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The preservation offish iu the Potomac is &
matter of serious concern to the interests of
this city, and to all the exteosive country
bordering on that river, and should receive the
earnest consideration of the Legislature. The
Richmond Whig says: "We have been shown
a letter Irom a gentleman of Northumberland
county to the Fish Commissioners, which states
that uoless something is done by the Legisla
ture, and that speedily, fish will be as fcarce
in the Potomac and Rappahannock, and eveu
in the Chesapeake, as they are in the interior
streams. The letter says that both the R;ppa
hannock and Potomac are crowded with traps,
which arc put dowu in the spring, and kept
fixed until October, iu which fish are tak?n
by wholesale. The writer invokes legislative
aid to protect this providential bounty from this
system ol wanton aud wholesale detraction."
The discussion iu the House of I).legates on
the question of reuonsideriug the vote by which
the House refused to order to a third reading
the bill appropriating ?1U,000 for expenses in
cidental to the centennial exhibition, was con
cluded ye.-torday. The motion to reconsider
was defeated?ayes, 50; nays, 58. This de
feats the bill. It f-ad failed to pass iu ihe Sen
ate on the first trial, but was subsequently car
ried through by a large maj >rity. This action
will be endorsed by the tax payers of the State,
and the question having been settled,it is hoped
the Legislature will uow go to work iu earnest,
transact suc/i busiuessas may be before it, aud
adj turn as soon as possible, for late legislation,
both Sia;c aud Congressional, shows that the
less there is of it the netter.
The "true statement." of the Bauk of Cul
pepcr, made by Roger Johnson, sou oi'ibulate
President of that bauk, a cony ol which tsas
beeu sent to this office, says the liabilities ol
that, cooc'.'tti are as follows: Due depositors on
account. $20 505.80; due on certificates of de
posit, ?18,926 70; due batiks and bankers,
$7,287.05; capital stock, ?2,500 total, $49,
220.15; and the assets: Cash, $228; bilis re
ceivable, $38,679.42; overdrawn accounts, $2,
909 28; due irom backs, $3,834.76; property,
$1,020.75; cost of operating the bauk in excess
of profits, about $2,557.44?total, $49,220.15,
but it appears from the faoe of this "true
statement" that it was made up to a time sub
sequent to the statement made by the directors
of the bank.
The Wilmington, N. C., Journal closes the
year with eulogium of the introduction of pure
Cashmere goats, beoause this is the beginning
of an important industry for the State and
country. And it concludes another article by
sayiug "it is with unfeigned delight we chroni
cle every movement being made toward the
buildine up of North Carolina manufactures,
and we shall rejoice to see the day when the
boot shall be shifted from the northern leg to
the southern?when 'free trade' shall be the
sickly watchword of the north, and a protec
tive tariff shall be the policy of the South."
Washington and Jefferson declined the honor
of a triple electio^. To Jefferson a third term
was i-xpressly tendered by the votes of the leg
islatures of Massachusetts aud some other
States; but he dcclioed, saying, as Harper's
Weekly records: "If some termination of the
services of the chiel magistrate be not fixed by
the constitution or supplied by practice, his
office, nominally for years, will in fact become
for life, and hi.-tiry shows how easily that de
generates iuto au inheritance."
The bill reported from the House Commit
tee for Courts of Justice to establish a special
court cf appeals provides for the seleotion of
five circuit judges, who shall act as judges of
the special court, and bo paid the same pir
diem as members of the General A.>-s mbly,
and contiuue to act for two years.
The National itauical Executive Committee,
at a meeting held in Washiogtou, yesterday,
resolved that the National Convention of that
party should meet iu Ciuciuuati od Tuesday,
the 14:h day of next June, to nominate a Presi
The caucus of the Radical members of the
luw.i Legislature have uomioated 3. J. Ivirk
wood for Senator by a vote of 56 t>> 12 for
"We all sustain you" Belknap, itio Aiuiinis
tratiou candidate.
Thomas 0..Green, e*q., ot Jefferson county,
brother of Major James Green, of Culpeper,
has been appointed judge of the Court of Ap
peals ol West Virginia.
Littell's Living Age bearing date Jauuary
15:h, is the third weekly number of tue new
year and uew volume, it oootains The Arts,
considered as Tidjmarks ot Histary; The
Strange Horse ot Loot} Swaioabhai, by Wil
liam Black ; Durch Guiana ; Mer Dearest Fjc ;
Jiyuiuus ltespotisorius; K:sawlee ; Life in a
Country Towq ; an instalment of "Ttie Dilem
ma;" and the usual choice poetry aud rniscel
lauy. Littell & Gay, Boston, are the pub
Iu New York early yesterday uiorniua: sever
al of Mr. Berth's men, assisted by offioers
from the Seveuih Precinct, aurrouuded a sa
loon iu Montgomery street, kept by John Gul
lary. Five of the posse forced themselveE into
the premises, ana upon entering the eeliar
found about a d^zeu men witnessing a combat,
between two terocious-looking dogs. The meu
were all put under arrest, and commuted to
answer at the Coutt ot Special Sessions on a
oharge of cruelty to animals.
