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rattle Market, October 29*
. i pi i K—The 8upply%of Cattle to-day wan
, M)ine 1.350 head being offered at the
,irx ' tmarket was dull but the sales were
■ 4ir*a. about last week's rates. Of the Cattle
V V, >.> were driven to Philadelphia, 100
^^ddto country dealers, l5o were left over
"er<* T dnd the balance (**00 head) were taken
T K.i timore butchers at prices ran<j_n« from
U| 25 on the hoot, equal to $G0-$7.75 net,
^/a^ratiing gross !
ut . , - t he supply oi hogs is still very heavy,
j head being in the pens tonlay. The
. vr XMtn i> dull and prices have a dovvu
,,urr*;. deucy. The sales To-d|V were uiade
v'/,::r.;;V ranging from $0.75®7.00 per 100 ;
• --The supplv of Sheep at market, is
! -a e and prices are a shade better. We
:I y rhetu to-day at $ < **$3.75 per head.
4 \ n'Y._Orovers will please remember that
.. ‘ (iovernor has set apart, as a day of Thanks
", . a the 2nth ot November, which, coming
TnursJav, the regular sale day will be on
th* -3Mb .lav Of November.
Pncf, „f marketing in New York in October
and October, lb57:
lb56. Ih57.
«W hind qrs. » 10 0 13 b0 11
lore ,|rS. " *» » »•> 64 *j
Mtore qr* lb 0 0 12 J 1
>,U bmdV •' W» *5 U. 4 12
taickens. pen »» »» ^ 1,5
84 22 4 31 1
~ Orange Co., new 'as it 31 2b 4 it
_ 10 0 12 0*0 11
Cm** .... r
t 16
p»'atoes, new Long Island
tier busnel b* 0 113 100
‘ Jcrsev Sb 0 113 100
Per httlf i»eck 13 0 18 16 0 20
~ almanac. _j
l>.r)7. >C N Sc N j
OCTOBER *"ises 9tt$ Moon s I hasks.
I Saturday... |S 40 5 11 D ®*
1 Sunday.... 5 30 5 1< l?«d. * '
2 Monday... 6 51 5 9 Last qr. S 11 14m
ruesday... S 52 5 S New-16 10 c4 M.
4 Wednesday 6 34 5 * Fnstqr..24 12 32 b.
5 Thursday. *> 53 •> 5, HIGH ^^J***r
g Friday.6 &j5 4 Oct e 31 oh 4orr.
—g 11 is*—
91AH1NB I-1ST. _
Brig A’amonde. Crocker, City Point, \ a., to
(’azenove & ( o.
>hip Zephyr, King, cleared tor New Orleans,
is ballast, by Fowled Co.
Brig Andover, ( rowell, Boston, by 31. IlI
druDe. ,
Ncnr. Cornelia ( rook, Kvethard, New York,
coal by Alleghany Mining Co.
Schr Cornelia, Lemmon, New York, coal by
Borden Mining Co.
Schr. Golden Rule, \\ ilber, New* York, coal
by Cumberland Coal & lmu l o.
Schr D K. Sawyer, before reported sailed by
Cumberland Coal be Iron Co., should have been
by Wtu. A. Duncan.
Memoranda. w
Sc his S. Bruen. Douglas, for Georgetown, ami
Salesman, tor this port, cleared at New Yoik
Vsth in$t.
rr Hklp Us—Let those w ho U el an inter
est in the Church at this particular time, show
their liberality. We have said. Help us, tor
without the generosity oi the public generally,
our small and beautiful Methodist Episcopal
Church, at Sperryville, must be sold. We are
tew, but we hope that God. iu his Providence,
may touch your hearts with the huger of nis
love, and enable you to feel that it is more blest
to g;ve than to receive. We hope those who
may read this will not read it with a glancing
eye, but ponder it well in their minds, and give
it a proper examination. “Give and it shall be
given unto you again. A. B. A.
>j**rry ville, Rappahannock Co., oct HI*— It
fy Theie will be a called meeting ot the
members of the Young Men’s Christian Associ
ation. at their rooms. No. 1*2, South Royal st ,
tm* ’Mturday) evening, a* 7 o'clock. By or
der ot the President JOHN McKENZIK,
oct HI —It Recording Secretary.
IV To William E. Gaskins, Kay, Sir: A
untilber o! your irieuds (without any consulta
tion with you upon the subject.) have taken this
method To name you tor the office of Commision
er of the Revenue tor the North Eastern distncT,
in which you reside, and call upon your friends
throughout the whole county to support you for
said office at the approaching election
Fampuer Comity, oct *24—eolm
?ul»cnbers are now receiving their second
Laving made two trips this Fall to the Eastern
cine*, to make our purchases. V\ e have an un
usually large and complete stoek, consisting oi
a geueial assortment of Foreign and Domestic
ERY, DRUGS and MEDICINES; a fresh as
sortment of READY MADE CLOT H I N G;
$ 1OUU worth of BOO I S and SHOES; $500
worth of HATS and CAPS. For Ladies, we
have a great varie ty of DRESS GOODS, such
as Silks all wool French DeLaines, Mermoes,
Mouslaines, Gingham. Calicoes, handsome as
sortment: Shawls, French Talmas, Bonnet Rib
bon*. Rouches, French Flowers, Embroideries,
Oluves Gauntlets, Hosiery. Ac.
For Housekeepers, we otler a large stock ot
vriped Linsey. Fulled Cloths, Sattinets, ) arns,
Point-tic Cottons. Yarn Socks, Bed l icks, Cot
ton and Woolen Flannels, Blue Matkinaw
Blankets tor Overcoats. Carpeting, Druggeting,
Rugs, Ac.
For Gentlemen, we have a full stock of Cloths,
Ta&aimeres, Vestings, Shawls, Hats, Caps, Boots,
^uoes. Gaiters, Socks, Silk Pocket Handker
cuien. Neck Ties. Stocks, Scarfs, Gloves. Silk
and Merino Undershirts, OverCoats, at from
to $30.
1\> all ot which we most respectfully invite
*be attention ot cash and prompt six mouths’
buyers. A liberal discount will be made lor
'•ash. All kinds ot Produce taken in exchange
lor Goods. HALL A HARPER.
X B Wanted, a YOUNG MAN to act as
k**!.»*rai Cltrk. One who has had several years'
experience in a Country or Village More, and
un come well recommended as a salesman
*°uld be preferred. HALL & HARPER.
