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Alt,sutlriu Market, An«««t ^.
TV nauMCtious on t'h.uge today
M__nl0at Ol the samples ot Wheat offere«l
’**ns l**n withdrawn—buyer* and sellers be
,,,2 unable to agree.
No Flour w as offered.
*vHka I -—Sales of inferior parcels at 142c ;
very prime brought 150c.
1*(>RN—Small sales at 7,374c.
■flic Hlarktfi*
gALr;Mous. August W.-Flo..r is lower-City
\\’U 12|—Howard street
‘ ! r> Wheat is dull and lower—red 13(3
,^ m hire 14* 3153c. Corn is firmer—white
‘yellow Whiskey is dull—
city2"JC; -s-'<_
NlW York, August 22—Flour is depressed,
,* 0i 4 i»x» bbls ; Stare declined, sales at $6 *25
!!*. t3. Ohio lower $6.»*>O2l$7.00; Southern
3$7. Wheat is unsettled; sales of 7,500
? r! \ Corn is heavy; sales ot 24,0X) bush.;
'l pork is firm—Mess $25.75. Bee!
? X ranged. Chicago repacked $1^.7.>. Lard
lr-.gc.au advance ol * Whiskey
" “e’vy— Ohio 2Sc. stocks are dull.
Tbe pork Market Ik Prospect.
nurUl* the last two months a good deal has
> lorie at Cincinnati in the way ol contracts
w hogs tor November delivery. The Price
Current ol that city says: , ,
linin'the latter part ol June and the lore
out olJulv, pW v cwt. seemed to be the pre
vailing rate, and at which w> heard ot contracts
►0 the extent of 7,<A<0 head. During the latter
ar, 0| |u|y $t'> 7.5 was paid tor 4,0*>0 head tor
WmWr delivery, and $b.i>U lor the forepart
‘. yt r..:, ber. Within the last two weeks about
^„!head were sold, lor November delivery, at
# evvt. net. The impression is pretty gene
ral v entertained that the po k bi ought into mar
k«t'early will command high prices.
According to our advices from Illinois, there
!, an active demand tor hogs in that State at
nr?, with more buyers than sellers.
Tlie Barley Market.
There i> a great diversity ot opinion regarding
t-,e future ol the market lor this article. Con
Tracts to the extent ol ‘25.000 bushels have been
uU(f* within the last week or two at $\ tor Sep
vniher delivery; but later advices from the Fast
! North make buyers more cautious, and there
it;* none, as tar as we know, now willing to
bln at $1, n<*r i* there much offering, and as a
^iieral thing, these who have made the con
tracts aie *|**culator^ not growers.—Cm. Prut
('tit rent. ^
TV New York Post says .—The extensive
•alt* bv auction ol brandies, guts, nun and
wines,"all ot the importation ol J. W. Bayaud
(t Co. was ojiened this morning.
la** attendance whs good, but the bidding
lacked spirit, am! not more than 10 per cent,
ol the catalogue was sold. T he estimated val
ue ot V offering we are iu'ormed reached $30.
ihk> t he biamlies generally realized lair pri
ces—other kinds sold low.
IV Journal ol Commerce says:—There is
a H'eait', demand tor money at lull rates ot in
terest The olterings at the banks do not
include a very large average ot strictly prune
papei at short dates, but there is a larger pro
porti'Mi offering at the note brokers.
Foreign Km*bong** is nominally the same
with a little mote doing m Continental.
The Baltimore Ame.ican says:—1‘ I here has
be*11 considerable stringency through the week
in the money market, but at the close we notice
a somewhat easier leeling. Money is however
still in quite active demand, ami it is difficult
to negotiate anything but fir-t class paper. The
preet rates lor discounts are 0 p cent, tor first
class endorsed paper, 10 p cent, lor good do.,
and I•«.'£#».r» p cent, tor prime ami lair single
namea. ( nil loans with stock collaterals die
Vug made at 2 |»er cent.
The Journal ot Commerce states that theSec
ivarv ol tlie Treasury has instructed the Cnited
Mates appraisers as follows: In the case ot
wool, where you are satisfied that the usual prac
tice at the foreign port i> to purchase the article
in ImhuI, that will be regarded as fixing the
market value. *
The stock market in New York has been very
fluctuating tor several days. Business in dry
goods has considerably increased, Silk# main
tain their price*. T in Southern amFSouthwest
ern trailers in domestic manufactures have been
b tying heely, and Western buyers are numerous.
t Kf»7 |> u n Sun
AlCPsT. rims xt’ts. Moon's Phases.
54 Monday... b *>*2»> 3n| d h. *
Tuesday.... 5 24 t» 3h Pint qr..27 10 3 M
Wednesday 5 2b ri 3-» bull. 4 0 t* .w.
*7 Thursday.. -r> 2*> *> 31 I ast qr 12 2 -11 k.
is Friday. 5 27 0 33 New_IS 0 32 m.
- * Saturday... 5 20 ol II114H WATER.
•»u Sunday... . 5 30t* 30 August24 Oh 42rn
L'Bjnn.... .Am:. * I llavro.Aup. 8
LiM|mti| .A»nr. H j Nov vhrlenns.Au^- 14
Aukiv ki».
Sc hr. Volant, Allen, Mattawotnan, wheat to
l erry. Penny backer \ Co.
S'hr. John Coilms. Inman, New York, to Alle
ghany Mining Co.
I Sc hr. Margaret, Henson, New York, geneial
cargo to Nevelt \ Snowden.
Ix nr x-naior, omen, .xevv i otk, mercuaiunse
to S Shinn.
s» hr Hazard, H* phurn, Aquia Creek, wheat
to S Shinn.
Sohr. Ann l'ickerell. Pukes, Philadelphia,
general cargo to S. Shinn.
Schr Palo Alto. Lea later, Yeoeotnico, wheat
to \\ .Islington A Co.
Shr. Ann McCarty, Hatton s Point, corn to
Washington A Co.
shr Trial. Scroggins, Potnonkey, corn la
Washington Ac Co.
Shr. Edward Slade. Bay lic, Budgeport, coal
PumhcrI and Coal A Iron Co
Shr K. M. Price, ('hamhers, Cohasset Nar
’“Ws. coa! by Hot den Mining Co.
Shr. Y M Tannon, Todd, New York, coal
by < Howard, jr.
Shr Nags Head. Reed, Philadelphia, coal by
^ A. Human.
Diamond State, Ker\t in. Baltimore,
v) W heat A Bro.
