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connEHtiAL. _
gunk of (he Old Dominion*
Statement of the Bank ot the Old Dominion
\vith its Branch at Peansburg, to September
30. 18r>7.
Capital Stock.$405,200 00
nue to Banks and Bankers. 54,318 54
Individual Deposits. 198,073 40 j
Discount and Interest Account. 7,722 51 |
Kachan#? Account. 518 97 ;
I'ontiug-n’ KunJ. *>?*> UO j
l opad Dividends. I,ol0 .>0
>.tes iu Circulation. 404.025 UO
$1,091,458 92
Bills and Notes Discounted.$534,203 02
Vipmuia S'ate Stocks and Guaran
t,"d Bonds. 460,540 00
Banking House. 90
Current Expenses. 2,333 08 t
Interest due by State of Virginia... 1,030 46 ,
Due by Banks and Bankers. 7,684 47 j
Note' and (’hecks on Banks. 16,494 65 1
Cold and Silver. 57.129 62 ;
profit and Loss Account. ‘d76 72 i
$1,091,458 92
With the exception ot the decline in exchange .
iu New York consequent upon the general sus- :
I tension ot specie payments by the Banks ot j
ttidtcity. we have no new feature to note in our j
monetary arf'aira. The Banks of Richmond ;
hnie yielded to the pressure, and have all sus- j
glided, winch will cause a similar course to be !
adopted by those branches throughout the State,
wiucri had not before suspended. The Banks I
die discounting sparingly, and money is in veiy I
artive request—street rates keep high.
In stocks there is nothing doing, and quota
tions are nominal Land Warrants are dull,
and we have heard ot no sales.
StspxNaioN ok KioiMosu Banks.—The ‘‘Far*
mer-* Bank,’’ and the branch ot the ‘-Exchange
Bank,” both located in this city, suspended spe
C e payments yesterday. -Suspension by the
• Farmers’ Bank'* will doubtless cause the adop
tion of a similar course on the part ot its
branches in various sections oi uie oiaic. i nr
“Bank ol Virginia is the only bank in Rich
mond that continues to redeem its notes witn
ajrne. It is supjiosed however, that like most
ol banks North and South, the uBank ot
Virginia,’* will also. at an early day, in selt de
Ihk**. b»* compelled to suspend. [The Bank ot
Virginia has since suspended.]
For several weeks past the Banks of this city
have seen tit to curtail their discounts at a most !
oppressive rate, and had such a course been pro- »
ceeded m much longer, the entire mercantile I
commum’v ol Richmond would have been pros- j
trated. and business generally paralized. Hav- j
in j/ now sii'pended. the Banks can continue their j
u»ual discounts, and thus relieve the trading j
community ot thi^ city without the tear ot hav- j
ing Th-ir notes forthwith returned to them lor
specie, and inevitably forcing them to suspend
with empty vaults, they stop now with tul!
vaults.and will be in a condition to resume spe
cie payments whenever that measure may be
agreed upon by the other Banks.— Huh Knq
Ntvs Vouk.—The Commercial of Thursday
afternoon says:—‘‘To-day presents a strong con
trast in The street to all that have preceded it
during the p.esent week, m the tar better state
ol leeling which is everywhere prevalent, The
a- troll ol the banks, consummated last night, by
which they agiee to ieceive the notes of the
solvent banks in the state on deposit, is regarded
in the most favorable light, and will perhaps ef
fect more in affording immediate relief Irom the
dead lock of trade under which we were suffer
ing tor some time past, than any expedient capa
ble of immediate adoption.
-We understand that a resolution was adop
ted at the clearing house this morning, that
irom. and including this day. until further notice,
tne balances accruing there will be settled in
current funds, instead of in specie, thus remov
ing another obstacle in the way ot relief mea
sures by the banks We understand that the
settlement all passed olFsatisiactonly this morn
ing The exchanges were .$8,375,B09 B2, and
the balances pant $872,37g 3ti. There will be
some little change in membership, grow ing out
ol the suspension, but the details are not yet en
tirely adjusted
•State stocks shared in the general advance,
with an active demand. Tilt* sales altogether
amounted to about one hundred thousand dol
lars of which sixty-three thousand were securi
ties ot this state. New York Sixes ot 1873 and
1 >7 X went up to par. a tine operation for those
who bought at the commencement ot the week
at the neighborhood ol ninety. Sixes of lSBl
brought v*4, ami ot >862 and 181*4,93. Fives of
1 >74 were sold at 92; of 18Bi) at '.‘3, and of
)>•>> at 93 and 93. Virginia S.xes opened at
and closed at 84], against 81 yesterday.—
IKn© Sixes ot Ishu, closed at 87, l advance:
Michigan Sixes at 77; Tennessee Sixes at B.r>;
Missouri S»xcs at Os, 3 advance, and C’alitorma
Sevens at 37.
Boston, Oct. 14.—The bank presidents, at
tiieir meeting this afternoon, adopted the follow
ing preamble and resolutions:
lu considering the course taken by the banks
this morning in suspending specie payments, we j
are led to the conclusion that it was not a mat- j
ter ol mere expediency, growing out ol the fact
that the banks of New York, Philadelphia,
Baltimore, and other important cities had set
them the example, but a measure of irresistible
necessity—a necessity imposed on them not ■
merely or principally on their own account, but
n.ost especially ior the piotection ot their nu- ■
serous debtors It is obvious that the banks
could not continue specie payments without 1
calling on tueir debtors to pay in specie; ami al
though thegreat mass of them are iu possession of
a property, their inability to pay in specie
18 certain, and an attempt to enforce it w ould end
lu ruin. In tueir tail all the laboring classes ot
community must be involved. They would
W thrown out o:e mployment and their families
thrown out ot daily bread. It is to avert these
consr^uence* that these measures have been
adopted. The committee recommend therefore
> adoption of the following resolutions:
"Resolved, That the present system ot daily
**tt.euient between the banks in the cleariug*
0,|ve shall be continued under such modilica
bouasthe clearing-house committee shall deem
Adv liable.
Resolved, That there shall be a return to
*pevie payment at as early a period as possible.”
jh* resolutions were unanimously adopted,
‘he crisis appears to have been met every
where to-day with entne philosophy, and with
^exhibition of excitement.
I he Boston banks will pay their balances at
^ clearing house in specie as usual, so that the j
wvpemion merely amounts to the suspension ot
out gold over their counters.