I ppemlle, oct 31—2aw3w
OdS^OiAMONDSTATE, will receivecargo
h)r Baltimore, (this day,) Saturday, leaving at 3
°c!ock, P M. WHEAT A BRO.,
octot—it Agents.
FOR BOSTON—With despatch, the
SlRreguldr last sailing packet Schr. Seamilie,
Master, tor freight. Apply to
3i Union Wharf.
FOR NEW YORK—With Despatch
Xtat-The Ust sa.,inj? Schr w. C. RUTAN,
Kus*. master. For freight, apply to
_ cc' M M. ELDK1DGE, Union Wharf.
* c »UolX. J T. JOHNSTON.
I^RgL N & CO., are just receiving theirsup
elected with great care, and purchased at low
*a’es. by which they are prepared to present to
lW,r lr*emi$and the public, inducements to buy
o:Jbem BROUN A CO.
MiddUburg, Va., oct 9—eo2m
BANK—Persons in want of SAND tor
Building or otuer purposes can be supplied
suort notice from my Bank, by leaviug orders
* !uy dwelling or Lime Kiln, or at the Cooper
1 °l) 01 -Mr Jos. Cawood, corner of Water and
rrUicess streets.
- 001 eon* THOMAS SMITH.
} ®^NES Fine Tobacco; 20 boxes No. 1
2?./ ** Herrings. 20 boxes E. Dairy Cheese,
0fe and lor sale low by
By Venlerday Evening’* Kails.
■ —:o:
Richmond Items.—Mr. Joha llaley, who
for several season#, has kept an eating 6aloon
on the Fafr Grounds, was stabbed with a
carving knife yesterdiy afternoon by Mr.
Nimrod Dickinson, and died in a few min
utes, thereafter. Some misunderstanding we
learn, occurred between the parties in the
saloon, and a sou til 3 ensued, duriug which
llaley was stabbed by Dickinson, llaley
leaves a wife and four or five childreu.
Dickenson is a tobacco manufacturer and
unmarried, lie bus Lecu committed to jail
lor trial.
Accident.—At the Fair grounds yesterday,
a negro man was kicked so severely, Ly a
horse, that he died in a few minutes.—
A meeting of the Farmer'# Assembly was
held on Thursday night, wheu the officers for
the ensuing year were elected, lhe list va
ries little from the previous one.
A young man who gave his name as Jas.
Talbott, aud said he hailed lrom Ghio, was
arrested yesterday alternoou at the lair
Grounds, for stealing the pocket book of Mr.
James D. Winston, ot llanover, containing
$o5 in money, and sundry bonds. Mr. \\ in
?»tou was in the act of going iuro the R’g
Tent when no felt the fingers of the thief in
contact with ms pocket, and immediately
announced the robbery.—iJispatch.
Keep out ok Dander.—Whilst the .passen
ger cars were just at the point of entering the
station-house in town,Monday afternoon, two
men, ©ogaged in a playful scold*, slipped
from the platform upon the track, one of
them strikiug on his uead and becoming in
sensible for the time. As he is an employee
ab^ut the depot, it was at first supposed tnut
he was feigning heiple^ness, and he was
barefv picked up before the cars passed over
the spot. A few seconds more would have
converted the seemingly trifling ineidout in
to a shocking casualty. Let others take
warning from perils oi this kind.- 11 incfteatci'
The Fairfax News says:—The November
Term of the Circuit Court for this county
will be commenced by his Honor, Judge Jno. ;
\V. Tyler, on Monday next, the 2d proximo.
We are gratified to be able to state that th ere
are no persons in our county jail at this time
to be placed ou trial for criminal offences at
the approaching Term of the Court.
• 1
The Currency.
The New Yoik Courier proposes the fol
lowing remedy for the present evils of a de
ranged currency agaiust similar revulsions
hereafter. Let Congress at au early day af
ter its assembling pass a Liw, authorizing
Banks and parties associated tor that pur
pose in any State of the Lnion, to send their
j Bills to an officer at Washington designated
| in the Law, accompanied with Government or
State Stocks or both, both worth in market,
twenty-five or fifty per cent more than the
face ot the Bills; and make it ihc duty i f '
such officer to stamp upon such Bank bills, j
with signature attached.—“Receivable for j
Payments due to or by the Government ot j
the United States.”
And in the event of the non-redemption o* j
such Bank Bills in specie when present* d at j
the counter where issued, make U imperative
upon the officer referred to, as is the case |
with our Comptroller, to tell sufficient ot the
Stock upon which they were issued, b»r the»r
prompt redemption with interest;and further
more, such officer to be required at all times
i to keep a margin (named in the law) between
' the amount of the Bills and the market val
ue of the Stocks deposited, which shall effectu
ally guard against the possibility of loss to
' the Bill holder.
Our remedy then is the adoption of our
! New York Law in regard to currency, by
the General G >vernmerit, aud its extension to
' every State of the 1 nion.
I INVITE (TTU/.ENS and strangers to call
at mv manufactory. No. I ll, King s it-i^.
between Washington and St. Asa} n s.i<a\s, am*
examine my larg** ind handsome a^soittnent ot
SADDLERY GOODS, a> I do not intend to be
surpassed in my line ot business, by any otuei
citv. I have on hand, and am daily munutac
! tunng as fine aud superior an assortment, as
i can be tound in any ot the Northern cities
My Stock comprises as great a variety a- can
be tound in anv other hou^e. consisting oi HAR
NESS, ot ail kinds, from the fine quill work
down to the dray. cart, and }>!*>\v Harness-—
TRUNKS, oi every kind, line >oLE LEA I H
ER, Steel Spring Iron frame Ladies lRl NK '*
A\l> Bt>N N KT Bt)XMS. and ali other kin*Is
i down to the common packing lrmiks: S A L
' Ate., as tine as the finest: Buffalo and t.nu y
all kinds, ('all and see tor yoursei ves.
Thankful tor the very liberal patronage here
tofore extended, solicit a continuance ol the
same, and 1 pledge myselt to spaie no pains to
give satisfaction. All GOODS warranted to be
as represented.
oct 31-rf WILLI AM F. PADGETT.
Alexandria water company
notice.—water renters will take notice
j that their Water Bills will be doe on the 1st ot
i November. Is-">7. Those who can make it con
: venient, will please call u“ the office oi the l rea
surer and pav. EDW AKD S. HOI GH,
oct 31—eo«t Treasurer.
i lyTOTlCK —Notice is hereby given that appli
| cation vviil be made to the Hank <>t the
! Old Dominion tor the renewal ot' Certificate No.