Schr |> H. Baldwin, Sands, hence at New
Snr. Fair tax. Mott, eld. at New York, Tor
Arrived, August '-i-i.
po4!s ButTalo, L M. Smith. Ann E. Arts C.
IkrusTon, and Mary R. Zimmerman, coal to
^ Eoal A Iron Co.
h«'«tsj p Wnght. Maria Thompson, Paniel
• rapt King, Cha*. Williams, and V.
•^Trra.luke, coal to Alleghany Mining Co
«>4t Five Brothers, coal to Borden Mining
Tho* Briggs, coal to Frosburg Coal ( o.
| W top KBs WANTED.— 15 or 90 tirst-rate
y 0"*pkks ran find permanent employ
C liberal wages, by applying at the office
ac ‘Pionetr Mills" or to
FOWLE K CO., Agents
8 24- dtf Alexandria Flour Mill Co.
, !** « FINE SALT, all ten to the i
rfC**ve‘4 per Barque ‘-Golden Era,’
. 4lveirpoyl, lor sale bv
p E R—r>n tons soft Blue Windsor •
e a ‘-ASTER, per Schr.Atnythis. just reeeiv- i
^1- ty EOWLEfcCO. ‘
Road Lawn In Fairfax*
Pursuant to provin* notice a public meet
ing was held at Ru-s*''IPs Saw Mill on Satur
day the l.Vh August, 1857, to consider a
plan for improving the Uoad Liws, when on
motion, l>r. Ira Williams was called to the.
Chair, and A. N. Rustell appointed Secre
A form of a proposed Law was then sub
mitted, the Secretary being directed to read
it to the meeting—said proposed law being
a modification of a special law passed tor
Brooke County, Ya.. March 251, l84o.
On muti *11 of J. K. Cockerille it was
liesofvol. That the proposed law be pub
lished in order that the voter.* ot this county
may have an opportunity to consider its mer
its and if favorable thereto, petition the Leg
islature for its pa^s-'ge lor this county.
Oo motion, the meeting adjourn©i to meet |
at the house ut Peyton Wells, in the village
of I>raues*ill©, ou tbn 3d Saturday ot Sep- ;
j teuiber, 1857. Ira W ii.i.ia.ms, Lh u.
A. N. Russell, Seo'rv.
In Washington on the 18th instant, by the
R*v. Wr McLain. Mr JAMES V’. PISH MAN, i©
Ellen* Ai custa Upton —By the death o! this j
beautiful, amiable and accomplished girl a
wound has been inflicted and a sorrow endured. !
which no language can portray, ami which the
effacing hand ol time alone can initigare. •bor
rowing parents and weeping >i»teis exclaim ill
bitter anguish.
Their briguest hope is ll—»1,
Their bitterest tear i> shed,
Tom loveliest one is dead.
Nor to those aione does it bring shadows and
sadnessot heaif. A wide circle ol tiu-nds sor
row with them; none however, can 1 II}' a. - ;
preciate the crushing weight oi such an *.Illic
tiou, save those who have experienced a like
“The young may die."
The subject ol this notice was pist sixteen.—
Iu person, mind, accomplishments and worth j
she had no superior. Her amiability ol heart
and amenity ol manners, endeared m i to all. and
those who knew her nio-t intimately loved her
most loudly. But we look in vain lor that bright
and lovely lai e, we listen iu vain lor that voice
ol kindness and of love : she has passed horn
earth to heaven, hurried away in the early spring
time ol life, leaving a brigat example and a ;
memory cherished vvi’h passioiia'e loudness. ;
and embalmed iu sorrow sincere aid lasting.
It is a consolation, and should bo a sweet re- ,
flection !or her bereaved family and Iriends to
know that death lor her had no terrors and J
that her luture is biighluess loiever and ioievei ;
No sin to stain, no lure to stay
The soui. as home she springs ;
Cods sunshine on her j »v'tui way,
Cod s praises now she sings.
A Friend.
Fairfax Cotnty, August l*»th D>'‘7.
Died,on the v I st mutant, at his i essdenre. 1 an’list
Crove, near VV a.shiiigton, K D\\ A K D1* EN ir H K.
iu the 03d year <d ins age.
In Washington, on Thursday la^t, Mr Eli ti
AR1) FI RT.NKB, aged 01 years, alter an}
illness ol two years, in all which he exhibited
the patience and resignation ol oi.e h<>iu *>t
Died. in Washington, on 1*ritluy las., Mrs.
CHARLOTTE DAVK wile of Rev. Charles
A. Dav is. Chaplain 1 S. Navy.
Died, on the I Ith iust., at Tavb»r s HoteR in j
Winchester, after a hn;*l illness, Mrs. SARAH |
THCS ION, o* Wasl.ii gton City, relict ol tue
late Thomas L. Thuston.
We have been selling BtK R H A V E S HOL
LAND BITTERS tor some months: and, al
though, when it was first introduced, we did not
urge its sale, being unacquainted w i’.n tue arti
cle, still we found the public determined to have
it, and to meet the demand we have been ob
liged to purchase more ot this article than we
ever have of any other patent medicine what
ever. Every day brings new testimonials ol its
efficacy in removing the \auous complaints tor
which it is recommended, and in oileiing it to
our customers, we do so with more confidence
in its virtues than is uue to mo>t preparations ol
the kind. CALK BROTHERS,
Druggists, 1M Randolph St., Chicago, HI.
Caption!—Be caselhl to ask for BCERH.W K S
HOLLAND BITTERS. Sol J at $1 per bottle,
or »> bottles for ■>•'». by the sole proprietors,
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Sold in Alexandria, by PEEL Sc STEVENS.
Wholesale Agents; WM. A. HART, J. R.
PIKRPOINT, and by Druggists generally,
throughout the Coifed States aug *2 1—eolw
1*^* Jtexiuuirh. Mount lemon. u*ui jb
Tnmyikr Cvtnyuuy :—The Stockholders in tin*
Road, and all others who are interested in it.
are requested to meet at Accotiuk Mills, on
Saturday, the 2‘»th of the present month. (An
gus*.) then ai d there to take steps foi organizing
The Company, and adopting measures it* prose
enting the work
Fairfax Co., Va, aug |7—*2aw2w
j — R. H. MILLER. SC A <V CO. !»>}><»
1 Ur* h:kv» rpreiveri two instalments ol then tali j
supplies from the English Potteries, and will
continue to r« oeive accessions to their stock till
the business season sets in.