The condition of Colonel Anthony continues
favorable, with strong probabilities of his re
The depot church io Philadelphia last n;ght
was crowded t') ovcfl>wing aod thousands
were turned away. Mr. Moody spoke on
"Conversion," told about, the dyi:?g thief on
the cro&e. and in the course <*f his :emarks
said : lie had uiorc respect b-r tlie J?-ws who
did not believe in the divinity ??{' Ctrist, than
he had f. r those who believed iu the Saviour
aod then reject id Him. Speaking of the way
to be saved, Mr. Moody said he had do dcoire
to apeak against the ordioaoccs, but baptism
was 001 necessary to salvation, neither was the
administration of the sacrament. No one had
baptized the thief open the cro9a. No?one had
offered him bread aud wine, and yet hi: was as
sured that the penitent thief was.saved.
The two young men, who murdered an old
man oear Cbariestown, W. Va., on Christmas,
were returned to that city or Monday last, and
upon their arrival being made known to the
c-.al rain.-rs in that rogi'i), a meeting was or
ganiz d and a committee appointed to wait up
on the officers**)! the court, demanding chat the
murderers should be immediately tried, con
victed and c-x euied within tweoty days after
the trial. The committee were further instruct
ed to state to the court that in the failure of
the law officers to execu'e the demand, one
thousand or more organiz d miners would open
ly attack the jail, remove and iyneh the mur
Last Tuesday the negro burglar, who, on
Friday, riad'ed with bullets a policeman, was
arrested near Huuliogtio aud delivered to the
proper authorities. After being committed
the desperado became violent, and openly re
gretted that he had not succeeded in killing
the policeman, and added that ht; would be
more than delighted to murder the l'olioc Mar
shal ol Huntington. After he had been placed
in jail a moh of nearly n{ty men surrounded
the building and demanded that the culprit be
given to them, as they intended to bang him,
hut the May r succeeded in dispersing them.
At N'-w York l ist night a meeting was held
ol the Council aud l'aroehial Committees ol
the Catholic Uu'oo, at which Cardinal Mc
Closkuy made an address. He alluded to the
agitation *ith reaard to the ii;b!e in the public
-chools. lit.* Slid it was a political aod n ?t a re
ligious trouble, but il persecution should come
they would eunrge from it better Catholics
than ever.
At tour o'clock vosterd y rn irninir four buiir
iars entered the hwuso <if Mrs Mill r, in Mali .
uoy township, oear Shatuoktn, Pa., robbiuc
her of $2 100. H r sou io law. who was s'op
piug there over night, fired as they wete leav
ing the door, in.-'untly killioir a man u-nied
Hughes and senou^ly wounding -mother whose
name is unknown. Another of' the iMevos was
captured and aii of the stolen money recovered.
It wa^ rumored yes-tor 'av that G 'V. Tiiden
intends to remove Mieriff Wm. C. Conner io a
day or two. Tim r -asons assigoed for tin's ae
tion ofth-; Executive arc that the .Sheriff had
failed, thn.ugn iii* subordinates, to in 'Id Wm.
M. Tw.ed, 1? r whose safe custody aod deliv
cry he was responsible, aud to tind him aft :r a
rcrsonable time for his rec... tore had eiapscd.
The remains of Ant ;ne Martens, who, on
last Tuesday night in a 111 of j.silousy, sh it.
Thomas R dg.rs, r.nd then shot and k;f d
himseli, w re \ stoday nf'eruoou lakeu to th
c met.ty at Middle VTill-':tre. Long [slaod, X.
Y., for burial. A few friends of the unfortu
nate man aod his wile accompanied his remains
to the cemetery.
In the Massachusetts House of Delegates,
yesterday, a bill was introduced which provides
that no pupil in any ut the schools should be
required to i articipate iu any religious or de
votional exorcises if the parent or guardian re
quest the pupil to be excused.
The Keutucky Legislature ballot ted yester
day for United States Senator without any re
suit. On the sixth ballot tlu: vote stood : B ck,
40; Williams, 06; L.siie, l!5, aud Stcveu
son, 19.
The store of Broadbent & Co., in Baltimore,
was plundered by thieves on Wednesday Dight.
The method of the execution of the job indi
cates that there were expert scoundrels at work.
On Wednesday evening io Richmond, Dan
iel Cary and John Mullen got into a dispire
with John Hill, a negro hackman, about an
overcharge for hack-riding. The young men
refused to pay tho prion charged, and w<-nt to
the stable ol Pat Laughliu, the owner of tin;
hack, and settled with him. John Mullen, as
be was leaving the stable, called John Hill, the
driver, a black sou of a b?!i. Hill at mice re
turned the epithet, wheo Mullen stepped buck
and was io the act of drawing a pistol when
Hill seiz d a wagon pole and dealt Mullen a
terrible blow over the hcjd, breaking the skull,
causing him to lull insensible to the floor. He
lingered until yesterdav morning, when he died.
Tbe|murderer,who wasarrcsted and committed,
is a notorious and desperate character, having
served a term both in the penitentiary and
chain-gang. He is a very powerful neuro,
and has a most repulsive lace. He heard of
the death of his victim with callous iodilfer
enee.?Richmond Journal.
Charles B. Rouss, whose business transac
tions have been quite extensive in this St*te,
has couie to grief. Some months since three
indictments for grand larceny and receiving
stolen goods were found against hi in and Wm.
J. Bull, comprising the firm of Rou-s, 13:11 &
Co., well-known auctioneers of New if ?rk. The
accused were released on $17 500 bail each,
and shortly afterward it w;is discovered that
Rouss had fl- d from New York, leaving hid
surety,* Martin Shea, Mo. 138Summer street,
Brooklyn, responsible for the amount of his
bond. Mr. Shea had the fugitive arrested in
St. Louis, and he was brought to the Court of
General Sessions, and having been surrender
ed. by hi* bondsmen, was committed to the
Tombs by Judge Sutherland.