; 3b3, dared July 1st, ib.r>4,of Ten Shares ol Mock
, in said Bank, issued in the name o* Lucy Buck
■ uer—said Cert ticate having been lost
Executor of Lucy luck tier, deed,
oct 27—2aw >111
SMOKE.—The subscriber continues to man
ufacture every grade ot Havana and \ ara
SKGARS, havingV ?hts time a large stock on
hand. Orders respectfully solicited.
Middleb irg. Va . oct 0—eoJm
IIARM FOR SALE—l will sell my farm
4 UH0LL1N HALL,” in Fairfax County,
within three and a half miles of Alexandria,
and containing about FIV E H L N D K E 1)
ACRES, adjoining the lands of F. K. Johnston,
C. A. Washington, and others. The land is in
as good condition as any in the County, and the
a BUILDINGS are all that are required.
Persons wishing to purchase, will call upon
the subscriber, living on the premises, ierms
made known ou application, to
E. C. Glbhb.
Fairfax County. Va., my 2r>—*ort
ANY ONE wishing to purchase one of the
most beautiful and desirable FARMS on
the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, about 3b
miles from Alexandria, will do well to make
immediate application to
WarrePton, sep 10—eott
¥¥TE are now receiving our Fall supply of
York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, to which
we invite the attention of our customers and
others- all of which vve will sell low lor cash,
oct 3—eo3ni • TV A. BREW1S k CO.
{)()() vate sale, at Fariuwell, Belmont P*
i 0„ Loudoun County, \ a.
sep i—eotf SAMUEL LOOK.
Seasonable goods at ru hards .—
Worsted Legings, Sleeves, Stockings, and
i Socks, for Children; also. 3 1 bread Saxony *1 ain,
f at [oct 24] RICHARDS’, HO King-st.
i OILK RUCHES for Bonnets, a very superi
^ or article, manufactured by
\>ct 14 W. B. RICHARDS, jr , 110 King at.
Ly J.V j
Seventh Annual Meeting of the Stock
holder* of the 9l«niuaaa Gap Railroad
The Stockholders of the Manassas (Jap
Railroad Company, re-as8erabled at Ameri
can Hail, at 8 o’clock, on Thursday night,
Mr. Boswell in the chair.
Mr. Barre, Chairman of the Committee,
to whom was referred the President’s Report
; and accompanying documents, stated that
the Committee, from want of time had been
unable to come to any final conidusion, and
were unable to make a report, ihe Commit
| tee asked for further time.
Mr. T. M. Monroe offered the following
resolution :
Ituolvtd, That the Committee to whom
was referred the Reports of the President,
Chief Engineer, and Treasurer, shaii enquire
| and report what amount ot the bonds and
| other securities of this Company have been
i hy othecatcd or pledged, lor what, and on
what temis, the sarno are now held.
Mr. J. 11. Carter opposed the passage of
the resolution, on the ground that it was pre
mature. lie did not object to its adoption
i after the Committee to whom was referred
the Pre&ideat’s Report, should make their
report. Mr. C. made a most humorous
speech, which elicited the applause ot the
meeting. Mr. Monroe defended the resolu- ;
tion, and urged its passage, lie defined his
position in regard to the Company, aud 6aid
he was acting for the good ot tho Company, j
and for the interest of the city which ho rep
resented. Mr. M. said he had offered the
resolution at the suggestion of the Chairman,
and other warm friends of Manassas.
Mr. Boswell made a personal explanation,
stating why and luw* he desiied the retulu- !
tion to be offered.
Mr. E. C. Marshall had no objection what
ever to the passage of tho resolution, lie
was anxious that the Stockholders should |
have all the information in the possession of
the Board of Directors. It was their right, .
and he hoped they would demand it.
Mr. Dencale thought tho resolution unne* j
eeseary. The President, who was present,
Could, and would w iilmgly, as he had suid, j
give all necessary information. He hoped
Mr. Monroe would alter his resolution to
V it >* • v ti v w »•
Mr. Monroe said he was willing to alter
the resolution to as to call on the President
for the information wanted.
Mr. J. 11. Carter objected, in toto, to the
passage of any resolution of the kind until
the meeting haJ heard the resolution of the
Committee, &o. Mr. C. was frequently in
terrupted in the course of his humorous re
marks, by applauso and roars of laughter,
called f-rth bv his witty allusions.
Mr. Monroe, at the suggestion of Mr. Re
noale, changed his resolution, so as to read
as follows :
7iYoW<W, Tiiat the President and Directors
of this Company, be requested to ioforai ibis
meeting what amount o! the bonds and otter
securities ot this Company have been hy- '
pothecated or pledged, lor what cons.dera- •
tion, and on what terms the same are now i
held. . I
Mr. Marshall explained tho object for
which tho Committee cu the Reports of ilie
President, &o., had been appointed. It was
not an Investigating Committee. There were
uo charges against tho officers of the bom
piny, nor were any insinuated —the Commit
tee was morelv to condense from the reports
i of the ifticers the important subjects eou
iieoted with the interests ot the Company,
and bring them before the meeting for ac
tion thereon by the Stockholders, lie, there
fore, thought there ought not to be any op
position to the adoption of the resolution.
Mr. M. then went into an explanation of the
difficulties under which tho Company now
labored. The debt of the Company had
grown out of the necessity of completing the
road to Strasburg. As soon as the financial
condition ot the country had improved, the
i Hoard tff clod a loan; arid finding the road s
j to Strasburg failed to command the trade of
i the Valley, the same object made it necea
| wary to bring the line into use as far as
Woodstock. With the completion of tho
road to Strasburg occurred the financial cri
sis of 1854, which brought State stock sud
d’uiy from £108 down to of course,
leaving no market for Railroads Ronds, ex
cept at ruinous rates.
The Roard were compelled to run the
Company into debt. It was better to pay
high rates of interest, than to sued by all its
creditors, which would have been the case.
Mr. M. denied that the Loud un Rranch had
been the cause of any difficulty whatever—
| on the other haod, it had been sometimes of
■ iidrontniTa
l»y request, Mr. Monroe withdrew his re
solution, until a cull should be made ou tbo
Committee to return the Reports to the meet
Mr. l>eoea!e then moved that the Commit
toe return to tue meeting the Reports of the
President aid accompanying documents.
