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Alexandria Market, October 10.
The transactions on 'Change were very light,
( nrices without material change. Ihe
a:.u |MI .
r^Vi|>?d0f Hour are fair, but there were no sales
0-vd. and *1 iotations are nominal. Sales of
wheat at 1100122 cents, according to
" Vv__red 1000 120 cents—very inferior lot* !
cents less. Corn continues in fair re- !
aI,(i prices are tirm. In rye and oats
;V 'lS,.l0thing doing. Cl overseed are scarce :
:.'u50—the latter price by retail.
The Market*.
pA-Tiw<»RS. October 10—Flour is unchanged. !
H v^rd Stieet and Ohio $5.50; City Mills
.v,;- 4<ftSh Wheat is Steady; white 1*00130. j
( is nrm; white 7i*073c., yellow 74074c. j
W’ ;s*ey dull. ( ,T-V *O0i2jc., Ohio 21 £0 42c. :
N A. xors. October 10.—Flour has declined;
0, «.,,•> bbU; Sate $15<'0$4.7O; Ohio
.. Southern $5.4'*0$5 70. Wheat
, sales are unimportant; red 1200125c.,
. iv* i* 7 W Corn is quiet; sales a e un
,in. v! Pork has declined
• —%!***$ ;- F***1 ‘s steady; Chicago re- j
T 10.5 Lard is dull at 14015c.—
alltr, tu Slew York.
Nk* Y.-h* vkt >—The subjoined paragraph j
'a, jh,. Kvemi'g I’ost, gives a graphic picture
oI the conditio:) of things
p, .‘re. *, th- Stock Kxchange, the bank i
{ir(H.'‘irs rooui. the merchant's counting-house, (
7 .yr* .* pna*e of gloom and discouragement. |
Virion, lat'ures reported to-day, added to
.,r ,of „ the Independent, [one hundred
d*,’Vrweiity-three ?or the week ] spread general
a! jj 1S not to be concealed that our mei- •
a‘.d. ^ ar* tailing like masts struck by a white
‘ d 1 \|i the .Holt* of the banks to relieve I
•X., are ot little avail. Credit has been so >
mlrmoudy expanded that it has become un
•i.'anageab’e; but it is our duty to bold up the
. -innd to the maintenance of our integrity
UacommunitJ. s« as our bunks remai“ j
s.d! ,;u shall have tiie comtort ot knowing
nut tu’iast cable that holds our great ship ol
commerce is not broken. The people of the i
country are the passengers and crew, and j
, ,.. d:, moi. in the mass than individuals or 1
isW; <•-, may be swept overboard, while the
wi.l lad lor good service uerediier.
nre-vure upon the country banks is torc
■ g a iarg^ amount ot the stocks ot the State
i,p,»n th»- market at low prices. Virginia sixes '
dTt. Ar T> Missouri 64}, Michigan 73. ami Ten- '
ni*>»ce 7 - 4 to 14. j
i ne imetmg ot merchants ami bankers ot the j
Actor House, to consider some means ot' reliet.
...Jj/Hsvd I.o'tuitg except that the banks should
increase tueir loans by ten millions ol dollars.—
The o tit t°f tne Krie railroad company. -tibno,
<**«). has been made »»p.
Joe t.a: V ot toe S'ate have nothing to fall
back i»|*on it toiced to a suspension. 1 he Le- j
gisItCur** cannot relieve them tor want ot con- j
trputional authority. Their depo-ite« have ;
been reduced ncailv twenty six nnilions of dol- 1
ars since the l.r>»h ol August, w hilst their loans
nave only been decreased about lifteen millions.
Yet i* is urged that the banks can and ought to J
expand to an amount ot ten millions. How this »
ran be done, w ith specie every w here else than ;
.^re commanding a premium, does not seem
practicable in a season ot universal distrust.
The suspension ot Hamper k Brothers is a ;
j,rooi the seventy ol the pressure l he tear is
•f at it will, like similar suspensions, operate
a. n great severity upon the hundreds who tor
v-ars have obtained their living liom this enter
pricing house.
The derangement in money matters in New '
York w ill even affect business abroad. 1 he or- •
*»rs sent out to Kuroj)e for spring importations
are necessarily small.
Kri Y i>kk. October 9.—Tlorr is ro material j
•barge from yesterday, excepting, perhaps, that
Vt* |e>s excitement. State stocks are ac
*>%> r*»r investnient, hu* bank stock* are shaky,
severa in mi|H>rtant failures occurred to-day.
It 1> tLie st- tried conviction ot the merchants
v. «r there ran be no reliet unless the banks ex
pul'd I'•:** rumored suspension ol an extensive
pr.T.ite banking uou>e this morning, was false
IV proposition ot the merchant tor the
banks *o incicust their loans to thiee millions 1
iiu» been rejected.
Messi* l»alUindet \ Wetmore. bankers, have :
suspended 1 he run on the I’ark bank subsid
ed bftore the closing hour, the bank having
p;«»r» pflv paid all the demand® made upon it.
The Biooklyn Central Bank has been enjoin- ,
ed and a receiver appointed.
A rneerii g ol bank officers was held at the
Merchant* Bank this aiteinoon. to devise mea
<> ?. ,»•! It is repotted that the banks will j
proud** a tundot rf'hoi'H.uou tor the social ob j
j**«*T of forwarding produce.
l l.r Bowery Baltic closed its doors to-day. and
ias! e.-i >u>p mled from the Clearing House.—
Kbill- however, are abundantly secured, and
w. he taken by all the city banks. The insti- j
Vioa i* a small atfair.
Money Mallei* at Boston*
Boston, Oct ‘d — Money is easier here,but ne- J
deflations are as dilhcult as ever. The banks
gained one hundred and twenty-five thousand
\dlars m specie yestetday, making three bun
dled thousand this week. The Boston Belting |
t'ompanv has suspended.
I'he following failures are reported to day —
M»**-»rs L A (ieorge \ Co , straw house; Messrs
Milton \ Cale. oil and leather dealers, and
Ve^rs Nash. French \ Co. shoe dealers.
I floury flatter* In ISalllmore.
The Bal'imoi** Sun of Saturday, says.—“Our
banks now discount with caution, in \iew o* :
•"irroundu g c;r instances, and more good mer
.ti.*ur- pap.-r . ds its wav to the streets, ('ap
'd i>’s are less disposed to purchase, and the
r<c*-» tor g>»od no*es at'* 2 to 2$ £> cent, a month;
s-cou*i clasv unsal»ab'e. Money on call l$ri2
e OHit Exchange on the North, especially,
Neu York, is. under existing apprehensions.