‘he Massachusetts Bank, the only one refu
•ln4 to join in the suspension, declares its inteu
•or. to continue sjvecie payments permanently.
published card of Messrs. J. C. Howe ft t'o.,
reposing to their creditors a renewal ot their
tor six months, as it matures, has met
** h a libera! response. Their notes and ac
<>p'.ances to a large amount, have already been
m tor renewal. From the extended con*
Tu>uot this firm with manufacturing inter*
>ts suspension would throw out of employ*
»*ut iK>afjy a ^QOUsaiM| persons
■ ^^‘hner A Co., publish a cud iu theeven
f papers, calling upon their creditors to have
, J’dPer renewed tor six months from its ma
nty. receiving interest lor the extension in ad
i ?Cf • a>8*ts ot the brm exceed their
Unities by inorethau $l,»iUO,UUO.
^ luHrLxxu, Mk , Oct. 14.—All our city banks
UH* hdeil specie payments to-day.
^ axuui. Mk . Oct. 14.—At a meeting of bank
^rector*, held here this afternoon, it was voted
payment during the present
co. J*u ut*OU8 "‘‘re aUo passed expressing
“nee in the Suffolk Bank system, and re- I
to take hills not redeemed iu Boston.
New Orleans, Oct. 14.—The crisis reached
its height to-day, and a portion ot' the banks re
solved to suspend. Their names are the fol
lowing—Union Bank, Bank of New Orleans,
and the Mechanics' and Traders' Bank. The
following Banks continued to pay specie *11 day:
The Canal Bank. State Bank. Bank ot Louisiana,
Citizens'Bank, and Bank of James Robb Ike
last named, and also the Citizens' kept open till
dark, meeting all demands as last as presented.
The panic has now quite subsided, and there is
little doubt but that the banks w hich paid spe
cie throughout the day will be able to continue
doing so.
The Baltimore American of yesteiday says:
— We have no change to note to-day in the con
dition of the Money market. Capitalists seem
indisposed to purchase paper, and it is difficult
to negotiate loans except upon undoubted col
laterals. The banks are w e believe discounting
to the full extent of their receipts, but there is
notwithstanding a large amount ot paper otf^r
ing on the street. The street ra’es to-day lor
discounts range at trom 2 to 2A per cent, per
mouth lor prime business paper. Money can
be had on call with undoubted stock collaterals
at 1$ per cent, per month. New \ork Exchange
is very irregular. The rates to-day range at
ljtob percent, premium. (Jold is bringing 5
to 5* per cent, premium.
Flour, Super.$5 20 & 5 50
Do Extra.b 25 & b 5U
Do Family.8 00 (£6 y 00
Wheat, white.1 bS & 1 12
- Do red.1 08 <0 1 10
Corn, (white.).0 bS (a 0 7J
Cor*, (mixed.).b bS (fi 0 73
Corn, (yellow).0 00 (a 0 00
Com* Meal, y bushel.0 00 (i& O /•>
Oats.0 30 <a 0 00
RIg.0 bH (Si 0 70
Clover Seed, (retail).7 50 (d 8 00
Timotut Seed.2 50 W 2 75
Flaxseed.1 60 & 0 Oo
Sumac. ($> hundred).I 25 k* 1 *>o
Plaster, (lump, retail, deliver
ed on cars,).4 00 & 4 25
Do ground do.7 00 @ 7 uo
IjUANO.bO 00 Ctf bO 00
bALT, line.. .>u w* t '«*
l)o (aiouiul Alum.u VO & 1 UO
Butter, roll, # tb.0 20 & 0 2>*
Do firkin.. 10 62 0 2U
Bacow. hog round.u 14 (2 0 Id
pottK.. o 00 (2 o 00
Laru. (in keg>).0 l.» (2 ° lb
White Beans.1 ® 175
Black-Eyed Peas.1 ^ ^
Hay, (* UK) lbs.).o 0 7r'
FLOUR.—The curings during the week
have been very light—not sufficient to meet the
city consumption. Nearly all the transactions
have been made ou private terms, and we a;e
unable to give reliable quotations.
WHEAT.—The market during the week has
been flat, oith a continually declining tendency.
At the commencement oi the week prices
ranger! at P2u;<*120c. tor fair white, and lz< «i
I2*c. lor red Since then there has been a stea
dy decline, and on Friday there were sales ot
good white at 110c; red was in better request,
and sales made at llvjc. The oilerings have
been lair, but the unsettled state ol the money
mat ket has had a most unlavorable elfect on
prices, and in consequence, we have to note the
decline, which, however, is not greater tuati that
in the neighboring markets.
CORN has been in active request during the
week, but prices have been without material
change, viz : 6N273c. lor white ami mixed.
There was a sale on Friday of 100 bushels at
77c., but the sale was made under peculiar cir
cumstances, and the price cannot be considered
as the regular market rates.
RYE—The offerings have been light, and
transactions limited, and the ruling liguies ha\e
been fibji*7Uc.
OATS—There has been a fair request for
Oats, and some change in quotations. Early
in the week safes were made at 38u4Uc., but at
the close there was a decline, and safes vvett*
made at 30c.
SEEDS.—There is but little enquiry for
Seeds, and no change in the prices ot ( lover or
Ti mothy Seed. Flaxseed have declined, and
sales made at $1 OU.
UUANO—Th t-re is a less active demand lor
all descriptions, though sales are yet beuig
made to a considerable extent We continue
our previous quotations, viz: No 1 Peruvian
$00; Columbian $4<>; Mexican A A $20ui$3U;
do. A. $20; African, no safes reported, nominal
ly $40; l)eBurgs $40.
COAL.—The receipts during the week have
been fair, with light shipments. Quotations
remain unchanged, viz: wump $4 0U <|>Run ol
Mine $3 70; Fine $3 00. Anthracite is in abun
dant supply, with a lair demand. We quote
White Ash at $6; Red $0 25, delivered.
PLASTER—There have been several car
goes received this week, and the supply on hand
is large, with a limited demand. W e quote $3
0u ^ ton from vessels; $4 2f(2$4 50, delivered
oil the cars.
change in quotations—stock on hand large,
with a limited demand. We quote $0 »>2j
M., and $7, $8, and $0, for 4, 4 J. and 0 feet
SALT —The stock on hand is lair, with a
moderate demand. Our quotations lemain un
changed. viz : Coarse at 90090c. s»^'k; Fine
$1 000$ l 70.