Mr. S. T. Stuart, ol fair fax, opposed tRo
resolution ol Mr. Reieale. lie thought tl e
pr cet'dings unparliamentary and hoped the
! meeting would proceed in order and act so
j that when they adjourned to-night, they w ould
! k tow when to begin in the morning.
Mr. Hiram Martz hoped Mr. Mouroe’s reso
tion would be adopted. Ho was ready and
willing to give all information and he desired
a searching investigation into all the affairs
of the Company.
Mr. J. H. Carter, Deneale, Stuart, and oth
ers explained their positions and agreed to
agree, in all subjects as they had heretofore
: done affecting the interests ot the company.
* The remarks of these gentlemen caused much
! laughter and created g^od feeling,
i A motion to grant leave to the Committee
on the Report* to set again was adopted, and
then ou motion of several gentlemen, at l*1}
o’clock, the meeting adjourned uutil yester
day morning, at 11 o’clock.
The stockholders assembled at 12 o’clock,
l yesterday, but the Committee to w hom hud
' been referred the President’s report and ac
companying documents, not being ready to
report, on motion of I. L >uis Kinz*.*r, ibe
meeting adjourned until 7 o’clock, P. M.
Befoie the motion to adjourn was put, Mr.
Mooroe submitted to the meeting, for their
consideration, the following proposition:
| “The undersigned,believing the completion
of the Manassas Gap Road to Mount Jack*
| son, in the county of Shenandoah, will great
ly eu large the receipts of the company, by
attracting and accommodating a considera
ble aiiuuut of freight and travel, now lost to
1 c-umpaoy, and the sum required for that
purpose by private subscription, as shewn by
the Engineer’s report, amounting only to the
sum of $50,0Ul), hereby agree to subscribe
the sum opposite our names, upon the follow
iufT conditions, viz • first, that no portion of
stud subscription shall be called for, until
the whole amount of £50,000 shall have been
subscribed—the same when paid to be ap
plied by tho President and Directors of said
company to said completion, and for uo other
purpose whatever.”
Os ’Change.—The attendance on ’change
yesterday, was large, and there was more ac
tivity manifested than we have noticed for
some time. The offerings of flour and grain
were large and all disposed of. Prices had
an advancing teudency.
Washington and Alexandria Railroad.
—The Star of yesterday afternoon says: —
“We learn to-day that tho track has been all
relayed, except about a mile, which will bo
completed so as to allow the parage of trains
in about fifteen days. The road is to be in
first rate order, and it is expected that a
brisk travel will, during the coming winter,
repay the heavy outlay which has been occa
bioned by the repairs.
Religious Services.—To-morrow, Novem
ber 1st, is celebrated by the Catholic Church
as the Feast of All Saints; it was formerly
called “All Hallows,” whence came the de
signation “Hallow Eve,” applied to to-uight.
Various superstitions concerning the detec
tion of true lovers were associated with it by
the damsels of yore; and we are not quite
suio that they are yet forgotten by all the
young ladies.
Monday next is “All Souls’ Day” conse
crated to tho memory of departed friends,
in New’ Orleans, and oilier places where
French customs prevail, tho cemeteries aro
adorned with flowers, lights are kept burn
ing about tho tombs, and thousands of per
sons are seen kneeling in prayer arouod the
resting places of their departed friends.
The Georgetown correspondent of the
Washington Star says:—“The difficulty ot
making change among retailers is daily be
coming greater; and we fear that, unless some
arrangement is soon made tj relieve them
of the difficulty, in part at least, the peo
ple generally will eventually be tempted to
adopt the same very objeotiouable course
which our neighbors of Alexandria have.,;
County Cot rt.—The November Term of
the County Court Commences on Monday
next. The Ma gistratea are Turner Dixon,
[>. .1., J. C. Moore, Wesley Carlin, 1 Buck
ingham and ihos. Smith.
Oysters.— Mr. F. Keys sent us again ye^
terdny, a sample of Oysters from St. Geor
ge’s ('reek, which were every large and fat.
Mr. K. always keeps as line oysters as are
brought to this city.
In Washington, on Thursday afternoon, by
Rev. John C. Smith, Mr. JAMES E. COOK to
Prince George's county, Maryland.
In Carlisle, l’a., on Thursday, Oct. 29th, by
th<> Rhy. J 13 Moi 'S. GEO JOHN'S 1 ON, estj , ot
Virginia, to Miss ETTIE W. EGE, ot (’ariisle.
In Washington, on Thursday, 2'Jth inst., by j
the Rt-v. Mr Smith. Mr. BERNARD SEARS,to i
Miss MARY E MILLER, all ot Washington j
On the 2l*th of October, at Auburn, Fauquier
County, Va.. bv the Rev. T B. Balch. S. LIB
daughtt r o! Stephen .Met mrmick, e-q.
I?I K D.
At Salisbury, Fairlax County. \ a., oil tin*
1 .'tii inst., ELIZA SHEPHERD. Eldest child ol
John Simms aiul Sarah Liien Powell, in tin*
eleventh year ot tier age.
None but parents simdai !y bereaved can read J
these lines with sympathy and interest, i ms |
dear child, very youthful in years, yet the eldest |
ol a most interesting group, proved lier-o!t to !
heotie ot Christ's -little ones, and her li!e am! i
death arc Measured in sacred remembrance*.— ;
>},»* iia'* not died in vam : her grave vv iii be made ;
♦ he starting point ol a course to hr run vvitu !
patience and dilige; ce. Aiready have vows |
been m id»* 113)011 o.rth that have been heard in
l'lit* sweet composure with which she bade
adieu to the loved, ones around her bed, the ter*
vor with which she piaycd tor hersell and par
ents and little brothers and sisters, the touching
simplicity, with which she lepeated her familiar
hymn, all showed that this dear child had been
taught of the Spirit. “Out of the mouth of
babes and sucklings thou has perfected praise.
In Washington, on Thursday, after a protrac
ted illness. WILLIAM J. McCORMIC K, in the
tiiid vear of his age.
| \ RESOLUTION.—The copartnership hereto
I / loie existing under the name and style ol
ASHBY K CO., is this day dissolved by mutual
consent. Either one ot the lirtn is auMiorised
to use the name ol the firm in settlement. All
persons who have accounts against tin* firm will
})resent them lor sememem, aim unw; »uu <u<
indcbted to them will call and settle, fhank
lul tor the liberal patronage extended to us while
in business, we retire, wishing our tnends maj
find our successor in business always ready to
supply their wants on more liberal terms, as
they propose "to save the purchaser trum ten to
tilteen per cent, by their paying cash or trade.
