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Alexandria gazette. (Alexandria, D.C.) 1834-1974, June 10, 1863, Image 1

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nC iVn. i.T. .r rTirvrtarai' fl,W.*imi.iih?,
...I-.?? .L'iJll'. "TV
| % S s a e
P'' I 1 1';
*?? ?* Si >.
N V V! tu.i!
pi RLI>L?KiJ (I)AILi') BY
?vr- opFXOE?K o. 104 King' street, over
S erne's, (formerly French's) Book Store.
f irv; Cot; NOIL. ?There was a regular meet
In {.f the City Council last night.
B^juld or Aldermen.?A claim in favor
v Lewis Evans, from the Counts* Councils
\ ''^r*.a hv thac bodv to the Committee on
C'xvcn8)^ mi r i v 4.1 ? i
. .<A-?r;0n ft- ac^ea upon fry this ooara.
?n$isi9iJ?9r? v-?'^ Common Council
suspending the regu!aruS^ii?g? of rhe City
Council rill November was concurred in. ?
A resolution for purchasing a horse for ser
< ice in the G arbage Cart was passed.
A resolution appropriating ?150 for repairs
to the Fire Apparatus was passed.'
The resolutions from the Common Council
n reference to the celebration of the Fourth
of July were received, and the first one con
curred in, but the 2d amended by striking out
the appropriation of $200, After which the
Board adjournei.
Common Council.?A elaira of Lewis Evans*
for $2 for a tithable* improperly charged to
?nd paid by turn* for 1862. was referred to the
Committee on Claims.
A resolution suspending the rule fixing the
regular meetings of the City Council, until the
second Tuesday in November next was adopted.
The Committee to whom was referred, on
she 28th of April last, the communication of
the Chief Engineer of the Fire Department
in relation to the condition of the Fire Appa
ratus made a report which was adopted, and i
thereupon it was ordered that ^bc Auditor is
sue his wan ant to A. Mo ran, j. Taeey and A,
C, Harmon for $150 or so much thereof as
may be necessary to put the engines and hose
in nroner condition.
The 'resolution from the Board 'of Aldermen
instructing the Commit fee on the Poor to pur
chase a horse for service in the Garbage Cart,
was passed.
A communication from T. G. Carver and
others inviting the City Council to unite with
the ** military and loyal citizens" in celebrating
th<$ approaching Fourth of July was read,
fhereupon it was resolved by the Common
"That the City Council of Alexandria v/III
';ordiailv unite with the militarv and the loval
ui>:en3 in celebrating trie coming anniversary
;? our -N ational Independence.''
"ilesolved, That Messrs. Arnold. Baker, and
.uyson, of the Coirnnoii Council, and JMl'ssts.
?*,?11., MeKenzie, and Burehell. of the Board of
Aidermen, be a committee to represent the
Oiiy Council in making all necessary arrange
nlents for sa id ceiebva t m n; and that the sum of
?200 be appropriated to defray such expenses
?.;> may bo incurred by them/'
Notice was received from the Board of A!
derraea rhat they had amended the last reso
lution by striking out so much thereof as re
lares to an appropriation of 8200.
The Council refused to concur in the amend
ment:. and asked a Committee of Conference,
but without further action the Council ad
? r ?
It is stated that Governor Curtin, of Penm,
has received from the Secretary of War direc
tion? to form a volunteer force of fifteen regi
Stents, of which five will be cavalry, designed
- rs understood a? a defence for the State bor
der in any conrinsrencv of raids.
40 ft*
A man has been arrested in Philadelphia
-aarged with circulating counterfeit postal cur
vV as a is gton. J u ne 9. ?T he (fed erates
to-day were at work on intrench mint 's at the
ecUe of the woods skirting the plain not far
Lj Q 4
from Fredericksburg.
There was some picket firing rJus morning,
but nothing of greater importance in that
quail er.
-New York, Juno 9.---Advices received
here from the Army of the Pot-- -c say that
matters remain there substantially in statu
quo. The position of the Federal troops on
the south side of the Rappahannock has been
strengthened. The pickets of the -, opposing
forces were in close proximity.
Latest front the EappahaimGck,
The Washington Chronicle says:?"A severe
engagement took place yesterday morning be
tween the Federal cavalry and that of the Con
federates, under General Stuart, at Rappahan
nock Station. No official advices as to the re
sult had been received up to twelve o'clock
last night. No authentic details of the light
ing have been received, and no intelligible idea
can be formed of the real characicr oi the ope- j
rations/"' * !