^u»*h unsettled. We quote it 4 to ^ cent,
i‘•’triutn—bankers not disposed to puichase —
'•old wbeing bought by the brokers at 4 p cent
i'>nmini. and i«s»UI at on Baltimore funds
l x sange on England 7 to 9 cent premium
Baltimore funds. Virginia Bank notes (old)
*• 3 p cent discount; rvw do. 5 to 15 do;
Norr’n l arolu a N to lu cetit discount.
IW? >cn>un
(H’Tober ruts stts Moon’s Phases.
' Monday... 6 25*5 35 n H. M.
;' Tuesday.... s 2? 5 33 New_17 4 37 r
;) Wednesday 8 2S 5 3^ Fust qr..25 9 4 b.
- Thursday.. 6 29 5 31 rul!. 1 7 57 k
** Tnday-»> 30 5 3<> ... 8 11 14 m.
; Saturday... * 31 5 29 llUill WATER.
^Sunday... 6 33 5 27 Oct r. 12 3n. KSro.
i a .. I lLtvre.Sept. 2.*>
'>!>' * ..vp(. Jn j New Orleans.0*t. o
< Sailed
, "'lir I Woodbridge, Higgins, Bjston, coa1
JVVV>* A Duncan.
*Qr- W’hut. Squall, Smith, New York, coal
uir.berlaud Coal Ac Co.
°Cr David Hale. Okerman, coal by Cum
#‘*4od (oa! Ac Iron Co.
p Memoranda.
v Ann‘‘r‘<'*- Robbins, trom this port, for
y4°° *n°rtnt provisions, waa seen 31 inst.,
‘ ^ a'»k. N. F 5o miles; would probably make
s *^’Aar«» Breakwater.
J*3r; Darnel Brown. Heald, Trom tbis port,
^ail River 7th inst.
pv \r T. Jones, for this port, cleared at
. 3,;«topdia Mh inst. __
id,, v , l R. ior sale at market rates, at Pio
,!ls- Apply to FOWLE A co,
Agents Alex. F M. Co.
VI OOL purchased by
11 * 2* DANIEL F. HOOK.
Trlrgmplilr Dfipnuhfs.
Buffalo, O't 8 —This is the third day of
the lair, a» d the weather continues g<>> d —
It is estimated that 50 000 people are <»n the
ground to-day. Very great interest in the
lair is manifested everywhere, livery ave
nue approaching the gr »ur <ls is tilled with
vehicles of all viescripti> ns for the convey
ance of passengers to and fro. Not an acci
dent has happened to mar the pleasures of
the occasion. The receipts of the fair to-day
were S7,00‘\ and the total receipts thus tar
813 000. A large crowd is expected to-mor
row to hear Edw. Everett.
Harrisburg, Pa., Oct. 8 — A large meet
jng was field at the court-house to-night, ex
Oofernor Poi ter presiding. Resolutions were
ad >pted urging ur*»n the Legislature the pas
sage of a relief law. >l-s*rs. R »hert*s ot
Pittsburg; McMichael, of Philadelphia, and
Pearson, of Harrisburg, spoke ably in favor
of the movement. The meeting i* regarded
by those in favor of such a law us a power, ul
Buffalo. Oct. 8.—At noon todiy an en
gine on the New York and Lr;e railroad ran
into the way express train, ea^t ot the Bull i
In aud Erie road at the crossing of the two
in ibis city. Seven peisons were senru-ly
but not fatally injured. Nobody was killed.
The train was heavily loaded with pa^sen
g**rs, on their way to the State Kur lhere
were no through passengers on the train.
Sr. Louis. Oct. 8—Liter advices frotn
Kansas state that the republicans were 1:00 j
ahead at Leavenworth, and the democrats
300 ahead at Wyandotte. The impression |
prevailed that Mr. Parrott (free soil) wa< j
elected to C ngre«is, and that the democrats
wi uld have a majority in the Legislature.
New York, Oot. 0 —The Erie Railroad!
Company did not pay toe laborers at Bergen
tuonul todiy* and great excitem ent was pro
duced it is reported that a riot ensued, and
that a portion of the track has been torn up.
Albany, Oct. 8—The proposals for a new
loan ot a halt a million ol dollars tor the
deficiency in the sinking fund, were opened
to day, and the bids being unsatisfactory
the loan was not taken.
Cleveland. Oct. 8.—J. Morrison, broker,
of this city, tailed to-day
The Georgia Kleriton.
From private despatches received last even- .
ing from Augusta and Savannah, we learn
that Brown, the democratic candidate for j
governor id elected by about ten th >u?atid
'i'Be democrats have carried both bran- j
ches of the State legislature, by large major- I
ities. . !
In the sixth congressional district. Jack
son, democrat, elected by two th u>and
majority. t . !
The congressional delcgati »n stands six i
democrats to two Americans—a dem -cratic ,
gain of one.
’Flie delegation i*1 os follow":
l"t di'tuct, James L Sewird, democrat,
do Martin J. Crawlord, democrat
J i do K ibert 1*. Trippe, American, j
4*h do LuciusJ. dartrel!, democrat.
5th «i> Au2u"TO" K \Vsight, democrat.
Oth do J iinc J trk^on, dem ocrat.
Ttli do *1 >shua Hill, American.
8:h do A. H. Stephens, democrat.— j
l nioH. __
1*1 AKIiK&D*
On Monday. The f>th by the Rev Pr Fd
wards, ct Baltimore, Mr. JOHN A i.PW AKPtv
son ot the officiating clergyman, to Miss ROSA )
K . daughter ot KncCt* Ldwaid", tsij .ot King ,
(ieorge County. ^ a.
On the Oth n st. by the Rev Pr. Sj otswcod.
CHARM S H HAMMO.Vh e-ij.. ot Baitsmme,
Md.. to .11’Ll A, daughter of the late Chancellor
Johns, of Newcastle, Pel.
la New York, or. fhe 7th it’"* . aT tru* ( mrcu ;
of the Ascension, by the Rev. Pr. Bedeil, ^ I L
1.1AM BRIsBAN K. *SIJ . ot South Caroline, to
SARAH, daughter of William Hogan, es«j„ ol
New Yoik.
At Pleasant (irove. r^ar Hage»>Towti, on the
r>th iii"Tant, bv the Rev. Mi Heck, JOHN * .
NOF.RK, ot Washington, aid MAllLPA M.
daughter ot O°oige Beard. e*<j., oi t.ie loirner
On Monday morning. October -‘h. bv the
Rev. S. H. Rogers, Mr. WM F HAMPTON
and Miss SAl.I.V ANN. daughter ot Joua.i
Nichols, esij, ol Loud mil.