Fauquier County, \ a , oct 0—eo2m
'VT’OTICE.—Having this day bought out’he
stock ol GOODS, at Piedmont Station, oi
Messrs. Ashby & ('o .and appointed RICHARD
H. BUST, my agent, to conduct the business
under the name and style ot R.H. KPS i, agent,
1 shall in a lew days make additions to the
stock, and intend to sell exclusively tor cash or
trade—believing a business on the cash plan
will save the purchaser from ten to fifteen per
cent., as it can he done at much less expense.
All I ask from those who have trade or cash, is
to call and examine the stock beiore making
purchases elsewhere.
Fauquier County, Va.. oct f>—eoCm
/\ —Being desirous to move to the West, 1
| orfer for sale the place on which 1 now live,
BLEAK HILL, situated about two and a hall
miles north ol Culpeper CourtHouse. Thereiyje
l in a good state of cultivation, and improving ra
Mpidly. The BUILDINGS are very commo
dious and comfortable, and the place, on
! the whole, an exceedingly pleasant residence.—
Any person wishing to purchase, ordesiring fur
ther information concerning it, will either apply
i to the subscriber residing on the premises,©r ad
dress him a note to Culpeper Court House. Ya.
| Culpeper, jan fi—lawtf
fglHH SUBSCRIBER has on hand a stock oi
i 1 White Oak and Yellow Pme LOGS ol su
j p^rior quality, which he will saw to order,
i Also, about 1 500 Yellow Pine PILES, very long
1 and straight, all of which he is prepared tode
i liver at Alexandria, Washington, or George
town bv having short notice. Address
A rent ink P O.. Fairfax- (V Vs . ap 17—«»ot(
WOOL purchased by
je 13 WHEAT A BBO.
Excitement In Baltimore.
Baltimore, Oct. 30.—The Governor’s pro
clamation and the correspondence between
him and the Mayor still excite the public at
The military officers are enrolling men for
the various companies, but the work pro
gress slowly.
The Governor is still in the city.
Additional by the Steamer Ferula.
New York, October 30.—The Herald of
this morning states that the Persia brought
over $1,000,000 in certificates of deposit in
the Bank of England, the Liverpool Bank
and other institutions, payable at sight, for
the purpose of buyingcotton and breudsiUtTs.
The Daily Times was wrong, yesterday,
in stating that Sir George Ouseley, had been
ft.-iit on a special mission to the L oited Suites.
He goes us minister to Central America.
Fire In Norfolk.
Norfolk, Oct. 30.—The main building of
the Norfolk Kesin Oil Manufactory was de
stroyed by fire last night. The machinery
was much damaged. I ho probable loss is
about $0,000.
Albemarle female institute.—
Located at Charlottesville. \ a.
Mssociaie Principals fur Central Management:
/’ 1 rri I V FnU i uLLFhlA Til ht.l'A /.’ TVII.\ T:
John Hart, M. A., Moral Philosophy and
Crawford II. Toy. M. A., Natural Sciences.
History, and Literature.
William N. Bkonaiuil M. A., Ancient Lan
guages and Modern Languages.
James M. Deems, Music, Vocal and Instru
mental. . „ .
_, (to he appointed.) Draw ing, i aint
ing, &c.
The Pupils in this Department, studying the
common English subjects, with tlie rudiments of
Latin, French, and Mathematics, Lave the ad
vantages ol bring taught, in large part, by the
gentlemen above named—ail V irginians, ai.d
graduates ot tne University ot Virginia be
sides which, competent Female teachers will he
employed. I i.usual ethciencj, it is thought,
will thus be given to this important Pepaitment.
The uext session,begins September 13th. and
ends the lust ot June. For terms, \e., apply to
either ot the Principals, or to
Rev. JOHN A. BROADUS, President
Board of Trustees, Charlottesville, Va.
jy‘21—eotf __*
) The first session ol this School will be
opened on the 1st ol October, 1807, and close
on the 31st ot July, ISOS. The design of the
School is thoroughly to prepare youths lor col
lege, more especially for the University ot Vir
ginia. The course of study will embrace eve
rything included in the degree ot Master ot Arts
at our University.
'{’he school will be situated in the mountains
of Fauquier, a region well know n lor its Leal
tr.y climate and beautilul scenery ; will be two
miles south of Mark ham Station on the Manassas
Gap Railroad, and sixty miles iiom Alexandria
Terms : $J20, semi-annually in advance, viz:
£ 11*2.00 on the 1st of October and £112.DO on
the 1st of March.
For tin liter particulars, apply to the Princi
pal, at Charlestown, Jefferson county, Va , until
July 1st. IS'>7, alter that at Markham Station,
Fauquier. Va.
Rev. J. P. McGuire, Rector ol E. H. S., V a.
Trustees of Charlestown Academy, Jetlerson
county, V a.
Mr* A. T. Bledsoe. Professor ef Mathematics,
University ot V irginia.
Pr. G. Hairisou, Processor ol Ancient Ran
g .ages, University ot V irginia.
j!|- Sciici»* 1V1 Veil'. Protestor oi Modern Rail*
giuigt,.>. I liiversity oi V irginia.
Pr McGuiiic. Professor ol Moral Philosophy,
University of Virginia.
Mr. Francis Smith. Professor oi Natural Phi- 1
losophy, University ol V iramia.
Charlestown. JeHerMiii eo, leb 20—eotl
1) J,{K) M F1E L P At A P E M V, Fire mile* in s!
^ of the I iiii'inify of — 1 he tour h
Se-ioit of thP Academy, forme.!y under the
chaiae ot Mr P. H. Goo.doe. will begin on the
,.st ,,( S<number. The course of instructi»»n will
include ih1* I.NuLisii La NO :• AUK anl Li ir.UAii
him! Ul the elem.Uit.il V subjects belonging U.eie
to: tin* A.V’lKNT Lanui au::s; tin- MuPKlcN Ran*
(,1 \«ms, including German. French. Spanish,
Italian, and English, in the Anglo Saxon torm;
and the pure and mixed Mathematics, including
Civil Engineering.
Rkcituks will be delivered upon the subjects ol
Chemistry, Natural Philosophy, and Astronomy.
Phe course will be designed to furnish a tho
rough preparation lor the University ot V irginia
The School Session will contain two 'Perms, of
live months each. Expenses lor e*ch Term, lor
Board and Tuition, in all the departments,includ
ing every thing except lights, payable on
the first day of the term. For circulars con
laming more particular inhumation, address
either of the Principals. Charlottesville, V a.