WHISKEY.—The stocks on hand are g< od;
sales to a fair extent are being made, at 2Oil
2Sc., in bids.
FREIGHTS are dull. The demand for Coal
is very light, and there being but tew shipments
of produce— there are a large number ot vessels
in port awaiting cargoes. Quotations are nomi
nal* __ m _
The Mnrhet*.
Baltimore, Oct. 16 — Flour is heavy—How
ard street sold ot *5,57; Oliio was otlered at the
same figure, but fouud no buyers; City Mills *5
0*5.25 for cash and on time. W heat is a bttie
firmer; red fair to prime 10.'0115c., white good
to prime 1160125c. Coin has advanced; white
61070c., yellow 6-'066c. Whiskey is uncliRiig
ed,City2t*4c.; Obio'JlJc.
Niw York, October 1C.—l*lour has advan
ced; sales ot 0.501) bids; 8*ate $4 7< (<i$4.8fcv,
Ohio .$5,150$5 6U; Southern $5.5U0$5 75 -
Wheat is dull; sales of 15,000 bushels; white 125
0130c.; holders demand an advance. Corn is
higher; sales of 9 5u0 bushels; mixed 73c; yel
low 75c. Provisions are quiet; Mess Fork
023. Lard 134015c. Whiskey is unchanged;
Ohio 21c. Stocks are firmer and active. Cumb.
Coal Co. 74; Va. 83. .
Baltimore Cattle Market, October 15.
Cattle.—Cattle were in goud aupplv to
day, and the market tor them was heavy at a
decline of 25 to 37 J cts. per 100 lbfrom
last week’s rates. The offerings at the scales
were about 1,300 bead. 15?> of which were
driven to Philadelphia, 100 were sold t<> coun
try dealers. 200 were left over unsold, and
the remaining 850 head were taken up by
Baltimore butchers at prices raging from
to $4.50 on the bo«*f, equal to ^6(a-$8 bet,
and averaging $3.75 gross.
Hogs.—Hog* continue to droop, and we
quote tnem this week at [email protected] per 100
net. These figures show a decline since last
week of 25 to5n cts. per 100 tbs. The sup
ply this week has been large.
Sheet arc dull We quote them as on last
week at $2 50(aSo.50 per head.
Coal Trade*
For the week ending Saturday, October 10,
the Cumberland Coal and lr**u Company’s
Railroad brought down 0,000.000 tons of
coal, and the Cumberland and Pennsylvania
i Railroad 3,57^,07 tons, »• akiog a total from
the Frostburg region for the week of 3,574*
08 tons, and tor the year 230,715,07 tons.
During the same period there were shipped
over the George’s Creek Coal aod Iron Com
pany’® Railroad 5,302,10 tons, and over the
road of the Hampshire Coal and Irou Com
i pany 705,01 tons, making a total for the
week fioin the George’s Creek region of 5,
127.07 tons, and for the year 253 517,00 tons.
Total from the entire coal fi ld for the
‘week 8,702,03 tons, and since January l?t,
490.232.07 tons.
No report has been received for two weeks
from the Cumberland Coal and Iron Com
pany.— Cnmb Tel.
l*>57 Sus Sun
OCTOBER, rises, sets. Moon s Phases.
17 Saturday... 6 .31 5 29! n a. m.
IS Sunday.6 33 5 27 New....l7 4 37 e.
19 Monday... 0 35 5 25 Fustqr..25 9 4 e.
20 Tuesday.... 6 3f> 5 24 Full. 1 7 57 k.
: 21 Wednesday. 6 37 5 23 Last t:r. S 11 14 m.
22 Thursday. . n 3s 5 22 HIGH WATKR.
23 Friday. 0 39 5 21 Oct u. 17 Oh 4mi.
! London.Oft. 3 1 Ilavr®.Oft. 3
Liverpool .Oft. 3 | Nt*w (.Oft. 10
flAiliKK LIST.
Schr. James House, Sprague, New \ork, to
j Borden Mining Co
! Schr. John K. Griffith, Baltimore, guano to
i Nevett & Snowden.
Schr. Spencer D., Mapes, Boston, coal by Bor
den Mining Co
Schr. Somerset, Miller, Philadelphia, coal
| by Cumberland Coal A: Iron Co.
Schr. John H. Jones, Fisher, Philadelphia,
coal by Cumberland Coal At Iron Co.
\1 L'UltUl V I » 1
I Schr. Alva, Gunn, hence at St. Johns, N. B ,
| Mb inst.
! Sciir. Blue Wave, Burton, hence «;t St. Johns,
1 N. B.. '.‘lb inst.
! Schrs. Potomac. Bury, and Mist. Dissoway,
1'roin this port, put into Hampton Roads on the
; pgt'n,on account ot head winds.
The schooner to which we reierred yesterday,
; being wrecked on Sandy Shoal, proves to be
| the Jane Ingraham, ('apt. Merrill, bom Rock
land. bound to City Point. The scnooner Con
: lad Fox, from New Yoi k, in ballast, bound up
J the Chesapeake bay, is ashore near Cape Henry.
! Assistance ha> been sent her, and it is probable
i -die will lie gotten off without much damage.
1 The schooner Abram Brown, loaded w ith coal
|,»i Fredericksburg, is reported ashore on the
h**nch opposite Pope » Gland. She sprung aleak
at sea during the late gale, and with difficulty
reached tiie beach. All aboard oi her were
j saved, but the vessel and cargo is a total loss —
| i'vrtsMouth (T‘i ) Transcript.
lyjoI'lCK.—Kioto and alter this date, we
will not receive or forward any description
I oi Goods from the North, unless bv special
! agreement with the parties, and sufficient funds
must he lett in our bands to cover all expenses,
i All go.»ds not provided for as above, directed to
| our care, will be stored at the risk and expense
1 ol the owner.
oct i7—eo^t D. & S. BL ACK LOCK.
4 \e.— UJTMKRS \ CO., have just receiv
j ed an additional supply ot Billed ( lotus,
Blankets, Linskys, Osmabueus, Cottons, &c.,
to which we invite attention ol purchasers—
prices to suit the times.
ot-r It W1TMERS & CO.