The barn belonging to Wm. P. McCall, on
the Egypt farm, in R- ckmgham couaty, and
its contents?livrses. wagons, feed, &e.?valued
at $2,500, were destroyed by an incendiary
lasi Monday night. A man named Jobn Tay
lor has been arre.-ted and committed to jail
charged with the crime. A new house belong
iug to ex-Senator J. F. L wis, in the lower
part of the same county, was destroyed by fire
the same night; also by an iooendiary.
At the breaking out of the war the railroad
debt of Rockingham county, was about $131,
800.00. In 1869, the debt reached $181,000.
00. This iucrea>o was caus.d by aeciutng in
terest. 0 ? the 1st of Jauuary. 1870. the debt
was $150,000 00, a reduction ot aoout $31,
000. UO.
Jacob Bruce, for many years an employee of
the Midland railroad, died at Culpeper Court
house last Wednesday. At the time of his
death he was a supervisor of the track. He
was the father of John B uce, a well-known
eugineer, and a son in-law of Wm. Hall.
The navy-y.'td at Portsmouth is being olo-cd.
Orders have been received to take down ail t i e
driving machinery io thirteen shops and pack
it away. AH the operatives vere discharged
at Christmas.
The flouring mill near Taylortowo, in Lou
doun county, has been sold to Jesse Stewart
tor $1,785.
Mr, Christopher Clarke, an old and promi
nent citizen of Lynchburg, died in that oity
last Wednesday night. i
The Stale Grange -Electiou of Of
ficers?A Senatorial Heir?The Great
t'eiitennial Bill Fight Over?The
Bili Defeated?Garnishment or La
bor jug Men's Wage*, etc., etc.
[Correspondence ol tho Alexandria Gazette.]
KiCUjMOND. Jan. 13, 1876.
The Stare Grange resumed its session at ten
I o'clock this morning. The following officers
? wer* elected : J M. B'au'on. Master ; F.
I VV. Chiles, Overseer; G. VV. Koioer, L?ctur
j er; Wm. McUomb, Sreward ; J. B. Ducn,
! Assist tut S;< w.r.i; P. F. Cjuhili, Treasurer;
I Rev. Mr. Fielder, Chaplain; M. VV. KUz'e
! wood, S eretary ; M. B. Hancock, Gate-keep
er; Executive Committee, James M. Spillcr,
of Bjtetourt, aod J. VV. White, of Charlotte.
The morning was taken up principally with
the discussion of reports and resolutions. The
inf'aliatiou of the oewiy-elected officers will
take place to-morrow nisrht.
Among the heirs of the celebrated four
hu^dr'.-d-mlilion-dollar Jeooinn's suit in Eng
land is Seuator Smith, of Nclsun. Hu has
strong hopes of getting his throe millions from
this estate.
The smallpox exoitem ut is about ovor here.
There have been ao new cases reported. Mr,
Carpenter, the Delegate from Ailegbaoy and
Craig, who ha.i beeo so iil with the disease, is
so far recovered as to be out of danger.
The wreat Centennial bill, as I predicted,
was defeated?ayes, 50; noes, 58. Now to
business. The mouey which the discussion of
this mutter ha; cosi the Slate would have paid
the appropriation asked. Ir is well, however,
that the members ventilated themselves on
this m.itter. There never was a session of the
Legislature during which the members have
in it hid a week or more on some important
subject. It is inevitable, crid the complaint
therear is useless. Tne talk must be had aud
the sooner it is over the better. If the Cen
tennial debat- had oot taken place srme other
<>f equal importance would have occupied the
L g'siature. The resolutions of Blaine had
much to do with the defeat of this bill iu my
opinion. It rather dampened the ardor of
>ercral of the most enthusiastic supporters of
the appropriation.
Ezekiel M vers, Joseph A. West, and Thos.
J. MeCaleb, ihti pait'cs arrested for being con
cerned id the Petershu-g distillery frauds, were
admitted to bail yesterday for their appearance
at the Dt-xi t"rniofthe United States Court,
which opens in this city on the first Monday m
April n< xi Mvcrs in the sum of $8,0UU,
West io $10 00U, aud McCalob in ?4,000.
The twu negroes, Arinur Kandall and Wm.
IjcWtoD. who were convicted of mutiny by the
United States Circuit Court, iu Alexandria,
arrived i.erc this morning They will receive
their scnt-.'f ee by Ju k": Bond next week.
Tiie resolution, offered in the Senate to day,
ameodim: the C->do to prevent the garnishment
of lahoriog men's wages, is ro the laboring
map a highly important move. Number? of
them are out of employment all over the State,
and are forced to help each other. When it
comes to distinguishing, however, between the
laboring men and the other classes, there
?*,ill he some trouble in ascertaining where the
line of distinction is to bo drawn.
Gen. Ftz uk'Ii Loe will appear before both
of the immigration committees to mnrrow
-venine. Stuonobow.
W AS as IS G I ON LETT ? it.
JCorrespondence of the Alexandria GaZ'.;tto. j
Washington, D. (J., J;m. J 3. ? The galleries
of the House were, to-day, crimed and pack
ed, and hundreds were unable to gnin admit
tance. Mrt*. Grant, Fred, and a sister were
in the Diplomatic gallery, which was occupied
nearly cntirelj by ladies.
