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The tmneina] cause oft he "unreliability" of
k %. +
^'atement^ in the press in this coun fry > is f lie
eagerness to get hold of and publish accounts
of army movements and war news, without
due attention to the sources of information,
and the taking for granted of rumors and re
ports brought from the scenes of important
events by misinlormed or ignorant persons.?
The public are sometimes deceived by false
hoods deliberately manufactured by letter wri
ter.* and others, and palmed oft' for gome par
ticular object But lor the most part, it is
the substitution of vague rumor for ascertain
ed fact that create the difficulty; and t-he de
sire to make a newspaper urges the
publication of sensational paragraphs, without
regard to truth. It thus happens fcnat a news
paper, now-a-days, has to devote a column one
day, to contradict the reports of the day be
fore. To one whose office is limited to the
task of compiling and recording the history of
the times, it is difficult to prepare what h?
aeeks to perform with fidelity. He has io take
the materials furnished to him from sources
not only liable to error, but, too often, willing
to fall into error. R would be better for every
body, if the newspapers would exercise more
fcare in giving currency to statements, and re
ject those which they have reason to believe
are not entirely "reliable."
Sudden Death,?Dougald McCathern, for
many years one of the City Night Watch, and
eccnfcly a Watchman in the employ of the I;.
government at the Pioneer Mills, while in
he discharge of his duties last night, fell
.lead, it is supposed from an attack of apo
ieiy. Mr, MeC. was an aged man.
The Constitutional Union, edited by T. K.
Florence, heretofore published in Washing
-cod as a weekly paper, is now issued daily. It.
is a Democratic paper, opposed to the present
Administration, in politics?and in faror of the
Constitution a> it is writ ton, and a restoration
of the Union.
Fernando Wood denies the statement that
in his interview with President Lincoln he
ror.tradier.ed the speech he lately delivered in
N. Y;?he also denies that he was hooted at
by the New York soldiers in Baltimore,
Green peas were selling, this rooming, in
the market at 60 el*, per peck ; strawberries
[email protected] ets. per quart, according to quality ; ?
gooseberries 15 cts per quart; cherries 25 ets.
per quart. There was only a moderate sup- |
ply of vegetables?lettuce, asparagus, onions, j
cabbage?and these were at last Saturday's j
quotations. j
There is to be now, according to the news- j
papers, a Peace Democratic party and a War J
Democratic party?both, however, opposed to
the present Administration.
i wo of the returned N. Y. regiments were
received in that city, vestexday. An immense
^rowd was present. The regiments were re
ct-ived by Gen. McCIellan and Gen, Sickles.
N. Lamrnon, a citizen of Loudon county, Va.,
w&i sent to Washington on Saturday night,
?ftd committal to the Old Cauu-o!. on a charge
oi disloyalty.
The advices from Vicksburg are no later
than the dispatches published yesterday.
The New Orleans Era of rite 2nd inst pub
lishes reports of operations ar Vicksburg re
ceived from up the river, but. of course not so
?rue as (hose received direct.
In relation to Port Hudson, the Era says
chas after the severe fight on the liTch the Fed
eral troops held their position, and that the siege
was progressing favorably. No mention is
made of Kirby Smith reinforcing the Con fed -
Gen. Blair has returned from the expedi
tion in the country between the Yazoo and
Big Black rivers without encountering any of
Gen. Joe Johnston's forcers. Fifiy-six miles
of country were scoured, and bridges, grist
mills and col ton marked l,C. S. A." de
stroyed. A large number of negroes can e
back with the expedition.
__ The Ninth Army Corps, which accompanied
Gen. Bum,side to Kentucky, has been sent,
with other troops* to reinforce Gen, Grant at
The N. 0. Era of the 31st of May has a
dispatch from up the river staring that Por
ter's two fleets, one above and the other below
Vicksburg, were within three miles of each
C J t
other, and are in regular communication, and
supplies of all kinds are regularly received.
On the 22nd, after a hard fight, the,, fleet
silenced ?.11 the hill batteries at Vicksburg, and.
then raked the water and upper bluff batteries
for two hours.
Granc and Pemberton's forces are muzzle to
muzzle, and Grant was mining the Confederate
works, Grant was receiving reinforcements
rapidly. _ ' i
A dispatch from Murfreesboro. Tenn., states
that a band of Confederates at Liberty has
been broken up bv Co!. Wilder, of the moun
ted infantry. He captured all their horses j
and sixty-two prisoners. It is now denied j
that any portion of the Confederate divisions I
under Breckinridge and MeCowau has gone to j
ivinfnm? Gen. Johnston.
An expedition to the Mattapony river Vs.,
on the 5th instant, succeeded in destroying an
iron foundry ^and several mills, &c. WVst
Point on the York river, has been evacuated
by the Federal forces.
