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???? iM- sfe
Unquestionably, the best thing Mr.
Cleveland has done, since he bcojroo Presi
?teiit.was his veto of the dependent peiifion^
hill, which, however, Mr. Randall, the lead
or of liiu ho called protection democrats in
Congress, voted to pass over his veto. That
veto did not harm those who deserve pen
aims, hut it saved the government hundreds
of millions of dollars that would otherwise
have gouo into hands that bad no just claim
to the money, and into thor-e of scheming
pension agents. The right thiukiug men of
a! parties, republicans as we!! as democra's,
oven euch a rank and ultra one of tho for?
mer as ex Governor Cameron of Pennsylva?
nia, app'aud the President for the veto re
ferred to. _
If what tho democrats say he true. Gen.
Muhone's recent publication of a part of his
Congressional record will lesnlt in more
haiin than good to him, as it has induced
theui to iostilutea careful examination of
hi-* (-very word and act dnriog the six year?
?f hi* Senatorship, and the result, they nay,
when published, will be anything else than
advantageous to his cause. They say such
an examination as they an; making will
demonstrate the fact that Gen. Mahone, by
his oua single vote, defeated the proposition
to r? pi-al the statute prohibiting ex Confed
erates from holding positions in the. U. S.
arm;,. and exhibit various other things not
calculated to bau? tit him among right think
jug Virginians.
A Northern settler in Mecklenburg
ounty has been compelled to shoot one of
hia colored hands. Owing to the existing
relations of the races in tho South euch inet
denis must needs be, whether the farmer
be of the North or South. It is hoped the
Northern republican press, in commenting
u,?uD the particular fuse referred to, may
not fail to mention the fact that the shooter
recently came from the North, and that the
county in which the shooting r.c. lined has
a large colored, and consequently republi?
can, majority.
Thk Washington Star says: "The spec?
tacle of a Senator of tho great State of Vir
gima being sued for a paltry five hundred
do' iirs by one who wa* but lately his col
lei?ut>, i-t edifying loa degree, especially i:t
view of the evidence brought out concerning
the origin of the debt." Though ihe Slur
i<3 printed within gun shut of Virginia, it ap?
parently knows little01 nothing of affairs in
the State. If it knew anything at ail of
Virginia matters, it would be surprised at
the omissions rather than at the commis?
sions of the Mahoneites.
M&. Spencer, who is spoken of as the
ne.v president of iho B. & O. U.K., upon
completing his collegiate course, entered tl o
machine shops of the road referred to, aid
having passed through all the grades of ser
vice of that road, baa now, though a com
paratively young man, reached the highest.
Intelligence, industry, economy, mid it con
spicuoiH regard for the interests of tho eer
vice in which lie was engaged, have been
the means by which Mr. Spencer hi s
achieved bis well earned miccoes, And his
case is only an example of a general rule.
Thk RKCKIPis of tbe government yester?
day from customs alone amounted to more
than a million dollars, most of which was
exacted by a tax (>"?? the necessaries of life,
which the poor ua well t-s the rich have to
consume. As the poor gieally outnumber
the rich, the former have to pay most of this
tax, and that too, strange na it may soem,
for no other purpose than to have it- locked
up in tho vaults of a Treasury already over?
flowing with raonpy for which the govern?
ment has no use. ?
If New York be the pivotal Slate upon
which the result of the next Presidential
election depends, the bets on the result of
that election are more uncertain than recent
horse race wagers ; for with a labor vote of
150,000, a temperance vote of C.0.000, and a
new knownothirig vote of SO 000, the esti
mated strength of the now organiz itions, nil
of which is to come from the two old parties,
it will require more fore knowledge than
that possessed by nny modern prophet or
Lis son to tell how that State will go.
Mr. Powell, the democratic candidate
for Governor of Ohio, opened bis campaign
at Hamilton yesterday. In his speech he
took decided ground iu favcr of the reduc
tion of the tax on food, clothing, and the
other necessaries of life, :ind of retaining '
that on luxuries, especially whisky. How!
much more effective would the democratic
canvasser-: iu Virginia be if they could take
tin same ground ; tut if they do, they will i
be running counter to the Koanoke plat
form. _
DisTuicr Assembly 40, of New York, the
most poworful assembly of knights of labor
in tho country, and the assembly which tried |
to create a disturbance in Iiichmond by at- '
tempting to take a colored member into the j
theatre there, has, by formal vote, de
termined to give moral and pecuniary
support to the Chicago anarchists. Such
action is not calculated to win for the
knights the coed opinion of the right think
ing people of the country.
The Grant locomotive works and Jack-'
BOn's silk works, at Palerson, N. J., were
burned yesterday, entailing a lo*s of' about
$150,000, and itiruwiog ubout six hundred
hands out of employment.