R. H. MILLER, SON A CO., can assure
their trieiuls and customers as well as all o*ii
erstrom the interior, that their stork shall be ol
the most desirable description, and that »>mi
prices will compare favorably with those ol any ,
dealers in their line, iu any other trial kets in the
United Mates.
R. H. MILLER, SON A CO., hive prepared
themselves to offer to Virginia Meichants, every
inducement to make their purchases in then
line, within the limits ot the Uommonwralth.
WIN1H>W GLASS —They have just receiv
el via Antwerp and New % t»i*v. trom the gi“a!
manufactory of ‘ Roux." near Brussels. I i l'.‘
boxes FRENCH \\ IN DOW GLASS, ol suj*t»r- j
ior quality, and ol di tie rent thicknesses, which
they have imported undjr such ciicumstat.ccs
as to enable them To oiler a superior at tide at
very moderate prices.
bm<>-M _
the corner ot Duke and Water streets, j
now occupied by Mr J. hn Ashlord. Possession ,
on the 1st of September. It is cominod.ous.
and has Gas and Water App } to
aug 2 4—3t FOWLE, SNOWDEN A CO,
WANTED—A MAN or BOV who is a ca
pable Dining Room Servant.and can at
tend to a horse. He must bring testim mials as
to honesty and sobriety. Also, a WOMAN
who understands the duties ot Dairy Maid and
Laundress. Such servants, white or colored,
will find easv places and good wages, at 1 !er- j
mont, near Alexandria. U For further par- |
ticulars, apply at this office. aug ..4 4t j
WANTED—By a voting Southern gentle- |
man. a situation as Teacher of the com- j
mou English branches, in a private tar.iiiy. ;
Terms moderate. Can give testimonials as to ]
character aud ability. Address “TEACHER,
Washington, D. C.
Washington, aug 24—3t*
IITANTED.—A CLERK lor a retail store. |
W None need apjly unless well recommen- i
ded. Address “Mei chant." Warrenton. Eau- ;
quierCo, Va._Mf 19—eolm
VESSELS W ANTED for Northern and
^fc^Eastern ports—highest rates given.
aug 22 Union-st., opposite Custom House.
I lOR RENT —The 2d and 3d floor of the i
WAREHOUSE, No. 10,South Union street, j
above the Exchange Room. Apply t®
dec lb-dU Sect. Cora Exchange.
Alleged Seizure of the Island of Formosa.
The facts of Captain J. 1>. Simms’ mission
to the isirud of Formosa, out of which has i
gr >wn the lumoied seizure ot the island, are
explained by the fol'owing statement of
facts. C»»muiod >re Armstrong, command
ing the East India Squadron, received a
letter from Mr. Robinet, an enterprising!
American merchant, who, for more than a
year, has been carrying on the mercantile
and shipping business at Ape’s iiill, Island
of Formosa, with the information that
the American ship Highflyer, wrecked upon
that island, had been plundered, and its
officers and crew murdered by the natives.
S me time after, another American vessel,
the Progressive, was seized by the Chinese
authorities, and the officers and crew impri
soned. They were only released on the pay
ment of a heavy ransom. All these proceed
ings were contrary to the express* understan
ding w ith the authorities of the island, that
Mr. Robinet should carry on his business
un • olesied, and under which he had been
acting, with the American flag flying from
his h mse for at least twelve months.
Coiutnod >re Armstrong despatches Cap
tain Simms to enquire into at d ascertain the
correctness of Mr. it *bmet’s report, lhe
O;»tnm>>dore instructed him in a caution^,
piudent, and friendly manner, to learn Irom
the uu hoiiiieo all that could he ascertained
on the subject, reporting to him, by every op
portunity, sucti information us he should ob
tain. His head quarters were directed to be
at Mr. Robioct’s. Ape’s Hill, where the
American flag had been thing, as stated by
Mr. K »binet, by permission of the authori
ties, for ui ne than a year. Ho was to ao
stuiu from hostilities as far as possible, but,
in case of necessity, fie was to call upoti the
American ship •‘Science.’*
All these facts were communicated to Hr.
Parker, our Commissioner t'» China, with the
further statement that C *ptain Simms would
be kept at Formosa until the lioverumcnt
o mid be heard Irom, and that this sh-p might
be necessary to legitimate a prior American
fooiho’.d, in case our Government should look
to future reprisals and occupancy. Hr Par
ker approved what bad been done. Lhe last
communication to the (lovernment w tsdited
Annl Phb, lf‘57, at which time nothing hnd
been heard irom Captain Simms.— Jlait.
A uter.
The E ndon Atheiucom, alluding to ti c
Atlantic Telegraph, says: “In a lew days,
if all g *es well, tne two ‘worlds wiii wed
each other and throb invisibly heart to
heart.’ A great interest will attach to this
operation—fourth of the grand events which
_!..... .. . »; wiP ruiiir.r •.tin)
ill VI IS ' liV, VLII1MI ^ IMV.1 »«■ J -7 --—
link, through all time, the histories and deH
times of Lurope and America —crowning, as
it wore, the departure ot Columbus, llu* bind
ing of the Pilgrim Fathers, and the Declara
tion ot Independence ”
The Washington Star says:—The entry
c-erk of the St. Nicholas, a man nauud Law
ler, has been arrested, charged with embez
zling large sums of money Irom bis employ
ers. Other paities at the St. Nicholas are
suspected ot implication in the matter.
HP1UAAXT SClltlMt.a—Cacital Prize
<,-i i i it )i;|p —The iolh»w mg Scheme vvili Idra wn
hy s, >\VAN Ac CO, .Manager* ot the Four
ti.MNKS .--c.\: evy Lottery, in earh of T i: »‘i r Lot
teries tor September. I >47, at Aiuista Oeorgia.
to which city they have removed their princi
pal Olliee.
(’1 tt—i 52, to he drawn in the city of Augusta,
(ia . m public, on Snurauy, eefttfinUr bth. is.*7.
( li«>s 55, to be drawn in me <• sty o* Augusta,
(ia. i:i public. on Sunt' n'ay, >» fitfmin r 12th. l>->*.
Clasp 54. to be drawn in the city of Augusta,
(*,».. ui public. on Suttu i' iy. tcjttitnhtr W'th ls57.
( lass 55, to he dr..wn m die city of Augusta,
(ia., in public, cm Sitlnutny. September ' ■ *'•//», 1S57.
On thk Plan of* mnulk Ni mlskhs.
5,405 Prizes!—A curly one Prize tit every 0 Tickets!