The Correspondent of the N. Y, Times,
writing from the "rear oi \ ieksburg May 28,"
says, "The Confederates a e indefatigable in
their efforts to strengthen their works. Every
morning reveals the erection of a new work,
the repairing of an old one. or the planting of
batteries in new positions. Yesterday morn- ;
ing they astonished our forces on the right by I
opening upon them with two new guns?one !
a smooth C4 and the other a rifled 32 pounder, j
In fact, from al! appearances, they are as busy j
digging within as we are without; the morning j
roar oi ^ new gun from oar s'de is usually j
answered with defiance by some night-grown j
battery on theirs; and in short, when we move, j
they counter-move?we mine, and they coun- ;?
iertmne; and if we suecced in blowing up or ;
carrying their first line of works, we shall pro- !
bably find another immediately in its rear.? j
The'only thing which threatens to interfere ?
with the capture oi the place is a movement j
upon our rear. That forces are being concen- ;
Crated with a view to such an operation, is a j
well-known fact; but to how great an extent is j
not yet fully understood. The 4th Iowa Cav- !
airy, on Monday, met the advance of the Confed- j
orates, at a point only some ten miles distant, j
on this side of Big Black river. Yesterday a ;
force was detached from our array to meet this j
advancing column, and to either drive it across ;
the river or give it battle." j
The SS heeling Intelligencer is in receipt of a j
letter from Winchester from very high author- j
ity, which says:?"All is quiet in this vicini-1
r,y, but everything indicates a tremendous j
concentration against Hooker. Lee is about I
to assume the aggressive, and it appears he !
has determined io stdte the issue of the war i
upon the np"t battle, which will take pla>>e 1
The National tnieliigfincer ?avs: ?"Tk-. ...1
? w ? ,k| ?]
my correspondents of the New \ovk V'Up^rA
writing from the headquarters of Gen. ilony
give the particulars ol the movement of a llV
of the Army oi the Potomac which
alluded 10 in the Intelligencer of Saturday ta;
As wcsuspected 'ir ,coc
near the liappahannocK, wtucfc object appf
to have been ft ceo ? npllshod. it is
thar thai portion oi the Federal for??* v-lv;
crossed lb* riv<vr tor this purpose return-d ?.
their 'camp? o/i Saturday everdng. 1
Tt U stated on information received ihr^lj
scouts atG<>?. Hooker1 Headquarters liiai
Saturday la?t Gen fctuart wiewoa, &t Cnlw
w Court house, the coinmanas 01 h\i\m
Lee and Wade Hampton comprising a te?l
of'from twelve to fifteen thousand men.
1 lie "W ashington Chronicle says:?4|T||,>
ican .juesfion is becoming 2 ypj.v SPr-..
and will necessarily engage 1 he grave cons
non of our vigilant Secretary of Srate.
far as present appearances go. we must af>r
don the hope, so sincerely entertained
many, that Mexico, unaided, will he able
repji. her invaders and preserve her naiinnalii
Lt is a difficult task that devolves ?
heeretary of State, in view of chis newcoinp!
canon of afiairs upon this continent. Wc <i
not doubt the ability or the courage r.fti
Government to cope with it, adverse thou;
circumstances may be 10 assuming theronr*!
might 0 the/wise adopt. But we would r*
pectmlly suggest that next to this civil w
no misfortune so great could befall us uiht
conversion of Mexico into a monarchy. siiHi*
diary^ as it would be. to the ambitions an?t
mischievous Emperor of the French.''
The number of colored troops in the KvieriJ
service are said to be &s follows: Gen. Tbniiia'
recruits, 11,000; under Geu. Banks, 3,000; i::j
Kansas, 1,000; in South Carolina, 3,000; ir/
^orth Carolina, 3,000; under G-^ri. Ro^ecran-J
5.000; under Gen, Schofield, 2,000; Mav*
chusetts regiments. 1,200; in the District
Columbia, S00?total 30,000. There are s!?
5,000 colored men in the navy,
Rev. Mr. Purcell, of Cincinnati, asj
Bounce i his intention to enforce hereafterthj
rule of the Roman Catholic Church, lizmti-ij
the number of carriages in funeral procession'
It is stated that at no time, for a number ft
years, has ship building in Philadelphia
so extensively carried on as now. In on*:*"
there are eleven vessel? on the stocks.
The Army correspondent cf the $> jr'1
bune, speaking of the late crossing
Frederick burg says, ''The Confederals jous*'
better than they ever have before fit this p01^'
and the crossing was attended with p**"
loss on the Federal side. ^ ,,
The London press of every shade of opi^a
payg a very high tribute to the name an^ reP
utation of "Stonewall" Jackson. ^lS
that he combined in his person the 1Dt(V;
and religious enthusiasm?without the
eism?of Oliver Cromwell, the strategic a
and rapidity or execution of Bonaparte
the patriotic devotion oi HaveiocL ,f
A number of soldiers and officers * ^
late been committed to the Old Capi to , 0 _
charge of altering passes; and in or? er ^^g(j
stop at once to this business, they ffi
for the crime of forgery, and will su e > ^
viefced. the legal prairie* attache

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