Mr. lilaiqc, by the courtesy of the Demo
cratic side, having been allow, d one hour to
reply to Messrs. Cox and Hill, made a most
violent partizm effort, his deadliest shalts be
ir.g aimed at Gen. Hill, while his animosity
towards Mr. Jefferson Divis found vent in
calling thai gentleman an "arch fiend ! I" ?not
original. To strengthen his point as to the
leniency towards Confederate prisoners at the
North, he called upon Messrs. Cauifield and
Harrison, ol Illinuis, both of whom not only
refuse d to bear out (he speaker's assertions,but
admitted that acts of cruelty had been commit
ted; acid wi.en he cailed upon the cx-Conlede
rate soldiers u^on the floor to attest that they
bad never suff red, thy responses to the con
trary were so numerous that Mr. Blaine, uter
ly discomfitted,refused to permit a reply,though
he had so pointedly demanded it.
At the conclusion of Mr. B.'s tirade, for
such it was, Mr. Banks, of Massachusetts,
was allowed hail an hour, during which time
he made a speech that recalled recollections of
other and better duys; of days when men, ac
tuated by higher and hoiier motives than po
litical preferm-.ut, could talk and act fur the
good of ail, and throwing aside selfishness rise
to the eminence ot statesmen. Mr. Banks
assumed th?t role to-day, and acted well his
part. His speech was that of a statesman; he
iguored all personalities, spoke ot Mr. Davis
as one gentleman speaks of another, turned
his back upon ti.e petty issues that had been
raised during the progress of the debate, and
consigning t > future generations, or perhaps to
foreigners, the task ol giving a correct history
of the war, he lo k d t ? the future; to the
peace, prosperity and happio?*ss of the people
a* the task imposed upon Congress,rather than
the discussion of u question upon which neither
side could now pass an unbiased opinion. He
reierred to the late reunious at Boston of the
soldiers of Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina
aud Massachusetts, as typical of the sentiment J
of thi people of the sections, aud drew from it
the Cjuoiumoo th.it the sentiment that prevail
ed at Boston was the sentimect that pervaded
the whole Sf-.te of Massachusetts, whose people,
I he was Ci;nfid nt. wanted a general am nest)',
aw.ping out of all that could eogender bad
feeling, and an era of genuine good feeling.
The speech was admitted on all sides to have
beeu the ablest that nas been made, possessing
the iru ? essence ol patriotism, and having for
its ot j c? t;-e allaying ot sectional strife, and
its effect was good.
Mr. Tarbox, of Massachusetts, and Mr.
Moray, of Louisiana, also spoke in favor of
amoesty, and Mr. Rindall closed the debate,
accpting Mr. Books' amendment, imposing
what i> known a-, the modified oath upon those
who will accept the amnesty, said oath to be
tnken before any Court, and which will affect,
in no wise, any one, or prevent any from hold
i-.g office.
The bill and amendment having been refer
red to the Judiciary Committee, the H-.-use ad
Many and variou? are the opinions expressed
in reference to the effect of the debate, which
has been made by t:ie Radicals the basis of
their Presidential campaign, aud they will enter
'.he fight having for their banner a "bloody
shirt," inscribed wirti "Andersonville horrors."
Dr. Bailey Shumate is lying hopelessly ill at
bis residence in Fauquier county,
liClter from Kappiilmunock.
[Correspondence of the Alexandria GuZ'tte.l
Washington, Rappahannock Co.. Va.,
January J3(h, 1876.?The County Court of
Rippahuunock, .1 wipe J. F. Stn ther, presi
ding, I.old its January term this week. A spc
ci-?! Grand Jury summoned to pass upon seve
ral felonies lately coo-iniitcd iu thu county, tnet
and br>uuht in indictments against Tom Wal
lace and Pnil. Epperson, colored, for burglary,
aod robbiog Howard Campbell, of $250 lu cur
rency, and against a party of live persons for
burning a house belonging to John Buekner,
TliisC'iurt was more largely attended than any
receut court in this county and the hotels dtd a
good business, especially the old established
and well-known "Dear's Het' I," which has
long beeu one ol the permanent institutions ol
the cour.ty, bavicg enjoyed a good name and
patronage for over a qu irter of a century, dur
ing which time it has belonged to and been run
by the D jar family. In preset,t proprietor Cha>.
Dear is an energetic aod accommodating lai d.
lord, and the extensive patrouagj his house
enjoys is the best evidence of his popularity and
that of the "Dear Hotel."
The recent continued raios and the fortnight
of warm, sunny weather succeeding them.huve
proved to have worktd no little damage to the
iarmers here and elsewhere in the Stat'?.
We hear of many farmers who h,iv<i lost many
barrels of corn, aud some of them as much a.s
fifty by the corn heating in the cirn aod houses
in which it w;is stored; and wc f; ar the dam
age will prove to be one of considerable extent,
as much of the corn was housed io a damp
state aud io no conditi >n to stand the ioog
of warm weather, at times as mild here as 07',
warmer by several degrees than some of the
last mid summer day.-?.
Sperryvilie is by far the most prosperous vil
lage in this ciunty, and owes its success, and
1 that of its citizens, aim -t entirely to the cuier
prising li-mofSmoot & Co., of Alexandria,
who have had a, lare<; tannery in successful
operation io this tillage for several years, and
who p*iy out for hark not lesn than $80,000
yearly to the neighboring people, besides the
large amount monthly paid out to the em
ployees, all of whom live in and near Snerry
ville. We take pleasure in speaking of ttii;
enterpri-ing firm, who, by 'heir own success,
have aided very materially a large class of per
sons and made ^perryvilie a business a-:d pros
perous village. They use yearly, we under
stand, about seven thousand ojnis ol bark, 'I
of which is g-uhered io the Blue Ridge, a few
miles i ff, and givis, in its g-.th'Tirg, employ
ment to a iarge class of persons, who gain a
fair living by it. "B,"
Letter from Loudoun.