[Special CorreFposdoncoof tho Alexa. Gazette]
tVashwatox. p C. S-p;. 8; 18S7.
Air. Randall did not rulura to Philadel?
phia yesterday afternoon as ho expected to
do. t ut was unavoidably detained hero on
private mattere. As? stated in this
correspondence yesterday, he haa not
been invited to the White House,
and has not seen the President since
his arrival. He has not been consulted
by the administration shout the tariff, and
does not expect to be, t>iu. if otherwise, he
<.'oc- not hesitate to say that his opinion or.
the tariff, ast on nil other questions
upon which ha has expressed them,
aro formed upon mature consideration,
and that therefore he can not change
j them even to please tho President.
I Mr. Randall has in his possession the letter
tho President wrote !o the superintendent
of tho Mini at Philadelphia, stating that
tho appointment of Chester, an officeholder
in the Mint,a3 a delegate to the recent Penn?
sylvania democratic convention, would he
disagreeable to him, but he baa not yet made
it public. Chester did go as a delegate, and
it is pozsihie he may be removed for it. Re?
specting the tariff bill, about which there
cent consultations at Oak View have been
held, it is reported tbat when completed it
will not be published until after the fall
elections, lest it might affect those elections.
Among tho strangers in the city to day is
Judge Tobbs, of the county csurt of Lou
doun county, Va. The Judge has no boss
tation in saying that in his opinion Mr.
Ryan will not only be renorninated for the
Virginia House of Delegates by tho dem
ocrats of his county, but that ho will be re
elected. Other people from the same coun?
ty say the temperance cause is very stroug
there, and that upon its candidate all the
opposition to the regularly nomiunted dem
ocratic nominee will unite, and also that
tho democracy of LouJouc has lost consid
erable strength in recent v?=r.rs.
Ex Representative Barbour left here (his
morning for Culpeper, to attend the
agricultural fair now iu progress there. Mr.
Barbour says the democratic committee ol
Virginia, of which he is the chairman, is in
receipt of letters from various parts of the
State, that their general tenor is decidedly
favorable, and tbat with proper work and
ordinary luck he thinks the democrats will
b3 able to elect a good working majority in
the next legislature.
Among the physicians in attend mte upon
tho Medical Congress lure is Dr. (fray La?
tham, of Lyuchburg. The Doctor says
there are many distinguished foreign doc
tors present, hut that they are neither ar
distinguished nor as numerous as had been
expected. He also says that so far as prac
tice is concerned America excels foreign
countries as well in surgery as in medicine.
Respecting politics in Lynch burg, the Doe
tor say3 the democrats have regained con
trol of the ciiy council there, and that, i:=
indicated by the recent primary. l!,t'.v nr,i re
unite;! and solid, and will elect their nom?
inees for the legislature.
Mr. VanAukeo, of Petersburg, who is still
loyal to General Mahonethough the General
has not done, for him w i?t tie could have
done, says thai Mr. Brady's present opposi
tiootoMahone "amounts to nothing with
nobody.1' and will not. ioQuenca a single
vote except his own. H ? also says that
Brady was a great Andrew Jol i:~on man,
and also, that mi one occasion when collec
tor of internal revenue, Brady threatened
to bava biro, Van Anken, removed from hfe
place as tobacco inspector because In-refused
toadvocnto lite nomination of Sherman"-'by
the imtioi al republican convention.
The repot!9 at tho charters Count Mit
Kie ri< / has ? b in< d from the Chinese gov?
ernment had !e ? n approved by the Chinese
minister It :.- v. d that the Count had been
offered and n f.i ? d n quarter of a million
fur bis sharfi of the expected profits, are
both deith .1 here lo d.-.v.
. Mr. Porter, as-lxtaut Secretary of Stole,
does not now deny thai be has tendered his
resignution to the Pre ideot, and tbat the
reason he did ??> was the unpleasantness ol
his relations with Secretary Bayard. Tt is
well known that Mr. Bayard entered the
.State Department with any thing else thnn
gocd manners, and it is seid ho has not im?
proved in that respect.
Many of the foreign doctors here are by
no means pleased with the treatment they
have received iu this city. Indeed, most
every body says the management lias
been any thing else than good. At
tho gathering at the pension ollice many
of the people present were entirely out ol
place, the reception at the White Hcusowa?
by no means satisfactory, and the tickets to
some of the other entertainments got into
such hands that others had to be substituted.
Somo of tho women at the pharmaceutical exposi?
tion have been actually discovered purloining the
articles on exhibition.
In response to a letter from the postmaster at
Cincinnati, civil rorvice commissioner Oberly
writes that the removal of a republican clerk in
tho Cincinnati pnstotlico simply because ho is h
republican, and without cause, will bo an infrac?
tion of the civil service rule-.