At the Mansion Hotel, in Leesburg, on ti e
Sth instate, l>\ the Rev Samuel Cover, t HAS
ot Loudoun. _
At Arlington House, or. Saturday mottling,
the mth instant, liF.OKOl. ^ASHlNt*!ON
FARKF. CUS FIS in the 77th year o‘ his age
His trie mis, and those ot the family, ate
invited to attend hi" luner.il, at Arlington, on
Tuesday, (to morrow.) at 1*2 o’clock, M.
In Washington, or the ich instant. alter a bn
gering iline*". Mrs. MAKl'AKhl f LKR1S,
aged yeafs.
In Washington, on the sth instant, alter a pro
tracted illness, Mrs. KLIZABHFH CA.MP
BF.LL wile ot P. Campbell, m the F‘U year ot
her age.
On Sunday morning week, alter an illness of
two months. Col. JOHN OKU.OS, aged »P2
years. Col 0. was a gentleman of kindness
and amiability, and will he lemembered for his
many *»ood traits ol rhaiacier He was t ol ot
C avalry ot the.r»ntk Regiment ot \ irginia Mili
tia —C/u/Av Journal.
* . I * . PKono! If)
AT Ills resilience, iir.ii ...
Fairfax comity, on Monday afternoon, tb° • fh
ot October, i 5s'»7. alter a short, hut severe ili
ness, Mr. THOMAS S. COOKSEY, aged about
r»r» years
At his residence, near Gum Spring. Loudoun
county. Ya. Mr. WILLIAM RACK, in the 04th
year of his age. alter an i‘l»ie?s ot lour month**,
which terminated his earthly career on the l->*h
day ot September.
rr A P 1* KT l T K AND STRUNG 1 H RE
STORED—William Young, ot South Pitts
burgh, says—“After having sutiered severely
tor several days with a most distressing attack
ot Diarro-ha, 1 porch ised a ho’’;e ol LO.K
ly checked the disease, and restored my bowels
to perfect order. Before l had finished the bot
tle, I found my appetite and streng?h returning.
I believe it worthy ot the character you g*Ae t
and shall recommend it as su it.
Caution!—Be can ful to ask tor btERHAT E S
HOLLAND BITTERS Soli at per bottle
or 6 bottles for *'», by the sole proprietor,
Pittsburg. Pennsylvania.
Sold in Alexandria, by PEEL STEVENS
Wholesale Agents; WM. A. HART, J. R.
PIERPOINT, and by Druggists generally,
throughout the United State?, not lv—eolw*
%TRW MEDICAL BOOKS — (itoss' *1nito
my_Elements of Pathological Anatomy,
by Samuel Gross, M. D., thud edition, modified
and thoroughly revised. i!lustraTed bv d4i en
gravings on wood, price
Mel'J Lectures —Lectures of the Di«e»ses of
Women, by Charles West. M D, Fellow of the
Royal College of Physicians. Part 1. Disease wt
the Uterus; -$t.6*>.
ftske Fund prize Ferny*.—The Effects of Cli
mate oa Tuberculous Disease, by Edwin Lee,
London; on Th* Influence of Pregnancy in the
Development of Tubercles, by Edward Warren,
M D.ot Edenton, N C ,*i, just published by
Blanchard At Lee, and tor sale by
“t ia ROBT. BELL.
BONNETS—We have received a most mag
nificert but small assortment of TAT
RY GOODS is now complete to suit both whole
sale and retail dealers,
utt 18 M EYKNBCRtt, BRO. k CO.
From Clitna.
The Navy department ha* advice from
Com. Armstrong of the Ei-t India squadron,
dated Shanghai, July 15. The fhg ship
San Jacinto leit II ng Kong on the lti'h of
June, and Arrived at Shanghai on the 231.
Oo her arrival oil Woosung the U. S. ship
Levant was discovered ashore on the north
hank, hut by aid from the San Jacinto was
got off without having su*t;ii:ied any ap
parent injury. Having refilled her water
tanks at Woosung the Levant left on the
20 h en r< ute for Hong K mg.
The C. S. ship* Portsmouth arrived on the
I3*h ol July at Woosung, last from Hang
Com. Armstrong states that his principal
reason tor leaving Hong Kong wa% that the
greater portion of the senior officers of the
San Jacinto, himself among the number,
were sutfring very severely !rum the disease
incidental to that climate, and it wa* deemed
absolutely necessarv that they thonoi seek a
colder dim at*. I he change had already
been very beneficial to officers and crew.
Lite advices have been received from Xing
po to the i fleet that the Chinese (Cantonese)
and Portuguese have had an engagement, in
which the former were the victors, and des
troyed the vessels of the la ter; hut commit
ted no outrage or #depredation upon the for
eign re*i lent* or shipping. liet is now
c iniplotely restored there, and our citizens
have no apprehensions ot any further dis
mrbar c’*s in that quarter.
At Shanghai all is tranquil, our citizens
pursue their comm rcial enterprises without
anv difficulty or molestation on the p«rt of
the Chinese people or authorities.— JHis/f.
Tlie I’tnh Kxj» «111 ton«
The S* L uis lie; ub ican has accounts
from the rear detachment of the expedition
to Utah. They were in camp at Blue Liver
t r the nigh*, one > nndred and thirty-lour
miles fr< in Fort Leavenworth. Up to that
point the march had b< en very pleasant —
the weather being very fiae at.d the road ex
cellent. The military force was under the
command < f that veteran officer, Col. Cooke,
and numbered about four hundred privates,
mounted, and eighty wagons. The Governor
and suite have six wagons and three ear
riages. It was expected that all the gentle
men composing the civil gnvert inent. ot ( tali
would go out with tf i> esc at, fait only G >v
ern >r Cunmiing and !> cretary 11 irtnett were
• I • . 1 I t .1. _ . .. . ! >1... 1) .it
Will! II. u «1 AM ' <4 11 ’ 4 III'. I ooiuni -vv» w V
Suit L.ke City bad g .ue ahead, and it i
feared tlr.it the ointrs will imt be ah!e to
reach the Territory bef re the coining win
ter. The Crab expedition is iike'v to e ><*t
the government a pretty penny, but it will be
m .n»*y well spent. The mules, it is estima
ted. cost S20:.) each, and the hor-es SlSO.