[Sentinel, Culpeper Observer, Marlborough
! Gazette. Port Tobaceo limes, and Fairfax
News ]
TyyEW SONG BOOKS.—Bryant's Essence of
j Old Yirginny. containing all the new,
j fashionable, and laughable Negro Songs, as
j surig by the celebrated Bryants Minstrels, 1^
j cents.
Pete Morris’ American Comic Melodist, con
taining all the new and original Comic Songs
„ol ibat prominent ('tunic Singer, l‘*M Os. l"or
sr.le by [oct V] G K. FRENCH.
r_9 FOR BALTIMORE—The steamer
| AMOMlsT.VTK w ii! receive cargo
j tor Ballitn -ie, (thisday,) Saturday, leaving at :i
j o’clock, P.M. WHEAT H BRO.,
oct 17—IT Agents.
I ELASTIC BELTS—A large assortment of
Eiastir Belts, with let ( lasps; also. ( las ps
and Webbing, lor making ttie snrn-. just re
ceivedat ~ H. B. WHITTINGTON’S,
oct 17 Sg King street.
FiAsTKR! PLASTER 1!—The undersigned
are just receiving a cargo of Soft Blue
Windsor Plaster, to which they call the atten
tion td farmers. KNOX & BRO.
oct 17—im
11 EVER and AGEE may be prevented as
^ as well as cured by the timely use oi Desh
ler’s Anti periodic or Fever and Ague Pills, for
salt. by HENRY COOK At CO.
Sarepta Hall:
ed 3-4 and *>-4, a choice lot. Also. Buck
net 1 7
CHESTS Best (»urpowder Tea; 10 do. dil
terent qualities; 10 do. Black Tea, different
qualities, in store and tor sale by
OTICK.— All persons having claim* against
the estate ot Lkwis Edmonds, dec'd , are
requested to present the same to the subscribers
with a view to their settlement. Those indebted
to the ♦*st.-it*j are hejeby r< q**esMl to pay the same,
without delay. A. H. SKI 1 BE. ) . i •>
Paris, Va . sep 17—eotf
IITK are now receiving our Fall supply of
yy GROCERIES and LIQUORS, from New
York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, to which
we invite the attention of our customers and
others; all ol winch we w ill sell low tor cash,
oc t .‘i—eo.'ltn T. A. BREW IS A CO.
—The two story brick DWELLING on
| Euiriax street, between Cameron and Queen
streets.at present occupied by myself, ioagood
tenant the rent will be low Possession given
1st November FRANC.IS P. ASHPOKD.
oct lb—eo.'lt
JiiidLlfcl, King street. Apply to
act lb—eotf” K C. SMITH.
SMOKE.—The subscriber continues to man
ufacture every grade ol Havana and ^ ara
SKtiAKS, having a* this time a large stock on
hand. Orders respectfully solicited.
Middleburg, Va . oct 9—eo2m
>> GAPANNl SACHETS, just received,
and lor sale by WM. A. HaRI,
* IP* Sign oi the Golden Mortar.
oct lf> No. 109, King street, corner Pitt.
/ 1 OLD WANTED —We are in want of
\ Jf bOO in gold, for a particular purpose, lor
which ihe lull rates will be paid.
act 13—eo2w R. H MILLER. SON A CO.
j v BOXES Fine Tobacco; *0 boxes No. 1
£\j E. P. Herrings; 2u boxes E. Dairy Cheese,
in store and lor s»ie low by
oct 13—eo 1 m FORD & WICKLIFFE.
\K7 OOL, purchased by
\\ j« 2 K0B1NS0N A PAYNE.
By Yesterday Evening's nails.
All Suspended.—The ‘‘Bank of Virginia’
suspended specie payments yesterday. Tb(
first to suspend in 1827, it was the last U
yield in the present crids, though holding oul
; ouly about twenty-four buurs longer than the
j other Banks of this city. We may now saj
: that ail the Banks in Virginia have suspend
ed specie payments. When they will re
6ume, time and circumstances will alone de
termine.—Rich. Enq.
Ail the banks in Petersburg, have suspen
ded specie payment.
The fair of the Valley Agricultural So
cieties is now open at W inchester, and is
said to be most attractive. The number of
entries amount to about eight hundred—twi. ®
as many as last year.
Sad Casualty.—Wm. Grove, who lived
near Newtown, and who hauled wood t)
| town almost daily, was drowned, Tuesday
evening, in the run which crosses the \ alley
, Turnpike at Nathan Parkins’ mill, whilst
returning home from towu.— B m. 1 iryinian.
Loss 11 y Fire.—Mr. Keller, of the Capon
; Furnace, near Wardeasvillo, ha3 lost the
greater part of four hundred load* of char
coal by a fire which broke out in his coal
house, Thursday night of last week, either
from stacking too soon or from cause un
i known. Preparations had ju^t beeu comple
ted lora six w >nth blast. The fire burned at
least two days and nights before entirely sub
dued.— B 1t Leicester 1 iryinidH.
The Rockingham Register says Wre re
gret to learn that the Typhoid Flux has pre
j vailed extensively in the North Mountain re
gion. in tills c*univ. A number of deaths,
, chiefly oi children, have occurred, and no
merous other cases are d-volopiag them
Thos. J. Hardy has been tried and convic
ted before the Circuit Court ot Richmond,
for rape upon the person of Laura A. Ben
nett, a small girl only nine years old, and
_ __M ^ _ A.1. ^ I «... Oi I tv/t.. MU
Beilieiil/ru iu tin a. ciiiicui mm y —w j+j'bmwi.
DISSOLUTION.—The copartnership hereto
fore existing under the name and style ot
ASHBY A CO., is this day dissolved by mutual
| consent. Either one ol the lirm is authorised
• to use the name ol the firm in settlement. All
I persons who have accounts against the lirm will
| present them lor settlement, and those who are
. indebted to them will call and >ettie. 1 hank
ful lor ibe liberal patronage extended to us while
• in business, we retire, wishing our friends may
find our successor iu business always ready to
I supply their wants on more liberal terms, as
they propose to save the purchaser from ten to
: fifteen i»ei cent. by their paying cash or trade.
Fauquier County, Va ,oct 0—eo2m
j XTOTHT.—Having this day bought out the
| stock of GOODS, at Piedmont station, of
| Met-sis. Ashby A Co ,and appointed RICHARD
! H. RUST, my agent, to conduct the business
under the name and style ot R. H. RUST, agent,
I shall in a tew days make additions to the
stock, and intend to sell exclusively for cash or
; trade—believing a business on the cash plan
• will save the purchaser from ten to fifteen per
; cent., as it can he done at much less expense.