Thk Catholic University.?As stated
in the Gazette, the first meeting of the
trustees of the Catholic University began i n
Baltimore yesterday. Cardinal Gibbons in
tho chair. Archbishops Corrigan, of New
York, and Williams, of Boston; Bishops Ire?
land, of St. Paul; Keane, of Richmond, and
Mgr. Farley, of New York, were present.
It is said tbat $S,000,000 will ho required to
build and place the University on a solid
basis. Of that amount about $700,000 has
been secured, including $300,000 donated
by Miss Caldwell. The theological depart?
ment will be the first to ba opened, and that
will be under the charge of the Order of St.
Salpice. Washington city was selected as
the Ii cation for the University, and tho
I plans for tho buildings were presented and
I adopted, and it was resolved to begin work
j during the present fall. Rev. Dr. Keane,
j of Richmond, was elected as first rector of
the University. A building committee con
| sisting of Archbishop William?, Bishop
j K'-aiie and Thomas Waggaman, was ap
I pointed. A collection cDmmittee including
! all the archbishops and bishops in the United
S'ates was also appointed.
The Sbptemubb ?cx.?The s in ro-c on tho 1st
a* "ih. 11 in. a. in., and set itt <>!i. '23m. p m., mak?
ing the length of the day 13h. 9ai. (i.i the ,>Oth
the sun rises at 5h. 41m. a.m., and sets at 5h.
30m. p.m., making tho loogth of the day lib.
19m. The decrease in t he length.of tho day dur?
ing ihe month is lb. 20m. The dceiease is .'JOm.
in the morning and 50m. in tho evening. The
days at t tie clow ?>r September are 3h. 24m. short?
er than wben :;t ;h-ir maximum length. The
sun's declination on the 1st was 8e 1-t' noith. On
the 30th it will be 2? 52' south. These figures
show tbat tho sun is 11- S' larthcr south at tho
do-c of the month thin ho was at the beginning,
ami that he is iu southern declination.
Ex-Qov. William Aiken died yesterday
at his country place, at Flat Rock. S. C.,
aged Si years. Ho was governor of South
Caroliua in lSi4. and a congressman from
1S51 to 1S57. He was the largest slave?
holder in the state and was a successful
rice planter. Ho consistently opposed nul?
lification and secession, and took no part in
politics after leaving Congress. He was nl- J
so one of the first appointed trustees of the
Pea bod y f id.
Marriage Iicens*fl were issued in Washington
yesterday t*> Ifcniy h. Thomas, of tb.it city, and
Lucy F. I'hilrcar. of Spotsylvaui-i ci.unty: Iiod
ney W. Gray, of Loudouu county, and Id. L.
Stipe, of Jefferson county, and John It Williams,
of Fairfax county, and Ellen Ward s, of Washing
Three hundred end fifty nine bales of new
cotton were recjived at Norfolk over the
Seaboard road yesterday.
The Lsesburg; Fair, which begins on the
13:h. promises to be very successful, and the
exhibits, especially of tioo cattle, large.
It was announced yesterday on 'Change
] that Stanhope Flournoy, a well-known
yoiiDg leaf tobacconist of Richmond, had
failed. Liabilities supposed to be about
William R. Jenkins, who was so severely
beaten with clubs and stone9 on Monday,
August 22, by Josiah R. Locke and son,
furmcrs, of Clarke county, died last night.
Locke and son are in jail at Berryvillc.
One day !a3t week Col. E. V. White was
thrown by an unruly colt ho was riding near
Leesburg and quite painfully though not
seriously hurt. The injuries consisted prin?
cipally of a badly bruised foot and leg.
Leo Camp Confederate Veterans, of Rich?
mond, have asked the city of Richmond to
aid them in raising tho necessary expenses
attending the celeloratiou of the laying of
the corner-stone of the Leo monument next
Ex JudgeEgberL R.Watson died yesterday
morning at Charloltesvilie at the age of 77.
Lie was one of the ablest and most accom?
plished members of the Albemarle bar, and
wr3 at one time judge of that judicial cir?
cuit He was the law partner cf the late
Judge Alexander Rives. He leaves a wife
and six children.
The Powbatan Coal CompaDy of London
has just closed a contrect with the Powba
tan Coal Company, under which the Virgin?
ia company is to get $125,000 cash and
$100.000 in stock of the London company,
! which proposes to carry on the works on a
large scale. This is the third new company
' which has bought property in the Richmond
coal fields this year. And yet Virgicia is to
The Culpeper Minute Men were on Fii
duy inspected by Col. Jo. Lane Stern, in
? spector-geutral of the State. The inspection
. was pessed in a very creditable manner be
' fere n large crowd, after which the company
was marched to the Opera House, where
the Rev. Philip Slaughter delivered to them,
b.'fore a crowded bouse, in a beautiful and
[ very olequeu:- speech, a miniature fiag of the
o'd "Minute Men of'76."