[Cor res pond once of tuc Alexnndria Gazette.]
LiEESBUilQ. Va., Jan. 12.?The C O Id Wuv
struck us during Monday aiierouon, aod ihe
result was that the thermion'tcr indicated a
(all from 5S? to 1SC be.ween Sunday oi^ht aod
Tuesday morning, and this miruir>g the mer
cury r>tood at -0?, and now it is (IA p. m.) at
32? with a raw wind and appearance of snr.v.
There were as many people at our court ou
Monday as I haveevt-r seen at a January term,
some as graud jurors and other* as venire men,
witnesses. tut many on private business.
Fainter was convicted ol horse th .ft find his
term fixed at five years.
' Ou Tuesday a negro woman named Simpson
was convicted of petit larce:,y aod sentenced
t-.i jail for one month. Jail bjard -^12.
Aloozo 1). Slater was convict :d ot stealing
$40 from the huuse of Win. Swank, iu the
foy time, and was sentenced t > twelve months
id the couoty j til. Board $146.
VV. P. T homas, recoirniz-'d lor scdudii'D,
did not appear, aod a rule wa? issued against
him and his surity to sh-.w caus why r.cogni
Zauce should not be forfeited. 0j Wednesday
Thomas appeared aod the rule was discharged
aod case continued.
One land assessment was reduced from $20
to $15
The case of Pollard, a negro boy, for attempt
at rape on a white woman, was continued till
the Fcbruiry term afcer ao ineffectual i ffurt.on
the part of his assigued counsel, Mr. Orr. to
quash the indictment beciu^e it charged an
as.-auli with "the intent to commit a r. p
aod uot with "the attempt," and also on the
ground that the grand jurv was nor perfectly
drawn under the act. ot 1374-'75, which went
into effect on Ju'j 1, 1875, and which n quins
the grand jury ii*t t> he selected "in each and
every year" in the month ol Januoy, or as
soon thereafter as possible. 1 he ju lire said
that while be was not free from douot, he had
corresponded before acting ou the iaw with
the Attorney General, and had yielded his
sciuples to the law in the interests of the main
tenance of order in the cor: muriity. The jury
was discharged as no more east? Were ready lor
Major C. H. Lee, Commonwealth a Attor
ney, makes shoit speeches, aod 1 thirk his
course is appreciated very highly by t c jurors
and public. AliqiJIS.
The Educational 15ill.
In the [Jouse of Representatives, ou Janu
ary 10th, Governor Walker, oi' Virgica, on
leave, introduced the following bill to apply
the proceeds of sales of public lands to the ed
ucation of the people:
Be it enacted by the Semite mid House <J
Representatives of the Un ited States oj Amer
ica in Congress assembled, 1'hat the net pro
ceeds of sales of public lands are hereby for
ever consecrated and set apart f.?r the educa
"tioo of the people: Provide!. That this act
shall not have any effect u? repeal, impair, or
Mi-pend any law now authorizing the pre-emp
tion of public lands, or the entry of public
laods for homesteads, nor as limiting in ar,y
manner the power of Congress to alter or ex
tend the riirh' of homestead upon such Ian is :
And provided further, That nothing contained
iu this .-eetioD >hali be held to limit or abridge
the power of Congress over the public domain,
or interfere with grantioc bounty lands.
Sec. 2. That the Secretary of the Interior
shall cause an account to be taken upon the
close of each fiscal year, and ascertain the total
receipts from the sale or other disposition of
the public laods of the United States, includ
ing all fees received at the general and distiict
land offices during such year, and the amount
of expeoditures during said year, incurred or
occasiooed by the survey, sale, location, entry,
or other disposition of such lands, ioc udiug
appropriations for the expenses o' the said ol
ficer* for said year, and shall ceitil'y to the Sec
retary of the Treasury the amouot of the n t
cash proceeds from the sale, entry, locatio-i. or
other dispositiou of such lands as aforesaid, af
ter deducting such expenses and expenditures
Sec. 3. Thaf upon the receipt of such certi
ficate, the Secretary of the Treasury shall, on
or before the thiny-first day of July ot each
year, appo imd to the several States and Tcr
litories and to tbe District of Co umhia. u:>oi.
the basis of population of the Siid States and
Territories, between the aees of five aod tweo
ty-one years, the net proceeds of s-des o' public
lands for the previjus year: Provided. That
after five years one-half of saii net proceeds,
and after ten years the whoie of the same,
shall be set apart as ao educational fund, which
said fund shall be invested in the bonds of the
United States bearing a rate of interest not
less than four per centum per anuum, both
principal aod interest payable in coin, the in
fercpt ou sue!) educational fund only to be ap
propriated as above piovi'i?:d : And provided
further. Thai for the first ten year* tne iJ^t'i
Outinu of said uul prott e*.N and the interest < d
said fund to and among ihe several St;'te>.
Territories, and District of Columbia, shall bo
made according to the numbersof their respec
tive population, of ten years old and upward,
who can iot read and write, asshiwn from time
to time by the last preceding published census
of the United States.