All I ask from tnose who have trade or cash, is
to call and examine the stock before making
purchases elsewhere.
Fauquier County, Va., oct f>—eo2m
\ PRIVATE SALE.—The subscriber hav
! ing determined to change his location, oilers for
I sale the lollowing LOPS OR PARCELS Ob
Lot No. 1. Containing between FORTY and
FIFTY ACRES, situated at the junction of the
Alexandria Turnpike and the Georgetown dirt
road, 14$ miles from Alexandria, and IU from
Georgetown. The buildings are a comfortable
DWELLING HOUSE, with Barn and all
j&jithe usual other buildings, including an
office with two rooms, all new; plenty of Wood
and Timber, and well watered
No 2. Containing SIXTY-TWO and THREE
; QUARTER ACRES, lies on and binds with
I the road leading from Fairfax C. H. to Falls
Church 2$ miles from the former place The
land is of excellent quality, and has on it a
comfortable LOG HOUSE, Kitchen, Spring
J&H ouse, Ac. The Timber is of the finest
quality, and the land is well watered
No. 3. Containing THIRTY ACRES, chi. fly
in Wood an* 1 unimproved. It lies about a mile
east ol Hunter's Mill; a line location, and well
I will take cost for No. 1: the Assessor's val
uation lor No. 2, and $2U an acre lor No. 3.
Peach Grove. Fairfax Co., Va , sep 28—law’f
GJ* |/ W v REWARD.—Runaway from the
Village of Upperville, Fauquier
I County, Va.. on the v3rd of September, a NK
i GKO WOMAN, belonging to the estate of the
late Caldwell Carr. Said woman, JANE, is
pretty tall—some f> leet b orb inches in height,
of dark copper color, rather short spoken when
addressed, and about 28 yeais old. Sue was
hired to Dr. R T. Colston tor the year. Fifty
dollars will be paid lor her apprehension, if ta
ken in Virginia, and &10U il out ol the State
and secured. A. H. SKI ILK,
Executor of Caldwell Carr, dee d.
Paris. Fauquier Co. Va., oct b—eott
; | VK. V r.LniN S 1 1\.A V r. —juy inp w
/ Frame, by the Rev. John P Doneian.
price 75 cts.
Cultivator'* jllwanac.—Illustrated Annual
Register ot Rural Adairs tor 1S5S, published by
Luther Tucker, Editor ot the Cultivator, price
*<25 cts.
New Catalogue ot the Alexandria Library,
25 cents. Just published, and lor sale by
L>Ri»UN Ac CO., are just receiving their nip
selected with great cere, and purchased at low
ru.'L1'. by which they are p-eparu* to present 1o
their f* rends and the pubhc, lndiuvoi^m* *o Luy
oi ihem. B.U.-cN Ac CO.
Alidllebu’g, Ya., cct 9—eoc*n
"l l 7"ANTED.—By a gentleman and ids wife
\\ with two children, BOARD in a private
family, tor the winter. Address H. H.. Post
Oltice. oct 13—eolt
C1HEESK.—English Dairy and Western
1 CHEESE, instore, and lor sale by
oct 9 Theatre Building
1)UCK WHEAT FLOUR —Fresh Ground ol
) NewSicd, lor sale by
oct 9 Theatre Building
_ FLOUR, for sale at market rates, at Pio
neer Mills. Apply to FOWLE At CO,
sen IS Agents Alex. F M Co
hi i BUSHELS prime white Wheat, foi
seed, lor sale by
oct 2 CAZENOVE b CO.
T*7 H EAT • WHI 1>K F.Y.— J«.st received a lew
}) cases of that superior Old Wheat Whis
key. foct 5] POWELL k CO.
I'JICKKLS.—50UU Cucumber Pickets.in store
and tor sale by
S' ALT —L0»JO SACKS G. A. SALT, (10 to
the ton.) in store, and for sale, bv
oct 6 M. ELD RIDGE, Union Wharf.
SILK RUCHES for Bonnets, a very superi
or article, manufactured by
oet 14 W B RICHARDS, jr, HO King »t
-1 is for sale by [oct S] JOHN OGDEN.
- > H) ■ ——*
Flolic Meeting—See another column ol
i to-day's Gazette, for the official proceedings
i of a large meeting of the citizens, held in
: the market square, on Thursday night, in re
1 fereuee to the existing scarcity ut small
1 Canal.—Boats are still running on the ca
nal. No breaks have receutiy occurred, tui
the water is low and boats able to carry only
| a partial load. A copious rain (which we
! have had) would help the matter somewhat,
and enable shippers to send forward a large
amount of coal betw een now and the closing
of navigation by ice; "provided ahcayT’ no
1 break, or other mishap should occur through
the wilful neglect which has hitherto charac
terised the management of the work on the
part of some of the Superintendents.—Cumb.
A Suggestion —Tne navigation of the
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, will bo much as
sisted by the recent rains, but, suggests the
I National Intelligencer, as every thing good
! touching the canal during 1&07 has been
followed close at its heels by some counter
l vailing misfortune, so now a rise of water is
I negatived by a failure of pecuniary means
to prosecute further mining. Should this
! appear likely to continue, would it not be
I well for all persons who calculate to use Cum
j berland coal during the coming winter to
1 send up direct orders now whilst coal and
time are measurably iu their power? It is
to be feared that if some previsory measures
i be not soon taken, fuel may becom° excessive
ly dear thfa winter, »xni more especially il
| the winter should prove severe.
j Sugar Mills.—Mr. T. S. Jimieson is
manufacturing at his Foundry, a vrry durx
i bio and effective machine f-r the manufac
ture of sugar from tbc Chinese Sugar Cane,
several of which have been sold to citizens
of Fairfax County. They are horizontal
machines, with two heavy cast-iron rollers 12
1 inches in di imeter, aud 10 inches, long, and
one inch thick, with wrought irou journals
2} by 3 inches.
The rollers are braced on the inside with
strong ribs and the whole is neatly and truly
turned off. Two strong ge«rs match together
' on one side to iusure a uniform motion id’
' the rollers, and they are driveu by a large
belt pulling upon the shaft of the lower roller,
j The rollers .are mounted in a hubniantial oak
I frame,and the machine is ready for use. 1 he
! power may be applied by a belt from the
j ordinary threshing machine horse power.