The corn stored at 1 uc Kiver cost >2 lv» i*er
tu-hcl, and the tr;i:isp‘>raU»ioii to Fort
Kearney and Fort Liramie will increase in
the same prop >i lion. Col. Sumner and a
part of his command arrived at F *rt L'aveo*
worth about tic* mid lie of last week.
A Brave Oflierr.
Lieut. Spencer, of th* 21 ( oite.l Spates in
fancy, (and as* n of t <-i. \\ in. A Spencer,ot
Annapolis, M l..) performed an act ol brave
ry during the trying times with the b istiie
Indians at \ * How Medicine, in duly last, in
Minn* s» ta, which ought to t e recorded to his
credit, lie it was who was ordered to demand
ilie Indian who stabbed a s< IditT. A\ ith a
few men and his interpreter he proceeded
to the I idiao camp, and upon seeing them
assume an attitude of dflmce, !:o ordered
Ins men, as an evidence of his pacific intenti »n,
to halt, while he and h.s interprvter rode
to the Indians. Two hundred guns wore
leveled at him in supp rt of threats which
.his companion unde»stood too well to di-re*
gard. The lieutenant called him to his sol ',
gave him his pistol for his rea-surance,
jumped » ft his boi-e. when within speaking
<ii-ta:ic *, and, unarmed and ai to , breasted
the savage mubitude ai d fu'tilled his duly,
thu- exhibiting or.e of the fublsno’st act- *»t
oddness and bravery on t!ie iccords ot the
American army.— /?"//. Sun.
Ai h v a I < oura» of Inquiry.
In Court No. 1, on Saturd it, the case of
Mr. 11 ill whs cwnioued.
Before Court No. 2, the case of I/eut Fitz
gerald w as u n.
Befmo Court No. 1L tie case of the late
Li-ut. II. 11. lthodes was taken up and con
fCoMM t" n it’at in.
I do not propose to pr 1 >ng the controver
sy in legard to the small note i.-Mie-, or the
action ot the grand jury, in relation tl ereto,
b it 1 may be allowed to say that some whose
! mission it should be to tty to supervise and
1 keep in order the affairs of the citv, have
mit this controversy upon a false is-urt.
The question is not, nor has it been,
whether or not the i-*ue of the-e small
notes is in violation of trie law, but whether
the casrt was such a on * as to call for the in
| terffrerice of the gran 1 jury.
It never lias been denied, so far as I am
; aivi-ei, by any one, that the parties issuing
.... r i I ^ _
or oiionug a noiy ui a »v?? u ■u>>iiiiw.»viwu
t >an ti\c dollars, isr** liable to a line :*! ten
dollar?, to be recovered by motion btf* re any
Justice of tht l\*ac\ or before any Court in
tbe Commonwealth. I* bus only been con
tended that tbe -tatute defines the mode of
• proceeding n >t to be bv presentment or in
dictmtuit before n grand jury, but by motion
up 11 li t n uiati >n » t tlio-e who \vi nId bt en
titled to one half the fine or pen lity.
It is true, the Attorney of tli^ Common
' wealth believed it to be hi? doty to bring tlie
; matter to the attention of tne grand jury,
hot it is equally true, that lawyers like d«»e
! tors, some iiti.es differ in opinion, and a- in
j other cases, *o in thi-, intelligent members
of the professi m differed ia their views upon
tbe su'fj ct.
lo tu.s view of thecas?, it was exceeding
ly harsh and offensive toward the grind
jury, to attempt to forestall their judgment,
bv declaring, as w is done by some i Hid *us
person, that the only way to e-cape from the
penally incurred by tne l-sue ol these small
notes, was i/ithetr]>< /jury, before Cvor.pl lin
ing ot the impel lection of others, the person
referred to si* >uli be certain ol being tn
I court with clean hands himself. Whi n a
man essays to assail other?, he may expect to
be assailed.
Tne at tide referred to, is a very poor jus
tification of previous stricture*.
That the recent issue of small n >tes by
o.ir Corporation was illegal, is undeniable,
bur that it was necessarily cognizable by the
Grand Jury, is more questionable. The law
expressly declares, that the fine shaM “be re
covered before any joslU'C or court, irrespec
tive of the Grand Jury.
We are, moreover, very gravely informed,
Gy tbo-e claiming to be very astute a* to the
law, “that the is?ue of an unouthonz d note
of aufj denomination, shall be punished by
imprisonment That this law, for which
cha •. i‘J8, seo. IT, is given, applies to either
toe C> rpomtion or it* officer, I deny. Tne
law says that “every free person or officer of
such person” who sg does, shall be s> treated.
As the Corporation is not a “person’’ it can
not be “imprisoned,” nor can its “officer.” as
he does not represent a “person.” Such is
the reliability of sum ? people’s quotations of
! law, and of the deductions based upon such
quotations. LAW.
By Saturday Evening’s Mails.
Change in the Great Through Mail.—
' A c '.'nraet has been entered into between
the Post-office 1> partment and the R.en
nior <1. Fredericksburg and Potomac Rail
r >ad Cuauany, lur the transfer of the Great
Through Mail from the Central to the R ,
F it 1*. Railroad. It is tr» go into effect
no tne loth inst.— Rich South.
f It will be seen, bv reference to our local
column, that the above is premature.]
Warkenton Items.—The greatest Dumber
of wild Pigeons are now passing through
this section. Our sportsmen are daily in the
woods and a vast number are being slain.
We hear of two gentlemen who in one day
killed 430 !
The sale of the late James Payne’s land
and personal property came off on Thursday
and Fri lay last. 1 ho unlcased land was
sold for S‘25 75. A blacksmith broughtSlGUW
[and o w >man with two sural! children SilJ
for si750.— riarj.
A white man in this county, whose name
we have not heard, was badly *bot in the
lungs o.i S n.d y last while out Pigeon hunt
ing. lie was loading his gun when it acci
dentally went "IT. Persons cannot be too
carelul while Luuiiug.— Whij.
Sent to the Penitentiary.—Nelson T.
C irpenter, of Madisou County, charged with !
stealing a lot of Guano, belonging to the Or
ange and Alexandria Rtilroad Company and j
others, was tried on Mmd ty last at Orange j
C il , and found giilty. II* was sentenced
to one years impn.-onment in the Peniten
tiary. ~ ‘ i
The Culpeper Observer says:—“The woods
in this County, are tilled with wild pigeons. j
I nert* have not been any of those immense j
tl >cks, such as parsed over us some years
ago, but * in il 1 isolated flocks are found hero i
and there in every wood in the neighborhood.