1 Prize ol $00odd ID Prizes ol $>00
l e 30,000 ID ‘‘ 7UD
1 u 10.000 10 1 000
I « 7.5od pl “ C'OU
1 « 5.1 m ip jo u 400
1 « 2.500 10 ‘* 300
1 1.5dD 17d “ . 150
ID “ 1,000 210 “ 100
| o “ ILH»
4 Pi iz.es ot ap*g to $»it»,»rt»0 arc >1.'<>d
4 Prizes ot 3tH»ap*gto 3o,nui)aie 1,200
4 Piizesof 200 apg to lu,i»U0are SOD
4 Prizes of 125 ap g to 7.5uo are 5no
4 Prizes ot joo ap g to 5.duo am 400
4 Prizes ol 75 apg to 2.5oo are 500
4 Pri.-:<2 ot 5o ap'g to l,500 are 200
5,di id Prizes of 20 are I00,0u0
5,p.*5 Prizes amounting to.. ..$420,000
\\ iioic Pickets $10; Halves $ >: Quarters $2.00
Plan ok tiik Lottery.
'I’he Numbers Irom l to 5d,diid. corresponding
v\i‘h those Numbers on the Tickets punted on
s» parate slips ol paper, are encircled vv Oh small
tin Tubes, and placed in on** wheel.
The fust 4o7 Prizes,similarly printed and en
circled, aie placed in another wheel.
t he vvueels are then lev o! ved. and a number
is drawn liotii the wheel ol Numbers, ?rid at die
same time a Prize is drawn from the other
i I »t«! _t. __1 ll.. ,1 ..lit
V\ U* ei. | uc iiilllM'ri t i i*.v ......... ...V
opened and exhibited to the audience, and regis
tered by the Commissioners, the l‘j^e being
placed against the number drawn. '1ms opera
tion is repeat ed until a 111 he I ’n/.es at e <! raw n out.
AI’l’KoxiMation l u'ZKS.— i he two preceding
and «he two succeeding .Numbers to those draw
ing the fust 7 P-izes, will be entitled to the 2S
Approximation Prizes.
For example, il lieket No. 1 I2b0 draw’s the
.■jiMt'.ti.JU pii>;e, those Tickets numbered I124.S,
llg-lv*, 112o1, 11-2-r»2, will each^bo entitled to
.jcpiO. It Ticket No. fiftii draws the .'ji.'iii.lHHj
Pri/.s, 'hose Tickets numbered '•!>, f>P.» hoi,
r»r>g, w ill eat h beentitled to and so on ac
cording to the above scheme.
Ttie :;.ono Prizes ot -*>'-0 will be determined
by the last figure of the Number that draws the
foi.t.uiMi pii/e For example, it the Number
draw ing tin* tjuht.iMuj Prize ei ds w ith No. l,tbcn
all the Tickets where the number ends in I will
be entitled to >_0. li the Number ends with No.
2. then all the 'Tickets where ttie Number ends
in 2 will be entitled to -fit. and so on to U.
(>* tdicates ol Packages will be sold at the)
following rates. which is the risk:
Certificates ot Packages. IP wle. tickets. #s0 00
Do do do 1U halt do 4U 00
l»o do do It* quarter do 2000
l>o Jo do 10 eighth d.o long
Enclose the money to our address tor the
Tickets ordered, on receipt «t which they vmII
be iorwaided by tirst mad.
Purchasers can have 1 icKets ending in anj
figure thev may designate.
Ttie list of drawn Numbers and Prizes w ill be
sent to purchasers immediately alter the ‘haw
ing. . .
f?' Purchasers will please write th-ir s*gna
tures plain, and give tueir Post Oliicc, County,
and State.
Rjr® Remember that every prize is drawn, ann
payable in iull without deduction.
|y Ali prizes of •$ 1,000 and under, paid itn
mediately alter the draw ing—othei prizes at the
usual time of thirty days.
All communications strictly confidential.
Addressoiders tor tickets or certificates to
S. SWAN A CO., Augusta. Ga.
aug *24—did
'j- receiveil and for sale by
SUMAC WANTED, lor which the highest
market price w ill be paid in cash.
jv *7—««tt JAMES K MrfiRAW
WOOL onreha^ed br
je 26 ' DANIEL F, llOOE.
By Saturday Evening’* Malls*
Fatal Result —An inquest was held in
Portsmouth, on Wednesday, on the body of
a Mrs. Coleman, whose death was supposed
t j have been caused by injuries received in a ;
marrel with another woman named MeNiel.
during the examination ot witnesses it was
showrfthat, on Monday evening, Mrs. Cole- i
man and Mrs MeNiel ’had been engaged in
a tight, and the former bad receiv'd a blow
on the'head with a broomstick. The souffl ?
continued fir a considerable time, during
which Mrs. MeNiel also received a black
evo. The husbands of the two women were
both in the hou-e but refused to interfere,
saying they would let them fi^ht it out. A
short time after the alFray, Mrs. Coleman
complained of distress in the head, after
wards became insensible, and continued so
until her death, 6ome six or eight hours alter j
the tight.
Farm SoLD.-The farm on which Win. Ilogs- j
head, ten., resides, in the neighborhood of
Jennios’s Gap, in this county, was sold at pub
lic auction on Tuesday last at $4 > per acre.
It. was purchased by too heirs, and contains I
400 We uQu&r^taud that upwards of
$20,000 worth of property was disposes! of j
at this sale, at high prices.—Staunton 1 md,
Wiio is Missing?—On Friday last, the
body of smne unknown man was found, on
the banks of tho Rivanna River, near the j
Charlottesville Factory. An inquest was
held on Saturday, but it w*n impossible I
to identify the b dv, which had been j
in the water for some days. It was sup j
posed the individual came to lr»s death by j
ibui pi ay. — CuaiiolUaviUc Adc.
Hl’nu.—A nogress, named Sarah, was ,
hung on Fiiday, at Lotiisa 0. 11., for tho
murder of Mrs. Hall, her mistress, nearGor
donsvdle, some months since.