These machines are worthy ol inspection
by those interested, and may he seen at the
Factory, or at the Farms, of Doct. 11. C. Ma
son, or J. M. Norton, in Fairfax County.
The Weather, yesterday, was very disa
greeable. The wind blew coli from the
northeast, and it rained hard noarlyall day.
Out of*door business was brought to a stand
The Washington Union says: —Seven hun
dred and eighty-eight tons of coal arrived at
Georgetown yesterday by the Chesapeake and
Ohio canal, and seven thousand live hundred
feet of lumber. I weoty-twocanal boats left
that port for Cumberland and other points.
The October term of the County Court, of
Fairfax County, will he held on Monday next.
The fallowing Justices will constitute tht
Court: J. C. Gunnell, l\ J ; W. B. McCor*
miek, Jas. Hunter and Richard JohnsoD,

Large Oxen.—Three oxen weighing in the
aggregate 7,200 pounds, raised by Mr. R. II.
Dulany, of Fauquier, passed through this
place yesterday morning, on their way to
the fair to be held at the Maryland Institute
iu Baltimore.
The Great Through Mail continues to
be carried over the Orange and Alexandria
ler for sale privately, until thof Or
lol>4n\ and if not sold before, pishimy on that
day, in I rout ol the Planters s Hotel. Fredericks
burg, Va., at 1l o'clock, M., the FARM on
which 1 reside, “ INGLESlDL. It is nearly
adjoining the town ol Falmouth, in the county
of Stafford, Virginia, on an eminence overlook
ing the Falls, and the beautiful Rappahannock,
across which there are two bridges in sight,
furnishing ready and quick access to the city ol
Fredericksburg, which is in full view, and from
whence by cars or boats, and often both, the travel
ler can reach, by direct communication, any of
the cities North, South, East or West. The
a in good heart, and provided with comforta
ble and convenient improvements. It is
well adapted to the different grain* and grasses,
and a part well set in meadow. The proximity
to market would make it a profitable DAIRY
FARM, as the demand for Milk and Butter can
not at present be supplied.
A splendid SPRING, a few steps from th*
House, a line G >rden, and a variety of excellent
Fruit. It is seldom such a Farm, combining
such and so many advantages, is brought into
Terms made know n on the.^lay of sale, and by
letter or verbally, to those wishing to know be
Stafford County, oct 6—2awts
nr In view o! the stringency of the times. I
decline selling the above FARM at PUBLIC
AUCTION, on the 20th, as advertised above —
It is still lor sale privately. L. J. H.
Stafford County, oct 15—eot20Qct
SALF'..—We wiil sell., at private sale, onr
| Faun, “INDIAN 10 VVN7’ lying in tii-irle*
Comity. Mar; hr,J.
j T he Farm lies upon Nnrjemoy Cre-k Tro
1 Ji:ce can be th'ppvd ‘o Kaii.iTiorc or Alexandria
from nearly ewry-fi« d The Farm contains
acres of which are now well *ct in clover; 250
acres have thi* Spring been be-a limed with 25
bushels to the acre The land is generally in
high state of cultivation; 125 acres will be
seeded in wheat this Fall. It has upon it a good
DWELLING HOUSE and every neces
Jyjgl^ary out building, some of them new.—
W ild Fowl, Fph and Terrapin abound in the
water immediately in front of the house.
If desired by the purchaser, all the Negro s.
Fanning Dteu>ils and Stock will be sold, or
any part ol them the purchaser may desire [c
buy with the F'arin.
For the larger {Kirtion of the purchase money
an extended credit will be given. Possession
given at such time as purchaser desiies. lhe
properly will be shown and all lurther informa
tion given by B. M. Ac W. L. CAMPBF.LL,
Port Tobacco, Mary land
Charles County Md . oct 3—Uw4w
ANY ONE wishing to purchase, one ol the
most beautiful and desirable FARMS on
the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, about -<S
miles from Alexandria, will do well to make
immediate application to /
nn.ne.ua W R R W|LL|AMS0JJ.
YVarrenton, sep 10—eott _
SHETLAND WOOL of all shades, also, a
superior article of spring adjustable Brasi
Hoop*, just received per expiess, and lor sate
low, by C. C. BERRY,
» octy No. 72, King street.
Arrival of the Northern Light.
New Yoke, Oct. 16—The steamship Nor
thern Light, with the California mails and
J passengers of the 20.h ult., arrived here this
morning. She ha* $1,600,000 in specie, and
upwards of 700 passengers,
j The official result of the State election had
I been declared in most of the counties. Iho
1 total vote polled was some 15,000 behind the
1 preceding election. The returns show \\ el
ler’s majority 11,000 over both Bowie (Amer.)
and Stanly (Kep.) The latter leads bis com- j
petitorabmt 1,000 votes, lhe Legislature!
ib overwhelmingly Democratic.
The people resolved to pay the State debt
by a majority of 15,000 against repudiation,
but have refused to call a State Convention f
to revise the Constitution. A majority of the
votes cast was necessary to ensure the Con* 1
voution, but so great was the indifference
manifested, that a moiety of the people only ■
voted on the questiou.
Mining operations throughout the State j
were carried on as vigorously as ever. The
various flouring companies on the rivers were
getting fairly to work, and many of their
enterprises were resulting successfully.
Crops throughout the State had generally
been garnered iu excellent condition.
Immigrants by the overland routes were
pouring into the State in great numbers. A i
: great maj irity of the trains had more or less ,
! difficulty with the Indians.
The Northern L;ght arrived io time to \
connect with the early train.
New Orleans, O^t. 10.—The Cnion, and j
the Mechanics X i radars Banks, and the
Bank of New Orleans, suspended yesterday.
Sales of Cotton at 9J(h;10o.
St. Louis, Oct. 10.—There has been a
heavy run on the Bank of the State of Mis
souri. The ability of the banks to hold out
is doubted by gome.
Nashville, Oot. 10.—The Bank of Ten
nessee has suspended. The Legislature is
considering a bill for legalizing the suspen
Norfolk, Oct. 1G.—The banks here have
suspended specie payments.
He-JVomlnallon of Mayor Wood*
New Turk, Oct. 1G. —List uight Mayor
Wood was renominated at Tammany Hall,
by 95 votes out of 108 cast.