Charlottesville Items. —We are informed
that K. J. Thompson of this county, con
cluded the sales ol his crop of Tobacco on
tin* ‘27ili of August h>t, at an average ol
w I *. ‘Ill I . L . 1 . « k I lit till 1 All 1
VlW Uif 1UI iil^ VI IH'H.
We learn that, notwithstanding the neces
sity which has induced the Independent
llmka to suspend i-pecia payment of their
notes, the Monticello Bmk has met in specie
load-, every demand which depositors have
made upon it.
The tract of land belonging to the late
| .Jeremiah A. Goodman, lying about a mile ■
and a half Srnth of town and containing
2M) acres, was sold at auction, yesterday, by
Benson & Mr '., auctioneers, for >27 per mue*
Bov. W. i*. F.iiish purchaser. — Advocate.
Sr aim : n Items.—There is now living in :
this county, near the head of Middle Biver,
att ol 1 man bv the name • >{ -S nith. who
i« on> hundred and lour tfears old! He is
familiar with tlo* sctiit-s oi the Involution,
and \v i- a prominent actor in that mem Ta
ble struggle. Ills mental faculties are good j
and lie can yet walk 20 miles a day. He |
draws no pension from the Government.
Bev. Joseph B. Wilson, 1). !>., the es
eemed Paster of tin* Presbyterian Church,
in this place, has accepted a call irom a
Church in Augusta, G r.
Several thousand head of cattle have been
driven through this place this season. 1 hey
are mostly from the S mthwestern part ui the
Scute, and take the valley route.
Mr. Haniel Irayer, known to many of the
pc »p’c of air town bus been a rc-uient of
Staunton f.r 07 year--, hav-ng removed to
this place in the jear 170t). He is now
ab :ut SO years oi age. and is, doubtless, the
widest intiahitant.— l indicator.
Prime William Items—The trial of
William Brevier, charg'd with stack burn
ing, occupied mostly this term of the county
The prisoner was sent on to the Circuit
Court, for trial, and application fur bail re
The appeal ducket was taken up and the
cn-e of W oodvard, adm. vs. Mills disposed
of. Sinclair tor appellant, and Huoton fur
i appellee.
On M »ndpy next flip October term of the
Circuit Court w ill c nnmenec. Several ca-ej,
of interest will cone before it.—Itmitsrdle
A valuable negro man, the property of
Majcr James Coleman was thrown upon a
circular saw while the machinery was in
motion at Thurntunsville in Fairfax county,
on Mot.day last, end had bis leg Jiurril !y
i mutilated, the saw likewise passing through
the posterior pu-i*i »n of the thigh. Ills leg
was amputated bv the Hrs. Ihv,
\ r 1UI.IMA At Kules hi*Id in the C lei k s
\ OI lice ol 1 lie Circuit Court of Alexandria
County,on the 7th day ol October. ls'»7 .lane
I f uno-oii ilk her own right, and as guaididfi o!
theiniuni children of Jane Ghiselm. dee d., to
w jt; Mary Elizabeth Gbisedn, James WFliam
Ghiselm. Fidelia Ghiseliii. and Rebecca Giiise
hi!. run/ey Gijffi'h. and Phene, his wile. .Mom'?
Oggood and Rachel, his wi e. plaintiffs, against
James William Mills, and Mary Elizabeth
Mills, defendants : In Chancery. I'he object ot
this suit is to obtain a partition ot reitain real
♦ lying 1 :i the County aid Nate aforesaid.
I iic dr n iid<i tits. Janies William Mills, ant
Mary Elizabeth Mills, not having entered their
appearance and given security according to toe
ad oi Assembly and the rules ot this ( curt,
i ud itappeirwig by alfidavi* thaT they are riot
residents oi tin> Mate.— It is t,r<l rfl. that the
j said de ; infants appear here VMtuin one month
; alter line puldicati >u ol ’his ord’T. and do w hat
15 necessary to pioti ct liieir interest in this sin*:
an 1 that a cop) of this older he forthwith inser
fr«i m ’he Alexandria Gazette, a newspaper pub
li- ied in. the cry ot Alexandria, once a week
for lour successive weeks, and posted at the
front door ol 1 li- Court Hou-e ot this County.
A Copy—lYsV : R A. SlNv EA1L, (. erk.
W A Taylor, t* y oct \2—w iw
tive. Husband's and Henry's Magnesia.
r\ ownset.d's and Bull’s Sarsaparilla. Wood's
Hair Restorer. Wright's India \ eg^table Fills,
! Av 1 e*s Cathartic Fills, and Rushton sCod Liver
| Oil, received, and for :-a!e bv
Stabler s old stand, Nos. 0 \ 7. South Faiilax-st.
. to mo !2
i GRlcgYIHiAL SALTS, a cheap lcrtiii
r\ zer lor Wneat, Corn, Oats Grass, or other
crops, a full supply on hand, and larsM*’ by,
R. H. STABLER. ( hemist.
Oct 19 Alexandria, Va.
VFRICAN GUANO, except the Peruvian,
the lichest in Ammonia, on hand, and lor
sale by [oct FOWLE Ai CO
FEEn, lor sale at Pioneer Mills.
P 1* Agents Alex. F. M. Co
pT HHDS. P. K SUGAR, low priced, just ie
• ) ceiwd in store, and lor sale by
oct 7 _JOHN A. DIXON.
BOXES Go?hen Cheese, just received,
and lor sale by JOHN A. DIXON.
; oct 6____
-a —Nova Scotin Herrings, in store, and
j X* tor sale by THOMAS CLOWES,
oct 0
Death of (I \V . I*. Custis, of Arlington.
: —The venerable Mr. Cusiis, of Arlington,
die 1 ht his residence in this county, on Sat
urday last. The whole country knew hitn
and his patriotism will long be remembered.
Closely allied to the AY ashington family,
fond ot calling himself the child ul Mount
Y’ernon, he was never so much in his ele
ment as when he was talking or writing of
the Great Chief, and the M.n and Times of
the Revolution. As be said of himself once,
“his was the destiny of no common man”—
for he had been fondled on the knee of the
Father of his Country, and received from
Inui the kindness of a parent, lie repaid
that care aud affection with filial devotion,
and to the day of his death, all the recollec
tions of his life centred around or radiated
from, the time when lie was one of Wash
ington’e family, lie lived to a g">i o;d ag*%
retaining his mental faculties to the last.—
Though Mr. Cu-tis was never in public life,
lit? was in bis younger days an eb quont and
effective speaker, and bad a find nos for ora
tory as long as he was able to gratify tho-e
who constantly called on him to make pub
lic addresses.