Sec. 4, 'I hat ihe first apportionment under
this act shall be made on or before the thirty
first day of July, eighteen hundred and seveu
ty-six. and each of saiu StitiS and Territories
snail be cotitled to receive its distributive
share o^'cach appurt onment, to be paid by the
Secretary of the Treasury tf> its Treasurer or
other ( ffi ;er authorized by its law to receive
the- s;init, wh'.nevcr thereafter it shad fi e with
the S-'Cre'ary of the Tre isury a certified copy
of the iaw of ;ueh State or Territory accepting
the provisions of this act and undertaking that
the funds provided by the Paine, whenever
paid over to it as above provided, shall be
fuithfuliy applied to the free education of all
its children between the ages of six and six'een
years, fhj distributive share of th< District
of Columbia shall from time to time be paid
over to the Commission ol said District created
by act of Congress approved June twentieth,
eighteen hundred aod seventy four, entitled
"An act for the gov.-mmcnt of the District of
Columbia, and for other purposes," or other
officer or officers provided by law. and shall be
applied in the same manner as ab.-ve provided
for the S ates nod Terrioric-.
S :*. 5. That to outi-le a.,y State, Terrtory,
or toe District of Columbia to the ben -lit- ot
this ?ct, it. .-hull maintain for at least three
months in each year a system of free public
schools for ali the children within its limits be
tween the aces of .-ix aod sixteen. and shall,
through the pmp r officer tlu-re 'f, for the year
ending the thirtieth dayol June last preceding
such appnr ioament, make full report of the
number cf public free schools, th nurnier ol
teachers employed, the Quaker o ^fhooi
hou-es owned and the number of school houses
hired, th > total number of ehildrcn taught du
ring t'm y.ar, the actu il dai-v atteodnnce. and
the iietuil number of mo ith- of th' year
school* has ? t?cen maintained in each of tho
several school distr'c s or divi-ioos of said
fyate, Territory or District, and the amounts
Hppti-pri:it d !>y the legislature, or otherwise
receiv- d lor the purpos -. or mainlining a >ys
ti-rn of free public schools. And if any S:ate
<?: Territory shall mi-apply, or allow 'o be mis
api lied or in any manner ::ppr..pri tj I or used
other tlrui f-ir the purposes herein required,
th funds, or toy part thereof, received under
thu provisions t f this act "r shall f?i 1 to cum
ply "with the cmdiiioos her-.in prescribed, or to
!??? port, a- herein provided. tl roueh its proper
officers, the -iispesttioo thereof, such State or
Territory shall forfeit it? riyht to any subse
(jtienr sipp rtionaicut iy vir uc hereof, nn;ii
to lii I urn tint so misapplied, lost, or misap
pronrialed s all have been replaced by such
Sta-*e or Tei ii ory, arji? applied as herein rc
fj ured, u-.d until such report shall have been
made; and aii lpporiiouajents s) forfeited and
wit'di'do-hail he added io, and become p.?i t
of', the principal of the educational fund here
by created.
?See 6 That nothing contained in this act
> 11;i'I be so construed as t<> aff.:et in ai.y man
rur the existimr laws and rcgulatio is in re
gard lo the adjustment and piymut to States
o! the p i* ccntum of 'lie net proceeds of the
sai sol tins public lands within their re.-p- c
live iim is as piovidcd in section thirty--ix
hundred a.d eiebty-iiiue o! the Revised Sta
tuic> oi 'h ? United States.
lu the Semite, yesterday, a ii.it of pardons
grunted wus received from the Governor.
Adverse report was returned to bill making
payment of insurance a lien upon properly coo
v?yed by deed of tru-t.
A petition from Ljucbburg, asking repeal
of : ho iub:CCO inspection laws, was presented.
A bill -un. u li'jg the eharter of the Virginia
Agricultural Society was presented aud re
i erred.
A bill in relation to sale of poisons, pas.-ed;
a'so, biii ::ll'iwi!iir increase ol salary to judges
of L"ie of Wig! t and Prince Edward couu
J'ii?-? following bils were introduced:
A bill autiioiiZtng il. 11. liu:cbus>ti or his
heirs to erect a whatf on Paut;utt'JU'U?3 Creek.
A biil to amend the charter of the city of
A resolution wis intr'iduc^d instructing the
Committee Qu li ?ads and Interna! Navigation
iu !' quire into the expediency as ;-o amending
the ioW as to prevent cummoo carriers from
sb wing ui juni discrimination against local
freight and travel.
Mr. Hart pr< a nted a resolution wbieh was
agreed to, instructing theCouimittee on Finance
to ei quire into the expediency ot imposing a
r.ux 01 twenty five cents per gallon on all liquors
purchased by reta l dealers.
Mr. Eubank -fiered a bili granting a char
ter fur the building ot a ra?iroa?i between
Buchanan arid Ciiftori Forge, hut ;s not to take
effeet unless the cmalshall fail to actively pro
c 'id toward.- sxid conncctio.j within a cer
tain tiui ?. it provides that the cinal com
pany may grau; it me priviligj of occupying
ai.y ol its works or locations Uj-oa terms to be
agreed upon, and that the rights ot' the pro
po>cd enlargement aod extension of the canal
shall be paratn .unt as to lines und locations. It
r. quires w rk tu be be^u^ on the lsi d y of Au
gust nixt, and to be completed within twelve
mouths thereafter.
[r was declared inexpedient to legislate upon
the subject o! reducing rate of transportation
upo.i tne railroads of this S'ato.