Skipped to the South.?The bearing of
! the ca?e of M. E. Reid, alias Jumes Merwic,
charged with stealing the sum of $0,000
' from tho National Express Company of
' Glenu's Falls, New York, has been conclud?
ed be-fora Judj^o Merrimon at Rrdeigh, N.
C. Merwin was an agent of the company,
' and rm the 20th of August last received from
the National Bank at Glenn's Fall a pack
; age containing $6,000, which he was in?
structed to transmit to the Gallatin Na
tional Bank of New York cily. He did not
forward the money a3 directed, but broke
j open the package and appropriated the
contents to his own use. He at once left
the cilice of the company at Glenu's Falls
for pai ts unknown. Search was instituted
1 for him by G. W. Slingerland, superintend?
ent of the express company, and on the
second day after Merwin's llight informa
> tion was received that he was in Hender?
son, N. C. Slingerland found the object of
his search, and inquired of bim what ne bad
' done with tho money. Merwin stated that
he had spent a large portion of it in travel?
ing expenses and jewelry. He gave Sling
erland an order ou an attorney for $8,400
which he had deposited. In Henderson
he wp.s accompanied by a woman, who
turns out to bo another man's wife. She
and Merwin had teen living in Henderson
ss man and wife. A warrant bad been is
piled against tho parties for living in adult?
ery, and the counsel for the defendants en
? deavored to have them held for trial on
that charge in North Carolina, but Judge
' Merrimon did not consider that tho matter
had been brought before him iu a regular
way ; so, he remanded tho prisoner to ihe
custody of the New York officer, who pro?
cured a re quisitiou for bis return to that
The Irish-Catholic Benevolent Union.
?The Irish Catholic Benevolent Union con
, veced in annual session in Carroll Hall on
, G street in Wat-bington yesterday. It has
been iu existence for eighteen years, and
f lias branche3 in nearly all the Slates and in
1 Canada, anel its membership numbers 17,000.
1 At 22 o'clock the couvenlion was called to
1 (irde r in Carroll Hall by Michael Glennan, post?
master at Norfolk, Va., who delivered tho open?
ing address, in which lie referred to tho good feel?
ing existing httwoeu America and Ireland. Ho
read a cablegram from A. M. Keiley, iudgo of tho
international conrt at Cairo, Egypt, in which ho
expressed his regret at his inability to be proseut.
The convention directed that an answor bo sent.
Michael Glennan, John A. Cole, M. E. Harlow,
Eey. dames Henry, C. W. Grant, Martin I. J.
Gnfliu and M. F. Wilhero wero appointed a com?
mittee to wait on the President and ascertain at
j what lime it would bo convenient for tho mem?
bers of the convention to pay their respects to
j him.
The secretary, Martin I. J. GrifTm, of Philadel?
phia, reported that dining the year ten new so?
cieties had been organized, six disbanded and two
consolidated. During tho year tho treasuries of
tho local societies aggregated $172,550. In addi?
tion to tho money already collected for the Irish
! parliamentary fund, $170.75 has been received,
j makinsr a fund of $5.345.80 contributed by tho
union for this purpose For the relief of tho
Charleston caithquakc sufforers $358 35 has been
received. At the afternoon meeting the secretary
read the reports of all tho subordinate societies.
The reports showed a marked growth in mcmber
i ship r.s weil as an incrca?o in tbo amounts in tho
t treasuries.
j Tho convention will continue in session to-day,
j and this evening a meeting will be held at Carroll
j Hall for tho purpose of organizing a branch of the
! society iu Washington,
j The society in this city is well represented.
i The Petersburg Troubles.?Mayor T.
I J. Jarratt, of Petersburg, has instituted suit
j against R. P. Barbam, editor and proprietor
j of the Index-Appeal, of that city, for $10,000
for publishing a libelocscard in reference to
the mayor on tho 80th of August last, sign?
ed by W. H. Lewis, H. C. Kenuedy
and W. J. Smith, three colored men. The
card was in the shape of a resolution, and
was adopted at a meeting of colored men.
That portion of the card to which oflecse
was taken read as follows : "Resolved, that
; we condemn his (the mayor's) sentence in
the case of Ridley as that of a prejudiced
officer, n biased judge and unqualified chief
magistral, and further characterize tho
j whole aHair as an outrage and a disgrace to
I tho civilization of the nineteenth century."
The Ridley referred to is a colored man
who was fined $50 by the mavor and sent
to jail for eight months for knocking a white
laely down upon the streets.
Lewis, Kennedy and Smith were be
fore the Police Court yesterday morning
for criminal libel, and were sent on to the
?rand jury for indictment. The cases of R.
P. Barbam and W. W. Evans, who are also
to bo tried for criminal libel, were set for a
hearing on next Wednesday morning. Ev?
ans is the editor and proprietor of the J7r
ginia Lancet, the organ of the colored peo?
ple in Petersburg.