Change in the Great Through Mail
Rm te. — YY e learn that at the request of the
Directors of the Orange and Alexandria Bail*
r ad Company, arrangements are being ne
gotiated for the transfer of the great South
ern mail from the interior route to the old
route vii Aquia Creek: and it is understood
that the change will be made (if at all) about
the 15th inst.
Co untv Court—The Court was occupied
all day on Saturday, in the trial of civil ca
ses. At a late hour in the evening it ad
A New In sTRt’MKNT.—YY*. YY iirdeman,
of Washington city, has male for Professor
Benton’s Engineering class at the Loudoun
Institute, a new instrument, which in high
1* l . U n . .1 .% a/ki> mi nn in III Vr 11 t‘l P T 1 i A P t ft
11 . I I 11 CH'U WVVUI J/. W .J -(
any in this State. It measures angles as
gal ,11 as 1-350 part of a degree, and in run
ning a lino of 3 miles, the error is less than
J of an inch.
It would he well for County surveyors to
obtain such instruments, for errors are fre
quently made which amount to hundreds of
Slkgk al.—An important surgical opera
ti >n was performed, in this city, a few days
since, by l>r. J. B. Johnson, on the eyes of
Mr. Wiiiiam Morgan, one of our oldest citi
zens, b>r cataract, with perfect success. Mr.
M. has been blind for a considerable length
of time, but now soon expects to have his
sight restored.
Nagle’s .Juvenile Comedians, porformirg
at Liberty llall, are attracting large audi
ences, and all who have witnessed their act
ing. speak in high praise of them. Con
sidering their age, the performance is cer
tainly very extraordinary. All who wish to
enjoy a hearty laugh sh uld go to see them.
Meeting ok Ladies — We are requested to
state that the 1 .dies interest d in the success
of the Y jung Men’s CnrDlian Association,
will meet at the rooms of the Association,
on Tuesday afternoon next, at 1 o’clock, to
confer on matters pertaining to the interests
of the S 5t loiation.
The Washington Union say?:—“The arri
vals at Georgetown by the Chesapeake and
Ohio Canal, on Friday, were quite large.—
Among them are mentioned two thousand
bushels of prime wheat, one thousand bush
els of corn, and live hundred and fifty-one
tons of coal.
OYSTERS —There delicious bivalves are wow
being brought to this city in large quantities.
The quality is fair. Prices range from 25 to
75o. per bushel.
Wild Pigeons—Early on Saturday in >rn
ing a great tlight of wild pigeons were seen
extending over the river, and the Virginia
shore, as far as the eye could reach. Sports
men were out in all directions, popping
! away at them, and many were shot. They
| first "made their appearance on the Virginia
| „ido of the river above Georgetown, and took
a course acr. s- to the Washington side;
when mmr Alexandria, fairly darkening the
atmosphere by their numbers. They finally
{disappeared, going in the direction of tbe
Eistern branch.— Wash Star.
\ 1 . . i. I .. U...I I. Vnn.Urd llj<> Ol I 1 Otwl OllU
j Baltimore stieet, Baltimore, have now in ‘Tote
1 (mostly ot tiieir own importation.) one ot the
i largest and most complete stocks m the United
i .
Mates, embracing—
M LK> and >ILK GOODS, ot every class
DRESS GOODS—a very large stock
Housekeeping articles, ot every description
Mourning Goods
Cloaks. Mantillas and Shawls
Embroideries. Laces, Hosiery. Gloves
Blanket*. Q uit*, Domestic Goods, and every
article generally required by tanneis and plan*
1 t»*is. lor mtv ants’ u*e.
I Retail Rooms on first floor—the price affixed
j to each ai tide, f rom w hich no deviation is made.
Wholesale Rooms on the second and third
! d >ors Baltimor *. oct 10—^rn
|; i • i W V REWARD.— iianaway tiotn tne
subscriber, on Sunday, 27th inst.,
i my negro min. who calls himself TOWNSEND
DERRICKS. H»* is about f> Jeet 10 inches high,
tolerable stout built, ot dirk or black color, age
ah ut 2h }ears—Took with him a good supply
ot clothing. Said Townsend took iti company
with him his wile MARY, the property ot the
estate ot Caldwell Carr. 'Ye’d , who has been
: *• ie.i for several years, and was then living, with
! James H. McVeigh, ot this city. Said Mary is
a bright mulatto and good looking, and is about
i 27 y»*ais of age. Sue also took with her a good
1 supply ot clothing.
| :1 he above reward of ShY*) will be piid for
thp apprehension and deiivi ry ot the said down*
send,or secured m jail so that I get him; and in
1 addition, a liberal reward will be paid tor the
j ane*t and deiiveiy o* nis wife Mary, or secured
in jail so that she can be recovered by her ow ner.
8*p i—eo'w GOTLEIB APPICH.
ON THE WAY morn Philadelphia,iebir.S.
E. Jones, with 2*77 tons Rr.D A.
i W HITE ASH GOAL, part ot whicn is lor sale
i a* lowest market price. I will furnish loose
parties who have engaged their Coal from me
from this vessel. vc rrvfPnn
lam. also, landing 1000 TONS CIMBi.R*
! L^ND COAL, which I will be prepared to de
liver in a tew days. Send in your orders early
ijo WM. A. DUNCAN, Union st.,
oct 10 opposite the Custom House.
,4 a a PRIME MERINO SHEEP, at pri
()(/\ J vate sale, at Farwwell, Belmont P*
j O . Loudoun County, Ya.
1 2—eott SAMUEL LOOK.
Xew York, Ojt. 10.--The report of the
suspension of George Bliss Si Co. is totally
untrue—that firm is one of the strongest in
this citv, and has no thought of suspending.
The Illinois Central Railroad and the Erie
Railroad have gone to protest to-day.
Aixusta, Ga., Got. 10.-Reliable telegraph
reports sav that the Bank of the State of
S nth Carolina has suspended.
New York. Oct. 10 —The Banks here will
Dot suspend.
The Ohio River*
Wheeling, (Ya ,)Oct. 10.—The river here
to-d ly is falling.
Ajytear Jor a Siyht* Only!
In a change oi Programme each Evening. In
troducing this talented and versatile
»'omj.anv of ChiMren. in
oct 12—tl
\ y ROAD.— lhe annual meeting of the Stock
holders oi this Company, will be held at the
olfice ol the Company, in Alexandria, on Thurs
day. the g'M instant, at •* o’clock, P. M
oct 2—eotd JAMES H. REID. <Merk.