A res. Sutton was i ff 'rod to amend the Code
to J ivvei t the garnishment of laboring men's
in tiio House, a bill to destroy the Canada
thistle was reported unou a<jv- rs-ny.
Papers in the comt-setd election case of
Friei:d vs. Gildings, were ordered to b
A r-.-olntion for the appointment of a sj>e
cia'joint committee to see ab ut an addition
to the temale ward at the Penitentiary, was
The Speaker presented a comruuaication
from the Guvernor, containing a report of the
number of pardons granted by the Executive
auring the year l?>7o The communication
was ndere i to be printed.
Hitls reported from committees:
i>:11 to appropriate a certain sum annui'ly to
the University of Virginia.
Bin to amend the Code of 1873 in relation
to the University of Viiginia.
Bill l.? amend the C <de in reference to ob
structions to highways and hindrances to tra
Biil for the destruction of aoimals and birds
injurious to agriculture, wi^h recommendation
that it do n t pa-s.
The House then discussed uotil the time
arriv-.'d to take up the Centennial bill, the
per diem question, and adopted Mr. MeMul
len's proportion to reduce the pay of uiem
bers to $5, and all State officers aod their
eierks in a like proporti"n. As a substitute
for the proposition of Judge Alien, Mr. Pup
h im moved to amend rhc proposition of Mr.
Ma-sey, wi ich is to reduce the pay of all the
ufficiais named; and in addition that of clerks
ofouit?, commissioners of chancery, ty
substituting for mileage the actual ix >eose
of members in reachiig Richmond anu return
in!; home. He said tne S;at-j pays members
$s,700 per session fur mileage, when most of
them came on free tickets.
liie Senate bill making an appropriation
for showirg producls at the Philadelphia (Yo
t inni-il, wa.s advocated by \V. VV. Crump, of
It'cltMiond and on its parage d- fcatrd?ly"8,
56; Dues, o*
Aiincxutzou Meeliiin*
Pursuant to a call, a meeting wan held, Dot
large, but spirited, at Columbia school hous.*,
last Tuesday evr-ning.
The meeting was called fo order by Oapt. II.
D. Smith, who nominated an chairman S. H.
Corbett, t>q., who was unanimously chosen.
After the election of a Secretary, the Presi
dent explained the ob- ct of the meeting to he
to hear the views of the freeholders of Arling
ton upoD the question Q.w ng.tiling the citi
zens of Alexandria coun'y : the retrocession of
Alexandria c uuty to the State o!' Virginia;
also to subm-t to their action a commujicatlio
from the ommittee appointed to cewmuiiicat?:
with the Icadintr citizens of the said county,
and learn if they were willing t> contribute to
i he end of employing additional counsel in the
ease of Phelps vs. Pain to ;e-i the legality of
the act of retrocession of LS40.
The Secretary read the act for establishing
the tenip irarv and permanent seat of gov?ro
menr of the U S.; also aD amendment. March
3d, 1791; also the proclamation ot President
Jarne? K Polk, approving the same.
After which Capt. H. D. Smith took the
floor, and gave his views of the great hero-Si. to
i he property holders of the county if they w re
re.-tor; d to their former status and rights in
rb" District of Columbia. He reminded the f ree
holders that tiieir taxes to day wore as mud,
if uot gr-ater, tha j t'ley wouid b in the Di^
':ic;; that their land w re uxed fnui oa<> ?;
70d per ct. highe than rbat in any other po?*
ti .no! the State of Virginia, acd of the ?2o.w0if
ui w taxed against :ito eeutty, :;j: $2,UU0 .i! tiu
itu;oun vVcr revered to ,t- ben lit. lie al
luded to ii?e gr-at c .rntrast of the public road
iu all directions from tv<e city of Washjairt
on th: other side of the Potomac as compared
villi those on litis side ; that the latt >r were
toll r.taJs, and the others not. The lire an i
vim of the Cap ain we e mmife.it. and he hru-j
ed the li.-t. ?.s a C'iotrihu*-.-f io th? end of em
ploying additional c.-unse!.
The President Cu'lcd L'apt. Smith to the
chair and fully endorsed il th u ha i he j >aid.
and in addition ?&v-. the m"-.ti;)ir :.iO benefi of
much he had learned io ediciai codes. a.jd (hi;
knowing ones among t<? ? powers tiiat be ; for
instance, the removn ? ! th:* pn*s? nr navy yard
io A:;xindiia; and spokeuf the a ivmtag \s tha'
city possesses for harbor ficil.t -, a>jJ w.tf-ril
ways to float the Uru* s* v;:^- is of {. 1; navy;
the filling vf the flits of" the Poiouj ic; .he vw
capacity Jo; wharfage privoe^t.s, an J !..* eon
s< qu'*nt rapid adv?nc. m *0! of !o.v irruu .ds,jn: i
the beau llying of the <i!i.s of Ar-mgi jn, and
the great iocr'-ase* of pi pu a ion. a*.d die -id
vanoeoKU' ofr< I es(>:}.' w u f' nc.d and un
i'he Pr ;sid *nt re.su uiug the chair, the nex1
speaker was J .<?;o J oinston, efq., uu ? o! ttiv
leading eiliz ns of the coutKy. ile did n t eo
dor.*e t!ie remarks of :h<* pr-Viois sp.ak.rs ;
he was u firm believer io S at<- rljL'liH. md al
ways feit 'lie urout privilege of the elnth'C
frasichis.* wo not to he tr fled with oi li^ntly
re^arJed. lie was c -ut of t > remain, as he n i l
livu'd, a ci'izeu of the irraud old C nruouW'.'a'tb
oi Virginia, aud if our r- a!s Were not always
troo I, they gco."rally w .iv,
H:s -peecu w*s shori, pi'hy and to th*
point, and brou-:it iu his feet T. P Ual.t Sq
who said, a> a rcsidcat of Vri.^tuia l >rm ii.y,
miry years, every duilar he had reee vjm .'or
hi? larm and dairy pio !u-jt-h.:d be n received
from the city of Washington, in.i a ! he ex
pected to receive wh to come fi in that city
lor years to coiue. He had und< r-tnod they
ma*le money ov..*r the!?; and -p. n. :t freely;
be iiked the men and li; liked th rmoa y; if
they hccomo uiterc&t d in tiiissnic. t'i y w ?uld
spend it over here, a id we should have good
roads in .-priY.g, fall,'and ail the >e-ir round;
he was going to subsc ib , and itquistcd ibe
Secretary to pass the p*ij..:r ov r.