The Last Stone Laid.— About 12 o’clock
yesterday the workmen laid the last block ,
of granite on the top of the new Custom
House. Tlfte strue'uro is now nearly ready j
for tho roof. When completed it will be !
thoroughly tire proof throughout.—Hichmund
High Prioeo Tohacco.—We were shown ,
a sample of tobacco yesterday, which was ;
sold in Lynchburg a few days ago for the ;
snug sum of three hundred dollars per hun
dred.— South S*d* lkm. j
The W'nrrenton Whig says :—‘ O-ir neigh
I bur of the blag is mistaken in supposing that
W. W. Wallace, enp, reported elected to
Congress from the Knoxville, Tennessee, -dis
trict, is a native of this county. The name
of the gentleman referred fit is \Y i 11 iam W cst- ,
ward W allace, who removed to Texas mute
than twelve mouths sir tv. ihe naiocol tho
Tennessee candidate is W ayne W. Wallace; ;
and tho beauty of tic whole thing i- that he
has been beaten votes by Horace Maynard,
ur»e of the tinest orators in the South.”
The Charlottesville Advocate says :—'"We
learn that Mr. Win. Henry Kumford, of W il
nington, Delaware, an invalid, on ids way
to the !>pnnjs, was t-ixen suddenly ill on the ,
i ears yesterday, and left at the Central Hotel, i
| where he died in a tew hours.”
The Wanenton W hig e-nys :—“ Chief Jus
tice Tanev is at this time in the enjoyment
of most excellent health and spirits. Six
! weeks since he came to the Fauquier White
Sulphur in a feeble and debilitated condition.
Since that time bis health has wonderfully
improved, and he now looks as well as be
did fifteen years ago. ”
A man calling himself Dr. J. L. Smith,
Optician, has been imposing on tho citizens
of Portsmouth and lVersburg, by leaving
hire hotel and printing bills unpaid.
- —■—
Singular Cine.
Coroner Connery was called yesterday to
hold an inquest upon the body of a little j
girl named Jane Eiizn Davis, who died at the ■
residence of her parents under very remar- j
kablo circumstance*. It appears that on !
Tuesday evening last, the deceased took a
needle irom toe cushion, and while walking
the room with it in tier hand (or perhaps it
may have been stuck in her dies-) she stuui
| bled and fell. Unfortunately her whole
weight came upon the needle and forced it ;
j inter her letl side, so that the point struck!
her heart. A doctor was called, but on \
making an examination could find no por
tion of the needle, and could do nothing for j
the little girl, who appeared to be in great
pain. Site suffered much till the following
morning, when death ensued. A post mor
tem examination revealed the fact that the
, point ol the needle had been driven into the
right oriel© of the heart, so that at rvery pul
i sation of the heart it came in contact with
the point of the needle, thereby forming a
! circular laceration of the heart to about the
size of halt a dollar. At every pulsation of
the heart, wincn nr*ugni it in collision wim
the ncedlo point, tin? pain must have been
most intense. In this fearful state, the poor
girl survived for ucarly Id hours.— A. 1. Let
ter. t _
\ Shll (iBKC.
Wni. S. Wash, nged sixty five yeais, and ;
a man of family, lately convicted at Rich
mond, Va., of forging land warrants, wuson
Thursday sentenced to the penitentiary for
two years in one ea>c, and to jail for two
months in each of two other cases, and to pay
a tine of S*Ph The Dispatch says :
He acknowledged his participation in the
dime « 1 forgery, but declared that he had
been led into it by others, and when he heard
his doom, seemed to regret that the punish
ment was not death, rather than a felon &
cell. Soon after leaving the court room he
was conveyed to the State’s prison, and on
getting sight of the gloomy looking abode :
shed tears profusely. For himself, he emd, !
he cared but little, as he would so«»n be called j
hence to answer h< fore another judge, hut tl c j
d.sgrace that would attach to his uanie, and j
the stigma that he had brought upon his fain
ily, were such heart crushing weights that he j
prelernd to meet death rather than to live j
under them a day longer.
IMvF.SH DRIT5S, fcc—Benzoic Acid; Oil
"V Bergamot; Pearl Sago; Swot fine A lots;
Bermuda Arrow Root; Tapioca: Corn Starch; j
(bun Arabic; Chamomile Flowers; t remor i ai- ■
ter; Camphor: Alcohol; Quinine; Chloroform:
Hops: Super CaibSoda; Strychine; Morphine;
Oxalic Acid; (>d Rhodium; Balsam Solution;
F.pgiis h .Mustard: Rhubarb Root; Preston s Kxt. ■
Vanilla; Calabiia Liquorice; Chinese Verrnil
linn; ( hloride Lime; Burdock Root; Re.I Oak 1
Bark; Bine Mass: Alum: Rochelle Salts, \c., j
A.C., i~c«ived, and tor s?.ie by
au^ v-t H. COOK & CO., Sarcpta Hall.
® W - I
DR. WM. J. LIT K. having located in Salem. !
Fauquier county. Va., olios h«s proles- j
tiona! sci\ ices to the citizens and public gene
rally. He w ill always be found at hu» oriiee
when not professionally engaged.
Salem, Va., jy ^«>—eo^m_
TfTBITE ASH COAL.—Daily expected, a I
y f cargo of WHITE ASH COAL, which !
we w ill sell low from the vessel for cash only.
aug 14_CAZENOVE h CO.
11 f\ / TIMOTHY SEED, just received, and j
for sale by MARSHALL At WARD, j
aug 22
The River.—Tub draw-keeper* at the
Loo* Bridoeoomplaio that the travel through
aiid over the brid-e is so great, just now, that
the) hardly have breathing time. Mr. Ling,
at the Washington draw, says that the canal
boats daily towed up the river from the Ales
andria terminus of the canal amouutin num
bers to a large 11 jet. The amount of sawed
lumber which has arrived this season at our i
river landings far exceeds that of any previ
ous year. The captains of the Cumberland
boats complain of the difficulty which they ,
all experience, and the expense to which they j
are subjected, in being compelled to pay the
river tugs to tow their boats from the Alex
andria basin to our wharves. The reason for
this is, (so they say.) that the canal bridge
at Georgetown, is s-j low that the Cumber
land boats, alter being unloaded, cannot, by
reason of being hrgh in the water, pass un
derneath; so they are compelled to take the
above circumbendibus, or scuttle the boats
Miid fill them half full of water, to bring
them below the bridge. 1’ney suggest that
the Canal Company raise the bridge; while (
the reply of the Company is that tney are
not able to incur the expense. One would
suppose that the C juipanv wou<d conceive it :
to be to their interest lu uffjrd to the boats ]
every facility in the way of rapid and con
venient means of passage; for, the greater
the facilities, the gteater the amount of bus- j
iness, as a consequence. 1 he Cumberland
Canal might become very soon, it property
managed, the medium ot a vast inland trade j
to the three cities ot Georgetown, Washing
ton und Alexandria.— Wash. Star.