The Faculty ot the University of Virginia.
Prof. A. l>. Bache. Superintendent U. States
Co.u>t Survey, Washington.
Lieut. M. F. Maury, Superintendent Nalionfil
Obst-ivatory, Washington.
Col. T. L'tL rson Randolph, ( harlottesvi!!e,
Franklin Minor, esq. do.
B. Johnson Barbour, esq , Barboursville.
J. Randolph Tucker, esq , Winchester.
W. U Hut Bitut’S, A. >1. ) ,,rinci ls.
W. \\ ILLOlliliBY 1 KBB3, $ 1
Charlottesville, my 9—eoOm
I )UNNEMKDE SCHOOL.—The first ses
\j sion of this School will commence on the
i.-.i ot October, IS57, and close on the hist o!
July. lb-5h. '1'he course of instruction will in
1 elude the English, Latin, Greek, French, and
i Spanish languages, and their Literature and
Mathematics, (both theoretically, and in it>
practical applications.) The principal is a
graduate of the University ot Virginia, and was
engaged lor one year as teacher of Mathematics
in the School 01 Mr. L. M. Coleman. The
School is situated in Fauquier County, in a
neighborhood well known tor its tine climate,
amf excellent society. Terms—Board and Tui
tion lor each term of live months, $125, payable
on the 1st ot October and 1st of March—Lights
ex'ra. Address the Principal at Salem Station,
! Fauquier Co., Va GRA\ CARROLL, M. A.
The Faculty of the University of Virginia.
James K Marshall, esq , Virginia Senate.
I F. W Coleman, esq.. Virginia Senate.
Hon. A. Atkinson. Isle of Wight County.
George W. Carroll, esq . Isle ot Wight Co.
Col. C. G. Coleman, Louisa Co.
Rev. G. H Norton, Warrenton. Va.
Salem Station, Fauquier Co.mv'27—eotlstN
rrUIE SUBSCRIBER wishing to return South
1 early in the ball, offers for saie tbe
i upon which he resides, consistiugoi 1 WEN 1 i
AND A HALF ACRES, situated in tairlax
Countv, upon the old Leesburg Road, when
separates it irotn the grounds ot the 1 Geological
Sem.nar)^ j 1NG is a two story frame
j ipi building, (completed in the Fall of lb50.)
' cJmivining live good sized rooms, exclusive ot
kitchen, storeroom, and pantry. A well oi ex
1 ceiient water at the dour.
i Its proximity to Alexandria, and the neighbor
hood affording the best society, makes it desira
ble, it only for a Summer residence.
Possesion given immediately. For terms,
Ac, apply either through the Seminary Post
Office, or upon the premises, to
Fairfax Uo., jy 27—eotl A. C. N. SME1S.
I estate, water tower, mill
VIRGINIA.—Und**r authority ot a decree of the !
Circuit Court ot Alexandria County. Va . ren- j
dered at the May term, lb-07. in the suit ot
John Marbury. Trustee, against George Hill and j
others. 1 shall offer at puolic sale, on Saturday, \
the 31$.' day of Helper, lS-r»7, at 12 o'clock. M, in
front o! the Court House, in the city of Alex- 1
am!:ia. a TRACT OF LAND, containing 15
ACRES, more or less; situate in the said
county ot Alexandria, near the Little Kails
Bridge, at the junction of Timet Run wi’h
the Totomac River, on the sou’ll side ot said
River* and a few miles above Georgetown,
D. C. A more particular description ot the
boundaries of this land w ill be given on the day ;
ot sale 'There is on it a valuable HATER !
TOWER, and a highly eligible SITE for a
Mill, Manufactory. Ac , tor winch latter pur
pose some Buildings have already been erected.
Person* desirous ot purchasing such pioperty.aie
requested to examine it belore the day ot sale.
Tkums of Sale.—One-tenth of the purchase ■
money to be paid in hand, and the residue in
three equal uis’a! merits, at six. twelve, and \
righteen months, trorn the day ot sale, with !
interest i t in that time—to lx* secured by the
bonds of the purchaser with good personal se
cmity. ami the title to be retained until the pur
chase money is fully paid, and the property be
in" liable to be resold, upon the ratline ot the
purchaser to comply with the terms of sale.
sep 22— 2awts Commissioner.
Heiday morning. Vbtk mutant, at o'clock, will (
be sold at the residence o! Dr. J. b. McNair,
oil Cann-ron, between Pitt and St. Asapn streets
MTURK, consisting in part ot—
A very supeitor Rosewood PIANO
Eiegant Tier Gless, with Marble Slab and
Mahogany Sola; Mahogany Hat Rack
Pair Mahogany Tete iete Solas
Mahogany Parlor (’hairs
Sett of Damask and Lace Curtains
Marble Top Centre Table
Very superior Velvet Caupkt
Two handsome Chandeliers
Mahogany Card and other Tables
Two large Gilt Frame Looking Glasses
Feather Beds; Bedsteads; Betiding; Carpets
i, i_i _i i't
\ dllr, UI u?li. dim »» wuu • vui viiuuc
One Walnut Marble lop W ashstand
Bureau-; Dressing 'Tables
Mahogany Secretary and Book ( ase
Two Radiators and other Stoves. Sir.. Sic . to- !
«ether with a general assortment ol K11CHKX i
This FURNITURE will be sold without re
Teums ok Sale:—All sums of $10 and under,
cash; over $10 a credit ol 90 days will be
given lor approved negotiable notes.
The House is lor rent,
oct S. J. M«UORMK K. Auct.
jt jr 'The above sale is unavoidably postponed
until Monday. AcivwiAer id.
oct ‘J 1—Mails S. J. McC., Auct.
OWNER —Will Resold, at p iblic sale, on Mon- ,
day. the \Hh day of Xvuaiar. 1 >'»7, at Vi dilute. ;
that being Court day, at the front tl«)or ol the
Court House, in the city of Alexandria, Vir- j
gii:ia. a negro man named CHARLES IK A IN, j
>o be sold on account and ri>k ol the tormer
owner—the said negro having proved unsound. |
oct 29 eots JOSEI II BRI IN. j
IjUBLIC SALE —Will be sold to the high
est bidder, on Thursday, hth day oj Aorun
ic r next, it fair, it not. the next lair day, the 11act
ot Land on winch the late Maior Wm P New
by resided m the countv ol Culpeper, containing i
about FIVE HUNDRED ACRES, one third ol j
which is in original growths much ot which j
growth consist* of the finest pine timber. The.)
lest ol li.e !a:m is conveniently divided into six
fields all ot which are weilset in clover, with
the exception id a portion now in corn.and one
lirdd in fallow, and will be seeded m wheat.— J
I ne whole taim bason it an abundant supply ol j
never failing wafer.