The amount subscribed was several l?uodr?'d
I'OHCICi'i JiKilS.
France wili contribute to the Centennial Kx
hiliiiiou plan-of the recent public work- in
Paris, and also ill" models of ?ho >qu:ir s :i;j<1
public building which were displayed at die
Vienna Exhibition.
All the French Minivers dined w'tn Presi
d'.n: M .cMihon, yesterday, indicating f he ter
initiation i>l the crisis.
Advices from ilussiu stale thai pr parations
are beiuir ma?lc tor tin? rapiii in iv.riue.jt of
troops over the O ouiiur.' IWwiv and the
line- ruuniuv: ws-t from .M jsc >w.
The Austrian Am-ia-snd >r .t Constantinople
will deliver I' u'ji Audras.-y's no:e, supp< 'ted
by the Pnver?, which it i- ilnuehr wi! re j"r
the Pope's refusal difiieu ?.
The Alcenin coast has b on vi-i'-i by 1 ?c
vere storm Tlv larna^c t > prupjity at 0*;s?
aione was ?I?'0.<?()<>
The ambassadors of th ? irrea' Pow : s i- Con
staufinople an- cjiuuicu ??Ji,ig <' <u .'t Andra-sy's
no'e un tffi'j al'y to rlie Sulvtn.
Holland has r ij'i ?>; d 'lit bur colonies bj
admutod into th - Postal Union.
The Lath Clarke v oowrr Dukl.?The
following is the Ulurk-j Courier's aec >'int of
the late duel iu ta it ounty, i i t<>f which
has heretofore appjired hi th ? C iz :ite :
"A duel was t"Uih' last Thursday, at Mill
wood, between W. F. Kaudolph, .sol: of M.j?>i
IJcv. Randolph. o' his county, an1' LI then
Noviiiu, an K;.i-hratn occupying 'Cancr
Hall,' fhe re-id.mce of ? li?-* ate Ije-1. II iJur
well. Report.- say ill t Rand'Iph -nt die
challenge, ai d N.-vi 1 , having the choice of
weapons, sei cted s*v.et w ids i hey rue m
the (Jailer Hall eaiaic with tlieir seconds, and
at the wor t giv* n the contest bejiu-. .\!nr
cros-ing their blade* -evetai tioies, Ilai do ph
made a thrust at his oppon-nt, the b ad n
etratioK his clothing and slightly punefinni,'
liis fle.-h near ill:: region of the heat , wie-n
Neville, who knew h>?w In Inndie lr-? weapon
w th -kill, d xti iu- y dealt il-tndo p i a bf/.v
on earh side of rhc head, s"Vfrimi h -k n.
Th ? 83eo-ds hero int- rferred and put a -top <:
the co- Hict. We have no' b en :iI.? e ?o a?ecr
t tin the causer- that led to the unfo tumte ii!
lair. I hey are bo h youru iu on, an J if is t-> be
rocrett'd that they did n n -ub'ti t :h ir d ffi
cullies tn parties of maturer >'? ar? :or adju-t
an ui b- f r a temp ing to -eiiie :t in an rj
counter of ?h s ki i J. Foitunatey, neither
p.iriy wa- seri u ly injured.
" J he erand jury suriiinoned ? > the January
terui of (ho C uu*y (? urf on M niay was di
rr-etcd tu return on Tuesday arni take cotrui
z ince of the mailer, but b te-timony clici e 1
from lb" wilnes.-cs / res.fj , by siirumons, was
not sufficient to justify an indietm ir by the
ijrand jury of any ui the parties co .c rne i.
The proceedints of Coouross,yesterday,.,th-*r
than those pubiiibed in the Gazette of tha:
dare, were as follows:
In the Senate a bill was introduced making
au approprirttio:i for 'he payment ? f ih?? i'?;b
ruary interest on thn 3 C5 bond- 'the Dis
trict of Columbia. After .Mr. Divi-' ope en
upon his resolution providin? f-r the appoint
ment o! a select commit ee tu make au ex itm
nation of the treasury b /jks.p -iuting ou< various
discrepancies io the tiuaueiai r-p ?rts of the
Treasury Depart-uc-ut, Mr. Boutweli rep ied,
explaining tue all-'tted discrepancies, after
which the matter wasposrp.m d un'il the next
meeting of the Senate. Tue ti^nate then ad
journed until Monday next.
In the House notliiug was done after our re
port of yesterday closed.

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