Tuk Oanai. —The Georgetown correspon
dent of the Washington Star sav>: —“C pen vis
iting the canal, some days ago, wo regretted
to fiud that some of the boatmen, in deli incc
of the law s and regulations of the Canal Coin
pan v, have made for themselves a new code of
iaws, which, although of the most offensive
character, many of them seem much more dis
posed to respect than they do the wholesome
regulations of the Company. NVe think an
early stop ought to ho put to it, if possible;
else it will certainly end trouble to the
Canal C. mpany. Many of the oldest boat
men on the canal say they have never before
seen such a state of affairs aw at present
exists. Some of them have declared then
intencion to tie up their boats and seek a liv
ing in some other way, unless a ebango tor
the better is brought about. I be Sabbath
- _ f__.1 :.. uPnfr TtiiMwlhift WlU!
1^ pM'lilUl'.l 111 tHliu/rv v * v. j r '
fighting and rowdyism, and umost every des
cription of vice, an* carried on with impuni
ty, bv ttie lawless class of boatmen to whom
we refer. We also think, it would be well
for the board ol directors to take some steps
to prevent the travel upon the canal on the
Sabbath, and thus aff .rd In. k-keepers and
other • ftieers one day in the seven for rest,
and to attend religious worship. We are
as.-ured that it h a common practice among
them to have prize tights among their tow
hovs and this is done only on tho Sabbath.
Some of them are good boatmen—men who
are disposed to discountenance such proceed
ings, ai d who never travel on Sued »y.
Protracted Meeting. — A protracted meet
ing i* now being held in the Methodist Pro
n n
testant Church, under tho direction of the
Pastor, Rev. John Roberts. The meetings
will be continued during the present week,
and are expected to be made more interest
ing from the fact that several eminent min
isters train abroad will be in attendance. A
spirited and earnest discourse was delivered
on Friday night, to an attentive audience,
by the Rev. Mr. Bowers, of Cumberland,
and to judge from present indications much
good may be expected to result from these
protracted efforts.
Accident.—On Friday last, while several
youths were gathering apples from a tree
near town, a son of Mr. C. S. Price lost his
balance and fell, lighting on a rail tence be
low. and received a severe wound, breaking
the lb*sb to tbo length of about six finches
f.nm the right side, under the arm. I>JCt. J.
C. Broun drew the wound together, and on
Saturday the little sufferer was doing well.
Rate Case.—We learn that, some two
months sinee, a negro man ( Jave) commit
ted a diabolical outrage on the person of a
little white girl, not mote than eleven or
twelve years old, in Alexandria county, \ a.,
near the west or south end of the George
town aqueduct; and further, that Justice
hruinmood, of that county, promptly issued
a warrant tor the arrest of the miscreant,
who, owing to the subsequent interference ot
some parties, has not yet been taken into
custody.— B ash. IS/ur.
The Union of Siturduy eays:—“Two sloopi*
arrived yesterday morning, from IMakistone’e
island, bringing* one thousand bunches ol
trout, perch, and rock li*h. These tish vvcte
purchased by Mr. Skidmore lor the Waeh
ington mat ket.”
Tournament. — It will he scon by the ad
vertisement, that the time for the Tourna
ment to take place at the Warren Springs, is
changed to Friday next. 28th inst.
The Heai.eh of Alexandria and all the
adjacent county, continues remarkably good.
There has been lc*s sickness, even of the or
dinary kind, this !>uo»mer, than usual.
rMO RENT, on a lease ol live years, the well
I know n Fish**ry, called MARsH If A LI*,
on ti e Pototnae River. This h»s been one ol
the most succc'sHil Fisheries on the River.
For inrtiier particular?, enquire ol BRENT
At KIN/KR. Alexandria, \'itnini.i
aug iv<—eoIm ISAAC NEW ION.
Alexandria, loudoun and Hamp
annual meeting ol the Stockholders ol-Hie Com
pany will be held onTuesday, the 22d day ol
September next, at 11 o'ch ck, A. M , at the
Company's office, in Alexandria.
aus 12— eotd R JOHNsTON. Clerk. |
JOsl*—A Promissory Note, lor three hun
j die*! an<l fifty dollars, drawn by T. M. Me
Comnck Co. and payable to Thomas Davy,
ninety days alter dale, anil d ited on or about the
20’h June, 1*37. Said note is ol no u»e to any
one. as payment has been stopped.
aug 22—3t THOMAS DAW.
Office Adams Express Compasy, )
Alexandria. Va., Aug. 2 0, 1*37. $
ON AND AFTER thisdate. our Express will
close at 11.30 A. M , instead of I 30 P. M.,
as heretofore. This arrangement is nfeef-sury
lo insure despatch to money and other freights.
tog20—d*w H W. FALLS, Agent.
VrOTICE.—'The highest market price paid
i\ lor old Rags, Cotton and Woolen, Irom
Hope, Bones, Metal, Ac, and WOOD to retail
at tbe lowest market price lor ca*di. bv
.1 YV. KENT Ac CO., at Oreen s W hart,
a„2 1 between Duke ami W’olte-*ts
** j \ t \ YARDS 3-4 and 6-4 heavy Fulled
/ y Cloths, receive*! this day, and tor sale
) W,v|. A. DUNCAN,
aug 22—dlvv Uuion st, oppo. Custom House.
A liiwyer Shot.
New York, Aug. 22.—Last night a well ■
known lawyer named Henry J. Wugataff >
was ehot dead in a saiov-n on Broadway, by
an actor named J. S. Niuie, recently attached
to Burton's Tbreatre.
Ohio Klver.
Wiieemnc, Aug. 22.—Tbc mer id in good
order to-day.
auction sale.
I RENT.— On Tut*luy, the tiny of Ju
at no clock, M. before the Mayor's office, j
in tae city of Alexandria, the undersigned. exe- ,
cutor, wiil offer lor rent, at public auction, the
said FISHERY lor five successive lishing sea
son3. commtti ring in the spring l*vo^. lerni''
made known at the time ot renting.
.JOHN \V. FAIRFAX, Executor of
jy *25—<lim Henry Fairfax, deceased
f CLOTHE THEM WELL.—We are now
opening our annual supply ot Fulled t lot in*,
Linseys, Flannels, \r , from the famous West
ern Virginia. Manulacturers whosupply u>; also
Blanket* Kerseys. Cottons, 0/.naburgs,fcc , fee ,
m great prolusion.