Later from Havana.
New York, Oct. 10.—The steamer Daniel
Webster, from New Orleans, via Havana,
has arrived. The Cubau news is uuimpor
The Ohio Election*
Cleveland, Oct. 16.—Returns from sixty
two couoties have been received, showing a
Democratic gain since last fall of 10.5G1
votes. The Democrats now confidently claim
the State hv a small majority
rjTRUSTEE’S SALE.—By v.rrue ol a deed of
I ti List from James Breen and wiie, hearing
date on the oOth of December. 1854, the under
signed, Trustee, will sell on Wednesday, the 2>th
day of October, 1857, at 1*2 o'clock, in front ol the
Mayor's Olfice, at public auction, for cash, a cer
tftfjjtain TENEMENT and LOT of GROUND,
jiijjon the south sideof Wilkes street, between
filyal and Pitt streets, in the city ol Alexandria,
fronting on Wilkes street *21 teet, and extending
back southwardly about 90 feet. A more par
ticular description of said premises will be
given at the sale. SUSAN S.MY 1 H.
oct 17—cots Trustee
suant to the last will and testam<^t ol the
late Robert Stiingfeilow, will be sold on the
premises, on the first day of December next, if
ia:r. if not the next fair day (uuless "previously
sol-! privately) the FARM on w hich the latetes
tatoi resided (known as the Belvue) containing
about 750 ACRES. This land lies hi the coun
ty of Culpeper, 10 rm'es from the Court
House, live miles from Mitchell s Station on the
O. and A. Railroad, one Irom Raccoon Ford, in
one ol the most beautiful sections ofY'a. With
out entering into part culars. we believe that
a rare opportunity i» now presented for securing
a home, which tor beauty ot location, healthful
ness, fertility of soil and good society, is sur
passed by lew, if any in the State.
The DWELLING HOUSE is comfirta
iaw*. and the out buildings are ample and in
good repair. There is within one mile of the
larm a Water and Grist Mill, two Stores, Post
Olfice, Wagon Maker, Tailor, Blacksmith and
Shoe Shop, in sight of an Episcopal Church,
and convenient to Baptist. Methodist and Presby
terian churches.
Persons wishing to view the premises, will
call on Mr. R. S. Slriuglellow, Raccoon Ford,
who will take pleasure in showing them.
Terms very accommodating—a credit of one,
two, three and peihaps live year®, with no cash
payments, unless wished by the purchaser. In
terest from day of sale, to be paid annually,
good personal security, and a deed ol trust on
the land, will be required to secure the pay
Persons wishing to negotiate privately before
the day ol sale, w ill address John S Walker.
Orange C. II.. or Rev. H. Stringfellow, Vernon,
Hanover co.
At the same time and place will be sold all
the perishable propelty (except the negroes)
consisting ol 14 head of Horses. GO bead ol Cat
fie. among them twelve good Work Oxen and
som* good JWves, the stock of Hogs, among |
th’r.i some lor pork hogs.ar.d GO >h'*ep between :
4 and oOO ba rcls of Cor.), Oa‘s Hav a;.d other i
pro coder, Wagons. Carts, Farming I rq iemeott
of various kinds, I Wheat Tbresbmg Box, i.
Wheat Drill, Household and Kitchen furniture,
\c , &c.
Tkkm.s ok Sale.—Of the per-onal proper
ty cash lor all sums under Jf>lU;$PJ a,1( ul
wards a credit of nine months, bond and ap
proved security, with interest Irorn the date ;
but il punctually paid the interesML wil. be re
Culpeper County, oct l" eots
1 VANIA COUNTY, VA.—The farm on
wuich 1 reside is ottered lor sale; also, the one
on which Mr. Frank Tompkins resides, and
owned by us jointly. The lirst contains MO
ACR£$, with excellent improvements—the lat
ter 7GO, with ordinary improvements: both
seven miles south of the Court House. They
are well adapted to the growth of grain and
tobacco, well watered, and equal in quality to
any iarnls in this region. Terms liberal.
Any information desired by those wishing to
purchase, may be obtained by addressing the
subscriber at Mount Pleasaut, Spotsylvania
County, Va. D. M. WHARTON.
Spotsylvania Co.,aug G— law’tl
Fringes, Ribbons, French Flowers, Ru
ches, Pearl Buttons, and small war»s generally,
just received, at RICHARDS’,
oct 9 No 110 King-street.
1MSH.—No. I Nova Scotia Herring, in store,
^ and lor sale by CAZKNOVK & CO.
oct 2
BY S J. McCORMICK—Acctiokhk.
Household and kitchen furni
ture, AT AUCTION.—The under
signed by virtue ot’ a deed of trust, will *«dl at
Auction, on Tuesday. the 10th inst.. at \K) o rloek,
at No. 221 King, between Allred and Patrick
streets, a lot ot Parlor. Dining-room, Chamber,
and Kitchen FURNTURE. consisting in pait as
follows: l Mahogan) Sofa; Mahogany i'ar
lor Chairs; l Mahogany Side-Board ; 1 Mahog
any set Dining Tables; Marble Top Stands,
Dressing Tables, Ac ; Carpets; Oil Cloth*;
('hairs: Bedsteads; Beds and Bedding: Cottage
Chamber Furniture; Cooking and Chamber
Moves. Ac., Ac.
Tkkms :—Purchases under $20, ca*h : over
that sum uo days credit, purchasers giving nego
tiable notes well endorsed,
oct eots I) FUNSTEN, Trustee
rpRl'STEE’S SALE—By virtue of a «i«-e* 1 of
£ trust from Samuel Russell, to the under
signed, dated the 10th day of July. l>5t. and
duly recorded in the Clerk s Office ot the CYmn
ty of Fairtax, Liber Q. No. 3, folio 142, I shall
sell at Public Auction at Fairtax Court Hou*e,
on Monday, the l^'h day of November, next, (»hat
being Court day) the TRACT OF LAND in the
said Deed mentioned, containing I‘.*5 J AC RES,
or so much thereof as may be sufficient to pay
the debt secured by the said deed The above
Tract of Land is situated in the County ot Eau
fax, about four miles from the village ot Dranes
ville, and near the Potomac Rivsr. 1 he im
aprnvements con*isr of a comfortable Frame
DWELLING HOUSE,eontaicingsixrooms
and Kitchen; also a large frame BARN and a
tine young Orchard of Peaches and Apples ot
select fruit; 100 Acres of the Land is well fenced
ami improved; 45 Acres are in Wood and lim
ber. 145$ Acres, upon which thtbuildmgs and
improvements are located, will be sold first. It
they shall not prove sufficient to pay the debt,
then the residue of the Tra t (50 Acres) will be
>^soid. Upon the latter there is a small frame
JLi3kDWELL!NG containing three rooms —
The last mentioned tract is principally in pine.