We have heard many of our old friends 1
say that Salvation Oil cured them of rbeu- '
matism. Those who have not tried it. j
should do so. Our druggists Sell it fort wen
ly-five cents a bottle.
Lincolnin Items.
Tbe pul)lic who have so long known the
great convenience for milling purpo.-es of
the Triadelphia.uee Cloud's, mill, will bo
pleased to learn that it is again open to sup?
ply the wants of all in the milling line. The
lessee, Mr. Alfred Parkins, is an experienced
miller of thirty years standing from Freder
j ick county, Va., and will strive to serve the
j community fully and satisfactorily. Weaie
j pleased to mako uote of this well known
I mill being again in operation, as it adds zest
i and activity to this section. Steam is up
\ and the stones grind.
i At the local option election held on the
i Glh inst., at West End precinct, only thirty
nine votes out of ovt^r two hundred voters,
were ca^t, twenty one for licence ami eight?
een against; both sides were surprised at
the meagre vote, and the thin interest mani?
fested in the matter, and somo venders of
the ardent hoped that no license would pre?
vail, and we prrsumo their hopes were real
ized as to the result in this (Falls L'burch)
The continued dry weather sears vegeta?
tion badly.
The recent gathering of the Farmers'
Club and Ladies' Mite Society of this ham?
let, at the hacienda (big word) of G. K.
Pickett, was rendered very enjoyable by
tbe home-like hospitality and sociability of
tbe worthy host and hostess, and duly ap?
preciated by the goodly number present.
Uncritical committee made a favorable re?
port on the aspect of the farm, and appear?
ance of the cattle. A bachelor member of
tbe committee, who put in a tardy appear?
ance, was jocosely reminded of the surmise
as to his lateness, that the cause might be
from effect that saps the foundation of a
previous and well fortified heart. Cards
having been received from tbe New York
Tribune desiring an expression of the club
relative to tarifl increase on articles supposed
to be of much interest to agriculturists in
this section, among which is sumac, en
livoned the risibilities of even the most staid
acd sedate members of the club. By unau
imous vote the secretary was authorized to
reply that it was in favor of a reduction of
the tariff on all necessaries of life. It might
result that increase of tarifl' on the diminu?
tive production of sumac: iu this section
would kiil what little is allowed to adorn
fence corners and the roadside. The cjues
liou pending, as to the best breed of cattle
for dairy purposes desired, and feeding
same, elicited several opinions, and each
member interested concluded that his own
way was about right. The next question
to bo digested is "What is the best gra?s
seed, and when and bow to sow it."
The Mite Society was lively and festive.
Music and hilarity prevailed full tide, and
when tbe Solomons of the club united with
tbem joviality was numerously interspersed
with abtrndance of ice cream and cake. The
next "Together" was announced to be held
at the residence of Adam Martin on the2!)th
in9t. Critical committee, G. K. Pickett, B
Camp and Merton Miller. Whomsoever
may come can invoke, taste, invest and
judge of the culinary skill of our cherr\
maidens as to pie. G K. P. i3 an adept on
The summer city dwellers have not yet
hegirated from their abiding places, but are
enjoying the beauties of the most charming
season of the pear. X.
Don't!?If a dealer offers you a bottle of
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup without wrapper cr
labels, or in a mutilated condition, don't
touch it?don I buy it at any price, there is
something wrong?it may be a dangerous or
worthless counterfeit. Insist upon getting
a. perfect, unbroken, genuine packages.
State Democratic Executive Committee, [
Alexandria, Va.,Sept. 8, 18?7. \
The following appointments for public speaking
are announced. Unless otherwise indicated, coun?
ty scats aro always intended when tho name of
the county only is published :
hon. chas. t. o'feukau..
Roanokc, Monday, Sept. 10.
now. JOHN e kassev.
Efcnry, Monday, Oct. 10.
Local?same week.
Pat: ick, Tuesday, Oct 25.
" Local?.same week.
Jonx S. Ha emu r, ( bairman.
W. W. Scott, Secretary.
Especially lo Women.
"Sweet is revenge, especially to women,"
said the gifted, but naughty, Lord Byron.
Surely he was iu bud humor when bo wrote
such words. But there are complaints thai
only women sutler, that nie carrying num
hers of them down to early graves. There
is hop9 for those who suffer, no matter
how sorely, or severely, iu Dr. R. V.
Pierce's "Favorile Prescription." Safe in
it1! action it is a blessing, especially to women
and to men, too. for when women r-uirer fin
household is askew.
On the morning of September 7th, Mrs. JOIIN
W-ADDKY, in tho 85th ycarof her age "Or-Ku
ncral Friday morning, at 11 o'clock, from tho
residence of her son-in-law. Mr. John Standifitrd,
1010 King street. Friends of the family arc re?
spectfully invited.
