZiiLstabiing.Coui House,and other out-house*,
i tie iurm has on it an Apple Orchard aud a rich
ami productive Garden. It is watered by Spring-*
on different parts of the land, but es|iecully by
a stream passing through the meadow part,
from which, at a comparatively small eX|>eriM\
every field could be watered at all seasons. It i»
situated in a line, healthy, agricultural neighboi
hood, in the midst ot a moral and intelligent
onik*rr>iiinl ir u i u D/kiicuknonf t a t l»tAiL'n
Waterford, where there are Schools and Clurche.%.
It lies about six nnles from the intersection of
the “Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,” and the
“Chesapeake and Ohio Canal,” at the Point of
Rocks. vsheie there is a substantial bridge across
the Potomac river, and where there is a maiket
at all times, besides the choice of the three mar
kets ol Baltimore, Georgetown, and Alexandria.
It i6 distant about live miles from the “Alexan
dria, Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad,” now
in the course of construction.
This iarm otters great inducements for invest
ments. An unusually large portion ol the tiact
is not cleared, and the w ood and timber are veiy
valuable. It is seldom that such a laini, so
conveniently and so advantageously situated is
offered at public sale.
Mr. Temple Fouche who resides on the farm
will show the premises to those wishing to view
the same.
Tkrms of Salk:—Ten per cent, of the pur
chase money in rash on the day ol sale- tin*
balance in three njual instalments, one payable
on the confirmation of the sale, and the other
two in one and two years Irom the day of sal**,
all of said instalments, bearing interest from the
day of sale, and to be secured by bonds, and a re
tention ot the title until the whole purchase mo
ney is paid. S A N FOR D L RAMEY,)
Loudoun County,jan 19—eots
td^* The above sale is postponed to MON
Court, lor Loudoun County, (the Kith day ot
the month,) to take place at 12 o'clock, M.t m
Iront ol the Court-house, in Leesburg.
Loudoun County, mh 12—eots
GROKS FOR SALK.—In anticipation <1
a decree to be rendered in a friendly suit m
Chancery, at the next term (March) of the Cn
cuit Court for King George Couuty, the under
signed, (who by agreement of (he parlies inter
ested will be appointed Commissioners for the
purpose.) tive notice, that they will offer tor
sale, at public auction, on Friday, the 3rd day vf
April utxt, upon the premises, that desirable es
tate, the property ol the late Mrs. Sarah Scott,
known by the name of “MOUNT VIEW.”
It it* situated in the County of King Georg**,
Virginia, »nree miles from the Court House, and
eighteen below Fredericksburg; adjoining the
lauds of Dr. Robb, Dr. Ashton, Col. K. T. Tay
loe, and others, and contains SEVEN HUN
DRED and FIFTY ACRES. Though not ex
tending ipiite ro the river, by far the larger part
of the tract is "Rappahannock Hat.” Until i**
duc*d b) a scourging system of cultivation, lew
estates had a higher reputation for productive
ness. A short period of good management
would restore it to its original fertility. P is
not ol ten that ail opportunity is afforded of pm
chasing au estate so desirable as a resilience.
The view limn several points ol the high land n*
magnificent. In one direction the Blue Mouu
tains are distinctly seen, and m another, the va!
ley of the Rappahannock may be traced as tar
as the eye can reach
Proverbial for its health fulness, surrounded
by good society, lying upon the Rappahannock,
and in less than au hour's ride of the Potomac,
on the one or the other of which rivers, Steam
boats pass daily to the principal cities of Vir
ginia and Maryland, are considerations which
should invite the attention of those in pursuit
of a home.
At the same time, we shall offer for tale FIF
TY NEGROES, most of whom art young and
unusually likely.
1 kkms — r or the laud, a credit will be allow
e<! as liberal as the purchaser can desire, provid
ed the interest ui the purchase money is paid
punctually, and the principal fully secure*!
The negroes will lie sold tor cash, which may be
substituted by negotiable notes, at short dates,
satisfactorily endorsed,with the discount added.
King (ieorge County, Va., feb 17—eots
11ARM AT AUCTION.—On the'MJth day of
' Alarrh, (Monday,) on the premises. I will
sell at public auction, my FARM, iu Fairfax
county, on the Little River Turnpike, 3$ miles
tioru Alexandria, and near Mr. Cloud’s mill. It
contains about ONE HUNDRED and UK I Y
THREE ACRES, from 05 to 60 acres in culti
vation, the balance iu wood, principally Oak and
Hickory; 50 or 00 acres heavily wooded—from
io to 30 acres are well set in timothy and clove*;
and it the weather is favorable, I calculate to
have se< ded t he corn land of last year in Oats, a nd
a good portion of land broken up for this year\
corn crop by the time of the sale. There is a
Mneat and substantial FRAME DWEL
LING, containing four good sized rooms,
passage, and two porches, all necessary out buil
dings, good fencing, Ac.,on ths farm, allofwhich
have been put up since IK52. Churches, schools,
and mills convenient, good society, Ac. The
land is really rich, lies prettily lor cultivation,
has water in each field, and a never failing
spring a lew steps from the door. It is the be*t
small farm ottering in the viciuity ol Alexan
dria, and would make a good market farm.—
Considering its proximity to the Alexandra
and Washington market!, easy terms, Ac., it pi*•
sents a chance rarely met with.and thoae wish
WK to purchase, would do well to ell and view
it, as I iiiteud changing nty bumneM, and the
sale will be pwilive. My Poat 0«<e it idt.
Pierce, Fairfax county.
Tkkms or Salk—Five hundred dollart to be
paid on the day of sale, and the residue in two
equal annual instalments of one and two years
—the deferred payments to bear interest from
date, and be secured by a deed of trust upon the
premise* Possession given 1st of May.
Gleo Mary. Fairfax co* feb 05-r-ents
BOLTING CLOTH*.—a lull assortment of
gamine “Anchor*’ Bolting Clotb*, alw*)*
on band, and for salt low by
T. 31. MeCORMiCK & BR0.,
jpp a Theatre Bedding.
\\J ALL PAPERS.—/ P. CUHKtm re
' YV drived a part of his bpring supply
American, Fiench, and English WALL PA
PERS and BORDER*. ^ 4

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