Social life in England, or rather cqurt life,
has received a powerful impetus by advent
Jk <. IV' >
of the Prince and Princess of Wales, and the
world of fashion is raiidlv leassnmin*? the
x x v? '
aspect it wore during the early years of the
present reign. The obdurate ret-rement of
the Queen contrasts" strangely with the bus
tle and animation constantly prevailing in the
court of the Prince of Wales. The young ecu
^ o
j pie are out almost every night, at the opera or
I theatre, or honoring some distinguished mem
j hers of the aristocracy with their presence at
dinner. They mingle freely in all the gayeties
of the town, and their faces are becoming quite
familiar at all the usual haunts of people of
fashion. They appear to be winning for them
selves *'golden opinions from all sorts of peo
ple. 75 and in case of anything occurring to the
Queen, would unquestionably ride into power
on the very topmost tide of popularity. The
Prince does not by any means confine himself
to the mere gave ties of life, but is to be seen
at more important gatherings, attending the
exhibitions at Eton, and other schools and
colleges, anniversaries of agricultural and sci
entific societies, and, in short, seems to be
pursuing about the same career that rendered
his late father so popular.
From the way some of the Boston papers j
talk, one might suppose that city was a very
paradise for negroes, yet the statistics kept by
the register show that in every year of the j
last eight, the deaths among the colored pop
ulation far exceeded the births. Were there
no arrivals from without, it is probable the ne
gro race in the Eastarn States would eventual
ly become extinct.
In the Washington Circuit Court, to-day,
the case of Mrs. Emilv F. Wiley against Mar
shal Brown and Jesse B. Haw, next of kin of
the late Tillotson Brown, is appointed to be
heard. Mrs. Wiley claims to be the offspring
of Tillotson Brown, (long known as one oi the
proprietors of Brown's Hotel.) and his lawful
heir, and as the estate is a considerable one,
the case excites interest
Tj. S. ship shepherd K.*j?3np, v/as rf.-?:Ciitly
lost by running on a Srh^a! la enteriosr the liar
^ i . ?_<
bor of Cape Kay Hen, W. I. Hev anrinmoni,
guns; siore.s ^ce.. were saved.
A sail boat eansized in the harbor *<: Baki
more, yesterday, and two out; of five uf f ho
persons in it were drowned. One of the or-r
k *
son? drowned was Tilly, a paroled ('onfederate
Between die 1st of January, and the 1st of
June of the present year, 24 eases. 47 demi
johns. 53 kegs, 6 cans. 39 barrels and 12 jugs
of liouor have been seized bv order of Captain
J. V A
Todd. Provost Marsha!, in Washington, as a
punishment to violators of the military laws of
the District and transferred to the Medical
Since .the.returns from the entire line of the
Che sapeaks?,and Oliio Canal have been receiv
ed, the total revenue for the month of May ex
ceeds $6;Q00. and the revenue received from
the 1st of January, to the. 1st of Jane exceeds
that of any previous year.
Bv special authority from Adrt. Gen,
c/ .% V -J
Thomas. Gen. Prentiss' has detailed Colonel
Pride, of the 33d Missouri regiment, to super
intend the organization of colored regiments in
From a report of Admiral Po rter, it appears
that, from the 25th of March to the 18th of
May, the fleet under his command has cap
tared sixtewEl^ade runners ana^Iriven four
on shore,
ihe scones on board the U, S. gunboat Cin
cinnati. which was lately destroyed by the bat
teries at Vicksburg, are represented as heart- .
rending. She was riddled with balls and a
large portion of her crew killed or mortally
Senator Sherman. oi Ohio, j-s in Wasfaina
V i
ton. Last winter he made special opposition
to military arrests, saying that two-thirds of
them had been wrong, and it is thought that
his errand hither at this time is with reference
to the subject generally. Senator Trumbull
took much the same ground, and hence he
was persistent in getting through the bill pro
viding the weans of proceeding in courts with
persons who might be arrested by Executive
authority. His late speech at Chicago is in af
firmation of his views as expressed in t he Se
One of the largest New York jewelers has
just arrived in Paris for the purpose of replen
ishing his stock. He says his business never
was so good as now. The shoddy aristocracy
are covering themselves with jewels,
Jacob Forney, a resident of Lancaster, Peon,
was accidentally killed on Saturday last. He
has for some years past been an engineer on
the Pennsylvania Central railroad. On the
day above mentioned, when the train under his
charge was near Coatesviiie, Chester countv
v' 7
deceased was in the act of looking back at his
train from the window, when his head struck
a telegraph pole with such force as to crush
it in a shocking manner, killing hica instant'y

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