LU.UUl' SOAP for sale at 5c each bv
oct20 J. C. MILBURN.
. jast received.
commended for invalids and children, for sale
by [jy22] J. C. MIL-BURN.
SUITINGS! SUITINGS.'?Good, pretty and
cheap Suit3 made to orderand lit guaranteed by
PATENT FLY FANS, two kinds, for sale at ex
tra low prices at 8S King, corner Eoyal st..hy
je!? J. T. CIiEIGHTON_& SON.
PULVERIZED SALT, in boxes, suitable for ta
hie and dairy, received to-day by
ap29_J^C. MILBUBN.
\J MESSINA LEMONS just received by
mhl4 J.C. MILBURN.
ceived to-day by
jo20_ ,7. C. MILBURN.
Extra Mixed Teas, f-r sale at 50c. per lb. by
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Scouring Soaps, for sale by
au24 J. C. MILBURN.
E5SICATED COCOANUT, in bulk, for sale by
apl2 J. C. MILBUBN.
jy21 J. C. MILBUEN'S.
The Fairfax Democratic Primary.
[By Telephone it tho Gazetts ]
Fairfax C. H., Sop. S ?Tho majority of
j tho delegates chosen in yesterday 'a demo
cratic primary are, it is understood, in favor
J of tho nomination of Dr. Simpson for the
House of Delogates. Tho candidates were
Messrs. Simpson, Machen and Clarke.
International Medical Congress.
Washington, Ss-pt. S.?At to-day's ses?
sion of the International Medical Congress
the secretary general announced the com?
mittee selected by President Davis, in com?
pliance with a resolution adopted yesterday,
to determine the place of meeting of the
Tenth International Medical Congress.
It was announced that the committee
would meet at three o'clock this afternoon
at tho Iliggs House. Dr. Atkinson, of Phil?
adelphia, one of tho secretaries of the Con?
gress, read un abstract of tho proceedings of
the section of public and international hy?
Dr. A. Y. P. Garnett, of this city, offered
a resolution, which was adopted, commend?
ing tho international celebration in honor of
the 400th anniversary of the discovery of
America by Christopher Columbus, and an
exposition of the history, arts and industries
of all nations, to be held at the city of
Washington in 1S92.
Chicago, Sept. S.?A Times special from
Ilushvillc, Ind., says: Two destructive fires
occurred here yesterday, burning two dwei
I Hng3 entire, damaging others and destroy?
ing several bares and the old woolen mills*
'The lo33 i3 estimated at from $75,000 to
? gioo.ooo.
Cincinnati, Sept. S ?Abcut midnight
j la3t night fira started in the stable of Wm.
Hefiroii, proprietor of the West End Trans?
fer Co., at 1U7 McMicken avenue and spread
with euch rapidity that the eslalishmeu'.
was entirely destroyed, together with a
mineral water factory and a 6mall dwelling
adjoining. Two stablemen were badly
burned.one of them, Peter Hays, cannot re?
cover. Thirty-eight horses and twelve
mules were burned to death. Tho loss will
aggregate $20,000 to $25,000.
Bold Robbery.
Lewtston, Minn., Sept. S.?Yesterday af?
ternoon a bold robbery was commuted in
the town of Elba. N. Decker, a farmer,
sold one of his fairus some weeks ago, re?
ceiving $2,000 for it, which ho kept secreted
in bis residence, thinking the bank unsafe.
About 1:30, Mr. Decker being absent, Mrs.
Decker went to a spring for water, some
ten minutes walk from the dwelling, leav
ing a six months old child in the bouse.
Upon returning, when in sight of the dwell?
ing ?sho discovered smoke issuing from the
second story window and entering found
the darned beyond control and the money
gone from its hiding place. She barely es?
caped with tho child. The building and
contents were all consumed with no insur?
ance. Deckor bad been cautioned about
keeping so much money in tho bouse.
There is no clue to the robbers.
Friendly Kain.
Koehlkr, Mich., Sept. 8.?Yesterday's
rain is a God-send to the people of this ?ec
lion, for they have beeu scourged by lire,
night aud day for weeks past. Yesterday
it was all but certain that the village of
Topinabee must go. On Suuday the settle?
ment at Ball post office was only saved by a
change of wind. Many of the settlers had
their chattels removed to a place of saf. ly
Nearly every timber camp in this part of
the state has been burnod. On Sunday a
strip of country throe miles wide by ten long
was burned over and was fought at every
step by tho settlers. At present, however, a
heavy storm and much rain are scattering
the fins.
Prohibition in Missouri.
St. Louis, Sept. s.?Elections on the ques?
tion of local option were held in nino coun
ties of Ibis state yesterday, seven of which!
voted in favor of it. This makes thirty pro?
hibition counties in the state and eighteen
others will vote on local option sood.