'1 lie b hidings uie very convenient ami in good |
repair, col-isting id a two stoiy BRH K DW EL- j
■Eft LINli. containing four rooms and a pas- j
jijrj Ntage. A Do, a large kitchen and dining j
mom attached, servants, out houses, carriage
hou>e. and large stabling. The latm lies on the
Rappahannock river, within two miles ol a !
Mm chant Mill, and a Corn and Saw Miil. 1 ne i
farm, is 11 miles distant Horn the Court House, 1
whine tlieie i* a Depot ot the Orange and Alex- I
.indria Railroad, and w here pimltire can he *Mit I
to Alexandria or Baltimore, with comparatively !
small expense.
i will also sell, at the same time and place, j
allot the personal and perishable property, ex- j
pt the negroes, ol which the said decendent ;
tiled seized and possessed; -K'U bai r»*ls corn; the
cropot wheat.
The farm will be shown to any one wishing |
to see it. by Richard N. Newby, who resides on
the premises. Terms made known on day ol
*ule. ROBT. C. NEWBY. Executor
of Major W. P. Newby, dec d
Culpeper Co.. sep 29—eots
fllHE SUBSCRIBER offers for >ale. privately j
I until the 12th of November, the F A R M j
upon which be now' resides, in ban tax County, j
situated upon the north side ot the Little River
Turnpike, K miles from Alexandria, containing :
1 in) AC RES, 11U ol which are cleared and ara- ,
ble, th-* remainder in wood. Ihi* barrn embra
ces ail social, religious, and other advantages .
claimed by any place :n said county. I ne irn- ,
provements consist ol an excellent BricK
DWELLING HOUSE, with a frame ad- j
j dtUoii, Stable, Sheds for grain and stock, Corn.
Meat. Ice. and Servants’houses, all new, and
i . r „ 1 I
most conveniently arranged. nny luruwi ur»
cription is unnecessary', as persons wishing to
purchase will visit tiie place.
II not sold previously to November 12th, I shall
offer it at public sale on that day. upon the pre
mises, it lair, if not. the first lair day alter.
At the same time will be offered HOUSEHOLD
ani) K ITCH EN FUKN11'UIIE, Horses, VV?.gon,
Farming Implements, &c. Also, a LOT , con
taining ‘in ACRES ot Bottom Land, enclosed
by a substantial post and rail fence, s tuated
upon the above named turnpike, and adjoining
the land* ol Messrs James Cloud and George
Auld. Terms made known on day ot sale.
Fairfax County, Va., oct24—eoti
l J pursuance ot a decree of the County Court
of Fairfax County, pronounced at its August
term, lb07, in the caseol Fleming & Douglass,
and others, against Wm. L. Lee. the undersigned,
Commissioner, will offer at public sale at t ie
Tavern of Samuel Catts, We.t Lnd onSa/ur^y
the 5th of December, lb57. at clock, *L., that
valuable FARM.situated in Fairlax County, on
Pohick Run and immediately upon the road
leading from Alexandria to Colchester, and near
Pohick Church—being the Faun purchased by
sa,‘i‘ Cfe of J. H. Bullock, containing 113]
acres. . *
' ' Said Farm has upon it a Ime DW r.LL
ING HOUbE and other improvements,
auUis'n a good state oi cultivation, and distant
lrom Ah xandria about ten miles.
Tkrm3 of Salk:—One tenth of the purchase
money to be paid down as a deposit, liable to
forleiture on lailure to comply with the terms ol
I sale, upon its confirmation by the Court^the resi
due in tnree equal instalments ol six, twelve, and
: eighteen months, with interest, to be secured by
! the bond of the purchaser with good security,
: the land liable to be resold on failure to meet de
ferret! payments, and the title to be retained un
til the purchase money is paid.
j Fairfax Counfy, oet 24—Qawts
AMERICAN HOTEL, Central Railroad
Depot, Staunton, Va.
A. N. Breceixridge & Co., Prvprietore.
I J. N. Woodward, late of the Woodward House,
Superintendent. ap li—toly
suaiit to the last will and testament ot n.**
late Robert Stfingtellow, will be sold on the
premises, on the first day of December next, if
fair, it not the next fair day (uuless previously
sold privately) the FARM on which the late tes
tator resided (known as the Retreat) containin'
about 750 ACRES. This land lies m the coun
ty of Culpeper, 10 miles trom the l <"nt
House, live miles from Mitchell s Station on tne
O. and A. Railroad, one Irom Raccoon lord, in
one ot the most beautiful sections ol \ a. W i’n*
out entering into particulars, we believe that
a rare opportunity is now presented tor seeming
a home, which tor beauty ot location, healthlul
ness, fertility o» soil and good society. i» s>ur
pa !>st‘d by lew, if any in the State.
jjJ^bie, and the out buildings are ample and in
good repair. There is within one mile ol the
tarm a Wheat and Grist Mill, two Stores. To**
Office, Wagon Maker, Tailor, Blacksmith ai d
Shoe Shop, in sight of an Episcopal Church,
and convenient to Baptist, Methodist and Pre&by -
terian churches.
Persons wishing to view the premises, w ill
call on Mr. R. S. Stringfellow, Raccoon Ford,
who w ill take pleasure in showing them
Terms very accommodating—a credit oi one,
two, turee and perhaps live years, with no um
payments, uuless wished by the purchase!. In
terest from day ot sale, to be paid annually,
good personal security, and a deed ol trust on
the land, will be required to secure tue pay
Persons wishing to negotiate privately betaie
the day of sale, will address John S. Walker.
Orange C 11., or Rev. H. Stringfellow , \ ernuii,
Hanover co.
At the same time and place will be sold a’!
the perishable property (except the negroes)
consisting ol 14 head of Horses. *')0 head ot Cat
tle. among them twelve good VVork Oxen ..ml
some go.ul Beeves, the stock ot Hog>. among
them some lor pork hogs, and i*0 Sheep. netw*-.*n
4 and f>0o barrels ol Corn, Oafs, Hay and o'l.t-r
provender, W aguns, Carts, farming Implemen.s
of various kinds, l Wheat Threshing Box. 1.