The immense quantities of the above named
fabrics that annually pass through our hands,
enables us to offer Tlie best class of HOODS
(made to our own ordeis) at a shade or two less
than usually charged lor labucs ot interior
Our stock of all other first class FANCY and
STAPLE DRV HOODS in all departments
adapted lor family consumption, was never so1
vast and attractively varied as now—in addi
tion our Northern and Eastern correspondents
send usdady supplies.
One price only, marked in plain figures by j
one ot the firm—hence no purchaser is over
We are not opening any new bills with stran
gei s.
All bills rendered July 1st, will be settled
prior to contracting new ones.
Orders solicited, to which we devote our most
careful attention.
“Central Stores," West Building,
opposite Centre Market.
Washington, aug 21—tf
ORE NEW BOOKS—Old Churches,
.i _vr:.J..,
i II iJMfri a oin i » Hfc'*'*1** j
Bishop Meade, two handsome octavo volumes,
illustrated with numerous engra\ ings, price #5.
Pulpit Eloquence oi tiie Ninetcunth Century,
containing discourses ol Eminent Deceased hi*
J vines, and Living Ministers in Europe and
America, with biographical and descriptive
1 sketches, by Rev. H I'. Fish,one vol. tSvo.,$ t,50.
The Bible and Astronomy, an exposition ot
the Biblical Cosmology, ami its relation to na
tural science, by John Henry Kurtz, h. 1).,
12mo. cloth, i I v5.
Freed ley's Legal Adviser or howto diminish
losses avoid Law suits, a*id save time, trouble,
and money, by conducting business according to
law, as expounded by the best and latest author
ities, by Edwin T. Freedley, 12mo. Law sheep,
# i 50: clot h. # 1 ‘25.
Nothing to Wear, l“2mo. bound in cloth, pro
fusely and elegantly illustrated on tinted, Irotn
designs by Hoppin—(the first humorous artist
in America) price .'*0e. Just published, lor
sale by JAS. KNTWISLE \ SON,
aug *22 No 95, King street.
More new books—the biograph
from its origin in Greece, down to the present
day, by George Henry Lewes.
“Mm is not lmrn to solve tin* mystery of Kxistctnv;
but In* must iifr*v»*rth*-l»'ss nttrmpt it. in order that lie
may b-trn how to h**.*p within the limits of the Know*
-For 1 doubt not through the ages « ne increasing pur
]«»se runs,
Am! thoughts of men are widened by the process of the
New Library edition, much enlarged and tho
roughly revised, in one handsome volume, fevo.,
pp. In cloth. #2.75; or bound in ‘2 vols..
VIRGINIA, by Bishop Meade, in ‘2 Vols. 8vo.,
clotn, #5.
biographical and Historical Sketches, by T.
Babington Maratday, 5<>c
Funrh's Fo(ktt Book of Fun. being cuts and
cuttings from the wit and wisdom ol twenty
live volumes oi Punch, illustrated with 75 en
gravings, by S. P. Avery, '0 cts. Just publish
ed, and for sale by ROBERT BELL,
aug 19 No. til King-street.
HOW TO BUY PIANOS.—Buy the right
sort—Buy in the l ight place—Buy of the
right man—Ami buy at the right time.
Worcester is a practical Piano maker of long
and tried experience, not excelled in America—
therelore, hi* are the right sort.
Alexandria is near to you, and is your home
market—therefore, it is the right place.
1 keep WORCESTERS PIANOS for sale,
as cheap as they can be placed here by any one.
and warrant them to give satisfaction—there
fore, I am the right man.
As I arr. very anxious to sell, you cannot but
perceive that now is the right time.
You cannot well get over the above premises
and conclusions, but it it Uon t suit to-day, can
to morrow. Yours at all times.
j ol Rev. Admiral Sir W. Edward Parry.
Kt. F. R. S. etc., late Lieut. Governor of Green
wich H- spital, by bis soi: tbe Rev. Edw'ard
Parry, M. A ol Baihol College, Oxford, and
late tutor in the University of Dublin. 1 Vol.,
IVrno.. price f*3 cents.
of “Henry Milnor,’* “Lady of the Manor," “Ami*
op llie Church Catechism," “Little Henry and
his beaiet," Ac., abridged for the Presbyterian
Board of Publications, price 00 cents. Just
published, and tor sale by ROBT. BELL,
aug I * 01 King street
If a splendid number, containing numerous
Fashion Plates, and a choice variety of reading
matter, ‘^5 cts.
A fresh supply of Frank Lesmk's Pai*kr,
containing the illustrations of the new feature
in the hurdell Tragedy, 6} cts. aug is
* published, and for sale low' by the groce
or dozen, by ROBERT BELL,
aug 18 No. 61, King street.
11 TOOL! WOOL!! WOOL!!!—The sub
\\ scribers wish to give notice that they
are still purchasing WOOL, tor which they
are pay ng the highest cash price. GroweiH ol
line W<k)I may hud it to their advantage to
correspond with us.
We also wish to purchase a large quantity ol
SUMAC, at the very highest cash price. Shall
be pleased to correspond with country mer
chants who d**al in the article.
RAMSBCKG A EBERT, 105 High-st.
Georgetown, D C„ aug 5—w3m_
i ilNoHAMS! GINGHAMS !!—50B yards
\ Jf line GINGHAM, worth twenty live cents,
will be sold at 1S$ cts. a yard, in order to re
duce stock. ME\ ENBERG, BRO. A CO.,
aug 15 Sarepta Hall.
SOMETHING NEW—Bennett s Patent Air
Tight Sell-Sealing Jars, for preserving fresh
fruit-*, tomatoes, oysters. Ac., just received, and
for sale low, by
8 mo 13 R. H. MILLER. SON A CO
Offers his services to ihe citizens ol Alexandria.
tfT* Olfice No. 7, Washington street, two doors
frojn King jy lfi—dtf
Vjt AIR BANK’S SCALES, ail the different
JP sizes, lor sale at Factory prices, by
Cash Capital and Sarplaa §1*3,000#
- WM. T. HAUL j , I'rcs’t
Jnc. Wood, Jr., Secretary.
B. H. Magruder, Dr. J. L. Cabell,
Dr. M. L. Anderson, Prof. J. P. Holcomb,
R. W. N. Nowland, Thos. L. Parish,
B C. Flannagan. James Hart.
FIRE INSURANCE, in town or country,
may be effected with this Company on the most
reasonable tjrms.
Lif Losses promptly adjusted and paid.