Mr. Gladstone Declines.
London, Sept. 7.?Mr. Gladstone in a let i
ter declines to accopt the invitation to a?. j
tend the centennial celebration of the adop
tion of tho American Constitution p \ Philo- I
delphia, ou account of his pressin/ duties at
Trouble Anticipated;
Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 8.?Latest ro
ports from the seat of the, Blackfoot trou?
bles in the Northwest Territory, indicate j
that about 300 warrior? have donned their \
war paint and serious trouble is anticipated.
The Anarchists' Cases.
Ottawa, III., Sept. S.?The Supremo
Court met at 0 o'clock this morning. Jus?
tice Scott having arrived Ia3t night the full i
bench was present. Nothing will be done '
with the anarchists' esses to-day.
Damaged to Crops.
Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. s.?A Medina
special says it is estimated that sixty thou- 1
sand dollars will not cover the !os.s to crops 1
throughout Orleans county caused by high
wind- of last night.
The Irish Land Question.
Dl bi.i.v, Sep. 8.?Archbishop Walsh, in a letter
published 13-day, says the Irish land fjuestion is
a commercial and not a political matter. He de- :
clarcs Lord Ashbourno's purchase scheme to bo
the most suitable one that has yet been passed.
Hilled by Lightning. J
NEWBUfiYPOBT, Mass., Sept. 8.?John P. Saun?
ier* W33 struck by lightning at Bowley last nigh: "i
md instantly killed. i
London, Sept. 8.?Sir Henry Tichborno was j
narricd at Coventry to-day to Miss Mary Petro. i pi
O will be sold at S8 King street, corner of Boy- i -
1, at a ereaily reduced price Quality warrant-! T
d. Loct28] J. T. C?EIGHTON & SON. 1 I
New Yore, September S ?The opening of ihc
stock market was only fairly active this uioming,
but was genc:al!y firm, first prices in mo< si ? m
ranging from % to '\j sK'r cent, above yeste day'j
final figures. Tho early advantage was n> t main?
tained, however, the market displaying :t .
tondency from the opening, though a fewtti
made further slight advances, among which Rich?
mond and West Point wai r.ius; conspicuous 1
soon joined the general list, and by 10:43, ?!. ?
the downward movemcuS was checked, the ?-x
tremo declines from best Qgnres araonatcl to
from 'j. to % per cent, "'he market became .11.ite
dull and recovered part of the loss. Bit
and Wes'Point was very active, while I
mainder were quiet to .lull. At 11 .1 ek I
market w?s quiet and s eady to firm at a slia.!.
under opening figures. Money quiet m: 4,J!!a5.
Baltiuoef., Sept 8.?Virginia Us consolidui
?; past-duo coupnju (5:? : 10-c-"v , ; ,., a ;
?:;1." bid tod ay.
Alexandria Mau::et. Sept 8 - FI< ur '.
steady, and there is a firmer feeling, 1 til .
to uotc in price?. The Wheat markets
irregular, and only choice samples ,
sold ; other grades continue weak an I I 1
ers finding them very difficult to handle :
son at any profit oven at present low ti/ures; i.
offerings to-day wer.? smrt'.l and frcm ordinary t 1
fair (nono primed and were sold at from TO t >7.V
futures show hut little change frcm day todiy,
and there is nothing to cacourage speculation re
ported. Corn is fairly sc'.ko at 54 to 50 p
bushel. Eye and Oa'.s are firm. Therccei;:
produce have fallen off, an 1 there is a go. .'1 de
mand for Potatoes, Eggs, Eutter aud snail fiuit
at an advauce, with indications for better price
in the near future.
Baltimore, Sept. S.?Cotton steady and qniet.
middliug 5>3d. Fiour firm, with an active .:,
mand. \Vhcat ? Southern firmer, with a good in?
quiry ; red 80*82 ; amlier : Western lower
and quiet: No 2 winter red spot 77'. iTT7. -.
77% bid; Oet 79%a79?fc; Nov SlaSl'/s ; ! ,
82,?Sa92r\ Corn?L-outhern firm ; white.!'':"."
yellow 54a?<j'v>: Western steady and dull; mixed
Sept 4f)Lj hid :Oct 491fca50. Oats firmer and ac?
tive; Soutlicrn and Penna 2Sa34 ; Western w te
33a34lfe; do mixed 30a32. live firmer at 4Sa5'A
Provisions steady and quiet. Egg? higher at l-a
19. Potatoes steady at $1 50i2. Cott'ec easier ;
Eio cargoes ordinarv to fair 19%a20. Whiskoj
quilt at $114*115. Other articles unchanged,
Chicago, Sept. S, 11 a. m.?Tho market - on
'Change opened rather bullish this morning. Oci
Wheat opened at 70,;.:t70'.. and sold up to 70
70%. ?ct Com startet at 11 ><ja41''s and ad?
vanced to May Corn is quoted at t?^a l ">
Oct Oats 25*4*25% Oct Lard $6 55. Oct short
rih3 *S S't. Jan Pork iVl 77 ??,.