COMPANY.—'The annual meeting of ih»*
.stockholders of this C'ouipaiiy will he hi-Id in
the City ot Alexandria, on Thursday, the kW/»
of O'ti'btr. lsf>7.
oct 7—eotd EDW. GREEN, Clerk
(1()AL! COAL!!—We have oh the way per
Sclir. Beauty, and now loading at Phila
delphia. about f>0<) TONS WHITE am» RED
ASH COAL, oi superior ijiiality. a small por
tion of which remains unsold. Pei sons desir
ing to lay m their Winter supply, will please
hand in their order*.
oct 7 (Sent j NEVETT * SNOWDEN.
MMIIKK ami Mlk.Mi M»K
RENT.—The three story Brick Hof'SH.
oil King street, south side, near Fairljx street
is for rent. It lies between John H. Brent’s and
Win. N. Brown’s, and is an excellent position for
any business R. JOHNSTON.
sep tH—eotj
7^ FOR >ALK—The two-story and attic
Ini FRAME DWELLING, with a two-story
back building. No. 3'.* Allred, between Cameron
and t^u-eri streets, fronting 12 le»*t. depth I lu
leet. For terms, ar d further information, ap
pl) on the premises. oct 7—eo3t*
\T() | ICE.—The Little River Turnpike Road
Company, have declared a dividend of one
and a half per cent on the capital stock, paya
ble on and alter the 1 Oth inst
oct y—eolw Treasurer.
SARATOGA WATER.—A large supply, in
pint at;d tjuart bottles, just received per
Schr. Arctic, and ior sale by
Stabler’s old stand, Nos. 0 At 7, south Fairlax-st.
1<» mo 10
1) noMS FOR RENT!—Several convenient
and pleasant ROOMS for rent, at the N.
. corner of King and Washington streets.—
Apply at
J)R. R. H. STABLER'S Drug Store,
oct 1—tf No. 1King street
Sugars, molasses. at reduced
PRICKS.—i'orto Rico and Cuba Sugars;
al a>. Ciu-hed. Powdered, and Clarified Sugars,
just received, and for sale at low prices, by
oct y Theatre Building.
/ CABAS. A:c—A first rate assortment of CA
\ ' BAS. in handsome patterns, and ot the
best mater.al; also, Porte Monaies and Purses,
with and without chains, just received, arul for
sale cheap, at H. B V* III I l INGION S,
oct 7 No. ,v>, King-street.
i Pd bbls. Eastern Alewives, to arrive
l'»0 “ “ Herring.'in store. Also
a small lot of Nos. 1 and 3 Mackerel, lor sale
by [oct 3] M. KLDRI PGE. Union Wharf.
) ] ■> boxes Gold Leal
10 boxes Joy to the World, on hand, and
for sale by KNOX Ac BROTHER,
oct 2—2m
Fringes, Ribbons, Fiench Flowers. Ru
cnes. Pearl Buttons, and small war's generally,
just received, at RICHARDS,
oct y No 110 King-street.
SHETLAND WOOL of all shades, also, a
superior aitide ot spring adjustable Brass
Hoops, just received per expiess, and for sale
: low. by C. C. BERRV,
oct y No 72. King street
\\ have just received 10-4, 11 1. and 12-4
White Marseilles Coioperpape«, which are very
cheap, and will be sold at a ireat bargain —
Call on [<»c? •*] •! E Ai L A. LARKIN.
,)iv DOZEN CORN BROOMS. 10 dozen
*\) Painted Buckets, in s’ore.and for sale by
oct 7 Post Oflice corner
vV"T BBLS. ( ni'h. tl. row<lerea, manmatea,
■ •} and Coffee Sugars; also, Golden Sjrup,
i just received, and lor sale by
oct r> .1. A DIXON. Family Grocer.
L)UCKWHEAT FLOCK.—Fresh Ground of
) Np*. S♦ ed. for sale by
I oct 9 Th< itre Building.
C1HKFSF.. — English Dairy and Western
/ CHF.KSL. it; store, and *or «ale by
oct 9 Theatre Bui’d.ng.
Muirs scotch ale— a i-w casks ot
this fivonte brand, in pints, ipceived di
rect from the importer, and tor «ale bj
oct 7 POWELL A CO.
I ETHEREAL OIL and Alcohol, received,
j and lor sale by
oct 10 cor. of King and Allred-streets.
• 1 reived, and lor sale by
„rt r. Family Groeer.
Ivisii_No i Nova Scotia Herring, in stor-,
< and .or sale by CAZKNOVK & CO.
j oct 2
/ lumbian Guano, lor sale by
Jft 3 -e02w T. A. BREW IS A CO.
CASTER.—3 >u tons fine Blue PLASTER,
on hand, and loi sale by
net 6 M fiLDfUDGE, Union Wharf
inn BUSHELS prime white Wheat, lor
jL\)\ f seed, lor sale by
! oct 2 CAZENOVE A CO. _
1*1CK ELS—30'JO Cucumber Pickels,in store,
and for sale by
! OALT—!,0uG SACKS G. A. SALT, (10 to
the ton.) in store, and lor sale, by
oct ft M ELDRIDGE. Union Wharf.
APPLE PEAREK>. Apple Corers, MtSNff
live minute Cream Freezers Ice t’ream
Moulds, for sale by [oct b] JOHN OGDEN.
fpiMOrHV SEED—100 bushels prime Tim
j othy Seed, in store, and for sale by
aug 22—eubui T. A. BKEWISACU.
i JSLlot on king STREET, ALEXAN
' DMA. VA—By virtue of a deed of trust, exe
cuted by James A English dated on the 31 st oi ,
i January. I sr>7. and recorded among the records '—
oi Alexandria County, the under signed, the
truvte«* Therebv appointed, will sell at pnblic
; auction, on t'ifVth day of Octal*?. I8f>7, at 12 o
nark. M. m irwnt ot the Mayor's Office, in the
j city ol Alexandria, the HOUSE and LOT. on
; the north side ol King street, between Patrick
| mid Allred streets, in the said cit). and now ot
cupted by said English, being the property con
j veyed by said deed. WM. H. FOWLE.
oct 1—dfs Trustee.
I iy* The above sale is postponed until Mon
day ne.it. same hour and place
j oct ill-tits W. H. FOWLE, Trustee.