Selling aa Trustee l shall convey only such rule
av it vested in me, which, however, it b-lievu t
to b.? unquestionable. Terms CASH S.d? i<>
take place between twelve and thrce o’clock.—
Mr. Russell residing on the farm will take plea
sure in *howing it to anyone who may be d.s
posed to purchase. THQS. R. LO\ E,
Fairfax County.oct 13—eots Trustee.
FAUQUIER LAND.—Pursuant to a decree
ot the Circuit Court of Fauquier County, ren
dered on the lT'th day of September, 1S37, in
the case ol Landon Carter, plaintiff, against J.
A. Carter, trustee, Ate., and others, defendant*,
the undersigned will otler at public auction. t«»
the highest bidder, in front of Bowie's Hote l, in
the town ot Upperville, in said county, <>« the
l'2thof Nnvetnber, lSf>7, (if fair, it not, the in \;
tair day.) about noon, one umi'vided Sth pait ol
that line estate, lying near the said town ol 1 i*
perville. known as “NO. 6." 1 he said e tat *
containing about 600 ACRES. l*he said inter
est will be subject to the life estate ot Mrs.
Eliza F. Carter, widow of the late John Carter,
dee d. As the estate ot “No. 6” is well known
as one of the best in Upper Fauquier, a far
ther description is considered unnecessary.
Terms of Sale under the said Decree.—One
tenth of the purchase money to be paid on day
of sale, one-tenth on confirmation ot the sale by
the Court, and the residue in three equal pay
ments, at 12, I », and 24 months, from day ot sale
—the purchaser to give bonds with approved per
sonal security, bearing interest irom day ol sale—
the title to be withheld until the w hole purchase
money is paid, and the said interest liable to hi
re-sold upon the lailure ot the purchaser to
comply with the terms of sale.
Upperville. Fauquier Co., Va . oct 13— eots
/ virtue of a decree ol the Circuit Court t«>r
the County of Fairfax, made at its November
term, lbfiO, in the case of B. F. Rose, against
Robert Alexander, and others, the undersigned
will seil at public auction, at Fairfax Court
House, on Monday, October 1 Oth, lbf>7, that be
ing Court day, the TRACT OF LAND on which
Dr. Benj. F. Rose now’ resides, adjoining the vil
lage of Centreville, containing SO ACRES,
more or less.
MThe improvements consist of a large
convenient out-houses, beautifully situated on
a high eminence, which overlooks the village
ami surrounding country. T here is also a small
Building on the lower part of the farm, which is
kept as a Wagon stand. The land is well wa
tered. and is in a fine stale of improvement.
Term* or Salk—One-third of the purchase
money to be paid in cash, the balance in nine,
twelve, and eighteen month*, without interest
the purchaser to give his bond for the deterred
payments, and the title to be retained until the
deterred payments are made—the premises to
be subject to re-sale if the payments aie not
punctually made. Sale to take place between
11 and 3 o'clock. R- ALEX ANDER,
Commissioner ot Sale.
Fairfax County. Va.. sep |f»—eots
IT arm and MILLS FOR SALE — lie
^ subscriber offers lor sale his farm situated
3 miles from Jeffersonton,Uulpe|>er County, \ a ,
containing ONE HUNDRED AND Ell* IX
arable and meadow land. The 1*1 ILD
jjlJlNGS are good and nearly new. There is
also upon the farm two Mills, a grist and saw’
Mill, u|>oii a permanent stream ol water with
good custom.
T he subscriber selling from inability to at
tend to farming operations, it not sold privately,
will be offered at public sale, upon the 12th */oy
of November, 18f»7, it fair, if not, the next h;ir
day. At the same time, the subscriber will d.s
pose of his Farming implements, Stock. Horses,
c a
(XC ,
Terms of Sale made known upon the day of
Jeffersonton. Culpeper Co., Va., oct 14—eots
) scriber offers for sale one of ibe most valu
able FARMS in Culpeper. This tract lies two
miles north-east trom Stevensburg, and three
miles from Brandy Station, and contains WO
ACRES. The land is well watered by good
springs, and has a never failing stream through
each field, and may be divided into two parts,
giving to each an abundance of timber and
water There is upon the farm an elegant
commodious DWELLING HOUSE,
with ail necessary out-houses, all in good
M;d»-r. I be land was originally gtW. has long
b en under a system oi improvement, and »s
now calculated to suit the taste of the most
fastidious. A detailed and pompous description
I deem unnecessary, as genderren who wish to
purchase, will examine ar.d judge for them
selves. B. W HANSEROUGH.
Culpeper County, sep l—eotf __
rrUlE SUBSCRIBER w ishing to return South
I early in the Fall, offers for sale the place
upon which he resides, consisting of TWENTY
AND A HALF ACRES, situated in Fairfax
County, upon the old Leesburg Road, which
separates it from the grounds of the Theologic ±\
a The DWELLING is a two story frane
building, (completed in the Fall of 185* )
containing five good sized rooms, exclusive of
kitchen, storeroom, and pantry. A well of ex
cel lent water at the door.
Its proximity to Alexandria, and the neighl or
hood affording the best society, makes it desiia
ble. il only for a Summer residence.
Possession given immediately. For terms,
&c., apply either through the Seminary l’*-»t
Office, or upon the premises, to
Fairfax Co., jy 27—eotf A. C. N^ SMK
of the price of SHETLAND )
the manufacturer, I shall hereafter sell it at the
following prices:—White lb| els* P*r OU K**» %
colored 25 cts. per ounce
oct 7 WM. B. JUCH AKDS, Jr.
CABAS, &c.—A fust rate assortment of CA
BAS,' in handsome patterns, and of the
best material; also, Porte Monaies and Put-es,
u-ith and without chains, just received, an*1 lot
sale cheap, at H. B. WHITTINGTON A.
VC1 7 No. 82, King slice

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