Whe>it Drill, Household and Kitchen Furniture,
Ac , Ac.
Terms ok Sale.—Of the personal proper
ty cash lor all sums under $1U;$1U and up
wards a ciedit of nine months, bond and ap
proved security, with interest trom the date ^
but it punctually paid the interest will be re
Culpeper County, oct 17—eots
rilRUSTEE'S SALE.—By virtue of a deed ot
£ trust from Samuel Russell, to the under
signed, dated the l«Jth day of July, 1801, and
duly recoided in the Clerk's Office ol the Coun
ty of Fan tax. Liher Q, No. 3, folio 142, 1 shall
sell at Public Auction at Fairfax Court Hoa-e.
on Monday, the l«>‘h day of November, nut, ('hat
being Court day) the 1RAC1 Ot LAND in the
said Deed mentioned, containing ACRES,
or »o much thereof as may be sufficient to pa}
the debt secured by the said deed. Ihe above
Tract of Land is situated in the County of Fair
fax, about tour miles from the village of Dr* lies*
viHe, and near the Potomac River. The im
7775? pr« vements consist ot a comfortable frame
jijf DUELLING HOUSE, containing six rooms*
and Kitchen ; also a large frame BARN and a
fine young Orchard of Peaches and Apples «*l
select trmt; 100 Acres of the Land is well fenced
and improved; 15 Acres are in Wood and lim
ber. 145} Acres, upon which the buildings and
improvements are located, will be soul lust. It
they shall not prove sufficient to pay the deb*,
then the residueof the ira* t(*>0 Acie.*) wni b«
A’-Asold. Upon the latter there is a small frame
JuJLDW ELLlNt; containing three rooms.—
I tie last mentioned tract ts principally m i me.
Selling as Trustee i shall convey only such title
as is vested in me. which, however, »s belo ved
to be unquestionable. Terms CASH Sale Jo
take place between twelve and three o'clock —
Mr. Ru.vsell residing on the tarm will takepba
sme in . bowing it to anyone who may be
posed to purchase. 1HOS. R. IJB E,
Fairfax County,oct 13—eots Iru-T.e.
/ FAUQUIER LAND —Purcuant to a decree
of the Circuit Court of Fauquier County, ren
dered on the 1 rth day of September. lb--7. in
the case of Landon ( arter, plamtiir agatnsi J.
A. Carter, trustee, Ac., and others, defendant*,
ihe undersigned will offer at public auction, to
the highest bidder, in front ot Bowie s Hotel, m
the town ot Upperville, in said county, on the
I'2th of November, lb57, (il lair, it not. the next
lair day.) about noon, one unn»v»ded b*.h part ol
that line estate, lying near the said town ot i p
perville, known as “NO.fi.*’ The said e>!at<*
containing about fiOU ACRF.S. Ibe said m * i
est will be subject to the life estate ot Mi*.
Eli/a F. Cartel, widow ol the late John Caite*.
dee d. As the estate ol “No. C” is well known
as one ol the best in Upper Fauquier, a fur
ther description is considered unnecessary.
Terms of Sale under the said Decree.—One
tenth of the purchase money to be paid on day
ot sale, orie-tei th on confirmation ol the sale by
the Court, and the residue m thr*e equal pay
merits, at 12,18, and 24 months, from day ot ^!e
—the pun haser to give bonds with appioved pel
so11a! security, bearing interest tromday ot sab*
the title to be witnheld until the w hole pun hu»e
money is paid, and the said interest liable to tie
re-sold upon the failure ot the purchaser to
comply with the terms of sale.
Upperville, Fauquier Co., Va,oct 13—eots
PERTY.—At the residence of James P.
Bayly, near Salem, Fauquier County. Va . on
Tutsdny, Wth November, 1857, (if fair, if not, on
the next fair day thereaiter.) we shall offer lor
Bile, to the highest bidder, for cash, 13 LIK ELY
SLAVES, about 13 HORSES, and STOCK of
every description usually found on a large Farm
— 3*Wfagons, 1 Ox-Cart and 2 yoke of Oxen. 1
Carriage and Harness, Farming Utensils ot every
character, a large quantity of Corn and other
I* 1.1 — A rat A ViiCilt Uit. J
crop*, Oil U\> , r Uliuri. ..
in our hands. WILLIAM M. HUME,
Late Sheriff ol Fauquier County,
D. S., for John Q. Marr, S. F. C.
IdTThe above sale is advertised at my resi
dence at my request. The property to be so* I
is very valuable. Nearly all the Slaves ai»
very likely No. 1, and the property genera Iy is
of the best character. The general attendance
ol all person* wishing to buy is <les.rf<l and
hereby invited. JAMtS F. BAll.1.
Fauquier County, Va., oct WJ eo.it
more land than I can cultivate, I will offer tor
sale, at public auction, on 'Tuesday, the 17th oj
Sovcrnhtr, 1857.4 Birchlard,” lying in the Coun
ty ot Orange, on Mountain Run, adjoining the
lands of Hon. Jeremiah Morton and others, and
ENTY-EIGHT ACRES, about WOO acres clear
ed, and now in Clover, and the remainder in
original growth—well suited to growing a line
Am* quality of Tobacco. The BUILDINGS
jyjflg^nave been erected within the last year,
anil suitable for tanning purposes. 1 invite
purchasers to examine for themselves. Having
determined to sell, l am disposed to sell a great
bargain. For lurtber particulars, address J. J.
HaUey, Mitchell s Station, Culpeper County, or
the undersigned, at Orange Court House
Orange County, Va., oct Wh—eots
_ subscriber offers for sale bis larrn situated
I 3 miles from Jetfersonlon,Culpeper County. V a ,
containing ONE HUNDRED AND Hi* IV
a arable and meadow land. The Bl HID
INGS are good and nearly new. Theie is
aiko upon the larm two Mills, a grist •»“
Mill, upon a permanent stream ol wat* r w«
good custom. . ..... . .
The subscriber selling from mabi ily to at
tend to farming operations, it not so pn'n e >»
w ill be offered at public sale, upon fAt Ulk day
of AvvemUr, l».'>7, it lair, U not, the next lair
day At the same time, the suoscnber will J,s
01 bis Fanning implements, Stock, Horses.
Ac, Ac.
Terms of Sale made known upon the day ot
Jetfei son ton,- Culpeper Co., Va., ocl H—eot#

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