F. A. MARBURY, Agent for Alexandria,
ap 13—tf
Slave Life Insurance*
J[ PANY, with capital and surplus of flS'V
U<xi routiuues to insure SLAVES from one to
tour years, on the most favorable terms.
F. A. MARBURY, Ageut. Alexandria, Va.
Dr F. J. Murphy, Medical Examiner,
ap 13—tt
Home insurance company, no 4,
Wall Street.
CASH CAPITAL $500,000.
Capital and Surplus January 1, 1*37,
C. J. MARTIN, President.
A. F. WILLMARTH, V ice President.
J. Milton Smith. Secretary.
je tr,—co3m for Alexandria, Va.
J ALEXANDRIA,continues to insure against
Fire, generally, in Town and Country as hnc
tolore, on the most reasonable terms.
Dwight Metcalt, John B. DaingerlieM,
William Uregory, Edward S. Hough,
Robert Jamieson, James P. Smith,
Thomas R. Keith, Robert 0. Violet!,
William H. Fowle, Thomas McCormick
John H. Bn*nt,
Office hours from 9 to !.§. anil from 2A to
o’clock. C. W. WATTLES, Secretaiy.
Office on King street, near St. Asaph,
nov P.)—illy
Fairfax street, next door to J. Leadbeatei s Drug
Store—where the)' will be pleased to receive
offers for either Fire or Marine Insurance.
President—Samuel Millkb.
Win. N. McVeigh, Robert S. Ashby,
Lewis McKenzie, Nathaniel Boush,
Cassius F Lee, Benjamin Barton,
oct U— -tf JOSEPH EACHES, Secretary.
CAPITAL OVKH $400,000,
The charter of this Company offers more fa
vorable advantage* to the farmer and othen,,
than any other company chartered in the State,
by insuring with or w ithout a premium note.—
If the applicant prefer, he can pay the full amount
of the premium in cash, or by effecting a cash
insurance lor two years, the insured saves one
eighth of the amount he would otherwise have
to pay . or by becoming a member, and giving a
small premium note, the insured saves neatly
one hallo! the amount charged by Stock Corn na
mes, w hen insuring from year to year. I his is
the advantage resulting from the combination of
This company commenced issuing Policies
against loss or damage by lire, on the l»‘-tb of
March, 1854, since which time over thirty-live
hundred persons have insured and become mem
bers of the Company. Having trebled our bu
siness during the p<ist year, we leel grateful lor
the liberal patronage bestowed ii|*>ii the Compa
ny thus far, and tor it* flattering prospects of
future usefulness. The Directors hope and be
lieve that by prudence,caution and a rigid sys
tem of economy, they will establish tor this
Company a reputation lor cheapness and safety,
not surpassed by any Company in the U. States.
All differences ill settlement of losses, may be
determined by three disinterested arbitrators of
the County w here such loss hapiiened, to be mu
tually chosen by the insured aud the Company.
H. W. Thomas, Christopher Neale,
R. H. Stabler, R. F. Letter,
W. M. Turner, Sholto T. Stuart,
T. B. Robert>on, P. D. Lipscomb,
W I). Massey, Silas Biglow,
W. T. Harper, James T. Close,
T. T. Hill, Edward Sangster,'
Richard H. Carter, A. R. Blakey.
II. W\ Thomas President. I W. D. Mnwy, Tre:imr**r.
T. II. Robert*hi, Vim Prwt. | K. Sampler,Sec’y..pro.tem.
JAM IS T. ClA>SE, Actuary atid Ctunal Aynt.
mh 23—cfcdly
MARSHALL HOUSE, Alexandria, Va —
The subscriber has leased the above
named HOTEL, and having thoroughly repaired
and refurnished it, asks ol the travelling public,
a share of their patronage. My house is central
in its location, being on King street, at the cor
ner of Pitt, immediately in the centre of busi
ness. The TABLE is supplied with every deli
cacy in season The CHAMBERS are roomy,
and carelully looked after. The SERVANTS
are polite and attentive, and the Proprietor and
his Assistants, are anxious to make it pleasant
to all who sojourn in Alexandria to patronize
this house. OMNIBUSES are always in attei •
dance at the Cars aud Steamboats, to convey
passengers to the house.
jy 23 —3m Proprietor.
/ RENT.—My FARM, near the Theological
.. . • • /> V D LI VT V ll L> L’ ll
seminary, cumaimug un r, *• ^ »» *«
ACRES OF LAND, is for sale or rent. On the
Ant place is a new two story FRA M E
filtlOUSE, with kitchen. There is a well of
excellent water near the door. This place is
desirable, from its elose proximity to Alexan
dria, the Seminary, and High School, being
ihree-and-a-balf miles from Alexandria, and
one mile Irom the Seminary, The neigh
borhood is very healthy, and the society excel
lent. For particulars, apply to the subscriber,
at the Virginia House, upper end King street,
Alexandria, Va. WM. B. SCARCE,
aug 19—eolm
MFOR SALE.—The subscriber intending
to leave Alexandria this tall, olfers the
HOUSE he now occupies, tor sale. To any
one who wants a good, convenient HOUSE, an
opportunity now offers that seldom occurs —
The house was bu.lt by Messrs. Mar,kins A
Fadely, to whom I would refer. It is well loca
ted. being near the business part of the town,
and near market, and yet retired.
The FURNITURE will also be for sale.
a„2 |7—«o2w J. B. McNAIR.
I 1()K SALE.—As I am desirous of leaving
H Alexandria, I will sell out my MINERAL
Water apparatus, bottles, wa
the fixtures, of modern improvement, that be
long to the business. Any person wanting to
get into a good business, can buy a bargain, by
calling on me, at No. 314, King-street,
jy <L_*otf _ J. M. ROSEBERRY.
^ on the Virginia shore of the Potomac, be
tween Aquia and Chappawamsic Creeks, and in
the immediate neighborhood of the most suc
cessful fisheries on the river, will be leased on
very accommslating terms. For further infor
mation apply to
aug 19—eotSeptl Awtf JAS. DEMPSEY.
NEGROES WANTED.—1 wish to purchase
any number of NEGROES, for which I
will pay liberal prices. Those wishing to sell,
will do well to call on me before selling, at my
old stand, at West End, Alexandria, Va.
"iiornal£—a Twenty’ acre lot,
r situated about one mile west of Alexan
diia, near the Leesburg Turnpike, ihere is on
it, a very elevated and beautiful site lor a resi
Tiirmi «»v

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