New Yobk, Sept. 8.?Cotton steady; uplands
10'.,; Orleans lOHi; futures quiet and steady.
Flour firm and quiet. Wheat opened lower, but
later tho decline was recovered. Corn a shade
easier. Pork firm at S15 75al6. Old mess Pork
$15. Lard firmer at S?U 90.
8nn rises.5 3? | Sun seta.*> 20
Sehr Father ? sons. Leonardt)wu, lumber by .'
H D Smoot.
During the months of June. July and August
stiictly cash customers who buy #? or ovoi in
Dry Goods will receive a pair of handsome Dam
ask Towels. These elegant Towels are all pure
Linen, very fine quality, immense size, onoyaid
and a quarter long, and decoratrd with h band
rome wide border?worth *I pair.
Beautiful Lawns, nearly one yard wide, tuiusr.
quality, worth V2HiC, reduced to v.. ; hcaatifu
i.hwiis, new styles, 5c : Fr. uch Lawns, 15c; Linen
lawns, 15c; Figured Sattines, in short end-.,
worth 2jc, reduced to 1". : beautiful La CS l>r?^-.
(! ods, immense width, double the width of si
gle-width Dress Goods, all pure wool, worth 75c.
reduced to 37 V; Crinkled Ginghams, beau til
style, worth 12'<,c, reduced to 7'/fee; Albalra ?
puro woo1, wide double width, worth ."><>c, 1
duccd to :t7'yc: Fancy Silks, .'{71.... 10 and-15c;
Black Surah Silks, cash value, 87-f^jC reduced lu
02Vjc; bcaotifnl Ureas Goods in Plaids, Stupe-.
Checks and Fancy Styles 12 yards for only $2.
All cash. No credit.
No. 71 1 Mail.et ."Space, near 7tli St.,
.Washington, D. C.
JUST RECEIVED by S. Nessnioro from Liv
crpool, Eng., to Baltimore, 1"> nates s'i'AND
ARI) C. C.. and 21 mite; HENRY BURGKS?
WHITE t; HA NIT E 8ETS. If yon ?ro in need 0|
a first-class article in either of these warts
should not fail to give us a call. Wo do no',, sell
"seconds"' (second quality) and "thirds" (third
quality) at retail. We guarautee ever*- pie<o
of ware from our house to be the best of it*kind
fehl E. .1. MILLER. SO'.; lV. C(?.
GUNS, the largest and b?-,> ariortmeut wo
have ever had and at lowep price/,; also Paper
Shells of all grades, Wads. c?pa, Be'iti and Canvas
(^.:its. It will pay puKnascn t? call aud we us.
J'.s. f. C?BXJN & SONS;
0Ct28 Alexandria. Vh.
and _four colors; very haudsomo an-! at only
93.25 Dorset of 10 pieces Also a few sets of
ratr^ bargain. Call early and get the pick of thve?
?\ [mh8] JU. MILLER. SON A CO.'B.
For sale by
_ap23 J. C. MILBURN.
171ROM AUCT10N?1 package of ENG1
It never fails to effect a speedy and perm an mi'
cure. For sale by
JL best: docs not grind tho meat, like other
cutters, but CHOPS IT. It is useful for many
purposes ALL THE YEAR ROUND in preparing
chicken salad, beef tea, mince meat, hash,
For sale by JAS. F. CARLIN & SONS,
nov3 _Alexandria, Va.
Something New.
Blue Belle of Scotland, Trailing Arbutus, Tally
Ho, Marechal Niel R03.-! and Alpine Violets ac
JLi Rakes, Trowel-, .V-di.-s' Garden Sets, Crass:
Cutters aud all other seasonable goods at lowest.
:ash prices. JAS. F. CARL] N 6c SONS.
ap30 Alexandria, Vs.
received to-day by
janS W. A. lull N80N & CO.
ry, iust received l>y
FLANNEL PICNIC SHIRTS, all sizes and col?
ors, from ">'le t ) ?'r J 50, :.t
L? ccived by
_apl2_ _J C. MILBURN.
Vf E\V raisins. ( i'.r:r:\NTS, I'RESF.RVi?
^t and JELLIES for calo by
jovlB_J. C. MILBURN.
fiL MESTIO DRY GOODS offered at the lowest
rices by [my!4] AMOS B. SLA YMAKER.
_sepl_ J. <?. MILBURN.
TUNE IMPF.P! \L i V ? . :'.<>, jer !i?, ju-!
j received by [seplj .If. MILBURN.

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