VIRGINIA.—Und**r authority of a decree oi the
Circuit Court of Alexandria County. Va.. ren
i dered at the May term, I8f»7. in the suit ot
, John Mar bury. Trustee, against George Hill and
ofh"is. I shall offer at punlic sale, on Sutuiday,
\ the 3J ft day of October, 18.07, at 12 0 clock. M in
Wont ol the Court House, in the city ol Alex
andria. a TRACT OF LAND. containing 10
ACRES, more or less; situate in the said county
| of Alexandria, at the junction ot Pimet Run
with the Potomac River, on the south nide of
| said River, and a few miles above Georgetown,
D. C. A more particular description ot the
boundaries of this land w ill be given on the day
ol sale There is on it a valuable WATER
POWER, and a highly eligible SITE tor a
Mill, Manufactory, Ac, for which latter pur
pose some Buildings have alreadv been erected.
Persons de*iiousot purchasing such pioperty,
ate requested to examine it before the day ot
I sale:
Tkr.ms of Salk.—One-tenth of the purchase
J money to lie paid in hand, and the residue in
; three equal instalments, at six, twelve, and
j eighteen months. Irom the day ol sale, w ith
! inteiest f cm that time—to be secured by tbe
' bonds of the purchaser with good personal se
curity, and the title to be retained until the pur
i chase money is fully paid, and the property be*
' ing liable to be refold, upon the failure ol the
purchaser to comply with the terms of sale.
sep 22— 2awts Commissioner
hi J>. J. Aid —A I'CTIONKE U.
f In pursuance ol a deed of trust, dated
September 3d. INVi, and duly recorded, the- un
dersigned. Trustee, will otb-r lor sale, at auction,
on Thursday. SijfUtnber IT th on the premises,
that valuable property belonging to the late
Charles Koones. and used by him a* a Cabinet
Making Establishment and DWELLING,
.._fj.on the N. W corner of King and Colum
bus street*. 'Hie above property will be sold in
two distinct lots. Lot No. 1 is the corner, ex
tending on King street 74 teet. and on ( oliim
bus street 120 leet, more or less, with all the
Lot No. 2 lies on Kingstreet 2»>feet II inches,
extending hack 10U feet. Lot No. 1 is sul j-ct
to a ground rent ol $40 per year. Also, a
mortgage ot $1000. which, il desired, can re
main. or may be paid, according to the wish ol
the purchaser. Lot No. 2 w ill be sold in lee
Terms .—One-lourth cash, the balance in three
equal payments of 6. 12, and is months, lor ap
proved negotiable notes, to bear interest Irom
The title is believed to be unquestionable, but
I will convey only such title as is vested in me.
THOMAS DAVY, T rustee.
N R This property well deserves the atten
tion of those who have means, as there is no
other of equal advantages in the city,
aug 6—2awts
rr The above sale is postponed to Thursday,
October 13/A, at 12 o'clock. M.
*ep 10—gawtii THOMAS DAVY,'I’rustee.
\j REAL ESTATE.—By virtue ol a decree
ot the County Court of Fairfax County, Ya ,
pronounced at its June term. 1*33, in th»* suit
I of Emerson vs. Emerson, et. al . the undersigned
Commissioner, therein appointed, will proceed
?o sell at public auction, to the highest bidder,
! on Thu sday. the 3/A day of November next, in
j limit ot the Mayor’s ollice, in the city ot Alex
: andria. at 12 o'clock. M., a very desirable tract
ot LAND, lying immediately upon the river
1 Potomac, about four miles south ol Alexandria,
! and containing ONE HUNDRED and SIX1 Y -
SIX and a HALF ACRES. This tract adorns
the lands ot C. A. Washington, E. C. Gibbs and
others, is well watered, and heavily timbered,
with about 30 acres cleared. I he soil is ol
excellent quality, and could be easily brought
under profitable cultivation, and its proximity
to the markets of Alexandria, and the District
of Columbia, renders it a highly desirable estate.
Tf.iims ok Sale—The sum of $h32 30, with
interest thereon Irom third November, IS33, will
be required in cash, and the expenses of sale,
and the residue in two equal payments, at one
and two yeais, with interest Irom the day ol
sale, to be secured by the bonds of th»* purcha
ser, with approved security, and the title retain
ed until the whole of the purchase money is
paid. ROBT. I. SMITH, Comm r.
oct 3—eots
PUBLIC SALE—Will be sold on Tuesday,
2‘.*/A inst . at the Machine Shop of Kntw isle
K Moore, on Union street, the following pro
perty :—
2 Engine LATHES
1 Hand do
1 Small ENGINE, complete, ot suffi
cient pr>wer lor almost any manufacturing pur
pose. Tei ms cash.
The above property can be seen at any time,
on application to Wm. S Moore at the Piaster
| Mill, adjoining Hunter’s Ship Yard,
sep 23—dts
t'lT’ The above sale is postponed to Tuesday
tier/. *»/A October, at 10 o'clock. sep 2V df*
The above sale G further post|»oned, mi
t.l the 1 Oth iliiu of Odobtr. al the same tun*' ai:«l
place. oft .
\ COUNTY, FOR SALK.—The undersign
ed having 'iOiJ acres of Land in his iaim, will
<l,spose ol irom 1U" t<> ,of* lo *ult
I purchaser* Said Land is situated 3 mile* from
j the Long Bridge, on the Columbia Turnpike,
and about tne same distance from Alexandria
and Georgetown. Those wishing to purchase
| |jarid. near 'he three cities, will do well to caM
i 0n the subscriber, as 1 deem it unnecessary to
describe the Land or neighborhood, as it is pre
j surned that these wishing to purchase will ex
amine the property before purchasing.
j 1 * 7 s. B. CORBETT.
I Washington, sep 17—2awtf
IkT ECHOES WANTED.—1 wish to purchase
any number of NEGROES, for which I
W ill pay liberal prices. Those wishing to sell,
will do well to call on me before selling, at my
o d §r?.nd.at West End, Alexandria, Va.
j ik-dtr IOSF.PH BRUIN
| FINABLE CUTLERY —Persons wanting Ta
I J hie Cutlery, are requested to examine my
a-sortmerit and prices. JOHN OGDEN
oc? 9
IT ARM HANDS WANTED—12 or 15 goo.1
* farm laborers wanted immediately, on the
Mount Zephyr Farm, to cut brush and lor other
purposes. Apply on the Farm, sep 5-eotf
C1HEESE—3<J boxes Eastern and Engluh
) Dairy Cheese, for sale low for cash, by
| oct 3—eo2w T. A BBEW1S * 00
: Zi V BOXES CHEESE, lor«ale low by
sep 24 __.
N^T500^ W*iWHgAT ^ HRO
O ALT — 300 sack* ol *—**j^*”*n*j”l,»
to aala by (s»p «*J WHEA I fc BRO._
1 i. for..l. by (ocj S] JOHN OGDEN.
W OOL purehaaed by
je 12 WHEAT A Bh(f

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